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USB: A Unified Summarization Benchmark Across Tasks and Domains

This benchmark contains labeled datasets for 8 text summarization based tasks given below. The labeled datasets are created by collecting manual annotations on top of Wikipedia articles from 6 different domains.

Task Description Code snippet
Extractive Summarization Highlight important sentences in the source article load_dataset("kundank/usb","extractive_summarization")
Abstractive Summarization Generate a summary of the source load_dataset("kundank/usb","abstractive_summarization")
Topic-based Summarization Generate a summary of the source focusing on the given topic load_dataset("kundank/usb","topicbased_summarization")
Multi-sentence Compression Compress selected sentences into a one-line summary load_dataset("kundank/usb","multisentence_compression")
Evidence Extraction Surface evidence from the source for a summary sentence load_dataset("kundank/usb","evidence_extraction")
Factuality Classification Predict the factual accuracy of a summary sentence with respect to provided evidence load_dataset("kundank/usb","factuality_classification")
Unsupported Span Prediction Identify spans in a summary sentence which are not substantiated by the provided evidence load_dataset("kundank/usb","unsupported_span_prediction")
Fixing Factuality Rewrite a summary sentence to remove any factual errors or unsupported claims, with respect to provided evidence load_dataset("kundank/usb","fixing_factuality")

Additionally, to load the full set of collected annotations which were leveraged to make the labeled datasets for above tasks, use the command: load_dataset("kundank/usb","all_annotations")

Trained models

We fine-tuned Flan-T5-XL models on the training set of each task in the benchmark. They are available at the links given below:

Task Finetuned Flan-T5-XL model
Extractive Summarization link
Abstractive Summarization link
Topic-based Summarization link
Multi-sentence Compression link
Evidence Extraction link
Factuality Classification link
Unsupported Span Prediction link
Fixing Factuality link

More details can be found in the paper:

If you use this dataset, please cite it as below:

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