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## Cutesexyrobutts (avaliable at a separate hf dataset)
- Has captions, you might use the python code to remove metatags (commentary, translated, etc) and to change the parenthesis from (...) to \(...\)
- Handpicked images that mantained 'the' style, got 407 out of ~1300, there are new images being updated from time to time so you might add those too
- They were cropped by hand, focusing mostly on faces/full body
## One Punch Man - Murata Yuusuke
- Doesn't have captions, so using something like WD tagger or deepbooru might be useful
- Picked every image with a certain style (and not low resolution) that i could find without text, or at least not a lot
## Phantom IX Row
- Bulk cropped with https://www.birme.net
- Has captions, the original ones downloaded with gallery-dl and fixed ones
- Deleted the images that didn't fit the style, specially the older ones
## Mamimi
- Bulk cropped with https://www.birme.net, adjusted to focus on faces and/or bodies
- Has captions, the original ones downloaded with gallery-dl and fixed ones
- Has very few images, compared to all that were avaliable, as they had a different style

Misc Datasets

Here i will upload datasets (images + captions) of concepts/styles/characters for anyone to use on their models, as i am not able to do LoRA's myself, alongside other datasets i've used for other models.
Some are handcropped and/or handpicked, some not. If it's a big dataset it's probably automatically cropped (https://www.birme.net, 1280x1280, jpeg 95% quality) and not handpicked.

I've also included a python script for anyone that wants to use gallery-dl to download images, since its tags are pretty fucked up.
It basically fixes its main problems and also removes metatags like 'commentary', 'translated' and similar, and gives the option to change underscores with spaces and other stuff.

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