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Dataset Card for HLS Burn Scar Scenes

Dataset Summary

This dataset contains Harmonized Landsat and Sentinel-2 imagery of burn scars and the associated masks for the years 2018-2021 over the contiguous United States. There are 804 512x512 scenes. Its primary purpose is for training geospatial machine learning models.

Dataset Structure

TIFF Metadata

Each tiff file contains a 512x512 pixel tiff file. Scenes contain six bands, and masks have one band. For satellite scenes, each band has already been converted to reflectance.

Band Order

For scenes: Channel, Name, HLS S30 Band number
1, Blue, B02
2, Green, B03
3, Red, B04
4, NIR, B8A
5, SW 1, B11
6, SW 2, B12

Masks are a single band with values:
1 = Burn scar
0 = Not burned
-1 = Missing data

Class Distribution

Burn Scar - 11%
Not burned - 88%
No Data - 1%

Data Splits

The 804 files have been randomly split into training (2/3) and validation (1/3) directories, each containing the masks, scenes, and index files.

Dataset Creation

After co-locating the shapefile and HLS scene, the 512x512 chip was formed by taking a window with the burn scar in the center. Burn scars near the edges of HLS tiles are offset from the center.
Images were manually filtered for cloud cover and missing data to provide as clean a scene as possible, and burn scar presence was also manually verified.

Source Data

Imagery are from V1.4 of HLS. A full description and access to HLS may be found at

The data were from shapefiles maintained by the Monitoring Trends in Burn Severity (MTBS) group. The original data may be found at:


If this dataset helped your research, please cite HLS Burn Scars in your publications. Here is an example BibTeX entry:

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    doi    = {10.57967/hf/0956},
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    url    = {},
    year   = {2023}
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