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Dataset Card for ravdess_speech

Dataset Summary

The Ryerson Audio-Visual Database of Emotional Speech and Song (RAVDESS) contains 24 professional actors (12 female, 12 male), vocalizing two lexically-matched statements in a neutral North American accent. Speech includes calm, happy, sad, angry, fearful, surprise, and disgust expressions. Each expression is produced at two levels of emotional intensity (normal, strong), with an additional neutral expression. The conditions of the audio files are: 16bit, 48kHz .wav.

Supported Tasks and Leaderboards

  • audio-classification: The dataset can be used to train a model for Audio Classification tasks, which consists in predict the latent emotion presented on the audios.


The audios available in the dataset are in English spoken by actors in a neutral North American accent.

Dataset Structure

Data Instances

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Data Fields

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Data Splits

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Dataset Creation

Curation Rationale

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Source Data

Initial Data Collection and Normalization

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Who are the source language producers?

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Annotation process

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Who are the annotators?

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Personal and Sensitive Information

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Considerations for Using the Data

Social Impact of Dataset

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Discussion of Biases

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Other Known Limitations

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Additional Information

Dataset Curators

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Licensing Information

The RAVDESS is released under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License, CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

Commercial licenses for the RAVDESS can also be purchased. For more information, please visit our license fee page, or contact us at

Citation Information

Livingstone SR, Russo FA (2018) The Ryerson Audio-Visual Database of Emotional Speech and Song (RAVDESS): A dynamic, multimodal set of facial and vocal expressions in North American English. PLoS ONE 13(5): e0196391.

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