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ChaBuD is a dataset for Change detection for Burned area Delineation and is used for the ChaBuD ECML-PKDD 2023 Discovery Challenge. This is the MSI version with 13 bands.


  • Total Number of Images: 356
  • Bands: 13 (MSI)
  • Image Size: 512x512
  • Image Resolution: 10m
  • Land Cover Classes: 2
  • Classes: no change, burned area
  • Source: Sentinel-2


To use this dataset, simply use datasets.load_dataset("blanchon/ChaBuD_MSI").

from datasets import load_dataset
ChaBuD_MSI = load_dataset("blanchon/ChaBuD_MSI")


If you use the ChaBuD_MSI dataset in your research, please consider citing the following publication:

    title = {Crop mapping from image time series: Deep learning with multi-scale label hierarchies},
    journal = {Remote Sensing of Environment},
    volume = {264},
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    keywords = {Deep learning, Recurrent neural network (RNN), Convolutional RNN, Hierarchical classification, Multi-stage, Crop classification, Multi-temporal, Time series},
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