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Automated Essay Score (AES) ENEM Dataset

Use Case and Creators

Licensing Information

  • License: MIT License

Citation Details

  • Preferred Citation:
  editor       = {Igor Cataneo Silveira, André Barbosa and Denis Deratani Mauá},
  title        = {Computational Processing of the Portuguese Language - 16th International
                  Conference, {PROPOR} 2024, Galiza, March 13-15, 2024, Proceedings},
  series       = {Lecture Notes in Computer Science},
  volume       = {TODO},
  publisher    = {Springer},
  year         = {2024},
  url          = {TODO},
  doi          = {TODO},
  isbn         = {TODO},
  timestamp    = {TODO},
  biburl       = {TODO},
  bibsource    = {dblp computer science bibliography,}

Data Structure

  • Features:
    • id: id of scrapped page. id_prompt+id should be unique
    • id_prompt: Essay's theme
    • essay_title: Essay title
    • essay_text: Essay text
    • grades: list of 6 elements containing the grade for each of the five concepts plus the sum of all grades
    • essay_year: Essay's year
  • Number of Instances:
    • sourceAOnly:
      • train: 227
      • validation: 68
      • test: 90
    • sourceAWithGraders:
      • train: 744
      • validation: 195
      • test: 216
    • sourceB:
      • full: 3219
  • Data Splits:
    • sourceAOnly: sourceA data
    • sourceAWithGraders: sourceA data augmented with Grader's review. In a nutshell, each row becomes three (the original grade plus two graders result)
    • sourceB: sourceB data

Data Considerations

  • Known Limitations:
  • Ethical Considerations:

Additional Information

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