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Unobstructed vision requires a particular refractive index of the lens, a measure based on the organization of the structural proteins within the differentiated lens cells. To ensure an intact lens structure, homeostasis within the lens cells is indispensable. Alterations of the lens structure result in opacity and lead to cataract. Renal glucosuria is defined by elevated glucose level in the urine without hyperglycemia and without evidence of morphological renal anomalies. In a Swiss family with autosomal dominant juvenile cataract, microcornea, and renal glucosuria, we have identified a nonsense mutation in a member of the carboxylic acid transporter family SLC16. The underlying gene defect in SLC16A12 resides within a 3 cM region on chromosome 10q23.13 defined by linkage mapping of this phenotype. We found tissue-specific variability of SLC16A12 transcript levels in control samples, with high expression in the eye and kidney, the two organs affected by this syndrome. This report demonstrates biological relevance of this solute carrier. We hypothesize that SLC16A12 is important for lens and kidney homeostasis and discuss its potential role in age-related cataract
Mutation of solute carrier SLC16A12 associates with a syndrome combining juvenile cataract with microcornea and renal glucosuria
mutation of solute carrier slc16a12 associates with a syndrome combining juvenile cataract with microcornea and renal glucosuria
unobstructed vision refractive lens differentiated lens cells. ensure intact lens homeostasis lens indispensable. alterations lens opacity cataract. glucosuria elevated glucose urine hyperglycemia morphological anomalies. swiss autosomal juvenile cataract microcornea glucosuria nonsense mutation member carboxylic transporter defect resides chromosome linkage phenotype. transcript kidney organs syndrome. demonstrates relevance solute carrier. hypothesize lens kidney homeostasis cataract
[ "82332306" ]
Two-color multiphoton ionization of atomic helium was investigated by combining extreme ultraviolet (XUV) radiation from the Free Electron Laser in Hamburg with an intense synchronized optical laser. In the photoelectron spectrum, lines associated with direct ionization and above-threshold ionization show strong variations of their amplitudes as a function of both the intensity of the optical dressing field and the relative orientation of the linear polarization vectors of the two fields. The polarization dependence provides direct insight into the symmetry of the outgoing electrons in above-threshold ionization. In the high field regime, the monochromaticity of the XUV radiation enables the unperturbed observation of nonlinear processes in the optical field
Polarization control in two-color above-threshold ionization of atomic helium
polarization control in two-color above-threshold ionization of atomic helium
multiphoton ionization helium combining extreme ultraviolet hamburg intense synchronized laser. photoelectron ionization ionization amplitudes dressing fields. insight outgoing ionization. monochromaticity enables unperturbed
[ "147599753" ]
Lectin鈥檚 are proteins capable of recognising and binding to specific oligosaccharide tructures found on glycoproteins and other biomoloecules. As such they have found tility for glycoanalytical applications. One common difficulty encountered in the pplication of these proteins, particularly in multi-well plate assay formats known as Enzyme Linked Lectin Assays (ELLA鈥檚), is in finding appropriate blocking solutions to prevent non-specific binding with plate surfaces. Many commonly used blocking agents contain carbohydrates and generate significant background signals in ELLA鈥檚, limiting the utility of the assay.\ud \ud In this study we examined the suitability of a range of blocking reagents, including rotein based, synthetic and commercially available carbohydrate free blocking eagents, for ELLA applications. Each blocking reagent was assessed against a panel f 19 commercially available biotinylated lectins exhibiting diverse structures and arbohydrate specificities. We identified the synthetic polymer Polyvinyl Alcohol PVA) as the best global blocking agent for performing ELLA鈥檚. We ultimately present n ELLA methodology facilitating broad spectrum lectin analysis of glycoconjugates nd extending the utility of the ELLA
Optimisation of the enzyme-linked lectin assay for enhanced glycoprotein and glycoconjugate analysis
optimisation of the enzyme-linked lectin assay for enhanced glycoprotein and glycoconjugate analysis
lectin鈥檚 capable recognising oligosaccharide tructures glycoproteins biomoloecules. tility glycoanalytical applications. difficulty encountered pplication plate formats enzyme lectin assays ella鈥檚 blocking prevent plate surfaces. commonly blocking carbohydrates ella鈥檚 limiting utility assay. suitability blocking reagents rotein synthetic commercially carbohydrate blocking eagents ella applications. blocking reagent commercially biotinylated lectins exhibiting diverse arbohydrate specificities. synthetic polymer polyvinyl alcohol blocking agent performing ella鈥檚. ultimately ella methodology facilitating broad lectin glycoconjugates extending utility ella
[ "147603441" ]
In this work, we present a detailed transmission electron microscopy analysis of the interfacial structure and composition uniformity of (Ga,In)(N,As) quantum wells grown by molecular beam epitaxy on vicinal GaAs(1 1 1)B substrates. Vertical composition fluctuations inside the (Ga,In)(N,As) quantum well are detected depending on the growth conditions, in particular the V/III flux ratio and the growth rate. This vertical composition fluctuation due to the phase separation tendency is in contrast to the (0 0 1) case, where the fluctuations proceed in the lateral direction. The specific character of the phase instabilities is discussed with respect to the spinodal decomposition of the (Ga,In)(N,As) alloy grown by step-flow on the misoriented (1 1 1)B substrates. The vertical composition fluctuations are explained by the formation of step bunches of alternating composition as a consequence of the different propagation velocity of steps with different atom terminations
Vertical composition fluctuations in (Ga,In)(N,As) quantum wells grown on vicinal (1 1 1) B GaAs
vertical composition fluctuations in (ga,in)(n,as) quantum wells grown on vicinal (1 1 1) b gaas
microscopy interfacial uniformity wells grown epitaxy vicinal gaas substrates. rate. fluctuation tendency proceed lateral direction. character instabilities spinodal decomposition alloy grown misoriented substrates. bunches alternating propagation atom terminations
[ "148653623" ]
Three-dimensional (3D) oscillatory boundary layers attached to deformable solid walls and free boundaries of general form are analyzed via matched asymptotic expansions, to obtain the time-averaged tangential velocities and tangential stresses, respectively, at the edge of the layers. These provide the appropriate boundary conditions that are to be used to calculate the streaming flow in the bulk, outside the boundary layers. The resulting formulae generalize to 3D the well-known expressions due to Schlichting (Phys. Z. 33 (1932) 327) and Longuet-Higgins (Philos. Trans. R. Soc. A 245 (1953) 535)
Three-dimensional streaming flows driven by oscillatory boundary layers
three-dimensional streaming flows driven by oscillatory boundary layers
oscillatory attached deformable walls boundaries matched asymptotic expansions averaged tangential velocities tangential stresses layers. streaming layers. formulae generalize expressions schlichting phys. longuet higgins philos. trans. soc.
[ "148656283" ]
The paper describes the failure of harbour walls which occurred at Malaga on 4th July 2004 and at Barcelona on 1st January 2007, associated with an inadequate consideration of the ground conditions in the light of the marine environment. At Malaga, there was an existing breakwater hence the new harbour was protected from the effect of the waves while at Barcelona, the construction of the quay wall proceeded at a faster rate than the breakwater. In both cases the wharf backfill was placed rapidly on the soft muds, progressing from the inland side. The paper discusses the importance of an overview including the ground investigation, engineering design, construction method and speed of construction
Failures of harbour walls at Malaga and Barcelona
failures of harbour walls at malaga and barcelona
describes harbour walls occurred malaga barcelona inadequate consideration marine environment. malaga breakwater harbour protected barcelona quay proceeded faster breakwater. wharf backfill placed rapidly muds progressing inland side. discusses overview
[ "148656878" ]
Locally weighted regression is a technique that predicts the response for new data items from their neighbors in the training data set, where closer data items are assigned higher weights in the prediction. However, the original method may suffer from overfitting and fail to select the relevant variables. In this paper we propose combining a regularization approach with locally weighted regression to achieve sparse models. Specifically, the lasso is a shrinkage and selection method for linear regression. We present an algorithm that embeds lasso in an iterative procedure that alternatively computes weights and performs lasso-wise regression. The algorithm is tested on three synthetic scenarios and two real data sets. Results show that the proposed method outperforms linear and local models for several kinds of scenario
Lazy Lasso for local regression
lazy lasso for local regression
locally weighted predicts items neighbors closer items assigned weights prediction. suffer overfitting fail select variables. propose combining regularization locally weighted sparse models. lasso shrinkage regression. embeds lasso iterative alternatively computes weights performs lasso wise regression. synthetic scenarios sets. outperforms kinds
[ "148660248" ]
A modified version of the concentration-dependent model (CDM) potential (A. Caro et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 95 (2005) 075702) [1] has been developed to study defects in Fe鈥揅r for different Crconcentrations. A comparison between this new potential and DFT results for a variety of point defect configurations is performed in order to test its reliability for radiation damage studies. The effect of Crconcentration on the vacancyformationenergy in Fe鈥揅r alloys is analyzed in detail. This study shows a linear dependence of the vacancyformationenergy on Crconcentration for values above 6% of Cr. However, the formationenergy deviates from the linear interpolation in the region below 6% Crconcentration. In order to understand this behavior, the influence of the relative positions between Cr atoms and vacant sites on the vacancyformationenergy has been studied
Formation energy of vacancies in FeCr alloys: Dependence on Cr concentration
formation energy of vacancies in fecr alloys: dependence on cr concentration
caro phys. rev. lett. defects fe鈥揷r crconcentrations. defect configurations reliability studies. crconcentration vacancyformationenergy fe鈥揷r alloys detail. vacancyformationenergy crconcentration formationenergy deviates interpolation crconcentration. vacant vacancyformationenergy
[ "148660377" ]
The TALISMAN+ project, financed by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation, aims to research and demonstrate innovative solutions transferable to society which offer services and products based on information and communication technologies in order to promote personal autonomy in prevention and monitoring scenarios. It will solve critical interoperability problems among systems and emerging technologies in a context where heterogeneity brings about accessibility barriers not yet overcome and demanded by the scientific, technological or social-health settings
TALISMAN+: Intelligent System for Follow-Up and Promotion of Personal Autonomy
talisman+: intelligent system for follow-up and promotion of personal autonomy
talisman financed spanish ministry innovation aims innovative transferable offer technologies promote personal autonomy prevention scenarios. solve interoperability emerging technologies heterogeneity brings accessibility barriers overcome demanded technological settings
[ "148661067" ]
Considering that the vast majority of housing stock existing in 2011 will be used to satisfy residential needs in the year 2020 and beyond, ecological urban regeneration appears clearly as the key issue in relation to global urban sustainability for the most part of this century. Thus, if the 1992 Rio Summit identi铿乪d the urban environment as the main arena where the global environmental crisis should be fought, 20 years later we must emphasize that it is mainly to the real cities and territories around us now where we should address our attentio
Integrated planning for ecological urban regeneration
integrated planning for ecological urban regeneration
vast majority housing stock satisfy residential ecological regeneration sustainability century. summit identi铿乪d arena crisis fought emphasize cities territories attentio
[ "148661197" ]
This paper presents a computer vision system that successfully discriminates between weed patches and crop rows under uncontrolled lighting in real-time. The system consists of two independent subsystems, a fast image processing delivering results in real-time (Fast Image Processing, FIP), and a slower and more accurate processing (Robust Crop Row Detection, RCRD) that is used to correct the first subsystem's mistakes. This combination produces a system that achieves very good results under a wide variety of conditions. Tested on several maize videos taken of different fields and during different years, the system successfully detects an average of 95% of weeds and 80% of crops under different illumination, soil humidity and weed/crop growth conditions. Moreover, the system has been shown to produce acceptable results even under very difficult conditions, such as in the presence of dramatic sowing errors or abrupt camera movements. The computer vision system has been developed for integration into a treatment system because the ideal setup for any weed sprayer system would include a tool that could provide information on the weeds and crops present at each point in real-time, while the tractor mounting the spraying bar is movin
Real-time image processing for crop/weed discrimination in maize fields
real-time image processing for crop/weed discrimination in maize fields
presents vision successfully discriminates weed patches crop rows uncontrolled lighting time. subsystems delivering slower robust crop rcrd subsystem mistakes. produces achieves conditions. maize videos successfully detects weeds crops illumination humidity weed crop conditions. acceptable dramatic sowing abrupt camera movements. vision ideal setup weed sprayer weeds crops tractor mounting spraying movin
[ "148662402" ]
Numerous damage models have been developed in order to analyze seismic behavior. Among the different possibilities existing in the literature, it is very clear that models developed along the lines of continuum damage mechanics are more consistent with the definition of damage as a phenomenon with mechanical consequences because they include explicitly the coupling between damage and mechanical behavior. On the other hand, for seismic processes, phenomena such as low cycle fatigue may have a pronounced effect on the overall behavior of the frames and, therefore, its consideration turns out to be very important. However, most of existing models evaluate the damage only as a function of the maximum amplitude of cyclic deformation without considering the number of cycles. In this paper, a generalization of the simplified model proposed by Cipollina et al. [Cipollina A, L贸pez-Hinojosa A, Fl贸rez-L贸pez J. Comput Struct 1995;54:1113鈥26] is made in order to include the low cycle fatigue. Such a model employs in its formulation irreversible thermodynamics and internal state variable theory
A fatigue damage model for seismic response of RC structures
a fatigue damage model for seismic response of rc structures
numerous analyze seismic behavior. possibilities continuum mechanics phenomenon consequences explicitly behavior. seismic phenomena fatigue pronounced frames consideration turns important. cyclic deformation cycles. generalization simplified cipollina cipollina l贸pez hinojosa fl贸rez l贸pez comput struct fatigue. employs formulation irreversible thermodynamics
[ "148663390" ]
Axisymmetric shells are analyzed by means of one-dimensional continuum elements by using the analogy between the bending of shells and the bending of beams on elastic foundation. The mathematical model is formulated in the frequency domain. Because the solution of the governing equations of vibration of beams are exact, the spatial discretization only depends on geometrical or material considerations. For some kind of situations, for example, for high frequency excitations, this approach may be more convenient than other conventional ones such as the finite element method
Numerical analysis of axisymmetric shells by one-dimensional continuum elements suitable for high frequency excitations
numerical analysis of axisymmetric shells by one-dimensional continuum elements suitable for high frequency excitations
axisymmetric shells continuum analogy bending shells bending beams elastic foundation. mathematical formulated domain. governing vibration beams discretization geometrical considerations. kind situations excitations convenient
[ "148663402" ]
The paper resumes the results obtained applying various implementations of the direct boundary element method (BEM) to the solution of the Laplace Equation governing the potential flow problem during everyday service manoeuvres of high-speed trains. In particular the results of train passing events at three different speed combinations are presented. Some recommendations are given in order to reduce calculation times which as is demonstrated can be cut down to not exceed reasonable limits even when using nowadays office PCs. Thus the method is shown to be a very valuable tool for the design engineer
Efficient computation of the pressures developed during high-speed train passing events
efficient computation of the pressures developed during high-speed train passing events
resumes implementations laplace governing everyday manoeuvres trains. train passing combinations presented. recommendations exceed reasonable nowadays office pcs. valuable engineer
[ "148663404" ]
IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) is considered to provide multimedia services to users through an IP-based control plane. The current IMS service invocation mechanism, however, requires the Serving-Call Session Control Function (S-CSCF) invokes each Application Server (AS) sequentially to perform service subscription pro?le, which results in the heavy load of the S-CSCF and the long session set-up delay. To solve this issue, this paper proposes a linear chained service invocation mechanism to invoke each AS consecutively. By checking all the initial Filter Criteria (iFC) one-time and adding the addresses of all involved ASs to the ?Route? header, this new approach enables multiple services to be invoked as a linear chain during a session. We model the service invocation mechanisms through Jackson networks, which are validated through simulations. The analytic results verify that the linear chained service invocation mechanism can effectively reduce session set-up delay of the service layer and decrease the load level of the S-CSC
A linear chained approach for service invocation in IP multimedia subsystem.
a linear chained approach for service invocation in ip multimedia subsystem.
multimedia subsystem multimedia plane. invocation serving call session cscf invokes server sequentially subscription cscf session delay. solve proposes chained invocation invoke consecutively. checking filter adding addresses route header enables invoked session. invocation jackson validated simulations. analytic verify chained invocation effectively session delay
[ "148664103" ]
Abstract Text mining, intelligent text analysis, text data mining and knowledge-discovery in text are generally used aliases to the process of extracting relevant and non-trivial information from text. Some crucial issues arise when trying to solve this problem, such as document representation and deficit of labeled data. This paper addresses these problems by introducing information from unlabeled documents in the training set, using the support vector machine (SVM) separating margin as the differentiating factor. Besides studying the influence of several pre-processing methods and concluding on their relative significance, we also evaluate the benefits of introducing background knowledge in a SVM text classifier. We further evaluate the possibility of actively learning and propose a method for successfully combining background knowledge and active learning. Experimental results show that the proposed techniques, when used alone or combined, present a considerable improvement in classification performance, even when small labeled training sets are available.
On Text-based Mining with Active Learning and Background Knowledge Using SVM
on text-based mining with active learning and background knowledge using svm
mining intelligent mining discovery aliases extracting trivial text. crucial arise trying solve document deficit labeled data. addresses introducing unlabeled documents machine separating margin differentiating factor. besides studying concluding benefits introducing classifier. actively propose successfully combining learning. considerable labeled available.
[ "19125839" ]
Abstract The external forces method is a numerical method for K calculation based on the finite element method. It uses the work of the external forces W for the calculation of the energy release rate and is particularly advantageous when that forces are applied far from the crack front. The method was applied to a corner crack geometry with the objective of studying its accuracy. Good results were obtained for a wide range of virtual crack displacements (0.03% < ?a/a < 6%) considering 4 values of W along with a polynomial regression of order 3. For that choice of parameters the inaccuracy of K is mainly due to FEM errors. A great sensitivity of K to FEM errors was observed, however accurate values of K were obtained, with errors lower than 2 percent. So, the use of the external forces method for the calculation of K is recommended, considering its simplicity and accuracy.
Stress intensity factor calculation based on the work of external forces
stress intensity factor calculation based on the work of external forces
forces method. forces advantageous forces crack front. corner crack studying accuracy. virtual crack displacements inaccuracy errors. great percent. forces recommended simplicity accuracy.
[ "19125865" ]
Abstract Polarimetry is an area of high energy astrophysics which is still relatively unexplored, even though it is recognized that this type of measurement could drastically increase our knowledge of the physics and geometry of high energy sources. For this reason, in the context of the design of a Gamma-Ray Imager based on new hard-X and soft gamma ray focusing optics for the next ESA Cosmic Vision call for proposals (Cosmic Vision 2015-2025), it is important that this capability should be implemented in the principal on-board instrumentation. For the particular case of wide band-pass Laue optics we propose a focal plane based on a thick pixelated CdTe detector operating with high efficiency between 60鈥600keV. The high segmentation of this type of detector (1鈥2mm pixel size) and the good energy resolution (a few keV FWHM at 500keV) will allow high sensitivity polarisation measurements (a few % for a 10mCrab source in 106s) to be performed. We have evaluated the modulation Q factors and minimum detectable polarisation through the use of Monte Carlo simulations (based on the GEANT 4 toolkit) for on and off-axis sources with power law emission spectra using the point spread function of a Laue lens in a feasible configuration.
Polarisation measurements with a CdTe pixel array detector for Laue hard X-ray focusing telescopes
polarisation measurements with a cdte pixel array detector for laue hard x-ray focusing telescopes
polarimetry astrophysics unexplored recognized drastically sources. gamma imager gamma focusing optics cosmic vision call proposals cosmic vision capability implemented principal board instrumentation. pass laue optics propose focal thick pixelated cdte operating kev. segmentation pixel fwhm polarisation mcrab performed. modulation detectable polarisation monte carlo geant toolkit spread laue lens feasible configuration.
[ "19125876" ]
The aim of the study is to present a methodology and an instrument to study cities through a case study undertaken in the county of Aveiro, in Portugal. More specifically, it is to establish a typology of social areas, via the concerns that define quality of life. The data are from 1991 (the last published census), collected by INE (National Agency of Statistic), and desegregated for sub-sections (each subsection has about 300 inhabitants). Seven indicators were chosen, submitted to principal component analysis, and 4 factors were extracted: socio-professional status, ageing of population and buildings, accommodation capacity and precarious housing conditions. The cluster analysis permitted the identification, within each factor group, of sub-sections with different quality of life: high-medium, medium, low-medium and low.
鈥極bserving cities鈥 social inequalities: a cartographic case study of Aveiro, Portugal
鈥榦bserving cities鈥 social inequalities: a cartographic case study of aveiro, portugal
methodology instrument cities undertaken county aveiro portugal. establish typology concerns life. census agency statistic desegregated subsection inhabitants seven indicators submitted principal socio professional ageing buildings accommodation precarious housing conditions. permitted low.
[ "19127375" ]
The question, whether the high-quality nucleon-nucleon potentials can successfully describe the three-nucleon system, and to what extent three-nucleon forces (3NFs) play a role, has become very important in nuclear few-body physics. One kinematic region where effects because of 3NFs show up is in the minimum of the differential cross section of elastic nucleon-deuteron scattering. Another observable, which could give an indication about the contribution of the spin to 3NFs, is the vector analyzing power. To investigate the importance of 3NFs systematically over a broad range of intermediate energies, both observables of elastic proton-deuteron scattering have been measured at proton bombarding energies of 108, 120, 135, 150, 170, and 190 MeV, covering an angular range in the center-of-mass system between 30掳 and 170掳. The results show unambiguously the shortcomings of calculations employing only two-body forces and the necessity of the inclusion of 3NFs. They also show the limitations of the results of the present day models for few-nucleon systems at backward angles, especially at higher beam energies. New calculations based on chiral perturbation theory are also presented and compared with the data at the lowest energy
Systematic investigation of three-nucleon force effects in elastic scattering of polarized protons from deuterons at intermediate energies
systematic investigation of three-nucleon force effects in elastic scattering of polarized protons from deuterons at intermediate energies
nucleon nucleon potentials successfully nucleon nucleon forces physics. kinematic elastic nucleon deuteron scattering. observable indication analyzing power. systematically broad observables elastic proton deuteron proton bombarding covering unambiguously shortcomings employing forces necessity inclusion nfs. limitations nucleon backward angles energies. chiral perturbation
[ "59244598" ]
We report detailed reflectance studies of the exciton鈥損olariton structure of thin film polycrystalline ZnO\ud and comparison with bulk crystal behaviour. Near-normal incidence reflectance spectra of these samples are\ud fitted using a two-band dielectric response function. Our data show that the reflectance data in polycrystalline\ud ZnO differ substantially from the bulk material, with Fabry鈥揚erot oscillations at energies below the transverse A\ud exciton and above the longitudinal B exciton in the films. In the strong interaction regime between these energies no\ud evidence is seen of the normally rapid oscillations associated with the anomalous waves. We demonstrate that the\ud strong interaction of the damped exciton with the photon leads to polaritons in this region with substantial damping\ud such that the Fabry鈥揚erot modes are eliminated. Good qualitative agreement is achieved between the model and\ud data. The importance of the polariton model in understanding the reflectance data of polycrystalline material is clearly\ud see
Exciton-polariton behaviour in bulk and polycrystalline ZnO
exciton-polariton behaviour in bulk and polycrystalline zno
reflectance exciton鈥損olariton film polycrystalline behaviour. incidence reflectance fitted dielectric function. reflectance polycrystalline substantially fabry鈥損erot oscillations exciton longitudinal exciton films. normally oscillations anomalous waves. damped exciton polaritons substantial damping fabry鈥損erot eliminated. qualitative data. polariton reflectance polycrystalline
[ "11307919" ]
The development of techniques to support content-based access to archives of digital video information has recently started to receive much attention from the research community. During 2001, the annual TREC activity, which has been benchmarking the performance of information retrieval techniques on a range of media for 10 years, included a 鈥漷rack鈥 or activity which allowed investigation into approaches to support searching through a video library. This paper is not intended to provide a comprehensive picture of the different approaches taken by the TREC2001 video track participants but instead we give an overview of the TREC video search task and a thumbnail sketch of the approaches taken by different groups. The reason for writing this paper is to highlight the message from the TREC video track that there are now a variety of approaches available for searching and browsing through digital video archives, that these approaches do work, are scalable to larger archives and can yield useful retrieval performance for users. This has important implications in making digital libraries of video information attainable
The TREC2001 video track: information retrieval on\ud digital video information
the trec2001 video track: information retrieval on\ud digital video information
archives digital video started receive community. trec benchmarking retrieval 鈥漷rack鈥 searching video library. intended comprehensive picture trec video track overview trec video thumbnail sketch groups. writing highlight message trec video track searching browsing digital video archives scalable archives retrieval users. digital libraries video attainable
[ "11308163" ]
A novel method for functionalising solution based polyaniline (PAni) nanofibres is reported whereby the degree of side-chain attachment can be controllably altered. The covalent attachment of functional side-groups to the surface of PAni nanostructures is achieved by post-polymerisation reflux in the presence of a nucleophile and the functionalised nanomaterial can be purified by simple centrifugation. The technique is therefore easily scalable. We demonstrate that control over the extent of side-chain attachment can be achieved simply by altering the amount of nucleophile added during reflux. We provide evidence that covalently attached carboxlate side-chains influence the doping mechanism of polyaniline and can be used to introduce self-doping behaviour. Acid functionalised nanofibres remain redox active and retain their optical switching capabilities in response to changes in the local chemical environment, thus making them suitable for adaptive sensing applications
Synthesis and characterisation of controllably functionalised polyaniline nanofibres
synthesis and characterisation of controllably functionalised polyaniline nanofibres
functionalising polyaniline pani nanofibres whereby attachment controllably altered. covalent attachment pani nanostructures polymerisation reflux nucleophile functionalised nanomaterial purified centrifugation. scalable. attachment altering nucleophile reflux. covalently attached carboxlate chains doping polyaniline doping behaviour. functionalised nanofibres redox retain switching capabilities adaptive sensing
[ "11308872" ]
Undoped and Ni-doped ZnO micro-rod arrays were successfully synthesized by the spray pyrolysis method on glass substrates. Analysis of the samples with x-ray diffraction and scanning electron microscopy showed that these micro-rod arrays had a polycrystalline wurtzite structure with a highly c-axis preferred orientation. Photoluminescence studies at both 300 K and 10 K show that the incorporation of nickel leads to a relative increase in the visible blue light band intensity. Magnetic measurements indicated that Ni-doped ZnO samples exhibit ferromagnetic behavior at room temperature, which is possibly related to the presence of point defects
Structural, optical and magnetic properties of Ni-doped ZnO micro-rods grown by the spray pyrolysis method
structural, optical and magnetic properties of ni-doped zno micro-rods grown by the spray pyrolysis method
undoped doped micro arrays successfully synthesized spray pyrolysis glass substrates. diffraction scanning microscopy micro arrays polycrystalline wurtzite preferred orientation. photoluminescence incorporation nickel visible intensity. doped exhibit ferromagnetic room possibly defects
[ "18320568" ]
A series of Cr-doped ZnO micro-rod arrays were fabricated by a spray pyrolysis method. X-ray diffraction patterns\ud of the samples showed that the undoped and Cr-doped ZnO microrods exhibit hexagonal crystal structure. Surface\ud morphology analysis of the samples has revealed that pure ZnO sample has a hexagonal microrod morphology. From X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy studies, the Cr 2p3/2 binding energy is found to be 577.34 eV indicating that the electron binding energy of the Cr in ZnO is almost the same as the binding energy of Cr3+ states in Cr2O3. The optical band gap Eg decreases slightly from 3.26 to 3.15 eV with the increase of actual Cr content from x = 0.00 to 4.63 at % in ZnO. Photoluminescence studies at 10 K show that the incorporation of chromium leads to a relative increase of deep level band intensity. It was also observed that Cr doped samples clearly showed ferromagnetic behavior; however, 2.49 % Cr doped ZnO showed remnant magnetization higher than that of 1.07 % and 4.63 % Cr doped samples, while 4.63 % Cr doped ZnO samples had a coercive field higher than the other dopings
Structural, optical and magnetic properties of Cr doped ZnO\ud microrods prepared by spray pyrolysis
structural, optical and magnetic properties of cr doped zno\ud microrods prepared by spray pyrolysis
doped micro arrays fabricated spray pyrolysis method. diffraction undoped doped microrods exhibit hexagonal structure. morphology hexagonal microrod morphology. photoelectron spectroscopy zno. photoluminescence incorporation chromium intensity. doped ferromagnetic doped remnant magnetization doped doped coercive dopings
[ "18320590" ]
Small- and medium-sized enterprise-friendly policies are central to public procurement. The extent to which these policies have been put into practice has gone largely untested. To address this gap, a survey of SMEs鈥 reported\ud experiences of policy implementation was conducted. Ireland served as the research context. Policy implementation was found to be limited. Company size\ud was a significant predictor of SMEs鈥 experiences, with micro-enterprises more negative than small or medium-sized enterprises. The authors explain the policy鈥揬ud practice divide and make recommendations for improvement
The rhetoric and reality of SMEfriendly procurement
the rhetoric and reality of smefriendly procurement
sized enterprise friendly policies procurement. policies gone largely untested. smes鈥 experiences conducted. ireland served context. limited. company predictor smes鈥 experiences micro enterprises sized enterprises. policy鈥 divide recommendations
[ "30934439" ]
The main objective of this study was to develop a vision system that is able to classify fresh-cut apple slices according to the development of enzymatic browning. The experiment was carried out on 鈥楪ranny Smith鈥 apple slices stored at 7.5 掳C for 9 days (n = 120). Twenty-four samples were analyzed per day: at zero time and after storage for 1, 3, 7 and 9 days, which corresponds to treatments t0, t1, t3, t7 and t9 respectively. Multispectral images were acquired from the samples by employing a 3-CCD camera centered at the infrared (IR, 800 nm), red (R, 680 nm) and blue (B, 450 nm) wavelengths. Apple slices were evaluated visually according to a visual color scale of 1鈥5 (where 1 corresponds to fresh samples without any browning and 5 to samples with severe discoloration), to obtain a sensory evaluation index (ISE) for each sample. Finally, for each sample and for each treatment, visible (VIS) relative reflectance spectra (360鈥740 nm) were obtained. In order to identify the most related wavelengths to enzymatic browning evolution, unsupervised pattern recognition analysis of VIS reflectance spectra was performed by principal components analysis (PCA) on the autoscaled data. Maximum loading values corresponding to the B and R areas were observed. Therefore, a classification procedure was applied to the relative histograms of the following monochromatic images (virtual images), which were computed pixel by pixel: (R 鈭 B)/(R + B), R 鈭 B and B/R. In all cases, a non-supervised classification procedure was able to generate three image-based browning reference classes (BRC): Cluster A (corresponding to the t0 samples), Cluster B (t1 and t3 samples) and Cluster C (t7 and t9 samples). An internal and an external validation (n = 120) were carried out, and the best classifications were obtained with the (R 鈭 B)/(R + B) and B/R image histograms (internal validation: 99.2% of samples correctly classified for both virtual images; external validation: 84% with (R 鈭 B)/(R + B) and 81% with B/R). The camera classification was evaluated according to the colorimetric measurements, which were usually utilized to evaluate enzymatic browning development (CIE L*a*b* color parameters and browning index, BI) and according to ISE. For both validation phases a*, b*, BI and ISE increased while L* values decreased with image-based class number, thereby reflecting their browning state
A multispectral vision system to evaluate enzymatic browning in fresh-cut apple slices
a multispectral vision system to evaluate enzymatic browning in fresh-cut apple slices
vision classify fresh apple slices enzymatic browning. 鈥榞ranny smith鈥 apple slices stored twenty storage treatments respectively. multispectral acquired employing camera centered infrared wavelengths. apple slices visually fresh browning discoloration sensory sample. visible reflectance obtained. wavelengths enzymatic browning unsupervised recognition reflectance principal autoscaled data. loading observed. histograms monochromatic virtual pixel pixel supervised browning validation classifications histograms validation correctly classified virtual validation camera colorimetric utilized enzymatic browning browning ise. validation thereby reflecting browning
[ "11995324" ]
Estimation of distribution algorithms (EDAs) are one of the most promising paradigms in today鈥檚 evolutionary computation. In this field, there has been an incipient activity in the so-called parallel estimation of distribution algorithms (pEDAs). One of these approaches is the distributed estimation of distribution algorithms (dEDAs). This paper introduces a new initialization mechanism for each of the populations of the islands based on the Voronoi cells. To analyze the results, a series of different experiments using the benchmark suite for the special session on Real-parameter Optimization of the IEEE CEC 2005 conference has been carried out. The results obtained suggest that the Voronoi initialization method considerably improves the performance obtained from a traditional uniform initialization
A new initialization procedure for the distributed estimation of distribution algorithms
a new initialization procedure for the distributed estimation of distribution algorithms
edas promising paradigms today鈥檚 evolutionary computation. incipient pedas dedas introduces initialization islands voronoi cells. analyze benchmark suite session out. voronoi initialization considerably improves traditional initialization
[ "11995750" ]
Singlet oxygen is a prominent form of reactive oxygen species in higher plants. It is easily formed from molecular oxygen by triplet鈥搕riplet interchange with excited porphyrin species. Evidence has been obtained from studies on the flu mutant of Arabidopsis thaliana of a genetically determined cell death pathway that involves differential changes at the transcriptome level. Here we report on a different cell death pathway that can be deduced from the analysis of oep16 mutants of A. thaliana. Pure lines of four independent OEP16-deficient mutants with different cell death properties were isolated. Two of the mutants overproduced free protochlorophyllide (Pchlide) in the dark because of defects in import of NADPH:Pchlide oxidoreductase A (pPORA) and died after illumination. The other two mutants avoided excess Pchlide accumulation. Using pulse labeling and polysome profiling studies we show that translation is a major site of cell death regulation in flu and oep16 plants. flu plants respond to photooxidative stress triggered by singlet oxygen by reprogramming their translation toward synthesis of key enzymes involved in jasmonic acid synthesis and stress proteins. In contrast, those oep16 mutants that were prone to photooxidative damage were unable to respond in this way. Together, our results show that translation is differentially affected in the flu and oep16 mutants in response to singlet oxygen
Implication of the oep16-1 mutation in a flu-independent, singlet oxygen-regulated cell death pathway in Arabidopsis thaliana
implication of the oep16-1 mutation in a flu-independent, singlet oxygen-regulated cell death pathway in arabidopsis thaliana
singlet prominent reactive plants. triplet鈥搕riplet interchange excited porphyrin species. arabidopsis thaliana genetically involves transcriptome level. deduced mutants thaliana. deficient mutants isolated. mutants overproduced protochlorophyllide pchlide defects import nadph pchlide oxidoreductase ppora died illumination. mutants avoided excess pchlide accumulation. labeling polysome profiling translation plants. respond photooxidative triggered singlet reprogramming translation toward enzymes jasmonic proteins. mutants prone photooxidative unable respond way. translation differentially mutants singlet
[ "11999829" ]
Recent research into the implementation of logic programming\ud languages has demonstrated that global program analysis can be used to speed up execution by an order of magnitude. However, currently such global program analysis requires the program to be analysed as a whole: sep谩rate compilation of modules is not supported. We describe and empirically eval煤ate a simple model for extending global program\ud analysis to support sep谩rate compilation of modules. Importantly, our model supports context-sensitive program analysis and multi-variant specialization of procedures in the modules
A model for inter-module analysis and optimizing compilation
a model for inter-module analysis and optimizing compilation
logic programming languages execution magnitude. analysed sep谩rate compilation modules supported. empirically eval煤ate extending sep谩rate compilation modules. importantly supports variant specialization modules
[ "12001008" ]
Thanks to their inherent properties, probabilistic graphical models are one of the prime candidates for machine learning and decision making tasks especially in uncertain domains. Their capabilities, like representation, inference and learning, if used effectively, can greatly help to build intelligent systems that are able to act accordingly in different problem domains. Evolutionary algorithms is one such discipline that has employed probabilistic graphical models to improve the search for optimal solutions in complex problems. This paper shows how probabilistic graphical models have been used in evolutionary algorithms to improve their performance in solving complex problems. Specifically, we give a survey of probabilistic model building-based evolutionary algorithms, called estimation of distribution algorithms, and compare different methods for probabilistic modeling in these algorithms
A review on probabilistic graphical models in evolutionary computation
a review on probabilistic graphical models in evolutionary computation
thanks inherent probabilistic graphical prime candidates machine tasks uncertain domains. capabilities inference effectively greatly build intelligent accordingly domains. evolutionary discipline probabilistic graphical problems. probabilistic graphical evolutionary solving problems. probabilistic evolutionary probabilistic
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Helium Brayton cycles have been studied as power cycles for both fission and fusion reactors obtaining high thermal efficiency. This paper studies several technological schemes of helium Brayton cycles applied for the HiPER reactor proposal. Since HiPER integrates technologies available at short term, its working conditions results in a very low maximum temperature of the energy sources, something that limits the thermal performance of the cycle. The aim of this work is to analyze the potential of the helium Brayton cycles as power cycles for HiPER. Several helium Brayton cycle configurations have been investigated with the purpose of raising the cycle thermal efficiency under the working conditions of HiPER. The effects of inter-cooling and reheating have specifically been studied. Sensitivity analyses of the key cycle parameters and component performances on the maximum thermal efficiency have also been carried out. The addition of several inter-cooling stages in a helium Brayton cycle has allowed obtaining a maximum thermal efficiency of over 36%, and the inclusion of a reheating process may also yield an added increase of nearly 1 percentage point to reach 37%. These results confirm that helium Brayton cycles are to be considered among the power cycle candidates for HiPER
Design and analysis of helium Brayton power cycles for HiPER reactor
design and analysis of helium brayton power cycles for hiper reactor
helium brayton cycles cycles fission fusion reactors obtaining efficiency. technological schemes helium brayton cycles hiper reactor proposal. hiper integrates technologies something cycle. analyze helium brayton cycles cycles hiper. helium brayton configurations raising hiper. cooling reheating studied. performances out. cooling helium brayton obtaining inclusion reheating nearly confirm helium brayton cycles candidates hiper
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After the extensive research on the capabilities of the\ud Boundary Integral Equation Method produced during the\ud past years the versatility of its applications has been well\ud founded. Maybe the years to come will see the in-depth\ud analysis of several conflictive points, for example, adaptive integration, solution of the system of equations, etc. This line is clear in academic research. In this paper we comment on the incidence of the manner of imposing the boundary conditions in 3-D coupled problems. Here the effects are particularly magnified: in the first place by the simple model used (constant elements) and secondly by the process of solution, i.e. first a potential problem is solved and then the results are used as data for an elasticity problem. The errors add to both processes and small disturbances, unimportant in separated problems, can produce serious errors in the final results. The specific problem we have chosen is especially interesting. Although more general cases (i.e. transient)can be treated, here the domain integrals can be converted into boundary ones and the influence of the manner in which boundary conditions are applied will reflect the whole importance of the problem
The effect of boundary conditions in the numerical\ud solution of 3-D thermoelastic problems
the effect of boundary conditions in the numerical\ud solution of 3-d thermoelastic problems
extensive capabilities versatility founded. maybe come conflictive adaptive etc. academic research. comment incidence manner imposing problems. magnified secondly i.e. solved elasticity problem. disturbances unimportant separated serious results. interesting. i.e. transient integrals converted manner reflect
[ "33171782" ]
The thermal, mechanical, and adhesive properties of nanoclay-modified adhesives were investigated. Two organically modified montmorillonites: Cloisite 93A (C93A) and Nanomer I.30E (I.30E) were used as reinforcement of an epoxy adhesive. C93A and I.30E are modified with tertiary and primary alkyl ammonium cations, respectively. The aim was to study the influence of the organoclays on the curing, and on the mechanical and adhesive properties of the nanocomposites. A specific goal was to compare their behavior with that of Cloisite30B/epoxy and Cloisite15A/\ud epoxy nanocomposites that we have previously studied. Both\ud C30B and C15A are modified with quaternary alkyl ammonium\ud cations. Differential scanning calorimetry results showed that the clays accelerate the curing reaction, an effect that is related to the chemical structure of the ammonium cations. The three Cloisite/nanocomposites showed intercalated clay structures,the interlayer distance was independent of the clay content. The I.30E/epoxy nanocomposites presented exfoliated structure due to\ud the catalytic effect of the organic modifier. Clay-epoxy nanocompo-sites showed lower glass transition temperature (Tg) and higher values of storage modulus than neat epoxy thermoset, with no significant differences between exfoliated or intercalated nanocom-posites. The shear strength of aluminum joints using clay/epoxy adhesives was lower than with the neat epoxy adhesive. The w谩ter aging was less damaging for joints with I.30E/epoxy adhesive
Influence of different organoclays on the curing, morphology, and dynamic mechanical properties of an epoxy adhesive
influence of different organoclays on the curing, morphology, and dynamic mechanical properties of an epoxy adhesive
adhesive nanoclay adhesives investigated. organically montmorillonites cloisite nanomer reinforcement epoxy adhesive. tertiary alkyl ammonium cations respectively. organoclays curing adhesive nanocomposites. goal cloisite epoxy cloisite epoxy nanocomposites studied. quaternary alkyl ammonium cations. scanning calorimetry clays accelerate curing ammonium cations. cloisite nanocomposites intercalated clay interlayer clay content. epoxy nanocomposites exfoliated catalytic modifier. clay epoxy nanocompo glass storage modulus neat epoxy thermoset exfoliated intercalated nanocom posites. aluminum joints clay epoxy adhesives neat epoxy adhesive. w谩ter aging damaging joints epoxy adhesive
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The automation of domestic services began to be implemented in buildings since the late nineteenth century, and today we are used to terms like 鈥榠ntelligent buildings鈥, 鈥榙igital home鈥 or 鈥榙omotic buildings鈥. These concepts tell us about constructions which integrate new technologies in order to improve comfort, optimize energy consumption or enhance the security of users. In conjunction, building regulations have been updated to suit the needs of society and to regulate these new facilities in such structures. However, we are not always sure about how far, from the quantitative or qualitative point of view, legislation should regulate certain aspects of the building activity. Consequently, content analysis is adopted in this research to determine the influence of building regulations in the implementation of new technologies in the construction process. This study includes the analysis of different European regulations, the collection and documentation of such guidelines that have been established and a study of the impact that all of these have had in the way we start thinking an architectural project. The achievements of the research could be explained in terms of the regulatory requirements that must be taken into account in order to achieve a successful implementation of a home automation system, and the key finding has been the confirmation of how the design of smart buildings may be promoted through specific regulatory requirements while other factors, such as the global economic situation, do not seem to affect directly the rate of penetration of home automation in construction
Determination of the influence of specific building regulations in smart buildings
determination of the influence of specific building regulations in smart buildings
automation domestic began implemented buildings nineteenth century today 鈥榠ntelligent buildings鈥 鈥榙igital home鈥 鈥榙omotic buildings鈥. concepts tell constructions integrate technologies comfort optimize enhance security users. conjunction regulations updated suit regulate facilities structures. sure qualitative legislation regulate activity. adopted regulations technologies process. regulations documentation guidelines thinking architectural project. achievements regulatory successful home automation confirmation smart buildings promoted regulatory seem penetration home automation
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Overrecentdecades,remotesensinghasemergedasaneffectivetoolforimprov- ing agriculture productivity. In particular, many works have dealt with the problem of identifying characteristics or phenomena of crops and orchards on different scales using remote sensed images. Since the natural processes are scale dependent and most of them are hierarchically structured, the determination of optimal study scales is mandatory in understanding these processes and their interactions. The concept of multi-scale/multi- resolution inherent to OBIA methodologies allows the scale problem to be dealt with. But for that multi-scale and hierarchical segmentation algorithms are required. The question that remains unsolved is to determine the suitable scale segmentation that allows different objects and phenomena to be characterized in a single image. In this work, an adaptation of the Simple Linear Iterative Clustering (SLIC) algorithm to perform a multi-scale hierarchi- cal segmentation of satellite images is proposed. The selection of the optimal multi-scale segmentation for different regions of the image is carried out by evaluating the intra- variability and inter-heterogeneity of the regions obtained on each scale with respect to the parent-regions defined by the coarsest scale. To achieve this goal, an objective function, that combines weighted variance and the global Moran index, has been used. Two different kinds of experiment have been carried out, generating the number of regions on each scale through linear and dyadic approaches. This methodology has allowed, on the one hand, the detection of objects on different scales and, on the other hand, to represent them all in a sin- gle image. Altogether, the procedure provides the user with a better comprehension of the land cover, the objects on it and the phenomena occurring
Local optimal scale in a hierarchical segmentation method for satellite image: an OBIA approach for the agricultural landscape
local optimal scale in a hierarchical segmentation method for satellite image: an obia approach for the agricultural landscape
overrecentdecades remotesensinghasemergedasaneffectivetoolforimprov agriculture productivity. dealt identifying phenomena crops orchards remote sensed images. hierarchically structured mandatory interactions. inherent obia methodologies dealt with. hierarchical segmentation required. unsolved segmentation phenomena image. adaptation iterative clustering slic hierarchi segmentation satellite proposed. segmentation evaluating intra heterogeneity parent coarsest scale. goal combines weighted moran used. kinds generating dyadic approaches. methodology image. altogether comprehension cover phenomena occurring
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The irradiation of small suspensions of gold nanorods (GNRs) using laser pulses at 808nm and 25KHz, produces a series of effects occurring during the interaction of each laser pulse with the amount of gold nanorods in suspension. The result of the interaction laser-GNRs is the generation of acoustic waves, which may influence on cell death in an optical hyperthermia therapy system. Therefore the identification and characterization of acoustic signals and their absorption coefficients is performed in a phantom based in a neutral gelatin system, in order to able to identify and quantify the influence of these acoustic waves in cell death in optical hyperthermia essays
Optical absorption coefficients of gold nanorods through acoustic waves in an optical hyperthermia system
optical absorption coefficients of gold nanorods through acoustic waves in an optical hyperthermia system
irradiation suspensions gold nanorods gnrs pulses produces occurring gold nanorods suspension. gnrs acoustic hyperthermia system. acoustic phantom neutral gelatin quantify acoustic hyperthermia essays
[ "42969568" ]
new explicit mathematical expression is used to describe the behavior of a photovoltaic device (solar cell/panel), that is, its I-V curve, based on the characteristic points normally included in the manufacturers鈥 datasheets. This expression consists of two simple equations, one for voltage levels lower than the voltage at the maximum power point, V < Vmp, and the other one for voltage levels above this point, V > Vmp. The first equation is defined with two of the three characteristic points (short circuit and maximum power points), whereas the second one is defined with the current and voltage levels at maximum power point, the open circuit voltage, and a constant that can be adjusted based on: 1) the best fitting to the data within the bracket [Vmp, Voc], or 2) one point within this bracket, or 3) the slope of the I-V curve at the open circuit point, or 4) an estimation of that slope. Results of the solar cell/panel behavior analysis obtained with the proposed methodology, are similar to the ones obtained with the well-known 1-diode/2-resistor equivalent circuit model, in terms of accuracy
Simple mathematical approach to solar cell/panel behavior based on datasheet information
simple mathematical approach to solar cell/panel behavior based on datasheet information
mathematical photovoltaic normally manufacturers鈥 datasheets. vmp. circuit circuit adjusted fitting bracket bracket circuit slope. methodology diode resistor circuit
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The rail rapid transit network design problem aims at locating train alignments and stations, maximizing demand coverage while competing with the current existing networks.\ud We present a model formulation for computing tight bounds of the linear relaxation of the problem where transfers are also introduced. The number of transfers within a trip is a decisive attribute for attracting passengers: transferring is annoying and undesirable for passengers. We conduct computational experiments on different networks and show how we are able to solve more efficiently problems that have been already solved; sensitivity analysis on\ud several model parameters are also performed so as to demonstrate the robustness of the new formulation
Improved rapid transit network design model: considering transfer effects
improved rapid transit network design model: considering transfer effects
rail transit aims locating train alignments stations maximizing coverage competing networks. formulation tight bounds relaxation transfers introduced. transfers trip decisive attribute attracting passengers transferring annoying undesirable passengers. conduct solve efficiently solved robustness formulation
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Many biological processes, such as cell cycle, circadian clock, menstrual cycles, are governed by oscillatory systems consisting of numerous components that exhibit rhythmic patterns over time. It is not always easy to identify such rhythmic components. For example, it is a challenging problem to identify circadian genes in a given tissue using time-course gene expression data. There is a great potential for misclassifying non-rhythmic as rhythmic genes and vice versa. This has been a problem of considerable interest in recent years. In this article we develop a constrained inference based methodology called Order Restricted Inference for Oscillatory Systems (ORIOS) to detect rhythmic signals. Instead of using mathematical functions (e.g. sinusoidal) to describe shape of rhythmic signals, ORIOS uses mathematical inequalities. Consequently, it is robust and not limited by the biologist鈥檚 choice of the mathematical model. We studied the performance of ORIOS using simulated as well as real data obtained from mouse liver, pituitary gland and data from NIH3T3, U2OS cell lines. Our results suggest that, for a broad collection of patterns of gene expression, ORIOS has substantially higher power to detect true rhythmic genes in comparison to some popular methods, while also declaring substantially fewer non-rhythmic genes as rhythmic.Spanish Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovaci贸n [MTM2015-71217-R]Spanish Ministerio de Educaci贸n, Cultura y Deporte [FPU14/04534]Intramural Research Program of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) [Z01 ES101744-04
Order Restricted Inference for Oscillatory Systems for Detecting Rhythmic Signals
order restricted inference for oscillatory systems for detecting rhythmic signals
circadian clock menstrual cycles governed oscillatory consisting numerous exhibit rhythmic time. rhythmic components. challenging circadian data. great misclassifying rhythmic rhythmic vice versa. considerable years. constrained inference methodology restricted inference oscillatory orios detect rhythmic signals. mathematical e.g. sinusoidal rhythmic orios mathematical inequalities. robust biologist鈥檚 mathematical model. orios pituitary gland lines. broad orios substantially detect rhythmic popular declaring substantially fewer rhythmic rhythmic.spanish ministerio ciencia innovaci贸n spanish ministerio educaci贸n cultura deporte intramural niehs
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In the paper, analysis of stabilised output-error methods (SOEMs) for parameter estimation of unstable aircraft is presented. These methods overcome the numerical difficulties encountered in parameter estimation of unstable systems by utilising measured states. The methods, along with the output error method and the equation error method, are briefly described for the sake of comparison. However, the main idea of the paper is to present asymptotic analysis of the SOEM. The results of application of SOEMs to simulated data of an unstable/augmented aircraft are presente
Analysis of stabilised output error methods
analysis of stabilised output error methods
stabilised soems unstable aircraft presented. overcome difficulties encountered unstable utilising states. briefly sake comparison. asymptotic soem. soems unstable augmented aircraft presente
[ "11874260" ]
An integrated System-on-Chip (SoC) has been designed in 0.6 \mu m CMOS mixed analog/digital technology, and tested for high rate alpha particle Counting. The sensor is the most innovative part of the chip, with a total active area of 2 x 2.5 mm x 5 mm. The two-stage charge-to-voltage amplification scheme includes a numerical block for offset compensation. Designed with a gain of 700, the chip has been tested in alpha sources: a very high signal over noise ratio was obtained, leading to a detection efficiency of 5 MeV alpha particles close to 100%. The chip is working at room temperature and has been tested tip to 300 kHz reset frequency. Future applications of this SoC will focus on detection of fast and thermal neutrons free of gamma contamination
AlphaRad, a new integrated CMOS System-on-Chip for high efficiency alpha particles counting
alpharad, a new integrated cmos system-on-chip for high efficiency alpha particles counting
chip cmos analog digital alpha counting. sensor innovative chip amplification offset compensation. chip alpha alpha chip room reset frequency. neutrons gamma contamination
[ "46777893" ]
The extrapolation of the original cosmic ray primary spectrum derived from the size spectrum measured in the Akeno classical EAS array coincides with the spectrum measured recently by the Hires Stereo experiment. After revisiting the calibrations carried in the overlapping energy region around $10^{18}eV$, we discuss the consequences of the different approaches in classical arrays and giant surface arrays. The data is obtained from the size spectrum registration in the Akeno experiment with a modest space grid of $30$ to $100$m, instead of $1$km or more in giant arrays using density estimators in place of size and different absorption treatments for inclined cascades. While the analysis of those circumstances suggest a reduction of the energy converted from the estimators in giant surface arrays, the consistency of classical and fluorescence measurements gives more support to the GZK prediction
The continuity of the cosmic ray spectra measured by classical and giant EAS arrays
the continuity of the cosmic ray spectra measured by classical and giant eas arrays
extrapolation cosmic akeno array coincides hires stereo experiment. revisiting calibrations overlapping consequences arrays giant arrays. registration akeno modest giant arrays estimators treatments inclined cascades. circumstances converted estimators giant arrays consistency fluorescence
[ "46781125", "52664769", "52706407" ]
18 pages, latex, elsart.cls, 7 figures, submitted to Nuclear Physics A - PACSFission Fragments from 1 A GeV $^{238}$U ions impinging a hydrogen target were studied using the fragment separator FRS from GSI for magnetic selection including ray-tracing, and $\Delta$E-ToF techniques. From the kinematics of the fragments, binary fission can be assigned as production process up to very heavy fragments. Fission fragments were identified as far as $^{184}$Re for the first time. Cross sections are measured and found in the range of 500 $\mu$b to 5 $\mu$b. Isobaric cross sections decrease smoothly with increasing mass. Beyond tungsten, fission fragments are hidden in the more abundant spallation evaporation residues. Fission cross sections of 283 isotopes of Gd to Re in the mass range 147 to 184 were obtained. All fragments result from fission of excited parent nuclei and after emission of secondary neutron
Very heavy fission fragments produced in the spallation reaction $^{238}$U+p at 1 A GeV
very heavy fission fragments produced in the spallation reaction $^{238}$u+p at 1 a gev
pages latex elsart.cls submitted pacsfission fragments impinging fragment separator tracing delta techniques. kinematics fragments fission assigned fragments. fission fragments time. isobaric smoothly mass. tungsten fission fragments hidden abundant spallation evaporation residues. fission isotopes obtained. fragments fission excited parent nuclei neutron
[ "46781364", "52706514" ]
In most eukaryotes, RNA silencing is an adaptive immune system regulating key biological processes including antiviral defense. To evade this response, viruses of plants, worms and insects have evolved viral suppressors of RNA silencing proteins (VSRs). Various VSRs, such as P1 from Sweet potato mild mottle virus (SPMMV), inhibit the activity of RNA-induced silencing complexes (RISCs) including an ARGONAUTE (AGO) protein loaded with a small RNA. However, the specific mechanisms explaining this class of inhibition are unknown. Here, we show that SPMMV P1 interacts with AGO1 and AGO2 from Arabidopsis thaliana, but solely interferes with AGO1 function. Moreover, a mutational analysis of a newly identified zinc finger domain in P1 revealed that this domain could represent an effector domain as it is required for P1 suppressor activity but not for AGO1 binding. Finally, a comparative analysis of the target RNA binding capacity of AGO1 in the presence of wild-type or suppressor-defective P1 forms revealed that P1 blocks target RNA binding to AGO1. Our results describe the negative regulation of RISC, the small RNA containing molecular machine
A viral suppressor of RNA silencing inhibits ARGONAUTE 1 function by precluding target RNA binding to pre-assembled RISC
a viral suppressor of rna silencing inhibits argonaute 1 function by precluding target rna binding to pre-assembled risc
eukaryotes silencing adaptive immune regulating antiviral defense. evade viruses worms insects evolved viral suppressors silencing vsrs vsrs sweet potato mild mottle spmmv inhibit silencing complexes riscs argonaute loaded rna. explaining unknown. spmmv interacts arabidopsis thaliana solely interferes function. mutational newly zinc finger effector suppressor binding. comparative suppressor defective blocks risc machine
[ "154883912" ]
Genome-wide association studies (GWASs) have revealed increased breast cancer risk associated with multiple genetic variants at 5p12. Here, we report the fine mapping of this locus using data from 104,660 subjects from 50 case-control studies in the Breast Cancer Association Consortium (BCAC). With data for 3,365 genotyped and imputed SNPs across a 1 Mb region (positions 44,394,49545,364,167; NCBI build 37), we found evidence for at least three independent signals: the strongest signal, consisting of a single SNP rs10941679, was associated with risk of estrogen-receptor-positive (ER+) breast cancer (per-g allele ER+ = 1.15; 95% CI 1.13-1.18; p = 8.35 x 10(-3)). After adjustment for rs10941679, we detected signal 2, consisting of 38 SNPs more strongly associated with ER-negative (ER-) breast cancer (lead SNP rs6864776: per-a allele OR ER- = 1.10; 95% CI 1.05-1.14; p conditional = 1.44 x 10(-12)), and a single signal 3 SNP (rs200229088: per-t allele OR ER+ = 1.12; 95% CI 1.09-1.15; p conditional = 1.12 x 10(-05)). Expression quantitative trait locus analysis in normal breast tissues and breast tumors showed that the g (risk) allele of rs10941679 was associated with increased expression of FGF10 and MRPS30. Functional assays demonstrated that SNP rs10941679 maps to an enhancer element that physically interacts with the FGF10 and MRPS30 promoter regions in breast cancer cell lines. FGF10 is an oncogene that binds to FGFR2 and is overexpressed in similar to 10% of human breast cancers, whereas MRPS30 plays a key role in apoptosis. These data suggest that the strongest signal of association at 5p12 is mediated through coordinated activation of FGF10 and MRPS30, two candidate genes for breast cancer pathogenesis
Evidence that the 5p12 Variant rs10941679 Confers Susceptibility to Estrogen-Receptor-Positive Breast Cancer through FGF10 and MRPS30 Regulation
evidence that the 5p12 variant rs10941679 confers susceptibility to estrogen-receptor-positive breast cancer through fgf10 and mrps30 regulation
gwass breast variants fine locus breast consortium bcac genotyped imputed snps ncbi build strongest consisting estrogen breast allele adjustment consisting snps breast allele conditional allele conditional trait locus breast tissues breast tumors allele mrps assays enhancer physically interacts mrps promoter breast lines. oncogene binds fgfr overexpressed breast cancers mrps plays apoptosis. strongest coordinated mrps candidate breast pathogenesis
[ "154410268", "82407530" ]
BACKGROUND: Sensory analysis is a crucial tool for evaluating the quality of extra virgin olive oils. One aim of such an investigation is to verify if the sensory attributes themselves 鈥 which are strictly related to volatile and phenolic compounds 鈥 may permit the discrimination of high-quality products obtained by olives of different cultivars and/or grown in various regions. Moreover, a crucial topic is to investigate the interdependency between relevant parameters etermining consumer acceptance and objective sensory characteristics evaluated by the panel test. RESULTS: By statistically analysing the sensory results, a grouping 鈥 but not discriminatory 鈥 effect was shown for some cultivars and some producing areas. The preference map shows that the most appreciated samples by consumers were situated in the direction of the 鈥榬ipe fruity鈥 and 鈥榮weet鈥 axis and opposite to the 鈥榖itter鈥 and 鈥榦ther attributes鈥 (pungent, green fruity, freshly cut grass, green tomato, harmony, persistency) axis. CONCLUSION: Extra virgin olive oils produced from olives of the same cultivars and grown in the same areas shared similar sensorial attributes. Some differences in terms of expectation and interpretation of sensory characteristics of extra virgin olive oils might be present for consumers and panellists: most of the consumers appear unfamiliar with positive sensorial attributes, such as bitterness and pungency
Sensory analysis and consumer acceptance of 140 high-quality extra virgin olive oils
sensory analysis and consumer acceptance of 140 high-quality extra virgin olive oils
sensory crucial evaluating extra virgin olive oils. verify sensory attributes strictly volatile phenolic permit discrimination olives cultivars grown regions. crucial topic interdependency etermining consumer acceptance sensory test. statistically analysing sensory grouping discriminatory cultivars producing areas. preference appreciated consumers situated 鈥榬ipe fruity鈥 鈥榮weet鈥 opposite 鈥榖itter鈥 鈥榦ther attributes鈥 pungent fruity freshly grass tomato harmony persistency axis. extra virgin olive oils olives cultivars grown shared sensorial attributes. expectation sensory extra virgin olive oils consumers panellists consumers unfamiliar sensorial attributes bitterness pungency
[ "154370246" ]
Erworben im Rahmen der Schweizer Nationallizenzen ( promising correlation between chemical analysis and sensorial evaluation was confirmed: extra virgin olive oils with low contents of methyl and ethyl esters of fatty acids as well as straight chain wax esters were sensorially evaluated as being of high quality, whereas some with high contents were even devaluated as not being of extra virgin quality. Methanol and ethanol formed during fermentation in degrading olives are esterified, largely by transesterification with fatty acids from the triglycerides, and in this way transferred into the pressed oil. The presence of high contents of methyl and ethyl esters in degrading olives was confirmed. Wax esters from the skin of the olives are extracted at low yields, whereby the yield increases when the olives are soft and possibly degrading. High wax ester contents may, therefore, stand for mild oils, but also for deficient oils
Fatty acid methyl and ethyl esters as well as wax esters for evaluating the quality of olive oils
fatty acid methyl and ethyl esters as well as wax esters for evaluating the quality of olive oils
erworben rahmen schweizer nationallizenzen promising sensorial confirmed extra virgin olive oils contents methyl ethyl esters fatty straight esters sensorially contents devaluated extra virgin quality. methanol ethanol fermentation degrading olives esterified largely transesterification fatty triglycerides transferred pressed oil. contents methyl ethyl esters degrading olives confirmed. esters olives whereby olives possibly degrading. ester contents stand mild oils deficient oils
[ "154369294" ]
This paper examines the effect that a country鈥檚 business regulatory environment has\ud on the amount of foreign direct investment it attracts. We use the World Bank鈥檚 Ease\ud of Doing Business ranking to capture the costs that firms face when operating in a\ud country. Several interesting results emerge. Firstly, the Doing Business rank is highly\ud significant when included in a standard empirical FDI model estimated on data averaged\ud over the period 2004-2009. Secondly, the significance of the overall Doing Business is\ud driven by the Ease of Trading Across Borders component. Thirdly, the relationship is\ud significant for middle income countries, but not for the World鈥檚 poorest region, SubSaharan\ud Africa, or for the OECD. Finally, we find no evidence that the ease of doing\ud business of nearby countries has an effect on the FDI that a country gets in general
Foreign direct investment and the ease of doing business
foreign direct investment and the ease of doing business
examines country鈥檚 regulatory foreign investment attracts. bank鈥檚 ease ranking capture firms operating country. emerge. firstly averaged secondly ease trading borders component. thirdly world鈥檚 poorest subsaharan africa oecd. ease nearby gets
[ "155272266" ]
In several papers, John Norton has argued that Bayesianism cannot handle ignorance adequately due to its inability to distinguish between neutral and disconfirming evidence. He argued that this inability sows confusion in, e.g., anthropic reasoning in cosmology or the Doomsday argument, by allowing one to draw unwarranted conclusions from a\ud lack of knowledge. Norton has suggested criteria for a candidate for representation of neutral support. Imprecise credences (families of credal probability functions) constitute a Bayesian-friendly framework that allows us to avoid inadequate neutral priors and better handle ignorance. The imprecise model generally agrees with Norton's representation of ignorance but requires that his criterion of self-duality be reformulated or abandoned
The Bayesian Who Knew Too Much
the bayesian who knew too much
papers john norton argued bayesianism handle ignorance adequately inability distinguish neutral disconfirming evidence. argued inability sows confusion e.g. anthropic reasoning cosmology doomsday argument allowing draw unwarranted knowledge. norton candidate neutral support. imprecise credences families credal constitute bayesian friendly avoid inadequate neutral priors handle ignorance. imprecise agrees norton ignorance criterion duality reformulated abandoned
[ "33752827" ]
Association of low back pain and standing postural control (PC) deficits are reported inconsistently. Demands on PC adaptation strategies are increased by restraining the input of visual or somatosensory senses. The objectives of the current study are, to investigate whether PC adaptations of the spine, hip and the centre of pressure (COP) differ between patients reporting non-specific low back pain (NSLBP) and asymptomatic controls. The PC adaption strategies of the thoracic and lumbar spine, the hip and the COP were measured in fifty-seven NSLBP patients and 22 asymptomatic controls. We tested three "feet together" conditions with increasing demands on PC strategies, using inertial measurement units (IMUs) on the spine and a Wii balance board for centre of pressure (COP) parameters. The differences between NSLBP patients and controls were most apparent when the participants were blindfolded, but remaining on a firm surface. While NSLBP patients had larger thoracic and lumbar spine mean absolute deviations of position (MADpos) in the frontal plane, the same parameters decreased in control subjects (relative change (RC): 0.23, 95% confidence interval: 0.03 to 0.45 and 0.03 to 0.48). The Mean absolute deviation of velocity (MADvel) of the thoracic spine in the frontal plane showed a similar and significant effect (RC: 0.12 95% CI: 0.01 to 0.25). Gender, age and pain during the measurements affected some parameters significantly. PC adaptions differ between NSLBP patients and asymptomatic controls. The differences are most apparent for the thoracic and lumbar parameters of MADpos, in the frontal plane and while the visual condition was removed
Low back pain and postural control, effects of task difficulty on centre of pressure and spinal kinematics
low back pain and postural control, effects of task difficulty on centre of pressure and spinal kinematics
standing postural deficits inconsistently. demands adaptation restraining somatosensory senses. objectives adaptations spine reporting nslbp asymptomatic controls. adaption thoracic lumbar spine fifty seven nslbp asymptomatic controls. feet demands inertial imus spine balance board parameters. nslbp apparent blindfolded firm surface. nslbp thoracic lumbar spine deviations madpos frontal confidence madvel thoracic spine frontal gender significantly. adaptions nslbp asymptomatic controls. apparent thoracic lumbar madpos frontal removed
[ "160503165" ]
The conformance of semantic technologies has to be systematically evaluated to measure and verify the real adherence of these technologies to the Semantic Web standards. Currente valuations of semantic technology conformance are not exhaustive enough and do not directly cover user requirements and use scenarios, which raises the need for a simple, extensible and parameterizable method to generate test data for such evaluations. To address this need, this paper presents a keyword-driven approach for generating ontology language conformance test data that can be used to evaluate semantic technologies, details the definition of a test suite for evaluating OWL DL conformance using this approach,and describes the use and extension of this test suite during the evaluation of some tools
A Keyword-driven approach for generating OWL DL conformance test data
a keyword-driven approach for generating owl dl conformance test data
conformance semantic technologies systematically verify adherence technologies semantic standards. currente valuations semantic conformance exhaustive cover scenarios raises extensible parameterizable evaluations. presents keyword generating ontology conformance semantic technologies suite evaluating conformance describes suite
[ "148664431" ]
Career adapt-ability has recently gained momentum as a psychosocial construct that not only has much to offer the field of career development, but also contributes to positive coping, adjustment and self-regulation through the four dimensions of concern, control, curiosity and confidence. The positive psychology movement, with concepts such as the orientations to happiness, explores the factors that contribute to human flourishing and optimum functioning. This research has two main contributions; 1) to validate a German version of the Career Adapt-Abilities Scale (CAAS), and 2) to extend the contribution of adapt-abilities to the field of work stress and explore its mediating capacity in the relation between orientations to happiness and work stress. We used a representative sample of the German-speaking Swiss working population including 1204 participants (49.8% women), aged between 26 and 56 (Mage = 42.04). Results indicated that the German version of the CAAS is valid, with overall high levels of model fit suggesting that the conceptual structure of career adapt-ability replicates well in this cultural context. Adapt-abilities showed a negative relationship to work stress, and a positive one with orientations to happiness. The engagement and pleasure scales of orientations to happiness also correlated negatively with work stress. Moreover, career adapt-ability mediates the relationship between orientations to happiness and work stress. In depth analysis of the mediating effect revealed that control is the only significant mediator. Thus control may be acting as a mechanism through which individuals attain their desired life at work subsequently contributing to reduced stress levels
Validation of the German version of the Career Adapt-Abilities Scale and its relation to orientations to happiness and work stress
validation of the german version of the career adapt-abilities scale and its relation to orientations to happiness and work stress
career adapt gained psychosocial offer career contributes coping adjustment concern curiosity confidence. psychology movement concepts orientations happiness explores flourishing optimum functioning. validate german career adapt abilities caas extend adapt abilities explore mediating orientations happiness stress. german speaking swiss aged mage german caas valid conceptual career adapt replicates cultural context. adapt abilities orientations happiness. engagement pleasure orientations happiness negatively stress. career adapt mediates orientations happiness stress. mediating mediator. acting attain desired subsequently contributing
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Installed wind energy capacity has been rapidly increasing over the last decade, with deployments in deeper waters and further offshore, with higher turbine ratings within new farms. Understanding the impact of different deployment factors on the overall cost of wind farms is pertinent toward benchmarking the potential of different investment decision alternatives. In this article, a set of parametric expressions for capital expenditure, operational expenditure, and levelized cost of energy are developed as a function of wind turbine capacity (), water depth (WD), distance from port (D), and wind farm capacity (). These expressions have been developed through a series of simulations based on a fully integrated, tested cost model which are then generalized through the application of appropriate nonlinear regression equations for a typical offshore wind farm investment and taking into account most current published cost figures. The effectiveness of the models are countersigned through a series of cases, estimating the predicted values with a maximum error of 3.3%. These expressions will be particularly useful for the preliminary assessment of available deployment sites, offering cost estimates based on global decision variables
Parametric CAPEX, OPEX, and LCOE expressions for offshore wind farms based on global deployment parameters
parametric capex, opex, and lcoe expressions for offshore wind farms based on global deployment parameters
installed rapidly decade deployments deeper waters offshore turbine ratings farms. deployment farms pertinent toward benchmarking investment alternatives. parametric expressions capital expenditure operational expenditure levelized turbine port farm expressions offshore farm investment figures. effectiveness countersigned estimating expressions preliminary deployment offering
[ "158351487" ]
This study attempts to address the issue of relative living standards in Portuguese medieval and early 20th century periods. Since the growth of children provides a good measure of environmental quality for the overall population, the skeletal growth profiles of medieval Leiria and early 20th century Lisbon were compared. Results show that growth in femur length of medieval children did not differ significantly from that of early 20th century children, but after puberty medieval adolescents seem to have recovered, as they have significantly longer femora as adults. This is suggestive of greater potential for catch-up growth in medieval adolescents. We suggest that this results from distinct child labor practices, which impact differentially on the growth of Leiria and Lisbon adolescents. Work for medieval children and adolescents were related to family activities, and care and attention were provided by family members. Conversely, in early 20th century Lisbon children were more often sent to factories at around 12 years of age as an extra source of family income, where they were exploited for their labor. Since medieval and early 20th century children were stunted at an early age, greater potential for catch-up growth in medieval adolescents results from exhausting work being added to modern adolescent's burdens of disease and poor diet, when they entered the labor market. Although early 20th century Lisbon did not differ in overall unfavorable living conditions from medieval Leiria, after puberty different child labor practices may have placed modern adolescents at greater risk of undernutrition and poor growth. Am J Phys Anthropol, 2008. 漏 2008 Wiley-Liss, Inc.
The not-so-Dark Ages: Ecology for human growth in medieval and early Twentieth Century Portugal as inferred from skeletal growth profiles
the not-so-dark ages: ecology for human growth in medieval and early twentieth century portugal as inferred from skeletal growth profiles
attempts living standards portuguese medieval century periods. skeletal medieval leiria century lisbon compared. femur medieval century puberty medieval adolescents seem recovered femora adults. suggestive catch medieval adolescents. labor practices differentially leiria lisbon adolescents. medieval adolescents members. conversely century lisbon sent factories extra exploited labor. medieval century stunted catch medieval adolescents exhausting modern adolescent burdens diet entered labor market. century lisbon unfavorable living medieval leiria puberty labor practices placed modern adolescents undernutrition growth. anthropol wiley liss inc. ajpa.
[ "144012803" ]
Living radical polymerization of lauryl acrylate was achieved by SET/DTLRP in water catalyzed by sodium dithionite. The work describes the synthesis of a highly hydrophobic and polar monomer in aqueous medium. The plots of versus conversion and ln[M]0/[M] versus time are linear, indicating a controlled polymerization. This method leads to alpha,omega-diiodopoly(lauryl acrylate)s that can be further functionalized. The MWDs were determined using a combination of three detectors: RALLS, DV, and RI. The method studied in this work represents a possible route to prepare well-tailored macromolecules made of LA in environment friendly reaction medium. The syndiotactic content is 75%.
Synthesis of Poly(lauryl acrylate) by Single-Electron Transfer/Degenerative Chain Transfer Living Radical Polymerization Catalyzed by Na2S2O4 in Water
synthesis of poly(lauryl acrylate) by single-electron transfer/degenerative chain transfer living radical polymerization catalyzed by na2s2o4 in water
living radical polymerization lauryl acrylate dtlrp catalyzed sodium dithionite. describes hydrophobic polar monomer aqueous medium. plots conversion polymerization. alpha omega diiodopoly lauryl acrylate functionalized. mwds detectors ralls route prepare tailored macromolecules friendly medium. syndiotactic macp.
[ "144012941" ]
In this study we assessed the effect of current velocity and shredder presence, manipulated in artificial channels, on the structure of the fungal assemblage colonizing alder (Alnus glutinosa (L.) Gaertner) leaves incubated in coarse and fine mesh bags. Fungal sporulation rates, cumulative conidial production and number of species of aquatic hyphomycetes were higher in leaves exposed to high rather than to low current velocity. The opposite was observed regarding Simpson's index (D) on the fungal assemblage. Some species of aquatic hyphomycetes were consistently stimulated in high current channels. No effect of shredders or of mesh type was observed. (漏 2006 WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim)
Do Invertebrate Activity and Current Velocity Affect Fungal Assemblage Structure in Leaves?
do invertebrate activity and current velocity affect fungal assemblage structure in leaves?
shredder manipulated artificial fungal assemblage colonizing alder alnus glutinosa gaertner leaves incubated coarse fine mesh bags. fungal sporulation cumulative conidial aquatic hyphomycetes leaves exposed velocity. opposite simpson fungal assemblage. aquatic hyphomycetes consistently stimulated channels. shredders mesh observed. wiley verlag gmbh kgaa weinheim iroh.
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Abstract This paper proposes an olfaction based methodology to automatically cover an unknown area enabling the decoupled cooperation of a group of floor cleaning mobile robots. This method is based on the utilisation of low cost chemical sensors in cleaning mobile robots, in order to differentiate clean from dirty areas. The experimental results show that the use of olfactory capabilities allows to efficiently cover and clean a certain area, and demonstrate the possibility of coordinating several mobile robots without the need of expensive sensing capabilities, map building or complex algorithms for task scheduling.
Olfactory coordinated area coverage
olfactory coordinated area coverage
proposes olfaction methodology automatically cover unknown enabling decoupled cooperation floor cleaning mobile robots. utilisation sensors cleaning mobile robots differentiate clean dirty areas. olfactory capabilities efficiently cover clean coordinating mobile robots expensive sensing capabilities scheduling.
[ "144013512" ]
The loss of feeding areas may pose a threat to many wintering waders because increased competition arising from reduced foraging space may force birds either to emigrate or to die. This has been demonstrated to occur in northwest European estuaries, but virtually no studies have been performed in the estuaries of southern Europe, where the loss of supratidal habitats (salines and saltmarshes), rather than intertidal habitats, are currently the main threat to waders鈥 habitats. If these habitats are lost, waders may be forced to move to the intertidal mudflats, perhaps increasing competition between individuals and ultimately leading to starvation or emigration. We tested this hypothesis in the Mondego estuary, a small estuary on Portugal鈥檚 west coast, which is presently under heavy human pressure. We used indirect methods to test for the occurrence of both components of intra-specific competition: interference and prey depletion. We found no evidence that either interference or depletion competition was occurring at present, either on the mudflats or in the salines. Overall, the results suggest that the intertidal mudflats may still be able to accommodate birds displaced from the destroyed supratidal salines, but modelling is required to predict the effect that the combined loss of feeding area and foraging time that this would entail would have on their fitness, and thus numbers.
Competition for feeding in waders: a case study in an estuary of south temperate Europe (Mondego, Portugal)
competition for feeding in waders: a case study in an estuary of south temperate europe (mondego, portugal)
feeding pose threat wintering waders competition arising foraging birds emigrate die. northwest estuaries virtually estuaries southern europe supratidal habitats salines saltmarshes intertidal habitats threat waders鈥 habitats. habitats lost waders forced move intertidal mudflats perhaps competition ultimately starvation emigration. mondego estuary estuary portugal鈥檚 west coast presently pressure. indirect occurrence intra competition interference prey depletion. interference depletion competition occurring mudflats salines. intertidal mudflats accommodate birds displaced destroyed supratidal salines predict feeding foraging entail fitness numbers.
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Rotational isomerization of acetic acid (CH3COOH) is studied in Ar, Kr, and Xe matrices. The light-induced trans鈫抍is reaction is promoted using resonant excitation of a number of modes in the 3500鈥7000 cm鈭1 region, and the quantum yields for this process are measured for various acetic acid isotopologues and matrix materials. For excitation of acetic acid at energies above the predicted isomerization energy barrier (猢4400 cm鈭1), the measured quantum yields are in average 2%鈥3%, and this is one order of magnitude smaller than the corresponding values known for formic acid (HCOOH). This difference is interpreted in terms of the presence of the methyl group in acetic acid, which enhances energy relaxation channels competing with the rotational isomerization. This picture is supported by the observed large effect of deuteration of the methyl group on the photoisomerization quantum yield. The trans鈫抍is reaction quantum yields are found to be similar for Ar, Kr, and Xe matrices, suggesting similar energy relaxation processes for this molecule in the various matrices. The IR-induced cis鈫抰rans process, studied for acetic acid deuterated in the hydroxyl group, shows reliably larger quantum yields as compared with the trans鈫抍is process. For pumping of acetic acid at energies below the predicted isomerization barrier, the trans鈫抍is reaction quantum yields decrease strongly when the photon energy decreases, and tunneling is the most probable mechanism for this process. For the cis鈫抰rans dark reaction, the observed temperature and medium effects indicate the participation of the lattice phonons in the tunneling-induced process
Rotational isomerism of acetic acid isolated in rare-gas matrices: Effect of medium and isotopic substitution on IR-induced isomerization quantum yield and cis鈫抰rans tunneling rate
rotational isomerism of acetic acid isolated in rare-gas matrices: effect of medium and isotopic substitution on ir-induced isomerization quantum yield and cis鈫抰rans tunneling rate
rotational isomerization acetic cooh matrices. trans鈫抍is promoted resonant acetic isotopologues materials. acetic isomerization barrier formic hcooh interpreted methyl acetic enhances relaxation competing rotational isomerization. picture deuteration methyl photoisomerization yield. trans鈫抍is relaxation molecule matrices. cis鈫抰rans acetic deuterated hydroxyl reliably trans鈫抍is process. pumping acetic isomerization barrier trans鈫抍is tunneling probable process. cis鈫抰rans participation phonons tunneling
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In this paper we propose a novel fast random search clustering (RSC) algorithm for mixing matrix identification in multiple input multiple output (MIMO) linear blind inverse problems with sparse inputs. The proposed approach is based on the clustering of the observations around the directions given by the columns of the mixing matrix that occurs typically for sparse inputs. Exploiting this fact, the RSC algorithm proceeds by parameterizing the mixing matrix using hyperspherical coordinates, randomly selecting candidate basis vectors (i.e. clustering directions) from the observations, and accepting or rejecting them according to a binary hypothesis test based on the Neyman鈥揚earson criterion. The RSC algorithm is not tailored to any specific distribution for the sources, can deal with an arbitrary number of inputs and outputs (thus solving the difficult under-determined problem), and is applicable to both instantaneous and convolutive mixtures. Extensive simulations for synthetic and real data with different number of inputs and outputs, data size, sparsity factors of the inputs and signal to noise ratios confirm the good performance of the proposed approach under moderate/high signal to noise ratios.\ud RESUMEN.\ud M茅todo de separaci贸n ciega de fuentes para se帽ales dispersas basado en la identificaci贸n de la matriz de mezcla mediante t茅cnicas de "clustering" aleatorio
Novel fast random search clustering approach for mixing matrix identification in MIMO linear blind inverse problems with sparse inputs
novel fast random search clustering approach for mixing matrix identification in mimo linear blind inverse problems with sparse inputs
propose clustering mimo blind sparse inputs. clustering directions columns sparse inputs. exploiting proceeds parameterizing hyperspherical randomly selecting candidate i.e. clustering directions accepting rejecting neyman鈥損earson criterion. tailored deal inputs outputs solving applicable instantaneous convolutive mixtures. extensive synthetic inputs outputs sparsity inputs confirm moderate ratios. resumen. m茅todo separaci贸n ciega fuentes para se帽ales dispersas basado identificaci贸n matriz mezcla mediante t茅cnicas clustering aleatorio
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Mortality rates of up to 50% have been reported after liver failure due to drug-induced hepatotoxicity and certain viral infections(Gao et al. 2008). These adverse conditions frequently affect HIV and tuberculosis patients on regular medication in resource-poor settings. Here, we report full integration of sample preparation with read-out of a 5-parameter liver assay panel (LAP) on a portable, easy-to-use, fast and cost- efficient centrifugal microfluidic analysis system (CMAS). Our unique, dissolvable-film based centrifugo- pneumatic valving was employed to provide sample-to-answer fashion automation for plasma extraction (from finger-prick of blood), metering and aliquoting into separate reaction chambers for parallelized colorimetric quantification during rotation. The entire LAP completes in less than 20 minutes while using only a tenth the reagent volumes when compared with standard hospital laboratory tests. Accuracy of in-situ liver function screening was validated by 96 separate tests with an average coefficient of variance (CV) of 7.9% compared to benchtop and hospital lab tests. Unpaired two sample statistical t-tests were used to compare the means of CMAS and benchtop reader, on one hand; and CMAS and hospital tests on the other. The results demonstrate no statistical difference between the respective means with 94% and 92% certainty of equivalence, respectively. The portable platform thus saves significant time, labour and costs compared to established technologies, and therefore comply with typical restrictions on lab infrastructure, maintenance, operator skill and costs prevalent in many field clinics of the developing world. It has been successfully deployed in a centralised lab in Nigeria
A portable centrifugal analyser for liver function screening
a portable centrifugal analyser for liver function screening
hepatotoxicity viral infections adverse frequently tuberculosis medication resource settings. preparation read portable centrifugal microfluidic cmas dissolvable film centrifugo pneumatic valving answer fashion automation extraction finger prick metering aliquoting chambers parallelized colorimetric quantification rotation. completes minutes tenth reagent volumes tests. situ screening validated benchtop tests. unpaired cmas benchtop reader cmas other. respective certainty equivalence respectively. portable platform saves labour technologies comply restrictions infrastructure maintenance skill prevalent clinics world. successfully deployed centralised nigeria
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Territory or zone design processes entail partitioning a geographic space, organized as a set of areal units, into different regions or zones according to a specific set of criteria that are dependent on the application context. In most cases, the aim is to create zones of approximately equal sizes (zones with equal numbers of inhabitants, same average sales, etc.). However, some of the new applications that have emerged, particularly in the context of sustainable development policies, are aimed at defining zones of a predetermined, though not necessarily similar, size. In addition, the zones should be built around a given set of seeds. This type of partitioning has not been sufficiently researched; therefore, there are no known approaches for automated zone delimitation. This study proposes a new method based on a discrete version of the adaptive additively weighted Voronoi diagram that makes it possible to partition a two-dimensional space into zones of specific sizes, taking both the position and the weight of each seed into account. The method consists of repeatedly solving a traditional additively weighted Voronoi diagram, so that each seed?s weight is updated at every iteration. The zones are geographically connected using a metric based on the shortest path. Tests conducted on the extensive farming system of three municipalities in Castile-La Mancha (Spain) have established that the proposed heuristic procedure is valid for solving this type of partitioning problem. Nevertheless, these tests confirmed that the given seed position determines the spatial configuration the method must solve and this may have a great impact on the resulting partition
Zone design of specific sizes using adaptive additively weighted voronoi diagrams
zone design of specific sizes using adaptive additively weighted voronoi diagrams
territory entail partitioning geographic organized areal zones context. create zones sizes zones inhabitants sales etc. emerged sustainable policies aimed defining zones predetermined necessarily size. zones built seeds. partitioning sufficiently researched automated delimitation. proposes adaptive additively weighted voronoi partition zones sizes seed account. repeatedly solving traditional additively weighted voronoi seed updated iteration. zones geographically shortest path. extensive farming municipalities castile mancha spain heuristic valid solving partitioning problem. nevertheless confirmed seed determines solve great partition
[ "148666665" ]
We propose a new measure of vulnerability of a node in a complex network. The measure is based on the analogy in which the nodes of the network are represented by balls and the links are identified with springs. We define the measure as the node displacement, or the amplitude of vibration of each node, under fluctuation due to the thermal bath in which the network is supposed to be submerged. We prove exact relations among the thus defined node displacement, the information centrality and the Kirchhoff index. The relation between the first two suggests that the node displacement has a better resolution of the vulnerability than the information centrality, because the latter is the sum of the local node displacement and the node displacement averaged over the entire network.Comment: 27 page
A Vibrational Approach to Node Centrality and Vulnerability in Complex Networks
a vibrational approach to node centrality and vulnerability in complex networks
propose vulnerability network. analogy balls links springs. displacement vibration fluctuation bath supposed submerged. displacement centrality kirchhoff index. displacement vulnerability centrality displacement displacement averaged
[ "9030380" ]
We construct local, boost covariant boundary QFT nets of von Neumann algebras on the interior of the Lorentz hyperboloid LH = {x^2 - t^2 > R^2, x>0}, in the two-dimensional Minkowski spacetime. Our first construction is canonical, starting with a local conformal net on the real line, and is analogous to our previous construction of local boundary CFT nets on the Minkowski half-space. This net is in a thermal state at Hawking temperature. Then, inspired by a recent construction by E. Witten and one of us, we consider a unitary semigroup that we use to build up infinitely many nets. Surprisingly, the one-particle semigroup is again isomorphic to the semigroup of symmetric inner functions of the disk. In particular, by considering the U(1)-current net, we can associate with any given symmetric inner function a local, boundary QFT net on LH. By considering different states, we shall also have nets in a ground state, rather than in a KMS state.Comment: 18 page
Boundary Quantum Field Theory on the Interior of the Lorentz Hyperboloid
boundary quantum field theory on the interior of the lorentz hyperboloid
boost covariant nets neumann algebras interior lorentz hyperboloid minkowski spacetime. canonical conformal analogous nets minkowski space. hawking temperature. inspired witten unitary semigroup build infinitely nets. surprisingly semigroup isomorphic semigroup disk. associate nets
[ "53823810" ]
We construct from first principles a perturbative framework for studying nonequilibrium quantum-field systems that include gauge bosons. The system of our concern is quasiuniform system near equilibrium or nonequilibrium quasistationary system. We employ the closed-time-path formalism and use the so-called gradient approximation. No further approximation is introduced. We construct a gauge-boson propagator, with which a well-defined perturbative framework is formulated. In the course of construction of the framework, we obtain the generalized Boltzmann equation (GBE) that describes the evolution of the number-density functions of gauge-bosonic quasiparticles. The framework allows us to compute the reaction rate for any process taking place in the system. Various processes, in turn, cause an evolution of the systems, which is described by the GBE
Gauge-boson propagator in out of equilibrium quantum-field system and the Boltzmann equation
gauge-boson propagator in out of equilibrium quantum-field system and the boltzmann equation
principles perturbative studying nonequilibrium bosons. concern quasiuniform nonequilibrium quasistationary system. employ formalism approximation. introduced. boson propagator perturbative formulated. boltzmann describes bosonic quasiparticles. system.
[ "2462173" ]
Nowadays most digital reconstructions in architecture and archeology describe buildings heritage as awhole of static and unchangeable entities. However, historical sites can have a rich and complex history, sometimes full of evolutions, sometimes only partially known by means of documentary sources. Various aspects condition the analysis and the interpretation of cultural heritage. First of all, buildings are not inexorably constant in time: creation, destruction, union, division, annexation, partial demolition and change of function are the transformations that buildings can undergo over time. Moreover, other factors sometimes contradictory can condition the knowledge about an historical site, such as historical sources and uncertainty. On one hand, historical documentation concerning past states can be heterogeneous, dubious, incomplete and even contradictory. On the other hand, uncertainty is prevalent in cultural heritage in various forms: sometimes it is impossible to define the dating period, sometimes the building original shape or yet its spatial position. This paper proposes amodeling approach of the geometrical representation of buildings, taking into account the kind of transformations and the notion of temporal indetermination
Time indeterminacy and spatio-temporal building transformations: an approach for architectural heritage understanding
time indeterminacy and spatio-temporal building transformations: an approach for architectural heritage understanding
nowadays digital reconstructions architecture archeology buildings heritage awhole unchangeable entities. historical sometimes evolutions sometimes partially documentary sources. cultural heritage. buildings inexorably creation destruction union division annexation demolition transformations buildings undergo time. sometimes contradictory historical historical uncertainty. historical documentation concerning heterogeneous dubious incomplete contradictory. prevalent cultural heritage sometimes impossible dating sometimes position. proposes amodeling geometrical buildings kind transformations notion indetermination
[ "143692615" ]
The authors wish to thank Dr J.-M. Hiver from Institut Jean Lamour, Ecole des Mines de Nancy for his participation in the computed tomography analysis of the porous samplesCommercially Pure Porous Titanium (CPPTi) can be used for surgical implants to avoid the stress shielding effect due to the mismatch between the mechanical properties of titanium and bone. Most researchers in this area deal with randomly distributed pores or simple architectures in titanium alloys. The control of porosity, pore size and distribution is necessary to obtain implants with mechanical properties close to those of bone and to ensure their osseointegration. The aim of the present work was therefore to develop and characterize such a specific porous structure. First of all, the properties of titanium made by Selective Laser Melting (SLM) were characterized through experimental testing on bulk specimens. An elementary pattern of the porous structure was then designed to mimic the orthotropic properties of the human bone following several mechanical and geometrical criteria. Finite Element Analysis (FEA) was used to optimize the pattern. A porosity of 53% and pore sizes in the range of 860 to 1500 渭m were finally adopted. Tensile tests on porous samples were then carried out to validate the properties obtained numerically and identif the failure modes of the samples. Finally, FE elastoplastic analyses were performed on the porous samples in order to propose a failure criterion for the design of porous substitutes
Development and mechanical characterization of porous titanium bone substitutes
development and mechanical characterization of porous titanium bone substitutes
wish hiver institut jean lamour ecole mines nancy participation tomography porous samplescommercially porous titanium cppti surgical implants avoid shielding mismatch titanium bone. researchers deal randomly pores architectures titanium alloys. porosity pore implants ensure osseointegration. characterize porous structure. titanium selective melting specimens. elementary porous mimic orthotropic geometrical criteria. optimize pattern. porosity pore sizes adopted. tensile porous validate numerically identif samples. elastoplastic porous propose criterion porous substitutes
[ "143692652" ]
Efforts to develop carbon nanotubes (CNTs) as nano-vehicles for precise and controlled drug and gene delivery, as well as markers for in vivo biomedical imaging, are currently hampered by uncertainties with regard to their cellular uptake, their fate in the body, and their safety. All of these processes are likely to be affected by the purity of CNT preparation, as well as the size and concentration of CNTs used, parameters that are often poorly controlled in biological experiments. It is demonstrated herein that under the experimental conditions of standard transfection methods, DWNTs are taken up by cultured cells but are then released after 24 h with no discernable stress response. The results support the potential therapeutic use of CNTs in many biomedical settings, such as cancer therapy
Uptake and release of double-walled carbon nanotubes by mammalian cells
uptake and release of double-walled carbon nanotubes by mammalian cells
efforts nanotubes cnts nano vehicles precise delivery markers biomedical hampered regard uptake fate safety. purity preparation cnts poorly experiments. herein transfection dwnts cultured released discernable response. therapeutic cnts biomedical settings
[ "12042532" ]
To increase current knowledge on the nutritional value of natural prey organisms, the biochemical components of mainly three copepods (Acartia grani, Centropages hamatus, and Eurytemora affinis) from a marine pond system were analysed once a week from spring until late fall, over two years. The analysed components were total lipid, lipid class composition, total lipid fatty acid composition, free amino acids, total protein, protein-bound amino acids, pigment (astaxanthin and 脽-carotene), and vitamins (A, thiamine, riboflavin, C, D3, and E). Copepod dry weight (DW), dry matter (% of wet weight), and ash content (% of DW) were also determined. The data are unique due to the homogenous content of copepods in the samples and the long time span of sampling. The copepods were characterised by moderate levels of lipids (6.9-22.5% of DW), with polar lipids accounting for 37.9 to70.2% of the total lipid. The most abundant fatty acids in total lipid (as % of total lipid) were 16:0 (palmitic acid, 10.8-17.1%), 20:5n-3 (EPA, 8.3-24.6%), and 22:6n-3 (DHA, 13.9-42.3%). The amount of 20:4n-6 (ARA) was generally low (0-2.6%), giving an EPA/ARA range between 7.5and 49.5. The DHA/EPA ratio was between 1.0 and 4.9. Free amino acids (FAA) constituted between 4.3 and 8.9% of copepod DW, and varied with salinity. Glycine, taurine, and arginine dominated FAA, and the fraction of indispensable amino acids varied between 15.5 and 26.8%. Protein, as back-calculated from the protein-bound amino acids (PAA), amounted to 32.7-53.6% of copepod DW, and contained a stable fraction of indispensable amino acids (37.3-43.2% of PAA). Glutamine/glutamic acid, asparagine/aspartic acid, leucine, alanine, and glycine were the most abundant PAA. Astaxanthin was abundant in the copepods (413-1422 渭g/g DW), while 脽-carotene was not found. High but variable concentrations of vitamin C (38-1232 渭g/g DW) and vitamin E (23-209 渭g/g DW) were found, while vitamin A and D3 occurred in trace amounts or were not detected. Detectable levels were found for both thiamine (3.5-46.0 渭g/g DW) and riboflavin (23.2-35.7 渭g/g DW). The data may generate an important base for improvement of live feed enrichment emulsions or formulated feeds used during larval and early juvenile stages in marine fish culture
Biochemical composition of copepods for evaluation of feed quality in production of juvenile marine fish
biochemical composition of copepods for evaluation of feed quality in production of juvenile marine fish
nutritional prey organisms biochemical copepods acartia grani centropages hamatus eurytemora affinis marine pond analysed week spring fall years. analysed fatty pigment astaxanthin carotene vitamins thiamine riboflavin copepod determined. homogenous copepods span sampling. copepods characterised moderate lipids polar lipids accounting lipid. abundant fatty palmitic giving constituted copepod varied salinity. glycine taurine arginine dominated indispensable varied amounted copepod indispensable glutamine glutamic asparagine aspartic leucine alanine glycine abundant paa. astaxanthin abundant copepods carotene found. vitamin vitamin vitamin occurred trace amounts detected. detectable thiamine riboflavin live feed enrichment emulsions formulated feeds larval juvenile marine fish
[ "52047177" ]
In this paper, we propose two dynamic lead-time quotation policies in an M/GI/1 type make-to-stock queueing system serving lead-time sensitive customers with a single type of product. Incorporating non-exponential service times in an exact method for make-to-stock queues is usually deemed difficult. Our analysis of the proposed policies is exact and requires the numerical inversion of the\ud Laplace transform of the sojourn time of an order to be placed. The first policy assures that the long-run probability of delivering the product within the quoted lead-time is the same for all backlogged customers. The second policy is a refinement of the first which improves the profitability if customers are oversensitive to even short delays in delivery. Numerical results show that both policies perform close to the optimal policy that was characterized only for exponential service times. The new insight gained is that the worsening impact of the production time variability, which is felt\ud significantly in systems accepting all customers by quoting zero lead times, decreases when dynamic lead-time quotation policies are employed
Coping with production time variability via dynamic lead-time quotation
coping with production time variability via dynamic lead-time quotation
propose quotation policies stock queueing serving customers product. incorporating exponential stock queues deemed difficult. policies inversion laplace transform sojourn placed. assures delivering quoted backlogged customers. refinement improves profitability customers oversensitive delays delivery. policies exponential times. insight gained worsening felt accepting customers quoting quotation policies
[ "78366570" ]
Three new sterically demanding unsymmetrical zinc phthalocyanines have been designed and\ud synthesized as sensitizers for dye-sensitized solar cells. All three unsymmetrical\ud phthalocyanines have been completely characterized by elemental analyses, mass\ud spectrometry, FT-IR, 1H NMR, UV-Visible, and fluorescence (steady-state and life-time)\ud spectroscopies as well as electrochemical methods. Photophysical properties (absorption,\ud emission and redox properties) indicate that the LUMO of unsymmetrical phthalocyanines\ud lies above the TiO2 conduction band and HOMO is below the redox electrolyte. The\ud experimental results are supported by DFT/TD-DFT studies. Electrochemical and in-situ\ud spectroelectrochemical studies suggest that the redox reactions belong to the macrocyclic\ud ring-based electron transfer processes. All three unsymmetrical phthalocyanines were tested\ud in DSSC using I-/I3\ud - redox electrolyte system
Sterically demanded unsymmetrical zinc phthalocyanines for dye-sensitized solar cells
sterically demanded unsymmetrical zinc phthalocyanines for dye-sensitized solar cells
sterically demanding unsymmetrical zinc phthalocyanines synthesized sensitizers sensitized cells. unsymmetrical phthalocyanines elemental spectrometry visible fluorescence steady spectroscopies electrochemical methods. photophysical redox lumo unsymmetrical phthalocyanines lies conduction homo redox electrolyte. studies. electrochemical situ spectroelectrochemical redox belong macrocyclic processes. unsymmetrical phthalocyanines dssc redox electrolyte
[ "33154499" ]
One key issue in the simulation of bare electrodynamic tethers (EDTs) is the accurate and fast computation of the collected current, an ambient dependent operation necessary to determine the Lorentz force for each time step. This paper introduces a novel semianalytical solution that allows researchers to compute the current distribution along the tether efficient and effectively under orbital-motion-limited (OML) and beyond OML conditions, i.e., if tether radius is greater than a certain ambient dependent threshold. The method reduces the original boundary value problem to a couple of nonlinear equations. If certain dimensionless variables are used, the beyond OML effect just makes the tether characteristic length L 鈭 larger and it is decoupled from the current determination problem. A validation of the results and a comparison of the performance in terms of the time consumed is provided, with respect to a previous ad hoc solution and a conventional shooting method
Efficient computation of current collection in bare electrodynamic tethers in and beyond OML regime
efficient computation of current collection in bare electrodynamic tethers in and beyond oml regime
bare electrodynamic tethers edts ambient lorentz step. introduces semianalytical researchers tether effectively orbital i.e. tether ambient threshold. reduces couple equations. dimensionless tether decoupled problem. validation consumed shooting
[ "148674013" ]
The aim of this study was to compare the race characteristics of the start and turn segments of national\ud and regional level swimmers. In the study, 100 and 200-m events were analysed during the finals session of the\ud Open Comunidad de Madrid (Spain) tournament. The 鈥渋ndividualized-distance鈥 method with two-dimensional direct linear transformation algorithm was used to perform race analyses.\ud National level swimmers obtained faster velocities in all race segments and stroke comparisons,although significant inter-level differences in start velocity were only obtained in half (8 out of 16) of the analysed events. Higher level swimmers also travelled for longer start and turn distances but only in the race segments where the gain of speed was high. This was observed in the turn segments, in the backstroke and butterfly strokes and during the 200-m breaststroke event, but not in any of the freestyle\ud events. Time improvements due to the appropriate extension of the underwater subsections appeared to be critical for the end race result and should be carefully evaluated by the 鈥渋ndividualized-distance鈥漒ud method
Comparison of starts and turns of national and regional level swimmers by individualized-distance measurements
comparison of starts and turns of national and regional level swimmers by individualized-distance measurements
race segments swimmers. analysed finals session comunidad madrid spain tournament. 鈥渋ndividualized distance鈥 race analyses. swimmers faster velocities race segments stroke comparisons analysed events. swimmers travelled distances race segments high. segments backstroke butterfly strokes breaststroke freestyle events. improvements underwater subsections appeared race carefully 鈥渋ndividualized distance鈥
[ "148674298" ]
Potential changes in global and regional agricultural water demand for irrigation were investigated within a new socio-economic scenario, A2r, developed at the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) with and without climate change, with and without mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions. Water deficits of crops were developed with the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)-IIASA Agro-ecological Zone model, based on daily water balances at 0.5 degrees latitude W 0.5 degrees longitude and then aggregated to regions and the globe. Future regional and global irrigation water requirements were computed as a function of both projected irrigated land and climate change and simulations were performed from 1990 to 2080. Future trends for extents of irrigated land, irrigation water use, and withdrawals were computed, with specific attention given to the implications of climate change mitigation. Renewable water-resource availability was estimated under current and future climate conditions. Results suggest that mitigation of climate change may have significant positive effects compared with unmitigated climate change. Specifically, mitigation reduced the impacts of climate change on agricultural water requirements by about 40%, or 125-160 billion m3 (Gm3) compared with unmitigated climate. Simple estimates of future changes in irrigation efficiency and water costs suggest that by 2080 mitigation may translate into annual cost reductions of about 10 billion US$
Climate Change Impacts on Irrigation Water Requirements: Effects of Mitigation
climate change impacts on irrigation water requirements: effects of mitigation
agricultural irrigation socio iiasa mitigation greenhouse emissions. deficits crops agriculture iiasa agro ecological balances latitude longitude aggregated globe. irrigation projected irrigated extents irrigated irrigation withdrawals mitigation. renewable resource availability conditions. mitigation unmitigated change. mitigation impacts agricultural billion unmitigated climate. irrigation mitigation translate reductions billion
[ "52950283" ]
It is shown by particle-in-cell simulations that powerful terahertz (THz) radiation can be generated by picosecond (ps) laser pulses below 10(14) W/cm(2) via a two-color laser scheme. At such laser intensities, increasing the laser duration can result in significant enhancement in THz intensities. From 0.03 ps to 0.9 ps the enhancement climbs to nearly 40x before saturating until 2 ps. This demonstrates that low intensity, readily available ps laser technology could be utilized for driving powerful THz sources. By contrast, for laser intensities high enough to completely ionize the gas medium, it is found that the THz emission decreases with increasing pulse duration: optimal conversion is found for few-femtosecond drivers
Strong, tunable terahertz emission by two-color picosecond laser irradiation
strong, tunable terahertz emission by two-color picosecond laser irradiation
powerful terahertz picosecond pulses scheme. intensities enhancement intensities. enhancement climbs nearly saturating demonstrates readily utilized driving powerful sources. intensities ionize conversion femtosecond drivers
[ "29181852" ]
We holographically investigate the effects of a dipole coupling between a fermion field and a U(1) gauge field on the dual fermionic sector in the charged gravity bulk with hyperscaling violation. We analytically study the features of the ultraviolet and infrared Green鈥檚 functions of the dual fermionic system and we show that as the dipole coupling and the hyperscaling violation exponent are varied, the fluid possess Fermi, marginal Fermi, non-Fermi liquid phases and also an additional Mott insulating phase. We find that the increase of the hyperscaling violation exponent which effectively reduces the dimensionality of the system makes it harder for the Mott gap to be formed. We also show that the observed duality between zeros and poles in the presence of a dipole moment coupling still persists in theories with hyperscaling violation
Dynamically generated gap from holography in the charged black brane with hyperscaling violation
dynamically generated gap from holography in the charged black brane with hyperscaling violation
holographically dipole fermion fermionic hyperscaling violation. analytically ultraviolet infrared green鈥檚 fermionic dipole hyperscaling violation exponent varied possess fermi marginal fermi fermi mott insulating phase. hyperscaling violation exponent effectively reduces dimensionality harder mott formed. duality zeros poles dipole moment persists hyperscaling violation
[ "35090342" ]
So far all evidences of dark matter (DM) come from astrophysical and cosmological observations, due to the gravitational interactions of DM. It is possible that the true DM particle in the universe joins gravitational interactions only, but nothing else. Such a Gravitational DM (GDM) may act as a weakly interacting massive particle (WIMP), which is conceptually simple and attractive. In this work, we explore this direction by constructing the simplest scalar GDM particle 蠂s. It is a 鈩2 odd singlet under the standard model (SM) gauge group, and naturally joins the unique dimension-4 interaction with Ricci curvature, 尉s蠂s2鈩, where 尉s is the dimensionless nonminimal coupling. We demonstrate that this gravitational interaction 尉s蠂s2鈩, together with Higgs-curvature nonminimal coupling term 尉hH鈥燞鈩, induces effective couplings between 蠂s2 and SM fields, and can account for the observed DM thermal relic abundance. We analyze the annihilation cross sections of GDM particles and derive the viable parameter space for realizing the DM thermal relic density. We further study the direct/indirect detections and the collider signatures of such a scalar GDM. These turn out to be highly predictive and testable
Probing gravitational dark matter
probing gravitational dark matter
evidences come astrophysical cosmological gravitational universe joins gravitational nothing else. gravitational weakly interacting massive wimp conceptually attractive. explore constructing simplest singlet naturally joins ricci curvature 尉s蠂s dimensionless nonminimal coupling. gravitational 尉s蠂s curvature nonminimal 尉hh鈥爃鈩 induces couplings relic abundance. analyze annihilation derive viable realizing relic density. indirect detections collider signatures gdm. predictive testable
[ "35090873" ]
Superstring perturbation theory is traditionally carried out by using picture-changing operators (PCO鈥檚) to integrate over odd moduli. Naively the PCO鈥檚 can be inserted anywhere on a string worldsheet, but actually a constraint must be placed on PCO insertions to avoid spurious singularities. Accordingly, it has been long known that the simplest version of the PCO procedure is valid only locally on the moduli space of Riemann surfaces, and that a correct PCO-based algorithm to compute scattering amplitudes must be based on piecing together local descriptions. Recently, 鈥渧ertical integration鈥 was proposed as a relatively simple method to do this. Here, we spell out in detail what vertical integration means if carried out systematically. This involves a hierarchical procedure with corrections of high order. One might anticipate such a structure from the viewpoint of super Riemann surfaces
Filling the gaps with PCO鈥檚
filling the gaps with pco鈥檚
superstring perturbation traditionally picture changing pco鈥檚 integrate moduli. naively pco鈥檚 inserted anywhere worldsheet placed insertions avoid spurious singularities. accordingly simplest valid locally moduli riemann amplitudes piecing descriptions. 鈥渧ertical integration鈥 this. spell systematically. involves hierarchical order. anticipate viewpoint super riemann
[ "35092413" ]
The holographic entanglement entropy for the most general higher derivative gravity is investigated. We find a new type of Wald entropy, which appears on entangling surface without the rotational symmetry and reduces to usual Wald entropy on Killing horizon. Furthermore, we obtain a formal formula of HEE for the most general higher derivative gravity and work it out exactly for some squashed cones. As an important application, we derive HEE for gravitational action with one derivative of the curvature when the extrinsic curvature vanishes. We also study some toy models with non-zero extrinsic curvature. We prove that our formula yields the correct universal term of entanglement entropy for 4d CFTs. Furthermore, we solve the puzzle raised by Hung, Myers and Smolkin that the logarithmic term of entanglement entropy derived from Weyl anomaly of CFTs does not match the holographic result even if the extrinsic curvature vanishes. We find that such mismatch comes from the 鈥榓nomaly of entropy鈥 of the derivative of curvature. After considering such contributions carefully, we resolve the puzzle successfully. In general, we need to fix the splitting problem for the conical metrics in order to derive the holographic entanglement entropy. We find that, at least for Einstein gravity, the splitting problem can be fixed by using equations of motion. How to derive the splittings for higher derivative gravity is a non-trivial and open question. For simplicity, we ignore the splitting problem in this paper and find that it does not affect our main results
Holographic entanglement entropy for the most general higher derivative gravity
holographic entanglement entropy for the most general higher derivative gravity
holographic entanglement investigated. wald entangling rotational reduces usual wald killing horizon. formal squashed cones. derive gravitational curvature extrinsic curvature vanishes. extrinsic curvature. universal entanglement cfts. solve puzzle raised hung myers smolkin logarithmic entanglement weyl anomaly cfts match holographic extrinsic curvature vanishes. mismatch comes 鈥榓nomaly entropy鈥 curvature. carefully resolve puzzle successfully. splitting conical metrics derive holographic entanglement entropy. einstein splitting motion. derive splittings trivial question. simplicity ignore splitting
[ "35092682", "35092853" ]
Intel and AMD support the Carry-less Multiplication (CLMUL) instruction set in their x64 processors. We use CLMUL to implement an almost universal 64-bit hash family (CLHASH). We compare this new family with what might be the fastest almost universal family on x64 processors (VHASH). We find that CLHASH is at least 60% faster. We also compare CLHASH with a popular hash function designed for speed (Google's CityHash). We find that CLHASH is 40% faster than CityHash on inputs larger than 64 bytes and just as fast otherwise
Faster 64-bit universal hashing using carry-less multiplications
faster 64-bit universal hashing using carry-less multiplications
intel carry multiplication clmul instruction processors. clmul implement universal hash clhash fastest universal processors vhash clhash faster. clhash popular hash google cityhash clhash faster cityhash inputs bytes
[ "29518416" ]
We report on the increase in the spin reorientation temperature in HoFe0.5Cr0.5O3 compound by isovalent substitution (Cr3+) at the Fe-site and the magnetocapacitance in the HoFeO3 compound. Spin reorientation transition is evident around 50 K and 150 K for the x=0 and x=0.5 compounds respectively. The increase in the spin reorientation transition temperature in case of x=0.5 compound can be attributed to the domination of the Ho3+- Fe3+ interaction over the Fe3+- Fe3+ interaction. Decrease in N茅el temperature from 643 K (x=0) to 273 K (x=0.5) can be ascribed to the decrease in the interaction between antiferromagnetically aligned Fe3+ moments as a result of the dilution of the Fe3+ moments with the Cr3+ addition. From the magnetization M vs. magnetic field H variation it is evident that the coercivity, HC decreases for x=0.5 compound, hinting the magnetic softening of the HoFeO3 compound. Observed magnetocapacitance could be due to lossy dielectric mechanism in the present compound. Indeed, present results would be helpful in understanding the physics behind rare- earth orthoferrites
Enhanced spin 鈥 reorientation temperature and origin of magnetocapacitance in HoFeO3
enhanced spin 鈥 reorientation temperature and origin of magnetocapacitance in hofeo3
reorientation hofe compound isovalent substitution magnetocapacitance hofeo compound. reorientation evident respectively. reorientation compound attributed domination interaction. n茅el ascribed antiferromagnetically aligned moments dilution moments addition. magnetization evident coercivity compound hinting softening hofeo compound. magnetocapacitance lossy dielectric compound. helpful behind rare earth orthoferrites
[ "52170920" ]
The lagrangian formalism for the supermembrane in any 11d supergravity background is constructed in the pure spinor framework. Our gauge-fixed action is manifestly BRST, supersymmetric, and 3d Lorentz invariant. The relation between the Free Differential Algebras (FDA) underlying 11d supergravity and the BRST symmetry of the membrane action is exploited. The "gauge-fixing" has a natural interpretation as the variation of the Chevalley cohomology class needed for the extension of 11d super-Poincare' superalgebra to M-theory FDA. We study the solution of the pure spinor constraints in full detail
Pure Spinors, Free Differential Algebras, and the Supermembrane
pure spinors, free differential algebras, and the supermembrane
lagrangian formalism supermembrane supergravity spinor framework. manifestly brst supersymmetric lorentz invariant. algebras supergravity brst exploited. fixing chevalley cohomology super poincare superalgebra fda. spinor
[ "2531039", "35078501", "35093363" ]
In this paper we continue the analytical study of the sabra shell model of energy turbulent cascade initiated in \cite{CLT05}. We prove the global existence of weak solutions of the inviscid sabra shell model, and show that these solutions are unique for some short interval of time. In addition, we prove that the solutions conserve the energy, provided that the components of the solution satisfy $|{u_n}| \le C k_n^{-1/3} (\sqrt{n} \log(n+1))^{-1}$, for some positive absolute constant $C$, which is the analogue of the Onsager's conjecture for the Euler's equations. Moreover, we give a Beal-Kato-Majda type criterion for the blow-up of solutions of the inviscid sabra shell model and show the global regularity of the solutions in the ``two-dimensional'' parameters regime
A Note on the Regularity of Inviscid Shell Model of Turbulence
a note on the regularity of inviscid shell model of turbulence
continue sabra turbulent cascade initiated cite inviscid sabra time. conserve satisfy sqrt analogue onsager conjecture euler equations. beal kato majda criterion blow inviscid sabra regularity
[ "2641596" ]
International audienceLaboratory spectra of methane-nitrogen mixtures have been recorded in the near-infrared range (1.0 - 1.65 碌m) in conditions similar to Titan's near surface, to facilitate the interpretation of the DISR/DLIS spectra taken during the last phase of the descent of the Huygens Probe, when the surface was illuminated by a surface science lamp. We used a 0.03 cm-1 spectral resolution, adequate to resolve the lines at high pressure (pN2 ~ 1.5 bar). By comparing the laboratory spectra with synthetic calculations in the well-studied 谓2 + 2谓3 band (7515-7620 cm-1), we determine a methane absorption column density of 178卤20 cm-am and a temperature of 118卤10 K in our experiment. From this, we derive the methane absorption coefficients over 1.0-1.65 碌m with a 0.03 cm-1 sampling, allowing for the extrapolation of the results to any other methane column density under the relevant pressure and temperature conditions. We then revisit the calibration and analysis of the Titan "lamp-on" DLIS spectra. We infer a 5.1卤0.8 % methane mixing ratio in the first 25 m of Titan's atmosphere. The CH4 mixing ratio measured 90 sec after landing from a distance of 45 cm is found to be 0.92卤0.25 times this value, thus showing no post-landing outgassing of methane in excess of 檀 20 %. Finally, we determine the surface reflectivity as seen from 25 m and 45 cm and find that the 1500 nm absorption band is deeper in the post-landing spectrum as compared to pre-landing
New laboratory measurements of CH4 in Titan's conditions and a reanalysis of the DISR near-surface spectra at the Huygens landing site
new laboratory measurements of ch4 in titan's conditions and a reanalysis of the disr near-surface spectra at the huygens landing site
audiencelaboratory methane nitrogen mixtures infrared titan facilitate disr dlis descent huygens illuminated lamp. adequate resolve synthetic methane experiment. derive methane allowing extrapolation methane conditions. revisit calibration titan lamp dlis spectra. infer methane titan atmosphere. landing landing outgassing methane excess reflectivity deeper landing landing
[ "52661302", "52728245" ]
- 33 pages - version compl猫te de l'article pr茅liminaire de m锚me titre [hal-00194231/fr]International audienceThe primary aim of this work is an intrinsic homotopy theory of strict $\omega$-categories. We establish a model structure on $\omega$-Cat, the category of strict $\omega$-categories. The constructions leading to the model structure in question are expressed entirely within the scope of $\omega$-Cat, building on a set of generation cofibrations and a class of weak equivalences as basic items
A folk model structure on omega-cat
a folk model structure on omega-cat
pages compl猫te pr茅liminaire m锚me titre audiencethe intrinsic homotopy strict omega categories. establish omega strict omega categories. constructions entirely scope omega cofibrations equivalences items
[ "52459845" ]
It appeared recently that some statistical properties of complex networks like the Internet, the World Wide Web or Peer-to-Peer systems have an important influence on their resilience to failures and attacks. In particular, scale-free networks (i.e. networks with power-law degree distribution) seem much more robust than random networks in case of failures, while they are more sensitive to attacks. In this paper we deepen the study of the differences in the behavior of these two kinds of networks when facing failures or attacks. We moderate the general affirmation that scale-free networks are much more sensitive than random networks to attacks by showing that the number of links to remove in both cases is similar, and by showing that a slightly modified scenario for failures gives results similar to the ones for attacks. We also propose and analyze an efficient attack strategy against links
Comparison of Failures and Attacks on Random and Scale-Free Networks
comparison of failures and attacks on random and scale-free networks
appeared internet peer peer resilience failures attacks. i.e. seem robust failures attacks. deepen kinds facing failures attacks. moderate affirmation attacks links remove failures attacks. propose analyze attack links
[ "52915834" ]
International audienceCoronary atheroma develop in local sites that are widely variable among patients and are considerably variable in their vulnerability for rupture. This article summarizes studies conducted by our collaborative laboratories on predictive biomechanical modeling of coronary plaques. It aims to give insights into the role of biomechanics in the development and localization of atherosclerosis, the morphologic features that determine vulnerable plaque stability, and emerging in vivo imaging techniques that may detect and characterize vulnerable plaque. Composite biomechanical and hemodynamic factors that influence the actual site of development of plaques have been studied. Plaque vulnerability, in vivo, is more challenging to assess. Important steps have been made in defining the biomechanical factors that are predictive of plaque rupture and the likelihood of this occurring if characteristic features are known. A critical key in defining plaque vulnerability is the accurate quantification of both the morphology and the mechanical properties of the diseased arteries. Recently, an early IVUS based palpography technique developed to assess local strain, elasticity and mechanical instabilities has been successfully revisited and improved to account for complex plaque geometries. This is based on an initial best estimation of the plaque components' contours, allowing subsequent iteration for elastic modulus assessment as a basis for plaque stability determination. The improved method has also been preliminarily evaluated in patients with successful histologic correlation. Further clinical evaluation and refinement are on the horizon
Biomechanics of atherosclerotic coronary plaque: site, stability and in vivo elasticity modeling.
biomechanics of atherosclerotic coronary plaque: site, stability and in vivo elasticity modeling.
audiencecoronary atheroma widely considerably vulnerability rupture. summarizes collaborative laboratories predictive biomechanical coronary plaques. aims insights biomechanics localization atherosclerosis morphologic vulnerable plaque emerging detect characterize vulnerable plaque. composite biomechanical hemodynamic plaques studied. plaque vulnerability challenging assess. defining biomechanical predictive plaque rupture likelihood occurring known. defining plaque vulnerability quantification morphology diseased arteries. ivus palpography elasticity instabilities successfully revisited plaque geometries. plaque contours allowing iteration elastic modulus plaque determination. preliminarily successful histologic correlation. refinement horizon
[ "51934212" ]
International audienceThis paper proposes a simple and efficient method for the reconstruction and extraction of geometric parameters from 3D tubular objects. Our method constructs an image that accumulates surface normal information, then peaks within this image are located by tracking. Finally, the positions of these are optimized to lie precisely on the tubular shape centerline. This method is very versatile, and is able to process various input data types like full or partial mesh acquired from 3D laser scans, 3D height map or discrete volumetric images. The proposed algorithm is simple to implement, contains few parameters and can be computed in linear time with respect to the number of surface faces. Since the extracted tube centerline is accurate, we are able to decompose the tube into rectilinear parts and torus-like parts. This is done with a new linear time 3D torus detection algorithm, which follows the same principle of a previous work on 2D arc circle recognition. Detailed experiments show the versatility, accuracy and robustness of our new method
3D Geometric Analysis of Tubular Objects based on Surface Normal Accumulation
3d geometric analysis of tubular objects based on surface normal accumulation
audiencethis proposes reconstruction extraction geometric tubular objects. constructs accumulates tracking. optimized precisely tubular centerline. versatile mesh acquired scans volumetric images. implement faces. tube centerline decompose tube rectilinear torus parts. torus circle recognition. versatility robustness
[ "51941075" ]
International audienceWe reply to Artiga and Martinez's claim according to which the organizational account of cross-generation functions implies a backward looking interpretation of etiology, just as standard etiological theories of function do. We argue that Artiga and Martinez's claim stems from a fundamental misunderstanding about the notion of " closure " , on which the organizational account relies. In particular, they incorrectly assume that the system, which is relevant for ascribing cross-generation organizational function, is the lineage. In contrast, we recall that organizational closure refers to a relational description of a network of mutual dependencies, abstracted from time, in which production relations are irrelevant. From an organizational perspective, ascribing a function to an entity means locating it in the abstract system that realizes closure. In particular, the position of each entity within the relational system conveys an etiological explanation of its existence, because of its dependence on the effects exerted by other entities subject to closure. Because of the abstract relational nature of closure, we maintain that the organizational account of functions does not endorse a backward looking interpretation of etiology. As a consequence, it does not fall prey of epiphenomenalism
Functions, organization and etiology. A reply to Artiga and Martinez
functions, organization and etiology. a reply to artiga and martinez
audiencewe reply artiga martinez claim organizational backward looking etiology etiological argue artiga martinez claim stems misunderstanding notion closure organizational relies. incorrectly ascribing organizational lineage. organizational closure refers relational mutual dependencies abstracted irrelevant. organizational perspective ascribing entity locating realizes closure. entity relational conveys etiological explanation exerted entities closure. relational closure maintain organizational endorse backward looking etiology. fall prey epiphenomenalism
[ "47345644", "52807811" ]
International audienceIn sexual matters, the concept of consent has recently come to the forefront. The concept allows a distinction to be made, notably from a legal standpoint, between what is considered to be raped and what is not. It is however a concept that is difficult to define with any clarity; its boundaries are fuzzy and it is the subject of much controversy, particularly with regard to the issues of prostitution and sadomasochistic practices (BDSM) within the ethics of sexuality. The purpose of this article is to attempt to clarify the terms of the debate. It firstly questions the foundations of sexual consent by analysing the differences or the conceptual confusion between desire and will, based initially on a reading of the philosophers of the 17th century Ren茅 Descartes and Baruch Spinoza, who have opposing ideas with regard to the position of desire relative to intellect in human beings, before moving on to the psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, who introduces the idea of unconscious desire. The article then shows that the impossibility of absolute liberty, and therefore consent free of any constraint, leads certain feminist organisations to question individual consent, even when it has been clearly formulated, and to invoke against this the notion of human dignity in a transcending sense, inspired by Immanuel Kant, the German philosopher of the 18th century. This concept is examined and studied in cases of prostitution and sadomasochism (BDSM). The conceptual analysis ultimately reveals the metaphysical nature both of the individualistic approach of consent and of the Kant-inspired approach of human dignity
The question of sexual consent: between individual liberty and human dignity
the question of sexual consent: between individual liberty and human dignity
audiencein sexual matters consent come forefront. distinction notably legal standpoint raped not. clarity boundaries fuzzy controversy regard prostitution sadomasochistic practices bdsm ethics sexuality. attempt clarify debate. firstly foundations sexual consent analysing conceptual confusion desire initially reading philosophers century ren茅 descartes baruch spinoza opposing ideas regard desire intellect beings moving psychoanalyst sigmund freud introduces unconscious desire. impossibility liberty consent feminist organisations consent formulated invoke notion dignity transcending inspired immanuel kant german philosopher century. prostitution sadomasochism bdsm conceptual ultimately reveals metaphysical individualistic consent kant inspired dignity
[ "47346158" ]
Part 4: Enterprise ArchitectureInternational audienceThe effective management of crowded events such as the Muslim Hajj in Saudi Arabia and the Hindu Kumbh in India continues to remain a challenge mainly due to uncontrollable buildup of crowds or mismanagement. Despite regular occurrence of catastrophes such as stampedes and fires, resulting in significant loss of lives, there are no international binding standards for controlling and managing large crowds. Indeed, the use of advanced technology, including tracking and monitoring tools, and sensor and biometric identification methods, can assist towards better crowd management but technology alone cannot be a solution to overcrowding. Because of the congestion, resulting from overcrowding, timely cleaning and sanitation becomes unmanageable, which causes spread of diseases. This article discusses some factors which are critically important and provide an architecture for better management of Hajj
An Architecture for Improving Hajj Management
an architecture for improving hajj management
enterprise architectureinternational audiencethe crowded muslim hajj saudi arabia hindu kumbh india continues challenge uncontrollable buildup crowds mismanagement. occurrence catastrophes stampedes fires lives standards controlling managing crowds. advanced tracking sensor biometric assist crowd overcrowding. congestion overcrowding timely cleaning sanitation unmanageable spread diseases. discusses critically architecture hajj
[ "47347556" ]
Water vapour plays a major role in atmospheric processes but remains difficult to quantify due to its high variability in time and space and the sparse set of available measurements. The GPS has proved its capacity to measure the integrated water vapour at zenith with the same accuracy as other methods. Recent studies show that it is possible to quantify the integrated water vapour in the line of sight of the GPS satellite. These observations can be used to study the 3D heterogeneity of the troposphere using tomographic techniques. We develop three-dimensional tomographic software to model the three-dimensional distribution of the tropospheric water vapour from GPS data. First, the tomographic software is validated by simulations based on the realistic ESCOMPTE GPS network configuration. Without a priori information, the absolute value of water vapour is less resolved as opposed to relative horizontal variations. During the ESCOMPTE field experiment, a dense network of 17 dual frequency GPS receivers was operated for 2 weeks within a 20脳20-km area around Marseille (southern France). The network extends from sea level to the top of the Etoile chain (not, vert, similar700 m high). Optimal results have been obtained with time windows of 30-min intervals and input data evaluation every 15 min. The optimal grid for the ESCOMTE geometrical configuration has a horizontal step size of 0.05掳脳0.05掳 and 500 m vertical step size. Second, we have compared the results of real data inversions with independent observations. Three inversions have been compared to three successive radiosonde launches and shown to be consistent. A good resolution compared to the a priori information is obtained up to heights of 3000 m. A humidity spike at 4000-m altitude remains unresolved. The reason is probably that the signal is spread homogeneously over the whole network and that such a feature is not resolvable by tomographic techniques. The results of our pure GPS inversion show a correlation with meteorological phenomena. Our measurements could be related to the land鈥搒ea breeze. Undoubtedly, tomography has some interesting potential for the water vapour cycle studies at small temporal and spatial scales
GPS water vapour tomography: preliminary results from the ESCOMPTE field experiment
gps water vapour tomography: preliminary results from the escompte field experiment
vapour plays quantify sparse measurements. proved vapour zenith methods. quantify vapour sight satellite. heterogeneity troposphere tomographic techniques. tomographic tropospheric vapour data. tomographic validated realistic escompte configuration. priori vapour resolved opposed variations. escompte dense receivers operated marseille southern extends etoile vert windows intervals min. escomte geometrical size. inversions observations. inversions successive radiosonde launches consistent. priori heights humidity spike altitude unresolved. probably spread homogeneously resolvable tomographic techniques. inversion meteorological phenomena. land鈥搒ea breeze. undoubtedly tomography vapour
[ "52767848" ]
Part 3: Creating Value through ApplicationsInternational audienceCloud computing has received increasing interest from enterprises since its inception. With its innovative information technology (IT) services delivery model, cloud computing could add technical and strategic business value to enterprises. However, cloud computing poses highly concerning internal (e.g., Top management and experience) and external issues (e.g., regulations and standards). This paper presents a systematic literature review to explore the current key issues related to cloud computing adoption. This is achieved by reviewing 51 articles published about cloud computing adoption. Using the grounded theory approach, articles are classified into eight main categories: internal, external, evaluation, proof of concept, adoption decision, implementation and integration, IT governance, and confirmation. Then, the eight categories are divided into two abstract categories: cloud computing adoption factors and processes, where the former affects the latter. The results of this review indicate that enterprises face serious issues before they decide to adopt cloud computing. Based on the findings, the paper provides a future information systems (IS) research agenda to explore the previously under-investigated areas regarding cloud computing adoption factors and processes. This paper calls for further theoretical, methodological, and empirical contributions to the research area of cloud computing adoption by enterprises
A Literature Review on Cloud Computing Adoption Issues in Enterprises
a literature review on cloud computing adoption issues in enterprises
creating applicationsinternational audiencecloud enterprises inception. innovative delivery strategic enterprises. poses concerning e.g. e.g. regulations standards presents explore adoption. reviewing articles adoption. grounded articles classified eight categories adoption governance confirmation. eight categories divided categories adoption former affects latter. enterprises serious decide adopt computing. agenda explore adoption processes. calls methodological adoption enterprises
[ "47291090" ]
Part 2: Organizational Semiotics and ApplicationsInternational audienceTV is a highly social and massive media that is worldwide available. The Interactive Digital TV represents a new device that is still constructing its identity. Designing applications for it is a challenging task, partially because of its intrinsic complex context and the lack of theoretical and methodological referential to support design activities. In this paper, we argue for a Socially Aware Computing approach to the design of iDTV applications, articulating artifacts and methods from Organizational Semiotics and Participatory Design. A case study on requirements for the design of an iDTV application is situated in the practical context of a Brazilian broadcasting TV Company. The results show benefits of using informed artifacts and methods in participatory and situated practices, indicating that it is possible and viable to make socially aware design in industrial settings
Creating an iDTV Application from Inside a TV Company: A Situated and Participatory Approach
creating an idtv application from inside a tv company: a situated and participatory approach
organizational semiotics applicationsinternational audiencetv massive worldwide available. interactive digital constructing identity. designing challenging partially intrinsic methodological referential activities. argue socially aware idtv articulating artifacts organizational semiotics participatory design. idtv situated practical brazilian broadcasting company. benefits informed artifacts participatory situated practices viable socially aware industrial settings
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ECONOMICS OF CONTRACTUAL RELATIONSHIPS IN THE PROVISION OF TRANSPORT INFRASTRUCTUREInternational audienceThe development of various forms of public-private partnerships for the financing, building and operating of public infrastructure has not fundamentally altered the economic calculations involved. This chapter examines to what extent it is necessary, however, to change the way that government uses socio-economic and financial evaluations, whether to optimise investment programming or pricing. Ensuring a coherent match between these two types of optimisation can provide a principle for determining the optimal programming price. We begin by showing that when projects are financed by both users (toll revenues) and taxpayers (subsidies), it is socially beneficial to plan these investments on the basis of the net present value (NPV) provided by each unit of public money invested. This NPV/subsidy ratio must obviously be higher than the public-funding scarcity coefficient or else the investment would destroy more wealth than it would produce. One of the ways of improving this ratio is also to optimise the toll level, since increasing it can lower the subsidy but has an adverse impact on the user surplus, it is essential to set the optimal toll. In the case of an approved project considered in isolation, we show that the optimal toll depends upon the public-funding scarcity coefficient. If there is no scarcity, the optimal toll is zero. As public-funding becomes scarcer, the optimal toll draws closer to the toll that optimises revenue. In the case of a programme of several projects subject to budget constraint, we show that the optimal toll no longer depends upon the public-funding scarcity coefficient and that there are several scenarios depending on the relative values of the maximum revenue and the total cost of the project: 鈭 when, whatever the toll, revenue can no longer cover over half of the cost, it is socially beneficial to choose not to levy any toll; 鈭 when there is a toll that covers the total cost, the operator may be left free to set it at the level he sees fit, with the issue of how the profits are to be shared between the franchisee and the franchisor being settled separately; 鈭 when the maximum revenue of the project falls between half and all of the total cost, the value of the toll that maximises the welfare function is lower than the revenue-maximising toll and must therefore be set for the private operator by government. Thus, the partnership contract must be given a different content in these three cases of optimal pricing
Programming, optimal pricing and partnership contract for infrastructures in PPPs
programming, optimal pricing and partnership contract for infrastructures in ppps
economics contractual provision infrastructureinternational audiencethe private partnerships financing operating infrastructure fundamentally altered involved. examines socio evaluations optimise investment programming pricing. ensuring coherent match optimisation determining programming price. begin projects financed toll revenues taxpayers subsidies socially beneficial plan investments money invested. subsidy obviously funding scarcity else investment destroy wealth produce. ways improving optimise toll subsidy adverse surplus toll. approved isolation toll funding scarcity coefficient. scarcity toll zero. funding scarcer toll draws closer toll optimises revenue. programme projects budget toll funding scarcity scenarios revenue whatever toll revenue cover socially beneficial levy toll toll covers sees profits shared franchisee franchisor settled separately revenue falls toll maximises welfare revenue maximising toll private government. partnership contract pricing
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International audienceThe schizophrenia deficit in facial emotion recognition could be accounted for by a deficit in processing the configural information of the face. The present experiment was designed to further test this hypothesis by studying the face-inversion effect in a facial emotion recognition task. The ability of 26 schizophrenic patients and 26 control participants to recognize facial emotions on upright and upside-down faces was assessed. Participants were told to state whether faces expressed one of six possible emotions (happiness, anger, disgust, fear, sadness, neutrality) in two sessions, one with upright faces and the other with upside-down faces. Discriminability and the decision criterion were computed. The results indicated that the schizophrenic patients were impaired in upright facial emotion discrimination by comparison with the controls. They also exhibited an inversion effect similar to the controls. However, whereas controls tended to adopt a more conservative criterion for all emotions and a liberal criterion for neutrality when the faces were upside-down, schizophrenic patients presented a decision criterion pattern that was similar for the two orientations and similar to controls in upside-down emotion recognition. The lack of a decision criterion shift was associated with positive symptoms such as delusions, hallucinations, and bizarre behavior. Moreover, positive and negative symptoms were associated with inversion effect on discriminability; the more severe the symptoms, the weaker the inversion effect. We conclude that individuals with schizophrenia do process the configural information of the face. However, further investigations are needed to assert whether this information is of good quality in schizophreni
The role of configural information in facial emotion recognition in schizophrenia
the role of configural information in facial emotion recognition in schizophrenia
audiencethe schizophrenia deficit facial emotion recognition accounted deficit configural face. studying inversion facial emotion recognition task. schizophrenic recognize facial emotions upright upside faces assessed. told faces emotions happiness anger disgust fear sadness neutrality sessions upright faces upside faces. discriminability criterion computed. schizophrenic impaired upright facial emotion discrimination controls. exhibited inversion controls. tended adopt conservative criterion emotions liberal criterion neutrality faces upside schizophrenic criterion orientations upside emotion recognition. criterion delusions hallucinations bizarre behavior. inversion discriminability weaker inversion effect. schizophrenia configural face. investigations assert schizophreni
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International audienceWhen choosing a voting rule to make subsequent decisions, the members of a committee may wish this rule to be self-selected when it is the object of a choice among a menu of different possible voting rules. Such concepts have recently been explored in Social Choice theory, and a menu of voting rule is said to be stable if it contains at least one self-selective voting rule at each profile of preferences on voting rules. We consider in this article the menu constituted by the three well-known scoring rules {Borda, Plurality, and Antiplurality}. Under the Impartial Culture assumption, which proposes an a priori model to estimate the likelihood of the profiles, we will derive a probability for the stability of this triplet of voting rules
On the stability of a triplet of scoring rules
on the stability of a triplet of scoring rules
audiencewhen choosing voting decisions committee wish menu voting rules. concepts explored menu voting said selective voting preferences voting rules. menu constituted scoring borda plurality antiplurality impartial proposes priori likelihood derive triplet voting
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International audienceIn the compound Poisson risk model, several strong hypotheses may be found too restrictive to describe accurately the evolution of the reserves of an insurance company. This is especially true for a company that faces natural disaster risks like earthquake or flooding. For such risks, claim amounts are often inter-dependent and they may also depend on the history of the natural phenomenon. The present paper is concerned with a situation of this kind where each claim amount depends on the previous interclaim arrival time, or on past interclaim arrival times in a more complex way. Our main purpose is to evaluate, for large initial reserves, the asymptotic finite-time ruin probabilities of the company when the claim sizes have a heavy-tailed distribution. The approach is based more particularly on the analysis of spacings in a conditioned Poisson process
Asymptotic Finite-Time Ruin Probabilities for a Class of Path-Dependent Heavy-Tailed Claim Amounts Using Poisson Spacings
asymptotic finite-time ruin probabilities for a class of path-dependent heavy-tailed claim amounts using poisson spacings
audiencein compound poisson hypotheses restrictive accurately reserves insurance company. company faces disaster risks earthquake flooding. risks claim amounts phenomenon. concerned kind claim interclaim arrival interclaim arrival way. reserves asymptotic ruin probabilities company claim sizes tailed distribution. spacings conditioned poisson
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International audienceObduction emplaces regional-scale fragments of oceanic lithosphere (ophiolites) over continental lithosphere margins of much lower density. For this reason, the mechanisms responsible for obduction remain enigmatic in the framework of plate tectonics. We present two-dimensional (2D) thermo-mechanical models of obduction and investigate possible dynamics and physical controls of this process. Model geometry and boundary conditions are based on available geological and geochronological data and numerical modeling results are validated against petrological and structural observations of the Oman (Semail) Ophiolite. Our model reproduces the stages of oceanic subduction initiation away from the Arabian margin, the emplacement of the Oman Ophiolite on top of it, and the domal exhumation of the metamorphosed margin through the ophiolitic nappe. A systematic study indicates that 350-400 km of bulk shortening provides the best fit for both the maximum Pressure-Temperature conditions of the metamorphosed margin (1.5-2.5 GPa / 450-600掳C) and the dimension of the ophiolitic nappe (~ 170 km width). Our results confirm that a thermal anomaly located close to the Arabian margin (~ 100 km) is needed to initiate obduction. We further suggest that a strong continental basement rheology is a prerequisite for ophiolite emplacement
Thermo-mechanical modeling of the obduction process based on the Oman ophiolite case
thermo-mechanical modeling of the obduction process based on the oman ophiolite case
audienceobduction emplaces fragments oceanic lithosphere ophiolites continental lithosphere margins density. obduction enigmatic plate tectonics. thermo obduction process. geological geochronological validated petrological oman semail ophiolite. reproduces oceanic subduction initiation away arabian margin emplacement oman ophiolite domal exhumation metamorphosed margin ophiolitic nappe. shortening metamorphosed margin ophiolitic nappe confirm anomaly arabian margin initiate obduction. continental basement rheology prerequisite ophiolite emplacement
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  title={Deduplication of Scholarly Documents using Locality Sensitive Hashing and Word Embeddings},
  author={Gyawali, Bikash and Anastasiou, Lucas and Knoth, Petr},
  booktitle = {Proceedings of 12th Language Resources and Evaluation Conference},
  month = may,
  year = 2020,
  publisher = {France European Language Resources Association},
  pages = {894-903}
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