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observation_1 (string)observation_2 (string)hypothesis_1 (string)hypothesis_2 (string)label (class label)
"Ron started his new job as a landscaper today."
"Ron is immediately fired for insubordination."
"Ron ignores his bosses's orders and called him an idiot."
"Ron's boss called him an idiot."
1 (1)
"Sandy lived in New York."
"Sandy was prepared."
"It stormed in New York."
"She partied all night."
1 (1)
"Mary's mom came home with more bananas than they could possibly eat."
"That was the best way ever to eat a banana!"
"Mary and her mom decided to make chocolate covered frozen bananas to avoid waste."
"So Mary made pineapple splits for everyone."
1 (1)
"Jim was working on a project."
"Luckily, he found it on a nearby shelf."
"Jim found he was missing an item."
"Jim needed a certain animal for it."
1 (1)
"Sean was sitting at his desk."
"After a minute, he was able to put the chair back together."
"He noticed the chair leg was falling off."
"He leaned too far back and his chair tipped over."
1 (1)
"Pablo likes to eat worms."
"Pablo does not enjoy eating worms."
"Pablo thought that worms were a delicious source of protein."
"Pablo then learned what worms really are."
2 (2)
"There was a scientist who wanted to collect bacteria samples."
"The bacteria was non harmful."
"The scientist collected samples of the bacteria and tested them."
"He collected the bacteria and froze it."
1 (1)
"I joined the Navy."
"That angered me so I hit him and was arrested by the military police."
"My commanding officer told me I wasn't doing bad at my job."
"My drill sergeant insulted my mother."
2 (2)
"Dotty was being very grumpy."
"She felt much better afterwards."
"Dotty ate something bad."
"Dotty call some close friends to chat."
2 (2)
"Ali's mom enrolled her in a karate class."
"Ali was so embarrassed she didn't tell any of her friends."
"Ali did not want to take karate."
"Ali did horribly in her last class."
1 (1)
"A sob escaped Cory's lips."
"When he got home, he curled into a ball in the corner and cried."
"Cory was teased by some of the kids in his classroom."
"Cory ran away from home as fast as he could."
1 (1)
"Many young adults play in the marching band in school."
"Dennis loves his marching band and enjoys entertaining the fans."
"People went to watch the band play."
"Dennis has been a member for ten seconds."
1 (1)
"Deb wanted to go shopping."
"She found everything she needed and had money left over."
"Deb went to a matinee movie instead."
"Deb had a lot of coupons."
2 (2)
"My cousin Kory was working at the airport."
"He is now serving out his sentence."
"Kory stole from the airport."
"He got caught anti-shoplifting from passengers."
1 (1)
"Daniel wanted to buy a toy plane, but he didn't have any money."
"He bought his toy plane, and kept working so he could buy another!"
"He opened a lemonade stand."
"Daniel stayed home and didn't want to buy a plane."
1 (1)
"Jenna hit the weight hard in the gym."
"She took a cold bath in order to alleviate her pain."
"Her neck pain stopped because of this."
"Jenna pulled a muscle lifting weights."
2 (2)
"It was lunch time and Kat was hungry."
"Kat and her coworkers enjoyed a nice lunch outside."
"Kat went to get a salad."
"Kat decided to take a nap instead of eating."
1 (1)
"Cosmo was a pudgy cat."
"Now he's fit and muscular!"
"His owner gave him a lower fat cat food."
"The vet put Cosmo on a treadmill."
1 (1)
"Tim was a boy scout, and went on many camping trips with his friends."
"Eventually, Tim had to go home without any socks."
"Tim became very sick one day."
"Tim could not find his socks."
2 (2)
"One day Adam bought two BB guns."
"Adam took the gun away from Christian."
"Adam's brother Christian was afraid of the guns."
"Christian grabbed the gun and shot Adam in the eye."
2 (2)
"My friend is a hunter."
"The elk was nowhere to be found."
"She set up a hunting blind in the woods."
"My friend who is a hunter found lots of elk."
1 (1)
"I walked into my math class."
"I ended up failing."
"I saw the string by the door."
"I didn't study for the test."
2 (2)
"In 1989, our company started using personal computers."
"When she got her pc later she did not know how to use it."
"we bought the owners grandmother a new pc."
"Our founder Rachel only uses the PC."
1 (1)
"Mary doesn't like cold weather."
"At least until she can afford to move to warmer state."
"Mary wears two jackets."
"It seemed that the cold weather stopped for two months."
1 (1)
"Amy and her friends were out at 3 AM."
"They stayed there breathing hard, and praying they hadn't been seen."
"They started getting followed by a policeman, ran, and hid behind a building."
"The decided to break into the football field. When suddenly they saw a flashlight comming towards them. They all started running for the bleachers."
2 (2)
"Bob's parents grounded him."
"He came back home but his parents didn't even know he left."
"Bob got caught sneaking out."
"Bob got away with sneaking out."
2 (2)
"Amy worked in the stockroom at Marshall's."
"Amy decided she would push herself to meet her new quota."
"Amy won an award for how much work she accomplished and was given the same quota."
"Amy's boss said she needed to do more."
2 (2)
"Jason had always admired the fast movements of boxers he saw on TV."
"He won his first fight by knockout."
"He didn't let his inspiration go to waste, he trained and trained."
"Jason learned to knit."
1 (1)
"Erin tried to learn how to draw."
"So she joined a drawing class."
"Erin, practiced drawing at home with no luck."
"Erin, practiced drawing at home and became recognized for her talent."
1 (1)
"Jon decided to steal a police car."
"Jon went to prison for three years."
"Jon crashed the police car into a telephone poll."
"Jon wasn't caught."
1 (1)
"I used to procrastinate about studying."
"Now, I never procrastinate studying."
"I failed a big test."
"After getting a good grade, I learned an easy lesson."
1 (1)
"Jacob hated walking to school."
"Jacob was able to buy himself a used truck after 5 months of saving."
"Jacob decided to buy himself a car."
"Jacob couldn't afford a car."
1 (1)
"Roy went to the park to watch Little League baseball."
"The visiting team developed performance issues as a result."
"He yelled at the players for every home run."
"Roy made the other team uncomfortable."
2 (2)
"Stan started to feel sick at school one day."
"Stan finally recovered but said he wanted a flu shot from now on."
"Stan was out of school for a week with the stomach ache."
"The school nurse sent Stan home from school."
2 (2)
"Lisa and Tim had been married for a long time."
"It worked."
"Lisa and Tim went to a fertility clinic to get pregnant."
"They decided to try the advice given in a book about guitar playing."
1 (1)
"Adam loves to eat sandwiches when he drinks."
"Adam choked to death because he forgot to take off the cheese wrapper."
"Adam made himself a sandwich using bread, turkey, and a slice of American cheese."
"Adam made himself a pb&j sandwich."
1 (1)
"Tom was painting his fence."
"Tom left his fence half painted."
"Tom got tired of painting after he finished."
"Tom heard a game was on and left."
2 (2)
"Amy decided to move from Wisconsin to Florida."
"However the experience was no fun without her friends."
"She would be with her friends out there."
"Amy wanted to live by the beadch."
2 (2)
"Roger wanted to play tennis as well as Roger Federer."
"No one ever told Roger all his balls never landed in the court."
"Roger overslept and lounged most the day."
"Roger tried but he wasn't as good as his idol."
2 (2)
"Julie had a coworker named Barry who loved to make trouble for others."
"Julie was incredibly embarrassed."
"Barry did not tell anyone that Julie farted."
"Barry laughed at Julie's unzipped pants."
2 (2)
"Bob decided to hike in the jungles of Indonesia."
"Bob had also forgotten his shoes."
"Bob stopped in the middle of the hike because he had no bug spray."
"Bob stopped in the middle of his hike to tie his shoes."
1 (1)
"Lucy got all her friends together for a pizza party."
"When the pizzas were done, they had a taste and were delicious."
"Lucy decided to make the pizzas at home."
"Lucy started ordering the pizza."
1 (1)
"It was a very windy day."
"Jim wished he hadn't gone out in his new hat."
"Jim found his new hat in a storm."
"Jim's hat blew away in the wind."
2 (2)
"Trevor went to the lake one day to fish."
"Trevor was forced to go home after he lost his fishing pole."
"The water was perfect for all levels of fishing."
"The water was spitting up poles."
1 (1)
"My sister lived at the top of a highrise apartment."
"I realized I was afraid of such massive heights and I fainted."
"I went to visit her and stepped out onto the balcony of her apartment with a great view."
"I looked down from her balcony to see the clouds."
1 (1)
"Allister was practicing her with her bow."
"It ended up coming straight down and landing on the instructor's foot."
"Allister was still a novice at the bow."
"Allister was a pro at the bow."
1 (1)
"Billy was going to have his boss over for dinner."
"He was still vacuuming when his boss arrived."
"Billy played games and forgot about cleaning until 5PM."
"Billy got home from work early."
1 (1)
"Maya was walking alongside a river, looking for frogs."
"Luckily, she was able to get back up and walk home safely."
"She ended up falling into the river."
"Maya slipped on some rocks and broke her back."
1 (1)
"Susan was making a soup."
"She did her best to cut away the bad parts."
"She had to put in some broth."
"She had to put in some chicken."
2 (2)
"Lulu felt so preoccupied lately."
"But she was prepared to send her because the school was excellent."
"Lulu's daughter was going to go to school for the first time."
"Lulu's mom was thinking of sending her to a new house despite her objections."
1 (1)
"I wanted to create a video game."
"Indeed, Java was terrible for programming video games."
"I programmed with Java for robot game."
"I programmed with Java for robot game because it was easy."
1 (1)
"My best friend got married and moved to Hawaii."
"We celebrated for days and I left for home at the end of the week."
"My best friend visited me on a vacation."
"I went with her to celebrate."
2 (2)
"Tom went to an electronics store to buy earphones."
"Tom decided to always buy more expensive ear phones."
"Tom was an elitist."
"Tom bought costly ones but they broke right away."
1 (1)
"Kaya needed to buy a new dress for the upcoming Spring Formal."
"She couldn't resist so she bought the antique vase."
"At the store, Kaya saw a very beautiful vase."
"Kaya could not find a single thing at the store,."
1 (1)
"Sam came home to find water all over his kitchen floor."
"Sam restocked his new fridge with all his favorite food."
"Sam put a towel under the leaky fridge."
"Sam dishwasher broke and was leaking."
2 (2)
"Anna had a bad headache."
"Thankfully, when she awoke, the headache was gone."
"Anna took a few asprins and laid down and took a nap."
"She went to a concert to get rid of it."
1 (1)
"Last night I had a dream about biking."
"I woke up, bitterly disappointed."
"my dream was very real and I was on a fun bike tour."
"I actually have a bike."
1 (1)
"It was starting to get late outside."
"Her parents grounded her for a week for being late."
"She forgot what time it was and was home late."
"She was supposed to be home an hour after she arrived."
1 (1)
"Kim wanted to buy a car."
"Kim was hired to a job and saved enough money for her car."
"Kim needed more money than she could get."
"Kim applied for jobs to make money."
2 (2)
"Joe was running late for school."
"Joe had a tasty, healthy breakfast of apples and bananas!"
"Joe had plenty of time to cook something."
"Joe didn't have time to cook something."
2 (2)
"Tim needed a fruit to eat."
"Finally, he found some fresh grapes to eat."
"He went to the near by super market."
"Tim looked for a long time in the messy fridge."
2 (2)
"Gina's mom had taken a rap tape from her kids."
"He stood smiling as his tape was smashed."
"The rap tape was mean and rude."
"Gina take their new tape."
1 (1)
"Kelly loves to eat sweet desserts."
"We all ate the brownie sundae for dessert."
"We ordered a dessert everyone would like."
"We ordered appetizers everyone would like."
1 (1)
"Ora had always been overweight."
"With their help, Ora lost over twenty pounds!"
"Ora decided to eat healthy for a month."
"Ora decided she wanted to maintainer her weight."
1 (1)
"Priya decided to try a new restaurant."
"Priya thought her food was delicious."
"She ordered two shrimp dishes."
"The food that Priya ordered was microwaved and precooked."
1 (1)
"Jamie and Candice were going on a date."
"Finally, they settled on ice cream!"
"Jamie and Candice did not know what movie to see."
"Jamie and Candice couldn't decide what to do."
2 (2)
"Scott has felt increasingly unhappy in his last few Year's in New York."
"Driving out of New York, Scott feels both relieved and nostalgic."
"Scott found a job in New York."
"The daily grind, extreme traffic and rude city dwellers left Scott longing for small town living."
2 (2)
"I went to the store one day to buy clothes."
"I went home and the jeans fit much better."
"I got larger sizes."
"I bought jeans thought they were a bit expensive."
1 (1)
"Sam was on a date with her boyfriend."
"When her boyfriend asked if she wanted to hang out, she yelled at him."
"They ran into a cute friend of Sam's on the way to dinner."
"The date went bad, they went home on good terms."
1 (1)
"Pam does surveys daily to try to win prizes on Survey Monkey."
"Pam did not seem to think there was anything wrong with that."
"Pam tried her best to be as honest as possible."
"Pam wasted time with doing her surveys."
2 (2)
"Lydia had a strange dream last night."
"Lydia wished the dream were real."
"In Lydia's dream, she was poor and lonely."
"In Lydia's dream, she was rich and famous."
2 (2)
"Dana always wanted to ride a bike."
"They were riding around together within minutes."
"Dana asked a neighbor to ride with her."
"Her friend asked Dana to teach her how to ride."
1 (1)
"Kelly wanted to try out for soccer this year."
"Kelly celebrated by getting pizza."
"Kelly tried out for the soccer team but was cut."
"Kelly made it onto the team."
2 (2)
"Tom was excited to use his new gas grill."
"Tom's garage and grill were both destroyed."
"Tom didn't check the grills gas."
"Tom didn't check the grill's safety."
2 (2)
"Martin went to camp with his friends."
"Martin caught many fish so that everyone could eat."
"Martins friends went fishing without martin."
"He was the best fisherman of the group."
2 (2)
"Sam was excited to get his car washed."
"He had forgotten to close the window in all the excitement."
"After the car wash Sam noticed his car seats were all soaking wet."
"He rolled up all his windows and began daydreaming of how well his car would look after the wash."
1 (1)
"May really wanted to go to the concert that was playing next week."
"A kind reader wrote back to offer her two free tickets to the concert!"
"May sent out tweets looking for tickets."
"So she bought 2 tickets online."
1 (1)
"Mindy decided to go over jake's house."
"She panicked and ran screaming out of his house."
"When Mindy walked in the door, Jake was naked."
"Mindy scared Jake when she came into the house."
1 (1)
"I was having trouble finding my comfortable slippers."
"Finders keepers, she told me."
"The dog stole the slippers."
"My sister stole my slippers."
2 (2)
"I did not like the color of my lips."
"Over time, people at school accepted me for the person I wished to be."
"I used a marker to paint them bright pink."
"I wanted to have normal lips. I painted them red and people liked it."
1 (1)
"A family went shopping together."
"The father bought the boy a new computer."
"Their son was very well behaved."
"The boy needed a new cell phone."
1 (1)
"I was working on my laptop one day."
"After paying the bill, I no longer experienced issues."
"i got an e-mail saying my cable bill was current and service would be upgraded."
"The internet was very slow and then stopped completely."
2 (2)
"Isa was getting married but couldn't afford a bouquet."
"Isa ended up with a beautiful hand picked bouquet!"
"Isa went to the country site and found some flowers."
"Isa forgot about the bouquet."
1 (1)
"There is a beaver that has been building a dam by our school."
"The beaver decided to leave the area and went further down stream."
"People destroyed the dam the beaver was building."
"Everyone was all over the hotel, trying to see him."
1 (1)
"My family was on vacation in Italy."
"It was our favorite picture of the vacation."
"We took a beautiful picture of Spain."
"We took a photo next to the coliseum in Rome."
2 (2)
"I told Bill not to go to Lansing."
"He got in an accident on the highway, he should of listened."
"bill said he would be fine and left."
"Bill went to Lansing via air anyways."
1 (1)
"Liv wanted to dance ballet."
"Liv's classmates her so jealous and shocked!"
"Liv's mother signed her up."
"She was not very talented."
1 (1)
"A little boy sick in a hospital worshiped a famous basketball player."
"Standing in front of the coffee shop was the ball player!"
"One day a nurse said they should go to the coffee shop for a treat."
"The baseball player looked out the window at a coffee shop."
1 (1)
"Jake was off roading."
"He had to get help to get out."
"Jake ended up getting free from the mud."
"Jake got stuff in the mud."
2 (2)
"I got a new racing game yesterday."
"Finally after hours of playing I stopped."
"It was so fun, I was a clown."
"I sat down to test out the game."
2 (2)
"Freda is the boss of her office."
"Freda can't understand why people have a problem with her!"
"She doesn't ask nicely to get things indefinite."
"She doesn't ask nicely to get things done."
2 (2)
"Carly had just called her kids in from playing outside."
"Then, she put some medicated lotion on her and hoped it would pass."
"One of them had a bad cough."
"Carly, noticed her daughter had gotten into Poison Ivy."
2 (2)
"Alexis had cut down a Christmas tree in the woods."
"When she put it up, it was the right size for her ceiling."
"Alexis made sure the tree wasn't under 20 feet tall."
"Alexis was worried it would be too big."
2 (2)
"Francine had always dreamed of being a fashion designer."
"She was so proud that she followed her dreams."
"Francine decided to go to school to pursue her dreams."
"francine applied to business school."
1 (1)
"Jack went to his first basketball game with his dad."
"As the crowd cheered, Jack knew they'd never forget his first game."
"Jack caught a ball that bounced over the fence."
"Jack saw how wild the crowd was getting."
2 (2)
"Nathan bullied a lot of other boys at school."
"Nathan knew his violence would never prevent his own abuse."
"Nathan never got into a fight."
"Nathan got detention in school."
2 (2)
"Mike made homemade pasta one day."
"Pasta is now a regular staple of Mike's diet."
"Mike found pasta hard to make."
"Mile loves italian food."
2 (2)
"Randy's friend gave him directions to his house."
"Randy told his friend how relieved he was he found it."
"Randy knew the area well."
"He didn't know that part of town very good."
2 (2)
"Cay had a crush on a boy in her class."
"He smiled at her after and said he liked her too!"
"Cat sent a love note to the boy."
"She told him she did not like him."
1 (1)
"Lacy and Karen got in a fight."
"Karen apologized too so they could be friends again."
"Karen missed Lacy so much, she couldn't bear not talking to her friend."
"Lacy missed Karen so much, she couldn't bear not talking to her friend."
1 (1)
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Dataset Summary

ART consists of over 20k commonsense narrative contexts and 200k explanations.

The Abductive Natural Language Inference Dataset from AI2.

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An example of 'train' looks as follows.

    "hypothesis_1": "Chad's car had all sorts of other problems besides alignment.",
    "hypothesis_2": "Chad's car had all sorts of benefits other than being sexy.",
    "label": 1,
    "observation_1": "Chad went to get the wheel alignment measured on his car.",
    "observation_2": "The mechanic provided a working alignment with new body work."

Data Fields

The data fields are the same among all splits.


  • observation_1: a string feature.
  • observation_2: a string feature.
  • hypothesis_1: a string feature.
  • hypothesis_2: a string feature.
  • label: a classification label, with possible values including 0 (0), 1 (1), 2 (2).

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name train validation
anli 169654 1532

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  title={Abductive Commonsense Reasoning},
  author={Chandra Bhagavatula and Ronan Le Bras and Chaitanya Malaviya and Keisuke Sakaguchi and Ari Holtzman and Hannah Rashkin and Doug Downey and Wen-tau Yih and Yejin Choi},
  booktitle={International Conference on Learning Representations},


Thanks to @patrickvonplaten, @thomwolf, @mariamabarham, @lewtun, @lhoestq for adding this dataset.

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