Title: A must read, regardless of your age. PICK IT UP!! Review: I love these books, and I can't wait for more!! Harry Potter is charming, endearing, and loveable. J.K. Rowling spins such a wonderful tale of suspense, humor, and imagination. I wish I could go to Hogwarts to meet all these characters with wonderful names, to fly around on brooms, to play Quidditch, and to wander around the castle. I'm 32 and these are two of the best books I've read all year. Join the adventure. Let your imagination run wild. Does this product review convey a negative or positive sentiment?
Instructions: In this task, you're given a review from Amazon's food products. Your task is to generate a rating for the product on a scale of 1-5 based on the review. The rating means 1: extremely poor, 2: poor, 3: neutral or mixed, 4: good, 5: extremely good. Input: I ordered these after I bought the Stonewall Kitchen gluten free chocolate chip cookie mix. I was so happy to find something like this for my 7 year old! Unfortunately, the cupcakes were really - icky. They tasted like corn muffins. My son is gluten free due to sensitivity, not a disease. Therefore he does not have to be 100% gluten free. This makes our choices a bit wider when I am looking at ingredients for him. The chocolate chip cookies were very good and I'd buy the mix again and make them. I bought both the chocolate and vanilla cupcake mix. We found them heavy, and didn't really like the taste. They were totally disappointing. I can now go to Hannafords and buy pre made gluten free cupcakes that are actually yummy - they are also a bit heavy. They don't taste like corn bread and that is the plus. My suggestion if you order these is make them mini cupcakes and make or buy your own frosting. For someone who is gluten free, they do taste better than lots of things you can buy and make. For kids who aren't - they will notice a big difference and most likely not like or want them. Output:
Is there a negative or positive tone to this product review? === Title: Good Stuff! Review: Once again Mr. Wiseman has put out a thoroughly useful, practical and comprehensive book. It will help everyone who reads it. Answer: The answer to this question is:
Please answer the following question: Here is a review left by a customer on a product. Would you say he was satisfied or dissatisfied? Title: It doesn't get much worst than this Review: I can honestly say this is the worst book I have ever read by R.L.Stine. I was actually angry when I finished the book. The story is ridiculous, senseless, and just awful. And the ending is the biggest groaner ending in history. It really does not make much sense at all, and it certainly isn't scary. It turns into this frustrating Twilight Zone episode - a terrible episode that makes you change the channel and shake your head in disgust. Please, do not read this book. Answer:
What was the response? DIALOG: What is meant by Bilevel rail car? -
Bilevel rail car The bilevel car (American English) or double-decker train (British English and Canadian English) is a type of rail car that has two levels of passenger accommodation, as opposed to one, increasing passenger capacity (in example cases of up to 57% per car).
Write the conversation response. DIALOG: What did William T. Young do in 1897? - He further created a book endowment and campaigned for donations to fund it. - How large was the endowment? - At the time of his death the endowment was the largest of its kind in the United States. - Did he receive any awards or honors for his work? - William Young was inducted into the College of Engineering Hall of Distinction in 1992. - What other educational institutions did he work with? -
Appointed to the board of trustees of Transylvania University in 1967, he served as its chairman for twenty-three years from 1977 to 2000 and was a most important figure in the university's expansion and betterment.
DIALOG: Who is Michael Yaaran? - Michael Yaaran Michael Yaaran (; ) also known as Mikhail Obezchikov is an Israeli musician and was the leader of the Israel Defense Forces Orchestra from 2003 to 2013. - What did Michael Yaaran do with the Israel Defense Forces Orchestra? - He is responsible for more than 300 arrangements that are in the band's archives. - What else is significant about Michael Yaaran's career? - Yaaran was born in Moscow in 1952 and was raised in the city of Bender, Moldovan SSR. - Did Michael Yaaran do anything else? -
He grew up to a Jewish family, who encouraged him to have a musical education.
DIALOG: What is the difference between Thelymitra grandiflora, subspecies, and species? - Thelymitra grandiflora Thelymitra grandiflora, commonly called the giant sun orchid, is a species of orchid that is endemic to South Australia. - Are there any other interesting aspects about this article? - It has a single large, erect, linear to lance-shaped leaf and up to forty large, dark metallic to greenish blue flowers with darker veins. "Thelymitra grandiflora" is a tuberous, perennial herb with a single erect, fleshy, channelled, dark green, linear to lance-shaped leaf long and wide. - What does it look like when it's in bloom? - Up to forty dark metallic to greenish blue flowers with darker veins, wide are arranged on a flowering stem tall. - What do the flowers look like? - The sepals and petals are long and wide. - What does the inside of the flower look like? - The column is white to cream-coloured, long and about wide. - What do the anther look like? -
The lobe on the top of the anther is pale brown with a yellow tip, strongly curved with a shallow notch and irregular teeth.
Question: Title: Not a bait and switch - you just have to know the terms Review: I'm sorry you were surprised.The description on the Internet and here at Amazon clearly states that it uses European standard A5 paper. "..any ordinary paper or notepad up to 5.9 x 8.3 can be used"There are more than 111,000 results on Google for "a5 writing pad"Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Digipad or any reseller. I'm buying my first Digipad today. Does this product review convey a negative or positive sentiment? Answer:
Detailed Instructions: You are given a sentence and a question in the input. If the information provided in the sentence is enough to answer the question, label "Yes", otherwise label "No". Do not use any facts other than those provided in the sentence while labeling "Yes" or "No". There are only two types of valid responses: Yes and No. Q: Sentence: The little frog was having a little party with all his little froggy friends. Question: Why did the frog make a cake? A:
Detailed Instructions: You're given a sentence and your task is to classify whether the sentence is acceptable or not. Any sentence which is grammatically correct, has a naturalistic text, is written by a native speaker and which minimizes superfluous content is acceptable, otherwise unacceptable. If the sentence is acceptable then write "acceptable", otherwise "unacceptable". Problem:Brenda haggled with Molly. Solution:
Fill in the response. DIALOG: What language did the Tonto Apache speak? - Tonto Apache The Tonto Apache (Dilzh?? ’é, also Dilzhe'e, Dilzhe’eh" Apache) is one of the groups of Western Apache people. - What language did the Tonto Apache speak? - The term is also used for their dialect, one of the three dialects of the Western Apache language (a Southern Athabaskan language). - What can you tell me about the people? - The Chiricahua living to the south called them Ben-et-dine or binii?e'dine' (“brainless people”, “people without minds”, i.e. "wild", "crazy", "Those who you don’t understand"). - Why did they settle with this name? -
The neighboring Western Apache ethnonym for them was Koun'nde ("wild rough People"), from which the Spanish derived their use of "Tonto" ("loose", "foolish") for the group.
Title: Awesome! Review: I love this movie and I haven't been able to stop watching it. I also bought the soundtrack. The music is superb. I wish that I could have a romance like that. The movie is so romantic and Bullock and Reeves are a great pair. Even though it is a fantasy, when you get into it, it seems so real. A must see over and over again. Does this product review convey a negative or positive sentiment? Answer:
Do these questions have the same meaning? I thought I could remove this question once answered Is it stupid to name my daughter Sylvanas?
Mme Stephenson est membre du conseil consultatif de General Motors du Canada et des conseils d'administration de ING Canada et du Conseil du régime de retraite des enseignantes et enseignants de l'Ontario. Translate this to English?
Ms. Stephenson sits as a member of the General Motors of Canada Advisory Board and as a director of ING Canada and the Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan.
De plus, je pense également qu'il faut accorder la priorité au développement de sanctions économiques qui n'ont pas d'impact négatif sur la société et qui respectent ainsi les droits de l'homme des citoyens des pays soumis aux sanctions. Translate this to English?
Furthermore, I also believe that priority should be given to developing economic sanctions that do not impact negatively on society and do not violate the human rights of citizens of the countries sanctioned.
Write the conversation response. DIALOG: When did the no-go decision on Meridiam take place? - This position was recently adopted by the European regulator EIOPA following a consultation. - Are there any other interesting aspects about this article? - In the first half of 2014, the company announced the fund-raising round of the first fund dedicated to the African continent, the Meridiam Infrastructure Africa Fund, targeting €300 million over a period of 15 years. - Did they succeed? - In September 2015, the European Investment Bank announced its participation in this fund with an investment of €30 million. - What happened after that? - In the same year, Meridiam opened an office in Istanbul and invested in four hospital projects in the country. - Did they do anything else? -
In February 2015, the company signed a concession contract reuniting the ports of Calais and Boulogne-sur-Mer and comprising the project Calais Port 2015.
Write the response. DIALOG: What is Last Chance Surgery? - Last Chance Surgery Last Chance Surgery is an Australian factual television series screened on the Seven Network that first screened in 2009. - Are there any other interesting aspects about this article? - Last Chance Surgery is narrated by doctor and former Australian Medical Association president, Kerryn Phelps. - What is it about? - The series features people whose only hope of survival is radical and dangerous surgery. - Who produced it? - The series was created by Executive Producer Danny Milosavljevic who was previously the executive producer of RPA (TV series). - What company made it? -
It is made by Southern Star Entertainment, Australia's largest independent television production company.
Q: In this task you will be given a list of integers. You should find the maximum absolute difference between 2 integers in the list. The absolute difference is the absolute value of one integer subtracted by another. The output should be a single integer which is the largest possible absolute distance. [19, 91, 25, 24] A:
Instructions: In this task, you will be given a short story. One sentence from the story is chosen. Consider the likely emotions and basic human drives of the participants in that sentence. Does any of these states of mind/feelings motivate the participant to do what happens in that sentence? You should write your answer in the form " A >Motivates> B". Try to use phrases and sentences from the story to compose your answer when possible. For the motivation sentence, you must choose a verb from :feel(s), want(s) or like(s). There will always be some motivation in the given story. Input: story: I am the type of person who loves to eat. One day i went to the grocery store to buy some foods. I took all junk foods i like and different drinks. When i'm about to pay for it it almost took all my money. But as i got home, i feel happy eating. selected sentence: One day i went to the grocery store to buy some foods. Output:
I like(s) to eat >Motivates> I went to the store for food
Pick one category for the following text. The options are - company, educational institution, artist, athlete, office holder, mean of transportation, building, natural place, village, animal, plant, album, film or written work. Aftermath Music - Aftermath Music is a record label based in Trondheim Norway. Aftermath Music opened in 1997 as a small music shop but also operates in various other fields. - Music Shop (cd / lp / merch / movies etc.)- Mailorder Service- Record Label (Aftermath Music and Angelic Recordings)- Management / Tour Management- Booking Agency- Main Office for the Webzine called Metal Norge. Answer:
Write the conversation response. DIALOG: What was Bob Kullen's first album? - Bob Kullen Robert A. - Did he play any other instruments? - Kullen (1949 – November 2, 1990) was an American ice hockey coach and player. - What are some other interesting aspects about this article? -
He was the head coach of the University of New Hampshire for a short time in the late 1980s before a rare heart condition that necessitated a heart transplant forced him to step away from his position and ultimately cost him his life a month later.
Teacher:In this task you are given a tweet and you must identify whether the tweet contains any offense or any form of (untargeted) profanity. Label the post as NOT if the post does not contain offense or profanity. Non-offensive posts do not include any form of offense or profanity. label the post as OFFENSIVE if the post contains offensive language or a targeted (veiled or direct) offense. Twitter user mentions were substituted by @USER and URLs have been substitute by URL. Teacher: Now, understand the problem? Solve this instance: @USER Frenkenstien needs to pay every dime back..she has stolen from the American people. She is a disgrace to the Senate and the people. Student:
Is there a negative or positive tone to this product review? === Title: overrated Review: it was bad enough that Kim Basinger got awards but then Kevin Spacey gets alot of juice as Spacey is talented but this film is overrated from goes into to many directions without focus. Answer: The answer to this question is:
You will be given a definition of a task first, then some input of the task. In this task, you are given a text which is the body of a document. You are given a question and options. Pick the correct number. Don't generate anything else apart from the numbers provided in options. Context: Euxesta is a genus of ulidiid or picture-winged fly in the family Ulidiidae. Question: The document can be classified to which topic? Options: 1)Village, 2)Plant, 3)NaturalPlace, 4)Animal, 5)Film Output:
Translate to Russian: Distribution center processes approximately two and a half thousand requisitions per day, one and a half thousand stores in Nizhny Novgorod region.
⁇ ас ⁇ ределител ⁇ н ⁇ ⁇ ентр о ⁇ ра ⁇ ат ⁇ вает ⁇ ор ⁇ дка дву ⁇ с ⁇ оловино ⁇ т ⁇ с ⁇ ⁇ а ⁇ вок в ден ⁇ , ⁇ олтор ⁇ т ⁇ с ⁇ и ма ⁇ а ⁇ инов в ⁇ и ⁇ е ⁇ ородско ⁇ о ⁇ ласти.
Please answer the following question: Title: Greedy Publisher, no new material Review: What a rip off! I bought this book based upon the description here, thinking it was a new book about collage techniques. It turned out it might claim to be a new book, but it's nothing but a reprint and repackaging of Jennifer Atkinson's nearly decade old "Collage Art: A Step-by-Step Guide and Showcase" and the more recent "Collage for the Soul" by Paula Grasdal and Holly Harrison. It is exactly the same. Since I already had both of the others, it would have been nice to have been told that, so that I could have saved myself the cost and disappointment of getting this. Does this product review convey a negative or positive sentiment? A:
Detailed Instructions: You are given a short text as a title. Your task is to generate a poem as output that is related to the given title and should feel like written by kids. The output should be a run-on sentence (two or more complete sentences connected without any punctuation). The poem should not be too long or too complex, because it should feel like it is written by younger person without high level of literature education. Problem:Minnie Mouse Solution:
minnie mouse wear a blouse i think she live in a house i know she love mickey mouse together they live i do n't know what all they would give just to have each other but i do n't wan na bother
Translate "Well then, I do not feel that the situation is so bad." to Finnish?
En siis usko, että Tunisian kohdalla voidaan korostaa monia kielteisiä seikkoja.
See the conversation. DIALOG: When does HP Protect take place? -
HP Protect 2013 took place on September 16–19 in Washington D.C. HP Protect 2014 is scheduled to occur on September 8–11, 2014 in Washington, D.C.
Definition: You are given a sentence in Hebrew. Your job is to translate the Hebrew sentence into English. Input:????????????????. Output:
It's a story that goes on long after his body no longer does.
Andererseits muß aber auch betont werden, daß dieser Begriff weiterhin ein evolutiver Begriff ist. Which language is this?
Fill in the response. DIALOG: What was Pie Allen's territorial government? -
As a member of the 4th Arizona Territorial Legislature, he led the effort to move the territorial capital from Prescott to Tucson.
What was likely said next? DIALOG: What was the land use of Wythenshawe? -
In the 19th century, manorial control was lost over what people used their moss rooms for, and an 1839 tithe map of Northen Etchells shows Northen Etchells's part of Shadow Moss as about 2/3 arable, about 1/3 meadow, one field as pasture, and one field as "uncultivated moors".
Definition: Turn the given fact into a question by a simple rearrangement of words. This typically involves replacing some part of the given fact with a WH word. For example, replacing the subject of the provided fact with the word "what" can form a valid question. Don't be creative! You just need to rearrange the words to turn the fact into a question - easy! Don't just randomly remove a word from the given fact to form a question. Remember that your question must evaluate scientific understanding. Pick a word or a phrase in the given fact to be the correct answer, then make the rest of the question. You can also form a question without any WH words. For example, "A radio converts electricity into?" Input: Fact: Microtubules help prokaryotes move. Output:
Microtubules help prokaryotes _.?
In this task, you will be shown a prompt from a judicial decision and multiple holding statements derived from citations following text in a legal decision. Holdings represent the governing legal rule when the law is applied to a particular set of facts. There are five answer choices for each citing text. The correct answer is the holding statement that corresponds to the citing text. The four incorrect answers are other holding statements. You should find the correct option. There is a?? HOLDING> token in the position of the citing text prompt where the holding statement was extracted. Fifth, Sixth, Eighth, and Fourteenth Amendment rights by imposing unnecessary security measures on him, rendering him incapable of participating meaningfully in his trial. Specifically, he claims that the Commonwealth treated him with an unusual and unnecessary combination of mood-altering drugs, including Depakote, Risperdal, Paxil, and Zoloft, at the same time, which made him appear “cold, expressionless, and remorseless during the trial.” Pet. at 32. He was also forced to wear a stun belt during the trial for security reasons. Powell does not allege that the jury saw the stun belt, but claims the owell allege that the drugs he received were involuntarily administered. Powell, 2005 WL 2980756, at * 13. Cf. Riggins v. Nevada, 504 U.S. 127, 134, 112 S.Ct. 1810, 118 L.Ed.2d 479 (1992) (?? HOLDING>). Powell cites no U.S. Supreme Court precedent Holding statements: (A) holding that a medical professional was not deliberately indifferent where the prisoner alleged that the professional performed some investigation and determined that the prisoner does not have the condition he thinks he has (B) holding that charging fees for medical services did not violate the eighth amendment where prisoner did not allege denial of medical care (C) holding that it was not clearly established in 2002 that forcing a prisoner to sleep without a mattress but with a bed and a blanket violated the eighth amendment (D) holding that forcing antipsychotic drugs on a convicted prisoner is impermissible absent a finding of overriding justification and a determination of medical appropriateness (E) recognizing that even when a prisoner files suit under section 1983 alleging medical malpractice against prison medical officials medical malpractice does not become a constitutional violation merely because the victim is a prisoner
Here is a review left by a customer on a product. Would you say he was satisfied or dissatisfied? Title: Good But Its Missing some thing... Review: I started listening to this album i was impressed, except for the fact that the there is almost no audiable bass Jason newsted has the talent just where is he?Blackened: 10/10 great intro...And Justice for All: 10/10 my favorite song on this albumEye of the Beholder: 8/10 good, just don't like the vocalsOne: 10/10 great blend of control and speedThe Shortest Straw: 8/10 repetitive but goodHarvester of Sorrow: 9/10The Frayed Ends of Sanity: 7/10 a weird trackTo Live is to Die: 8/10 A long oneDyers Eve: 7/10 The answer to this question is:
Question: Bombay Mail, a 1935 Hindi-language Indian film, featured what supporting actress, who is best known for her songs, "Sun Bairi Baalam Sach Bol Re" in "Bawre Nain" (1950), "Ghabrekar Ke Jo Hum Sir Ko Takraayan" in "Mahal" (1949) and "Najariya Ki Maari" in "Pakeezah" (1972)? Answer:
Rajkumari Dubey
You will be given a definition of a task first, then some input of the task. Given a sentence in the Japanese and Thai language. Your task is check if the Filipino sentence is translation of Japanese. if the translation is correct than generate label "Yes", otherwise generate label "No". Japanese:?? 11?? 24?? 2?? Thai:?? Aregawi Berhe?? TPLF???? Araya Output:
In this task, you are given a context paragraph of the tweet and question. Your task is to generate right answer of given question based on given context tweet paragraph. Context: You get it? #IllShowYou#PURPOSE@Skrillex the truth Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) November 2, 2015 Question: what does justin want you to get?
the truth
It is true that copper is dangerous in large doses, but our bodily system actually needs small amounts of it, which is what the Commission did itself acknowledge. Translate to German
Er stimmt, daß Kupfer in zu großen Dosen gefährlich ist, aber in kleinen Dosen braucht unser Körper Kupfer; das hat auch die Kommission schon früher festgestellt.
Ein Cover braucht für den Rücken keinen Beschnitt. Which language is this?
APPENDIX 2 (Cont) PURCHASES OF GARLIC FROM CANADIAN SUPPLIERS/GROWERS CANADIAN GROWER AND/OR PACKER: (specify Canadian grower and/or packer and provide a breakdown for each grower and/or packer) Jan. 1-June 30, 2005 Fresh Garlic 1 2 3 4 Volume (kg) Net Delivered Value ($000) Unit Value ($/kg) Delivery Costs(%) Frozen Garlic Volume (kg) Net Delivered Value ($000) Unit Value ($/kg) Delivery Costs(%) July 1– Sept. Translate to French
ANNEXE 2 (suite) ACHATS D’AIL DE FOURNISSEURS/PRODUCTEURS AU PAYS FOURNISSEUR ET (OU) EMBALLEUR AU PAYS : (préciser le producteur et (ou) l’emballeur au pays et fournir une décomposition pour chaque producteur et (ou) emballeur) 1er janv. au 30 juin 2005 Ail frais 1 2 3 4 Volume (kilos) Valeur nette rendue (milliers de dollars) Valeur unitaire ($/kilo) Coûts de livraison (%) Ail congelé Volume (kilos) Valeur nette rendue (milliers de dollars) Valeur unitaire ($/kilo) Coûts de livraison (%) 1er juil. au 30 sept.
I am a movie director and I just received the following movie plot. Could you help me answer this question? If not, let me know by writing "Not answerable". Plot title: Never Say Never Again Movie plot: In an unidentified tropical region, James Bond, on assignment, is infiltrating an enemy compound. He distracts, subdues and kills several guards until he reaches the compound's primary building. After eliminating several more guards, he enters an adjacent bedroom where he finds a kidnapped woman, bound to a bed. As he frees her arms, she grabs a hidden knife and stabs him in the ribs.At MI6 headquarters, Bond's boss, M, and a tactician review Bond's performance on video; the mission was a fake assignment designed to test Bond's effectiveness. Though his total mission time was acceptable, Bond is heavily criticized for being killed, a result of him missing details in the mission's "plot". Bond points out that he has been a willing participant in M's "war games" and that he was only previously wounded in one of them. M points out that the result of that training exercise was Bond losing both of his legs, thereby becoming useless as an active agent. M orders Bond to Shrublands - a rehabilitation club outside of London.At a bank in France a woman, Fatima Blush, arrives and demands access to a secret room housed within the bank where her parent criminal organization, SPECTRE, holds a top-secret meeting. Present is SPECTRE's leader, Blofeld. He announces a new plan for the group's latest attempt at extortion called "The Tears of Allah", so-named for a jade pendant that the mission's creator, Maximillian Largo, gives to his lover, Domino Petachi. With the aid of Blush, Largo will steal two nuclear cruise missiles. The theft will be performed in part by an American Air Force captain, Jack Petachi, Domino's brother, whose right eye is being altered surgically to represent that of the United States president. Blush's role will be as Capt. Petachi's caretaker following the surgery. However, SPECTRE has also ensured his compliance by addicting him to heroin and threatening the life of Domino.At Shrublands, Bond is required to adhere to a strict regimen of controlled diet and exercise. However, it does not prevent him... My question: What type of exercise does James Bond fail? Answer:
Not answerable
Detailed Instructions: You will be asked how to do a certain task. You should describe a physical process that does not lead to the asked outcome, yet it is closely related to it (i.e., it should use the words that are provided in the input). The physical process can be moving something, arranging something in a certain way, mixing things, shaking them, etc. To make sure that the generated process does not lead to the asked outcome, you can introduce objects or events unrelated to the context of the question e.g. 'cleaning the keyboard by making an elephant sit on them'; or you can create contradictory statements e.g. 'drying wet keyboards with running water'. In your responses, avoid typos and misspellings. Q: How can you safely remove a fuse from a fuseholder? A:
You should turn off air, check for voltage after the fuse, and use a plastic fuse remover.
Here is a review left by a customer on a product. Would you say he was satisfied or dissatisfied? Title: nice Review: Recommended size good its shinny i just like it and the price was goos actually it was 2 of them im looking for the black one now The answer to this question is:
You will be given a definition of a task first, then some input of the task. Given a passage classify if the passage has a definite objective/aim/goal or not. Output '1' if the passage has a defininte objective/aim/goal and output '0' if the passage does not have a definite objective/aim/goal. Our previous study suggested that N-cadherin was downregulated in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). Our aim in this study was to investigate the correlation between N- and E-cadherin expression in HCC and its clinical significance.', 'Eighty-six patients with HCC undergoing liver resection were retrospectively studied. N- and E-cadherin expression in HCC and adjacent liver tissue were investigated using immunohistochemistry and immunofluorescence. The correlation between the expression status of both cadherins and surgical outcomes was analyzed.', 'In 23 patients negative for E-cadherin expression, 19 of them (82.6%) were also negative for N-cadherin expression. In 30 patients with heterogeneous expression of E-cadherin, 20 of them (66.7%) also had heterogeneous expression of N-cadherin. In 33 patients with uniformly positive expression of E-cadherin, 19 of them (57.6%) also had uniformly positive expression of N-cadherin. Therefore, there was a positive correlation between expression patterns of N- and E-cadherins. Concurrent loss of both N- and E-cadherin expressions was significantly associated with absence of the tumor capsule, vascular invasion, and poor differentiation. The 1- and 3-y disease-free survival rates were 27% and 9%, respectively, and the 1- and 3-y overall survival rates were 64.3% and 14.3%, respectively, in patients with concurrent loss of both cadherins, which were significantly worse than those with concurrent uniformly positive expression or heterogeneous expression of both cadherins. Output:
Write the response. DIALOG: What happened with The Phil Hendrie Show in 2005? - In February 2005, Hendrie's show moved to XTRA Sports 570 (KLAC), deemed a better fit for his show's mostly male audience, though it wasn't Hendrie's idea. - What did he do when he moved? - John Ziegler, a local Los Angeles conservative talk show host, moved into his slot on KFI. - Did he stay on KLAC? - In early 2006, Hendrie announced that he was retiring from radio. - Why did he retire? - He said that he felt he had reached the limits of what he could do in “terrestrial talk radio” and expressing a desire to shift his career focus toward acting. - Are there any other interesting aspects about this article? - Reruns continued on KLAC in Los Angeles through November 2006 and CKTB until April 2007. The CKTB airing featured an unofficial "best-of", airing for 3 hours every Saturday night. - Why was it unofficial? -
The program was meticulously programmed by Producer Stephen Dohnberg, who culled Hendrie bits from his own archives, archives that often featured rare and classic Hendrie segments.
Fill in the response. DIALOG: What happened with LaMarcus Aldridge in the 2003-04 season? - Meanwhile, however, the Blazers were cooling off after a 30-11 record through the first 41 games of the season when shooting guard Wesley Matthews, who Aldridge called "the heart and soul" of the Trail Blazers, tore his Achilles tendon on March 5 against the Dallas Mavericks and missed the rest of the season and playoffs, The Blazers subsequently went 21-20 through their final 41 games. - Did he play in the playoffs? -
In the playoffs, the short-handed Blazers were outplayed and outmatched by the Memphis Grizzlies in five games.
Please answer the following question: You are considering whether to buy a product. You look at the reviews. Would the following review decrease or increase the chances of you buying the product? Review title: Martial arts fantasy wire-fu Product review: If you're into the sort of craziness that is martial arts fantasy wire-fu and magic, you might like this movie. Most people will find it absurd. How Chinese people can consider this entertainment is beyond me.Don't get me wrong. I love martial arts movies. I've collected them for years. I can stand some cheese here and there, but this one takes the cake. Wire-fu, magic relics, super-human and magical moves, instant cures... the list runs the gamot of the typical martial arts fantasy movie gone wrong.Some of the special effects are pretty cool and the martial artists are good, but the muck of the rest of it pretty much makes this a laughable experience.Rent before you buy. Answer:
the dodgers signed pitching staff cornerstone ramon martinez to a three-year contract thursday, checking another item off their offseason?? to-do '' list. What is a very short summary of the above text?
dodgers sign martinez for three more years
What is the next dialog turn? DIALOG: Who is William P. Crowell? - William P. Crowell William Perry Crowell (born November 26, 1940) was Deputy Director of the National Security Agency from February 1994 to September 1997, during which time he was the highest ranking civilian in the agency, who oversaw management. - What did he do for the National Security Agency? - Crowell joined as an agency recruiter for the NSA in 1962, Crowell was also Deputy Director for Operations of the agency from October 1991 to February 1994. - What else did he do? -
He has also served on many boards and as president of private sector intelligence and security companies, including CEO of Cylink Corporation, and as director at Broadware Technologies, Prominex, ArcSight, Inc., Narus, SafeNet, Inc., DRS Technologies, Inc., AirPatrol as well as on the SunFed Board of Directors.
Given the question: You are considering whether to buy a product. You look at the reviews. Would the following review decrease or increase the chances of you buying the product? Review title: Looks like 2000 all over again! Product review: Democrat votes coming from deceased people; military votes being blocked; real documentaries being banned from tv; mainstrean media lying. Get ready for the mainstream media to call an early win for John Kerry in an attempt to thart voters from voting for George W. Bush, the real deal, the right man, just like in 2000.So it really wasn't just Al Gore after all. It's the democratic party which is anything but democratic.What a bunch of scoundrals!Make sure your vote gets counted or we may see yet another Jimmy Carter-like recession. Who wants or needs that? The answer is:
Is there a negative or positive tone to this product review? === Title: Why No Credit For Alex Rogers and Bert Williams? Review: I can't believe that OCMS are so lazy. They have named this album "Big Iron World" which comes from the lyrics to 'Let It Alone" which they have recorded and listed as "traditional". "Let It Alone" is not a traditional song it was a popular tune in 1906 and written by Alex Rogers (lyrics) and Bert Williams (music). Why don't they give the proper credit? This record is as close to old time and traditional music as Velveeta is to real cheese. Answer:
Translate the following sentence to French: [8] Thus, the Commission, sensitive to the concerns expressed, attentively studied each of the objections, which were sometimes based on grounds that had already been submitted and reviewed, and attempted to make its decisions in a spirit of openness and equity.
[8] Ainsi, la Commission, sensible aux préoccupations exprimées, a-t-elle étudié attentivement chacune des oppositions, dont les motifs avaient parfois été antérieurement soumis et examinés, et s'est-elle efforcée de prendre ses décisions dans un esprit d'ouverture et d'équité.
Given the task definition and input, reply with output. In this task, you're given a context, a question, three options, and an answer. Your task is to classify whether the given answer is correct or not by providing 'Yes' or 'No', based on the context with commonsense reasoning about social situations. Context: When Skylar had delivered her last newspaper, she left and went home. Question: How would you describe Skylar? Options: (A) a person who hates her job (B) exhausted (C) a person who works a paper route Answer: C
How is "Do you feel that the policy is generally well known and readily understood by other employees with disabilities?" said in French?
⁇ tes-vous d'avis que la politique est bien connue en général et facile à comprendre par les autres employés ayant une déficience?
Definition: Given a sentence in Korean, provide an equivalent paraphrased translation in English that retains the same meaning both through the translation and the paraphrase. Input: Briggs???? Riggi Shankar?? Eric Burdon?? The Animals?????? 1967?? Monterey Pop Festival?? Briggs????. Output:
Briggs met Briggs later at the Monterey Pop Festival of 1967 , where Ravi Shankar also performed with Eric Burdon and The Animals .
La plupart des principaux dirigeants ont été battus, notamment l'un d'eux qui n'avait jamais perdu une élection en 26 ans de carrière. Translate this to English?
Most of its senior leaders were defeated in their constituencies – including one who hadn’t lost an election in 26 years.
Solve -x - 3*x - 8 = 0 for x.. What is the answer??
What is the next dialog turn? DIALOG: What is the typical composition of the monuments in the Basilica of Santa Maria del Popolo? - Its main feature is the Roman bust of the deceased in a plain niche, flanked by two boys wearing a tunic and holding inverted torches. - What other features are present in the monuments? - The monument is crowned with a coat-of-arms, garlands and two flaming urns. - Are there any other interesting aspects about this article? - There is another funerary monument on the other side of the Cerasi Chapel, high on the pillar, dedicated to Margarita Arcangeli by her husband, Tommaso Martini and her daughter, Maria Anna. - When was Margarita Arcangeli burried? -
She died in 1861 at the age of 58.
Teacher:This task is about classifying the similarity of two sentences. The sentences can be classified as (a) SIMILAR - similar to each other, and (b) DISSIMILAR - not similar to each other. Sentences that have the same RDF relationship in terms of [subject, predicate, object] are similar to each other. The input is a list of two sentences and the output is either SIMILAR or DISSIMILAR. Teacher: Now, understand the problem? Solve this instance: ['Qiu Xiaolong is the author of A Loyal Character Dancer, with ISBN number 1-56947-301-3.', 'A Loyal Character, written by Qiu Xiaolong, has ISBN:1-56947-301-3.'] Student:
Please answer the following question: Facts: - caption: edmund castell - death date: 1685 1606 yes - birth date: 1606 yes - name: edmund castell - image: edmund castell.jpg Based on these bullet points, write a short biography describing the life of edmund castell. A:
edmund castell -lrb- 1606 -- 1686 -rrb- was an english orientalist .he was born at tadlow , in cambridgeshire .at the age of fifteen he entered emmanuel college , cambridge , gaining his ba in 1624-5 and his ma in 1628 .appointed professor of arabic in 1666 , with the full title ⁇ sir thomas adams professor of arabic ' .he moved to st john 's in 1671 , because of the valuable library there .his great work , the ⁇ lexicon heptaglotton hebraicum , chaldaicum , syriacum , samaritanum , aethiopicum , arabicum , et persicum '' -lrb- 1669 -rrb- , took him eighteen years to complete , working -lrb- according to his own account -rrb- from sixteen to eighteen hours a day .he employed fourteen assistants on the project , and spent # 12,000 , ruining himself in the process as there was little demand for his finished lexicon .by 1667 , he found himself in prison because he was unable to discharge his brother 's debts , for which he had made himself liable .however , a volume of poems dedicated to the king brought him preferment .he was made prebendary of canterbury cathedral and professor of arabic at cambridge .before undertaking the ⁇ lexicon heptaglotton '' , castell had helped dr brian walton in the preparation of his ⁇ polyglott bible '' .he died at higham gobion , bedfordshire , where he was rector , and bequeathed his manuscripts to the university of cambridge .the syriac section of the ⁇ lexicon '' was issued separately at göttingen in 1788 by j.d. michaelis , who made a tribute to castell 's learning and industry .trier published the hebrew section in 1790 -- 1792 .
Table des matières Could you please translate this to English?
What is an example of a tweet?
@BevClement now that's real business for you Morning btw
Write the response. DIALOG: What influence did Keats have on poetry? - While Keats was writing "Ode on a Grecian Urn" and the other poems, Brown transcribed copies of the poems and submitted them to Richard Woodhouse. - Did his work become popular? - During this time, Benjamin Haydon, Keats' friend, was given a copy of "Ode to a Nightingale", and he shared the poem with the editor of the "Annals of the Fine Arts", James Elmes. - Did he receive any awards for his work? - Elmes paid Keats a small sum of money, and the poem was published in the July issue. - What else did you find interesting? -
The poem was later included in Keats' 1820 collection of poems, "Lamia, Isabella, The Eve of St Agnes, and Other Poems".
Answer the following question: Montreal Standard - The Montreal Standard later known as The Standard was a national weekly pictorial newspaper published in Montreal Quebec founded by Hugh Graham. It operated from 1905 to 1951.Begun in 1905 as a Saturday-only newspaper on the model of the Illustrated London News the format proved to be successful during World War I and World War II. Given a choice of categories company, educational institution, artist, athlete, office holder, mean of transportation, building, natural place, village, animal, plant, album, film or written work, the text refers to which one? Answer:
Written Work
Translate to French: The Court also rejected the other claims made by the author in relation to alleged violations of the right to fair trial as non-substantiated.
Elle a aussi rejeté comme infondés les autres griefs de l'auteur concernant des violations présumées du droit à un procès équitable.
TEXT: we were scared that grace would disappear into ping's nearby building and we would miss out on our chance. it happened so fast that i didn't even know what to say once we reached her. i hesitated hoping sebastian talked. he paused a moment then spoke.?? excuse me but is your name
Translate "We accept checks and bills of exchange only on account. Discount and note charges are at the contract partner’s expense and are due immediately." to German?
Nehmen wir Schecks und Wechsel an, so erfolgt dies nur zahlungshalber; Diskont- und Wechselspesen gehen zu Lasten des Vertragspartners und sind sofort fällig.
Question: when was fdr elected as president I found the following answer on Google: Roosevelt is consistently rated by scholars as one of the top three U.S. Presidents, along with Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. Is that a correct answer? Yes or no. Answer:
Please answer the following question: Here is a review left by a customer on a product. Would you say he was satisfied or dissatisfied? Title: The Vampire Diaries Review: This is one of the best shows on TV, today. It has great action, romance and will keep you guessing. I already bought the second season and it's not even done airing yet. You won't find a better price. I've looked in all the stores. Answer:
Given those answer options, answer the question: Is this product review positive? Title: forced into reading a thought provoking book Review: i am currently a sophomore in high school. as part of my ap english class, we are forced to read six books in six weeks with six different writing assignments. i read herman hesse's siddhartha and i was suprised by the story that i read. it was truly a good book. many of my classmates did not think that highly, but i believe it to be one of the best books i have ever read. it makes you want to read it again, so you can think about every sentence more and maybe find some sort of meaning to our lives. Answer: A:
How is "This requirement shall be evaluated in the light of the uniform principles for evaluation and authorisation of plant protection products referred to in the second paragraph of Article 35. Or. en Justification Any decision must be based on realistic conditions of use." said in French?
Une substance active n’est approuvée que s’il a été établi, pour un nombre étendu d’utilisations représentatives, que le produit phytopharmaceutique est d’une efficacité suffisante lorsqu’il est appliqué conformément aux bonnes pratiques phytopharmaceutiques et dans des 118/136 AM ⁇ 672288FR.doc
Translate the following sentence to French: The substance of these comments have to a large extent been included in the revised text.
La teneur de ces observations a été dans une grande mesure reprise dans le texte révisé.
Indicate if the following Polish tweet contains cyber-bullying content with 'Yes'; otherwise, respond with 'No'. Tweet: @anonymized_account @anonymized_account Ja zaraz zaczynam :) musz?? jeszcze przyszykowa?? garnitur??, Question: Is the tweet free of any cyberbullying (harmful) content?
Write the response. DIALOG: What is the Western City Tigers? - Western City Tigers Western City Tigers Rugby League Football Club is an Australian rugby league football club based in Mt Druitt, New South Wales formed in 1984. - Are there any other interesting aspects about this article? -
Notable First Grade Players that have played at Western City Tigers (Mt Druitt) include:
DIALOG: Who is Mian Abdul Haq? - Abdul Haq (Mitthu Mian) is a custodian of Bharchindi Shia Dargah, who is well known for subverting the legal process in numerous cases of kidnapping of underage hindu girls, their forced conversion to islam and marriage to older men at this dargah, as well as inciting violence against hindus specially by misusing blasphemy laws. - What happened to the girls? -
Firstly underage girls are abducted from her home or where they work, later reappearing after having been and married off to a Muslim.
Please answer the following question: What would be the?? -rating of this review (?? being the lowest and?? being the highest)? "Love it Coc" A:
Question: What is the name found in Iris's sketchbook? If there is no answer, please output "Insufficient information to provide an answer.". Movie title: The Ward Context: In rural Oregon, at the North Bend Psychiatric Hospital in 1966, a young patient named Tammy is attacked and killed by an unseen force during the night. Kristen (Amber Heard), a troubled young woman, sets fire to an abandoned farmhouse and shortly thereafter is arrested. The local police take her to North Bend where she meets the other patients in the ward: artistic Iris (Lyndsy Fonseca), seductive Sarah (Danielle Panabaker), wild Emily (Mamie Gummer), and child-like Zoey (Laura-Leigh). Kristen is taken to a room, which the other girls inform her was previously occupied by their friend, Tammy. Kristen also meets her therapist, Dr. Stringer (Jared Harris). She is unable to recall anything about her past. Later, she awakens in the middle of the night and sees a horribly deformed figure staring at her. While she is with Iris and Emily, Kristen sees two people looking at her from Dr. Stringer's office, but the girls give no clue as to who they are. While taking a shower, Kristen is attacked by the deformed figure, but upon telling the nurse this, she is drugged and put through intense electroshock therapy. During a session with Dr. Stringer, Iris mentions Tammy but is then immediately halted by the doctor. In a therapy session, Dr. Stringer uses hypnotherapy to unlock Iris' hidden memories. After the session, Iris is killed by transorbital lobotomy by the deformed figure. Kristen tries to discover what happened to her friend. In Iris's sketchbook, she finds a sketch of the figure that had attacked her, with the name Alice Hudson, a former patient at the hospital, written on top. That night, despite Sarah and Zoey's warning that it is nearly impossible to leave, Kristen and Emily attempt to find Iris and escape. However, the alarm is triggered. Kristen is thwarted by Alice and is rendered unconscious. She reawakens in her room, and it is revealed that Emily was caught. On her way to an appointment with Dr. Stringer, Sarah flirts with a nurse but is rejected. She goes to the other girls and asks Kristen what... Answer:
Alice Hudson
What was the response? DIALOG: What are the different types of gas that are used in the lifting process? -
0.716 g/L at STP, average molecular mass 16.04 g/mol), the main component of natural gas, is sometimes used as a lift gas when hydrogen and helium are not available.
You will be given a definition of a task first, then some input of the task. The input contains a debate topic, an argument on the topic and a keypoint, separated by "?? sep>". Your task is to answer if the keypoint matches the argument and summarizes exactly what the argument means, in the context of the given topic. Topic: We should ban human cloning?? sep>Argument: Human cloning can lead to advancements in the field of genetics that will result in cures that we can only dream about at present.?? sep>Keypoint: Cloning promotes science/research Output:
DIALOG: What is the Melbourne Racing Club? -
Melbourne Racing Club The Melbourne Racing Club is one of three metropolitan horse racing clubs in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
In this task, you are given a premise sentence. Your task is to write a new sentence by substituting the subject and object (i.e., the input's subject should be output's object and vice versa.). The generated sentence must be fluent and shouldn't change the voice (i.e., passive or active) of the input. The secretary that the artist admired advised the judges.
The judges advised the artist .
Ghetto (Hebrew:?? ) is a play by Israeli playwright Joshua Sobol about the experiences of the Jews of the Vilna Ghetto during Nazi occupation in World War II. The play focuses on the Jewish theatre in the ghetto incorporating live music and including as characters historical figures such as Jacob Gens the chief of the Jewish Police and later Head of the ghetto. It is part of a triptych of plays about the resistance movement which also includes Adam and Underground. Given a list of categories: company, educational institution, artist, athlete, office holder, mean of transportation, building, natural place, village, animal, plant, album, film or written work, what category does the paragraph belong to? The answer to this question is:
Written Work
Title: I had no instructions; could not make heads or tails of the device so I sent it back. Product review: I should have known better than to order this type of device as it had no instructions and I know nothing about MP3 devices. I ordered it simply by brand name, but I could not get it to work and I sent it back. Would you say this review depicts the product in a flattering or unflattering light?
Translate "VoipCheap is a tool that lets different users communicate using an IP telephone.The advantage of this communication system is that it uses the extensive computer network that forms the Internet and avoids the high costs of long distance telephone..." to German?
Mit VoipCheap können verschiedene Anwender über ein IP-Telefon kommunizieren.Der Vorteil dieses Kommunikationsmediums ist, dass es das extensive Computernetzwerk des Internets verwendet und somit die hohen Kosten von Ferngesprächen ...
• 6232 - Établissements résidentiels pour handicaps liés au développement, de troubles mentaux, d'alcoolisme et de toxicomanie Translate this to English?
• 6232 - Residential Developmental Handicap, Mental Health and Substance Abuse Facilities
How is "The preamble of the Rome Statute reaffirms the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations." said in French?
Le préambule du Statut de Rome réaffirme les buts et principes de la Charte des Nations Unies.
What was likely said next? DIALOG: What is known about Belváros? - Belváros Belváros means "inner city", "city centre" or "downtown" in Hungarian. - Are there any other interesting aspects about this article? -
It is the name of the central part of most Hungarian cities.
What is the next dialog turn? DIALOG: What is the host plant of Cisthene subjecta? - Cisthene subjecta Cisthene subjecta, the subject lichen moth, is a moth of the family Erebidae. - What year was Cisthene subjecta discovered? - It was described by Francis Walker in 1854. - Where is Cisthene subjecta found in the United States? - It is found in the southeastern United States, where it has been recorded from Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas. - How long is the wingspan of Cisthene subjecta? -
The wingspan is about 12 mm.
Given those answer options, answer the question: Based on this review, would the user recommend this product? === Review: Great product used it on a recent camping trip, holds a lot of stuff, I had 4 sleeping bag, 2 duffle bag of clothes and if you scure it right there is no noise at all. Answer: A:
Write the response. DIALOG: What are the main Christian Sherlock Holmes stories? - These stories, "The Case of the Invisible Thief", "The Case of the Frozen Scream", "The Case of the Maltese Treasure", "The Case of the Kidnapped Shadow", "The Case of the Hijacked Moon", and "The Case of the Unbolted Lightning", are all deeply imbued with an Evangelical Christian outlook. - Are there any other interesting aspects about this article? - Michael Chabon's novella "The Final Solution" (2004) features an unnamed protagonist that is likely a retired Holmes. - What was the novella about? -
The story takes place during World War II, and features the Holmes character investigating the appearance of a mute boy with a parrot who repeatedly calls a string of seemingly random numbers in German.
You will be given a definition of a task first, then some input of the task. In this task, you're given context and an answer. Your task is to generate the question for this answer based on the given context with commonsense reasoning about social situations.. Context: Remy gave Robin the feeling of love by opening the purse and getting a diamond ring out. Answer: decide to marry her Output:
What will Remy want to do next?
Title: Junk a waste of paper Review: I read this book for an English class about Science ficton. The premise of the book should have been good. Time Traveling, paralal Universe etc yet the author does not devlop the people in the story nor does he make it intresting. A buch of gobaly guke. Every single person in my class which ranged aroung 25 to 30 people said the book was a waste of paper and to never use it. Is the review positive or negative? The answer to this question is:
En outre, au lieu d'établir des programmes de développement en faveur des pays en développement, comme ils en avaient initialement reçu le mandat, le PNUD et la Banque mondiale ont adopté une nouvelle orientation et cherchent à mettre en place un environnement propice au secteur privé. Translate to English
Moreover, UNDP and the World Bank had adopted a new policy orientation of creating an enabling environment for the private sector rather than preparing development projects for developing countries as originally mandated.
Question: Extract the answer to the question from the following context. Question: What leading IT figure in the country known as the Middle Kingdom avered that a specific version of a Microsoft software could cause a breach that would allow sensitive information to be revealed, leading to a breach of national security?? Context: In June 2014, state broadcaster China Central Television (CCTV) broadcast a news story further characterizing Windows 8 as a threat to national security. The story featured an interview with Ni Guangnan, who stated that operating systems could aggregate "sensitive user information" that could be used to "understand the conditions and activities of our national economy and society", and alleged that per documents leaked by Edward Snowden, the U.S. government had worked with Microsoft to retrieve encrypted information. Yang Min, a computer scientist at Fudan University, also stated that "the security features of Windows 8 are basically to the benefit of Microsoft, allowing them control of the users' data, and that poses a big challenge to the national strategy for information security." Microsoft denied the claims in a number of posts on the Chinese social network Sina Weibo, which stated that the company had never "assisted any government in an attack of another government or clients" or provided client data to the U.S. government, never "provided any government the authority to directly visit" or placed any backdoors in its products and services, and that it had never concealed government requests for client data. Answer:
Ni Guangnan
Given the task definition and input, reply with output. You are given a sentence in Italian. Your job is to translate the Italian sentence into Japanese. Infatti, anche ora, parlando con la gente dell'argomento di questo intervento, ho inventato una storia di copertura e ho addirittura nascosto la verità sulla mia discorso TED.
⁇ TED ⁇
Q: Title: Stunning!! Review: I have recently started listening to Karrin Allyson and I just love what she does!! She is a true artist, pianist and singer. Why she isn't hyped up like the "overhyped" Krall and Monheit is beyond me. This woman is also a wonderful improviser she can scat with the best of them. Put her in a room with the past great ladies of jazz and she could definitely hold her own. Keep it up!! Lady!! This CD is a must have. I already have the original Coltrane ballads, (along with just about everything else he has recorded). Having a vocal interpretation of these songs long associated with him is wonderful and an idea long overdue. I am glad that Karrin, a vocalist worthy of doing this project decided to do this CD. She retained everything in the original recording and then added something new. One can't approach Coltrane unless one knows what they are doing. And Allyson definitely knew what she was doing. Also congrats to her on her Grammy nomination!! Is this product review negative? A:
Read the following article and answer the question. Article: Reading is the key to school success and, like any skill, it takes practice. A child learns to walk by practicing until he no longer has to think about how to put one foot in front of the other. An excellent sportsman practices until he can play quickly, correctly and without thinking. Educators call it "automaticity ". A child learns to read by sounding out the letters and finding the meaning of the words. With practice, he stumbles less and less, reading by the phrase. With automaticity, he doesn't have to think about the meaning of words, so he can give all his attention to the meaning of the text. It can begin as early as first grade. In a recent study of children in Illinois schools, Alan Rossman of Northwestern University found that automatic readers in the first grade not only read almost three times as fast as the others, but also got better results in exams. According to Rossman, the key to automaticity is the amount of time a child spends reading, not his IQ. Any child who spends at least 3.5 to 4 hours a week reading books, magazines or newspapers will probably reach automaticity. It can happen if a child turns off TV just one night for reading at home. You can test yourself by reading something new which is suitable for your level. If you read aloud with expression, with a sense of the meaning of the sentences, you probably are an automatic reader. If you read brokenly, one word at a time, without expression or meaning, you need more practice. Question: Children with "automaticity" can read faster because they_. Answer: Answer:

Symbolic Instruction Tuning

This is the offical repo to host the datasets used in the paper From Zero to Hero: Examining the Power of Symbolic Tasks in Instruction Tuning. The training code can be found in here.

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