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Dataset Card for BSD100

Dataset Summary

BSD is a dataset used frequently for image denoising and super-resolution. Of the subdatasets, BSD100 is aclassical image dataset having 100 test images proposed by Martin et al. (2001). The dataset is composed of a large variety of images ranging from natural images to object-specific such as plants, people, food etc. BSD100 is the testing set of the Berkeley segmentation dataset BSD300.

Install with pip:

pip install datasets super-image

Evaluate a model with the super-image library:

from datasets import load_dataset
from super_image import EdsrModel
from import EvalDataset, EvalMetrics

dataset = load_dataset('eugenesiow/BSD100', 'bicubic_x2', split='validation')
eval_dataset = EvalDataset(dataset)
model = EdsrModel.from_pretrained('eugenesiow/edsr-base', scale=2)
EvalMetrics().evaluate(model, eval_dataset)

Supported Tasks and Leaderboards

The dataset is commonly used for evaluation of the image-super-resolution task.

Unofficial super-image leaderboard for:


Not applicable.

Dataset Structure

Data Instances

An example of validation for bicubic_x2 looks as follows.

    "hr": "/.cache/huggingface/datasets/downloads/extracted/BSD100_HR/3096.png",
    "lr": "/.cache/huggingface/datasets/downloads/extracted/BSD100_LR_x2/3096.png"

Data Fields

The data fields are the same among all splits.

  • hr: a string to the path of the High Resolution (HR) .png image.
  • lr: a string to the path of the Low Resolution (LR) .png image.

Data Splits

name validation
bicubic_x2 100
bicubic_x3 100
bicubic_x4 100

Dataset Creation

Curation Rationale

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Source Data

Initial Data Collection and Normalization

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Who are the source language producers?

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Annotation process

No annotations.

Who are the annotators?

No annotators.

Personal and Sensitive Information

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Considerations for Using the Data

Social Impact of Dataset

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Discussion of Biases

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Other Known Limitations

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Additional Information

Dataset Curators

Licensing Information

You are free to download a portion of the dataset for non-commercial research and educational purposes. In exchange, we request only that you make available to us the results of running your segmentation or boundary detection algorithm on the test set as described below. Work based on the dataset should cite the Martin et al. (2001) paper.

Citation Information

  title={A database of human segmented natural images and its application to evaluating segmentation algorithms and measuring ecological statistics},
  author={Martin, David and Fowlkes, Charless and Tal, Doron and Malik, Jitendra},
  booktitle={Proceedings Eighth IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision. ICCV 2001},


Thanks to @eugenesiow for adding this dataset.

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