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Living off borrowed time, the clock tick faster Thatd be the hour they knock the slick blaster Dick Dastardly and Muttley with sick laughter A gun fight and they come to cut the mixmaster I-C-E cold, nice to be old Y2G stee twice to threefold He sold scrolls, lo and behold Know whos the illest ever like the greatest story told Keep your glory, gold and glitter For half, half of his niggasll take him out the picture The other half is rich and it dont mean shit-ta Villain: a mixture between both with a twist of liquor Chase it with more beer, taste it like truth or dare When he have the mic, its like the place get like: Aw, yeah! Its like they know whats bout to happen Just keep ya eye out, like Aye, aye, captain Is he still a fly guy clapping if nobody aint hear it? And can they testify from in the spirit? In living, the true gods Giving yall nothing but the lick like two broads Got more lyrics than the church got Ooh, Lords And he hold the mic and your attention like two swords Either that or either one with two blades on it Hey you, dont touch the mic like its AIDS on it Its like the end to the means Fucked type of message that sends to the fiends Thats why he bring his own needles And get more cheese than Doritos, Cheetos or Fritos Slip like Freudian Your first and last step to playing yourself like accordion When he at the mic, you dont go next Leaving pussy cats like why hoes need Kotex Exercise index, wont need Bowflex And wont take the one with no skinny legs like Joe Tex
Mic Check When I was led to you I knew you were the one for me Come through, dig the sound I swear the whole world could feel you MC Crowd around I used to cop a lot, but never copped no drop Hold mics like pony tails tight and bob a lot Stop and stick around, come through and dig the sound Of the fly brown 6-0 sicko psycho who throws his dick around Bound to go three-plat, came to destroy rap Its a intricate plot of a b-boy strapped Femstat cats get kidnapped Then release a statement to the press, let the rest know who did that Metal Fist terrorists claim responsibility Broken household name usually said in hostility Um... what is MF? You silly Id like to take Mens to the End for two milli Doo-doo-doo-doo-doo! Thats a audio daily double Rappers need to fall off just to save me the trouble, yo Watch your own back came in and go out alone, black Stay in the zone—turn H2O to Cognac On Doomsday, ever since the womb ‘Til Im back where my brother went, thats what my tomb will say Right above my government; Dumile Either unmarked or engraved, hey, whos to say? I wrote this one in B.C. D.C. O-section If you dont believe me, go get bagged and check then Cell number seventeen, up under the top bunk I say this not to be mean, wish bad luck or pop junk Pop the trunk on Cee Cipher Punk, leave him left scraped God forbid, if there aint no escape, blame MF tape Definition super-villain: a killer who love children One who is well-skilled in destruction, as well as building While Sidney Sheldon teaches the trife to be trifer Im trading science fiction with my man the live lifer A pied piper holler a rhyme, a dollar and a dime Do his thing, ring around the white collar crime Get out my face, askin ‘bout my case, need toothpaste Fresher mint, monkey-style nigga get dentadent And dope fiends still in they teens, shook niggas turn witness Real mens mind their own business Thats the difference between sissy-pissy rappers thats double-dutch How come I hold the microphone double-clutch C.O.s make rounds, never have ‘ox found On shakedown, lock-down, wet dreams of Fox Brown On Doomsday!, ever since the womb ‘Til Im back where my brother went, thats what my tomb will say Right above my government; Dumile Either unmarked or engraved, hey, whos to say? Doomsday, ever since the womb ‘Til Im back to the essence, read it off the tomb Either engraved or unmarked grave, whos to say? Pass the mic like Pass the peas like they used to say Some M-er F-ers dont like how Sally walk Ill tell yall fools its hella cool how ladies from Cali talk Never let her interfere with the Yeti ghetto slang Nicknames off nipplin tip of nipples metal fang Known amongst hoes for the bang-bang Known amongst foes for flow without no talking orangutans Only gin and Tang Guzzled out a rusty tin can, me and this mic is like yin and yang Clang! Crime dont pay, listen, youth Its like me holding up the line at the kissing booth I took her back to the truck, she was uncouth Spittin all out the sunroof, through her missing tooth But then she has a sexy voice, sound like Jazzy Joyce So I turned it up faster than a speeding knife Strong enough to please a wife Able to drop todays math in the 48 keys of life Cut the crap far as rap Touch the mic, get the same thing a Arab will do to you for stealing What the Devil? Hes on another level Its a word! No, a name! MF - the Super-Villain! Doomsday Check the sound Right around When I was led to you I knew you were the one for me I swear the whole world could feel you MC
The rest is empty with no brain, but the clever nerd The best MC with no chain ya ever heard Take it from the TEC-9 holder Theyve bit but dont know their neck shine from Shinola Everything that glitters aint fishscale Lemme think, dont let her faint get Ishmael A shot of Jack got her back its not an act stack Forgot about the cackalack, holla back; clack-clack, blocka Villainy, feel him in ya heart chakra, chart-toppa Start-shit stoppa, be a smart shoppa Shot-a-Cop day around the way bout to stay But whod a know theres two mo that wonder where the shooter go Bout to jet, get him, not a bet, dead em Let em spit the venom said em got a lot of shit with em Let the rhythm hit em, its stronger in the other voice We makes the joints that make em spread em butta moist Man, please, the stage is made of panties From the age of baby hoochies on to the grannies Ban me the dough rake, daddy The flow make her fatty shake, patty cake, patty cake For fake, if he was Anita Bakers man Hed take her for her masters, hit it once an shake her hand On some ol thank ya maam an ghost her She could mind the toaster if she sign the poster A whole host of roller coaster riders Not enough tracks Hot enough black Its too hot to handle, you got blue sandals Who shot ya? Ooh got you new spots to vandal? Do not stand still, boast yo skills Close but no krills, toast for po nils, post no bills Coast to coast Joe Shmoes flows ill, go chill Not supposed to overdose No-Doz pills Off pride tykes talk wide through scar meat Off sides like how Worf rides with Starfleet Told ya, on some get-rich shit As he gets older he gets colder than a witch tit This is it, make no mistakes Where my nigga go? Figaro, Figaro Os beats and my rhymes attack A scary act All black like Ms. Mary Mack Wait til you see em live on the piano DOOM sings soprano, like, Una, duociano My momma told me Blast em and pass her her glass of Ol E Not to be troublesome But I could sure use a quick shot of double rum No stick of bubble gum I like ice cream We could skip the weddin Have a nice dream She only let him stick the head in
Now I havent eaten all day. How am I gonna do this man? Yeah dont wait for her man, dont wait for her Ill tell you what man: come with me now and you know Ill get you some lunch, Ill hook you up with something I got a little bank, yknow, no problem I hear you, thats cool Man, cant you guys just wait here about a half hour, man? Yo Ill be back man, Im just gonna munch up a little bit man, Im pretty hungry Yo let him come back Here you will find food for your body As well as comfort for your troubled mind Id really like some soup Of course my friend. What happened to your hand? Oh, food at last! How did they get here? Regular storage procedure, the same as the other food What other food? Fish protein Now what happened? Well, the cop got The next morning I went to the store to get some food They arrested me Ill save you Would you like a snack? Thanks for the drink Operation Doomsday complete All your intercoms casualty and damage testing Enough! You talk of the peoples rights The people have only those rights which I choose to give them And thats for their own good, believe me I do, DOOM They disappoint me, they must work faster But the prisoner- Ah yes, the young traitor who has tried to turn my people against me Watch him. I have special plans for that one Beef rap, could lead to getting teeth capped Or even a wreath for mom dukes on some grief crap I suggest you change your diet It can lead to high blood pressure if you fry it Or even a stroke, heart attack, heart disease It aint no starting back once arteries start to squeeze Take the easy way out phony, until then They know they wouldnt be talking that bologna in the bullpen So disgusting, pardon self as I discuss this They talk a wealth of shit and they aint never seen injustice Bust this, like a cold milk from out the toilet Two batteries, some Brillo and some foil, heatll boil it He be better off on PC glued And its a feud so dont be in no TV mood Every week its mystery meat, seaweed stewed He wears a mask just to cover the raw flesh A rather ugly brother with flows thats gorgeous Drop dead joints hit the whips like bird shit They need it like a hole in they head or a third tit Her bra smell, his card say, Aw Hell! Barred from all bars and kicked out the Carvel Keep a cooker where the jar fell And keep a cheap hooker thats off the hook like Ma Bell Top bleeding, maybe fella took the loaded rod gears Stop feeding babies colored sugar-coated lard squares The odd pair swears and God fears Even when its rotten, weve gotten through the hard years I wrote this note around New Years Off a couple of shots and a few beers, but who cares? Enough about me, its about the beats Not about the streets and who food he bout to eat A rhyming cannibal whos dressed to kill and cynical Whether is it animal, vegetable or mineral Its a miracle how he get so lyrical And proceed to move the crowd like a old negro spiritual For a mil, do a commercial for Mello Yello Tell them devils hell no, sell yall own Jello We hollow krills, she swallow pills He follow flea collar three dollar bills And squealed for halal veal, if yall appeal Dig the real, its how the big ballers deal Twirl a L after every meal What up? To all rappers: shut up with your shutting up And keep a shirt on, at least a button-up Yuck, is they rhymers or strippin males? Out of work jerks since they shut down Chippendales They chippin nails, DOOM tippin scales Let alone the pre-orders thats counted off shippin sales This one goes out to all my peoples skippin bail Dippin jail, whippin tail and sippin ale Light the doobie til it glow like a ruby After which they couldnt find the Villain like Scooby Hes in the lab on some old Buddha Monk shit Overproof drunk shit, but whoda thunk it? Punk, try and ask why ours be better Could be the iron mask or the Cosby sweater Yes, you, whos screwed by the dude on the CD, nude
So nasty that its probably somewhat of a travesty Having me, then he told the people You can call me Your Majesty Keep your battery charged, you know it wont Stick yo, and its not his fault you kick slow Shouldve let your trick ho chick hold your sick glow Plus nobody couldnt do nothin once he let the brick go And you know I know thats a bunch of snow The beat is so butter, Peep the slow cutter As he utter the calm flow , dont talk about my moms, yo Sometimes he rhyme quick, sometimes he rhyme slow Or vice versa, whip up a slice of nice verse pie Hit it on the first try, villain: the worst guy Spot hot tracks like spot a pair of fat asses Shots of the scotch from out the square shot glasses And he wont stop til he got the masses And show em what they know not through flows of hot molasses Do it like the robot to headspin to boogaloo Took a few minutes to convince the average bug-a-boo Its ugly, like look at you, its a damn shame Just remember ALL CAPS when you spell the man name And you know it like a poet, like baby doll I bet she tried to say she gave me her all, she played ball All bets off! The Villain got the dice rigged And they say he accosted the man with the sliced wig Allegedly; the investigation is still ongoing In this pesky nation he gots the best con flowin The pot doubles, now they really got troubles Madman never go pop like snot bubbles
Sleeping in a jar! Sleeping in a jar! The jar is under the bed Sleeping in a jar! The jar is under the bed Tripping off the beat kinda, dripping off the meat grinder Heat niner, pimping, stripping, soft sweet minor China was a neat signer, trouble with the script Digits double dipped, bubble lipped, subtle lisp midget Borderline schizo, sort of fine tits though Pour the wine, whore to grind, quarter to nine, lets go Ever since ten eleven, glad she made a brethren Then its last down, seven alligator seven At the gates of heaven, knocking - no answer Slow dancer, hopeless romancer, dopest flow stanzas Yes, no? Villain, Metal face to Destro Guess so, still incredible in escrow Just say Ho! Ill test the yayo Wild West style fest, yall best to lay low Hey bro, Day Glo, set the bet, pay dough Before the cheddar get away, best to get Maaco The worst hated God who perpetrated odd favors Demonstrated in the perforated Rod Lavers In all quad flavors, Lord save us Still back in the game like Jack LaLanne Think you know the name, dont rack your brain On a fast track to half insane Either in a slow beat or that the speed of Wrath of Kane Laughter, pain Hackthooing songs lit, in the booth, with the best host Doing bong hits, on the roof in the west coast Hes at it again, mad at the pen Glad that we win a tad fat, in a bad hat for men Grind the cinnamon, Manhattan warmongers You can find the villain in satin, kongas The van screeches The old man preaches about the gold sand beaches The cold hand reaches for the old tan Ellesses Jesus
Yo! MF DOOM Mr. Fantastik What up, nigga? Whats cracking, boy? Man These rap snitches, man, shit is bugged out, man What the fuck, man? Niggas running their mouth, telling erything, erything Rap snitches, telling all their business Sit in the court and be their own star witness Do you see the perpetrator? Yeah, Im right here Fuck around, get the whole label sent up for years Rap snitches, telling all their business Sit in the court and be their own star witness Do you see the perpetrator? Yeah, Im right here Fuck around, get the whole label sent up for years Type profile low, like A in Paid in Full Attract heavy cash cause the games centrifugal Mr. Fantastik, long dough like elastic Guard my life with twin Glocks thats made out of plastic Cant stand a brown nosing nigga, fake ass bastard Admiring my style, tour bus through Manhattan Plotting, plan the quickest, my flows the sickest My hoes be the thickest, my dro the stickiest Street nigga, stamped and bonafide When beef jump niggas come get me cause they know I ride True to the ski mask, New Yorks my origin Play a fake gangsta like a old accordion According to him, when the Ds rushed in Complication from the wire, testimony was thin Caused his man to go up north, the ball hit em again Lame rap snitch nigga even told on the Mexican Rap snitches, telling all their business Sit in the court and be their own star witness Do you see the perpetrator? Yeah, Im right here Fuck around, get the whole label sent up for years Rap snitches, telling all their business Sit in the court and be their own star witness Do you see the perpetrator? Yeah, Im right here Fuck around, get the whole label sent up for years True, theres rules to this shit, fools dare care Everybody wanna rule the world with tears for fear Yeah, yeah, tell em tell it on the mountain hill Running up they mouth bill, everybody doubting still Informer, keep it up and get tested Pop through your bubble vest or double-breasted He keep a lab down south in the little beast So much heat you woulda thought it was the Middle East A little grease always keeps the wheels a-spinning Like sitting on twenty threes to get the squealers grinning Hitting on many trees, feel real linen Spitting on enemies, get the steel for tin men Where no brains but gum flap He said his gun clap, then he fled after one slap Son, shut your trap, save it for the bitches Mmm, delicious, rapp snitch knishes You know what Im saying? Crazy, man, Im just analyzing this whole game This is bugged out, man, niggas is snitching Telling on they own self Fuck around and get everybody bagged, man Fuck around and get yo mama bagged, nigga You know your grandmama used to be bootlegging Fake hustling nigga, heheheheh, haha Perpetrator? Yeah, Im right here...
Great stuff Yeah, this is— this is good Great stuff Ahh, Oh yeah Applause Hold the cold one like he hold a old gun Like he hold the microphone and stole the show for fun Or a foe for ransom, flows is handsome Os in tandem, anthem, random tantrum Phantom of the Grand Ole Opry, ask the dumb hottie Masked, pump-shotty—somebody stop me Hardly come sloppy on a retarded hard copy After rockin parties, he departed in a jalopy Watch the droptop papi Known as the grimy limey, slimy— try me Blimey! Simply smashing in a fashion thats timely Madvillain dashing in a beat-rhyme crime spree We rock the house like rock n roll Got more soul than a sock with a hole Set the stage with a goal To have the game locked in a cage getting shocked with a pole Overthrow em like throwing Rover a biscuit A lot of bitches think hes overly chauvinistic Let go his dick if thats the case Rats, what a waste theres more cats to chase— Dogs, he got it like new powers Woke up, wrote, and spit the shit in a few hours Sheesh! Been unleashed since the glee club Had your fam saying, Please make me a dub Well, since you ask kindly Where he been behind the mask, who cant find me? Youre blind, in the wine zone, leave your mind blown When he shine with the 9, hes a rhinestone... Cowboy No, no, no, no enough Goony goo-goo, loony cuckoo Like Gary Gnu off New Zoo Revue, but who knew The mask had a loose screw? Hell, could hardly tell Had to tighten it up like the Drells and Archie Bell It speaks well of the hyper base Wasnt even tweaked and it leaked into cyberspace Couldnt wait for the snipes to place At least a tracklist in bold print typeface Stopped for a year Come back with thumbtacks, pop full of beer Were hip hop sharecroppers Used to wear flip flops, now rare gear coppers Hes in it for the quiche You might as well not ask him for no free shit, capiche? Oh, my aching hands From raking in grands and breaking in mic stands Villain—his smile stuns ya chick While he put himself in your shoes run ya kicks You heard it on the radio, tape it Play it in your stereo, your crewll go apeshit Raw lyrics—he smells em like a hunch The same intuition that tells him spike the punch Curses, hes truly the worsest With enough rhymes to spread throughout the boundless universes Let the beat blast, she told him wear the mask He said you bet your sweet ass Its made of fine chrome alloy Find him on the grind, hes the rhinestone cowboy Sometimes they were comedic— or relentlessly horrifying They were the foes of society, whether fighting the local sheriff, or a secret agent Frequently they mirrored our times: the gangster villains which rival real newspaper headlines of the present day Collectively, they are the components which have fueled nightmares for decades to come The villains
Already woke, spared a joke, barely spoke, rarely smoke Stared at folks when properly provoked, mirror broke Here, share a strawberry morning Gone, an more important spawning, torn in, poor men sworn in Cornish hens switching positions Auditioning morticians, saw it in a vision, ignoring prison Ignoramuses enlist and sound dumb Found em drowned in cows dung, crowns flung Rings a Tinkerbell, sing for things thats frail as a fingernail Bring a scale, stale ginger lingers Seven figures invigor Nigga, fresh from out the jail, alpha male Sickest ninja injury this century, enter plea Lend sympathy to limper Simple Simon rhymin emcees Trees is free, please leave a key These meager fleas, hes the breeze And shes the bees knees for sheez, Gs of Gs Seize property, shopper sprees, chop the cheese Drop degrees to stop diseases, gee-whiz, Pa! DOOM rock grammar like the kumbaya Mama was a ho hopper Papa was a Rolling Stone star like Obama, pull a card like oh drama Civil liberties These little titties abilities riddle me, middle C Mmm, give a MC a rectal hysterectomy Lecture on removal of the bowels, foul technically Dont expect to see the recipe Until we receive the check as well as the collection fee More wreck than Section Z, what you expect to get for free? Shit from me, history The key, plucked it off the mayor Chucked it in the ol tar pit off La Brea, player They say hes gone too far DOOMll catch em after Jumah on cue lacka! Do whatcha gotta do, grarrrr The rumors are not true, got two ma No prob, got the job, hot bod, heartthrob Scotchguard the bar with cotton swabs, dart lob Bake a cake, sweet, Jamaica trade in treats on the beach Make her skeet til her feets meet Can it be I stayed away too long? Did you miss these rhymes when I was gone? As you listen to these crazy tracks Check them stats then you know where Im at And thats that Look, theres Doom now! I followed him to the studio, but I was too late to stop him Thats right! Youll never stop me! Youre dead! Youre all dead! Doom!
Slow it down some, no split, clown bum Your gold hits sound dumb, hold it now, crown em Where you found them at? Got em round town, couldve drowned in it Would have floated, bloated, voted Sugar-coated, loaded hip shooter Draw for the poor, free coffee at the banks Hit through the straw, none more for me, thanks That blanks the raw, that dank sure stank lit Sank past the pit for more hardcore prank spit Crank it on blast, roll past Front Street Blew the whole spot like some old ass with skunk meat These kids is too fast, juiced off a junk treat Who could get looser off a crunk or a funk beat? Something has started today Where did it go? What you want it to be? Well, you know November has come When its gone away Something has started today Where did it go? What you want it to be? Well, you know November has come When its gone away Bah, can you dig it like a spigot? My guess is yes, you can, like Can I Kick It? Wicked Liquor shot if you happy and you know it As you clap your hands to the thick snot of a poet flowin Grope a pen and Im in cope hymen Doper rhymin more worther than the Hope Diamond Acquired off the black market A wire tappin couldnt target a jar of spit The rapid-fire spark lit A rapper bug zapper And it dont matter after if theys a thug or dapper Plug your trap or its maximum exposure The beats got family members askin him for closure Aw, send em a gun and tell em, Clean it Then go get the nun who said her son didnt mean it She wore a filled-in thong of Billabong That said, Nah, foreal-a, the Villain on a Gorilla jawn? Something has started today Where did it go? What you want it to be? Well, you know November has come When its gone away Something has started today Where did it go? What you want it to be? Well, you know November has come When its gone away When its When its gone away
I get no kick from champagne Mere alcohol doesnt thrill me at all So tell me why shouldnt it be true? I get a kick out of brew Theres only one beer left Rappers screaming all in our ears like were deaf Tempt me, do a number on the label Eat up all they emcees and drink em under the table Like, Its on me—put it on my tab, kid However you get there, foot it, cab it, iron horse it Youre leaving on your face, forfeit I crush the mic, hold it like the heat, he might toss it Told him tell em they stole it, he told her he lost it She told him, Get off it, and a bunch of other more shit Getting money, DTs be getting no new leads Its like he eating watermelon, stay spitting new seeds Its the weed, give me some of what he drooping off Soon as he wake up, choking like it was whooping cough They group been soft First hour at the open bar and theyre trooping off He went to go laugh and get some head by the side road She asked him autograph her derriere, it read: To Wide Load, this yard bird taste like fried toad turd Love, Villain — take pride in code words Crooked eye, mold, nerd, geek with a cold heart Probably still be speaking in rhymes as an old fart Study how to eat to die by the pizza guy No, hes not too fly to skeet in a skeezer eye And squeeze her thigh, maybe give her curves a feel The same way she feel it when he flow with nerves of steel They call the super when they need their back, uh, plumbing fixed How is only one left? The pack comes in six! Whatever happened to two and three? A herb tried to slide with four and five And got caught like, What you doing, G? Dont make em have to get cutting like truancy Matter fact, not for nothing, right now, you and me! Looser than a pair of Adidas I hope you brought your spare tweeters MCs sound like cheerleaders Rapping and dancing like Red Head Kingpin DOOM came to do the thing again, no matter who be blingin He do it for the smelly hubbies Seeds know what time it is like its time for Teletubbies Few can do it, even fewer can sell it Take it from the dude who wear a mask like a tarded helmet He plots shows like robberies In and out — one, two, three — no bodies, please Run the cash and you wont get a wet sweatshirt The mic is the shotty: nobody move, nobody get hurt Bring heat like the boy done gone to war He came in the door, and Everybody on the floor! A whole string of jobs like we on tour Every night on the score, coming to your corner store There, it is done Now that the representative from South Africa has been Mind programmed All of the world leaders on earth are under my control And when they meet tomorrow in special session I, DOOM, shall be voted: Master of the World My plan is foolproof, but just in case And what about snow? Now you keep your eyes open When I tell ya, start snappin Uh, ladies und gentlemen I am risking my life to tell you with, with great concern That I must warn you, I, I You must listen Many among you, have, have had their minds taken over DOOM, gosh, I wish I’d brought my autograph book Right, lead-head You’re weird Why is everyone staring at us? Relax masseur, just do your thing What? Why, I’ll bend your read-out meter for ya, you little What’s the matter? You’re nothing but a chicken-head Hold it
Say, Brain—what do you wanna do tonight? The same thing we do every night, Pinky: try to take over the world! Who the fuck is this Joey Bada$$ nigga, son? Ayo, who the fuck passed you the mic And said that you could flow? Point em out bitch, I wanna know Who the fuck passed you the mic? Check! Puffin on stramonium, underground like potholes but going fossil These bars like art in the Smithsonian These flows is for custodians, homeless men, horny OBGYN dudes Browsing my laptop lookin at red fallopian tube They like Yo Joey, you rude, Im like If only you knew Im only in school for cosmology, thats why I act as lonely as you You see Im wise beyond my years and my peers So my voice over the snares is the only way they hear What I got behind my membrane, but Ive been smoking chem strains So lately Ive been having hard times with remembering But be patient, my studies prove Egyptians aint shit Cause I believe that we could be like Neo in The Matrix But fuck it, Im erratic, momma lock me in the attic please Til I draw enough static in my somatic anatomy And come out imputed with fusions of Blueprints and Illmatics I’ve been going raw, this just how I feel rappin We gave yall Sur Tactics, so yall can’t even gas us We taught you how to be prepared but still attacking the masses Yall better get yall caskets cause we ‘bout to annihilate My empire gate’s in the Empire State I’m on the higher platform, look at the way they clap for ‘em Never fuck with phony men cause I don’t like my back torn Nigga ask Kwon, this that top ramen you ain’t used to Keep it neutral to scruple and tell ‘em no beef like noodles! Keep it neutral, just so you can scruple I tell ‘em no beef like noodles It’s world domination, nation, you’re tuned into my station Always got a doobie and a motherfucking eighth lit Always got the trees, so what the fuck you mean I ain’t about to rise to the top with my fucking team It’s world domination, nation, you’re tuned into my station Always got a doobie and a motherfucking eighth lit Always got the trees, so what the fuck you mean I ain’t about to rise to the top with my fucking team Ayo, who the fuck passed you the mic And said that you could flow? Point em out bitch, I wanna know Who the fuck passed you the mic? Ayo, who the fuck passed you the mic And said that you could flow? Point em out bitch, I wanna know Who the fuck passed you the mic?
Before we go any further Friends As you call em, they call you when they need something Trees for the bluntin, to Gs for the frontin I found a way to get peace of mind for years and left the hell alone Turn a deaf ear to the cellular phone Send me a letter or better, we could see each other in real life Just so you could feel me like a steel knife At least so you could see the white of they eyes Bright with surprise, once they finish spitting lies Associates, is your boys, your girls, bitches, niggas, homies Close, or really dont know me Mom, dad, comrade, peeps, brothers, sisters, duns, dunnies Some come around when they need some money Others make us laugh like the Sunday funnies Fam be around whether you paid or bummy You could either ignore this advice or take it from me Be too nice and people take you for a dummy So nowadays, he aint so friendly Actually they wouldn’t even made a worthy enemy Read the signs: No feeding the baboons Seein as how they got ya back bleeding from the stab wounds Yall know the dance, they smile in ya face, yall know the glance Try to put em on, they blow the chance Never let your so-called mans know your plans A show of hands is a term some people use loosely Im real choosy on what I choose to let crew see You telling me; I try to act broke Jealousy the number one killer among black folk Fellas be under some type of spell like crack smoke Ghetto Cinderellas lead em right to your stack, loc Just another way a chickll lead to your end I checked the dictionary for the meaning of friend It said: person one likes to socialize with Sympathizer, helper, and thats about the size of it Most of the time these attributes is one-sided To bolster the crime, theyre apt to shoot you through your eyelid And they cant hide it, going wild like a white bitch Sometimes ya need to cut niggas off like a light switch And when things get quiet Catch em like a thief in the night, what a riot I first met Mr. Fantastik at a arms deal Dont let it get drastic, think of how your momsll feel When it get for real, steel get to sparkin Everything darken, it aint no talkin For somethin so cheap, it sure buys a lot of trouble Ya better off focusing than tryin to plot to bubble Or else itd be a sad note to end on, the guns we got is Some come in the form of co-dependents A lot of times only end up being co-defendants Ten bucks say they tell for a lower sentence And leave you up under the jail, begging for repentance It dont make no sense, what happened to the loyalty? Honor amongst crooks, trust among royalty Id rather go out in a blaze than give em the glory a similar story? before lovers, we used to have some type of over-standing Just so when I let her get the man thing, she know its no strings We could do the damn thing, but ho, its no rings Just how the tramp swings Will she see him again? That depends on how good was the skins and could she memorize the lessons It aint no need to pretend Even though she let em stab it, she know theyre just friends Friends How many of us have them? Friends Ones we can depend on? Friends How many of us have them? Friends Before we go any further Fellas! Dont be silly! I know who my friends are! And the next nice neighborhood I move into, you guysll get crack ; Dr. DOOM; Character 2] The most powerful, the most mysterious monarch in all the world Guided by a fighting force that never sleeps That never relaxes its vigilance For none is as feared, none has as many foes As DOOM, the awesome armorclad lord of I know who Doom is He happens to be the most dangerous man in the world I’d hope we’d never hear from him I’d hope we’d never have to battle him But now the worst has happened and I must tell you what we’re up against I first met DOOM years ago When he wanted to be alone, alone to pursue his forbidden experiments One day while conducting a secret experiment Later, when he recovered from his injuries Instead of having learned his lesson, DOOM was bitter, angry, vengeful What have I done to myself? My face, it is hideous He traveled the world, seeking a cure for his disfigured face He traveled through remote villages, where strangers are seldom seen He continued his search, never showing his face Unless threatened by bandits who prey on travelers Who foolishly wander alone through their domain
Keep your hoes in check I got this girl and she wants me to duke her I told her Id come scoop her around 8, she said That sounds great, shorty girls a trooper No matter what I need her to do, she be like Own his own throne, the boss like King Koopa On the microphone he flossed the ring Average emcees is like a TV blooper MF DOOM, hes like D.B. Cooper Out with the moolah, I let her get a outfit Just to cool her off, she said, Niggas aint about shit I wonder if she meant it, I doubt it The way it be in her mouth she cant live without it And cant live with this, handle your business Villainll stay on a scandalous hos shit list One pack of cookies please, Mr. Hooper Its fun smacking rookies, he is the Look like a black wookie when he let his beard grow Weirdo, brown-skinnedd, always kept his hair low Rumor has it its a S-Curl accident DOOM was always known to keep the best girls backs bent Some say its the eyes, some say the accent A lot of guys wonder where they stacks went I call her thunder thighs with the fatty swolla Only mess with high rollers, do what daddy told her No matter the city she with me to do the thang-thang Work in the coochie, hooptie chitty chitty bang bang Same name on the titty as on the name ring Pretty like Baby D off All in the Same Gang Keep my eye on her, really dont trust her But I treat her like a daughter, taught her how to bust a nut And the heat to turn beef to horsemeat chalupa Teach her how to hold it, of course he is the See most cats treat her like Foofur Or beat her to a stupor, take it from the You need to make her feel cuter And lay down the G like Luther, everythingll be Do for her, keep her in a new fur So she look sweet when she go to meet the Got the buddha get the Grenadiers, twist it Put it in the air, come here, kiss it Listen here scooter, let her try to bag you When shes on the rag, never let her fry the Ragu Whichll have you under some type of spell crying dag boo Her name on your back in a tattoo Whether a bougie broad, nerd ho, street chick Dont call her Wifey if you met her at the Freaknik You dont want her dont waste her time, Ill duke her And be a father to your child like the He keep his hoes in check Sends em out to get glows from off frozen necks Tell em take his clothes, leave him posing naked for real Better yet, get him for the check off the record deal Find out where he keep the Tec and the blue steel Make sure for extra wreck, let him know how you feel And while hes running down to All-Star Weekend to ball Im coming with the U-Haul : Has the laser cannon been lowered? : Everything has been prepared as you ordered. But how did you get permission to return to New York master? : Through the efforts of the misguided fools : Its free enterprise, and Im not gonna let some blasted government bureaucrat tell me how to run my business. But DOOM will be my guest on my private estate on Long Island. Theres nothing you can do about it : Hes dangerous, I just hope you know what youre doing : Dont I always. Ah, theres DOOMs jet, right on time : Whys it so cold down here? : The heat went out in the whole building : Warm enough out there on Long Island with DOOM : DOOM? Here in New York? : Yes DOOM has an amazing new machine : Get the president of the United States on the phone : How longs all this gonna take, DOOM? : I would not advise you to repeat that error : Sure, I know what you mean
I hear you in the background Whenever I phone Tellin your brother To say youre gone Youve been trippin around, uptown Wooin some fancy clown Put your sister on the phone Yo, its Viktor I knew you was ----ing around Playing all innocent and hoing since the foundation Dont make me have to pound his tin crown face in And risk being jammed up like traffic, inbound from spacing Theres been a place for you in my heart since we first met A teenage love that didnt feel no hurt yet My boys warned me you was poison like BBD first cassette And still I put my chips on the worse bet Gave up the skirt, now I gotta hear it from the street How dare you drag my name in the dirt and cheat You couldve broke it off, ended it and dipped And if you spoke soft, we couldve still preserved the friendship Now you apologize, thats what they all say You wasnt sorry when you sucked him off in the hallway But have it your way, raw— no foreplay Thats you if you want a dude who wear a mask all day And just to think, I used to be proud of you And you had some real good power... Youve been trippin around, uptown Wooin some fancy clown No, it wasnt- it wasnt nothing like that Well, my brother, you didnt tell me you had called I wasnt at home Probably kissed her later that evening, I should be hurling Matter fact, gimme back my bracelet and my Shearling I rather waste it or give it to your girlfriend She did let me stab it last week while you was workin Remember, our vacation out to Maryland? I dooked the maid Carolyn, she made me throw the towel in Like all foul men, the time I hit your moms off I told her knock it off, but she had to set the rocket off Aint enough room in this ----ing town When you see tin head, tell him be ducking down Im not rompin around, he better be Ready and prepared to be stomped in the ground Well, I thought you And now, subscriber, weve got to punch you up So, please stand by
Ayo, yo, yall cant stand right here In his right hand was your mans worst nightmare Loud enough to burst his right eardrum, close-range The game is not only dangerous, but its most strange I sell rhymes like dimes The one who mostly keep cash but brag about the broker times Joking rhymes, like the Is you just happy to see me? trick Classical slapstick rappers need Chapstick A lot of em sound like they in a talent show So I give em something to remember like the Alamo Tally-ho! A high Joker like a Spades game Came back from five years laying and stayed the same Saying, electromagnetic field it blocks all logic, Spock And G-Shocks her biological clock When I hit it, slid into the shitter, thought I killed her goose Her Power Us was pure Brita water filter juice Keep a pen like a fiend keep a pipe with him Gentleman who lent a pen to a friend who write with him Never seen the shit again but hes still my dunny The only thing that come between us is krill and money I sell rhymes like dimes The one who mostly keep cash but brag about the broker times Better rhymes make for better songs, it matters not If you got a lot of what it takes just to get along Surrender now or suffer serious setbacks Got get-back, connects wet-back, get stacks Even if you gots to get jet-black, head to toe To get the dough, battle for bottles of Mo or dro This fly flow take practice like Tae Bo with Billy Blanks Oh, youre too kind! Really? Thanks! To the gone and lost forever like Oh My Darling Clementine He hold his heart when he telling rhyme When its his time, I hope his soul go to Heaven He nasty like the old time Old No. 7 You still taste it when you chase it with the Coca-Cola Make em wish they could erase it out the Motorola I told her, No credit for a bag If you want what they got, then go get it, its all gack Only in America could you find a way to earn a healthy buck And still keep your attitude on self-destruct I sell rhymes like dimes The one who mostly keep cash but tell about the broke times Joking rhymes, like the Is you just happy to see me? trick Classical slapstick rappers need Chapstick A lot of em sound like they in a talent show So I give em something to remember like the Alamo Tally-ho! A high Joker like a Spades game Came back from five years laying and stayed the same Saying, Electromagnetic feeling blocks all logical, Spock And G-Shocks her biological clock When I hit it, slit her to the shitter, thought I killed her goose Her Power U was pure Brita water filter juice Keep a pen like a fiend keep a pipe with him Gentleman who lent a pen to a friend who write with him Never seen the shit again but hes still my dunny The only thing that come between us is krill and money We sell rhymes like dimes The one who mostly keep cash but tell about the broke times In your arms tonight Shell reflect That she owes you the sweetest of debts If she wants to pay Check it out, yall! Ya dont stop! Keep on, to the sure shot! Huh-ha! What the deal, god? Uh, uh, uh, uh, oh! Yeah, youre listening to the buttery slickness The Land-O-Lakes from my man MF DOOM! Ha ha ha ha! Yeah! Rock-shocking the house, with another nugget Uh-uh-ah, eh, oh, ah, hoo-wee! Yeah! Yeah! Regulation status, right here Fondle Em Recordings, 1999 Yeah! Now what are you posed to say on the end of records? I dont know! Yeah! Woo! Yeah! Mashed potatoes! Apple sauce! Buttery... biscuits! And I get lost A yes, yes, yes, yes yall You dont stop Keep on, a to the break-a-dawn Say what? Uh! Yeah! You thought it all was over! You thought the song was over! Ah! We tricked you! We tricked you! Ha ha ha ha... Woo! You listening to www dot hairline dot com MF DOOM, Kool Bob Love...
-Life is too... To two one-two How DOOM hold heat and preach non-violence? Shhh, he about to start the speech, cmon, silence On one starry night, I saw the light Heard a voice that sound like Barry White, said Sure youre right Dont let me find out who tried to bite They better off goin to fly a kite in a firefight During tornado time with no coat than I caught ya Wrote the book on rhymes, a note from the author With no headshot, he said its been a while Got a breadwinner style to get a inner child a thinner smile And thats no exaggeration The doctor told a patient Its all in your imagination, negro Ahh, what do he know? About the buttery flow, he need to cut the ego Trippin, to date the Metal Fellow been rippin flows Since New York plates was ghetto yellow With broke blue writing, this is too exciting Folks leave out the show feelin truly enlightened They say The Villain been spitting enough lightning To rock shock the Boogie Down to Brighton, alright, then Yeah, check, its enough Uh, yeah, now How M.E.D. hold heat like Clint East is reborn? Leave you with more holes than a dartboard Haters watch him, Hennessy double shot drink Like the answer to the problems at the bottles bottom Uhh, from the bottom, top that homey, pay how you owe me My niggas take no like Kobe Even with the the arms of the Hulk, you couldnt hold me From gettin mines, stogies be rolled, smokin and gettin by Thanks to rap I aint got a dime Got me sneakin out of checkout lines with bottles by the waistside Yeah, smack em in the face, let em taste pride Face trial, end up washed up like the shorelines Do or die ride, how the dead return Street turns, keep me in this dirt like an earthworm What he spit hits and grows, will brothers ever learn Worth a word, chat with a nerd, meeting adjourned
It never really mattered too much to me That I was just too damn old to emcee All that really matters is if your rhymes was ill Girl, thats all that really mattered to me, oh baby Looks like its gonna be a great day today To get some fresh air like a stray on a straightaway Hey you, got a light? Nah, a Bud Light Early in the morning, face crud from like a mud fight Looky here, its just the way the cookie tear Prepare to get hurt and mangled like Kurt Angle rookie year The rocket scientist, with the pocket wine list Some even say he might need some pus-sychiatrist DOOM, are you pondering what Im pondering? Yes, but why would the darn thing be wandering? Shes like a foundling, barely worth fondling My posses on Broadway like Mama, I Want to Sing! Mad plays the bass like the race card Villain on the case to break shards and leave her face scarred Groovy, dude! Not to prove to be rude But this stuff is like what you might put on movie food Uh, what is jalapeños? Get it like a whoopin when you holla at your seniors Dolla he can overhear the hashish fienda He just came from over there, the grass is greener Last wish: I wish I had two more wishes And I wish they fixed the door to the matrix, theres mad glitches Spit so many verses sometimes my jaw twitches One thing this party could use is more... ahem Booze, put yourself in your own shoes And stay away from all those pairs of busted Timbs you dont use He only keep em to decorate If you wanna peep em, select a date And bring a deep check, like checkmate I kid you not, on the dotted line signed Ever since a minor, kids considered him some kind of Einstein On a diamond mine grind, she was dumb fine But not quite the type that you might want to wine and dine Couldnt find a pen, had to think of a new trick This one he wrote in cold blood with a toothpick On second thought its too thick His assistant said: DOOM, you sick, he said True through acoustics Psycho, his flow is drowned in Lawrys seasoning With micro power hes sound and right reasoning Its easy as pi, three-point-one-four One more one false move and theyre done for—
Come out to show them Like, open the bruise up and let some of the bruise blood come out to show them Come out to show them, come out to show them, come out to show them Come out to show them, come out to show them, come out to show them Music, bad weed Listening to music while stoned is a whole new world Most cannabis consumers report it second only to sex And grass will change your musical habits, for the better Bad weed right there To up man Americas most blunted! Soon as he start sleepin, catchin you off guard Me rhythm now, huh? If youll all gather close around the phonograph Who those motherfuckers comin in here? No! It cant be! Yo! Where Quas at? Yo! DOOM, you got the trees? Americas most blunted! Quas, when he really hit star mode Never will he boost loose Phillies with the bar-code Or take a whole carload on a wasted trip Or sit White Owl laced tip from tip with yip Some rather baggies others like their cracks in vials Catch a tag, roll a bag of schwag in a Black & Mild He twist Optimo, just the raw leaf part The list top go: bust before beef start At the Stop-n-Go Mart, actin like a spirit host done it Americas most blunted! Yeah, yo DOOM nominated for the best rolled Ls And they wondered how he dealt with stress so well Wild guess? You could say he stay sedated Some say buddha-ed, some say faded Someday pray that he will grow a farm barn full Recent research show its not so darn harmful Sometimes you might need to detox It can help you with your rhyme flow and your beat-box Off spite to your surprise Turn a Newport Light to a joint right before your eyes Tear a page out the good book, hear it how you want it Americas most blunted! Comin kinda stupid from the station Amazing loops, loops, loops. -the universal The-th-the-best, the-th-best, the-the-the, the best in your perimeter Yo I cant find that nigga Metal Face nowhere Americas most blunted! DOOM! The Madvillain killing mad boom Consume weed and drink brew til we perfume the room The Beat Konducta smoke twenty-four/seven Shady, you can even ask my reverend Willie knows, how the Phillies roll, really though I spend my last dough to pick up the sticky gold I spark the lah, but dont shh with speed or trees with seeds Quasimoto crew, we get keyed The most blunted on the map The one astro black, in the alley, with a hoodrat Hoodrat, when you try to react Shut the up! Even your pops got smacked Even your moms got cracked Meanwhile!- While my bowl got packed Gulp, drop X so you can have good sex I smoke dank so I can grow me a shank I got the fat sack, shh -- all day I hunt it Who are we? Americas most blunted! Comin kinda stupid from the station Amazing loops, loops, loops -The universal Americas most blunted! Creativity, its a known fact that grass increases creativity From eight, to 11 times. In fact, everyone finds that theyre more creative stoned, than straight So remember: M-A-R-I-J-U A-J-U-A-N-A Mar-i Juana Mari-juana
Yeah... another love song gone wrong Shouldve known you were a woo, like Based God in Wonton But I didnt, and I aint even tripping Another foul ball but Im still glad I hit it Cause a lot of niggas didnt, you know, the coulda shoulda type Like Oh, it was slight too tight, come on, I wouldve piped But our schedules contradicted were always tied down Ay pipe down, the first night ya boy laid the pipe down Took off the night gown and, pulled out the slinky She screamed Joey spank me!, and after that she even thanked me Swanky, one time for my nigga Dymes Lord knows we be kicking rhymes til the end of time But back to the topic, oh yeah, Im pissed off Im still tripped off and wondering why shorty dipped off I aint gonna front a nigga, do miss her lip gloss Now she sucks the next nigga dick off, and my dick soft So tell me what the fuck Im posed to do? And you know it aint too easy getting over you I sent them postcards, so you know its true I promised that I wouldnt get emotional And Im not, so stop it Why you front like you dont miss my whole cockpit down yo esophagus? Screaming, Daddy, stop it, ripping out your tracks Chipped nail polishing in the scratches on my back like Did you forget about the time we had the sticky rolled? And I tried to suck your titty hole for milk for my Cheerios Did you forget about the video when you first came? I hit that spot twice, and since then you havent been the same But now I heard you fucking with some new man Cant remember his name but my first impression, What a lame Lorraine said she seen him at a bowling lane Walking out the bathroom kinda strange with his shoulder stained Faggot, six months, and Im still at it Youll probably never hear this track, but I still wrapped it I guess Im still attracted to you being here I swear, I cant imagine you would not even care Whole thing played out like magic, and it’s kinda weird Its like I did a trick and you wont reappear It aint fair, I need you back, sometimes I get scared But Im a player, aint gonna let you see my tears Cause Im a player, aint gonna let you see my tears Cause Im a player, aint gonna let you see my tears Cause Im a player, aint gonna let you see my tears Cause Im a player I couldnt see it coming down my eyes So I had to make the song cry I couldnt see it coming down my eye So I gotta to make the song cry I couldnt see it coming down my eyes So I had to make the song cry I couldnt see it coming down my eye So I gotta to make the song cry, yeah
Villain get the money like curls They just tryin to get a nut like squirrels in his mad world Land of milk and honey with the swirls Where reckless naked girls get necklaces of pearls Compliments of the town jeweler Left back now-schooler tryna sound cooler On the microphone known as the crown ruler Never lied to ma when we said we found the moolah Five-hundred somethin dollars layin right there in the street Huh, now lets try and get somethin to eat Then he turned four and started flowin to the poor Thats about when he first started going raw Kept the dro in the drawer A rhymin klepto who couldnt go up in the store no more His life is like a folklore legend Why you so stiff, you need to smoke more, bredren Instead of trying to riff with the broke war veteran Spliff made him swore he saw heaven he was seven Yup, you know it, growin up too fast Showin up to class with Moet in a flask He ask the teacher if he leave will he pass His girl is home alone, he tryin to get the ... If you want a sip get a paper water fountain glass How Im posed to know where your mouth been last? Hands so fast he can out-spin Flash Known to smoke a whole mountain of hash to the ash Boom-bash, leave the room with the stash Assume its in a smash, DOOM get the cash
I strive to be humble, lest I stumble Never sold a jumbo or copped chicken with its mumbo Sauce, Tyson is a fowl holocaust Hitler gassed your whole head up with poultry, Im fed up Ignore cordon bleu, stand up, get up Lunge for your knife, dont forget your potholders What, these old things? About to throw em away With the gold rings that make em dont fit like OJ Usually I take them off with Oil of Olay MCs is crabs in a barrel, pass the Old Bay Hot as hell and its a cold day, innit? Working on a way that we can roll away tinted Some say the price of holding heat is often too high You either be in a coffin or you be the new guy The one thats too fly to eat shoo pie Never too busy when it comes down to you and I A lot of niggas wish to die They need to hold they horses, theres bigger fish to fry Youre on the list, if not, pick a number spot Ten and a half Timbs is made to kick your bumba claat I coulda had a V-8 F-150 quad cab but Ill be straight Money comes and goes like that two bit hussy That night that tried to rush me, Dwight, pass the dutchie So I can calm down so they dont get it twisted Take it from the fire side, it wont get blistered Got it, what happened? Oh, its not lit These metal fingers be holding When I was four, I penned God Was Born In New York Back in 77, still got nan in the crescent The effervescence of Gods presence is thick Unlike vapor, Esther Rolle, extra raw, word to the baker Peace to the hardworkin gingerbread makers Looked her up and down said, Hmm, too much makeup Poor music taste, ten years from being grown up Rappers dont blow up, heads do My name is Dwight Spitz, Imma Sonic addict I use to think it was merely a nagging habit Born under a bad sign, Im serious about this curse of mine I strive to flip it into fine wine Barely born a virgin is what the stars said Black not white, red all over though like Elmo Twenty-eight years have passed, I feel Im peaking I make music every weekend Its a chore, a fact of life, a labor of love I get mad love but I detest the labor And its wages, you know death Im servin life from this gift of God Dont forget your potholders, my niggas A short time later
They stay... Strange ways... Wreak havoc, beep beep its mad traffic Sleek and lavish people speaking leaking to the maverick He see as just another felony drug arrest Any day could be the one he pick the wrong thug to test Slug through the vest, shot in the street For pulling heat on a father whose babys gotta eat And when they get hungry, it aint shit funny Paid to interfere with how a brother get his money Now, whos the real thugs, killers and gangsters? Set the revolution, let the things bust and thank us When the smoke clear, you can see the sky again There will be the chopped off heads of Leviathan My friend, they call em strangers Anybody talk to him end up in some danger Theyll never change... They stay... Strange ways... Cant reform em They pray four times a day, they pray five Who ways is strange when its time to survive Some will go of they own free will to die Others take them with you when they blow sky high Whats the difference? All you get is lost children While the bosses sit up behind the desks, it cost billions To blast humans in half, into calves and arms Only one side is allowed to have bombs Its like making a soldier drop his weapon Shooting him, and telling him to get to stepping Obviously, they came to portion up his fortune Sounds to me like that old robbery/extortion Theyll never change... They stay... Same Game Strange ways... Ya cant reform em ...that Mary was goin around with an old flame That burned me up, because I know he was just feeding her a line! But the guy really spent his money like water I think he was connected, so I left Outside it was raining cats and dogs I was feelin mighty blue... and everything looked black But I carried on!
Villain man never ran with krills in his hand and Wont stop rockin til he clocked in a gazillion grand Tillin the wasteland sands Raps on backs of treasure maps, stacks to the ceilin fan He rest when hes ashes Ask em after ten miles in his galoshes, smashes stashes Chip on his shoulder with a slip on holster A clip, a folder and his grip on a boulder bolster They supposed to know, it show when his aura glow Get from out the row, when he get dough, its horrible Time is money, spend, waste, save, invest the fess For 10 Ks, hell cave a chicken chest S Yes, yall, the dub will get ya trickles The best ballers pitch in and rub together nickels But tut tut, he bout to change the price again It go up each time he blow up like hydrogen Villain here, have em shrillin in fear And wont stop top illin til he a gazillionaire Grillin stare, yeah, ya boy had drama Got em on a mental plane, avoided bad karma Once sold an inbred skinhead a nigga joke Plus a brand new chrome smoker with the triggers broke I thought I told em, Firing pins was separate He find out later when he tries to go and rep it Took a Jehovah money for a Arabic Torah Charged in advance to translate it and ignored it sorta One monkey dont stop no slaughter A junkie wanna cop a quarter ton, run for the border Know the drill, it aint worth the overkill Flow skill, still, theres no thrill Fill a billion 10K bills in his pilla Villa, when it gets realer, split the skrilla with- Dilla mix, mix, mix Do a deal for kicks and get rich quick Sketch lyric, betcha bottom nick on some vic Ick from the drumstick come with the dumb shtick Sick slick, hidden in a book The only way they find it if youre spittin in a hook Listen, dont look now, keep walkin Traded three beans for this cow, cheap talkin Hawk men stalkin hear that we hawkin often Coughin to a coffin, might as well scoff the pork then Hes like Worf, some say stronger though Off the top, Jay Strongbow, play along bro Wear a mask like yo, off The Gong Show Flow slow as Mongo, Don Juan thong pro For ya info when hes not practicin Jim Crow A actress and some nympho bimbo Hes playin Ray J, the old tape DOOM—well what can I say like JJ in a gold cape Fill it to the rim like brim Villain and ya wont find him in no gym Probably a foggy bog with the frogs With a dot on the guard as he squat on a log Half cocked and half baked Used to keep a full stock of work, half rocked and half shake My mistake, sign a track agreement For more Gs than lines and cracks in the cement In any event, its fake like wrestlin Get em like Jake The Snake on mescalines Ahem, elixir for the dry throat Tried to hit the high note, Villain since a itsy bitsy zygote By remote, send in the meat wagon Braggin MCs packed in with they feets draggin These stats are staggerin Had his Ph.D in indiscreet street hagglin Villain—his agenda is clear Endin this year with dividends to spare, here Its not meant for the seein Went through the ceilin after enterin his center bein A new meanin to sales through the roof Guaranteed raw and saw his truth was truth, proof Its the return of the tramp Who do a duet jam when Ernest goes to camp For the right earn, knamean like Vern We need some more oil for the machines to burn, learn Jiminy crickets He gets lucky like winnin free tickets off sickly lyrics One mans waste is another mans soap Sons fanbase know the brotha mans dope A real weirdo with a bugged rare flow And the way his hair grow was ugly as a scarecrow He wears a mask so the charge wont grab On a rooftop with a large stone slab Heads up, talk white and thought niggerish Refuse to walk tight and got his off the vigorish Black licorice and equally as yucky How he handled the money was strictly Dan Stuckie Monkey hustle, man on fire Later for the date than the Hadron Collider And cost more, it be seemin like a style DOOM leave the competition steamin like a pile Smile, ding! Sparklin jewels In effect like alternate side of the street parkin rules Fools, the roach was never dead Live for a week then dehydrate with a severed head Instead, it was depicted as flicked in Split, the wicks lit We have got to try and find DOOM! Good luck!
Hip hop music It aint nothing like a fistful a cash or a bliss fulla the hash That twist like a mustache, from end to end, spread it like a rash From talking through your walkman or at your disco bash Gimme the Timbs Rumplestiltskin brown A metal face mask with a built in frown A mic to tilt down, a hundred thousand pounds And see how kilt sound like spilt milk clown Cocoa butter on very ashy day fam With Ray-Bans out on the islands of Cayman Or Ill break it down for the layman Bain de Soleil, for that St. Tropez tan A can a ol gold too cold to hold, slow ya roll Keep on moving like Soul II Soul, hold the dough Like a fool who stole pity yall From tryna go up against city hall titty bar The black mic is like a red violin Ok, everybody back to the lab, try again Bloody rap game like leviathan Leave a bad taste, killin my high like niacin Stop kiddin middlemen need Ritalin Hit me with the full tin of gin and Im a kid again Keep the bong lightin straight through the song writin The super-villain A.K.A the thong bitin, thats inviting all To the recitin thats dope and raw Hoping all yall come in peace and its open bar Tear the roof off this bumba raasclaat By the end of the night spaz like shazbot Spilt a shot made the pen lines runny An ill plot thats ten times Ben Stein money, funny How he rip the scripts with a straight face With more rhymes than is lines in ya database Placing rappers in endangerment, whos reckless With this food for thought sorta like breakfast You could mark it off as wreck on a checklist Wear gold fronts, cant afford no necklace Shit, that there, could go to help buildin daycares Somebody say yeahh.. Pay ya fares, give the Herbalizers their shares And yall could pay DOOM in beers; cheers! I came to the shores of America disguised as a peddler The alpha and omega and the home of the beggars, the black settlers Who been beaten, raped, lynched, robbed and stoned And called to roam the earth in service cause they couldnt maintain at home This dates back to 1555 When they captured the first tribe of men and piled them in a pen Fifty feet high And took em all on a 9000 mile ride And landed on the shore of a place they never seen before But read about this inside the ancient books of war Bonded in stainless steel, stripped of their language Still survived the anguish of slavery but still remained nameless Separated to portions and tricked by John Haughty Hawkins And sold on the auction, taught birth control and abortion Rulers of the first part became slaves of the worst part The devils cursed God and reversed God And turned God into dog and made people search hard No relief came til the prophet of W.D. Fard To a trauma, dropped our mommas off in Bahamas And Barbados, Tobagos, separated us from slave boats Made our own brothers hate us from Virgin Isle to Jamaica Trinidad, Honduras, Haiti, Grenada Bermuda to Cayman, mental enslavement
Its the beat, he hear it in his sleep sometimes Blare it in your jeep so your peoples can stare at them rhymes Real rhymes not your everyday hologram Even when ribs was touchin, never swallowed the ham Hed rather eat a sand sandwich salad It might need salt like your mans bland ballad A lot of stuff happens that the news wont tell yous Blues on L juice, snooze, all hell loose Rake it, take it like the good, the bad, the ugly Break it, rollin through ya hood in the caddy buggy Butter softly, leather flossy, fatty juggy Always threw me off when she told me, Daddy, funk me Im like, Anywhos Seeds walkin all out in street with out any shoes I guess its better than some funky socks You need to get her some skips before she catch the monkey pox Instead she wanna hear the beatbox Take pills and make fake krills as sheetrock Sing it, bring it, back to your laboratory While hes in his oratory, glorious like a horror story The mask is like Jason They told the place not to let the basket type case in He could be some kind of wacko Waitin for the chance to heat the pipes like a crack ho He busted in, blessed be the Lord Who believe any mess they read up on a message board If so, I got bridges for the low low Same bitch a-go dry snitchin to the popo Here, orange peel stogs for the whole tier Feel like Ive been gone over a year, came home to old gear It was the shit when I first scooped it At least I get to sit out in New York and curse stupid Plead the fifth, sip wine stiffly Patiently come up and be spiffy in a jiffy Gift for the grind, criminal mind shifty Swift with the nine through a fifty nine fifty Well edumacated, he heard it when he meditated In deep theta, let her hate the creep later Dedicated cheap skata who keeps data Say he stay self medicated to sleep later Side effects is similar to sugar pill Whoever go next on the mic he put a booger, ill And made his exit on some calm shit Begged him on the regular for kegs of more vomitspit
Catch a throatful from the fire vocal With ash and molten glass like Eyjafjallajökull The volcano out of Iceland Hell conquer and destroy the rap world like the white men Learnt from a pro as a mentor Started with a bird nest and burnt it to a cinder Thatll get the party kickin Plus your little charred body smelted like chicken As the dollar continues to lose momentum He need land from murdered Indians that represent em Gold is up, urgin all thugs Trade in yall chains for cash and splurge it on drugs A more secure investment Food and water, a couple of gallons for your cutest daughter And thank him as a Yankee fellow southerner Dont forget the general rank, Ello, guvnor! Ello, guvnor? Ello, guvnor Ello, guvnor! Ello, guvnor Ha ha ha! Ah ha ha! Vocals spill over like the rolling hills of Dover Or the Gulf Oil Disaster if preferred youre after Depends on your status or your stature Whether you benefit from the prior or the latter-er Get the fatter check split How much for 100,000 tons of Corexit? Sell a Chinese half-priced seafood Price is like a real nice street dude Who can knock the most dead birds out the sky And then, spread a lie, and say he know why? Bet Get the machine, blame it on the fireworks Cleanup, yall know where to send the wire, jerks Black teeth still snack on sweets And get stacks with the qui mon qui They use to sell CDs Now they got fake weed, seeds burning trees, its potpourri Buyer beware, had to tell this one liar, Sire, be fair At least untie her hair from the chair while Im here I hate play lovin her, JJ for Governor Ello, guvnor Ello, guvnor! Ello, guvnor You can leave on your mask. I dont mind. I like you as you are Slap sound Ah! That will cost you extra! Double slap sound Ah, haha Ello, guvnor Ah!
My servants began to forge what was to become the most dreaded costume on the face of the earth. The last thing to fit was the mask. Will it conform to my twisted features in comfort? He cleans his metal mask with gasoline, they after him Last seen pulling chicks like a fiend pull a fast one Cant put shit past him Got niggas on his own team mad enough to blast him Retarded in real life, on the mic Rain Man Stand close to his main man like a chain gang Who give a fuck about who or they fancy crew Thats no mystery, like Hardy Boys do with Nancy Drew Saw her with her drawers down, caught her The extorter bring slaughter like Well I oughta I suggest you hand over the formula, dullah A villain in your land, in his land a ruler Hard hitting like puffing a woolah with Lieutenant Uhura Every day feel like its an off day with Ferris Bueller Brother pull heat to prove they not sweet No matter how you spell it, we still got beats Dont question how we live, question what we give Take it to the next leave em where they cant see me Still they judge, but they be butt ass Twist that wig like a muppet, keep it simple, cant truss it Lights the fuel, mic is the tool Drink Jack, kick back, drop jewel, finish what I start Mastered the art, living hell cant explain it Inhale confuse it more, cop the .44 Contemplate, meditate, dictate I direct my direct fate, coming of late Kurious, can I say, Shit? Do it for CottleRock, do it for K.Nit K-N-I-T, Sub R-O-C Only we save we By candlelight my hand will write these rhymes til Im burnt out Mostly from experience, shit that I learned about Topics and views, generally concerned about With different ways to come up and earn clout I take a look at my life and pace the trails From Tablik and savage females with fake nails to face veils You out your frame but still bagging em too You know I know, these hoes be asking me if Im you Like my twin brother, we did everything together From hundred rakaat salats to copping butter leathers Remember when you went and got the dark blue Ballys? I had all the different color Cazals and Gazelles The SUBROC three-finger ring with the ruby in the O, ock Truly the illest dynamic duo on the whole block I keep a flick of you with the machete sword in your hand Everything is going according to plan man And now I seek revenge on the one who forced me to hide behind this mask. Dont move you fools. Within my gauntlet is concealed a most effective weapon! Why are you smiling? You see Now! Thats the end of Doom I only wish we could be certain of that commissioner Oh ya? I betchu we wont see him again until Doomsday. Get it? Doom-Doomsday! Ya, we get it. Oh Borther!
The villain took on many forms... Let he who is without sin cast the first stone After you, whos last? Its DOOM, hes the worst known Thatll have your boom blown or even thirst bone Rock it till it burst clone, just dont curse the throne Own his own microphone, bring it everywhere he go So he can bring it to you live in stere-ere-o Pan it, cant understand it, ban it The underhanded ranted, planned it and left em stranded The best, any who profess will be remanded Yes sir, request permission to be candid? Granted I dont think we can handle a style so rancid They flipped it like Madlib, did a old jazz standard Dont mind me, I wrote this rhyme lightly Off of two or three Heines, and boy was they fine, G~ One black, one Spanish, one Chinese It keeps the woody shiny year-round like a pine tree Dont sign me, Im about to get a mil without em Crowd him off the shelf, hes the villain, and what about him? So, and hes a jerk and you dont know him Mad how he expand work but wont show em Poor guys, what a sight for old, sore four-eyes Now hook me with two apple pies and a small fries All rise, so far odd as a ruple So raw, break it down and make quadruple Its crucial, you could see it in his pupil And this time when he get it hell waste it on somethin useful Like getting juiced off a deuce-deuce of cokey Keep it low key, known to pull a okey-dokey Silly Goose, DOOM is too jokey Damn he could really use a room or a hoe key Egads, he got enough styles to start three fads True dat, she bad, I wonder do she come with kneepads What a call, what a real butterball Either I get a strike or strike out, gutterball Rock it like gear for the fall With knives inside pockets, prepare for the brawl Yeah yall you could say its an earful Beware, do not touch mic, be careful And just like he said, I coulda told ya MF, the holder of a boulder; money folder It aint funny, nigga Money folder The muscle-bound karate expert concealed a razor edge Which could lop the head off of a marble statue once propelled With notorious world takeover schemes and the most magnificent gadgets imaginable Villains rapidly grew healthy cash flow It is explained by a more comedic villain, the bald headed DOOM This villain rose to incredible new heights of money-making, revenge and extortion Such was the magnitude of the typical villain This is no answer! Very well then... A duel to the death
Darker than the East River, larger than the Empire State Where the beast who guard the barbed wire gate Is on the job—not my fate, tired of the wait Til the Villain bring deliverance from the dire straits Fire at a higher rate, why debate the liars? Fliers scatter, buy a plate—isolate the wires Try the straight pliers, if not—the vice grips A real price-saver way to acquire nice whips What a steal for real on wheels of steel Stunner, a funner summer number-one meal deal-bummer A bizarre phenomenon—is your armor on? Take your cash, Karma, or break your fast—Ramadan Transaction drama—aw, come on, Barney Clack, clack—pardon me, whack rap con carne He came to feed the childrens like Sally Struthers After that, hes going back to Cali, wheres the— Wilder than the Nile, hold power like the great pyramids Of Giza, and stay leanin like the tower of Pisa Give him something he can feel thats soft to squeeza Raw with the pen, and on the mic—off the hezza Get shot off that wide-eyed talk And if he had a pot—hed still piss on the sidewalk Cant take the street out the street-person Lookin for the perfect beat, coercion into heat-burstin They couldnt spot him on the spot date Got the only tape that come with a free hot-plate Whoever do get to see me sing With the 3 D-ring, sittin stationary like B.B. King Can see how it really sting—it aint no front row Standing room only at the motocross stunt show The ruckus aint up to Snuffleupagus Me and Sub is like the brown Smothers Brothers Vaster than the seven seas, bigger than Mount Kilimanjaro If they dont know, fill em in tomorrow On the horror show, a mental note: return Bob’s record Swear to God, before he gets a job, he robs an Eckerd Blessed with a hot flow—tested—it got dough Invested in stress, the best to finesse an opto As I reminisce, never forgot when I was very broke Shot the Henny straight, couldnt afford to cop the Cherry Coke Or should I say, broke with wealth? To know enough to give them just enough rope to yoke they self Plan B before I take the ring and pawn it The long arm of the law couldnt even put they fingers on it Dog-gone it—do the statistics How he bust lyrics—its too futuristic for ballistics And far too eccentric for forensics I dedicate this mix to Subroc, the hip-hop Hendrix In my pocket, a note.  Its—from my father. —from the guards whip. Is this a trick? Why would I resort to trickery? Youre already a prisoner. What do I gain by deceiving you? You cant blame me for being suspicious. No. Hehe
Mmm... My cousins friends friend wanna meet me Saw V on TV, said she need a sweetie Heard he was the type to do her name in graffiti And greet her with a kiss mwah, straight gentlemanly stee, a G Whatevers meant to be is meant to be She can slip a smile that make a nigga flip wild Herringbone Name Chain, diamond chips, crips style With the matching bracelet, sweats with the K-Swiss Athletic chick who run track, Hey, miss Pleasures all mine, please call me Vik Okay, I did a full inspection Head-to-toe, he rocked black denim Flashed the grin, sweet as sin Said to him: Hey, my names Nikki Youre twenty minutes late and almost missed me Turned off my CD, I was bumpin vintage Biggie Said: I love the way you smile, but your eyes look tricky Yo, I gotta be home by 8:30 or my momsll kill me She spazzes out when Im late Plus she says that Im too young to date So overprotective, I wish shed take a sedative and shit Yeah, but thats whatever, whats your perspective? Tell me more about you, Vik Its love at first sight, thats the proof He wasnt out right too thirst, but in truth Fresh as a mayflower, face like power He had the green light, she asked him: Whats the plan tonight? Flavor of the night, Samsara and Fahrenheit He talked, I listened He listened, I spoke We walked arm-in-arm and split a Cherry Coke Spit religion and politics, Sega and chess Roots and culture, hip-hop, skunk and cess I caught him sneekin peeks at my breasts While frontin, namedroppin connects First started out like she was just Vaughns friend Used to act grown for pretend, whisperin Speakin on the phone, for hours on end On the bone from just listenin, and then: Call me back, my mother home, spoke to tone, again Call back and do the same thing tomorrow If somethin dont give, Ill be forced to ignore her Gettin on my last nerves, forget it All this talking shiddit and V aint even hit it yet Its uncharacteristic of the vet Hickies on my neck; the whole last night, I couldnt sleep Practice the words I used to greet you the next time we meet Think of you and feel heat, that make my cheeks blush Close my eyes and feel your touch Get chills when you slip me tongue, picture me with you Could my fantasies of teen love come true? Got me wonderin how far Ill go To prove my moms and everybody wrong I miss you every time I hear a love song and whenever youre gone Until I see you, then, I feel short of breath I think maybe Im ready, to take the next step... Bet, I got your cab fare, dinner and a movie Bring a change of clothes just in case its all groovy Watch when I see you, I miss you a lot, yo How about a nightcap, maybe a bottle of Mo? So V can bite your titties like a baby toddler, ho Oh no, you didnt! You called me a what? Dont make me wig out How you gonna let some shit like that slip out your mouth? If I was there, Id smack you in your smirk For actin like a jerk, thought you was cool But now I doubt the shit is gonna work Im not hurt, Im pissed off, kiss off Fuck this shit Wait, I know I play too much Hey, on the way, could you please pick up two Dutch? Okay, peace, see you when you touch I wonder if she ever had her cootie cat ate-ate Vaughn cant wait to long-stroke it on the late-late Wait, first, lets get this shit straight-straight Dont call me out my name, Im not the one to get played-played Out... Niggas, go figure em out Theyre all the same-same with a lame-lame story Like my ex-man Mike Got my best friend pregnant and he still tryin to call me Well, fuck Mike and fuck Vik, too I wound up on Prozac from all the shit he put me through Only been off my prescription three weeks And you got me flippin, rippin my hair out Never thought youd treat me like a pigeon, Im out Its over, Im gone, so long Id rather masturbate than fuck with Vik Vaughn Id rather masturbate than fuck with Vik Vaughn Let me watch Id rather masturbate than fuck with Vik Vaughn Still... so.. so-so what time you gonna be here, yo? Aight? You know Im gonna be waitin, yo, just holla and ring the buzzer Three
誰砍倒了櫻桃樹 Today is the shadow of tomorrow Today is the present future of yesterday Yesterday is the shadow of today The darkness of the past is yesterday And the light of the past is yesterday The days of yesterday are all numbered in sum In the word once Because once upon a time there was a yesterday Yesterday belongs to the dead Because the dead belongs to the past The past is yesterday Today is the preview of tomorrow but for me Only from a better and happier point of view My point of view is the thought of a better or try Reality, is today is eternity The eternity of yesterday is dead Yesterday is as one The eternity of one is the eternity of the past The past is once upon a time Once upon a time is past The past is yesterday- day The past is yesterday- day While were searching for tomorrow The music is different here, the vibrations are different Not like planet earth Planet earth sound of guns, anger, and frustration There was no one to talk to on planet earth who would understand And set up, a colony here... The light of the past is the light which was The wisdom of the past is the light of the past The light of the future is the light which is to be The wisdom of the future is the light of the future see Yesterday belongs to the dead Tomorrow belongs to the living The past is certified as a finished product Anything which has ended is finished That which is perfect is finished The perfect man is no exception to the rule The perfect man of the past is made according to the rule of the past The rule of the past is a law of injustice and hypocrisy The revelation of the meaning of the law is revealed through the law itself The wisdom of the past is the light of the past The light which is to be the wisdom of the future The light of the future casts the shadows of tomorrow Effect their vibrations, for the better of course Sun Ra Sun Ra Lord Quas Madlib Another place in the universe, up under different stars That would be where the alter destiny would come in Equation wise, the first thing to do is to consider time as officially ended Well wake on the other side of time
Please, read from sheets I am Sofa, King Scared of a bunch of water? Then get out the rain Order a rapper for lunch and spit out the chain Then kick a lungie off the tip of his Timbo And trick a honey dip into a game of strip limbo Odd, he couldnt find no remorse A wink is as good as a nod to a blind horse Of course his technique was from a divine source Never knew the price of ice or what swine cost One guy tried to bite the heat Thats when he discovered the other other white meat Ohh! The one they hate so well He sure keeps it psycho like the old Bates Motel They came to ask him for at least some new tracks But only got confronted by the beast with two backs Knock. Mouse is a made man Villain laid it down like the best laid plan Bell the cat, who the hell is that near the middle? Got yall but its not all beer and Skittles Prepare the vittles, got riddles and spittles Crystal clear to the jot, or the tittle Sssst! Its hot off the griddle Came to take the cake whether its a lot, or a little Kaboom; DOOM is nervous large You could tell by his blooming room service charge Dark and tall to boot The only thing was wrong was he was bald as a coot Used to rent a van from Peter Pan, the red and tan And keep the human foot for his dead mans hand This was when the mask was brand spanking new Before it got rusted, from dranking all the brew Stanking too, pew Kept all his earnings in the bank and his shoe Spat what he knew, energy for true To all fake rappers, twenty-three skidoo Excuse you, any room in the class front? For a blast of the blunt, shrooming since last month DOOM a human in the Mask, born to stunt Danger zooming past mad fast on the hunt Keep your streets, we got the city neatly conquered Discretely with the CD till they be completely bonkered The fans demanded it, handled it, swallow it His own brand of shit, if only he could bottle it Hmm, nah, shit could get messy The feds tried to torture him for the secret recipe He said its no use, I only know half No speaka de english, I only do the math BZZT! Felt no pain His brain was saturated with cocaine and Rogaine He said, Try scam, no-thing, three-card, dead Fly man go for bling, he got bled I jam over sting, see spots red I am Sofa King, We Todd Ed We, Todd, Ed Now repeat all, very fast please I am, Sofa King I am Sofa King We Todd Ed No no, not so fast, loses meaning I am so fucking retarded Hohohohohoho, you say, funny thing!
Its horrible One lonely evening alone, home End up with carpal tunnel syndrome And here I am, known for giving heavy back aches Grown and living off of Little Debbie snack cakes Supposed to be checking emails All I got is messages from ass naked females I dont know a Jenny She said its free and I wont owe her a penny And thats the last time I saw her But thousands of more horrors on online Gomorrah And Sodom, they got em with they curls out And they got a better sales pitch than the Girl Scouts I wonder what I owe her For a whole box of caramel coconut samoa Uh, okay honey, sweet dreams Now its time to get serious like Peek Freans A metal handful, wipe it on the quilt Wife wake up and Im killt over spilt milk Locked in, looking at your picture Fully clothed winter and Im right there with ya Thinking about the last time I split your wishbone A man could only wish you do the same til he get home Fat chance, at least he get snacks Thatd have to do til a brother get back Until then smack One-Eyed Jack And hope one of his peoples can hook him with a tri-pack Thats three different flavors Chocolate, vanilla and strawberry wafers Acting all hard, bout to get beat up Ill show him what time it is once I get this sheet up Soon as he fell off the beat down All I hear is, 13th cell, put the sheet down Damn C.O., what the hell do she know? Besides the fact she wanna get dug out on the d-low A workaholic with a fountain in the ink pen Out in the mountains and I stopped drinking again In the wee hours, hes gotten farther Needing three showers, being hot and bothered The wiz with her legs bent, pregnant God bless the day she wondered where her egg went I need a L, its hard to drink without it And could use some kookies but trying not to think about it Watching BET on jazz for knowledge on file Every other commercial, college hoes gone wild Soft batch, I prefer the other bunch Like we got for lunch, chocolate fudge butter crunch He dont mess with the Ritz Bits Wheat Thins, Saltines or Triscuits Matzos or Cheez-Its Catch sugar fits every time that he sees Chips Ahoy, double chocolate chunk Something with the bubble and the junk in the trunk Even the Oreos, no matter what weather Always kept em dipped in milk and stuck together In the game hes shameless Even uses a code name: Famous Amos Its cheaper than a short stay at the Days Inn And good like 25 cent oatmeal raisin Give a hand to who invented the camera Skip past the graham, animal and Grandma’s Shh, make sure she dont wake from her dream chill Or get caught with a handful of cream fill Oh, honey! What are you doing? Thats so nasty! It might seem ill Ew! Go wash your hands! Kookies Get out of here! DOOM is master of the world. Id sure hate to see that ugly mug of yours in my history book. Youve disturbed me for the last time. : Hey, yknow something gang, that DOOM aint really all bad : What do you mean, Ben? : Well, on account of him I had me a real good time. Yknow, I mean, between you and me I kinda like being black : Well, maybe if were lucky hell attack us once more and send you back, Benjamin : Ah-haha very funny, very very funny : He must be mad : Well, if anyone can do it. Nevertheless lets get out of here, while we can : Food, we need food
Give it a sec for the pain to start This wreck right here, it aint for the faint of heart They thought they saw the worst verse From the team of G men who seem like nerds at first Once they get to know us people dig us Leaders in the fight for equal rights for niggas Inventor of the more dementeder flow, no bout a-doubt it This go for if youre bout it, bout it or rowdy, rowdy Whatevers clever, the master fold Who every hooker heard of, but now ho know If we see tomorrow, the next day classes The Villain in the back with the x-ray glasses Have no fear, the ninja here Feel em like the tinge in your ear from drinking ginger beer When its on, loco head gon lay low And heat it like beef patty, coco bread kon queso If you say so lace the whole case load They say he wear a metal mask in case his face show He told em they flows is bitch talk and ayos His whole crew walk with pitchfork and halos Say, ho, if you never worked a J-O And keep more cash in the stash than a peso Okay, yo, yall know who to follow Tie em up in the crib and leave they place hollow Oh, shoot, the goose is loose So wild you couldnt chase it down with straight fruit juice Frown like the first time you taste cous cous Stash the deuce deuce, troops asking truce, truce Today on intense wreck week We have the super villain in his own defense to speak Its all part of my mental techniques Available to freaks and pencil neck geeks Train a sane brain to an insane train of thought On a campaign trail he came to gain your support Charge cash for a autograph Say some shit to make your daughter laugh then slaughter the ass See em on the big screen like Steve McQueen Do something and never be back once he leaves the scene Keep more medicated pads than Stridex For his own side wreck with no known side effects Before you press charges use your noodle So what when he grab the mic he crush your cute cuticles Keep your mouth shut, everything will be beautiful It would be awfully rude to you, now get back to your hooty hoo Damn it, it aint worth the drama, can it From the calm bandit eat rhymers like pomegranate Soon as he stepped in, he lit the room Boom, reschedule my noon with Brit Hume In love with Mary Jane, shes my main thing Pulled her right from that web head, what a lame brain Maintain and say it, dont spray it You wanna see your girl again, you might as well pay it If I had a dime for every rhymer that bust guns Ill have a cool mil for my sons in trust funds When I was broker than a broke dick dog I always kept a L to smoke in thick fog When it rain, it sure do thunderstorm I got more rhymes in the summer than musty underarms One, two, microphone checker First learned to neck off a Home Ec homewrecker This is back when he was like crib age When he hit the stage, its like a gauge to the rib cage Break the mic like a rock star break a guitar And jump off the stage like Yee haw! : We shall now vote for a new world leader. I nominate, DOOM. All in favor, say Aye ): Aye! : Oh no : DOOM, is master of the world : We must hurry : Wait! If you are really with us, prove it. Let me hear you say it. Tell me that DOOM is a tyrant and must be overthrown : I-I have spent my life : Say it! You have spent your life serving a tyrant. DOOM must be stopped : I fear youre right, my friend : The President of the United States is on the phone : Mr. President, youre at the mercy of your deadliest enemy : It is time you learned once and for all, DOOM. The United States does not barter with terrorists : You never learn, do you? : Here, this is the address of friends in New York. Theyll help
Follow the light. The light is your guide I am controller of Planet X And Ive invited you here to discuss something thats very important King Geedorah, take me to your leader Quick to claim that he not no snake like, Me neither They need to take a breather He been rhyming longer than Sigmund the sea creature Been on Saturday feature Pleased to meet ya And came to wake you up out the deep sleeper, like He needed to stop before he caught the knee-drop Even give you more zip-zip than ZZ Top With full beers thou shall not ball corner Geedorah like, One more steps, and yalls goners So-called rich, front if you wanna When he spit electrics dont be in yall saunas He only here to warn us what the plan is The hour is upon us, its bananas Born alone, die alone, no matter who your man is Hope he live long enough to tell it to his grandkids King Geedorah, three-finger ring fever Spring chicken eater, IDed as the ringleader Who needs a heater? Catch em with bare hands These same hands that make razors out beer cans His own biggest fan And got a fan base as big as Japan Uh, yeah? And? All hail the king, and give him three cheers, fam! Like Hip, hip, hooray! Do his thing for the little kings like Sling Blade To the grave, put in work like a slave On how to flip scripts on the dipstick brigade Rock em like Sus-sussudio played Back when we used to rock the shag, no fade This skilled trade like a tailor made suede Hit the studio - and Im paid Half upfront, half upon mastering Would you like that in cash? Last thing you should ask the king You dont have to be no crystal ball reader Allergic to saltpeter, used to be a war beater In the game like a Wall Street cheater A lot of rap noise is annoying like Cita Turn into a triple-X monster from a fairy tale movie He dont know me very well, do he? King Geedorah, crush on the seeds teacher They need to pay em better, she had nothing on the reefer Heifer, and I had to offer her a stick of gum She was as thick as they come and taught a strict curriculum Which is only good for my son When Im in the hood, razors on tongue Nowadays its amazing raising young Rule number one: Keep your fazers on stun
Metal Face 2 Operation Doomsday By the way, I re-up on bad dreams, bag up screams in fiftys Be up on mad schemes that heat shop like jiffy-pop In a instant get smoked like Winston Cigarettes Hos get ripped off like Nicorette patch In real life the real trife scene Might snatch ya life like assault machine Rifle, dead up setup like bull-fight Be blunted how we like couldnt white or in full flight The unemotional call me anti-social On the run off the gun death tally commercial Death valley is like rehearsal to the streets To my peeps G.M., MF on the beat Rhymes is chosen like the weapons of war So keep from steppin on my floor or delivery front door I bring it to yall motherfuckers master yours My disaster cause: Hell... in gas drawls The supervillain cooler than a million, I be chillins Still quick to slice squares like Sicilians Dont make me have to hurt them feelings Ill ruin you in the dirt that I be doin in my dealings Sendin spirits through the ceilin, chrome peelin Dome blown within the comforts of your own home Grown big wheelin and high rollin I hold the lye, it keeps the sty on my eye swollen Holdin, foldin the pal Known as massive-versatile I’d like to big-em-up Monsta Isle Uummm, Yeah I saw you in Hell with them gas drawls Mhm To my brother Subroc and Black Ju I crack brew for, two more, three men, two up I hit the brew up like nobody knows how X the unseen feels When giving crews a brush with death like between meals Two times a day with brothers thats tight like a noose With more rhymes in use than Dr. Seuss or motherfuckin mother goose X the suspicious flirter Who every hooker hearda, next to malicious murda A track type vicious fulfillin the pipe wishes The misses may be legal minus the baby eagle Any given summers eve dont breathe Sixteen shots I do believe and one up the sleeve Master of the O who predict ya last pause I told yall, Hell and gas drawls Breakin glass and plastic jaw like federal drastic law Fed up from fightin secret war wit them Fantastic Four Versus Doom wit the metal face before I go to state The ho better settle case The flow is at pedal pace steady like tricycles Beware all suckas is froze like icicles And baggin bitches like nickels Cause I licked em where they tickle before I hit the clit though Ima split till I pronounce More hits than a ounce no doubt About ta bounce, X the unannounced, Im out And I like to give a shoutout to the brother Jet Jaguar Megalon and King Geedorah I call this joint right here Gas Drawls In Hell with yours
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the debut grand opening Of Madvillain Bistro Bed and Breakfast Bar and Grill Cafe Lounge on the Water Where we offer you the finest of the finer things Twenty four hours a day, seven days a week Three hundred and sixty five days a year Live on the beats, we have the one and only Madlib We also have King Geedorah on the mix Yesterdays New Quintet is here, Viktor Vaughn, Quasimoto And Im your host, The Supervillain Just lay back and have a good time Enjoy the music, you know what Im sayin Id like to dedicate this next joint to my mans, you know Big Hookie and Baba from the laundromat Bear with me cause this--
You know, you best to watch out Til you, be fresh out of clout Rumors that he got a mouth on the street You know, you best to watch out Who knows, who is watchin in Hope, they dont know As much he thinks, they know That what, he drinks, Drano Rat but, she winks, rainbows Loser, was twice in the fed User, whose nice in the head Choose to, entice him with bread Air him, they said he was Ex-pen-dable Air him, theres no witnesses Dare him, they said he was Ex-pen-dable Air him, theres no witnesses You know, you best to watch out Who knows, who is watchin in Hope, they dont know As much he thinks, they know That what, he drinks, Drano Rat but, she winks, rainbows This Villain was a ruthless mass conqueror With aspirations to dominate the universe
One more beer And Ill take you all All of you Banned from all bars The man with seven scars Smack it up, flip it, pulled out, bout to fell Sunday in the ATL and Im all outta ale Like a bat out of hell, tripped on a cat tail Mutt drinkin out a pail, who let the rat out the cell? Got all the ingredients and recipe, might as well Since last week, the bootlegger been in jail If all else fail, inhale the L Makin sure they cant see your sale via snail mail Mind like a sewer, servin rhyme on a skewer DOOMll step to a fine dime like he knew her My black sister! She said, Step back! before he kissed her She did the dipper and the smack just missed her There go a list of politics like Henry Kissinger 99% of raps just a friendly listener Im like, These dudes must have some screws loose to hate yall Or a couple of ounces short of deuce-deuce or 8 Ball Yall know its time for the end when the day come Buy a album, get rudely insulted over fake drums Same CDs you get for free, you break em Wa-alaikum, make em eat they food like Steak-umm Why she wanna ask me if I could pass the paprika? One hand on the mic, the other on the beaker Every week or so, peeked out the lab though, eureka! A technique to keep somethin uniquer in ya speaker For yo information, I didnt do the beat, yall It aint my fault if she didnt move her feet at all Skeeter, robbed Peter to pay Paul So he could trick it on Mary so she can play ball She better have my skrilla Cut it out with all that funny hand jive, will ya? All this trouble for a tall glass of Olde E Drink it all fast and make you haul ass slowly Remind me to remember what you told me Holy moly, did you get a load of her roly-poly? Yo, G, remind me to remember what you told me Whoever dont feel him, feel balls like a goalie One for the money, two for the better green 3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine Told the knock-kneed ghetto queen, Get the head fiend Tell him its from Medellin and use oxyacetylene Who needs airplay? Its all just hearsay Leave a wig like it was having a bad hair day Miracle glide master, asked him whats his secret He said, Shasta, it turns to formaldehyde faster When Im home with my lady, I try to duke her daily One night, she tried to flail me with her ukulele Pack your heat, the Villain on the cover of Black Beat With a bunch of crackers and some snack meat They better have my skrilla Cut it out with all that funny hand jive, will ya? All this trouble for a tall glass of Olde E Drink it all fast and make you haul ass slowly Remind me to remember what you told me Holy moly, did you get a load of her roly-poly? Yo, G, remind me to remember what you told me
As luck would have it, one of Americas two most powerful villains of the next decade— has turned loose to strike terror into the hearts of men Grunting ...To shock women into uncontrolled hysteria Woman shrieking Dont touch that! The villains themselves were ultimately responsible for much of the popularity, audiences loved to hate The importance of the villain was not overlooked, of course one of the worst of all was Madvillain They had no code of ethics Whats the matter? I was only tryin to have fun— Get to work on these boys, anybody bring a gun for me? Yeah, heres one Not one, but two!— typical villain releases included... —I know they wanna kiss me, but dont let anyone see me like that, please doctor help me!— And a sequel Master of all— Woman screaming Both the villains were to meet in— Your mother was the lightning! Two historical figures, outlaws and desperadoes if that, the villainous pair of really nice boys who just happened to be on the wrong side of the law, three hundred and sixty degrees. In similar sequences, could not be defeated. Villains who possess supernatural abilities— villains who were the personification of carnage Madvillain, more accurately, the dark side of our beings Perhaps it is due to this seminal connection that audiences can relate their experience in life with the villains and their dastardly doings
If youre waiting for a parade, there aint none Sharpen up your spirit of adventure, the fabulous gay way Hey, whats the big idea? I have no ideas, in fact, Im quite bewildered Now dont get gay with me Now listen and keep your shirt on Grown men in a rubber suit, runnin around with a young boy Oh shoot, get a load of that fruit In thigh-high boots, red tighty-whities and blue cat suit Even the rats know it’s tacky You ever see me slippin like that bitch, just smack me Posin Chester, legs open, couldn’t stand worse All was missin was a bandana and a man purse Cryin, dyin, laughin til glands burst Faster than a speeding glass, bleeding-ass ran first Fixin baby hair, messed up wavy curl Under the cape the back of the S say baby girl The things some people‘ll do for fame It’s an herb, it’s a lame, its, a Goddamn shame Villain willing when them cold streets call You can keep your hero and hold the meatballs Worthy title, lock it with pockets on empty He work harder than a steam engine like John Henry Turn dirt to dollars like Don Henley Ugly and still get hollers like Ron Jeremy At least monetarily terribly MCs need therapy, it’s like a fairy spree Hit him with a kryptonite brick Children come and prick his dead body with a stick Wrote this lyric from in the bed with a chick She had the tightest grip around the head of my How much money you got? I aint got but four dollars on me Damn Anyway I dont got this whole for ya Shit, you must be some kind of faggot man My partner a faggot, why dont you come on out here man? Man, what the hell? ...Bic, now can I get my pen back Got no enemy, got no friend, black With the Green Goblin got the Batcave robbed Bust in Batman’s head bobbin’, slobbin’ Robin’s knob Yall already got your belts on the floor so Kick them shits over here and click off the porno Alfred come home, and found them both naked Handcuffed to each other just as he had suspected Red and chrome Batmobile, wheelin‘ and dealin’ Aquamans sleepin with the fishes for real for squealin’ Psst! The lo-lo on a seal skin blazer It’s just a little graze from a razor-thin laser Amazed at all these so-called wannabe players Showin off they titballs to all the free-gayers It’s like a leotard fest How it got started is any retards guess Regardless, that’s they choice, no hate debate Becomes a problem when they try an attempt to go straight And raise the monster rate in the whole population It’s starting to affect the super pimpin occupation Now who’s the hater? Headline the newspaper Fate of a fake you out caped crusader Tied to the tracks, make a damn tram derail Rap is like scam spam Nigerian e-mail The man with no beard is more weirder than a she-male Sucker got bagged on a Temazepam street sale Told em one of ours set it up, yeah doubt Did it like the dirty drawls, wet ‘em up and air it out You got any money? Listen, you got any money? Man you goin crazy? What the hell for? Four dollars only, damn Batmans gay
: Running desperately low on food, they were forced to turn back : Well Ill be! : Whats that villain doing? : Princess, your voice sounds familiar : Well it should. You see, DOOM wants me to marry him. But after seeing what he has done to our peaceful world, I despise him. He intends to destroy all of us if I persist in refusing him, even now Sheitan never came so ill, he got skill Met a brother from the grill that gave my spine chills All thirty three nerves, controlling my curves Common sense just swerved every time I got served Stress, frustration, empty rhetoric Cold as winter in Connecticut, compassion lacking deficit Thought it was love like, sent from above, you not a soulmate More ways and actions of a primate Who by low and census coming faker than extensions Pissed away all good intentions, outta here sister was missin Intuition, maybe it was me, I couldnt see Holding onto fantasy, getting bitten by reality War wound, purple heart, love veteran Morphine, pain killers, drugs and medicine Anything just to forget the hurt Incoming! Take cover, hit the dirt On the front-line, theres casualties in the mind And the POWs get left behind Mentally scarred for life, love is war And some chicks are just too hard to wife I shoulda deaded it from genesis instead of hittin the Guinnesses Now Im free falling, cursing at the street, bawling He ceased calling, no appetite for feast darling So deep all in, I bet he never stop balling women Forsake God for the sin of a man Sacrifice a whole life for a slice, overstand? Maybe its a lack of pigment, loneliness imagine figment Only got the car tinted to pull extra Gs in it Damn Jody, comin with the okie doke, pokie poke Steady rockin boats, got me aimin for ya throats Sniper scope, werent we supposed to elope? Propose then ya froze, I dont think that I can cope War wound, purple heart, love veteran Morphine, pain killers, drugs and medicine Anything just to forget the hurt Incoming! Take cover, hit the dirt On the front-line, theres casualties in the mind And the POWs get left behind Mentally scarred for life, love is war And some chicks are just too hard to wife Constant frustration, stemming from a no-win situation Rushing lust and fornication adding to the complication Patience is a virtue, pain run deep when love desert you Listenin to whisperin, choosing chaos over discipline Simpleton, life should really be a piece of Entenmann’s Relationships strengthening, flower essence: Penstemon Gentlemen, my favorite shit, so Ive never forsaken it I persevere, make it fit, sculpting and reshaping it Taking sips off a fifth of it, passionate, intense Incense candles lit, scandalous Emotional bandages, why would he abandon this? Guess he couldnt handle it, the boss is magnanimous War wound, purple heart, love veteran Morphine, pain killers, drugs and medicine Anything just to forget the hurt Incoming! Take cover, hit the dirt On the front-line, theres casualties in the mind And the POWs get left behind Mentally scarred for life, love is war And some chicks are just too hard to wife : Oh boy here we go! : How come all you college boys wear them faggotty-looking white shoes, they look funny as hell. Ah looks like she got burnt laces : You didnt wash your neck. Sometimes we dont wash our necks, but thats ok : Oh I washed my neck. Take-take a look at my neck : Hold it right there you! : Where you are going, there are no jokes : Im beginning to think that armor plated Gargoyle doesnt like me
Adult Swim presents: Danger DOOM Why did you buy this album? I dont know why you did, youre stupid Fuck yourself Ha ha ha ha! The super flow with more jokes than Bazooka Joe A mix between Superfly Snuka and a superhoe Chew a MC like El Chupa Nibre Digest a group and sell the poop on eBay Danger with the vest screamin Shoot the DJ! DOOM clickin over two chickens, three-way Four in the 5, a cork on the freeway Villain find a way to make em pay whatever we say State your intentions I really love your tape but I hate your inventions Very well - what you want, a brownie? He took off the mask and whispered Put me where you found me He kept his paper digits in a chunk Once joined a rap clique - Midgets Into Crunk He did a solo on the oboe Coulda sold a million then the Villain went for dolo And cited creative differences Basically they hated, he left no jaded witnesses Rappers suck, when they spit I doubt em The crap they sing about you wanna slap the fuckin shit out em Psht - time waits for no man On a blind date, a lover with a slow chrome hand Judged him by his shoes, hot smelly Brogan Budged him with the news, called him pot-bellied Conan No prick barbarian A strict beeratarian, a sick pair of Merry Men The beat is like a swift kick in the rear end The stiff dick made her lose her lipstick and hairpin He said Djamn! Act like you know me Even with the mask on, show me what you owe me Tell her brush her grill and wash her face and twat homey Dumile got her like Inuyasha got Kagome What we have here is a failure to communicate If you gonna hate, might at least get your rumors straight About DOOM the Great, a lot more confident Came a long way since the days we had to rhyme for rent It was time well spent, vented Spelt and dented, hell-bented and heaven-scented A wire is dead, hes in it for the cash flow Id like to send a big up to Firehead Lazzo Let a brother know once you lasso Hasbro So when he come with Destro he gets no hassle Could hardly get a word in and Wonderin what the damage is to retain Harvey Birdman? Yo uhh, Danger! Its me your old buddy, Shake Ahh, I heard youre doin a little project and uhh, yknow I hear you talked to some OTHER PEOPLE And I thought you were smarter than that But obviously I am WRONG cause you know my rappin is the shit I dont give it out for free though! So uhh, Ill do it Feel free to call me, at my number, which you have
V. Vaughn—the travelin Vaudeville Villain Who dont give a flyin fuck who aint not feelin him Watch what ya dealin him: Ace, king, death card Strong-arm the wrong man, pardon the left, god Get money and earn it, that everything-you-touch-turn shit Got much to learn, kid; write it up, burn shit Light it up like the Dutch when the hash melt Only time they see him when they meet him with the cash belt Ay caramba, now thats my number One dry summer, as far as I remember Burnt-out, but gainin every edgy penny Then he hit him straight to the head like Reggie Denny Call him back when you need some more yak, Horshack Doin 80 down the Van Wyck on horseback Your man sick, but he wreck tracks, puto Get back too, bro, exactamundo Viktor the director flip a script like Rob Reiner The way a lotta dudes rhyme their name should be knob shiner For a buck, theyd likely dance the Jig or do the Hucklebuck To Vik its no big deal, theyre just a buncha knuckle-fucks You wonder how well would they hold up in a holding cell It sorta had the strange makings of a tale told in hell Like Oh well, hold tall riches If the feds is really after them they just kill all the snitches On borrowed-time rhymes, gassed by the silver screen They act like their monkey-ass can heal back like Wolverine Mellow out what yall bellow out ya yellow mouth What happened to the typa spit that used to help a fellow out? No doubt, leave a rapper in a body cast And wonder what he was doing while we was in a karate class Snotty ass, its really like he was a white-belt Right before he night-night ask him how the light felt I wouldnt take their tape if they gave it free Maybe its me, baby its V! Throw down the key, yall know how shit be In the naked city, rappers is so giddy Thats no ditty, Vaughn so witty The way he take no prisoners and show no pity Its how son became a big man from a black boy To name names, a really big fan of Dan Aykroyd He feel they need to give him his own dance This his only chance to shoot the gift like a lone glance Or like a beef scene that leave the oo-ey smokin Or between Hokuto Shinken and Nanto Suichō Ken
You mean to tell me that this is not music I could fucks with this, I could fucks with this Its the mystic, materialistic misfit child of the imperial empress Ever since birds flew, I been spitting this wittiness It should be considered a sickness Can you blame him for making an engravement And leaving the game the same way that he came in Say that we came this far from cavemen How hard could it be to spark fire with a drumstick If the flows that Im spitting are far-fetched Ima kick it regardless, they listen to nonsense Digressive korrupt recreation in progress No question if they raise they arms yet So tell me can you smell that funk? Got nothing but blunts and Mami with the junk in trunk ProEra be the troublesome bunch And they gon remember that name in a couple of months I got it locked on the indigo ribbon Feel the rhythm as its swimming out your stereo system And Ima keep on runnin with it Yea I got soul, I was brought up by colored women Shouts-out to queens that was raised out in Brooklyn I remember I was on the outside looking in Keep a stash even when my pockets was looking thin So pass the pot and let me skillet You comprehend, Do you comprehend? I dont think they comprehend Said Chicagos the game and Im all for the win So tell me if its bongs or hemp Shouts-out to queens that was raised out in Brooklyn I remember I was on the outside looking in Keep a stash even when my pockets was looking thin So pass the pot and let me skillet You comprehend, Do you comprehend? I dont think they comprehend Said Chicagos the game and Im all for the win So tell me if its bongs or hemp Shouts-out to queens that was raised out in Brooklyn I remember I was on the outside looking in Keep a stash even when my pockets was looking thin So pass the pot and let me skillet You comprehend, Do you comprehend? I dont think they comprehend Said Chicagos the game and Im all for the win So tell me if its bongs or hemp Shouts-out to queens that was raised out in Brooklyn I remember I was on the outside looking in Keep a stash even when my pockets was looking thin So pass the pot and let me skillet You comprehend, Do you comprehend? I dont think they comprehend Said Chicagos the game and Im all for the win So tell me if its bongs or hemp Shouts-out to queens that was raised out in Brooklyn I remember I was on the outside looking in Keep a stash even when my pockets was looking thin So pass the pot and let me skillet You comprehend, Do you comprehend? I dont think they comprehend Said Chicagos the game and Im all for the win So tell me if its bongs or hemp Shouts-out to queens that was raised out in Brooklyn I remember I was on the outside looking in Keep a stash even when my pockets was looking thin So pass the pot and let me skillet You comprehend, Do you comprehend? I dont think they comprehend Said Chicagos the game and Im all for the win So tell me if its bongs or hemp The jazzy ambiance keeps me right where I belong Ever since infinity and beyond Lyricism isnt appreciated in song And I wont dumb it down just to be business smart Your beats cool but it isnt from the heart And of course, your bars just dont require thought You hear the lions roar every time I perform A Deviant, Defiant to the lies of the art My goal is to try to bring light to the dark High voltage like lightning, I spark Vanish, living in the eye of the storm In a sense its gone but my mind isnt lost In reality, vanity is our sanity Then we lose sight when were trapped in sanity Think about the two Is In Insanity And read between the lines, its more to it actually Shouts-out to queens that was raised out in Brooklyn I remember I was on the outside looking in Keep a stash even when my pockets was looking thin So pass the pot and let me skillet You comprehend, Do you comprehend? I dont think they comprehend Said Chicagos the game and Im all for the win So tell me if its bongs or hemp Shouts-out to queens that was raised out in Brooklyn I remember I was on the outside looking in Keep a stash even when my pockets was looking thin So pass the pot and let me skillet You comprehend, Do you comprehend? I dont think they comprehend Said Chicagos the game and Im all for the win So tell me if its bongs or hemp Shouts-out to queens that was raised out in Brooklyn I remember I was on the outside looking in Keep a stash even when my pockets was looking thin So pass the pot and let me skillet You comprehend, Do you comprehend? I dont think they comprehend Said Chicagos the game and Im all for the win So tell me if its bongs or hemp Shouts-out to queens that was raised out in Brooklyn I remember I was on the outside looking in Keep a stash even when my pockets was looking thin So pass the pot and let me skillet You comprehend, Do you comprehend? I dont think they comprehend Said Chicagos the game and Im all for the win So tell me if its bongs or hemp Shouts-out to queens that was raised out in Brooklyn I remember I was on the outside looking in Keep a stash even when my pockets was looking thin So pass the pot and let me skillet You comprehend, Do you comprehend? I dont think they comprehend Said Chicagos the game and Im all for the win So tell me if its bongs or hemp Shouts-out to queens that was raised out in Brooklyn I remember I was on the outside looking in Keep a stash even when my pockets was looking thin So pass the pot and let me skillet You comprehend, Do you comprehend? I dont think they comprehend Said Chicagos the game and Im all for the win So tell me if its bongs or hemp
Ah, Frankie Sinatra, ah, Frank Sinatra Frankie, me boy, dont know You have the perfect voice to sing calypso Ah, Frankie Sinatra, ah, Frank Sinatra Frankie, me boy, dont know You have the perfect voice to sing calypso Ah, Frankie Sinatra, ah, Frank Sinatra Frankie, me boy, dont know You have the perfect voice to sing calypso Ah, Frankie Sinatra, ah, Frank Sinatra Frankie, me boy, dont know You have the perfect voice to sing calypso Ah, Frankie Sinatra, ah, Frank Sinatra Frankie, me boy, dont know You have the perfect voice to sing calypso Frankie, me boy, dont know You have the perfect voice to sing calypso Off his rocker, hes off his rocker Please, Mr. Officer, I only had some vodka Little marijuana, just a few Vicodin Only reefer swervin over here while I’m driving Where your registration? OG license? Cause of that interior, your bitch wanna ride it Plate red, bold cat, dick got LoJack White hoes callin and they asking, Where the dope at? What? Whatever Modern day Sammy how I wrote with that Sinatra All for pasta, spray it in her mouth like Binaca Listenin to salsa, rhythm of maracas M.I.A., Anna Nicole just sippin in Sri Lanka I divide and conquer, roll with Willy Wonka Baby momma wanna suck the dong up at the concert And they gets no pay Like Frank Sinatra, bitch, I do this shit my way Like Frank Sinatra, bitch, do this shit my way Ah, Frankie Sinatra, ah, Frank Sinatra Frankie, me boy, dont know You have the perfect voice to sing calypso Ah, Frankie Sinatra, ah, Frank Sinatra Frankie, me boy, dont know You have the perfect voice to sing calypso Frankie, me boy, dont know You have the perfect voice to sing calypso Im so high, youre so high If I take another sniff then I just might die Take another sniff then I just might lie Tell her what she wanna hear just to get between them thighs Underground nigga, but on top of the world Took the bitch for oyster, now my tongue on the pearl So fuck what you say, do this shit my way Like Frank Sinatra, bitch, did this shit my way Tanks of vodka, sip slow rocka, ock Writ rhymes since the days when Frankie Crocker rocked From more stocky stock Known for his illy right hook to make Rocky block Thats no poppycock, pirate We can keep it irie, or we can keep it irate Dilate, or keep it one hundred From the heights of Northern Lights to Southern Comfort One fifth, come with that headbanger boogie for that ass Villain give a bully ten noogies for the cash Or dash, dip slow on a marathon Or maybe he gon sing Calypso like Farrakhan Or Frank Sinatra, mon Pssss, haha! One, two, alright!
His names DOOM They wonder just who is he But dont worry Believe me, hell get busy When it comes to Poetry hes got plenty La, la, la La, la, la, la, la Jump em in like jump rope, double dutch Then turn on the mic with a thumb stroke, subtle touch Cuddle clutch, is this thing on? Like the fling with Mrs. King Kong, this spring gone? Sing a song of slaphappy crappiness He came to blow like it was strapped to his nappy chest Surely I jest, the best on a wireless mic Not an eye test, yet I digress But why stress? Try and remember when Maybe bit the tender skin-ned babysitter Gwendolyn The type to hit and run and go tell a friend Word to El Muerto cucaracha exoskeleton He know, flow like interstellar wind Tow a rap djinn by his toe into hell again Ahem, one-two, check me too Loose wreck see through your goose-neck EQ His names DOOM They wonder just who is he But dont worry Believe me, hell get busy When it comes to Poetry hes got plenty La, la, la La, la, la, la, la Ayy, if I may interject Rap these days is like a pain up in the neck Cornier and phonier than a play fight Take two of these and dont phone me on the late night The beat wont fail me With more rhymes than times he washed his hands and feet daily And all that kerosene aint cheap Villain been deep since a teenage creep Peep, he always was a gentleman And kept the pen and a pencil in his mental den Right there next to where the Rolodex was Before it turned up all burnt by his solar plexus He dont know his own strength When hes on the bone its like the microphones length And width, aint it funky like dingy socks? Feel the full effect off cassette in your Benzie Box His names DOOM They wonder just who is he But dont worry Believe me, hell get busy When it comes to Poetry hes got plenty La, la, la La, la, la, la, la, la
You know when youre gonna come in? Nobody will never ever, ever, really, really know Because the more you know, the more you know that you dont know shit! Niggasll never run out of shit! So much shit, so much scripts through here, niggas never run out of shit... Enjoy the roller coaster ride Walk the path of Jesus, witness if Hell freezes The mind teases reality, crack the pieces Nothing eases; being chastise with blood baptize Guys revise, acknowledge past lives Statements will be made, acknowledge me My mind is Heavens gate so enter me My mind is the gate to Hell, so try to flee Both gates look the same, which will it be? Demons scream from thought process Enter semen, child born, stress Body want to sleep but the mind cant rest Measure pleasure through financial progress When it come to currency, love is nonexistent Foes modify, friends become so distant Some hope you die, backstab in an instant Foes I despise, disguised as allies To sabotage, camouflage, loyalty is lies To see God, look into my eyes To see the Devil, then you look into my eyes Cause Ima slow it up, speed it up, slow it up, speed it up Metal Fingers feed beats, Grimm Reaper eat em up Speed em up, slow em up, speed em up, slow it up Brainsick, tick, tick, tick, MF blow it up Slow it up, speed it up, slow it up, speed it up Metal Fingers feed beats, Grimm Reaper eat it up Speed it up, slow it up, speed it up, slow it up Brainsick, tick, tick, tick, MF blow it up Take air, compress it, bless it, mix loops like Ku Klux MF dont give two fucks Nigga, quarterback blitz, popped, quickly fumble Leave game with concussion, seeing stars and mumbles This happens to any emcee that wants to rumble Dynasties destroyed like Carringtons and Colbys Noise, reduced, MF thinks in Dolby Chop that ass in half like Obi-Wan Kenobi Greatest of all time, God straight up told me Greatest of all time, the Devil even told me Icicles on surfaces of sun, we livin coldly Prophets be phony And we attack, we switch like the Wu-Tang symbol Still kill Jack even though quick and nimble, plain and simple Pick niggas off while they ballin And die old like Stalin Yes, Death, I hear you callin, I accept collect Human sacrifice, must pay respect We catch reck, nigga, we catch reck And, we gonna, gonna Slow it up, speed it up, slow it up, speed it up Metal Fingers feed beats, Grimm Reaper eat em up Speed em up, slow em up, speed em up, slow it up Brainsick, tick, tick, tick, MF blow it up Boom MF Grimm, MF DOOM
Mmm Ladies My favorite ladies Mary—you make me wanna eat you Every time I see you, its like the first time I meet you Fragrance like a flower—subtle and sweet too Seductive and whatever, it might as well be see-through Like my genie in a bottle Miss could get me rich look like a magaziney model Before you know it, he have her on a stroll Fresh and ripe, complexion like Acapulco Gold If I had to guess, just right, not a day old Like a cradle robber, copped her off, shop a trailer-load Know the right number, you can get her And hit it while you wouldve sold to the highest bidder, like Fruits and berries, bring daddy loot in a hurry Just be cute, and dont worry Type to make a nigga hallucinate and admit it Then she started losing weight and letting everybody hit it Unlike Ally—sometimes she get bitter Always kept me happy, never had a problem with her She used to let me use her, back when I was looser Respect her until to this day and never did abuse her I told her Ill be faithful, but she dont believe me I probably couldve been, if Id never met Evie She make me feel all fuzzy inside, its loco You wont get nowheres near her if youre broke though Kept a shorty mad fine n much thinner If caught, I get mad time just for touchin her Knock wood, so much for hymens So fly, she should be in the sky with diamonds Little young thing, she liked to do the tongue thing At times she would play hard to get, fronting Or something, she made me feel like the number one king Run into her now, and we still catch a fun fling Met her out in Central Park, thats one sign Had the God mentally sparked, reflecting sunshine She said, You need to stop messing with that white girl She fuckin with your head and got your heart in a tight curl We messed around once or twice, but she dont know me She helped me get money at the dunce price OT Plus she from Colombia, so she really Spanish Cookie known to make a cat bank account vanish And Miss Hazy; older woman, mature, Black Every time she sees me, I end up gettin towed back All she want me to do is blaze it crazy The only one complaint is that she make me too lazy Sugar-mommy laced me with the butter navy Avi Just her way to make up for the headaches that she gave me Its all gravy, when Im done getting my mack on Ally is always there to help me get back on Mmm Ladies My favorite ladies
I remember when, last past November when Clown kid got pounded in with the Timberlands They left him trembling, he was not remembering: Never tuck your denim in just to floss an emblem Some would debate, Wait, the fella ate gelatin Or he been listening in to what his weathermens was telling him When I could feel it in my melanin, its compelling Us to break them off, no reassembling No science-fiction to no theater near you, coming soon to Fuck with you frequently like how phases of the moon would do You could gather round like it was an eclipse Just dont look directly to the bitch, you may be blinded by the scripts Pass the L, the last to tussle in them shirttails All hail, King Geedorah, the third rail 700 volts holds rap to a standstill Fool ignore the rule, fuck up and get his man killed Two bottles of Dom got his hands filled And so goes the days of our lives as the hourglass sand spill And built with Passion and a glass of the Ze And I knew it was the last day - Wig-Twisting Season When some could get their wigs twisted back within reason Mostly with these crimes of treason And youll be lucky if theres no squeezing even this evening From how hes feeling, thrilling choice of flow is sick Hes the villain with the million dollar voice-throw trick Hes like a ventriloquist, with his fist in the speakers back Couldnt think of no uniquer track, nope, sneak attack It dont really matter how big them is. So much as a nipple Cause you could have a chick with D-Triple Cept the nipple little, just hot off the griddle Like how he do monkey rhymers, like Monkey-in-the-Middle by his damn self Aint no average MC ahead of me Getting cheddar instead of the probably better pedigree With nicknames, sick games as Rick James Messy games, Sci Fly such as Jesse James Blast, I figure, ass-hawking ass titty licker Last one to walk up in, fast-talking city slicker Got bagged cause of the dirty chick with make-up Bail out quick for the 7:30 wake-up My only backup was an A-cup, as far as May To when the leaves turn red and gold to Nimrod earthday All else? Worthless to say Thats when I knew it was the first day - Wig-Twisting Season When some could get their wigs twisted back within reasoning Mostly with these crimes of treason men And yall be lucky if theres no squeezing even this evening Its like a mosquito, the much sweeter resent the act I been bent back since my Physical went back Since, Cultured more of my kin And for them I keep an L rolled in this hellhole Hold your head, use your head and hold, or be dead and cold In the worsest way, soon as the leaves show red and gold To round Nimrod release day And all else? Needless to say Wait a motherfucking minute! True facts presented The names was probably changed just to protect who aint in it The XP was three-quarters tinted, 4/5ths was converted The way his shit was twisted? Ask him if it hurted Wig-Twisting Season When some could get their wigs twisted back within reasoning Mostly with these crimes of lying, and fronting, and cheating All types of different styles of treason
Born like this, into this As the chalk faces smile, as Mrs. Death laughs As political landscapes dissolve As the oily fish spit out their oily prey We are born like this, into this Into hospitals which are so expensive that its cheaper to die Into lawyers who charged so much, its cheaper to plead guilty Into a country where the jails are full and the madhouses closed Into a place where the masses elevate fools into rich heroes Born into this, walking and living through this Dying because of this Castrated, debauched, disinherited, because of this The fingers reach toward an unresponsive God The fingers reach for the bottle, the pill, the powder We are born into this sorrowful deadliness There will be open and unpunished murder in the streets It will be guns and roving mobs, land will be useless Food will become a diminishing return Nuclear power will be taken over by the many Explosions will continually shape the earth Radiated men will eat the flesh of radiated men The rotting bodies of men and animals stink in the dark wind And there will be the most beautiful silence never heard Born out of that, the sun hidden there Awaiting the next chapter DOOM from the realm of El Kulum, smelly gel fume Separating cell womb to Melle Mel, boom Revelations in Braille, respiration inhale, view Nations fail and shaking of a snake tail make due Blazing swords trace the haze, praise the Lord Saving Grace, lace your broad, she say she bored A crazy straw, ink and stale dry paraffin Candy corn crap rappers pale by comparison A bad samaritan averaging above average men Rancid rants having rambling savages scavenging For scraps, perhaps roadkill, if that Gift of gab, and he flowed ill, chrome stiff hat Known for writing lightning tight lines, chiefin Beefin, being off deep ends, divine bright shines even Dimes quiet as mimes by design mighty fine Slight rewind, tightly bind, blind lead blind Need mines now that was this is then, listenin To sizzlin officialtons whisperin, Him again Metal Face Finster playing with the dirty money Sinister, dont know what he saying but the words be funny Major vet spaded through the vest with a bayonet Save your breath, gave a F, pay your debt, they forget Make her sweat bullets, crime pays no benefits Then it gets wilder with more childisher degenerates Three thousand years ago, Moses said: Every human being is responsible for his actions Or thy being is still a beast, not yet human! You ought to let your uncle flow, my motorcycle trunkfuls From two-one two-one, lose crumbs to chunks in bundles Hands down, better than what your mans used to get Standing around from where the translucent looses spit Missing wheel, you dont listen, youre a feel-head Sitting in the kitchen pissing, twitching, kissing steel lead Crime pays no dental nor medical Unless you catch retirement, county, state or federal You heard like roaring waters in a seashell If a tree fell, you couldnt tell from three cell Be real careful, they tell him by the earful Kids doing skid bids, acting out is terrible Word is bond, fix your clothes, put a shirt on Pants sagging back when you used to meant you had a skirt on Squirts posing as thuggers and hustlers El Eloh closer then yalls ball huggers and jugglers Motherfuckers! DOOM is transmitting a message to you Super fools I need to use more power
The world is under attack at this very moment by the most powerful forces man has ever seen! Fate from the depths of the earth, Operation: Lifesaver is in effect, as of right now! Wow, it caught me off guard, went to breathe out and then she made me cough hard Contact the god and let him know to slip two in, fine. How are you doing? Can I get you a drink?, This ones a shoo-in Awkward situation that Im on a mission to ruin Her big butt and smile was like camo, hit up the mens room, we need more ammo Watch your 3 oclock, a new recruit, thats her gin and Juicy Juice Use a stick of Juicy Fruit , she just knew she was cute Its in her own best interest, its less stress Hit her with the Do you need a mint? test It dont matter if shes slim or dressed to impress, I wont rest Fellas dont fess, some of em just need to eat the whole thing of Crest -Its in effect! Its been a long day, its just how the song say: Operation: Lifesaver is in effect, as of right now! I hope she dont take this the wrong way Are you ready? Are you with it? Okay, lets go, you know what to do The whole worlds watching and counting on you And all you people listening out there, everybody, everywhere Hang on! Hang on! Hang on! Yeah! Yeah! The Official Adventures Of: The Magnificent Scratch The Magnificent
As the life cycle goes on ... goes on And you learn to hold on To things like the mic ... the mic And you learn to appreciate who is the nicest on said device But who is Tommy Tashuma, too much drama, blind behind the rumor Time and time and time, my mind, Im trying to find a tumor Tommy Tashuma, no time for humor As soon as one of ya mens dead in Hempstead You trying to find Pumas Sooner the better, even knitted a sweater already Keep your leather, we coming through the brutal weather We ready to do whatever, yo Doom you with it? You know it like a poet, my brother Hey, Gunn you wit it? Whatever... I know about going paid to broke, to next day well-off To bust a shell off, to dick-riders: Get the hell off Made a call to a client, he mustve had his cell off A show-off, he has the same bike Puff fell off I tell off the bat, from science to pure facts Which niggas is wack til they last two tracks Matter fact, yall could wait for the rep to tell The tall-tale, how he escape from out the depths of hell When die, he gon die like a soldier die: Holding a swollen eye, drinking Olde Gold Smoking a stog, watching po-po patrol the beach Blowing my high, rolling by, when Gunn die He gon try to preach the streets then go to the sky Yup! That hold water, like drizzle in a paper cup This one etched in stone, the chisel with the paper up I need a cut: a taper-up, edge-up Niggas cant measure up, Im here to get the treasure up Stands up and hold em high, do or die He got heat, no surprise, stop the beat, close your eyes Got the weed, rolling lah Not sweet, so no demise, all the guys drops seeds so multiply Within the prophecies hold the lie He bled my mother and my father, but cant bleed me, OD Ghetto misery, he bled my brother, my sister, but cant bleed me A OG, ghetto misery, bled my mother, my father, but cant bleed me Sci-Fly, whole style stuck up Used to talk to myself, I told him, Shut the fuck up! Buckle up, cause its about to be rough He said, Keep talking that shit, you bout to be snuffed Then we squashed it, I let em know: Watch it -- We only met a time to join these rhymers in the mosh pit Gosh, it feels great just to increase the chance For a pussy nigga face to hit the dance floor I pull ya top up, got clout, crack rock, what? Now its all good business, and so this bitch is locked up On the dance floor: you got knocked out, your bitch got knocked up Baby-face, and hey can you brand you, brand new machete Damn, I just shook your hand and cant stand you already Cant stand you, understand you deadly But my hammers like a band, my man, its Brand New and Heavy Yo DOOM, you ready? Yeah! Yo Gunn, you with it? Whatever Come on stay, I wrote this rhyme on my born-day Remind me of the same style I flipped on Hey! Yikes! Who can fuck with the likes Of one such who scores touchdown and spikes mics Metal grill, with many styles, better still Feel like number 26 on a roulette wheel And deal, and run rings around rhymers And run rings like number runners whose old-timers Shorty in the all black, she think she all that I called her, she said, Dont call back! She called me, now what you call that? Lets go back, I sold crack Hold gats, smoke that, drink that, toke that Fuck! Where that ho at? Where that dough at? Suffering succotash! This hooker broke into his last buck of cash He love her, motherfuck her ass Metal feet dented your car fender My agenda up in the basement party tipping the bartender Is unbeknownst to you -- who could get body blown? MF like Mike Fran Corleone And got it sown, maricon, like to know what you staring at? An invisible cat, who pull off a disappearing act Raised by a pack a wild womens like Sweetback Front? Imma be back! Like niggas in the streets act Of black misery The finest
Confirmation of your worst fears Ever since his first years, had a thirst for beers Back from the future, itll make you more sober-er And brought back a long list of fakers who crossed over Im like, fuck it, bubble-baller Catch em up at Bobs show, stall him with a troubled caller Bastard, who could make Gs faster Than a newly re-mastered while being truly plastered Theres four sides to every story If these walls could talk, theyd probably still ignore me Contemplate war over a cup of warm coffee Its really getting gory, tell your problems to Maury Dont bore V with the glory, hallelu-ey Crews be like, fooey its all a buncha hooey I knew he had new G, who he? Viktor Vaughn He had a new sicker song, I think he call it Lickupon Umm, but, uh—he study rhymes and patter-ins Climb so steep sometimes the beat dont be mattering Sounded like a half-dead from Scurvy band rock A programmed, computer bio-grafted Herbie Hancock Maybe next life hell try harder Died a martyr at the hands of the fire-starter More scripts ripped available for buy or barter Transport a stack to the lab via charter On the microphone he came to daze and amaze ya What a guy, practice banging flies with razors And watch out for the robot, he got eyes with lasers Tell em when they come with more topics besides blazers Enough with the guns already, theyre all toys and lames The joys in the aim, he asked him, hows ya poison game? Do you bust your crossbow? Also, more so Accurate body blows to torso, thought so These flows you wont find in no how-to If the blacksmith doubt you, he smack the shit out you Make nothing gone, let nothing twitch Just dont be near the mic when the on-button switch V bring the beef like a trucker to Fuddrucker Delivery to all yall motherfuckers and bloodsucker Copping more pleas than when a rap nigga bicker on And thats my word is bond, I think he call it Lickupon Umm, he wrote this one with a fever, sick in bed With his dickhead inside a chickenhead No, a dead chickens head, he said it help his nausea If he lost ya, wait till he tell you about the flying saucer Dag, the kickbackll leave your wig ragged For a big bag of good grizzle and some Zig-Zag Survival, keep a rival in denial And bust what he got just for coming out his pie-hole Die calmer than a suicide-bomber V just the type to do a hoo-ride with momma Said to James Bond, my name is Viktor, Viktor Vaughn Told the chick the quickest way to get on, lickupon
Victor, a stranger to see you If Im not working or putting work in Im either wheeling and dealing Or probably jerkin my— Yep—listening to nothing, taking no suggestions Or destructive criticisms, that cant improve on perfection Rock a crowd in sections on a good night, the hoes fight Always get the dough first then everything else goes right At least thats what they say and who the fuck is they? Make a hick say what the hey? brought that chick from sick bay Ensign, he shoulda asked his upperclassmen Before he bust blast em, never trust no Cardassians Captains log supplemental The Klingons are now aboard the Enterprise rental vessal On my cue photon torpedo Oh and if Im not on the block with Jorgito And so on for the street though Smoke a pound of leek though Im jokin on the fact that hiphop has gone freak show Dont let the drama getcha In the only genre of music where the fans shoot the messenger Bitch niggas talk behind your back like a catcher Either M-Y-O-B or B-Y-O stretcher In that order, man, woman, son, daughter The beat sound like they underwater, make it fun to slaughter Even if you hear some whack shit you never give a chance Some shit sound like all you could do off it is river-dance Its not a hobby, dont be sloppy Doing deals with these labels is likened to a botched robbery Nobody supposed to get bodied, golly This shit is like a folly bout to cold flip probably Its not me he got a ill spills knot in Brooknam Where even though kids kill they still chill and look calm While working on new developments for the book bomb In one bad experiment it blew and took a hooker arm BOW! look mom, no hand Studied black magic for years out in no mans land Its like a barbecue all swine cookout To fuck up they plans like a blind man lookout Cram to overstand it, peep it and absorb it The same way he keep all the planets in they proper orbit Norbit, yall better off going corporate Nobody wanna hear that bullshit its too morbid Theres no prints, he hold the mic with a mic glove And rolls dolo from state to state like Ike Love Like on top of the world loser keep it gully Rap creeps seem they got too much juice in they belly Its why they brung V he still hungry And spit something thick on the mic like a lungy Mind ya daughter she on line for the water To get lucky like when she find a quarter kinda sorta Remember me God, clean timbs with emery board? He only came to save the game like a memory card Ooh shrewd, a lot of crews is too rude And its way too many lets not and say we do dudes He said 24-7 I be on call He use his vacation days to watch Babylon fall Numbskulls.. get to stepping they dumb dull And how he rep the mic is like the weapon from Krull Cats be like whats wrong with your man black? Biohazard suit and Van Grack for the anthrax Jeez and cant get no peace Form blazin sword for the police robeast Cochise, write a rhyme like a book report And sell it to a rookie you could tell by the hook he bought You aint know he sell hooks and choruses? They couldnt bang the slang if they looked in thesauruses Its like a friendly game of dodge ball Oddball God yall, who played the garage wall With the Stan Smiths checkerboard lace And the brand new INF they aint check the boy waist You saw his face? so who next to get they neck chopped Or popped like a Becks top, respect the drop Its too much wreck hops Who next to get they neck chopped Or popped like a Becks top, respect the drop Woopdie-do flows do fifty like a hooptie do Groupie crews try to figure out from what coop he flew They out of place, beats sounds like outer space With no time to waste he was Audi without a trace
Good evening, ladies and gentlemen Id like to thank you all for joining us this evening Let me know if yall with me, yall Just a couple of things I wanna say I only play the games that I win at And stay the same with more rhymes than theres ways to skin cats As a matter of fact, let me rephrase: With more rhymes than theres ways to fillet felines these days Watch the path of the black one: Supervillian He wrecks clubs for delf in a drunken stupor, chillin Ready and willin to inadvertently foil that Plan of any rhymer, whiner or spoiled brat Who got more snottier flows than snotty nose? And holds mics like he knows karate body blows? Nobody knows the trouble I see From the MPV fly dirty tailin the eye bubble eye thirty For the record; this is some shit I just thought of, yall Science fiction thats not admissible in no court of law I live to rock mics 3-D The only reason I seek to stop—to snuff the TV I heard beats, they sound like karaoke With monkey rhymers on a leash like dont have this fairy choke me Hit em with a penny so we can get these peanuts And I thought we was nuts, I used to get free cuts They locks Lex Luthor up in Green Haven Since when a nigga never really been too clean shaven Misbehavin rap stars need Listamint Call me Mista Bent Im at where your sister went Intelligent, used to write and be well spoke Now all a nigga wanna do is fight and sell— —tell a joke This could lead to catastrophe Bout to stop the violence right after these last of three Shots from the black bat got me at headlock Holdin on to sanity, by strands of that dreadlock She told me, Get off, I said, Bitch! Let me set this shit off so I can get rich right quick Then it hit me like the point of intoxication Nigga, come out and rock this nation like ox defacin A lot of niggas out is rusty like oxidation In this worlds strangest, most dangerous occupation But you could do it, you the Super like in your building Villian like trife Kinder is in All My Children Plottin and it sure to pay ends With some real mature womens, and some more of they friends And when bad men roll tight, its actual true Like a pack of Big Bambú, with natural glue Who grip necks of Becks to triple X? He just came in 4-D: Follow the ripple effects And itll lead you right to him Oh, snap! It seems you walked into a trap, through rap Zoinks! This place is filled with pretender willies One false move, and get broke off like end of Phillies True believers Aint nothin new to a Crook with special powers like how to tell the future uh-uh- Rhyme of the month two page long Bustin off two gages with my cape on wrong Son, its on, remind me of a Raekwon tape song With a fleet of super bad... Status: Rae Dawn Chong Let me know if yalls with me, yall! National and geographic down to the titty-bar Rep Monster Island City, yall! To all my brothers who is doin unsettlin bids You could have got away with it if it was not for them Meddlin kids! Hey! Hey!
Give me a little bit, a little bit Just a little bit, or a lot Pieces of the dream that I pick up in my mind Is not blind, how I fly Every day when I look into your brown eyes I get high, oh how high? Pieces of the dream that I pick up in my mind Is not blind, how I fly Every day when I look into your brown eyes I get high, I get high I, I get high Look in your, brown eyes I get hi-i-i-igh Higher, higher Higher, higher Higher, higher Higher, you make me higher I fly I fly I fly I fly I fly I fly I fly
Goddamn it Super motherfucking villain goddamn it About to get these millions, stacks and shit Yo, his dip tried to tell him Ooh, youre like the sun Chasing all of the rain away When you come around, you bring brighter days She told him Youre the perfect one For me and you forever will be He told her I will rock this microphone ... always! I hold the mic, like niggas hold their girls tight But I aint after her, probably your Acura pearl white The hooker? Nah, as many times as I done hit it To be specific more times than dimes in a briz-nick When you broke North, I crashed the barbecue like Riddick At the Garden, true, thats the God in me, pardon you Jeepers! I was tore back, the ho gained access to my beeper Called back my secretary gatekeeper Like I aint peep her, I said, Darling you was stupid though You know the Super Villain, ho I had this style ever since I was a child I got this other style I aint flip in a while, it goes Pure scientific intelligence, with one point of relevance Emcees whose styles need Velamints And once the smoke clear, tell em its The Super motherfucking Villain, nigga came through raw like the elements On 99 plus one of them And with a flow to pull a fraud nigga file from out in front of him When we with yall, we had tons of fun Me and my duns and them Actual true and living sons of them Dead planets and God-Us Throwing divine rules to come through, we will over charge yous Fool, and wont feel remorse for shit Except for one time, once I had took my fronts out and lost them shits Scientific going berserk like Red Alert I really went to pick up wiznork for cheddar dirt To fund these experiments is where I went Obviously dead bent, and spent every red cent To rule you, and still drop more jewels than schools do Or even TV news thats designed to fool you Yeah you, who hear the most grimy suggestions From brothers with fly names and I.D. questions Thats a Secret like Victoria teddy sets thats edible Thems not ready yet for the incredible Team of MCs who broke all fakes Who thought they were slaughter proof Stomping through like North Face waterproof Tat-tat, thats the end of that After hit the bar where baby girl bartender at I told her more wine, mingling with no single mentions of Stay tuned for more spine tingling adventures of ...
Things take a turn for the worse Send him back where he came from We got shots fired down the street Ba-di-yahhhh Alright, steady Ba-di-yah, ba-di-yah Absolute power corrupts absolutely If they get the Villain surrounded then- Good to the last drop niglets Hood til the blast pop them bigot-ass piglets Go for the bosses dicks or higher Beatwalkers still get caught up in the crossfire Get at the sarge, he give the orders The rest of them punksll quit the force or get slaughtered Use stealth, play alleys, jet Wed rather not alert them nosy Federales, yet Keep the local random cases in each state Escape to the beaches for the season and be straight You on call, keep your Nikes on tight, no white Anybody tell get lighted on sight The ringers on a need-to-know basis No persons, places, things and no faces Get bagged, youre on your own, acted alone Back home, your famll be provided for while youre gone Its a price on all snitches If you nice, bring back eyes, fingers, toes and pictures Send copies to those who singin the blues Mothers and fathers whos unjustly accused Our species is in danger Wear gloves and strike in a city where you a stranger Thatll let them fools know And send them a message, let them P.O.W.s go Absolute power corrupts absolutely Now you have your orders, do your duty A new way to let the shots spray A few drops a day, double espresso, D.A. latte No smell nor taste, hardly traceable Wait to waste a prosecutor paid to get the case pulled Learn em a lesson for givin bros mad stresses A long list of C.O.s names and addresses A fake judge with many years on the bench That sent some good cats to the chair, was aired in a trench They say her tongue was teared out, smeared and drenched The whole system scared in doubt with a fear stench And she was tortured, some say post-mortem The suspect took his own life before they caught him Its real spooky like a real trife movie Remember the part when Terminator killed Tookie Absolute power corrupts absolutely If they get the Villain surrounded, son, then shit Shed blood, somell be shooken Just look with they head in the mud, red flood One of the things we ran into the unknown We we couldnt get at the door pulled as quick as we wanted to And once we did, finally pull the door and breach the interior door Theres a man trapped inside of it Basically that man trap is a cage Fore we run in, were stuck in there and they can shoot us While were just, were stuck in a cage
From Venus to Mars back to Earth Back to the HBO satellite Its showtime, nigga King Geedorah on the boards MF DOOM, and I am Mister Fantastik Expeditiously I be on my grizzly Feds try to creep me somehow always miss me Mister Fantastik put the busy in the bee Rock from the bottom straight to the tizzy Who is he? He need to get out more Or either get outta here like some dang outlaw Standing like Lurch, no herb in the record bin Called him for a random search from curbside checkin in Its on nigga, on and cracking Like Diggem, lips be smacking Running off at the mouth steady talkin bout us On some shit they overheard but enough is enough Yeah, Its neither here nor there, black Warfare in your ear, clack-clack-clack-clack-clack Whats that? Youre hearing things! Tat-tat-tat-tat-tat Be wearing your thinking hat No matter how hard they try They cant stop us now We got King Geedorah on the boards With that golden sound They dont know how we get down When were out of town So, when you see us in the streets Dont be fuckin around A hundred things on the re-up, of course Im living fat My Mercedes outside, nigga, where yours at? Top down on a good day, Decatur, out on Wood Way Got cats thinking should I stay, fuck what the hood say Niggas wanna rob me now Bitches wanna slob me now Hoes didnt holla last year feel sorry now Practice jumpshot, Reggie Mill, Robert Horry now The nigga that you with played like Atari now Lyrically unorthodox, I flow continuous Never on a straight path, Im known to bend and twist Put it down from the suburbs to the tenement You bet against me but wanna wonder where your money went I get the cash, take niggas out like trash Known to stack a mean stash, they used to call me Pure Math Back in the days, all I did was stay paid But as they say in the South, bitch; Gimme some head Excuse me, Mister—do she got a sister? Who he not to kiss her? True—she do got a blister Now the movie plot twists like a Twizzler If I needed my meat burned Id go to Sizzler Getting paid like a biker with the best crank Spray it like a high-ranked sniper in the West Bank Type to just blank and dont show much pity When Im in the city, I always keep a dutch with me Touch her titty til she ask me where the trees is at Or tell me dont squeeze that, rats wanna tease a cat Let the dog beg, wait up, who talking? DOOM with the hog leg straight up New Yorkin No matter how hard they try They cant stop us now We got King Geedorah on the boards With that golden sound They dont know how we get down When were out of town So, when you see us in the streets—
Up in them 5-star tellies saying two mic rhymes Be them average MCs of the times Unlike them, we craft gems So systematically inclined to pen lines Without saying the producers name all over the track Yeah I said it! What you need to do is get back To reading credits, we them medics Alphabetically stuck on that A grade shit Now quit now before we pour That sure shot pure rock cocaine flow From the top of the key for 3 -- Villain! Been on in the game as long as he can wheelie a Schwinn Turn the corner spinning, bust that ass and get up Dust off the mask, whoever laugh give him a head up He got jumped, it pumped his adrenaline He said it made him tougher than a bump of raw medicine To write all night long, the hourglass is still slow Flow from Hellborn to free power like LILCo And still owe bills, pay dues forever Slay youths when it comes to whos more cleverer Use to wore a leather goose V with a fur collar And charged a fee for loose leaf words per dollar Ya heard? Holler - broad or dude, we need food Eat your teams for sure, the streets sure seem rude For fam like the Partridges, pardon him for the mix-up Battle for your Atari cartridges or put your kicks up Its a stick up Now put your blix up, these Riddick Bowe cuts Is swoll like penile flicks, give em 20 The danger in his eyesll let you know hes a brawler Bring your tallest champs like that much taller Ten pounds heavier, one step ahead of it Vocab, stamina, styles all irrelevant Camps and cliques, units, squad crews and clans Even your tonguesll fuck around and leave your mouth DOOM brung that bum, there goes that news van again Act like you knew like Toucan Sam and em He eat rappers like part of a complete breakfast Their rhymes aint worth the weight of they cheap necklace String em up, ring em up under whack junk snack And get that out your hand, punk, jump and get your dunk smacked Foul, we all know the rules bro You slow, you blow the soup on you fools, his own Boss like Hugo You go lights, camera, action with no makeup We De La to the death or at least until we break up Heres a couple of nice guys who finished first So nice try, but the prize is ours dispersed They say the good die young, so I added some Bad-ass to my flavor to prolong my life over the drum Everyone cools off from being hot Its about if you can handle being cold or not And we was told to hop on no ones dick by Prince Paul We stayed original ever since yall First to do a lot of things in the game but the last to say it No need to place it on a scale to weigh it And dont do it for the plays or to raise the bar Yet its raised anyway, its so amazing, are The three L.I. brothers from the other way of thinking Hey your ladys winking, I think you need to control that Or Ill have to hold that The elements are airborne, I smell the success Sacrifice mics and push drugs to these rappers Puff ponies til I turn blue in the lips Sipping broads like 7-Up so refreshing I finger pop these verses like first dates The birthdates September 2-1, 1-9, 6-8 Too old to rhyme, too bad, too late
He sold me dust! Get him! Great balls of fire Guess who just crawled out the muck and mire That could make you trust a motherfuckin liar A real shuck n jiver Vaughn never been a duck-n-diver He spit on the mic, yuck—saliva Hold it like a truck driver hold a CB on a sharp turn Still clutchin his chest from the heartburn Whats your handle? I need a Zantac, Ahk And thanks before I blank into anaphylactic shock Rock or disco, chocolate on a crisco ho Cock diesel, and still tell a joke like Joe Piscopo Tell em the basics, basically, break the Matrix And just for kicks, make em gel like Asics Thats why they actin standoffish Eat the beat by hand like canned raw crawfish Can you please pass the cocktail sauce? You might as well know, hell is hot as hell boss Tell my hoss, he said broads call me Vaughny I make sure I throws em back if theys too scrawny Or boney, phony MCs use a stand-in Leave him hangin like if I aint know where his hands been Hussy, how bout we bloody up your just for me Bust a knee, then go finish study, a plus degree True victory, a new sick story I never met a chick that was too thick for me Holy Moses, my old earth know me closest On how I played the back and stayed bent like scoliosis Its no puzzle, you can ask Doc Zizmor The slow guzzle got your nizzle crooked like Bizs jaw Drink like a fishy, she wish she was a Pisces Live since back when 25 cents Icees Used to turn your tongue the color red Now they want to fill ya full of lead What the fuck that young fella said? What kid? Its Vaughn the red blooded Do yourself a favor or come on, get head butted Yoke him if he run, Ill be there in a jiffy son With the flame suppressor like off the 151 Quit your bitchin, or get BLAUW in your babble-box Punishment for dry snitchin, so now eat this Travel Fox Youll be aight once it pass through your yellow belly Only thing he said was, Can you please pass the jelly? Homo say what? Like a promo play the cut On the late night, before you touch the mic, get your weight right A lot of crews like to act like a violent mob They really need to just shut the fuck up like Silent Bob Either that or get smoked like hickory Should squash the beef and go wash their teeth quickly Know the stee, write a rhyme like a mystery And sign it on the bottom in calligraphy, Your nigga, V
Madvillain... Jump on the track with a hardcore hustle With a busload a niggas this time we brought yall muscle Wildchilds the one to uplift most and its confirmed So tonight lets bang this Madvillain music till its adjourned Who rushes in head first with the full force of a ram So the source of the verse coerces the course of a jam Went to hell and back, saw devil sellin crack In fact, had to come back with the brother with the mask by yellin Black!- Power to the people, who support raw music Blessed from the start to keep upliftin progressive art To come out and uplift words, take verbalistic leaps To the next splurge, concoct dope poetical excerpts Whos the expert? With the physical frame Whos mental was tamed to get over in this musical game When the Madvillain breaks your dome youll see your interval depth Was written for those that slept, we took one-hundred per cent Unpredictable steps... Say what? Whos the one that rocked up a party with the vigilance urge When smokin the ism the vision is blurred, but vengeance is heard And just when ya got caught up in the cynical thought Intervals in the shape of a mic get pushed straight through your heart like... screams, with the sound of someone getting a mic pushed straight through their still beating heart while moaning orgasmically
The fat is in the fire, a fryer made of chicken wire Gettin sick and tired of a friggin liar Pelican, with some very soft mangoes A closet full of skeletons and terry cloth Kangols Flew the coop, before you hit it, let me warn you She did a cool hula-hoop but dont get any on you Its all a big scam to make yall eat pig ham When hes on the mic hes like the triggerman, FIGJAM DOOM, not to be confused with nobody Especially, since the flows he used was so nutty Never too woozy to go study Crews got no clues like old cruddy Officer McGillicuddy Watch your six, he got a lot of more tricks Lyrics, bricks, on sticks sure got raw-nytics Its a gift, dont get shot for kicks With the same slick used to plot Sig Figs with Spotted at a chick flick, holdin hands The other one on his swollen glands, a golden chance Thats why he kept them holes in his pants Rollin in a old van, is what he told his stolen fans Is that you? True, matched from hat to shoe Snafu, snatch any brew, LaBatts Blue Black Jew like thats new, patch me through No latch attached, skat shoo, catch twenty-two Super, hes loaded dice nice And overpriced, an arm and a leg; owe em your life or your ice Villain, nag a grieving old hag Snag a bragger by his mic cord and leave him holding the bag Come clean, a bunch of dumb mean cream puffs A keen drum machine buff, who fiends for more green stuff Instead of starvin there be problems by the goo gobs Aight, somebodys robbin Lou Dobbs and them tonight And hes on the next flight, moonbound And makes it a point to stay away from the goon pound Got some peers thats gone in the lost years Tears and cheers, born in the crosshairs Why are you listening to this backwards? Hey Mr. Thundercleese, whats that you were singing? It is the Robotic Hymn of Doom Well I always say, nothin livens up a Robotic Hymn of Doom Better than an amazing pair of jugs!
Big up all the Monsta Island massive And beware before I triple dare you like the last kid Who asked me what we dont got that you got son For one flow thats elementary, my dear Watson Secondly, ever since I was little Not so much to riddle, least rhyme to the syllable Keep tracks that make a Arab thief clap With no hands, I chopped these drums off, truly yours, G Rap Actual fact, relax In this land of lyrical lost, black, Im not the cool Sleestak The one who might stop and talk to you Poisoned a few, niggas who be biting styles Im like pork too Ooh, what you got to lose? Let mud fly When I got blues I chew whole crews thats bud dry So I ask why the styes from the cess Shit be fucking with my eye as I pull it to the chest The super motherfucking villain grip the mic with an iron hand Throwing MCs to the fire from out the frying pan It aint no use in trying, man, son stop crying Fronting like you death-defying, you need to stop lying Speak your piece only once youre spoken to first Now let me hear your verse while Im choking you With well refined rhymes like a editor Throw them to my collections of skulls and spines like Predator Fuck around, the only niggas who could hear the same sound was Jet Jaguar and James Brown Aint you glad I took the time to write their names down to big em up Id like to say, Hi, its Sci.Fly the odd Merlin Thats quick to whip up a script like Rod Serling Who eye on bad bitch who used to whip the Sterling Who see God toke but never see God hurlin My man Grimm had his little monkey like Space Ghost Me myself I got flavors that out-taste most With numb gums, some rhymers is lactose Back to you MF DOOM, you late show host S to the U to the P E R-uh Who chronicle these times in a 3D horror Thriller porno co-starrer in a realer drama Who break bread with stingy kin-men, indian borrower Lone gunman who candidly flip fly flows Single-handedly with one eye closed In a fly pose, no shirt Alayé May see me stack the quarter-mill cash pay Thats that n a smash way how he did it Motherfucker probably couldnt peep it past a minute Exquisite scripts, that quick shit, go with flow Thats how we do it though
I dont believe this! I get rid of those two evil maniacs who try to ruin my show And I get two evil GUESTS who are trying to ruin my show FEH! Just who came up with the stupid idea Of giving Space Ghost a talk show in the first place? How they gave his own show to Tad Ghostal? Any given second he could go mad postal Stay wavin that power band space cannon And have the nerve to jump in the face of Race Bannon And punked out; luckily he deaded it And guess whos the schmuck whos credited with editing it? Your man Moltar, the cop out Aint have no other career choice, he dropped out Since when the Way-Outs included Zorak Way back he used to rub his thorax in Borax Im not the one that sold him to it If he wont admit it, Im not gonna hold him to it Its all love and no hate though For all that, the Villain need to get his own late show Do a monologue and jest with the guests Madlib, switch the beat and walk him to the desk With Danger holding down the control room Late again returning from commercial - I told you DOOM! Early, hes on B.P.T Catch him on public access free TV And were back, live on the air with Brak So Brak, how your man got a show thats so whack? Have you ever thought to work with Err and Ignignokt an them? And do you got enough oxygen from this toxic phlegm? Another sec, his neck woulda got flames Mouse switched the screen to some hot dames Tonights audience will receive miscreant videogames And fifteen seconds of fame, pitiful lames Its just a shame; Im zonin Competin for the same prime time slot as Conan No dummy, Ichigawa Announcement free lunch to any stunt who lets me plow her In the shower for an hour, the kids sposed to be asleep Or else the joint will sound like Road Runner - BEEP BEEP! Later this week, Big Ben Klingon After him theres no one else we could afford to bring on Keep it ghetto And let em know, B.Y.O.B. from the get go Id like to propose a toast To the grossest host, Space Hos Coast to Coast That destructo rays a played out gag And the cape and the pants suit, lookin like a straight out- Dag! Dont mean to sound crunchy Hit a honey from the back and crumpled up her scrunchie A light snack, hungry munchy Felt a funny hunch then she told him donkey punch me Tomorrow its Father Guido Sarducci Father MC, and Charo Coochie Coochie With her new best seller, Who You Call a Hoochie? A proud sponsor of the snoochie boochie noochies Look Leela eyeball to eyeballs And find out how to get inside them sugar pie walls Our next guest a real cutey specimen And shes startin to get a little booty, Miss Judy Jetson So Judy; boxers, briefs or fig leaf? As you know I wear my boxers so my big Cue the rapper tell him bring what little he got Up against the Villy, its really not diddly-squat Until they head hurts - when it come to wreck Crews is like them dudes in red shirts off Star Trek He Kirk, he Spock, he McCoy Been B-Boy, since you jerks first squeezed toys Born to be the host with the most When its on its on, Space Hos Coast to Coast You think Im just gonna hand over my show to you, DOOM? Have you lost your {fucking} mind? Listen; Im not gonna hand my show over to you You know why? Because, its my show Mine, not yours - Space Ghost It aint DOOM Coast to Coast Yeah, yeah sure, here are the keys to the show Why dont you drive for a while? Yeah Americas cravin some DOOM, here you go
Super motherfucking villain, chilling We out to get these millions We chilling Ay, yo, this chick tried to tell him Ooh, youre like the sun Chasing all of the pain away When you come around You bring brighter days She told me Youre the perfect one Me and you, forever well be I told her I will rock this microphone always Ay, yo, Steez, what you cookin up? Niggas wanted trouble with the troublesome So I went ahead and doubled up Momma always said you better hustle if you wanted lunch Aint no such thing as runner up From M-I-A to D-O-A Its no games but I know my CD gon play And with everything I do its PE all day Thats D-O-P-E so them fiends gon pay, shit Son is always outshining em The high from the squadron that was hidin in the lions den Sleepin, countin all the sheep to start a riot but They aint even know I had a shot like silencers You get the mental picture World cup flow, I cant kick it with ya Naw, Im kidding with ya Ask your little sister J Steez on this grind like benefactors Its the Steyraz comin through your 8-track Play that, but keep it low key, a flat Lay flat when the war comes Aesop Rock meets swing jazz and gym class So PE be them supervillains Groupies flockin at the concerts just to boost they image So you spent it on these stupid women Out buying whores shoes like true religion and superstition Niggas wanna picture me gone Like when Biggie went to war with Mr. Shakur Lyrical spawn with a little twisted Jigga and Nas But I was born to deliver like umbilical cords Fuck what you heard, this is an eargasm Classic, feel-good rapping Magnum saliva like salvia Im spittin up spasms Based God trippin off acid
Villainll hold a mic like hes mean and his tummy hurt In a clean pair of ripped jeans and a bummy shirt Wonderin would you clap your hands if he was friendly? Dapper Dan dipped and pretend to be Fendi and gold sellin No tellin, slap a fan hand down, tell em no yellin DOOM, all capitals, no trick spellin Got what it take to get it through your thick melon Fresh witty city skits When he get wreck, pretty emcees catch titty fits Told them call the cops, just dont hold your breath for the ball to drop Better yet, hold on to your halter top Kept reppin, steppin in hotta Ignoring pigs like Biggs Top Shotta Survivor of a live crew, not out to jive you It stings when he laugh when he at the bank drive-thru Wylin, get me every red penny Sold a lonely only child an imaginary enemy When he sees the mask and the microphone gizmo Hes the broke host, this is like his own quiz show This go out to all my brothers doin long bids And sisters who got brothers bein fathers to the wrong kids Stay strong and ride like the funky flute Wont find the Villain in the street inside no monkey suit Or either at the bar in no gorilly bra Nor raceway park scoring on no silly car Ask the stranger he knows who you really are Behind the mask face stay dark, no boring willy star Gleaming, dreaming, screaming- hell be off the heezy soon Cunning live rats drive at your steaming greasy spoon In participating places tip your waitresses A sure-fire way to wire, trip the matrices Skip ya laces, all black tennis miniature Ball stack, gall tall pack, Guinness minister Tussle the hustle, cut your dank with dirt Wont be in the club in no muscle tank shirt You could find him in the pub with a grub stain Chuggin on a small tub of pain to his bugged brain Sane, some say he plum crazy Amazed at how he still get paid but dumb lazy Thats for him to know and for you to guess Wont be caught in a suit vest at no computer desk A suede front, maybe may stunt khaki dig Not in no braids or no lace-front yaki wig
And so, Viktor Vaughn hid from the world A fascinating story, but it changes nothing Oh, word Nah, yo, change that beat Thats alright, but, the other shit— other shit was iller Word, word Yo, that shit is dope right there A modern day marvel, but terrible— better, horrible When he grab the mic from son, he crushed up all his metacarpals He said he aint mean it, totally by accident After the show, he didnt follow where yall taxi went Will this be available on wax? Ask Max Mill They on the opposition to his ass-wack tax bill But will it pass the senate? Slum lord tenant And its super like 1-A, have a fun stay One day, he plan to put in a runway With enough land for his own projects and gun play Section eight penthouse, maid look like Faye Dunaway A lot of yall ass out like gay runaway Its, how they say? Semi-risqué All day everyday, give out Emmys the quick way Have the average MC say, Give me a sick day They really aint got shit to say like Timmy McVeigh Get a hunch, a real rag tag bunch In school, he kept a durag in a bag lunch Just to eat heads on some breakdance shit and spit He writ this skit in Sanskrit If the pants fit, sport em, but rock em low Your man like Rollo on the slow, cant knock it, though Its like the same hustle, bro, two knuckles glow Tucked in Le Tigre just to let the name buckle show Good googly moogly, see that loogie? Yeah, but keep it on the D.L. Hughley You dont watch her, he might house her like Doogie Just to cut her loosie like, swoosh, Mitsurugi Gooey gum drops Who he got his style from? His pops You gotta give the bum some props Ask your sister, her beat box is more thicker DOOM that nigga detox with more liquor Villain for hire, admire the sound Make sure the price is right before he come on down Rappers be on some, You, you, you Forgot who they talking to, too much pork stew They need to not come out with nothing new Blew the whole shit up on some, What this button do? DOOM cheat the game like walkthrough Run em, son em like Mr. Rourke do Tattoo The way a lot of clowns get down is unnatural This flow flip like oranges, apples Rhymes is like limes to a Lemonade Snapple Leave her at the chapel, dont eat scrapple First thing they notice when they come to is they bling is gone Then they start remembering the Klingon with the rings on In came the Villain with the old gear like, Hi, there Yall play the rear, this whole year my year Metal Face beard like Brillo pad Yall know his steelo, so dont feel so bad Seed call him, Old dad, the one the old ho had Knew he was a winner since a swimmer in the gonads Okay, pal, pay him like PayPal So we could be A-OK, not O.K. Corral I think today, Ill make the ladies say, Ow And maybe fuck around take a bow now Who made his first mill and still carry razor blades? Used to be straight As and still made the grade? Retarded ass, how he get cash so fast? Year after last, he left back in the retarded class Shouldve went to BOCES Watch him all closely, who he think he supposed to be? Villain who always win, at least he stay consistent Find out where that bitch went, get a room, pitch a tent Yo, Max, yo, change that beat, yo You got another one? Nah, yo
Break out the fine— Villain! I warm it up like Kane in his prime Fuck with us, you insane in the mind You cowards way out of line Money talk, boy you wastin my time You dont want to put the work in You just want a taste of the shine Real talk, so its hard to trust Im in it for the long ride, like I drive a charter bus Scars and blood, from the deadly bars I bust In Czar we trust, the army buy they bombs off us Blog about it naysayer, you can hardly doubt it Whos the best? Whos the worst? We could argue hours Runnin through soldier field, Im Jordan Howard Nowadays they respect money more than power Money, power, respect, we all want some I aint waitin, I needed it, one lump sum Made men trade hands with young guns They stopped manufacturin the cloth that Im cut from I be laughin at the beef as though Im body-shamin exes Only time you set-trip is when you binge on Netflix Reckless, runnin up like, Eso, listen please Alright I like the beat except the snare, kick and keys Geez, I teach but I kill them when the class on So I got no pupils like Spidey with the mask on Generally speaking, each rhyme is five star Split personality, I ride with a side car I cant think of the rhyme, it must be misplaced Its on the tip of my tongue like Stan Smiths face Hold on - hmm, something bout a fly sound And how you got no bars like a dry town, so pipe down The beat bumps like bad skin Captain gonna teach stuff, shout to Kraglin thats the line, yo Let the mind take you where the cameras cant Its very necessary like a Q-Tip Grammy rant DOOMs jet lagged, good afternoon or is that night? Militants speak proper, some airheads said he act white Catch flight, bread good so he tends to pack light Got jokes, but usually dont engage in no snap fight Could be considered a waste confrontin snakes on the back bite Detrimental to culture that they lack sight, ass-wipe Catch him on stage, mad hype, with a trashed mic Month later, in the gutter, glass pipe and a flashlight Lookin round for something, he still scurry Bewilder, incite riots, the minds gone blurry There wasnt really shit to say, much to they chagrin or dismay The licks had em on the ropes, then he made a big mistake and hit the hay Went home and hit the day Burn the midnight oil and freak the shit a different way Disaster, time is a component Settin fire to rappers in a monumental moment And the games potent, its like a never-ending quotient A minute ago it was smiles and hugs, now where the fuck the dough went? He so bent its like he set the shit straight again Bombs finna drop and he aint even close to sayin when Nothin ever stolen Was given as a blessin, think the Universe owe him Got faith in the vessel but know when to keep rowin Yeah and get up out your own way when deliverin a poem Those who think they do, dont know him No different than a squad of birds ready to blow him Sorry Charlie, get back up on your Harley Win, lose or draw, plus beat you at Atari Drop they ass deep in some far-off Safari And probly even got the answer to, Who the hell are we? Metal Face squad drone, tell the real ones, Shalom In a calm tone, bomb thrown
Mmmm! The flow is toe in, precision as an afro trim All big letters but isnt no acronym Smack the thin grin off a chin for crack smoking DDT the first bar, leave this track back broken Chrome grown men doing business with Anglo-Sax and them Lacking swing but that banjos so relaxing As the wax spin, hacking axes in the wind Pretend its just a pen, see if you can pencil em in Tense, mention men of honor fenced in Census is tens, the wheels fall off then its the end Dont get keelhauled in Villain always been, feel real genuine ballskin Not to call the whole crowd out Its just a few chumps, and you know who you are like a shoutout Place em in your loud mouth and taste em like a pastry Waste of space face hastily bow out gracefully Disappear, reappear and disappear again Villain not his hair, hes no Afro-American If thats the case, hed be a bald-headed African Taking all the credit and jetted, astral traveling Turn a man into a mannequin for AFLACn And being tough actin Tinactin bluff jacking He wears a mask so when he dogs his face Each and every race, could absorb the bass In the place to be, dont believe the hyperbole Its like a murder spree, get sniped verbally Or beat in the head with lead pipe languages For street cred, leave him for dead in anguishments The slang suggest it was the guy in the glasses Who came to help the people with they minds in they asses You set trip and get a grip like Spalding These walls is thin, feel genuine ballskin
Is it much, too much to ask Not to hide behind the mask? Head on straight, mask on crooked Exit stage left, with the cash gone, took it Off like a khufi, the fit was a bit doofy He tried to get screwy, with that two for you One two for me, G, cut the cranky attitude Wet em like a handkerchief on a stanky fatter dude Whether yous a rapper or a dang singer Once you in, theres only one way out, like a gangbanger With a new crew key chain, and street name What set do he claim for fame? Peep game Just to keep feta and stay dipped You need it like a letter, or better a getaway whip This old things rusted Encrusted as the gold rings the old kings busted Planning in, global starvation and fat herb Now what in tarnation did I go and do that for? Stuff happens, like getting snuffed for tough tit rappings See I told him enough, quit your yapping The same apply to any and all chumps The only question he had for yall was, How many lumps? Three or four? Either or Mon chéri amour so why you need your heater for? The super villain slid in your party for free Want an MC, get out of here, kid, you bother me The day I took my mask off, my face was missing for two days For the record, G, came back a year later A whole new identity, Tony Starks pedigree My money green like my nickname was celery Who is Ghost? He flashed his toast Never wore sheets, but bulletproof coats Oh no! The feds cried for the mask back on Told them Ghost is dead, hell return at the crack of dawn Few years from now, him and his pals Before the Jetson era arrive, hell be back summertime 2005 With a half of face iron The other half water, look like alien science In the summertime here, you can see the face boil But the other side, I keep lubed with the Pennzoil Mad loyal , when the winter time come I gets stuck cause my brain all numb Its like I ate a thousand ICEEs and frozen Pepsis Aquamans pops cant water check me Disrespect me, indirectly I seen his feet and they both lefty, he steppin half correctly As I stroll the globe and terrorize the planet With a Bill Clinton mask and them Playskool hammers Me and DOOM, always be the best on the landing Superheroes for life until our souls vanish Check me out, my name is Brak and thats a fact I got a mom and a dad and they are out back We sit by the pool and we nibble on snacks Then we eat a big lunch and we all take naps! Whyd the beat stop? Hey! Hey! I got a mask too so gimme the mic! Cheh! Youre no DOOM Cmon Danger Mouse, gimme that beat! Turn the beat around! Love to hear per-cussion! You suck! Turn it upside down! Love to hear it... I know talent, and you aint got it I WASNT DONE!
Id like to start off by thanking our sponsor For financing the parts for this Frankenstein monster Along with my partner whos a bro of few words We did this research for true nerds and two birds Piano; do a show, same time, watch it And guaranteed to give em more than just hock spit MC extraordinaire, technique sort of rare Caught a glare, sure to scare, next week, more to share From the most retarded-est artists-es this year and forever Villain nem, your mean big brothers love ya Definitely felonies, telling me Treacherously MC, yelling B, set em free Let me see, that strategys misleading Gs all in the freezer with the batteries and Z-Rims He, him stalked the concrete with bunion And wont hurt corns when its on like the stun gun tsssst Not so shocking Funyun faced rappers eat rocks, over beatboxing Debunk punks with a stock flow And make it funky fresh with no socks Oaxaca Madvillain been as high as Kathmandu And tilted to the side like that fat mans shoe Look, not to give a mixed signal The rap game got more toys than Kris Kringle And hes fake, yer ears is not deceiving I cant believe my eyeballs no more than Steveland No wonder, OMFG Snuck him like an unexpected blow from a lefty Caught me, almost shot her eye out Felt good though, even with the cotton dry mouth Time out, okay, time back in Never seen a living human being with black skin Whats crackin? Besides smoking trees and wheezing With no reason working like a broken tetrahedron We get paid and get even Building, still get mad when its time to get v-vanim They thought the Don had gone silent Since deep in his studies hes accepted non-violence Dont make him have to skip some classes And open up an old can of whoop-ass with the fastness Cut the raw with melatonin put a little more in Strip club full of whores and grown men snoring Keep the block sewn like Thread and Bobbin Bonus And make sure the Cs know they never ever owned us Beat a dead pony and sell the corpse for glue Get a portion off the proceeds for the shoe No need to bleed if there’s no big to do Flew a fly flow with the speed of Mr. Magoo Blew a wad on a platinum card debit Come back, broke as hell, ask the god for credit, dead it The mask is like a hand crafted ghillie suit Only if the ladies could see him, they’d say hes really cute Hmm, thanks in advance Don’t try to be cool now, had ya chance Avalanche, rappers is Bagger Vance acting Who need to fix they pants or get smacked by the MAC-10 Or 11, or both Find Jesus, see the reverend, take the oath He moves his huge hands in the dark like fate Waitin for the date to drop the tape like bait
1,2 1,2 yes! Yo, its King Geedorah, combined with the forces of nine ether Blowing woofers and tweeters, shaking syllable meters Disasters cataclysmic, mystic natural Its about time we hit yall with some substance thats actual I got a gift call, hip-hop prophecy Since 2003 ends the reign of the jiggy MC No more roaming on this planet like scavengers Scientists broke the code of the Gregorian calendar Defying laws of space and time Trying to trace my lines, hold up, respect the architect Digital Roland, my whole crew roll with VS Type to master this whole universe in three steps We stretch across the equator with something major Universal rhyme tones, tamper with ya time zone Minds blown by the millions just for the feeling Hip-hop, it just dont stop until I make a killing Nah Im kidding, but for real The world aint the same no more Take your life to next level or remain no more Take your life to next level or remain no more Word up, word up Well Im colliding with the mind of a Survivor surviving, uncover the time brother The high volume wide column, Height slalom Preferred jog on the side Dodgin mirages, conquer the vibe, hunger lurks Nine to five work saga, god bless the life Father trife, travel to light Balance the globe off life, vocal pimpin its throat So you know how we go down yo Struggle in the ghetto yo Metal throat, settle the dough, live showbiz The cannonball, weapon, Man At Arms Four section, super intelligence, balance Benevolent, stinging nettle medicine Crouch tiger, dragon , craftmatic Watch ya back, if, catch this Fascist through the atlas, first class diplomatic status Stagma flag, then overstanding the plan Bar scan, identify camera shots Streets watch, Timex clocks Punch lunch on the dot, five minutes to rock So we blue-block cruise, its old news how we do... Im a drop one rhyme, for every time I cross the thin line Between yours and mine, see, its part of my design Shifting paradigm, Yin and yang combined Must be out ya mind thinking Stahhr would never shine Props due, focus with a hawks eye view Im all that, a plantain, and some Ital stew Gettin spinach, British, ATL to Venice Even Abercrombie figures open off of this verb elixir Magnetic attraction, raw as Millie Jackson Straight open in the caption, here comes the Hicks and Braxtons Lyrical contraction, delivery reaction It started with a passion, thats just the way it happened Born with umbilical cords strapped to Korgs Won’t drop a Kurzweil hustling Zip disk files Sharp with the needles, found no IVs for the feeble Yall fiending for the sequel and the beats not even EQd We have a snake to catch!
Danger DOOM in the hizzy! Widdy widdy widdy widdy widdy widdy widdy we We need food Im rappin Money - that and I wanna get some steady bitches and hoes And some candy for my nose Some diamond stones, to roll with my chrome and Hey, genius, you even know what that means? Uh-uh, what does it mean? Wheres the keyboards, and the tambourine, and the guitar? And you know, I mean, the stuff that like, white people like We had a piano Somethin bad-ass, like uhh, I dont know Like uhh, REO Speedwagon or somethin Hell yeah! Aiyyo, I know this dude right Carl, he wore tight blue sweats but wasnt glued too tight All he had upstairs was a crude light You think thats weird? He lived next door to a food fight Howdy Danger, much obliged for the beat God Even though you still eat lard, by the Meatwad Mesquite charred, speakin of which or who Voice all squeaky like they tuned it up a pitch or two A chunk of burned up witchs brew, get your crew See if they cant get past the stench of the stew It stank like a septic tank full of pig poo He mostly only turned into a frank or a igloo Switch your view to the brother with the fried dreads Not to be confused with the incense selling thai heads His name rhymes with Mike Hawk You could call him livewire, eye sockets, Frylock Able to shoot electricity through his eyeballs And blast all through your single sided brick and drywall More interesting than professional wrestling When hes online, you can find him on Instant Pestering Whats up with your boy? Hes not a soft or hot drink Whoever dont like it could suck his straw, its hot pink On some junk like Gucci on a classy ho Might splash you in the face with nuclear pistachio Make a fast break, or thatll be the last mistake That assll make is what you get for messin with Master Shake Look out, dont block the screen son, lunge across Tryin to watch Adult Swim, Aqua Teen Hunger Force! Rock this cult hymn, sock your mean younger boss Psht - Adult Swim, Aqua Teen Hunger Force! He often wondered, should he get the logo tatted to his woody? He could be #1 in the hood, G! Easily Shake callin, he-heh, you know I wa-ahhhhh Id just got off the phone with somebody else and uh That wasnt about you That was about me being upset about something else I shouldnt have called you but I did Cause I just, I like you so much Im REALLY looking forward to us working together And just, as of now that Im calm And after Ive apologized profusely - probably too much I am available, call me doggie - woof!
Who you think I am, but who you want me to be? When I rock, jock niggas in shellshock Dont watch the birdie watch the clock go tick tock I rip shop, I make ya girls bottom lip drop Yo word to the truckers at the pit stop Im hip hop I hold heat, never forget what niggas told me, they showed me Other emcees trying to fold, me they owe me Yo, plus them niggas mad slow G I got my Get U Now, so Im comin with my homie Heres the plan; stick em up, I enter, through the window Stoop down so we cant see our crescendo Pass the indo, yo we used to be our friend though Yeah but thats the reason I dont really like to lend dough From the corners cylindrical triangle hats says dunce Lyrics precise like forensical science leave you entangled for months Tryin to figure who done it, you fronted Got cha shit stunted, didnt have to be that way Some saw the light comin in, they shunned it For the wickedness to those whose despise life and worship death The established matched at eye for eye, tooth for tooth, breath to breath These are the last days of the countdown, shit is just that drastic Write journals, like they use the prophets, study math like a Aztec Loved not for who you think I am, but who you want me to be A true thuggin emcee, true thugs, with no strings attached I wanna give you my slugs and dont wanna take em Box sprays, but with my box cutter in my boxers Shots sprayed, who on cops high says we rastas Rockaway Boulevard, got love and obnoxious Bout five cops today, my rock away Niggas and rock rage, got paid A rock, you know why I rock, meet me at the Lobsters I suggest I should dress proper Copped a buzz, I copped a dutch I got a lotta love, with no strings attached Rhymes, rhymes, rhymes, we got plenty Dimes, dimes, dimes, too many Sparked up and chat, you keep countin I do my thing, jealous niggas keep doubtin Rock n roll, lock n load Emcees out for pots of gold, we stop em cold In they tracks an take all they chips-eses All they dats, all they bullshit mixeses Give em a credit, not debt it We just flipped the calistetic Toss the Andy Pettitte, you said it We grandslam in the never boss stand Any pussy emcees we abandon Flew in from Monster Island just to rag shit wit jet lag With brothers specializin ways how us not to get bagged Egads! I bring confusion like roll call To emcees so-called, hoes be like yup I told yall So socialize my bio so I dip dip dive Memorize like I-omega zip drive Go to the bar to drink to get soberer King Geedorah eat the head of a king cobra like ginkoba Kong get a cut like Kobe, now hold heat So sweet, roll deep but no beef Those that doze deep, close sheets Po chose to speak with, reach over to reload the piece Slip from freak to deak, keep concrete Parallel to body til the next male Shotties and hotty, still waitin to exhale Smell the blood bath a slugs caught Slugs passed and bloodsport Bugged laugh, a bugged thought Caught some eyes make the case last stack a locker Bocker, drink a vodka, hit note, like Sinatra at a opera Drop a flocker, Orville Redenbacher Get you, got you, shot the two Ls without the proper For the albums knocker Hit the liquor, quicker than a quicker picker upper Girl and stick er, I leave more nuts than a snicker Kick er to the curb, punk a bitch, stomp a chick For now call me Kong, Monster Isle, Monster Click Loved not for who you think I am, but who you want me to be True thuggin emcee, true thugs, with no strings attached I wanna give you my slugs, and dont wanna take em back
Ayo, man, my labelmate, Don Newkirk Man, step to em Thanks, Serch! And now... for the Prime Minister... Sinister... Pete... N-hi-hi-hi-hi-hi-hice! Nice, Nice, Nice Kick em in the grill, Pete! Gas—past tense, made facially 3rd Bassll express, KMD Three blind mics on sight Zev Lover, gave it the first light A grin shows a trick up a sleeve What a tangled web they weave Deceivers, stupefied through fable Say Lets Make a Deal at the dinner table Put you on tour, put your record on wax Sign your life on the X You exit, x-off, but what you really get: A box of Newports, and Puma sweats Tex feeds and frowns upon Emis To give up Gas Face he drinks from a Thermos Sub Roc cut at you with a clipper Gas Face given, I beg to differ Pete that was real def, man, but I gotta get serious now Ayo, Don, step to em again Everybody... MC Serch! Black cat is bad luck, bad guys wear black Musta been a white guy who started all that For those little white lies My expression to the mountainous blue eyes Then form a face, and shake my skull cap Dismiss the myth, that evil is not black But opposite spectrum, this done by red man With horns on his head, laid down the ill plan Got all his helpers, said, Make it snappy! Tell all the people that their hair cant be nappy! Blonde and blue-eyed, or dark-skinned heffer, G A disease, created by leprosy Dont speak of bleach, bend them to right Say it was night WAY before the light Put aside spooks, Serch leaves a trace Ive set em correct with the effect of the Gas Face Next up, Don? A special appearance by KMDs Zev Love X! A Gas Face can either be a smile or a smirk When appears, a monkey wrench to work ones clockwork Perkin his brim to the rim of my cup Dont tempt me, youre empty, so filler up! Is Im talkin coffee or cocoa, is you loco? Cash or credit for unleaded at Sunoco KMD and 3rd Bass is just ace in the hole I mean soul, so make the Gas Face Damn, if looks could kill You look like your host was a ghost from your grill But still, whats the new fad, to recollect To our passing phase to facades to 80-deca For my label reads Hood, street might have a tattoo Dont pick any card or no rabbit from my hat Never a magician if I ever tricked em Oh shit! Another Gas Face victim There it is, yo fellas man Why dont you step to the mic man? Thats how I kicks it, for 80-deca Ayo, good lookin out Don, man, peace Punji, yo, who gets the Gas Face? Little Vic for the Gas Face Tony Dick, gets the Gas Face No Gas Faces for Plugs One Two and Three No Gas Face for Professor Prince Pa-paul! My friend Tina gets the big Gas Face No Gas Face for DJ Subroc No Gas Face for KMD Hammer, shut the fuck up! Gas Face! AHUAHAUAH! WHAHAHAOAHH What do we think about Hammer? HAOWAHWOHAHBHABHAHBHAHBBHB G.Y.P Get Yours Posse does not get the Gas Face But P. W. Botha gets a Gas Face WHOAHBLBLAHBHA-WHOO! Dante Ross gets the Gas Face Yo stop dissin Dante on records yall! Elroy.. Elroy.. Elroy Cohen, gets the Gas Face! HAHAhahahahahaha, thats all..
Chain-smoking beedies til his brains broken completely Get back on his feet, work out and eat some Wheaties Greedy for the cheese, please, most couldnt fathom Had him in the cobra clutch, when he spat the mad hymn Gems, collection of brrrats Timbs and hats Had no time for the pitty-pat, Ill give him that The rhythm hit him back with a right hook Shook it off, caught a shiner, thought it was an aight look Depends on the shades The end of days fades, pretenders lay In dazes on stages, DOO-Malaise Eat it up, microphone, microwave mayonnaise His own way was strange but it matters not Tuned into a frequency tone that shattered rock Hold it down like Shatner do Spock Rapper jocks need to put a sock in they chatterbox The block got light of Vioxx stock Folks gather round, its no joke like Knock, knock Its them, they came home to roost yall And watch em transform the game to the rules of foosball Shes too small, any questions? Him could squeeze blood from a penny in the recession Keep guessing, it gets deeper than depression The power of suggestion wake a sleeper, peep the lesson Dig that beat Ripped it with Metal Fingers and stomped it with big fat feet And you know what they say, cut the hay Resistance is futile, you will be assimilated, but today Its all grey, metallic with a ruby stone Rude like the type of dude you could write a movie on Hardcore porn, did his own stunts Writ his own rhymes and split his own blunts Once, in a while, every other minute Eyes pop out, Popeye, heavy on the spinach Steady on his business and ready with a ill pitch Keeps a bad bilznitch like Denny Kucinilznich No hitch, just a shit-load of spit and sneeze Strictly G stacking up off a rack of hidden fees Rap is like the gay club strip tease With hippies on the yip saying Hey bub, grip these They screaming for attention Beaming at the mention of a scary demon convention You could cut the tension with a switchblade And serve it on the same plate of hors doeuvres a witch made Filleted, persuaded the chambermaid To bet her paycheck on a get-naked game of spades Straight up, no chaser, no layaways Caution, faint taste of microwave mayonnaise Doom has taken over every continent
Ha-ha, ha-ha-ha-ha, ha Doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo Ha-ha, ha-ha-ha-ha, ha Ayo Bitch, you aint never been naked on the seashore Put money on your head, spend the rest up in Dior Paris, me and Don C sittin front row Elephant drum on the forty, shit Dumbo Hole in your forehead, Im talking jumbo Im feeling like Shyne, I might shoot up 1 OAK Please no sparklers, baby, Im a legend Standin on the couch, Ace bottle in the desert Riddle me this, riddle me that Got the whole world and why we exist finally mapped The rich kids get all the girls and all the ass While the broke boys walk with the world kickin they back, yeah She say she want a five-star meal If it come with head, then its a five-star deal She say, shit, she just tried to hit me with a slap I blocked my face with my hand, now its a dap No strings attached, I aint tryna be a puppet, you heard? Id rather be stung by bees than be fuckin with birds I say this shit all the time until Im touchin her curves Or til its time to pet the pussy like purr-fecto Her fur retro, her weave petro Her heels Dries, dont fuck up the dress code She dont need a nigga for shit, she got her own But if he say he tryna pay, she like, I aint sayin no Roses are red violets are blue Do you want me for money? He found out when she said, I do Too late the pussy game too great The pussy game too great, the pussy game too great Roses are red violets are blue Do you want me for money? He found out when she said, I do Too late, the pussy game too great The pussy game too great, the pussy game crazy Prada boots with the Nico Louis suit Aint got no job, but I stay sharp Cant pay my rent cause all my moneys spent But thats okay cause Im still fly, da-da, da-da Damn, showboatin, gettin greedier Doin shows for fans on social media Wikipedia Man, these hoes gettin greedier, gettin needier Doin stunts for the media, cloutin serious Bad bitch, yeah, but the mind state is hideous Brain like encyclopedia And that ass look good with your Brazilian lift The money like that shit, be tryna wife that shit Might first class on a Delta flight that shit Off tops, I aint even have to write that shit, yeah Lamar Odom with the stroke, girl, you got my dick Ha-ha, ha-ha-ha-ha, hard You like a Uber when you ride, I might buy your ass a Car-car, car-car-car-car, car Roses are red, violets are blue Do you want me for money? He found out when she said, I do Too late, the pussy game too great The pussy game too great, the pussy game crazy Prada boots with the Nico Louis suit Aint got no job, but I stay sharp Cant pay my rent cause all my moneys spent But thats okay cause Im still fly, da-da, da-da Showboatin, gettin greedier Doin shows for fans on social media Wikipedia Ayo Every Ertuğrul Bey need a Halime Sultan To establish a tribe and build masjid roofs on My life, my sacrifice, my prayer, and my death Is all for the one God who spareth me breath You could try and lie to yourself about the times The war between God and Satan for hearts and minds In the age of social media Twitter, YouTube, Google and Wikipedia Pearls get tossed to swine You stick with Dr. Fauci, Im runnin with Dr. Wesley I never let the CDC come and finesse me I never let the fake news from the press distress me Even though the Devil would love to Malcolm X me Its him again, with the tint skin tone preaching brimstone Until the Man of Sin get everything that was meant for him Just know one thing And thats Allah sent me here to be King
BLWYRMND This that drive-by, this that Shawty Lo in Impala Hello out the whip with the clip, make you bye-bye Roll the windows up, hotbox, smokin la-la Roll the windows down, see the opps, its a problem Shit, really Im a good boy But that Trapaholics tag turned me to a hood boy Blunt guts on the floor, Im a Backwood boy Lookin at me wrong, make you wish you never looked, boy Screamin out the window like, Fuck you, pay me Snake you for the cash like my nickname Baby Used to have a job, but that job barely paid me Charleys Grilled Subs tried to minimum wage me, l-l-lately Hangin with my niggas makes me wanna start trouble If they fight, Ima fight, make this shit a royal rumble Im a gang-gang nigga til the jump-outs come If the jump-outs come, guarantee Im gon run Heres a little story bout them boys thats hittin licks, ayy Pizza spot, pizza shop, give me that shit, ayy Give me that shit, ayy, give me that shit, ayy Pizza spot, pizza shop, give me that shit, ayy Heres a little story bout them boys thats hittin licks, ayy Pizza spot, pizza shop, give me that shit, ayy Give me that shit, ayy, give me that shit, ayy Pizza spot, pizza shop, give me that shit, ayy I used to wanna hang with Dae Dae and em I used to wanna hang with Nelson and em I used to wanna hang with Diemon and em Til they gave all three forty years in the pen But thats the way you get respect when you tryna be bout it Shit, I was goin down that road but my phone kept reroutin They tryna go the right way, but the left said Ayy You gon ride, ride, ride, ride, ride for the gang So now we speedin to the pizza place, closin up, its gettin late Someone gotta rob the shit, everybody look at Jay Gang-gang nigga when the jump-outs come If the jump-outs come, guarantee Im gon run that shit Drop this, its like a fuckin gunshot, blaow Load the clip , rob , repeat Load the clip , rob , repeat Load the clip , rob , repeat Load the clip , rob , repeat Now everybody get up on the fuckin ground And if you make a sound, I might have to drown it with these rounds Knowin Im no killer but fuck it, Im tryna be that nigga So my actin skills kick in, Im Michael Jackson off of Thriller, hehehe Where the safe at? Dont make me ask again, where the safe at? Next question is: where the tape at? Thats when I seen a red light blinkin in peripheral I took the cams position and reversed it like reciprocal, hah I put a gun to her neck, she put her hand on the safe I hear a car creepin up, and then I tell her to wait Hold up, dont make a sound, just let his ass drive around And you will not feel a round, shh Car creepin up, creepin up, creep, creepin up, uh Car creepin up, creepin up, creep, creepin up Police car creepin up, creepin up, creep, creepin up, uh Car creepin up, creepin up, creep, creep Me the villain Dudes known to do more hustlin than stealin Papi snatch your soul out if youre in your feelings Never do no types of discussions around dealings Telephone bring repercussions to your well-being And Instagram put clowns in a jam Doin ten straight in a cell, hot plate eatin spam Wanna be the man but dont see the plan Finally, someone let me out of my cage Little did they know, Ima hit the front page in three days These days peeps do anything to make a buck Jackin jackers like they tryna win the sweepstakes Each day I be fightin for my sanity My ho stay mad at me , she just a liability She called the pizza shop, said she needed a delivery They arrived but she broke, are you kiddin me? I got back from answerin job calls I seen a fool hop out the window, just boxers on I recognized him from the pizza shop Im already deducin that my ho had to have somethin to do with this?
Render unto Geedorah what is Geedorahs Ten to one he sees ya through a beaker and a tweezers Read the fine print and be like, Whats the big deal? Spun wheels of steel since broke wheel Big Wheel Back when it was greasy S-curl, now its easy dread Had a rhyme on how they used to tease him bout his peasy head Yes-yes-yall to the beat, have it bald or Avacor Have it your way, or grab his drawer, Jabberjaw Since two tone Lees, these new phonies is boney hos Lonely, like cheese and balogna only I couldve broke my sacro-philly-ac Silly grind, Billy Jack, illy nine, milli black Listen to it go bang! Through and through a Kangol A strange combination of a king who teach slang flow Two-thirds slow, one-third amazing Wonder words, fine sponsor of this Thunderbird occasion And have an iller rhyme, at least by Miller Time Collect the skrilla, and geese with a killer dime Met her out in Killa Queens, originally she from the Philippines I love the way she fill her jeans Still a teen, and made for strange bedfellows Okay, so its head to elbows for shell-toes Uh-oh, heads up! There she blows A whole load of Head & Shoulders, and who care where she goes Let the music take control Just dont let the evildoers abuse it and use it to take your soul Its like putting fire to fake gold, it turn colors And get duller than a bake roll with no butter The shutter of a cake hole Who break drakes til it get old and flake mold Cornball, have em seeing white stars, I warned yall Like getting hit with a bottle of Mo from Sean Paul He not white ... Oh, he mad light though Either which way, they not ready for the lightning show They cant scandalize mine You could ask a swine who cant stands when I shine Geedorah the professor, add a question to the lessons He suggest you get a full assessment instead of guessing Its too stressing, did he stutter like rookie yes-men? Or did he just bring the butter, like the cookie chessmen This just in: they aint even worth the worry Lying on their first birth, and couldnt even hurt a Smurf-berry Hear ye, hear ye! How dare ye Go up against the king who do his thing tri-yearly? They too carefree with their mouths around here Off with his head, and display it at Town Square On top a seven-feet spike, make sure its on tight In light of when the peasants throw stones with all their might Skull get smashed for weeks Til vulture beaks eats the last meat off the cheeks Maybe then theyll know the right words to speak Out loud, at home, in the world, or in the streets Theres no escape, just in case All the kings mens and em decides to go apes The most slick-talking of burly guys Get caught early and boiled in oil like curly fries Even those thats Mr. Furleys size that earned the fate Can all get burned at the stake Send word to his closest kins, that for his sins We claim his throne, his providence, and its citizens In the name of King Geedorah! Dont make him catch a seizure We regret that you have not yet complied with our order We interpret this as a negative reply We are prepared therefore to conquer the earth We have stationed King Geedorah in the Western Hemisphere Geedorah was always one of their weapons And King Geedorah is completely controlled by our computers through magnetic waves Are you a homo? We help thousands of homos every month! All I’m saying right… Is in the old days right.. The women knew who the women were The men knew who the men were The women knew who the men were And the men knew who the women were. Im here to tell you that the future of your planet is at stake I urge that you transmit that message to the nations of the Earth Now do you feel like telling me where your leader is?
I could understand it V the beat bandit who bring heat for the mic Unhand it! Whoever go after burn they hands and lips A lot of rappers ran and abandoned they whips Its just another day in the Dunya Dont leave your girl around V he might swoon her Up under the window serenade her like a crooner Stay ahead of the game and cut her off sooner rather later Use her to gather data Scoop her in the butter soft moon roof Navigator Or the Land or the Lex or the Benz 116th by the hour from the Africans But they wont let you push em One tried to get fly I almost had to mush him If I wanted to rob him I would have wore a mask Hit him with the four, took the dough and tore ass Want not, waste not, front not They didnt see him dip into the 50 cent blunt spot V walked the town with space boots, space suits Fucked up cut but she still say his face cute Told the streets What you staring at? The sewer cap opened up and said Why you wearing that? He said Oh you wanna snap, piss-face? The way you be in everybody business is a disgrace! At the park gates Hark who goes there? Its V, the MC whos nasty as nose hair You may go He said You should have been say so! Tipped him in cash, an Argentinian Peso There you go my good man, buy something nice for the seed And please keep it moving twice the speed Consider that your fair warn Or else Ill bring it to ya express like Airborne Vaughn, drop a turd on the beat And shout out that little bird from the Word on the Street He write VIK in a sick demented handstyle And go bombing with a chick who whipped the rented van while All he say is You nuts He really had enough of poo putts and crew cuts Soups on! And I got a coupon Chinese restaurant asking for the grey poupon He said No! Duck sauce, soy sauce! And this aint no Burger King so you dont get no toy, boss Oh-oh its beer oclock I think Im sober How bout we think this over over a can of King Cobra You aint nicer than the lunatic sheister AKA the Vikster, or the Vikmeister He wonders should he get a baldie Or keep his edge up, V-shaped like Mamuwalde That is the question They wonder why he always wear hats in the sessions New drink, named it after Chong daughter Triple shot of gnac with a chaser of bong water V a strong supporter Triple shot of gnac with a chaser of bong water Cmon bring the slaughter
Yeah, thats right Its not a Hardy Boy mystery neither This is real shit This shit come on right after Hart to Hart yall No doubt, seven oclock Fantasy Island This episode is Death to a Brooklyn Man And this is Tonys Angels, aiyyo It was three white bitches who worked for Tony Starks Undercover agents, far beyond narcs Amazed by their beauty marks, Wonder Woman bracelets Knee-high boots that was made by Clarks My dick got hard at how they spoke and shit Every language was music to the kid as if I was modern day King Midas Doreen, Skye and Kelly, Starkys Angels, Shaolins finest Though it happened in the streets of Brooklyn Plus I played the whip real low cause my face was woofin My Angels jetted out of Albee Square, gun out, wrap in their hair Kinda crowded so they clapped in the air Chased a nigga down block for block, squeezing Glocks These mommies real angels, took one off his top Hes a rapist, murderer, convict, burglar The more they ran, the more their skirts got dirtier Sending shots like check day, FedEx expressway Boom bow bing, you heard the gunplay Who shot that duck out the window, Mr. Lee said Three pay now, you fucking weed head We can stop the finest suspect, hes dead Then I pulled up, Come on girls to Club Med Stay tuned for the conclusion Threes Company: Family Jewels Two brown sisters assisted the Villain, DOOM He woke up stoked like they was still in the room Freed his right arm and leg, it was more like a sweep Release his other leg, arm, head and rose to his feet Staggering except for the socks and mask, naked Threw on the boxers, searching for the Treo, checkin For the keys, the dough, a robbery expected Yet nothing obvious was missing, recollected Now why Hollywood hotties stepped in Giuseppe Zanottis Personnel nurses, Chanel purses, CLK shottie Chasing Patrice with Thai iced teas She drive while nice to veggie fried rice spicy Told them both, I dont feel so well, my belly Spin me down Melrose, drive me to the telly Yall go head and get the dutches, be back, copy Feeling woozy, no uzi, whos he see in the lobby Peace, pizza man stopped and looked Whoops, left the knot in her pocket book Wasnt the juks but too careless fearless Got to the room and fell flat out on the terrace The question remains who bound and gagged him Thats when they found the empty pack of black Magnum Villains skied a gram on the street, fifty G The part of Mr. Roper was played by Mr. T Im Mr. T, fuck Charlie Like I was sayin Im Mr. T Kelly, you gon give me some pussy? You know what you gon do You too Dorine, your little fat ass cant get away neither and shit Kristy was brown-skinned Uh-huh, thats right, yeah Ima call them Theodore niggas SWAT team on alert and shit Uh-huh, yeah, thats right, Skye you cant hide baby You got the best head nigga, word up The mask was chromed out This real Angel shit, yall my bitches Toney Bosley in this bitch, nigga Word up, gimme back my boots Theodore!
girls giggling Oh, Pete Nice? Im smoother than him, man, I mean He wears suits and all, you know no disrespect... incomprehensible Yeah, right, just a thought Heavy D, yo, the girls they love me They love me, I just know it! Yeah, Positive K? Hes dip dip divin? Yeah right Yeah LL, yo, he might keep the girls +Jinglin+ But yo.. Im the man Im the man, as a matter of fact Yo, see, they laughin at me, man Im the man! Yo, that aint right Yo, well anyway By the hairs of my chinny-chin-chin, gots many plus plenty String by string, I think I counts like twenty If you loan me your ear, Ill return it with interest If not, Ill simply twist your wrist So listen up closely, with thoughts to recoup me Cause I hope to gross like ten cent per groupie Now, only if I had two Gs per strand Ask my anchor banker, he understands I used to wrap my hand around a cold, gold can Someone once said health is wealth, so check self I gots a perfect check-up, cept for a hiccup, roll with no stick-up How can I keep the goya nectars on my shelf? Oh boya, how I searched for an employer But before Z. L. Huckleberry Finn was in Tom Sawyer Now use your imagination, just a smidgen If I was a bird, Id be a pigeon Succumb one to crumbs and pizza crust, when every fella can Eat fresh fish and live fat like pelican Then again, thats only if youre capable for freckles or blue eyes I settle for HecklenJeckle While I chuckle at my man with the cellular phone The only phone I owns a funky xylophones tone Aint no joy in annoyin high-pitched ringin We do the tap-twist and twitch bringin Through soul and this cordless thingamajig Sure as Subrocs clippers etch and clip to your wig Well do the gig so make your mind, thumb twiddlers The pipe, the bowl or us fiddlers, dont riddle us Ill even ride a bus till the coast is clear For okay pay, I say Im finna Now, all this runnin rounds kickin me right in the rear And still Im judged by the hairs on my chinny-chin-chin And Im able to hit a skin Just like my man Puba Maxwell, so Im smooth Yeah, Kane he get the job done but yo, I take care of business {Peachfuzz} Now, whats up with this peachfuzz nonsense? {Peachfuzz} What are yall talkin about, this peachfuzz? {Peachfuzz} Nah, I just got one thing to say {Peachfuzz} Ahh, man.. By the hairs of my chinny-chin-chin, six black hairs String by string, I think I counts five pairs Thats a little, but still, can I get a thumbs up? At least for the peachfuzz that sums up A tidbit, yeah, thats it, but who gives a sugar Honey iced tea besides me For if, I ever riff, yet and still, windmills So I take time just to kill I say cute is for a bear, teddy bear like Teddy Ruxpin Would I be handsome if I pimped in a tux then Smoked a cigar with some black shinin shoes then Picked up some friends in my Benz and start cruisin? Huh, thats a dream that I aint even livin in If that makes a man, surely Ill recommend Ill stay a toy boy eatin Butterfingers With Knowledge of Self, and colorin books on my shelf I wanna grow up, cause maybe if I did then I wouldnt be treated like a ToysRUs kid when They counts ten upon my chin By the hairs of my peachfuzz, lets say each was an inch Psych, because I cant pull or pinch Its a wrench, and I thought life would be a cinch But anyway, anyhow, lets talk about someway, somehow That I can make my peachfuzz grow out Really? Do I need beard that grows with no pause Just to be respected and resemble Santa Claus? Hear this clear, Im a MAN, I tell ya No dreams or drugs like the slugs will I ever sell ya A man I am, in the body of a youth So dont play me like Im Born Universe Truth Truth So when I knock at your hearts, let me in And judge me not by the hairs of my chinny-chin-chin Yeah, thats what we call, pimpin presence yo Call me tonight, knowhatImsayin? You got it Yeah, I eat no pork So why cant I be as smooth as my man Dr. York? I see not! Yo.. Im smoother than the bottom of Hammers shoes After three hundred spins No love here No hair on my chest, but my boy Ak West, Im just smoother Im just smoother Yeah right Im definitely smoother than yall just saw Its about time! Im sayin, yo but, I dont want to hear {Peachfuzz} None of this peachfuzz nonsense {Peachfuzz} Peachfuzz {Peachfuzz} You know {Peachfuzz} girls giggling {Peachfuzz} Hes a little boy {Peachfuzz} giggling {Peachfuzz} {Peachfuzz} laughing {Peachfuzz} {Peachfuzz} {Peachfuzz} {Peachfuzz} .. fades
When we meditate, what is the word we use? “Om” I want you to try this, let’s all try together And when you do this, I want you to find the area that gives this sensation Ommmmmmm Point blank, right between the eyes Any fool could get it so don’t be too surprised guys More funner than a clown with a gun Run for the crumbs, it’s the sound of the sun Om To the brain right between the eyeballs Anybody could get it, so don’t be too surprised y’all More dumber than a clown with a gun Pound your drum to the sound of the sun Om If you saying that I ain’t nice you better think twice I’ve been in my room psyched, with the mic giving advice Plans of giving my life to the game They saying that I’m insane, attention I’m not paying My vision and my brain are coming soon enough I’m pursuing moving musical drugs The rap game newest plug I got the fire, you’ll be higher off of one hit Others getting smothered, I came to cover em up quick I told them that son sick, they ain’t believe Went in with the bob and weave and got the profit in the sleeve They pocketing off of me? Alright I’ll let it be They’ll see in the soliloquies, they ain’t with me mentally Born in a different league so they see me differently Who would’ve seen this simple teen featuring in magazines Me, all I really need in the end Me and intuition rolling through thick and thin To the dome right between the eyes Anybody could get it so don’t be too surprised guys More funner than a clown with a gun Running for the crumbs, it’s the sound of the sun Om In the head right between the eyeballs Anyone could get it, so don’t be too surprised y’all More simple than a clown with a gun Pound your drum to the sound of the sun Am I being idolized? Or am I a pair of idle eyes? I look into the sky, a wise beam of light replies Telling me the rain’s coming in a sec I still question it, Im storming passed the rest, then My mind gets to restin’, gotta stay deprived of the stressin Thought it’s hard and I’m relying on blessings I keep my mind set in a setting that I can dream So all the positive things attract more than queens and dreams Gotta balance out the give and take, cause I made a couple of mistakes I know you can relate, but now I’m tryna live great So I guess I gotta give what it takes and I’ll live with the greats Passed the oppression, I fell back now I’m not stressin’ Materials reign imperial, this lifetime’s lesson And it’s quite interesting ‘cause everybody’s spines getting lessened With they mind and they relying on weapons So now we seeing death in a frequent rate But if I keep light working I could change the pace My ascensions got my visions in a different space Divine grace, wise in a high state Straight to the dome right between the eyes All of yall could get it so don’t get too surprised guys More funner than a clown with a gun Running from the crumbs, it’s the sound of the sun Om In the head right between the eyeballs Anyone could get it, so don’t be too surprised y’all More simple than a clown with a gun Peace, peace, peace, peace, peace, peace, peace It’s an area that vibrates when you do, “Om” It vibrates, and it vibrates the melanin in your third ventricle That vibrates your pineal gland and your pituitary and your optic thalamus Your pineal gland is a gland responsible For spiritual…
Lord, I cant take it no mo One two three, in the place to be! MF DOOM, Talib Kweli, ah here we go On born days, I used to blow out the candles; and every Saturday Watch cartoons til noon and then Id switch to Ralph McDaniels I was, makin up a miracle flow, over a cereal bowl And a pause beat from my stereo Rhymes stronger than Popeye with the spinach out Im gangster like the frog on Courageous Cat and Minute Mouse Maybe Im trippin and its just a cartoon to you But I got chills when I heard how DOOM flipped the Scooby Doo And I might be buggin but it seem to me That cartoons be realer than reality TV They inspire my decision to be open and listen But folks got it all twisted, like a yoga position Like in order to spit it dope, you gotta have a criminal past Thats similar to the cast of Different Strokes Me and my people break bread, sit and smoke The conversation rich but that depend on what you consider broke I draw on anything for inspiration A fond memory, a piece of paper, walls in a train station Its just that Im old school like that Roll that rap over soul loops like that Its just that Im old school like that Roll that rap over soul loops like that Its just that Im old school like that Roll that rap over soul loops like that Its just that Im old school like that Roll that rap over soul loops like that Yeah! And well be right back after these messages Fellas grab your nutsacks, chicks squeeze your breastesses We aint all that grown, its still funny like Goin to the store on your own with rainbow money Since then had an insane flow sonny Walkin to the corner rhymin in the rain, nose runny Breakdancin maybe ten, bummy Is when Subroc would run up handspring Arabian somee! Ooh wee, like a Hong Kong Phooey kick Or a weekend afternoon, karate movie flick Slept good, no justice, no peace Woody kept it hoody, never discussed it with police Shot the fair one nobody ran to get the gat Or felt they had to put it up in they raps to set it fat And since when lyrical skills had to do with killin a cat? What type of chitlins is that? The Super Villain has the bad hydrotonic Whoever willin to ride, provide raw chronic Its just that Im old school like that Roll that rap over soul loops like that Its just that Im old school like that Roll that rap over soul loops like that Its just that Im old school like that Roll that rap over soul loops like that Its just that Im old school like that Roll that rap over soul loops like that Yeah!
Krazy world, get it where you fit in Choose how to roll, the dough there for the picking Switch up—you’re stuck, telegraphing how you’re living It’s all about me, all about you in a Krazy world, get it where you fit in Choose how to roll, the dough there for the picking Switch up—you’re stuck, telegraphing how you’re living It’s all about me, all about you Check the plan: I’ma bubble them jumbs, then I abolish ‘em Been doing it since double-0-1’s with five dollars Pinstripe knees and D’s in the side pockets Keep it shining in Siegfried shirt with wide collars See all these shots and bam-bam fed on Channel 5, I was Scrambling, making sure them heads was satisfied with it The meter inside the cut was just right, fresher Than southern dubs, enough to buff pipes while I Tell married chicks to suck mics and strips for The bills and get ‘em addicted, prove all their skills Straight pimping, mac daddy, ain’t nothing wrong with hustling When the time calls for it, I’m puffing chron and busting, then I Do shit to chicks some youngins call disgusting Fuck ‘em in their butt then have ‘em suck off my nut then Give ‘em all they need to keep turning out tricks Put ‘em on the strip at nine, have ‘em return about six, then, uh Then press the ho, pull a burner out quick, get Moved on the low ‘cause rumors spread through word of mouth quick, and Pimp hoes, pimp ‘em, lick slugs, lick ‘em, sell Drugs, sell ‘em, mixing up turn you into a felon in a... Krazy world, get it where you fit in Choose how to roll, the dough there for the picking Switch up—you’re stuck, telegraphing how you’re living It’s all about me, all about you in a Krazy world, get it where you fit in Choose how to roll, the dough there for the picking Switch up—you’re stuck, telegraphing how you’re living It’s all about me, all about you Listen close: ain’t no doubt in the game If a heater broke, they’re cutting a whole mountain of ‘caine We still bagged up twenty-five percent, so they’re chopped Up or they drop slow ‘til they fly up. Open Shop, buffed rims spread fast like bad rashes Fall back with the gods, and they be badasses As they come back, it’s pouring mad acid rain Smoke an L, straight blow from them cells Stash up, keep that dough for my bail Plus a four-four with shells in case shit go to Hell Reup on the hundreds of cash with two jammies Plus the broad’ll transport the crack in her poonanies Can’t pick the clique of a cat that’s too candy Ride-or-die fam, those who wilds is my mans too Tell it how it is: thug-wild styles plus kids Money’s smart—don’t talk—just be chill, how these kids be Down for the game since Gazelles and suede Pumas Have them broads stashing the cash in the bra and the bloomers Cock-blocking your spot with fakes, rocks, and ass-pimping Know that you’re pushing this cash that we’re passing you Krazy world, get it where you fit in Choose how to roll, the dough there for the picking Switch up—you’re stuck, telegraphing how you’re living It’s all about me, all about you in a Krazy world, get it where you fit in Choose how to roll, the dough there for the picking Switch up—you’re stuck, telegraphing how you’re living It’s all about me, all about you “Attention: we have heard from the control center on Monster Island that the two monsters have broken out. All men stand by!”
Young blood, hes smart and hes tough But hes got a lot to learn about survival And the man hes gonna learn from is... Doom! Uh, lay in the cut like a puma on the prowl The right time to get em is now, clow Thats the end of that, beginning of a never-ending saga Of how he gets it in like Kamagra Cheers heres a lager, yours is ODoul’s These are from the untold rules of the old school It’s like a woolah what it do to one’s medulla oblongata Revenge of Montezuma on a blotter Its that clack clack boom Like whats contained in a square centimeter of the vacuum When lava rock cool who play the block fool Villain get paid laid back like chacmool Enough to make Pac drool wherever he at Invest wealth, impress self check ace stat Damn mask gets stickier than crack sweat In the corner pocket thats gained some aspect and yet still blow like gasket Many ass out, no clout, no smash hit And thats it, plan B, let the tools spark Plan As a shoe-in, straight shootin like a pool shark Rack em up, just dont quit your old job Small trolls whose type slob on poll blog You know you done fucked up now, like O-Dog the menace Its all love, play tennis The mic is the shotty, forget about the flack vest They hustle is backwards, whack -- its tactless That dont count, chickens before they hatch in the basket Body beats, closed casket, Bishop! Im moving with the all black tactic Black kicks, black jeans, black jacket matchin Im pulling 21s like Im using black magic And they thinking that I am because the qualitys fantastic They told me I should focus on scholastics And others told me focus on elastic Im using both of those as a tactic As I mix it with my passion for the rappin To think I could have been trappin Im happy I wasnt trapped in The loop de loop and shootin Im moving through the mind pollution, tryna find solution But Im only closer to dilution The illusions are leading me to delusion Im sick of being confused and I dont have much of a fuse So I lack getting amused, feeling actively abused More days of the blues, Im waiting on the clues Alone as I cruise through life and all its waters Must have hit some ice-bergs because its feeling like torture Its H-O-R-S-E, Im Jordan, in 96 Im sinking everything man, still Im playing for the chips So basically, Im saying Im tanking my own ship You can think what you want cause your thoughts aint important Im feeling blanker than a CD ROM And all I ever wanted was for them to see these rhymes They telling me be patient, I aint got the time Cause Im seeing trash rappers getting over night shine While Im still behind, and they ask why I whine Is it because Im living off the thoughts in my mind Or is it Im just livid because nobody is complying I see that Im inspiring the moves of these sirens But how could I be vibrant? Only thing Im close to is violence So hurry up and cue all the violins Looking from a vile lens Ever since the girl I was eyeing for prom Aint wanna tag along, its something that I long But I understand the order though Lifes like a big playbook full of audibles You never know the working play until you go toss a few Packing rappers in caskets your boy Nehru So the first thing you’re gonna have to do If you decide that you’re going to be Someone who thrives in times of hardship And there are always those who thrive in times of hardship, aren’t there? There are those who survive epidemics There are those who thrive in hard times In other words, we want you to step back far enough You know how when you’re in your airplane And you’re looking across the landscape High in the sky, 500 miles an hour, 50 thousand feet in the sky And you look down, and it all looks pretty calm Down there, doesn’t it Put it on the ground at that speed, not so calm We’re encouraging you to take flight We’re encouraging you to ba- ba- back up from it Get a longer view and understand it It is not possible for things to get worse in a universe that is expanding But, this is something that you may begin to notice As contrast exists, and it always will And as everything is expanding, including contrast As contrast becomes more, then asking becomes more And when asking becomes more, and resistance stays strong Then more people beat themselves up by not going with the flow That’s all you’re seeing right now But when you, as an individual, who can’t control what the others do Let loose of your own resistance and go with the flow Then you become one who experiences immediate thriving Now this is the part about something you’re going to have to learn to do during this interim It’s just a few months You have to decide that you don’t care what others think of you
Tempted by the sins of life, the pleasures of lust With wild imaginings that you cant discuss Oh, the flesh is weak, its a struggle for peace Its a daily conflict between man and beast We strive for God and a better tomorrow Still suffering from the unforgettable sorrow Repent from thy sins, son and walk ye straight Stop talking all that trash boy and talk ye straight Afflicted by the pressures of life at every vital point Still, I wouldnt give an oint Or flinch an inch or pitch a pinch Off the pie or every try to try your wench Confronted by the devil himself and stay strong You think you can take the King now meet Kong Strong as the base of a mountain, theres no counting How many MCs have sprung from our fountain Fifty thousand year process to make this combination Im not giving mine away to Satan Although I know that hes awaiting To get a hold of my biochemical equation Ima slip him son, Ima dip him, son When I catch the drop on him, Ima clip him, son Fifty thousand year process, to make this combination 99 elements, biochemical manifestation Im not giving mines away to Satan Although, I know that hes awaiting Ima slip him son, Ima dip him, son When I catch the drop on him, Ima clip him, son Bet ahk, straight to the head with the pet rock At least til I can get from out this booth, its like a sweat box Trade a few bars of head nodding, throw us a stack Pay him and its sewed up like thread and bobbin bonus pack Invest in the first B-boy kid show Live off skid row with jive talking negros He wear his beard like a frizzly haired grizzly And kept his appearances exquisitely rare, where is he? Is he in the backyard or on your front porch Or standing in the corner of the club with the blunt torched Youre soft, they say he rhyme like he starving And sold odds and bodkins to old gods and goblins Golly, Im just a pest and your worst best friend Who mend and rip space-time fabric like polyester blend Not a hobby for no knobby-kneed lesser men Or sloppy like the rest of them, they probably need estrogen Yo, yo, drunk or sober, son, dont lose your composure Semi off the Remy, mixed with Henny, Moet demi Underneath the passenger seat, son, tuck the semi Israeli issued automatic black pistol The cop with the flashlight chew gum as he whistle Tapped on the glass, roll it down fast License, registration, address to your lab They made insurance, the reason why I pulled you over Cuz the way you were swerving, sir, you cant be sober Have you been drinking? Breathe into the breathalyzer Get out the car, please, follow this exercise, sir Put one finger on your nose, now from heel to toe Walk in a straight line, ten paces, down the road My homeboy Kano, used to do the mashed potato Or cartwheels and then spin out like a tornado They used to chase him, right; but son, he would always shake em Then come and puff bowls and make beats inside my basement Drunk or sober, never lose your composure Stress on the brain cause pain and stomach ulcers If you cant understand, then come closer We civilized the uncivilized like we supposed to Drunk or sober, never lose your composure Mic in your hand, black man stand as a soldier Stress on the brain, cause pain and stomach ulcers If you cant understand, then come closer
Not a lot of bling When he do the thing, bada boom, bada bing From the womb to the tomb Get that ricotta, bada bing, bada boom DOOM, your reputation precedes you Wait til you crack and see what weed do, you dweeb you No pun intended, takes one to know one, well no - its unscented Yo son, demented when them sent it from the other time Before everybody and they mother rhyme What a crime - beats is the same way Make em wanna hit the streets with the heat for a lames pay Game day, flag on the play, improper helmet Drag on the suede from the gem drop of well spit He didnt listen, titty kissin, the city glistened Depending on what from what position youre sittin In the pissy wind, is this thing whistlin? Who let the spinnin, whisperin djinn in? The Villain again? Without a doubt, thats his name Dont play it out or spray it when you say it out your mouth Then gave him a cold shoulder for a hour And told him take a gold shower for fakin funk, soul power Stocky, short and cocky Looked like Apollo Kreig after he fought with Rocky Rhymed in a broken Eng-a-lish slang, not cockney Thirteen, his first queen wore hot knock knees Had to tell her pops, yo stop cockblockin, B Hold somethin for your daily yay habit Then go, bada-bing-bing-bing like ricochet rabbit How bout the sicko say stab it? Theres liquor in the cabinet and a slicker for the crab pit And Heineken, I told him much obliged friend What I gotta spend if I only touch her thighs then? Why his eyes widened He didnt know your man had a nice surprise hidin Took pride in ridin in a sly wiseguy grin Real recognize real On the microphone or wheels of mechanized steel Please, at least respect your ideals How you got her walkin along the stroll in high heels? He said her mamma was gettin old God bless her poor soul, now no more drama is your role Straight to the head He know a lot of haters cant wait til he dead Lead to gold, like a ho to a strange whack housewife Only thing he know: it changes back though, how trife Rules is rules, dont go there Stay on sale like a old coat made of mohair Keep a snotty chicken on E, the Lone Ranger Why everybody always pickin on Danger? And DOOM, maybe its him Called up my lady, told her Baby, its slim Make me up a margarita, I need to take a swim Tell them kids remember school - if they let em out, cool But get the hell from out the pool Hey {​shit}-head, its me again! And you know what? I just heard, ITS ALL DONE NOW! And somehow, I guess you must have lost my number You know what?! YOU SUCK! YOU SUCK! YOUR MUSIC SUCKS! AND I HATE YOUR SUCKY STUPID METAL FACE! I hope you burn, youre going down This is the last big mistake, youll ever make YOU SUCK! I HATE YOUR GUTS! But, if there is another project in the future please keep me in mind Thank you Beef rap, could lead to getting teeth capped Or even a wreath for ma dukes on-on some grief crap I suggest you change your diet It can lead to high blood pressure, if you fry it Or even a stroke, heart attack, heart disease It aint no starting back once arteries start to squeeze Take the easy way out phony, until then They know they wouldnt be talking that baloney in the bullpen So disgusting, pardon self as I discuss this They talk a wealth of {shit} and they aint never seen the justice Bust this, like a cold milk from out the toilet Two batteries some Brillo and some foil, hea boil it He be better off on PC glued And its a feud, so dont be in no TV mood Each week its mystery meat, seaweed stewed Cause I cant, stop that pimpin any more I forgot bout why I started, pimpin for! There you go, yeah! Thats good!
Alright guys, right Right over there to the left, where the peoples at? Watch this shit, its good Original song Ah, Frankie Sinatra, ah, Frank Sinatra Frankie, me boy, dont know You have the perfect voice to sing calypso Ah, Frankie Sinatra, ah, Frank Sinatra Frankie, me boy, dont know You have the perfect voice to sing calypso Ah, Frankie Sinatra, ah, Frank Sinatra Frankie, me boy, dont know You have the perfect voice to sing calypso Ah, Frankie Sinatra, ah, Frank Sinatra Frankie, me boy, dont know You have the perfect voice to sing calypso Frankie, me boy, dont know You have the perfect voice to sing calypso Off this rocker, hes off his rocker Please, Mr. Officer, I only had some vodka Little marijuana, just a few Vicodin Only reefer swervin out here while I’m driving Where your registration? OG license? Because of that interior, your bitch wanna ride this Plate red bold cat, dick got LoJack White hoes calling and they asking, Where the dope at? What? Whatever Modern day Sammy hit I wrote with that Sinatra All for pasta, spray in her mouth like Binaca Listening to salsa, rhythm of maracas M.I.A. on the job sipping in Sri Lanka I divide and conquer, rolling Willy Wonka Baby momma wanna suck the dong up at the concert And they gets no pay Like Frank Sinatra, bitch, I do this shit my way Like Frank Sinatra, bitch, do this shit my way Ah, Frankie Sinatra, ah, Frank Sinatra Frankie, me boy, dont know You have the perfect voice to sing calypso Frankie, me boy, dont know You have the perfect voice to sing calypso Im so high, youre so high If I take another sniff, then I just might die Take another sniff then I just might lie Tell her what she wanna hear Just to get between them thighs Underground nigga, but on top of the world Took the bitch for oyster, now my tongue on the pearl So fuck what you say, do this shit my way Like Frank Sinatra, bitch, do this shit my way Tanks of vodka, sip slow rocka, ock Write rhymes since the days with Frankie Crocker rocked From more stocky stock Known for his illy right hook to make Rocky block Thats no poppy cock pirate We can keep it irie, or we can keep it irate Dilate, we keep it one hundred From the heights of Northern Lights to Southern Comfort One fifth, come with that headbanger boogie for that ass Villain give a bully ten noogies for the cash Or dash, dip slow on a marathon Or maybe he gon sing Calypso like Farrakhan Or Frank Sinatra, mon Frankie, me boy, dont know You have the perfect voice to sing calypso Ah Frankie Sinatra, ah Frank Sinatra Frankie, me boy, dont know You have the perfect voice to sing calypso Frankie, me boy, I’m sure well sell two million copies or more
Feel the magnetism between us Growing stronger and stronger Why dont we do it? I was in a case out of state She was thirteen and good, we had a hotter date It was just a number, she never told she was knocked up By the end of the summer chick almost had me locked up My aunt came and got me, and steadied the block We bounced to the yeti, and Im ready to rock With no attachments, feelin a little loose Blowin up in every spot, we had a little juice Probably the Dom or the Afghani bud in me We played the stage standin by the speaker and suddenly... Who tapped me? Im bout to get real ill Already ripped the whole club with Metal Faces steel wheel What a sweet surprise her with the fly eyes And fine, she pulled me to the sidelines The mystery shot up with strong words She was an intelligent wisdom and a songbird I met her last week at the same place She stepped to me, the same way at a no shame pace Im off guard, her game had me choked up Checkin me, play testin me, till I spoked up Seven whole days and nights and not a word from you I was worried, I thought I woulda heard from you Stranger, you know I never get enough of you How you be comin through... Myself and two a alikes had ran through this crew of three In my earlier days they showed me things new to me So we knew mad brothers who they had hit off They even used to watch each other just to rock they shit off When slovenly two smile and Im scopin her Switchin off three times a night made them more opener So you could love Allah, or leave him the hell alone Message from my godfather, solid gold telephone Many of my men went up in smoke While trickin with these chickens, and ended up broke You find out whos ya mans when you broke Like a bad joke, its funny, when you on you got mad folk I played the middle man in every little scam Some as complex as a hip hop album riddle jam I find its quite intriguing as I think about rappers Walk upon me speaking with they stinkin mouth About this and that from sneakers to hats to gats Freak chicks with the cooty cat raps And its that cool the dice at that Im at a black tie affair with a diva with the fatty fat I play the back, steady on the humble But be right up front when we get ready to rumble I gave her breath control, ask her who she learned off Coulda took her back to the crib, somehow was turned off Me and you... was overdue From gettin together baby I always knew our love was meant to be Feel the magnetism between us Growing stronger and stronger Why dont we do it? :
Even then I had the uneasy feeling it wasnt young Viktor Vaughn who would need my protection Motherfuckers, thats why I aint playin with their ass, thats whats gon happen to them niggas Motherfuckers done fucked up, man Aint it some shit like that? Yo, Im only rhyming where the drums is at Yall niggas think yall slick with that bullshit—bump that Yall pay V for flowing to the beat Not for what he know that got hoes hoeing in the streets Thats for him to know And for they to never find out About the kidnap, blind fold, and the blind mouse The coroner report say he simply signed out Oh, and I know Yall wanna see a wino? Bring the wine out Cat with a dead mouse is how he catch a phrase, and pause Plays with it, kill it, and eat off it for days, get it Whoever aint get it aint supposed to For standing still close to Bandits will ghost you No shoot, Sherlock I dont know how they do on your block Out here we rock on to the sure shot Shit still aint stop, keep it on til your peeps is gone V be on the creep, no matter what you keep it on CD, debahh—oh— Aw—Yall motherfuckers Playin Motherfu— V catch the beat too ridiculously People think he study levitations true mystery Had a pal named Ed Leedskalnin until he got him for his sweet 16 He said Ed be Wilin Rumor has it things got violent He clobbered him and broke the fuck out But he aint try to rob him I told her dont tell your man Thats the trouble with these chicks Next experiment: Twelve strands from double helix No I havent seen Kes, Neelix Oh, yeah? Why dont you stay away from her with those lyrics. Please—aint nobody fuckin after her Im out of here as soon as I fix the flux capacitor And OH, and speak to V in a proper manner Before he stabs you and put out all types of propaganda Stop the slander, chop the hand of a thief And cut the mouth off of who ever come out they teeth V sell time to an inmate And then tell him a rhyme for the hell of it to demonstrate They know whos the renown beat critic And do a street lyric like, Thats a neat trick! Off on a tangent, they aint got a cent Supposed to went to management, and spent it getting bent Sparky, I had enough of your malarkey For one, dont mark me and who you calling Darkie? I had to take the nigga car key!
More rhymin, pure diamond, tore hymen, poor timing Raw lining, Paul Simon touring, Im in Boring typing, snoring pipe when hyper than four hypemen Excited writing, trifling times ten Long stay, songs play, gone haywire, wrong way On the interstate, integrate all day Its just a small phase, thats what them all say Then fall prey in a mini-mall hallway Meant to be sold, not told to friendly enemies Remember these intentionally, empathy please Silent moment, violent prone atonement Miles a minute on a microphone, own rent, loan spent No debt, has bet, fast get, cash jet Master McSmash, Asterix stashed it last Not least, pass the pot of hot grease Geese shot, not easily spotted plot, cease snot release Hold your insulting tongue and mark his words well Or end up to the curb and shocked by third rail Get the message by bird mail or turds flail Villain man, best nerd male you heard wail An absurd tale of books, nooks and crannies Before she look, he have his fancy hooks in them granny panties Or plan B, when in Rome, go back home And get real dome from a well-known crack gnome He talk to himself when he need someone to hate on The black McCain campaign, negative debate-a-thon Gone wrong on the song Whos zooming who? Knew it was you DOOM all along Ever since he first started the art, its been worth it Soon to charter a stint on part of the Chitlin Circuit Word kid, get your ticket from the telepath Wicked, wicked, wicked on electroencephalograph Villain, nice to meet you {​​snore}​​ You born like this?
M-O-N-E-Y Never did a thing for L-O-V-I-N Never understand what peoples heads are in Ask me what I need A fly tramp, thats what she called me Cause I dont wear no Stetson hats like Paul C As yall see, who give a fuck? Who know what is it? These styles will be flipped to the absolute exquisite Its like a blizzard, soon as I got home from ATL Looked into my babys face, my boo was like ... Well! I know your types of clientele! Thoughts, needs As I held her firmly, yet gentle as the soft sea She said, The one with the horse weave? The pretty one? Or crazy, had to touch the tattoo through the short sleeve? Which one you want? Im like, If there was comp? Fuck around, a nigga like me probably run up in all three! King Geedorah what they call me, either caesar or baldy Probably have moved since last yall saw me On the D-low, I slaughter solo emcees, they paper-thin In they Polo, Nautica, or DK men Amen! Its funny how significance make a difference Notice parables of three in every other inference For instance: Who wants to battle? On the real? Choose your weapon: microphone, beats, or the wheels-of-steel I own a crown in all three for getting down without a doubt Id like to give a extra special out to Jet Jaguar, the sun, moon and star The Monster Island Czars - yall know who you are Get that! M-O-N-E-Y Never did a thing for L-O-V-I-N Coming straight from the black lungs I rip tracks for all players that pack guns Stack ones in packs, done and doing back-to-back runs To my peeps that close, sos ya knows whats up Yall know the doughs quick, hoes that mess with 5-O shrimp like, What? Like they wanna shmoosh us, just to packing the pushers Im packing gat then bust a cap at po-po If they catch us and try to push us Since when a MINY nigga dont be taking no shit? I be that drug dealing nigga that be fucking ya bitch! What a fella! Like Salt, Pepa, Spinderella I came to spark the deaf, dumb and blind like Helen Keller If Im not with George of the Jungle, if he not with Stella Or either Priscilla, Im doing dips on Godzilla Though yall know he dont play, right? TNT throws a nigga out a moving van in broad daylight And he was shackled by hands and feet Then they say he tried to escape, once his face scraped the concrete Near the curb on Monster Island, 103 Street Where brothers run the risk of getting swallowed once the Beast eat Id rather lay in the cut, collect cash pay Only TNT I see is Gilligans castaway With Mary Jane and Ginger Oh, from which you spent the night by accident, I creep like a ninja When the mack is bent, who can give one fuck? Get bucked, get broke up like three-piece nun-chucks Yall sun struck, sick to they head-piece Three-headed beast brings the drama to a dead cease Sick to they head-piece Greenbacks ... the meanest green stacks M-O-N-E-Y Never did a thing for L-O-V-I-N Never Ask me what I need, I need your M-O-N-E-Y
The Villain aint rhymin off bread alone Let him get some cognac, a mic and a headphone Smoke and mirrors, caught her in the mix Couldnt read the shorthand for mortars and bricks If any negative thought linger, he let it vent Wrote this one with his middle finger in wet cement Did it on the sly Before hes gone bye bye, spit it on the fly Brush your teeth, rinse and gargle A true nerd who messed with new words since Boggle And used slang in Scrabble Rhymed with a Northern drawl, twang and babble Flossy pen jargon to break the world record Do a Faustian bargain and tape the girl naked More spots than a leopard Then he had to stop, the block was hot peppered Shepherd, leading the sheeps out to slaughter Kept it, sold and repped it, everytime he saw ya Tryin to douse a pinch of weed in a frat street house Ill make mince meat out of that mouse! Welcome to the show Remember whatever you do, do not boo the flow Schooled the dumb on the number one rule of thumb What a fool; still you never met a cooler bum Give the drummer some rum, Im sure he could use a shot Just to get his cues hot, ensure he dont lose his spot A stranger who speaks to you vocal Danger made the beat, get a freak to do the bogle No bull, everything he wanted they grabbed and took Whole lab looked like an ill left jab and hook Even had a secretary to take the calls Shake it and make it fall, I told her dont break my balls Wherever Mouse go, trouble follows The bounty on this pro was mills and double dollars Vil spilled muddled flows that befuddled scholars Thick Buffalo girl with the bubble hollars She rocked leather and gold, a fat blouse And need a brother with soul to let her cat out Even if the rat couldnt compete with Kraus Ill make mince meat out of that mouse! Tap ya toe, grime and strapped for dough Rap for show, to let the whippersnappers know Sucks to be them, now pass that loot Up under the tux, he wore a hazmat suit Sounded like froggy, sip the groggiest of potions Be up in the party with the foggiest of notions On the list of lobbyists who save the oceans Gave his donation to the lady with the lotions Swoll hand itchin, the old man bitchin Switchin with the fan with the gold band twitchin Spittin like a bionic sneeze that freeze vodka Just to clear the air like the Ionic Breeze Quadra Sleek enough to outsly a fox For a chicken pot pie, thinkin outside the box Would love to taste her goody But got no time to be wastin chasin putty Out for Daffy Duck bucks, Porky Pig paper Bugs Bunny money or Sylvester Cat caper Off a DAT tape of rap, country or deep house Ill make mince meat out of that mouse!
Hello, I’m Dean Stockton of Eastern State University in America, and I am prepared to offer you a full science scholarship. Viktor used the college—used its modern scientific equipment to conduct modern strange, forbidden experiments. Somewhere out in cop-killin Queens Where bo deans stop limousines and niggas flee the scene Somebody on his back bleeding vest all cracked up Freeze clown officer down request for back up Listen dude dont get me misconstrued as a sniper Its V Vaughn not to be confused with V la viper Or either Peter Parker Or either Peter Piper A seed the type to pee the diaper blame it on the wiper Its really not your concern why I got the knife sir He suggest remain calm lets not get -- No! Slash his windpipe he had them type of eyes He might be still alive How you get this thing to hyper drive Oh Give my props to the shooter Prices at a all time low in the future Something like fourteen they must be on horse pills O T and zero three to re up on force fields At that cost, deal, he plotted the coordinates Two thousand three winter time upper west side more or less This thing be buggin like a celly frontin Now who the hell is honey wit the slug in her belly stuntin You aint have to tell V nothing Trust him It really aint no time for discussion Hell be back in ninty three press of a button and they busted in His first impulse was to smack the dirt All four wore plain clothes and lumberjack shirt Recognize one face from school six degrees ago Hed snuff him in his braces just to switch the station to BGO He kept a punch line every lunch break lunch time And this is no time to pump fake its crunch time The same split second they let off the toast Thats when he hit the speed dial and sped off ghost I know those cats dont like V And if they took my head off theyd get off most likely And probably thought the time gizmo was my wallet And hit the hills forty more times on some foul shit Pick a crime he was out in the nick of time To get paid another day and live to kick a sicker rhyme For iller, its like Miller malt liquor time Up town finery where its probably not best to flaunt Everyones your best friend V steps into the restaurant My friend, he said, you must be psychic Whats the price of- Fourteen! It’s good, you like it! Huh, be back tonight the fourteen G pack was really packed tight But back at the lab he found that the Sleestak was right Not only was it three cracks light but too white The test show lactose, anbesol Lecithin five types of aspirin and other kinds of medicines Next time Ill bring my men who speak Mexican And let the Techs spin Make em contact the next of kin The whole thing is mostly lactose Lecithin and some type of aspirin, anbesol medicine Damn, mothafucka Lets go get em, men!

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The Lyrics dataset parsed from Genius. This dataset is designed to generate lyrics with HuggingArtists. Model is available here.

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How to load this dataset directly with the datasets library:

from datasets import load_dataset

dataset = load_dataset("huggingartists/mf-doom")

Dataset Structure

An example of 'train' looks as follows.

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    "text": "Look, I was gonna go easy on you\nNot to hurt your feelings\nBut I'm only going to get this one chance\nSomething's wrong, I can feel it..."

Data Fields

The data fields are the same among all splits.

  • text: a string feature.

Data Splits

train validation test
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'Train' can be easily divided into 'train' & 'validation' & 'test' with few lines of code:

from datasets import load_dataset, Dataset, DatasetDict
import numpy as np

datasets = load_dataset("huggingartists/mf-doom")

train_percentage = 0.9
validation_percentage = 0.07
test_percentage = 0.03

train, validation, test = np.split(datasets['train']['text'], [int(len(datasets['train']['text'])*train_percentage), int(len(datasets['train']['text'])*(train_percentage + validation_percentage))])

datasets = DatasetDict(
        'train': Dataset.from_dict({'text': list(train)}),
        'validation': Dataset.from_dict({'text': list(validation)}),
        'test': Dataset.from_dict({'text': list(test)})

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