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GovReport dataset for summarization

Dataset for summarization of long documents.
Adapted from this repo and this paper
This dataset is compatible with the script from Transformers if you add this line to the summarization_name_mapping variable:

"ccdv/govreport-summarization": ("report", "summary")

Data Fields

  • id: paper id
  • report: a string containing the body of the report
  • summary: a string containing the summary of the report

Data Splits

This dataset has 3 splits: train, validation, and test.
Token counts with a RoBERTa tokenizer.

Dataset Split Number of Instances Avg. tokens
Train 17,517 < 9,000 / < 500
Validation 973 < 9,000 / < 500
Test 973 < 9,000 / < 500

Cite original article

      title={Efficient Attentions for Long Document Summarization}, 
      author={Luyang Huang and Shuyang Cao and Nikolaus Parulian and Heng Ji and Lu Wang},
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