Dataset card details request #1

by nbroad - opened
edited Jul 2

Hi there,

This looks like a cool dataset. Would you be able to create a Dataset card that details how the dataset was made and what license it is released under?

@nbroad since I use this all the time, take a look here in the interim:


tl;dr BSD 3-Clause "New" or "Revised" License

@pszemraj , thank you for the messages. I am aware of what license the Salesforce booksum repository code has, but I am not sure if that license applies to the data created using it. Furthermore, if it does apply, then the user needs to include the copyright notice specified in the LICENSE.txt file.

What makes it more unclear is that the says that the code can only be used for research purposes, but my understanding of the BSD 3 license is that it allows for commercial usage.

What is your opinion of how the license applies to this data?

I agree with your BSD 3 license interpretation and interpret LICENSE.txt as the only legally binding document in the repository.

Still, this does seem like an excellent issue to create in their repo πŸ™‚