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The Onera Satellite Change Detection (OSCD) dataset is a change detection dataset that focuses on multispectral (MS) images taken by the ESA Sentinel-2 satellite. This dataset provides 24 registered image pairs from various continents, captured between the years 2015 and 2018. Along with the image pairs, the dataset includes binary change masks that highlight areas where changes have occurred. Pixel-level change ground truth is provided for all 14 training and 10 test image pairs. The annotated changes focus on urban changes, such as new buildings or new roads. These data can be used for training and setting parameters of change detection algorithms.


The dataset is available in two versions: RGB only and all 13 MSI Bands (this repo) Multispectral (MS) Sentinel-2 bands.

  • Total Number of Images: 24
  • Bands: 13 (MSI)
  • Image Size: 10000x10000
  • Image Resolution: 10m
  • Land Cover Classes: 2
  • Classes: no change, change
  • Source: Sentinel-2


To use this dataset, simply use datasets.load_dataset("blanchon/OSCD_MSI").

from datasets import load_dataset
OSCD_MSI = load_dataset("blanchon/OSCD_MSI")


If you use the EuroSAT dataset in your research, please consider citing the following publication:

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