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"I was wondering if anyone out there could enlighten me on this car I saw the other day. It was a 2-door sports car, looked to be from the late 60s/ early 70s. It was called a Bricklin. The doors were really small. In addition, the front bumper was separate from the rest of the body. This is all I know. If anyone can tellme a model name, engine specs, years of production, where this car is made, history, or whatever info you have on this funky looking car, please e-mail."
"A fair number of brave souls who upgraded their SI clock oscillator have shared their experiences for this poll. Please send a brief message detailing your experiences with the procedure. Top speed attained, CPU rated speed, add on cards and adapters, heat sinks, hour of usage per day, floppy disk functionality with 800 and 1.4 m floppies are especially requested. I will be summarizing in the next two days, so please add to the network knowledge base if you have done the clock upgrade and haven't answered this poll. Thanks."
"well folks, my mac plus finally gave up the ghost this weekend after starting life as a 512k way back in 1985. sooo, i'm in the market for a new machine a bit sooner than i intended to be... i'm looking into picking up a powerbook 160 or maybe 180 and have a bunch of questions that (hopefully) somebody can answer: * does anybody know any dirt on when the next round of powerbook introductions are expected? i'd heard the 185c was supposed to make an appearence "this summer" but haven't heard anymore on it - and since i don't have access to macleak, i was wondering if anybody out there had more info... * has anybody heard rumors about price drops to the powerbook line like the ones the duo's just went through recently? * what's the impression of the display on the 180? i could probably swing a 180 if i got the 80Mb disk rather than the 120, but i don't really have a feel for how much "better" the display is (yea, it looks great in the store, but is that all "wow" or is it really that good?). could i solicit some opinions of people who use the 160 and 180 day-to-day on if its worth taking the disk size and money hit to get the active display? (i realize this is a real subjective question, but i've only played around with the machines in a computer store breifly and figured the opinions of somebody who actually uses the machine daily might prove helpful). * how well does hellcats perform? ;) thanks a bunch in advance for any info - if you could email, i'll post a summary (news reading time is at a premium with finals just around the corner... :( ) -- Tom Willis \ \ Purdue Electrical Engineering"
" Do you have Weitek's address/phone number? I'd like to get some information about this chip. "
"From article <>, by (Tom A Baker): My understanding is that the 'expected errors' are basically known bugs in the warning system software - things are checked that don't have the right values in yet because they aren't set till after launch, and suchlike. Rather than fix the code and possibly introduce new bugs, they just tell the crew 'ok, if you see a warning no. 213 before liftoff, ignore it'."
" Of course. The term must be rigidly defined in any bill. I doubt she uses this term for that. You are using a quote allegedly from her, can you back it up? I read the article as presenting first an argument about weapons of mass destruction (as commonly understood) and then switching to other topics. The first point evidently was to show that not all weapons should be allowed, and then the later analysis was, given this understanding, to consider another class. "
"There were a few people who responded to my request for info on treatment for astrocytomas through email, whom I couldn't thank directly because of mail-bouncing probs (Sean, Debra, and Sharon). So I thought I'd publicly thank everyone. Thanks! (I'm sure glad I accidentally hit "rn" instead of "rm" when I was trying to delete a file last September. "Hmmm... 'News?' What's this?"....)"
" ALL this shows is that YOU don't know much about SCSI. SCSI-1 {with a SCSI-1 controler chip} range is indeed 0-5MB/s and that is ALL you have right about SCSI SCSI-1 {With a SCSI-2 controller chip}: 4-6MB/s with 10MB/s burst {8-bit} Note the INCREASE in SPEED, the Mac Quadra uses this version of SCSI-1 so it DOES exist. Some PC use this set up too. SCSI-2 {8-bit/SCSI-1 mode}: 4-6MB/s with 10MB/s burst SCSI-2 {16-bit/wide or fast mode}: 8-12MB/s with 20MB/s burst SCSI-2 {32-bit/wide AND fast}: 15-20MB/s with 40MB/s burst By your OWN data the "Although SCSI is twice as fast as ESDI" is correct With a SCSI-2 controller chip SCSI-1 can reach 10MB/s which is indeed "20% faster than IDE" {120% of 8.3 is 9.96}. ALL these SCSI facts have been posted to this newsgroup in my Mac & IBM info sheet {available by FTP on ( in the info-mac/report as mac-ibm-compare[version #].txt (It should be 173 but 161 may still be there)} Part of this problem is both Mac and IBM PC are inconsiant about what SCSI is which. Though it is WELL documented that the Quadra has a SCSI-2 chip an Apple salesperson said "it uses a fast SCSI-1 chip" {Not at a 6MB/s, 10MB/s burst it does not. SCSI-1 is 5MB/s maximum synchronous and Quadra uses ANsynchronous SCSI which is SLOWER} It seems that Mac and IBM see SCSI-1 interface and think 'SCSI-1' when it maybe a SCSI-1 interface driven in the machine by a SCSi-2 controller chip in 8-bit mode {Which is MUCH FASTER then true SCSI-1 can go}."
"I have win 3.0 and downloaded several icons and BMP's but I can't figure out how to change the "wallpaper" or use the icons. Any help would be appreciated. Thanx, -Brando"
" I've had the board for over a year, and it does work with Diskdoubler, but not with Autodoubler, due to a licensing problem with Stac Technologies, the owners of the board's compression technology. (I'm writing this from memory; I've lost the reference. Please correct me if I'm wrong.) Using the board, I've had problems with file icons being lost, but it's hard to say whether it's the board's fault or something else; however, if I decompress the troubled file and recompress it without the board, the icon usually reappears. Because of the above mentioned licensing problem, the freeware expansion utility DD Expand will not decompress a board-compressed file unless you have the board installed. Since Stac has its own product now, it seems unlikely that the holes in Autodoubler/Diskdoubler related to the board will be fixed. Which is sad, and makes me very reluctant to buy Stac's product since they're being so stinky. (But hey, that's competition.) -- "
"I have a line on a Ducati 900GTS 1978 model with 17k on the clock. Runs very well, paint is the bronze/brown/orange faded out, leaks a bit of oil and pops out of 1st with hard accel. The shop will fix trans and oil leak. They sold the bike to the 1 and only owner. They want $3495, and I am thinking more like $3K. Any opinions out there? Please email me. Thanks. It would be a nice stable mate to the Beemer. Then I'll get a jap bike and call myself Axis Motors! -- ----------------------------------------------------------------------- "Tuba" (Irwin) "I honk therefore I am" CompuTrac-Richardson,Tx DoD #0826 (R75/6)"
" Yep, that's pretty much it. I'm not a Jew but I understand that this is the Jewish way of thinking. However, the Jews believe that the Covenant between YHWH and the Patriarchs (Abraham and Moses, in this case) establishes a Moral Code to follow for mankind. Even the Jews could not decide where the boundaries fall, though. As I understand it, the Sadducees believed that the Torah was all that was required, whereas the Pharisees (the ancestors of modern Judaism) believed that the Torah was available for interpretation to lead to an understanding of the required Morality in all its nuances (->Talmud). The essence of all of this is that Biblical Morality is an interface between Man and YHWH (for a Jew or Christian) and does not necessarily indicate anything about YHWH outside of that relationship (although one can speculate). The trouble with all of this is that we don't really know what the "created in His image" means. I've heard a number of different opinions on this and have still not come to any conclusion. This rather upsets the Apple Cart if one wants to base a Life Script on this shaky foundation (to mix metaphors unashamedly!) As to living by Christ's example, we know very little about Jesus as a person. We only have his recorded utterances in a set of narratives by his followers, and some very small references from comtemporary historians. Revelation aside, one can only "know" Christ second-hand or worse. This is not an attempt to debunk Christianity (although it may seem that way initially), the point I`m trying to make is that we only really have the Bible to interpret, and that interpretation is by humanity. I guess this is where Faith or Relevation comes in with all its inherent subjectiveness. No. There may be an absolute moral code. There are undoubtably multiple moral codes. The multiple moral codes may be founded in the absolute moral code. As an example, a parent may tell a child never to swear, and the child may assume that the parent never swears simply because the parent has told the child that it is "wrong". Now, the parent may swear like a trooper in the pub or bar (where there are no children). The "wrongness" here is if the child disobeys the parent. The parent may feel that it is "inappropriate" to swear in front of children but may be quite happy to swear in front of animals. The analogy does not quite hold water because the child knows that he is of the same type as the parent (and may be a parent later in life) but you get the gist of it? Incidentally, the young child considers the directive as absolute until he gets older (see Piaget) and learns a morality of his own. David. --- On religion:"
"-- "
" {Description of "External Tank" option for SSF redesign deleted} Yo Ken, let's keep on-top of things! Both the "External Tank" and "Wingless Orbiter" options have been deleted from the SSF redesign options list. Today's (4/23) edition of the New York Times reports that O'Connor told the panel that some redesign proposals have been dropped, such as using the "giant external fuel tanks used in launching space shuttles," and building a "station around an existing space shuttle with its wings and tail removed." Currently, there are three options being considered, as presented to the advisory panel meeting yesterday (and as reported in today's Times). Option "A" - Low Cost Modular Approach This option is being studied by a team from MSFC. {As an aside, there are SSF redesign teams at MSFC, JSC, and LaRC supporting the SRT (Station Redesign Team) in Crystal City. Both LeRC and Reston folks are also on-site at these locations, helping the respective teams with their redesign activities.} Key features of this option are: - Uses "Bus-1", a modular bus developed by Lockheed that's qualified for STS and ELV's. The bus provides propulsion, GN&C Communications, & Data Management. Lockheed developed this for the Air Force. - A "Power Station Capability" is obtained in 3 Shuttle Flights. SSF Solar arrays are used to provide 20 kW of power. The vehicle flies in an "arrow mode" to optimize the microgravity environment. Shuttle/Spacelab missions would utilize the vehilce as a power source for 30 day missions. - Human tended capability (as opposed to the old SSF sexist term of man-tended capability) is achieved by the addition of the US Common module. This is a modified version of the existing SSF Lab module (docking ports are added for the International Partners' labs, taking the place of the nodes on SSF). The Shuttle can be docked to the station for 60 day missions. The Orbiter would provide crew habitability & EVA capability. - International Human Tended. Add the NASDA & ESA modules, and add another 20 kW of power - Permanent Human Presence Capability. Add a 3rd power module, the U.S. habitation module, and an ACRV (Assured Crew Return Vehicle). Option "B" - Space Station Freedom Derived The Option "B" team is based at LaRC, and is lead by Mike Griffin. This option looks alot like the existing SSF design, which we have all come to know and love :) This option assumes a lightweight external tank is available for use on all SSF assembly flights (so does option "A"). Also, the number of flights is computed for a 51.6 inclination orbit, for both options "A" and "B". The build-up occurs in six phases: - Initial Research Capability reached after 3 flights. Power is transferred from the vehicle to the Orbiter/Spacelab, when it visits. - Man-Tended Capability (Griffin has not yet adopted non-sexist language) is achieved after 8 flights. The U.S. Lab is deployed, and 1 solar power module provides 20 kW of power. - Permanent Human Presence Capability occurs after 10 flights, by keeping one Orbiter on-orbit to use as an ACRV (so sometimes there would be two Orbiters on-orbit - the ACRV, and the second one that comes up for Logistics & Re-supply). - A "Two Fault Tolerance Capability" is achieved after 14 flights, with the addition of a 2nd power module, another thermal control system radiator, and more propulsion modules. - After 20 flights, the Internationals are on-board. More power, the Habitation module, and an ACRV are added to finish the assembly in 24 flights. Most of the systems currently on SSF are used as-is in this option, with the exception of the data management system, which has major changes."
"Reduced Prices! I have a list of things forsale on behalf of my brother, who's moving (moved already) Offer: 1) Black and Decker Duster Plus (Portable Hand Vaccum) purchased for $32, $12 2) SR-1000 Dual Cassette Portable Player, AM/FM 5-Band graphics Equalizer, high speed dubing, Duo Tape.Tape deck A, seems to have lost treble sound. But, I bet it's fixable. purchased for $80 $25 3)Monolux Zoom MicroScope, up to 1200X magnification Made in Japan, includes case and accessories purchased for $50 $20 4)Sunbeam 1400 Hair Dryer, the dryer you put your head under/into. You know, the ones you see in the salons. (Don't ask me why my bro had it) purchased for $60 $24 5)Everylast Speed Bag, all leather. Brand new, never used $10 6)Osterizer Pusle Matic Blender, with 10 speeds and a cookbook, 5 years old $10 purchased for $50 8)Binolux Binoculars . 7x35, extra wide angle 525ft. at 1000yds. with case. very new. $20 9)Proctor and Silex Spray,Steam and Dry Iron. very new. $10 Any questions, contact me thru e-mail and I will reply expeditously And always, S+H are not included, so please consider this. And lastly, I'm a very reasonable.Very Reasonable."
" Don't be so sure. Look what happened to Japanese citizens in the US during World War II. If you're prepared to say "Let's round these people up and stick them in a concentration camp without trial", it's only a short step to gassing them without trial. After all, it seems that the Nazis originally only intended to imprison the Jews; the Final Solution was dreamt up partly because they couldn't afford to run the camps because of the devastation caused by Goering's Total War. Those who weren't gassed generally died of malnutrition or disease. "
" I certainly do use it whenever I have to do TIFF, and it usually works very well. That's not my point. I'm >philosophically< opposed to it because of its complexity. This complexity has led to some programs' poor TIFF writers making some very bizarre files, other programs' inability to load TIFF images (though they'll save them, of course), and a general inability to interchange images between different environments despite the fact they all think they understand TIFF. As the saying goes, "It's not me I'm worried about- it's all the abuse of TIFF over the years, and I chalk it all up to the immense (and unnecessary) complexity of the format. In the words of the TIFF 5.0 spec, Appendix G, page G-1 (capitalized emphasis mine): "The only problem with this sort of success is that TIFF was designed to be powerful and flexible, at the expense of simplicity. It takes a fair amount of effort to handle all the options currently defined in this specification (PROBABLY NO APPLICATION DOES A COMPLETE JOB), and that is currently the only way you can be >sure< that you will be able to import any TIFF image, since there are so many image-generating applications out there now." If a program (or worse all applications) can't read >every< TIFF image, that means there are some it won't- some that I might have to deal with. Why would I want my images to be trapped in that format? I don't and neither should anyone who agrees with my reasoning- not that anyone does, of course! :-)"
"I recently posted an article asking what kind of rates single, male drivers under 25 yrs old were paying on performance cars. Here's a summary of the replies I received. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm not under 25 anymore (but is 27 close enough). 1992 Dodge Stealth RT/Twin Turbo (300hp model). No tickets, no accidents, own a house, have taken defensive driving 1, airbag, abs, security alarm, single. $1500/year $500 decut. State Farm Insurance (this includes the additional $100 for the $1,000,000 umbrella policy over my car and house) The base policy is the standard $100,000 - $100,000 - $300,000 policy required in DE. After 2nd defensive driving course it will be 5% less. I bought the car in September 1992. The company I was with (never had and accident or ticket in 11 years) quoted me $2,500. Hope this helps. Steve Flynn University of Delaware ======================================================================== 45 Kevin: (Hope I remembered your name correctly)... You asked about insurance for performance cars. Well, last year I was in a similar situation before I bought my car, and made the same inquiry as you. Age: 24 (then and now) Car: 1992 Eagle Talon TSi AWD Driving Record: Clean State: Illinois Cost: $820/6 mos. I turn 25 in May and the insurance goes down to $520/6 mos. Also, I'm single and that incurs a higher rate with my company. I've got a couple other friends w/ AWDs and they pay more than I do (different ins. companies also), so maybe I'm just lucky. Hope the info helps. Dan [] Motorola Cellular Subscriber Group ======================================================================== 38 USA Cc: I'm 23; live in Norman, Oklahoma; drive an '89 Thunderbird SC; have never made a claim against my insurance (though I have been hit several times by negligent drivers who couldn't see stop signs or were fiddling with their radios); and I have had three moving violations in the last 18 months (one for going 85 in a 55; one for "failure to clear an intersection" (I still say the damn light was yellow); and one for going 35 in a 25 (which didn't go on my record)). My rates from State Farm (with a passive restraint deduction) on liability, $500 deductible comprehensive, and $500 deductible collision are roughly $1300/year. (I was paying just over $1100/year for a '92 Escort LX.) James James P. Callison Microcomputer Coordinator, U of Oklahoma Law Center /\ DISCLAIMER: I'm not an engineer, but I play one at work... The forecast calls for Thunder...'89 T-Bird SC "It's a hell of a thing, killing a man. You take away all he has and all he's ever gonna have." --Will Munny, "Unforgiven" ======================================================================== 61 I am beyond the "under 25" age group, but I have an experience a few years ago that might be interesting to you. I owned a 1985 Toyota Celica GT. I decided to buy myself a gift - a more exotic car. Front runners included the Toyota Supra Turbo and the Porsche 924 (1987 model years). I narrowed it down to those two. I liked the simplicity and handling (and snob appeal, too) of driving a Porsche. The Supra Turbo was less money and had more features and performance - almost a personal luxury car. It had better acceleration and a higher top speed than the 924. I was almost ready to give in to a buying impulse for the 924, but i decided to stop by my insurance agent's office on the way. I asked about what would happen to my rate with either car. "If you buy the Supra, your rate classification will be the same as the Celica (the '85 Celica was considered a subcompact and for that year was rated as one of the safest cars), with a slight increase because the car will be 2 years newer. Our lower-risk division will continue to handle your account. "If you buy the Porsche 924, we'll have to change you to the standard [higher] rate company and your rate will double. And if you go with a 944, it's another story again - we'll cover the rest of this year, but cancel you after that." "But the Supra is much faster than the 924, and the 924 is actually faster than the [standard] 944. That doens't make sense." That's what the book says. We don't insure Corvettes, either. For some reason, the underwriters consider Supras - and their drivers - as very traditional and conservative." I eventually went with the Supra for a number of reasons. The Porsche dealer had a nice salesman to get me interested, but a tough high-pressure guy in the back room. At equal monthly payments, it would have taken a year longer to pay for the Porsche, plus its higher insurance. I concluded that the high insurance was related to probability of auto theft. /|/| /||)|/ /~ /\| |\|)[~|)/~ | Everyone's entitled to MY opinion. / | |/ ||\|\ \_|\/|_|/|)[_|\\_| | ========Imagination is more important than knowledge. - Albert Einstein======= ======================================================================== 32 I live in Idaho. When I was <26 many years ago (10 years) I bought a Trans Am (new). Insurance was about $1300/year. When I turned 26, it immediately dropped to $460/year. I had not had any accidents before or after, this was strictly an age change. That same rate stayed pretty much the same until I sold the car 2 years ago. My F-150 pickup is about $80/year less. The real amazing thing is that when I woke up at age 25, I felt SO MUCH MORE RESPONSIBLE than I was before... :-) Wes ======================================================================== 21 For your information: California Male, single, under 25 , No moving violation Alfa Spider =======> $2000 / year What a bargain!!! ======================================================================== 28 Let's see, I'm 24, single, male, clean driving record. I have a 92 VW COrrado VR6. I live in San Jose, California. I pay ~1500$ a year through Allstate. A good deal if you ask me. I was thinking about getting a Talon, but I think the insurance is higher for a "turbo" sports car vs a V6 -W ======================================================================== 27 1986 Honda CRX Si, clean record, in a small New Mexico town was around $800 per year, age 24. Nearby city rates were 1.5X-2X higher than where I've got mine insured. ..robert -- Robert Stack / Institute of Transportation Studies, Univ of California-Irvine '92 Mazda Protege LX ======================================================================== 37 1300 per year, 1992 Saturn SC, 21 Years old, State: New Mexico, Insurance: State Farm. ======================================================================== 64 Here is my info: Car : '89 Toyota Celica ST Insurance Co : Farmer's Insurance Yearly insurance: $2028 Age : 24 Date of license : Oct 14, 1992 Residence : Mountain View, California No moving violations (for now atleast ;-) Hope this helps. Please post a summary if possible. Vijay ********************************************************************** Vijay Anisetti Email: Apt: (415)962-0320 Off: (415)926-6547 ======================================================================== 38 Single, 24 years old, Eagle Talon Turbo AWD, $1200 (full-cover, reasonable liability) No tickets, No violations, No accidents... (knock on wood...) Mass, One thing that makes a HUGE difference in MASS is the town you live in. I'm personally in one of the best towns within reasonable distance of Boston. If I moved to the absolute best it would go down to about $1150, if I moved to the worst it would be $2000+.. Also one accident and a couple of tickets, would probably add another $600... _RV ======================================================================== 43 I have a 1990 Mitsubishi eclipse turbo awd, am 23 years old and have no tickets that went on my record. I live in Illinois just outside of Chicago and pay $1560 a year with full coverage at State Farm. I did get a small discount because of my alarm system($30 a year). I only live 15 miles from Chicago but if I actually lived in the city the price would be about $2000 a year. ======================================================================== 41 I'm over 25, but in case you're interested anyway, I'm insuring a 93 SHO for $287/6 month. Thats 100k personal+300k total+100k property with 250 deductible, glass and towing, State Farm. ======================================================================== 39 Unless you are under 20 or have been driving for less than 5 years, I think you are being seriously ripped off. I don't have one of the performance cars you listed, but if your record is clean, then you should not be paying over $2K. Did you try calling all the insurance dealers you could find? Although rates are supposed to be standardized, I've found that most places I initially call, give me some ridiculously high quote and *finaly*, I hit one that is much lower. Also, I have changed insurance companies when the rate went up at renewal (no accidents, tickets, car gets older??) to maintain a low rate. You always have to be careful when it comes to insurance companies 8^)."
"I would like to be able to amplify a voltage signal which is output from a thermocouple, preferably by a factor of 100 or 1000 ---- so that the resulting voltage can be fed more easily into a personal-computer-based ADC data acquisition card. Might anyone be able to point me to references to such circuits? I have seen simple amplifier circuits before, but I am not sure how well they work in practice. In this case, I'd like something which will amplify sufficiently "nicely" to be used for thermocouples (say, a few degrees accuracy or better)."
"QUESTION: What is the EXACT entry (parameter and syntax please), in the X-Terminal configuration file (loaded when the X-Terminal boots), to add another system to the TCP/IP access control list? BACKGROUND: I have two unix systems, 1. an AT&T 3B2 running X11R3 and MIT's X11R4 and 2. a Sun SS10 without any X. I want to have a window to the Sun and the 3B2 on the NCD X-Terminal at the same time. I can do this if I manually set the Network Parameter TCP/IP Access Control List to off, then login to my telnet session. Not Great! I've tried to get "xhost" to work and failed. Either my syntax is wrong or the X11R3 implementation is bogus. I am trying to edit the NCD configuration file that is loaded when the NCD boots. No matter what entry I add or edit, the NCD still boots with the TCP/IP Access Control list containing only the 3B2. My manuals are worthless so any help would be most appreciated!! Thanks!"
" [...] These don't seem like "little things" to me. At least, they are orders worse than the motto. Do you think that the motto is a "little thing" that will lead to worse things?"
" I think that Mike Foligno was the captain of the Sabres when he got traded to the Leafs. Also, wasn't Rick Vaive the captain of the Leafs when he got traded to Chicago (with Steve Thomas for Ed Olcyzk and someone). Speaking of the Leafs, I believe that Darryl Sittler was their captain (he'd torn the "C" off his jersey but I think he re-claimed the captaincy later on) when he was traded to the Flyers. Oh yeah, of course, Gretzky was the captain of the Oilers before he was traded wasn't he? "
" )>> "The Catalog of Personal Computing Tools for Engineers and Scien- )>> tists" lists hardware cards and application software packages for )>> PC/XT/AT/PS/2 class machines. Focus is on engineering and scien- )>> tific applications of PCs, such as data acquisition/control, )>> design automation, and data analysis and presentation. )>> If you would like a free copy, reply with your (U. S. Postal) )>> mailing address. I have a copy of this catalog in front of me as I write this. It does have tons of qool stuff in it. My impression is that they try not to send it out to "browsers". It appears that if your not a buyer or an engineer they do not want to waste a catalog on you. When you get a catalog there's a "VIP Code" you have to give them "to ensure your continued subscription.". Anyway, if you want to get in touch with them, the company is Personal Computing Tools 550 Division Street Campbell, CA 95008 (408) 378-8400 (They also have fax #'s and toll free #'s for ordering and tech support)"
" The control box of the Window itself (upper left corner of the window, single click, am I being too simplistic?) has a font option. The 8 X 12 is about the biggest one I can use without the characters turning funky. "
"I don't know about the specific problem mentioned in your message, but I definitely had SCSI problems between my Q700 and my venerable Jasmine Megadrive 10 cartridge drives. My solution was to get Silverlining. None of the loops that involved blind writes worked to the drives; in fact the only loop that worked was the "Macintosh Software" loop (whatever that means)."
"Hello, I am looking to add voice input capability to a user interface I am developing on an HP730 (UNIX) workstation. I would greatly appreciate information anyone would care to offer about voice input systems that are easily accessible from the UNIX environment. The names or adresses of applicable vendors, as well as any experiences you have had with specific systems, would be very helpful. Please respond via email; I will post a summary if there is sufficient interest. Thanks, Ken P.S. I have found several impressive systems for IBM PC's, but I would like to avoid the hassle of purchasing and maintaining a separate PC if at all possible. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ken Hinckley ( University of Virginia Neurosurgical Visualization Laboratory"
" Actually, fossil fuel plants run hotter than the usual boiling-water reactor nuclear plants. (There's a gripe in the industry that nuclear power uses 1900 vintage steam technology). So it's more important in nuclear plants to get the cold end of the system as cold as possible. Hence big cooling towers. Oil and gas fired steam plants also have condensers, but they usually are sized to get the steam back into hot water, not most of the way down to ambient. Some plants do cool the condensers with water, rather than air; as one Canadian official, asked about "thermal pollution" de-icing a river, said, "Up here, we view heat as a resource". Everybody runs closed-cycle boilers. The water used is purified of solids, which otherwise crud up the boiler plumbing when the water boils. Purifying water for boiler use is a bigger job than cooling it, so the boiler water is recycled."
"Doug Roberts - Ken Hill for NL MVP!! Let's go 'Spos "
" Yes. (I am adamantly an environmentalist. I will not use styrofoam table service. Please keep that in mind as you read this post - I do not wish to attack environmentalism) A half truth is at least as dangerous as a complete lie. A complete lie will rarely be readily accepted, while a half truth (the lie subtly hidden) is more powerfully offered by one who masquerades as an angel of light. Satan has (for some people) loosened the grip on treating the earth as something other than God's intricate handiwork, something other than that on which the health of future generations is based. It is being treated with respect. You think he's going to happily leave it at that? No. When one error is rejected, it is his style to push people to the opposite error. Therefore the earth is not God's intricate handiwork, not because it is rubbish, but because it is God. Mother earth is the one you are to primarily love and serve. I see two facets of a response to it: 1: Care for the environment. Treat it with proper respect, both because it is God's intricate handiwork and the health of future generation, and because showing the facet of one who is disregardful of such things does not constitute what the Apostle Paul called "becoming all things to all men so that by all possible means I might save some." Don't say "Forget the environment, I've got important things to spend my time on." - putting your foot in your mouth in this manner will destroy your credibility in expressing the things that _are_ more important. 2: Show that it is not the ultimate entity, that it is creature and not creator. Show that its beauty and glory points to a greater beauty and glory. Show that it is not the ultimate tapestry, but one of many cords woven in the infinite tapestry."
" It depends on your priorities. A lot of people put higher priorities on gas mileage and cost than on safety, buying "unsafe" econoboxes instead of Volvos. I personally take a middle ground -- the only thing I really look for is a three-point seatbelt and 5+mph bumpers. I figure that 30mph collisions into brick walls aren't common enough for me to spend that much extra money for protection, but there are lots of low-speed collisions that do worry me."
" The front covers should be available from Sony. Check with a local car stereo shop. You will probably (definitely) have to provide the units serial number and hopefully you had registered the warranty card. I don't know the cost, but replacements have to be available to people who damage the face cover, so it stands to reason that it can be replaced. As to deterring theft: When I worked for a stereo shop, we referred the customer to a Sony 800 number. We would not sell the face, nor did we have them available. Most people who came in asking for the face cover (or a pullout sleave for that matter) would look very disheartened to find that they acquired a deck they couldn't use. If theft occurs with these decks, notify Sony. Serial numbers do catch theives."
"My 14-y-o son has the usual teenage spotty chin and greasy nose. I bought him Clearasil face wash and ointment. I think that is probably enough, along with the usual good diet. However, he is on at me to get some product called Dalacin T, which used to be a doctor's-prescription only treatment but is not available over the chemist's counter. I have asked a couple of pharmacists who say either his acne is not severe enough for Dalacin T, or that Clearasil is OK. I had the odd spots as a teenager, nothing serious. His father was the same, so I don't figure his acne is going to escalate into something disfiguring. But I know kids are senstitive about their appearance. I am wary because a neighbour's son had this wierd malady that was eventually put down to an overdose of vitamin A from acne treatment. I want to help - but with appropriate treatment. My son also has some scaliness around the hairline on his scalp. Sort of teenage cradle cap. Any pointers/advice on this? We have tried a couple of anti dandruff shampoos and some of these are inclined to make the condition worse, not better. Shall I bury the kid till he's 21 :) "
" Just as a not of possible interest on this subject .. It is my understanding that exploding televisions were a major cause of domestic accidents in the Soviet Union in past years! "
" How do you define war? Do seiges and constant attacks on villiages count as acts of war, or is that only when the Jews do them? January, 1948: Arab Liberation Army attacks Kfar Szold 1000 men attack Kfar Etzion, 14 miles south of Jerusalem, after cutting off the supply lines to it. Attacks on Yehiam (Western Galilee) and kibbutz Tirat Tzvi. By Mid-March, The Jewish settlements in the Negev had been cut off from land links with the rest of the Jewish population. The Etzion group of villiages, near Hebron, had been cut off, while 42 members of a convoy trying to supply Yehiam were slaughtered, cutting off the villiage. Jerusalem was under seige, being cut off from its supply route from Tel Aviv (the bombed out supply trucks have been left on the side of that road to this day in memoriam). By this time, 1200 Jews had been killed. Of course, this isn't war, since it's only the Arabs attacking. Just like last week when the Fatah launched Katyusha rockets against Northern israel. Where does uprising end and war begin? Will it still be 'Intifadah' when the PLO brings in tanks? "
" Once again, it appears that the one-eyed man has appeared in the land of the sighted and for some strange resaon has appointed himself the ruler and supreme power."
" Funny you should mention this; one time on HNIC Don Cherry pointed out Vanbiesbrouck's mask. He _hated_ it. I think he said something to the effect of: "You see? He was great last year; now he goes out and gets that dopey mask and he can't stop a beachball!" You may or may not take Cherry seriously at all, but I cracked up when I heard it."
"Oh boy, a little K-bike versus /2 scuffling? Grow up! And that goes for the both of you! I do hope that the "dump dempster" campaign works however. I think that he is a crook, and I am suprised that it has taken this long for anything to be done (though obviously, it ain't over yet) On the other hand, I'm not sure that I want to be in bed with ANY of the wackos running. Throwing $20.oo down a rathole might be more effective than sending it in to the club. You wouldn't get anything, but you don't get anything now. The magazine you say? Ever since the MOA politburo installed Don it has lacked any sort of panache it may have had. Ah, but what would I know? I own a /6 AND a K-bike "
" I agree with this assessment. Furthermore, its promotion as providing greater protection than bare voice is quite true, as far as it goes. However, the only way for it to fulfill its stated goal of letting LE wiretap "terrorists and drug dealers" is to restrict stronger techniques. Wiretap targets presently use strong encryption, weak encryption, or (the vast majority) no encryption. The latter two classes can be tapped. With weak encryption in every phone, the no-encryption class is merged into the weak-encryption class. Will the introduction of Clipper cause targets presently enjoying strong privacy to give up on it? that is, to rely for privacy on a system expressly designed to deny it to people like them? I doubt it. The mere introduction of this scheme will give the government *nothing*. The stated goal of preventing the degradation of wiretapping capabilities can be fulfilled by restriction of domestic cryptography, and only by this restriction. "Clipper" appears to be no more than a sop, given to the public to mute any complaints. We would find this a grossly inadequate tradeoff, but I fear the public at large will not care. I hate to even mention gun control, but most people seem to think that an `assault weapon' (as the NYT uses the word) is some sort of automatic weapon, .50 caliber maybe. Who wants to have such a thing legal? Well, people know even less about cryptology; I suspect that strong cryptography could easily be labeled "too much secrecy for law-abiding citizens to need". What they say is opinion, but what they do is what matters, and will continue unless overturned. And the courts are reluctant to annul law or regulation, going to some length to decide cases on other grounds. Furthermore, Congress can get away with quite a bit. They could levy a burdensome tax; this would place enforcement in the hands of the BATF, who as we've seen you really don't want on your case. They could invoke the Commerce Clause; this seems most likely. This clause will get you anywhere these days. The 18th was required because the Supreme Court ruled a prohibitory statute unconstitutional. In 1970 Congress prohibited many drugs, with a textual nod to the Commerce Clause. The Controlled Substances Act of 1970 still stands. I think the government could get away with it. "
" The word is "subrogation." Seems to me, if you're willing to wait for the money from scumbag's insurance, that you save having to pay the deductible. However, if scumbag's insurance is Scum insurance, then you may have to pay the deductible to get your insurance co.'s pack of rabid, large- fanged lawyers to recover the damages from Scum insurance's lawyers. Sad, but true. Call it job security for lawyers. Later,"
"/ iftccu:talk.politics.guns / (Vincent Fox) / 10:34 am Apr 14, 1993 / This isn't rec.guns, so maybe this is getting a bet technical, but I can't resist.... Sometimes..... Depends on WHY it misfired.... I can't imagine doing much combat type shooting single action..... Assuming the cylinder WILL rotate.... Never hurts to err on the side of safety, but if you've got one of those 'new fangled' hammer blocks or transfer bar safeties, it's unnecessarily redundant. I'd rather have the extra round. Quite true. Speed loaders are a little less convenient to pack around than magazines though. True, but this is a training function. Cocked and locked for single actions or hammer down on double actions are the only carry modes that make sense... The 80 series Colt's for example are quite safe to carry this way. Agreed. Now that I've shot off my mouth a bit, let me back some of this up. It is true that a simple misfire on a revolver doesn't cost you much. On the other hand, I've had all sorts of interesting things happen over the years. For example, I've had FACTORY ammunition that has had high primers. A high primer will tie your revolver up somewhere from seconds to minutes while you try to pound the action open to clear the problem. An auto? Jack the slide and continue. I've had bullets come out of the case, keeping the cylinder from turning, see clearing paragraph above. About the WORST that can happen with a semi auto is a double feed. This can be cleared in seconds. Most revolvers are more 'fragile' then semi auto's. There are all sorts of close tolerance parts and fitting involved. Dropping the gun, or a blow to the gun or all sorts of things can take it out of action. Many of the problems that can be cured on the spot with a (quality) semi auto take a gun smith for a revolver. In short a revolver MAY be less likely to malfunction, but as a rule when it does, you're out of the fight. The majority of malfunctions that occur with semi autos does not fall into that category. Vincint makes many good points in this post, but leaves off the opposing view of most of them. A real good starting place is Ayoob's "The Semi Auto Pistol for Police and Self Defense." In general, I'd agree, the revolver is an excellent first gun and self defense weapon for somebody that does not have the time, and inclination that is necessary for the training and practice needed to use a semi auto effectively as a self defense arm. Most cops are notoriously indifferent to firearms. If the department isn't going to train them, they aren't going to take the time on their own. There is no doubt that training is an issue. The amount of training required for effective use of a semi auto is probably several times that of a revolver. Many cops don't bother. For myself, I'd hate to be limited to one or the other. I'd rather pick what fits better with my personal inclination, what I'm wearing that day and so on. Like the Moderator on rec.guns says, buy em all! That said, I have to admit that often my advice to people thinking of buying their first defense arm is (right after taking a class) get a Ruger or Smith revolver.... (Sorry Colt fans. Colt revolvers are ok too!) If this post had gone the other way, I'd be arguing for revolvers. :-)"
" Ted, you're missing a vital point. As Roger Lustig pointed out in a previous response, the reason why Schott was banned from baseball was because she had been known to call and think in a racially biased manner on a constant basis. Such thoughts affected her hiring practices. Bonilla, on the other hand, was found to have mentioned this one word a single time. If he had been known to go around, criticizing homosexuals, it would be a different story. Furthermore, he is merely an athlete. He doesn't have to hire anyone as Schott had to do. Dave Pallone, the former NL umpire who is an admitted homosexual, has decided to assist in a protest before a Mets game at Shea. He, like you, thinks that Bonilla should be suspended from baseball. Pallone is hoping for a year's suspension. In my opinion, that's downright ludicrous. As Howie Rose on WFAN said, if you start suspending athletes who have mentioned a derogatory word even a single time under whatever conditions, then you'd probably have enough people remaining to play a three-on-three game. Now, honestly, if you truly analyze the differences between the two cases that you bring up in your article, I would think that you'd reconsider your thoughts. -Sean "
"Well I am using The Home Office. I bought it for arounde $350. It does 14.4. I don't know if it's for data or fax. But the feature I use is the Voic Mail Box, which I really have liked. --- "
"Western Digital 1-800-832-4778.....Sam"
"For the second straight game, California scored a ton of late runs to crush the Brewhas. It was six runs in the 8th for a 12-5 win Monday and five in the 8th and six in the 9th for a 12-2 win yesterday. Jamie Navarro pitched seven strong innings, but Orosco, Austin, Manzanillo and Lloyd all took part in the mockery of a bullpen yesterday. How's this for numbers? Maldanado has pitched three scoreless innings and Navarro's ERA is 0.75. The next lowest on the staff is Wegman at 5.14. Ouch! It doesn't look much better for the hitters. Hamilton is batting .481, while Thon is hitting .458 and has seven RBI. The next highest is three. The next best hitter is Jaha at .267 and then Vaughn, who has the team's only HR, at .238. Another ouch. Looking at the stats, it's not hard to see why the team is 2-5. In fact, 2-5 doesn't sound bad when you're averaging three runs/game and giving up 6.6/game. Still, it's early and things will undoubtedly get better. The offense should come around, but the bullpen is a major worry. Fetters, Plesac and Austin gave the Brewers great middle relief last year. Lloyd, Maldanado, Manzanillo, Fetters, Austin and Orosco will have to pick up the pace for the team to be successful. Milwaukee won a number of games last year when middle relief either held small leads or kept small deficits in place. The starters will be okay, the defense will be alright and the hitting will come around, but the bullpen is a big question mark. In other news, Nilsson and Doran were reactivated yesterday, while William Suero was sent down and Tim McIntosh was picked up by Montreal. Today's game with California was cancelled."
" : In any case, I think Viola would have made a better signing. Why? : Viola is younger, and is left handed (how many left handed starters does : Toronto have? Well, I agree that Viola is a better signing. However, why does everyone say that you want lefthanded starters? I understand lefthanded spot relievers, even though they usually face more righthanded batters than lefthanded batters. I just don't understand why people insist on lefthanded starters, unless there is a park effect (e.g., Yankee Stadium). Most batters in MLB are righthanded, so righthanded starters will have the platoon advantage more often than lefthanded starters. I guess one argument for lefty starters is that certain teams may be more vulnerable to LHP's than RHP's. However, this is probably only a factor in the postseason, because teams seldom juggle their starters for this reason during the regular season. I think you just want the best starters you can get, regardless of whether they are lefties or righties. Lefthanded starters tend to have higher ERA's than righthanded starters, precisely because managers go out of their way to start inferior lefties (or perhaps because of the platoon advantage). Am I missing something here?"
"Of course, if you want to check the honesty of your dealler, take it in knowing what's wrong, and ask them to tell you. :) Of course he'll probably know right a way, then charge you a $20 service fee. :)"
"Is there a Wyse 60 Terminal Emulator or a comms toolbox kit available on the net somewhere? Thanks."
" Easy Rider (harleys, drugs, rednecks, New Orleans), Mad Max (violence, DoD wanna-be's), Time Rider (Honda Thumper, Time travel), On Any Sunday (Documentary about dirtbike racers, GREAT!), The (Great?) Escape (Steve Mcqueen, Nazis), Rebel Without a Cause (James Dean, future DoD'ers). I think the last two are right, they are OLD movies I haven't seen in YEARS. ----===== DoD #8177 = Technician(Dr. Speed) .NOT. Student =====----"
"The subject line says it all. I'm working on a project that will use a car battery. I need to pull off 3V and possibly 48V at 3A. I have several ideas, but I'd prefer to benefit from all you brilliant people :-)"
"Pat sez; Yeah, but a windscreen cut down most of it. Canopies ended it completely. Of course, the environment in space continues to suck :-) -Tommy Mac ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tom McWilliams 517-355-2178 wk \\ As the radius of vision increases, 336-9591 hm \\ the circumference of mystery grows."
"I am trying to write an image display program that uses the MIT shared memory extension. The shared memory segment gets allocated and attached to the process with no problem. But the program crashes at the first call to XShmPutImage, with the following message: X Error of failed request: BadShmSeg (invalid shared segment parameter) Major opcode of failed request: 133 (MIT-SHM) Minor opcode of failed request: 3 (X_ShmPutImage) Segment id in failed request 0x0 Serial number of failed request: 741 Current serial number in output stream: 742 Like I said, I did error checking on all the calls to shmget and shmat that are necessary to create the shared memory segment, as well as checking XShmAttach. There are no problems. If anybody has had the same problem or has used MIT-SHM without having the same problem, please let me know. By the way, I am running OpenWindows 3.0 on a Sun Sparc2."
"I have been following this thread on talk.religion, and here with interest. I am amazed at the different non-biblical argument those who oppose the Sabbath present. One question comes to mind, especially since my last one was not answered from Scripture. Maybe clh may wish to provide the first response. There is a lot of talk about the Sabbath of the TC being ceremonial. Answer this: Since the TC commandments is one law with ten parts on what biblical basis have you decided that only the Sabbath portion is ceremonial? OR You say that the seventh-day is the Sabbath but not applicable to Gentile Christians. Does that mean the Sabbath commandment has been annulled? References please. If God did not intend His requirements on the Jews to be applicable to Gentile Christians why did He make it plain that the Gentiles were now grafted into the commonwealth of Israel? Darius"
"Hi ... can anyone tell me where I can get a copy of updated Canon BJ-200 printer driver for Windows 3.1, if any ? I have ver 1.0 which comes with my BJ-200 printer, I just wonder if there is any newer version."
" Herman, I would think you of all people would/could distinguish between "health" and "treatment of disease." All the prevention medicine people preach this all the time. You cannot buy health. You can buy treatment of disease, assuming you are lucky enough to have a disease which can be treated. A rich person with a terminal disease is a bit out of luck. There is no such thing as "adequately covered" and there never will be. And for what it's worth, I'll be the first to admit that all my patients die."
" That's why zoologists refer to you as a 'fecal shield'. Colonel Semen M. Budienny, a subsequent Soviet military fame, said about the Armenian genocide of 2.5 million defenseless Turkish and Kurdish women, children and elderly people during his visit to Anatolia in June 1919 that "the Armenians had become troublemakers, their Hinchakist and Dashnakist parties were opportunist, serving as lackeys of whatever power happened to be ascendent." In September 16, 1920, Major General W. Thwaites, Director of Military Intelligence, wrote to Lord Hardinge, Under-Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs: " is useless to pretend that the Armenians are satisfactory allies, or deserving of all the sympathy to which they claim."[1] [1] F.O. 331/3411/158288. In the Special Collection at Stanford Hoover Library, donated by Georgia Cutler, the letter dated Nov. 1, 1943 states that "Prescot Hall wrote a large volume to prove that Armenians were not and never could be desirable citizens, that they would always be unscrupulous merchants." Source: Documents: Volume I (1919). "Document No: 50," Archive No: 4/3621, Cabin No: 162, Drawer No: 5, File No: 2905, Section No: 433, Contents No: 6, 6-1, 6-2. (To 36th Division Command - Militia Commander Ismail Hakki) "For eight days, Armenians have been forcibly obstructing people from leaving their homes or going from one village to the other. Day and night they are rounding up male inhabitants, taking them to unknown destinations, after which nothing further is heard of them. (Informed from statements of those who succeeded in escaping wounded from the massacres around Taskilise ruins). Women and children are being openly murdered or are being gathered in the Church Square and similar places. Most inhuman and barbarous acts have been committed against Moslems for eight days." "Document No: 52," Archive No: 4/3671, Cabin No: 163, Drawer No: 1, File No: 2907, Section No: 440, Contents No: 6-6, 6-7. (To: 1st Caucasian Army Corps Command, 2nd Caucasian Army Corps Command, Communications Zone Inspectorate - Commander 3rd Army General) "As almost all Russian units opposite our front have been withdrawn, the population loyal to us in regions behind the Russian positions are facing an ever-increasing threat and suppression as well as cruelties and abuses by Armenians who have decided to systematically annihilate the Moslem population in regions under their occupation. I have regularly informed the Russian Command of these atrocities and cruelties and I have gained the impression that the above authority seems to be failing in restoring order." Serdar Argic"
"I sent a response to the White House at 0005895485@MCIMAIL.COM (White House) and received a nice, automatic reply from MICMAIL noting, in passing, that if I had included a SNail address, I would get a reply in due course. For those who care, my reply was: 1. yes, let's protect the voice network 2. privately-developed crypto has always been available and always will be -- so let's think about how to do law enforcement given that fact not about how to hope to legislate against it 3. my needs for crypto as a system designer are not met by the Clipper Chip. I want freely to export uses of algorithms (like DES & RSA) which are already freely available in the destination country "
"an excellent automatic can be found in the subaru legacy. it switches to "sport" mode when the electronics figure it, not when the driver sets the switch.. which is the proper way to do it, IMO. so what does "sport" mode entail? several things: 1) revving to red line (or to the rev limiter in the case of the legacy) 2) delayed upshifts. (i.e. if you lift off briefly, it will remain in the low gear. this is handy if you are charging through corners and would like to do without the distraction of upshifts when there's another curve approaching) 3) part throttle downshifts, based on the *speed* at which the pedal is depressed, rather than the *position* of the pedal. modern electronics can measure this very easily and switch to sport mode. this is wonderful if you want to charge through a green light about to turn red. my audi senses this very well and can downshift on as little as half throttle if my right foot is fast enough. also, i think that a smart automatic can deliver better gas mileage than a dumb driver with a stick, all else being equal.. remember that the idea of a stick being more economical than an automatic makes a big assumption that the driver is smart enough to know what gear to use for each situation.. how many times have you ridden with an inattentive driver cruising on the highway at 55/65 in 4th gear (of a 5 speed)? how many % of people who drive manuals *really* know what the best gear to use is for every conceivable situation? i'm sure there will be some who know, but i suspect that a chip controlled automatic with all possible scenario/ratio combinations stored in ROM is likely to do better. i can also say that all my previous assumptions were proved wrong after i got a car with instantaneous mpg readout... high gear, low revs and wide open throttle is more economical than low gear, high revs and small throttle opening. the explanation is quite simple if one sits down to think about it, but not that obvious at first sight. "
" No no no!!! It's a squid! Keep the tradition alive! (Kinda like the fish at UNH games....)"
"Sorry, I did`nt tell exactly what I need. I need a utility for automatic updating (deleting, adding, changing) of *.ini files for Windows. The program should run from Dos batchfile or the program run a script under Windows. I will use the utility for updating the win.ini (and other files) on meny PC`s. Do I find it on any FTP host?"
"Archive-name: space/new_probes Last-modified: $Date: 93/04/01 14:39:17 $ UPCOMING PLANETARY PROBES - MISSIONS AND SCHEDULES Information on upcoming or currently active missions not mentioned below would be welcome. Sources: NASA fact sheets, Cassini Mission Design team, ISAS/NASDA launch schedules, press kits. ASUKA (ASTRO-D) - ISAS (Japan) X-ray astronomy satellite, launched into Earth orbit on 2/20/93. Equipped with large-area wide-wavelength (1-20 Angstrom) X-ray telescope, X-ray CCD cameras, and imaging gas scintillation proportional counters. CASSINI - Saturn orbiter and Titan atmosphere probe. Cassini is a joint NASA/ESA project designed to accomplish an exploration of the Saturnian system with its Cassini Saturn Orbiter and Huygens Titan Probe. Cassini is scheduled for launch aboard a Titan IV/Centaur in October of 1997. After gravity assists of Venus, Earth and Jupiter in a VVEJGA trajectory, the spacecraft will arrive at Saturn in June of 2004. Upon arrival, the Cassini spacecraft performs several maneuvers to achieve an orbit around Saturn. Near the end of this initial orbit, the Huygens Probe separates from the Orbiter and descends through the atmosphere of Titan. The Orbiter relays the Probe data to Earth for about 3 hours while the Probe enters and traverses the cloudy atmosphere to the surface. After the completion of the Probe mission, the Orbiter continues touring the Saturnian system for three and a half years. Titan synchronous orbit trajectories will allow about 35 flybys of Titan and targeted flybys of Iapetus, Dione and Enceladus. The objectives of the mission are threefold: conduct detailed studies of Saturn's atmosphere, rings and magnetosphere; conduct close-up studies of Saturn's satellites, and characterize Titan's atmosphere and surface. One of the most intriguing aspects of Titan is the possibility that its surface may be covered in part with lakes of liquid hydrocarbons that result from photochemical processes in its upper atmosphere. These hydrocarbons condense to form a global smog layer and eventually rain down onto the surface. The Cassini orbiter will use onboard radar to peer through Titan's clouds and determine if there is liquid on the surface. Experiments aboard both the orbiter and the entry probe will investigate the chemical processes that produce this unique atmosphere. The Cassini mission is named for Jean Dominique Cassini (1625-1712), the first director of the Paris Observatory, who discovered several of Saturn's satellites and the major division in its rings. The Titan atmospheric entry probe is named for the Dutch physicist Christiaan Huygens (1629-1695), who discovered Titan and first described the true nature of Saturn's rings. Key Scheduled Dates for the Cassini Mission (VVEJGA Trajectory) ------------------------------------------------------------- 10/06/97 - Titan IV/Centaur Launch 04/21/98 - Venus 1 Gravity Assist 06/20/99 - Venus 2 Gravity Assist 08/16/99 - Earth Gravity Assist 12/30/00 - Jupiter Gravity Assist 06/25/04 - Saturn Arrival 01/09/05 - Titan Probe Release 01/30/05 - Titan Probe Entry 06/25/08 - End of Primary Mission (Schedule last updated 7/22/92) GALILEO - Jupiter orbiter and atmosphere probe, in transit. Has returned the first resolved images of an asteroid, Gaspra, while in transit to Jupiter. Efforts to unfurl the stuck High-Gain Antenna (HGA) have essentially been abandoned. JPL has developed a backup plan using data compression (JPEG-like for images, lossless compression for data from the other instruments) which should allow the mission to achieve approximately 70% of its original objectives. Galileo Schedule ---------------- 10/18/89 - Launch from Space Shuttle 02/09/90 - Venus Flyby 10/**/90 - Venus Data Playback 12/08/90 - 1st Earth Flyby 05/01/91 - High Gain Antenna Unfurled 07/91 - 06/92 - 1st Asteroid Belt Passage 10/29/91 - Asteroid Gaspra Flyby 12/08/92 - 2nd Earth Flyby 05/93 - 11/93 - 2nd Asteroid Belt Passage 08/28/93 - Asteroid Ida Flyby 07/02/95 - Probe Separation 07/09/95 - Orbiter Deflection Maneuver 12/95 - 10/97 - Orbital Tour of Jovian Moons 12/07/95 - Jupiter/Io Encounter 07/18/96 - Ganymede 09/28/96 - Ganymede 12/12/96 - Callisto 01/23/97 - Europa 02/28/97 - Ganymede 04/22/97 - Europa 05/31/97 - Europa 10/05/97 - Jupiter Magnetotail Exploration HITEN - Japanese (ISAS) lunar probe launched 1/24/90. Has made multiple lunar flybys. Released Hagoromo, a smaller satellite, into lunar orbit. This mission made Japan the third nation to orbit a satellite around the Moon. MAGELLAN - Venus radar mapping mission. Has mapped almost the entire surface at high resolution. Currently (4/93) collecting a global gravity map. MARS OBSERVER - Mars orbiter including 1.5 m/pixel resolution camera. Launched 9/25/92 on a Titan III/TOS booster. MO is currently (4/93) in transit to Mars, arriving on 8/24/93. Operations will start 11/93 for one martian year (687 days). TOPEX/Poseidon - Joint US/French Earth observing satellite, launched 8/10/92 on an Ariane 4 booster. The primary objective of the TOPEX/POSEIDON project is to make precise and accurate global observations of the sea level for several years, substantially increasing understanding of global ocean dynamics. The satellite also will increase understanding of how heat is transported in the ocean. ULYSSES- European Space Agency probe to study the Sun from an orbit over its poles. Launched in late 1990, it carries particles-and-fields experiments (such as magnetometer, ion and electron collectors for various energy ranges, plasma wave radio receivers, etc.) but no camera. Since no human-built rocket is hefty enough to send Ulysses far out of the ecliptic plane, it went to Jupiter instead, and stole energy from that planet by sliding over Jupiter's north pole in a gravity-assist manuver in February 1992. This bent its path into a solar orbit tilted about 85 degrees to the ecliptic. It will pass over the Sun's south pole in the summer of 1993. Its aphelion is 5.2 AU, and, surprisingly, its perihelion is about 1.5 AU-- that's right, a solar-studies spacecraft that's always further from the Sun than the Earth is! While in Jupiter's neigborhood, Ulysses studied the magnetic and radiation environment. For a short summary of these results, see *Science*, V. 257, p. 1487-1489 (11 September 1992). For gory technical detail, see the many articles in the same issue. OTHER SPACE SCIENCE MISSIONS (note: this is based on a posting by Ron Baalke in 11/89, with ISAS/NASDA information contributed by Yoshiro Yamada ( I'm attempting to track changes based on updated shuttle manifests; corrections and updates are welcome. 1993 Missions o ALEXIS [spring, Pegasus] ALEXIS (Array of Low-Energy X-ray Imaging Sensors) is to perform a wide-field sky survey in the "soft" (low-energy) X-ray spectrum. It will scan the entire sky every six months to search for variations in soft-X-ray emission from sources such as white dwarfs, cataclysmic variable stars and flare stars. It will also search nearby space for such exotic objects as isolated neutron stars and gamma-ray bursters. ALEXIS is a project of Los Alamos National Laboratory and is primarily a technology development mission that uses astrophysical sources to demonstrate the technology. Contact project investigator Jeffrey J Bloch ( for more information. o Wind [Aug, Delta II rocket] Satellite to measure solar wind input to magnetosphere. o Space Radar Lab [Sep, STS-60 SRL-01] Gather radar images of Earth's surface. o Total Ozone Mapping Spectrometer [Dec, Pegasus rocket] Study of Stratospheric ozone. o SFU (Space Flyer Unit) [ISAS] Conducting space experiments and observations and this can be recovered after it conducts the various scientific and engineering experiments. SFU is to be launched by ISAS and retrieved by the U.S. Space Shuttle on STS-68 in 1994. 1994 o Polar Auroral Plasma Physics [May, Delta II rocket] June, measure solar wind and ions and gases surrounding the Earth. o IML-2 (STS) [NASDA, Jul 1994 IML-02] International Microgravity Laboratory. o ADEOS [NASDA] Advanced Earth Observing Satellite. o MUSES-B (Mu Space Engineering Satellite-B) [ISAS] Conducting research on the precise mechanism of space structure and in-space astronomical observations of electromagnetic waves. 1995 LUNAR-A [ISAS] Elucidating the crust structure and thermal construction of the moon's interior. Proposed Missions: o Advanced X-ray Astronomy Facility (AXAF) Possible launch from shuttle in 1995, AXAF is a space observatory with a high resolution telescope. It would orbit for 15 years and study the mysteries and fate of the universe. o Earth Observing System (EOS) Possible launch in 1997, 1 of 6 US orbiting space platforms to provide long-term data (15 years) of Earth systems science including planetary evolution. o Mercury Observer Possible 1997 launch. o Lunar Observer Possible 1997 launch, would be sent into a long-term lunar orbit. The Observer, from 60 miles above the moon's poles, would survey characteristics to provide a global context for the results from the Apollo program. o Space Infrared Telescope Facility Possible launch by shuttle in 1999, this is the 4th element of the Great Observatories program. A free-flying observatory with a lifetime of 5 to 10 years, it would observe new comets and other primitive bodies in the outer solar system, study cosmic birth formation of galaxies, stars and planets and distant infrared-emitting galaxies o Mars Rover Sample Return (MRSR) Robotics rover would return samples of Mars' atmosphere and surface to Earch for analysis. Possible launch dates: 1996 for imaging orbiter, 2001 for rover. o Fire and Ice Possible launch in 2001, will use a gravity assist flyby of Earth in 2003, and use a final gravity assist from Jupiter in 2005, where the probe will split into its Fire and Ice components: The Fire probe will journey into the Sun, taking measurements of our star's upper atmosphere until it is vaporized by the intense heat. The Ice probe will head out towards Pluto, reaching the tiny world for study by 2016. "
"Hello netters:) Does anyone out there know any FTP sites for projects, plans, etc of an electrical nature? -Jason"
": Does anyone know what is available in terms of automated testing : of X/Motif applications. I am thinking of a system which I could : program (or which could record events/output) with our verification : test procedures and then run/rerun each time we do regression : testing. I am interested in a product like this for our UNIX : projects and for a separate project which will be using OpenVMS. A question like this is answered in the FAQ, about sharing X windows. One of the answers is XTrap, a record and playback extenstion to X. You can find it at Does anyone know of a program which doesn't require an X extension? Most the the X servers we have at work have vendor extensions which we can't modify, so XTrap doesn't help up. There is X conferencing software at mit, but I don't know how easy it would be to modify it to do record and playback. Any help would be appreciated."
"I notice the Toshiba 3401 has 3 versions, B - internal, E - external and P - portable. Can anyone tell me the difference between the portable and the external version? Where in the SF Bay Area can I find a model P? Thanks, --Bill"
"Hey now, The following cds are still available. Offers/trades considered. Gowan - Lost Brotherhood Katrina & the Waves - Break of Hearts Joe Cocker - Live Charles Neville - Diversity"
": Ford and his automobile. I need information on whether Ford is : partially responsible for all of the car accidents and the depletion of : the ozone layer. Also, any other additional information will be greatly : appreciated. Thanks. : SSSSSoooooooooooo!!!!! Its all HIS fault!! Thank God Louis Chevrolet is innocent! and that guy Diesel, HE otto feel guilty! "
"[deletions...] First of all, infinity is a mathematical concept created by humans to explain certain things in a certain way. We don't know if it actually applies to reality, we don't know if anything in the world is infinite. You don't know if the universe is actually continuous. Continuum is another mathematical concept (based on infinity) used to explain things in a certain way. I have a pretty good idea of what infinity is. It's a man-made concept, and like many man-made concepts, it has evolved through time. Ancient Greeks had a different understanding of it. Precicely. We don't even know if infinity applies to reality. "
"Also note (from <> and <>): % whois -h tis-dom Trusted Information Systems, Inc. (TIS-DOM) 3060 Washington Road, Route 97 Glenwood, MD 21738 Domain Name: TIS.COM Administrative Contact: Walker, Stephen T. (STW3) walker@TIS.COM (301) 854-6889 Technical Contact, Zone Contact: Dalva, David I. (DID1) dave@TIS.COM (301) 854-6889 Record last updated on 02-Jul-92. Domain servers in listed order: TIS.COM LA.TIS.COM And "dockmaster" is an infamous address ... "
" Wow, the scope of the mission of the ATF continues to expand. Besides Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, they now seem to be involded in Child Protective Services, Drug Enforcement and Tax Evasion. They look to be on the road to being the nations *boys in blue*! No Knock in one hand, M-16 in the other. Zeik-Heil!!! Lance "
".d. .d. I just thought of another one, in the Bible, so it's definately not because of *lack* of religion. The Book of Esther (which I read the other day for other reasons) describes the origin of Pur'im, a Jewish celbration of joy and peace. The long and short of the story is that 75,000 people were killed when people were tripping over all of the peacefull solutions lying about (you couldn't swing a sacred cow without slammin into a nice, peaceful solution.) 'Course Joshua and the jawbone of an ass spring to mind... I agree with Bobby this far: religion as it is used to kill large numbers of people is usually not used in the form or manner that it was originally intended for. That doesn't reduce the number of deaths directly caused by religion, it is just a minor observation of the fact that there is almost nothing pure in the Universe. The very act of honestly attempting to find true meaning in religious teaching has many times inspired hatred and led to war. Many people have been led by religious leaders more involved in their own stomache-contentsthan in any absolute truth, and have therefore been driven to kill by their leaders. The point is that there are many things involved in religion that often lead to war. Whether these things are a part of religion, an unpleasant side effect or (as Bobby would have it) the result of people switching between Religion and Atheism spontaneously, the results are the same. @Religious groups have long been involved in the majority of the bloodiest parts of Man's history.@ Atheists, on the other hand (preen,preen) are typically not an ideological social caste, nor are they driven to organize and spread their beliefs. The overuse of Nazism and Stalinism just show how true this is: Two groups with very clear and specific ideologies using religious persecution to further their means. Anyone who cannot see the obvious - namely that these were groups founded for reasons *entirely* their own, who used religious persecution not because of any belief system but because it made them more powerfull - is trying too hard. Basically, Bobby uses these examples because there are so few wars that were *not* *specifically* fought over religion that he does not have many choices. Well, I'm off to Key West where the only flames are heating the bottom of little silver butter-dishes. -ciao"
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" : Pardon me? Here is to an amherst-clown: : : "Your three chiefs, Dro, Hamazasp and Kulkhandanian are the ringleaders : of the bands which have destroyed Tartar villages and have staged : massacres in Zangezour, Surmali, Etchmiadzin, and Zangibasar. This is : intolerable. Were you expecting a different response? Here is another one: Source: K. S. Papazian, "Patriotism Perverted," Baikar Press, Boston, 1934, (73 pages with Appendix). p. 25 (third paragraph) "Some real fighters sprang up from among the people, who struck terror into the hearts of the Turks." "Within a few months after the war began, these Armenian guerrilla forces, operating in close coordination with the Russians, were savagely attacking Turkish cities, towns and villages in the east, massacring their inhabitants without mercy, while at the same time working to sabotage the Ottoman army's war effort by destroying roads and bridges, raiding caravans, and doing whatever else they could to ease Russian occupation. The atrocities committed by the Armenian volunteer forces accompanying the Russian army were so severe that the Russian commanders themselves were compelled to withdraw them from the fighting fronts and sent them to rear guard duties. The memoirs of many Russian officers who served in the east at this time are filled with accounts of the revolting atrocities committed by these Armenian guerrillas, which were savage even by relatively primitive standards of war then observed in such areas.[1]" [1] "Journal de Guerre du Deuxieme d'Artillerie de Forteresse Russe d'Erzeroum," 1919, p. 28. : >honored me by reproducing my text. Unfortunately, he has still not produced : >the "documents" on "Jews in LATVIA." Instead, he asks for my views on the : >"Turkish Genocide." Well, that debate seems to be going on in a few hundred : >other threads. I'll let other people bring the usual charges, try to debunk : >Mutlu/Argic/Cosar (a net-wide Terrorism Triangle?) and their spurious evidence. : : When that does ever happen, look out the window to see if there is a : non-fascist x-Soviet Armenian Government in the East. Now, where is : your non-existent list of scholars? What a moronian. During the First : World War and the ensuing years - 1914-1920, the Armenian Dictatorship : through a premeditated and systematic genocide, tried to complete its : centuries-old policy of annihilation against the Turks and Kurds by : savagely murdering 2.5 million Muslims and deporting the rest from : their 1,000 year homeland. How could you? Because there is none. Like conversing with a brick wall. And you are not responding to what I am writing. By the way, that "bullshit" is justly regarded as the first instance of Genocide in the 20th Century acted upon an entire people. For nearly one thousand years, the Turkish and Kurdish people lived on their homeland - the last one hundred under the oppressive Soviet and Armenian occupation. The persecutions culminated in 1914: The Armenian Government planned and carried out a Genocide against its Muslim subjects. 2.5 million Turks and Kurds were murdered and the remainder driven out of their homeland. After one thousand years, Turkish and Kurdish lands were empty of Turks and Kurds. The survivors found a safe heaven in Turkiye. Today, x-Soviet Armenian government rejects the right of Turks and Kurds to return to their Muslim lands occupied by x-Soviet Armenia. Today, x-Soviet Armenia covers up the genocide perpetrated by its predecessors and is therefore an accessory to this crime against humanity. x-Soviet Armenia must pay for its crime of genocide against the Muslims by admitting to the crime and making reparations to the Turks and Kurds. You may assert whatever you wish. Ditto. : The attempt at genocide is justly regarded as the first instance : of Genocide in the 20th Century acted upon an entire people. : This event is incontrovertibly proven by historians, government : and international political leaders, such as U.S. Ambassador Mark : Bristol, ... And still anxiously awaiting... : the list goes on and on and on..... : : >I'm still trying to find out about those Jews in LATVIA. Can you post those : >documents PLEEEEEEEASE, Mr. Argic? Puh-leeze could you? C'mon, it's my : >birthday in three weeks... post them for me as a birthday present. : : Remember, the issue at hand is the cold-blooded genocide of 2.5 million : Muslim people by the Armenians between 1914-1920, and the Armenian-Nazi : collaboration during World War II. Anything to add? Remember, the issue at hand is the Armenian-Nazi collaboration during World War II and the Turkish Genocide. And I still fail to see how you can challenge the following western sources. Source: John Dewey: "The New Republic," Vol. 40, Nov. 12, 1928, pp. 268-9. "Happy the minority [Jews] which has had no Christian nation to protect it. And one recalls that the Jews took up their abode in 'fanatic' Turkey when they were expelled from Europe, especially Spain, by Saintly Christians, and they have lived here for centuries in at least as much tranquility and liberty as their fellow Turkish subjects, all being exposed alike to the rapacity of their common rulers. To one brought up, as most Americans have been, in the Gladstonian and foreign-missionary tradition, the condition of the Jews in Turkey is almost a mathematical demonstration that religious differences have had an influence in the tragedy of Turkey only as they were combined with aspirations for a political separation which every nation in the world would have treated as treasonable. One readily reaches the conclusion that the Jews in Turkey were fortunate..." He also stated that: "they [Armenians] traitorously turned Turkish cities over to the Russian invader; that they boasted of having raised an army of one hundred and fifty thousand men to fight a civil war, and that they burned at least a hundred Turkish villages and exterminated their population." : >I want the documents of Jews in Latvia. I think several other : >people on soc.culture.greek are already disputing with you about the Turkish : >Genocide. : : Is this the joke of the month? Who, when, how, where? What a clown... How about Prof Shaw, a Jewish scholar? Source: Stanford J. Shaw, on Armenian collaboration with invading Russian armies in 1914, "History of the Ottoman Empire and Modern Turkey (Volume II: Reform, Revolution & Republic: The Rise of Modern Turkey, 1808-1975)." (London, Cambridge University Press 1977). pp. 315-316. "In April 1915 Dashnaks from Russian Armenia organized a revolt in the city of Van, whose 33,789 Armenians comprised 42.3 percent of the population, closest to an Armenian majority of any city in the Empire...Leaving Erivan on April 28, 1915, Armenian volunteers reached Van on May 14 and organized and carried out a general slaughter of the local Muslim population during the next two days while the small Ottoman garrison had to retreat to the southern side of the lake." "Knowing their numbers would never justify their territorial ambitions, Armenians looked to Russia and Europe for the fulfillment of their aims. Armenian treachery in this regard culminated at the beginning of the First World War with the decision of the revolutionary organizations to refuse to serve their state, the Ottoman Empire, and to assist instead other invading Russian armies. Their hope was their participation in the Russian success would be rewarded with an independent Armenian state carved out of Ottoman territories. Armenian political leaders, army officers, and common soldiers began deserting in droves." "With the Russian invasion of eastern Anatolia in 1914 at the beginning of World War I, the degree of Armenian collaboration with the Ottoman's enemy increased drastically. Ottoman supply lines were cut by guerilla attacks, Armenian revolutionaries armed Armenian civil populations, who in turn massacred the Muslim population of the province of Van in anticipation of expected arrival of the invading Russian armies." Source: Stanford J. Shaw, "History of the Ottoman Empire and Modern Turkey," Vol II. Cambridge University Press, London, 1979, pp. 314-317. "...Meanwhile, Czar Nicholas II himself came to the Caucasus to make final plans for cooperation with the Armenians against the Ottomans, with the president of the Armenian National Bureau in Tiflis declaring in response: 'From all countries Armenians are hurrying to enter the ranks of the glorious Russian Army, with their blood to serve the victory of Russian arms...Let the Russian flag wave freely over the Dardanelles and the Bosporus. Let, with Your will, great Majesty, the peoples remaining under the Turkish yoke receive freedom. Let the Armenian people of Turkey who have suffered for the faith of Christ receive resurrection for a new free life under the protection of Russia.'[155] Armenians again flooded into the czarist armies. Preparations were made to strike the Ottomans from the rear, and the czar returned to St. Petersburg confident that the day finally had come for him to reach Istanbul." [155] Horizon, Tiflis, November 30, 1914, quoted by Hovannisian, "Road to Independence," p. 45; FO 2485, 2484/46942, 22083. "Ottoman morale and military position in the east were seriously hurt, and the way was prepared for a new Russian push into eastern Anatolia, to be accompanied by an open Armenian revolt against the sultan.[156]" [156] Hovannisian, "Road to Independence," pp. 45-47; Bayur, III/1, pp. 349-380; W.E.D. Allen and P. Muratoff, "Caucasian Battlefields," Cambridge, 1953, pp. 251-277; Ali Ihsan Sabis, "Harb Hahralaram," 2 vols., Ankara, 1951, II, 41-160; FO 2146 no. 70404; FO 2485; FO 2484, nos. 46942 and 22083. "An Armenian state was organized at Van under Russian protection, and it appeared that with the Muslim natives dead or driven away, it might be able to maintain itself at one of the oldest centers of ancient Armenian civilization. An Armenian legion was organized 'to expel the Turks from the entire southern shore of the lake in preparation for a concerted Russian drive into the Bitlis vilayet.'[162] Thousands of Armenians from Mus and other major centers in the east began to flood into the new Armenian state...By mid-July there were as many as 250,000 Armenians crowded into the Van area, which before the crisis had housed and fed no more than 50,000 people, Muslim and non-Muslim alike.[163]" [162] Hovannisian, "Road to Independence," p. 56; FOP 2488, nos. 127223 and 58350. [163] BVA, Meclis-i Vukela Mazbatalari, debates of August 15-17, 1915; Babi-i Ali Evrak Odasi, no. 175, 321, "Van Ihtilali ve Katl-i Ami," Zilkade 1333/10 September 1915. : Muslim population exterminated by the Armenians: Why? : Who gives a thunder about your pseudo-scholar jokes? I'am arguing about : the Armenian-Nazi colaboration during World War II. Any comment? It could be, perhaps, your head wasn't screwed on just right. In 1941, while the Jews were being assembled for their doom in the Nazi concentration camps, the Armenian volunteers in Germany formed the first Armenian battalion to fight alongside the Nazis. In 1943, this battalion had grown into eight battalions of 20,000-strong under the command of the former guerilla leader Dro (the butcher), who was the former dictator of the short-lived Armenian Dictatorship (1918-1920) and the architect of the cold-blooded genocide of 2.5 million Turks and Kurds between 1914-1920. An Armenian National Council was formed by the notorious Dashnak Party leaders in Berlin, which was recognized by the Nazis. Encouraged by this, the Armenians summarily formed a provisional government that endorsed and espoused fully the principles of the Nazis and declared themselves as the members of the Aryan super race and full participants to Hitler's policy of extermination of the Jews. This Armenian-Nazi conspiracy against the Jews during WWII was an "encore" performance staged by the Armenians during WWI, when they back-stabbed and exterminated 2.5 million Turks by colluding with the invading Russian army. Furthermore, as McCarthy put it, the Armenian dictatorship was granted a respite when the Ottomans admitted defeat and signed the Mudros Armistice with the Allies (October 30, 1918). The Allies had decided to create a Greater Armenia, including the old Russian province of Yerevan and adjoining areas, as well as most parts of Anatolia claimed by the Armenian fanatics. Only the area called Cilicia (around the Ottoman province of Adana) was to be excluded, as it had already been claimed by the French. The Allies quickly set about attempting to disarm Ottoman soldiers and other Turks, who could be expected to oppose their plans. On April 19, 1919 the British Army occupied Kars, gave civilian and military power over to the Armenians, then withdrew. The British planned for Kars to be included in the Armenian Dictatorship, even though the Russian pre-war census had shown Kars Province to be over 60% Muslim. The Turks of Kars were effectively disarmed, but the British could not disarm the Kurds of the mountains. The fate of the Turks was almost an exact replica of what had occurred earlier in Eastern Anatolia. Murder, pillage, genocide and the destruction of Turkish homes and entire Turkish villages drove the Turks of Kars to the mountains or south and west to the safety afforded by remaining units of the Ottoman Army. The British had left the scene to the Armenian genocide squads. Therefore, few Europeans were present to observe the genocide. One British soldier, Colonel Rawlinson, who was assigned to supervise the disarmament of Otoman soldiers, saw what was occurring. Rawlinson wired to his superiors, "in the interest of humanity the Armenians should not be left in independent command of the Moslim population, as, their troops being without discipline and not being under effective control, atrocities were constantly being committed." Come again? : "These European Dashnags, with headquarters in Berlin, appealed to... Why? : No wonder you are in such a mess. Here are the Armenian sources on the : Turkish Holocaust. Why? Obrother. Spell it out, "list of dead Muslims": Source: Documents: Volume I (1919). "Document No: 64," Archive No: 1/2, Cabin No: 109, Drawer No: 4, File No: 359, Section No: 103(1435), Contents No: 3-20. (To Acting Supreme Command - Socialist Salah Cimcoz, Socialist Nesim Mazelyah) "Armenian gangs have been murdering and inflicting cruelties on innocent people of the region. This verified information, supported by clear statements of reliable eyewitnesses, was also confirmed by General Odishelidje, Commander of the Russian Caucasian Army. Armenians are entering every place evacuated by Russians carrying out murders, cruelties, rape and all kind of atrocities which cannot be expressed in writing, murdering all the women, children, aged people who happen to be in the street. These barbarous murders repeated every day with new methods continue and the Russian Army has been urged to intervene to terminate these atrocities. Public opinion is appalled and horrified. Newspapers are describing the happenings as shocking. We have decided to inform all our friends urgently about the situation." "Document No: 65," Archive No: 4/3671, Cabin No: 163, Drawer No: 5, File No: 2947, Section No: 628, Contents No: 3-1, 3-3. (To Acting Supreme Command - Commander, 3rd Army General) "The situation in the cities of Erzincan and Erzurum which we have recently taken over is given below: These two beautiful cities of our country which are alike in the calamities and destruction which they suffered, have been destroyed, as the specially designed and built public and private buildings of these cities were deliberately burnt by Armenians apart from the destruction suffered during the two-year Russian occupation. All barracks buildings of Erzincan, the cavalry barracks in Erzurum, the Government building and Army Corps Headquarters are among those burnt. In short, both cities are burnt, destroyed and trees cut down. As to the people of these cities: All people old enough to use weapons rounded up, taken to the Sarikamis direction for road building and were slaughtered. The remaining people, were subject to cruelties and murder by Armenians following the withdrawal of Russians and were partly annihilated the corpses thrown into wells, burnt in houses, mutilated by bayonets, their abdomens ripped open in slaughterhouses, their lungs and livers torn out, girls and women hung up by their hair, after all kinds of devilish acts. The few people who were able to survive these cruelties, worse than those of the 'Spanish Inquisition,' are in poverty more dead than alive, horrified, some driven insane, about 1500 in Erzincan and 30,000 in Erzurum. The people are hungry and in poverty, for whatever they had has been taken away from them, their lands left uncultivated. The people have just been able to exist with some provisions found in stores left over from the Russians. The villages round Erzincan and Erzurum are in the worst condition. Some villages on the road, have been leveled to the ground, leaving no stone, the people completely massacred. Let me submit to your information with deep grief and regret that history has never before witnessed cruelties at such dimensions." : (a long list) : (a long list)" And still anxiously awaiting... Serdar Argic"
" Yo! Watch the attributions--I didn't say that! Again, this isn't an appropriate forum for discussions on whether you should shoot someone for property damage/vandalism/theft, but every responsible gun owner realizes that there are limits, and the punishment must fit the crime. I mean, think about it--is a (really) harmless prank worth killing over? As I said, the situation described (punks setting off alarms and taunting people to come out) could turn very ugly very quickly, and it is worth being prepared when your life is potentially on the line. James"
" Now there's a good idea ! All you need is 20 amps DC for a few minutes, and a good (wetware) memory (was I using wp or autocad or ...). I thought of the same idea myself a few days ago. I've got a fairly new car battery that I take along in my 4x4 when I go camping, and it sits around useless when I'm home. I wish I could get a batteryless ups to use it with, or use it with a heavy duty 5-volt regulator to supply the PC. But I guess you'd need -5v and -12v (and +12) too (2 more batteries ?). An alternative would be to leave a 40 AMP battery charger hooked up to the battery and run a 12vdc to 110vac converter running all the time, and when the power goes out, voi-la ! the 110vac converter keeps on running off the battery ! and then I could take the 110vac converter and my computer on the camping trips !-) "
" You can avoid these problems entirely by installing an oil drain valve in place of the bolt. I have one on both of my cars. There have been no leaks in 210,000 miles (combined miles on both cars)."
"B BK>Is it possible to plug in 70ns or 60ns SIMMs into a motherboard saying BK>wants 80ns simms? You shouldn't have troubles. I have heard of machines having problems with slower than recommended memory speeds, but never faster. BK>Also, is it possible to plug in SIMMs of different BK>speeds into the same motherboard? ie - 2 megs of 70ns and 2 megs of 6 BK>or something like that? Sure. I have 4 70ns SIMMs in one bank and 4 60ns SIMMS in the other ( I have a 486 ). I wouldn't recommend mixing speeds within a bank, just to be on the safe side. -rdd --- . WinQwk 2.0b#0 . Unregistered Evaluation Copy * KMail 2.95d W-NET HQ,, +1 313 663 4173 or 3959 "
": A quick and dirty way to get higher current carrying capacity : on PC board traces for one- or few-of-a-kind boards is to : strip some #14 Romex house wiring cable to bare copper, form : the bare copper to follow the trace, and solder it down. And if it's not quick and dirty, you can get bus bars that are stamped out with leads that insert in the PC board."
"Okay, let's suppose that the NSA/NIST/Mykotronix Registered Key system becomes standard and I'm able to buy such a system from my local radio shack. Every phone comes with a built in chip and the government has the key to every phone call. I go and buy a phone and dutifully register the key. What's to prevent me from swapping phones with a friend or buying a used phone at a garage sale? Whooa. The secret registered keys just became unsynchronized. When the government comes to listen in, they only receive gobbledly-gook because the secret key registered under my name isn't the right one. That leads me to conjecture that: 1) The system isn't that secure. There are just two master keys that work for all the phones in the country. The part about registering your keys is just bogus. or 2) The system is vulnerable to simple phone swapping attacks like this. Criminals will quickly figure this out and go to town."
"I have a 1986 Acura Integra 5 speed with 95,000 miles on it. It is positively the worst car I have ever owned. I had an 83 Prelude that had 160k miles on it when I sold it, and it was still going strong . This is with religious attention to maintenance such as oil changes etc. Both cars were driven in exactly the same manner.. 1. It has gone through two clutches (which are underrated.) 2. 3 sets of tires (really eats tires in the front even with careful align) 3. All struts started leaking about 25-30k miles 4. Windshield wiper motor burned up (service note on this one) 5. Seek stop working on radio about 20k miles 6. Two timing belts. 7. Constant error signals from computer. 8. And finally. A rod bearing went out on the No. 1 piston seriously damaging the crankshaft, contaminating the engine etc. When the overhaul was done last week it required new crankshaft, one new cam shaft (has two) because the camshaft shattered when they tried to mill it. The camshaft took 4 weeks to get because it is on national back order. Everything on the engine is unique to the 1986 year. They went to a new design in 87. Parts are very expensive."
"We are developing an MS-Windows based product that uses a full screen window to display ~24 rows of textual data. Is there any product for Microsoft Windows that will enable blind individuals to access the data efficiently (quickly) ?? Please email responses and I will post a summary to this group."
"Hi, I am using a dtk 386-20Mhz 13Meg memory to run a variety of programs, and have had problems off and on with lock up, but now I am trying to run an application that wants a lot of memory over a period of time (Playmation 24 bit rendered) and it is locking up Everytime. I have an ATI ultra + w/2Meg which I have tried in each of the video modes, I have excluded the region of video memory from A000-C800 segments from the use of emm386, have tried adjusting the swap partion from large to nonexistant (to prevent swapping) and I have REM'd ALL TSR's and utilities in config.syus and autoexec, and even tried using the default program manager, disabling my HP dashboard. even with a minimal system, no swap, no smartdrv, no TSR's, no windows utilities and exclusion of video regions it still locks up completely (no mouse control, no response to anything except 3finger salute, and even that does not stop by the standard windows screen, but simply does a full reset immediately). Just about out of ideas, anyone out there have any???? Thanks tom branham "
" Yes, this is also my understanding of the majority of Islamic laws. However, I believe there are also certain legal rulings which, in all five schools of law (4 sunni and 1 jaffari), can be levelled against muslim or non-muslims, both within and outside dar-al-islam. I do not know if apostasy (when accompanied by active, persistent, and open hostility to Islam) falls into this category of the law. I do know that historically, apostasy has very rarely been punished at all, let alone by the death penalty. My understanding is that Khomeini's ruling was not based on the law of apostasy (alone). It was well known that Rushdie was an apostate long before he wrote the offending novel and certainly there is no precedent in the Qur'an, hadith, or in Islamic history for indiscriminantly levelling death penalties for apostasy. I believe the charge levelled against Rushdie was that of "fasad". This ruling applies both within and outside the domain of an Islamic state and it can be carried out by individuals. The reward was not offered by Khomeini but by individuals within Iran. I would concur that the thrust of the fatwa (from what I remember) was levelled at the author and all those who assisted in the publication of the book. However, the charge of "fasad" can encompass a number of lesser charges. I remember that when diplomatic relations broke off between Britain and Iran over the fatwa - Iran stressed that the condemnation of the author, and the removal of the book from circulation were two preliminary conditions for resolving the "crisis". But you are correct to point out that banning the book was not the main thrust behind the fatwa. Islamic charges such as fasad are levelled at people, not books. The Rushdie situation was followed in Iran for several months before the issuance of the fatwa. Rushdie went on a media blitz, presenting himself as a lone knight guarding the sacred values of secular democracy and mocking the foolish concerns of people crazy enough to actually hold their religious beliefs as sacred. Fanning the flames and milking the controversy to boost his image and push the book, he was everywhere in the media. Then Muslim demonstrators in several countries were killed while protesting against the book. Rushdie appeared momentarily concerned, then climbed back on his media horse to once again attack the Muslims and defend his sacred rights. It was at this point that the fatwa on "fasad" was issued. The fatwa was levelled at the person of Rushdie - any actions of Rushdie that feed the situation contribute to the legitimization of the ruling. The book remains in circulation not by some independant will of its own but by the will of the author and the publishers. The fatwa against the person of Rushdie encompasses his actions as well. The crime was certainly a crime in progress (at many levels) and was being played out (and played up) in the the full view of the media."
" No answer. I do not feel like the cameras were out of range. Cameras watched the first confrontation. Cameras watched the banners. Cmaeras watched the final confrontation with tanks. Cameras watched the fire. When weren't cameras able to watch? When would cameras be unable to watch people coming out with their hands up? Well, that is what BATF should have done. Either, Koresh would have gone peaceably as he has done in the past, or perhaps it was already too close to the apocalypse in his own mind. It is hard to predict the actions of a leader who would not release the children when most rational people would. Now will you answer my question up top? "
"Australian Pattern Recognition Society 2nd CALL FOR PAPERS DICTA-93 2nd Conference on - DIGITAL IMAGING COMPUTING: TECHNIQUES AND APPLICATIONS Location: Macquarie Theatre Macquarie University Sydney Date: 8-10 December 1993. DICTA-93 is the second biennial national conference of the Australian Pattern Recognition Society. This event will provide an opportunity for any persons with an interest in computer vision, digital image processing/analysis and other aspects of pattern recognition to become informed about contemporary developments in the area, to exchange ideas, to establish contacts and to share details of their own work with others. The Following invited speakers will provide specialised presentations: Prof Gabor T. Herman, University of Pennsylvania on Medical Imaging. Prof. R.M. Hodgson, Massey University New Zealand on Computer Vision. Prof. Dominique Juelin, Centre de Morphologie Mathematique, Paris on Mathematical Morphology. Prof. John Richards, Aust. Defence Force Academy, Canberra on Remote Sensing. Dr. Phillip K. Robertson, CSIRO Division of Information Technology, Canberra on Interactive Visualisation. The conference will concentrate on (but is not limited to) the following areas of image processing:- * Computer Vision and Object Recognition * Motion Analysis * Morphology * Medical Imaging * Fuzzy logic and Neural Networks * Image Coding * Machine Vision and Robotics * Enhancement and Restoration * Enhancement and Restoration * Visualisation * Industrial Applications * Software and Hardware Tools Papers are sought for presentation at the conference and publication in the conference proceedings. Submission for peer review should consist of an extended abstract of 750-1000 words of doubled spaced text, summarizing the technical aspects of the paper and any results that will be quoted. Final papers should be limited to no more than 8 pages of text and illustrations in camera-ready form. Four (4) copies of the abstract should be sent to: DICTA-93 C/- Tony Adriaansen CSIRO - Division of Wool Technology PO Box 7 Ryde NSW 2112 Australia IMPORTANT DATES Abstract due - 25th June 1993 Acceptance notified - 27th August 1993 Final paper due - 15th October 1993 SOCIAL PROGRAM: The conference dinner will be held on the Thursday 9th of December 1993. Other social activities are being arranged. Situated on a beautiful harbour, Sydney has many and varied places of interest. The Opera House and Harbour Bridge are just two of the well known landmarks. Harbour cruises, city tours to the Blue Mountains run daily. We can provide further information on request. ACCOMMODATION: Accommodation within 15 min walking distance is available, ranging from college style to 5 star Hotel facilities. Information will be supplied upon request. CONFERENCE FEES: before 30th Sep. After 30th Sep. APRS Members A$220 A$250 APRS Student Members A$120 A$150 Others A$250 A$280 Conference Dinner A$35 on Dec 9th 1993 ------------------------------------------------------------- ADVANCED REGISTRATION Name: Organisation: Address Phone: Fax: email: - I am a current Member of APRS. - I am not a current member of APRS. - Please send me information on accommodation. I enclose a cheque for ------------------------------------------------------------- Please send the above form to DICTA-93 C/- Tony Adriaansen CSIRO - Division of Wool Technology PO Box 7 Ryde NSW 2112 Australia The cheques should be made payable to DICTA-93. For further information contact: * Tony Adriaansen (02) 809 9495 * Athula Ginigie (02) 330 2393 * email:"
": Does anyone out there have any info on the up and coming fall comdex '93? I was : asked by one of my peers to get any info that might be available. Or, could : anyone point me in the right direction? Any help would be appreciated. It's in Las Vegas (as always) between November 16th and 20th. For more information contact: The Interface Group 300 First Avenue Needham, MA 02194-2722 Sorry, no phone number available. Consult directory service in Massachusetts for the number (617, 508 or 413). -- Willy"
" assuming yours is a non turbo MR2, the gruffness is characteristic of a large inline 4 that doesn't have balance shafts. i guess toyota didn't care about "little" details like that when they can brag about the mid engine configuration and the flashy styling. myself, i automatically cross out any car from consideration (or recommendation) which has an inline 4 larger than 2 liters and no balance shafts.. it is a good rule of thumb to keep in mind if you ever want a halfway decent engine. if the noise really bugs you, there is nothing else that you can do except to sell it and get a V6. "
" However, also be aware that Implementor's notes are basicly recommendations, they are *NOT* part of the spec. As others have noted, many vendors (including SGI) violate this. Indeed, the main point is to reduce impedance changes, and therefore reflections, and therefore 'noise' on the bus."
" I think you may be chasing the wrong problem. I don't think it is the function overloading at all-- I do that sort of thing all of the time in BC++ without a hitch. The big problems I have encountered in porting MFC to BC++ is that fact that MFC _depends_ on a couple of invalid C++ assumptions. I have never gotten the _entire_ ctrltest app to run under BC++, but the reason is that MS makes some bad assumptions about the order in which static/global objects are initialized (i.e. some objects are getting accessed before they are initialized). The problem is in the owner-draw menu code somewhere-- if you comment out that section, all other pieces of ctrltest work fine. Two other major gotchas I have found using MFC under BC++: - The CFile::OpenFlags enum uses hard-coded numbers for the open mode, rather than the manifest constants defined in fcntrl.h (which differ between MSC and BC). - All of the MFC collection classes depend on another bad C++ assumption-- that a reference to a base object can used be in place of a reference to a derived object (true for pointers, NOT for references). I am sure there are other problems along the same lines, but I have not encountered them (yet). I have not seen MFC 2.0 yet, but I hope that some of these will be addressed. If they are not, all of MS's hype about portability to other vendor's compilers will be just that. "
" Hi Noel, I've made some attempts to write a converter that reads Adobe Type 1 fonts, triangulates them, bevelizes them and extrudes them to result in a generic 3d object which could be used with PoV f.i. The problem I'm currently stuck on is that theres no algorithm which triangulates any arbitrary polygonal shape. Delaunay seems to be limited to convex hulls. Constrained delaunay may be okay, but I have no code example of how to do it. Another way to do the bartman may be - TGA2POV - A selfmade variation of this, using heightfields. Create a b/w picture (BIG) of the text you need, f.i. using a PostScript previewer. Then, use this as a heightfield. If it is white on black, the heightfield is exactly the images white parts (it's still open on the backside). To close it, mirror it and compound it with the original. Example: object { union { height_field { gif "abp2.gif" } height_field { gif "abp2.gif" scale <1 -1 1>} } texture { Glass } translate <-0.5 0 -0.5> //center rotate <-90 0 0> // rotate upwards scale <10 5 100> // scale bigger and thicker translate <0 2 0> // final placement } abp2.gif is a GIF of arbitrary size containing "ABP" black on white in Times-Roman 256 points. "
" ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Soderstrom plays with Philly, but he doesn't have a moulded mask. He's got the helmet and cage variety, in white. Or at least that's what he wore thirteen hours ago. "
"I would like to experiment with the INTEL 8051 family. Does anyone out there know of any good FTP sites that might have compiliers, assemblers, etc.? "
"Does anyone know what processor the Atari 2600 used? What I'm looking for is th e pin-outs for the Atari 2600.... the schematics for it it... does anyone have any idea where I could find this or any related information? This is very impor tant. Also, are the ROM chips that were used fo rthe 2600 games still available , or were they propreitary? Please email me with any responces, as this is very important.. Thanks a million... BTW- Anyone who works/has worked for Atari, I could really use your help with i nfo on the old 2600, please email me if you are willing to help me.... thatnks alot!!"
" Is this a figment of your imagination? Here is another one: Source: "Mitteilungsblatt, Berlin, December 1939, Nr. 2 and 5-6" Yet another historical fact: a fact that for years has been deliberately forgotten, concealed, and wiped from memory - the fact of Armenian-Nazi collaboration. A magazine called Mitteilungsblatt der Deutsch-Armenischen Gesselschaft is the clearest and most definite proof of this collaboration. The magazine was first published in Berlin in 1938 during Nazi rule of Germany and continued publication until the end of 1944. Even the name of the magazine, which implies a declaration of Armenian-Nazi cooperation, is attention-getting. This magazine, every issue of which proves the collaboration, is historically important as documentary evidence. It is a heap of writing that should be an admonition to world opinion and to all mankind. In Nazi Germany, Armenians were considered to be an Aryan race and certain political, economic, and social rights were thus granted to them. They occupied positions in public service and were partners in Nazi practices. The whole world of course knows what awaited those who were not considered "Aryan" and what befell them. Serdar Argic"
" Not hard, you can do the refreshing and access cycles by software, but this hogs most of the available CPU cycles on a low-end controller. I've seen some application note from Philips that used one of their 8051 derivatives as a printer buffer, with up to 1MB of dynamic ram that was accessed and refreshed with software bit-banging. Another alternative would be to use one of those nice DRAM controller chips that "create static RAM appearance" and all that, but they may be too expensive to make it worthwhile."
"As the subjects says, Windows 3.1 keeps crashing (givinh me GPF) on me of late. It was never a very stable package, but now it seems to crash every day. The worst part about it is that it does not crash consistently: ie I can't reproduce crashes, and they are not always GPF's in the same application. Sometimes I can recover by simply closing the application that caused an error, but other times, windows acts very strange, and I need to re-boot. Some background: I have a Leading Edge 486sx25 with Phoenix BIOS. When I first got it it had 4Mg of memory. It ran windows fine (not too many GPF's). Then, a couple of weekends ago, I installed Lotus 123 for windows (with ATM), a game card and an additional 4 1Mg SIMMS. The Leading edge machine is kind of strange, in that it has the IDE controler built into the motherboard, the CPU is actually on a sparate board that plugs into the motherboard and the SIMMS it uses are Macintosh SIMMS! Apparently I was told that the Leading Edge had the parity bit built into the mother board. The original 4Mg 80ns SIMMS where of the 2 chip variety from SAMSUNG, and the ones I installed are 8 chip SIMMS. They are recognized fine by the BIOS RAM check. The game card is a generic $20 gamecard. The reason why I mention the hardware like this is that sometimes rebooting the machine using the reset button or ctl-alt-del still leaves the machine kind of flaky, but turning it on and off doesn't. I haven't tried taking out the RAM or the game card, because as I said these GPF are not reproducible at will. I have gone through and entire day using the computer with no problems and then I might get 5 or so GPF's in the sppace of 20 minutes? What can I do. This situation is most annoying... Are there any good diagnostic tools for hardware? Do you think that this might be a software problem (ie EMM386 etc.)? If it helps, i have manage to get GPF's on After Dark, quicken, Paint shop pro. A lot of them have been in user.exe or gdi.exe. Any help is truly appreciated..... -Eric"
" A note to users of Plexi-Fairings: If the light hits some of these just right, they become a giant magnifing glass and will melt a hole in your guage pod! ----===== DoD #8177 = Technician(Dr. Speed) .NOT. Student =====----"
" On the back might be tricky, but here in Boulder, there is a guy that can always be seen with his Golden Retriever in the sidecar. Of course, the dog is always wearing WWII style goggles (no joke) "
"Here is a press release from the Reserve Officers Association. Reserve Officers Say Demographics Ignored in Nominations to Close Naval, Marine Reserve Centers To: National Desk, Defense Writer Contact: Herbert M. Hart of the Reserve Officers Association of the United States, 202-479-2258 WASHINGTON, April 13 /U.S. Newswire/ -- The Reserve Officers Association of the United States has alerted the Defense Base Realignment and Closure Commission that the services failed to give sufficient weight to demographics in recommendations made to close 56 Naval and Marine Corps Reserve centers. In letters to the closure commission and to all 86 members of Congress with affected locations in their constituencies, including Sen. Sam Nunn (D-Ga.), chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, ROA charged that the developers of the Navy-Marine list ignored demographics of the civilian population, particularly prior service personnel. ROA's executive director, Maj. Gen. Evan L. Hultman, AUS (Ret.), suggested "concern that the only plausible alternative is that they are intentionally attempting to foreclose the Naval Reserve components from maintaining even today's relatively low level of participation in their parent service's Total Force of the future." He asked the commission "to remove from consideration all locations without sufficient and convincing demographic data to warrant approval of the requested action." "Only a few of the 56 Naval and Marine Corps Reserve installations on this list are large enough to have a significant impact on the community, if closed," wrote Hultman. "The major issue is the cumulative impact of moving or closing such a large percentage of the existing locations." Hultman reminded the commission, "The fact that the vast majority of the Reserve installations on this list do not come close to meeting the minimal requirements for consideration in this process certainly supports the thesis" that these actions are simply an attempt to foreclose a substantial role for the Navy and Marine Corps Reserve. ROA also noted "that at the end of the 1960s, when the number of Naval Reservists was approximately the same as today, there were 480 Naval Reserve facilities. If the Navy recommendations are approved, there will be less than 200 Naval Reserve facilities." Facilities on the list include seven Naval Air Stations ranging from South Weymouth, Mass., to Alameda, Calif., 28 Naval Reserve Centers in Macon, Ga., and Parkersburg, W.Va., to Missoula and Great Falls. Mont. Naval/Marine Corps Reserve Centers include four in San Francisco, Fort Wayne, Ind., Billings, Mont., and Abilene, Texas. A major Marine Reserve Center on the list is that at El Toro, Calif., plus six others. -30-"
"..deleted... In plain Motify using a dialog 'in-line' like this simply isn't done. You need to set callbacks from the buttons/widgets in your dialog and let the callback routines do the work. In the callbacks you can then carry on the flow of logic. XView from Sun actually supports this very neatly with a 'Notify' box, which can return a status in-line, it does actualy ease coding but goes against the event driven style of an application. Summary: Redesign required. "
": Are you saying that their was a physical Adam and Eve, and that all : humans are direct decendents of only these two human beings.? Then who : were Cain and Able's wives? Couldn't be their sisters, because A&E : didn't have daughters. Were they non-humans? Genesis 5:4 and the days of Adam after he begat Seth were eight hundred years, and he begat sons and daughters:"
": Currently, I use a shareware program called Graphics Workshop. : What kinds of things will Hijaak do that these shareware programs : will not do? I also use Graphic Workshop and the only differences that I know of are that Hijaak has screen capture capabilities and acn convert to/from a couple of more file formats (don't know specifically which one). In the April 13 issue of PC Magazine they test the twelve best selling image capture/convert utilities, including Hijaak."
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Dataset Card for 20_Newsgroups_Fixed

Dataset Summary

This dataset is a version of the 20 Newsgroups dataset fixed with the help of the Galileo ML Data Intelligence Platform. In a matter of minutes, Galileo enabled us to uncover and fix a multitude of errors within the original dataset. In the end, we present this improved dataset as a new standard for natural language experimentation and benchmarking using the Newsgroups dataset.

Curation Rationale

This dataset was created to showcase the power of Galileo as a Data Intelligence Platform. Through Galileo, we identify critical error patterns within the original Newsgroups training dataset - garbage data that do not properly fit any newsgroup label category. Moreover, we observe that these errors permeate throughout the test dataset.

As a result of our analysis, we propose the addition of a new class to properly categorize and fix the labeling of garbage data samples: a "None" class. Galileo further enables us to quickly make these data sample changes within the training set (changing garbage data labels to None) and helps guide human re-annotation of the test set.

Total Dataset Errors Fixed: 1163 (6.5% of the dataset)

Errors / Split. Overall Train Test
Garbage samples fixed 718 396 322
Empty samples fixed 445 254 254
Total samples fixed 1163 650 650

To learn more about the process of fixing this dataset, please refer to our Blog.

Dataset Structure

Data Instances

For each data sample, there is the text of the newsgroup post, the corresponding newsgroup forum where the message was posted (label), and a data sample id.

An example from the dataset looks as follows:

{'id': 1,
'text': 'I have win 3.0 and downloaded several icons and BMP\'s but I can\'t figure out\nhow to change the "wallpaper" or use the icons.  Any help would be appreciated.\n\n\nThanx,\n\n-Brando'

Data Fields

  • id: the unique numerical id associated with a data sample
  • text: a string containing the text of the newsgroups message
  • label: a string indicating the newsgroup forum where the sample was posted

Data Splits

The data is split into a training and test split. To reduce bias and test generalizability across time, data samples are split between train and test depending upon whether their message was posted before or after a specific date, respectively.

Data Classes

The fixed data is organized into 20 newsgroup topics + a catch all "None" class. Some of the newsgroups are very closely related to each other (e.g. / comp.sys.mac.hardware), while others are highly unrelated (e.g / soc.religion.christian). Here is a list of the 21 classes, partitioned according to subject matter:
<sci.electronics talk.politics.misc
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