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Dataset Description

A segmentation dataset for anime character

My project: anime-segmentation

Dataset Summary

Dir Description Format Images
bg background images jpg 8057
fg foreground images, transparent background png 11802
imgs real images with background and foreground jpg 1111
masks labels for imgs jpg 1111

Total size: 18GB

Collection Method

Collect background from character_bg_seg_data

Collect foreground from danbooru website.

Collect imgs and masks from AniSeg and danbooru website.

I use Real-ESRGAN to restore the background images.

I clean the dataset using DeepDanbooru first then manually, to make sue all foreground is anime character.


Thanks to @SkyTNT for adding this dataset.

Thanks to @ShuhongChen for character_bg_seg_data

Thanks to @jerryli27 for AniSeg

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