3 values
Cameron decided to have a barbecue and gathered her friends together.
How would Others feel as a result?
like attending
like staying home
a good friend to have
Jan needed to give out jobs for an upcoming project at work.
What will Others want to do next?
disagree with Jan
get to work
argue with the assignments
Remy was an expert fisherman and was on the water with Kai. Remy baited Kai's hook.
What will Remy want to do next?
cast the line
put the boat in the water
invite Kai out on the boat
Addison gave a hug to Skylar's son when they were feeling down.
Why did Addison do this?
keep hugging the son
Kai found one for sale online but it was too much money for her.
What does Kai need to do before this?
Open up her laptop
save money
Quinn was high up in the tree and didn't want to get down. We told him we would play a game, so Quinn came down to us.
What does Quinn need to do before this?
ignore others
did this for fun
jump the rope
Bailey found Carson's cleaning solution after not being able to find it by himself.
What does Bailey need to do before this?
give Carson their solution
return it to Carson
follow directions to the location
Kendall worked the weekend at the steakhouse and made bank on tips.
What will Kendall want to do next?
Save the money
get hired at the steakhouse
Quit her job
Quinn wanted to help me clean my room up because it was so messy.
What will Quinn want to do next?
Eat messy snacks
help out a friend
Pick up the dirty clothes
Kendall ran back and thanked Lee for helping her find the dog.
How would you describe Kendall?
Sydney was a school teacher and made sure their students learned well.
How would you describe Sydney?
As someone that asked for a job
As someone that takes teaching seriously
Like a leader
Sasha's mom passed out in the middle of the party. Aubrey took Sasha's mom to the hospital.
What will Aubrey want to do next?
help Aubrey go back home
keep on partying without the mom
going on with the mom
Cameron promised not to tell anyone about Ash's surprise party. Cameron told someone the secret.
What does Cameron need to do before this?
tell Ash about the party
Go to Ash's party
tell someone about the party
Their cat kept trying to escape out of the window, so Jan placed an obstacle in the way.
How would Jan feel afterwards?
scared of losing the cat
relieved for fixing the problem
Remy blinked Quinn's eyes because Quinn was paralyzed after the car accident.
What does Remy need to do before this?
move Quinn's eyelids
Lay still
Austin saw that someone left their purse on top of their car as they drove away so he ran along side them to get their attention.
Why did Austin do this?
be nice
help another person
practice for a marathon
Jordan sliced open the dead body to harvest the organs.
How would you describe Jordan?
doing their job
killing someone
Ash rode hard and put away his wet clothes to let them dry for a few hours.
What will Ash want to do next?
get his clothes wet before this
Bailey relieved every one of her friends when she announced her plans to stay.
Why did Bailey do this?
wanted to live by herself
wanted to show her dedication to her friends
wanted to forget about her friends
Sydney had so much pent up emotion, they burst into tears at work.
How would Sydney feel afterwards?
like they released their tension
Bailey took Taylor by surprise when she showed up on the same cruise.
How would Bailey feel afterwards?
Sydney got a raise and a new promotion.
What does Sydney need to do before this?
be bad at her job
do a good job
be lazy
Quinn finally found their lost puppy that ran away last week.
How would Quinn feel afterwards?
very excited
very relieved
skylar was hanging out with kendall so she met kendall's boyfriend's parents.
What will Skylar want to do next?
ignore kendall
talk to kendall
have fun with Skylar
Remy enjoyed guiding and helping her friends through their problems.
How would you describe Remy?
easily angered
a loyal friend
Remy was athletic and wanted to spend time in nature, so Remy wanted to go hiking.
How would Remy feel afterwards?
grateful for the experience
disgusted by the experience
The teacher asked the class a question and they seemed puzzled. Aubrey understood the question well and answered.
What does Aubrey need to do before this?
ask for a gold star
know the information
skip her class
Aubrey succeeded at what they were trying to do and felt like a success.
What will Aubrey want to do next?
make their goals come true
be asked to to well
keep doing well
Kendall frightened the dogs away by yelling and waving their hands.
Why did Kendall do this?
mad the dogs friends
protect their children
see the dogs
Jan had always wanted a puppy, but decided to adopt an older shelter dog instead.
How would you describe Jan?
Addison bid Carson goodbye before the ship left the dock.
What will Addison want to do next?
wave goodbye
jump off the boat
yell to Addison
After Sydney cut her nails, Sasha decided to get her hair done and go on a date.
What will Sasha do after getting her nails cut?
make a date for her hair
wanted to serve
get her hair done
Cameron flew on a plane because he figured he would get there faster than driving.
What will Cameron want to do next?
buy a ticket
get back on the plane
find a hotel
Jan bound together the ropes tightly and gave them one final tug to ensure the boat was secured.
What will Jan want to do next?
set sail on the boat
get on dry land
bound together the ropes tightly
Riley told Taylor that they had found a dog tied up in a park.
How would you describe Riley?
like Taylor should help with the dog
Carson was very passionate about this topic so he drove home his point.
How would Others feel as a result?
inspired by Carson
angry with Carson
relax and relieved
Skylar returned early in the evening after a night and day of partying.
How would you describe Skylar?
a party girl
very shy
It was late and night and Bailey was asleep in bed alone.
How would Bailey feel afterwards?
excited about it
nervous and scared
likes to be alone
Carson made lots of friends when they went to the club last night.
What will Carson want to do next?
spend time with others
not talk to anyone
avoid others
Tracy protected her teammates from injury when she saw an accident about to happen prevented it.
Why did Tracy do this?
make a play
prevent injuries
injure them
Quinn was about to die when the doctor provided professional treatment.
What will happen to Quinn?
end up dying
get better
be nervous
During their yearbook class, Alex took an old photo of herself and Quin, and crossed out Quinn's face on the photograph. Quinn saw her do this.
How would Quinn feel as a result?
Like Alex misses hanging out with her
Like Alex betrayed her
be friends again
The customer felt that Addison was rude and made a complaint to management.
What will Addison want to do next?
take the abuse
wanted the problem fixed
explain the situation
Aubrey was working the door at a concert, so Aubrey asked the girl coming in for money.
What will Aubrey want to do next?
old enough to drink
ask the girl to leave
needed to get to work
casey was in a rush to see what was in the envelope so he tore open the letter.
Why did Casey do this?
throw the letter away
see if it's the letter he's been waiting for
read the letter
Tracy was teaching Kendall to dance so Tracy raised Kendall's hips into the right position for the next move.
How would you describe Tracy?
a bad teacher
hopeful that this doesn't make Kendall uncomfortable
a patient teacher
Remy gave Robin the feeling of love by having sex with her in bed.
How would Remy feel afterwards?
as normal
as ordinary
Robin had watched their partner Alex perform in a play and had loved it.
What will happen to Robin?
he will thank robin
celebrate with their partner afterwards
he will appreciate robin
Carson and Addison are dating and it is getting serious day by day.
How would Carson feel about this?
in love
going to slap her
falling for her
Skylar applied their desires unto Sasha because she was demanding and bossy.
How would Sasha feel as a result?
demanding and bossy
quite submissive
capable and controlling
Bailey took their dog to the dog park and let the dog run.
How would you describe Bailey?
do not own a pet
a loving pet owner
do not want a healthy pet
Sasha loved animals and was bringing them to a new sanctuary where they were safe.
How would Sasha feel afterwards?
Lee was spending too much money on repairs so he wanted to save as much as possible by shopping around.
What does Lee need to do before this?
find the best price for repairs
buy expensive repair parts for quality
use the next repair shop despite the price
kendall was hungry for the large hot dog so she took another bite.
Why did Kendall do this?
swallow her food
be content
chew her food
Taylor saved other people's teeth from decay by providing good toothpaste.
What will Others want to do next?
teach them how to floss
teach them how to use mouthwash
thank Taylor
The boxes were in the doorway, so Alex moved the boxes from the doorway.
Why did Alex do this?
so they wouldn't be in the doorway
see the boxes
so they wouldn't be stolen
Austin fought for Quinn and she was very happy to know him.
How would Austin feel afterwards?
Kai taught English class to students at a college.
How would you describe Kai?
As someone who knows about English
As some who could teach
Jordan ate all of Sydney's food and had to get more because Sydney was hungry.
How would Jordan feel afterwards?
Addison had no clue what to do after hearing the news so Addison wanted to go to Ash for advice.
How would you describe Addison?
Ash wanted to see Carson again after they spent a weekend playing games.
What will Ash want to do next?
love games
avoid Carson
make plans with Carson
Carson took the day off work after he felt sick to his stomach and threw up.
Why did Carson do this?
felt nauseous
felt great
felt well
QUiin looked for hours and in the end finally found the item.
How would you describe Quinn?
Relieved he really needs the money
easily deterred
Addison looked over bailey's business plan and helped her maximize her profits.
How would you describe Addison?
good at business
good at customer service
good at English
Ash was worried how it would go, but according to Ash it went well.
What does Ash need to do before this?
Relax to reduce stress
do a good job
Avoid the event
Jesse lost every penny gambling on sports.
How would you describe Jesse?
a risk taker
racked with guilt
Taylor used a chart to help explaining the complex logic and design of the system to the teammates.
What will Others want to do next?
ask questions
take revenge
taylor who has explining the system teamates
Kendall wanted to ask Jan if she had gotten a date to the dance yet.
What will Kendall want to do next?
talk to Jan
clean her home
make a pizza
Sydney played basketball with her friends after school on a sunny afternoon.
What does Sydney need to do before this?
take a nap before this
have a basketball before this
go home before this
At the bar after work while they were having a drink, Carson got angry at Taylor.
How would you describe Carson?
inspired but challenging to get to know
like Carson was mean
short-tempered and difficult to get along with
Riley was working on a project and Jan made Riley's object.
How would Jan feel afterwards?
they worked hard
they contributed to the project
thankful for the assistance
It was getting time and Sasha got ready to go to the party.
What will Sasha want to do next?
be on time to the party
make sure they went to the party
Sasha wanted to lose some weight before their cheer competition.
What will Sasha want to do next?
go on a diet
work out hard
look good in the competition uniform
When pass the test after studying all night with no sleep.
What does Quinn need to do before this?
Drink some coffee
Go to sleep
Lay on bed
Remy posted a picture on her social media and hoped to get a lot of upvotes.
Why did Remy do this?
annoy people
be liked by others
get constructive criticism
In order to remember the good times past. Cameron always put up pictures.
Why did Cameron do this?
remember how the years had past
spend time with friends
take more photos
Jordan had a handful of lottery tickets, and gave Taylor the right one to win the jackpot.
What will happen to Taylor?
Have more money than before
jealous they gave Taylor the ticket
Buy more lottery tickets next time
After learning that Cameron was trying to have an affair with their husband, Quinn tried to kill Cameron.
Why did Quinn do this?
punish Cameron for the poor job
go to the police
get back at Cameron for the infidelity
Quinn was a cook at a school. Quinn made sandwiches for others.
What will Others want to do next?
eat the sandwiches
grill the sandwiches
cook the sanwiches
Since they were the teacher and needed to make things clear, Kendall proved every point.
What will Kendall want to do next?
avoid confusion
make things tough to get
make sure students understand
Remy got a new puppy today and taught him how to sit.
How would Remy feel afterwards?
A pet owner who cares about their dog
Quinn was thirsty and drank a lot of milk with his cookies.
How would Quinn feel milk and cookies?
like doing jumping jacks
queasy and sick
like going swimming
Jordan told Riley's boyfriend yes to going to the movies with them as a coupl.
How would Jordan feel afterwards?
a person who will watch a movie
Carson wanted to go straight away but their car had low air in the tires.
What will Carson want to do next?
they need to get more air in the car
put air in the tires
make sure the tires are at the wrong pressure
Kendall spends money unwisely, so Robin makes her deposit their money in the bank.
How would you describe Robin?
irresponsible with money
good about monitoring money
saving up for a purchase
Riley reached the point climbing the hill where Kendall could see them over the rise.
What will Kendall want to do next?
wanted to be noticed
For Riley to keep going
wanted to be seen
Skylar became a millionaire through hard work and used the money wisely.
What does Skylar need to do before this?
of worked hard
buy his mom a house
pay off his student loans
Riley was jumping up and down with their hands in the air. Austin held Riley's arms to keep them from moving.
What will happen to Austin now?
get yelled at
get free
get a loving look
Skylar made amends with his friend after the argument.
How would Skylar feel afterwards?
quite stubborn
very forgiving
willing to admit they're wrong
Quinn had too much to drink the other night. They were starting to have a problem.
What will Quinn want to do next?
stop drinking
have fun
go out and party
Aubrey sent text messages to remind the group about the meeting this afternoon.
What does Aubrey need to do before this?
get everybody's email addresses
find out the meeting time
be certain that no one was late
Sydney reduced national debt to a manageable level by stimulating the economy and reducing taxes.
What does Sydney need to do before this?
increase taxes
help consumer moral
take money from the rich
Austin stretched out their arms to reach the item at the end of the table.
How would Austin feel afterwards?
very upset
in control
as normal
Ash understood another idea. That idea was better than the original.
How would you describe Ash?
incompetent at their job
a stupid person
competent at their job
Alex wanted their hair to be bright blue but needed to remove their natural color first.
What will Alex want to do next?
shave their head
rinse the bleach out
have the blue show up better
Taylor took the poor dog she found on the road to the vet.
What will the vet want to do next?
pronounce the dog dead
wraps the dog in a towel
check to make sure the dogs okay
jesse was bored so he saw if he could help the person out.
How would Others feel as a result?
as thankful
caring and kind
as ungrateful
Addison allayed their fears by imaging what the worst that could happen. It wasn't so bad.
What will Addison want to do next?
have a strong heart
get on with life
be terrifying
Aubrey made Kendall's bed because Kendall did not do it.
How would you describe Aubrey?
Skylar had a cousin who had become addicted to methamphetamine. She was worried she would return to old habits after making it through rehab sucessfully.
How would you describe Skylar?
someone that doesn't care about her family
a person who cares about her cousin
unconcerned with her cousin's well being

Dataset Card for "social_i_qa"

Dataset Summary

We introduce Social IQa: Social Interaction QA, a new question-answering benchmark for testing social commonsense intelligence. Contrary to many prior benchmarks that focus on physical or taxonomic knowledge, Social IQa focuses on reasoning about people’s actions and their social implications. For example, given an action like "Jesse saw a concert" and a question like "Why did Jesse do this?", humans can easily infer that Jesse wanted "to see their favorite performer" or "to enjoy the music", and not "to see what's happening inside" or "to see if it works". The actions in Social IQa span a wide variety of social situations, and answer candidates contain both human-curated answers and adversarially-filtered machine-generated candidates. Social IQa contains over 37,000 QA pairs for evaluating models’ abilities to reason about the social implications of everyday events and situations. (Less)

Supported Tasks and Leaderboards

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Dataset Structure

Data Instances


  • Size of downloaded dataset files: 2.20 MB
  • Size of the generated dataset: 6.76 MB
  • Total amount of disk used: 8.97 MB

An example of 'validation' looks as follows.

    "answerA": "sympathetic",
    "answerB": "like a person who was unable to help",
    "answerC": "incredulous",
    "context": "Sydney walked past a homeless woman asking for change but did not have any money they could give to her. Sydney felt bad afterwards.",
    "label": "1",
    "question": "How would you describe Sydney?"

Data Fields

The data fields are the same among all splits.


  • context: a string feature.
  • question: a string feature.
  • answerA: a string feature.
  • answerB: a string feature.
  • answerC: a string feature.
  • label: a string feature.

Data Splits

name train validation
default 33410 1954

Dataset Creation

Curation Rationale

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Source Data

Initial Data Collection and Normalization

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Who are the source language producers?

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Annotation process

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Who are the annotators?

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Personal and Sensitive Information

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Considerations for Using the Data

Social Impact of Dataset

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Discussion of Biases

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Other Known Limitations

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Additional Information

Dataset Curators

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Licensing Information

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Citation Information


Thanks to @bhavitvyamalik, @thomwolf, @patrickvonplaten, @lewtun for adding this dataset.

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