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The Vatican Apostolic Library (), more commonly called the Vatican Library or simply the Vat, is the library of the Holy See, located in Vatican City. Formally established in 1475, although it is much older, it is one of the oldest libraries in the world and contains one of the most significant collections of historical texts. It has 75,000 codices from throughout history, as well as 1.1 million printed books, which include some 8,500 incunabula. The Vatican Library is a research library for history, law, philosophy, science and theology. The Vatican Library is open to anyone who can document their qualifications and research needs. Photocopies for private study of pages from books published between 1801 and 1990 can be requested in person or by mail. In March 2014, the Vatican Library began an initial four-year project of digitising its collection of manuscripts, to be made available online. The Vatican Secret Archives were separated from the library at the beginning of the 17th century; they contain another 150,000 items. Scholars have traditionally divided the history of the library into five periods, Pre-Lateran, Lateran, Avignon, Pre-Vatican and Vatican. The Pre-Lateran period, comprising the initial days of the library, dated from the earliest days of the Church. Only a handful of volumes survive from this period, though some are very significant.
[ "When was the Vat formally opened?", "what is the library for?", "for what subjects?", "and?", "what was started in 2014?", "how do scholars divide the library?", "how many?", "what is the official name of the Vat?", "where is it?", "how many printed books does it contain?", "when were the Secret Archives moved from the rest of the library?", "how many items are in this secret collection?", "Can anyone use this library?", "what must be requested to view?", "what must be requested in person or by mail?", "of what books?", "What is the Vat the library of?", "How many books survived the Pre Lateran period?", "what is the point of the project started in 2014?", "what will this allow?" ]
{ "input_text": [ "It was formally established in 1475", "research", "history, and law", "philosophy, science and theology", "a project", "into periods", "five", "The Vatican Apostolic Library", "in Vatican City", "1.1 million", "at the beginning of the 17th century;", "150,000", "anyone who can document their qualifications and research needs.", "unknown", "Photocopies", "only books published between 1801 and 1990", "the Holy See", "a handful of volumes", "digitising manuscripts", "them to be viewed online." ], "answer_start": [ 151, 454, 457, 457, 769, 1048, 1048, 4, 94, 328, 917, 915, 546, -1, 643, 644, 78, 1192, 785, 868 ], "answer_end": [ 179, 494, 511, 545, 879, 1127, 1128, 94, 150, 412, 1009, 1046, 643, -1, 764, 724, 125, 1384, 881, 910 ] }
New York (CNN) -- More than 80 Michael Jackson collectibles -- including the late pop star's famous rhinestone-studded glove from a 1983 performance -- were auctioned off Saturday, reaping a total $2 million. Profits from the auction at the Hard Rock Cafe in New York's Times Square crushed pre-sale expectations of only $120,000 in sales. The highly prized memorabilia, which included items spanning the many stages of Jackson's career, came from more than 30 fans, associates and family members, who contacted Julien's Auctions to sell their gifts and mementos of the singer. Jackson's flashy glove was the big-ticket item of the night, fetching $420,000 from a buyer in Hong Kong, China. Jackson wore the glove at a 1983 performance during "Motown 25," an NBC special where he debuted his revolutionary moonwalk. Fellow Motown star Walter "Clyde" Orange of the Commodores, who also performed in the special 26 years ago, said he asked for Jackson's autograph at the time, but Jackson gave him the glove instead. "The legacy that [Jackson] left behind is bigger than life for me," Orange said. "I hope that through that glove people can see what he was trying to say in his music and what he said in his music." Orange said he plans to give a portion of the proceeds to charity. Hoffman Ma, who bought the glove on behalf of Ponte 16 Resort in Macau, paid a 25 percent buyer's premium, which was tacked onto all final sales over $50,000. Winners of items less than $50,000 paid a 20 percent premium.
[ "Where was the Auction held?", "How much did they make?", "How much did they expected?", "WHo buy the Jackson Glove", "Where was the buyer of the glove from?" ]
{ "input_text": [ "Hard Rock Cafe", "$2 million.", "$120,000", "Hoffman Ma", "Macau" ], "answer_start": [ 243, 180, 292, 1295, 1331 ], "answer_end": [ 284, 210, 342, 1365, 1366 ] }
CHAPTER VII. THE DAUGHTER OF WITHERSTEEN "Lassiter, will you be my rider?" Jane had asked him. "I reckon so," he had replied. Few as the words were, Jane knew how infinitely much they implied. She wanted him to take charge of her cattle and horse and ranges, and save them if that were possible. Yet, though she could not have spoken aloud all she meant, she was perfectly honest with herself. Whatever the price to be paid, she must keep Lassiter close to her; she must shield from him the man who had led Milly Erne to Cottonwoods. In her fear she so controlled her mind that she did not whisper this Mormon's name to her own soul, she did not even think it. Besides, beyond this thing she regarded as a sacred obligation thrust upon her, was the need of a helper, of a friend, of a champion in this critical time. If she could rule this gun-man, as Venters had called him, if she could even keep him from shedding blood, what strategy to play his flame and his presence against the game of oppression her churchmen were waging against her? Never would she forget the effect on Tull and his men when Venters shouted Lassiter's name. If she could not wholly control Lassiter, then what she could do might put off the fatal day. One of her safe racers was a dark bay, and she called him Bells because of the way he struck his iron shoes on the stones. When Jerd led out this slender, beautifully built horse Lassiter suddenly became all eyes. A rider's love of a thoroughbred shone in them. Round and round Bells he walked, plainly weakening all the time in his determination not to take one of Jane's favorite racers.
[ "What did Venters call Lassiter?", "Who asked Lassiter to be their rider?", "Did he agree?", "Why did she ask him?", "Did she tell him as much?", "What was she willing to give up?", "Where was Milly led to?", "Who took her there?", "Whose name would Jane not speak?", "Did she allow herself to even think it?", "What was Jane hoping Lassiter would become to her?", "Who was oppressing her?", "What was she hoping she could keep from happening to him?", "Who had shouted Lassiter's name?", "Who did that affect?", "Did Jane think she could control Lassiter?", "Who is Bells?", "How did he get his name?", "Was Lassiter impressed with the horse?", "Did he want to take him for himself?" ]
{ "input_text": [ "gun-man", "Jane", "Yes", "to take charge of her cattle and horse and ranges, and save them", "No", "Whatever the price to be paid", "Cottonwoods", "A man", "this Mormon's name", "No", "a helper, of a friend, of a champion", "her churchmen", "shedding blood", "Venters", "Tull and his men", "No", "One of her safe racers", "because of the way he struck his iron shoes on the stones.", "Yes", "Yes" ], "answer_start": [ 841, 43, 99, 199, 307, 400, 509, 493, 604, 640, 751, 991, 885, 1108, 1071, 1141, 1237, 1280, 1360, 1532 ], "answer_end": [ 880, 97, 129, 301, 360, 429, 538, 538, 622, 666, 798, 1047, 928, 1140, 1140, 1205, 1300, 1360, 1450, 1625 ] }
(CNN) -- The longest-running holiday special still has a very shiny nose. "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" premiered on television December 6, 1964, and is now one of the holiday season's perennial favorites. The story of the reindeer who saves Christmas is beloved among children and adults alike. The Rankin-Bass animated film production company used Japanese puppets and stop motion to tell the tale, bolstered by a soundtrack featuring Burl Ives' rendition of the theme song. In the story, Santa's reindeer Donner and his wife have a son, Rudolph, who has the distinction of a nose that glows. He runs away after being made to feel an outcast and links up with an elf who dreams of becoming a dentist and an adventurer seeking silver and gold. After ending up on the Island of Misfit Toys and wandering for a while, Rudolph goes on to save his loved ones from the Abominable Snow Monster and guides Santa through a blizzard that threatens to ruin Christmas. In 2006, the New York Times reported that fans drove for miles to see the Rudolph and Santa Claus puppets at the Center for Puppetry Arts in Atlanta. The pair were thought to be the last of the surviving production puppets. They had been taken home by a production company employee and given to her children after filming was completed. "In 2005, the nephew of the original rescuer found the puppets in a family attic and brought them to be appraised on the PBS series 'Antiques Roadshow,' " the Times said. "Created for about $5,000 each in 1964, they were valued at $8,000 to $10,000 for the pair. The family sold both figures to Kevin A. Kriess, the president of and a lifelong fan of the Rankin-Bass films."
[ "Who is Rudolph's father?", "Why does Rudolph run away?", "What makes him different from the other reindeer?", "Who does he save during a snow storm?", "Does he save Christmas?", "What Island does he travel to?", "Which company produced the movie?", "When did it premiere?", "What methods were used in filming the movie?", "Are all of the puppets still in existence?", "How many remain?", "Which?", "Where had they been stored since their use in the show?", "When were they rediscovered?", "When were they put on display?", "Where?", "How much did they appraise for in 2005?", "How much did they originally cost to produce?", "What year were they made?", "Who bought them?" ]
{ "input_text": [ "Donner", "he felt like an outcast", "his nose glows", "his loved ones", "yes", "the Island of Misfit Toys", "Rankin-Bass", "December 6, 1964", "Japanese puppets and stop motion", "no", "two", "Rudolph and Santa Claus", "in a family attic", "In 2005", "In 2006", "the Center for Puppetry Arts", "$8,000 to $10,000 for the pair", "about $5,000 each", "1964", "Kevin A. Kriess" ], "answer_start": [ 500, 604, 548, 828, 904, 756, 303, 76, 303, 1122, 1122, 1041, 1320, 1312, 972, 972, 1521, 1482, 1483, 1573 ], "answer_end": [ 557, 653, 602, 970, 970, 800, 406, 149, 406, 1196, 1196, 1158, 1392, 1374, 1042, 1120, 1572, 1512, 1520, 1621 ] }
CHAPTER XXIV. THE INTERRUPTED MASS The morning of that Wednesday of Corpus Christi, fateful to all concerned in this chronicle, dawned misty and grey, and the air was chilled by the wind that blew from the sea. The chapel bell tinkled out its summons, and the garrison trooped faithfully to Mass. Presently came Monna Valentina, followed by her ladies, her pages, and lastly, Peppe, wearing under his thin mask of piety an air of eager anxiety and unrest. Valentina was very pale, and round her eyes there were dark circles that told of sleeplessness, and as she bowed her head in prayer, her ladies observed that tears were falling on the illuminated Mass-book over which she bent. And now came Fra Domenico from the sacristy in the white chasuble that the Church ordains for the Corpus Christi feast, followed by a page in a clerkly gown of black, and the Mass commenced. There were absent only from the gathering Gonzaga and Fortemani, besides a sentry and the three prisoners. Francesco and his two followers. Gonzaga had presented himself to Valentina with the plausible tale that, as the events of which Fanfulla's letter had given them knowledge might lead Gian Maria at any moment to desperate measures, it might be well that he should reinforce the single man-at-arms patrolling the walls. Valentina, little recking now whether the castle held or fell, and still less such trifles as Gonzaga's attendance at Mass, had assented without heeding the import of what he said. And so, his face drawn and his body quivering with the excitement of what he was about to do, Gonzaga had repaired to the ramparts so soon as he had seen them all safely into chapel. The sentinel was that same clerkly youth Aventano, who had read to the soldiers that letter Gian Maria had sent Gonzaga. This the courtier accepted as a good omen. If a man there was among the soldiery at Roccaleone with whom he deemed that he had an account to settle, that man was Aventano.
[ "Who arrived at the church?", "Who was followed by a clerk dressed in black?", "Who was crying?", "Who noticed it?", "Did any others arrive with her?", "What other group of people were in her group?", "And who in the group was anxious?", "Was she well-rested?", "Who should be reinforced?", "Who thought these measures were required?" ]
{ "input_text": [ "the garrison first", "Fra. Domenico", "Valentina", "her ladies", "yes", "her pages", ", Peppe", "no", "the single man-at-arms patrolling the walls.", "Gian Maria" ], "answer_start": [ 254, 687, 459, 592, 301, 311, 378, 490, 1221, 1172 ], "answer_end": [ 297, 853, 684, 665, 386, 386, 460, 553, 1307, 1304 ] }
Have you ever been to some big cities in the world? The information below will be helpful to you. Budapest For many centuries, Budapest was two cities, with Buda on the west side of the river Danube and Pest on the east side. Budapest became one city in 1872, and it has been the capital city of Hungary for about eighty years. The population of Budapest is about three million, and the city is a very popular place for tourists. Visitors like to take boat rides along the Danube. Budapest is also known for its exciting nightlife. The best time to visit is summer since Budapest is very cold in winter. Los Angeles Los Angeles was founded in 1781. With 3.5 million people it is now the biggest city in California and the second largest city in the United States. It is famous for its modern highways, its movie stars, and its smog. When the city is really smoggy, you can't see the near-by Mountains. The weather is usually dry and warm. Visitors like to go to the film studios and to drive along Hollywood Street. There are many good beaches near the city, and Los Angeles is also close to Disneyland. Taipei Since the founding of Taipei in the 18th century, the city has grown to a population of 2.3 million. Taipei is an exciting city, but the weather is humid and not always pleasant. It's also a very busy city, and the streets are always full of people. There is an excellent museum that many people visit. Taipei is quite an expensive city, but not more expensive than some neighboring cities such as Hong Kong and Tokyo. So more and more travelers go to Taipei to shop.
[ "Was Budapest always one city?", "How many was it?", "What was one called?", "Where was it located?", "What was the other?", "Where was it located?", "When did they combine?", "Is it an important city in it's country?", "How many people live there?", "Do other people visit?", "What do they do?", "Where?", "When do people like to go?", "Why?", "When was LA started?", "What is the climate like there?", "What is it close to?", "How many people live in Taipei?", "Is it cheap to live there?", "Do people prefer to buy things in Hong Kong?" ]
{ "input_text": [ "no", "two", "Buda", "the west side of the river", "Danube and Pest", "the east side", "in 1872", "yes", "The population of Budapest is about three million", "yes", "take boat rides", "along the Danube", "summer", "because it's very cold in winter", "1781", "dry and warm", "Disneyland", "2.3 million", "no", "no" ], "answer_start": [ 127, 127, 156, 157, 192, 210, 226, 263, 328, 383, 430, 463, 531, 565, 616, 924, 1083, 1198, 1414, 1530 ], "answer_end": [ 150, 150, 161, 191, 208, 224, 258, 327, 377, 428, 468, 479, 564, 602, 647, 937, 1102, 1210, 1447, 1577 ] }
(CNN) -- A lawsuit filed by the family of Robert Champion, the Florida A&M University band member allegedly beaten to death in a hazing ritual, accuses the bus company involved in the deadly assault and the bus driver of negligence, their attorney said Monday. The suit alleges that Fabulous Coach Lines and its driver not only consented to the illegal acts of hazing by students, they knowingly participated in the planned hazing activity over several years. "This was a culture embraced by this bus company," Chris Chestnut said. According to court documents, Bus C, which is was the vehicle where the incident took place and the name of a specific hazing ritual, was parked in a dark corner, separate from the other buses provided by the company. The suit also alleges that the bus and its air conditioning system were running at the time Champion was beaten and that the bus driver was standing guard at the door to prevent anyone from entering or exiting the vehicle. When Champion stepped off the bus at one point to vomit, the bus driver told him "he would be alright as she forced him back onto the bus," the lawsuit claims. Despite a request for damages in excess of $15,000, Chestnut insisted the focus isn't money. It allows him to file subpoenas and take witness statements to further the investigation. "We figure out how this happened, we figure out how to fix it, and then we stop it from happening again," Chestnut said. Calls to the bus company and its attorneys, Wicker, Smith, O'Hara, McCoy, and Ford, PA, for comment have not been returned.
{ "input_text": [ "The family of Robert Champion", "Fabulous Coach Lines", "The company consented to the illegal acts of hazing by students", "Beaten to death", "In a bus.", "Bus C", "In a dark corner, separate from the other buses", "Was standing guard at the door to prevent anyone from entering or exiting the vehicle", "Yes", "Florida A&M University", "No", "No", "Yes", "$15,000", "No", "To file subpoenas and take witness statements to further the investigation", "Yes", "Five", "No", "Yes", "He vomited." ], "answer_start": [ 28, 285, 330, 108, 568, 568, 687, 894, 63, 63, 1092, 1088, 207, 1188, 1219, 1252, 1486, 1497, 1546, 388, 1033 ], "answer_end": [ 57, 305, 460, 123, 573, 573, 730, 979, 74, 85, 1121, 1092, 231, 1195, 1236, 1326, 1496, 1535, 1575, 461, 1038 ] }
Officials of the Chicago Transit Authority said they were investigating. The child, Nicole Hobson, was being taken by her mother to Children's Memorial Hospital about 11 P. M., Wednesday to check her recently inserted pacemaker. The child was stricken about a mile from the hospital. Her mother, May Hobson, 40, said, "I told the bus driver that my baby had just had heart operation and that she was having a heart failure. He said he couldn't go through the traffic." Ted Garretson, 28, a passenger who had tried to bring back Nicole's life, said the driver did nothing to help and stopped once to pick up more passengers. When the driver reached a corner where he was to make a turn, a block from the hospital, he told Mrs. Hobson to get off, she said. A transit spokesman said the driver should have made radio call to the control center for help.
[ "who recently had heart surgery?", "what should the driver have done?", "where did he leave them off?", "did the driver help?", "who tried to bring Nicole back to life?", "how old is Ted?", "did the driver try to pick more people up?", "who is looking into the situation?", "where was May heading with Nicole?", "what day?", "what had recently been put into nicole?", "what time were they going to the hospital?", "what is the mother's name?", "how old is she?" ]
{ "input_text": [ "Nicole Hobson", "made radio call to the control center", "a block from the hospital", "no", "Ted Garretson", "28", "yes", "Officials of the Chicago Transit Authority", "Children's Memorial Hospital", "Wednesday", "a pacemaker.", "about 11 P. M.", "May Hobson", "40" ], "answer_start": [ 321, 788, 692, 552, 473, 473, 583, 0, 99, 177, 195, 161, 286, 298 ], "answer_end": [ 384, 857, 759, 582, 545, 490, 626, 71, 160, 186, 229, 175, 308, 312 ] }
Local businessmen are increasingly facing competition from online retailers. Larry Pollock, owner of Camera Co/Op on South Congress, said he has been dealing with this kind of problem for years, even before the Internet. The struggle began with mail-order catalogues , which are similar to online retailers in that they have few employees to pay, no sales tax fees and no business venue to lease and manage. "Their overhead is lower, but they don't offer a service like we do," Pollock said. Pollock, however, said providing a valuable service to customers does not always guarantee continued sales. "We spend 30 minutes to an hour with somebody and they go home and buy it on line," he said. According to the state comptroller's office, online shopping is developing at a more rapid rate than traditional businesses. In spite of how fair or unfair online shopping may be to the local businessmen, consumers will continue to turn to the Internet for its variety and accessibility, said Mitch Wilson, an online shopper. "You have a larger selection and it's easier to compare prices." Wilson said he built his personal computer and paid a third of the price by shopping on line. "Before the Internet, I would have had to go and buy an assembled computer from somebody like Dell," he said. "Before I started shopping on line I could never find all the pieces I wanted. No single store had everything needed, so shopping on line saved me from having to buy from Dell." Janny Brazeal, a psychology freshman, said online shopping is too impersonal. "'d rather see it in person, touch it, know that I'm getting it," she said. Brazeal also said she would not give out her credit card number or other personal information on line no matter how safe the site claims it is.
[ "What is a valuable service?", "What is the issue?", "When did it begin?", "Is is happening quickly?", "What is a safety issue?", "What is easier about online?", "Overhead higher or lower?", "What is a reason online is cheaper?", "why?", "who does it affect most?" ]
{ "input_text": [ "brick and mortar stores", "competition from online retailers", "with mail-order catalogues", "yes", "online security", "variety and accessibility", "lower", "overhead is lower", "few employees to pay, no sales tax fees and no business venue to lease and manage", "local businessmen" ], "answer_start": [ 101, 42, 240, 765, 1653, 964, 429, 416, 325, 0 ], "answer_end": [ 113, 76, 266, 826, 1783, 989, 434, 434, 408, 17 ] }
The University of Chicago (UChicago, Chicago, or U of C) is a private research university in Chicago. The university, established in 1890, consists of The College, various graduate programs, interdisciplinary committees organized into four academic research divisions and seven professional schools. Beyond the arts and sciences, Chicago is also well known for its professional schools, which include the Pritzker School of Medicine, the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, the Law School, the School of Social Service Administration, the Harris School of Public Policy Studies, the Graham School of Continuing Liberal and Professional Studies and the Divinity School. The university currently enrolls approximately 5,000 students in the College and around 15,000 students overall. University of Chicago scholars have played a major role in the development of various academic disciplines, including: the Chicago school of economics, the Chicago school of sociology, the law and economics movement in legal analysis, the Chicago school of literary criticism, the Chicago school of religion, and the behavioralism school of political science. Chicago's physics department helped develop the world's first man-made, self-sustaining nuclear reaction beneath the university's Stagg Field. Chicago's research pursuits have been aided by unique affiliations with world-renowned institutions like the nearby Fermilab and Argonne National Laboratory, as well as the Marine Biological Laboratory. The university is also home to the University of Chicago Press, the largest university press in the United States. With an estimated completion date of 2020, the Barack Obama Presidential Center will be housed at the university and include both the Obama presidential library and offices of the Obama Foundation.
[ "When was teh University established?", "How many professionals schools is it organized into?", "How many students are enrolled?", "and in the college?", "What is the University home to?", "Is that a small press?", "What will be completed in 2020?", "where will that be?", "What will be there?", "Does the University have a medical school?", "A law school?" ]
{ "input_text": [ "1890", "seven", "15,000", "5,000", "University of Chicago Press,", "No, it is the largest university press in the United States.", "the Barack Obama Presidential Center", "It will be housed at the university", "both the Obama presidential library and offices of the Obama Foundation.", "Yes, the Pritzker School of Medicine", "Yes" ], "answer_start": [ 133, 272, 769, 728, 1537, 1566, 1659, 1705, 1735, 404, 486 ], "answer_end": [ 137, 277, 775, 733, 1565, 1614, 1696, 1729, 1814, 432, 500 ] }
An incandescent light bulb, incandescent lamp or incandescent light globe is an electric light with a wire filament heated to a high temperature, by passing an electric current through it, until it glows with visible light (incandescence). The hot filament is protected from oxidation with a glass or quartz bulb that is filled with inert gas or evacuated. In a halogen lamp, filament evaporation is prevented by a chemical process that redeposits metal vapor onto the filament, extending its life. The light bulb is supplied with electric current by feed-through terminals or wires embedded in the glass. Most bulbs are used in a socket which provides mechanical support and electrical connections. Incandescent bulbs are much less efficient than most other types of electric lighting; incandescent bulbs convert less than 5% of the energy they use into visible light, with standard light bulbs averaging about 2.2%. The remaining energy is converted into heat. The luminous efficacy of a typical incandescent bulb is 16 lumens per watt, compared with 60 lm/W for a compact fluorescent bulb or 150 lm/W for some white LED lamps. Some applications of the incandescent bulb deliberately use the heat generated by the filament. Such applications include incubators, brooding boxes for poultry, heat lights for reptile tanks, infrared heating for industrial heating and drying processes, lava lamps, and the Easy-Bake Oven toy. Incandescent bulbs typically have short lifetimes compared with other types of lighting; around 1,000 hours for home light bulbs versus typically 10,000 hours for compact fluorescents and 30,000 hours for lighting LEDs.
[ "What is the energy source for an incandescent bulb?", "Is it hot?", "How does it get hot?", "How is is protected?", "How about in a halogen bulb?", "How does the bulb get its energy supply?", "Are incandescent lights efficient?", "How much energy do they convert to light?", "What happens to the rest of the energy?", "How many lumens per watt does an incandescent bulb create?", "What about a fluorescent bulb?", "An LED bulb?", "What are other uses of incandescent bulbs?", "How long does an incandescent bulb last?", "What about fluorescent?", "And LED?" ]
{ "input_text": [ "a wire filament", "yes", "by passing an electric current through it", "with a glass or quartz bulb that is filled with inert gas or evacuated.", "a chemical process", "by feed-through terminals or wires embedded in the glass.", "no", "less than 5%", "it is converted into heat", "16", "60 lm/W", "150 lm/W", "incubators, brooding boxes for poultry, heat lights for reptile tanks", "around 1,000 hours", "10,000 hours", "30,000" ], "answer_start": [ 28, 239, 145, 240, 375, 499, 702, 788, 919, 964, 1040, 1097, 1227, 1460, 1573, 1610 ], "answer_end": [ 144, 284, 189, 357, 498, 605, 788, 872, 963, 1039, 1094, 1130, 1323, 1534, 1610, 1646 ] }
Did you know that Albert Einstein could not speak until he was four years old, and did not read until he was seven? His parents and teachers worried about his rnenta1ability. Beethoven's music teacher said about him,"As a composer he is hopeless." What if this young boy believed it? When Thomas Edison was a young boy,his teachers said he was so stupid that he could never learn anything.He once said,''I remember I used to never be able to get along at schoo1.I was always at the foot of my class...My father thought I was stupid,and I almost decided that l was a stupid person."What if young Thomas believed what may said about him? When the sculptor Auguste Rodin was young; he had difficulty learning to read and write.:. Today, we may say he had a learning disability. His father said of him, "I have an idiot for a son. "His uncle agreed. "He's uneducable," he said. What if Rodin had doubted his ability? Walt Disney was once fired by a newspaper editor because he was thought to have no "good ideas". Enrico Caruso was told by one music teacher, "you can't sing. You have no voice at all. " And an editor told Louisa May Alcott that she was unable to write anything that would have popular appeal. What if these people had listened and become discouraged? Where would our world be without the music of Beethoven, the art of Rodin or the ideas of Albert Einstein and Walt Disney? As Oscar Levant once said, "It's not what you are but what you don't become that hurts. " You have great potential.When you believe in all you can be, rather than all you cannot become, you will find your place on earth.
[ "What age did Einstein start talking?", "When did he start reading?", "Who was worried about him?", "Did Beethoven's music teacher support him?", "Did Thomas Edison's teachers think he was smart?", "Did Thomas have any family members that thought he was stupid?", "Which one in particular?", "What did Auguste Rodin become famous for?", "What did he have difficulty with as a youngster?", "What else did he have trouble with?", "What condition would we have diagnosed him with today?", "Did his father believe he could overcome his difficulties?", "Did anyone agree with his father?", "Was it another family member?", "Which one?", "Did the uncle think he could be taught?", "Was Walt Disney a successful newspaper editor?", "What did his boss think he did not have?", "What does the article state that you have?" ]
{ "input_text": [ "Four", "Seven", "His parents", "No", "No", "Yes", "His father", "Sculpting", "learning to read", "learning to write", "a learning disability", "No", "Yes", "Yes", "His uncle", "No", "No", "Any good ideas", "great potential" ], "answer_start": [ 7, 82, 116, 177, 288, 288, 505, 642, 685, 686, 731, 779, 805, 806, 805, 781, 921, 965, 1490 ], "answer_end": [ 78, 175, 175, 286, 393, 640, 640, 684, 730, 732, 779, 919, 919, 919, 919, 919, 1017, 1017, 1620 ] }
Traditionally considered the last part of the Stone Age, the Neolithic followed the terminal Holocene Epipaleolithic period and commenced with the beginning of farming, which produced the "Neolithic Revolution". It ended when metal tools became widespread (in the Copper Age or Bronze Age; or, in some geographical regions, in the Iron Age). The Neolithic is a progression of behavioral and cultural characteristics and changes, including the use of wild and domestic crops and of domesticated animals. The beginning of the Neolithic culture is considered to be in the Levant (Jericho, modern-day West Bank) about 10,200 – 8,800 BC. It developed directly from the Epipaleolithic Natufian culture in the region, whose people pioneered the use of wild cereals, which then evolved into true farming. The Natufian period was between 12,000 and 10,200 BC, and the so-called "proto-Neolithic" is now included in the Pre-Pottery Neolithic (PPNA) between 10,200 and 8,800 BC. As the Natufians had become dependent on wild cereals in their diet, and a sedentary way of life had begun among them, the climatic changes associated with the Younger Dryas are thought to have forced people to develop farming.
[ "What did Neolithic follow?", "What was the Neolithic considered?", "What culture did it come from?", "What is that called today?", "What did the this period begin?", "And it ended when?", "What produced the Neolithic Revolution?", "What was produced during that time?", "What did this evolve into?", "What forced people to farm?", "From what?", "When was the Natufian period?" ]
{ "input_text": [ "Holocene Epipaleolithic period", "the last part of the Stone Age", "the Levant", "modern-day West Bank", "10,200", "8,800 BC", "the Epipaleolithic Natufian culture", "the use of wild cereals", "farming", "climatic changes", "Younger Dryas", "between 12,000 and 10,200 BC" ], "answer_start": [ 57, 14, 505, 567, 505, 505, 634, 712, 761, 1087, 1089, 803 ], "answer_end": [ 123, 55, 577, 608, 622, 633, 711, 759, 797, 1197, 1144, 851 ] }
Poultry (/ˌpoʊltriː/) are domesticated birds kept by humans for the eggs they produce, their meat, their feathers, or sometimes as pets. These birds are most typically members of the superorder Galloanserae (fowl), especially the order Galliformes (which includes chickens, quails and turkeys) and the family Anatidae, in order Anseriformes, commonly known as "waterfowl" and including domestic ducks and domestic geese. Poultry also includes other birds that are killed for their meat, such as the young of pigeons (known as squabs) but does not include similar wild birds hunted for sport or food and known as game. The word "poultry" comes from the French/Norman word poule, itself derived from the Latin word pullus, which means small animal. The domestication of poultry took place several thousand years ago. This may have originally been as a result of people hatching and rearing young birds from eggs collected from the wild, but later involved keeping the birds permanently in captivity. Domesticated chickens may have been used for cockfighting at first and quail kept for their songs, but soon it was realised how useful it was having a captive-bred source of food. Selective breeding for fast growth, egg-laying ability, conformation, plumage and docility took place over the centuries, and modern breeds often look very different from their wild ancestors. Although some birds are still kept in small flocks in extensive systems, most birds available in the market today are reared in intensive commercial enterprises. Poultry is the second most widely eaten type of meat globally and, along with eggs, provides nutritionally beneficial food containing high-quality protein accompanied by a low proportion of fat. All poultry meat should be properly handled and sufficiently cooked in order to reduce the risk of food poisoning.
[ "When was poultry first domesticated?", "Why might people have kept quail in captivity before using them for nourishment?", "What about chickens?", "Are today's chickens virtually the same as their ancestors?", "What did breeders look for when breeding?", "How can one avoid food poisoning when eating poultry?", "How is the term poultry defined?", "Are pidgeons considered poultry?", "What are they sometimes alternatively called?", "From which language is \"poultry\" derived?", "Which means?", "In what language originally?", "Which scientific order includes both chickens and turkeys?", "Which is a subcategory of which superorder?", "How are most birds raised today?", "Globally, where does poultry rank as a meat source?", "Are chickens and eggs a high source of fat?", "What nuitritonal benefit do they have?", "Originally, where did people find birds to raise?" ]
{ "input_text": [ "several thousand years ago.", "for their songs", "for cockfighting", "no", "fast growth, egg-laying ability, conformation, plumage and docility", "by properly handling and sufficiently cooking", "domesticated birds kept by humans for the eggs they produce, their meat, their feathers, or sometimes as pets.", "yes", "squabs", "the French/Norman word poule", "small animal", "Latin", "Galliformes", "Galloanserae", "in intensive commercial enterprises.", "second", "no", "they contain high-quality protein", "eggs collected from the wild" ], "answer_start": [ 749, 1000, 1000, 1302, 1179, 1729, 0, 420, 499, 617, 677, 698, 215, 137, 1446, 1534, 1618, 1618, 840 ], "answer_end": [ 816, 1097, 1067, 1371, 1271, 1844, 136, 516, 532, 676, 745, 746, 293, 214, 1534, 1596, 1729, 1689, 935 ] }
Mr. Laurence was not allowed to see Beth, and Meg felt unhappy writing letters to her mother saying nothing about Beth's illness. Jo nursed Beth night and day, but the time came when Beth did not know her and called for her mother. Jo was frightened, and Meg begged to be allowed to write the truth, but Hannah said there was no danger yet. Then a letter came saying that Mr. March was worse and could not think of coming home for a long time. How dark the days seemed. How sad and lonely. The sisters worked and waited as the shadow of death lay over the once happy home. It was then that Meg realized how rich she had been in the things which really mattered--love, peace, good health. And Jo, watching her little sister, thought about how unselfish Beth always was--living for others and trying to make home a happy place for all who came there. Amy, sad and lonely at Aunt March's house, just wanted to come home so that she could do something to help Beth. On the first day of December, the doctor came in the morning. He looked at Beth, then said quietly, 'If Mrs. March can leave her husband, I think she should come home now.' Jo threw on her coat and ran out into the snow to send a telegram. When she arrived back, Laurie came with a letter saying that Mr. March was getting better again. This was good news, but Jo's face was so unhappy that Laurie asked, 'What is it? Is Beth worse?' 'I've sent for Mother,' said Jo, beginning to cry. 'Beth doesn't know us any more.' Laurie held her hand and whispered, 'I'm here, Jo. Hold on to me. Your mother will be here soon, and then everything will be all right.'
[ "Was Meg telling her Mom about Beth being sick?", "Who was not allowed to see Beth?", "Who was taking care of Beth?", "How did Jo feel emotionally?" ]
{ "input_text": [ "Meg felt unhappy writing letters to her mother saying nothing about Beth's illness", "Mr. Laurence was not allowed to see Beth", "Jo nursed Beth night and day - Jo was taking care of Beth", "Jo was frightened" ], "answer_start": [ 46, 0, 130, 232 ], "answer_end": [ 128, 40, 158, 249 ] }
Once an Englishman named Jack Brown went to Russia for a holiday. He stayed there for several months and then came home again. Some of his friends visited him a few days after he got back. "I had a very dangerous trip while I was in Russia," Jack said to them. "I wanted to see a friend of mine in the country and the bad weather made me very late. So I was still traveling through a forest in a sleigh when the sun went down. It was a long way from my friend's house when about twenty wolves began to follow my sleigh. It was very dark in the forest. There was thick snow on the ground. It was cold, and there were no houses for miles and miles. First I heard the wolves. The noise was terrible! The horses heard them, too. They were frightened and began running faster. Then I saw long, gray forms among the trees, and soon the wolves were near us. They were running very fast, and they didn't seem to get tired like the horses." "What did you do?" one of Jack's friends asked. "When the wolves got very near," Jack answered, "I put up my gun and shot the first wolf. The sleigh was moving about, but I hit the animal and killed it. Then all the other wolves stopped and ate it, so our sleigh got away from them for a few minutes." "Then they finished their meal, and I heard them coming again. The moon was shining brightly on the snow now, and after a few minutes I saw them running among the trees once more. They came nearer again, and then I shot another of them, and the others stopped once more to eat it." "The same thing happened again and again, and my horses became more and more tired and ran slower and slower until, after about two hours, only one wolf was still alive and following us." "Wasn't it too fat to run?" one of his friends asked.
[ "What did Jack shoot?", "was it killed?", "What did the other wolves do then?", "How long did the sleigh get away from the other wolves?", "What was shining?", "On what?", "Was the moon bright?", "After two hours, how many wolves were alive?", "Was it still following the sleigh?", "What nationality was Jack Brown?", "Why did he go to Russia?", "How long did he stay?", "Where did he then return to?", "Who visited him when he returned?", "What kind of trip did he say he had in Russia?", "What made him late during that trip?", "Was he a little late or very late?", "How many wolves were initially following him?", "What animals were spooked by the wolves?", "Was it light or dark in the forest?" ]
{ "input_text": [ "A wolf", "Yes", "Stopped and ate it", "A few minutes", "The moon", "On the snow", "Yes", "Only one wolf", "Yes", "Englishman", "For a holiday", "Several months", "Home", "Some of his friends", "A very dangerous one", "Bad weather", "Very late", "About twenty", "The horses", "Dark" ], "answer_start": [ 1029, 1029, 1135, 1135, 1297, 1297, 1296, 1631, 1632, 0, 0, 66, 0, 126, 190, 262, 262, 427, 697, 519 ], "answer_end": [ 1068, 1133, 1231, 1231, 1342, 1342, 1342, 1701, 1702, 64, 64, 125, 125, 188, 239, 347, 347, 518, 770, 550 ] }
A Chinese actor's divorce from his wife, over her alleged extramarital affair, has social media buzzing, with posts about the subject gaining over five billion views. Wang Baoqiang announced online on Sunday that he was divorcing his wife, Ma Rong, and sacking his agent, Song Zhe. He alleged that his marriage broke down after his wife had an affair with his agent, and that she had also transferred the couple's joint assets. Ma has hit back at Wang, accusing him of abandoning their family. The topic has sparked a debate about relationships and divorce. It seems Wang's situation has struck a chord with many - which could explain the number of views, which are high even by Chinese standards. The divorce quickly became a top trending topic in China. According to micro blog Sina Weibo, posts with the hashtag "Wang BaoQiang Divorce" have been viewed over five billion times. Chinese netizens seem to have rallied around Wang, with topics like "Wang Don't Cry" "Wang We Support You", quickly trending after news of the divorce spread. Statistics by Weibo showed that 47% of netizens' posts condemned Ma for her affair, saying it had shattered her family. But why are they so interested? what is it about this one that's got all of China ruffled up? Some people feel that this divorce seems to fit a certain trope - of a beautiful but ordinary girl marrying a rich but less good-looking man. It is not uncommon to hear the belief that a couple has to "match" at every level - be it in status, or physical appearance - for a relationship to work out. Wang and Ma's split has many people wondering if uneven matches are unlikely to succeed. A lot of social media discussion has also centred around divorce, and in particular how people can protect themselves. Wang has alleged that his wife transferred and hid some of the couple's assets. They're a wealthy couple - their assets, according to Chinese media, include nine flats, a BMW car and various luxury goods. As a result, people are debating the importance of protecting individual assets, even after marriage.
[ "What is the name of the Chinese actor in the story?", "and his wife?", "Why is Wang getting a divorce?", "What percent of the Chinese population are mad at Ma?", "What trope does this divorce fit?", "What did Ma do with their assetts?", "How many flats did they have?", "What kind of car did they have?", "How many social media views has their divorce had?", "What is one of their hashtags?", "And another?", "and another?", "Is it the top topic in China?" ]
{ "input_text": [ "Wang Baoqiang", "Ma Rong", "his wife had an affair", "The divorce quickly became a top trending topic in China. According to micro blog Sina Weibo, posts with the hashtag \"Wang BaoQiang Divorce\" have been viewed over five billion times. Chinese netizens seem to have rallied around Wang, with topics like \"Wang Don't Cry\" \"Wang We Support You\", quickly trending after news of the divorce spread. Statistics by Weibo showed that 47% of netizens' posts condemned Ma for her affair, saying it had shattered her family.", "of a beautiful but ordinary girl marrying a rich but less good-looking man.", "hid s", "nine", "BMW", "over five billion times", "Wang BaoQiang Divorce", "Wang Don't Cry", "Wang We Support You", "yes" ], "answer_start": [ 169, 242, 330, 704, 1330, 1821, 1941, 1945, 862, 822, 956, 973, 732 ], "answer_end": [ 182, 249, 352, 1167, 1405, 1826, 1942, 1948, 885, 843, 970, 992, 750 ] }
Once upon a time in Greece, there lived a young man called Narcissus. He lived in a small village on the sea and was famous in the land because he was quite handsome. Villagers would turn up on the streets to stare at the beautiful child . When he grew up , people always said "How handsome Narcissus is!" Villagers thought that Narcissus could not be any more handsome than he already was. But as years passed Narcissus became a teenager. His beauty grew and became so great that he was known all over country of Greece. As he grew ,Narcissus was very proud of his good-looking face. "Oh! You are so handsome ,Narcissus!" Narcissus said one day as he looked into a pool."There's nobody more handsome in the whole world ! I'd love to kiss you . And that's just what I'll do!" He leaned closer to the water . Suddenly he lost his balance and fell into the pool . Narcissus tried to reach the bank of the pool, but he could not swim and he drowned.
[ "Did somebody did?", "How?", "Was he able to swim?", "What nation is this?", "Was somebody conceited?", "Who?", "Was he old?", "Where did he live?", "Was he well-known?", "Was he prideful?", "Why?", "Did anybody look better than him?", "Did he try to kiss someone?", "Who?", "What did he get nearer to?", "Was he well-balanced?", "Did he take a fall?", "Where?", "Was he able to get out?", "Did his looks improve as he aged?" ]
{ "input_text": [ "Yes", "he drowned.", "No", "Greece,", "Yes", "Narcissus", "No", "a small village on the sea", "yes", "Yes", "Because of his good-looking face", "No", "Yes", "Himself", "to the water", "No", "Yes", "into the pool .", "No", "Yes" ], "answer_start": [ 860, 907, 908, 0, 522, 521, 388, 70, 109, 534, 532, 672, 722, 623, 773, 808, 836, 836, 861, 438 ], "answer_end": [ 946, 946, 930, 27, 584, 585, 438, 108, 136, 584, 583, 719, 743, 742, 805, 837, 860, 861, 930, 475 ] }
Laura and Graham were having a party for their good friend Judy. Judy had graduated high school and they wanted to show her how proud they were of her, and Judy would be moving far away at the end of the year. Judy was going to college to become a doctor. She thought about becoming a lawyer or an engineer. She even thought about being a scientist. Judy would be bringing her friend Mike. There wouldn't be many people at the party, since this was a celebration with close friends. Laura set out drinks and snacks for Judy and the other guests. The snacks she set out were salty pretzels.
[ "Who was throwing a party?", "For who?", "What for?", "Is she planning on staying near her friends?", "Was the party huge and loud?", "Where is she going?", "To become an engineer?", "What is she going for?", "Who did she bring to the party?", "Who sat out the drinks and snacks?" ]
{ "input_text": [ "Laura and Graham", "Judy", "Judy's graduation.", "No", "No", "to college", "No", "To be a doctor", "Mike", "Laura" ], "answer_start": [ 0, 21, 65, 156, 389, 210, 211, 208, 350, 483 ], "answer_end": [ 36, 63, 84, 209, 432, 236, 255, 256, 388, 516 ] }
The Oscars ceremony at the 87th Academy Awards took place in Hollywood's 3,300-seat Dolby Theatre in California on Sunday evening(Feb.23, 2015). The night concluded with the biggest award of the evening, Best Picture. After already securing the Best Screenplay and Best Director Award for Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, Birdman took flight as the winner of the night. Competing with 7 other contenders including another much-predicted winner "Boyhood", the top prize of the night was finally awarded to the film "Birdman". The director of "Birdman" was also awarded the Best Director Oscar by the Academy. In addition, the film took home two other awards for Best Original Screenplay and Cinematography. Starring Michael Keaton, the dark comedy "Birdman" tells the story of a faded Hollywood star, famous for his roles as the "Birdman superhero", who struggles to win the support and confidence to perform in a different character type in a Broadway show. The Academy's Best Leading Actor award went to Eddie Redmayne, for his performance in the film "the Theory of Everything". It was the actor's first nomination and first win. Meanwhile, the Best Leading Actress award went to Julianne Moore who plays a college professor who learns that she is suffering from early-onset Alzheimer's disease. Patricia Arquette also won her first Oscar for her supporting actress role in the movie "Boyhood", while J.K. Simmons won the Best Supporting Actor in "Whiplash". Best foreign Language film went to "Ida", while "Crisis Hotline" won the award for Best Documentary Short Subject.
[ "Who does Birdman star?", "What type of show does he need the confidence to perform in?", "Is it a light and fluffy comedy?", "Is it about a current Hollywood star?", "Who won the Best Leading Actor award?", "For what film?", "Was he ever nominated for anything before?", "Who pretends to be a college professor in another movie?", "Did she win anything for her role?", "What award does she earn?", "What does she suffer from in her movie?", "Where did the Oscars ceremony take place?", "On which day?", "Was it early in the day or later?", "What was the biggest award of the evening?", "How many contenders were there for it?", "Which film was predicted to win?", "What film did J.K. Simmons win an award for?", "What was the award?" ]
{ "input_text": [ "Michael Keaton", "A Broadway show.", "No.", "No.", "Eddie Redmayne.", "The Theory of Everything", "No", "Julianne Moore", "Yes.", "Best Leading Actress", "Early-onset Alzheimer's disease.", "They took place in Hollywood's 3,300-seat Dolby Theatre in California.", "Feb.23, 2015", "It was later.", "Best Picture.", "Eight", "Boyhood", "He won Best Supporting Actor.", "Best Supporting Actor" ], "answer_start": [ 706, 849, 706, 747, 960, 1023, 1082, 1186, 1147, 1147, 1211, 0, 115, 112, 145, 368, 401, 1409, 1409 ], "answer_end": [ 756, 959, 756, 799, 1021, 1081, 1135, 1230, 1201, 1200, 1302, 111, 144, 129, 217, 401, 451, 1465, 1452 ] }
Czechoslovakia or Czecho-Slovakia (; Czech and , "Česko-Slovensko") was a sovereign state in Central Europe that existed from October 1918, when it declared its independence from the Austro-Hungarian Empire, until its peaceful dissolution into the Czech Republic and Slovakia on 1 January 1993. From 1939 to 1945, following its forced division and partial incorporation into Nazi Germany, the state did not "de facto" exist but its government-in-exile continued to operate. From 1948 to 1990, Czechoslovakia was part of the Soviet bloc with a command economy. Its economic status was formalized in membership of Comecon from 1949, and its defense status in the Warsaw Pact of May 1955. A period of political liberalization in 1968, known as the Prague Spring, was forcibly ended when the Soviet Union, assisted by several other Warsaw Pact countries, invaded. In 1989, as Marxist–Leninist governments and communism were ending all over Europe, Czechoslovaks peacefully deposed their government in the Velvet Revolution; state price controls were removed after a period of preparation. In 1993, Czechoslovakia split into the two sovereign states of the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The country was of generally irregular terrain. The western area was part of the north-central European uplands. The eastern region was composed of the northern reaches of the Carpathian Mountains and lands of the Danube River basin.
[ "Was Czechoslovakia ever apart of the Soviet bloc?", "when were they a part of it?", "What happened in 1993?", "What were the two states?", "When did it gain independence?", "Who it did gain independence from?", "Do they have an alternate name?", "Were they a sovereign state?", "Where in Europe is it located?", "When was it originated?", "True or false, their government was once in exile", "What kind of economy did they have from 48-90", "What was the Prague Spring?", "When did this occur?", "What type of terrain do they have?", "Did they have mountains?", "What body of water is present?", "What river speicifcally?" ]
{ "input_text": [ "yes", "1948 to 1990", "Czechoslovakia split into the two sovereign states", "Czech Republic and Slovakia.", "1 January 1993.", "Austro-Hungarian Empire", "Czech and , \"Česko-Slovensko", "yes", "Central Europe", "October 1918", "True", "a command economy.", "A period of political liberalization", "1968", "irregular", "yes", "River basin", "Danube" ], "answer_start": [ 478, 483, 1098, 1156, 279, 183, 37, 68, 92, 126, 420, 545, 690, 730, 1217, 1302, 1410, 1402 ], "answer_end": [ 496, 495, 1148, 1186, 294, 206, 65, 89, 107, 138, 476, 564, 727, 734, 1228, 1385, 1421, 1409 ] }
A culture's values can be mirrored by its humor. Humor has been evaluated by many great minds such as Thomas Hobbes, who, in "On Nature", disliked humor, "Laughter is nothing else but sudden glory arising from sudden thought of feeling far better than others." He thought humor to be a negative quality of human narrow-mindedness. However, Mordechai Gordon, Ph. D of Education, insists, "Humor allows us to view the world from an angle that is amusing rather than serious." I agree with Gordon. Learning to look at the world through humor is important. In the United States, every four years an election occurs. Without humor as a way to express their feelings, how else would Americans keep from clawing their eyes out and going the way of lemming? Television shows like "The Daily Show" have become important parts of American culture. They are mothering the masses by metaphorically airplane-ing politics into our mouths. They make politics fun. Of course, politics is only one type of humor. Social humor helps people through the twists and turns of the human condition. American pop culture promotes an unhealthy self- image. On the topic of self-image, Hari Kondabolu stands out. He has a joke about the popular musical group "The Pussycat Dolls", describing their hit song "Don't Cha" as a negative representation of women. He points out an obvious offence in American culture. A study from Loyola University of Maryland has shown that humor is one determining factor for selecting a mating partner. Amongst other things, mates look for an outstanding funny bone in a potential partner. Of course, humor is not always used for good purposes. Humor can be linked to vulgarity and racism, but, like everything else, it has potential to unite human beings by allowing us to laugh at ourselves, our failures and our connection with one another. Though 1ife may seem tough and depressing at times, all I have to do is look in the mirror at my increased wrinkles to know that there is a comedy out there that even Chaplin wasn't aware of. With that in mind, remember to laugh with humanity and sometimes at humanity.
[ "Is humor important in the opinion of the author?", "Where was the study done showing we look for humor when dating?", "What is mirrored by a culture?", "Who didn't like humor?", "What did he think it was?", "Who said it helps us see things less seriously?", "When do we elected politicians in America?", "Is laughter important in this process?", "What television show provides an outlet for this?", "Who jokes about a song?", "What is it's name", "By whom?", "Is humor only used to help?", "What is something less than positive that may appear there?", "What might it be linked to?", "What does the author see in his reflection?", "What do they tell him?", "And what should we chuckle at besides ourselves?" ]
{ "input_text": [ "yes", "Loyola University", "its humor.", "Thomas Hobbes", "a negative quality of human narrow-mindedness", "Mordechai Gordon", "every four years", "Yes", "\"The Daily Show\"", "Hari Kondabolu", "\"Don't Cha\"", "\"The Pussycat Dolls\",", "No", "representation of women", "vulgarity and racism", "increased wrinkles", "That there is a comedy in everything.", "our failures and connection with one another." ], "answer_start": [ 616, 1406, 37, 102, 284, 341, 579, 616, 775, 1164, 1285, 1237, 1614, 1312, 1682, 1956, 1984, 1807 ], "answer_end": [ 753, 1423, 48, 115, 329, 358, 595, 753, 792, 1179, 1297, 1259, 1658, 1335, 1702, 1975, 2050, 1858 ] }
(CNN) -- The 54-year-old Michigan tree trimmer severely beaten after he accidentally struck a child who had stepped into the street earlier this month is breathing on his own, according to his daughter. "He is off the ventilator and is able to breathe on his own," Mandi Marie Utash posted Friday to a page she and her brother set up for their father, who they say does not have health insurance. Steven Utash was set upon by about a dozen people after his truck struck a 10-year-old boy, police said. After Utash stopped his vehicle to help the boy, he was "severely beaten" with "fists and feet," Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy said in a statement. Authorities credited a woman who stepped in as Utash was being attacked with saving his life. Mandi Marie Utash wrote that her father doesn't seem to know what happened to him or why he was in the hospital, but that he is able to wiggle his toes on command and answer yes or no questions. "These are baby steps," she says. She wrote that her father "keeps flashing back to the assault screaming for "HELP" and "PLEASE GET THEM OFF ME." "This is a long road ahead," she said. "But the end of the road will be worth it." Steven Utash had previously been in a medically induced coma. Jennifer Moreno, a police spokeswoman, told CNN that all of the alleged assailants were African-American and that none are known to be related to the boy or his family. She said the beating was "a spontaneous response." Utash is white.
[ "Who was beaten?", "Why?", "Did the kid live?", "How old was the kid?", "Why did he hit the kid?", "Where?", "When?", "What was he driving?", "Who beat him up?", "Why?", "Were they the relatives of the kid?", "What did they beat him up with?", "How bad was he hurt?", "Where did he go afterwards?", "What was his condition?", "Who found them?", "Who intervened?", "Did he have any siblings?", "relatives?", "What did she communicate about it?" ]
{ "input_text": [ "tree trimmer", "he accidentally struck a child", "yes, able to breathe on his own", "10", "accidental", "Michigan", "earlier this month", "his vehicle", "dozen people", "his truck struck a 10-year-old boy", "unknown", "\"fists and feet,\"", "\"This is a long road ahead", "unknown", "he is able to wiggle his toes on command and answer yes or no questions", "unknown", "Mandi Marie Utash", "unknown", "Mandi Marie Utash, his daughter,", "\"This is a long road ahead,\" she said. \"But the end of the road will be worth it.\"" ], "answer_start": [ 33, 69, 238, 489, 72, 25, 132, 538, 451, 469, -1, 597, 1116, -1, 891, -1, 770, -1, 770, 1116 ], "answer_end": [ 46, 99, 264, 491, 82, 33, 150, 551, 463, 504, -1, 615, 1142, -1, 963, -1, 787, -1, 787, 1198 ] }
(CNN) -- A federal jury convicted a California man Monday in a case in which prosecutors say he convinced a woman to bomb a federal courthouse so he could turn her and others involved the scheme in to authorities, and collect reward money. Donny Love was found guilty on 10 charges, including the use of a weapon of mass destruction, for the role he played in the May 4, 2008, attack on San Diego's Edward J. Schwartz Federal Courthouse. No one was injured in the blast that damaged the building's front lobby, shattered a glass door and broke a window in a building across the street. Love could face between 30 years and life in prison, said Assistant U.S. Attorney Fred Sheppard. During the two-week trial, prosecutors painted Love as the mastermind behind the blast. He directed two others, Rachelle Lynette Carlock and Ella Louise Sanders to purchase explosive powder and to steal bomb-making materials, they said. Carlock was an on-again, off-again girlfriend to Love, said Sheppard. According to testimony, Carlock and Eric Reginald Robinson then drove from Love's house to San Diego with a backpack, containing three pipe bombs. Carlock detonated the bombs at the front doors of the courthouse, prosecutors said. Carlock, Sanders and Robinson were charged and each previously pleaded guilty for their parts in the plan. At the time of the bombing, Love was in "dire financial straits," prosecutors said, and faced jail time stemming from two pending criminal cases. "The evidence showed that he directed the May 4, 2008, bombing for the purpose of obtaining reward money and a break on his state charges by providing information about the bombing to law enforcement," prosecutors said in a statement.
[ "Who was found guilty of 10 charges?", "What was the name of the person who was found guilty of 10 charges?", "Was anyone injured in the attack?", "Where was the bombing?", "When?", "Who did Love convince to bomb the courthouse?", "Why?", "How long could Love get in prison?", "Who was that according to?", "Who is Fred Sheppard?", "Who else was directed by Love besides Carlock?", "What did Love tell them to buy and steal?", "What city was Love's house in?", "Was Love rich?", "Who set off the bombs at the courthouse?", "How long was the trial?", "Where did Carlock, Robinson and Love drive to with a backpack?", "How many pipe bombs did they have?", "Did they drive to the San Diego in an SUV?", "How many pending criminal cases did Love face?" ]
{ "input_text": [ "Yes", "Donny Love", "No", "San Diego's Edward J. Schwartz Federal Courthouse", "May 4, 2008", "Rachelle Lynette Carlock", "obtain reward money and a break on his state charges", "between 30 years and life", "Fred Sheppard", "Assistant U.S. Attorney", "Ella Louise Sanders", "explosive powder and bomb-making materials", "unknown", "No", "Carlock", "two-weeks", "San Diego", "three", "unknown", "two" ], "answer_start": [ 242, 242, 442, 389, 366, 805, 1574, 592, 674, 650, 834, 866, -1, 1372, 1149, 702, 1093, 1131, -1, 1462 ], "answer_end": [ 283, 252, 460, 438, 377, 829, 1629, 689, 687, 673, 853, 917, -1, 1409, 1156, 710, 1102, 1136, -1, 1466 ] }
My dad runs the Blue Street Zoo. Everyone calls him the Zoo King. That means Mom is the Zoo Queen. And that means that I'm the Zoo Prince! Being a prince is very special. I spend every morning walking around to see the zoo. It's better than any animal book. I say hello to the lions. I say woof at all of the wolves. I make faces to the penguins. Once I even gave a morning kiss to a bear! My favorite animal is the piggy. I named him Samson. He likes to eat mustard, so I toss some mustard jars into his cage every morning. I don't know why that piggy likes mustard so much. Sometimes I walk around with the Zoo King and Zoo Queen. Then we say hello to the animals together! I really like those days. Everybody who works at the Zoo says hello to us when we walk by. At lunchtime, we all go to the Zoo restaurant and eat pork chops. I hope Samson doesn't get mad about that!
[ "Who runs the zoo?", "And what is he called?", "Who has been kissed?", "Who gets woofed at?", "Who is the favorite animal?", "Is it male or female?", "What is his name?", "What does he like to eat?", "Where did they eat lunch?", "What did they eat?" ]
{ "input_text": [ "Dad", "The Zoo King.", "a bear", "the wolves.", "the piggy.", "Male", "Samson.", "mustard,", "the Zoo restaurant", "pork chops." ], "answer_start": [ 0, 33, 354, 291, 392, 445, 424, 445, 774, 821 ], "answer_end": [ 32, 65, 390, 318, 424, 453, 444, 469, 817, 836 ] }
Wang Jiaming from Beijing Chenjinglun High School says he is a lucky boy. He's happy that he's sitting the senior high school entrance exam in 2014 instead of 2016. On Oct 22, Beijing Municipal Commission of Education announced that, from 2016, the English scores in the senior high school entrance exam will be reduced from 120 to 100. Of the 100 points, the listening ability scores will increase to 50. Meanwhile, the points for Chinese will increase from 120 to 150. "The change won't affect me. I feel so lucky because English is my strongest subject," said Wang. Why such a change? It places the importance on Chinese in our study, and reduces students' stress, said Li Yi, spokesman of the commission. "The change will also push us to pay attention to the practical usage of English," said Li. "Students will be encouraged to learn to understand English menus and read English news on mobile phones." There isn't news that other cities will have the same change. But several places are making changes to English tests in the college entrance exams. For example, Shandong is considering taking out the listening part of the English exam in its college entrance exams. But, "being tested for less points doesn't mean the subject _ ," Bai Ping wrote in China Daily. English has long been the world's most commonly used language. Former Chinese premier Zhu Rongji once said: "In a globalizing economy , if you cannot communicate with foreigners, how can one be part of the world economy?" Wang Jiaming said he understood the change. "Chinese, not English, is our mother tongue ," he said. "But still, I think English is both interesting and useful."
[ "who believe he has good fortune?", "where is he educated?", "is he testing?", "what is the test called?", "when is he testing?", "is really good in one class?" ]
{ "input_text": [ "Wang Jiaming", "Beijing Chenjinglun High School", "Yes", "the senior high school entrance exam", "2014", "Yes" ], "answer_start": [ 0, 18, 90, 90, 95, 523 ], "answer_end": [ 72, 49, 139, 139, 147, 555 ] }
So, there was this kid named Jack that came up to my beanstalk one day. I couldn't believe my eyes, so I put down my ham sandwich I was eating and looked at him. I'm not sure what he thought he was doing there, but he sure did talk a lot. He kept asking me questions about this and then he asked me some questions about that and I was getting a little bit tired of all of the questions. When I thought I wouldn't hear the end of everything, this Jack kid asked me about the one and only secret that I've always kept to myself. That no one even knew about! No, it wasn't about my golden guitar or even my goose that laid eggs filled with coins. No, he was asking me about my beans and their roots. You see, I'm a giant and my job is to make sure the bean roots that we use to get down to earth are well protected and guarded. They're what helps us get down to the little person world when we need to. I became a little bit worried as the little kid asked more and more questions about my roots. I didn't want to tell him that my roots were hidden in the library! I walked over to him to pick this little kid up to get him to quiet down about the bean roots, well, he got me with his little knife and I dropped him! Thankfully, he didn't get hurt or I would've been so sad! He ran down the beanstalk when I chased after him. I guess he wanted to get back to his little people. I didn't follow him, but I sure hope he doesn't come back for my stuff.
[ "Who looks after the bean roots?", "How does he care for them?", "Why are they important?", "Who was talking to the giant?", "Was he quiet?", "What did they talk about?", "About what?", "What else?", "Did he ask about a guitar?", "How did it make the giant feel?", "Why did that worry him?", "Why did he drop Jack?", "Was he hurt?", "Where did he go?", "What happened next?", "and then?", "What's inside the eggs?", "Where do they come from?", "Who has a secret?", "What was it?" ]
{ "input_text": [ "A giants", "making sure they are protected and guarded.", "they help us get down to the little person world when we need to", "Jack", "no", "He kept asking me questions", "about this and that", "about my beans and their roots.", "No", "a little bit worried", "he didn't want to tell him that his roots were hidden in the library", "his knife got him!", "no", "He ran down the beanstalk", "I chased after him", "he didn't follow him", "coins", "his goose", "The giant", "my beans and their roots." ], "answer_start": [ 710, 710, 829, 0, 161, 239, 267, 650, 558, 903, 997, 1168, 1220, 1280, 1310, 1382, 622, 603, 443, 673 ], "answer_end": [ 815, 828, 902, 71, 238, 324, 324, 699, 594, 996, 1066, 1219, 1278, 1305, 1329, 1402, 644, 627, 557, 699 ] }
Wales is a country that is part of the United Kingdom and the island of Great Britain. It is bordered by England to the east, the Irish Sea to the north and west, and the Bristol Channel to the south. It had a population in 2011 of 3,063,456 and has a total area of . Wales has over of coastline and is largely mountainous, with its higher peaks in the north and central areas, including Snowdon (), its highest summit. The country lies within the north temperate zone and has a changeable, maritime climate. Welsh national identity emerged among the Celtic Britons after the Roman withdrawal from Britain in the 5th century, and Wales is regarded as one of the modern Celtic nations. Llywelyn ap Gruffudd's death in 1282 marked the completion of Edward I of England's conquest of Wales, though Owain Glyndŵr briefly restored independence to Wales in the early 15th century. The whole of Wales was annexed by England and incorporated within the English legal system under the Laws in Wales Acts 1535–1542. Distinctive Welsh politics developed in the 19th century. Welsh Liberalism, exemplified in the early 20th century by Lloyd George, was displaced by the growth of socialism and the Labour Party. Welsh national feeling grew over the century; "Plaid Cymru" was formed in 1925 and the Welsh Language Society in 1962. Established under the Government of Wales Act 1998, the National Assembly for Wales holds responsibility for a range of .
[ "When did a specific identy emerge?", "Is it a country?", "what invading nation left before the 5th cenury", "Whatl country is Wales part of?", "When did LLewelyn die?", "Which geographical entity is wales on?", "Who ruled Wales after 1282?", "What's the population", "did England keep control of the country from 1282 on?", "Who freed it?", "how many countries border it?", "does it have international borders?", "what timeframe did Wales's laws get merged with english ones?", "is it flat?", "What politics did Lloyd George have?", "english?", "which is higher, the north or south?", "is Ben Nevis the tallest mountain?", "where is it's capital city?", "is there some form of local political control now?", "is it tropical weather-wise" ]
{ "input_text": [ "5th century", "yes", "Roman", "United Kingdom", "1282", "island of Great Britain", "Edward I", "3,063,456", "no", "Owain Glyndŵr", "One", "no", "1535–1542", "no", "Liberalism", "no, Welsh", "north", "No, Snowdon", "unknown", "yes", "no" ], "answer_start": [ 615, 0, 578, 39, 719, 62, 749, 232, 811, 797, 104, 105, 997, 303, 1072, 1066, 353, 388, -1, 1373, 447 ], "answer_end": [ 626, 53, 583, 53, 723, 85, 757, 241, 840, 810, 112, 199, 1006, 322, 1082, 1071, 358, 395, -1, 1441, 468 ] }
A bracket is a tall punctuation mark typically used in matched pairs within text, to set apart or interject other text. The matched pair may be described as opening and closing, or left and right symbols. Forms include round (also called "parentheses"), square, curly (also called "braces"), and angle brackets (also called "chevrons"); and various other pairs of symbols. In addition to referring to the class of all types of brackets, the unqualified word "bracket" is most commonly used to refer to a specific type of bracket: in modern American usage this is usually the square bracket and in modern British usage this is usually the round bracket. Chevrons were the earliest type of bracket to appear in written English. Desiderius Erasmus coined the term "lunula" to refer to the rounded parentheses (), recalling the shape of the crescent moon. Some of the following names are regional or contextual. The characters ‹ › and « », known as guillemets or "angular quote brackets", are actually quotation mark glyphs used in several European languages. Which one of each pair is the opening quote mark and which is the closing quote varies between languages. In English, typographers generally prefer to not set brackets in italics, even when the enclosed text is italic. However, in other languages like German, if brackets enclose text in italics, they are usually set in italics too.
[ "What was the first form of brackets in written English?", "Who came up with the name \"lunula?\"", "What symbol did it refer to?", "Which he thought resembled what?", "How many types of brackets are there?", "What is an example of a type of bracket?", "What does bracket normally refer to in the modern American language?", "How about in British?", "What are guillemets also known as?", "What do English typographers mostly not like to do?" ]
{ "input_text": [ "Chevrons", "Desiderius Erasmus", "rounded parentheses", "the shape of the crescent moon", "unknown", "parentheses", "the square bracket", "round bracket", "angular quote brackets", "set brackets in italics" ], "answer_start": [ 659, 732, 767, 816, -1, 207, 567, 608, 955, 1209 ], "answer_end": [ 702, 774, 812, 856, -1, 253, 594, 655, 992, 1285 ] }
(CNN) -- Lewis Hamilton extended his Formula One drivers' championship lead after finishing second behind Red Bull's Mark Webber at the British Grand Prix. World champion Jenson Button, who narrowly missed out on his first podium finish at Silverstone after coming fourth, still trails McLaren teammate Hamilton in second. Third-placed Webber stormed back into title contention after winning his third race of the season. The Australian leapfroged fellow Red Bull driver Sebastian Vettel, who is 24 points adrift of Hamilton in fourth. McLaren also lead Red Bull by 29 points at the top of the constructors' championship. Ferrari's Fernando Alonso stayed fifth overall but lost ground after earning no points, ending the race in 14th after being given a drive-through penalty for illegally overtaking Robert Kubica of Renault off the track. Nico Rosberg of Germany continues to outperform his Mercedes teammate Michael Schumacher, recording his third podium finish this season to replace Kubica in sixth. Drivers' Championship (after 10 rounds): 1. Lewis Hamilton (GB) McLaren 145 points 2. Jenson Button (GB) McLaren 133 3. Mark Webber (Aus) Red Bull 128 4. Sebastian Vettel (Ger) Red Bull 121 5. Fernando Alonso (Sp) Ferrari 98 6. Nico Rosberg (Ger) Mercedes GP 90 Constructors' Championship: 1. McLaren 278 points 2. Red Bull 249 3. Ferrari 165 4. Mercedes GP 126 5. Renault 89 6. Force India 47
[ "What sport does Lewis Hamilton compete in?", "Did he compete in the British Grand Prix?", "What did he place?", "Behind whom?", "How many races has he won this season?", "For what brand does he drive?", "Who is another driver for that brand?", "Which team is ahead of Red Bull?", "By how much?", "Where did Ferrari's driver end the race?", "What is his name?", "Was he given a penalty?", "For what?", "Who?", "Which team does he drive for?", "Which German drives for Mercedes?", "Who is his teammate?", "Who is performing better?", "Who is currently ranked first in the Championship?", "After how many rounds?", "Which Championship is it?" ]
{ "input_text": [ "Formula One", "yes", "second", "Mark Webber", "One", "unknown", "Mark Webber", "McLaren", "29 points", "14th", "Fernando Alonso", "yes", "illegally overtaking", "Robert Kubica", "Renault", "Nico Rosberg", "Michael Schumacher", "Nico", "McLaren", "unknown", "Drivers' Championship" ], "answer_start": [ 37, 136, 92, 116, 1060, -1, 117, 288, 572, 737, 640, 775, 787, 809, 826, 851, 921, 887, 1324, -1, 1017 ], "answer_end": [ 48, 155, 98, 128, 1061, -1, 128, 295, 581, 741, 656, 783, 809, 822, 833, 863, 939, 939, 1331, -1, 1038 ] }
CHAPTER XXIV. PEGGY HAS REVENGE. Joe Wegg made a rapid recovery, his strength returning under the influence of pleasant surroundings and frequent visits from Ethel and Uncle John's three nieces. Not a word was hinted to either the invalid or the school teacher regarding the inquiries Mr. Merrick was making about the deed to the Bogue timber lands, which, if found, would make the young couple independent. Joe was planning to exploit a new patent as soon as he could earn enough to get it introduced, and Ethel exhibited a sublime confidence in the boy's ability that rendered all question of money insignificant. Joe's sudden appearance in the land of his birth and his generally smashed up condition were a nine days' wonder in Millville. The gossips wanted to know all the whys and wherefores, but the boy kept his room in the hotel, or only walked out when accompanied by Ethel or one of the three nieces. Sometimes they took him to ride, as he grew better, and the fact that Joe "were hand an' glove wi' the nabobs" lent him a distinction he had never before possessed. McNutt, always busy over somebody else's affairs, was very curious to know what had caused the accident Joe had suffered. Notwithstanding the little affair of the letter, in which he had not appeared with especial credit, Peggy made an effort to interview the young man that resulted in his complete discomfiture. But that did not deter him from indulging in various vivid speculations about Joe Wegg, which the simple villagers listened to with attention. For one thing, he confided to "the boys" at the store that, in his opinion, the man who had murdered Cap'n Wegg had tried to murder his son also, and it wasn't likely Joe could manage to escape him a second time. Another tale evolved from Peggy's fertile imagination was that Joe, being about to starve to death in the city, had turned burglar and been shot in the arm in an attempt at housebreaking.
[ "Who felt better quickly?", "What helped?", "What did he want to do?", "Why?", "Who thought he could do it?", "Where did he go?", "What did he do?", "What else?", "What did he do when he was stronger?", "What did that give him?" ]
{ "input_text": [ "Joe Wegg", "pleasant surroundings and frequent visits", "exploit a new patent", "make the young couple independent", "Ethel", "Millville", "kept to his room", "walked out when accompanied", "rode", "a distinction" ], "answer_start": [ 37, 115, 432, 377, 511, 738, 817, 853, 945, 1037 ], "answer_end": [ 45, 156, 452, 410, 516, 747, 843, 880, 949, 1083 ] }
Angie went to the library with her mother. First she had to turn in the books she was returning at the return desk. They said hello to the man there. He took their books. Then they went into the adult reading room. Angie sat in a brown chair at the table. She made a drawing of her mother. Her mother found a large red book. Then they went to the Mystery section. Angie sat in a blue chair. She drew a picture of her brother. Her mother found the book. It was a green book. Finally it was time to go to the children's room. It was Story Hour. Miss Hudson was there to read to all the children. She read a book about friendship. After the story Angie sat in the red chair and began drawing. They were drawing pictures of friends. Angie drew a picture of her best friend Lilly. Miss Hudson hung the pictures on the wall. Then Angie and her mother picked out 8 books to read at home. They checked the books out and went home.
[ "what color chair did Angie sit in?", "was she drawing?", "what did she draw?", "what did her mother find?", "what color was it?", "what section did they go to?", "did Angie sit in a different chair?", "what color was it?", "who did she draw this time?", "did Angie sit in a blue chair?", "did she draw a picture of her brother?", "where did miss hudson hang the picture?" ]
{ "input_text": [ "brown", "Yes", "her mother", "the book.\\", "green", "the Mystery section", "yes", "red", "her best friend", "no", "no", "on the wall" ], "answer_start": [ 215, 256, 254, 425, 452, 324, 628, 644, 728, 644, 729, 775 ], "answer_end": [ 241, 290, 290, 452, 473, 363, 670, 671, 775, 670, 775, 819 ] }
Rochester ( or ) is a city on the southern shore of Lake Ontario in western New York State. Rochester is the third most populous city in New York, with over 210,000 residents, and its metropolitan area has a population of nearly 1.1 million people. Rochester was one of America's first boomtowns, rising to prominence as the site of many flour mills along the Genesee River, and then as a major hub of manufacturing. Several of the region's universities (notably the University of Rochester and Rochester Institute of Technology) have renowned research programs. In addition, Rochester is the site of many important inventions and innovations in consumer products. The Rochester area has been the birthplace to such corporations as Kodak, Western Union, Bausch & Lomb, Gleason and Xerox that conduct extensive research and manufacturing in the fields of industrial and consumer products. Until 2010, the Rochester metropolitan area was the second-largest regional economy in New York State, according to the U.S. Internal Revenue Service, after the New York City metropolitan area. Rochester's GMP has since ranked just below that of Buffalo, New York, while still exceeding it in per-capita income. The 25th edition of the "Places Rated Almanac" rated Rochester as the "most livable city" in 2007, among 379 U.S. metropolitan areas. In 2010 "Forbes" rated Rochester as the third-best place to raise a family. In 2012 Kiplinger rated Rochester as the fifth-best city for families, citing low cost of living, top public schools, and a low jobless rate.
[ "What city has a population of 210,000?", "What were there many of back then?", "And it became a large hub for what?", "Name an institution there with a well regarding program for research?", "Name another.", "Which contact lense related company started there?", "Were there any others?", "What the name of the company born there that has a photograph related service", "Which Metro area is larger?", "What does it beat it though?", "What name did it get in 2007?", "By?" ]
{ "input_text": [ "Rochester", "flour mills", "manufacturing.", "University of Rochester", "Rochester Institute of Technology", "Bausch & Lomb", "no", "Kodak", "Buffalo", "per-capita income", "most livable city", "Places Rated Almanac" ], "answer_start": [ 92, 340, 404, 469, 497, 756, 731, 733, 1136, 1183, 1275, 1229 ], "answer_end": [ 101, 352, 418, 493, 530, 769, 788, 739, 1143, 1200, 1292, 1249 ] }
Baghdad, Iraq (CNN) -- As violence continues to wrack Iraq, another ethnic slaughter may be in the making by Sunni extremists from ISIS. ISIS fighters have besieged the ethnic Turkmen Shiite town of Amerli in the north for two months, and its fewer than 20,000 residents are without power and running out of food, water and medical supplies. "The situation of the people in Amerli is desperate and demands immediate action to prevent the possible massacre of its citizens," said Nickolay Mladenov, the U.N. secretary-general's special representative for Iraq. He said the suffering was "unspeakable" and demanded that the Shiite majority Iraqi government "relieve the siege" on Amerli. Small town fights ISIS About 5,000 families live in Amerli, which has been under siege for 70 days, according to Dr. Ali Albayati, head of the Turkmen Saving Foundation. He told CNN the town is running without electricity, is out of medicine and can only turn to wells for water. Nearly three dozen villages surrounding Amerli are already under ISIS control, Albayati said. The people of Amerli are relying on the Iraqi government to take them out by helicopter or support them with food drops, Albayati said. In the past 10 days, he added, only one flight has delivered food. Surrounded on four sides, the 17,400 residents have had to defend themselves with only the help of local police, said Masrwr Aswad of Iraq's Human Rights Commission. Their situation echoes the ordeal of Iraq's ethnic Yazidis, whose plight after they were forced to flee into the mountains to escape militants ISIS triggered U.S. aid drops and the first U.S. airstrikes against ISIS.
[ "How long has Amerli been under siege?", "Who is responsible to them being under siege?", "How many people reside there?", "Where are residents going for their water?", "Who is reporting this information?", "Anyone specific?", "What does he do?", "How is food getting to the people?", "Who is doing the food drops?", "How many have there been recently?", "Have the residents had to defend themselves?", "Is anyone helping?", "Who?", "Are they at any sort of disadvantage?", "How so?", "Does this story remind us of any other?", "What happened?", "Did anyone help them?", "Who?", "How?", "What was noteworthy about that?" ]
{ "input_text": [ "70 days", "ISIS", "fewer than 20,000", "wells", "CNN", "Dr. Ali Albayati", "head of the Turkmen Saving Foundation", "food drops", "the Iraqi government", "only one", "yes", "yes", "local police", "yes", "they're surrounded on four sides", "yes", "The Yazidis were forced to flee into the mountains", "yes", "the U.S.", "aid drops and airstrikes against ISIS", "they were the first U.S. airstrikes against ISIS" ], "answer_start": [ 747, 106, 201, 942, 0, 719, 827, 1073, 1097, 1239, 1277, 1359, 1367, 1277, 1277, 1445, 1482, 1570, 1602, 1603, 1626 ], "answer_end": [ 794, 135, 272, 974, 19, 825, 864, 1191, 1191, 1275, 1388, 1388, 1388, 1323, 1301, 1503, 1603, 1660, 1617, 1617, 1661 ] }
It was finally summer vacation, and Josh was excited to go to his favorite place. He was heading to Florida, to visit his Grandma and Grandpa. Josh spends every summer there, and this summer would be no different! In the mornings, Josh and Grandma would plant cucumbers, tomatoes, and carrots in the ground. After they would be planted, they would water and weed the garden every day. In the afternoons, Grandpa would take Josh out on the ocean in his sailboat which was named "Sea girl." Josh loved "Sea girl" and his favorite part was smelling the salty ocean air. Sometimes Josh and Grandpa would go to a beach and make sandcastles, or start digging until they found buried sea shells or other treasures. At night, Grandma and Grandpa would make dinner and they would eat outside by the pool. On special nights, Josh got to get ice cream for dessert. A lot of times, Grandma made dinner dishes that included the vegetables Josh and Grandma were growing. It was his favorite time of year. Josh couldn't wait to leave tomorrow morning!
[ "Who took josh on the sailboat?", "Who was named The Seaboat?", "What was the boats name?", "Does josh live with his grandpa?", "Does he visit them in the winter?", "When does he visit them?", "What do they do every day?", "What about the afternoon?", "What part did Josh like the best?", "What did they look for at the beach?", "Did he get to see grandma as well?", "What does grandma make?", "Did josh help her?", "Who helped her?", "Did they eat in the dining room?", "where did they eat?", "Did they have cake for dessert?", "What did they have?", "Did he have it every night?", "when did he get it?", "Was Josh sad this time of year?", "How did he like going there?" ]
{ "input_text": [ "Grandpa", "no one", "\"Sea girl.\"", "no", "no", "The summertime", "they would water and weed the garden every day", "In the afternoons, Grandpa would take Josh out on the ocean in his sailboat", "his favorite part was smelling the salty ocean air.", "buried sea shells or other treasures.", "yes", "dinner", "no", "Grandpa", "no", "they would eat outside by the pool", "no", "ice cream", "no", "On special nights", "no", "Josh was excited to go to his favorite place." ], "answer_start": [ 404, 447, 448, 81, 143, 81, 336, 385, 515, 639, 109, 718, 718, 718, 760, 760, 795, 815, 796, 796, 957, 36 ], "answer_end": [ 461, 488, 488, 142, 173, 174, 383, 460, 566, 707, 142, 755, 755, 755, 795, 794, 853, 852, 840, 852, 990, 81 ] }
Maurice Mountain is a retired lawyer in Washington, D.C. He developed a prototype for a device he calls the Presto Emergency Boat Ladder. His invention is a small folding ladder that attaches to the side of a boat to help people who fall into the water. Mr. Mountain plans to mass-produce his boat ladder. He created his invention at a workshop called TechShop. Mr. Mountain says, "I think it encourages innovation. I think people who probably have had ideas rolling around in the back of their minds for years but have never had the opportunity to actually put them into production or even experiment with them would find this place wonderful. Members of TechShop use high-tech equipment to develop and produce ideas they have for inventions." Isabella Musachio manages a TechShop in Arlington, Virginia. She says the shop has many different kinds of equipment. "TechShop is a do-it-yourself maker space. So when you come in we have all these different areas of the shop, and we have a metal shop, wood shop, lasers, 3D printers, electronics. I mean, we have so many different areas and we have all the equipment that is availahle to anybody above the age of 12." Membership costs for TechShop start at just over $ 100 per month. Members are able to use costly machines including 3D modeling tools and laser cutters. Isabella Musachio says TechShop helps its members build their dreams. "Our motto is 'build your dreams here' because you can really come in with just an idea, and then with the help of TechShop make that leap from an idea to building your project o, your prototype or even your business." Jim Newton is the founder of TechShop. He first introduced the idea for the technology workshops at an arts and sciences event called Maker Faire in San Mateo, California in 2006. His idea attracted hundreds of members during that event, Now, there are eight TechShop locations in the U. S. In all, there are more than 6,000 members. Two more-TechShop locations in the cities of St. Louis and Look Angeles will be set up.
[ "Who designed something?", "Is he an inventor by trade?", "What was his job?", "Does he still work at a firm?", "What did he design?", "What is that used on?", "What for?", "Did he invent this at home?", "Where at?", "What is the name of it?", "How many locations does this shop have in the country?", "How many people go there through the country?", "Who is the founder of the place?", "Do you need a membership to go?", "How much is it?", "Do you have to be a certain age?", "How old?", "What kind of tools do they have?" ]
{ "input_text": [ "Maurice Mountain", "no", "lawyer", "no", "Presto Emergency Boat Ladder prototype", "a boat", "to help people who fall into the water", "no", "a workshop", "TechShop", "Eight", "more than 6,000", "Jim Newton", "yes", "$ 100 per month", "yes", "12", "3D modeling tools and laser cutters" ], "answer_start": [ 0, 30, 30, 22, 108, 207, 214, 311, 336, 354, 1870, 1926, 1617, 1942, 1220, 1126, 1164, 1287 ], "answer_end": [ 16, 36, 36, 29, 137, 213, 252, 346, 346, 362, 1875, 1941, 1627, 1949, 1235, 1166, 1166, 1322 ] }
(CNN) -- In the middle of the Idaho wilderness, a man on horseback had a brief conversation with two campers. The rider's realization later that he may have been talking to California Amber Alert suspect James DiMaggio and his alleged teenage captive has now focused a nationwide manhunt for the pair on the rugged mountain area in central Idaho. The horseback rider saw the man and girl Wednesday and struck up a brief conversation with them, Andrea Dearden, spokeswoman for the Ada County Sheriff's Office, said Friday. He was not aware of the manhunt at the time, but he called the Amber Alert tip line after he saw a news account that night and realized the pair matched the description of DiMaggio and 16-year-old Hannah Anderson, she said. The rider's impression of the pair was "it seemed odd but nothing as alarming," Dearden said. "They did speak and exchange pleasantries. I don't think there was a lot of information exchanged," she said. "He left the conversation believing they were camping in the area." The rider said the man and girl were on foot, hiking with camping gear, Dearden said. Dearden appeared to be correcting authorities' earlier reports that the suspect and girl were spotted by more than one horseback rider. Investigators set up checkpoints where DiMaggio and Hannah were believed to be traveling in the River of No Return Wilderness area, about 15 miles outside Cascade, Dearden said. Authorities haven't yet evacuated any homes or businesses, she said, adding, "We have those access points secured."
[ "What is the name of the teenage captive?", "How old is she?", "Who is the captor?", "When did they talk to a man on a horse?", "Who is Andrea Dearden?", "Of what county?", "What tip line did the man call?", "Did he watch the news that night?", "Did the man think it seemed odd?", "Was he alarmed?", "Did they exchange a lot of information?", "Were the man and girl on bikes?", "What area were they travelling in?", "What is the nearest town?", "How far away is it?", "What state was this in?", "Did they make access points?" ]
{ "input_text": [ "Hannah Anderson", "16", "James DiMaggio", "yes", "spokeswoman for the Sheriff's Office", "Ada", "Amber Alert", "yes", "yes", "no", "no", "no", "the River of No Return Wilderness area", "Cascade", "about 15 miles", "Idaho", "yes" ], "answer_start": [ 697, 711, 190, 48, 462, 477, 571, 610, 790, 806, 848, 1028, 1313, 1392, 1386, 9, 1254 ], "answer_end": [ 749, 723, 250, 108, 509, 509, 610, 648, 846, 846, 957, 1113, 1432, 1416, 1408, 46, 1287 ] }
Anna's parents told her they were going to have a new baby brother. She had never had a brother before. She was not sure what to think about it. "What if he cries?" asked Anna. "If he cries we hold him until he is quiet," said Anna's dad. "What if he makes a mess in his diaper?" asked Anna. "Diapers smell but we clean them up," said Anna's mom. Anna thought about having a baby brother. Her mom and dad would take care of him. They bought a high chair for him to eat in. They brought out her old crib for him to sleep in. What could she do to help? Anna wanted to help the baby play. She thought it would be fun to play with him. Anna saved up her money. She had two whole dollars. She went to the store to pick out a present for the baby. She bought a rattle. It cost all the money she had, but Anna was happy. She could give a gift to the new baby.
[ "Who told Anna something?", "And what was that?", "Had she ever had one before?", "How'd that make her feel?", "What was she wondering?", "How did her father respond?", "What else worried her?", "And how did her parents answer that?", "Who would take care of the baby?", "What'd the get him?", "For what?", "What else did they get?", "Why?", "Did Anna want to help?", "To do what?", "Why?", "So what'd she do?", "How much did she have?", "So where'd she go?", "Why?", "What'd she get?" ]
{ "input_text": [ "Anna's parents", "they were going to have a new baby brother.", "No", "She was not sure what to think about it.", "What if he cries?", "If he cries we hold him until he is quiet", "What if he makes a mess in his diaper?", "\"Diapers smell but we clean them up,\"", "Her mom and dad", "a high chair", "for him to eat in.", "her old crib", "for him to sleep in", "Yes", "play", "She thought it would be fun to play with him", "Anna saved up her money", "two whole dollars", "to the store", "to pick out a present for the baby", "a rattle" ], "answer_start": [ 0, 24, 67, 104, 148, 182, 246, 300, 399, 451, 464, 500, 513, 561, 590, 596, 642, 675, 702, 715, 763 ], "answer_end": [ 14, 67, 103, 145, 165, 223, 284, 337, 414, 463, 482, 512, 532, 595, 594, 640, 665, 692, 715, 750, 771 ] }
CHAPTER XXVII A fortnight afterwards Trent rode into Attra, pale, gaunt, and hollow-eyed. The whole history of those days would never be known by another man! Upon Trent they had left their mark for ever. Every hour of his time in this country he reckoned of great value--yet he had devoted fourteen days to saving the life of John Francis. Such days too--and such nights! They had carried him sometimes in a dead stupor, sometimes a raving madman, along a wild bush-track across rivers and swamps into the town of Garba, where years ago a Congo trader, who had made a fortune, had built a little white-washed hospital! He was safe now, but surely never a man before had walked so near the "Valley of the Shadow of Death." A single moment's vigilance relaxed, a blanket displaced, a dose of brandy forgotten, and Trent might have walked this life a multi-millionaire, a peer, a little god amongst his fellows, freed for ever from all anxiety. But Francis was tended as never a man was tended before. Trent himself had done his share of the carrying, ever keeping his eyes fixed upon the death-lit face of their burden, every ready to fight off the progress of the fever and ague, as the twitching lips or shivering limbs gave warning of a change. For fourteen days he had not slept; until they had reached Garba his clothes had never been changed since they had started upon their perilous journey. As he rode into Attra he reeled a little in his saddle, and he walked into the office of the Agent more like a ghost than a man.
[ "Where Trent went?", "Was he in good shape?", "Would other people know about all these?", "Who did he try to save?", "For how long?", "Did he think highly of his time there?", "Which town Francis was carried into?", "Who made fortune in Garba?", "How long ago?", "Did he build something useful there?", "Was Francis very close to dying?", "Is he safe now?", "Could Trent have a better life that this?", "Was Francis too important for him to forgo that?", "Did Trent carry him too?", "Was he ever watchful?", "How long he didn't sleep well?", "Could he change his clothes in the journey?", "Was he riding horse on the way to Attra?", "Who did he meet there?" ]
{ "input_text": [ "into Attra", "no", "no", "John Francis", "A fortnight", "yes", "Attra", "a Congo trader", "years ago", "yes", "yes", "yes", "yes", "yes", "yes", "yes", "For fourteen days", "no", "yes", "the Agent" ], "answer_start": [ 39, 16, 92, 310, 16, 207, 1401, 516, 523, 524, 622, 622, 810, 945, 1002, 1052, 1248, 1285, 1400, 1456 ], "answer_end": [ 60, 90, 161, 341, 62, 272, 1422, 578, 578, 620, 722, 637, 943, 1001, 1051, 1119, 1283, 1371, 1455, 1529 ] }
Beijing (CNN) -- Entrepreneurs of all stripes are cashing in on the Lin-sanity phenomenon as swiftly as the NBA sensation can pull off his furious fast breaks. It has been only three weeks since Jeremy Lin, the 23-year-old American-born point guard of Taiwanese descent, came out of obscurity to lead the listless New York Knicks to a winning streak. But while their winning run has come to an end, Lin has gone on to become a media and marketing darling. Lin-related products have become hot items. In New York, merchandise retailers are doing brisk business selling Lin's No. 17 jerseys. "He's made the Knicks relevant again," says Larry Dimitriou, manager of Modell's Sporting Goods store in Manhattan. Jeremy 'Lin-demand' in China "We constantly get Lin jerseys every day," he says. "I put one in the window to show people we have them. A short time later, they're gone." Just as nimble and quick are the publishers of "Linsanity: The Improbable Rise of Jeremy Lin" by Alan Goldsher, an electronic book that was turned around in just 72 hours. Available wherever e-books are sold, Goldsher's insta-book costs just $1.99. According to Digital Book World, fast-thinking authors have already churned out least seven e-books, all about the humble and wholesome Harvard graduate. The other Lin-inspired titles include, "Jeremy Lin: Advice from Sun Tzu on Basketball and the Art of War," and "The Zen of Jeremy Lin." Not to be outdone, Lin himself has filed to trademark "Linsanity." The application, filed through the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, would give him exclusive rights to put the signature term on more than 50 consumer products, including clothing, mugs and even action figures.
[ "Who lead a basketball team on a winning streak?", "What team?", "What are popular consumer products right now?", "What other country is he popular in?", "Are there books about him?", "How many?", "Who is an author of one?", "How long did it take him to write the book?", "How much does the book cost?", "What did Lin do so he wouldn't be outdone?", "What does that do?", "How old is lin?", "Where was he born?", "Does he have any other ethnicity background?", "Which is?", "Who said that LIn made the ball team relevant again?", "What's his profession?", "Where is that located?", "Are Lin's jersey's sold fast?", "What type of business people are cashing in on Lin's popularity?" ]
{ "input_text": [ "Jeremy Lin,", "New York Knicks", "Lin's No. 17 jerseys.", "China", "Yes", "Seven", "Alan Goldsher,", "72 hours.", "$1.99.", "filed to trademark \"Linsanity.", "give him exclusive rights to put the signature term on more than 50 consumer products", "23", "America", "Yes", "Taiwanese", "Larry Dimitriou", "\\manager of Modell's Sporting Goods store", "Manhattan.", "Yes", "selling Lin's No. 17 jerseys." ], "answer_start": [ 197, 294, 565, 715, 888, 1199, 888, 1000, 1097, 1431, 1567, 197, 197, 225, 250, 597, 640, 668, 506, 565 ], "answer_end": [ 353, 353, 596, 743, 1000, 1239, 999, 1059, 1137, 1496, 1658, 224, 244, 272, 273, 655, 698, 713, 595, 596 ] }
(CNN) -- A 42-year-old immigrant from Rwanda, who is accused of lying her way into the United States after allegedly participating in the 1994 genocide that left up to 800,000 people dead, is going on trial in a New Hampshire federal court. Jury selection is set to begin Wednesday in the case of Beatrice Munyenyezi, who allegedly committed fraud in 1995 by denying her alleged involvement in mass rape, murder and kidnappings in Rwanda a year earlier. Prosecutors allege Munyenyezi, who is now a U.S. citizen, intentionally lied on a refugee questionnaire and naturalization documents about her role in the infamous slaughter, in which ethnic Hutu militants butchered their Tutsi counterparts over a three-month period. They say Munyenyezi, a Hutu, was a member of an extremist group associated with a paramilitary organization that set up roadblocks and targeted fleeing Tutsis and their sympathizers. One of the roadblocks was set up outside the Ihuriro Hotel -- an establishment owned by her husband's family, according to the indictment. The mother of three is allegedly married to former militia leader Arsene Shalom Ntahobali, who was convicted of war crimes and sentenced to life in prison last year. She allegedly lived in the hotel and helped pick out those who arrived at a nearby checkpoint to be executed and raped, the indictment said. She also is accused of stealing her victims' belongings. Her attorney, Mark Howard, said his client "categorically denies that she committed any acts of genocide, or committed any crimes, as the prosecution alleges here."
[ "Who is on trial?", "What country is she from?", "Which ethnic group there?", "Is she a Rwandan citizen?", "What citizenship does she have?", "How old is she?", "What is she accused of doing?", "Why did she need to do that?", "How many people were killed?", "Where is her trial?", "Is it a state or federal court?", "Who did the Hutus kill?", "For how long were they killed?", "Who was her husband?", "And how many kids does she have?", "Where did she live in Rwanda?", "Which one?", "Who owned that?", "Who is her attorney?", "Will she be pleading guilty to genocide?", "Will she be pleading guilty to immigration crimes?" ]
{ "input_text": [ "Beatrice Munyenyezi", "Rwanda", "Hutu", "no", "U.S.", "42", "lying her way into the United States", "she allegedly participated in a genocide", "up to 800,000", "New Hampshire", "federal", "Tutsi", "3 months", "Arsene Shalom Ntahobali,", "three", "in the hotel", "Ihuriro Hotel", "her husband's family", "Mark Howard", "noenocide", "no" ], "answer_start": [ 243, 8, 728, 458, 458, 10, 64, 106, 138, 189, 189, 642, 632, 1054, 1054, 1222, 913, 975, 1422, 1422, 1421 ], "answer_end": [ 320, 44, 755, 514, 514, 44, 100, 151, 187, 241, 241, 725, 726, 1144, 1073, 1254, 971, 1021, 1448, 1526, 1586 ] }
CHAPTER XXIII: Paddy The Beaver Does A Kind Deed Paddy the Beaver listened to all that his small cousin, Jerry Muskrat, had to tell him about the trouble which Paddy's dam had caused in the Laughing Brook and the Smiling Pool. "You see, we who live in the Smiling Pool love it dearly, and we don't want to have to leave it, but if the water cannot run down the Laughing Brook, there can be no Smiling Pool, and so we will have to move off to the Big River," concluded Jerry Muskrat. "That is why I tried to spoil your dam." There was a twinkle in the eyes of Paddy the Beaver as he replied: "Well, now that you have found out that you can't do that, because I am bigger than you and can stop you, what are you going to do about it?" "I don't know," said Jerry Muskrat sadly. "I don't see what we can do about it. Of course you are big and strong and can do just as you please, but it doesn't seem right that we who have lived here so long should have to move and go away from all that we love so just because you, a stranger, happen to want to live here. I tell you what!" Jerry's eyes sparkled as a brand new thought came to him. "Couldn't you come down and live in the Smiling Pool with us? I'm sure there is room enough!" Paddy the Beaver shook his head. "No," said he, and Jerry's heart sank. "No, I can't do that because down there there isn't any of the kind of food I eat. Besides, I wouldn't feel at all safe in the Smiling Pool. You see, I always live in the woods. No, I couldn't possibly come down to live in the Smiling Pool. But I'm truly sorry that I have made you so much worry, Cousin Jerry, and I'm going to prove it to you. Now you sit right here until I come back."
[ "Who had caused the beaver some trouble?", "What had he done?", "What was the beaver's name?", "What was his relationship to the other animal?", "Where was the problem caused?", "Where else?", "Were the residents of the pond fond of it?", "Did they want to depart?", "Where did the water for the pond have to traverse?", "Could the pond survive without it?", "Where were the residents moving to?", "What was in the beaver's expression when he answered?", "Was he smaller than the muskrat?", "What did he say he could do to the plan?", "Did the muskrat know what to do?", "Had the beaver been living there long?", "What did the smaller animal invite the larger one to do?", "Did the larger animal agree?", "Why not?", "Where did he prefer to reside?" ]
{ "input_text": [ "Jerry Muskrat.", "tried to spoil his dam", "Paddy.", "cousin", "the Laughing Brook", "the Smiling Pool.", "Yes.", "No.", "the Laughing Brook", "No.", "the Big River", "a twinkle", "No.", "Stop it.", "No.", "No.", "come down and live in the Smiling Pool", "No", "there isn't any of the kind of food he eats", "in the woods" ], "answer_start": [ 472, 501, 51, 99, 188, 210, 273, 293, 361, 381, 445, 540, 663, 693, 741, 1022, 1153, 1269, 1347, 1470 ], "answer_end": [ 486, 525, 57, 105, 206, 229, 287, 326, 379, 409, 459, 549, 684, 702, 756, 1032, 1191, 1271, 1388, 1483 ] }
Jefferson's metaphor of a wall of separation has been cited repeatedly by the U.S. Supreme Court. In Reynolds v. United States (1879) the Court wrote that Jefferson's comments "may be accepted almost as an authoritative declaration of the scope and effect of the [First] Amendment." In Everson v. Board of Education (1947), Justice Hugo Black wrote: "In the words of Thomas Jefferson, the clause against establishment of religion by law was intended to erect a wall of separation between church and state." Many early immigrant groups traveled to America to worship freely, particularly after the English Civil War and religious conflict in France and Germany. They included nonconformists like the Puritans, who were Protestant Christians fleeing religious persecution from the Anglican King of England. Despite a common background, the groups' views on religious toleration were mixed. While some such as Roger Williams of Rhode Island and William Penn of Pennsylvania ensured the protection of religious minorities within their colonies, others like the Plymouth Colony and Massachusetts Bay Colony had established churches. The Dutch colony of New Netherland established the Dutch Reformed Church and outlawed all other worship, though enforcement was sparse. Religious conformity was desired partly for financial reasons: the established Church was responsible for poverty relief, putting dissenting churches at a significant disadvantage.
[ "after what did a a lot of migrants travel?", "where did they go?", "who were they?", "why did they leave home?", "who persecuted them?", "did they all share the same viewpoint on theology?", "did some protect different ideas?", "who was one?", "from where?", "and another?", "from?", "who banned other worshiping?", "what court is discussed?", "are any cases cited?", "how many?", "is there another?", "what?", "from what year?", "is a judge mentioned?", "who?" ]
{ "input_text": [ "English Civil War", "traveled to America", "nonconformists like the Puritans", "fleeing religious persecution", "Anglican King of England.", "No", "yes", "Roger Williams", "Rhode Island", "William Penn", "Pennsylvania", "The Dutch colony of New Netherland", "Supreme Court.", "Yes", "Reynolds v. United States", "Yes", "Everson v. Board of Education", "1947", "Yes", "Justice Hugo Blac" ], "answer_start": [ 599, 536, 677, 742, 780, 806, 908, 909, 927, 944, 960, 1130, 83, 100, 100, 286, 286, 317, 324, 323 ], "answer_end": [ 617, 557, 709, 771, 806, 887, 1020, 923, 940, 956, 972, 1164, 97, 126, 126, 315, 315, 321, 341, 341 ] }
CHAPTER SEVEN. A LEARNED SQUABBLE. Bartolommeo Scala, secretary of the Florentine Republic, on whom Tito Melema had been thus led to anchor his hopes, lived in a handsome palace close to the Porta Pinti, now known as the Casa Gherardesca. His arms-- an azure ladder transverse on a golden field, with the motto _Gradatim_ placed over the entrance--told all comers that the miller's son held his ascent to honours by his own efforts a fact to be proclaimed without wincing. The secretary was a vain and pompous man, but he was also an honest one: he was sincerely convinced of his own merit, and could see no reason for feigning. The topmost round of his azure ladder had been reached by this time: he had held his secretaryship these twenty years-- had long since made his orations on the _ringhiera_, or platform of the Old Palace, as the custom was, in the presence of princely visitors, while Marzocco, the republican lion, wore his gold crown on the occasion, and all the people cried, "Viva Messer Bartolommeo!"--had been on an embassy to Rome, and had there been made titular Senator, Apostolical Secretary, Knight of the Golden Spur; and had, eight years ago, been Gonfaloniere--last goal of the Florentine citizen's ambition. Meantime he had got richer and richer, and more and more gouty, after the manner of successful mortality; and the Knight of the Golden Spur had often to sit with helpless cushioned heel under the handsome loggia he had built for himself, overlooking the spacious gardens and lawn at the back of his palace.
[ "Was the secretary a humble man?", "What kind of man was he?", "Was his palace ugly?", "What was the name of it?", "What did his parent do for a living?", "How did he make it to where is is now?", "Was he proud of this achievement?", "What type of medical problem did he have?", "What part of him did the gout affect?", "What color was the ladder at the palace entrance?", "What did it say on the ladder?", "Did he hold backing bragging about his success?", "How long had he been the secretary?" ]
{ "input_text": [ "no", "a vain and pompous man", "no", "the Casa Gherardesca", "a miller", "his own merit", "yes", "gout", "his heel", "azure", "Gradatim", "no", "twenty years" ], "answer_start": [ 476, 477, 1423, 165, 352, 550, 931, 1277, 1390, 633, 298, 595, 709 ], "answer_end": [ 516, 517, 1544, 241, 389, 593, 966, 1300, 1423, 671, 332, 632, 750 ] }
Beijing (CNN) -- The wife of Ai Weiwei was taken from the Chinese artist's studio by police Tuesday and was questioned for three hours, the high-profile dissident said. Four policemen took Lu Qing from the Beijing studio to a nearby police station, he said. She was released by police after questioning and is now a "criminal suspect," he said. They have not told her what crimes she is accused of, he added. "I think the authorities are trying to threaten me through her," he said, speculating that Lu's arrest was related to her plans to visit Taiwan for an exhibition of her husband's work. She has now been told to stay in Beijing, he added. Police did not respond to a CNN request for comment on the case. "Nobody can consider himself safe or innocent in an environment like this," said the dissident, who was himself detained by police for 81 days earlier this year. He was ultimately charged with tax evasion, and last week paid $1.3 million so he can contest the charges brought against his company, Fake Cultural Development Ltd. Had he not paid the sum, his wife -- who legally represents the company -- would have been jailed, he said. The government says the company owes 15 million yuan ($2.3 million). The money was raised from 30,000 contributors, he said. His lawyer, Pu Zhiqiang, said last week that Ai intends to return the donations if he wins the case and is refunded the money. His family and human rights advocates believe that the real reason for his imprisonment is his criticism of the Chinese government.
[ "What is Ai WeiWei's company called?", "Where is the report from?", "what happened to his wife?", "where?", "where was she taken from?", "how long for?", "how many policemen?", "was she kept there overnight?", "what is she now?", "what is she charged with?", "Why does her husband think she was arrested?" ]
{ "input_text": [ "Fake Cultural Development Ltd.", "Beijing", "she was questioned by police", "a nearby police station", "from the Chinese artist's studio", "for three hours", "Four policemen", "no", "a \"criminal suspect,\"", "They have not told her what crimes she is accused of", "He thinks the authorities are trying to threaten him through her" ], "answer_start": [ 1011, 0, 17, 223, 17, 100, 171, 262, 307, 351, 418 ], "answer_end": [ 1055, 7, 118, 250, 81, 134, 198, 306, 349, 403, 479 ] }
CHAPTER IV. Signor Andrea D'Arbino, searching vainly through the various rooms in the palace for Count Fabio d'Ascoli, and trying as a last resource, the corridor leading to the ballroom and grand staircase, discovered his friend lying on the floor in a swoon, without any living creature near him. Determining to avoid alarming the guests, if possible, D'Arbino first sought help in the antechamber. He found there the marquis's valet, assisting the Cavaliere Finello (who was just taking his departure) to put on his cloak. While Finello and his friend carried Fabio to an open window in the antechamber, the valet procured some iced water. This simple remedy, and the change of atmosphere, proved enough to restore the fainting man to his senses, but hardly--as it seemed to his friends--to his former self. They noticed a change to blankness and stillness in his face, and when he spoke, an indescribable alteration in the tone of his voice. "I found you in a room in the corridor," said D'Arbino. "What made you faint? Don't you remember? Was it the heat?" Fabio waited for a moment, painfully collecting his ideas. He looked at the valet, and Finello signed to the man to withdraw. "Was it the heat?" repeated D'Arbino. "No," answered Fabio, in strangely hushed, steady tones. "I have seen the face that was behind the yellow mask." "Well?" "It was the face of my dead wife." "Your dead wife!" "When the mask was removed I saw her face. Not as I remember it in the pride of her youth and beauty--not even as I remember her on her sick-bed--but as I remember her in her coffin."
[ "Who was searching in vain?", "Who was he searching for?", "Where was he searching?", "Where did he try last?", "Did he find him there?", "What was he doing?", "Who did D'Arbino go to seek help?", "Did he find anyone there?", "What was he doing?", "Where did they carry Fabio to?" ]
{ "input_text": [ "Signor Andrea D'Arbino", "Count Fabio d'Ascoli", "in the palace", "the corridor leading to the ballroom", "yes", "lying on the floor", "in the antechamber", "the marquis's valet", "assisting the Cavaliere Finello", "to an open window" ], "answer_start": [ 14, 99, 81, 151, 209, 231, 382, 422, 439, 572 ], "answer_end": [ 36, 119, 95, 189, 250, 251, 401, 437, 470, 590 ] }
CHAPTER VIII And these two, as I have told you, Were the friends of Hiawatha, Chibiabos, the musician, And the very strong man, Kwasind. --Hiawatha Torpenhow was paging the last sheets of some manuscript, while the Nilghai, who had come for chess and remained to talk tactics, was reading through the first part, commenting scornfully the while. "It's picturesque enough and it's sketchy," said he; "but as a serious consideration of affairs in Eastern Europe, it's not worth much." "It's off my hands at any rate. . . . Thirty-seven, thirty-eight, thirty-nine slips altogether, aren't there? That should make between eleven and twelve pages of valuable misinformation. Heigh-ho!" Torpenhow shuffled the writing together and hummed-- 'Young lambs to sell, young lambs to sell, If I'd as much money as I could tell, I never would cry, Young lambs to sell!'" Dick entered, self-conscious and a little defiant, but in the best of tempers with all the world. "Back at last?" said Torpenhow. "More or less. What have you been doing?" "Work. Dickie, you behave as though the Bank of England were behind you. Here's Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday gone and you haven't done a line. It's scandalous." "The notions come and go, my children--they come and go like our 'baccy," he answered, filling his pipe. "Moreover," he stooped to thrust a spill into the grate, "Apollo does not always stretch his----Oh, confound your clumsy jests, Nilghai!" "This is not the place to preach the theory of direct inspiration," said the Nilghai, returning Torpenhow's large and workmanlike bellows to their nail on the wall. "We believe in cobblers" wax. La!--where you sit down."
[ "Who was paging?", "What was she paging", "Who came for chess", "Did he stay", "why?", "Was he reading?", "How was he commenting", "How does he describe what he reads?", "Is it worth much?", "How many slips were there", "How many pages does that make", "Who entered?", "Was he self-conscious", "How does dickie behave", "Has he done a line?" ]
{ "input_text": [ "Torpenhow", "the last sheets of some manuscript", "the Nilghai", "yes", "to talk tactics", "yes", "Yes.", "\"It's picturesque enough and it's sketchy,\"", "No", "thirty-nine", "between eleven and twelve", "Dick", "yes", "as though the Bank of England were behind", "no" ], "answer_start": [ 152, 152, 208, 228, 227, 209, 281, 352, 405, 529, 601, 869, 869, 1054, 1143 ], "answer_end": [ 208, 207, 279, 279, 279, 315, 350, 403, 490, 586, 676, 897, 918, 1118, 1187 ] }
CHAPTER XXX FERN Mullins rushed into the house on a Saturday morning early in September and shrieked at Carol, "School starts next Tuesday. I've got to have one more spree before I'm arrested. Let's get up a picnic down the lake for this afternoon. Won't you come, Mrs. Kennicott, and the doctor? Cy Bogart wants to go--he's a brat but he's lively." "I don't think the doctor can go," sedately. "He said something about having to make a country call this afternoon. But I'd love to." "That's dandy! Who can we get?" "Mrs. Dyer might be chaperon. She's been so nice. And maybe Dave, if he could get away from the store." "How about Erik Valborg? I think he's got lots more style than these town boys. You like him all right, don't you?" So the picnic of Carol, Fern, Erik, Cy Bogart, and the Dyers was not only moral but inevitable. They drove to the birch grove on the south shore of Lake Minniemashie. Dave Dyer was his most clownish self. He yelped, jigged, wore Carol's hat, dropped an ant down Fern's back, and when they went swimming (the women modestly changing in the car with the side curtains up, the men undressing behind the bushes, constantly repeating, "Gee, hope we don't run into poison ivy"), Dave splashed water on them and dived to clutch his wife's ankle. He infected the others. Erik gave an imitation of the Greek dancers he had seen in vaudeville, and when they sat down to picnic supper spread on a lap-robe on the grass, Cy climbed a tree to throw acorns at them.
[ "Which lake did they go to?", "Who rushed into the house?", "Why did he want to go on a final spree?", "Who ended up going a long and acted like a clown?", "Did he wear something that belonged to someone else?", "And who did he throw an insect on?", "What plant did they wish to not run in to ?", "Did anyone throw an acorn?" ]
{ "input_text": [ "Lake Minniemashie", "FERN Mullins", "To get in a spree before school starts and they're arrested", "Dave Dyer", "Carol's hat", "Fern's", "poison ivy", "Yes, Cy" ], "answer_start": [ 898, 14, 114, 917, 979, 917, 1158, 1459 ], "answer_end": [ 915, 26, 194, 926, 990, 1024, 1222, 1492 ] }
(CNN)A 17-year-old male fatally shot an Iraqi man watching his first snowfall in his new American hometown, targeting him and then continuing to fire as the immigrant rushed to get inside, Dallas police said Friday. Authorities don't believe the suspected shooter knew the victim, Ahmed Al-Jumaili, Dallas Police Maj. Jeff Cotner said reporters, nor do they believe he knew Al-Jumaili's ethnicity. And they haven't given any indication Al-Jumaili had anything to do with what led the teen to head out armed in the first place -- a purported shooting at his girlfriend's apartment, if that in fact happened. Cotner said that, while there have nearby shootings that might be tied to gangs, "we (have been) unable to substantiate ... whether or not there was an actual shooting at the apartment." What police do believe, based on witness testimony and other evidence, is that the teenager shot and killed Al-Jumaili, for whatever reason. "When he saw Mr. Al-Jumaili and their family, he targeted them, he shot at them with intent," Cotner said of the suspect, who is under arrest. "And as Mr. Al-Jumaili ran back toward his apartment, he tracked him with his rifle and continued to fire." Dallas police named the suspected shooter, though CNN is not identifying him yet since he's a minor and it's not clear if he'll be charged as an adult. The teen turns 18 in May, police said. Until the fatal shots ended Al-Jumalli's life, March 4 had been a day of fun and joy for Al-Jumaili and his family.
[ "When did the fatal shots take place?", "Was it a good day prior to the crime?", "What city did this happen in?", "What was the weather like?", "Who was murdered?", "Was the killer a child?", "How old?", "Was he identified by name?", "Why not?", "Do authorities think this was a hate crime?", "Was there a witness?", "Was the witness identified?", "What weapon was used?", "Was only one shot fired?" ]
{ "input_text": [ "March 4", "yes", "Dallas", "unknown", "Ahmed Al-Jumaili", "yes", "17", "no", "he's a minor", "unknown", "yes", "no", "a rifle", "no" ], "answer_start": [ 1389, 1436, 189, -1, 270, 5, 5, 1246, 1246, -1, 823, 824, 1140, 1140 ], "answer_end": [ 1444, 1504, 216, -1, 299, 24, 23, 1273, 1295, -1, 850, 850, 1194, 1194 ] }
(CNN) -- The megayacht that Steve Jobs commissioned in the final years of his life has been impounded in Amsterdam after a payment dispute involving the designer, Philippe Starck. The Venus, a 100-million-euro ($137.5 million), 260-foot-long yacht, made its unofficial debut in late October. It's currently stuck in the Port of Amsterdam after Starck hired a debt-collection agency to attempt to remit the final payment for his design. According to lawyers at Ubik -- Starck's design company -- speaking with Reuters, the designer has only received 6 million of the 9-million-euro commission and is seeking the rest of the payment before the Venus will be released. "These guys [Jobs and Starck] trusted each other, so there wasn't a very detailed contract," Roelant Klaassen, a lawyer for Ubik, told Reuters. The Venus is a floating ode to both Jobs and Starck's minimalist aesthetic. Made entirely out of aluminum, with 40-foot-long floor-to-ceiling windows lining the passenger compartment and seven 27-inch iMacs making up the command center. In Walter Isaacson's biography of Jobs, the late Apple CEO is quoted as saying that, "I know that it's possible I will die and leave Laurene with a half-built boat, but I have to keep going on. If I don't, it's an admission that I'm about to die." Subscribe to WIRED magazine for less than $1 an issue and get a FREE GIFT! Click here! Copyright 2011
[ "Who's boat had been confiscated?", "Who requested it to be collected?", "Why", "What was the dispute about?", "What is the name of the Yacht?", "And how much is it worth in US dollars?", "How much has Starck been paid?", "How much was he supposed to receive in total?", "What is Ubik?", "Who is Roelant Klaassen?" ]
{ "input_text": [ "Steve Jobs", "Starck", "As its stuck in the Port of Amsterdam", "Money being not payed to Starck's", "The Venus", "$137.5 million", "6 million", "9-million-euro", "A Starck's design company", "a lawyer for Ubik" ], "answer_start": [ 27, 346, 294, 522, 182, 213, 552, 569, 472, 782 ], "answer_end": [ 39, 352, 438, 670, 191, 227, 562, 584, 495, 800 ] }
( -- Theodore "Teddy" Forstmann, a veteran business leader and philanthropist who was romantically linked to Padma Lakshmi, died Sunday. He was 71. Forstmann suffered from brain cancer, his spokesman tells The New York Times. Although the famed billionaire never married, he dated "Top Chef" host Lakshmi, 41, over the last several years. Their relationship made headlines when she gave birth to now 1-year-old daughter Krishna in February 2010, which spawned speculation over the identity of the father. (Venture capitalist Adam Dell was later revealed as the father.) Forstmann was also briefly linked to Princess Diana. According to "The Diana Chronicles" by Newsweek and The Daily Beast editor Tina Brown, the two were plotting to wed in the last weeks of her life. Forstmann, who invested in companies ranging from Gulfstream Aerospace to Dr. Pepper, is survived by his two sons, Siya and Everest, brothers Anthony and John, and sisters Marina Forstmann Day and Elissa Forstmann Moran. See the full article at © 2011 People and Time Inc. All rights reserved.
[ "Who died?", "Who was he?", "Was he married?", "Who was he dating?", "How old is she?", "What did she do?", "Did he have any children?", "Who were they?", "How did he die?", "Did he have any daughters?", "Who else was he linked to?", "Anyone else?", "According to whom?", "What was a company he invested in?" ]
{ "input_text": [ "Theodore Forstmann", "veteran business leader", "No", "Lakshmi", "41", "\"Top Chef\" host", "Yes", "Siya and Everest", "brain cancer", "No", "Padma Lakshmi", "Princess Diana", "\"The Diana Chronicles\"", "Dr. Pepper" ], "answer_start": [ 16, 16, 241, 287, 312, 296, 874, 894, 161, 354, 110, 613, 640, 789 ], "answer_end": [ 147, 69, 286, 319, 323, 319, 1010, 920, 197, 585, 133, 638, 675, 873 ] }
CHAPTER XVIII. _A BRICK TURNS UP_. The snow had been all night falling silently over the long elm avenues of Springdale. It was one of those soft, moist, dreamy snow-falls, which come down in great loose feathers, resting in magical frost-work on every tree, shrub, and plant, and seeming to bring down with it the purity and peace of upper worlds. Grace's little cottage on Elm Street was imbosomed, as New-England cottages are apt to be, in a tangle of shrubbery, evergreens, syringas, and lilacs; which, on such occasions, become bowers of enchantment when the morning sun looks through them. Grace came into her parlor, which was cheery with the dazzling sunshine, and, running to the window, began to examine anxiously the state of her various greeneries, pausing from time to time to look out admiringly at the wonderful snow-landscape, with its many tremulous tints of rose, lilac, and amethyst. The only thing wanting was some one to speak to about it; and, with a half sigh, she thought of the good old times when John would come to her chamber-door in the morning, to get her out to look on scenes like this. "Positively," she said to herself, "I must invite some one to visit me. One wants a friend to help one enjoy solitude." The stock of social life in Springdale, in fact, was running low. The Lennoxes and the Wilcoxes had gone to their Boston homes, and Rose Ferguson was visiting in New York, and Letitia found so much to do to supply her place to her father and mother, that she had less time than usual to share with Grace. Then, again, the Elm-street cottage was a walk of some considerable distance; whereas, when Grace lived at the old homestead, the Fergusons were so near as to seem only one family, and were dropping in at all hours of the day and evening.
[ "How long had the snow been falling?", "Who's cottage was it?", "Who use to her chamber door in the mornings?", "What was it she said to herself?", "what about after that?", "What is the town she lived it?", "and on what street?", "What kinds of plants decorated the outside of her cottage?", "Any others?", "What others?", "Was the social life good in Springdale?", "Who had gone to their Boston homes?", "What part of the Country is the story located in?", "Who lived so close to her when she lived in the old homestead they seemed like family?", "What room was it Grace walked into of her cottage?" ]
{ "input_text": [ "all night", "Grace", "John", "\"Positively,\"", "I must invite some one to visit me. One wants a friend to help one enjoy solitude", "Springdale", "elm avenues", "shrubbery", "yes", "evergreens, syringas, and lilacs", "no", ". The Lennoxes and Wilcoxes", "New-England", "the Fergusons", "parlor" ], "answer_start": [ 39, 357, 1030, 1133, 1169, 1253, 92, 412, 463, 447, 1253, 1317, 411, 1645, 606 ], "answer_end": [ 66, 379, 1071, 1167, 1250, 1291, 110, 472, 508, 506, 1318, 1379, 433, 1697, 632 ] }
CHAPTER III _Danny Meadow Mouse Plays Hide and Seek_ Life is always a game of hide and seek to Danny Meadow Mouse. You see, he is such a fat little fellow that there are a great many other furry-coated people, and almost as many who wear feathers, who would gobble Danny up for breakfast or for dinner if they could. Some of them pretend to be his friends, but Danny always keeps his eyes open when they are around and always begins to play hide and seek. Peter Rabbit and Jimmy Skunk and Striped Chipmunk and Happy Jack Squirrel are all friends whom he can trust, but he always has a bright twinkling eye open for Reddy Fox and Billy Mink and Shadow the Weasel and old Whitetail the Marsh Hawk, and several more, especially Hooty the Owl at night. Now Danny Meadow Mouse is a stout-hearted little fellow, and when rough Brother North Wind came shouting across the Green Meadows, tearing to pieces the snow clouds and shaking out the snowflakes until they covered the Green Meadows deep, deep, deep, Danny just snuggled down in his warm coat in his snug little house of grass and waited. Danny liked the snow. Yes, sir, Danny Meadow Mouse liked the snow. He just loved to dig in it and make tunnels. Through those tunnels in every direction he could go where he pleased and when he pleased without being seen by anybody. It was great fun! Every little way he made a little round doorway up beside a stiff stalk of grass. Out of this he could peep at the white world, and he could get the fresh cold air. Sometimes, when he was quite sure that no one was around, he would scamper across on top of the snow from one doorway to another, and when he did this, he made the prettiest little footprints.
[ "What kind of animal is Danny?", "Is he small or large?", "What is life for him?", "How many friends of his are listed?", "Who can't he trust at night?", "Who else does he have to be careful around?", "Is Whitetail young or old?", "How is the breeze personified?", "Where did Brother North Wind go?", "How does Brother North Wind make it snow?", "Is there just a light dusting of snow?", "What did Danny like to do in the snow?", "What was the advantage of snow tunnels?", "What shape door did he create?", "What was next to that?", "What kind of air was there?", "What did he do when he went from one door to the other?", "What was the weasel's name?", "Was the squirrel sad?", "What kind of animal was Jimmy?" ]
{ "input_text": [ "a Meadow Mouse", "small, but fat", "a game of hide and seek", "four that he can trust", "Hooty the Owl", "Reddy Fox and others", "old", "Brother North Wind", "Green Meadows", "tearing to pieces the snow clouds and shaking out the snowflakes", "no", "dig in it and make tunnels", "he could go where he pleased without being seen", "round", "a stalk of grass", "fresh and cold", "made the prettiest little footprints", "Shadow", "no", "Skunk" ], "answer_start": [ 15, 119, 57, 459, 717, 576, 669, 827, 846, 886, 951, 1116, 1205, 1363, 1398, 1496, 1664, 647, 514, 476 ], "answer_end": [ 33, 158, 95, 567, 753, 628, 698, 845, 884, 950, 1004, 1204, 1326, 1395, 1427, 1510, 1704, 666, 534, 488 ] }
CHAPTER XXIII. "He saw with his own eyes the moon was round, Was also certain that the earth was square, Because he'd journeyed fifty miles, and found No sign that it was circular anywhere." _Don Juan_. Raoul Yvard was indebted to a piece of forethought in Clinch for his life. But for the three guns fired so opportunely from the Foudroyant, the execution could not have been stayed; and but for a prudent care on the part of the master's-mate, the guns would never have been fired. The explanation is this: when Cuffe was giving his subordinate instructions how to proceed, the possibility of detention struck the latter, and he bethought him of some expedient by which such an evil might be remedied. At his suggestion then, the signal of the guns was mentioned by the captain, in his letter to the commander-in-chief, and its importance pointed out. When Clinch reached the fleet, Nelson was at Castel à Mare, and it became necessary to follow him to that place by land. Here Clinch found him in the palace of Qui-Si-Sane, in attendance on the court, and delivered his despatches. Nothing gave the British admiral greater pleasure than to be able to show mercy, the instance to the contrary already introduced existing as an exception in his private character and his public career; and it is possible that an occurrence so recent, and so opposed to his habits, may have induced him the more willingly now to submit to his ordinary impulses, and to grant the respite asked with the greater promptitude.
[ "Where did Clinch find himself?" ]
{ "input_text": [ "the palace" ], "answer_start": [ 981 ], "answer_end": [ 1031 ] }
A Texas teen who's been jailed more than four months for a Facebook comment he made during a video-game argument is finally getting a day in court that could let him go home. Justin Carter, who was 18 when he was arrested, will appear in Comal County (Texas) District Court on Tuesday, July 16, for a bond hearing, according to his lawyer, Don Flanary. Flanary told CNN he will argue to have Carter's $500,000 bond, which his family cannot afford to cover, reduced. Flanary, who is working the case for free, met with Carter for the first time on Tuesday. He said Carter is not doing well, and his family says he has been placed on suicide watch. "Justin is in bad shape and has suffered quite a bit of abuse while in jail," Flanary said in an e-mail. "We will likely bring out these issues at the bond hearing." He did not elaborate on the type of abuse claimed by Carter, who is now 19. In February, Carter and a friend were arguing on Facebook with someone else over the online video game "League of Legends." His father told CNN that the other gamer called Justin crazy and his son responded with sarcasm. According to court documents, Justin wrote, "I'm f***ed in the head alright. I think I'ma (sic) shoot up a kindergarten and watch the blood of the innocent rain down and eat the beating heart of one of them." Jack Carter said his son followed the claim with "LOL" and "J/K" -- indicating that the comment wasn't serious.
[ "who was in jail?", "for how long?", "for what?", "what did it say?", "how old was he?", "does he have court coming up?", "when?", "for what?", "does he have a lawyer?", "What's his name?", "how much is his current bail amount?", "how is he doing behind bars?", "is he suicidal?", "what video game were they playing?", "when did this happen?", "is his friend in trouble too?", "can his family pay his bail?", "why not?", "How old is he now?", "Do they think they will be succesful?" ]
{ "input_text": [ "A Texas teen", "more than four months", "a Facebook comment", "\"I'm f***ed in the head alright. I think I'ma (sic) shoot up a kindergarten and watch the blood of the innocent rain down and eat the beating heart of one of them.\"", "18", "yes", "on Tuesday, July 16,", "a bond hearing", "yes", "Don Flanary.", "$500,000", "not well", "yes", "\"League of Legends.\"", "In February", "no", "no", "they cannot afford it", "19", "unknown" ], "answer_start": [ 0, 31, 53, 1156, 192, 116, 276, 296, 317, 330, 388, 576, 616, 986, 901, 1156, 419, 420, 876, -1 ], "answer_end": [ 31, 52, 112, 1335, 223, 146, 296, 315, 341, 355, 418, 594, 653, 1025, 912, 1169, 470, 459, 899, -1 ] }
Chris Waddell wants to climb Kilimanjaro in a wheelchair; George Del Barrio wants to make a film in Cambodia; Jeff Edwards wants to write a book: they want you to fund their dreams. A website called is making it possible for people like this to raise money from a few hundred to tens of thousands of dollars to fund anything that catches the imagination of Internet users with a little money to spare. It worked for Emily Richmond, a 24-year-old living in Los Angeles who plans to sail solo around the world for two years. She's raised $ 8,142 from 148 people who'll receive gifts such as photos from the trip or a telephone call when she crosses the equator . "This was a perfect learning experience for my daughter," Landon Ray said, adding that he also dreamed of sailing the world himself. Jason Bitner's plan for $ 7,500 to pay for a film about the small Midwestern town of La Porte, was so popular that it raised $ 12,153. It's about a record of pictures by a photographer who died in 1971. About a third of his supporters were friends and family. Others include people of La Porte but also people from as far as Australia. "It's a creative marketplace," said Jonathan Scott Chinn, who is collecting $16,500 to make a short film. "You're given the opportunity to make yourself known, and if it's really interesting, it'll take off." Independent singer & songwriter Brad Skistimas, 26, has been using the Internet for eight years to promote his one-man band Five Times August. He used Kickstarter to raise $ 20,000 to help his new album Life As A Song. "It's a great way to get in touch with fans," Skistimas said. "I was marketing to my own fans, so I said 'If you want more music from me, now's a great time to help me out'" .
[ "Chris Waddell wants to climb what?", "Using what assistant?", "What does George Del Barrio want to do?", "What did Jeff Edwards want?", "What website allows people to raise money?", "How much did Emily Richmond raise?", "For what purpose?", "How much was Jason Bitner attempting to raise?", "How much did he raise?", "What was the money raised for?" ]
{ "input_text": [ "Kilimanjaro", "a wheelchair", "to make a film", "to write a book:", "Kickstarter", "$ 8,142", "to sail solo around the world", "$ 7,500", "$ 12,153.", "to make a film" ], "answer_start": [ 0, 40, 58, 110, 184, 542, 491, 818, 818, 818 ], "answer_end": [ 56, 56, 109, 146, 421, 580, 543, 959, 953, 1070 ] }
Every day Yang Hongwei takes the bus home from work, staring silently at the European-style villas , luxury cars and twinkling lights from the shopping center that he sees through the window. Yang works for a software company in Zhongguancun. He dreams of such a life, away from poverty, and that hope has kept him in Beijing for three years since he graduated from university. Soon Yang squeezes his way off the bus to the reality of his life: his home--a 10-square-metre room that costs 550 yuan(81 US dollars) or about one-fifth of his salary in rent every month. It's very cold inside the house as it has no central heating system. He has to stand the long and cold winter. Determined to achieve his dream, Yang says he has changed jobs "numerous" times in the past three years and is considering quitting his present job. Yang's frustration over his life as a migrant is shared by many other graduates that have moved into big cities. Together they have come to be called the "ant tribe", a term created by Chinese sociologists to describe the struggles of young migrants, who, armed with their diplomas, flood to big cities in hopes of a better life only to put up with low-paying jobs and poor living conditions. They share every similarity with ants. They live in colonies in crowded areas. They're intelligent and hardworking, yet unknown and underpaid. The term, sociologists have said, also reflects their helplessness in a world governed by the law of the concrete jungle--only the strongest survive. A survey in Ant TribeII found nearly 30 percent of the "ants" are graduates of famous key universities--almost three times the percentage of 2009. Most have degrees in popular majors, such as medicine, engineering, economics and management. In addition, 7.2 percent of the "ants" have at least a master's degree compared to 1.6 percent in 2009. Most said the economic recovery did not really improve their financial situations, and 66 percent said their incomes fell short of their expectations, the survey also found. For two years, Lian Si, a post-doctoral fellow at the Center for Chinese and Global Affairs of Peking University, who has studied the phenomenon, led a team of more than 100 graduate students to follow the groups in university towns like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuhan and Xi'an. Lian evaluates the total population of the "ant community" in major cities at one million across China, with about 100,000 found in Beijing alone. Lian predicts that an increasingly challenging job market will see the ant tribe growing further in number. Another 6.3 million graduates are expected to join migrant workers and other job hunters in what promises to be a fierce labour competition. The ant tribe's embarrassing living situations have become a serious social issue, and the government should develop "second-and-third-tier cities" to attract more graduates from big cities. However, "ants" expect more study and training opportunities in big cities, which keeps them in positive mindsets despite their situations. As in the case of Yang, he is optimistic about getting a new job soon, having received eight interview offers in a week after sending out his resume. The prospect of landing a higher-paying job keeps him hopeful of moving out of the slum district soon. The sooner the better.
[ "Who is the article about?", "How does he travel to and from work?", "What have migrants come to be called?", "Who created this term?", "How many of them graduated from famous universities?", "What percentage had incomes that didn't meet expectations?", "Who predicted an increasingly challenging job market?", "How many are in Beijing alone?", "How much did Yang's room cost?", "How much of his salary was this amount?" ]
{ "input_text": [ "Yang Hongwei", "the bus", "the \"ant tribe\"", "Chinese sociologists", "nearly 30 percent", "66 percent", "Lian Si", "about 100,000", "550 yuan (81 US dollars)", "about one-fifth" ], "answer_start": [ 10, 28, 983, 1018, 1551, 1953, 2057, 2436, 493, 520 ], "answer_end": [ 22, 36, 998, 1038, 1568, 2014, 2064, 2449, 516, 535 ] }
CHAPTER VIII A MYSTERIOUS LETTER In the morning mail Gus Plum received a letter postmarked London which he read with much interest. Then he called on Dave. "I've just received a letter I want you to read," he said. "It is from Nick Jasniff, and he mentions you." And he handed over the communication. It was a long rambling epistle, upbraiding Plum roundly for "having gone back on him," as Jasniff put it. The writer said he was now "doing Europe" and having a good time generally. One portion of the letter read as follows: "The authorities needn't look for me, for they will never find me. I struck a soft thing over here and am about seventy pounds to the good. Tell Dave Porter I could tell him something he would like to hear--about his folks--but I am not going to do it. I don't think he'll meet that father of his just yet, or that pretty sister of his either. She'd be all right if she didn't have such a lunkhead of a brother. Tell him that some day I'll square up with him and put him in a bigger hole than he got me into. If it wasn't for him I wouldn't have to stay away as I'm doing--not but what I'm having a good time--better than grinding away at Oak Hall." As may be imagined, Dave read this letter with even greater interest than had Gus Plum. What was said about his father and sister mystified him.
[ "Who sent the letter?", "Who did he write to?", "Who else was mentioned in it?", "Did he read the letter?", "Did he find it interesting?", "Did it interest him even more than the intended recipient?", "Why?", "Where is the sender of the letter?", "Is he having good time there?", "Is he hiding from someone?", "Was his appearance changed?", "Who else did he mention in the letter?", "Did he think highly of Dave?" ]
{ "input_text": [ "Nick Jasniff", "Gus Plum", "Dave", "yes", "yes", "Yes", "He could tell him something he wants to hear", "London", "Kinda", "Yes", "unknown", "dave's sister", "no" ], "answer_start": [ 220, 37, 135, 268, 1188, 1188, 676, 37, 1044, 536, -1, 843, 880 ], "answer_end": [ 247, 65, 268, 308, 1257, 1332, 741, 102, 1184, 601, -1, 877, 946 ] }
(CNN) -- Jason Priestley played Brandon Walsh on "Beverly Hills 90210" from 1990 to 1998. Having long since hung up his Peach Pit uniform and Beverly Hills Beach Club cabana boy polo shirt, his character became a journalist and departed to take a job at the Washington Bureau of the New York Chronicle, and Priestley left the show four episodes into the series' ninth season. "I felt that the character of Brandon had kind of run his course. I had explored everything I wanted to explore with him," Priestley told CNN while promoting his new book, "Jason Priestley: A Memoir" (HarperOne) at the New York Bureau of CNN. "In retrospect, I do regret leaving. Understanding what I do now about story and character, I believe that [Aaron Spelling] was pushing the story in a direction that would have had Brandon and Kelly end up together at the end of the show and I think I probably should have stuck around to its fruition." Fans of "90210" surely remember Kelly Taylor's (Jennie Garth) "I choose me" speech following Brandon and Dylan McKay's (Luke Perry) showdown for her affections. Brandon wanted Kelly to marry him. Dylan wanted to take her on a trip around the world. But Priestley believes Executive Producer Aaron Spelling had always envisioned Brandon and Kelly riding off into the sunset. "I think my departure also hurt Aaron's feelings," continued Priestley. "Aaron and I had worked very closely together for a number of years. He gave me a lot of opportunities, and I feel like my departure hurt his feelings and I never meant to do that."
[ "What actor portrayed Brandon Walsh?", "For how many years?", "Had he explored everything he wanted to with Brandon?", "Who portrayed Kelly Taylor?", "How many boys wanted her?", "Which wanted her to marry him?", "What did the other one want her to do with him?", "What was Brandon's profession?", "What was Priestley promoting to CNN?", "Who published it?", "What was its title?", "Did he regret leaving the show?", "Who would Brandon have probably ended up with?", "Who was pushing the story in that direction?" ]
{ "input_text": [ "Jason Priestley", "Eight", "Yes", "Jennie Garth", "Two", "Brandon", "he wanted to take her on a trip around the world.", "journalist", "his new book,", "HarperOne", "Jason Priestley: A Memoir", "Yes", "Brandon and Kelly", "The Executive Producer" ], "answer_start": [ 10, 9, 378, 960, 961, 1090, 1124, 108, 501, 551, 551, 623, 1234, 1201 ], "answer_end": [ 45, 88, 500, 990, 1088, 1123, 1177, 224, 549, 589, 576, 658, 1303, 1303 ] }
CHAPTER 62 This recognition of Rome by Lothair evinced not only a consciousness of locality, but an interest in it not before exhibited; and the monsignore soon after seized the opportunity of drawing the mind of his companion to the past, and feeling how far he now realized the occurrences that immediately preceded his arrival in the city. But Lothair would not dwell on them. "I wish to think of nothing," he said, "that happened before I entered this city: all I desire now is to know those to whom I am indebted for my preservation in a condition that seemed hopeless." "There is nothing hopeless with Divine aid," said the monsignore; "but, humanly speaking, you are indebted for your preservation to English friends, long and intimately cherished. It is under their roof that you dwell, the Agostini palace, tenanted by Lord St. Jerome." "Lord St. Jerome!" murmured Lothair to himself. "And the ladies of his house are those who, only with some slight assistance from my poor self, tended you throughout your most desperate state, and when we sometimes almost feared that mind and body were alike wrecked." "I have a dream of angels," said Lothair; "and sometimes I listened to heavenly voices that I seemed to have heard before." "I am sure you have not forgotten the ladies of that house?" said Catesby, watching his countenance. "No; one of them summoned me to meet her at Rome," murmured Lothair, "and I am here." "That summons was divine," said Catesby, "and only the herald of the great event that was ordained and has since occurred. In this holy city, Miss Arundel must ever count as the most sanctified of her sex."
[ "Who was being told where he was at?", "In whose home was he?", "And where was the Lord from?", "What was his place called?", "Who took care of him?", "Specifically who?", "And who also lent a hand?", "How was the man's condition while being looked after?", "What would the injured man not put thoughts to?", "With what are things not hopeless?" ]
{ "input_text": [ "Lothair", "Lord St. Jerome.\"", "England", "the Agostini palace", "English friends", "the ladies of his house", "Lothair", "seemed hopeless", "how far he now realized the occurrences that immediately preceded his arrival in the city", "There is nothing hopeless with Divine aid,\"" ], "answer_start": [ 13, 712, 712, 799, 677, 903, 852, 526, 254, 581 ], "answer_end": [ 48, 850, 850, 849, 727, 1045, 900, 575, 381, 624 ] }
CHAPTER XII. Madame Colonna, with that vivacious energy which characterises the south, had no sooner seen Coningsby, and heard his praises celebrated by his grandfather, than she resolved that an alliance should sooner or later take place between him and her step-daughter. She imparted her projects without delay to Lucretia, who received them in a different spirit from that in which they were communicated. Lucretia bore as little resemblance to her step-mother in character, as in person. If she did not possess her beauty, she was born with an intellect of far greater capacity and reach. She had a deep judgment. A hasty alliance with a youth, arranged by their mutual relatives, might suit very well the clime and manners of Italy, but Lucretia was well aware that it was altogether opposed to the habits and feelings of this country. She had no conviction that either Coningsby would wish to marry her, or, if willing, that his grandfather would sanction such a step in one as yet only on the threshold of the world. Lucretia therefore received the suggestions and proposals of Madarne Colonna with coldness and indifference; one might even say contempt, for she neither felt respect for this lady, nor was she sedulous to evince it. Although really younger than Coningsby, Lucretia felt that a woman of eighteen is, in all worldly considerations, ten years older than a youth of the same age. She anticipated that a considerable time might elapse before Coningsby would feel it necessary to seal his destiny by marriage, while, on the other hand, she was not only anxious, but resolved, not to delay on her part her emancipation from the galling position in which she very frequently found herself.
[ "How old is Lucretia?", "Who is she younger than?", "Was she convinced that he wanted to wed her?", "Who might not approve of the marriage?", "Who was the grandson?", "Was Madame energetic", "How is her energy characterized?", "Did Lucretia look like her step-mom?", "She felt a decade older than which 18 year old?", "Did she believe that the wedding would occur soon?" ]
{ "input_text": [ "eighteen", "Coningsby", "Yes", "his grandfather", "Coningsby", "Yes", "the south", "No", "Lucretia", "No" ], "answer_start": [ 1313, 1273, 1465, 934, 878, 15, 78, 420, 412, 1421 ], "answer_end": [ 1322, 1282, 1531, 949, 887, 57, 87, 545, 420, 1457 ] }
Do you know more and more Chinese artists have made regular donations to charity or put their efforts into charity work in China? Here let's know some of them. Faye Wong and her husband Li Yapeng started the Yan Ran Angel Foundation for harelipped children three years ago. It was named after their daughter. Its purpose is to help children under 14 to cure their harelips. The couple donated one million yuan (about $ 133,000) to start the organization. Cong Fei was born in a poor family. He became a successful singer in Shenzhen. He helped 178 poor students and disabled people for more than 10 years. Before he died of an illness at the age of 37 in 2006, he decided to donate his cornea to people with eye problems. He helped six people see the world. Guan Mucun has donated money to Project Hope to help poor students finish primary education. Thirty of these poor students have already finished high school with her support. Guan has also helped with charity work for environment protection, HIV/AIDS prevention, blood donation and "Mother Water". Guan had an unlucky childhood: her mother died when she was only 10 years old. With the help of the government and her neighbours, she grew up and was successful as a famous singer. Action star Jackie Chan is a wholehearted supporter of charities including UNICEF, Operation Smile and his own Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation. In 2007, he used much of his spare time to visit the farthest parts of China on his Dragon's Heart Charity Missions. The Dragon's Heart Foundation aims to meet the needs of poor children and the elderly in the hardest-to-reach areas of the country. Chan has made several trips to these poor villages, bringing warm clothing, wheelchairs and school supplies, and helping to build schools.
[ "what organization did Faye Wong start with her husband?", "what was it named after?", "does it help children over 14?", "what does it help children under 14 with?", "what is the name of Jackie Chan's charitable organization?", "does he support other charities?", "when did he go on the Dragon's Hearth Charity Missions?", "how old was Guan when her mother died?", "which project did she donate money to?", "who does that help?", "how many have finished school because of this?", "was cong fei rich?", "what was his profession?", "how old was he when he died?", "how many people did he help with eye problems?", "what did he donate to people with eye problems?", "how much in total did Faye Wong and her husband donate to start their organization?", "where was Cong Fei a famous singer?", "who else grew up as a successful singer?", "what did Jackie Chan bring to the villages?" ]
{ "input_text": [ "Yan Ran Angel Foundation", "their daughter", "no", "harelips", "Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation", "yes", "In 2007", "10", "Project Hope", "poor students", "Thirty", "Not untill later in life", "a singer", "37", "six", "his cornea", "one million yuan (about $ 133,000)", "Shenzhen", "Guan Mucun", "warm clothing, wheelchairs and school supplies" ], "answer_start": [ 160, 293, 309, 309, 1349, 1238, 1384, 1056, 758, 790, 851, 455, 491, 606, 722, 661, 374, 491, 1056, 1633 ], "answer_end": [ 232, 307, 349, 372, 1382, 1382, 1500, 1132, 802, 849, 880, 533, 521, 652, 756, 720, 427, 532, 1237, 1740 ] }
Probably no other musical instrument is as popular as the guitar around the world. Musicians use the guitar for almost all kinds of music. Country and western music would not be the same without a guitar. The traditional Spanish folk music called Flamenco could not exist without a guitar. The sound of American blues music would not be the same without the sad cry of the guitar. And rock and roll music would almost be impossible without this instrument. Music experts do not agree about where the guitar was first played. Most agree it is ancient. Some experts say an instrument very much like a guitar was played in Egypt more than 1,000 years ago. Most experts say that the ancestor of the modern guitar was brought to Spain from Persia sometime in the 12thcentury. The guitar continued to develop in Spain. In the 1700s it became similar to the instrument we know today. Many famous musicians played the instrument. The famous Italian violins Niccole Paganism played and wrote music for the guitar in the early 1800s. Franz Schubert used the guitar to write some of his famous works. In modern times Spanish guitarist Andres Segovia helped make the instrument extremely popular. In the 1930s, Les Paul began experimenting to make an electric guitar. He invented the solid-bodied electric guitar in 1946. The Gibson Guitar Company began producing its famous Les Paul Guitar in 1952. It became a powerful influence on popular music. The instrument has the same shape and the same six strings as the traditional guitar, but it sounds very different. Les Paul produced a series of extremely popular recordings that introduced the public to this music. Listen to this Les Paul recording. It was the fifth most popular song in the United States in 1952. It is called "Meet Mister Callaghan."
[ "What muscial instrument is being talked about here?", "What kind of music you usually hear a guitar?", "Where was it first played?", "What about the modern guitar?", "Did any famous muscians play the guitar in those times?", "Who?", "When was the electric guitar famous?", "who was les paul", "Did he use a special guitar?", "What did it look like", "Did Les have any popular songs?" ]
{ "input_text": [ "the guitar", "all kinds of music", "Egypt", "Spain", "yes", "Niccole Paganism", "1952", "A guitar player", "Yes", "Like a traditional guitar?", "Yes" ], "answer_start": [ 97, 117, 621, 1110, 953, 953, 1388, 1204, 1443, 1443, 1559 ], "answer_end": [ 106, 137, 627, 1117, 969, 969, 1392, 1260, 1556, 1527, 1658 ] }
It's not just gloves that can help people keep warm in winter. Love can, too. A pair of 16-year-old American twins, Jack and Jake Moran, stared a program called "Warm Hearts, Warm Hands" last month. Their aim was to collect new and used gloves with fellow students at Richards High School. "We started this program a few weeks ago after we saw something on the news about a student who got frostbite riding his bike to school," Jack said. "I just kind of realized that there are so many kids who don't have or wear gloves. The school has started the collection competition among classes, and the class that collects the most gloves gets a pizza party. The twin brothers talked to other students about their program. Many teachers also joined in, bringing in gloves and encouraging their students to help meet the needs of local community members. "The conversations we are having now aren't so much about what actions we can take, but about _ .This program has really shown me that I don't need to get on a plane and go to help refugees to make a difference. I can do it right here. I can do it every day." Jake said. More than 500 pairs of gloves have been collected in a month and more donations are coming in every day, including hats and scarves.
[ "what are the teens collecting?", "Who are the teens?", "and how old are they?", "What program did they start?", "where did they start the program?", "Why?", "Was there a contest for which class brought in the most gloves?", "YES", "What was the prize?", "How many gloves did they collect?", "What else was donated?" ]
{ "input_text": [ "new and used gloves", "Jack and Jake Moran", "16", "Warm Hearts, Warm Hands", "at Richards High School", "a student who got frostbite riding his bike to school because he didnt have gloves", "Yes", "collection competition", "pizza party", "500 pairs of gloves", "hats and scarves" ], "answer_start": [ 217, 116, 88, 162, 265, 372, 550, 550, 639, 1128, 1233 ], "answer_end": [ 243, 135, 90, 185, 288, 425, 587, 572, 650, 1147, 1249 ] }
(CNN) -- "L.A. Law" had buzz right from the moment it premiered in 1986. Co-created by Steven Bochco, hot off his success with "Hill Street Blues," the series was set at the high-priced Los Angeles law firm of McKenzie, Brackman, Chaney and Kuzak. The cast was glossy and diverse, including Jimmy Smits, Blair Underwood, Jill Eikenberry, Michael Tucker, Susan Dey, Richard Dysart, Alan Rachins and Corbin Bernsen. Most of all, it pushed the boundaries of the legal show the way "Hill Street" did with cop shows. "L.A. Law's" principals argued cases involving rape, capital punishment, big business, child molestation, AIDS and medical malpractice at a time when such subjects were seldom mentioned on prime-time television, and certainly not in such detail. This was no "Perry Mason," or even "The Defenders." Bochco being Bochco, the hard stuff was paired with moments of silly humor and steamy sex (or silly sex and steamy humor), making for a high-wire balance of drama and comedy. One first-season episode got people talking about a fictional sex act called the "Venus Butterfly"; later, the show actually killed off a character by dropping her down an elevator shaft. The big hair and big-shouldered suits of the '80s may be gone, but the show remains influential. David E. Kelley, a real-life lawyer who later created "Picket Fences," "The Practice" and "Ally McBeal," got his television start as a writer on "L.A. Law." The show's first season is finally out on DVD, with the second expected to follow in a few months. CNN spoke to Smits, now a star of "Sons of Anarchy" who played idealistic Hispanic attorney Victor Sifuentes, and Alan Rachins, who played bottom-line-oriented partner Douglas Brackman Jr. and later starred on "Dharma and Greg," about the show and its impact.
[ "what are some of the topics of cases argued on L.A. Law?", "what was the show a balance of?", "is it available on DVD?", "when did it premiere?", "who is one of the creators?", "what other show did he create?", "who were a couple of the cast members?", "what was the name of the law firm on the show?", "did the show push boundaries?", "how did one of the characters on the show die?", "when is the second season available on DVD?", "who did Jimmy Smits play on the show?", "and what show is he on now?", "who played Douglas Brackman Jr.?", "where did he end up?" ]
{ "input_text": [ "rape, capital punishment, big business", "drama and comedy", "the first season is", "1986", "Steven Bochco", "\"Hill Street Blues\"", "Jimmy Smits, Blair Underwood, Jill Eikenberry, Michael Tucker", "McKenzie, Brackman, Chaney and Kuzak", "yes", "she fell down an elevator shaft", "in a few months", "Victor Sifuentes", "\"Sons of Anarchy\"", "Alan Rachins", "\"Dharma and Greg\"" ], "answer_start": [ 521, 956, 1443, 9, 75, 75, 252, 150, 420, 1113, 1490, 1555, 1554, 1656, 1731 ], "answer_end": [ 655, 994, 1488, 71, 102, 149, 418, 248, 475, 1183, 1540, 1650, 1593, 1730, 1801 ] }
Kiss of Death is a romantic detective story whose basic theme focuses totally on dogs. Whitney Marshall had just gone through a divorce, appearing practically penniless while her husband, a promising plastic surgeon, was left with the property and the debts, and his new wife. Whitney seeks help from her cousin, Miranda, who had lived with them as a child. Miranda is operating a dog walking business and lives in the caretaker's cottage of one of her employers, Calvin Hunter. Whitney's approach is timely as Miranda is getting married and leaving for a two- week honeymoon. She leaves her house and the dogs in Whitney's care. Living next door is Adam Hunter; an expert of the Iraqi war who had suffered a battle injury. During his recovery, his uncle Calvin had asked Adam to his home in prefix = st1 /Greecetelling him that he was certain someone was likely to murder him. His uncle Calvin recently died of an apparent heart attack and Adam has come to Calvin California home to straighten out his affairs and to further investigate the death. Adam is from the area, and was previously called up in the security business with his former police partner. Immediately after Calvin's death, his home had been broken into and the only things stolen were his computer and related things. Adam has an accountant trying to sort out his uncle financial affairs. His uncle had become fascinated to a pet dog who had "taken Westminster by storm,"and had caught the dog show fever, spending his time judging and attending shows. To the surprise of all, however, there does not seem to be any money in his accounts. Whitney and Adam meet when he catches her in the house. Whitney is merely dealing with Calvin's dog, one of her new responsibilities. They continue to meet as outside causes throw them together and romance starts. Whitney's former husband Ryan tries to persuade her to sign a deal over to him that he claims he had not been properly taken care of in the divorce. She is hesitating, waiting to see a lawyer. Then, Whitney's dog is missing, kidnapped by Ryan's new wife's personal trainer; the caretaker's cottage is bombed; and most importantly, they find the man that Miranda was to marry had never heard of her, and she seems missing. The plot seems to circle among all these people, heading nowhere until the end of the book when it picks up speed, and all is exposed. Kiss of Death will be unforgettable only to readers who enjoy learning mysterious facts about dogs.
[ "Who lilves next door to Whitney Marshall?", "Who is his uncle?", "What happened right after he died?", "/what did Calvin die of?", "What happened in his home after he died?", "What was taken?", "What was Whitney doing in Calvin's house?", "Who is her former husband?", "What had fascinated Calvin before he died?", "What kind of fever did he get?", "Was any money left in his accounts?" ]
{ "input_text": [ "Adam Hunter", "Calvin", "Adam has come to Calvin California", "heart attack", "his home had been broken into", "computer and related things", "dealing with Calvin's dog", "Ryan", "a pet dog", "dog show fever", "No" ], "answer_start": [ 654, 759, 947, 930, 1199, 1266, 1692, 1858, 1401, 1466, 1569 ], "answer_end": [ 665, 765, 981, 942, 1229, 1293, 1717, 1863, 1411, 1481, 1614 ] }
Jamie Oliver has been invited by Gordon Brown to prepare a banquet at No.10 for President Barack Obama and other leaders of the G20, offering a cut-price menu to reflect times when trade and industry are far from prosperous and the rate of employment is decreasing. Downing Street sources say Oliver, the well-known chef, will cook using "honest high-street products" and avoid expensive or "fancy" ingredients. The prime minister is trying to avoid a repeat of the embarrassment last year when he sat down to an 18-course banquet at a Japanese summit to discuss world food shortages. Obama, President Nicolas Sarkozy of France, Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany and other leaders will be served by apprentices from Fifteen, the London restaurant Oliver founded to help train young people in poverty in order to make a living by mastering a skill. Brown wants the dinner to reflect the emphasis of the London summit, which he hopes will lead to an agreement to lift the world out of recession."To be invited to cook for such an important group of people, who are trying to solve some of the world's major problems, is really a privilege," said Oliver. "I'm hoping the menu I'm working on will show British food and produce is some of the best in the world, but also show we have pioneered a high-quality apprentice scheme at Fifteen London that is giving young people a skill to be proud of." The chef has not yet finalized me menu, but is expected to draw inspiration from his latest book, Jamie's Ministry of Food, which has budget recipes for beef and ale stew and "impressive" chocolate fudge cake. ( )
[ "Who invited Jamie?", "For what?", "Does Jamie have a book?", "What is it called?", "What is in it?", "What President is the banquet for?", "What group are the leaders a part of?", "Is Jamie well known?", "What is his profession title?", "How many courses were severed at the Japan Summit?", "Was that a good or bad thing?", "Why?", "What was the German chancellors name?", "Who was the French president?", "Where were the apprentices from?", "Is there a menu involved?", "Does Jamie think highly of British food?", "Is there a stew recipe in his book?", "What is it called?", "Doe Jamie help young people?" ]
{ "input_text": [ "Gordon Brown", "to prepare a banquet", "Yes", "Jamie's Ministry of Food", "budget recipes", "President Barack Obama", "G20", "Yes", "chef,", "18", "Bad", "Because they were there to discuss world food shortages.", "Angela Merkel", "Nicolas Sarkozy", "Fifteen London", "The chef has not yet finalized me menu", "Yes", "Yes", "beef and ale stew", "Yes" ], "answer_start": [ 33, 46, 1488, 1505, 1541, 80, 128, 303, 318, 517, 559, 556, 646, 608, 1337, 1407, 1204, 1559, 1560, 737 ], "answer_end": [ 45, 66, 1503, 1529, 1555, 102, 131, 322, 323, 519, 589, 590, 659, 623, 1351, 1445, 1222, 1577, 1577, 856 ] }
Ultratop is an organization which generates and publishes the official record charts in Belgium, and it is also the name of most of those charts. Ultratop is a non-profit organization, created on the initiative of the Belgian Entertainment Association (BEA), the Belgian member organization of the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry. Two parallel set of charts are concurrently produced and published, one on behalf of Belgium's Dutch-speaking Flanders region, and the other catering to the nation's French-speaking region of Wallonia. The music charts produced by Ultratop organization are separated along regional-language boundaries, an unusual division that is justified by the cultural differences in Belgium. So it is that the Dutch-speaking Flanders region has one set of charts of record activity there, while the French-speaking Wallonia region has another set to measure popularity in those provinces. The charts are broadcast on several Belgian radio stations, and on TV stations TMF in Flanders and Plug RTL in Wallonia. Ultratop creates charts based on record sales of around 500 retail outlets and legal digital downloads. Currently GfK is the market observer of the charts. The chart broadcasts on Radio Contact on Saturdays from 12:00 to 14:00. The combined number of Ultratop chart listeners on the various radio or TV stations exceeds two million every week. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the charts in 2005, a jubilee book was published. It covers all 15,282 singles from 5,882 artists thus far.
[ "Ultratop makes charts based on album sales of how many retail outlets and downloads?", "How many weekly listeners does the company have?", "What did they celebrate in 2005?", "What dud they publish as part of that celebration?", "How many singles did it over?", "By how many singers?", "Where is Ultratop?", "Are they a for-profit business?", "One chart is for French speaking people from what region?", "And where is the Dutch speaking area?", "How does Ultratop separate charts?", "Is that a common type of division?", "But is it justified?", "By what, in Belgium?", "What is the Flanders TV station?", "And where is RTL?", "What time does Radio Contact air on Saturdays?" ]
{ "input_text": [ "around 500", "over two million", "the 10th anniversary of the charts", "a jubilee book", "15,282", "5,882", "Belgium", "no", "Wallonia", "Flanders", "regional-language boundaries", "no", "yes", "the cultural differences", "TMF", "Wallonia", "12:00 to 14:00" ], "answer_start": [ 1058, 1286, 1402, 1402, 1488, 1489, 0, 146, 843, 754, 557, 657, 657, 685, 1002, 1034, 1238 ], "answer_end": [ 1160, 1400, 1457, 1487, 1517, 1546, 96, 184, 874, 777, 658, 734, 734, 734, 1017, 1054, 1284 ] }
Brave Frenchman Found Half-way Around the World (NEW YORK) A French tourist highly praised for rescuing a two-year-old girl in Manhattan said he didn't think twice before diving into the freezing East River. Tuesday's Daily News said 29-year who left the spot quickly after the rescue last Saturday. He lifted the little girl out of the water after she fell off the bank at the South Street Scaport museum. He handed the girl to her father, David Anderson, who had dived in after him. "I didn't think at all," Duret told the Daily News. "It happened very fast. I reacted very fast. " Duret, an engineer on vacation ,was walking with his girlfriend along the pier when he saw something falling into the water . He thought it was a doll, but realized it was a child when he approached the river. In an instant ,he took off his coat and jumped into the water. When he reached the girl, she appeared lifeless, he said . Fortunately, when she was out of the water, she opened her eyes. Anderson said his daughter slipped off the bank when he was adjusting his camera. An ambulance came later for her, said Duret, who was handed dry clothes from cookers. Duret caught a train with his girlfriend shortly after. The rescue happened on the day before he left for France. Duret said he didn't realize his tale of heroism until he was leaving the next morning . "I don't really think I'm a hero," said Duret. "Anyone would do the same ting. "
[ "who reported this story?", "what did they report?", "where?", "was the man a local?", "where was he from?", "what is his name?", "why was he in NYC?", "what is his profession?", "was he on holiday alone?", "who was with him?", "who did he save?", "from what danger?", "what one?", "who was with the young lady?", "his name?", "where was the young lady when she fell?", "did someone else jump in?", "who?" ]
{ "input_text": [ "The Daily News", "A man saved a girl", "Manhattan", "No", "France", "Duret", "vacation", "engineer", "No", "his girlfriend", "a two-year-old girl", "she fell into a river", "the East River", "her dad", "Anderson", "the South Street Scaport museum.", "Yes", "David Anderson" ], "answer_start": [ 222, 61, 97, 62, 62, 594, 594, 594, 594, 594, 97, 97, 172, 995, 995, 355, 447, 446 ], "answer_end": [ 237, 208, 139, 105, 78, 599, 624, 612, 657, 657, 126, 211, 208, 1022, 1021, 412, 490, 489 ] }
Once there was a group of adventurers who went on an adventure in a place named Hyperion where there was a lot of snow. Their names were Thor, Bravos, and Pierre. Thor and Bravos were from Norway, but Pierre was from Paris, France. Because of where he was from, he wasn't used to the cold. To stay warm, Pierre wore three jackets. One day during their adventure the men saw a strange cave. Thor and Bravos wanted to go inside, but Pierre was afraid. He had heard that a horrible bug monster named Vlastos lived in the caves of Hyperion. Thor and Bravos told him that was only a fairy tale. They told him the only thing he really needed to worry about was hitting his head on a rock in the cave. Finally they got Pierre to go into the cave. Inside there were lots of tunnels. They chose the middle tunnel. The tunnel went down into the earth. After a long time it ended. The men were in a huge room. There were beautiful ice shapes on the walls.
[ "What kind of people were in the group?", "Did they go on an adventure?", "Where?", "Was it hot there?", "How many were there?", "What were their names?", "Who was from Norway?", "Where was Pierre from?", "Was he used to the cold?", "How many jackets did he wear?", "What strange thing did they see?", "Who didn't want to go inside it?", "Why not?", "What did the others say that was?", "What did they say he should really worry about?", "Did he go in?", "Were there tunnels inside?" ]
{ "input_text": [ "adventurers", "yes", "Hyperion", "no", "three", "Thor, Bravos, and Pierre", "Thor and Bravos", "Paris", "no", "three", "a cave.", "Pierre", "He had heard that a horrible bug monster named Vlastos lived in the caves of Hyperion", "a fairy tale", "hitting his head on a rock", "yes", "yes" ], "answer_start": [ 26, 38, 80, 261, 120, 137, 163, 217, 261, 304, 363, 390, 450, 576, 655, 695, 741 ], "answer_end": [ 37, 88, 88, 289, 161, 161, 178, 222, 288, 329, 389, 449, 535, 588, 681, 738, 773 ] }
James VI and I (James Charles Stuart; 19 June 1566 – 27 March 1625) was King of Scotland as James VI from 24 July 1567 and King of England and Ireland as James I from the union of the Scottish and English crowns on 24 March 1603 until his death. The kingdoms of Scotland and England were individual sovereign states, with their own parliaments, judiciary, and laws, though both were ruled by James in personal union. James was the son of Mary, Queen of Scots, and a great-great-grandson of Henry VII, King of England and Lord of Ireland, positioning him to eventually accede to all three thrones. James succeeded to the Scottish throne at the age of thirteen months, after his mother Mary was compelled to abdicate in his favour. Four different regents governed during his minority, which ended officially in 1578, though he did not gain full control of his government until 1583. In 1603, he succeeded the last Tudor monarch of England and Ireland, Elizabeth I, who died without issue. He continued to reign in all three kingdoms for 22 years, a period known after him as the Jacobean era, until his death in 1625 at the age of 58. After the Union of the Crowns, he based himself in England (the largest of the three realms) from 1603, only returning to Scotland once in 1617, and styled himself "King of Great Britain and Ireland". He was a major advocate of a single parliament for England and Scotland. In his reign, the Plantation of Ulster and British colonization of the Americas began.
[ "Is James the VI and the I the same person?", "What is his name?", "Where was he known as James VI?", "When did that start?", "Where was he the first?", "Did something combine to cause this?", "What happened to the crowns of Scotland and England?", "Was James the ruler of both Scotland and England?", "Where they one country?", "What were they?", "How many parliaments did they have?", "Did James like it that way?", "What did he want?", "Did they have separate laws?", "Who was his mother?", "How many places did he rule?", "How old was he when he was given the Scottish throne?", "When was he completely in control of that government?", "How old was he when he died?", "When was that?" ]
{ "input_text": [ "Yes", "James Charles Stuart", "Scotland", "24 July 1567", "Scotland", "He was the son of the Queen of scots and the great-great-grandson of King of England, and the lord of ireland.", "his mother Mary was compelled to abdicate", "Yes", "No", "individual sovereign states", "1 each", "No", "a single parliament", "Yes", "Mary, Queen of Scots", "Three", "thirteen months", "1583", "58", "1625" ], "answer_start": [ 68, 16, 80, 106, 80, 446, 674, 1336, 246, 287, 316, 1336, 1363, 321, 440, 1013, 652, 877, 1131, 1112 ], "answer_end": [ 166, 36, 88, 118, 88, 519, 716, 1408, 315, 315, 344, 1408, 1383, 365, 460, 1032, 667, 881, 1133, 1117 ] }
Intel Corporation (also known as Intel, stylized as intel) is an American multinational corporation and technology company headquartered in Santa Clara, California (colloquially referred to as "Silicon Valley") that was founded by Gordon Moore (of Moore's law fame) and Robert Noyce. It is the world's second largest and second highest valued semiconductor chip makers based on revenue after being overtaken by Samsung, and is the inventor of the x86 series of microprocessors, the processors found in most personal computers (PCs). Intel supplies processors for computer system manufacturers such as Apple, Lenovo, HP, and Dell. Intel also manufactures motherboard chipsets, network interface controllers and integrated circuits, flash memory, graphics chips, embedded processors and other devices related to communications and computing. Intel Corporation was founded on July 18, 1968, by semiconductor pioneers Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore, and widely associated with the executive leadership and vision of Andrew Grove. The company's name was conceived as portmanteau of the words "int"egrated and "el"ectronics, with co-founder Noyce having been a key inventor of the integrated circuit (microchip). The fact that "intel" is the term for intelligence information also made the name appropriate. Intel was an early developer of SRAM and DRAM memory chips, which represented the majority of its business until 1981. Although Intel created the world's first commercial microprocessor chip in 1971, it was not until the success of the personal computer (PC) that this became its primary business. During the 1990s, Intel invested heavily in new microprocessor designs fostering the rapid growth of the computer industry. During this period Intel became the dominant supplier of microprocessors for PCs and was known for aggressive and anti-competitive tactics in defense of its market position, particularly against Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), as well as a struggle with Microsoft for control over the direction of the PC industry.
[ "What is the subject of the article?", "Where is the company's headquarters?", "ALso known as?", "What did Intel invent?", "When was Intel founded?", "Name one founder.", "And the other?", "What two words were used to make the company's name?", "What did Intel make the world's first of?", "When?" ]
{ "input_text": [ "Details about Intel Corporation", "Santa Clara, California", "Silicon Valley", "x86 series of microprocessors, the processors found in most personal computers (PCs).", "July 18, 1968", "Robert Noyce", "Gordon Moore", "\"int\"egrated and \"el\"ectronics", "commercial microprocessor chip", "1971" ], "answer_start": [ 0, 140, 194, 447, 874, 916, 933, 1087, 1463, 1497 ], "answer_end": [ 17, 164, 208, 532, 888, 929, 945, 1118, 1493, 1501 ] }
(CNN) -- ISIS has released a new video of British hostage John Cantlie, this time showing him in the Syrian border city of Kobani. In a segment that lasts for more than five minutes, Cantlie argues that -- unlike Western media accounts of recent days -- Kobani is mostly under control of the terror group, which calls itself the Islamic state. He claims that ISIS fighters are mopping up, and that the all-out battle for the city is over. Kurdish forces in Syria have said the fight is far from finished, and that Iraqi Kurdish forces will soon be joining them. Kurdish forces and ISIS militants have been clashing in the key border city for more than a month. On Sunday, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said at least 800 people have been killed there since the fighting started. The video posted online Monday is the latest ISIS has released of Cantlie, who's been held hostage for nearly two years. The British photojournalist, who also wrote several articles for major British newspapers, was kidnapped in November 2012 along with American journalist James Foley. In the first video of him released by the group last month, Cantlie made clear that he was forced to share a message from ISIS. The video released Monday portrays Cantlie as a reporter in the field describing Kobani. The hostage, dressed in black, appears close enough to the border to see Turkish flags in the background. "It seemed almost like a standup that a CNN correspondent would do in a foreign city," Peter Bergen, CNN national security analyst, said. "It was designed to show that he's relaxed, that what he's saying is accurate. But clearly he's under duress."
[ "Who has been holding John Cantlie?", "Is he there against his will?", "How long has he been there?", "Where is he from?", "What was his job?", "When was he taken?", "What month?", "How has he recently been seen?", "Who sent out the video?", "How long is the video?", "Does anyone speak in it?", "What does he claim Isis is controlling the majority of?" ]
{ "input_text": [ "ISIS", "Yes", "nearly two years", "He's British", "a photojournalist", "2012", "November", "a video", "ISIS", "more than five minutes", "He does", "Kobani" ], "answer_start": [ 9, 50, 899, 923, 931, 1036, 1027, 26, 9, 161, 348, 256 ], "answer_end": [ 13, 57, 915, 930, 946, 1040, 1035, 38, 14, 183, 350, 262 ] }
The Crimean War was a military conflict fought between October 1853 – March 1856 in which Russia lost to an alliance of France, the United Kingdom, the Ottoman Empire, and Sardinia. The immediate cause involved the rights of Christian minorities in the Holy Land, which was controlled by the Ottoman Empire. The French promoted the rights of Catholics, while Russia promoted those of the Eastern Orthodox Christians. The longer-term causes involved the decline of the Ottoman Empire and the unwillingness of the United Kingdom and France to allow Russia to gain territory and power at Ottoman expense. It has widely been noted that the causes, in one case involving an argument over a key, have never revealed a "greater confusion of purpose", yet led to a war noted for its "notoriously incompetent international butchery." While the churches eventually worked out their differences and came to an initial agreement, both Nicholas I of Russia and Napoleon III refused to back down. Nicholas issued an ultimatum that the Orthodox subjects of the Empire be placed under his protection. Britain attempted to mediate, and arranged a compromise that Nicholas agreed to. When the Ottomans demanded changes, Nicholas refused and prepared for war. Having obtained promises of support from France and Britain, the Ottomans officially declared war on Russia in October 1853.
[ "Did the churches finally work out their differences?", "What two people didn't?", "What did Nicholas do?", "What was Britain's response?", "What did they propose?", "What did Nicolas do in response to the Ottomans?", "Who agreed to help the Ottomans?", "who declared war?", "on which country?", "When did the crimean War begin?", "till when?" ]
{ "input_text": [ "yes", "Nicholas I of Russia and Napoleon III", "issued an ultimatum", "Britain attempted to mediate", "a compromise", "Nicholas prepared for war", "France and Britain", "the Ottomans", "Russia", "October 1853", "March 1856" ], "answer_start": [ 837, 924, 984, 1087, 1130, 1204, 1284, 1308, 1337, 1354, 69 ], "answer_end": [ 885, 983, 1013, 1115, 1142, 1241, 1302, 1340, 1350, 1366, 80 ] }
(CNN)Prison life won't be pretty for Aaron Hernandez, the former NFL player and convicted murderer sentenced to life without parole. After correction officers evaluate him, he will be shipped to Massachusetts' flagship maximum-security prison, one of the most high-tech jails in the United States with no history of breakouts: the Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center in Shirley, about 40 miles outside downtown Boston. It's called Souza, for short, and it's the state's newest prison, opened in 1998, with a matrix of 366 cameras recording live 24 hours a day and a microwave detection perimeter with taut wire. "I don't know the date, but he'll be going there. That's the maximum-security facility," Department of Corrections spokesman Darren Duarte said. Legal advocates for inmates describe Souza as sterile and violent at once. Its diverse demographic includes the young and the old, many of whom are also doing life. One stubborn problem is that opiates are smuggled to inmates, the legal advocates said. "It's very shiny and clean looking and very sterile," said Leslie Walker, executive director of Prisoners' Legal Services of Massachusetts, who has been visiting the Souza prison about every six weeks for the past 15 years and serves indigent prisoners there. But, she added: "It is a very dangerous prison that is right now experiencing a veritable flood of opiates." Officials said Hernandez, 25, is being processed at the maximum-security Massachusetts Correctional Institution-Cedar Junction in Walpole, just a handful of miles from Gillette Stadium, where he once played tight end for the New England Patriots under a five-year $40 million contract.
[ "Who is going to jail?", "What jail is he going to?", "What is special about this center?", "What kind of issue is this place facing right now?", "What is the man headed to this place headed there for?", "How old is he?", "What does he do for a living?", "How much was he being paid?", "What woman has been seeing the place on a regular basis?", "What does she think of the place?", "Is the time the man is headed there known?", "When did this place open?", "What do they use to watch the prisoner?", "Where is this place located?", "What's this place refered to on the street?" ]
{ "input_text": [ "Aaron Hernandez", "Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center", "it has no history of breakouts", "opiates are smuggled to inmates", "murder", "25", "former NFL player", "$40 million", "Leslie Walker", "\"It's very shiny and clean looking and very sterile\"", "no", "1998", "366 cameras", "about 40 miles outside downtown Boston", "Souza" ], "answer_start": [ 5, 329, 299, 930, 80, 1409, 53, 1640, 1161, 1022, 620, 490, 506, 382, 424 ], "answer_end": [ 52, 380, 327, 992, 98, 1423, 75, 1679, 1221, 1072, 667, 504, 534, 420, 452 ] }
CHAPTER TWELVE. SAGE CONVERSE BETWEEN HAKE AND BERTHA--BIARNE IS OUTWITTED--A MONSTER IS SLAIN, AND SAVAGES APPEAR ON THE SCENE. Not long after this an event occurred which produced great excitement in the new settlement; namely, the appearance of natives in the woods. It occurred under the following circumstances. One morning Karlsefin gave orders for one of the exploring parties to be got ready to go out immediately. Karlsefin's plan from the beginning had been to class his men in two divisions. One half stayed at home to work, the other half searched the land,--always taking care, however, not to travel so far but that they could return home in the evening. They were careful also not to wander far from each other. Sometimes Karlsefin went with the exploring party, at other times stayed at home to superintend the work there, while Biarne or Thorward filled his place. On the occasion in question Biarne was in charge. Soon after the party had started, Hake, who was one of them, observed a female figure disappear round a copse near the shores of the lake. At that part they were about to strike off into the thick woods, so Hake went up to Biarne and asked leave to go along by the borders of the lake, saying that he could overtake the party again before they had reached the Willow Glen, a well-known rendezvous of the hunters and explorers of the colony. "Go as thou wilt, Hake," replied Biarne; "only see to it that ye overtake us before noon, as I intend to go on a totally new path to-day."
[ "Who gave orders?", "What were they?", "Who many groups was he forming?", "Did the first group stay in the house to play?", "What did they do?", "What of the other?", "Did they stay out overnight?", "Did the order-giver always attend the searching?", "How many helpers did he have?", "Who were they?", "Who saw the woman?", "Did she vanish around the house?", "Where did she vanish?", "Was this new happening boring?", "What was it?", "Where is the hunter rendevous?", "Was this spot secret?" ]
{ "input_text": [ "Karlsefin", "exploring parties to be got ready to go out", "two", "no", "work", "searched the land", "no", "no", "two", "Biarne and Thorward", "Hake", "no", "a copse", "no", "exciting", "Willow Glen", "no" ], "answer_start": [ 323, 335, 429, 509, 509, 542, 606, 733, 851, 845, 974, 1001, 1001, 153, 156, 1300, 1300 ], "answer_end": [ 356, 428, 507, 540, 541, 574, 673, 843, 886, 886, 1035, 1077, 1077, 224, 224, 1365, 1380 ] }

Dataset Card for "coqa"

Dataset Summary

CoQA is a large-scale dataset for building Conversational Question Answering systems.

Our dataset contains 127k questions with answers, obtained from 8k conversations about text passages from seven diverse domains. The questions are conversational, and the answers are free-form text with their corresponding evidence highlighted in the passage.

Supported Tasks and Leaderboards

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Dataset Structure

Data Instances


  • Size of downloaded dataset files: 58.09 MB
  • Size of the generated dataset: 19.24 MB
  • Total amount of disk used: 77.33 MB

An example of 'train' looks as follows.

This example was too long and was cropped:

    "answers": "{\"answer_end\": [179, 494, 511, 545, 879, 1127, 1128, 94, 150, 412, 1009, 1046, 643, -1, 764, 724, 125, 1384, 881, 910], \"answer_...",
    "questions": "[\"When was the Vat formally opened?\", \"what is the library for?\", \"for what subjects?\", \"and?\", \"what was started in 2014?\", \"ho...",
    "source": "wikipedia",
    "story": "\"The Vatican Apostolic Library (), more commonly called the Vatican Library or simply the Vat, is the library of the Holy See, l..."

Data Fields

The data fields are the same among all splits.


  • source: a string feature.
  • story: a string feature.
  • questions: a list of string features.
  • answers: a dictionary feature containing:
    • input_text: a string feature.
    • answer_start: a int32 feature.
    • answer_end: a int32 feature.

Data Splits

name train validation
default 7199 500

Dataset Creation

Curation Rationale

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Source Data

Initial Data Collection and Normalization

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Who are the source language producers?

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Annotation process

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Who are the annotators?

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Personal and Sensitive Information

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Considerations for Using the Data

Social Impact of Dataset

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Discussion of Biases

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Other Known Limitations

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Additional Information

Dataset Curators

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Licensing Information

CoQA contains passages from seven domains. We make five of these public under the following licenses:

  • Literature and Wikipedia passages are shared under CC BY-SA 4.0 license.
  • Children's stories are collected from MCTest which comes with MSR-LA license.
  • Middle/High school exam passages are collected from RACE which comes with its own license.
  • News passages are collected from the DeepMind CNN dataset which comes with Apache license.

Citation Information

    title = "{C}o{QA}: A Conversational Question Answering Challenge",
    author = "Reddy, Siva  and
      Chen, Danqi  and
      Manning, Christopher D.",
    journal = "Transactions of the Association for Computational Linguistics",
    volume = "7",
    year = "2019",
    address = "Cambridge, MA",
    publisher = "MIT Press",
    url = "",
    doi = "10.1162/tacl_a_00266",
    pages = "249--266",


Thanks to @patrickvonplaten, @lewtun, @thomwolf, @mariamabarham, @ojasaar, @lhoestq for adding this dataset.

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