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<corpus id="srWaC1.1.1" lang="sr" n="1">
<p urldomain="" url="" lang="sr" langdistr="sr:-0.482|hr:-0.518">
anonymous anonymous anonymous Xf
<p urldomain="" url=";paged=2" lang="sr" langdistr="sr:-0.475|hr:-0.525">
Republička republička republički Agpfsny
inspekcija inspekcija inspekcija Ncfsn
za za za Sa
zaštitu zaštitu zaštita Ncfsa
životne životne životan Agpfsgy
sredine sredine sredina Ncfsg
naložila naložila naložiti Vmp-sf
je je biti Var3s
uklanjanje uklanjanje uklanjanje Ncnsa
divlje divlje divlji Agpfsgy
deponije deponije deponija Ncfsg
u u u Sl
opštini opštini opština Ncfsl
Vrčin vrčin Vrčin Npmsn
, , , Z
nakon nakon nakon Cs
što što što Cs
je je biti Var3s
od od od Sg
lista lista list Ncmsg
Kurir kurir Kurir Npmsn
dobila dobila dobiti Vmp-sf
informaciju informaciju informacija Ncfsa
o o o Sl
pomenutoj pomenutoj pomenuti Agpfsly
deponiji deponiji deponija Ncfsl
. . . Z
Odmah odmah odmah Rgp
po po po Sl
dobijanju dobijanju dobijanje Ncnsl
informacije informacije informacija Ncfsg
da da da Cs
su su biti Var3p
uz uz uz Sa
sam sam sam Agpmsann
auto-put auto-put auto-put Ncmsan
Beograd-Niš beograd-niš beograd-niti Vmr2s
kod kod kod Sg
naselja naselja naselje Ncnsg
Vrčin vrčin Vrčin Npfsg
, , , Z
uočene uočene uočiti Appfpny
bačene bačene baciti Appfpny
kese kese kesa Ncfpn
sa sa sa Si
oznakom oznakom oznaka Ncfsi
infektivnog infektivnog infektivan Agpmsgy
otpada otpada otpad Ncmsg
, , , Z
republički republički republički Agpmpny
inspektori inspektori inspektor Ncmpn
zaštite zaštite zaštititi Vmr3p
životne životne životan Agpfpny
sredine sredine sredina Ncfpn
su su biti Var3p
izašli izašli izaći Vmp-pm
na na na Sa
lice lice lice Ncnsa
mesta mesta mesto Ncnsg
. . . Z
dalje dalje daleko Rgc
<p urldomain="" url="" lang="sr" langdistr="sr:-0.483|hr:-0.517">
Džefri džefri Džefri Npmsn
Holender holender Holender Npmsn
, , , Z
Seventh seventh Seventh Xf
Generation generation Generation Xf
<p urldomain="" url="štenje-štaba-za-vanredne-situacije.html" lang="sr" langdistr="sr:-0.461|hr:-0.539">
Saopštenje saopštenje saopštenje Ncnsn
štaba štaba štab Ncmsg
za za za Sa
vanredne vanredne vanredan Agpfpay
situacije situacije situacija Ncfpa
<p urldomain="" url=",com_yvcomment/ArticleID,42764/url,aHR0cDovL21haWwubnNwbS5ycy9wcmVub3NpbW8vemFzdG8tYm9yaXMtdGFkaWMtbmlqZS1zcmJpamFuc2tpLXZpbGktYnJhbnQtcS5odG1sI3l2Q29tbWVudDQyNzY0/view,comment/" lang="sr" langdistr="sr:-0.489|hr:-0.511">
Stradao stradao stradati Vmp-sm
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Dataset Card for SrWac

Dataset Summary

The Serbian web corpus srWaC was built by crawling the .rs top-level domain in 2014. The corpus was near-deduplicated on paragraph level, normalised via diacritic restoration, morphosyntactically annotated and lemmatised. The corpus is shuffled by paragraphs. Each paragraph contains metadata on the URL, domain and language identification (Serbian vs. Croatian).

Supported Tasks and Leaderboards

[More Information Needed]


Dataset is monolingual in Serbian language.

Dataset Structure

Data Instances

[More Information Needed]

Data Fields

[More Information Needed]

Data Splits

[More Information Needed]

Dataset Creation

Curation Rationale

[More Information Needed]

Source Data

Initial Data Collection and Normalization

[More Information Needed]

Who are the source language producers?

[More Information Needed]


Annotation process

[More Information Needed]

Who are the annotators?

[More Information Needed]

Personal and Sensitive Information

[More Information Needed]

Considerations for Using the Data

Social Impact of Dataset

[More Information Needed]

Discussion of Biases

[More Information Needed]

Other Known Limitations

[More Information Needed]

Additional Information

Dataset Curators

[More Information Needed]

Licensing Information

Dataset is under the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license.

Citation Information

 title = {Serbian web corpus {srWaC} 1.1},
 author = {Ljube{\v s}i{\'c}, Nikola and Klubi{\v c}ka, Filip},
 url = {},
 note = {Slovenian language resource repository {CLARIN}.{SI}},
 copyright = {Creative Commons - Attribution-{ShareAlike} 4.0 International ({CC} {BY}-{SA} 4.0)},
 year = {2016} }


Thanks to @IvanZidov for adding this dataset.

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