This dataset is based on 3,871 Croatian tweets that were segmented into sentences, tokens, and annotated with normalized forms, lemmas, MULTEXT-East tags (XPOS), UPOS tags and morphological features, and named entities.

The dataset contains 6339 training samples (sentences), 815 validation samples and 785 test samples. Each sample represents a sentence and includes the following features: sentence ID ('sent_id'), list of tokens ('tokens'), list of normalised tokens ('norms'), list of lemmas ('lemmas'), list of UPOS tags ('upos_tags'), list of MULTEXT-East tags ('xpos_tags), list of morphological features ('feats'), and list of named entity IOB tags ('iob_tags'), which are encoded as class labels.

If you are using this dataset in your research, please cite the following paper:

title={Tviterasi, tviteraši or twitteraši? Producing and analysing a normalised dataset of Croatian and Serbian tweets}, 
journal={Slovenščina 2.0: empirical, applied and interdisciplinary research}, 
author={Miličević, Maja and Ljubešić, Nikola}, 
pages={156–188} }

Models trained or fine-tuned on classla/reldi_hr

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