Estonian Question Answering dataset

  • Dataset for extractive question answering in Estonian. It is based on Wikipedia articles, pre-filtered via PageRank. Annotation was done by one person.
  • Train set includes 776 context-question-answer triplets. There are several possible answers per question, each in a separate triplet. Number of different questions is 512.
  • Test set includes 603 samples. Each sample contains one or more golden answers. Altogether there are 892 golden ansewrs.

Change log

Test set v1.1 adds some more golden answers.


If you use this dataset for research, please cite the following paper:

  author       = {Anu Käver}, 
  title        = {Extractive Question Answering for Estonian Language},
  school       = {Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech)},
  year         = 2021

Models trained or fine-tuned on anukaver/EstQA