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text (string)
Three-dimensional B-Process
digital I-Process
subtraction I-Process
angiographic I-Process
( O
3D-DSA B-Process
) O
images O
from O
diagnostic O
cerebral B-Process
angiography I-Process
were O
obtained O
at O
least O
one O
day O
prior O
to O
embolization B-Process
in O
all O
patients O
. O
The O
raw O
data O
of O
3D-DSA B-Process
in O
a O
DICOM B-Material
file I-Material
were O
used O
for O
creating B-Task
a I-Task
3D I-Task
model I-Task
of I-Task
the I-Task
target I-Task
vessel I-Task
segment I-Task
. O
These O
data O
were O
converted O
to O
standard B-Process
triangulation I-Process
language I-Process
( O
STL B-Process
) O
surface O
data O
as O
an O
aggregation O
of O
fine O
triangular B-Material
meshes I-Material
using O
3D B-Process
visualization I-Process
and O
measurement B-Process
software O
( O
Amira B-Material
version I-Material
X I-Material
, O
, O
Burlington O
, O
, O
) O
. O
An O
unstructured O
computational B-Material
volumetric I-Material
mesh I-Material
was O
constructed O
from O
the O
triangulated B-Material
surface I-Material
. O
Smoothing B-Process

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