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Dataset Card Creation Guide

Dataset Summary

We automatically extracted question and answer (Q&A) pairs from Stack Exchange network. Stack Exchange gather many Q&A communities across 50 online plateform, including the well known Stack Overflow and other technical sites. 100 millon developpers consult Stack Exchange every month. The dataset is a parallel corpus with each question mapped to the top rated answer. The dataset is split given communities which cover a variety of domains from 3d printing, economics, raspberry pi or emacs. An exhaustive list of all communities is available here.


Stack Exchange mainly consist of english language (en).

Dataset Structure

Data Instances

Each data samples is presented as follow:

{'title_body': 'How to determine if 3 points on a 3-D graph are collinear? Let the points $A, B$ and $C$ be $(x_1, y_1, z_1), (x_2, y_2, z_2)$ and $(x_3, y_3, z_3)$ respectively. How do I prove that the 3 points are collinear? What is the formula?',
 'upvoted_answer': 'From $A(x_1,y_1,z_1),B(x_2,y_2,z_2),C(x_3,y_3,z_3)$ we can get their position vectors.\n\n$\\vec{AB}=(x_2-x_1,y_2-y_1,z_2-z_1)$ and $\\vec{AC}=(x_3-x_1,y_3-y_1,z_3-z_1)$.\n\nThen $||\\vec{AB}\\times\\vec{AC}||=0\\implies A,B,C$ collinear.',
 'downvoted_answer': 'If the distance between |AB|+|BC|=|AC| then A,B,C are collinear.'}

This particular exampe corresponds to the following page

Data Fields

The fields present in the dataset contain the following informations:

  • title_body: This is the concatenation of the title and body from the question
  • upvoted_answer: This is the body from the most upvoted answer
  • downvoted_answer: This is the body from most downvoted answer
  • title: This is the title from the question

Data Splits

We provide three splits for this dataset, which only differs by the structure of the fieds which are retrieved:

  • titlebody_upvoted_downvoted_answer: Includes title and body from the question as well as most upvoted and downvoted answer.
  • title_answer: Includes title from the question as well as most upvoted answer.
  • titlebody_answer: Includes title and body from the question as well as most upvoted answer.
Number of pairs
titlebody_upvoted_downvoted_answer 17,083
title_answer 1,100,953
titlebody_answer 1,100,953

Dataset Creation

Curation Rationale

We primary designed this dataset for sentence embeddings training. Indeed sentence embeddings may be trained using a contrastive learning setup for which the model is trained to associate each sentence with its corresponding pair out of multiple proposition. Such models require many examples to be efficient and thus the dataset creation may be tedious. Community networks such as Stack Exchange allow us to build many examples semi-automatically.

Source Data

The source data are dumps from Stack Exchange

Initial Data Collection and Normalization

We collected the data from the math community.

We filtered out questions which title or body length is bellow 20 characters and questions for which body length is above 4096 characters. When extracting most upvoted answer, we filtered to pairs for which their is at least 100 votes gap between most upvoted and downvoted answers.

Who are the source language producers?

Questions and answers are written by the community developpers of Stack Exchange.

Additional Information

Licensing Information

Please see the license information at:

Citation Information

  author = {Flax Sentence Embeddings Team},
  title = {Stack Exchange question pairs},
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Thanks to the Flax Sentence Embeddings team for adding this dataset.

Models trained or fine-tuned on flax-sentence-embeddings/stackexchange_math_jsonl

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