8 Businesses That Immediately Regretted Their Decisions
1) Decca Records didn't sign The Beatles; 2) Excite not partnering w/ Google; 3) M&M's turn down ET; 4) NBC/CBS rejecting NFL Monday; 5) AOL/TW merger; 6) Coca Cola changing flavor in 1985; 7) JCPenney dropping sales; 8) Borders' plans
Is it true that periods synchronise when women live together?
No, any perceived synchronisation is just random chance
Steve Carell Just Got Everyone’s Hopes Up About "The Office" Returning To NBC
It's not. (he later said it was a typo, and that he meant "Will and Grace" [Buzzfeed]
'I looked at it, and it was moving': Worm in woman's eye leads to unique discovery
What was really exciting is that it is a new species that has never infected people before. It's a cattle worm that somehow jumped into a human.
SNL host Kieran Culkin reveals he totally dissed a cast member when he was on the show as a kid
told Kevin Nealon he was his 2nd fave - Dana Carvey was his top fave
It appears Taylor Swift made a brief appearance in 13 Reasons Why
A drawing of the 1989 album cover art appears in the background of a scene
‘Lie Flat’ If You Want, But Be Ready to Pay the Price
The price of not having a job
The Shocking Reason Why Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds Weren’t At The Met Gala
They have 2 kids and were traveling to his movie shoot.
Why the Snow in Parts of Europe Was Orange
Dense Saharan dust kicked into the air and swept through area of lower pressure closer to the northern coast of Libya, helped pull the dust up.
Skydiving Video: Man jumps from 25,000 feet without a parachute
He wears a wingsuit and lands in a giant net on top of a giant airbag
Someone is selling a leather jacket made of human flesh for 2000$
No they aren't, it's an art piece, that doesn't show up until about in.
Zendaya Responds to Fans Mocking the Spider-Man: Far from Home Poster
She replied to a Tweet mocking the poster with a “….”
‘Zombie’ deer disease: Will deer with chronic wasting disease attack humans?
Why Scientists Created a ‘Smart Toilet’ That Recognizes Your Butt
To scan your feces for diseases like cancer or IBS. On a side note, it's too expensive and isn't accurate.
This 35-year-old left the U.S. for Croatia: ‘I live on $47 a day — here’s a look at how I spend my time’
He lives a completely normal life, also he saved $76,000 before moving
'End times are near': Rare two-headed rattlesnake found in the US
The friend of the guy who found it actually said "It is is absolutely real! But I don't think it's a sign from God that the end times are near...".
A man who retired at 34 explains one bad savings habit that everyone should avoid
Don't get overly obsessed with financial independence. Find a balance where you can still be with friends, and spend money on things that bring you joy.
Why Margot Robbie Doesn't Like Harley Quinn's Outfits In Suicide Squad
She likes to eat cheeseburgers and the outfits make her feel self-conscious
Trump tells Pope Francis 'I won't forget what you said'
It isn't known what he said
‘This Is The End’ Director Seth Rogen Confirms Emma Watson Blow-Up On Set
They disagreed on a scene, but she finished the job and they're totally fine with no hard feelings
Staff ‘terrified’ of Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling: Former assistant
The only source is the assistant, who is accused of stealing $40,000 from Rowling
'Wheel of Fortune' Host Pat Sajak Shares 'Very Sad' Announcement at End of Show
His dog died
George Takei Eviscerates Trump’s Flag-Burning Outcry With One Single Tweet
"I pledged allegiance to the flag every morning inside an internment camp. I would never burn one, but I’d die to protect the right to do so."
Minecraft Redditor discovers the hidden axolotl kingdom
He built it and posted it on Reddit.
Truck Carrying Gaming Dice Spills Onto Highway, Rolls A Perfect 756,000
False claim. 756,000 is an estimate. The "216,000" dice that got rolled was also an estimate.
The Rise of the Machines: Why We Can’t Stop Artificial Intelligence
Technology can't go backwards
Make your iPhone run its best by changing these iOS 15 settings
It's actually 20...Interface changes, unlock/privacy settings, cosmetics, text/notification settings, and only a few that actually help the device to "run its best."
The real reason Star Wars movies will go on hiatus after Episode IX
"Star Wars Fatigue"- too many movies in a short time.
This Is What'd Happen If A Woman Got Her Period In Space
The same thing as on Earth.
21 Secrets Producers Hid From Fans On Married With Children
It's a surprisingly uninteresting "where are they now" list that lacks any secrets.
Starlink: SpaceX just lost 80 percent of its satellites — here's why
They lost 40 during a launch. There are about 2,000 in orbit.
Do this for 5 minutes every day to rewire your brain for success, according to neuroscience
Visualize your hopes and goals
While in the military Mr. T was ordered to cut down trees as a punishment by a sergeant. He cut down …
70 trees
DC Comics does the impossible -- Batman wears the infinity gauntlet
It's actually a gauntlet with different colored kryptonite that Batman is using to take out evil versions of Superman
Tool Member Confirmed To Join System of a Down
SOAD's bassist attended a Christmas party hosted by Tool's bassist. That's literally all that happened.
When People Ate People, A Strange Disease Emerged
Tribes that ate Corpses as part of a Funeral Ritual often Contracted a Deadly Sickness similar to Mad Cow Disease called Kuru, with Symptoms Including Loss of Motor and Emotional Control
Girl Gets Kicked Out Prom For The Most Bizarre Reason
Her dress was deemed "too short," though it adhered to the dress code.
Huge new 'planet' discovered by NASA 'could unleash apocalypse and the end of Earth'
The planet is 22,000 light years away and will have no effect on Earth at all
Are teenagers killing themselves in Russia as part of a social media game?
No Evidence.
Discovery Underneath Alcatraz Leads Experts To Reexamine Island’s History
Underneath the concrete recreation yard, researchers from Binghamton University found a very well-preserved military tunnel lined with vaulted brick walls and ventilation ducts, built in the 1860s.
If Starbucks Spell Your Name Wrong It Might Not Be The 'Accident' It Appears & Here's Why
It'll "give you attention" on social media if one takes a picture of it. Saved you a ton of annoying Twitter posts.
Hillary Clinton absolutely destroyed Bernie Sanders in her Howard Stern interview
She was disappointed in how long it took him to endorse him in the 2016 election and hopes he doesn't do the same mistake again in the 2020 election if he doesn't win the nomination
This is the emoji we're all using the most, according to Apple
End of the world: Is coronavirus the prophesied 'Plague' in the Book of Revelation?
No it's not
"Here's What another round of stimulus checks could mean for your 2021 taxes"
Who TF knows, but you won't have to pay back the first round. (
Hold up, are Denmark and Sweden trying to start WWIII?
Bidens bring an unexpected piece of furniture to White House
A crib for Beau Biden Jr., born last year to Biden's only surviving son Hunter Biden, brother of the late Beau Biden who died of brain cancer in 2015.
You’ve Always Wanted To Know How The Rock Lost His Virginity, Right?
In a park, in a car. They were interrupted by a policeman who thought his girlfriend was being attacked.
Millionaire Mocks Poor Woman with 3 Kids on Business Class Flight until Pilot Interrupts Him
The pilot is her husband. Whole story is entirely fictional.....Completely unbelievable writing to boot.
Jeri Ryan Was Stunning In ‘Star Trek’…But Today She Looks Disturbing
to see that she's still beautiful...
Is there A Solution For Constant Fatigue?
Sure is, and it's in this unskippable "make sure your speakers are on" presentation with the one simple trick you can do at home, taking advantage of "micronutrients" we're all missing.
Every time he grills burgers he puts an ice cube on top of the's why
To keep the burgers from drying out. ALSO, it never says anything about always doing this. ALSO, it's just a list of grilling tips. ALSO, it's a woman so the "he" is just a lie.
THE WINDS OF WINTER Release Date: Everything We Know (For Now)
They have no idea when it's coming out.
Now that we’ve seen Tom Hardy’s Venom, do we want to see the movie more or less?
"It's just too soon to tell"
Josh Homme Wife Calls Out ‘Monster’ In Horrible Photo
The monster is herself taking a selfie while wearing an ugly mask
8 guaranteed ways to double your salary in 2 years
"Track your Progress", "Negotiate", "Leverage Your Skills and Experiences", "Double Your Output", "Keep Learning", "Show Others the Money", "Intrapreneurship", "Be Shrewd"
Nasa to launch robotic mission to the surface of the SUN to to protect Earth from 'huge solar event'
NASA's Solar Plus probe will come within 4 million miles of the sun to study the corona, which according to the article is "the massive hole in the heart of the star."
Android O’s final name may have just been uncovered
Speculation no concrete proof [BGR]
[You won’t believe why an Alaska Airlines flight attendant kicked this woman off her flight]
[She wore clothes that didn't fit the airline's dress code]
Bill Gates is backing the waterless toilet of the future — here's how it works
When the lid is closed, the bowl is dumped into a reservoir. Solid waste is incinerated and the ashes are emptied weekly. Liquid waste is filtered and the resulting water can be used for cleaning or irrigation.
District Of Columbia’s Mega-House Will Leave You In Awe. Who Owns It Will Shock You
D.C. isn't on the list, even after
Is one of the SMOSH Youtubers gay? Now he's here to clarify the rumour.
He didn't really answer anything. Yes? No? I'm confused too.
3 reasons why the internet thinks the Super Bowl was totally rigged
1. Trumps fault 2. Fox explaining how the Pats could win on first drive of OT 3. Saying the game winning TD was a bad spot (People thinking that the players forearm was the ball)
This hidden Google Maps trick helps protect you from the coronavirus
You can order food From the app
Bryan Singer Already Knows Who He’d Like To See Replace Hugh Jackman As The New Wolverine
Not an actor, but X-23
Mysterious Moving Rocks in the Desert Stumped Scientists for 70 Years
Temperature drops at night after rain, ice moves the rocks
Their Car Started To Fill With Smoke. When They Looked At Their Son's Shoes They Couldn't Believe It
The batteries in his light up shoes might have shorted out, or maybe not.
Why the zombies of 'The Walking Dead' are scientifically imposible
Says humidity would rot them. Blames 'a piece in How Stuff Works,' without linking or citation, for that claim. #SMH
Do genetics influence athletic ability?
BBC Earth ----- YES
He Drilled Holes In The Ground And His Neighbors Were Confused. Soon After? They're STUNNED!
He built a pool deck from scratch. That's it. .
The One Thing You Should Never Put in Your Nonstick Pan
Cooking Spray (quotes another magazine that they contain lecithin that will cook onto the surface of the pan and become impossible to remove)
Motley Fool: What Every American Wishes They Knew Before Filing For Social Security including how to earn $16,122 every year
Zero information, they are promoting a financial service costing $100/year at which point you can access a 41-page book that explains what's in the title
If you were ever bullied for liking Nintendo please watch this..
Just make Nintendo friends and think you're awesome
Why the Internet Turned on Lena Dunham Today
She ascribed malicious intentions to athlete Odell Beckham Jr. when he glanced at her briefly before looking back to his phone.
The (Literally) Most Challenging Interview Question You Can Ask a Job Candidate
"You have the right background and skills, but I just don't see that extra something in you that all of our people have. I don't think this is the right fit." (yup, not actually a question)
Hole in Lake, Yet Lake Never Dries Up
It's a man-made spillway that leads to a hydro-electric plant to generate electricity
Why We Need To Bring Belonging To Business
It is a sponsored post to make PWC look like they are a caring company
A simple trick to help you speak in public without showing your nerves
Relax your vocal folds by blowing air out while making a "wooo" sound 5-10x (video link in comments)
Why Hugh Jackman's Wolverine Isn't In 'Dark Phoenix'
Director Kinberg wanted the story to focus on Jean Grey and thought the age difference between Turner and Jackman was too large. Also because Hugh Jackman retired from the role.
When Dr. Anthony Fauci gets his flu shot and why
A woman adopted this strange kitten. One year later, his transformation is unbelievable...
He got bigger and fluffier, like most cats do when they grow up
Meghan and Kate Have a Genius Trick To Keep Their Skirts from Flying Up
Staticky fabrics & weighted hemlines
After Her Weight Loss, Celine Dion Confirm What we Knew All along
Blatant lie: doesn’t even have a slide of Celine Dion.
What time is The Great British Bake Off Christmas special on TV?
It’ll be in December but that’s all it says.
Johnny Manziel had this response to his Browns jerseys selling for $1.99
You Won’t Believe What Vegetable Snoop Dogg Used As A Blunt Once
Carrot, " smoke I ever had.”
The Real Reason Moms are Gluing Pennies To Their Kids' Shoes
Kids like the sound it makes when they walk (article is a list of "lifehacks" for parents to keep kids entertained and safe)
This Woman Was Harassed For Wearing A Tight Dress. Her Response Was Perfect.
“Good thing for thick skin, being able to laugh at things and not take it personally"
You Won't Believe What This Fan Got Daniel Radcliffe To Sign
He autographed her Cards Against Humanity card: "Daniel Radcliffe's delicious arsehole." It's literally all in the url of the article.
The Magnetic Field Is Shifting. The Poles May Flip. This Could Get Bad.
A plug for the author's book; the Earth's magnetic fields are constantly shifting, but nobody can predict when or how they'll actually "flip". Interesting research and good points, but too much sensationalism.
Mom to End With Season 8 at CBS — Find Out When the Series Finale Will Air
The series finale is slated to air Thursday, May 6 at 9/8c
How you can play new PS4 game God of War early... but there’s a catch
And that is you can’t. It’s not the new God of War, it’s not even a PS4 game. It’s just a GOW text based game on Facebook messenger.
Man ordered to pay over $30K for negative Yelp review
The man was an employee of a competitor who posted false information accusing the company of theft to drive away customers
The Truth Behind This Baby Born With A Full Head of White Hair
It may or may not be albinism, but it probably isn't. Baby is fine.
'Avengers: Endgame': Why Robert Downey Jr.’s Oscar Odds Just Got Worse
Because RDJ said himself he doesn't want to go for one
Rachel Maddow says she has Trump's tax returns
Two pages of his 2005 1040 that revealed nothing nefarious. He paid about the same percent as a married couple making $400k a year, which wasn't illegal. Maddow also rambled for 30 minutes before revealing that information.
Should You Leave Your Laptop Plugged in All the Time?
Depends on your laptop configuration. A huge article to basically tell you to look in your manual for manufacturer's recommendation.
This Diet Is Better For the Planet. But Is It Better For You, Too?
The diet is eating <0.5 oz red meat per day and substituting beans. Also limiting poultry and milk. No conclusive evidence that cutting out non-processed red meat is better for you.
George RR Martin Explains Why Writing The Winds of Winter Is So Hard
The books are complicated
Kate Middleton’s Makeup Artist Refuses to Put This on Her Skin
Anything with mineral oil or sodium lauryl sulfates [Yahoo Beauty]

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