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Dataset Summary

Movie Review Dataset. This is a dataset of containing 5,331 positive and 5,331 negative processed sentences from Rotten Tomatoes movie reviews. This data was first used in Bo Pang and Lillian Lee, ``Seeing stars: Exploiting class relationships for sentiment categorization with respect to rating scales.'', Proceedings of the ACL, 2005.

Supported Tasks

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Dataset Structure

We show detailed information for up to 5 configurations of the dataset.

Data Instances


  • Size of downloaded dataset files: 0.47 MB
  • Size of the generated dataset: 1.28 MB
  • Total amount of disk used: 1.75 MB

An example of 'validation' looks as follows.

    "label": 1,
    "text": "Sometimes the days and nights just drag on-- it's the morning that make me feel alive. And I have one thing to thank for that: pancakes."

Data Fields

The data fields are the same among all splits.


  • text: a string feature.
  • label: a classification label, with possible values including neg (0), pos (1).

Data Splits Sample Size

name train validation test
default 8530 1066 1066

Dataset Creation

Curation Rationale

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Source Data

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Personal and Sensitive Information

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Considerations for Using the Data

Social Impact of Dataset

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Discussion of Biases

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Other Known Limitations

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Additional Information

Dataset Curators

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Licensing Information

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Citation Information

  author =       {Bo Pang and Lillian Lee},
  title =        {Seeing stars: Exploiting class relationships for sentiment
                  categorization with respect to rating scales},
  booktitle =    {Proceedings of the ACL},
  year =         2005


Thanks to @thomwolf, @jxmorris12 for adding this dataset.

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