HuggyLingo Bot: Add language information to your dataset


This is a pull request suggesting to add en as language metadata for your dataset (defined in the YAML block of your dataset's This metadata field helps people identify datasets in languages they are interested in working with. This metadata also makes it easier to know which languages a model has been trained on.

The suggestion to add en to your dataset metadata was generated by downloading the first 20 rows of your dataset and passing likely text based columns from your dataset through a language detection model. This model return en with a confidence of 97.66249359. Whilst efforts were made to filter out likely wrong predictions it is possible that this suggestion is not correct. If you think that this is the case please feel free to close this PR and make sure to let us know in a comment.

If the suggested metadata here doesn't work, you may still want to add metadata for language to your dataset. You can do this by editing your dataset's file

This PR was made by Librarian Bot. Feel free to get in touch with @davanstrien with feedback or questions.

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