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Paper: MuSiQue: Multi-hop Questions via Single-hop Question Composition

Original repository:


MuSiQue is distributed under a CC BY 4.0 License.

Usage Caution: If you're using any of our seed single-hop datasets (SQuAD, T-REx, Natural Questions, MLQA, Zero Shot RE) in any way (e.g., pretraining on them), please note that MuSiQue was created by composing questions from these seed datasets. Therefore, single-hop questions used in MuSiQue's dev/test sets may occur in the training sets of these seed datasets. To help avoid information leakage, we are releasing the IDs of single-hop questions that are used in MuSiQue dev/test sets. Once you download the data below, these IDs and corresponding questions will be in data/dev_test_singlehop_questions_v1.0.json. If you use our seed single-hop datasets in any way in your model, please be sure to avoid using any single-hop question IDs present in this file


If you use this in your work, please cite use:

  title={{M}u{S}i{Q}ue: Multihop Questions via Single-hop Question Composition},
  author={Trivedi, Harsh and Balasubramanian, Niranjan and Khot, Tushar and Sabharwal, Ashish},
  journal={Transactions of the Association for Computational Linguistics},
  publisher={MIT Press}
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