[ "i have a roku tv that came with a shitty basic remote .", "i 'd shit a lil bit on the hood .", "i hope he would n't freak him out if i pet him vigorously", "i wonder how 'd he look at 3b .", "i 'd like to one day shake your hand .", "i know shit all about golf and knew he did n't win 4 majors .", "i mean you must be exaggerating for effect , right ?", "i 'd call that a dad joke , but that would be generous .", "i 'm sorry op that you view the world in such ridiculous terms .", "i 've been playing professionally for 14 years .", "i 'm very proud of you .", "i hope for her sake that one day everyone can notice her new haircut .", "i get it , except you 're at fucking chuck e. cheese and the kid 's wearing your jersey .", "i love how the idiots who created this junk so proudly display their credits .", "i 'm sure it was real hard finding this guy a home .", "i do n't like them , but i do like them stylin specs !", "i believe you .", "i love the mercer band , and will happily await this delayed album .", "i 'd doubt major , but smaller indy / arty theatres i 'd guess .", "i do n't agree , he 's smart enough to not include caldwell in his administration .", "i swear if reddit ever spawns a superhero , he will carry a nokia .", "i now you 're half kidding , but we sure clowned the yanks those last two in the bronx .", "i just lost it at mention of various foods .", "i 'm assuming you 've grown up now , and would shamelessly shit in her can next time .", "i 'll start .", "i like that he was cordial despite being totally oblivious to his surroundings .", "i call my gf \" the pussybox \" .", "i literally lol'd the instant i read of these charity contributions , and saw sarsour 's slimy name attached .", "i 'm perpetually impressed that truck drivers do n't do this more often .", "i 'd never seen this , so naturally i 'm cleaning myself up after it too .", "i imagine they both got treats to celebrate the naming ?", "i 'd be too scared to date his mom", "i mean if this were the third quarter of 2013 , it would be a whole ' nother story !", "i 'd hope blind dudes would have big advantage going in , with their enhanced hearing .", "i want that hat too", "i 'm thinking majority would take kid to clinic right after bite .", "i guess , if you 're a millennial or sumn .", "i ca n't be the only one who lol'd at this question ?", "i 'm curious of the breakdown in formats for the 5 million copies of 1989 sold .", "i 'm generally someone who hates tattoos , but yours is pretty cool .", "i guess that 's an oxymoron if 2nd part is really true .", "i have n't closed book on washington either .", "i hope you like ipas !", "i like yours more", "i hope friend is doing better now ?", "i just meant this drive , when we were already bent .", "i 'm still a dp fan and this definitely strengthens that .", "i bet your little girl is ready for a baby bro or sis .", "i posed a question to them before and also go no response .", "i 'm holding a very special family reunion that i 'd like to be documented .", "i guess next time they 'll have to spend extra for special fireproof fake trees .", "i saw a van the other day with faded lions and browns stickers .", "i was gon na say , shocking that this has n't been repurposed .", "i hope stafford 's hands are on swanson 's ass at this very moment .", "i like detail of caulking bottom of the crack and painting foot over .", "i know it was a different time , but c'mon .", "i liked the part where he gets more high because he 's skinny .", "i 'm having a seizure .", "i read snorting cone , which sorta works .", "i envy you , sorta .", "i once knew a church champion .", "i 'm down , if you do n't have anyone yet .", "i spy a kwality tennis raquet from 1991 .", "i hope you play jazz with a band .", "i so want this man to be wearing lederhosen .", "i 'm sure your friends would be lost without you .", "i think there was a fire in there and he managed to get that shot before escaping .", "i trust turrell enjoyed this at some point .", "i spy 2 noteworthy ones", "i 'd hate to see how you mess with your wife .", "i bet you had a boop dooopedy doodibbly shimshimmily riproarious night !", "i concur , i 'd spoil that dog to no end", "i 'll take the other one .", "i do n't even watch the show and i think he 's behind this .", "i 'm fully aware of this and do n't disagree with you , please see edit above .", "i ca n't wait one day to visit at a non - local bar .", "i loved when kinsler did it to sale .", "i 'd pay more than 6 to suck down an arrogant bastard right now .", "i know i 'm cute af , now excavate me mf !", "i ca n't be only one who heard about 30 % of what donally had to say ?", "i 'll wait till they pay me .", "i do n't recall interviews with the offenders .", "i 'm sure your parents have some fun stories about you .", "i like to think op 's conception of california begins and ends with this museum .", "i mean i 've seen mismatched eyes before , but those are all kinds of incongruent .", "i liked her post btw , she has an awesome sauce union .", "i oughta go there and find mine !", "i 'd pay to hear her asking for a replacement .", "i said defecation , not public urination .", "i too am a dreamer .", "i guess i would n't mind if i met a girl who said that arnold was her guiding light .", "i 'm equally impressed by his plays down the line .", "i 'll never see it the same , and thus have learned to never trust images .", "i hope you 're off to a fine college ?", "i will give you a corduroy blazer to wear , and you must only utter statements such as this .", "i dig the little motion the human does before engaging .", "i hope this is on the ass of the world 's grandest slut .", "i 'm jealous you get to spend every night alone with ol' glory .", "i 'm really first to mention shape of that first censor mark ?", "i loved the 90s anyways ." ]
[ "found out this morning i got a job promotion ! ! !" ]
[ "HeWentToJared91" ]
whilst popping ?
[ "i was only judging based on act 1 .", "i actually run in altra torin 3 's , so these are just for looks", "i love it here .", "i do n't get how you can do stuff that 's not written on the cards", "i would love to play a pixel are version of ddlc on the snes", "i 'll be graduated by the time my lease is up anyways", "i was wrong .", "i really admire the sheer absurdity of it", "i have n't been so lucky lately .", "i am so thankful for this series of images", "i ca n't stand working in the ugli .", "i looked at some of your other posts , and i was so hype to see your lwa art !", "i believe in you !", "i mean how many of you thought sayori was depressed before it was made obvious ?", "i am not getting this , can someone clarify for me please ?", "i * want * to like yuri .", "i remember when i was in 7th grade and that came out .", "i 've been known to be picky , and you 're definitely cute .", "i listen to it on my commute .", "i ’ve always liked my eyes except for the fact that they ca n’t shoot lasers", "i feel really bad about myself as a person right now , and i could really use a hand .", "i think you mean “ it ’s scary how almost i am good ! ”", "i appreciate your roll to fail policy .", "i hate the part in the middle of the fight where they go on dates", "i 'm not bashing yuri .", "i would never make her wait .", "i can only flair one .", "i hope you decide to share more with us in the future !", "i 've heard this but my account is linked to my umich email and i do n't have it", "i would suggest seeing a professional if that is an option financially available to you", "i 'm getting fucked while eating my own pussy !", "i drank a coffee , and it just made me feel even more exhausted .", "i was under the impression she was quiet , not that she was basically mute", "i want a natsuki t shirt", "i had expected to be bad , but wow .", "i just want to eat like a normal person again .", "i just got heccin ' bamboozled", "i really like that she 's walking across the screen", "i do n't believe kaminari is the traitor for a second", "i mean if ya boi deserves a roast , ya boi deserves a roast", "i 've never been through it , but i 've seen enough , and she needs protecc", "i do not know if there is anything special about suites .", "i thought this was weird , but then i read it , and i 'm happy for you .", "i posted one of these in the opm subreddit a while back to rank the s class heroes .", "i 'm thinking i should do rin and then shizune as the finale .", "i am legitimately asking you to give me your opinions in hopes that it will change my opinion .", "i 've dealt with depression in the past .", "i love red dead 2", "i actually aww'ed out loud .", "i 'd like princess evangile !", "i believe in you !", "i 'll try shizune in the future .", "i did n't even notice !", "i think she probably deserves a little extra love", "i had a hard time in a mission as a result .", "i 'm guessing it 's just an age thing because it makes him look waaaaay younger", "i figure that will help me keep my hair .", "i bet they will !", "i stressed out about how behind i am .", "i could 've done * something .", "i 'm so glad i was there for that .", "i do n't wanna be \" charanko \"", "i ca n't wait or the aizawa , shinsou , ms joke , and eri family .", "i would guess it 's mark zuckerberg", "i 'll hit you up about that .", "i love that you just totally leaned into it .", "i 've never binged like this before .", "i will not entertain such nonsense .", "i would n't hold insane yuri against her .", "i 'll have to shop around .", "i would like to hear why you all like yuri .", "i suddenly like kagero a lot more", "i ’m doing better .", "i 'm sure your mom could help . * dabbing furiously *", "i have tons of awesome games for my oculus .", "i would never leave michigan .", "i get that some people are more competitive than others , but that does n't add up to me .", "i think i 'm gon na have to read the whole thing again", "i want to believe this is true", "i finally know how to describe the plot of napoleon dynamite", "i prefer the uniquely terrifying scenario in which the kid * does * fly .", "i accept only if she agrees to say it out loud", "i 'll check them out .", "i do n't have tickets and do n't live in a2 anymore , so i 'm counting on you", "i wish mike leach was my dad", "i wanna see solid defense and quality rushing", "i dread michigan 's defense for other teams .", "i love the a e s t h e t i c", "i think you mean another 80 hours !", "i love rare akkos", "i 've done emi , hanako , and lilly .", "i 'd like my natsuki now please", "i want everyone to see where i am and know that someone is holding me accountable .", "i appreciate you .", "i imagine being a cyclist is even worse", "i would not recommend west hall .", "i feel accomplished when i lose 5 .", "i do n't know , sometimes it just seems like people are very quick to take the dms side .", "i mean if they did n't almost lose to memphis maybe they would 've gone up .", "i really enjoyed it" ]
[ "found out this morning i got a job promotion ! ! !" ]
[ "HeWentToJared91" ]
you look like a nice person ! we 're proud of you , and i bet you earned that promotion !
[ "i love this so much , the colours you chose are perfect !", "i 'm sorry to hear that :( . pm me if you need someone to talk to okay ?", "i wanna hear more about this journey , i 'll pm you .", "i 'm finally getting proper therapy .", "i love this , you look great :)", "i love your art style ! ! ! !", "i 'm proud of you for putting in the effort .", "i 've credited the original artist .", "i 've been struggling with my mental health a lot lately and have been hospitalized twice .", "i love the colours he uses !", "i do n't know who i am :(", "i just meant it looks mascccc", "i love your art style !", "i will definitely check this out , i wanna try this technique !", "i love how light your lines are , and the minimal shading , it 's gorgeous !", "i replicated and slightly modified an original design by ilustrata studios using markers and pen", "i love this omg ! !", "i love your art style it 's super cute :)", "i hope so , thank you !", "i 'm sure you do deserve this happiness !", "i really like the fencing you made around the cabins ! !", "i love this , a lot ! !", "i 'm a woman but i 'll take it :)", "i 've added something to the original artwork , it 's not just a replica .", "i 'm still asking for more", "i wanted to give his amazing art style a go .", "i 'm proud of you !", "i hope so , feel free to pm me for whatever reason :)", "i love this doodle :)", "i love your art style it 's super cute :)", "i 'm so happy for you , congrats on putting in the effort and feeling better :)", "i just wanna be sandwiched in between both of you farrr outtt this is hot � �", "i drew some funky looking alcohol bottles", "i 'm a woman but i 'll take it :)", "i 've credited the original artist .", "i need to know how many people would be interested :)", "i 'm so sorry , how is he now ?", "i want pics of yours !", "i feel like some people may just assume you 're an ally though ?", "i love the colours and everything about this :)", "i 'm so sorry you 're feeling this way too .", "i would love to receive some cat gifs hehe xd", "i 'll check it out after my exams - bookmarked :-)", "i love this so much !", "i will try :)", "i feel alone a lot of the time , so this means a lot .", "i 've added something to the original artwork , it 's not just a replica .", "i love the colours and everything about this :)", "i love your choice of colours , , this looks really good ! ! ! !", "i 'm really not sure , , i 'll look into it and let you know !", "i love this sentence", "i 'm ex - muslim , can i jump on this bandwagon ?" ]
[ "found out this morning i got a job promotion ! ! !" ]
[ "HeWentToJared91" ]
amazing ! good job :)
[ "i love it .", "i ca n’t tell if the people are yelling because they ’re cheering or because they ’re horrified", "i see you � �", "i think he meant switching from portrait", "i love it !", "i ’m jealous of your disney", "i need � �", "i ’ll like it on the back :) any idea which brand you ’ll be using ?", "i recommend this as well it looks fun :)", "i see the vaulted adventure time pops for really cheap all the time in socal", "i can never sleep in jeans � �", "i ca n’t see the bottom screen", "i believe they had the marty mcfly exclusive so maybe not that sketchy", "i never realized that the funko forum became so strict in terms of being a member .", "i would get these � �", "i was there last tuesday and the back door was open and i saw this room � �", "i ’m not surprised a rose became a pop", "i ’ll take the the two theater :) . code : 8cvym", "i tried to contact the email they gave on the website but i have gotten no response .", "i got the son of a gun and look closer , were those gildan hammer ?", "i think they said over 75 .", "i like this animated theme you got going on here", "i love it !", "i have the pink one for reference", "i thought the demonstrator was thanos at first", "i ’m happy for you � �", "i want to buy more as gift for friends but not trying to get cancelled :/", "i heard somewhere they are making one .", "i messaged him and he said i could only get it if you did n’t show up .", "i think that they ’re high enough value that a good amount of collectors are looking for them .", "i ’m upvoting for the math", "i love your disney section so much ! !", "i mean it ’s plastic not metal", "i got an unopened shower", "i like the donatello and ezio :) i can never find them", "i love how the south park are stacked are top of each other � � but awesome disney section", "i see you in the mirror there", "i love it .", "i ’ll take a candy shoppe and floral studio :) . code : 8cvym", "i like the christmas hat scrooge is wearing !", "i really hope they release a mike as well", "i was comparing boxes with my mickey", "i ’ll buy a couple .", "i love flash pops", "i could message him as well", "i try to upvote those people who get downvoted for no reason", "i could not find a comment with even 1 upvote", "i want it just for the poster", "i ’ll take the bling jewelers and tiger magic . code : 8cvym . thank you !", "i will definitely join !", "i want a speedster themed box : black racer , godspeed , cobalt blue", "i thought it was a band tho :/", "i liked the sweatshirts on there", "i love your videos !", "i think it is � �", "i ’ve found some treasures on letgo in socal before", "i just did too !", "i need it for my original funko pop line so badly .", "i like chuck e. cheese", "i live near there but never went .", "i thought they were all 8-bit for a sec", "i love all the disney !", "i love the back design of the blue water one .", "i ’m happy for you � �", "i ’m excited !", "i ’ll deliver french maid and black dress", "i wish you would do a different color way of it as well", "i love your spastiks", "i notice what ’s off but i ’m still stuck", "i get the reference but i ’m still sick unfortunately :/ any more hints ?" ]
[ "found out this morning i got a job promotion ! ! !" ]
[ "HeWentToJared91" ]
nice !
[ "i pretty much always write on my phone .", "i 'm not even a fake flower person .", "i bought them from an online store called \" accents and petals \"", "i think it worked for her once , and she stuck with what works .", "i 'm with you on that .", "i apologize i did n't answer you correctly .", "i think that sounds so lovely .", "i could n't disagree more .", "i just felt to bad asking them to pay for something that was n't their choice .", "i say rock the cauliflower :)", "i still have the same opinion actually .", "i thought they were fun .", "i love the venue .", "i think it 's funny they had a dry wedding , and the groom snuck in alcohol .", "i 'll check that out , thanks .", "i think that little scene is what made me a simpsons fan .", "i would consider them what they want to be considered as .", "i think it 's not for everyone , but if you love it , you really love the cut .", "i love when people post things they made and bought .", "i know you are supposed to write a write up but i 'll shorten it to this .", "i only just found out about p90x3 and i 'm really excited .", "i was just going to recommend this too .", "i 'm hoping people will think they are something neat and different .", "i have done it .", "i gets better , but takes a while .", "i 'll keep it and accept the spelling error .", "i got this sweater for my bridesmaids to wear .", "i ordered a necklace from them 5 months ago , and it still has n't arrived .", "i 'm curious how much the service in total .", "i like to feel i 'm normally a pretty laid back and reasonable person .", "i 'll check the out , thanks !", "i hate saying that .", "i did n't think i was even going to break a sweat .", "i was just asking .", "i would be worried to .", "i was just asking if it was an option .", "i 'm going to get downvoted for this , but this made me laugh .", "i was n't invited to their wedding .", "i do n't judge drug habits .", "i do n't know the designer but that dress is awesome ! !", "i do n't know why .", "i just used to strong of wire i think .", "i can relate to the main character", "i love this idea !", "i love the idea of afternoon tea .", "i have never seen one yet", "i find it awful .", "i 'm smooth like that .", "i 'm in the same boat .", "i thought it was funny", "i would n't worry about it .", "i was doing the same thing lol", "i would have bet my life i would n't do anything but real flowers .", "i know it should n't be , but to me fake flowers is just cheap looking .", "i think the general rule is if they do n't pay they do n't go on the invitation .", "i hate people who do n't have toon up .", "i was never nervous about telling men i was separated .", "i had looked quickly to see if there was one .", "i think it 's the eye lashes .", "i am voting snow white one", "i am 32 , and just got so jealous of that kids swinging ability .", "i did n't think of clothing .", "i know i am loved because i people in my life that love the me i love .", "i have been told they are running ahead of schedule and this change might happen before our wedding date .", "i respect your opinion , and i have mine .", "i agree on the hydrangeas", "i say cats .", "i found another magazine that would probably take the piece , and would like to submit it there .", "i totally will :)", "i absolutely would n't have any problem with it .", "i fell like this too .", "i had n't seen that ! ! !", "i like to say i got my practice wedding out of the way .", "i remember the chairs at the weddings i have been too .", "i thought that anchoring method was just our basset .", "i crash when i enter buildings sometimes now , but besides that it seems so much better .", "i never noticed that either lol i noticed the others but not this one .", "i 'll check them out .", "i have to go with everyone else on this one .", "i 'll also be doing profiles on couples as well from the area .", "i 'm curious about what makes you think pinterest and etsy are the devil . :)", "i never knew there was this many places in ottawa .", "i would worry to much .", "i think they are super cute together", "i find i 'm just saying the exact same thing over and over again .", "i love that this guy is still kicking around", "i love love love our photos :)", "i dip chips in coke", "i take it someone got burned ...", "i did n't know it did that .", "i love how happy he is ! !", "i like you brought your flowers into the veil .", "i wonder why it does n't bother me .", "i spray painted mine on the outside too , and they are working fantastically .", "i 'm so happy they turned out .", "i 'll take a look thanks :)", "i second this .", "i was in a wedding that had no seating chart .", "i have seen this turn out really really well , and be fugly .", "i 'm going to start calling our theme an \" extreme theme \" , it sounds way more badass ." ]
[ "for the first time in a long time , i 'm really happy . a lot of shit things have been happening to me lately , but for some reason , i just woke up happy and really pumped to go out and do stuff . do n't know why , but it feels goddamn great to be happy . have a cool day redditors ." ]
[ "TartanSpart4n" ]
awesome ! ! !
[ "i remember this !", "i came into the thread to check in .", "i 'm so glad your brother is there for you and you got support from your school too !", "i wish her and you all the best of luck .", "i got an email today saying to check my university portal because i won a scholarship .", "i hope that you keep the upwards momentum .", "i ’m glad that you found your other .", "i ’m sure it brightens many strangers days .", "i 'm glad you had it .", "i hope that it was fun :)", "i ’m sorry i ca n’t offer insights on that .", "i ’m a lucky mama .", "i ’ll bet .", "i 'm happy for your happy !", "i do n't know why .", "i love it .", "i love it !", "i love the update .", "i ’m glad you ’re using it more often :)", "i hope she ’s cool with that ... the gift to come sure is .", "i saw you with your dark blonde hair twisting in your fingers with a tense smile on your face .", "i miss calls for sure .", "i 'd love that !", "i did n’t .", "i 'm glad for your happy and thank you for sharing ❤ ️", "i 'm so aware of that with my kids as they both reach that age .", "i 'm happy you 're happy !", "i hope your day kept on feeling good :)", "i understand your frustration and feelings of hopelessness .", "i hope that you are well done with this app .", "i hope that you made it through a tough night !", "i hope that you enjoy it !", "i love this ; very cute .", "i got engaged today .", "i 'm glad that you know your worth and keep yourself healthy too :)", "i wish you two the best as you continue to grow together !", "i love it :)", "i ’m so glad it all turned out and best of luck with the thesis !", "i agree , that dress is amazing !", "i can almost see that ... the hilarious horror !", "i think that ’s half of life ’s battle .", "i 'm glad you 're smiling because it 's a beautiful one .", "i 'm a joker and simply think it 's a funny story .", "i hope the class reciprocates with something equally amazing and you post it ☺ ️", "i wonder if that man was ok ? ! !", "i got ta say , those are huge life changes ! !", "i could n’t find his amongst the other the void titles", "i agree , kid time= some of the best moments i ’ll have", "i hope that your career keeps expanding as you hope .", "i say \" you 're a redditer ? ! ! ! \"", "i 'm glad you can get back to some things you love .", "i ’m sure they ’re all so grateful !", "i just love watching this .", "i told my husband i ’d take him to be my wife .", "i 'm terrified of them .", "i ’ll add another no to the winning column", "i ’m curious if it symbolizes anything especially for you ?", "i ’m so happy for you ! !", "i ’m so happy for your happy !", "i wish you all the best on your journey .", "i know you have n't had time for your university work today .", "i 'm a big fan of finding ways to be grateful ; thanks for sharing yours .", "i hope if it 's a surprise , all goes as you hope :)", "i hope it ’s a tasty summer !", "i can imagine how relieved she was � � � �", "i felt the same after too .", "i ’m doing a fair amount right now .", "i hope you get a chance to enjoy them soon !", "i love reading nice posts bursting with goodness .", "i am but i ’m a university student and single mom .", "i ’m happy for you !", "i ’m really glad you ’re feeling stronger as you are ; it shows .", "i love your pride in his hobby and skill .", "i 'm just so sorry you 're there though .", "i can imagine how amazing this change would be !", "i doubt many said it then even .", "i ’m glad that you have pleasure in other forms !", "i was just going to say that ! !", "i just saw this !", "i ’d be stoked too :) so happy you had a special day !", "i ’ve always been such a responsible planner .", "i wonder about you .", "i hope you ’re feeling better .", "i love this moment in my own life .", "i just talked to my dad on the phone .", "i ’m so glad you had that chance .", "i can count on me .", "i ’ve been pretty tired lately from missed sleep and things going on around me that impact me .", "i 'm actually concerned now that i realize i 'm not consistent .", "i was curious .", "i 'm so sorry .", "i 'm doing well so far .", "i hope her solo is super fun for her :)", "i love that she looks like she has some fire and glow in her !", "i just love this !", "i 'm so sorry that you 're going through this .", "i wish you two all the best as your journey continues !", "i hope you do give it a try .", "i 'm a happy mama when i see that on my kid 's faces .", "i ’m not talking to friends this time which i used to ." ]
[ "just spent an amazing 10 days in hawaii with the woman i 'm going to marry . i could n't be any happier ." ]
[ "Lt_Dickballs" ]
aw really cute couple . all the best to you two !
[ "i wonder how bubble sort can be more cache friendly than insertion sort", "i believed that the majority in the us was protestant .", "i ca n't figure if you has problem or not ?", "i love fischer too .", "i wonder , how one can repeat so much in a php file .", "i want to see the game now", "i really do n't see the problem , before discover found , nobody now what will discover in research .", "i just read a jehova witnesses tract in french .", "i find this article very written .", "i reported this bug . there was absolutely no aknowledgement of the bug of any sort .", "i mean i want a firefox version of it not an android or an ios one", "i 'm french so i says \" a vos souhait \" which means \" best wishes \"", "i did not know that was done by microsoft", "i believe that cops enforce issues present in the whole society .", "i would not call variadic dispatch in python unreadable", "i never hated the monday . i would choose wednesday fo my day off to cut week in two", "i 'm really tempted .", "i searched as i could but did not found .", "i just added two variation that might interest you", "i love it !", "i do n't know if contract forbidding one party to sue the other are legal in france .", "i tried to play against gnugo and it just place stoes on the upper left corner", "i wonder if my bug is lost in a black hole .", "i do n't find this blog post really informative .", "i did not found the numbers in any wikipedia page .", "i give a larger estimation 100 or 200 years until first general ai .", "i do n't feel that eternal hell is unique to christian book .", "i ca n't think it 's not relevant", "i agree that the exceptions throw by the function should be mentioned more clearly", "i wondered how a slack bot could help to find an apartment .", "i 'm pleased to present on which is a library i work since some time .", "i do nt understand", "i all but like register on something without knowing for what .", "i would answer the same", "i would say twitter is facebook biggest competitor", "i find it nice", "i eventually found an email address .", "i already thought that randall munroe is a genius , but this strip definitely confirm it .", "i replied : . sorry to ask : . what is this subreddit ?", "i wonder if the crypto malware work only on windows", "i agree that not removing the oldest way sucks .", "i started to doing what i believe is meditation soon after and had immediate benefits .", "i ca n't argue on this point i do n't have figure .", "i do n't see how order by would be improved by a string escape", "i feel less alone .", "i did not understood what you intended to mean .", "i really do n't get what is the fundamental idea .", "i messed with other thing", "i believe that his therapist is of shit kind which destroy families .", "i really do n't get why white would not tennuki at the first black move", "i would start with the", "i do n't think this is exact", "i bought clean code and was disapointed", "i really like what i saw in the tutorial", "i will use the screenshot .", "i would love to see the game .", "i saw this message but totally forgot that it was only one gpu .", "i go from begining to end and skip the ones i do n't know what to do .", "i 'm not muslim .", "i do n't understand it is on the request and on the first element of the namedtuple", "i really thought it was a goban when reading this post", "i would love it .", "i love the bot , anyone know how it works ?", "i would say see a doctor speciallized in asd .", "i expect computers beat pro in even game around 2040 and top pro around 2050", "i am missing the point in your ethereum biased point of view .", "i wonder how you can play 20 games a day .", "i so propose that you disable you whole immune system to not let it attack the microbes .", "i sadly not have $ 10k to make the experience .", "i enjoy more playing a game than wining money", "i think he means replace % by \\% and _ by \\\\ _ and \\ by \\\\\\\\", "i 'm impressed .", "i have played to 2x2 few times", "i did once .", "i hope the best for your future .", "i think that ruby on rails will be more fun than java ee .", "i do n't understand at all .", "i think that is some kind of morbid curiosity", "i think you were confused because the quote is a shell delimiter not part of argument", "i wonder how it is diffirent of in shorter form", "i would be pleased to be friend with redditter my kgs username is rar", "i 'm all but convinced", "i think is a good way to learn , can be quite long but rewarding .", "i do n't know what 3blue1brown would add .", "i would say call the police .", "i concur to reading the official tutorial .", "i did not expect that it will help to understand the whole proof .", "i mean shed is an interactive editor you have to press x key on the interface", "i think that the drawback he underline are for bad code style like hundreds of lines functions .", "i do n't see things here which show idiomatic python being outdated or no longer idiomatic", "i was basing my comment on the article", "i want the same list but with link to long explanation of what the tools do", "i love how the villain put the world in danger", "i think you missed the second part of this extract .", "i would pull image as needed something else would be premature optimization .", "i was expected a joke on ponzy pyramid", "i know his name mainly by his mail to computer - go mailing list .", "i could help you", "i would not say it is hard to quantify how good a go player is", "i 'm soooo sad" ]
[ "just spent an amazing 10 days in hawaii with the woman i 'm going to marry . i could n't be any happier ." ]
[ "Lt_Dickballs" ]
you are nice .
[ "i 've been riding clipless since i was five years old .", "i need control voltage inputs so i can wire it into my minimoog .", "i never thought i 'd say this , but i love anus .", "i must be dreaming", "i 'm gon na start using \" flac \" as onomatopoeia for farting .", "i get cranky about it", "i am the dark one .", "i 'm so old", "i done upvoted you for correct spelling", "i 'm gon na go with both .", "i think the puns we 've seen so far on this thread pretty much cover it .", "i married one .", "i was going to go upvote you for your username , but i have to go grope a misanthrope .", "i 'm being so sincere right now", "i found a photograph of her that she had dropped on the ground .", "i know that already so your comment is a repost .", "i long for the release that death will bring lol", "i love me some a bit of", "i think i just had an ironogasm .", "i 'm at chick - fil - a * right now * .", "i 'm gon na go with \" do n't give a shit \"", "i think this pun thread is about to spin out of control .", "i remember that band .", "i 'm upvoting you just for your username .", "i love me some comments", "i literally crapped my pants .", "i upvoted your comment , but then i countered my upvote with a downvote .", "i have permanent hearing loss as a result ...", "i 've been there , except i bought electric ladyland and got a lynyrd skynrd live album .", "i need to create several new accounts so i can upvote this more .", "i ran for office .", "i love commercial jingles .", "i wish i could upvote this a zillion times .", "i love you ?", "i hosted parties with the themes \" hawaii -- of the future \" and \" zillionaires at play \" .", "i thought you were going to say that it 's ok because it gives you an excuse to upgrade .", "i love anus so much .", "i expected to see this comment much higher in the thread", "i was disappointed by what struck me as a needlessly contrived plot .", "i love askreddit !", "i , for one , welcome our new water - splitting viral overlords ." ]
[ "i 'm high and for the first time in my life i feel attractive with my shirt off ! i just smoked a massive joint of the best weed i 've ever smoked , then spent an hour and a half dealing with my ridiculous amount of body hair . looked in the mirror and for the first time i was proud of what i saw , off to a party later and i feel fantastic = d", "i used to feel that way , but after years of smoking pot i have what brian posehn calls \" pot tits \" . not good .", "what s that ?" ]
[ "shirtoffdude", "combover", "thebastion" ]
in a word , munchies .
[ "i just need to buy 1 matching rim .", "i did n't know this .", "i just need to buy 1 matching rim .", "i think you mean something", "i only gave this an up vote because it was freaking adorable .", "i do not miss that , maybe a little bit though", "i also really want to have ice cream sandwich .", "i did nt forget , just stopped caring about it", "i do n't know for sure though .", "i think you need joke explainer ...", "i 've been assuming it 's like having redundancy in case one does n't work .", "i just want to see one in the forest green color", "i just posted that for the other americans like myself who where wondering", "i used to work at arby 's in the us .", "i think i have figured out that they are motegi racing brand and model number mr-2180 .", "i call mine the lesbaru", "i wonder if he realizes that he put toy story up twice ...", "i m guessing fire extinguisher", "i do n't think the cops would know ...", "i bought a used car with aftermarket rims and one was stolen .", "i 'm guessing they are either 16 or 17 inch .", "i 'd guess that demonoid would be the highest", "i 'm just going to assume you 're being sarcastic .", "i think so , aks , but i really do n't want to talk to people on facebook", "i noticed there are like 20 shipping options", "i definitely did not mean to if it is", "i 'm trying it out now and loving it so far .", "i think i have figured out that they are motegi racing brand and model number mr-2180 .", "i 'm not sure what is really needed for a component system .", "i love how lightweight it is .", "i have a friend with 5 % vision in one eye .", "i just want more matt mcconaughey lincoln commercials", "i really hope battlefield 3 is n't just saying that .", "i uh may have reported his videos as child abuse ... oops", "i have what i thought was a fairly nice multimeter .", "i 'm trying it now and if it works out i 'll definitely be using it from now on", "i do n't understand why it would hurt .", "i wish it was at an imax :(", "i would like to know too .", "i 'll bet he did n't even discuss this with the other mods .", "i see someone was on gizmodo today", "i ask because i have a very small trunk", "i was wondering why he was wording everything weird", "i can confirm this .", "i just pmed you .", "i could a hundred ice cubes .", "i just shit myself .", "i do n't know .", "i 'm guessing they are either 16 or 17 inch .", "i have a friend who was arrested for spray painting \" i like oatmeal \" . shit 's deep", "i love them all .", "i 'm guessing it looked like how a handy cam release looks to us :(", "i really really hope this gets a droid x release", "i can go get the color code out of the door sticker if anyone wants it .", "i have 3013 ce and i will trade it for tf2 metal", "i suppose startup will take longer then , but that 's not that big of a deal really", "i feel like this is faaaar beyond my skill level with this stuff .", "i had the exact same model except for white .", "i was there and this is true", "i was implying that the singer sounds like stevie from malcom in the middle", "i have 3 # 21 .. i sent you a friend request .", "i like the cut of your jib . seriously though i could n't agree with you more for asus", "i bought a used car with aftermarket rims and one was stolen .", "i think you 're pretty average", "i 'll send him a link here so he can answer .", "i would like to start a team on game battles for fellow redditers on the xbox360 .", "i 'm sure they 'd be very popular", "i ca n't tell if that 's a butt with a fart coming out or the apple logo", "i fucking loooove the airblade !", "i call it the loan a tool program", "i 'm a snake .", "i 'm having the exact same problem right down to getting quoted $ 18 exactly .", "i 'm on fire ama", "i 'm thinking like 350ce=1refined .", "i have one too in the same color even .", "i 'm guessing it 's for security or something", "i hope you 're still sending them out !", "i do have a pretty big usb stick that i can use .", "i take it i 'd need another amp if i was to do that ?", "i 'll give it a go .", "i think everyone loves zooey", "i ca n't mow lawns .", "i m replying to save this for when i get home .", "i would say the is the best cpu cooler", "i fear that the overhang", "i ve been using adthwart but i still see the ads in youtube ... wtf", "i need ankle socks !", "i doubt they do any heat gun type fixes .", "i could not be agnerier", "i currently have the running 4 with no subwoofer .", "i take peroxitine which is an ssri anti depressant .", "i was expecting so much more", "i did n't think of this .", "i ca nt find a way to hide my friend list ... anyone know how ?", "i just got ~~hamburgled~~ mcrobbed", "i have an lg g4 .", "i 'm in highschool now !", "i 'm thinking like 350ce=1ref .", "i 'm glad i do n't have a 360 anymore .", "i have to assume that 's not true" ]
[ "i 'm high and for the first time in my life i feel attractive with my shirt off ! i just smoked a massive joint of the best weed i 've ever smoked , then spent an hour and a half dealing with my ridiculous amount of body hair . looked in the mirror and for the first time i was proud of what i saw , off to a party later and i feel fantastic = d", "i used to feel that way , but after years of smoking pot i have what brian posehn calls \" pot tits \" . not good ." ]
[ "shirtoffdude", "combover" ]
what s that ?
[ "i 've been riding clipless since i was five years old .", "i need control voltage inputs so i can wire it into my minimoog .", "i never thought i 'd say this , but i love anus .", "i must be dreaming", "i 'm gon na start using \" flac \" as onomatopoeia for farting .", "i get cranky about it", "i am the dark one .", "i 'm so old", "i done upvoted you for correct spelling", "i 'm gon na go with both .", "i think the puns we 've seen so far on this thread pretty much cover it .", "i married one .", "i was going to go upvote you for your username , but i have to go grope a misanthrope .", "i 'm being so sincere right now", "i found a photograph of her that she had dropped on the ground .", "i know that already so your comment is a repost .", "i long for the release that death will bring lol", "i love me some a bit of", "i think i just had an ironogasm .", "i 'm at chick - fil - a * right now * .", "i 'm gon na go with \" do n't give a shit \"", "i think this pun thread is about to spin out of control .", "i remember that band .", "i 'm upvoting you just for your username .", "i love me some comments", "i literally crapped my pants .", "i upvoted your comment , but then i countered my upvote with a downvote .", "i have permanent hearing loss as a result ...", "i 've been there , except i bought electric ladyland and got a lynyrd skynrd live album .", "i need to create several new accounts so i can upvote this more .", "i ran for office .", "i love commercial jingles .", "i wish i could upvote this a zillion times .", "i love you ?", "i hosted parties with the themes \" hawaii -- of the future \" and \" zillionaires at play \" .", "i thought you were going to say that it 's ok because it gives you an excuse to upgrade .", "i love anus so much .", "i expected to see this comment much higher in the thread", "i was disappointed by what struck me as a needlessly contrived plot .", "i love askreddit !", "i , for one , welcome our new water - splitting viral overlords ." ]
[ "i 'm high and for the first time in my life i feel attractive with my shirt off ! i just smoked a massive joint of the best weed i 've ever smoked , then spent an hour and a half dealing with my ridiculous amount of body hair . looked in the mirror and for the first time i was proud of what i saw , off to a party later and i feel fantastic = d" ]
[ "shirtoffdude" ]
i used to feel that way , but after years of smoking pot i have what brian posehn calls " pot tits " . not good .
[ "i will always upvote aquabats .", "i loved these things and would love them back .", "i upvoted this so hard it should be on the front page within a couple of seconds .", "i m playing this on my radio show !", "i 'd like to get into some discussions regarding my best options and strategies .", "i was expecting that one comment to be a witty remark from wil himself .", "i smoke about a pack a week , i drink to celebrate special occasions .", "i voted for you because it actually looks like a pretty decent game !", "i was thinking about smoking trees through a tobacco pipe , is this a bad idea ?", "i will take your username to the summit of mt .", "i read the title of the book in arnold schwarzenegger 's voice .", "i need to get into better fitness and i 've no clue how to start doing it .", "i have n't heard anyone say dope since the late mid 90s , and i was 6 then .", "i lost a $ 30 bag of weed .", "i have a few friends and i know for each of them there s a perfect /r/.", "i feel like i know the spoken sample used in this song .", "i 've never seen so many s in a wiki entry .", "i like to help people .", "i 'd pay good money to see dogg faace in game .", "i like how the aspect ratio changes to make it more cinematic !", "i was in the poker soc last year but did nt have the time for it .", "i watched this last night after i finished browsing reddit .", "i m more than willing to pay the postage .", "i need your help !", "i am an atheist .", "i added one just for you .", "i was expecting an advert with a single line of piss through the middle .", "i enjoyed it .", "i text the friends who had obviously been ringing the phone constantly in an attempt to locate it .", "i 've got that tab book !", "i m no math head but why the division ?", "i 'd never seen it before , its a really good film !", "i m definitely going to use this when i get children one day", "i was like \" wow cool thing !", "i 've always wondered and are there any ways to prevent it ?", "i came here to ensure don lafontaine was mentioned .", "i want to see behind stage with the machines that fling them into the walls and road .", "i live in the uk and had no idea who ann coulter was until about 2 hours ago .", "i ca n't find the motivation to begin either .", "i 'm currently doing microscopy work in university and i ca n't stand one peticular mineral called clinopyroxene .", "i m more worried that a police box can be found on top of a", "i 'd like to be as diplomatic as possible .", "i have 6 of them .", "i need someone to proof read my application for a year of study abroad .", "i m an undergrad in a msc geology course in the uk .", "i have a crystal about and inch big .", "i took your advice and she has replied very gracefully .", "i wonder what the quest / dialog could be ?", "i m a huge fan and i really encourage anyone to read it if you have nt already !", "i 'm climbing mt .", "i 'm sure this should be posted in /r / creepy too .", "i can show you the fundraising page if you want .", "i tried to volunteer for the london 2012 olympics and got this warning .", "i play nintendo 64 all day . i 've volunteered to climb mt ." ]
[ "i 'm high and for the first time in my life i feel attractive with my shirt off ! i just smoked a massive joint of the best weed i 've ever smoked , then spent an hour and a half dealing with my ridiculous amount of body hair . looked in the mirror and for the first time i was proud of what i saw , off to a party later and i feel fantastic = d" ]
[ "shirtoffdude" ]
awesome ! its always great to feel happy with your own body . apart from filling my body with too much beer i m pretty happy with mine too !
[ "i 'm a big fan of america by simon and garfunkel , which yes does an awesome cover of .", "i 'm really happy to see this here !", "i thought they were a flaming lips cover band .", "i did n't nickname it but i did evolve it into tentacruel .", "i personally would feel good .", "i do n't know , i feel like people are more shocked by the whole scene than i am .", "i 'll still drink them , they just suck in comparison .", "i fucking said broccoli .", "i never want to be shot with an air cannon .", "i think either his first of last name started with the letter r , but i could be mistaken .", "i watched this about a year ago , it is amazing .", "i did n't really like it .", "i 'm not trying to be a dick .", "i have a pretty big budget , and admin seems super supportive .", "i feel like these comments are taking this post way to seriously .", "i do n't have ears .", "i do n't know much about recording stuff , but i liked it .", "i ca n't wait to see how low his ratings are going to be .", "i saw him twice last year .", "i make decent money for my age .", "i hope they tour again .", "i do n't know that i dislike it this .", "i knew it was going to happen .", "i personally feel that m83 do count , because they are pretty nugaze - ish", "i 've had it for almost two years now .", "i play guitar and can sing , but i 'm looking for any and all instruments .", "i 'm on the same page , just i do n't eat george costanza", "i liked the music , it was really good .", "i do n't get why people get so upset about this .", "i do n't get it ...", "i fucking * love * it", "i know a couple drummers in that area , some who might be interested .", "i did the same in chicago a couple months ago .", "i just want to get even with him , not hurt him or anything haha .", "i think w.a.s.p .", "i 'm 27 fyi .", "i 'm looking for places to play pickleball in chicago .", "i guess bill likes the heat , and not the meat ?", "i ’m always open to working with new people .", "i do n't think the op is saying that it 's foreshadowing or anything .", "i 'm sorry :(", "i do n't want any part of your tight ass country club you freak bitch !", "i 've got bass and drums already .", "i was just about to post this .", "i 'm making bitters for the first time and i 've got a question for ya !", "i swear to god this gets posted once a week .", "i have so many questions .", "i would also like to add you are a dickhead .", "i think it does in this case .", "i loved the chord progession", "i thought this was referring to chantal from search party .", "i fucking hate these .", "i thought it was used ?", "i 'm just curious .", "i have never been able to do these .", "i 'm not sure what you mean , can you elaborate ?", "i 'll have to tell them to come here .", "i 'm wearing my lou reed shirt right now ! !", "i 've heard it now though it is great .", "i 'm glad you do n't write for this show .", "i was a fan of the dead poets society .", "i do n't understand a single word of that .", "i do now .", "i wish i could double upvote this .", "i 'm pretty sure it already happened to muse .", "i think for most people one page is too much for their attention span .", "i 'm looking for a percussionist or two to play with as opposed to having a kit .", "i 'm white btw .", "i just got a nintendo ds lite as a gift .", "i learned how to play this song years ago , and i still play it now .", "i 'm a great driver", "i do n't know much about this kind of cheese but it is wonderful .", "i tried getting it out with a shoe horn and i pulled on the chord and it ripped off .", "i was joking .", "i did n't know anybody did like those movies .", "i would love to see more .", "i think he is from texas .", "i think it 's a cool name .", "i 'm a graphic design major and i dig your album art , it 's a really cool concept .", "i love it .", "i do n't understand why people do n't see this .", "i felt let down .", "i feel like this story is different every time i hear it .", "i loved it .", "i hope that goes well .", "i 'm sorry to hear that .", "i hate when my friends are v raciest", "i can send you some stuff i 've done in the past if you 'd like .", "i hate posts like this .", "i understand the hipster side , but emo ?", "i 've seen it a couple times .", "i do n't understand why people are so impressed with the quotes .", "i play guitar and i can sing .", "i messed up .", "i 've got a laughing stock vinyl , both are so great !", "i 'm pretty sure this is what dick morris is saying right now", "i 'm sure it will .", "i need some documentation .", "i 'm going to add dean norris on fb right now .", "i liked the first song she released from it , should be pretty cool ." ]
[ "i 'm high and for the first time in my life i feel attractive with my shirt off ! i just smoked a massive joint of the best weed i 've ever smoked , then spent an hour and a half dealing with my ridiculous amount of body hair . looked in the mirror and for the first time i was proud of what i saw , off to a party later and i feel fantastic = d", "i used to feel that way , but after years of smoking pot i have what brian posehn calls \" pot tits \" . not good ." ]
[ "shirtoffdude", "combover" ]
do n't poke 'em resin will come out !
[ "i think he means socialist realism in terms of aesthetics ?", "i shall work on that , thank you .", "i mourn for the picts :(", "i love that sentence .", "i imagine he revised a lot of it .", "i 'm 20 and caught my dad having a tug the other day .", "i did n't think i 'd ever see it again .", "i thought this said * attitude * , and wondered if people in colorado were naturally more sassy .", "i wo n't change a whhocu word .", "i embrace the sweet kiss of death .", "i imagine gaster to be like grillby if grillby was a scientist instead of a bartender .", "i 'm a maltese falcon man myself .", "i 'd love a ride on the titanic .", "i do n't think it 's better than adventure time , but i like it more than adventure time .", "i think the whole humble feeling is really wonderful .", "i feel like throwing up @_@", "i remember that damn level in super mario world .", "i 've told my local meeting president , but that 's as far as i think it 's gone .", "i 'm hoping to god that vicky 3 has incredible multiplayer .", "i 've never heard of this .", "i think tankies treat everything like euiv .", "i will wait for yoooou", "i 'd just love a game where you can go around and absorb the city life of ancient rome .", "i 'm starting to dislike this place .", "i would also watch the living fuck out of lord of the recess .", "i 've been hit for telling this joke .", "i did n't realise the us made anti - german propaganda as early as 1914 .", "i guess that 's a /r / historicalwhatif/", "i really need to know what you mean , i take the most demoralising shits .", "i just imagined goku screaming this .", "i 'd much rather get the bends than kid a", "i 'm gon na save all my pee for kissinger .", "i think you mean magnificent .", "i listened to it before it was on the radio .", "i 'll probably look into that system more .", "i think astronomy is their best song .", "i think this is a good indicator of change in how cultures are treated .", "i prefer the term ' applied ' philosophy", "i do believe that falls under the definition of irony .", "i dunno , when you get into mathematics , plenty of things are exactly alike .", "i love the word * skraeling *", "i used to dislike math in high school .", "i 'd like to see more physical historical flags around here , it 's pretty interesting .", "i expect to see this album published this time next year .", "i look forward to seeing any responses .", "i thought nobody would notice !", "i 've done mcmaintenance and it 's 100 times better than every job in the store .", "i think it 's coming out late august / early september though .", "i 'm gon na try your historical method .", "i used to write music .", "i do n't understand what i 'm feeling .", "i always need more wwi podcasts", "i know that this is something i 'd find fun .", "i 'm fairly sure a lot of the more ...", "i 'm white and my brother 's paki .", "i would like to say that led zeppelin did this too .", "i 've never felt more manly in my life .", "i wonder what latin america would look like now if it had n't been so controlled by either power .", "i do n't know whether this was a joke or not but what about earthrise ?", "i hate how war destroys history", "i ca n't even make vicky work with 2 people .", "i 'm livin ' in the 80'ies", "i 've heard that term thrown around , but i did n't know what it meant exactly .", "i appreciate the shit out of bedding , too .", "i love you spiderbro : : : : (", "i 'll never stop correcting people .", "i do n't understand what 's so bad about this one ?", "i appreciate it ^^_^", "i needed something so brutal that art loses all meaning .", "i wish he was in prison .", "i 've been on both sides of that situation .", "i 'd pin this if i knew how to .", "i do n't think i 've seen a joke delivered that well .", "i dunno man , isis are pretty wily .", "i 'm okay .", "i 'd kill you and eat your eyes if it gave me 20/20 .", "i 'm going to try this at the train station today !", "i was not disappointed .", "i 'm inclined to think it might develop depression .", "i did n't know people had this problem .", "i ca n't find anybody else who 's even heard of nick cave .", "i believe luxembourgers ( luxembourgoisie ?", "i like the way you put that .", "i did n't realise this was such a big song .", "i ca n't remember what a spider is", "i miss when cod was somewhat anti - war .", "i feel like people would just literally shit on a movie there", "i 'm so sorry that ever happened to you .", "i love the colours", "i was trying to see if i could n't fap , but now i have to .", "i need to stop buying nestlè .", "i want to punch myself in the head .", "i remember at least five different times walking downstairs to the presence of huge , wonderful snakes .", "i 'd use it .", "i had ears on my dick , and they were bleeding .", "i was wrong , that 's amazing .", "i cried at this , moreso than fry 's dog .", "i guess you 're not too smart .", "i got way too attached to the characters an to the ideas .", "i dunno some of them seem to hate each other more than capitalism ." ]
[ "awesome weekend . i went bday shopping with my pops on friday . i love that dude . day drank with my buddies yesterday , love those dudes too . went out with the girl i 've had a crush on for like 5 years last night and had a sleep over . i 'm a happy human ." ]
[ "RCnottheCola" ]
you know what ? hell yes . that sounds awesome !
[ "i used to scare the daylights out of my former roommate by draping it over my towel to dry .", "i searched around and did n't see a lot of chatter on this one .", "i 'd like the c20 sheet masks - 86305 .", "i get this a lot too , quite frustrating .", "i 've tried the olay and like it .", "i 'm glad you 've found a good job - enjoy !", "i love histology .", "i 've done the classes , but not a project .", "i had to take a beta blocker for svt .", "i 'm in tears , i 'm laughing so hard .", "i guess i 've been doing it wrong too ... but it works for me .", "i think we 're writing it !", "i had to buy a bigger makeup bag !", "i 'm currently driving a 2013 jetta gli autobahn .", "i 'm really excited because this will also be my first prime lens .", "i love it , i just wish you could switch the direction .", "i 'm up for giving it a shot !", "i 'll pm you .", "i 'll pm you .", "i try to sell them on the exchange /r / asianbeautyexchange .", "i just started out and have a couple of skeins of yarn and a few hooks .", "i got massive drain using x - privacy .", "i was so hopeful when you started to finally make progress in 2010 .", "i got it , you guys !", "i got the job !", "i hear you , /r / makeupexchange is both enhancing and destroying my life .", "i am sorry .", "i 'm kind of jealous that you 'll be having those amazing cheesy biscuits .....", "i 'm dumb , you said $ 10 .", "i love me some nyx though :)", "i 'd love to take them , what 's your price plus shipping ?", "i love the color in this shot - she 's very pretty !", "i get my konjac sponge wet with warm water and wipe them away .", "i already have two orders coming from you .", "i 've lived here for 14 years .", "i 'm all ears !", "i had to beg for a keychain :(", "i 'm working on buying a subaru wrx !", "i love the colored fog lights !", "i just took the sticker off with goo - gone - feels better already !", "i 'm jealous of folks who have the patience to spend time on it .", "i 've been going there for 15 years :)", "i tried that , but i could n't get a connection .", "i love the cleanser .", "i got extreme ice with my first mbv menthol , but i found it to be too sugary .", "i 'm not ready for that commitment :)", "i 'm sorry on behalf of humanity .", "i started taking pictures with a canon powershot and then moved up to a pentax k - x .", "i just bought some from amazon seller toktok .", "i ca n't wait to do it again !", "i ran out of mizon all - in - one snail cream , still impatiently awaiting it 's replacement .", "i 've tried it , unfortunately my skin hated it :'(", "i do both , alpha hydrox aha one night and cosrx returning a - sol the next .", "i 've had nothing but bad luck with both locations .", "i looked at it , definitely want to give it a try sometime soon .", "i noticed there was no fog light kit on the \" build your own \" section on .", "i have a razor blade with a cool handle .", "i 'd be interested in the scinic aqua and mizon toner .", "i use the cleanser and love it ! !", "i love the shape , very flattering for your face !", "i just have no patience .", "i 'm sold , my friend ! ! !", "i need the panda cooling stick .", "i do n't have any patterns - most of the ones i 've seen are for tiny dogs .", "i also do not get auras .", "i 'm still smiling , so no - thank you !", "i have a few hooks and three skeins of yarn .", "i wish i had waited * sigh *", "i feel the same way about my first car .", "i love your username !", "i tremble and shake all the time .", "i just bought my very first brand new car !", "i honestly had a good experience .", "i make my own with arrow root and coconut powder :)", "i love that primer despite its weird smell .", "i think everyone who works on / with / for epic has nightmares .", "i 'm interested !", "i use ovuview on android .", "i wish i could unread this and unlearn that word .", "i have her blocked , but my sister forwarded me a winner today .", "i 'd love your input on what software products might work best for what i 'm looking for .", "i 've made a post , thanks !", "i love your flair , so appropriate for pathology .", "i actually come here for the comments .", "i did n't have any luck until i got an angled eyeliner brush .", "i found that mineral oil takes care of they 're real .", "i just want to celebrate", "i 've taken two imitrex , napped , and slept and it 's not going away .", "i went through the mue as well and do n't see anything .", "i love both of these things ....", "i love the lighting in this shot - great work !", "i 've heard that as well , would be interested to hear what other folks say ...", "i 've been wearing pantyliners for 20 years without any issues ...", "i 'm a long time user and i 'll add a pro - does n't cause breakouts !", "i made my first rrs purchase today !", "i did n't get the dream job .", "i 'll stick to my little ancillary systems :)", "i also have one of these , but your british description is much better than my paltry american one .", "i prefer paypal friends and family , but can invoice you if you pay the fee .", "i 'm glad to hear things are looking up and i hope the good luck keeps on coming ." ]
[ "awesome weekend . i went bday shopping with my pops on friday . i love that dude . day drank with my buddies yesterday , love those dudes too . went out with the girl i 've had a crush on for like 5 years last night and had a sleep over . i 'm a happy human ." ]
[ "RCnottheCola" ]
glad you had an awesome weekend ! here 's to an awesome week ahead .
[ "i look everywhere but straight ahead .", "i suggest this .", "i have also been lucky enough to work with bob bakker on a paleo dig as well .", "i love dandelions .", "i had these as a child in the 60 's .", "i doubt it is janus , as op says below that the vessel has 3 faces .", "i 'll try texas art supply first .", "i think this is it .", "i did some programming for a group researching familial diabetes .", "i can see you live a life of elegance .", "i would n't think she 'd be allowed to wear it while in costume on stage .", "i should have looked it up before i commented .", "i agree , 30 's .", "i 've got several of my dad 's collars , white cotton .", "i ca n't believe they did n't notice that .", "i can deduct glucosamine / chondroitin , but no other vitamins or supplements .", "i am really happy that they included the cosmonauts from ussr as well .", "i wonder if the financial instability is also due to your mom 's problem , whatever it is .", "i 've not been a landlord before .", "i think this is it .", "i think it 's horrendous that the h1-b system is being abused in this way .", "i 'm joining this one !", "i 've learned so much from you /r / techtheatre !", "i also thought of blenheim with its gardens .", "i have a set just like this .", "i 'm sorry this happened to you .", "i 'm concerned : they constructed a check w / my name and checking account info .", "i think you meant your second \" spousal support \" to be \" child support \" .", "i like the guy holding up the wall in the top middle :)", "i have one i 've been using for 30 years , it 's fine .", "i knew it was some kind of inverted graffiti but could n't puzzle it out .", "i think they meant tomorrow morning .", "i 've been around a lot of cows , this does n't look normal .", "i 'm actually in houston .", "i tried that , did n't like it .", "i think the one on the right might be a watson vanilla bottle .", "i may try again later .", "i 'm planning to start off with \" ye watchers and ye holy ones \" .", "i 'd like to give him an honorarium for this - is $ 300 a decent amount ?", "i saw them at my grocery last week .", "i 've got company from out of town and they want to head to one of these two spots .", "i 'll try slapping one tomorrow .", "i do n't get emelia at all .", "i 've seen it many times this year , but i agree that it seems suddenly brighter .", "i 'd rather see shading going from none to black .", "i would complain and get my money back at least .", "i was going to say something similar , thanks for the clarification .", "i am easily pleased :)", "i too was thinking bean sheller .", "i hate dealing with those red paper forms .", "i am busy shedding not acquiring , but thank you .", "i have one of these too , never deployed .", "i ca n't wait to see the on - stage contest for this .", "i 'll make a trip up there soon .", "i have chickens in houston , and agree with this .", "i am not that kind of person .", "i wish i could give you more than one upvote .", "i thought both .", "i like the way you think .", "i guess it depends on honesty ?", "i did n't look at the picture that closely .", "i see what you 're doing here .", "i want a live shredding experience .", "i had n't thought about income tax being due on the difference .", "i know a mercedes , we call her \" meh - cheh \" for short .", "i only hit submit once .", "i will investigate this !", "i feel awkward saying \" i 'm a madam . \"", "i 'd like to put the contractor who \" remodeled \" my house in that pit as well .", "i have had good service from jt on campbell at westview .", "i did n't remember the cactus from the book ... was it a christmas cactus ?", "i 'd check to see if you have a water leak on the other side of that corner .", "i am really happy that they included the cosmonauts from ussr as well .", "i guess mine are just a very brownish - red red oak .", "i was calling it what i did call it 50 years ago when we bought it .", "i saw it for sale today at the mfah gift store .", "i 'm sure there 's always some leftover vodka after getting all the spots out ...", "i have a facial recognition problem .", "i 've always thought those sodas tasted terrible .", "i meant to go back and replace \" hebrew \" with \" hebrew / greek \" and forgot .", "i 'm scared !", "i can empathize .", "i miss ming 's soooo much .", "i agree , it 's coriander .", "i 'll appreciate any hints you have .", "i 'm hoping 1-gallon pot at best .", "i can do data entry , bookkeeping , filing , clerical stuff .", "i think you have 30 days or maybe less to do that .", "i 've not used them , but they have been highly recommended to me by several people .", "i 'm confused .", "i see from the wikipedia article that it can be invasive in certain areas .", "i pay most of my bills online but write a few with checks .", "i agree w/ mrdorkesq that it 's a circumhorizontal arc .", "i 'm going to adopt this word , \" possibikity \" , to denote an icky possibility .", "i just opened my hsa at fidelity a week ago .", "i have faith in reddit .", "i think it means \" end of the 16th century \" .", "i see from your username how you work .", "i used to record the radio onto cassette .", "i like the thick cut blue ribbon bacon costco sells ." ]
[ "i proposed to my best friend of 11 years and she said yes . i never wanted kids or marriage . she single handedly changed my mind :)" ]
[ "ItachiLvrX" ]
i saw what you did there ... nice picture of her formerly single hand !
[ "i bought an nspire cx back in 2014 and it has n’t given me any problems until now .", "i appreciate it !", "i ’m so happy for you !", "i really enjoyed life is strange , until dawn , and oxenfree .", "i ’m so proud of you .", "i tried using an online derivative calculator but the answer it gave was marked as incorrect .", "i just felt like i should comment on this because of my username", "i ca n't figure it out !", "i have δv , which is /m", "i read this book around 2015 or 2016 .", "i have to make this large commute 8 times over a school year", "i ’ve heard about that , i ’ll have to check it out further !", "i appreciate the suggestions", "i ’m more interested in how the sell by date is july 22 in the year 18373 .", "i ’m not positive but the cover might ’ve been a beach / water or something like that .", "i also enjoyed the walking dead and the last of us .", "i ’ll definitely consider these .", "i was about to buy a hydro flask from amazon when i stumbled upon this website .", "i do appreciate a good soundtrack and a good art style , so that sounds good !", "i never got into fallout ... maybe i ought to give it another shot !", "i ’d appreciate any suggestions !", "i ’ve been debating if i should get a macbook or a laptop with windows 10 .", "i got waitlisted at my top choice school .", "i read xams as “ exams ” ... the worst part of december if you ’re a student !" ]
[ "i proposed to my best friend of 11 years and she said yes . i never wanted kids or marriage . she single handedly changed my mind :)" ]
[ "ItachiLvrX" ]
congratulations , dude ! :)
[ "i was merely.pretending to shit my pants !", "i wanna cuddle the kittle~", "i 'm sorry~ * * we do n't give a fuck .", "i do n't really do corpse dragging .", "i wanna cuddle the kittle~", "i do n't think that would stop the soppo though ...", "i 've been saving up oath rings to marry them all , just to break the rules ?", "i wo n't be able to help in this case , sorry ...", "i went for p320 .", "i thank you for your contribution to my compiling duties .", "i wish you the best of luck in your endeavours then~" ]
[ "happy 4th everyone ! today ’s my son ’s 2nd birthday ! !" ]
[ "shitz-and-gigglez" ]
a happy birthday greeting to your son from the philippines~ may he grow up and achieve his dreams in the future~
[ "i do n't understand the context , explain please .", "i hope these kids get their asses beat , no jail , just their asses beat .", "i 'm going to dread when my kids old enough and this happens lol", "i was a one year old lol", "i always feel like i 'd be ashamed if this was a relative of mine lol", "i 'm jealous .", "i 'm glad he got out of this shitty small town ...", "i think passives are always better in the long run .", "i heard they bloodying ppl up with rubber bullets ...", "i do n't know why but i really respect this man ...", "i remember my first exposure to dd was add ... ah memories ...", "i m thinking dbz power - up , visual ki lol", "i ca n't believe he died like that ...", "i miss ifunny 's old ui ... rip", "i wish old people 's ignorance did n't spread to the young .", "i miss papa franku ...", "i feel for this man .", "i would have voted for this man if they did n't make hillary the democratic candidate .", "i wish the u.s . minded it 's own business like the rest of the world did .", "i was a one year old lol", "i made the same exact meme ... what are the odds ..." ]
[ "hanging out playing poker with my bf and found a treasure in his poker set stash ..." ]
[ "BearBoobs" ]
look at all those pog slammers holy moly .
[ "i am a strong american woman and i will wear my grandma bra top and motorcycle jacket", "i want to kiss her all over and pet her tiny tiny head", "i d move for the puppy", "i have n't drawn this much in years", "i love his follow you into the dark cover .", "i screamed lol : c smirnoff \\3", "i know i can do it .", "i like them all : d sad songs did help me kinda like romance movies help too", "i love when i see a good ol simpsons post", "i love it reminds me of spectacular if it was made today", "i really want a cigarette , anything slim", "i get scared he will find it lol .", "i 'm trying to start up a soap business", "i love non fiction", "i never thought about this but boy are my interests peaked .", "i want it so bad xd i just wish his butt was a a little bigger hehe", "i love it reminds me of spectacular if it was made today", "i think the glasses are to hide his low set eyes for the first meeting lol", "i wished on an eyelash for this", "i 'm in a new reality where the only difference is his singing career apparently", "i m proud of me .", "i ca nt ever imagine being so desperate i d date kate", "i wanna call people fucking grapes now hahahaha", "i m telling him its original american \" . omg what an asshat", "i wake up so sad .", "i 'm sleepy af", "i hope you enjoy it", "i love this lmao", "i was thinking like dude just find a sheepshead bay girl lol", "i think i made a great accomplishment this year", "i think it will really help :)", "i wish it did nt exist", "i ca nt wait ahhh", "i always played as a nord � � archer weapon mainly .", "i was craving caesar salad and broccoli ....", "i thought i made him happy", "i 've had a wonderful week , and today i 've felt happier than i have the whole year .", "i think you need to have a sit down with your dad about a secret he 's hiding", "i drove in some circles at an abandoned air field .", "i wrote down how all those things i took out are mine .", "i took a sniff of his shirt and it did nt comfort me it smelt old .", "i m a relatively new smiths fan , i did some fan art i m quite proud of .", "i m imagining some illuminati plot lines ....", "i have n't :3 i used to have another reddit tho and posted art on a few other boards .", "i remember this :3", "i cried a lot when i did that but i ve been drawing all my feelings to not cry .", "i feel good today", "i would be too : dd got ta frame it yo", "i feel like the scratching the itch feel maybe can be ocd related", "i 'm in this post and i do n't like it !", "i threw everything else away .", "i know that .", "i just got dumped and ... ive been drawing for hours and hours everyday .", "i think i see this one on her shelf too , in one of the corners ...", "i want to have that person now too .", "i love him lol at the dr pimple popper ads while i m cutting up watermelon and lunch !", "i was so meaningless to him .", "i crawled into bed just now thinking i m actually happy to be single :)", "i 've had bad insomnia .", "i love it !", "i hope i will", "i already am day by day and the future is so bright for my own mental health i feel .", "i can learn to drive .", "i d dig it .", "i know that .", "i do nt know what his exact plans are , i do nt know what the treatment looks like .", "i just snorted on my phone lol", "i love her cheeks wow", "i have followed a bedtime every night this week at 11:30 - 12 .", "i love these so much !", "i m relaxed just reading this", "i 'm drooling : d", "i read the letter i was gon na send him and ripped it up .", "i love her because so much , ahhh the words all girls dream of", "i did ... which is weird cause i do nt belive in it .", "i m doing awesomer each day .", "i remember rubbing my exes back", "i saw it in \" invite contacts \"", "i d rather be with yo- i mean alone", "i m already cackling \" yeah this us my job . \"", "i ca nt wait for summer to be over so i can wear them again .", "i never really get to share it lol .", "i needed this right now thank you", "i want to just put some eyeshadow or blush on her .", "i love she hulkkkkk � � � �", "i saw roxanna at the hardware store on monday", "i m still getting over him but its been a month and a half now c :", "i think i am becoming my own muse :) cool .", "i was just a distraction while he ran away from his other pains in life .", "i 'm so lazy right now but is there any blu ray for this yet :( ?", "i ca nt understand him not liking me after me just being so nice", "i m actually making one right now :) were all gon na be ok !", "i m gon na pee laughing", "i want to marry this man", "i was actually listening to it last night !", "i d die a happy girl to see my boi on the big screen", "i m so excited lol i ca nt wait to floss like a human being again", "i feel really good .", "i m really proud .", "i lost it at this bwahhaha jfc" ]
[ "hanging out playing poker with my bf and found a treasure in his poker set stash ..." ]
[ "BearBoobs" ]
alf , now in pog form !
[ "i have a couple of calvin and hobbes books but i am now feeling compelled to buy this set !", "i think that it 's all about the !", "i always liked that \" johnny b. goode \" by chuck berry was included with all the others .", "i believe that is how all of the astronauts started their careers .", "i did n't add twitter 's suggestions !", "i grew up in allegheny county , pa and have long been fascinated by them !", "i can has funny ?", "i rely heavily these days on spell check but it does n't help with my sometimes , poor grammar !", "i am very reserved in my licking activities .", "i lost track of you for awhile .", "i never would , but maybe that 's a question for this subreddit .", "i really love that video !", "i did n't know that .", "i need to remember that for when it happens to me .", "i love just about every ted talk that i 've seen !", "i like # 2 although i would probably get bored right away .", "i only hope that she sarah palin run as the gop ticket in 2012 .", "i 've tried drinking while sitting on a rock ; it 's pretty cool !", "i hardly ever visit fb anymore , now that i 've joined reddit .", "i see what you mean , that speck on the horizon might be pirates .", "i am definitely using * that username * from now on .", "i , for one , do not hail this new overlord !", "i really need to clean up and put some order into .", "i could get lost in those blue eyes !", "i did a lot better before i gave up drinking .", "i love it .", "i 'm sticking with waffles !", "i think that termites have eaten into his brain .", "i hear and i obey !", "i 've spent all of my working life doing computer support for noaa .", "i was watching and i somehow missed it .", "i keep seeing mysterious clowns out of the corners of my eyes and i have n't even parked there !", "i would have been there for you .", "i 've seen it before somewhere , but i 'm happy to see it again .", "i was taught to just start writing anything down , even if it was pretty crappy .", "i will sleep but ...", "i 've added it to my wish list for the next time i order .", "i do think that wolfram|alpha shows great potential !", "i wonder if other states ' dmvs will be banning the plates .", "i loved that little guy .", "i know that i should n't have laughed , but i did .", "i really understood the jump better by watching this video .", "i have a friend doing a five year stretch and he 's in the best shape of his life .", "i have given up now just use a broom everyday when i clean their box .", "i think that joke - explainer needs to get involved here .", "i love using the word \" * kindle * \" when referring to a brood or litter of kittens .", "i had not seen those .", "i would rather keep those worlds separate .", "i need to find a market here in miami .", "i need a friend like you !", "i found the and will try to listen tomorrow .", "i verify that !", "i 'm so glad for both you him .", "i loaded res and think that it is * * great * * .", "i agree , that might be a big mistake .", "i see what you mean .", "i just passed the coors light bar exam while browsing reddit .", "i can add comment to ?", "i love this every time that it is reposted .", "i nēvēr got that far sincê i do n't wêar whitê t - shirts but that is amazing .", "i 'm impressed !", "i 'm happy to hear that .", "i always donate to npr but i should add pbs !", "i think that it was a * serendipitous cat * !", "i thought so too but then i found r / gore .", "i , for one , recognize as our new overlord !", "i would love to see pictures of * that * !", "i guess they own all of my karma too !", "i love the crazy , psycho laughter .", "i like how one woman pulls another 's finger at 1:46 .", "i 'm trying to keep that on the dl .", "i had forgotten all about my account .", "i 'm waiting around for the profit ? ? ?", "i hope that you had many happy times to remember .", "i have a friend who is * both from ireland and a musician * .", "i am tempted also .", "i do n't get the reference .", "i sorry to hear that .", "i feel your pain .", "i 'll just leave here .", "i wish that i would have had a chance to take it !", "i 'm down !", "i 'm surprised that none of my cats ever sought out this particular form of entertainment .", "i do n't think that anything will happen when there is light .", "i 'm sorry my good man , but i will not let her leave .", "i clicked on the link now i 'm on a homeland security watch list .", "i too love the wake - up call when i get to travel .", "i mean aside from wlrn wvum ?", "i repost my solution here : .", "i can also vouch that it happens to long - time smokers occasionally .", "i 'm surprised that none of my cats ever sought out this particular form of entertainment .", "i do it for the groupies !", "i also love the clash version !", "i must have missed that talk at career day at my high school .", "i seriously do n't know how people live without it !", "i agree completely .", "i hear that nbc cares .", "i was successful for a whole two hours !", "i would say that drinking had something to do with it .", "i had a \" 504 error \" comment posted also read that other people had noticed this ." ]
[ "sedatives used to free whale from fishing line ." ]
[ "frycook" ]
i 've spent all of my working life doing computer support for noaa . a lot of good people work for them .
[ "i did n't know banksey had branched out to bedroom sets .", "i did n't know i needed this in my life .", "i want to say an anole , but what kind i do n't know .", "i 've been where your so is , it sucks like hell .", "i loved these books as a kid .", "i 've seen this post 6 times today .", "i think you 're right .", "i ca n't wrap my head around the postage costs .", "i should n't drive , could you call me a cab ?", "i am the viper , i am here to vipe and vash your vindows .", "i did n't really need to sleep today .", "i have n't thought about these for better than thirty years .", "i 'm just waiting for the mint variety .", "i applaud you .", "i love your other stuff too .", "i suspect some fuckery here .", "i 'm locked out of this sub , irony .", "i did not expect this to blow up like this .", "i guess the disney princess gig does n't pay as well as it use to .", "i do n't know who 's stronger .", "i think that 's a tamoli .", "i love this turkey .", "i liked that place when i lived down south .", "i love these things !", "i need that for my own head .", "i love my little yard friends .", "i thought it was funny as hell .", "i can never unsee this .", "i wanna see your high school diploma !", "i ca n't find anything on the local news sites .", "i remember the excitement this box would bring on a saturday night .", "i am told that mrsa infections are common in jails and prisons , so you might get your wish .", "i 'm sorry sir or mam , your cat is very sick . � �", "i have one in my yard .", "i never knew i needed one of these !", "i was waiting for this title to pop up .", "i still would , but the ones they make nowadays are shit .", "i hope so .", "i love that tast .", "i have personally seen chickens eat black widow spiders .", "i do n't know how you keep it on the wall .", "i will be noting this in your records .", "i love miso .", "i thought maby the botton of a small glass candel holder .", "i 'm allergic to bananas .", "i must know the source , i must add this to my life .", "i need one !", "i think it 's more for adults and science nerds like me .", "i remember one of these at my granddad 's back in the 80s .", "i always called it a dog bone wrench .", "i think you 're right .", "i do n't know about any baby or dog , but that unicorn is awesome !", "i identify as a dented can of expired tuna and i find this hilarious .", "i 'll downvote myself since no - one got my joke .", "i used one in the 90 's .", "i did n't know lincoln was canadian .", "i do n't know what they 're summoning , but i do n't like it .", "i always just called it guilt .", "i can hear it !", "i was late to the party and now i want to know the rest of the story .", "i 've seen them in spencer 's before .", "i want to have sex with this car .", "i loved those books , and garth nix too !", "i love the chill , quite , cozy feel of this .", "i second that .", "i 'm outnumbered .", "i must find this place .", "i prefer my rainbows free range and organic ." ]
[ "it may not be big , but it 's my very first christmas tree and i love it ." ]
[ "McFirm" ]
as bob would have said , it 's a happy little tree .
[ "i ’m calling the cops .", "i apologize for being a bit rude , but it could go without the self promotion .", "i was gon na cop too i was just waiting for a qc .", "i .. i think it 's satire mate", "i 'm 10.5 , they only have 10 and 11 , what should i get ?", "i 'm pretty new so this stuff helps : d", "i love thatcher .", "i saw a thread a few days ago about how every match on the card was foreigners vs. americans .", "i ᴊᴜsᴛ ᴡᴀɴᴛᴇᴅ ᴛᴏ ʟᴇᴛ ʏᴏᴜ ᴋɴᴏᴡ ᴛʜᴀᴛ ʏᴏᴜʀ ᴍᴏᴅs ᴅᴏ ᴀ ɢᴏᴏᴅ ᴊᴏʙ ᴏғ ᴄᴀʀʀʏɪɴɢ ᴏɴ ᴍʏ ʙᴇʟɪᴇғs .", "i get that , but he 's in a bad place right now .", "i 'll upload some when i get home later .", "i love it !", "i was wondering which ones are good to watch ?", "i do n’t think anything from this is mgs , i think it ’s from an anime .", "i do nt think anyone has a 9 ft arm", "i absolutely loved naito v. ibushi , so far , the best in the g1 for me .", "i ’ve never had it in my stuffing", "i personally think it is , the main plot revolves around the christmas party .", "i 'm 134 and bronze , haha .", "i 'll read \" yes !", "i 'm done now , this calling is dumb .", "i think that ’s what he means , but i ’m not sure .", "i have 33/48 for diggs divisional hero .", "i see people calling it armbar here everywhere , so to avoid confusion , i just put armbar .", "i have n't really used it since the patch .", "i mean i guess you could put cena vs. taker for wwe championship , or something .", "i put in devonta freeman .", "i bet that the 5 - 5 raw vs. smackdown would still go on .", "i do n't care . /s", "i really need to get to watching it .", "i bet he most likely is fine by now though .", "i hear people talking about it", "i did n't even book finn balor and i just put ambrose in another match with aj .", "i would prefer this post with good grammar .", "i agree , there are some flaws always .", "i dare you to ban me !", "i bet you wished you took that call at that public concert to hear his last words .", "i do n't care about karma you marks , downvote me if you want .", "i would say ab , julio , and probably deandre hopkins .", "i ’m looking for $ 67.50 shipped after paypal invoice fees .", "i love you tony !", "i do n’t do 5 a day though", "i 've never seen anything this bad .", "i did n’t click the link so i did n’t see , so my fault .", "i thought we had the same birthday", "i need to know cause i ca nt masterbate to him if he does nt come out to that", "i hate the bo3 nuketown", "i 'm just asking you to calm down , haha .", "i d on cat ?", "i knew i was forgetting somebody .", "i only know one thing about him .", "i wanted to ask guys what would be a fun , beginner 's job ?", "i really have nothing to say about this shower thought , just have a nice day .", "i had to pick up the black 2.0 a few months ago , they are so clean", "i think that the club , and the authors of pain from nxt .", "i do n’t know if you would want to do that yet , as the other commenter said", "i love those posts .", "i visited now and it says \" 4chan \" .", "i 'm in dallas too , where they 're located .", "i hope dez does n’t disrespect our star in prime time :(", "i 've never heard of this , sorry .", "i would rather have pizza hut than the gold i have right now .", "i heard ai has some really good ones , and are more closer to 1:1 than tony .", "i 'm a grill , btw ;)", "i want another ring .", "i really regret not watching it live", "i 'm sorry , my bad .", "i ca n't find it in the shop :(", "i am watching it right now i did n't know taker wins .", "i think you got ta buy a lewis one as well .", "i meant healthy - er , my bad .", "i think this is a kid that ’s mad , not satire .", "i placed a bet on the raptors because of this sub � �", "i did n't steal anything .", "i 'm very interested in tgt .", "i ’ve never seen something like this happen", "i ’ll take either one thanks", "i could buy on just incase it prefers to eat out of a bowl , but is it required ?", "i put my chips in my sandwich when i go to jason 's deli .", "i 'm late but hope you are having / hade a good time !", "i can actually read / type .", "i had no idea that brock was gon na fight lesnar !", "i was debating over that one or the nfl brother !", "i think it means u dount get in a taxi and evade the taxi", "i can taste the salt", "i ’m betting 158sir or maybe bm lin", "i 'm no lunatic .", "i reccently had my first philly cheesesteak on good friday , and it was amazing !", "i know you ’re angry but do n’t be ignorant . ” . -me", "i got an silver gameplan , uf gold gameplan , and kotb player .", "i know about the cage flaw but have n’t heard about this one .", "i 'm kinda confused , this is my first g1 , sorry .", "i know , i know", "i ca n't really see him as a champ though ; honestly i do n't know :/", "i do n’t think i ’ve seen this clip , what episode is it ?", "i ’ll see what the note says .", "i thought they were saying “ bruh ” but then i realized that your name was bruh .", "i ca n't find it .", "i do n't really like it , but do n't hate it either .", "i came from the /r / sadcringe thread about this ." ]
[ "it may not be big , but it 's my very first christmas tree and i love it ." ]
[ "McFirm" ]
i see that ultraboost in the corner ... � � � � � � . merry christmas !
[ "i finally got al the achievements in a year of playing the game", "i literally did n't see it before", "i am just playing vanila right now", "i known it 's bad but is it that bad", "i did n't even notice it", "i known it 's bad but is it that bad", "i see you 're a man of culture as well", "i think i 've subscribed to subs with every letter so it 's really strange .", "i think i 'm gon na try this" ]
[ "it may not be big , but it 's my very first christmas tree and i love it ." ]
[ "McFirm" ]
gelukkig kerstfeest , en trouwens elk bordspel van catan is geweldig
[ "i used to feel the same way when i was a teenager .", "i tried brine shrimp when mine was bloated .", "i 'm glad he got bored of him otherwise he 'd still be stuck in a bowl .", "i took mine out because it ripped my betta 's fins eventhough i sanded it .", "i love my chax bunnies too !", "i 've just posted a picture on reddit .", "i would 've said something .", "i meant both your plushies look so new lol including your original .", "i hope he lives long and healthy !", "i do have white   pfs   so his poop does stand out lol .", "i think it 's mikemura .", "i did fast him first few days , did nothing .", "i love your sister for giving that toy to you � �", "i agree with you .", "i love that teddy bear lol", "i 've been struggling with his sb issues for a couple of weeks now .", "i think you 'd be fine air wise � �", "i meant both your plushies look so new lol including your original .", "i like 1 and 3 .", "i know they marketed it that way but it really is false information unfortunately .", "i like to keep things simple for now .", "i mean why buy a new tank if you already have one to use .", "i agree with this .", "i like going to sleep because it 's the only time i 'm not depressed and get some relief .", "i did and they still wo n't eat .", "i really appreciate your input .", "i 'm going away for 3 weeks .", "i stopped playing because it 's so hard to win now and costs so much .", "i took mine out because it ripped my betta 's fins eventhough i sanded it .", "i have submitted a complaint .", "i 've never won a box figurine ever .", "i have no answer for you but i stopped playing .", "i need some advice from the toreba masters .", "i absolutely love love love cinnamorolls !", "i 'll bite you instead lol � � .", "i got my second package today as well 2 weeks later .", "i 'm in south east asia .", "i 've tried mirrors , pen covers of different kinds , small figurines ...", "i think your your fish would be okay .", "i only bought 1 bunch split amongst 3 tanks so hopefully it 'll grow .", "i do n't have them anymore that was few years back but i 'm too scared to try since .", "i 've been culturing daphnia and there are these small orangy swimming bugs in there as well .", "i 'm going to do that someday .", "i think i 'm done making plans with people with kids .", "i would definitely keep mine if it was a figure .", "i love the little legs !", "i love plushies without mouth", "i 've mine going too in a jar right now .", "i really appreciate your input .", "i 'm one with the leaf .", "i agree with this .", "i do n't understand how they are able to do this and i 'm a little pissed .", "i 'm doing this this year .", "i 'm getting one of those !", "i know they marketed it that way but it really is false information unfortunately .", "i think it looks nice personally .", "i have those but not looking so nice yet .", "i do n't see any velvet .", "i 've about 60 and looking into selling about half of them still sealed in bags .", "i think i remember him picture with a cap correct ?", "i wanted to win this from toreba but was n't able to � �", "i 'll try this the next time � �", "i only bought 1 bunch split amongst 3 tanks so hopefully it 'll grow .", "i 'm like that too but do n't forget to enjoy them as well .", "i stopped playing because it 's so hard to win now and costs so much .", "i ca n't see any fin rot but it 's so chunky .", "i 'm done for the night .", "i think it looks just fine .", "i can see some pineconing on the scales .", "i tried he does n't want to flare .", "i think it 's nice � � � �", "i sometimes cheer for the person in front of me when they spend a lot to win .", "i mean why buy a new tank if you already have one to use .", "i hope someone can help you out .", "i think it 's cute .", "i would n't put friends in .", "i think that 's redundant .", "i bet your betta loves all that extra space .", "i 'm in canada .", "i bet your betta loves all that extra space .", "i try not to play things that i do not want .", "i do n't think so ?", "i just keep the plushies i have won .", "i think you 'd be fine air wise � �", "i 'm like that too but do n't forget to enjoy them as well .", "i use   seachem prime .", "i 'm sorry about the tumor � � .", "i do leave my wisteria floating .", "i 'm jealous you 've so many bettas .", "i hope he lives long and healthy !", "i have one too .", "i 'm so sorry to hear � �", "i thought it would just go to front and back .", "i tried brine shrimp when mine was bloated .", "i 've about 60 and looking into selling about half of them still sealed in bags .", "i assume it 's 7 inches ?", "i just checked the dolphin is out of stock .", "i just keep the plushies i have won .", "i have those but not looking so nice yet .", "i 've been watching my betta , finn 's fin for sometime now particularly his tail ." ]
[ "it may not be big , but it 's my very first christmas tree and i love it ." ]
[ "McFirm" ]
i love that teddy bear lol
[ "i 'd eat cake to that .", "i used to wish there was a way to broadcast our numbers so we could become irl friends .", "i 'm getting terrible mileage in my promaster .", "i got some legit designer stuff for reasonable prices .", "i just never think of it .", "i 'm so confused .", "i 've been eating salted macadamia nuts lately .", "i 'm in the fast lane .", "i 'm sure this will help someone .", "i 'm just a terrible picture taker .", "i 'm sort of newish to reddit so i do n't know how to post a pic .", "i just talk back .", "i just say \" it was lovely seeing / catching up with you .", "i 'm a bit in shock that my van is parked outside .", "i used to do this all the time .", "i was looking for the moth 's outline", "i 've always wondered if the spooning animal pics are real .", "i so love reddit !", "i also just put an ice pack on my neck or back when i 'm hot .", "i just tell the door entrance person i just want to buy popcorn .", "i think of dwight kneeling and holding the microphone , which was apparently improvised .", "i have an android but downloaded another one .", "i 've had a really tough health year too and i 'm looking forward to living life !", "i was going to say \" fork him to death \" until i read this .", "i saw a grown man use the serving spoon to taste something at a grocery store salad bar .", "i 'd suggest a lotion with a mild exfoliant to avoid ingrown hairs and it might help with scarring .", "i love how gentle they are with each other .", "i wo n't use it .", "i 'm speechless and unfortunately i ca n't unsee this ... fascinating picture !", "i 'm so fancy !", "i got excited bc i thought this for real and the subreddit was r / futurology", "i saved , planned and designed it for almost 3 years .", "i have scholiosis and stage 2 degeneration of my lower lumbar curve .", "i love that she 's doing all that while clinging to a corn dog .", "i got a dad joke calendar at a gift exchange .", "i essentially refuse to touch them .", "i would definitely look into it .", "i 'd drop that camera and run to the nearest panic room .", "i feel pretty .", "i was in the king and i with yul brunner when it played in sf theater .", "i do n't use social media much so i was missing the joke .", "i 've been to the desert and never met one of these fellas .", "i never think about that and was truly enjoying the cats sharing .", "i 'd also be curious why they gave me up .", "i died both times .", "i did n't realize there was an app .", "i just consider the tree as the kitty 's present .", "i 'm so sorry that happened to you .", "i actually feel more comfortable showing my feelings , including crying , than i did when i was young .", "i 'd worry i 'd accidentally drown myself ." ]
[ "it may not be big , but it 's my very first christmas tree and i love it ." ]
[ "McFirm" ]
it 's adorable ! a few years ago i got a rosemary one from tj 's . gave me herbs for years .
[ "i 've seen this posted on every online gaming forum i 've ever seen , kinda funny really .", "i enjoy 2 shotting people without revenge : d", "i thought the weebs were the neckbeards ?", "i still have flashbacka to popping videos on youtube .... bleghhh .", "i remember playing pc .... *shudders * you guys are brave .", "i think it 's funny how much people get hit by their one and only gap closer .", "i have the feeling he is most peoples favorite character , juat so awesome in so many ways .", "i wish you better luck with the next 100k !", "i had to switch my nat type from moderate to open to get that to stop .", "i like the arid nexus run , for some reason killing skags never gets old :p", "i check on reddit everynow and then to see if they fixed it , have n't been suprised .", "i 'll be super suprised if he was n't rescued off of that rocket .", "i mean op probably gets super hard when he sees traffic ahead of him at a standstill .", "i swaped it for the distance card myself .", "i just meant that killing gael is n't the end of dark souls , because ng+ is a thing", "i usually hate spolers but this is good news , coral drove us crazy .", "i remember when we did n't have to compare our president to putin :/", "i always get headshot when i 'm not dashing as maul , just feels so essential .", "i ca n't remember the last time i died to an invader .", "i 'll be super suprised if he was n't rescued off of that rocket .", "i feel bad being a vanguard .... we get 1k+ scores so often because of minions lol .", "i 'd have to agree with him , anyone can use that weapon haha .", "i really do nt want to think about that .", "i remember it was fun as hell until the meta set in .", "i 'm on xbox and see 1 afk maybe every 5 games or so .", "i mean yeah that s actually pretty good for low level drops .", "i think the card to get rid if would be the 50 % range .", "i have n't seen a single soul say he 's balanced .", "i hope your kid learns this is not how to handle situations like this .", "i stoped playing a month after release once i found out .", "i play console so by default its the worst area in the game unfortunately :(", "i 'm sure they will show us once the game comes out .", "i mean it is called for honor , the bots are just getting into the spirit of the game .", "i like maya the most overall , but melee zero is really fun in small doses .", "i still have n't found an afker ... are you guys playing vs ai with matchmaking on or something ?", "i remember this thread after the trainwreck that was battlefront 1 .", "i do n't play assasins , so i actually get a lot of these messages lol .", "i 'd rather get tossed than tripped tbh , free mount attacks are fun .", "i like maya the most overall , but melee zero is really fun in small doses .", "i love that you actually had to explain this , pretty funny comment chain .", "i could n't imagine playing bl2 with randoms , friends only man .", "i actually did n't know this until yesterday while in freya ult , ymir stopped my ass lol .", "i usually only read the first half of wallotext posts , sorry for confusing you lols .", "i see so many 3 to 4 man pk teams it 's disgusting .", "i know , he 's my main :p . i just like to make fun of the poor guy", "i 've read pretty much all of sandersons books except his ya stuff and skyward .", "i 've never even seen an afk lol .", "i did n't have money to blow last holiday , but do this time around !", "i 'll take calm weather over all 3 , any day .", "i love how the support and tanks out dps the dps classes : d", "i 've never seen it , so op is good .", "i meant my account got banned for 3 days , 5 day 's after i quit those matches .", "i love when i get to fight bad pks to man .", "i wonder why deer are so fucking stupid about their antlers when big steers like this have no problem ?", "i had an orochi say i was n't honorable for ledge killing him .", "i thought it was funny .", "i still have n't gotten all my emerald pokemon to level 100 , still a fun game though .", "i would n't complain if i get blues in crates , how lucky you been op ?", "i 've used both quite a bit and honestly ca n't decide .", "i use the same cards , sadly he dosent have that many good ones .", "i remeber when i tried to make kylo work .", "i do n't agree with him sending the message , but ca nt help but feel his pain .", "i to remember when i thought olive garden and red lobster were high end retrauants ." ]
[ "my friends wanted to see the aqueduct , so we set out on an epic ride to find it . i had only been there once , years before , when another friend took me . i was so happy to find it again !" ]
[ "ride365" ]
nice , i love long distance riding ... the best kind of tired there is :)
[ "i trust him but he just does n't seem to realize how much worse he makes things .", "i want some of your tots", "i made sure to include her to make you happy .", "i thought the same thing .", "i think that is what they are pointing out .", "i 'm suddenly getting tired of my co - workers .", "i think i need to find this bra now ...", "i hate having to force myself to be friends with her for you .", "i m sorry but it still belongs in a group of \" nope . \"", "i want to hear more of your story .", "i need motivation !", "i think that 's a great use of internet .", "i second this suggestion", "i neeeeed one ! !", "i tell people it 's just badass knitting .", "i have lots of animal experience but uhh ... not like you amazing pros .", "i do n't see a leash .", "i love to make people smile !", "i love fi , you spend time alone with her all the time .", "i go to the ham all the time and grew up there !", "i think i just died a little inside ...", "i made a new workout shirt to help keep me motivated .", "i believe that is a zucchini weenie", "i will delete this pronto !", "i hate his friendship with a girl !", "i think she is doing much better now .", "i 'm totally going to start calling my vagina the finger park .", "i 'm a janitor .", "i hope i can be more like you this year !", "i made \" fried \" pickles and avacado / chickpea ranch .", "i 've been going there most of my life and had no idea we got that here !", "i have great boobs .", "i first noticed a small amount yesterday , but originally thought it was just the last bit of scabbing .", "i want an update .", "i swear i will touch you with my cold toes in the middle of the night ! ! )", "i love when advice comes with a story !", "i never said i personally drank them , lol .", "i cry when you get so excited to get in her car to go to school .", "i am a bit of a reddit newbie but the reactions make me so curious !", "i got a guy to hand me zacky 's pic ! !", "i 'm out of the loop .", "i go to the ham all the time and grew up there !", "i had it happen to me after a surgery and cut the thing myself .", "i do n't think you would ever do that to me .", "i get free college so i can get out of this profession .", "i 'm a third wheel for my boyfriends date .", "i think he needs a bit of a diddle with that bag of drugs .", "i think \" goatpenis \" might not be something they should say at school ...", "i have thoroughly enjoyed this interaction .", "i 've always known .", "i was n't a hugely popular child ...", "i need help from norway !", "i love them !", "i 'm now certain i am a great and powerful person .", "i would totally take pictures for this .", "i 've done anacortes rental properties website as well .", "i bet their back to school special is even more killer .", "i only , know what a crumpet is because of borderlands .", "i do n't bat an eye .", "i see what you 're trying to do !", "i 'm oretty sure the treadmill is my actual arch nemesis .", "i have tried to go above and beyond to try to be supportive of this .", "i can help !", "i thought she was holding up one finger to say \" one minute .", "i can show you sources of polio killing people . \"", "i thought it was church 's chicken lol", "i think this is my new favorite .", "i am so close to being below 200 again .", "i never said i personally drank them , lol .", "i do n't even like to sit on a toilet that 's still warm from someone 's ass ...", "i just want you to know someone appreciates your hank hill nod .", "i like chip .", "i just want to tell you how much i appreciate how your \" fucked \" is actually up .", "i was being generous with the numbers .", "i tell people you can be \" green \" or you can be \" clean \" .", "i feel the shame .", "i second this .", "i totally thought that intel logo was a box of tampons ...", "i know you would n't pay to get crabs anyways .", "i know i would n't stand a chance if it did actually bother me .", "i would have loved this .", "i really want to learn to sew !", "i 'm sure the rifle pointed at him had nothing tp do with it .", "i 'm glad she did n't get to go .", "i would happily take two !", "i know that boyfriend of mine gon na want it", "i just annoy her . \"", "i do n't think you 're cheating .", "i can do any sort of workout and not get any bounce .", "i 'm in need of something nerdy like that .", "i just want to see freddie sing with queen .", "i do n't care what size it is i will pay for it and pay for shipping !", "i had to google the elevator of blood .", "i get that .", "i like ccccoocaine !", "i 've never seen them so small tho .", "i have noticed they all have funky yellow teeth .", "i had just told you how miserable that whole dinner was and you got mad at me .", "i 'm a janitor .", "i feel stuck ." ]
[ "my mother has had severe hearing loss for the majority of her life . last weekend marked the first weekend that she has been able to truly hear since she was a little girl ." ]
[ "popless" ]
that dance at the end was awesome !
[ "i 'm not sure , but all it does is randomly collapse roofs", "i spawned outside of said lab , does that count ?", "i 'm pretty proud .", "i would have accepted getting banned for that reason on paradise or something , but hippie ?", "i know , i was just making a joke", "i insist that you stop what you are doing this instant , young man !", "i remember being a ghost during that round .", "i think these guys got lost on their way to a feast .", "i successfully defended my 1-man colony against a 9 man raid", "i 'd like the cover system to be fleshed out", "i mean , at least we 'll get to play rimworld irl , right ?", "i thought it was tg .", "i mean , at least we 'll get to play rimworld irl , right ?", "i have the best sleep then , for some reason .", "i 'm just trying to get enough cash to buy my first destroyer .", "i 'm not sure what you said , but cdda is a roguelike , rng is a staple of roguelikes", "i 'll be your hero !", "i 'll read the shit out of it .", "i need some modding ideas" ]
[ "my mother has had severe hearing loss for the majority of her life . last weekend marked the first weekend that she has been able to truly hear since she was a little girl ." ]
[ "popless" ]
damn man . this just makes you appreciate the small things we take for granted .
[ "i ’m a cs grad student .", "i had a tough time trying to say dock dog .", "i ’ve gotten a mail about an incident , but could somebody tell me what it is ?", "i ’d nope the hell outta that place", "i do n’t care if it ’s a repost .", "i have so much love for dogs that i have n’t seen in real life .", "i ’m not sure why this is being down voted", "i ’m guessing the ball is punctured", "i grew a pair of balls and told a few of them to get off the footpath .", "i do n’t understand why i ’m so damn happy for this kid .", "i remember seeing this on twitter !", "i ’m curious to know how does one change from rails admin to active admin .", "i saw a few cars pass by and have the same question", "i ’ll be in chennai for 2 weeks .", "i do n’t use facebook so i ’m not sure how this works .", "i do n’t find an icloud option in the watch app", "i am interested .", "i purchased a thunderbolt to usb c adapter and connected my air to the pro .", "i ’m from corvallis .", "i wish i had someone cheer like that for me .", "i thought this was a djoke", "i ’m from corvallis !", "i ’ve been reading a lot about admin interfaces like rails admin and active admin .", "i ’ve just created one now .", "i could watch this all day", "i ’m interested in the st201 book .", "i ’ve seen that blue dot mostly appear on iphones", "i ’m from oregon and thought i ’d visit seattle for the next few days .", "i have recently been to chennai and they are accepting the coins there .", "i want him to be on the ellen show .", "i have used it in the metro .", "i ’ve seen some grad students struggle with it .", "i learned how to implement linear regression in python .", "i ’ve gotten a mail about an incident , but could somebody tell me what it is ?", "i love how she ’s squeezing the cubs belly", "i ’ve seen quite a few replies here and thought this might not be a bad idea", "i hope you can help .", "i specifically want to be able to drag a window from one screen to the next .", "i wish i knew much more .", "i ’ll buy you lunch !" ]
[ "my husband and i have become long - term foster carers for two sisters aged 11 and 12 , both students of mine at primary school . our lives have changed completely and we love it ." ]
[ "yeahnahay" ]
such a nice thing to do .
[ "i m starting to regret it though .", "i chose sugar puffs � �", "i laughed at this lmao good thing you saved it", "i ’m really disappointed now :/", "i was wondering if anyone on this sub owns the palette and if so how do you like it ?", "i hope you get help soon", "i ’ve ran through three of these in the past 6 months .", "i m on my way to panning this too", "i was prescribed the 0.25 % zinc pyrithione , 1 % clindamycin , and 4 % niacinimide .", "i think basemental drugs is still broken for now", "i love the lavender on the bottom of the outer portion of your eye !", "i needed a chemical exfoliator in my life and 2 . i get a few whiteheads .", "i actually want some of my sims to have acne", "i loveeee this art style", "i know everyone is different though so i just wanted to know what people prefer .", "i own the morphe 35b and have nt touched it since this one came in the mail .", "i do nt know what i expected when i came to this thread but it was nt this", "i loved this sunscreen but it ran out so quick that i just did nt have time to keep repurchasing", "i use it with the simple kind to skin moisturizer and it layers amazing", "i just do nt care that much .", "i ’ve heard her say in one of her videos that it can also be used on the face", "i run through thayers and that rose water spray like crazy", "i do think they did have her video in mind when doing that ad to be honest .", "i always say white christmas , then san junipero , then playtest", "i realized that the acne scars i hate the most would never go away if i did nt start", "i feel this one", "i run through these super quick", "i skip over jackie aina ’s sponsors because they ’re usually long and right in the beginning of the video", "i was gon na recommend this .", "i just cringed so hard", "i had no idea i could change my game up that much with mccc !", "i hope you get help soon", "i had little bruising and mine faded within 2 weeks !", "i know some people are tired of the whole shade range discussion but it is that serious .", "i need to try pixelade though !", "i m so glad this is coming from the perspective of a black woman", "i wanted to see who else out there has the same prescription i do and what there experience was .", "i use micellar water as a makeup remover , then after cleansing i apply thayers as a toner .", "i finished this sunscreen way too quick .", "i hope this really works .", "i let it go and just bought some new brow products .", "i was just using this highlighter earlier wondering when i m going to hit pan", "i skipped the entire sponsorship , and i hated that part when she defended her powder thing .", "i never see juvias place pans in here .", "i would wear winged eyeliner and mascara everyday in 9th grade .", "i want alissa ashley to show jackie some eyeshadow techniques badly", "i pair it with the maybelline fit me concealer for a natural makeup day .", "i love how you have a nice sized pan in the black ! !", "i think its so cute how involved you ’ve been in in the response to bandersnatch over the internet .", "i give them all negative traits and then you can do mean interactions with every sim you come across .", "i m crying omg", "i really wish companies would get it together and be fair to everyone .", "i ’ve been watching keeyuh a lot lately .", "i rub / massage until some of it is absorbed and then warm my hands up and pat .", "i was obsessing over my pores in my t - zone yesterday .", "i am crying at this", "i ca nt focus on any fucking thing for the life of me .", "i m tired of this trend :( i do nt think the wet look is possible for 4b/4c .", "i stipple it on with a flat foundation brush , then go over with a beauty blender", "i was just starting to get into her .", "i hateeee how they ’re heavy with concealer .", "i m dark skin , nw48 for reference .", "i m still following through w/ my routine though because consistency = results", "i was glad when i finished this up .", "i love this sim , but god i hate the dark skin tones by maxis � �", "i just completed this aspiration .", "i ’d do bronzer , a neutral orangish cut crease , and a pink lip", "i hear constantly that shape tape is not for dry under eyes .", "i did nt think it was that serious and i really needed to be on birth control .", "i feel as though having the implant has made my depression worse in away ?", "i gasped when i read this", "i ’ve had better experience with other bha products" ]
[ "my husband and i have become long - term foster carers for two sisters aged 11 and 12 , both students of mine at primary school . our lives have changed completely and we love it ." ]
[ "yeahnahay" ]
the way the toys are hung make me happy i do nt know why . congrats :)
[ "i 'd love to hear that from a stranger .", "i wish my last whiskey aged as good as you ..", "i do n't think that the stars and planets do n't have a part in our life .", "i would n't be surprised to see that rap name again .", "i see it a lot but do n't know .", "i do n't write comment on popular posts , because who the fock scrolls down that far .", "i hope your bush is n't in this condition ..", "i work in the surgery room , but fuck me .", "i wish i laughed at the joke .. no need to be ashamed my dear friend .", "i do n't speak chinese but this is probably about him having a small penis ?", "i had a nice thought about them behaving though .", "i would n't think that .", "i know it can be a struggle when it comes naming .", "i see what you did there .", "i see you 're a man of culture as well .", "i agree with that:- )", "i 'm never first at anything .", "i once had an affair with op 's mother .", "i would have laughed , while saying ' dayum ' along the way .", "i wonder why .", "i understood a little bit about caution but other than that ... nothing : -d", "i will not make it legal .", "i 'm sure he 's proud of you and how you fight depression .", "i did n't think racism is an issue there .", "i do n't follow politics , it only gives me the headaches , the constant lies and broken promises .", "i 'm proud of this subreddit .", "i 'm not gay or anything but i 'd rather fuck the jewish one .", "i work in the surgery room , but fuck me .", "i 'm not a dog eater but i got hungry as fuck .", "i like the way you implied that one of your cats , haha .", "i always wanted to join a cult ..", "i do n't like thought of putting them on , but damn r / ofcoursethatsathing", "i like your window , it 's much more interesting than you are .", "i see you 're a man of culture as well .", "i mean more than one for a gun .", "i mean in a sense , that it hold you back in any way in further intercourses .", "i see , thank you for clarifying .", "i got to half of it , pretty interesting though my eyes are shutting down .", "i have n't been active regarding anime in the past 3 or 4 years except shingeki no kyojin .", "i thought about being perverse and molesting , but apparently being rich is also one .", "i see , makes sense .", "i know the feel of wanting to break free from society .", "i hope i do n't come across someone , who mentions a buzzfeed article ..", "i get it .", "i could smell your armpit through my phone .", "i read as cock , made me smile .", "i mean .. damn", "i will do my best .", "i will continue with it tomorrow .", "i do n't know which is cheaper , the thing you pulled with the paper or your hair game .", "i always thought , there are taboos , but i always tend to be mistaken ..", "i 'll have a steak , well done ..", "i mean , you 're right .", "i know a man of culture , when i see one .", "i like the your word choice of * trick * it gives an innocent vibe to the story ." ]
[ "my husband and i have become long - term foster carers for two sisters aged 11 and 12 , both students of mine at primary school . our lives have changed completely and we love it ." ]
[ "yeahnahay" ]
how did you come to take care of them ? just curious , anyway awsome pic , really captures the vibe of having children . :-) you are good people .
[ "i thought this was really good .", "i did n't care for her as a follower , but i love her voice .", "i agreed with the bored one 1,000.00 %", "i have not watched the nba since the 1980 's .", "i use richard at manmur on hillsborough street .", "i have told my daughters if they just showed up married - no ceremony , etc .", "i would n't work there for 2.5 million a year !", "i used to take my kids to harris lake and bass fish from shore .", "i have never seen one of these either .", "i bet you can get hands on experience cleaning up isis .", "i would have done the same thing .", "i would go with williams as well .", "i have been three times and would go back in a heart beat .", "i was 28 .", "i help people legally keep more of the money they make .", "i agree with - no .", "i am a hurricanes fan , but this post is accurate .", "i have read that you should not have more than 150 facebook friends .", "i liked your first paragraph ...", "i use dr . tyson in cary .", "i dedicate one drawer to this and one only .", "i just want to go out and play .", "i do n't go to night clubs .", "i thought the survey was a pos .", "i was gon na say cookout but it 's been taken !", "i wondered if alaskan air was comparable or an older plane without this extra .", "i also had a poor experience with them and would never recommend them to anyone .", "i agree with your guest .", "i use capital one as well with the delta airline card as the backup ...", "i sent him to the slog and gave him a job .", "i agree with zero .", "i understand that ....", "i do n't think your mom has been up front with you .", "i have a hard time with the age range 17/18 to 27/28 .", "i help people achieve their business and financial goals .", "i agree with this .", "i do n't have insurance .", "i disagree with \" all \" . i would say \" most \" . :-)", "i 'm at 400 dives give / take 15 .", "i agree with this and reason # 3 .", "i second the motion ....", "i have had my primary mask for 16 years .", "i would say that once you are in your late 70 's you are getting a little old .", "i agree with this .", "i was able to afford braces and get my teeth fixed when i was 33 years old .", "i use dr . tyson .", "i found three there while walking the dog .", "i do n't like them either !", "i have an unopened 1992 edition \" upper deck \" box of baseball cards .", "i got one on an egg hatch and one at the rey 's parking lot in cary .", "i do this when ever i find a mining helmet", "i am in the southeast .", "i know a guy that was 83 .", "i would go to southern utah ... bryce arches grand canyon zion", "i know two mail order brides personally .", "i went back when i was 28 .", "i use donnie at autolife", "i would do b , but i would skip london and either do normandy or the loire .", "i have affectionately named it theodore .", "i have done many 1031 's for retirees that have a rental property .", "i think that she is pretty good .", "i was going to recommend the dorcas thrift shop ....", "i have been to st kitts .", "i would change .", "i thought your answer deserved a crude response .", "i hope the rest of your day is as pleasant as you are .", "i have one .", "i agree that it 's easier said than done .", "i thought the duck foot was sort of a waste .", "i would probably go to either cozumel or isla mujeres .", "i have no ideal if he is by .", "i have taken the rdu - london flight four times .", "i have read that it is about 8,000 feet deep , but i have not personally measured it .", "i would not keep him .", "i agree with colorado .", "i have quite a nest egg in my hsa .", "i scuba dive so bonaire is a good choice .", "i would stick a wad of chewed chewing gum in her hair .", "i agree with this .", "i like lay 's potato chips", "i have done that trip .", "i had someone like this .", "i thought it was 263 killed .", "i recently flew to bonaire on a refurbished delta jet with these and it was sweet .", "i use richard at man - mur .", "i agree on removing objective .", "i agree with this comment", "i do n't give a poop what people think .", "i have my doubts about college .", "i scuba dive .", "i always ignored him .", "i would have said that i had been interviewing and left it at that .", "i hated barbas and got rid of him asap .", "i would not trade faulk straight up for hall .", "i use donnie at autolife .", "i has serious issues with them overcharging me .", "i agree , the cma would probably serve the op better than becoming a cpa", "i do n't blame him in the least .", "i would have told the manager to fuck off .", "i keep my phone number in my wallet ." ]
[ "i have a job interview today ! i 'm preparing to defend my thesis for a master 's degree in chemistry . today i 'm interviewing for a job to begin after the defense , and on top of it all , i 'm only two months away from getting married . i 'm nervous but very excited at the same time ." ]
[ "lkjf" ]
hope everything went well .
[ "i did n't even know they still made cds .", "i m a athaleet", "i heard that 's a thing with them", "i 've had some long strong rides after smoking cigs ... ramps up the adrenaline", "i go with 3 seconds .", "i think he got one foot on", "i see others disagree , shockingly .", "i learned that years ago .", "i fail to see ... . . yeah , we know .", "i 've seen this work on various people", "i will allow you to pretend to not tease me with your skintight comfort pants", "i ai nt got time fo ' dat .", "i 've always found the truth at the bottom of the 500 comment threads .", "i have a tt bike and love taking regular kick ass rides on it .", "i 'm not watching your troll shit", "i was hoping for something more like", "i 've been way happier than that uncountable times and i believe there are still more to come", "i try to stay in stage 1", "i 'd like to never hear from you or anyone in that post ever again .", "i used to think that too .", "i hate ggg .", "i 'm not sure either .", "i 've got my own father .", "i learnt that years ago", "i mean , i 'm sure somebody has thought this before .", "i 'm sure there 's more to the story .", "i knew from day 1 that shit was an inside job", "i 'm guessing hungarian and french", "i 'm not .", "i ca n't believe no one is riding lupine .", "i need to see the front end", "i prefer that to this actually being a legit post .", "i have not learned that yet", "i ca n't believe this only has 3,648 downvotes", "i 'm gettin some .", "i would say more like fbi", "i have , i did , and i was n't even fat to start .", "i 'll take things a homo would say for $ 12,000 , alex .", "i thought that was the dad .", "i am a free man !", "i still have n't learned it .", "i 'd say this is the exact opposite of that", "i 'll believe it when we go there again", "i thought clapton rocked .", "i do n't think it has a lot to say about the hive mind .", "i ca n't believe you chumps are buying into this obvious marketing scheme", "i actually do care .", "i hope this does n't change anything .", "i wish i had more than one penis for you .", "i really wish it was n't either", "i bet that chick 's body was hot 6 years ago", "i 'd shoot some gravy in you .", "i guess it only means something if you brag about it to strangers .", "i always liked him .", "i came to ask about dear old leonard myself , also , were n't the pa tribe the susqhehannock ?", "i 'm not , and i did n't even watch it _ ! _", "i 'm am shocked .", "i feel bad for you and your future moments .", "i think their $ 4b came from a huge 1 time chunk % sale of alibaba .", "i prefer slammed stems and parallel to top tube handlebars : \\", "i am your father", "i got 12 at the bank the other day .", "i 'm a performance artist who defaces real art with spraypaint to make people confront loss .", "i noticed that too .", "i know ... why do n't they change that ?", "i did , and came here to post what you did", "i 'll believe it when i have liquid glass sprayed on a bunch of shit i own .", "i do n't see . . i see", "i 'm guessing the 50 cm did n't have a sloping toptube ?", "i know ... fuckin ' _ bitches _", "i just did n't post it until you came forward .", "i wonder if anyone involved with the show can give me $ 10000 .", "i laffed so horridly i fucking shit mah pants .", "i would lower and level that saddle .", "i 'd say , yeah , another typically brave overly re - stated reddit opinion .", "i thought it was bad with 18 year olds .", "i think your dad know better than you , and one day you 'll realize that .", "i do n't need to know about it ... answer it for yourself , and do n't post about it", "i am truly sorry for you .", "i know you are n't .", "i saw right through it right away .", "i believe in pa it is 11 years of continous uninterupted upkeep ... that 's pretty tight", "i had to upvote this to displace the other bullshit posts .", "i knew someone who was 6'6 \" 125 - he was skinny - he was also 18 at the time", "i 'm saying the government does not want more john lennons", "i think it was a bike mod killed", "i 'm calling bs on the cop story .", "i watched this yesterday linked off that mentos rocket bottle fail vid", "i meant on the shoulder out of the lane .", "i figured you would know that reddit would appreciate it .", "i hope he 's straightened his shit out since then", "i thought it came from the planets .", "i think \" friends \" should post there own shit", "i think a lot of a post 's placement has to do with timing and luck .", "i probably have seen that but forgot about it .", "i am hoping that every one starts reading more fucking articles .", "i was trying to find a % that was the same % pron ! , but could n't", "i know she 's going to just stop existing one day . . in this realm , yes .", "i am the best .", "i might have to check that out" ]
[ "police officer cites and releases man for stealing school supplies for his kids then uses his own money to buy food for the guy 's family . via ." ]
[ "Ashex" ]
stealing school supplies ?
[ "i made out with lady gaga if that counts for anything .", "i 'd suggest posting some before and afters and linking them to this thread .", "i have the .40c version and i absolutely love it .", "i 've partied many a night in that place .", "i 'm no expert , but would it be possible to replace the suspension ?", "i have a shoot coming up in des moines !", "i 'm listening to it through itunes .", "i 'll keep you updated .", "i do nt eat meat and this looks amazing .", "i ninja edited that shit .", "i think people forget how happy cash can make them feel .", "i had this same issue last month .", "i 'm honestly happy for you .", "i use it instead of chemical fabric softener .", "i hope everyone 's ready for another market crash .", "i assume you restored it ?", "i was referring to the topless girl in the mask .", "i always wished that anonymous would use max headroom as their face .", "i 'm not sure .", "i 'd love to see the original !", "i 'm intrigued ... post it .", "i have a friend in echo park who can help you out .", "i do n't think these guys give two fucks about their heritage .", "i actually moved just a block away from where it took place .", "i don see swingers .", "i want to give a shoutout to r / gumshoes which exists for exactly this purpose .", "i want to original .", "i have a one day shoot coming up- just interviews and on the fly content .", "i 'm using safari 5.0.2", "i 'm surprised it 's even legal considering all the sanctions we have against venezuela .", "i want your top 5 restaurants .", "i grew up eating just globs of cream cheese on sliced white bread .", "i believe this site was created by a redditor roughly two years ago .", "i 've seen other \" t \" entries .", "i 'm looking for an ak now .", "i believe you still need to get an m 1 license and take the test .", "i 'm gon na take a day and upload tons of stuff .", "i believe they call it \" cheese food \"", "i 'll fly in :)", "i honestly doubt it with seager coming back this year .", "i did the same .", "i 'll watch that movie .", "i assume mostly payment to architect and structural engineer ?", "i normally find these videos pretty lame , but this was pretty moving .", "i 'm a forum member already .", "i 'm looking to purchase one for my girlfriend .", "i 'm sorry .", "i could n't last 30 seconds .", "i have the same worry and family history .", "i do n't understand why this is an issue and why government is getting involved ...", "i really enjoy it there , but it 's not on the shortlist .", "i 'm sorry that your father passed away .", "i saw this movie .", "i hope it gives you fantastic dreams !", "i assume you contacted their lost and found department right ?", "i just looked the up on yelp .", "i rescued him .", "i never understood this phenomenon / trend .", "i love the no upper cabinets look but does n’t it limit your storage space too much ?", "i 'm assuming there is , and they disobeyed it .", "i 'm doing a quick mix for a rough cut on a project i 'm doing .", "i can photoshop something semi nice if you want some help .", "i 'll purée those together and test it out .", "i 'll be bringing my mossberg 500 with me on sunday .", "i guess every penny counts or something .", "i preferred his videos he did for razer music with steve duda .", "i say this while working off a 2 tb hard drive that ’s not backed up ....", "i wonder what company got the contract to make this ballot , and how many millions they received .", "i take full responsibility .", "i was skeptical at first , but after trying rally crane , i 'm a believer .", "i was implying terrorism because it can be considered a ' chemical weapon ' .", "i have a new favorite animal now .", "i was in line at porto ’s for 30 minutes for a tuna sandwich today .", "i 've been procrastinating on it for a while , but now sounds like the perfect time :)", "i feel so much safer now .", "i need your help ...", "i think you speak for yourself .", "i 'm all for transparency especially within such a small community .", "i am as well .", "i 've been thinking about this all day .", "i guess it 's way more fun to submit a link .", "i propose a miata meetup", "i 'm in the hollywood area .", "i 'm switching as soon as they add rtas , au and aax support .", "i recently discovered this station and it 's all i listen to .", "i 'm asking what do you mean by silver back .", "i 'm going to read your review on my lunchbreak and then hit you up with some questions !", "i never saw a follow up .", "i just told him you said that .", "i 'll scan it for science tomorrow .", "i hope this catches on .", "i believe she was a sophomore at emerson college .", "i like sugarfish but their rice is so damn hot which fucks with my sushi .", "i 'm a little farklempt , talk amongst yourselves .", "i love curb , but man ... this was mediocre at best .", "i 'll take sweaty hipster underpants over my hand any day .", "i heard flood salvage is a strong stay away .", "i do n't pass on a golden chance like that .", "i have awful att reception in my apartment .", "i prefer to put a sizable bounty on her head and watch everyone else flock in for the cash ." ]
[ "police officer cites and releases man for stealing school supplies for his kids then uses his own money to buy food for the guy 's family . via ." ]
[ "Ashex" ]
via reddit ? what the hell does that mean ?
[ "i think utah will kick some usc ass .", "i want mine to be a bit more active .", "i guess their point is that it 's not very much ?", "i would argue by lot .", "i 'd say it 's sooner than that .", "i 'm not sure e - voting will ever have security and a sense of legitimacy .", "i do n't see the point in the \" 90-day challenge \" , to be honest .", "i think they 're hideous and symbols of conquest .", "i think it 's pretty clear .", "i 've seen plenty of your comments here and i 'm fed up .", "i read that in haaretz before maher said anything about it .", "i agree with you .", "i wish all blocks ended in buildings with rounded corners like this .", "i do n't know .", "i 'm an atheist , mate .", "i 'm sure it 's on netflix .", "i do n't drink any of that shit .", "i got banned for one comment asking if it was a joke sub .", "i know dude .", "i just threw up so hard .", "i know i 'm not .", "i also dropped lsu down a bit .", "i 'm tired of hearing people say that the american people are afraid of health care reform .", "i 've lived here all my life .", "i had the foresight , too , because * i actually watch college football * .", "i ... do n't think that 's quite how it works .", "i just realized my roommate does that .", "i used to do this at work for the same reason .", "i liked synecdoche , new york .", "i have , of course .", "i never even watched alf .", "i stickied this post .", "i do understand why someone would do that .", "i bet kentucky is just the dirtiest program ever .", "i ca n't look at it .", "i 'd rather we beat the giants .", "i think it 's probably easier and more effective to just ban them .", "i 'm a moron , too .", "i often root for underdogs .", "i know what i 'm talking about .", "i 'm just pointing out that your phrase does n't make sense .", "i think that 's the point .", "i really do n't think applewhite could ever do something like that to us .", "i 'm not talking about what muslims believe or what mosques teach , but rather what the books say .", "i do not think it means what you think it means .", "i wish there were more women like you .", "i 'm not as enamored with blake griffin as everyone else .", "i 'm an introvert .", "i think it 's pretty catchy .", "i bet it was you .", "i do n't like that mouth .", "i did n't say there was n't a difference .", "i thought you were some fanatical muslim for a second there .", "i just did .", "i like my architecture relatively - normal - looking , but classy .", "i hope felix starts .", "i 'm guessing that 's meant to be tongue in cheek .", "i guess the internet got him fired .", "i mean real wooden logs .", "i read the newspaper every day , bro .", "i had one of those back in the day .", "i thought it was amazing .", "i do n't .", "i do n't think it 's even possible to be a 9th generation texan .", "i do n't know , but it looks shopped .", "i do n't really know , to be honest .", "i 'm so damn tired of this debate .", "i think everyone should be paid the same .", "i think he tried to find the worst qb he could so he 'd end up with andrew luck .", "i wanna kick soccer balls into all their faces .", "i feel like government scientists would look at this and chuckle at their paltry attempts at ion propulsion .", "i was calling you out for being a weathist dickhead .", "i remember it so vividly .", "i do n't care how good he is on defense .", "i 'm not a big fan of the gadsden flag , tbh .", "i had no idea the breakfast taco was so regional .", "i do n't know .", "i only know what i 've read .", "i was going for djokovic .", "i do n't think that 's the case .", "i know , right ?", "i do n't think it 's a matter of \" learning \" .", "i do n't see how we could possibly be blamed for that .", "i read that as i was putting chili into my mouth .", "i feel like i 'm taking crazy pills seeing that rotten tomatoes score .", "i do n't trust google at all .", "i did n't say it was in the past month , bro .", "i do n't think you know what i describe .", "i do n't think we should publicize violence .", "i 'm 30 .", "i 'm saying what i think the role of prison is .", "i would n't be so sure of that .", "i do n't remember ever seeing that before .", "i do n't think obama 's got anything to do with this , to be honest .", "i think we should have a new self post image to comport with our new design .", "i think it 's better when you have seats all around .", "i think you 're kind of a psychopath , dude .", "i can see us starting to believe .", "i think it 's funny how he treats the south like some kind of alien world .", "i 'm not asking what you like watching ." ]
[ "police officer cites and releases man for stealing school supplies for his kids then uses his own money to buy food for the guy 's family . via ." ]
[ "Ashex" ]
it ’s just what we do to take care of each other .
[ "i agree , the multiplayer blows cod out of the water , soundwise", "i 'll take the pics", "i did n't even know it had a multiplayer , let alone a good one .", "i 'm getting fucked in the ass over here", "i moved into a new place where i ca n't use a wired connection .", "i let it go because of conversion", "i do n't know man , the gulf has a lot of biodiesel", "i do n't understand , just make a fucking supra , holy shit i 'm done", "i 'd pick up some under armour sleeves", "i kinda enjoyed da vinci code", "i have never even heard of this shit happening .", "i was out of the sectah , what mp are we talking about ?", "i would like to take that monkey 's face off", "i 'm totally seeing \" i 'd fuck you all \" , funny stuff", "i guess pc gamers never need additional controllers if another person wants to play", "i knew it , not even cleaner than my work boots", "i 'm trying to find one for double that in canada", "i mean why go through all that trouble installing another is right ?", "i took it when it was on vinyl", "i swear i could n't stop doing it .", "i asked my romanian co - worker hey , tell me something , was dracula real ?", "i took this at the subway station , relevant .", "i will personally hunt down everyone who fucks with my paypal transaction to meritline .", "i 'm sure they took the subway home", "i regularly pass off my cads as usd 1:1 over here", "i need to change the links and inner tie rod on mine .", "i mean it 's not great , not terrible", "i could probably open up that sub and ask for donations of consoles and games from wealthy americans and euros", "i thought it was spyware ?", "i just got this , good wallet .", "i had to sell mine because i moved to canada , i cry every time", "i 'll take your word for it , the teacher probably knows you will excel no matter what", "i just woke up for a paki smokes , fucking hell", "i guess kiva did n't turn a profit", "i still think gt6 should 've been a launch title for ps4 .", "i bought it on xbl for like 2 bucks a few months ago , great game", "i love the swinging mechanic in bc , i fucking love the momentum it builds , very addictive", "i got those chinese taopperware", "i meant to say any online game says online is not guaranteed", "i used to work for a newspaper in downtown nyc when it happened .", "i really feel bad for daniel pesina", "i loved part 1 and i 'm sad they did n't port warhead to psn / xbl", "i watched lilyhammer , could n't pay me to live in that shithole", "i would b but times is rough and tough like leather", "i also did this with my personal domains , such a powerful tool", "i could teach you but i have to charge", "i hope they sell tons", "i 'd need to see some citation", "i thought they took out dogs in this one ?", "i had to email them and tell them to send me the ps3 edition .", "i got them shrimp on the barbie for ya", "i accept your offer for a trade for my late model", "i do n't even want touch screen .", "i think it comes with all the updates and nissan academy 2.0 on disc and possibly some dlc cars .", "i really like this sweet chili flavor but i will find some middle eastern ones", "i 'm actually trying to do a trade , have too many games", "i 've never seen this in me me format", "i 'll take a stab at it", "i think there was a patch to change it to 5 or something", "i could part with it with the right investor", "i redline every tim", "i would n't expect anything else from your kind", "i was able to pull onto the expressway shoulder near yonge on 401 .", "i defiantly asked for this", "i had en e30 318 , i loved it so much , damn memories", "i do n't know why they never made that game .", "i might get abs from laughing like this", "i need to make sure .", "i used to hate it , but that thing moves", "i 'm taking trades for my 2001 .", "i would like to use youtube , browser , netflix if possible", "i shoot from tha hip", "i 've noticed this before , it 's always some ginger taking up islam and causing bullshit", "i do n't really like rpg games because there 's too much talking and not enough action .", "i love how reddit upvotes shit like this while having 15 tabs of porn open", "i 've only watched the jail episode", "i told you mw2 is better", "i saw a fusion energi on our lot yesterday .", "i know someone out there has solved this so help .", "i 've been outed , so long and thanks for all the friendship", "i 'm muslim but a nigga knows what 's good", "i wish kfc had their cajun fries and fried shrimps though", "i 'm a 41 megapixel nokia 8260 photographer too and this is awesome !", "i 'd probably do it , a manual bmw is something that can not be compared", "i just red that myself", "i was corrected years ago so i will pass it on .", "i could 've sworn my e30 had a cockpit feel to it", "i 'm thinking of moving to a place that does n't have internet and considering clear wireless .", "i buy physical copies all the time .", "i could n't fast forward a movie so now i 'm gon na pirate everything , ama", "i have american dollars in the banks", "i 'm tired of this , suvs need to be banned", "i think he means alcohol , weed and coke .", "i literally lold out loud", "i was like shiiiiiiieeet", "i got mine on the 26th for $ 47.98", "i searched for it but every link suggests that i need to root my phone .", "i ca n't stop laughing at this , ca n't unsee it .", "i sold mine in november and moved to canada .", "i played the demo and thought it was ok . never got around to buying it ." ]
[ "police officer cites and releases man for stealing school supplies for his kids then uses his own money to buy food for the guy 's family . via ." ]
[ "Ashex" ]
fucking pig , lock this fucker up
[ "i 'll try .", "i have a 20/25 year old tv , display says brt2 .", "i remember it , but you could find it by searching for bow , and sort by new .", "i think it best translates as water .", "i think it should be , _ turkey", "i just lost to a whole bunch of them ...", "i have n't been able to view any list .", "i 'll make it look like an accident .", "i did n't say anything .", "i 'm not a native speaker , but should n't it be * has * ?", "i only got 13 .", "i 've removed it .", "i 'm sorry .", "i find it disturbing that i know this .", "i found your problem .", "i 'm belgian .", "i still clicked on the rebel icon over that number left of the thumbnail .", "i have no idea , i 'm just a copy / paster .", "i now have 4 complete sets of cutlery .", "i blame you for my fucked up sleep schedule .", "i 've got reloadevery on my browser .", "i have missed that one .", "i denied the holocaust .", "i have a stone that keeps tigers away .", "i never get to see images on tinypic .", "i was taking a sleep .", "i believe there 's a shrub there now .", "i 'm sincerely sorry for removing this one .", "i would if i could .", "i always have to laugh when belgians speak english .", "i somehow really hope so .", "i 'm on mobile and too lazy to do that rn .", "i told myself to mention that , but that made me rather forget it than actually do it .", "i think it 's in settings .", "i once have been to an away game with four other people .", "i really do .", "i prefer dancing ladies .", "i 've fixed the same issue by recreating the guild .", "i actually googled for a picture , and i chuckled when i saw it .", "i 'm pretty sure this was the last champions league game for this ref .", "i 'm trying .", "i actually tried to prevent giving them extra traffic .", "i tried this two days ago for a couple of games .", "i guess it falls directly on top of the already existing deck then .", "i thought \" left \" .", "i 'm sorry i was unaware of this club 's existence .", "i 'll play him .", "i 'm having a beer !", "i 'll go drown my sorrows now .", "i think he was just trolling .", "i laughed at the second link and the top comment .", "i believe in his case he 's on a holiday .", "i call fake on this one .", "i thought it was an old map and included rbc .", "i thought it was windsor .", "i think this is it :", "i have the same processor .", "i saw that video a couple of years ago .", "i guarantee it 's german .", "i 'm going outside .", "i learned that those hostages had to wait another year .", "i installed it , and no balls show up .", "i 'd try that .", "i 've always wanted d2o ' sinking ' ice cubes .", "i 'm sorry i did n't realize i was going against the circlejerk .", "i think the neighbours cat did it .", "i play starcraft 2 , gta 3/4 and path of exile at the moment .", "i hope he has a very large cage .", "i could n't find it , assuming the poster had removed it .", "i 'm gon na bitch about repost .", "i thought i was being trolled with that first picture and answer .", "i ca n't stand penalties .", "i 'm no chef , but that looks amazing to me .", "i 'll give it a better look .", "i suspect it has something to do with items with gems .", "i bet your neighbours love you .", "i think we need a little break", "i 've still removed it because of it .", "i have n't been able to check the /new list for a couple of days .", "i 've removed it .", "i always use those to make potions .", "i hope you do n't have pets .", "i give a fuck .", "i ca n't figure out what it is .", "i think the scratches are gone by then .", "i did n't deal with the boss , only the janitor .", "i could n't find it myself either ... /u / wolfosaurus did .", "i thought elephants had tusks to defend themself .", "i 'm not too worried about it .", "i almost feel sorry for ronaldo .", "i looked at the pictures , and i think he likes men in tight pants more .", "i mean , you can add salt later if there is n't enough .", "i 've made a lightweight sv with all the conveniences of a small base .", "i believe this is near urk , which is also protected by the afsluitdijk .", "i assume this is a mirror : .", "i 've been looking for a lighter i 've been keeping in my hand for an hour ...", "i 'm dutch , and you both suck !", "i 'm puzzled .", "i did n't know this one .", "i love msg ." ]
[ "police officer cites and releases man for stealing school supplies for his kids then uses his own money to buy food for the guy 's family . via .", "a cop doing something nice ? well , spank my ass and call me suzy ." ]
[ "Ashex", "sweatervest" ]
bend over , suzy !
[ "i hate grammer mistakes .", "i know this because i am iama_girl 's bf .", "i fuckin ' itoadaso .", "i just do n't understand how some people just ca n't understand sarcasm .", "i hate my marriage . \" )", "i do n't know what set you 're talking about , because it was shot on paramount 's lot .", "i give that username 10/10 .", "i 'm a demon , ask me about how you can wallow in the despair of eternal damnation .", "i do n't like the new one .", "i 'm goin loko for dem lokos", "i 'm sorry ... could you repeat that ?", "i should warn you though , i 'm not a very good tailor .", "i think you missed that one , chief .", "i 'm here for the gang bang .", "i do n't know .", "i have delanie walker as my starting te .", "i wanted a !", "i contest , sir , that you do n't know what a link is .", "i caught you , aids !", "i do n't get it :(", "i have no idea which one 's . ftfy", "i do n't get it ... what was the full comment ?", "i shop at the gap still :(", "i made an obama remix , it 's pretty good .", "i mostly hung out with people like myself : open minded teens . that 's classic .", "i was hoping you 'd say that .", "i do not think that word means what you think it means .", "i think you mean an torrent .", "i 've wasted too much time thinking about this now .", "i do n't know .", "i made a remix to obama 's new audio book clips ,", "i 'm gon na make it so dry for you", "i do n't need no fuckin bamboo", "i 'd liken them to mini bobas .", "i have n't been this excited for a movie in a really long time .", "i would be quite surprised as well , as i have never written a book .", "i clicked on the video thinking it said honest ' twitter ' commercial .", "i personally love breakfast sandwiches , and i feel like square one has the best ones in the area .", "i really hate myself for laughing at this .", "i bet he has a strong sense for playing .", "i hate to break this to you , but andre agassi is a racecar driver .", "i thought they were trying to hit an oat .", "i see what you 're saying .", "i wish i had a container like that , because that really is a fantastic idea .", "i do n't think scarce is the right word .", "i do n't know man , florida usually gets all the attention for being weird as shit .", "i 'd love to meet my fellow trojans on reddit .", "i 'm new here , so i submit for your approval , a picture of bacon !", "i 'd still eat it .", "i put the ' crying ' back in to ' masturbation ' .", "i do n't know why you 're getting downvoted .", "i think i got it now .", "i know i 'm gon na get hate for this , but toy story 2 was n't ok .", "i think you 're being intentionally dense .", "i ca n't he 's football meme .", "i only heard him talking about video cass - ettes .", "i hate to say it but itoadaso .", "i love you .", "i ca n't , for the life of me , figure out what this guy was trying to accomplish .", "i would like 200 upvotes to celebrate my 2 years on reddit .", "i 'm just a fan of rape in general .", "i do n't know , i think it might be a little too early to say .", "i want to hear him talk about his ' bling bling ' .", "i cwapped my pants .", "i do n't think that 's how it goes .", "i was n't complaining at all ." ]
[ "police officer cites and releases man for stealing school supplies for his kids then uses his own money to buy food for the guy 's family . via ." ]
[ "Ashex" ]
a cop doing something nice ? well , spank my ass and call me suzy .
[ "i was the monk .", "i 've noticed that pouring water on my cat makes her very active .", "i was using it pre - buff and it was working , if a bit disappointing", "i 'd hope not .", "i think on route 211 .", "i find that to be far more complex and interesting than another dime - a - dozen hoppy beer .", "i think that article was an example of the latter .", "i wo n't be able to make tonight :( . edit : disregard !", "i 'm too awesome to look for it myself .", "i think you meant /r / circlejerk .", "i have friends doing just that .", "i mainly use the uav , so i will see how it goes with keyboard .", "i 'm sure you 'll be accepted soon .", "i buy candy for 57 cents .", "i 'm not sure i understand .", "i enjoyed et : qw more than et .", "i , cheapypipe , hereby bestow upon user \" kjrieg \" a period for grammatical use .", "i wonder why people always say who coined the term meme .", "i once got a usb keypad , just so i could play nethack .", "i always understand my code .", "i 'll get you the alliance leader 's name if it 's possible .", "i choose one of the devices running silent , and i roll matrix perception .", "i had to turn the volume up all the way to hear you , but thanks for this !", "i just performed the best i ever have ... and failed the quest .", "i found a shiny klink , so i 'm very partial to him right now .", "i will boldly , and gladly , do this necessary task for the betterment of mankind .", "i think titaniumjackal 's point was to make an equally absurd blanket statement .", "i wonder if their form has a communal kitchen or not .", "i think he 's working on revamp , although i 'm not sure ...", "i do n't know man , those hats ... oh man ...", "i find the downvote you got fairly funny , since it confirms what you were talking about .", "i could never figure out what type the hot - sim addiction was .", "i ca n't believe i have n't put that together yet .", "i 'm pretty sure \" tech \" is n't a class .", "i saw some samples at one point of a simplified version .", "i adore the wasabi peas , but despite loving sriracha , the peas just do n't work for me .", "i strongly agree with your athiest libertarian - leaning sentiments .", "i 'm all 5 .", "i went to the gym , even though i did n't want to .", "i found that one to be way better .", "i 'd rather not let my secret place out .", "i 'm melvin . \" )", "i do n't appreciate such crazy \" facts \" thrown about .", "i 'll comment there in a bit then !", "i believe the alt - text is referring to this .", "i have some comments about the chaplain", "i 'm at and it was pretty decent !", "i 'm trying to get an idea if it 's a faster route then my normal one .", "i was quite sad when i found out it was n't on alive 2007 :(", "i 'm not 100 % certain on that though !", "i like the ias and almost ensured res sig casting though .", "i do n't find it odd at all that they would n't have thise", "i believe that lagombi are mostly herbivores that rarely eat meat .", "i saw that , and may end up doing that transfer thing .", "i was get invited to a party , but did n't drink too much .", "i hope you never learn the truth behind the dark ages and who fabricated that myth .", "i was disappointed .", "i have a web cam , but that 's the only way i could record myself on the 3ds .", "i just do n't always understand what it 's doing .", "i wonder if this guy and mr tk - to - get - the - sniper are related .", "i predict it dies out in a week or less .", "i 'm just gon na get the \" add it to anything \" recipe out of the way .", "i 'm confused .", "i 'll give you an upvote .", "i feel lonely if i do n't see one saturday night .", "i know that was my reason .", "i hear walking towards the bed and then down on it works pretty well", "i 'm posting this from my glorious xbox one .", "i feel like i have less braincells now than before i read the post .", "i 'm not sure if that 's just covenant , or includes humans as well .", "i think it 's a napping puppy .", "i took a picture of it !", "i just use the script , and it 's worked for me so far .", "i was expecting a nerf to 2 stacks of might , since 3 was ridiculous .", "i did a fairly simple thing and now i never have that problem .", "i meant the knives themselves , not the status ones", "i 've been searching and ca n't seem to find much .", "i 'd prefer zawk tirson for my name .", "i wrote the archetype , so i was quite happy to hear you were using it .", "i 'd recommend asking /r / guildwars2 .", "i had never heard of them before .", "i just added you , btw .", "i do , in fact , enjoy not having my hardware be raped ...", "i ca n't use my own sleaze for that ?", "i did n't think anyone took kael seriously about that =/", "i forgot that it 's 50 % of non - crits .", "i had n't seen it .", "i was in awe of that beard when i saw it .", "i 'll buy 40 .", "i wish it was mine though !", "i have no clue how people thought tf2 .", "i 'd be glad to do the runs as a rit .", "i do n't think its fair to say almost all do .", "i 'll send you a whisper if we need more people .", "i 'm starting him with 37 karma , and this is what i have so far .", "i 'd pay to watch that .", "i kinda want to have a medieval era only food party now !", "i 'm curious .", "i 'm sure you 'd be fun to take to a duck pond .", "i just had a flash of inspiration ." ]
[ "police officer cites and releases man for stealing school supplies for his kids then uses his own money to buy food for the guy 's family . via ." ]
[ "Ashex" ]
fuck the police ! err wait , wrong subreddit ?
[ "i upvoted as soon as i heard the portal sounds .", "i used to be able to get a chicken biscuit for breakfast .", "i have a friend who says the same thing except it 's trees he loves .", "i 'm still looking for my dream job .", "i think i 'll mosey over to the store and check out some hats right now .", "i 'm pretty sure he 's actually korean .", "i would definitely watch it with my kid if it was kid friendly .", "i want to make some music videos .", "i think the idea is kinda lame but sheesh people give the guy a break .", "i never did get the feel for the controls .", "i dig it as well !", "i can see my password .", "i love his musics!~ ! !", "i do n't really hate apple .", "i just nominated my rural podunk village .", "i love beer .", "i 'm so excited !", "i wish i knew .", "i 'm a man with a big hairy gut but i wear a shirt in public .", "i modified someone else 's art .", "i know fermat is the source of some of those old math problems i was talking about .", "i 'm trolling and i 'm serious so take it how you like .", "i 've watched dog the bounty hunter .", "i have n't eaten in over 24 hours !", "i guess my imagination just went crazy .", "i 'd say he was afraid of knocking it in on accident .", "i wish it was the thumb guy .", "i 'll adopt them ... and test makeup on them", "i love that disgusting piece of genius shit", "i 'm so ...", "i 'm the least picky eater ever .", "i wondered how long it would take someone to notice that .", "i hate analog sticks so much .", "i heard that game was great and that the witcher 2 was supposed to be really great .", "i just pretend like i was waving to someone behind them .", "i can tell by the pixels .", "i 'd rather see stickfigures than wanime anyday .", "i clicked the link but then i saw that i had 3 status updates", "i love stella .", "i doubted the speed at which it would be done .", "i plan on getting permission from the musicians too .", "i 'm at 2.25 gb", "i do n't think it 's illegal to own them , just to buy them .", "i love the handpainted backgrounds .", "i think this painting would give your man cave more of a creepy rape cave vibe .", "i love both of you .", "i ca n't hear what odb is saying at all .", "i loved this .", "i thought uk won the ncaa national championship .... boom shakkalakka ! !", "i do n't understand how this benefits the company at all .", "i chose manual recovery .", "i love them though , i just make sure to remind her what size i want .", "i imagine inside jacket pockets are pretty hard though , right ?", "i believe that if god existed , god would not want you to believe in him / her", "i see pixel nips .", "i do n't like the eagles either .", "i live there but i have to work tomorrow .", "i 've checked the sources file a bunch to see what i can add .", "i 'm not sure how this fits into anything but just think about it .", "i 'd say the spade was trumped in this hand ...", "i call it zack morrising", "i came into this thread and specifically searched for \" jackie chan . \"", "i read that as \" installed \" and imagined that you were a robot .", "i pay 80 dollars a month for that plus basic telephone service .", "i 'm not saying that it 's a justification .", "i guess i did n't listen closely enough .", "i 'm a robot .", "i know this is a weird question but did you happen to drink any of his blood ?", "i 'm a middle eastern guy .", "i would not kill myself", "i used to put sarah palin and rush limbaugh 's books in the childrens section .", "i once wrote an e - mail to the shoelace site guy telling how awesome his webpage was .", "i was thinking about going with toshiba for my next laptop .", "i work 12 hour shifts at night .", "i was thinking of htmlhtml / html", "i 'm jordan ward !", "i just want to swim in kim - chi and have a cheap cellphone plan .", "i also have some older non - chiptune music on myspace ] .", "i do n't buy it .", "i had to scroll back down to give you the upvote .", "i love this movie and the soundtrack .", "i just bought the 4in1 pack from amazon .", "i do n't know .", "i 'd rather not push or shove .", "i would have liked to see it before i repurchased it from amazon .", "i feel like i relate best to data and that scares me .", "i just watched this movie at your suggestion .", "i 'm about to buy a new alienware alpha .", "i 'm a cop .", "i actually told this joke to a co - worker , no one understood it .", "i 'm karma whoring )", "i 've heard a lot about firefly and the concept of the show is awesome .", "i let them know that if they updated their phone it would be locked again .", "i named them peepee and poopoo .", "i think that was the point he was making with his last line .", "i read comments on reddit .", "i thought it was pretty good for some little kids", "i hate defensive fanboys .", "i just never took the time to watch it .", "i roll with no protection broseph ." ]
[ "police officer cites and releases man for stealing school supplies for his kids then uses his own money to buy food for the guy 's family . via ." ]
[ "Ashex" ]
... and then tasered him . just kidding that 's cool of him . instead of dinner he should have bought the damn school supplies though . sheeeeit .
[ "i like it , but not enough to replace utorrent yet", "i was thoroughly confused .", "i just started watching and am almost halfway done with the first season .", "i 'm sorry , paxisnack , but your submission in politics was removed by bmeckel because it was editorialised .", "i did n't know myself until a few months ago .", "i was wondering where it had come from !", "i think this works .", "i 'll take bioshock if that 's all that 's left", "i really like the xavi / iniesta upgrade but neymar would be more useful in this case .", "i use my ipad mostly .", "i assume you did n't delete it , so the mods must have .", "i do n't think it was ever fully written , but i 'm not sure .", "i have one too .", "i 'm back on board the sign benatia train !", "i 've completely forgotten how i got this .", "i always forget about the good old 19 point football scale .", "i could be wrong , naturally .", "i 've seen faketimewarner , fake time warner and ftw , but in cydia i 've found nothing .", "i 've heard free agency can be a bitch .", "i have n't tried , but i will later and let you know .", "i 'm assuming you 're coming also ?", "i did not have an especially exciting day today .", "i would assume most festivals do this , do n't know about clubs though .", "i 'm so much better at speaking than writing , i simply can not organize my thoughts when writing .", "i figured there would be something along those lines .", "i 'm thinking of anomaly .", "i faceplanted while playing wii baseball .", "i ca n't seem to find it anywhere .", "i will add some when i get a chance", "i checked the app store and cydia to no avail .", "i love you .", "i have tremendous respect for developers like this .", "i should know , it 's my last name .", "i thought ace combat , i was also very confused .", "i 'd say it 's a close race between here , etab and sodypop but who knows", "i hate you .", "i 'm off to stop being a dick !", "i still have the trophy for beta testing the new search , and i still feel special for it .", "i mean i 'll go with whichever is cheaper , did n't mean i needed the greatest hits version .", "i wish i had this !", "i secondly concur the fucking shit out of this .", "i 'm almost positive it was el libertador , which is just one of the generic ea stadiums .", "i 've put it back now .", "i loved it .", "i 'm so the bestest mod around .", "i messaged the second one , but thanks for removing the other !", "i had no idea .", "i feel like such a reddit noob right now ... *sulks *", "i was confused for a second as well .", "i was n't aware aviation defined the two so clearly .", "i can confirm that etab confirms this .", "i like the part where cruyff was left out of the entire discussion .", "i 've been meaning to do this for a while .", "i believe the ko gadget version is the one with its own power supply .", "i do n't think fox news counts as one of their smaller companies .", "i assume the wsj , but it 's not attached to the picture .", "i prefer burgerritaville .", "i also always keep the brightness all the way down which improves it dramatically obviously .", "i 'm on netflix right now watching the x - files so i 'll accept it whenever .", "i usually find downloading more ram solves the whole flux capacitor issue , but ymmv .", "i do n't know whether to be mad or just trust darth hoodie .", "i have tried a couple and they seem very cluttered with nonessentials", "i get the feeling that has been drilled into his head by his marketing team .", "i was certainly unaware of that , and my statement does n't really hold up with that knowledge .", "i 'm surprised no one has mentioned good old", "i 'd be willing to help you guys on a weekend if you wanted .", "i am not a bright person ...", "i also broke a finger playing with a nerf football .", "i meant 4.3.4 !", "i hate to say it , but did you try a barrel roll ?", "i 'm currently using an icepack plus paper towels to play borderlands 2 .", "i opened this on alien blue expecting something different than its normal layout .", "i believe you meant \" hawt . \"", "i think the mods removed your post .", "i 've got a two trial if you 're ok waiting until i get home later today .", "i 'm involved !", "i agree that fred fits better , but i 'd like to see how costa did in his spot .", "i bet it was kemitche .", "i do wish them well though .", "i have a theory that the koreans are just resistant to hurricanes .", "i 'll edit the post when i 'm on a computer", "i have n't noticed any issues on mine .", "i wish they 'd be useful again :(", "i 'd like to finally be able to play games like bf3 and such", "i 'm unbanned !", "i do n't think ggg let 's people drive when they 're high .", "i 'm sorry , geekender , but your submission in politics was removed by bmeckel because it was editorialised .", "i would say sanchez but it 's too soon .", "i 've removed your post for breaking them .", "i usually do n't mind reposts , but this one just comes up waaaayy too often .", "i was dying of laughter .", "i go all the time with my family and love the difference in seasonal menus .", "i always love this one :", "i 'm too drunk for this .", "i was extremely confused as to how this pertained to working at day care .", "i could n't stop thinking that the entire match !", "i mean i do n't have any sources or anything but he has n't denied it !", "i mean i got a breaking news alert from espn when osama was killed .", "i 'd like to be reminded of my favorite site even when i 'm not here .", "i never understood why cigars were not meant to be inhaled ." ]
[ "police officer cites and releases man for stealing school supplies for his kids then uses his own money to buy food for the guy 's family . via .", "via reddit ? what the hell does that mean ?", "maybe instead of digg ?" ]
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aka from reddit yesterday .
[ "i have waited four hours , what s the surprise ?", "i love hugs !", "i hope you are * * not * * joking ;)", "i did not realize that , must have happened after i stopped paying attention .", "i was just about to post this .", "i am actually a bigger fan of their earlier stuff .", "i still listen to it to this day !", "i also would like to know why this so popular .", "i spent hours online every day and looking back it was not a positive thing .", "i would always question ea 's slogan whenever it came up .", "i was expecting it to be because of the vuvuzelas .", "i am judging you right now .", "i think you are doing it wrong : d", "i can do anything a backwards man can .", "i do n't believe it .", "i need to read it again .", "i actually went to a camp near a small island nicknamed \" spider island . \"", "i know what you mean , my grandpa fell and broke his hip at age 90 .", "i do n't even like coffee , but i gots to have it .", "i miss you too !", "i am a bit claustrophobic , so mad props to you !", "i feel the same way about a lot of them :/", "i think it was around the middle of the flight .", "i sometimes go to willow creek , its a great place .", "i think its 20/35/50", "i played a few games and it was pretty awesome .", "i have had a tniv bible for 4 + years and i love it .", "i think it is right , . that i be more polite !", "i have no idea but it was still freaking awesome !", "i am looking at you , pygreg .", "i would literally cry and scream at god to change me .", "i 'd much rather believe that a fictional video game character beat the guy up .", "i am a winner and winners do what they want .", "i should have read this before i clicked on it .", "i laughed soooo hard watching that .", "i understand that .", "i love cookies .", "i am right with you .", "i think debt is the issue for him .", "i hate you ;)", "i suppose that means you are off the hook .", "i had one as well .", "i felt the same way reading this as i did when i first stumbled upon mlia .", "i will not be held responsible for these jokes .", "i would hope they have grown tired of coming over every time someone mentions masturbation ?", "i sure hope not .", "i 'm not saying i 'm just saying .", "i am not a goddammed programmer !", "i will let it slide , since i enjoy your comments enough to have you friended :)", "i was just on a train with some very loud drunk people .", "i was just thinking about this verse in the very same context just yesterday .", "i did respond with something else .", "i had to get rid of both .", "i am sitting in a chair ...", "i do n't know what else to say .", "i can tell by the pixels .", "i do n't remember saying anything was wrong .", "i normally play tanks and find that losing the game sucks all the fun out of it .", "i wish i could find the original picture that started that subreddit , that thread was awesome .", "i get that it is imaginative as well , but i do not really see why it is special .", "i only played dota with my friends over lan on cracked copies of wc3 , never online :p", "i just do nt care anymore .", "i thought it was called promote .", "i would be fine with downvotes if someone explained why so i could improve what i contribute .", "i am a christian and i approve of this hilarity .", "i remember everyone getting excited about fences .", "i guess my lack of experience will hurt the job search .", "i played that game and everything seems to match up .", "i did n't like jungling until i tried it with brolaf .", "i am loving this meme .", "i think he was just being a little playful , rather than truly challenging .", "i am not really a \" creeker \" but i do attend once in a while :)", "i think i missed this one .", "i am not exactly clear on what you are getting at .", "i can only imagine the paperwork .", "i 'm loving it ... you know , that could make a great slogan .", "i have unfortunately done that before - _", "i thought the same thing but it seemed like it had too many upvotes .", "i sure wish i got books for free = p", "i do n't think most people can afford $ 360 a year for haircuts .", "i have been having similar thoughts , you have great insight !", "i will update my original comment with the scan .", "i really do n't see the problem .", "i liked sunder krishnan too !", "i feel the same way , but i guess there are a lot of people who think differently .", "i think i only missed one with the it 's god 's fault . \"", "i should read it again :p", "i am going to out lazy you by not saying anything substantial in reply .", "i coded psalms for 5 different things : adoration , confession , thanksgiving , supplication , and lamentation .", "i ca n't quit you : d", "i ca n't tell if that was sarcasm .", "i would have never guessed .", "i would say the most common definition of rational .", "i have noticed this myself .", "i will let it slide this time ...", "i think i died a bit just from reading the bold in your post .", "i have read 6 .", "i honestly do n't know , does surrendering influence that at all ?", "i see you punted on my question .", "i am so waiting for a bozarking comment ." ]
[ "police officer cites and releases man for stealing school supplies for his kids then uses his own money to buy food for the guy 's family . via .", "via reddit ? what the hell does that mean ?" ]
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maybe instead of digg ?
[ "i have five myself !", "i ’ll have to get help from the sounds of it then .", "i am in alberta but see if there is a subreddit for ontario ?", "i sketched a dog cross unicorn .", "i was thinking you were not even taking him out to go in the ball and stuff !", "i am not a vegan .", "i have oatmeal for breakfast every day , boring but cheap !", "i forgot about that one !", "i was home alone last night when i got a knock on the door .", "i need customer testimonials ?", "i note my mother is the same ... but not asian .", "i would have to vote it up !", "i am you .", "i am a girl ...", "i personally enjoy a good arguement .", "i have pet ducks", ".", "i do n't think it is even in print any more .", "i too have a tabby colored barn cat that likes to prowl", "i am irate at all the people who suddenly want to rescue a puppy .", "i was mistaken .", "i was referring to the child for refusing to say amen .", "i mostly hope people figure it out before then .", "i still blame bush", "i catch wasps in my home and let them go ..", "i love your user name !", "i was a \" guest \" writer - i did the bit on chickens .", "i can just imagine the look you gave the owner of the dachshund ...", "i live in canada , those guys look so awesome .", "i had bruises all over my legs last year from one", "i have decided that everyone is racist to some degree .. including you for posting this .", "i just watched the movie about her life and was fascinated .", "i messaged one of the people there to remove this article from their site .", "i was there this summer - living in alberta - we went to enderby .", "i ca nt see a thing", "i note most landlords are greedy bastards .", "i am a woman , a mom ..", "i am not seeing it today .", "i think the i d refers to the \" adult \" stage only , not the earlier stages .", "i think the black part is part of the face ?", "i wonder did anyone feed him people food ?", "i live rurally ..", "i live in canada very near the canadian rockies ..", "i mean .. what do they have in common .", "i have always blamed the rich .", "i am a woman .. and support your actions !", "i have 10 .", "i assume he / she means \" united states of america \"", "i have 1,2,5,6,7 13,16 .", "i up am by pigeon lake - just south of edmonton ..", "i called it survival of the prettiest .", "i wished for a certain guy to be my boyfriend ... my wish came true ... worst wish ever !", "i never said that ..", "i wo n't support that company .", "i believe that just means you can not charge them more for paying with credit card .", "i personally was n't referring to homeless people ..", "i know they can be toxic to dogs .", "i 'm on dial up ..", "i disagree ... and will never totally shave again .", "i 'm off to work now !", "i have heard after ..", "i do nt mind the penny one bit .", "i loved the caterpiller !", "i am on a desktop and i can not see the whole thing at once .", "i am sorry about the loss of your kitty , it 's never easy .", "i 'd say go to canada instead .. political tensions in the usa are insane !", "i have a pet sheep who had a stroke .", "i sound like a dumb parent huh ?", "i have been diagnosed with depression , and never heard of melatonin making it worse .", "i was n't .", "i have won many times", "i think there is a veterinarian type sub , but i am not a member of that ...", "i honestly do n't know , but certainly more than once .", "i would not give more .", "i worked in a shelter for 5 years .. nobody wanted any thing much over a few months .", "i believe it was in a lot of aerosols , not just hairspray .", "i do nt care ..", "i live in the bible belt ab .. its pretty bad , i can tell you that ...", "i was thinking it could blink ?", "i have tamed many kittens , and cats , this way !", "i did answer your question , the fact that you do not like my answer is just too bad .", "i have sheep , feel free to film !", "i remember it at the time .", "i would ask at the rocky mountain house tourist information center honestly .", "i just repost stuff myself", "i 'm pretty sure your second point is false .", "i shall have to let my boss know .. he has been doing this for years !", "i was mistaking being sued with being charged .", "i 'm way up in canada myself ..", "i have seen a pomeranian dog chase a moose once .. wish i had a video !", "i ’m stuck .", "i just see surveys ?", "i am assuming you have called the shelter and left a found report - asked your neighbors ?", "i like mimi , but i also like the name jasmine .", "i have heard costco is also very fair to employees ..", "i can do it in one line ...", "i 'm neither rich , nor american .", "i got ta leave my front door open more often !", "i have seen ftfy before .. what does it mean ?", "i did n't read all that , but how am i pushing my welfarist agenda ?", "i have a barn full of the real thing .. twice as cute ." ]
[ "police officer cites and releases man for stealing school supplies for his kids then uses his own money to buy food for the guy 's family . via ." ]
[ "Ashex" ]
that 's the kind of police department i want running my town .
[ "i 'm a spare canadian !", "i ca n't wait for this , too many hilarious kills / deaths in mw2 gone un - replayed .", "i 'm going to blame it on harper :p", "i saw it in reald 3d , but would like to also see it in imax 3d .", "i was thinking this was maybe scooby 's first appearance or something .", "i 'm trying to decide between making something like this , or a magnetic rack .", "i do n't think mandatory voting should or would be the only electoral change .", "i should look into this .", "i was also wondering this .", "i 'm with on that one .", "i 'm sorry is spam hawaiian or am i missing something ?", "i have \" baked \" beans in my slow cooker right now .", "i love chameleon circuit !", "i expect food without mould or rot , freezers do n't hurt food .", "i also beat a rim employee at a typing test .", "i want him to be all of my college professors .", "i 'm sure he 'll fix it !", "i seem to recall legends of the internet being put on some sort of dead tree ?", "i do n't claim to know the whole system , use google maps they integrate with grt .", "i am already on this .", "i do n't like his voice .", "i 'm pretty sure vibram has better photographers than that ...", "i 'd want 10 for sure .", "i love potlucks .", "i weep for humanity .", "i do n't find them grating at all .", "i have family in rural ns and they get better 3 g everywhere with bell .", "i want a print !", "i still do n't understand , nothing about bpa makes a bottle any better for holding those things .", "i 'm going to watch it later but i 'm upvoting now just for rad .", "i am patiently awaiting my internet chip implant .", "i 'm not so much a fan of just pepperoni and cheese .", "i think people should bring all kinds of reddit meme signs to the colbert / stewart thing ...", "i hesitate to call it marketing and tend to want to call it brainwashing .", "i do but not too much .", "i swear to god domino 's is waging the largest viral marketing campaign to have ever existed .", "i 'll be moving there for the summer on may 5th .", "i 've only broken pyrex dropping it on tile floor hard .", "i called this before the election fraud surfaced .", "i 'm also a big fan of firefly and freaks and geeks .", "i hate think geek .", "i 've avoided seeing the remake .", "i just go with bulk stuff from a local store .", "i 'm working and living with my mom for the summer haha .", "i 'll let it slide .", "i 'd want 10 for sure .", "i 'd like to see lateral ownership and governance .", "i think you mean when not if .", "i ca n't figure him out .", "i mean do you beleive a snake ?", "i love the $ 100 canon 50 mm prime for indoor low light .", "i inventor would then die in a mysterious plane crash .", "i 've seen laptops with 16:9 but not many .", "i made my library floor out of logs .", "i ca n't wait to live in vancouver .", "i love me some wiki .", "i 've been missing all the meetups .", "i wo n't be back in halifax until around christmas .", "i still do .", "i love having it on my computer , ps3 and iphone .", "i use one of those crystal stick deodourant .", "i feel sorry for you .", "i would laugh if it was cut to be a bump key .", "i bought one while working at a butcher in ontario .", "i 'm playing it right now .", "i did n't say that it would .", "i 'm down for that date and location !", "i 've seen many with marble , fireplaces , leather chairs !", "i love my klean kanteen .", "i dislike 16:9 for laptops .", "i wo n't be back in kw until the 23rd sadly .", "i went with the 60d for the larger body / extra lcd and swivel screen .", "i 'm imagining so many weeping 12 year old redditors .", "i know someone who uses them and they say they work .", "i lost 65 lbs eating healthier and tastier than my formally obese self .", "i do n't wear them generally but whaaat ?", "i 'd love to open one .", "i was thinking the other day i should finally pick a hockey team .", "i would be happy to make recipes and photograph them .", "i too thought this was 360 exclusive !", "i really do n't think there are any other words needed .", "i just mean you 're still paying for it , it 's included not free .", "i * * was * * going to save the last piece of apple pie for tomorrow ...", "i literally just saw an ad for ctv on bell mobile devices ....", "i love you too lets be friends .", "i 'm at 4.0.1 jailbroken so that 's really your own fault bud .", "i got mine within a week ... odd .", "i doubt it because i believe you need to plug the ps3 controller in via usb to sync", "i 've read online about the changes already actually ha , i should get recertified though .", "i * liked * it .", "i 'll be at a wedding .", "i know we jest but seriously religious worship of this corporation makes me sick .", "i think the point is alcohol actually kills brian cells .", "i love the internet !", "i 've seen them in nova scotia also ...", "i 'm going to school in kitchener .", "i 'm having the same problem .", "i think children are naturally kind of on acid .", "i was so happy they announced tour dates for this year !", "i like how people in this subreddit seem to think they know something about what shape nathan is in ." ]
[ "police officer cites and releases man for stealing school supplies for his kids then uses his own money to buy food for the guy 's family . via ." ]
[ "Ashex" ]
walmart frozen pizzas ? really ? that 's just mean .
[ "i 'm sure he blamed the damage on me instead of taking the fall .", "i 'm going to be so disappointed if this is what happens because it is so stale", "i agree with all of your points but you did n't change my mind", "i do n’t need / want to see every single one you make", "i 'm just a douchebag", "i do nt believe in a world where you can wear that and not be aware", "i tried to calmly explain why i thought the rules stated things differently .", "i cede the remainder of my time", "i guess voicing your opinion is not allowed as i was immediately banned .", "i suspect he neglected to order them on time .", "i d love some good constructive criticism here", "i still struggle with this daily !", "i started giggling hysterically merely reading this .", "i ’m glad i do n’t know you", "i ’ve never heard anyone like the last one before ...", "i 'm so happy for you .", "i just thought you ’d think that was weird for some reason ”", "i feel like there ’s a more appropriate subreddit", "i 'm just getting into bondage .", "i feel like we would be friends in real life", "i think you missed her point", "i stifle my groan and do what he says .", "i 'm exceedingly jealous at the same time .", "i do n’t understand how people are so gullible", "i enjoyed lamb but i thought fool was garbage .", "i believe the tale of the moon exists to explain that names can be locked up .", "i 'm satisfied when we finish .", "i feel like this video misses the fact that the super fans are getting disgusted too .", "i wish any of this were a thing .", "i made the calls .", "i ’d be more satisfied with this ending than any other i can imagine", "i end up doing the brunt of the work but i like it .", "i do n't miss anything .", "i lay people out !", "i waited until the last day to tell him about the damage .", "i hate how any mention of criticism of last jedi earns automatic downvotes on reddit", "i try to stay up to date on politics but rarely dig in depth .", "i did not understand why i was banned and muted .", "i 'm ridiculously curious", "i do n't care .", "i was nt referring to them with that which i already made clear .", "i feel like your joke got overlooked , lol", "i ’m sorry you got downvoted but r / tinder is the new r / incel hangout .", "i say skip it", "i believe that for certain subreddits your posting is limited partially by your karma .", "i wonder what ’s in the spacesuit", "i only tried ' destiny ' earlier .", "i mean would n’t this have been a better response than refusing to answer ?", "i see why you ’re a janitor", "i 'd like it more if the hand touched the chin", "i ’m fairly sure this is made explicit .", "i agreed many were racists explicitly .", "i watched this gif three times to admire the dismount , not the trick .", "i ’m glad to hear he has much more room", "i almost feel bad for the defender", "i just think russia bot when i read this .", "i wish they ’d just have explained more about why she chose to follow him .", "i gave you a chance .", "i m fairly certain this person cares more about the adrenaline than the pain .", "i ’m imagining a 13 year old whining endlessly with hackneyed religious themes ...", "i do n’t want to consider the other possibilities", "i am genuinely curious", "i said help , not prevent .", "i consider myself a fairly open minded person .", "i ’m sorry you ’ve received criticism for merely asking a question that still has n’t been answered .", "i ’m once again not trying to stir you up despite your hostile tone .", "i ’m sorry this comment has been buried", "i ’ve used this sub as a way to strengthen my own talking points .", "i care far too much about what people think .", "i merely suggested that the nfl issue itself is n’t necessarily racist especially given the info in the meme .", "i watched this video in awe", "i always wondered what the moral of jurassic park was .", "i love this logic .", "i still do n’t get why anyone upvotes this kind of shit .", "i would use every super like", "i ca n’t tell", "i ’d be shivering with fear of splash damage", "i do n’t want to believe in santa if he ’s not really going to break through my roof", "i carefully distinguished myself .", "i ’m not sure you understand what you ’re talking about .", "i just wanted to underscore the majesty as best i could", "i ’m starting to fucking hate redditors", "i avoid him because he seems a bit emotional .", "i would vote to impeach trump for this alone .", "i demand your upvotes be removed", "i almost do n’t believe that part", "i am certain .", "i find muting me to be even harsher and unfair .", "i 'll read it .", "i ’d have unmatched", "i ca n’t believe it", "i like it but i ’d like it more if it seemed like the letters had meaning", "i ’m not sure she cares", "i feel like this book is super overrated", "i 'm pretty sure that 's a cyborg since it has no genitalia", "i make friends with another director who i bunk with .", "i think they are great , reintroduce skill and team tactics .", "i simply am stating my view and asking for a correction if i am missing something .", "i ’m curious how the patterns compare", "i would pay money to see this movie" ]
[ "we got married on the first day of marriage equality in australia . our photographer captured the moment the celebrant said ' australian law defines marriage as the union of 2 people to the exclusion of all others '" ]
[ "sasquatchio1992" ]
“ the exclusion of all others ’ ” seems a rather extreme and unreasonable definition . edit : honestly curious why my logic based comment was downvoted . if you disagreed i ’d appreciate your perspective
[ "i ’m loving the variety !", "i catch up on sleep .", "i stood with around 300 proud immigrants in san antonio ready to become americans .", "i love the unconventional friends !", "i wo n’t let anxiety steal my life !", "i want her outfit .. :-p", "i was so nervous !", "i ’m in texas and this is standard for anywhere a step above applebees", "i ’ll be back tomorrow .", "i know it ’s besides the point but .... you ’re jacket is so cute !" ]
[ "we got married on the first day of marriage equality in australia . our photographer captured the moment the celebrant said ' australian law defines marriage as the union of 2 people to the exclusion of all others '" ]
[ "sasquatchio1992" ]
tell us your story ! why make this choice ? beautiful picture . congrats , y’ all !

Dataset Card for PEC

Dataset Summary

The PEC dataset is an English-language dataset of open-domain conversations gathered from two subreddits on Reddit, i.e., happy and offmychest. PEC has around 350K persona-based empathetic conversations. Each utterance is associated with a speaker, and each speaker has a persona of multiple persona sentences. The conversations in PEC are more empathetic than casual conversations. The conversations in the happy domain are mostly positive, whereas the conversations in the offmychest domain are mostly negative.

Supported Tasks and Leaderboards

  • dialogue-modeling, utterance-retrieval: this dataset can be used to train a generative or retrieval-based conversational model.



Dataset Structure

Data Instances

A typical data example comprises a list of context utterances, a list of context speakers, a response to the context, the response speaker and the persona of the response speaker.

An example from PEC looks as follows:

{'context': ['found out this morning i got a job promotion ! ! !'],
 'context_speakers': ['HeWentToJared91'],
 'personas': [
  "i ca n't stand working in the ugli .",
  'i ’ve always liked my eyes except for the fact that they ca n’t shoot lasers',
  'i feel really bad about myself as a person right now , and i could really use a hand .',
  'i drank a coffee , and it just made me feel even more exhausted .',
  'i want a natsuki t shirt',
  "i 've dealt with depression in the past .",
  'i love red dead 2'],
 'response': "you look like a nice person ! we 're proud of you , and i bet you earned that promotion !",
 'response_speaker': 'tylock'}

Data Fields

  • context: a list of strings, each string denotes a context utterance.
  • context_speakers: a list of strings, each string denotes a speaker.
  • response: a string denoting the response to the context.
  • response_speaker: a string denoting the speaker of response.
  • personas: a list of strings, each string denotes a persona sentence of response_speaker.

Data Splits

The data is split into a training, validation and test set for each of the three domains. Note that the all domain is the concatenation of the happy and offmychest domains.

domain train validation test
happy 157195 19829 22730
offmychest 123968 16004 15324
all 281163 35833 38054

Dataset Creation

Curation Rationale

PEC was built to provide a testbed for machines to learn persona-based empathetic responding. In our empirical analysis, we found that different personas have different styles of empathetic responding. This dataset can also be used to investigate the link between persona and empathy in human conversations. According to our human assessment, the conversations on the happy and offmychest subreddits are significantly more empathetic than casual conversations.

Source Data

Initial Data Collection and Normalization

The data was obtained via the pushshift API via Google BigQuery.

Who are the source language producers?

The language producers are users of the r/happy, and r/offmychest subreddits between 2012 and 2020. No further demographic information was available from the data source.


Annotation process

The dataset does not contain any additional annotations.

Who are the annotators?

[More Information Needed]

Personal and Sensitive Information

The dataset includes the speaker IDs of users on happy and offmychest subreddits.

Considerations for Using the Data

Social Impact of Dataset

The purpose of this dataset is to help develop more personalised and empathetic conversational systems, which is an important milestone towards truly human-like conversational agents.

Discussion of Biases

[More Information Needed]

Other Known Limitations

A small portion of the dataset has the issues of sexism, hate, and harassment. The persona sentences are noisy.

Additional Information

Dataset Curators

The dataset was initially created by Peixiang Zhong, Chen Zhang, Hao Wang, Yong Liu, and Chunyan Miao, jointly done at Nanyang Technological University and Alibaba Group.

Licensing Information

The licensing status of the dataset hinges on the legal status of the data which is unclear.

Citation Information

    title = "Towards Persona-Based Empathetic Conversational Models",
    author = "Zhong, Peixiang  and
      Zhang, Chen  and
      Wang, Hao  and
      Liu, Yong  and
      Miao, Chunyan",
    booktitle = "Proceedings of the 2020 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing (EMNLP)",
    year = "2020",
    publisher = "Association for Computational Linguistics",
    url = "",
    pages = "6556--6566"


Thanks to @zhongpeixiang for adding this dataset.

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