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Dataset: conll2003 🏷
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from datasets import load_dataset dataset = load_dataset("conll2003")


The shared task of CoNLL-2003 concerns language-independent named entity recognition. We will concentrate on four types of named entities: persons, locations, organizations and names of miscellaneous entities that do not belong to the previous three groups. The CoNLL-2003 shared task data files contain four columns separated by a single space. Each word has been put on a separate line and there is an empty line after each sentence. The first item on each line is a word, the second a part-of-speech (POS) tag, the third a syntactic chunk tag and the fourth the named entity tag. The chunk tags and the named entity tags have the format I-TYPE which means that the word is inside a phrase of type TYPE. Only if two phrases of the same type immediately follow each other, the first word of the second phrase will have tag B-TYPE to show that it starts a new phrase. A word with tag O is not part of a phrase. Note the dataset uses IOB2 tagging scheme, whereas the original dataset uses IOB1. For more details see and


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