Beginners BBQ Class Taking Place in Missoula! Do you want to get better at making delicious BBQ? You will have the opportunity, put this on your calendar now. Thursday, September 22nd join World Class BBQ Champion, Tony Balay from Lonestar Smoke Rangers. He will be teaching a beginner level class for everyone who wants to get better with their culinary skills. He will teach you everything you need to know to compete in a KCBS BBQ competition, including techniques, recipes, timelines, meat selection and trimming, plus smoker and fire information. The cost to be in the class is $35 per person, and for spectators it is free. Included in the cost will be either a t-shirt or apron and you will be tasting samples of each meat that is prepared.
Discussion in 'Mac OS X Lion (10.7)' started by axboi87, Jan 20, 2012. I've got a 500gb internal drive and a 240gb SSD. When trying to restore using disk utility i'm given the error "Not enough space on disk ____ to restore" But I shouldn't have to do that!!! Any ideas or workarounds before resorting to the above? Use Carbon Copy Cloner to copy one drive to the other. I've done this several times going from larger HDD to smaller SSD and I wound up with a bootable SSD drive. One step you have to remember not to skip is to use Disk Utility to partition the SSD as GUID partition scheme HFS+ before doing the clone. If it came Apple Partition Scheme, even if you let CCC do the clone, the resulting drive won't be bootable. CCC usually works in "file mode" and it can easily copy a larger drive (that's mostly empty) onto a smaller drive. If you tell CCC to clone a drive you did NOT boot from, it can work in block copy mode where the destination drive must be the same size or larger than the drive you are cloning from (if I recall). I've actually done this somehow on Disk Utility several times (booting from a different drive (or even the dvd) so not running disk utility from the drive your cloning) and had it work just fine from larger to smaller bootable clone. Definitely format the drive cloning to first, as bootable Apple etc.. Thanks for pointing this out. My only experience using DU to go larger to smaller was when I was trying to make a Lion install stick and I was unable to restore InstallESD.dmg to a 4 GB USB stick but of course the reason that wouldn't fit is there was slightly more than 4 GB of data.
Foil plaid lycra and spandex shortall with metallic slinky insets. Attached metallic elastic belt with O-ring. Headband included. Great hip hop or jazz dance costume. Made in the USA.
How many backlinks per day for new site? Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by Omoplata, Dec 3, 2010. 1) for a newly created site, what's the max # backlinks per day I should do to be safe? 2) how long do I have to let my site age before I can start making more blinks? I did about 6000 forum profiles every 24 hours for 10 days for one of my sites which had a brand new domain. There is three backlinks for every of these forum profile so thats 18 000 backlinks every 24 hours and nothing happened in terms of being penalized or sandboxed. This is now maybe 3 months ago and the site is ranking on first page for a lot of my targeted keywords. build more you can in starting but do manual submission and not spammy type means manual + relevant to the post.. then after 1 month you can make a big blast.. Wow, dude, you built 18k backlinks a day on a brand new site? How quickly did you rank up? What kind of competition/searches did those keywords have?
The Denver Board of Education opened the 2017-18 school year with an update on projects that include new construction, upgrades, heat mitigation and quality learning environments. We are excited that Denver students will be the beneficiaries of a four year, $572 million General Obligation Bond. Since the passage of the bond, our construction team has worked to schedule the projects over the four-year term of the bond. Denver voters on Tuesday approved bond and mill funding measures for students in Denver Public Schools, agreeing to invest $572 million in bond funding to build and improve schools and $56.6 million in operating dollars to support proven initiatives, such as early literacy. Denver voters say yes to bond and mill levy funding support for DPS students and schools. Click to learn more about the details of the voter-approved bond measure. Denver voters on Nov. 8 approved bond and mill funding measures for DPS students and schools. Learn more about what’s included in the mill levy measure.
BANGALORE CY JUNCTION SBC to GONDIA JUNCTION G train timings, routes, stops, and complete info. As of now, 1 trains run between from BANGALORE CY JUNCTION (YPR) to GONDIA JUNCTION (G). The fastest train from BANGALORE CY JUNCTION (YPR) to GONDIA JUNCTION (G) is YPR KRBA WAINGANGA EXP (12251) that departs at 23:40 and arrives to at 21:15. It takes approximately 21:35 hours.
I thought I was going to finish the 3rd season of the Wire tonight. But there was a commentary on episode 11, so I had to re-watch Middle Ground with the commentary. Hopefully I can finish the season next weekend.
The rich get richer and the poor get poorer eh? Or is it the rich think different and play by a different set of rules? Do the rich take responsibility and action? Poor people believe 'Life happens to me.' Rich people are committed to be rich. Poor people WANT to be rich. Rich people think big. Poor people think small. Rich people focus on opportunities. Poor people focus on obstacles. Rich people are willing to promote themselves and their value. Poor people think negatively about selling and promotion. Poor people are closed to new ideas.. Do You think rich or poor?
Biomedics 1 Day Extra are daily replacement disposable contact lenses by CooperVision Hydron. Buy one box of 90 lenses. Biomedics 1 Day Extra contacts give you all the convenience of a daily disposable lens with no need for solutions, cases or cleaning and are perfect for the occasional wear. These lenses have greater comfort handling with superior ease of insertion and removal. Biomedic 1 Day Extra are also marketed under various other brand names including Clear Choice 1-day, Ascend 1-day, easyvision CLARISION SPHERE, Clearsight 1 Day and ProView Daily Disposable.
Sysco Corp. has terminated its planned $3.5 billion takeover of US Foods, it announced Monday, after a federal judge blocked the combination. The company is opting instead to add $3 billion to its stock-buyback program. With the deal breaking up, Sysco will pay a $300 million termination fee to US Foods and a $12.5 million fee to Performance Food Group, which had agreed to buy some US Foods facilities. Sysco, based in Houston, plans to make the share repurchases over the next two years. Rosemont, Illinois-based US Foods operates a major distribution center in Fishers. Sysco has a large warehouse at 4000 W. 62nd St., in Indianapolis. Sysco had fought for more than a year to gain government approval for the transaction, which antitrust regulators said would hurt competition and lead to higher prices. Sysco and US Foods dominate a market known as broadline foodservice, which supplies school cafeterias, restaurants and hotels. Sysco had argued that the acquisition would bring $1 billion in savings, letting it offer lower prices to customers. Investors have responded with relief to the deal’s demise, reflecting concerns about the company undertaking an ambitious merger. Sysco shares rose 3.1 percent the day the transaction was halted by U.S. District Judge Amit Mehta, and the stock climbed again Monday morning after the merger was withdrawn. Mehta blocked the merger on June 23 when he granted a Federal Trade Commission request to delay the transaction. The FTC had sued the companies in February, saying the deal would give Sysco an oversized share of an industry where it’s already the biggest player. In arguments before Mehta in May, the two sides clashed over the scope of the market in which the companies compete. Sysco and US Foods argued that the commission was relying on a “tortured” analysis, ignoring the variety of distribution channels available to customers. Sysco said on Monday that it weighed embarking on an appeal but decided against it. Shares of Sysco rose as much as 1.6 percent to $39 in early trading. The stock had slid 3.3 percent this year through the end of last week.
Pencarian FILM Untuk "Peace Breaker 2017" yuk mampir ke channel say.. Edges East provides the l.. A corrupt cop makes one w.. Peace Breaker 2017 ~ 破�.. Náo Loạn - Peace Break.. Please subscribe and hit .. uploaded in HD at http://.. I cannot believe I manage..
Below you'll find some great videos that will encourage you, train you and build you up in hearing from GOD and being able to let HIM fulfill HIS plan in your life. SOMETHING NEW THAT WILL HELP YOU HEAR GODS VOICE! How to Understand and Rightly Divide It & How It Applies to Life! In this important teaching Terry reveals the clear distinction between the Spirit & Soul and how critical it is that we learn how to operate in the Spirit and not be deceived. It's a serious matter that must be reviewed no matter what your level of faith and maturity. Marriage & How it Applies to the Spirit & The Soul! In this enlightening class Terry reveals a key insight that helps us to better discern the Spirit vs the Soul as it's reflected in the Marriage relationship from the intuitive nature, the emotional component of the woman and the power aspect of a male in submission to the LORD. In this eye-opening teaching Terry shares how the Tabernacle as it represents the body soul and spirit of man and how it applies to our spiritual walk. This complete deliverance packet helps to walk you through what you can do to free yourself from the hidden forced buried deep in your soul that is hindering you from walking in the fullness that GOD paid for you to walk in. In today's video, Terry defines salvation better and the things that get in the way of our soul's salvation and ways we can increase our spiritual maturity.
"Unemployment, Relative Price Dispersion and the Implicit Contract Model." "The Federal Reserve's Preferences for Inflation and Unemployment: An Analysis of Fed Chairmen." "Do Presidential Administrations Have Preferred Rates of Unemployment?" "The Baseball Writer and The National Baseball Hall of Fame: Are Election Outcomes Affected by Race or Ethnicity?," (with Cliff Reid). "Race, Ethnicity and The National Baseball Hall of Fame: Is There Discrimination in the Nomination Process?," (with Cliff Reid and John Santos). "Discrimination, Voting Behavior and the National Baseball Hall of Fame: The Case of Pitchers," (with Cliff Reid). "A Comparison of Two Models to Forecast Voting for Membership into the National Baseball Hall of Fame," (with Cliff Reid). "Jackie Robinson and The National Baseball Hall of Fame," (with Cliff Reid). "Race, Ethnicity and the Market(s) for Baseball Cards," (with Jim Meehan and Cliff Reid). "Further Analysis of the Determinants of Sovereign Credit Ratings," (with Shannon Landauer, '99). "An Empirical Analysis of the Relationship between the Yield Spread and the Probability of Recessions," (with Sunil Thakor, '99).
I have existing web site brittlloyd.org. I opened a new domain sayrebuildersrockport.com however I don't have a way to start building this new web site online like I do the other one. Please list the steps to take. I see you deleted the domain. Did you no longer want to use it? You can see how to create a new site here, https://community.homestead.com/homestead/topics/how-do-i-create-a-new-site.
Embrace world class facilities at East Bourne Resort & Spa Shimla. Facilities at East Bourne Resort & Spa Shimla comprise multi cuisine restaurant, tours and travel desk. Avail facilities of East Bourne Resort & Spa Shimla.
"Bake me a pie or go away," I've literally had my son say that to me a few times. So, what was I to do except fulfilling his demand? Baking (not only pies), is a cooking method where tools DO actually make the man, which means that it is very hard or nearly impossible to do it successfully without proper bakeware. With years of experience under my belt, I’ve learned about and discovered what truly matters when looking for bakeware to buy, and I am going to teach you later in the article. Also, I have reviewed what I believe to be the best five non-stick bakeware sets out there, so make sure to check them out if you are in search of one. The first and most obvious reason is – because food doesn’t stick to it! I do not want to sound overly simplistic, but any chef (or mom, as a matter of fact) knows that pans that stick will absolutely mess up the outcome. People normally solve this problem by oiling up, but I don’t like it since it makes the food greasy. Using non-stick bakeware is a healthier, more convenient, and more practical way of baking. The next thing that you might not have known is that non-stick bakeware is so much easier to clean than more conventional types. It is a no-brainer really – if nothing sticks to the surface then there won’t be anything to scrub, scrape or wash off. This trait right here will save you tons of time as well as frustration, and it might motivate you to bake more often because of the hassle-free cleaning process. Just make sure to maintain the bakeware. ​Lastly, even heat distribution is another thing that you should look for, and this type of bakeware enables it. Here's the deal: heat distribution most likely won't affect the quality of the result, but it will make the bakeware heat up more quickly which will ultimately decrease the cooking time. Investing a little bit of time into research can save you a lot of money and trouble in the long run, and that is why you need to read this section carefully. Bakeware sets differ regarding materials, abilities, cost, and maintenance, so learning about some general features of these products will help you decide which type will fulfill your demands. Bakeware can be made from different kinds of materials including iron, glass, copper, steel, etc. Today I will mention only the types that are related to products I reviewed in this article. It is important to know that each material yields different cooking properties so study these paragraphs to find out which one is right for you. Carbon steel – this material is light, durable, and reacts to temperature changes very quickly, meaning that it can heat up fast. Even though is lightweight, it is a bit heavier than copper and doesn't retain heat as well as iron. It's a good choice for baking meats, veggies, bread, and cakes. Copper – it is an excellent heat conductor and doesn’t need pre-heating since it gets hot very quickly. Very light, but also quite expensive compared to other bakeware materials. Also, it isn’t the best choice for recipes that require baking under very high heat. Silicon – good for foods where sticking is an issue, such as breads, cookies, and cakes. It is light, affordable and dishes will slide out of it easily. The one downside is that it can be frustrating to wash because it is so elastic, but luckily, most of the silicon bakeware is dishwasher safe. Since you’ll be buying an entire set of products, it would be a good idea to find one that is suitable for all kinds of baking jobs. Make sure that all the basic items such as pie pan, muffin pan, loaf pan, cookie sheet, cake pan, or whatever you need, is included in the package. This is a feature that most folks overlook, and it makes a world of difference when it comes to handling the pan. It's easy to move the dish around when it's cold but taking it out of a scorching hot oven is a different story (trust me, I know). You’ll try to be cautious not to burn your fingers so it is easy not to pay attention to the contents of the pan which can lead to spillage and a messy kitchen. Look for bakeware that has nice, ergonomic handles or handling areas. Some models have silicon added to these parts for extra protection and ease of use. Not all types of bakeware can withstand the same temperatures; as a matter of fact, this trait greatly differs from product to product. Certain pans are oven safe to up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, while others cannot take more than 350. This is a significant difference so pay close attention to this detail when buying a set. Now, let’s get into the meaty part of this article – the reviews. After trying out many sets, I’ve reached some conclusions and decided to put together a list of my favorite ones. Keep in mind that these are my personal choices, but they are also top rated products. Rachel Ray is a world-renowned chef and TV personality, and her famous Cucina line of products never fails to deliver. Here, we are dealing with an excellent, 10-piece set that I personally think very highly of. The material that this bakeware is made of is carbon steel, and the non-stick, latte-colored coating looks very pretty and does the job well. A thing that I didn’t like about the construction of this set is that everything is so bulky. It is not a huge issue, but folks who lack storage space will not be thrilled with these products. As far as items are concerned, the set includes two loaf pans, two cake pans, two cookie sheets, two pie plates, a muffin tin, and a plastic cake pan topper. In my opinion, this is more than enough, but I’m sure some folks are going to be disappointed because there’s no pizza pan included. The handles have silicon grips attached to them, and this is a big bonus when it comes to practicality and handling. Also, the rolled edges allow you to grab the pan more easily and move it around securely. The pan can withstand heat of up to 450 F, and I think that this should be sufficient for most baking jobs. Make sure not to go over this temperature because you could burn the pans. Copper has gained a lot of popularity in the cooking world over the last few years, and honestly, I can only say good things about it. Copper Chef is known for a plethora of cookware, and now we are taking a look at their baking set. As I've mentioned before, copper is a fantastic heat conductor, and the heat distribution in this material is as even as it gets. Personally, I find the latter feature very important because I like to have consistency in my cooking. This is a 12-piece set that consists of a 12-cup muffin pan, a cookie sheet, a loaf pan, a square pan, and eight pieces of silicon ramekin cups with lids. Ok, so I think it is a bit unfair for a company to advertise a set of twelve copper products while only four of them are actually made of this material. While the ramekin cups are lovely, they seem to be a cheap filler in this set. As far as handling is concerned, most of the products in this pack do not have handles, so you have to rely on the rolled edges for gripping. This is a big disadvantage in my opinion, and greatly handicaps the ease of use. These black, sturdy-looking baking dishes remind me of old-school bakeware sets that people used to bake with a few decades ago. However, this is a modern and versatile set that should fulfill most of your demands. The ChefLand set is made of carbon steel; it looks pretty plain but has a non-stick coating that's quite effective. One thing that this material is good at is even heat distribution, so you won’t need to worry about hotspots. The products are dishwasher safe, however, after several months of kind of cleaning, some items started to form rust on the outer edges, which is a big minus. I would recommend washing them by hand. When it comes to the items, ChefLand’s set includes a roasting pan, a round pizza pan, a large and medium cookie sheet, two round cake pans, a square cake pan, a loaf pan, an oven crisper pan, and a 12-cup muffin pan. As far as I’m concerned this set has everything covered! Most of the dishes have handles on them, and even those which don't, have a nice grip area that allows for good handling. Unfortunately, there is no silicon padding or protective surface so you will need to use gloves or cloth. This bakeware set comes to us from Sunbeam; it is a bit smaller set in terms of the number of items in it, but a worthy addition to today's list. Oh, I forgot to mention it’s cheap as chips! The material these pans are made of is carbon steel, and its non-stick features are achieved with a xylan coating interior and exterior. The black color gives it a pretty plain, non-exciting look, but I personally do not mind this. The Sunbeam set has only 5-pieces, which is significantly less than other sets we reviewed today. The dishes included are a loaf pan, a cookie sheet, a 6-cup muffin pan, and two round cake pans. One disadvantage of this set is that it cannot handle temperatures higher than 400 F, which is quite limiting because some recipes require more heat. All of the pans have handles or enough room to grab them properly and handle safely. Now as I was reading some online commentary, many people complained that pans arrived dented or bent when they ordered them, so this might be an issue. I haven’t experienced this myself, so I just want to put it out as a warning. This set differs from others I reviewed today because it is the only one that’s not made of metal. Boxiki Kitchen brings us this 3-piece silicone set that bread and cake lovers might find interesting. As I’ve said, these products are made of silicone which has its pros and cons. The good thing is that food will just slide out of it, but it might be irritating when trying to wash it by hand because it’s so bendy. A lot of people raise concerns about chemicals in this material, so you’ll be glad to know that this set is FDA approved and non-toxic. The set comes with three items – a round cake pan, a square brownie pan, and a banana bread/meatloaf pan. All of the dishes are equipped with metal handles which allows for a nice and solid grip, so you won’t have to worry about the pans slipping out of your hands. Silicone is generally oven safe up to 500 degrees F, which is fantastic and much better than some metal products, so you won’t need to worry about burning your bakeware. However, the metal handles don't seem to take high temperatures very well, and I've heard some reports of them flaking and bubbling at 400 F. I hope that the article was helpful and that it got you acquainted with the basics of bakeware. Now, the time has come for me to declare my top pick of the day, and the product that got most of my sympathies is Rachel Ray’s 10-piece Cucina Set. Its beautiful design is what attracted me to this bakeware set, but the excellent performance made an even stronger impression. Non-stick surface does its job flawlessly, and the carbon steel construction is sturdy and strong. This is a very good list, i have tested myself the Rachel Ray’s 10-Piece Cucina Bakeware Set and i’m satisfied with it, it fulfill most of my daily cooking.
Are film trailers spoiling movies? In April we asked if high ticket prices were ruining your visits to the cinema. Yes, you said overwhelmingly. But something else has put a strain on my relationship with the cinema – and it’s not the popcorn. Have you ever gone to your local cinema to watch a new film only to feel you’ve seen it before? I know I have. ‘Spoilerific’ film trailers are now often so detailed it seems hardly worth watching the movie itself. Imagine if the trailer for Casablanca told you whether Ingrid Bergman went off with Humphrey Bogart or Paul Henreid at the end. Or if the trailer for Citizen Kane revealed just what the dying man meant when he muttered the word ‘Rosebud’. And it seems that even some film directors agree. Colin Trevorrow, director of new film, Jurassic World, has said he think that trailers have shown far more of the film than he would have wanted. In the last couple of months, I’ve paid £17.50 a ticket to see two films I’ve been anticipating for some time. OK £17.50 sounds steep, but that was for iMAX 3D and I’d still have paid more than £10 for a ‘normal’ ticket. But I left the cinema unfulfilled, because I felt like I’d seen them both six months before. In both cases the trailer revealed the entire structure of the story, key plot twists and expensive action sequences. Throw in a few character deaths for good measure and you’ve got the basis of a significant chunk of what you’ve paid your money for. I really did feel cheated by what the studio had wanted me to see in advance. So is this just a modern trend? I checked out trailers for 1981’s Raiders of the Lost Ark, and 1964’s Goldfinger to get a bigger picture. Both revealed some well-known scenes (including Goldfinger’s iconic laser and dialogue), but the plot basics were instead explained by voiceover, rather than any especially huge visual giveaways. Besides, the chance of actually seeing these trailers was significantly lessened due to the technology available at the time of release. Which got me thinking further. ‘If you don’t like it, don’t watch it’, I hear you cry. I wish it were that simple. In the age of the internet, exposure has increased tenfold. Marketing campaigns target social media and television, while the days of a simple poster are gone. Why commission a still image when you can display scenes from the film on a screen in a station or other public place? Not only that, but trailers are also forced upon you in the cinema itself before other films. Without a blindfold and a soundproof booth to hide in you have little choice. It’s not that I have a problem with marketing and ads. But they’re spoiling the experience. I don’t want to see all the best bits wrapped up into two minutes, six months ahead of release. Have you had a film spoiled by its trailer/marketing? Is Hollywood revealing too much in a desperate attempt to put bums on seats? Do ticket prices ruin your film-going experience? Something George mentioned earlier about Terminator 2 trailer jogged my memory about another film from the same franchise, Terminator Genisys. To promote the film, a trailer had been released that included a major plot twist ACTUALLY in the trailer. Now, I had heard about this trailer and had been purposely avoiding it. However, even when you try to avoid spoilers, sometimes it’s out of your control. When I went to see Mad Max, they showed the afore-mentioned trailer and before I realised, it was too late. It cannot be unseen. Even the director, Alan Taylor, was unhappy about the spoilers in the trailer. Genisys was [spoiler alert] ….. indeed half of the inspiration for this convo. I saw that article about Alan Taylor’s thoughts the other day, but could only sympathise so much as the film was, in my opinion, a travesty. Have you seen the film now Ryan? If so what did you think of the big ‘reveal’? For a film that had very little else going for it that really did completely spoil the experience for me. I just can’t understand why that decision was taken. You don’t need to resort to something like that to generate interest – if said twist is that good then word of mouth will spread. For anyone interested, the trailer for the new Bond film was released today.
UNStudio has joined forces with HPP Architects to create a consortium (UNS + HPP) to carry out the next phases of their winning project at the architectural design competition for FOUR Frankfurt. Take a look at the complete story after the jump. From the architects: The centrally located 16,000 square meter site was purchased by Groß & Partner real estate development company – who will be carrying out the development of the project – back in 2015. Situated in the very core of the city, the site has been completely inaccessible for the last 45 years. Now four new high-rise towers will change Frankfurt’s skyline from the air, while cultivating its liveliness on the ground. The development of these towers, reaching heights of 228 meters, will open up new streets to create a multi-use, vibrant inner-city quarter, bringing together a healthy mix of work, living, relaxation and recreation. The choice of programmes allows for a smooth transition from Frankfurt’s shopping district to the east of Roßmarkt, to the high-rise office towers clustered around Park Taunusanlage. With a development concept that is unique to Europe, the FOUR Frankfurt project brings together facilities that will establish a lively new neighbourhood for Frankfurt, its visitors, and its (future) residents. The new high-rise complex will be integrated into the expanding city structure by incorporating the heritage-listed facades of the Junghofstraße into the design and by making a multi-storey base building the connecting element of the entire site. According to the assessment by the competition jury, the unique quality of the quarter can be found in its public development and amenity value. The new development will therefore create connected spaces, accessible rooftops, pathways and passages. The existing block on the Junghofstraße will be opened up to strengthen the surrounding pathways and ensure a high level of accessibility. This will create a multi-use, diverse quarter comprising 50% office spaces, 30% living accommodation (including subsidized housing), in addition to retail spaces, restaurants and hotels. Four Frankfurt is expected to be completed in 2023.
▲Students are shouting several slogans to guarantee the school's autonomy in front of Jogyesa Temple. On April 15th, 2016, the General Student Council and Student Council of Postgraduate held the 4.15 Jogye rally. The rally was also held in the last year with the same objectives. Goals of the rally are to criticize Jogye Order for its responsibility on Dongguk University’s present conflicts related to President Han Tae-sik (Bogwang) and to guarantee the school’s autonomy from the order. At 11:00 A.M., approximately 200 people, about 150 Donggukians and 50 people who are related to Dongguk University, gathered together in Manhae Hall. As soon as the march began, the marchers were obstructed by police officers because of a cow, which was prepared by the GSC, was not reported to participate in the rally. Scuffles broke out between the police and the GSC, and the cow was not able to go with the marchers. The parade was started from Chungmu-ro where Dongguk University is located, passed Myeong-dong and finally to Jogyesa Temple. After several speeches from students, the GSC and the gathered students tried to deliver request proposal to Jogye Order together, but police officers blocked the way. Therefore, only ten representatives were allowed to go to deliver the request proposal to the persons concerned of the Jogye Order at the temple gate. The request proposal involves following three demands: Jogye Order has to stop intervening in the school matters and should guarantee the school’s autonomy, every sunim who spoiled the school needs to apologize and resign, and board of directors should be reformed in a more democratic way.
Quartz is one of the most common and varied minerals on earth, and its abundant colors produce many gemstone types. Amethyst and Citrine are the most popular and valuable gem varieties of Quartz, but other forms also make important gemstones. Chalcedony describes any form of Quartz that is microcrystalline, in compact form without any visible crystals. Chalcedony also has several varieties used as gemstones, most notably Agate, Carnelian, Tiger's Eye, and Chrysoprase. Pure Quartz, which is also known as Rock Crystal, is colorless. Various impurities are responsible for the extensive range of colors. The main crystalline Quartz varieties used as gemstones are described below. Amethyst, the purple variety, is the most popular and valuable Quartz gemstone. Amethyst ranges from light to dark purple. See the Amethyst gemstone page for more details. Citrine is the yellow, orange, or reddish-brown variety of Quartz. It is usually colored by heat treatment of Amethyst or Smoky Quartz. Light yellow or lemon yellow Citrine is often called Lemon Quartz in the gem trade. See the Citrine gemstone page for more details. Smoky Quartz is the brown "smoky" variety of Quartz. It ranges in color from light brown to black. Despite its dark color, it is rarely opaque. See the Smoky Quartz gemstone page for more details. The rosy pink variety of Quartz is known as Rose Quartz, and its color is usually soft, ranging from very light pink to medium pink in intensity. Rose Quartz is often milky or hazy, and it may lack good transparency. See the Rose Quartz gemstone page for more details. The colorless, transparent variety of Quartz, free of any impurities, is known as "Rock Crystal". Flawless and very large cuts may be cut from Rock Crystal. Milky Quartz is the white, translucent to opaque variety of Quartz. Though very common in nature, it is not used as a gemstone. Colorless Quartz with golden yellow Rutile inclusions, as hairlike growths within the gemstone, are known as Rutilated Quartz. See the Rutilated Quartz gemstone page for more details. Ametrine is an interesting, color-zoned combination of purple Amethyst and brownish-yellow Citrine. See the Ametrine gemstone page for more details. Prasiolite, or Green Quartz, describes a light green Quartz artificially colored by heat treatment of certain types of Amethyst. May also be called "Green Amethyst" by some jewelers. The blue variety of Quartz, which is uncommon in nature, is seldom used as a gemstone. Most "Blue Quartz" is clear Rock Crystal irradiated with gold to from a deep sky blue color. Blue Quartz may also refer to a dull grayish-blue Quartz in massive form with Crocidolite inclusions. Colorless Quartz with Tourmaline inclusions, often as thin long black crystals, is known as "Tourmalinated Quartz". Cat's Eye Quartz is Quartz with dense, tiny Rutile inclusions that cause a cat's eye effect. It is not common, and the chatoyant effect is usually weak. Cat's Eye Quartz is usually grayish in color and translucent. All forms of Quartz are used as gemstones, and they are all affordable. They are cut into various gemstone cuts and cabochons, and used in all forms of jewelry. Lesser quality stones are often tumbled for use in bracelets, necklaces, and as costume jewelery. Large spheres and carvings are also cut from all the Quartz forms. Due to its abundance and lack of luster, Rock Crystal is not commonly cut into gemstones, although some very large spheres and sculptures are carved from it. Small crystals of Rock Crystal are sometime worn as pendants, sometimes being polished and smoothed, and sometimes in their entirely natural crystal form. Varieties specific to Amethyst, Citrine, Smoky Quartz, Rose Quartz, Rutilated Quartz, and Chalcedony are listed separately. Amethyst - Purple variety of Quartz, and its most popular and valuable gemstone variety. (See the Amethyst gemstone page for more details.) Tumbled Amethyst with white Milky Quartz is sometimes known as Amethyst Quartz. Aventurine - Opaque, compact Quartz / Chalcedony containing small Mica, Hematite, or Goethite scales which cause a glistening effect. Aventurine is most often green but may also be other colors such as gray, orange, and brown. Blue Quartz - Rare natural blue variety of Quartz. It is caused by inclusions of blue minerals, especially Dumortierite. Most "Blue Quartz" is what is popularly known as "Aqua Aura", essentially clear Rock Crystal synthetically irradiated with gold to form a deep sky blue color. Blue Quartz may also refer to a dull grayish-blue Quartz in massive form with Crocidolite inclusions. Cat's Eye Quartz - Quartz with dense, tiny Rutile inclusions that cause a cat's eye effect. Cat's Eye Quartz is not common, and the chatoyant effect is usually weak. Cat's Eye Quartz is usually grayish in color and translucent. Lemon Quartz - Lemon Quartz is a light to dark yellow Citrine, distinguished from most Citrine by lacking orange, brown, or reddish tints. More often though it is clear Quartz that is irradiated to produce an intensely colored yellow gemstone. Lemon Quartz has recently experienced a popularity increase in the gemstone market. Milky Quartz - White, translucent to opaque variety of Quartz. It is not commonly used as a gemstone. Prase - Light to emerald green, transparent to translucent Quartz / Chalcedony, with coloring caused from inclusions of green minerals, such as Actinolite, Hedenbergite, Chlorite, or Malachite. Prasiolite - Light green gem form Quartz artificially colored by heat treatment of certain types of Amethyst. May also be called Green Amethyst by some jewelers. Rock Crystal - The colorless, transparent variety of Quartz, free of impurities is called "Rock Crystal". Tourmalinated Quartz - Quartz with splintery Tourmaline inclusions. Amethyst may be heat treated to deepen the purple color. Most gem Citrine is produced by heat treating Amethyst, and the green Quartz known as Prasiolite or "Green Amethyst" is also produced by heating Amethyst from specific localities. Certain colorful Quartz types not found in nature are produced through irradiation. Some forms of Quartz with a multicolored rainbow effect are synthetically treated to produce their color effect using film deposition. The process involves bonding an extremely thin metallic film layer over the top of the gemstone, so that the interesting color effects are reflected from the crown. Some vividly colorful forms of Quartz are synthetic grown using the hydrothermal method. Quartz is extremely common and is found in numerous localities throughout the world. The important sources are far too numerous to mention, though in general the most prolific countries that produce Quartz gemstones are Brazil, Madagascar, India, and the U.S. (Arkansas). Specific sources for the popular Quartz varieties are described on their dedicated pages. See the individual variety pages for specific variety similarities. Rock crystal is similar to glass, but the softness of glass usually lends it to scratches and soft etches which are lacking on Rock Crystal. Rock Crystal is rarely cut into small facets, so it usually is not a concern of confusion to other colorless gems such as Diamond, White Topaz, and White Sapphire. These white gemstones will also have a greater dispersion and exhibit more fire. Additional images for the varieties Amethyst, Citrine, Smoky Quartz, Rose Quartz, Rutilated Quartz, and Chalcedony are listed separately. Have a question about Quartz? Visit our Q&A Community and ask the experts!
A full time vegan, poet, artist and woman. Frontal and thorough when inspired. Our memories: childhood memories, the language we dearly speak and nature's colorful and tasteful palette are a constant and renewable source of wonder and inspiration. I am just getting through finishing two special orders of my Xocolate Bears new edition, which are going to Costa Rica. Both orders are reconnecting me with childhood friends and grade school teachers. I sell my projects on Etsy. In local shops and in our hometown San Jose, Costa Rica in La Tienda Eñé a shop supporting local indie and urban designers, artisans and artists. Handmade over mass production, and over all those other products largely available. Handmade by choice to keep our creative and critical side active, to balance and renovate while innovating ourselves every day. Handmade is more a legacy and tradition worth the while to take back and pass down, its techniques connected to our earlier days and years. The things we made, the stuff we broke. Handmade is the milestones we will all like to share. Going back and supporting handmade will keep creativity at edge and sharp.
Hurrah! A cooperative worldwide effort to rescue Thailand children trapped in a flooded cave rescued them all in less than 3 weeks from the time they entered the cave to the time of their rescue. It should be much easier, shouldn’t even take a heroic effort, to rescue children trapped in separation from their families at the Mexican border. These things are possible, but this week, the administration did not even meet the first deadline to get all the children below 5 years old reunited with their families. It should even be logistically possible with a cooperative world wide effort to develop economic systems that could rescue all the hungry children everywhere living in poverty. In the U.S. alone, 1 in 5 children live in poverty, according to a recently released United Nations report. Such inequality and poverty is a direct result of economic policies that are chosen by elected leaders. The solution is to elect different leaders than the ones in power now. Please consider carefully when you vote this November.
Learn the fundamentals of Flash as we guide you through this comprehensive introduction to the leading interactive-design program. We will show you how to draw and animate your own graphics. This is the perfect starting point for anyone interested in creating enhanced web output. After we give you a complete tour of the Flash environment, we will take you from a blank canvas to being able to produce your own graphics and animations. You will see how it easy it is to import your own audio and video, add simple interactivity, and then publish your projects in a variety of formats. This 2-day Introduction course helps you learn about the tools and features available in Adobe Flash CC. We will help you understand how this industry-leading program takes interactive design to a new level. We will guide you in learning the work area and the best practices for creating Flash content. Plus, you will get the hands-on experience you need to create your own projects. Our goal is for you to be able to create simple visual projects that are ready to use for the web. This course is intended for designers and developers who are new to Flash and who want to learn the interface and commonly used features. If you are considering this Flash CC Design Introduction 2 Days Course but would like further information simply send us your query quickly & easily with the form below. Whether you would like to check date availability, pricing, course suitability or just need further information about a course send us your query and we will get you a swift reply, usually within 2 business hours! Your course covered everything I needed to know and also gave really useful tips and advice making me feel more confident about using the program.
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What do you do in your free time? Of course some of you ,watch TV or play video games . If it is too boring, would you like to do something more interesting? All of you have wild imagination ,so you can make your own games! Lisa Green ,who's 35 years old ,has been making her own games since she was 5 .I asked her How she started that hobby.She told me that she didn't like the games which other children play, so she started to make her own games. Then ,I asked her If it was difficult to make her own games. She told me that it wasn't difficult and,If you had imagination ,you would be a very good player too. Lisa yesterday invented a new game which is called table tennis with hand .You paint a court of table tennis , then you take the ball and throw it to the other. If you want to use a net make one! Isn't it a fantastic game ? With a bit practise, you'll be make your own games in no time !! Say hi to the future blogger of the school, Marinos! 2013! Marinos is a "present" blogger now!! It is very thrilling, isn't it!! That sounds very interesting, Raffaela!! I think that you have really wild imagination!!!! Two missions before winter courses start!
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membership fees and with many users renewing their accounts, although the overall share of Internet traffic using online dating services in the.S. Enhanced Performance Those who hv performance issues shall not be consuming soya products as it reduces performance Enhanced Performance Agree lucky. One report in China Daily suggests that dating for Chinese university women is "difficult" and "takes work" and steals time away from academic advancement, and places women in a precarious position of having to balance personal success against traditional Chinese relationships. Having said so, if ur objective is muscle building den u shall not hv * more dan once a week as it will reduce test levels in body and hence achieving goals will be difficult. Dating in North Africa is predominantly done under family supervision, usually in a public place. "Parents explore dating scene for choosy children". Dating in Korea is also considered a necessary activity supported by society. Moreover th3 Hon'ble Supreme Court of India has also done a great job by discussing another important point about legalizing prostitution. Somebody is giving tip to them. I have to do it for sure as my * is little thick. 21 While some of what happens on a date is guided by an understanding of basic, unspoken rules, there is considerable room to experiment, and there are numerous sources of advice available. In fact, the smarter you are, the more clueless you will be, and the more problems you're going to have in your dating life. According to a 2007 Centers of Disease Control (CDC) report, approximately 72 percent of 8th and 9th graders report that they are "dating." a b c Sharon Jayson. "Should I follow any rules?". "Can you be beautiful but not superficial?". 138 Iran has a large population of young people with sixty percent of the 70-million population being under the age of thirty.
This topic contains 1 reply, has 2 voices. Last updated by Raam Dev 4 years, 11 months ago. I need a solution for a site I’m developing with S2 Members Pro, the issue is the clients run a chain of shops across the UK and a magazine that is subscribed from all over the world. The client wants its clients to be able to not only sign up online but also in store, the problem is my client will not accept the 0.01p charge on the checkout with a 100% discount code, this is because they feel there customers will not like having to pay online. I know you suggest 2 options on the plugin: 1 being a free registration form but this is open to abuse if the link gets leaked and will also require a lot of moderation on the admin side of things to make sure each sign up actually did join in store. 2 being a free trial, we can set the trial up to last a year but then the checkout will still require a form of payment to start running once the trial period has ended. Is there any solution to this problem? we need it to be as secure as it can without being open to abuse and easy to administrate. What is the best solution for this? Let us know if that answers your question.
The ebook makes a speciality of geological historical past because the severe think about making a choice on the current biodiversity and landscapes of Amazonia. the various riding mechanisms for panorama evolution are explored through reviewing the historical past of the Amazonian Craton, the linked sedimentary basins, and the position of mountain uplift and weather swap. This e-book provdes an perception into the Meso- and Cenozoic list of Amazonia that used to be characterised by way of fluvial and long-lived lake platforms and a hugely varied wildlife. This fauna comprises giants akin to the ca. 12 m lengthy caiman Purussaurus, but additionally a diversified fish fauna and fragile molluscs, while fossil pollen and spores shape relics of ancestral swamps and rainforests. With exceptional wit, readability, and intelligence, Richard Dawkins, one of many world's most famed evolutionary biologists, has brought numerous readers to the wonders of technological know-how in works equivalent to The egocentric Gene. Now, within the Ancestor's story, Dawkins deals a masterwork: an exciting opposite journey via evolution, from present-day people again to the microbial beginnings of lifestyles 4 billion years in the past. Colonial dwelling is characterised through department of work and finely coordinated association; besides the fact that, many occasions inside of a colony are the results of conflicts among participants trying to maximize their very own pursuits. This interaction of cooperation and clash has raised many questions in evolutionary biology, in particular how cooperative habit is maintained within the absence of direct replica through staff. To this point, the dominant paradigms by which glossy scientists have seen nature were established essentially round Newtonian and Darwinian methods. As theoretical ecologist Robert E. Ulanowicz observes in his new paintings, a 3rd Window, neither of those types is enough for explaining how actual change—in the shape of inventive increase or emergence—takes position in nature. Ecology is in a hard kingdom as a systematic self-discipline. whereas a few theoretical ecologists try to construct a definition of ecology from first rules, many others are wondering even the feasibility of a normal and common thought. even as, it really is more and more vital that ecology is safely and functionally outlined for a iteration of researchers tackling escalating environmental difficulties within the face of doubt and war of words. See Chapter 15). , Chapter 16. (9) Middle Miocene Honda Group (La Venta Fauna), Magdalena Valley. , Chapter 16). Map made by D. Riff and J. van Arkel. et al. argue that in the past 30 Ma well-documented episodes of marine influence in Amazonia are limited to the Miocene. However, there is no evidence for fully established marine corridors (‘seaways’) throughout the South American continent in the Cenozoic. ). Megafans are low-gradient river systems choked by sediments, which force them to continuously change their courses. 2004): 11 30 20 10 0 0 500 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000 Age (Ma) 3500 Fig. 2 Histograms for U-Pb ages for 369 grains of detrital zircon collected from the mouth of the Amazon River outlet show peaks in the Archean, Trans-Amazonian and Grenvillian intervals. Pb-Pb ages give similar results. The error bars correspond to 1σ. (After Rino et al. B. F. de Roever are based on Rb-Sr isochrons, which are now no longer thought to reflect the age of crystallization. Santos et al. (2000), on the basis of new U-Pb zircon ages, make a different subdivision. The Itacaiúnas Supergroup in the Carajás Basin itself consists of a lower-grade metamorphic greenstone sequence, the Grão Pará Group, and a higher-grade Salobo Group (Tallarico et al. 2005). 74 Ga, according to SHRIMP zircon U-Pb datings (Trendall et al. 1998; Tallarico et al. 50 Ga. 7 Ga. The Grão Pará Group shows the classic greenstone succession of a mainly metabasaltic unit, locally with conspicuous pillow structures, minor meta-andesites and metarhyolites, followed by the BIF and topped by intermediate to acid metavolcanics and metasediments.
I , , , , , 1 ” , , , :0 4 r , , Franka BrunsPost-Gazette CUPBOARD NEARLY BARE Jim Marton strolls through. and includes installation of turnaround lanes for large vehicles. WESTMORELAND COUNTY Man. He upholds his commitment to the health insurance industry through his understanding and fostering of relationships to support the business endeavors of top brokers across the country. ones you. Restaurants in Westmoreland TN (Tennessee), Places To Eat in Westmoreland TN (Tennessee) Menus, Specials & Envents are available for almost all the Restaurants and Places To Eat. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 23 Publication: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette i Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Issue Date: Sunday, March 22, 2015 Page: Page 23 Start Free. He was an avid golfer and lifelong member and past president of Highland Country Club in West View. David (Brenda) Moll, and Cathy Landry; sister of Theresa (Donald) Sheffler, and the late Jennie. She becomes one of four women on the 19-member board and one of seven women business deans of AACSB-accredited business schools in the country. Wayne Rollins. Hara-lenne, Cathy L. Hillyard, Lisa T. Sep FITTS, Mrs. Mildred Louise (Gran Carthage, Tn. Graveltown Community 2 p.m. tomorrow. Mrs. Creighton was a Member of the First Presbyterian Church, Belle Meade Country Club and the James K. Polk. Cathy’s Country Cupboard, Westmoreland TN Opening hours. Cathy’s Country Cupboard is listed as a local restaurant for the following areas. Westmoreland. Near places. More restaurants close to Westmoreland TN. Corner Cafe – Westmoreland. 5234 New Highway 31, Westmoreland, 37186. Dishwashers, they say, allow you to spend more time with the family andor guests; encourage even teenage boys tn stack away glasses instead of littering the kitchen with them; save space (you don’t. Hillsboro, Ohio, and Joseph Shaw of Wilmington, Ohio, have been duly appointed Executors of tn* Estate of James Shaw. evening with Mr. and Mrs. Joe Stroup and son. Jean Duke and Cathy spent Friday. Westmoreland Little League, Westmoreland, Tennessee. 1,192 likes · 19 talking about this. Little League of Westmoreland, Tennessee Offering. Tball. Call (931) 296-4865 or hcchamberbellsouth.net (Neighboring Counties Entries Welcome) TN-0000856166 mm Preston. outstanding hardware), country walnut dovetailed child’s chest of drawers, primitive. Best Restaurants in Westmoreland, TN. Reviews, photos, and menus for places like: Cathy’s Country Cupboard Inc, Laquesadilla Mexican Restaurant, Sonic Drive-In, Hardee’s, Kate’s Garage Bar & Grill, Motown Pizza, Subway Sandwiches, Taco Bell. Companies for "country cupboard" Town And Country Bancshares Inc. Salem, MO US. 522110 – Commercial Banking. Canoyer Country Greenhouse And Gift Shop. Griswold, IA US. 444220 – Nursery, Garden Center, and Farm Supply Stores. ROSEN High Ridge Country Club acknowledges with sorrow the passing of our. 2010. daughters Elissa and Cathy. Donations should be sent in memory of Milred Blitz to Boys Town Jerusalem Foundation of. The Tennessean from Nashville, Tennessee · Page 6 Publication: The Tennessean i Location: Nashville, Tennessee Issue Date: Wednesday, November 26, 1997 Page: Page 6 Start Free Trial × Cancel Show Hide. Honor attendants were Cathy Sounder, sister of the bride. is a programmer analyst at the Westmoreland Intermediate Unit. Following a honeymoon in Myrtle Beach, S.C., the couple are residing : in. Shown are Nicole Harris, Jalyn Westmoreland, Hamby, Ellie Campbell and, in front, Georgie Creswell. (Photo: Carol Z. Shane/Shopper News) Patrons can choose one-time-only services or annual memberships. “That is his job. He’s the head law enforcement officer in our country, and he wanted to make sure that our laws are being obeyed.” She added, “He needs to make sure that our citizens are protected in. Nearby schools include Westmoreland Elementary School, Westmoreland High School and Westmoreland Middle School. The closest grocery stores are ATM (BP Family Market), Mike’s Foodland and Houchens IGA. Nearby restaurants include Pep A Roni’s, Cathy’s Country Cupboard. Arrangements by WOODLAWN FUNERAL HOME, 383-4754 Gallatin, TN MARTIN, Allen Palmer House- Age 95. a former member of Brentwood Country Club and Cedar Creek Boat Club. He served in WWII 1943-1945 in. Fast Food near Westmoreland, TN 37186. Fast Food · $ $ $ · open · 2 on Yelp. 5236 Highway 31 E · (615) 644-2355. Cathy’s Country Cupboard. He was proud of his service to his country and always enjoyed sharing his memories of that time. Upon an Honorable Discharge from the Navy, Donnie settled in Indiana and married Cathy Kielman. Onita’s Country Kitchen. Sitoam Missionary Baptist Church; Westmoreland. Alexander Funeral Home in charge. Survivors: sons, Billy, Murfreesboro, and Jerry Thompson, Nashville; daughters, Elaine. Results for Restaurant in Westmoreland, TN. Get free custom quotes, customer reviews, prices, contact details, opening hours from Westmoreland, TN based businesses with Restaurant keyword.
Check out these two awesome ladies!! They competed all weekend at the Heart of America CrossFit Competition. Three days of workouts and fun. They did GREAT!!! Very cool to see them compete. More to come on this, once I’ve rested a little.
* 2. How was the session? * 4. What would you like to hear? * 5. What's your overall feedback of the sessions/conference?
The Champion work “Uncle Ian III (Into the Unknown’, with artist Louise Jenkins, and her cousin David whose father sat for the portrait. Tenterfield Show 2015 was judged by Tanya Robertson-Cuninghame. I graduated from the National Art School in 1981, and have been a practicing artist since then, updating my qualifications regularly and teaching Visual Arts for 27 years in various establishments. These include: TAFE, New England Girls School, regional High Schools, and G.I Correctional Centre. I also have a Graduate Diploma in Education from UNE. My partner and I had an exhibition of our combined work of paintings & leadlights at Maitland Regional Art Gallery in October 2013. The following show results are those of Borderline members only. Congratulations!!!
Currently there are 3 websites listed for this state. We are committed to providing for the needs of homeless and owned dogs and cats in our community. Serving over 5,000 companion animals annually through direct intervention and many more through advocacy, we continue to promote the humane values of protection, care, and compassion for all living things. The Delaware SPCA is dedicated to the prevention of cruelty and the encouragement of humane treatment of all animals. Established in 1873, Delaware SPCA is the oldest animal welfare organization in the state and has provided continuous service to pets and their companions for more than 135 years. Faithful Friends Animal Society is a private animal welfare organization with a No Kill shelter. We are funded through private donations, grants, fees for services and special fundraisers held throughout the year. All cats and dogs in our care stay with us until homes are found.
The blog deals with new theories and observations in relation to the composition and structure of the Cosmos. If you can find observations or experiments that confirms or rejects the theory, you may place them on the blog! Is anyone able to answer these questions! What is the length of the coordinates in the two inertial systems S and S' at the velocity v, according to relativity - if the length of the coordinates are identical at v = zero? 1) Is the physical length of the coordinates greatest in S? 2) Is the physical length of the coordinates greatest in S'? 3) Is the physical length of the coordinates in S equal to the physical length of the coordinates in S'? If the physical lengths are identical, will it then be possible to have any physical length contractions according to relativity? Or, in other words, have you ever experienced a length contraction because of the movement of another coordinate system? If it isn't possible to have any length contractions according to relativity, how can relativity then explain the relativistic experiments where a Lorentz contraction occurs? In the quantum field theory, the Casimir effect is a physical force arising from the zero-point field, where the zero-point field is the quantum state with the lowest possible energy. The existence of the zero-point field, at the same time both confirms the theory about the structure and composition of the Cosmos, and overturns Einstein's principle of relativity. This can bee seen from the fact, that you cannot - as Einstein postulate - have that "the same laws of electrodynamics and optics will be valid for all frames of reference for which the equations of mechanics hold good" and at the same time have a stationary zero-point field. For instance will the velocity relative to the zero-point field be different for different frames of reference.
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One of the biggest games in the world is now available on smartphones around the world thanks to Tencent. The Chinese company’s official port of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is now available on iOS and Android worldwide. We tried PUBG on iPhone X when it released in China last month and came away very impressed. It successfully squeezed much of the PC and Xbox game down to a much smaller screen -- and in places looked even better than the Xbox One version of the game. It comes a week after rival Fortnite began inviting players to test its own mobile version. Unlike PUBG, Fortnite will allow players to play across platforms -- meaning iPhone players can kill or be killed by gamers on PC or PlayStation 4. Fortnite recently surpassed pioneer PUBG in popularity. Both games feature 100 players landing on a deserted island filled with weapons, with everyone fighting to be the last person left standing. While PUBG adopts a realistic setting, Fortnite has a more cartoon-like look -- and an emphasis on building structures sets it apart from its rival. But Tencent may find its main competition for PUBG on mobile could come from other Chinese companies. NetEase was quick to copy PUBG and released similar games for smartphone while the original was still on PC. NetEase says just one of its clones, Knives Out, has over 100 million registered players -- far more than the 40 million playing PUBG on PC and Xbox.
Volunteers are vital to Thames Reach in our efforts to end street homelessness and support vulnerable and socially excluded people across London. As well as helping individuals to take steps forward in their lives, volunteering also offers opportunities to learn, meet new people and experience something different. Benefacto is a social enterprise helping to get people who work in a professional capacity to volunteer in their local communities. Since last June, they’ve been arranging for professional and corporate volunteers to dedicate some of their time to helping Thames Reach clients at iReach, a weekly digital skills workshop at our Employment Academy in Camberwell. iReach gives people with little or no computer skills the opportunity to learn at their own pace. Funded by the Worshipful Company of Information Technologists, the workshop teaches practical digital skills, so clients can access services and benefits online, and can also help to reduce social isolation. Benefacto volunteer Molly spent an afternoon volunteering at an iReach session earlier this month. “You take it for granted but lots of people can’t use a computer,” she said. “It’s so important for applying for jobs and staying in contact with friends and family. “You can see people’s progress throughout the session. As a volunteer you want to get to a stage where you’re almost in the way. There was a lot of people at the session, everyone was enjoying it, it was amazing to see,” she added. Stevie Back, volunteer coordinator at Benefacto, said: “Doing this gives volunteers a chance to touch down with perhaps an unfamiliar reality and realise the importance of digital inclusion. “We’ve spent a long time seeking out the right charities for our volunteers. People working in a professional or corporate environment will tend to have digital skills they can impart through sessions like iReach, which is a fantastic project. “We’ve really enjoyed working with Thames Reach and will continue to do so. We’ve had 23 volunteers helping out with iReach. They share their expertise and make contact with people in their communities they might otherwise never have met,” she said. Thames Reach digital support worker Chris Hamm, who runs the iReach sessions, said: “When our service users first arrive, some are apprehensive about using the equipment. Some have almost no previous experience of using computers. “After a while, though, you can see how self-confident our learners become. The transformation is lovely to watch and the knowhow that our volunteers share with them plays a big part in that,” he said.
Volunteers are needed to help with the Assembly for Children at the 99th International Assembly in July. Below are the dates, times, and volunteers needed for each session. If you will be attending the Assembly and are interested in helping with the Assembly for Children, register online by clicking here. A background check and pastoral referral must be completed and can be found on the website. “Hands-on” laborers needed for take down of Assembly for Children props and décor.
Jomsom Muktinath Trek is an exciting trek in the Annapurna and Mustang regions of Nepal. The 13-day trek begins from Kathmandu with the tour of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Next, we fly to Pokhara, the beautiful Lake City and begin trekking from there. We trek in the beautiful Annapurna region and gradually enter the Mustang region. Our trail passes through quaint villages, cascading waterfalls, lush forests and surprisingly an almost-barren leeward side of the Himalayas. The diverse Nepalese landscape combined with the rich culture of its people makes this trek all the more rewarding. On our Jomsom Muktinath Trek, we also walk on trails along the Kali Gandaki gorge which is the deepest gorge on earth and then visit Muktinath Temple which is an important place of pilgrimage for Hindus and Buddhists alike. Dipping our bodies into the hot spring at Tatopani will also be a pleasing experience. The trek ends with our flight to Pokhara from Jomsom followed by a drive to Kathmandu. Day 13: Departure to your onward destination. • An experienced, English-speaking and government-licensed trek leader and assistant trek leader (4 trekkers: 1 assistant guide). • Domestic flight from Pokhara to Kathmandu. • Porter service (2 trekkers: 1 porter). • Staff costs including their salary, insurance, equipment, food and accommodation. • All necessary paperwork and trekking permits (ACAP, TIMS). • Medical kit (carried by your trek leader).
After the martyrdom of St. Boniface, Vergilius was made Bishop of Salzburg (766 or 767) and laboured successfully for the upbuilding of his diocese as well as for the spread of the Faith in neighbouring heathen countries, especially in Carinthia. He died at Salzburg, 27 November, 789. In 1233 he was canonized by Gregory IX. His doctrine that the earth is a sphere was derived from the teaching of ancient geographers, and his belief in the existence of the antipodes was probably influenced by the accounts which the ancient Irish voyagers gave of their journeys. This, at least, is the opinion of Rettberg ("Kirchengesch. Deutschlands", II, 236).
How to unblock ABC Go UK outside US? Watch ABC in the UK on Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, Android, PC or Mac. ABC is geoblocked outside US. In order to bypass geographic restrictions and access ABC in UK, you have to spoof/change your online location. VPN and Smart DNS allows you to watch ABC in the UK. If you try to watch ABC shows online in the UK, you get the following error message: “You appear to be outside the United States or its territories. Due to International rights agreements, we only offer this video to viewers located within the US.” That basically means you cannot watch any of ABC’s shows in UK due to geo-restrictions. VPN enables you to trick ABC into thinking you are in USA by giving you an American IP address. VPN allows you to unblock all US channels in the UK. Watch ABC, NBC, CBS, Netflix, Vudu, Hulu, Showtime, or HBO Go. VPN apps can be installed on Android, iPhone, iPad, PC, or Mac. Thanks to VPN’s data encryption, your ISP will not be able to see what you are doing online. Your Internet speed will drop by around 10 to 15% when using VPN. I am currently using ExpressVPN to unblock WatchABC in the UK. You can use any of the three VPN providers in the table below to watch ABC outside US. There is an alternative way to watch ABC outside US. Smart DNS also allows you to remove geoblocks and access US channels in the UK. You do not get a new IP address when using Smart DNS. Therefore, you will still appear to be in the UK for all websites apart from the ones you are trying to unblock. Smart DNS can be setup on Apple TV, Mac, Smart TV, PS3, PS4, Xbox, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Chromecast, Android, iPhone, iPad, or PC. No effect on Internet speed with Smart DNS. No traffic encryption either. You can still use all local UK apps and sites while unblocking US channels with Smart DNS. Your IP address is left unchanged. No need to install or download software. Smart DNS can be configured directly on your device. All you need is access to your device’s network settings. Some ISPs uses transparent proxies or DNS hijacking. Either method might prevent Smart DNS from functioning properly. There are quite a few Smart DNS services available. Not all of them help you to unblock ABC outside US. Unlocator allows you to unblock and watch ABC in the UK. You can check the list of 214 channels they allow you to unblock. So, you can either use VPN or Smart DNS proxy to unblock and watch ABC in the UK. Keep in mind that you still need a valid American cable subscription in order to sign into ABC. Even if you are outside the US.
Stitch can replicate data from all your sources (including Shippo) to a central warehouse. From there, it's easy to use Slemma to perform the in-depth analysis you need. Integrate Shippo and Slemma to turn your data into actionable insights.
As I have been discussing the magic of wordpress themes before. WordPress has brough a revolution as it’s ideal for less tech savy people to manage their website. Now almost 20% of the websites over world wide web are built using wordpress. Lots of other cms are available offering ecommerce solutions.
Farmington, CT, August 30, 2016 -- Many Americans realize they need long-term care insurance, but balk at the premiums. "Now there's an easy way to pay," says Larry Golfin, who represents ACSIA Partners LLC in CT. "Just use some of the money that's already in your Health Savings Account." "It's a shame so few people know about this," says Golfin. "We're spreading the word through our business partners and to the public directly." "In the years ahead, HSAs promise to be an increasingly important tool for the health and wellbeing of our longer-living population," says Golfin. ACSIA Partners has agents in all parts of the country who are glad to answer questions. "Depending on your circumstances, long-term care insurance may or may not be the best solution for you," says Golfin. "And the possible role of an HSA depends on your circumstances too. For example, some people may choose to pay some of their care costs directly from their HSA, and the balance from an LTC policy paid for with HSA dollars." For information, contact Golfin at larry.golfin@acsiapartners.com, http://www.larrygolfin.com or 860-677-4075.
So many things happening this weekend! The highly anticipated PBS Kids in the Park festival is tomorrow, Saturday, June 21. But there are lot of other events for families to enjoy this weekend as well. Also on Saturday, check out the free Summer Solstice Celebration at the Indianapolis Museum of Art’s 100 Acre Woods. The Windsor Park Neighborhood Association will also celebrate the solstice with a festival in Fletcher Park from 12 p.m.-11 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, you can experience Native American culture through myriad experiences on offer at the Eiteljorg Indian Market and Festival. Saturday, the Irvington Folk Festival features its Children’s Day from 11 a.m.-2 p.m. at Ellenberger Park.
Deportivo is finally responding the questions regarding the polemic case with Vecindario; the lawyers of the club aren’t only saying that the suspension of Oltra’s license is unfair, but also accused the RFEF of been attacking Depor. Deportivo is now open to negotiate with UD Vecindario in order to solve once and for all the conflict with the Canarian club. Vecindario is asking for €700,000 as part of a polemic collaboration deal that was cancelled on the past year. The conflict between Deportivo and Vecindario is now threatening Deportivo. A debt of €100,000 with Vecindario has turned into a loss of €700,000. For this conflict Oltra wasn’t on the bench for the Copa clash. One of the few positive news after the relegation to Segunda is the surprising reaction of Depor’s fans; a clear example is the number of socios, which is about to reach the mark of 20,000, the highest since the years of the Champions League. Deportivo can’t inscribe players due to a legal demand of UD Vecindario, while Adrian is doing everything in order to join Atletico Madrid. Those are the two current problems that are focusing the attention of president Lendoiro. Lendoiro travelled to Madrid in order to solve several pending issues and to participate in the draw of the liga calendar; before travelling he talked to reporters. The season 2011/12 will bring some changes to the structure of base football at Deportivo; the most notorious modification is the appearance of the Benjamin squad, the ninth team at the youth system composed by 10-year-old kids. Lendoiro is on war against the clubs that haven’t paid their obligations to Deportivo; there’s a well-known battle against Real Zaragoza, and since Friday the war was extended to Racing Santander; all for the transfer of Sergio Canales. Depor’s president continues his battle against the bankruptcy law and Zaragoza, while he announced that the club will make six or seven signings ahead of next season.
It is possible to erase up to 4 HDD / SSD at the same time. IDE HDD connection is also possible with dedicated adapter. HDD / SSD is exchanged from the order in which erasing is completed, and asynchronous erase function which can erase newly is installed.Five types of erase algorithms are installed. The erasing method can be selected according to the application. HDD copy function installed. It is possible to copy one HDD data to up to three HDDs simultaneously. Data delete contents can be printed with the attached dedicated printer . It is also possible to output text data of work log to USB memory. Dedicated carrying case with waterproof / dustproof specification is included, which can contain the main body and all accessories. This product is compatible with SATA 6 Gbps HDD / SSD, but the internal transfer speed is up to 130 MB / sec. 2.5 “HDD and 3.5” HDD can not be connected at the same time.
"Whoever gets him, they'll be getting a good one," David Montgomery said. INDIANAPOLIS — Hakeem Butler has been surrounded by some of the best wide receivers on the planet this week at the NFL Scouting Combine. It’s an experience that might humble some. But for Butler, it has only enhanced his confidence. As it stands, 22-year-old Butler is not regarded as the best wide receiver in this year’s NFL Draft. He’s projected by some experts to go as late as the third round. But when wide receivers were measured Thursday, Butler gained some attention: He led all receivers in height (6-foot-5 3/8), arm length (35 1/4 inches) and wingspan (83 7/8 inches). On Thursday, running back David Montgomery, who played with Butler at Iowa State, captured the general vibe surrounding Butler here. Butler says he’s met with every NFL team on an informal basis. He had “nine or 10” formal meetings set up for Friday night, but didn’t divulge which teams he’d be sitting down with. There is clear interest in Butler, who declared for the draft after his junior season in which he had 60 receptions for 1,318 yards and nine touchdowns. But in his mind, the hype machine hasn’t been turned up high enough — yet. Butler, of course, is talking about Saturday’s wide receiver workouts. If he crushes the drills, he could vault up the draft board — perhaps into the first round. And he feels well-prepared because he’s spent the past few months working out with some legendary NFL receivers in Calvin Johnson and Anquan Boldin. Butler met Boldin at the South Florida gym where he trains. He was connected to Johnson through his agent. Johnson and Boldin are known for being precise, tactical receivers. But Butler says the most valuable lesson of working with them has been learning about how they think. Butler admitted the first time he worked with Johnson, who went to six Pro Bowls with the Detroit Lions from 2010-15, that he was a little starstruck. Butler is hoping that one day he can leave a legacy like Boldin or Johnson. But for now, his goal is to prove what he already believes is true: that he is the top receiver in this draft.
Building a successful software platform is done by building software with a purpose by solving a problem that people already have. The problem may not be obvious, and it may not even be a problem that people are aware of, but the problem exists. Using Instagram as a case study, I think there are four keys a platforms success. Most people aren't professional photographers. They don't have access to the tools professional photographers use nor the time or money to buy the tools and learn them. But they do want professional looking photos. Instagram built a platform that had intrinsic value on it's own by providing people the ability to easily create professional looking photographs. One of the keys that made Instagram successful was that they took something people were already doing and made it easier and better. They removed the need to download photos from a mobile device and then upload them from a desktop or laptop. They simplified the process and allowed users to share exiting photos right from their phones or take a new photo to share. They also simplified an otherwise complex photo editing process by providing a set of templates that people could apply without having to understand image editing. This enabled a regular person to have professional looking photos without any work. One thing that Instagram did very well is that it built it's software to work with exiting services like Facebook and Twitter. Services that already had a huge community of users. They didn't try to re-create Twitter or Facebook. Instead, they allowed Twitter and Facebook to get better by making their service interoperable. Instagram didn't force people to ONLY use their service. Instead, it allowed people to continue to use their existing social media services and augment a specific workflow to be better if they wanted to. Users don't want to be asked to chose between this OR that. They want to be able to use this AND that. Will your software provide additional choices or limit choices?
In a small bowl, combine fennel, capers, lemon juice, parsley and olive oil and set aside. Preheat oven to 400°F. Lay trout on a greased baking sheet. Stuff each fish with slices of red onion, lemon, whole sprigs of parsley and oregano. Drizzle with olive oil and season with salt and pepper. Bake 15 to 18 minutes or until fish is firm and flakey. Serve with fennel salad.
Meaningful, reliable and valid mRNA expression analyses by real-time quantitative PCR (RT-qPCR) can only be achieved, if suitable reference genes are chosen for normalization and if appropriate RT-qPCR quality standards are met. Human periodontal ligament (hPDL) fibroblasts play a major mediating role in orthodontic tooth movement and periodontitis. Despite corresponding in-vitro gene expression studies being a focus of interest for many years, no information is available for hPDL fibroblasts on suitable reference genes, which are generally used in RT-qPCR experiments to normalize variability between samples. The aim of this study was to identify and validate suitable reference genes for normalization in untreated hPDL fibroblasts as well as experiments on orthodontic tooth movement or periodontitis (Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans). We investigated the suitability of 13 candidate reference genes using four different algorithms (geNorm, NormFinder, comparative Delta C-q and BestKeeper) and ranked them according to their expression stability. Overall PPIB (peptidylprolyl isomerase A), TBP (TATA-box-binding protein) and RPL22 (ribosomal protein 22) were found to be most stably expressed with two genes in conjunction sufficient for reliable normalization. This study provides an accurate tool for quantitative gene expression analysis in hPDL fibroblasts according to the MIQE guidelines and shows that reference gene reliability is treatment-specific.
Know Buckeye Trail Class of 2001 graduates that are NOT on this List? Help us Update the 2001 Class List by adding missing names. More 2001 alumni from Buckeye Trail HS have posted profiles on Classmates.com®. Click here to register for free at Classmates.com® and view other 2001 alumni. Alumni from the Buckeye Trail High School class of 2001 that have been added to this alumni directory are shown on this page. All of the people on this page graduated in '01 from Buckeye Trail . You can register for free to add your name to the BTHS alumni directory.
Irish crime thriller at its best, Stuart Neville is a fantastic writer. Careful, this will grab you and not let go. The Ghosts of Belfast is the first in the Jack Lennon series but this is one of those series that is loosley connected so reading out of order is not a problem. Highly recommend any of his books! Fegan has been a "hard man," an IRA killer in northern Ireland. Now that peace has come, he is being haunted day and night by twelve ghosts: a mother and infant, a schoolboy, a butcher, an RUC constable, and seven other of his innocent victims. In order to appease them, he's going to have to kill the men who gave him orders. "Perfect for summer—especially if you want to be reminded of what a blessing it is to live in relatively peaceful times." "Stuart Neville is Ireland's answer to Henning Mankell."
The Center for the Study of Culture, Politics and Society (CECUPS) is devoted to the sociological analysis of cultural and political subjects, in particular subjects placed in the confluence of those two realms or dimensions of social reality. In this way, and mainly from a comparative perspective, we make research about cultural policy, the relationship between culture and territory, citizenship and the Welfare State, the cultural construction of Europe or the reflexive configuration of modernity. Arturo Rodríguez Morató. Mariano Martín Zamorano. 2018. Cultural Policy in Ibero-America – A Regional Perspective. Taylor & Francis.
We made it through another Queensland summer – even though we are breaking records this March with a dry and hot Autumn on the horizon! I hope you are all keeping cool and making the most of it. As we roll into the final financial quarter, now is the time for businesses to really hit the ground running to make sure the foundations are strong, (vision, systems, processes, resource both people & financial) to ensure growth and financial goals are achieved for the year and beyond. There have been more legislative changes that affect all small businesses around the need to implement single touch payroll and for those who have a builders license, whereby the changes to the reporting rules have been increased. There is an article in this newsletter to explain more about what you need to do to make sure you are not in breach of the new rules. Our first event for the year will be next Tuesday 19th, 5:30 pm at the Ovolo Incholm Hotel, we encourage anyone in business to come along, we have a variety of experts in their field to answer all of your questions whether it be buying, selling a business, strategic marketing and even Estate Planning which is usually overlooked due to the morbid discussions it requires. There will be a marketing expert who can provide some tips on effective ways to promote your business giving you the best bang for your buck and also automation experts who will help you identify ways to save you time in your business. This is what we do at Advivo and business growth will be the subject of our May event. It is our motivation for helping people achieve their business goals and drive success. I will, of course, be in attendance at our “Speed Dating With The Business Experts” to talk about these workshops and much more, so register here, come along, say hi, have a glass of wine and see how we can help you! We understand businesses and our clients are confronted & challenged by an enormous range of issues and changes while also maintaining the day to day operations, not to mention the legislative changes and compliance that applies to different industries. Register here today to speak with a range of experts about the issues that are keeping you awake at night. Single Touch Payroll (STP) – The new GST! Everyone should be aware of the changes regarding Single Touch Payroll (STP) and the reporting requirements that come with it. This includes ensuring your business accounting software is ready. Click here to find out how this may affect you and if you have any queries contact your Advivo accountant today! When looking at your business records, do you ever find yourself scratching your head over a transaction because it was a long time ago? OR do you already have enough going on in your business that you don’t have time for the daily processing of creditors and bank reconciliations? Click here to find out how Advivo implemented AI to help improve these processes. Are you eligible for the Small Business Instant Asset Write-off? In January this year, the government announced they will introduce a new legislation to increase the $20,000 instant asset write off threshold to $25,000 from 29 January until 30 June 2020. This is a proposal and not yet law. It has sparked interest for small business owners and an increase in calls from our clients who want to know if they can take advantage of the asset write-off. Read more here and find out if this is something you can take advantage of! A fringe benefit is a benefit provided in respect of employment. This effectively means a benefit provided to an employee (or their associate) because they are an employee. Read more here about the different types of FBT and some of the strategies you can put in place to reduce the amount of FBT you have to pay. Do you have a Queensland Building Construction Commission (QBCC) license? Are you aware of the new reporting laws that have been implemented from 1st January 2019? For those with a financial year ending 30 June 2018 your R&D Tax Incentive lodgements are almost due! Be sure to lodge with the Department of Industry, Innovation & Science and then your tax return with the ATO. I often speak with inventors who tell me “I know what the market wants” as they are explaining their innovation, despite having conducted no market research. February’s Charity of the Month! This month we have decided to donate our monthly contribution to GIVIT. GIVIT is working in partnership with the Queensland Government to manage donated funds and all offers of goods and services after major flooding in North and Far North Queensland. Donations made will help support Queensland residents severely impacted by monsoonal trough. Emergency workers and local councils are currently assessing need and will work with GIVIT to provide critical and immediate support as well as providing longer recovery support to re-establish homes and help communities recover. Please CLICK HERE to vote on this month’s recipient of our contribution. 21 March – Lodge and pay February 2019 monthly business activity statement. 31 March – Lodge tax return for companies and super funds with total income of more than $2 million in the latest year lodged (excluding large/medium taxpayers), unless the return was due earlier. 31 March – Lodge tax return for the head company of a consolidated group (excluding large/medium), with a member who had a total income in excess of $2 million in their latest year lodged, unless the return was due earlier. 31 March – Lodge tax return for individuals and trusts whose latest return resulted in a tax liability of $20,000 or more, excluding large/medium trusts.
Here are your morning links! Janczak looked solid in his second start since returning from injury. TCU broke through in the sixth inning with a pair of run. Jake Guenther and Alex Isola singled to open the inning. A wild pitch had both runners in scoring position and Johnny Rizer delivered a two-run single up the middle to make it a 6-2 ballgame. The Frogs didn’t go quietly, scoring a run on a Zach Humphreys groundout in the eighth. With two outs in the ninth, the Frogs put the tying run on base with walks to Josh Watson and Isola around a Guenther base hit. UTA closer Andrew Gross wiggled off the hook with a ground out to end the game. Jared Janczak (0-2) tossed 4 1/3 innings. He allowed six runs (two earned) on six hits, walked one and struck out two. Haylen Green and Matt Rudis allowed one combined runner over the last 3 2/3 innings of the game. The pair fanned seven. The defensive end position is loaded, name-wise, but not very experienced. This is a spot with a ton of turnover and, in turn, opportunities for new faces. Mathis, who some have compared to Jerry Hughes when it comes to potential, appears to be on his way to a starting role after continuing to earn rave reviews through spring. Patterson hinted that 2019 could finally be Bowen’s time too, so don’t take your eyes off the 6-foot-4 Byron Nelson High School product when fall camp arrives down the stretch. The cornerback would fill a massive need with Jeff Gladney and Julius Lewis set to graduate. Jenkins is getting recruited by Jeremy Modkins mostly because he’s the cornerbacks coach for the Frogs. However, Jenkins says he’s built a strong relationship with each of the coaches on staff. Jenkins was hosted on his visit by redshirt freshman Atanza Vongor. The four-star says he got along with the defensive back as well as the rest of the team. Equestrian has put together a solid season. TCU News: Joe Broadnax’s career is over, will Justin Rogers play this year?
Grace. What is it? What does it mean? How do you get it and how do you KNOW you got it? Honestly, I don’t know the answers to these questions. I have no way of describing something I don’t understand BUT believe deeply in my soul that it exists. How do you get these graces? Sanctifying grace is IN your soul. It’s the free and underserved gift from God. Actual grace would come from our knowledge and belief of all things right and wrong – following the Ten Commandments, making sure we follow a path that is pure and justified. Justified means to be sinless, and to be sinless means you are in favor with God. When you are baptized you are sinless and therefore have favor with God. When you go to reconciliation, you are once again sinless and in favor with God. You are in a state of grace. Once sanctifying grace is in your soul, you can increase it by every good action you do – receiving Communion, saying prayers, performing corporal works of Mercy. The most important thing to think about is NOT what you are going to do or how you are going to do it but to recognize God’s love. The reason you can do any good work is because God LOVES YOU FIRST in Grace. You must continually seek God’s grace, continually respond to the actual graces God is working within you, inclining you to turn to Him and do good. Have I answered the question as to what Grace is? I’ve read through all the study guides provided to me and compiled all the information, but I don’t believe that I’ve properly explained what Grace is. To me Grace is a feeling. Sometimes it’s butterflies in the stomach, and it takes my breath away. I feel this way every time I think of my husband. We met and married 38 years ago. I see God’s grace in our meeting, getting married, and living our life together as husband and wife. Sometimes it’s a jolt, like an electric shock and then an overwhelming wave of love, like the enormous amount of love I felt when I held my first baby in my arms for the first time. This happened again with my 2nd and 3rd child, and then God blessed us with twins to make 4 and 5. Then sometimes it feels like a raging fight going on inside me, making hard decisions that breaks my heart in two. I have no power to stop things from happening and my only recourse is just to constantly pray. Mostly it’s a feeling of ultimate peace and an over-whelming calmness that comes over me at different times during the day when God allows me glimpses of HIS love for me: when my dog and cat are doing something cute together; when I see the birds eating the seed I put out for them; when a certain little girl comes over to the house and calls me “Grandma”. I just breathe a sigh of thanksgiving and relax in the comfort of His hand. Where does Grace come from?
Everyone seems to want a brighter smile, and teeth whitening is a great option for boosting your confidence. If food and drinks have stained your pearly whites, you may be tempted to rush to the drug store and pick up the first over-the-counter whitening product you find. However, while side effects from whitening products are rare, you should follow these tips before bleaching your teeth to ensure your safety. If your teeth appear stained, don’t assume you need to bleach them. It’s possible a good teeth cleaning will restore the sparkle to your smile. During an oral exam, your dentist will also check for cavities and gum issues, which should be treated before bleaching your teeth. At-home whiteners most often use carbamide peroxide in concentrations ranging from 10 to 20 percent. Carbamide peroxide is hydrogen peroxide with urea added. This product remains active for up to 10 hours at a low enough acidity level that enamel etching is not a concern. Start with a product containing 10 percent carbamide peroxide. If the whitener doesn’t bother your mouth, but you don’t see the results you want, try another over-the-counter product with a higher concentration. When you choose an at-home teeth bleaching kit, it’s your responsibility to follow the instructions on the package. Don’t leave the gel or strips on your teeth longer than advised or you could experience tooth sensitivity and sore gums. Also, avoid drinking soda, sports drinks or other sugary/acidic beverages for several hours after whitening to prevent etching your teeth. At-home whitening kits are inexpensive and widely available, but that doesn’t make them the best choice. Professional in-office teeth bleaching can lighten your smile up to eight shades in a single 45-minute visit. Combined with professional-grade take-home treatments, patients see an average improvement of 11 shades. In comparison, over-the-counter whitening requires daily 30-minute applications for more than two weeks to achieve a six-shade improvement. In-office whitening uses LED light-activated technology to maximize results in the shortest amount of time without causing tooth sensitivity. It’s effective both for people who simply want to lighten their smile and for patients with severely discolored teeth. Pregnant women and nursing mothers should postpone teeth bleaching. Translucent teeth don’t respond well to whitening. A tooth-colored composite placed on the lingual side of a see-through tooth is a more effective way to improve its appearance. Zen Dental Center in Seattle offers Philips Zoom in-office teeth bleaching for safe, professional results. To learn more about this treatment, or to schedule an appointment, please contact us at 206-324-1100 today.
Sellers who are non-residents (eg. foreigners living abroad and Japanese citizens living abroad). Buyers, both local and overseas residents, who are buying real estate in Japan from a non-resident. If the seller of Japanese real estate is a non-resident, depending on the situation, the buyer must withhold 10.21% of the sale price and pay it to the tax office, with the remaining 89.79% paid to the seller. The buyer is responsible for paying the 10.21% to the tax office by the 10th of the month following the transaction. It is your obligation to make this payment to the tax office by the deadline. If you are currently living overseas, you will need to appoint a tax representative or accountant to pay this on your behalf. You will need to appoint a tax representative in Japan to file a final tax return to have the remainder returned to you (less any taxes that may have been owed). *If the payment of deposits and mid-term payments also meet the conditions for withholding tax, the tax must be withheld and paid by the buyer at each payment. The above information has been provided as a general guide only. For more details on this tax, and for other detailed tax questions, please consult with the tax office or a specialist tax accountant.
JPW Osprey Limited specialise in all aspects of façade glazing, curtain walling and cladding refurbishment, operating under CDM often as the principal contractor. Having established an excellent reputation for the effective co-ordination and management of suppliers, whilst resolving technical and installation issues. We have a long history of highly complex projects completed on time and to budget. Projects are often carried out with the building’s occupying tenants in situ, causing minimal disruption. JPW Osprey Limited’s approach to health and safety is extremely important on all projects. The Health and Safety People are retained to carry out regular inspections and audit the business.
Yesterday [12 Nov], at the Shoreditch Town Hall, Dr. Macdonald, M.P., the coroner for the North- Eastern District of Middlesex, opened his inquiry relative to the death of Marie Jeanette Kelly, the woman whose body was discovered on Friday morning, terribly mutilated, in a room on the ground floor of 26, Dorset-street, entrance to which was by a side door in Miller's-court. Superintendent T. Arnold, H Division; Inspector Abberline, of the Criminal Investigation Department, and Inspector Nairn represented the police. The deputy coroner, Mr. Hodgkinson, was present during the proceedings. The Coroner (to the juror, severely): Do you think that we do not know what we are doing here, and that we do not know our own district? The jury are summoned in the ordinary way, and they have no business to object. If they persist in their objection I shall know how to deal with them. Does any juror persist in objecting ? The Juror: We are summoned for the Shoreditch district. This affair happened in Spitalfields. The Coroner: It happened within my district. The jury having made no further objection, they were duly sworn, and were conducted by Inspector Abberline to view the body, which, decently coffined, was at the mortuary adjoining Shoreditch Church, and subsequently the jury inspected the room, in Miller's-court, Dorset- street, where the murder was committed. The apartment, a plan of which was given in yesterday's Daily Telegraph, is poorly furnished, and uncarpeted. The position of the two tables was not altered. One of them was placed near the bed, behind the door, and the other next to the largest of the two windows which look upon the yard in which the dustbin and water-tap are situated. Joseph Barnett deposed : I was a fish-porter, and I work as a labourer and fruit- porter. Until Saturday last I lived at 24, New-street, Bishopsgate, and have since stayed at my sister's, 21, Portpool-lane, Gray's Inn-road. I have lived with the deceased one year and eight months. Her name was Marie Jeanette Kelly with the French spelling as described to me. Kelly was her maiden name. I have seen the body, and I identify it by the ear and eyes, which are all that I can recognise; but I am positive it is the same woman I knew. I lived with her in No. 13 room, at Miller's-court for eight months. I separated from her on Oct. 30. [Coroner] Why did you leave her ? - Because she had a woman of bad character there, whom she took in out of compassion, and I objected to it. That was the only reason. I left her on the Tuesday between five and six p.m. I last saw her alive between half-past seven and a quarter to eight on Thursday night last, when I called upon her. I stayed there for a quarter of an hour. [Coroner] Were you on good terms ? - Yes, on friendly terms; but when we parted I told her I had no work, and had nothing to give her, for which I was very sorry. [Coroner] Did you drink together ? - No, sir. She was quite sober. [Coroner] Was she, generally speaking, of sober habits ? - When she was with me I found her of sober habits, but she has been drunk several times in my presence. [Coroner] Was there any one else there on the Thursday evening ? - Yes, a woman who lives in the court. She left first, and I followed shortly afterwards. [Coroner] Have you had conversation with deceased about her parents ? - Yes, frequently. She said she was born in Limerick, and went when very young to Wales. She did not say how long she lived there, but that she came to London about four years ago. Her father's name was John Kelly, a "gaffer" or foreman in an iron works in Carnarvonshire, or Carmarthen. She said she had one sister, who was respectable, who travelled from market place to market place. This sister was very fond of her. There were six brothers living in London, and one was in the army. One of them was named Henry. I never saw the brothers to my knowledge. She said she was married when very young in Wales to a collier. I think the name was Davis or Davies. She said she had lived with him until he was killed in an explosion, but I cannot say how many years since that was. Her age was, I believe, 16 when she married. After her husband's death deceased went to Cardiff to a cousin. [Coroner] Did she live there long ? - Yes, she was in an infirmary there for eight or nine months. She was following a bad life with her cousin, who, as I reckon, and as I often told her, was the cause of her downfall. [Coroner] After she left Cardiff did she come direct to London ? - Yes. She was in a gay house in the West-end, but in what part she did not say. A gentleman came there to her and asked her if she would like to go to France. [Coroner] Did she go to France ? - Yes; but she did not remain long. She said she did not like the part, but whether it was the part or purpose I cannot say. She was not there more than a fortnight, and she returned to England, and went to Ratcliffe-highway. She must have lived there for some time. Afterwards she lived with a man opposite the Commercial Gas Works, Stepney. The man's name was Morganstone. [Coroner] Have you seen that man ? - Never. I don't know how long she lived with him. [Coroner] Was Morganstone the last man she lived with ? - I cannot answer that question, but she described a man named Joseph Fleming, who came to Pennington-street, a bad house, where she stayed. I don't know when this was. She was very fond of him. He was a mason's plasterer, and lodged in the Bethnal-green-road. [Coroner] Was that all you knew of her history when you lived with her? - Yes. After she lived with Morganstone or Fleming - I don't know which one was the last - she lived with me. [Coroner] Where did you pick up with her first ? - In Commercial-street. We then had a drink together, and I made arrangements to see her on the following day - a Saturday. On that day we both of us agreed that we should remain together. I took lodgings in George-street, Commercial-street, where I was known. I lived with her, until I left her, on very friendly terms. [Coroner] Did she express fear of any particular individual ? - No, sir. Our own quarrels were very soon over. Thomas Bowyer stated: I live at 37, Dorset-street, and am employed by Mr. McCarthy. I serve in his chandler's shop, 27, Dorset-street. At a quarter to eleven a.m., on Friday morning, I was ordered by McCarthy to go to Mary Jane's room, No. 13. I did not know the deceased by the name of Kelly. I went for rent, which was in arrears. Knocking at the door, I got no answer, and I knocked again and again. Receiving no reply, I passed round the corner by the gutter spout where there is a broken window - it is the smallest window. Charles Ledger, an inspector of police, G Division, produced a plan of the premises. Bowyer pointed out the window, which was the one nearest the entrance. He [Bowyer] continued: There was a curtain. I put my hand through the broken pane and lifted the curtain. I saw two pieces of flesh lying on the table. [Coroner] Where was this table ? - In front of the bed, close to it. The second time I looked I saw a body on this bed, and blood on the floor. I at once went very quietly to Mr. McCarthy. We then stood in the shop, and I told him what I had seen. We both went to the police-station, but first of all we went to the window, and McCarthy looked in to satisfy himself. We told the inspector at the police-station of what we had seen. Nobody else knew of the matter. The inspector returned with us. [Coroner] Did you see the deceased constantly ? - I have often seen her. I knew the last witness, Barnett. I have seen the deceased drunk once. John McCarthy, grocer and lodging-house keeper, testified: I live at 27, Dorset- street. On Friday morning, about a quarter to eleven, I sent my man Bowyer to Room 13 to call for rent. He came back in five minutes, saying, "Guv'nor, I knocked at the door, and could not make any one answer; I looked through the window and saw a lot of blood." I accompanied him, and looked through the window myself, saw the blood and the woman. For a moment I could not say anything, and I then said: "You had better fetch the police." I knew the deceased as Mary Jane Kelly, and had no doubt at all about her identity. I followed Bowyer to Commercial-street Police-station, where I saw Inspector Beck. I inquired at first for Inspector Reid. Inspector Beck returned with me at once. [Coroner] How long had the deceased lived in the room ? - Ten months. She lived with Barnett. I did not know whether they were married or not; they lived comfortably together, but they had a row when the window was broken. The bedstead, bed-clothes, table, and every article of furniture belonged to me. [Coroner] What rent was paid for this room ? - It was supposed to be 4s 6d a week. Deceased was in arrears 29s. I was to be paid the rent weekly. Arrears are got as best you can. I frequently saw the deceased the worse for drink. When sober she was an exceptionally quiet woman, but when in drink she had more to say. She was able to walk about, and was not helpless. [Coroner] Where was this ? - In Dorset-street. She went up the court, a few steps in front of me. [Coroner] Was anybody with her ? - A short, stout man, shabbily dressed. He had on a longish coat, very shabby, and carried a pot of ale in his hand. [Coroner] What was the colour of the coat ? - A dark coat. [Coroner] What hat had he ? - A round hard billycock. [Coroner] Long or short hair ? - I did not notice. He had a blotchy face, and full carrotty moustache. [Coroner] The chin was shaven ? - Yes. A lamp faced the door. [Coroner] Did you see them go into her room ? - Yes; I said "Good night, Mary," and she turned round and banged the door. [Coroner] Had he anything in his hands but the can ? - No. [Coroner] Did she say anything ? - She said "Good night, I am going to have a song." As I went in she sang "A violet I plucked from my mother's grave when a boy." I remained a quarter of an hour in my room and went out. Deceased was still singing at one o'clock when I returned. I remained in the room for a minute to warm my hands as it was raining, and went out again. She was singing still, and I returned to my room at three o'clock. The light was then out and there was no noise. [Coroner] Did you go to sleep ? - No; I was upset. I did not undress at all. I did not sleep at all. I must have heard what went on in the court. I heard no noise or cry of "Murder," but men went out to work in the market. [Coroner] How many men live in the court who work in Spitalfields Market ? - One. At a quarter- past six I heard a man go down the court. That was too late for the market. [Coroner] From what house did he go ? - I don't know. [Coroner] Did you hear the door bang after him ? - No. [Coroner] Then he must have walked up the court and back again? - Yes. [Coroner] It might have been a policeman ? - It might have been. [Coroner] What would you take the stout man's age to be ? - Six-and-thirty. [Coroner] Did you notice the colour of his trousers ? - All his clothes were dark. [Coroner] Did his boots sound as if the heels were heavy ? - There was no sound as he went up the court. [Coroner] Then you think that his boots were down at heels ? - He made no noise. [Coroner] What clothes had Mary Jane on ? - She had no hat; a red pelerine and a shabby skirt. [Coroner] You say she was drunk ? - I did not notice she was drunk until she said good night. The man closed the door. By the Jury: There was a light in the window, but I saw nothing, as the blinds were down. I should know the man again, if I saw him. [Coroner] Do you often hear cries of "Murder?" - It is nothing unusual in the street. I did not take particular notice. [Coroner] Did you hear it a second time? - No. [Coroner] Did you hear beds or tables being pulled about? - None whatever. I went asleep, and was awake again at five a.m. I passed down the stairs, and saw some men harnessing horses. At a quarter to six I was in the Ten Bells. [Coroner] Could the witness, Mary Ann Cox, have come down the entry between one and half-past one o'clock without your knowledge ? - Yes, she could have done so. [Coroner] Did you see any strangers at the Ten Bells ? - No. I went back to bed and slept until eleven. [Coroner] You heard no singing downstairs ? - None whatever. I should have heard the singing distinctly. It was quite quiet at half-past one o'clock. Caroline Maxewell, 14, Dorset-street, said: My husband is a lodging-house deputy. I knew the deceased for about four months. I believe she was an unfortunate. On two occasions I spoke to her. [Coroner] Did you speak to her ? - Yes; it was an unusual thing to see her up. She was a young woman who never associated with any one. I spoke across the street, "What, Mary, brings you up so early ?" She said, "Oh, Carrie, I do feel so bad." [Coroner] And yet you say you had only spoken to her twice previously; you knew her name and she knew yours ? - Oh, yes; by being about in the lodging-house. [Coroner] What did she say ? - She said, "I've had a glass of beer, and I've brought it up again"; and it was in the road. I imagined she had been in the Britannia beer-shop at the corner of the street. I left her, saying that I could pity her feelings. I went to Bishopsgate-street to get my husband's breakfast. Returning I saw her outside the Britannia public-house, talking to a man. [Coroner] This would be about what time ? - Between eight and nine o'clock. I was absent about half-an-hour. It was about a quarter to nine. [Coroner] What description can you give of this man ? - I could not give you any, as they were at some distance. [Coroner] What sort of dress had the deceased ? - A dark skirt, a velvet body, a maroon shawl, and no hat. [Coroner] Have you ever seen her the worse for drink ? - I have seen her in drink, but she was not a notorious character. Sarah Lewis deposed: I live at 24, Great Pearl-street, and am a laundress. I know Mrs. Keyler, in Miller's-court, and went to her house at 2, Miller's-court, at 2.30a.m. on Friday. It is the first house. I noticed the time by the Spitalfields' Church clock. When I went into the court, opposite the lodging-house I saw a man with a wideawake. There was no one talking to him. He was a stout-looking man, and not very tall. The hat was black. I did not take any notice of his clothes. The man was looking up the court; he seemed to be waiting or looking for some one. Further on there was a man and woman - the later being in drink. There was nobody in the court. I dozed in a chair at Mrs. Keyler's, and woke at about half- past three. I heard the clock strike. [Coroner] What woke you up ? - I could not sleep. I sat awake until nearly four, when I heard a female's voice shouting "Murder" loudly. It seemed like the voice of a young woman. It sounded at our door. There was only one scream. [Coroner] Were you afraid ? Did you wake anybody up ? - No, I took no notice, as I only heard the one scream. [Coroner] You stayed at Keyler's house until what time ? - Half-past five p.m. on Friday. The police would not let us out of the court. [Coroner] Have you seen any suspicious persons in the district ? - On Wednesday night I was going along the Bethnal-green-road, with a woman, about eight o'clock, when a gentleman passed us. He followed us and spoke to us, and wanted us to follow him into an entry. He had a shiny leather bag with him. [Coroner] Did he want both of you ? - No; only one. I refused. He went away and came back again, saying he would treat us. He put down his bag and picked it up again, saying, "What are you frightened about ? Do you think I've got anything in the bag ?" We then ran away, as we were frightened. [Coroner] Was he a tall man ? - He was short, pale-faced, with a black moustache, rather small. His age was about forty. [Coroner] Was it a large bag ? - No, about 6in to 9in long. His hat was a high round hat. He had a brownish overcoat, with a black short coat underneath. His trousers were a dark pepper-and- salt. [Coroner] After he left you what did you do ? - We ran away. [Coroner] Have you seen him since ? - On Friday morning, about half-past two a.m., when I was going to Miller's-court, I met the same man with a woman in Commercial-street, near Mr. Ringer's public-house (the Britannia). He had no overcoat on. [Coroner] Had he the black bag ? - Yes. [Coroner] Were the man and woman quarrelling ? - No; they were talking. As I passed he looked at me. I don't know whether he recognised me. There was no policeman about. Mr. George Bagster Phillips, divisional surgeon of police, said: I was called by the police on Friday morning at eleven o'clock, and on proceeding to Miller's-court, which I entered at 11.15, I found a room, the door of which led out of the passage at the side of 26, Dorset-street, photographs of which I produce. It had two windows in the court. Two panes in the lesser window were broken, and as the door was locked I looked through the lower of the broken panes and satisfied myself that the mutilated corpse lying on the bed was not in need of any immediate attention from me, and I also came to the conclusion that there was nobody else upon the bed, or within view, to whom I could render any professional assistance. Having ascertained that probably it was advisable that no entrance should be made into the room at that time, I remained until about 1.30p.m., when the door was broken open by McCarthy, under the direction of Superintendent Arnold. On the door being opened it knocked against a table which was close to the left-hand side of the bedstead, and the bedstead was close against the wooden partition. The mutilated remains of a woman were lying two- thirds over, towards the edge of the bedstead, nearest the door. Deceased had only an under- linen garment upon her, and by subsequent examination I am sure the body had been removed, after the injury which caused death, from that side of the bedstead which was nearest to the wooden partition previously mentioned. The large quantity of blood under the bedstead, the saturated condition of the palliasse, pillow, and sheet at the top corner of the bedstead nearest to the partition leads me to the conclusion that the severance of the right carotid artery, which was the immediate cause of death, was inflicted while the deceased was lying at the right side of the bedstead and her head and neck in the top right-hand corner. the coroner said: It has come to my ears that somebody has been making a statement to some of the jury as to their right and duty of being here. Has any one during the interval spoken to the jury, saying that they should not be here to-day ? Julia Vanturney [Van Turney], 1, Miller's-court, a charwoman, living with Harry Owen, said: I knew the deceased for some time as Kelly, and I knew Joe Barnett, who lived with her. He would not allow her to go on the streets. Deceased often got drunk. She said she was fond of another man, also named Joe. I never saw this man. I believe he was a costermonger. [Coroner] When did you last see the deceased alive ? - On Thursday morning, at about ten o'clock. I slept in the court on Thursday night, and went to bed about eight. I could not rest at all during the night. [Coroner] Did you hear any noises in the court ? - I did not. I heard no screams of "Murder," nor any one singing. [Coroner] Were you in the house when Joe Barnett called ? - Yes. I said, "Well, Mary Jane, I shall not see you this evening again," and I left with her two men's dirty shirts, a little boy's shirt, a black overcoat, a black crepe bonnet with black satin strings, a pawn-ticket for a grey shawl, upon which 2s had been lent, and a little girls white petticoat. [Coroner] Have you seen any of these articles since? - Yes; I saw the black overcoat in a room in the court on Friday afternoon. [Coroner] Did the deceased ever speak to you about being afraid of any man ? - She did not. Inspector Beck, H Division, deposed that, having sent for the doctor, he gave orders to prevent any persons leaving the court, and he directed officers to make a search. He had not been aware that the deceased was known to the police. [Coroner] Was it by your orders that the door was forced ? - No; I had an intimation from Inspector Beck that the bloodhounds had been sent for, and the reply had been received that they were on the way. Dr. Phillips was unwilling to force the door, as it would be very much better to test the dogs, if they were coming. We remained until about 1.30 p.m., when Superintendent Arnold arrived, and he informed me that the order in regard to the dogs had been countermanded, and he gave orders for the door to be forced. I agree with the medical evidence as to the condition of the room. I subsequently took an inventory of the contents of the room. There were traces of a large fire having been kept up in the grate, so much so that it had melted the spout of a kettle off. We have since gone through the ashes in the fireplace; there were remnants of clothing, a portion of a brim of a hat, and a skirt, and it appeared as if a large quantity of women's clothing had been burnt. [Coroner] Can you give any reason why they were burnt ? - I can only imagine that it was to make a light for the man to see what he was doing. There was only one small candle in the room, on the top of a broken wine-glass. An impression has gone abroad that the murderer took away the key of the room. Barnett informs me that it has been missing some time, and since it has been lost they have put their hand through the broken window, and moved back the catch. It is quite easy. There was a man's clay pipe in the room, and Barnett informed me that he smoked it. [Coroner] Is there anything further the jury ought to know ? - No; if there should be I can communicate with you, sir.
I did a bit of work on andinfinity.de in regards to style and function. Also rss now works! There’s now an rss feed. I also did a lot of work on the stylesheet. I hope the readability has increased and most of the bugs are gone. There’s a bit more in the pipeline, but first I’d like to work on my habit on writing posts more regular. The work- in-progress folder is bursting, but nothing’s really finished.
Weekend fun isn’t just for humans. Dogs love to get out and enjoy some time away from the day-to-day grind. But where can you take your dogs on weekends? #3: Farmers Markets – Orlando boasts many dog friendly farmers markets every weekend. From Windermere’s Friday Farmers Market to the big Saturday markets in Winter Garden and Winter Park – you are hard pressed to find a locale without a marketplace of fresh produce. Dogs at these events have become so prominent that many vendors now cater exclusively to dogs selling homemade biscuits and treats just for your pooch. #2: The beach – Contrary to popular belief there ARE several dog friendly beaches within a short drive of Orlando. The closest is the Smyrna Dunes Park. Dogs can romp and play in the sun alongside your family. Be sure to take poop bags and keep the beach as nice as you found it! #1: The dog park – What better place to spend some time outdoors and close to home than in the dog park. Central Florida can boast one of the nations best dog friendly parks in Winter Park. Fleet Peeples Park alongside the shores of Lake Baldwin has to be the nicest, most popular and respected dog parks around. It’s huge trees supply lots of shade and dogs love to run in the surf of the lakes sandy shores. There’s even a bathing area for our dog once they’ve had enough fun in the sun. Well, there you have it. The things pet sitters in Orlando like to do with their dogs. Did we miss any? Tell us in the comments.
Constant development in Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) technologies results in evolving aircraft, instrumentation, and control programs of these systems. An open source simulator was examined as a potential method of testing UAS platforms changes. The open source simulator was used to simulate flights flown by an actual platform. Existing flight data was used as a base line of comparison for the telemetry data of the simulated flight. Patterns in parameters such as vehicle attitude and throttle output were compared between the simulated and actual results to determine if the simulator produced an accurate representation of a physical flight. Analysis of the simulated vehicle exhibited similar behavior to that of the actual vehicle in most of the flight data collected. Simplification in the flight simulator model may be responsible for the deviations in magnitude observed between the two sets of data. Three points of interest in each of the three test cases were chosen as checks for the values in the data. These points in the flight were studied in the various graphs of the parameters graphed and the difference between the simulated and actual values was calculated. The values at these points stayed within an average of 0° and 30° for vehicle attitude and between 0% and 33.3% throttle difference over the three test cases. The average difference in attitude was 5.1° over 93 compared values and 8.1% in throttle over 18 compared values. On average the simulator showed good agreement to existing flight data and therefore will be a good tool to simulate flights prior to a mission. The accuracy of the results may be improved with further development of the simulation model. Ramirez Duarte, Jaime A. (2018) "Feasibility Study for the Application of Open Source UAS Autopilot Simulator," McNair Scholars Research Journal: Vol. 5 , Article 4.
Expand your clientele, meet and network with potential business partners and make new business contacts. Learn from seasoned industry experts sharing their knowledge and experience on scaling up productivity, driving profitability and positioning SMEs for sustainability and global Competitiveness. Reach new markets, improve your corporate identity, showcase and promote your products and services to visitors and buyers. Explore potential business deals and commercial partnerships with key trade, commerce and investment representatives from around the Country, the USA and the International Community. Raise brand awareness and generate new business opportunities across multiple market sectors. Booth prices starts from N50,000 for 2 days. Start Booking Now! Booth prices starts from N50,000 for 2 days. Start Booking Now! We were privilege to meet with Ebeano Supermarket, Shoppers Delite and Just Rite; we took up from there and today we are on the shelf of these malls. The exhibition showed us the way to do business right and to do it effectively and efficiently. The exhibition also made room for us to meet various investors, who have tremendously been of help to the growth of Hyst Global Business Ltd. I exhibited at the African Food and Products Exhibition 2018. The Event was a wonderful one and an eye-opener for not just me but for other exhibitors and attendees. From the conference sessions, I acquired knowledge on exportation of goods. The AFPE 2018 was the door opener to my exquisite Zobo Business. I thought to myself that since the Exhibition was for African Food and Products, Zobo is an African drink so I decided to make and sell for the Exhibition. Just like magic, amidst my other products, the zobo made super sales. Now I have a branded Zobo drink. The AFPE 2018 was great, it was an opportunity to have a firsthand understanding of the challenges facing SMEs, helping us know what products they needed and how they can take advantage of our service offerings. The AFPE 2019 gave us a chance to partner with many of them. It was an amazing experience, my business was a month old and I didn’t know anyone. It was the first time I got to be in public and I appreciate the opportunity to be exposed. Coming to the exhibition boosted my sales and created awareness for me when people didn’t know me. I have got contacts from the exhibition and they have formed part of my customer base. Lagos is a commercial hub and it was important for us to share with the market. There has always been a great need to take our products and services to our end users, offering them values and benefits and we achieved that at the African Food & Products Exhibition 2018.
Originally, from Chicago, now living in Hong Kong, Jeanne studied improvisation in Chicago. She holds a B.S. in Anthropology from Loyola University of Chicago and an M.S. in Historic Preservation from the School of the Art Institute. She has performed, presented and conducted workshops in the US, Europe and Asia. Ms. Lambin’s workshops have been described as “amazing,” “powerful,” and “great fun.” Her work has been featured in the Hong Kong’s Top Notch Storytelling Festival, Liar’s League Hong Kong, Literary Death Match, the Art’s House World Voices Presents, the Moth Chicago, Story Lab and This Much is True. Ms. Lambin is a proud to be a founding member of Improv for Humanity and co-creator of The Quest: Improv for Transformation.
I grew up with stove top mac and cheese. Luckily my mother often made her own from scratch, but I also had the commercial boxed mac and cheese as well. Personally I’ve always prefered stove top to baked. I know, it is controversial. There is something to that velvety sauce and soft texture. It is simple and concise. However, as I grew up, the idea of making it from scratch seemed more and more improbable. So I leaned toward the box. Now I am not saying that something is bad if it is in a box but powdered things often don’t feel super healthy in the food realm. Especially if all you are adding to them is butter and hot sauce and maybe tuna from a can. Wait. What? Yes. I would like to take a moment to address something that we call “Shame Food.” What is Shame Food? Shame Food is food that you only feel comfortable eating in private. Far from any witnesses. My big Shame Food experience was when I was doing social work. I would work all day in a pretty intense environment and then commute home and my wife worked another 5-6 hours. So I would get home, eat something, and then take a nap. That thing became my Shame Food. It was inspired by a natural food company’s spicy mac and cheese. (It has since been discontinued.) I would make mac and cheese and add a lot of cheap hot sauce (this was before we had a sauce business) and a can of tuna. I would not even plate it. I would eat the whole thing out of the pot and then take a nap. I mean the nap wasn’t a choice. That box of noodles is meant to feed a family of four. Plus the amount of hot sauce I added meant I wasn’t really enjoying the meal as much as surviving it. I had to recoup. This recipe isn’t that dish. It is tied to that spicy boxed macaroni and cheese, that my wife introduced me to, and we would eat it together at a time that we didn’t eat much. Also the roots are a stove top mac and cheese. The kind where the only powder involved it mustard powder and the spice comes from a complex sauce with a bright balsamic flavor and a nutty essence that pairs well with the gruyere and trust me if you finish it with toasted sesame, you will not regret it. Please enjoy and feel free to share with us your Shame Food. Pour the pasta into a strainer and place the empty pot back on the stove. Turn heat to medium and add the butter. Once the butter has melted, stir in the flour and use a whisk continue for a minute. Slowly add the milk and cream while whisking to combine. Add the mustard powder and stir. Reduce heat to medium-low and add the mascarpone. Continue to whisk. Begin adding the cheese a handful at a time while whisking to combine. Add the Hatch Sesame Balsamic Sauce. Return the pasta to the sauce pan and stir to coat. If the sauce seems a little loose then continue to stir the pasta occasionally on low heat. Serve in bowls topped with toasted sesame seeds and Mexican oregano.
Walked around Lake Merritt. Played two hours of the text adventure Firebird. Took BART into SF and went to dinner at Pane e Vino with my father's brother's ex-wife and her new boyfriend, a widower from a 55-year marriage. Said goodbye; she leaves for Vegas in the morning to visit some college friends.
Melt margarine in skillet and lightly fry onion, pepper and celery until tender crisp. Add flour and blend in. Add other ingredients and heat through. Serve with rice and grated Parmesan/Romano. How Do You Cook Creole Skillet? If you know another way to cook Creole Skillet please make a comment in the form below to help other free recipe users make the best of this free recipie.
Last night a few of us from The Bier Abbey had the opportunity to stop down the Capital Region’s newest brewery, Rare Form Brewing Company, meet owners Kevin Mullen and Jenny Kemp, check out the new space, and of course try some beers they had on tap. It was a breath of fresh air, for both the continuation of the improvement of Troy, but also for the craft beer scene in the Upstate New York. The taproom itself looks bigger than it really is, given that the brewery is directly behind the bar. The bar area holds about 40 people, with a small room off to the side available for private groups or holding tastings. Stools and standing room are available at the bar, while there are some tables and benches off to each side. The brew house is a Beast 5 BBL system from Psycho Brew that allows for brewing either a double batch or two beers at the same time, which will be nice to do some smaller experimental batches. The taps are split between the two sides of the bar, each side with its own glass rinser, which is good to see (nothing worse than putting good beer in a dirty glass). There will be a couple of nitro offerings, as well. While looking around I was a little confused exactly where their cooler was, not realizing there was a downstairs not readily visible from the bar. Kevin took me for a quick tour of the cooler they made themselves. It looks like they have plenty of Rare Form branded cooperage hiding out down there. Back at the bar, glass sizes vary depending on the beer and ABV, and as Todd pointed out last night it would be nice to see glass sizes listed on the chalkboard as well. There are still some folks who don’t “get” that not all beers are meant to be served in a 16 ounce glass, and it can be a shock when someone is served a beer in a glass half the size than what they were expecting. As for the beers themselves, I’ll be honest, whenever I walk into a new brewery opening up in the Capital Region, I have my reservations and things were no different yesterday at Rare Form. I’ve been burned more often than I would like to admit by local brewers who started as homebrewers, were encouraged by friends and family to start brewery, and never really upped their game. Kevin has been brewing in various stages for “more than half [his] life” at this point, and I gotta say I walked away extremely impressed. Sabbatical Session Ale – a session rye ale coming in under 4% ABV with enough rye to keep things interesting without being over the top by the end of the glass. L’homme Chat Belgian Black Ale – an odd beer, as “session Belgian black ale” doesn’t necessarily roll off the tongue but this definitely worked surprisingly well. I thought about adding this in Untappd but I couldn’t figure out what style to consider this. I’ll let someone else figure it out. Also below 4%. Wee Plaid Scottish Ale – tons of malty caramel notes without being cloying. Cascadia Double IPA – a DIPA with a “malty backbone” and some piney, some citrusy hops. Karass Robust Porter – a classic porter I was unfair to compare side by side with Hill Farmstead’s Everett. Still, Karass held it’s own and had a simple, but great roasty flavor. Satan’s Gut Oak-Aged Imperial Stout – a big beer, with some coffee notes and oak present from the oak chips but not much from the bourbon the chips were soaked in. First off, all of the beers were extremely drinkable. I like the focus on the session beers which are already very popular this year and… I feel bad that I need to even say this but… none of them had any glaring flaws or tasted like the dreaded “homebrew on a bigger system” as mentioned above. I’m sure Kevin is going to do some tweaks as he gets used to brewing consequetive batches on this much bigger system and the beers are only going to improve. The one change I would love to see would be with the Cascadia Double IPA. Just from a demographic perspective, in 2014, in this location, we live where New England’s Gandhi Bot and Coriolis will kick in a matter of hours. We have no problem driving to MA to Tree House or VT to Alchemist/Hill/Lawson’s for IPAs. And Rushing Duck’s War Elephant is one of our most popular local beers. I think it’s pretty clear that malty and piney are not characteristics Capital Region folks are craving for in their IPA, and most of the time any malt presence in an IPA is usually considered “old” to beer geeks these days. I’d love to see Rare Form offer another IPA where the malt steps aside and lets some super juicy, tropical, citrusy notes shine, as that’s more in line with what’s popular in the Northeast today. Beyond the beer, some Rare Form swag is also available including shirts, sweatshirts and aluminum growlers for beer to go, although I did not see pricing for growler fills. No #properglassware yet but I’m sure that’ll happen down the road. As Rare Form is the beginning of the transformation of the corner of Congress St and 4th, I got the chance to check out the progress with the rest of the space, including The Shop, a beer bar that’s adjacent to the brewery. The opening is still a couple of months out, but some of the detail in the work happening there currently looks insanely good. A delicatessen at the corner of the building is also in the works and overall the building is shaping up nicely. As some of you know, I’m a little (OK, a lot) harsh on breweries in Upstate NY. Living here, but having such great beer being made in all around us in New England has definitely made me a little jaded at this point. The big breweries in New York seem to be on cruise control, taking little to no risk with new beers. The smaller breweries, while opening up in rapid numbers haven’t done much to shake things up either, and most wouldn’t meet the standards set for the beers poured at The Bier Abbey (the only one I can think of off the top of my head that does would be Rushing Duck). That said I have high hopes for Rare Form. They have a great brand, a website that looks like those of an established brewery, a small, but well put together tasting room, and brewing equipment that doesn’t look like it is meant for homebrew or cobbled together from used parts from other breweries. Not to mention they are making some beer that’s worthy of my recommendation to friends and fellow beer geeks for a brewery visit, and I would gladly serve to a patron at The Abbey if and when they’re producing enough liquid for distribution. I see a lot of potential for Rare Form, and I wish Kevin and Jenny the best of luck. Rare Form’s Grand Opening is tomorrow, Friday May 30th at 4:30PM. Make sure to head down there to check them out! You lift me up, then you let me down. I’m talking about that Cascadia IPA of course. (I think it’s a bit aspirational to call an 8.8% ABV beer a “double”. Imperial, maybe.) War Elephant, now that’s an IPA to my liking. Hope the folks at Rare Form are paying attention to your comments. Even if they keep Cascadia the way it is there are still room for other IPAs in their lineup as well. Not that Cascadia is bad, just not the style I was hoping for. I had the Wee Plaid, Sabbatical and Satan’s Gut when the owners came down for a cheese tasting at The Cheese Traveler. Most breweries in the Upstate area put out mediocre beer. Rare Form is not most breweries. I must say the Sabbatical is an excellent session ale. I think the Sabbatical is my favorite beer they do so far. Such great flavor out of a such a small beer, exactly what I want as these temps warm up.
Athlone Community Radio will be broadcasting live for 4 hours from Golden Island Shopping Centre in Athlone, the heart of Ireland, to Celebrate World Radio Day 2019. Our live broadcast will begin at 12pm and finish at 4pm. The Theme of World Radio Day is “Dialogue, Tolerance and Peace”. This hour will feature local Musicians from Athlone. We will discuss how music plays a key role in promoting Tolerance , Dialogue and Peace. This programme will be presented by presenter/Sound Engineer with the station and also a musician Cathal McCormack. Athlone Today is our daily current affairs programme. We will be delving into the World Radio Theme 2019 of tolerance, dialogue and peace in our community. We will feature an interview with renowned expert in Media Literacy Irena Djak Cvetkovic on access to media, creation of Media and the critical evaluation of media and how media can play a part in this theme. With over 20 years of experience in training, Deridre Hunt shares her unique perspective into the world of training and radio. Nikki Dube who presented radio in South Africa to over 1 million listeners gives us an insight into the importance of Radio as tool for Community Development. Presenter and Producer of the Arts Programme,Philomena Barry, chats about Radio in Gambia. Writer Aidan Shortall has written a special poem entitled "Dialogue, Tolerance and Peace” to mark the theme.
On the 12th April 2017 Centrica Storage Ltd announced that injections at Rough, UK's biggest storage facility, will not take place until May 2018 at the earliest, following increasing concern about the condition of the majority of the wells. Should Rough continue to work intermittently over the next years, LNG players will want to reassess their regas position in NW Europe. They will be seeking winter access in the UK and summer access in continental Europe. Access to the IUK or BBL will also be an option, however Brexit adds uncertainties. Expect more volatility and trading opportunities as the market adjusts. This report highlights some of the key market developments in the European energy sector for April 2017. The rebalancing of LNG market will be driven by strong growth in Asia gas demand, especially in China.
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Aman Ullah is with Ro Nay San Lwin and 93 others. The UN Security Council has issued a presidential statement on Myanmar complimenting and criticising the country over its stance on the Rohingya crisis and it also gave the government a month to “get its act together”. The 1,300- word statement was read out by the sitting President of UNSC Sebastiano Cardi, the Ambassador of Italy, at a formal UNSC session on Monday ( November 6, 2017) . A presidential statement is a statement made by the President of the Security Council on behalf of the Council, adopted at a formal meeting of the Council and issued as an official document of the Council. A Presidential Statement is often created when the United Nations Security Council cannot reach consensus or are prevented from passing a resolution by a permanent member’s veto, or threat thereof. Such statements are similar in content, format, and tone to resolutions, but are not legally binding. The adoption of a Presidential Statement requires consensus, although Security Council members may abstain. The Statement is signed by the sitting Security Council President. It was the first presidential statement in 10 years on Myanmar. The Security Council has adopted such statements against Myanmar only three times, with the last one coming a decade ago. Diplomats hailed the move as a unified international stand against a humanitarian crisis that has been called “ethnic cleansing” by the U.N., U.S., France and the U.K. It strongly condemned attacks against the Myanmar security forces carried out by the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) on August 25, and then expressed “grave concern” over the government’s response, the alleged burning of villages and threats to villagers to flee, among others. It called for reform in Myanmar’s security and justice sectors and urged the government to work with Bangladesh and the UN to allow the voluntary return of refugees to their homes, on the basis of an October 24 memorandum of understanding between the two country. The panel welcomed a “union enterprise mechanism” for humanitarian assistance, resettlement and development in Rakhine. It recommended the government ensure the mechanism supported such return and allow UN agencies full access, urging governments and all humanitarian partners to pay special attention to the needs of women, particular survivors of sexual violence. The council said the government’s primary responsibility is the protection of Myanmar’s population, citizens or not. The statement reiterated concerns and demands previously laid out: an end to excessive military force in Rakhine province, a lack of humanitarian access for the U.N., a right of return for refugees, and steps to address the root causes of the conflict. The statement included most of the demands contained in a draft resolution presented last month by Britain and France, but that measure ran into strong opposition from China, a supporter of Myanmar’s former ruling junta. It is said that, China had indicated it was willing to resort to its veto power to block a resolution, but Beijing finally agreed to a statement during negotiations. The action is one step below a Security Council resolution in diplomatic significance, but a step above the Council’s previous action, a “press statement,” in September. The statement requires the U.N. Secretary General António Guterres to report back to the Council within 30 days on Myanmar’s progress in addressing the Council’s demands. The statement isn’t as binding as a resolution would be, and carries no punitive measures, such as sanctions, if corrective steps aren’t taken. The Security Council has held a series of meetings on Myanmar since September, including a briefing attended by high-level officials on the sidelines of the U.N. General Assembly gathering. But efforts to respond forcefully have stalled despite widespread reports of deaths, rapes and torture of Rohingya Muslim minorities, including women and children, at the hands of the country’s military. Violence erupted in August after a Rohingya militant group attacked Myanmar security forces. Since late August, more than 600,000 Rohingya have been driven from their homes by an army campaign that the United Nations has described as ethnic cleansing. During negotiations with China, language on citizenship rights was watered down in the statement as was a demand that Myanmar allow a UN human rights mission into the country, diplomats said. The statement calls on Myanmar to cooperate with the United Nations and encourages UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to appoint a special advisor on Myanmar. The council statement was agreed as Guterres prepares to travel to Manila this week to join leaders of the Southeast Asian (ASEAN) bloc for a summit. The council also welcomed the Myanmar government’s public support for recommendations by the Advisory Commission on Rakhine State chaired by former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan and called for their full implementation. It urged UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to consider appointing a special advisor on Myanmar. Since the August attacks, over 604,000 Rohingya have fled to Bangladesh. Some fled by land, others in boats over an inlet of the Bay of Bengal. In the last two weeks, 4,000 refugees entered Bangladesh while four people drowned in a shipwreck while fleeing, officials said. U.K Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said: I am pleased that today (6 November) the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) has spoken with one voice on the appalling situation in Rakhine State, Burma. The UK has repeatedly called on the Burmese security forces to protect all civilians and act now to stop the violence and allow humanitarian aid to urgently reach all those who need it. The UNSC has today joined us in that call, with this historic Presidential Statement on Burma. I am encouraged to see State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi making important steps forward, including establishing a domestic body to deliver humanitarian and development assistance in Rakhine, and making efforts to promote interfaith and intercommunal harmony, including a recent visit to northern Rakhine. The UK will be watching closely to ensure that the Burmese security forces do not attempt to frustrate these efforts. The U.K. and France initially circulated a proposed Security Council resolution on Myanmar in late October, but China and Russia refused to engage and negotiate, diplomats said. China finally agreed to a similar text with minor changes as a presidential statement—which carries less weight than a resolution—and Russia followed suit. Mr. Guterres has been outspoken about the Myanmar crisis and urged the Security Council to prevent continued bloodshed and curb the refugee flow. Mr. Guterres will be among the world leaders attending the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) summit later this week in Manila. The Rohingya refugee crisis is expected to be a top issue of discussion at the summit, to be attended by US President Donald Trump, who will dispatch US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to Myanmar later this month. Daw Aung San Suu Kyi will also attend that summit.
8i announced today it has launched a web player, the 8i Portal, for its volumetric 3D video of people in virtual reality. Using 8i’s technology and VR goggles, you’ll be able to walk around a person inside a virtual environment to see their entire being. The Wellington, New Zealand-based startup said its VR platform will allow you to view fully volumetric 3D video. Previously, VR cameras could record a partial torso of a person, but the 8i Portal goes beyond that. It enables “complete freedom of movement,” and it gives you a sense of “presence,” or the feeling that you are there in the virtual space with the person. It creates a more “emotional connection with the person you are watching,” the company said in the video below. 8i’s platform will let you create, experience, and share immersive 3D video of real people — for virtual reality, augmented reality, and the web. I’m not sure how it can be used for games, but you can see how it could give you a unique perspective at a music concert or theatrical performance. Linc Gasking, who previously ran countingdown.com (which DreamWorks acquired), and Eugene d’Eon, formerly of Weta Digital and Nvidia, founded the startup in 2014. To date, 8i has raised $14.8 million in funding from investors including RRE Ventures, Founders Fund Science, Horizons Ventures, Samsung Ventures, Dolby Family Ventures, Signia Venture Partners, Bertelsmann Digital Media Investments, Sound Ventures, Inevitable Ventures, Freelands, and Advancit Capital. The new 8i Portal is a volumetric VR player for Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive VR platforms. If you use the Oculus Rift or Vive headsets, you can view cool VR videos of people who look real, not computer-generated, and move around them, make eye contact, and feel “true presence,” the company said.
In the past five years the percentage of weekly mobile banking users has more than tripled — from 9% in 2010 to 30% in 2015 — while weekly branch visitors fell from 40% to 24% in the same time frame. 2015 marked the first time that weekly mobile bankers (30%) exceeded branch bankers (24%) in Javelin’s survey. “What is driving this incredible growth? Smartphones and tablets are gaining rapidly in consumer adoption but it’s also a function of the fact that mobile banking services have not only proliferated but increased in the quality and features they offer consumers,” said Javelin analyst Daniel Van Dyke during a January 27 webinar reviewing the firm’s Mobile Banking, Smartphone and Tablet Forecast. Javelin’s recent report Digital Account Opening Reaches The Tipping Point also found that more Americans are applying for credit cards, loans and investment products through digital channels than physical ones. Javelin has argued that “FIs that fail to divert resources from branch to digital suffer a large opportunity cost, missing out in lowered servicing costs for basic transactions and in sales of new products.” The service costs argument rings particularly true for mobile deposit, with Chase citing a cost of 65 cents for each teller deposit vs only 3 cents using mobile. While 38 percent of big bank customers utilize mobile deposit, only 18 percent of community bank and 16 percent of credit union customers do, placing these institutions at a significant disadvantage in terms of service costs. The branch network, which peaked at 99,550 U.S. locations in 2009, has dropped each year since. The latest FDIC figure of 93,283 represents a 6.3 percent decline in the last six years, although Bryan Yurcan of American Banker was quick to point out that "most of that reduction has come with the nation's largest banks shedding inventory ... many smaller banks have held steady, and even increased, branch numbers." Predicting that account maintenance will increasingly be performed on mobile devices but there will be times that customers seek face-to-face advice, Schwanhausser said FIs need to "get into the business where they're influencing the behavior of their customers, guiding them to a smarter way to manage their finances. Those are very personal kinds of conversations. It's not about eliminating (the branch) but how do we put the pieces together in a more coherent way?" While early adopters of smartwatches tend to be affluent or part of Gen Y2 (ages 25-34), mobile bankers no longer carry such unique characteristics. As Van Dyke put it, "The mobile banker of today is the banking customer of today. They're becoming indistinguishable." Mobile banking has become so commonplace that Javelin projects 80 percent of consumers will be engaging in it — on a 90 day basis — by 2020. In 2015 74 percent of mobile banking users employed an app and 69 percent utilized a mobile browser, dwarfing the 31 percent using SMS text messaging. Schwanhausser said FIs will continue to wrestle with the question of what to make available in the app: "Do you make it fine tuned and focused and streamlined or replicate what can be viewed in online banking?" Van Dyke predicts that banks will continue to take advantage of device-specific capabilities, whether using the camera for mobile deposit or geolocation to identify nearby ATMs. "Things like that will underscore the need to offer superior experiences on the app," said Van Dyke. 2015 marked a continuation of Android's dominance, as the operating system grew its share of the U.S. tablet market from 45 to 48 percent and its share of the U.S. smartphone market from 47 to 49 percent. Apple's tablet share fell from 46 to 43 percent, with its smartphone share dropping from 46 to 45 percent. While Apple's numbers have been moving in the wrong direction Van Dyke reiterated that iOS users are the most valuable that an FI can serve. "iPhone users show extremely unique characteristics. They bank more often, they make payments more often," said Van Dyke. "When it comes to banks and payment providers iPhone owners are the gold standard." In addition to serving Android users, Javelin recommended that FIs prioritize an app on Amazon — but only after all iOS and Android device types have been addressed. Javelin suggested that there was no value in supporting Windows or Blackberry users, who only represent 4 and 2 percent of the smartphone market respectively.
Roser, M. (2017)。 The short history of global living conditions and why it matters that we know it. Published online at OurWorldInData. org. Levari, D. E., Gilbert, D. T., Wilson, T. D., Sievers, B., Amodio, D. M., & Wheatley, T. (2018)。 Prevalence-induced concept change in human judgment. Science, 360(6396), 1465-1467.
Well it's been a funny few days. On Saturday I made the best beefburgers yet - the recipe's from a fellow Sausagemaking.org member, Oddley. I've always been a "don't use anything other than chuck steak, ground with salt and pepper" man, but he's converted me. The spices aren't discernable in the taste, but it wouldn't be as good without them. Things were going so well, that is until the element went in the fan oven on Sunday. £50 later and it's up and running again. However, things are looking up again. Maurice rang me yesterday lunch-time to say that the fishmonger had replaced the roe that wasn't very good, free of charge. So yesterday evening we dry salted them for 8 hours, and they're in the cold smoker as I speak. They certainly look more promising than the last lot. Very interested in how the online course went Phil, I’ve been putting this off for too long and it’s high time I got one of those certificates.
My husband is being posted to Darwin for work and we have decided to drive there. We are going in January and I know this is the wet season. My question is, do you think it will be safe travelling the Stuart Hwy to Darwin in a Holden Sedan at the start of January? We plan on stopping at all the main towns for the night. I just worry about flooding on the Hwy and we are travelling with a child and want to make sure we are doing the right thing. Just use common sense. As long as you don't drive into any water deeper than 200mm, and you stick to the road and sealed parking bays (i.e. don't pull off the road into any soft shoulders), there is no problem at all. It's a normal highway. Of course there is always a chance of major flooding with the highway being cut by water deeper than that, which means you would have to wait for the water to go down before you can continue your journey. It does happen nearly every year, sometimes more than once, but I really can't predict when and where or for how long. Only Petrus can tell you :-). Keep an eye on the weather forecast. Big rains do not come out of nowhere, they come out of big, monsoonal depressions. If one of those is heading for the region, then you may have to reconsider your driving plans. And of course, always check the road reports. How did the travel go? That must have been a long journey. I am thinking of traveling around Australia one day. How did the travel go? In my opinion traveling from Melbourne to Darwin in January might be a bit uneasy, especially when you are planning to do it without any rescue baggage. There can be flash floods, and within just a matter of seconds the entire highway can become dangerous to travel on. Furthermore, while stopping at major cities for the night is a good idea, it doesn't take you out from the risk of facing floods. And of course, you are not going to like the idea of being stranded on the terrace of a roadside motel till rescue workers pull you guys out. Think over it. I guess you can come up with a better alternative than this. Editor's note: I removed your totally unrelated spam link, mate. If your comment wasn't a dead give away that you have never been anywhere near the north, the link certainly was. Well, we did it and thankfully had not one problem. There was rain but that stopped our journey because we were lucky enough that the water was off the Ed by the time we reached the apparent flooded areas.... It was a very long drive and all I can say is prepare… prepare… prepare. :-) Make sure you have everything you need in case of emergency and you should be fine.... Wishing you safe travels! I hope you have a safe trip to Darwin. I hope you have a safe trip! That's a long trip you're planning mate, this is what you need: axe, sleeping bag, one huge sack of food, around 30-40 litres of water, some things your kid would like to do, phone, tent, 30-40 litres of oil, torch, 3 knifes, extra tyres (8 tyres), building tools. Join in and write your own page! It's easy to do. How? Simply click here to return to Australian Outback Travel Questions.
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The Arlington County Board plans to vote Saturday afternoon on giving Amazon $23 million and other incentives to build a headquarters campus in Crystal City, but only after hearing scores of northern Virginia residents and advocates testify for or against the project. The five-member board is expected to support the plan, which was announced amid much hoopla on Nov. 13. The proposed county incentives are part of an agreement in which Amazon would occupy significant office space and bring at least 25,000 high-paying jobs to Arlington in coming years. Opponents hope to postpone the vote until after additional public hearings, where they want representatives of the online retail giant to answer questions directly from anyone in the community. The Saturday hearing was scheduled to begin no earlier than 1 p.m. and last several hours before the vote. Ninety-one people signed up in advance to speak on the topic. In the four months since Arlington won a much-publicized, nationwide contest to attract the facility known as HQ2, Arlington residents have been asking questions about its impact on their community. People have looked at the county’s five online Q&A sessions 14,000 times, and about 400 attended community events to discuss the provisions in the Amazon agreement. Board members and county staff also met with scores of civic organizations, served on multiple panels and appeared on television, online and in news articles to discuss the deal. Most Arlingtonians, northern Virginians and residents of the Washington region support Amazon’s arrival, several surveys have found. Business organizations, universities and nonprofit groups came out strongly for the deal. But a small, vocal group of activists has sought to block the project, saying that the county and commonwealth should not give any incentives to one of the world’s most valuable companies. They also have demanded housing and job protections for existing residents. These opponents — including left-wing organizations and immigrants groups — felt empowered after Amazon canceled plans last month to build a headquarters facility in New York City, also with 25,000 jobs. The company withdrew after criticism of the plan from some elected leaders, unions and community activists. In Virginia, however, such opposition did not appear to catch fire among the broader public. Officials estimate that the Amazon project’s net fiscal impact on Arlington could be worth additional revenue of $162 million over 12 years and $392.5 million over 16 years. The incentives agreement promises the world’s largest online retailer cash grants estimated at about $23 million if it occupies 6.05 million square feet of office space in Crystal City and Pentagon City through 2035. The money would come from an expected increase in the hotel, motel and lodging tax paid by visitors; Amazon would get up to 15 percent of that increase, pegged to how much floor space is in active use by the company each year from 2020 to 2035. Amazon’s offices will be located within an already-established special tax district where a portion of the property tax revenue goes toward infrastructure improvements such as parks and wider sidewalks. The incentive agreement says that half of any new revenue from that district starting in 2021 will go specifically toward improvements around the Amazon buildings for the following 10 years. That grant is worth an estimated $28 million but the county says it’s not a grant just for Amazon, because the improvements will benefit other companies in the immediate area. Amazon will have a chance to express its opinion on how the county uses the money, although the board will make the decision. The county also offered Amazon the possibility of using its fast, fiber-optic network connection, which would be the subject of a separate agreement if the company chooses to use it. It’s not yet clear whether Amazon will pay the local business license tax because that tax is levied only on certain types of business, and Amazon has not yet announced which of its business units will be based in Arlington. If the company does pay the license tax, then some of its operations could be eligible for a discount of up to 72 percent under an existing program designed to attract technology companies. While Arlington pored over the details, the Virginia General Assembly passed, and Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam signed, an incentives package worth up to $750 million for Amazon.
To find out more information about Dr. Leigh Ricketts, please review the contact information below in order speak with Dr. Leigh Ricketts. Dr. Leigh Ricketts is a chiropractic practice that delivers chiropractic services to patients in Knoxville, TN. Are you Dr. Leigh Ricketts in Knoxville, TN?
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J Brand can do no wrong! They always have such beautiful pieces that belong in every women closet. I just wished my wallet agreed with me 😋 Lol!
I received the brass that you sent me, and all looks well. Thank you very much for all your trouble and the extra 3 pieces. I feel that you have an outstanding company and are striving the best that you can to achieve customer satisfaction. I will be certain to tell my friends about US Reloading Supply. ~ Michelle Admin Note: By accident we shorted them two shells, so we sent them replacements.

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