You: hi Stranger: Hi there You: whats up? Stranger: Not much, lil bored hbu? You: same, staying up late Stranger: Ah what time is it over there? Stranger: like your tag btw You: lol same like yours You: and its 4am here, lol Stranger: Haha ah ok ok You: wbu? Stranger: Its around 10 am here. But still in bed You: haha nice You: age btw? Stranger: 19 and you? You: 25 ou like voyeur porn? You: or do you like to watch people yourself? Stranger: Yeah its fun. Even more fun to spy or get spied on yourself of course You: of course You: who would you want to spy on? Stranger: like to spy on friends and family whenever get the chance You: oooh family too? You: what part? Stranger: Haha well my parents are fun. But have a vee cousins Ive spied on before too Stranger: Vew* You: niceee You: would you want anything with them? Stranger: Oh yeah its a lot of fun Stranger: Id love to You: you straight or bi? Stranger: Bi You: lol same You: who are you most attracted to? Stranger: Women think. But men can be really fun too You: same here You: now who in your family? Stranger: Would do it with? You: yeah Stranger: Well one of my parents would be really hot. Wouldnt mind sleeping with my brother neither. Cousins id do any day of the week You: Same here, except the brother, wish had one, lol You: is yours older? Stranger: No hes 17 You: ohhh, ok Stranger: My mom was 16 when she got me. So it would be pretty weird if had a bro who is even older You: lol yeah that would be weird You: who would you rather: mom or dad? Stranger: Eeh idk really. They both have their charms. Maybe if get to sleep with one Id try to seduce the other one too You: interesting, and a parental threesome does sound really hot Stranger: Haha that would be perfect. But not in a 100 years Ill get those 2 ina threesome You: lol ofc, fun to fantasize tho You: and think both of use would almost every cousin if given the chance Stranger: Haha of course. But think everyone has at least one cousin they would sleep with You: Id hope so, lol You: are you a top or bottom? Stranger: Haha well Im very submissive with men. But like to take charge with women. So Id be a switch . You: me too! You: we have a lot in common, lol Stranger: Haha we do You: are you jerking off btw? Stranger: Would be kinda difficult Im a girl You: ohhhhhh wasnt sure, so just took a guess, Imao You: sorry about that Stranger: Hahaha no worries You: so are you fingering or rubbing yourself? Stranger: little You: good because Im jerking off a little too ;) Stranger: Mmm good Stranger: Tell me your ultimate fantasy You: A threesome where Im fucking while getting fucked Stranger: Mmm very nice You: the guy fucking me and the girl Im fucking are different every time imagine it, lol You: Sometimes the girl is my mom Stranger: Wow very hot You: What about yours? Stranger: Well, sex with one of my parents is a big one Stranger: like to fantasize about older mena lot too You: men old enough to be your dad? Stranger: Exactly, maybe even old enough to be his dad Stranger: Always had this weird attraction to men like Tom sellec and Sam Elliot You: lol so you like moustaches Stranger: Oh love mustaches when it looks good on him You: of course You: have you imagined getting moustache ride? Stranger: Mmm yes. Or feel it tickle in my neck while hes kissing me there You: do you like hairy men in general or just there? Stranger: dont mind a little hair You: what about your hair? Stranger: shave it most of the time. Maybe during winter stop doing it. My skin gets irritated if dont take a break You: yeah only shave there when it gets too long Stranger: Ah yeah You: wanna compare? ii Stranger: Hahaha no thanks
Stranger: hi You: Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeceeeeceeeececee eey Stranger: m orf You:f You: ;D You: :D* Stranger: kiss me You: Why You: mean, sure, but why? You lonely, boo? Stranger: old ru You: Im 18 You: How old are you, love? Stranger: me to 21 Stranger: i love you x You: just met you, hon. You cant just spit out the ilys You: like the fact that youre alive. x Stranger: do u have a bf yes orno You: Nope. Single as a pringle Stranger: i ham gay You: Youre a ham? And youre gay? You: OoOoo0o0h. Stranger: lol u You: Im excited to see where this goes. You: Are you a honey ham or just a regular one? Stranger: gay u You: What? That wasnt an option. Stranger: i will fuck u do You: Answer my question Mr/Mrs. Ham Stranger: mrham You: You will fuck You Do? What did You Do do to you? Stranger: u You: Me? Stranger: yes You: You will fuck me? Stranger: yes or nop Stranger: e Stranger: bye baby You: Honey, Im gayer than Elton John. You: xD Stranger: ryou a man You: Im a woman. Stranger: no ura man You: No, Im very sure that Im a woman Stranger: i ham a dad 2 kids You: Youre a ham father? You: Awe Stranger: have 2 kisd love You: So cute Stranger: i ham no gay You: Youre not gay? Thats nice. Stranger: i like girl You: Nice, me too. Stranger: ru bi You: Yeah Stranger: ok me to You: ice Stranger: will u do me yes orno You: Nah. Im not feeling it today Stranger: canisee u Stranger: pic Stranger: live u Stranger: uk u You: What You: lost yah Stranger: bye good day
You: (* 5) Stranger: hey Stranger: are you girl? You: yes Stranger: are you alone? You: yes Stranger: can see you? You: no Stranger: why? You: because You: i dont want to kill u with my beautiful boobs Stranger: :D You: and yes im naked right now Stranger: nice Stranger: are you horny? You: yes Stranger: :) Stranger: can you help me cum? You: im not there tho You: whereever ur Stranger: :) Stranger: and here? You: how pld ru You: old* Stranger: Stranger: You: im22 Stranger: nice You: yea Stranger: show your legs ? Stranger: please You: have u ever been trolled by people or anything like they r pretending t o b girl You: oj have to put pntk i show u legs one secs on Stranger: not naked Stranger: :D You: i WAS You: one dec gotta takeem off Stranger: you here? You: yes You: pants off maked again Stranger: and show now?:D Stranger: your cam is off? You: want me show legs without pants? Stranger: yes You: ok there You: ready Stranger: yes Stranger: are you girl sure? You: yes You: do i have show boobs to prove? (*_5*) Stranger: yes?:D You: do u want tho? Stranger: yes You: ok You: ru now convinced? Stranger: no :D You: ... why Stranger: dont know Stranger: what would you like to see? You: dont care Yo urprise me You: should i leave?,,, Stranger: why? Stranger: no You: wait heres my 10 year old bro You: here jimmy
Stranger: Ive been expecting you You: Oh yeah? Stranger: Yes. You: Why? Stranger: Fate knows no Why Stranger: Whatis, is. You: Thats bullshit, but nice try. Stranger: You speak ill of my clairvoyance ? You: Indeed itis so. Stranger: You non believer You:.... Stranger: know you are an arrogant American You: Im actually from Europe, but nice try nonetheless. Stranger: Do not fool the Eye You: You can place The Eye inside your rectum if you please. Stranger: Your path ahead is beset with danger. Stranger: DANGER You: Thy help, beseech not, oh wise one. Stranger: You do not choose, mere mortal Stranger: The Eye sees all You: Your eye cant see shit. Stranger: Indeed it can. Stranger: In fact, your cranium seems to be full of it You: That would be a false observation, oh sage. My cranium is functioning at optimal efficiency as stipulated by the Im not an idiot Act 1998. Stranger: Your standards are lowly You: Wait, if The Eye sees all, how can fool it? Stranger: Your futile attempts to fool Stranger: Are met with disdain You: Thy sentence explaineth nothing, Eye-servant. Stranger: You possess eyes, but you are blind Stranger: You say you are European ? You: Yes. Stranger: Do as command You: Nah. Stranger: Ask your mother where she was that night, long ago. Stranger: Truth will prevail You: D-d-d-d-drop the bass. Stranger: You do not fathom the power of the Eye.
You: hello Stranger: hii You: hru? Stranger: good u? You: im good too, ty for asking Stranger: anytime :) You: :) Stranger: u bored? You: yeah lol Stranger: noice You: wbu? Stranger: yes and no Stranger: mostly procrastinating You: same You: i have work i probably could be doing You: just dont feel like doing it Stranger: school? You: yeah Stranger: ayy Stranger: they demand too much! You: exactly Stranger: especially with work You: especially with online courses too Stranger: ** EXACTLY THAT! You: :) Stranger: 3-7 hours a day is ungodly Stranger: especially when we cant go out! Yourexactly Stranger: Imao You: its annoying at this point Stranger: yup Stranger: its a lifestyle unfortunately You: yeah Stranger: what country u in? You: usa unfortunately Stranger: ayy Stranger: at least trumps out? You: that is very much a pro Stranger: thats one good thing for the books... Stranger: any lockdowns in ur area? You: a lot actually You: it was ok for a bit but theyre back now Stranger: wow which state ru in? You: texas Stranger: really? Stranger: huh You: yeah Stranger: ive talked to other people there and i heard that they didnt really have one Stranger: i dunno You: weird You: different areas probably Stranger: yea probably Stranger: tis a big state... You: mhm Stranger: u in hs or college? You: middle Stranger: abh nice nice Stranger: oof Stranger: dunno what to say lol You: me either Stranger: lol into any video games? You: mainly minecraft and things like that yk Stranger: oo minecraft was a game made by the gods You: yes it was Stranger: u a building type or a completionist? You: both, depends on how i feel Stranger: oo cool! Stranger: any big builds? You: not really You: i get started on something and then never finish it Stranger: ayy yea Stranger: it takes ALOT of dedication and effort You: yeah it does Stranger: school requires most of that effort unfortunately You: exactly Stranger: lol You: i should probably stop procrastinating lol Stranger: aight good idea Stranger: good luck with ur work! You: it was nice talking to you :D You: you too Stranger: & same to ul!
Stranger: hi You: Hi Stranger: how are u You: Fine. You: What about u You: How was your day You: joined this site bcs m too lonly Stranger: im good thanks for asking and my day was good got to see my friend for first time in a while wbu Stranger: i acme coz iam bored and want someon eto talk to You: So are you a student ? Or having job ? Stranger: student You: completed my graduation 3 years back Stranger: cool Stranger: do u have a job You: But still havent done anything great that can serve my purpose You: have a job in my brothers office Stranger: what do u do You: Like an manager You: do billing and accounts stuff Stranger: cool You: Also have tax knowledge so handle that too Stranger: ok idk what that is You: How old are you Stranger: 13 wbu You: m 29 Stranger: cool You: You are yet to see this cruel world Stranger: oh believe me i already know You: Just beleive yourself and love your family. Stranger: my family hate me You: You know when was in your age didnt even had phone You: Parents never hate their child. Stranger: probabily coz they werent invented Stranger: my dad doesnt but my mum does You: They always want your best You: Do you love your dad ? Stranger: ye You: And your mom? Stranger: not really im really distant from my mom You: The more you keep away yourself form your mom there will be more misunderstanding You: You should start talking with your mom Stranger: she is the one that keeps away from me Stranger: i try You: Never stop try You: Hows your study going on ? Stranger: alright Stranger: hows ur work going You: Is it affected bcs of coivid ? Stranger: so is my lerning i need to do it all online You: Work is pretty good now but in next 2-3 years it is gonna collapse Stranger: why?? You: Like big institutions are going to take over the business Stranger: whys that You: Like wallmart have taken jobs of many small business You: Are you from USA ? Stranger: why they do that Stranger: no england but i know what wallmart is You: We are in the business of distribution of goods. You: m from India Stranger: ok You: So right now we dont have things like wallmart but they will be in near future You: My name is Manoj You: Whats your ? Stranger: Harvey You: Harvey David SONn😂8😂😂 Stranger: no You: Just joking Stranger: who is harvey davidson You: Its a name of bike brand Stranger: no its harley davidson You: Harley-Davidson You: Yup know. Its sound the same. Stranger: kind of You: What time is it in England? You: Here 1:40 AM Stranger: 20;08 Stranger: pm You: Are you have any friends with whom can play now ? Stranger: what?? You: At your age you should be physically more active than online active You: meant to say that you should be playing with your friends at this time Stranger: im out all the time Stranger: i just got in like 30 mins ago You: Okk Stranger: and we are in full lockdown so i cant for long You: Here in India we dont take too much tention of this covid Stranger: i wish it ws like that here You: just wanted to clear and please dont mind You: You re boy Stranger: ye You: Then how can your mother hate you You: In india mom loves boy and dad love girl Stranger: coz she wanted a girl and i have 2 sisters that she gives attention You: Every boy fears his dad in india You: Thats wrong Stranger: i love mine Stranger: how Stranger: sorry i have to go You: We also love our dad but we boys are also the one who are beaten by dad every now and then You: Okk. No issue You: Have a great time Stranger: you too You: And talk to your mom about this
Stranger: hello You: hi Stranger: whats up You: watching pointless things hby Stranger: bored You: exactly Stranger: ikr there is really noting to do Stranger: nothing You: where are u from btw Stranger: ny Stranger: hbu You: niice You: az Stranger: cool Stranger: is it hot over there right niw? Stranger: *now or You: currently its bipolar it was freezing and raining a couple days ago and its suddenly hot idek You: there? Stranger: it is COLD Stranger: like isaw some snowflakes yesterday You: omg really You: it doesnt snow here ripme Stranger: i mean the pros is that you dont have to wear big heavy jackets Stranger: *pro Stranger: OMG my typos You: mine are worse dont worry You: im semi safe bc im on a laptop Stranger: same You: https:/ youre welcome Stranger: omg this kid Stranger: loool You: this is what happens You: when im bored Stranger: when im bored i watch some kpop on crack Stranger: or reactors You: Imao kpop crack is great You: speaking of kpop which groups do u like Stranger: bts,seventeen,got7,sf9,and nct Stranger: hbu Stranger: just saying im still listening to the kid sayingyou can do so- you do- you wish-you want Stranger: You: so am i oops You: anyways i see sf9 aye, i like the others as well tho Stranger: i just got into them Stranger: but their music is amazing You: bless You: it really is Stranger: i got all their names just today You: do you have a bias yet Stranger: im choosing between chani and zuho Stranger: bu Stranger: *hbu You: its war between zuho and hwiyoung You: i want justice for hwiyoung tbh Stranger: i mean hwi young smile looks so cute but zuho deep voice Stranger: and hwiyoungs singing You: omg yeah You: choosing a bias is a struggle- and staying loyal Stranger: ikr Stranger: the biaswrecker is always chasing for you You: do you have a bias in seventeen You: i never thought id see the day but Stranger: yes Stranger: Dino Stranger: but wonwoo is my biaswreckere Stranger: hbu You: aw dino You: joshua Stranger: yes jisoo You: and wonwoos my wrecker as well oo Stranger: lool Stranger: oh yeah! when you thought it wa going to be dark seventeen but then you see teaser photos Stranger: was You: did you see their performance at the words i was shook You: AWARDS You: wif Stranger: OMG JEONGHAN You: AMAZING Stranger: AND WOOZI AND DINO Stranger: JUN with his flexibalness Stranger: yes ik that is not a word but You: STILL You: they have evolved :) Stranger: ikr Stranger: one day they are going to get the daeseng award for the best album of the year You: fact You: do you have an ub by chance Stranger: yes Stranger: Dino Stranger: hbu You: i actually dont You: people find it strange but i mean Stranger: its okay Stranger: i debated with myself about my ub You: so is seventeen your bias group? or Stranger: it is between seventeen and bts Stranger: cuz bts is weird and show their personality Stranger: but seventeen also does that You: tru they are quite weird but its adorable Stranger: like they are actual people Stranger: not fake or perfect in a way You: ah right You: viive is rly great, it takes up 3.5 gb tho wth Stranger: YAASS You: HAVE NO SPACE ITS SAD. Stranger: lool UNDERSTAND Stranger: then you gotta start deleting pictures Stranger: and some songs you dont listen to You: basically Stranger: but a second later you are screenshoting things You: when new music is released im pumped but sad at the same time Stranger: ik Stranger: you want the album but you got no money Stranger: no storage You: yepyep Stranger: the struggle is real :( You: well worth Stranger: yup You: off topic but do you have plans for thanksgiving Stranger: well im picking my mom up from the airport and thats it. im probably just going to sleep in, eat, watch videos, and yeah Stranger: how about you? You: ah sounds p nice You: as of now idek my mums not in spirit of many holidays so she just ignores them Imao. Stranger: lol thats my dad Stranger: i mean i recommend going to kfc Stranger: cuz there is mash potato, macaroon and cheese, chicken (i mean whats the difference between turkey and chicken XD) You: TURKEY IS BETTER You: but tru Stranger: yeah im fine with anything Stranger: like i will literally eat anything besides stuff that would make me sick You: omg really Stranger: im not picky Stranger: lool You: im just not too fond of seafood Stranger: oh Stranger: what is your favorite food? Stranger: or kind You: hmm You: probs like macaroni or smth idek hby Stranger: mash potato Stranger: i mean fruits would be watermelon You: same omg You: watermelons the best Stranger: like its a drink/food You: its not in season m rip Stranger: ikr You: whats a close second You: like in fruit Stranger: strawberries? Stranger: or oranges Stranger: hbu You: i despise cantelope sm idk why but i hate it lol Stranger: ill eat it :D Stranger: lool You: oranges as well You: it tastes so odd You: mayb im the odd one Stranger: nah it makes you unique Stranger: i like how our conversations moved to food lool You: IKR You: theres always time for food Stranger: food is life Stranger: literally we need it to live You: truuuue You: whats your fav kind of sweet? Stranger: like cake or? You: yeah anything sugary Imao. Stranger: unhhhmmm Stranger: marshmallows? You: 00 okay thats noice You: smores are 10/10 Stranger: how about you Stranger: YAASSS You: ICECREAM all the way You: or brownies Stranger: omgg i forgot ice cream! Stranger: omg ice cream sandwich You:yes You: ice cream is so good Stranger: im hungry now :((( You: same what have we done Stranger: lol Stranger: random question what time is it over there Stranger: ? You: its 4pm, there? Stranger: 5:58pm so 6 Stranger: another random question Stranger: what grade are you in Stranger: ? You: long story short i got held back to freshmen year bc i had to stay at home/shospital for awhile and got rly behind so it was basically impossible for me to finish so ye ripme hby Stranger: im in 8th grade ** Stranger: what happened that you had to be at home/ hospital ? i mean if you dont want to talk about it you dont have to Stranger: your two years old You: ah thats cool You: its all good ill share i guess, not your average hospital visit but my neighbors bulldog is very vicious n he got into my yard bc his dumb owner didnt close the gate and he attacked me dkfnkfg it was traumatic Stranger: OMG Stranger: tis is why iam scared of dogs You: i still lov dogs You: idek how Stranger: ive been scared for my whole life Stranger: i mean its okay when they get near me Stranger: but when they bark i get scared You: i thought i was on my death bed omg i lost so much blood You: i feel Stranger: can relate in some way but was in a car accident You: i was in one but luckily it was just minor injuries You: life is 10/10 yes Stranger: yup Stranger: but when you were attack did things go in slow motion by any chance? You: i fainted bc blood loss so i honestly have no clue what happened after the first min Stranger: oh You: next second i woke up in the hospital Stranger: that makes sense You: yeeee Stranger: cuz for me everything just went in slow motion Stranger: like the glass of the window just flew around in slow motion Stranger: i didnt feel any pain You: ah i see You: were you ok after? Stranger: i just got a scar shaped like a check mark on the left side of my face Stranger: but was 4 i remember some parts You: i have scars too ug You: i hate Stranger: i think my scar is good luck lool You: oo maybe You: thats good you take it like that bc im opposite lol Stranger: i mean i only think itis good luck cuz its a check Stranger: im like a kid You: ah right Stranger: but being pessimistic makes you cautious of things Stranger: optimistic is like just doing it without thought You: im a pessimist most of the time but yeah i see Stranger: change of topics Stranger: wanna play 21 questions? You: do you have social media by chance? bc omegles kinda inconvenient lol Stranger: i have ig You: okay, whats your user Stranger: cindy_luu54 You: gotcha Stranger: kk Stranger: you like BA.P You: sry i died You: i love bap, theyre my bias group Stranger: who is your bias? You: at this point id just say bap tbh You: hby Stranger: lol Stranger: daehyung You:u mean daehyun Imao Stranger: opps Stranger: srry im use to typing hyung You: its np You: shall we go to ig then? Stranger: kk Stranger: adios for now Stranger: lool
Stranger: M 20, 600, brown hair, hazel eyes, looking for a gf(swear on my life aint a bot) You: Lmao Stranger: huh Stranger: brubs You: Wat You: Where you from? Stranger: Michigan You: And thats pretty tall lol Stranger: how tall are you? You: Im only 55 lol then agian im a 14 yo girl so yeah lol Stranger: ah Stranger: gotcha Stranger: where ya from? You: Im from cali lol Stranger: damn Stranger: Ive always wanted to go out to Cali You: Yeah its pretty cool here other then the racists homophobes and transphobes lol Stranger: those are everywhere Stranger: cant escape them You: Yeah but theres alot of trans murders here and queer hate crimes but maybe thats just bc theres so many ppl here Stranger: possibly Stranger: Im Dylan You: Nice name lol im nyx Stranger: Nyx?? You: Yeah Stranger: like the greek god You: Yeah Stranger: thats Awesome You: Yeah got a name change i didnt like my original lol didnt suit me Stranger: what was your original Stranger: if you dont mind me askin You: Im not gonna say that wouldnt ask anyone whos had a name change that lol but its fine Stranger: why not? its just a name You: Bc im trans and it makes me want to kill myself Stranger: oh Stranger: so you arent a legit female You: Yeah but ill let u keep talking to other ppl im lesbian anyway so wouldnt be with u lolbut good luck You: No am im just trandgender You: Being trans doesnt make you any less of a woman or the same for trans men Stranger: legit women have ovaries, a cervix, fallopian tubes Stranger: organs are what make people what they are You: No beacuse thats saying that trans men are woman and Afab enbys are woman You: Thats just sex im talking about gender You: Sex and gender are two very different things Stranger: gender is a social construct You: Yeah it is Stranger: itself is not real You: Yeah it isnt real so dont know why ppl make suck a big fukcing deal if someone is trans or non bianery or gender fluid Stranger: because you are born a certain way. nature intended you to be that. changing gender is not in our dna Stranger: animals only do it to equal out the gender imbalance in their enviroment You: Omfg im not gonna argue with you but please do some reaserch before saying dumb shit hommy You: You know science proves being trans is real Stranger: how You: Beacuse chromosomes have barley anything to do with it you know some people can have the opposite chromosomes You: And if you do brain tests it shows trans women have the same brain waves as a cis women same with trans men having the same brainwaves as cos men Stranger: there is xx and xy, and sometimes people are born as a hermaphradite You: And if you just saying that women are woman beacusr they can reproduce your excluding all the cis women who cany You: Yeah some men can have xx or xy same with women Stranger: but cis women who cant, cant because of a biological defect like cancer or endometriosis(which they can still have kids, just heavily advised against) You: And saying people are only there gender based on genitals is just like saying women are walking vaginas yknow like a misogynist Stranger: no, because men are only men because of their organs, its a two way street, but your liberal, so of course youd only decide to include one side of an opinion You: hope you dont find a gf lol all of this your saying is bullshit go read a book about advanced science or some shit you dont get it Ive spent a year learning this shit You: You know that there are conservative trans ppl right? Stranger: very few
You: M or F Stranger: Attack helicopter You: Badass dude You: You an apache attack helicopter? Stranger: Stranger: You know me so weel Stranger: Well You: Yet even more badass Stranger: Takes of sunglasses to reavel smexy forhead You: Has internal orgasm from how smexy an attack helicopter is Stranger: eao Stranger: Yah big heli wanna put ur blade in me You: My pp has ascended to godhood status Stranger: You: It is now You: Big pp Stranger: Oh shit can see the massive stream of cum it looks like a beacon and it tastes of gasoline from the smexy Apache attack helicopter You: There are no words on Gods green Earth that can describe how spectacularly erect am Stranger: Yes Stranger: U are a true master cum bender You: Maybe, do you know of, the forbidden avatar episode Stranger: Yes Stranger: It still haunts me to this day You: havent seen it yet You: Yet Ive seen 2G1C Stranger: Be carful young cum bender for it is scary You: The road is too perilous to imagine Stranger: PRIBIR EAE eas You: Only a true cum bender can make it through this perilous journey of trials and tribulations Stranger: Yes but if you train hard enough you young cum bender can over cum the fear of it You: see what you did there Stranger: But fr have a good night got to go peace You: Nice touch You: You too dude Stranger: Be stronge
Stranger: Hey :) You: hi Stranger: whats up You: Meeting random people Stranger: lol same You: You dint ask asl Stranger: lol it doesnt make much of a difference to me... You: why/ Stranger: Im just here to talk to people haha You: Nice Stranger: ya Stranger: so what is your asl? You: 26 m india... What about u? Stranger: 20 f South Dakota, US You: dint even know the meaning of asl before coming here You: had to google it Yo orry if sound boring You: You wish to be friends with me? You: mean only if your boyfriend doesnt mind... Yo hats your Zodiac sign? You: Yeah and might come across as a little childish foa 26 year old guy Stranger: lol okay Stranger: Im a virgo by the way You: Haha You: Same pinch You: Wow Stranger: whats your zodiac sign? You: VIRGO You: September 5 You: It is celebrated as teachers day in India Yo 0 you want to be friends? You: Like real friends, not time pass Yo nd sorry dont have an fb account Stranger: okay well dont really know what you mean You: You here just for time pass or making new friends? Stranger: mean Im open to new friends You: An do you dislike Indians? You: hope you dont You: have seen people not wanting to be friends with Indians You: Thats why asked Stranger: have no issue with Indians...diversity should be celebrated You: Do you want to be friends with me? You: Yeah. am glad you have that opinion Stranger: sure okay You: Then.. How do we proceed frm here? Stranger: that was what confused me Yo ee dont know how to make you trust me Yo ut please be honest and genuine in telling me if you are looking for a life-long friendship
Stranger: heyy You: hello Stranger: do you like spatulas You: yes Stranger: oh? Stranger: elaborate Stranger: now. You: ok You: them Stranger: fair enough You: thanks Stranger: yeah
Stranger: hello daddy You: im not your daddy Stranger: ok master You: slavery is illegal
Stranger: M You: Daddy? Stranger: F? You: Yes daddy Stranger: Age You: 4 You: Why daddy Stranger: Age Stranger: U cant be 4 You: 14 sorry daddy Stranger: How old do u want daddy to be You: 20 but wont tell anyone daddy Stranger: Ok Stranger: Where u from You: Where would you like me to be from Stranger: My bed You: Okay daddy definitely agree Stranger: Im from usa You: Me too daddy Stranger: Florida You: Me too daddy Yo ve been waiting the longest for someone like you to come fuck this tight young pussy of mine Stranger: Im so hard rn You: Tell me something naughty Stranger: U want it in u You: Btw Im a guy bro and you wierd asf Im saving this shit
You: hi Stranger: Hey Stranger: Are you Christian as well? You: yea Stranger: Same here Stranger: had a bad incident and wanted to talk about it with someone could trust You: okay Stranger: Im a girl though, wbhu? You: same You: 19f Stranger: Same! Stranger: Honestly, was taken advantage by a guy at my church Stranger: :( You: oh ok You: what happened Stranger: need to warn girls about this cuz didnt even see it coming You: womans arent girls Stranger: He put something in my drink. dont even drink alcohol Stranger: But he put something in my juice You: if someone did something evil to you, stone him to death? Stranger: Yes You: then what you waiting for? Yo elf justice is right Yor sk 4chan You: im from there btw You: we can meet up You: where you live? Yo e got loyal people all over the world Yor e handle it You: just give us his name You: he wont do it again You: we put video on youtube Yo nd warn people Yor e wont kill him You: share it on 4chan if you want You: so please what the name of the community you and the guys goes to You: and whats the name of him e have expierence You: google anonymous You: we got an irc channel You: are you still there?
Stranger: hi Stranger: age? You: 18 Stranger: im 22 mistress Stranger: so you like being made fun of and humiliated cause of your tiny dick? You: oh yes please Stranger: set cam so its aiming at all of youi want you naked and hard soi can laugh at your tiny cock as i command you what to do Stranger: lol tiny cock little femboy Stranger: go on jerk it lets see it thorbbing Stranger: faster harder like you are actually trying to please a woman no that tiny dick ever will Stranger: make sure your face is in frame to so ican laugh at the faces you make as you pleasure your small little dick Stranger: what a good obedient little dick sissy Stranger: jerk the head keep going until you are about to cum and moaning like a good little bitch Stranger: theres a good boy playng with his little femboy dick Stranger: all small and pathetic Stranger: the only way you will ever please a woman is if you get fucked by a trans girl Stranger: go on jerk it bet you also only last like 2 minutes
Stranger: hi You: hi Stranger: what are u doing You: nothing Stranger: where is ur mom You: shes out being a bad bitch why Stranger: can i see her pussy Stranger: ohh damn You: Imfao what You: brooo Stranger: i nneded fun You: Imao you look like a sack of potatos Stranger: Strange Strange Strange Stranger: something happened You: get outta here before your country blocks you from the internet Stranger: u have sisiter
Stranger: Enemies with benefits What did tell you about giving me fucking hickeys?! -Nico Male, Omega, 18 You: know what you said. just wanted to piss you off. -Liam (Alpha, 19) Stranger: My parents have a house party! Im supposed to be pretty. -N You: And the hickeys dont make you pretty? Thats insulting. -L Stranger: Insulting to you? Give me a break. -N You: Ill give you a break when you can actually stand one without crawling back to me. -L Stranger: Shut up. -N You: You wanna make me? -L Stranger: Hmph. Come over. -N You: ...Really? Anything could happen when come over. -L Stranger: Whats that supposed to me. -N Stranger: *mean? You: You gonna be nice to me when come over? Or you gonna make me shut up like you said you would. -L Stranger: The latter. -N You: Fucking try me. Be there in 20. -L Stranger: Good. -N You: Liam doesnt wait to check his parking when he storms the place. Come meet me -L he sends when he exits his car into the driveway in search of the Omega. Stranger: Nico glanced to his phone, smiling to himself. He was still contemplating how much he wanted to tease the other before letting the Alpha fuck him again. If he ever did. The blond walked out, pushing up his glasses. You could have met me inside and let me put contacts in, asshole. You: I know the routine, Liam smirks and pretends to shrug nonchalantly. I just wanted to break it to annoy you, cause its just too easy. Have anything to say? Stranger: He growled a little, standing on his tiptoes so he could grab the others collar. Shut. Up. He crashed their lips together, eyes closed. You: His instincts pick up immediately, and he grips the other boys wrist in one hand and his hip in the other. He answered the kiss fiercely and still made time to leave a bite on Nicos bottom lip. Stranger: He moans softly, melting as the other takes control. Even if they fought, and were wrong for each other, there was no denying how good it felt. By the time Nico pulled away his lenses had fogged up. You: Looks like still win, Liam smirks, hands still tight around Nicos hip and hand. It was too satisfying to know he could get away with what he knew was wrong. Now get to choose what to do with this sore loser. Stranger: Though his face was contorted to seem tough, the Omega couldnt help his little whimper as he stared up. Maybe this time he wouldnt be getting his way. Please, he mumbled, rolling his eyes. You: Look as disappointed as you want. You still smell like you need a thick knot in you, he growled, licking his lips. And Im more than happy to provide. And if it makes you feel better, Ill let you choose between your room or my car. Stranger: Nico hadnt even noticed how much slick had soaked his panties, his pale skin blushing at the thought. The car. Hed managed through the words without completely stumbling, though his hands clung onto the Alpha desperately. You: Still desperate to just surround yourself in my scent even thought Im not even an inch in front of you. Greedy little bitch, he chuckled, gripping the Omega by the shirt and opening the cars backseat to shove him inside and later follow suit. Stranger: He scrambled in, overwhelmed by the Alpha. He was quick to undress, not caring if it made him look even more submissive. He was hot and horny, making sure his backside faced Liam for quite a bit of time. You: Liam made short work of stripping himself of his shirt and shoving his pants down. Fuck, youre so fucking wet, he breathed, reveling in the scent and feeling his cock harden. Always so horny. What am to do with you? he mock- sighed, tracing the other boys hairline before grabbing a fistful and tugging. Stranger: Uh! He gasped when the other pulled at his curls. Nicos back arched, fully at the olders disposal. F- Fuck me, obviously, he grubted. You: Youre insufferable. Still giving me attitude when youre at my mercy, he growled, leaning down and clamping his teeth over the Omegas neck and sucking hard. At the same time he used his free hand to navigate the boys body and thrust into his still-leaking entrance. Stranger: He didnt have time to object, busy with the others finger working his needy hole. Oh! More! he begged. You: He hummed against his skin, shaking his head and finding a new spot to suck a hickey into. dont think so. Im still having fun watching you squirm and beg. Stranger: Nico was practically shaking, jolting in pleasure every now and then. His moans were needy, filling the car with squeaks a jumbled nonsense. The Omega was so lusty, wondering what it would feel like to really be marked. Slick trickled out of him, the boy moving to rub his small cock. You: Not tonight, baby, he grunted, letting go of the Omegas hair to grab his wrist as he reached for his cock. Liam found the boys other hand and pinned them both over his head as he continued to finger and play with his slick-wet hole. The only way youre gonna cum is from my knot. Any second opinion, my little bitch? Stranger: He mewled and rocked for awhile, desperate for friction. Still, the boy settled, finally murmuring. No Sir, he squeaked, voice smaller and high pitched. You: Liam smirked in his triumph, actually beginning to stretch Nicos hole to prepare him for his cock. Good boy. Im gonna fill you up in just a sec, alright? Stranger: He nodded, getting more and more restless. Yes, god yes he sighed, his plump ass bouncing as he was stretched. Nico didnt even care how much he was surrendering. He needed an Alpha knot. You: Good boy, he repeated, almost getting lost as he watched Nicos response to him fingering him open. This is mine, and Im gonna fucking knot it, he breathed, positioning himself over the Omega and lining his cock up with his ass, then roughly pushing himself in with a low groan. Stranger: The Omegas mouth fell open, head tilted back. Fuck! he cried, hips desperate to get into the fastest rhythm possible. Oh, Sir You feel so good, so big You: You like that? he chuckled breathlessly, leaning back down to claim the boys neck with his teeth as he experimented with the different times he would thrust his hips. God, youre so fucking wet. could fuck you for hours.. Stranger: He nodded eagerly, whimpering and longing for Liams knot. His slicked-up hole took the males cock easily, and to Nico the sting felt too good to go slow. Please, please go harder! You: You little whore, he grunted, muscles straining as he adjusted himself to properly fuck the Omega underneath him. He was getting more forceful with his thrusts, filling his hole to the full hilt of his cock. My pretty Omega bitch. Stranger: He smiled, biting his lip in pleasure and trying not to scream out. Please, please knot me. Fill me up, need cum, he pleaded. You: Liam panted, quickening his pace and tightening his grip on the boys hips. He bit his lip as he fucked more deeply into the Omega, before cumming long and hard with a low groan. His knot was large, stretching the hole out even further while Liam simply watched his own cum leaking out along with the spilled slick. Stranger: Nico gave one last moan, feeling himself climax as the other came inside him. He panted, laying back and pushing up his glasses. You: It took a minute of calming down to feel his knot still throbbing inside Nico, and he pulled the boys thighs apart to settle more comfortably on the car seat. Looks like well be here for a while, Liam said after gaining his breath. He reached over and touched the Omegas little cock, giving it a stroke or two to see his reaction. Stranger: The stimulation made him jump, gulping. Dude! What the hell, he huffed, wiping the sweat off his forehead. You: Wouldve been more fun if you were on your heat like last time, he huffed himself, brushing his sweat-dampened hair back with his fingers. Stranger: Well you got me knocked up that time and had to get an abortion so Stranger: *sorry!! Stranger: Well you got me knocked up that time and had to get an abortion so, he mumbled, though he never told Liam about that. You: Oh NP! You: Liam stayed quiet for a moment, trying to register if hed ever been given this information beforehand. Youre not kidding, are you? though youd taken pills or something when we did that. Stranger: I did, but you knotted me when was in heat. He looked away from the other. You: You said didnt have to pull out! he defended, then again falling silent. Did you plan on telling any this to me til now? Stranger: I dont know. He crossed his arms, looking up. Why do you care? You: I knocked you up? he said, quietly but with clear incredulity. I bred you and think thats enough for me to give a shit about. couldnt at least have been there when you aborted? Stranger: I dont need you, okay? Its fine, less of a burden to you. He closed his eyes, thinking for a moment. He was silent for quite some time. Im sorry, okay? You: He was frowning, but it was obscured by the dark, and difficult angle. Yeah, whatever, Just...tell me next time something like that happens, he sighed, sliding his hand along Nicos thigh. wanna at least be partly responsible for the things we do. Stranger: Nico tried not to overthink the we part, staring up at the other and trying to place Liams feelings. Right. Well um. You: Dont think about it too hard. get it. You dont need me, and this is just sex to take the edge off your horny Omega tendencies. Liam leaned back against the car window, a hand over his lower stomach where he could still feel his knot pulsing.
You: YO Stranger: knock knock You: whos there Stranger: not my dad
You: Evening, Moran. Remember that favour you owe me? JM (19) Stranger: Bloody finally. -SM 20 You: Aw, is being in my debt really that bad? JM Stranger: Lets say Im eager to get it over with. Spit it out. -SM You: need you to sign a contract for me. JM Stranger: What? -SM You: link attached For a storage unit. JM Stranger: Why cant you do it? -SM You: seem to recall a no questions asked part after the bit about you owing me. JM Stranger: This makes me liable for anything inside it. -SM You: Do you always assume the worst of me, Sebastian? JM Stranger: Yes. -SM You: Fair enough. JM You: It wont get you in trouble, promise. JM Stranger: delay Just dont fuck me on this. Youre paying for it, right? -SM You: Of course. JM You: Now, let me know when its done so we can move on to step two. JM Stranger: Step two? -SM You: Of the favour, obviously. JM Stranger: Theres no such thing as a multi-step favour. -SM You: Do you really think solved your little predicament with a single phone call? JM Stranger: Whats step two, anyway? -SM You: Im closing a deal tonight. Youre going to drive the getaway car. JM Stranger: Thats a completely unrelated thing. Even if there are multi-step favours, thats clearly a completely different favour. -SM You: No, its not. JM You: The favour is you helping me on a job. The storage locker and the deal are both part of it. JM Stranger: Jesus Christ. -SM You: Do need to remind you where you would be right now if it wasnt for me? JM Stranger: No. -SM You: Then stop complaining. JM Stranger: Fine. -SM You: Good boy. JM Stranger: Stuff it. -SM You: Youll get paid, you know. JM Stranger: Great. -SM You: Pick me up at 11:30pm. JM Stranger: Where from? -SM You: Mayfair. Ill text you the exact address. JM Stranger: Dont get me killed. -SM You: wouldnt dream of it. JM Stranger: Im sure. -SM You: Youre still useful to me. JM Stranger: Were even after this. -SM You: Until the next time you get yourself into trouble. JM Stranger: Im keeping my nose clean from now on, thanks. -SM You: Oh? Good luck with that. JM Stranger: Most people seem to manage all right. -SM You: Do you really want to be like most people? JM Stranger: Id like to avoid having more problems than absolutely necessary. -SM You: Boring. JM Stranger: Maybe for you. -SM You: You might acquire a taste for it after tonight. JM Stranger: Sure will, Moriarty. -SM You: Either way, you know where to find me. JM Stranger: Unfortunately. -SM You: See you tonight, Tiger. JM Stranger: See you. -SM
mormor, Sherlock
Stranger: hey You: hi Stranger: trump Stranger: or no You: what? Stranger: do u like trump You: what if said no? Stranger: i would lesve You: oh. You: yes?? Stranger: ok useem nice You: um. are you a male or female? Stranger: idk at this point Stranger: im kidding You: oh was gonna say great answer Stranger: it is Stranger: pls tell me urm You: yes why? Stranger: ok bc f You: cool You: how old are you? Stranger: idk Stranger: hbu You: idk either ._. Stranger: this is exactly what elemtrey school trained me not to do You: wdym? Stranger: talk to stranhers Stranger: strangers You: how are you even on here then 0.0 You: are you breaking rules? Stranger: im not in elemtrey Stranger: you re You: howd you know?! Stranger: ok
Stranger: You: christian? Stranger: yes You: The Hebrew Bible contains several references, both in Mosaic law as well as in its narrative portions, to acts that would be considered rape in the modern world.1 Hebrew lacks a legal or technical term for rape, since in Biblical times, a sexual assault against another mans daughter, wife, or betrothed could only be a theft of that mans sexual property, rather than an offense against the woman herself.2 You: explain this Stranger: mosaic laws are superceeded by the new testament You: lol! You: did jesus sayd that? You: hello? Stranger: its pretty basic doctrine, yeah. its the same reason we cont eat kosher and can work on the sabbath and stuff You: show me You: and why we can do that You: show me the verse You: where jesus sayd that it super... it Yo an you hurry im recording Yo hat you even type in You: theres nothin to defend You: the old law still counts Stranger: it takes time lol, relax. if ur in sucha hurry then google it, this is super basic theology dude You: no You: it doesnt You: its simple You: the old law counts Yo oure just maybe no christian You: thats it Yor jo back to 4chan Yo pstein You: andrenochrom You: and whatever Stranger: lol
Stranger: 19 female Stranger: Naughty video of me stripping out of this outfit You: 19 male Stranger:
You: heyy Stranger: Hi Stranger: Lesbian? You: bi/pan nonbinary Stranger: What the fuck
Stranger: hi Stranger: you are laggin Stranger: :D Stranger: ? Stranger: i dont hear you Stranger: you need to type ? Stranger: ! Stranger: ! You: are you playing by guitar Stranger: yeah Stranger: i play guitar You: can see Stranger: you want to hear something ?
Stranger: Nice You: Thanks Stranger: Keep singin its a rare gift mah dude Stranger: What kinda music you sing? Stranger: What kind of old school Stranger: Sing me some lil michael Stranger: Fuck yeag Stranger: Yeah* Stranger: Awesome shit
You: are you ready kids? Stranger: Hey Hey captain You: cant hear youl! Stranger: HEY HEY CAPTAIN You: ooo0000h You: hahahahahaha Stranger: Youre cool Stranger: We should be friends You: we defenetly shoudl Stranger: What should call you? You: anon please You: nononon You: daddy Stranger: Im a male dude calm down You: mee too You: was joking dude Stranger: Oh sowwy You: no ploblem Stranger: Where are you from, daddy? You: the womb Stranger: Wow Stranger: used to live there You: where are you from? Stranger: Egypt You: ahh Yo was gonna make a joke there but blew it You: oh wait... wrong country Stranger: Huh? You: nevermind... You: look, really have to go now, so it was nice meeting you!!
Stranger: HI You: male 27 Stranger: asl?? woman You:ima male You: what abt u? Stranger: Hit me Up on...S k y pe, honeybo861
You: Bro Stranger: i like to suck my own dick at spare time You: What? Stranger: yeah You: How?
Stranger: Asl? You: Hey am 32/m names Miles Stranger: Hey man, 20 m Chris You: Hey Chris, T or B? Stranger: Both Stranger: You? You: Same, roles? Stranger: Strangers in the gym? Father and son? Dads friend? You: Friends Dad? You: Also im 63 with dirty blonde hair and green blue eyes, im not really tan but not pale im very fit with broad shoulders nice pecs and abs, also have a small scar on my upper lip and chest and side, also my right nipple is pierced and usually have a bar in and im 9inchs and have big balls, also have thick strong thighs and a big round juicy bubble butt you? Also wanna know anything else about my body? Just ask. also have a tattoo of an angel in heaven on my right arm and shoulder Stranger: Mmmm yea friends dad Stranger: IIl type my description up now Stranger: m 6 foot 3 tall with blonde hair and blue eyes. Broad shoulders and muscular. Havnt got visibal abs but work out. Trimmed pubes, shaven big balls, also 9 inch cock. Peachy arse too with theighs to match. Stranger: You sound hot You: So do you cutie, any kinks or fetishes? Stranger: Piss play, nudity Stranger: You? You: enjoy slow and flirty, rimming both ways, toys and nipple play! Stranger: like slow and flirty too. Wanna start us of? Where we are, what youre wearing, time You: Can you please start for us? Stranger: Yea! You: Thanks man! Mind adding some background too? Stranger: Yea sure You: Thanks! Stranger: Its pretty normal for me to stay round as your son is my best friend. Your wife is away on business so the three of us had a guys night and drank some beer, your son more than both of us. As stay round a bit were all pretty comfortable and weve seen eachother topless and just wearing boxers most the time. Its about 9 in the morning and 1m up and Dan is still asleep in bed. come downstairs in my tight black boxers to get a drink You: Heyyo? You: (Oh reading!) Stranger: (Yea sorry like detail, sorry its long ;)) You: (Hmm no its great! How about instead its around 11, Dan passed out and we are still up and about?) Stranger: (Yea sure miles) You: (Ok! Wanna continue for us?) Stranger: Dan has now passed out on his bed s0 its just us. 1m wearing tight black boxers under gym shorts and a tank top You: chuckled as walked down from helping Dan to bed Damn lightweight. chuckled and sat back down on the couch finishing my beer just in a tank top with Calvin Klein green briefs under some shorts Still goin Chris? smiled Stranger: (My boxers are also Calvin Klein) yYea man, think 1m getting used to drinking this much finish my beer fancy getting me another? You: Hmm sure. reach into the box, all gone Shoot...hey want some whiskey? asked Stranger: Go on then smirk You: chuckled and grabbed it for us and some shot glasses, poured us each and shot mine back Stranger: look at you necking your whisky. pick mine up and look at it preparing myself for it. throw it back swallowing what went into my mouth covering my mouth with my wrist so my arm is up and my pit hair is on show and some of it drips onto my tank top You: chuckled Hmm cant handle your drink? asked pouring us another Stranger: Well its not my favourite Miles ahah lean forward to take a shot again but as lean back spill most of it onto my tank top shit 1m sorry? Stranger: (Miles?) You: Its fine man, take that off. chuckled and patted your thigh You: (Yea?) Stranger: (Oh dont think you got what sent) You: Its fine man, take that off. chuckled and patted your thigh Stranger: laugh under my breath Well its not technically my favourite Miles laugh leaning forward to get another shot well at least can handle my drunk more than Dan lean back Stranger: take my tank top off, everything including my snail trailis on show You: Ha yup he cant hold his own. chuckled and did another Hey wait...wanna hop in the hot tub? said smirking Stranger: Oh completely forgot we turned that on, is it ready? sit up exited You: Ha yup. said smirking Stranger: stand up oh but havnt got my swim shorts You: Underwear dude. said taking the whiskey and stripping down and hopped in Stranger: watch you strip down and stare at your arse walk away to get into the hot tub You: (Briefs still) got in and began to relax Stranger: watch you relaxing, your body hair glistening with sweat alright 1m getting in 1 leave my shorts with my tank top and get in with my boxers still on You: smiled looking ya over Loookin good. said Stranger: Cheers Miles my arms relaxed over the sides its thoes workouts me and dan have been doin, you looking good too you know You: Hmm thanks bud. said having another shot, giving you one You: Heyy) Stranger: (Oh just saw you typing, IIl send it again) Stranger: Cheers Miles my arms relaxed arms over the sides its thoes gym sessions do with Dan, you look good too ya know You: Hmm thanks bud. said having another shot, giving you one Yo Hmm thanks bud. said having another shot, giving you one Stranger: take the shot toaching your manly hand 1 really am enjoying spending some private time with you mate spread my legs together more comfy and neck the shot You: Me too. smiled and spread our legs hitting a bit Stranger: My foot slightly touching yours, dont move and whisky is growing on me You: Hmm same. said downing another Stranger: The bubbles still going feel my cock harden so put my hand down my boxers to make more room in my wet, tight boxers and bring my hand back up to scratch my hairy pit You: chuckled my hand going under my hand hitting your cock but not realizing Hmm whats this? asked squeezing a bit Stranger: Wait if dan is on his bed passed out, where am i ganna sleep? And my boxers are wet begin to feel you graze my cock with your hand. groan quietly but you could hear You: chuckled Oh sorry son. said feeling more as rub around smirking Stranger: try not to draw any more attention feeling nervous about whats going on behind both our underwear. In my more drunk state ask will have to share with you? You: Hmm...oh um...yea you can. said Stranger: Thanks dad... mean Miles, sorry bring my other hand under the water after putting my shot glass down to feel how my cock is doing You: smiled and went under your briefs feeling your bare cock Ohh Dad is fine man. Stranger: breath in intensely looking at your sting arm do its work but what about Louise or Dan? Stranger: Strong* You: Hmm no one has to know. said Stranger: run my finger in the inside of your waistband feeling it stretch because your cock is hard You: Why dont...we strip again? asked Stranger: stand up, stand now infront of you, slowly revealing my trimmed pubes to my shaven shaft and the start of my hairless big balls to finally my boxers waist band flings the tip of my cock up. boxers now sinking in the hot tub. I stand there tossing my cock slowly You: smirked Mind helping me out of mine spirt? asked Stranger: squat down and look into your eyes as pull your briefs down by the legs, tugging as we laugh that youre being pulled from your seat. My cock head poking out of the water You: stood up Hmm nice body son. said feeling your chest and abs Stranger: look down at your massive hard on wow didnt know you were pierced down there 1 slowly start to toss you off. Water dripping off our body You: (Huh? Just my nip not my cock) Stranger: (Oh Sorry) wow didnt know you were this big! mean fantisise but didnt actually think youd be this long and thick You: smirked Whatcha mean you fantisise? asked reaching to feel your butt Stranger: stand closer Well think about you to get me hard and always try to catch a glips of you when 1m staying Stranger: Glimps* You: Ohh gay? asked Stranger: No m bi, like you 1m guessing? You: Hmm yea man...well...never knew before now. said very close feeling your ass more Stranger: Mmmmm look at your lips biting mine. Have you thought about me? You: Hmm..maybe a bit. smirked Stranger: Like what? question pulling you closer with your cock in my hand You: tell me. smiled groaning softly Stranger: start to kiss down your body, your neck, your chest, peilrs nipple and lick it while look into your eyes leading my tounch down your body and kiss your pubic hair line and look into your eyes again before enfold your cock into my mouth Stranger: (Did you get my last 2 messages about kissing your lips and then your body?) Stranger: dont know if youre still there but 1m ganna go, am super horny after talking dirty with you and we maybe speak on here again. Remember this conversation so we might carry it on. Good night Daddy
Gay role play
Stranger: hey You: hello Stranger: do you listen to hamilton You:no Stranger: thats really sad Stranger: whats your life like Stranger: i dont remember mine before it You: Do you watch game of thrones? Stranger: nope sry You: thats really sad You: whats your life like You: dont remember mine before it Stranger: lmao You: Rofl Stranger: lol You: where are you from bro? Stranger: US hbu You: Norway Stranger: sweet You: bro whats the current situation of US ? Heard many rumours regarding Trumps new rule . Stranger: honestly ignorance is bliss Stranger: screw trump You: 8 countries are banned . And is he banning other countries too ? Is there any chance? Stranger: i dont know its all just one big mess. Stranger: its all so unconstitutional You: Man this trump really making the things bad worlds no 1 countrys president acting like they dont need any rather than be kind to other Stranger: yeah just when things were looking up he stepped into office You: just 1 year of his political experience over 30 experince of hilary clinton Just How trump won ? Stranger: americans are stupid thats alli can say You: Well i also agree somehow You: but not all haha Stranger: haha You: Studying or Stranger: yeah
You: Im so sorry about last night. It got later than expected and forgot to call you back. IA Stranger: That was quite the slap you know. SH Stranger: Ill credit you that. SH You: know and Im really sorry about it. Please dont be mad. IA Stranger: still dont quite know what it was for. SH You: Well, you were being a jerk. IA Stranger: Please elaborate. SH You: You were making a scene because of nothing and eventually called me a bitch. No one calls me that. IA Stranger: Delayed must apologise. SH You: Oh all of the sudden? IA Stranger: What was the nothing? really dont remember much. SH You: was at a bar with a potential client. IA Stranger: Not a great start. SH You: No, it really wasnt. IA Stranger: And then? SH You: He left. IA Stranger: Because of me? SH You: No, because the bartender was so impolite. A Stranger: Where do come in? SH You: was being sarcastic. IA Stranger: Oh. SH You: Yes. IA You: You owe me a client. IA Stranger: dont even remember getting as drunk as was. SH You: Well, remember you being drunk. IA Stranger: How did we end up in the same bar? SH You: dont know. You just suddenly were there. IA Stranger: must have known. dont know now. But must have found from where. Hmm. SH You: Certainly not from me. IA Stranger: have my ways, even when drunk. SH You: Yeah, could see that. IA Stranger: Delayed think wanted to talk to you. SH Stranger: To be fair, have been for a long while. SH You: About what? IA Stranger: See how you were, make amends. Youre back in London? SH You: Thats unlike you. Yes, am. Fora few weeks. now. IA Stranger: was drunk. Unfortunately, John, Mycroft and Molly have been very through in inhibiting my drug supply so it was quite possible was experimenting. Unsuccessfully it seems. SH You: Very unsuccessfully, Id say. You should stop with self-experiments. IA Stranger: Youre one to question that? SH You: Why shouldnt I? IA Stranger: Youre not exactly clean yourself, Irene. And anyway, your line of work lends itself to you being experiment with, unfortunately. SH You: provide them with an experiement. Doesnt mean become one. IA Stranger: Maybe not in your eyes, but few of your clients would be so kind. SH You: How would you know? Talked to any? IA Stranger: know the kind of men that use you. know their psychology. also know heir thought process, which dont pay you any kindness. Maybe was thinking of such last night when sent the client away. dont know. SH You: You think he just wanted to use me? IA Stranger: Yes, most of these clients do. SH You: Well then, thank you, guess. IA Stranger: What for? SH You: For sending him away. IA Stranger: He would have still payed you, Irene. SH You: know that. IA You: But rather have clients who dont intend to use me but who want to be used instead. IA Stranger: Fair enough. SH Stranger: Who would your ideal client be? SH You: You know, dont know. never really thought about it. IA Stranger: Then what do you like? SH You: Cant you deduce that yourself? IA Stranger: Sex really isnt my field. SH You: So? It doesnt have to be when you observe. IA Stranger: meant if you were one on one and serious with another person, what would like? Would you still have to be dominant figure? Would you like rough and tumble? SH You: Equality. Id like to be his or her equal. dont have to be dominant but could never be submissive. Give and take equally. IA Stranger: That, in my experience is the healthiest position for a couple. SH You: You have relationship experience? IA Stranger: From my line of work. SH Stranger: (Sorry, have to go, would you like to continue over email?)) You: ((sure! mine is :) can send you the log and my reply?)) Stranger: ((Oh, Hi! think was doing with you a while back but dont think ever got a reply from you? Theyd just had their baby)) You: ((oh really? you mean with amelia joan or am confusing something? then my reply must have not sent :( so sorry about that!)) Stranger: ((Yeah, Amelia Joan :) Dont worry, my intemet was playing up around then. Must have just got lost somewhere along the line.)) You: ((Oh im glad we found each other again though! can try and send it to you again :) )) Stranger: ((Ok, brilliant :) Do you mind sending this one too to frankie, please?)) You: ((not at all :))) Stranger: (Thanks! Speak to you later!))
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You: hey Stranger: Hello You: hyd ? Stranger: lam good hbu You: im good too! Stranger: Bias?. You: chayoung dahyun nd tzuyu You: wbu ? Stranger: Have u seen the feels? You: yeahh, its sooo good You: did u ? Stranger: Her lines was Boy ya boy ya boy u know Stranger: Stranger: She is my bias You: Imao its still an masterpiece You: so, where are u from ? Stranger: U havent guess my bias You: oh Stranger: have given u clue You: hmm jeongyeon ? Yo hh chaeyoung !! You: momo ? Stranger: No Stranger: No Stranger: Its Stranger: Momo Stranger: Yes You: ohh i love momo too Stranger: dont think so you are Filipino You: im from brazil haha Stranger: Thats cool You: thank u 3 Stranger: love Neymar jr You: uhh i love him too You: do you know bolsonaro ? Stranger: But love iam as a favourite player Stranger: lam straight guy Stranger: Lol Stranger: No who is bolsonaro? You: its our president Stranger: Ohh yeaa You: pure trash Stranger: But bcuse of him Stranger: Brazil has faced many prmb Stranger: know about that You: yup Stranger: Your fan girl or boy? You: but next year is the elections so You: im an girl Stranger: Hope you are not a racist Stranger: Sorry but have heard about that Stranger: Brazilian are racist You: noo im not racist Stranger: Wow onces are always good person You: yeah thats actually really sad, there are really many racist and homophobic persons on my country Stranger: May next election he lose and Brazil would get a good president You: yeahh i hope so Stranger: But in Brazil literally legends born Stranger: Pelle , Ronaldinho You: but its not like we have much better options Stranger: Respect Stranger: Hope dear everything will be fine next time You: yeah thank u Stranger: Whats time over there? You: whos the most famous person on your country ? You: its 03 am Stranger: IM From India Stranger: Do you know our country? You: yeah of course You: india its really famous on brazil Stranger: Oh really wow You: in a good way ofc Stranger: Thx u Brazil too is famous worldwide Stranger: Samba dance Stranger: have known something about your countrys Stranger: That in Brazil they speak Portugese You: j think i have relatives from india but im not sure Stranger: Not Spanish right You: yeah yeah You: brazil its the only latin country who dont speak spanish Stranger: Brazilla is the capital , Rio de Janeiro best city ? You: yeahh Stranger: Yes have learnt about it You: im from sao paulo Stranger: We indian are good in geography You: but not the city Stranger: Lol Stranger: know Uruguay and Argentina are your neighbour Stranger: There was a song Brazil lala la lala You: Imao most north americans dont even know where brazil is Stranger: Its was so famous here Stranger: Yea they are idiot You: actually have really many songs like that Stranger: Danza kuduru You: the song or urugyau ? Stranger: know Maluma le is famous in South America right Stranger: But he is Spanish You: not really You: idk who its him sorry Stranger: He had a song with Shakira You: obh i love danza kuduro Stranger: From how long you are onces Stranger: When did you became onces? You: j think 2018 Stranger: Wow You: wbu ? Stranger: Myself 2019 Stranger: really want to see them live Stranger: Its one of my dream You: same Stranger: am going to Russia Stranger: This December Stranger: will try to go Korea from there Stranger: If got a visa lol You: i hope you can Stranger: Its nearby from Russia Strange cuse here In my country Stranger: There are no k pop fsns Stranger: So dont think so they will ever come here You: oh i thought that were a lot of kpop fans there You: on brazil we have a lot Stranger: We have our own bollywood industry Stranger: Flims and songs Stranger: They love that Stranger: Dont you know any bollywood actress? You: not really Stranger: Alia Bhatt You: but ive seen some youtube videos Stranger: She is very cute Stranger: My favourite Stranger: Alia bhatt You: oh shes really preatty Stranger: Yess u have seen her? You: yup Stranger: Ohh nice Stranger: Yess but in india nowadays Stranger: People are Army Stranger: BTS is quite famous You: on brazil bts its famous too. Stranger: Whats the situation in Brazil right now about this pandemic? You: really bad Stranger: Lock down?. You: nobody wear mask You: noo Stranger: Do you have active cases You: yup Stranger: My Bad be safe u have to use mask Stranger: Before 4 months situation in my country was very bad Stranger: But now everything is going well Your: i use it, i have to go to school You: oh thats gret, be safe you too Stranger: In Eastern part of India there are few cases Stranger: But iam from south western part Stranger: lam From Mumbai Stranger: Here everything is going well You: its an really pretty city Stranger: Yess not like your country but its good Stranger: Brazilian cities are way more beautiful You: thank you 3 Stranger: In india yess Mumbai is one of biggest cities Stranger: In kind of living its better than our capital Stranger: Delhi You: my city its basically just beaches but its kinda pretty Stranger: Your city is one of the best in whole south america continent Stranger: U have sleep ? Stranger: Had your dinner? You: oh really ? Stranger: Whats the time there? You: i had dinner but im not used to sleeping at night You: its 3am Stranger: Its 11.29 am here Stranger: Morning time Stranger: Lol You: mainly on holidays Stranger: Yea its Sunday Stranger: We are cooking Fish curry Stranger: For lunch You: oh i fish curry Stranger: Have u tried Indian cuisine? Your: i love fish curry You: yeah Stranger: Yeaa Your: its delicius You: delicious* Stranger: have never tried brazilian cuisine You: hm Stranger: Can u suggest me something Stranger: have forgotten to asked you that , whats your age? You: i suggest feijoada, brigadeiro, coxinha, agai and picanha You: im 12 Stranger: Ohkk cool You: wbu Stranger: You are way more intelligent than your age Stranger: Thats cool You: thank u Stranger: lam 19 You: i thought you were younger Stranger: 19 is younger only Stranger: lam not adult Stranger: Ei You: but as you are older recommend cachaca, its an alcoholic drink Stranger: Yea 4 u iam a elder guy Stranger: In my country alcohol is allowed after 21 You: oh Yor Nn brazil its 18 You: but a lot of minors drink it anyways Stranger: Oh really wow Stranger: Yess here too Stranger: Okk dear have to go outside ,It was really good conversation with you ,u such a kind hearted person be happy tc Stranger: All d best for your future
Stranger: hi You: hihi Stranger: LOUIES ON OMEGLE You: are you doing the #?? You: YES OMG Stranger: AHAHAHAHA You: okay whats your pfp and layout Stranger: ITS ARIANA GRANDE Stranger: OF HER IN POSITIONS You: mines ashe with a light pink layout You: BYE BESTIE HOPE ILL FIND YOU Stranger: OKAY HADHDHAHAHAH
Louis Tomlinson
You: hi Stranger: Praise the name You: do you know the game little nightmares? Stranger: No You: crap Stranger: know Jesus You: which is the most important commandment Yo nd why Yo re you typing? Yor ello? You: is this again an endless typing fake? Yor ello? You: if you really are typing can you please stop You: so i see you still there
Stranger: M You: Hi You: Nonbinary Stranger: Dick or vagina You: Why do you want to know? Stranger: want to know your sex You: Why?? Stranger: m only here for females You: Okay well thats irrelevant since Im nonbinary so Stranger: Only 2 genders you must know which one You: WAY MORE You: Not just 2 Yo mao You: Are you trolling Stranger: Theres only 2 shut the fuck up You: Lmao sure, take a biology class Stranger: When will you lefty snowflakes stop this bullshit off Stranger: Jesus its ridiculous Stranger: Go sort yourself out idiot You: So gender is bullshit now? Nice. Stranger: have thanks many of them You: Doesnt seem like it Imao Stranger: No whats bullshit is the CLAIM that theres more than 2 genders Stranger: Prove it scientifically then Ill believe you You: Since there are more than 2 sexes, how are there only 2 genders? Stranger: Sexes are sexualities like bi gay and straight You: Lmao sex is what youre assigned at birth idiot Stranger: Gender is different and 1m telling you there are only 2 which are male and female now go sort yourself out Stranger: Ugh dunno anymore the world is mad You: Sorry man, dont have a gender, so theres nothing to sort out Stranger: Its pointless telling you anything that you dont want to hear You: Go sort your own issues out. Bye!
You: Rp? Stranger: sure You: Which ship? Stranger: science? You: Sure sounds good. Who do you play? Stranger: Bruce. You: Sounds good. Ive got some prompts. One is based specifically for science bros but its a HS AU, the others are canon based but theyre more generic Stranger: Either one is fine with me. :) You: Well Ill grab the au but if you feel like something different let me know. Stranger: cool You: (High school AU, but some of the events of the MCU happen, like Bruce being the Hulk but just younger, Tonys parents dying, and if we make this long term, becoming Ironman. was thinking established, but like just barely. They admitted that they liked each other, probably kissed, but their relationship isnt very developed.) It was weekends like this that he really enjoyed his dads job. It had put Howard and Maria Stark far away from their home ina time zone which meant theyd be too asleep to bother Tony while half the school ran drunk through the mansions hallways. He had no idea that the trip had already ended for his parents, that they were lying dead in a wrecked car and that any fun he had at the party would be ruined by one phone call in the morning. Instead, he grinned widely as he walked through the crowded rooms ina large Christmas sweater, pushing past his guests to get to the door after getting the text that Bruce had finally gotten there, after a lot of convincing just to get him to show up. He already had a drink in his hand to offer his boyfriend and a few too many in his system to think about whether this was a good idea or not Stranger: Bruce wasnt too into parties, but hed gotten a little more used it with Tony. He wore a second hand green sweater with some snowflakes stitched into it. He made his way into the mansion, still in awe of how huge it was. When he finally saw Tony, a bit of relief washed over him and he came over to greet him with a light kiss. Hey. Youre not too drunk already, are you? he asked, a little concerned, though he took a sip from the drink Tony offered him. More people than expected... You: In the end, Tony had been thoroughly impressed with himself when he got Bruce to come at all, and dressed for the occasion no less. There you are. Tony grinned when the other found him, slipping an arm around Bruces waist to lean into the quick kiss. ...Im not Atoo/ drunk. Tony rolled his eyes, leading his boyfriend through the crowd of people. Despite the front room being enormous, it was still tightly packed. Well the whole school came...just about, anyway, Its finally Christmas vacation. Everyone wants to party before they have to go do things with their family for the holiday. Stranger: Yeah, but Id be just as fine without the... audience, Bruce mumbled, staying close to Tonys side. This was still a lot for him to take in, but with Tony it was easier. When they got to a place where it wasnt as crowded, he let outa long breath. So...Are you still going away with your parents for Christmas? Or do you think you could stay? he asked softly, taking Tonys hand to hold. Not that you cant go with them. Just... Id love to see you if we got the chance. You: Audience? Theyre only staring because theyre wondering how an asshole like me got such a cute date. Dont mind them. Tony was half right, they were staring because of him, because of his reputation of losing partners as fast as he could get them, wondering how long this one could last. My parents wont be home until after New Years, so, Im all yours for Christmas if you dont mind me being so clingy. Tony smiled at him, intertwining their fingers. Stranger: All mine, hm? Bruce smiled and leaned ina little closer. might be spending a lot of time here then, he hummed. Taking another long sip from his glass, Bruce shook his head a little. dont know how got lucky enough to be with a guy like you. Didnt think youd ever notice me, really. You: Id like could help me put up the tree. We always saved it until Christmas Eve, just a tradition...of course, usually, the tradition would be for my parents to be around on Christmas. Tony shook his head, trying not to sound bitter. You could pack a bag and stay, even. A vacation away from that house. Tony knew Bruce didnt like talking about his home life, but Tony couldnt stand the thought of him in there. Of course noticed you, you were my best friend, it just took me too long to actually do something about it. Stranger: Better late than never, Bruce teased softly. Id love to stay here. The perfect vacation. He nuzzled Tonys cheek lightly, pressing a light kiss to his skin. It was nice to have a safe space, where he didnt have to worry. Well have the best Christmas ever. No parents, just us. Whatever we want all day. Maybe you could even take us on a day trip to pick out a tree. You: Tony smiled wider when Bruce agreed, curling his arms around his waist and hooking his fingers under the green sweater. That sounds perfect. Tony had to pause for a series of excited shrieking, which either came from the change in music or someone finding another liquor cabinet. -do you think a tree would fit on the back of my convertible? Tony laughed, leading Bruce a little further off from the crowd. Stranger: Bruce laughed and shook his head. I guess not, he said, absently leaning into the little touches. We could get a smaller one though, just for us. Or rent something bigger, he said. Maybe... maybe just stay here and relax for a while. Enjoy having this place all to ourselves. You: Ill take us out to this place upstate, we can pick one out and theyll deliver it...they dont have very many small ones, though. Tony closed his eyes as he leaned in, pressing his lips towards Bruces neck. Well have weeks all to our own. Stranger: Bruce tilted his head back to give Tony more space, humming happily. Sounds perfect, he sighed, relaxing in Tonys arms. Tony... Tony, come on. We still- theres people, he mumbled, grinning to himself. You: While the words might have sounded like he was complaining, Tony could practically hear the grin in Bruces voice, and the way he tilted his head back encouraged Tony to press in closer, trailing his lips up the soft skin of Bruces neck, gently giving it a little nip. What? Do you want me to stop? Tony murmured, speaking against his skin. Stranger: Ah- just... no, Bruce admitted, closing his eyes. He made a soft, pleased sound and wrapped his arms over Tonys shoulders. Maybe just... find someplace more private? he mumbled. You: Tony glanced up from the others neck, warm breath sweeping across his skin. There were definitely people watching them now. Of course, he knew the private places, every inch of the house, but itd be more fun to let Bruce find one. Ill follow you. Tony nodded for him to lead the way, before returning his lips to Bruces neck like they were pulled by a magnet Stranger: Bruce couldnt help a happy sigh when he felt Tonys lips on him again, smiling despite himself. The attention wasnt so terrible, but he was already blushing like mad. He took Tonys hand and slipped down the hall, trying to remember which ones would be a good spot to hide away. He opened the door to the study and pulled Tony inside with him. Is this one okay? he whispered. You: Tony glanced up when he heard the handle of a door turning, and felt Bruce tug him inside. Its perfect. Tony murmured back, and this time led Bruce, to a soft leather couch in the center of the study. Bruce had picked one of his favorite rooms. Tony sat them down, one hand curled over Bruce as he leaned in again, sucking slowly on the skin of his neck. ...this is okay, right? Tony mumbled, wanting Bruce to be comfortable. Stranger: Yeah. More than okay, Bruce sighed, sinking back into the couch while Tony leaned in. , Whatever you want. Ill tell you if its too much, he promised, reaching up to stroke his fingers through Tonys hair. You: Tony nodded at the reassurance, going back to soft kisses for a moment. He couldnt help the quiet little breath of enjoyment when he felt fingers in his hair, biting down slowly on Bruces neck with the promise Bruce wouldnt let him take it too far. Stranger: Ah- Bruce moaned, his breath hitching a little when Tony started to get a little rougher. He held onto him tighter, fingers gripping at the sweater. Tony... You: The moan in his ear was perfect, and it only pushed him to latch on to the spot he bit, intent on leaving at least some kind of mark. Tony curled his arms further around Bruces waist, shifting to his knees to lean over him. Stranger: Bruce was left breathless, not bothering to stay too quiet since they were in the room alone. He cupped the back of Tonys head, playing with his hair and gently pressing him, encouraging more. Hed definitely have some marks left, and just the thought brought another pleased sound from his throat. You: God, every sound he drew out from Bruce was incredible, and he just wanted to hear more. Tony curved one knee over Bruces thighs until he was positioned over his lap, having to pause and catch his breath, running his tongue over the fresh mark. ...-fuck. He said breathlessly, shaking his head. -youre perfect. Stranger: Bruce wrapped an arm around Tonys waist to pull him closer. Ah... thats gonna last a while, he mumbled, smiling. You, uh... want me to do it for you too? he asked, not too sure how this worked, not having much relationship experience at all. You: Tony couldnt help but chuckle a little at the offer, pressing his forehead into Bruces shoulder and looking up at him. The others uncertainty, the little nervousness about what to do, it was adorable. You dont have to. Tony assured him, before adding. ...but Id love it. My neck is my absolute weak spot. Stranger: Yeah? Good to know that, Bruce smiled bashfully, turning his head to kiss the side of Tonys head. Id like to try that. And Im not near perfect, he added. You: Go ahead then. Tony hummed as he leaned towards the kiss against his head. Everything in the moment with Bruce felt absolutely perfect. Of course you are. Tony mumbled back. I said so. Stranger: Just because you say something doesnt make it true automatically, Bruce smiled, slipping his hand under the edge of Tonys sweater. He shifted just a little to nuzzle and kiss at Tonys neck, starting small. You:, that doesnt sound right to me. Tony grinned faintly, leaning towards the hand that brushed under his sweater and closing his eyes again, head tilting to tbe side to give Bruce room. He chewed on his lip, breathing in a little sharper at the first few kisses. Stranger: Bruce smiled against Tonys skin, nipping lightly along Tonys jaw up to a spot just under his ear where he nipped a little harder, sucking more. He paid attention to how Tony reacted, not wanting to hurt him. You: Tony hadnt been sure if Bruce would know what he was doing, but it definitely felt like he did. Tony tensed at the bite, his body shivering and his hands tightening their grip on Bruce, a moan slipping through his lips as Bruce sucked more, Stranger: Bruce closed his eyes, humming against Tonys skin while he sucked over the mark. The sounds he made were beautiful to Bruce, reminding him that this was real, they were together and it wasnt some kind of joke. I could get used to this, he whispered, nipping lightly at his earlobe. You: Tony chuckled a little, laying his head back. It was almost a shame his only plans were with Bruce and he wouldnt get to show the mark off to anyone. could I. Tony breathed in response, groaning a little. Youre...good at this. Stranger: Bruce grinned, pulling back to kiss Tony gently on the lips. Am I? Im just trying to do like what you did, he smiled, lightly tracing his fingers along Tonys lower back. You: Tony closed his eyes again as he pressed back into Bruces lips, grinning back at him. .well youre a quick learner then, fuck. Stranger: Bruce smiled and kissed him back happily. Youre a good teacher, what can say? he hummed, using his free hand to cup Tonys cheek. Can tell you something kinda embarrassing? he asked softly. I... remember our first date? And that- you kissed me when you took me back home. That was my first kiss, he admitted. You: ((Be right back sorry!)) Stranger: actually its getting pretty late for me here. do you wanna continue in email or something? Stranger: my email is still. if you want. thanks for the rp, even if you dont want to. J
Stucky, Science bros
Stranger: am an older MALE DOM (33) from Germany with a lot of experience. am looking for an obedient girl to be my sweet little sub for an one time session or an online dom-sub- relationship (preferred). The skinnier the better. My style is strict but fair and caring. Pictures and videos are a must. am looking for a real slut who enjoys to show off and wants to be used and trained regularly. If you are interested fill out the short form at the end. will contact you soon afterwards. (If youre faking to be female, just skip. go into specifics after verification only). Form: KPcWdqZoAzH8 You: lam male
Stranger: hey You: hi Stranger: how r you guys You: good ty hby Stranger: im fine Stranger: just chilling Stranger: you high You: where you frm? You: from Stranger: turkey You: seriously? Stranger: yeah why You: you do not look turkish Stranger: mom from romania You: do your friends look like tht? Stranger: na Stranger: they dont Stranger: 1am handsome Stranger: lol You: yeye we know Imao.
Stranger: hey asfo? You: Ow0 You: smash me? You: ama dog Stranger: aight? Stranger: Male or Female You: yes You: All of the above Stranger: wait is this feral play? Stranger: because Im all about humanoid fursonas You: no am human furry too Stranger: great Stranger: Bend over You: uwu yes You: Hey, instead calling you daddy, Im gonna call you ben sharpio You: it really turns me on Stranger: yus Nigga Stranger: theres only two gengers you filthy liberal You: spread virgina Stranger: fucks you but doesnt pull out Stranger: forces you to have baby You: NUT Stranger: prolife you fucking liberal You: throws baby out of window and does default fortnite dance Stranger: BOYSCOUTS You: yeet You: *Prostate fucking destoryed
Stranger: Hey You: Oj You: Hey Stranger: M orf You: just wanted to let you know You: surgically transplanted my tastebuds into my anus Stranger: What? Stranger: Why You: Because found it funny Stranger: Are you male or female You: Im female You: will give you the secrets of austrias nazi propoganda Stranger: Cool Im male. How d Stranger: Old You: Im a 22 year old dying puppy trainer Stranger: Why are you dying You: have anal deppression Stranger: Whats that You: Its when my anus causes me deppression You: dont have enough anal cavity hormones Stranger: Oh. Why does that mean you are dying You: In other words, theres an overwhelming deppression in the anal cavity You: It doesnt mean that Im dying, stop assuming my sexuality You: Seriously tho You: i was on my way to the legalize heroin convention Stranger: havent assumed your sexuality You: And my mom was being a total fucking narcoleptic and wouldnt let me go You: Im only kidding chomo Stranger: Im 15 male You: So whos your favorite dictator? You: Personally a pol pot person here Stranger: dont like that sort of thing You: Just kidding Im a total hitler fan Stranger: prefer a democracy You: Me too Im actually a classic democracy Stranger: What brings you to omegle You: If enough people vote for me, Ill actually just fucking kill myself You: Well, to be honest, looking at the omegle logo gives me some serious cummies. Stranger: Ok. Ive come in for a chat You: OH damn You: What about You: What do you want to chat about Stranger: Whatever you want You: Would you like to chat about having a bit too much feces in your testicles? Stranger: like anything. Normal stuff, sex. Whatever you want You: Youre 15 what are you doing talking about sex on the intemet You: Im a member of the fbi, its my call of duty to prevent kids like you from getting molested on the intemet You: And sir, must tell you, youre a call of cutie Stranger: lets talk normal stuff then You: Im coming to your house right now to kill your parents Stranger: What do you think of Donald Trump You: Gives me some serious cummies You: hey do you have steam? Stranger: You dont know where live Stranger: No You: ACtually you live inside of my stomach cavity You: Personally, would insert you You: want to drag your testicles along a field of broken glass into a buming pile of dogs Stranger: You wouldnt really kill my family would you? You: actually would You: Your dad is a fuckign pussy Stranger: Why
You: m25 Stranger: F 18 You: im tony You: u? Stranger: Nikki :) You: u horny now? Stranger: Yep You: wanna hv a quick sex chat Stranger: Yeah You: ur my nikki and iam ur daddy You: u Il do wat daddys says Stranger: Yes daddy You: wat u wearing baby? Stranger: T shirt and panties You: u want daddy to open ur panty? Stranger: Yes please You: would u let daddy finger u ? Stranger: Yes You: how many fingers baby? Stranger: like just two You: ok then Yo jaddy will put his middle finger first You: now do wat daddy does You: daddy will pleasure u Stranger: Mmm yes daddy You: put ur finger in ur pussy nikki baby You: start slowly baby You: let the passion flow Stranger: Mmm Stranger: Daddy It feels so good You: now daddy will put two fingers You: try harder honey You: go deep baby !! You: let daddy show u Stranger: Mmmm fuck You: u feeling good baby? You: tell ur daddy Stranger: Yes daddy You: u want daddy to go faster nd harder? Stranger: Please You: daddy will go deep in ur pussy You: u want more fingers baby? Stranger: Yes daddy You: u keep on finguring baby ut three fingers now You: will u cum for ur daddy baby? Stranger: Yes daddy Stranger: Its so tight You: will u let ur daddy lick it? Stranger: Mmm yess please You: i wanna swallow ur cum honey Yo s honey to me You: i want it till the last drop Stranger: Please You: u finguring ursif baby? Stranger: Yeah You: go harder baby You: u want daddy to touch ur ass? Stranger: Mm yeah You: daddy will slap ur ass You: till it gets red You: moan for me my honey Stranger: It feels sooo good You: u want daddy to lick ur asshole? Stranger: want daddy to lick my clit.. You: yes baby You: daddy will lick it You: daddy will go deep in ur pussy You: with his tongue Stranger: Mmm pleasee You: u love anal baby? You: will ur daddy finger it? Stranger: Not really. You: then daddy wont do it Stranger: Daddy? You: yes baby? Stranger: Please make me cum You: yes baby...three fingers jo deep and harder You: are you still wearing ur tshirt baby? Stranger: But want your cock :( Stranger: And yeah You: ur my naughty girl You: open ur tshirt You: let daddy show u his cock You: nd daddy will fondle ur boobs while u suck his cock Stranger: Mmm You: how big are ur boobs? Stranger: 36b You: wow You: daddys gonna suck them Stranger: Mmm You: while daddy fingers u You: i m gonna bite ur nipples baby Stranger: Yess You: u want daddys cock in ur little mouth? Stranger: Mhm You: daddys gonna put deep in ur throat Stranger: Mm yes You: will u do something for ur daddy? Stranger: Yeah You: finger urslf hard while daddy mouth fucks u Stranger: Mmm yess Stranger: You want me to moan all over your cock? You: yes my baby You: spit on my cock You: then suck again Stranger: Then slowly lick the tip You: ohh yes baby You: my naughty nikki You: she knows wat daddy loves Stranger: Mmm haha You: will u suck daddys balls You: they are really big Stranger: Yes daddy Stranger: Whilst 1m still stroking your cock You: u want 69 position baby? Stranger: Yes please daddy You: gag all over daddys cock You: while he licks ur clits off Stranger: Mmm yes You: daddys gonna turn over now...will u lick daddys asshole? Stranger: Yes daddy You: will u go deep with ur tongue? Stranger: Mhm You: will u bent over now You: daddys gonna fuck u now Stranger: Yes daddy You: im gonna grab ur hairs nd fuck u You: in doggy style Stranger: Mm daddy please You: is daddy doing good? Stranger: Yess Your: i Il go harder now Your i Il slap ur tits You: nd grab them hard
You: Hi Stranger: hey Stranger: female Stranger: why dont you just text me instead??? 413-252-2524
You: We had an agreement. Why are you here? IA (Before Nero was bom, they agreed that their son would be safer away from London ) Stranger: ((We roleplayed yesterday and my phone messed up!)) You: ((oh we did? :D and mine does that too it sucks )) Stranger: Sherlock sat with his legs both side of the young boy as he finished the beautiful tower there you go, Nero. He couldnt help but smile slightly knock it down. He looked at Irene this simple activity allows Nero to understand cause and effect and the irreversibility of damaging without the input of work. Stranger: ((Yeah it was the one based in the fourth season.)) You: ((oh i remember now! thanks :) )) You: Nero stood up and glanced at his parents again before he knocked the tower down once more, starting to giggle again. He was smart for his age, though he still didnt understand what his father meant. Again, again. He said happily and clasped his hands together as he bounced up and down in front of his father. Stranger: He couldnt help but smile at the childs excitement. Okay, sit back down please. He smiled and started building again, finally feeling at peace fora long time. Stranger: for the first time in a long Gomez Stranger: *time. You: Irene smirked as she watched the two and see how happy both seemed, though Nero seemed happier. He nodded and sat back down as he helped his father build another tower. Maybe it wasnt a bad idea to tell Sherlock to just come by. Stranger: He smiled and built another beautiful tower. He watched Nero happily, rubbing the little boys back gently, he leamt that helped children when he was Teading up on them. You: Instead of just one tower, Nero wanted to build another one so they could both knock down a tower. Irene ruffled her sons curls and got up when she was sure that the two of them got along. Are you hungry? can make us a snack. She offered them both and Nero nodded. I want a sandwich please. He said politely with a large grin on his face. Stranger: Sherlock smiled and knocked down the tower with his son Im fine thank you. He used his manners for once to encourage his son to, although he never usually would. You: Alright. She smiled at the two and went into the kitchen to make Nero and herself a sandwich. Are you going to stay? Nero asked him quietly as he started to build a house now with the bricks. Stranger: ((How old is Nero?)) You: ( was thinking maybe 3? What do you think? ) Stranger: (Thats perfect!) You: ((okay :))) Stranger: He shrugged I have to go back to work soon... he admitted. He still had to sort out all this Moriaty stuff and protect John. You: Okay... he mumbled and look down before he continued to build the little house he was making. Stranger: He sighed slightly and got up I should go and help mummy. He walked to the kitchen and sat down, thinking quietly. You: Nero just nodded and quietly continued to play. Meanwhile, Irene was preparing their sandwiches when Sherlock walked in. Everything alright? She asked and glanced at him over her shoulder, worried that Sherlock and Nero suddenly didnt get along. Stranger: ((Hello?)) You: ((sorry i think mine didnt send!)) You: Nero just nodded and quietly continued to play. Meanwhile, Irene was preparing their sandwiches when Sherlock walked in. Everything alright? She asked and glanced at him over her shoulder, worried that Sherlock and Nero suddenly didnt get along. You: ((did it go through now?))
Sherlock RP
You: hi Stranger: hi You:m orf Stranger: f19 You: m 18 here Stranger: homy You: you up to sext? You: same here Stranger: sure babe ;) You: mm, then lets take off those panties Stranger: my panties are wet Ive been rubbing my self down there You:i can see that, youre soaking You: my dick gets hard when i see how homy uve been Stranger: ill siton your lap And grind against your cock moaning a little You: oh my god the feeling is insane You: my cock keeps rubbing against your wet pussy Stranger: and kiss you mean while were both rubbing against each other Stranger: licking around your lips before i push my warm tongue in You: ugh yes, i love your smell You: you taste sweet in the mouth Stranger: want to give you a hand down there babe? You: yes, that would be amazing Stranger: or should i use mouth You: i like blowjob better ;) You: you can rub it with your hands as you suck Stranger: ill lick off the precum from your hotcock pressing my tongue on the tip while jerking in my mouth You: ohh damn You: do you like the taste of my cum Stranger: Im on my knees panting waiting for you to fill my mouth with your hot cum You: ugh your mouth is so hot and wet, im gonna explode You: finish me off Stranger: alright baby Ill jerk harder to you ejac Stranger: ejaculate You: ugh fuuck im coming Stranger: i love the taste of your hot cum You: my cums spurting in your mouth everywhere You: i love how you lick it all up Stranger: Im rubbing my clit hard with m my legs wide open panting You: youre going to make me hard again, if you look at me with those eyes You: get on the bed and ill fuck you doggy Stranger: if youre hard again you can fuck me babe You: mm ill do it You: what if i were to tie you up? Stranger: i bend down and lift up my ass for you Stranger: mhmm id love that ;) You: put your hands together and come to the window Stranger: what are you going to do baby You: ties your hands to the window railing You: your ass is facing me You: and your hands are tied above your head Stranger: ah go slowly You: puts my cock at the entrance of your pussy ill tease you Stranger: i slightly move my legs apart You: mm you want it so bad, but you cant move backwards Stranger: your cock gets sticky with my juices You: it must feel torturous Stranger: push It in already babe You: as you wish slides my dick in slowly* You: while holding onto your shoulders* Stranger: Im struggling to move back and take it all in moaning You: ugh yes moan for me You: scream my name Stranger: ill moan harder and harder with every push Stranger: screaming your name asking you to fuck me harder You: yes moan you dirty girl, im stretching your pussy out even more as i thrust in and out You: how does it feel, not being able to escape from my hard cock Stranger: my legs cant handle all the pressure and i tremble moaning Stranger: hold me tight i cant stand on my legs anymore You: i push my thumb against your clit and pound my dick into your sweet spot You: i grab onto your tits, massaging them You: trying not to let you fall
You: U like pewdiepie? Stranger: Sasageyo Stranger: um yea but 1m not a fannn You: Ooooh ok Stranger: But hes niceee You: Hahaja You: guess Stranger: ru felix? You: Hahaha You: Why u ask ? Stranger: idk i just wanna knoww You: Yeah You: Im making a video for friday Stranger: Your not jokin? You: Nooo Yo ue You: Dude* Stranger: TT You: Im searious Stranger: irious You: Sive is not gonna include u in da video if u dont believe me Stranger: TT You: Hahaha Stranger: okay bet You: Bet You: You: Stranger: EXE Stranger: Rawr Stranger: Wag ako You: How old ru? Stranger: Dyk liars go to hell TT You: What ? You: Aight man Stranger: TT Stranger: papamo You: Papamo ? Stranger: bye felix kuno You: Bye my 19 yo EAIRINBIEErE Stranger: the greatest prankster Stranger: m 15 Stranger: byers You: Bye Stranger: F btw
You: Howdy Stranger: Howdy partner You: How is it going Stranger: Uh pretty good u? You: Good Stranger: Nice You: Just nutted in my cat Stranger: Oh cool dude You: Ikr Stranger: Yup You: Anyways You: Off topic however this is needed info considering my situation at the moment You: Any tips on how to get a quarter out of your ass? You: got a raise at my job today and got a bit too excited Stranger: Oh shit u have no idea how many times this had happened to me u should get come butter and shove it up there and then some water up there and take a shit and it should slide right out You: Oh thanks man Stranger: Np man You: Like dont wanna be a piggy bank You: Not about that Stranger: Sameeeee You: Fr tho You: Thanks for your help tho cya Stranger: Cya my guy
You: Hi Stranger: talk sexy want to be in the mood You: Morf? Stranger: f You: Great Yo wanna fuck you on my couch You: Lets make it dirty Stranger: yummy You: First drink your big boobs Stranger: i feel your dick and it feels good mmm Stranger: are you jerking off daddy You: Yes Stranger: yummy You: And you ? Stranger: yup Stranger: im rubbing You: Very good Stranger: yes daddy You: will insert a dildo in your vagina and lick your pussy too Stranger: i want you to eat my pussy i Stranger: mmmm You: Yes You: Very badly Stranger: yes daddy Stranger: iam imagining you eating my pussy Stranger: and its good daddy You: My quite long tongue will satisfy your so much Stranger: mmmmm You: Give me a blowjob Stranger: yes daddy Stranger: i can feel your dick Stranger: in my ass Stranger: and then i suck it real good You: My dick is do huge Stranger: yummy You: Mmm You: love you Stranger: i love you daddy You: Can we join on snap ? Stranger: i just wanna eat your balls Stranger: soon i promise You: 😘8#128536;8#128536;8#128536; Stranger: 🥰😘8#128536; Stranger: 🥰😘 You: 💦💦8💦 am cumming Stranger: yummy You: Drink it Stranger: mmmm Stranger: im drink it daddy You: am again licking your ass Stranger: yummy Stranger: it feels sooo good You: Sitting on my face Stranger: yummy Stranger: taste good? You: Really good 😋😋 You: Lets have 69 Stranger: yummy Stranger: baby i gtg Stranger: bye
You: hey hey Stranger: Hey step bro You: would you like to sing Revenge - A Minecraft Parody of Ushers DJ Got Us Fallin In Love ? Stranger: Whatre you doing in my room? Strange ey Stranger: Step bro... You: oh hey stepsister You: um Stranger: Step bro You: wow, this is awkward Stranger: Youre looking kinda pent up Stranger: Over there step bro Stranger: Want some help? You: i-im not pent up Stranger: Okay step bro Stranger: *sets hand on shoulder* Stranger: Sure You: i- i have no idea what youre talking a- Stranger: *moved hands lower* You: hey hey Stranger: *whispers in ear* You: i dont think th- Stranger: CREEPER You: AWWW Stranger: MAN You: SO WE BACK IN THE MINE Stranger: GOT A PICKAXE SWINGING You: FROM SIDE TO SIDE Stranger: SIDE SIDE TO SIDE You: THI9S TASK A GROUELING ONE Stranger: HOPE TO FIND SOME DIAMONDS You: TONIGHT NIGHT NIGHT Stranger: DIAMONDS TONIGHT You: hey you mind if i put this on r/fteenagers P27 Stranger: Go for it You: epic Stranger: Get your 7 upvotes You: haha funny Stranger: love you stepbro
Stranger: a77a 2 nx AUP NX? AU NAT OW You: 191 You: 77n You: 77 An WAN Stranger: 77 20n Stranger: yt anx noxn? You: noi? 1x Stranger: 1x Stranger: 472 Ux? Stranger: nnx ar? You: x? Stranger: 97 arK Stranger: nvoan nai 7 w You: navran w 7 Stranger: 2y nopNn Na wisp ow oa ynnn 7n DrpRve Tw nwin Stranger: np2n oy 17 yann XIN You: 97 1xxp9 :( Stranger: nian? ania nar You: x? Inp2n py x7! You: n7xnx Stranger: nay wr An yt ANK Stranger: ay? You: nn x7. You:? Stranger: axNwn You: 1D1 : Stranger: arn yopn nx Wn ANK Stranger: nada novar ovw ww? You: Stranger: xinw an? TX AATTAN NN NAT NY WO0ON OX 7K o7wn ne A? You: o041A oyayal aida o7wn 19 You:29. Stranger: a0 91x You: 9x7T100 7? ww NN You: #nyn nin? yw ant Stranger: xm ux nn AvWENA AYINWA Stranger: axn You: 700 TxA Stranger: prqa nips 8 197 AT NX NoNA You: o00n3 310 nn? Stranger: nip7 9 997 ANNA AVIAN Your ar aon 71x? Stranger: nn07a You: nya You: 77102 73x 71N7T You: 00997 Vnnn an? Stranger: noax 121 ov? pv0N ,vIN You: 77790 7 w Stranger: vain arian yt aNK? You:nn?? Stranger: yt x? Stranger: qnix nvxw AT 77a You: nwyi nn x7 N DA? Stranger: nwy1 nn Awy2 An Stranger: n79 Tivon TaN Kw You: n?72 2 nx pr AT!wnawn You: jarn 72w 4anon.. Stranger: nn90n nivinwn You:anx ,niyinwn x7 Stranger: onys witw n 700 700 700 TAN ANK ONW nywa prt Stranger: 4:20 You: ay 729 7aN :( Stranger: n730 y7y 1394 WIN YDT UW RY You: You: ays n01? Stranger: x7 Stranger: 109 jw? 771 Tan 1X Stranger: 107 Stranger: 107 You: 97 190 n1? Stranger: 107 Stranger: 197 You: yion Stranger: Vw onian Stranger: 1a 17 oecup Youraana yt aaw ee Stranger: Stranger: 2 xin 2 Your? 511 Stranger: nanx Vy nx 9370 4112 Stranger: n1idwa n77A NX AAINON 1112 You: onan 47 x? Stranger: 7 w Stranger: 11a on? ONIP You: nn W390 ANK Stranger: Stranger: 1 2 Stranger: ayy 1x 7X Stranger: bwoy FON 173 7XA You: ayn an ox pa Ynn 7 we Stranger: T17xN NY AN You: x7 1x D2 You: oyo ono ar Stranger: oye Vox 17a Nay? You: x? Stranger: oya oyy 9n NaTA AT Stranger: nin vaiaa won Stranger: Blue waffel You: 71x Stranger: wo n01 Ww ANN Stranger: Waffle You: ar nx won? yoy nn XY NYT Stranger: winn oye 79 Tay Stranger: y1ya own Ann? You: x? Stranger: nawnn3s 2 Stranger: owsnn AIDwR OWANW WIND yNIN TAN x arnx You: rio You: rx You: rx Stranger: m1? Stranger: nnnn x Stranger: nnna You: 737 a1wnn Stranger: 7172 nxn ADIT Vy IP Aanw TRA AT NNN Nn XP Stranger: np? x7 27a1n Ye Stranger: n7x Stranger: vy now 909n 79 NX You: 25 Stranger: Wo 7 X RT Stranger: qwiaa yon IX You:51 Stranger: 7x. Stranger: aqva 9 7a2 Ayn Stranger: Vw nou? wNNN xX You: 737140 ny? ANN Stranger: nn yimn? Stranger: nnaa Man Nwaly You: 7103 oTaa yn? nD You: 1103 xn You: ni Stranger: o7a2 OS Ynnw DwIx ww 2 TaN? AY ANN? You: 1an7 0x x7 You: 47 apw? AYN XP Stranger: 77 nx Stranger: a1 Nw a9 Nawn Stranger: n2xNw 7 wean Stranger: ninn Vow aw nn Faw Fw we OX Stranger: wann Ww THK Stranger: 2yaw Yaw Few Iw XIN? You: You: 7y2 09s oy Stranger: nxrn nyRWANYOw ANN XP PAVO Stranger: anopy Stranger: jw! nan Yow ANN VON Stranger: 7I1n nx Nanwi DYNA ANNwW ITI AN TRI put? You: x? Stranger: orn Vn Stranger: np 2. Stranger: a772a 2: 9nx AP NP AO ADT OIWY N97) TAI You: y9 790 -( Stranger: o72n2a Stranger: n77a 2 nx Stranger: orn 79 oxya ar Stranger: a77a 2 Wy You: or 73 on 79 Stranger: a79n An AT TL Stranger: yan xan Tx Stranger: o.10 0-97 OI? XP OVS ARY Stranger: nnat You: ayy Stranger: Taxnn? Y71In uxXNXTA AAwNAN oY Stranger: ow nnx Stranger: wr 1oxn You: ayn anx ox O73 7 wt Stranger: xan ova Da NIX WITX You: orn anpn? qa Stranger: 102 nT x? You: 71x You: nix Tx 9x DA Stranger: nao Aywa NV? 771 IN Stranger: nin? You: 730 n2wxi WIAA WYN IX WY Stranger: 9 vax o9n wx oyD Stranger: 9nx apiy ane ANY ANNA Stranger: Vw xan You: ary ans? nn 7 x Stranger: nowin nea? ar ona ww iyinw nian TRA You: onn qwanaan?yna You:onn Stranger: atin Stranger: wr joxn Stranger: o1w 10 TW Stranger: nar anwa wornw Stranger: rwoy man xX7w AN NK jan ANN You: 2027 1.4-7 nan ow 1X Stranger: qW0 Stranger: Wake me up when september ends
Stranger: M You: f Stranger: Age? You: 14 Stranger: Horny? You: not for you
Stranger: Hey You: Hi Stranger: M if you want to know You: Oh cool me to man Stranger: Oh great then Stranger: been having people leave me alot today You: Yea met Stranger: Mostly because of be being male You: Yea Stranger: so its great to have someone staying You: Those are the people who are just creepy Stranger: true Stranger: well people feel like talking to a man is bad, but this is chat, so its a bit safer Stranger: with the whole no video part You: Yea man Stranger: so ill start off, how are you Stranger: very generic You: Im great had an amazing day ypu You: You Stranger: well my dads car broke down in one of the worst places known as a highway Stranger: so its been about 5 hours since that You: Im really sorry to hear that Stranger: mechanic said due to an engine missfire Stranger: so not the best day but it could be worse You: Not every day is the worst Stranger: true You: Sometimes a day could be hard but it could be better in the end You: Or You: Imagine it could be stressful You: But in the end you still have something Stranger: wow, your words are better than the others have seen on this site You: Oh thank you is just nothing much Stranger: have basically only seen 5 people with actual meaning to talk You: Oh Stranger: out of about 100 or so Stranger: so keep on with what you are doing Stranger: you are great You: Ty you to:) Stranger: so, will have to go to help my dad pay for the car Stranger: but thank you for this small moment You: OK bye man
You: B Stranger: C You: nice Stranger: Thanks You: wanna talk voce You: voice Stranger: guess You: do u hear me Stranger: No Yo ucking ur mom Yo Stranger: Wife You: noce You: nice You: how old is her You: she * You: ? Stranger: Yeah Stranger: 30 You: wnna see me banging her You: ? Stranger: Yes Stranger: You big You: big enough Stranger: Ok You: tell her im waiting her in the next room Stranger: Mmm yes You: what she is wearing Stranger: Shirt and shorts You: get her clothe off for me You: and get my d ready for here Stranger: Ok You: how you will make my d ready for here You: ? Stranger: Ill jerk you off You: dont u want to suck it infront of here Stranger: Yes You: suck it Yo nd let here finger u You: is she hot ? You: ? You: show me here room ? You: ? Stranger: Yes sir Strange kK Stranger: Yes
Stranger: him You: howa omegle fy verification leh Stranger: 3ashan bt3ml disconnect kter You: disconnect ezay? Stranger: bt2fl el chat You: tb maho eh eli fyha ma kolo kda :D You: ana Ima a2olk eny m hat2fl el chat :D :D Stranger: mnta b2lk ftra
Stranger: F You: M Stranger: YOu! nye YOu! (no Stranger: pao YOu! (pic* Stranger: cul 5 YOU! poo Stranger: aw elf Jair You: 21 You: Gul 5 Stranger: 20 Stranger: a slaw! You! (ace Stranger! ayo Stranger: la a! Jos You: olan; You: Gul 5 Stranger: lu You: Cub gris Stranger: asgiall Stranger: als yo pw You: Stranger: gic wil 9 Your 4 21S! Your a) Vy a riSuvl yzuis a! Stranger: 035 9 gob qual Weil pire cul gale YOu: d29 Loo siSan pan, Gale 6 Stranger: You: a! als Stranger: pgle Stranger: cul 5 Stranger: aslls a 9Saic pol cul gd You: a 5 yw rer Stranger! aor) wiv gu 9 YOU! siz, 4o)j rd dole c Stranger: 5 bio aint ball ie You: pugil jis You: siz, Sy lS ybl yw Stranger: ela You: a1 Yj pow ople Stranger: ol Stranger: cull Stranger: LS 9 Yue! olixiel Jalsus sgili 2 Lysl Anes Ce You: alS Jaic Vino Stranger: alSJI 45 pla LY Stranger: a alS col jinlilgoe cul You: jbe Stranger: sia, iS tls 4 You: You: oblaisl jnSrizo Stranger: ,qi aul yw sac Stranger: Lill al .ga 31 jise yuo 9 opble Ll dol G Jol You: yule You: wo bs Le, aul il Stranger: ol You: nol Va ale S92! Stranger: wole You: wilt laaio Sus: Stranger oles UaleIl ald sic p Sl el sac LIY You: ,albl! Slee Stranger: ads yl aye 9 wad yt algluo LIV You: xs RssI25) You: JLull 29 pio Lip Lin 9Sloyll aly Stranger: BHIEHIEH You: six, sgl ale Uline YSLl a Stranger: a3 jlo ino G pi Yur prio nds Yd peo You: (uusl glinl a jriSwl go pi guurl Sle Stranger: els Bi
You: Hello Stranger: Yeah, repeating Hey, how are you? isnt a functional demonstration of the language or of interest in psychology. Stranger: You really need to do better if you want to connect with people. You: Really? Stranger: Your sad attempts at communication are pathetic, really. You: May ask a queation? You: question* Stranger: You have the space. You: Do you think humans can conquer their own biology purely through the power of concentration? Stranger: No, but they can work with their genetic tendencies and modify them. Stranger: Epigenetics is a thing. You: Since woke up 2 hours ago, have been concentrating on growing hair rapidly all over my body Stranger: Have you been using chemicals? You: No, just concentration Stranger: So you fail to recognize your own genetic patterns. Stranger: Thats not going to work. You: want to look like a monkey does Stranger: Pretty fuckin nonsensical, like most of the shit you bring here. You: Monkeys have hair all over You: Why do you think so?
You: alrighty, laptops all ready Stranger: hey sorry about this but ive got to take care of something thats came up, so ill have to come back in a bit Stranger: shouldnt be gone for too long though You: no worries, how long you thinking? Stranger: at least 10 minutes, maybe more. You: all good, Ill be here Stranger: alright, thanks again :) Stranger: right, sorry, that take much much longer than exptect . You: welcome back! Yo st a little longer haha You: so, ready to get back to it? Stranger: absolutely ;D You: great, got a keyboard now so writing should be easier You: alright, last thing saw before the connection dropped: You: It happens. With a long powerful stroke the boar buries his member in you. You: The smaller pigs venture closer and squeal at the commotion while a satisfied grunt bellows over your head You: (if you wrote anything past that didnt get it) Stranger: ( wrote:) Stranger: shudder under the weight of the pig, and can feel its long corkscrew cock twitch inside me. You: The huge mass of his form presses you further down into the muck as he begins rutting with quick shallow strokes. You: The commotion seems to have attracted a little attention from what little you can tell, but you dont think youve been spotted just yet. Stranger: grit my teeth as you begin to rut me, and can feel every coil of the screw scraping against my insides. Swamped by everything thats happening, feel pleasure start to creep into my thoughts as you get into a rhythm. You: The tapered member squirms further toward your core with each stroke. The previously stoic beast is now becoming excited, his pace quickening. You: The other denizens of the pen venture closer now, sniffing your pinned form without regard for modesty. Stranger: can feel it worm its way deeper inside me, drilling its way through me. My own breathing starts to pick up, and cant help but let out a few moans, unable to deny the pleasure of the corkscrew drilling my deepest parts. You: Again and again he pounds into you. The corkscrew, while dwarfed by the rest of his form, is massive in comparison to your battered backside, and continues to feed into you. You: You feel the weight of his massive testes slap against your thighs, packed to the brim with virile seed. Stranger: can feel it prodding against the very end of my walls, at the entrance to my innermost core. A string of drool starts to flow down my chin, my head just held above the mud, chumed up by the pigs vigorous actions. realise that my pussy is already damp, the corkscrew sliding in and out more easily now. You: The pig watches your expression change, approving of your submission. He rears back and Tewards you with a mighty thrust, working the entirety of his length in to the hilt. You feel spurts of pre dripping into you, and obscene sloppy noises echo from your entrance. Stranger: My eyes widen as feel the curled tip drill through my entrance into my fertile, virgin womb, every sensation heightened to unimaginable levels. moan loudly, unable to control myself, complemented by the wet, slapping sounds as the pigs cock slips in and out, and its body thrusts against my muddy ass and thighs, now also splattered with my own juices. You: The inquisitive pigs all around you explore further, tugging and tearing at your already tattered and muddy dress. One bites the fabric barely concealing your breasts and pulls, and the clean pretty orbs pop our into the mud with a slop. You: The great pig above you pays them no mind and continues his assault, driving you further and further into the goop. You: By now you can barely make out the silhouette of a woman trying find see the source of the moans. You: She is unable to until she crouches down, peering under the apparently very excited prize boar. You: Then, your eyes meet. The woman is aghast, but covers her mouth to stifle her gasp. The moment seems to last forever. As she stares at your dominated body. Stranger: look up at her as our eyes meet, my mouth open and tongue lolling and drooling. My clean breasts are being slopped through the filth beneath me, coating them in it. You: For a moment, she seems about to call to alert someone, but stops as she realizes your pleasure. You: Her face contorts between shock, confusion, and then, slowly something else. You: A small smile creeps up the side of her mouth and a hand slips down between her legs. It is at this moment you realize help isnt coming. Stranger: Realising this, seem to let go of any hope of getting out and lose my inhibitions. let myself be overcome by the pleasure, letting it flood through me. You: The huge boar, ignorant of any of this picks up the pace, his cock now practically jetting pre into your deepest parts and back out, the excess dribbling down between your legs and mixing with the rest of the sludge. You: Time slips away from you, the steady rhythm of his pounding numbs your mind and you are lost in yourself. You: As you slip in and out of connection with the outside world you notice another bystander, then another, until a small crowd seems to be peering down at your depraved act. You: Still none make a noise, none motion for help. You may as well be alone. Stranger: The other pigs have removed almost all of my clothing, just the tattered remains of my panties hang around my hips. My moans have become louder and more visceral, reducing myself to a female wanting to be bred. You: The pigs pace and circle, becoming frenzied at the prospect of a new unbred sow. You: You can clearly discem the males among them, their narrow corkscrews bob beneath them with every movement. You: Then, a bold pig approaches your front, licking your face and worming its way into your mouth with its sloppy tongue. Stranger: Without hesitating, open my mouth for it, inviting it into my mouth and letting its tongue explore. You: Two more approach your sides, sniffing and licking up your ribs before instinctively finding your breasts. They noisily lick and suckle each hanging tit like piglets. You: The great boar holding you down pays them no heed, lost in the pleasure of breaking in something so tight. Stranger: moan into the pigs mouth, our drool mixing together in my mouth and dripping from my lips. The mud, slop, and god knows what else has been chumed almost into a thick liquid, juices from my pussy dripping down into as a constant stream. You: From all sides you debase yourself, nothing more than an animal now. You: With a deep, swirling lick, the pig in front of you withdraws. In your animalistic state you can do little more but whine at the withdrawl of the pleasure giving flesh. You: Luckily for you, it doesnt take long for something else of that pig to reach your lips. It bobs and drips, mixing with the drool smearing your pretty face. Stranger: eagerly wrap my lips around the tip, sucking on it and pulling it further into my mouth. savour the taste of its precum, my tongue tracing the shape of the corkscrew. You: You barely recognize the gasps and scattered cheer from what is now a fair sized crowd surrounding the pigsty. You: from what little you can make out, they are pressing over the rails, intently watching the display and blocking out the vision of anyone outside You: men and women caress themselves, aroused at this uncommon public display Stranger: pay them no heed, completely engrossed in my own depravity, You: As you work his slimy cock with your mouth, the pig before you squeals at a sensation he has never experienced and eagerly positions himself to mount your face. His member driven further down your throat as he does so. You: The pigs to your sides get rougher, occasionally nipping their mouthfuls of tit-flesh and suckling hard on your tender nipples. You: The original boar seems even more delighted in your further submission, slowing his hammering but increasing the force and depth with which he does so. He pants heavily at the exertion. Stranger: deepthroat the pigs cock, wr Stranger: (sorry) You: (doing great :D) Stranger: wrapping my tongue around the coils, sucking away at the slippery precum and mud on its cock. can feel the big boars cock well within my womb, prodding into the walls of my inner sanctum. You: The pig to your front thrusts frantically, less powerful than the boar at your rear but certainly no less. energetic. You: His also substantial balls slap wildly against your chin, smearing your face with the scent of the pigs crotch. You: Audible moans now float from the crowd to your mind, and you smile dopily at the encouragement around a mouthful of pig meat. Stranger: Im intoxicated by the smell of the pigs musk, the taste of the precum, and the overriding pleasure of the big boars corkscrew drilling me. dont know when started, but Im practically cumming constantly, my pussy flowing with juices You: The boars head hangs beside your own, his panting ringing in your ears, drowning out all other noises save the slapping and squelching at your backside and the sucking and slurping of your mouth. You: He quickens again, driving his tip into your deepest places again and again. His cock doubles around as it reaches the limit of your depths, stretching you from within. You: His sack seems to tighten as it pounds your butt, the boars vocalizations signal that hes close to his limit. Stranger: My pussy tightens and grips its cock, encouraging it to release its load in me, to breed me, You: The boar is overcome with only one thought, to breed the sow below him, and his body follows suit. His cum comes in jets, pushing past all obstacles and flooding every comer of your fertile channel. You: But the boar does not stop, he roars above you and keeps his pace, thrusting over and over in time with his spurts. You: Excess cum squirts out from your depths with every motion, running down your legs, dripping from your crotch, and forming a puddle below you. You: The boar before you squeals his loudest as well, as if triggered by the first, and blasts a load of his own tight down your gulping maw, bulging your cheeks and spraying from your nose. Stranger: My pleasure plateaus as its hot, thick cum surges into me, filling every bit of me with gooey heat. You: Neither shows any sign of stopping, sloppy cum flows around you and begins to fill the holes made by your hands and legs. You: For a moment, reason springs back to your mind and a tinge of panic creeps in as you recall a pigs ejaculation can take nearly half an hour. But these thoughts are quickly pushed away by another hot blast of sticky pig cum. Stranger: My eyes roll back into my head, overcome by the warmth spreading all throughout me. You: Time is lost to you again, the applause of the crowd is met with deaf ears, nothing matters but the gooey heat spurting into you from both ends. You: You form is spitroasted between a pair of beasts you up until now thought of as beneath you. You are marked by their scent, by their seed, and you now know your place. On your knees, stuffed with animal cum from both ends. You: cock and cum* Stranger: am visibly shuddering undemeath them in absolute pleasure, the mud rippling around me and splashing as my tits and thighs quiver. You: As the boar above you slows, you are pressed as far as you can go into the slurry beneath you. Every inch of you is at this point coated with a thick mixture of cum and mud, and your own juices. You: You dont know how long its been, the only thing to mark passing time is the slowing rhythmic spurts inside you and the occasional sputtering gasp for air. You: A calmness and contentment washes over you, the enormous creatures above you not only pinning but also protecting you, shielding you from the outside world. Here, as an animal you are free from its stresses and complications. For once, life is simple. You swallow again. Stranger: As the pig reaches the end of its load, can feel it start to fill me with its very thick, glue-ike cum at the end of its load, plugging up my pussy deep inside. You: As the boars spurts slow, they become stickier, glue-like, sealing their copious juices inside your bloated frame. You: And when the easily ten-times-your-weight male pulls out of you, only a small dribble leaks out instead of the veritable flood that would escape otherwise. You: He tiredly dismounts, trots around to your still- plugged face, and gives you an approving lick on the cheek before he wades off. Stranger: moan into the other pigs cock in a meek protest as it pulls out of me, my pussy twitching fervently and only dribbles of cum dripping out from me. You: (how much longer you wanna go? Ive got half an hour and a couple more pigs if you want them.) Stranger: (id be up for continuing if you are ;D) You: (such stamina! lol) You: With a parting thrust as deep as he can reach into your gullet, the pig mounting your face pulls out with a slorp. You: You drool pig cum as a final spurt of ejaculate paints your face, and your bubbling pants come heavy at finally being allowed to breathe. You: Thinking your ordeal over, you go limp. your face, tits, and all plant into the now mostly-cum puddle beneath you. You: After a moment squirming and savoring the in the muck, you roll over only to discover a horde of more pigs around you, all with hard corkscrews and chuming balls swinging beneath them. Stranger: pause and take the sight in for a while, my eyes drifting up past them to the form of the crowd around the sty, watching and anticipating what do next. Slowly and shakily, lift myself up, mud and cum tunning off of my body, and tum myself over back onto my front, standing on all fours as best can in the muck and presenting my pussy for the pigs. You: A chorus of applause, cheers, and not a few moans flies from the crowd above you. You: At this sight, the pigs descend upon you ina complete frenzy, each jostling for position. You: They pile on top of you, on top of each other, frantically thrusting at any opening or point point of friction they can reach. You: How many throbbing corkscrews are assaulting your form you couldnt count even without your now delirious and cum-addled mind. You: The cum of the pigs before provides all the lubrication they need, one finding its way back into your pussy, two in your mouth and one intimidatingly thrusting around your still-virgin asshole. Stranger: hungrily take the two in my mouth and swallow their cocks as far down my throat as theyll go. I let my front end fall down, slopping into the muck and teaching my arms to the side, groping around before grabbing a piggy cock in each hand. get to work sucking and jerking off the pig cocks, my ass and hips raised up into the air. You: The thick, tapered member prodding at your ass finally hits home, burying itself with some effort between your plush cheeks. You: The intrusion is harsh at first, but quickly becomes. incredible as your only unused hole is coated with goopy animal precum. You: Pigs thrust at you from all angles, cocks in every orifice, every hand, and then some. The pigs and the crowd is ecstatic at your complete lack of resistance. You: are* Stranger: At the same time, Im in ecstasy, Im being violated and used by a mob of filthy pigs in a pool of thick, sloppy mud and cum and other filth. And Im loving every moment of it. You: In their frenzied state, it doesnt take long at all for the first pig to orgasm. A juvenile male squeals and unleashes a torrential load into your cunt, thrusting all the while. You: His arching spine barely makes room fora second pig to fill the gap and you cry out around your filthy mouthful as he stretches your already-filled pussy with a second cock. Stranger: The young pigs cum hits the plug further in and surges back out, running from my pussy in torrents from around the two cocks You: As before, the first pig sets off another, and the fat porker violating your hand shoots off, spraying your face and back with thick goopey ropes. You: You shiver at the feeling of yet more cum being pumped into you and running down your spine, when more pigs use the added lubrication to thrust at your tits, mounting you and finding nothing but rubbing their dirty cocks all over your squished orbs all the same. You: Before long, half of the pigs mounting your various parts are cumming. Completely dedicated to breeding, to owning their fresh sow, of making sure they use her complete submission to the fullest. You: The crowd around you has lost all sense of decorum, men and women stroke themselves openly, their juices running down into the slurry that coats your obscene performance. Stranger: My body is drenched in their hot cum, rolling off of me like waterfalls. Some of the gluey cum sticks to me, forming sticky clumps. Im hardly even doing anything any more, the pigs are all thrusting themselves against me themselves, my body is just being used by them You: At last, the juveniles orgasm ends and he slips out satisfied. But no sooner does another pig take his place. This is only the beginning. You: The sun rises high in the sky and begins to set, the market little more than an orgy by now. You: Pig after pig cycles past you, delivering its load only to rest and then begin again. You: Innumerable loads are inside you and around you. Your belly bulges, stuffed with nothing now but pig seed. You: You reek of it, every hole you have drips it constantly, and all you can think of is more. Stranger: My insides are stuffed with pig seed, numerous plugs lining my pussy, each holding back a chamber of hot pig seed You: Two in each hole, three in each hole? Youve lost count, all you can do is tremblingly worship every cock jammed your way. You: You fade in and out of consciousness, the comforting feeling of fullness and rocking thrusts sooth your mind. You: You gulp down pig seed like water and squirm around every cock inside you, hungrily milking them for more piggy seed. You: (still there?) Stranger: (yeah, sorry, had to step away for a moment) You: (all good, where do you want to go from here? feels like weve just about exhausted this premise) Stranger: (hm, not really sure ;p) You: (If you want to keep going we could let you become a fixture in the sty, as the town animal slut. Maybe even drag someone else in?) Stranger: (Hm, interesting :D) You: (Yes/no? Whats your timetable? :D) Stranger: (Sure, can keep going ;:p) You: (Yay) You: (start us off on part 2?) You: (actually could use a 5 min break) Stranger: (thats alright) You: (ok, ready when you are!) You: (oh and kinks-wise, am hitting the mark? anything youd like to see more/less of?) Stranger: It had been a month since was broken in by the pigs, and it was once again the day that the farmers market was set up in the town. All the usual stores were there, but in the pigsty all the pigs had been penned off at the far end. After last months display, it was decided that from now on in the market, would be included in the pigpen to put on another show. A crowd had already gathered early this moming to watch, and they cheered as made my way, naked, through the crowd. Once reached the fence, the people nearest it picked me up and just tossed me over the fence and straight into the mud. The boars on the other side started to squeal in excitement, itching to get at me. The crowd demanded the pigs be set loose, and the gate separating them from me was opened. Stranger: (Yeah, Id say youre hitting them :o) You: (ooh big start) You: By now, their was no uncertainty in anyones mind about what was about to happen here. By the looks of it, the pigs definitely recognized you. You: The crowd cheered as the hoard of boars rushed forward, each intent on being the first in a coveted spot inside their sow. You: Somehow unsurpriseg, you notice that the muck is even deeper this time, the pigs keepers apparently saving up the grime and muck from the entire month just for you. Stranger: get myself into position, all fours with my hips raised, eagerly anticipating the day ahead of me. hadnt been able to fuck the pigs again since the first time, and so Id been waiting all month for this, thought Id go crazy waiting. All this pent up lust, combined with the strong musk of the pigsty, means by pussy is already sopping wet and ready for them. You: From the looks of it, the pigs feel the same way. They descend upon you cocks only just hardening but jostling for position all the same. You: Normally they would follow a rough order, the smaller males allowing the larger boars to mount first. You: However, in light of last month, none cared for hierarchy, much to the fury of one particular massive male. You: Every time he tried to use his weight to push aside another of his kind, he was met with resistance by three others. You: Failing to gain a spot and far to upset to wait his tum, the boars eyes fell upon something else. You: A woman leaned just a bit too far over the railing, trying to get a good look at you inside the squirming mass of pig. You: The huge boar eyed her hungrily. Perhaps this isnt the only breeding sow here. You: you arent* You: (would you like to play the second woman as. well?) Stranger: (sure ;p) Stranger: Some members of the crowd notice where the woman being eyed up by the big boar. Looks like he wants a piece of you! someone jeers, and the people around her start whooping. She barely has time to react as a number of people grab her legs and flip her up and over the fence, landing her in the mud too, much to the crowds delight. You: The poor girl barely rights herself and looks up terrified. Up to her knees in mud and who knows what else, she staggers back at the huge males advance. To her dismay, the crowd only applauds louder. You: Meanwhile, doing your best to work every pig cock around you out of its sheath, you recognize the girl as the very same that first saw you. The very one who didnt call for help. Stranger: While Im sort of thankful of that now, cant help but feel this would be some nice comeuppance, especially since she started rubbing herself when she first saw me. dont bother to try and get up to help her, not that could anyway. My pussy is absolutely drenched in anticipation, the small boars are still too busy fighting for position that they still havent entered me. You: And in an instant, the great male was upon the girl. Effortlessly bowling her over onto her back, he stood menacingly before her. You: She closed her eyes, anticipating that the enormous animal would crush her. You: A moment passed, she waited, and he never came. You: Wrenching open her teary eyes, she stared up at the face of the boar right above hers. She could feel his gaze boring into her as she lie there dumbfounded. You: It was only then that she realized. He was expectant. He wanted her to present herself. You: He had already broken one sow by force. This one was going to beg. Stranger: She stared back up the boar, running through every possibility in her head? Should she try to escape? Would they just throw her back in? What does. he want her to do? Then her mind went back to the time when she first saw me, and the look of sheer pleasure on my face, and started to have thoughts... You: The crowd was now nearly silent, the tension in the air was palpable. You: Then, quietly at first but rising in number with every repetition, they begin to chant. You: Do it. Do it! DO IT! Yo e chant echoed off every comer of the pen and you could swear that once again, you could see that huge boar smiling Stranger: As the chant grows, images of me being fucked fills her head, the moans made, how good must have felt. As if now in a trance, she slowly sits up in the mud, and begins undressing as the chant grows louder and faster. She tosses her clothes aside until she too is completely naked, then slowly and tentatively crouches down on all fours. The crows whoops and hollers in approval. You: The boar bellows victoriously, and the crowd cheers with him. He takes his position on top of this new sow, and vigorously prods her rear entrances with his massive corkscrew. You: The trembling girl winces and knows she must make a decision before it is made for her, which hole will she offer to this pig? You: By now the others are hard at work on you, once more savoring the feeling of being completely stuffed by porcine prick. Stranger: Occupied with the other pigs, can only just manage to keep tabs on the other woman, my mind already starting to cloud. After some thought, she tries to aim the boars cock at her pussy, raising her hips so they line up as close as she can. You: After just a few more prods the boars head hits its mark in the poor girls pussy, and pressing his incredible weight forward, the beast drives his tapered cock in. Deeper it works in, growing wider with each inch. You: The girl down on her hands and knees is positively dwarfed by the animal above her, and gasps. can be heard from the crowd followed by whistling and cheers. A show by both of the now-town-pig-sluts can at last begin. Stranger: can tell that shes just been penetrated, and can just make out her form undemeath the massive boar. almost feel a small twinge of jealousy You: Not to be forgotten, the pigs around you work vigorously, a full months worth of pent up desire from each being unleashed at once. You: You are practically assaulted in their excitement, their cocks harder than youve ever felt before. You: The huge male begins to powerfully jack-hammer into the girl, her wimpers are lost beneath the sloppy sucking of the mud and her pussy. You: Once again, seeing his chance, a bold pig moves. up to fill the girls other unused end with stiff pig meat. Stranger: She finds herself quickly overwhelmed, swamped by all these new sensations, and she cannot resist their advances. It seems that shes resigned to going with the flow. Meanwhile, Im quickly losing myself again to the pleasure of being gangbanged by a bunch of pigs You: More and more pigs surround her as her will caves, all too eager to take advantage. One slips in her mouth, inching deeper little by litle. Another prods her forearm, the smart creature having leamed what a hand is capable of. You: All the while the boar pummeling her pussy speeds up, apparently much more pent up this time than the last. You: The eager pack of pigs atop you picks up their pace as well, all know that the first one to unload in a sow will be the most likely to give her piglets. Stranger: press my hips back into them, encouraging them to release their load into me. The other woman is now also losing herself to the pleasure of the pig screw, and finds herself cumming on their cocks as they pound her. You: The pigs are ecstatic, remembering just how eager you are for this. Their frantic thrusts push deep, twisting as far as they can into your deepest reaches, throbbing and squirming as they approach their limit. You: The giant boar pressing down on the girlis no exception, and with a final few ragged thrusts that threaten to bury her in the greasy muck, his impossibly wide member begins to twitch and sputter. You: Then, at once, the crowd is treated to two beautiful women being pumped utterly full by a pack of homy pigs. You: They cascade one after another, thick hot globs of pig seed being unloaded into hungry mouths, cunts, and asses. Stranger: relish in the feeling, as the hot pig cum fills me in every cranny and crevice inside me. The other woman is caught off guard by it and her eyes widen as hot pig seed is poured into her. You: The pigs pay no heed to the girls inexperience, showing no mercy in their assault. The massive corkscrew buried in her pussy heaves, the brunt of an entire months worth of desire bubbling inside her. You: In less than a minute she is stuffed with as much fluid as her poor pussy can hold and the excess spurts out of her drooling hole. You: The pig using her face is less precise in his work. His cock popping wildly around her mouth, down her throat and all over her face as he cums. You: Meanwhile your suitors oblige their willing sow and you find pigs of every size and weight pinning you and filling you full all at once. You: Each is determined to be the one to make you mother his young.
You: do you have a gun? Stranger: yes You: can see it You: ? Stranger: opn camera You: what Stranger: open cam You: is it closed? Stranger: yes You: assume you are not from america? You: so you must have an AK-47? Stranger: yes You: LOL You: are you into jihad? Stranger:s You: are you a radical jihadist Stranger: what
Stranger: Hi You: hi Stranger: Hows it going? You: bad Stranger: aw whats wrong? You: well, its just been rough lately You: not what i expected things would turn out like You: my jobs awful and i make very little money You: no chance for dating Stranger: i am sorry that is hard :( You: its like im always stuck in second gear You: like it hasnt been my day or week or month, or even my year You: but Your: ILL BE THERE FOR YOUUUUUUUUUUUU
Stranger: Hey Stranger: F17 You: hi Stranger: like older girls You: f 23 Yo m :D Yo hy do like older girls ? Yo You: tell me what are u doin now ? Stranger: Hey? You: hi! Stranger: Hey? You: ?? Stranger: Nothing Stranger: You? You: sooo horny playing with my pussy now Stranger: Im doing that too You: and want a sexy talk with somebody Stranger: Mh Stranger: Im here for it You: so do it girl _* Stranger: Okay You: im a il bit tall with big boobs dark skin big ass and green eyes Stranger: Oohh Stranger: Sexy af You: what would u do with me if we are together ? You: ty :D:D *_* Stranger: Im tan, 165cm, big ass, normal tits, brown eyes Stranger: Im tan, 165cm, big ass, normal tits, brown eyes Stranger: Everything you want You: sexy a hell baby You: nooo You: what u want ? Stranger: Idk babe, you decide m open for you Stranger: What are u wearing? You: now ? Stranger: Yeah You: just a short t shirt Stranger: Mmh Stranger: Bra? Panties? You: none *_* Stranger: Ooh youre naughty Stranger: like that You: yeah :D You: what are u wearing ? Stranger: Just a shirt and panties You: uuhhhhh my pussy really hurts Your: i love this pain u know Stranger: Are u touching yourself? Stranger: Mmh masochist You: my fingers are inside my pussy You: yeah Stranger: could lick it well You: oh please Stranger: My tongue all over your cute pussy You: finger my ass too You: oh yess Stranger: Sucking your clit.. Stranger: Sucking your clit.. Stranger: And with my hands touching your tits You: uhhh You: shit im all wet Stranger: And you moving your hips begging to fuck you Stranger: And you moving your hips begging to fuck you Stranger: Oh babe You: oh fuck me plzzz You: plizzz maam Stranger: Fucking you with my wet tongue.. You: ohhh more Stranger: your juices all over me You: wanna lick it Stranger: Baby girl youre dripping for me.. You: heelll yeah Stranger: Baby girl youre dripping for me.. You: more plzz Yo wanna cum now You: can i? Stranger: Oh babe calm down Stranger: Youre gonna have to make me cum too You: ij cant Yo promise i will You: but let me cum Stranger: Baby girl cum for me.. You: cuuuuuuummmmmiiinnnggg You: ooohhh yeaaaah Stranger: want to have all your cum in my mouth You: yeeeeehhh You: u have to put back in my mouth Stranger: You tastes so good sweetheart.. You: wiill u swap it? Stranger: Mmhh Stranger: Open yoyr mouth dirty girl You: wide open maam Stranger: Is love to see you playing with your cum Stranger: Im doing it. Stranger: You taste good my little baby right? You: ij put my hand into my mouth get it all out and lick my fingers Stranger: Lick my fingers too You: can i? Stranger: My tongue trying to touch yours while you lick Stranger: Oh yes.. You: put ur fingers in my mouth and slap me with the other Stranger: You like it rough You: yeea Stranger: Imma slap u hard You: ohhhh yeasss Stranger: Watch me while i choke u with my fingers You: uhhhhh You: i wanna cum again Stranger: Little bitch youre so good Stranger: Your cheek is so red right now You: thank u mom You: oh yea Stranger: Then cum for me babe You: uuuhhhhhhh Stranger: Mbh calling me mom You: yea Stranger: Im your only mommy right? Stranger: Im your only mommy right? You: will u put hand in my ass while im cumming moomy Stranger: Let me see your cute ass You: yeah moomy You: yes moommy Stranger: Babe youre so bad Stranger: Put your ass in my face Stranger: Hump on me You: on u mommy You: open my ass with my hands and sit on ur face Stranger: Mmhh Stranger: Slapping it while i lick your asshole.. Stranger: Soo good You: oohhhh yeeesss Stranger: Moan for me You: uaaaahhhh You: mmmmbhhhhh Stranger: Oh baby girl youre so good.. You: thank umommy You: i wanna carry u on my shoulders Stranger: Do u want to be fucked by my strap on? Stranger: Its big... You: i wanna eat ur pussy mommy Stranger: Eat it You: thank u mommy (im eating it ) Stranger: Im waiting for your mouth Stranger: Im waiting for your mouth You: i carry u on my shoulders facing ur wet clit Stranger: Soo wet right? You: put u on the wall and start eating ur pussy eaaaah sooo wet m eating ur pussy mommy tastes soo fucking good mommmy You: start to finger ur lil tight ass while im eating it You: and yet its more wet than before You: do u like it mommy ?
You: hi Stranger: Hey daddy You: hey Stranger: Wyd tonight? You: nothing u Stranger: thought was supposed be with you tonight You: how old are u
You: hi Stranger: hey You: how youn doin? You: *you Stranger: good u? You: same. You: where you from? Stranger: canada You: Great.....so0 what kind of music you like? Stranger: rap n trap wby Your i listen to all kinds of music depending on the mood. but its mostly Pop and Country. Stranger: fun fun Stranger: where are u from? You: Pakistan. You: so what do you for fun? Stranger: gam Stranger: wby You: watching youtube. You: My dad is calling. can you wait for a minute? Stranger: yea sure You: im back..
Stranger: wanna murder some orphans? You: yea Stranger: f or m? You: m Stranger: gay You: no Stranger: you fucking arsefuckere You: ? Stranger: you aids man You: what? You: tell me about cabbals You: and the event please Stranger: go suck puttins cock
You: hi Stranger: hey there You: how old are you? Stranger: hmm. Stranger: 18 Stranger: you? You: truthfully? Stranger: haha Stranger: no just double that You: lol You: im 19 Stranger: good age for the internet You: true You: but the internet is bs Stranger: have yo u seen the police guy on here? Stranger: super dope glasses for sure Stranger: and hat You: that sounds like a very bad sex act Stranger: not so bad if you are into it. Stranger: who else is there? Stranger: the cat? You: my cat haha and im ina voice chat Stranger: i knew it! Stranger: 2 cats maybe You: just one haha Stranger: you want to show me anything? You: can you hear me? Stranger: no You: ok lol the guys are talking about weird things Stranger: my speakers werre off! You: lol you dont wanna hear Stranger: like how pluto isnt really a planet You: no haha You: what are you on here for? Stranger: to see the 1 that are girls Stranger: maybe see a tit Stranger: or even a hairy armpit on a woman Stranger: u? You: weird but ok You: just bored seeing what weirdos are on here Stranger: found him! You: ? Stranger: Im sitting on a chair made of goat beard hair, weird right? You: wait so your into hairy armpits? Stranger: no, just into nature Stranger: what is your prescription? You: uh idk my eye turns in Stranger: im into THICK glasses You: why? Stranger: like 1 inch think means jizz a gallon
Stranger: Hey, RP? You: Sure Stranger: Great! Who do you play? You: Usually Canada, though Im flexible with others Stranger: main Prussia (specifically nyo, but also do Gilbert and can switch between depending) You: Works for me Stranger: Any AUs youre fond of? You: Its been a hot minute since Ive rped, so Im open to just about anything Stranger: What a fat mood You: Imao You: anything you wanna be avoiding in the rp? Stranger: Honestly like think we could burn that bridge when we get to it. Wbu? You: sounds good Stranger: Idk think recently Ive either been wanting something darker or the literary equivalent of wrapping me up in a blanket and giving me something to sob heavily into You: feel that pretty hard Stranger: Idk had a thing a few weeks ago where Gil was this figure skating star and like his girlfriend cheated on him, he broke up with her, and he went away with his brother to try and get away from her bc she just wont leave him tf alone Stranger: could deffo see Matt meeting him on the ice and just being like wtf why does this guy looksosad You: Im down for that if you want Stranger: That way, we get the sad boi Gil trying to get over heartbreak while his ex still tries to get in touch with him Stranger: And it could somehow get darker if we decide so You: Yeah Stranger: might even have a starter knocking around You: You should check Stranger: Nope, not one that fits. can just type up another You: Thanks! Stranger: This was the last straw. At last, Gilbert put his phone onto aeroplane mode after once again blocking yet another number she was trying to call him from. This wasnt fair! He had come to this rink in another country to get away from her once and for all, and she couldnt respect that he didnt want to hear from her. She had broken his trust, his heart, and drove him away. This trip with his brother was meant to calm him the fuck down, but it didnt help that his anxiety peaked every time she called him. No, this was his time. Gilbert was going to enjoy his time. With a deep breath, he put his headphones on and walked over on his little knife shoes to the ice. His time. At last, with the music on and very few people around at this early hour, he was able to skate how he wanted. There was no competition, no need for real technique. Instead, he just let his heart guide his feet. Those moves were pretty impressive understandable when you consider that he is, in fact, a professional figure skater. Ballet inspired and with such grace to a piece he had skated to for a long, long time. At last, his head was just empty. You: Matthew hadnt gone beyond local competitions for his figure skating, but he was decidedly the best in his city, and that was partially because of how frequently he skated in the early hours of the morning. Whether it was indoors or outdoors, he always got a good skate in to keep his skills sharp. That being said, it threw him for a bit of a loop to not only see someone else, but a complete stranger already on the rink when he got there. He brushed off the surprise as he slid onto the ice, music low on his headphones for him to focus better on the moves. That effort was little use when the other mans moves were drawing his gaze, admiring the skill it took to pull them off so fluidly. Stranger: Gilbert had barely even noticed the presence of someone else in the rink. Already, he was so engrossed in the music that he just kept moving and couldnt stop. It rose, climbing to a peak which finally replaced his anxiety and then... it stopped. From that amazing high came a reverberating silence and simultaneous foot stomp as his hands went up out of habit. His piece was over. Finally, he noticed the other man. Fuck, there was someone else here. In these ungodly hours, there was only the two of them in this whole place. Slowly, he removed his headphones to look at the other and offer an awkward smile. He had thought he would be alone for a little while, at least. Oh well. You: Matthew had almost stopped his skating from how closely he was watching, offering up a smile when he saw the other finally acknowledge him. He skated over to him, stopping almost as smoothly as hed moved once he was in front of him. Sorry for intruding, but... that was beautiful. Its been a while since Ive gotten to watch someone else without a crowd or announcers. He looked over his face, trying to place a name to it but without success. Are you new around here? Im usually the only one here this early. Stranger: Gilbert let his headphones hang around his neck while his hands slipped into his pockets to pause his music. It had been a while since he was able to just relax like this. Im just visiting for a couple of weeks to reset. Are you here every morning? That would definitely be commitment. In fact, it was probably the same amount of commitment he put in and this was his job! It seemed this guy didnt recognise him, so that was an added bonus. Maybe he would be able to skate in peace without someone fanning over him for the next few weeks. This whole trip was his escape. You: Matthew nodded, giving him a smile. Yeah. practice in the mornings before starting the day. Its usually the only time have for it. He offered his hand, that gentle look still on his face. Im Matthew. Sorry again for interrupting you, you just looked so focused, it was hard not to watch. Stranger: Gilbert looked at the hand for a moment before shaking it. God, this guy was cute. So gentle and honest looking... Gilbert. Dont worry about it, by the way. really didnt even notice you until was done. As bad as he felt, skating just put him in his own little world. Even his hand was soft, holy crap. He was just a soft guy! You: Matthew gave his hand a small squeeze before letting go, brushing his bangs out of the way of his glasses. Im not hard to miss, dont blame you. He glanced over his face once more, noticing that somewhat sombre expression now that Gilbert wasnt wholly distracted by his skating. I should let you get back to skating. Dont think you came to talk to a stranger. Stranger: Gilbert was honestly a bi mess. If he wasnt in such a horrible constant state of mind, he would probably want to talk to this guy more and get to know him. Matthew was cute and looked like he would be nice to get coffee with some time, but that wasnt what he was here for. He was here to calm down. He offered a small smile and reached for his headphones. Have a nice skate, Matthew. Ill try not to get in the way. With that, he pressed play and went right back to his skating. His heart pounded with a feeling he couldnt quite place. Whatever it was, he wasnt happy with it. You: Matthew gave him a soft nod, moving to replace his own headphones. The same to you. He let his music pick back up, going to the other side of the rink to give Gilbert room. The music carried him off, though he couldnt help glancing towards the other man now and then to just admire his movements before focusing back on his own movements. It was nice to have another person in the rink with him, dancing separately but together. You: (Is there somewhere we could move this to? have to go before too long Stranger: ((Would email be chill?)) You: (Yeah, totally Stranger: ((Mine is You: ((Sent u an email Stranger: Gilbert finally left the rink for a drink of water after about half an hour. His head had calmed somewhat, but taking his phone off aeroplane mode made him grimace. As usual, his brother had sent him a text to let him know what he would be doing for the day in case Gilbert wanted to come along, but there were also several messages from an unknown Twitter account. His hands shook. No, no, she couldnt just leave him alone, could she? The messages were becoming threatening now. Hell, she was two seconds away from threatening to kill herself if he didnt talk to her. He couldnt do this. Stranger: ((Got it!)) Stranger: ((I sent the log over to you probs preemptively whoops)) You: Matthew noticed when Gilbert left the rink, looking slightly concerned when he saw him shaking from just looking at him phone. Not his business, so he wasnt going to go interrupt. He just paid a bit more attention to the other man when he could, just to make sure he didnt need any immediate help. Maybe he should have gone to talk to him, but he already felt like hed done too much intruding for that. You: ((Its alright. You wanna just reply on email? Stranger: ((Could be a shout tbh)) You: ((? Stranger: ((Yeah no its a good idea, we should probs do that)) You: ((alright. ill disconnect, you wanna send the rest of it with your reply? Stranger: ((Can do!))
hetalia, anime
You: hai Stranger: Hai You: yuo woman Stranger: No You: i am men Stranger: Yes You: ok Stranger: Mi name is manual You: aa i am andres You: african You: you fron
Stranger: hi You: Hi Stranger: hru You: Welcome to Mc Donalds, may i take your order? Stranger: hmmm Stranger: want a milkshake You: Ok You: We are out of nomal milk Stranger: oh You: Is there a problem if we use donkey milk? Stranger: what kind of mcdonalds is this Stranger: oh yes Stranger: love donkey milk You: Okkk You: Anything else? Stranger: donkey milk makes me horny though Stranger: hmm Stranger: any recommendations? You: Some crocodile nuggets Stranger: oh yiz Stranger: crocodile is so yummy You: Ok Stranger: ive never had nuggets though You: Ok Yo lere is your food You: Enjoy Stranger: thank you Stranger: arent you a little young to be working here? You: 235)224) You: am 42 young man Stranger: yum yum h Stranger: are you actually? You: No Stranger: Imao Stranger: how old are you really? You: am 18 Stranger: oh nicee You: Working yo pay my college You: To* Stranger: ahhh Stranger: work to buy vbucks Stranger: so can buy thick fortnite skins You: Nicceee Stranger: yup Stranger: im gonna go to sleep Stranger: byeeee You: Ok Stranger: good luck in college btw You: Thanks Stranger: cya You: Come again You: See ya
Stranger: saw you with that man. IK un est You: Which one? NS Stranger: Which one? You are with many men? /Men/? IK You: Oh, you meant that man. NS Stranger: In public? IK Stranger: How do you do this? IK You: People dont often notice things they arent looking for, Peril. NS Stranger: You are going to get hurt. IK You: Its a possibility, yes. NS Stranger: And this man is worth risking it? IK You: dont have much to lose. NS Stranger: do not want to see you hurt IK You: Ill be more careful. NS Stranger: You love him? IK Stranger: He is lucky. IK You: Loving anyone would be foolish of me, but Im rather fond of him, yes. NS You: You really think so? NS Stranger: Yes. IK Stranger: might find myself to be a little jealous. IK You: Jealous? You have Gaby, dont you? NS Stranger: No. IK Stranger: Good at acting like couple. IK You: Very good, you had me fooled. NS Stranger: am...not interested. IK You: In Gaby? NS Stranger: In... those like Gaby. IK You: Oh. NS Stranger: Yes. IK You: should have noticed before, really. NS Stranger: Do not tell. IK You: Do you really think Id tell someone else if Im hiding the same thing? NS Stranger: am always fearful. IK You: delayed Let me take you out tonight. NS Stranger: What do you mean? IK You: Theres a bar that caters to our sort downtown. NS Stranger: We cant be seen there. IK You: Its private. wouldnt be taking you there or tisking my own career if it wasnt. NS Stranger: ...Why take me? IK Stranger: You have a lover. IK You: Because you want one, of course. NS Stranger: ...No. IK You: You dont? NS Stranger: do but not someone just.... find . IK You: How else would you meet someone? NS Stranger: want... specific person. already met them. IK You: Is he back in Russia? NS Stranger: No. IK You: Do know him? NS Stranger: Lets stop. IK You: Peril. NS Stranger: No time for talking about this. IK You: Why? NS Stranger: Because this will not work. IK You: All right, if you insist. NS You: wont be back for a few hours. NS Stranger: With him? IK You: Yes. NS Stranger: see. IK You: Ill see you later tonight. NS. Stranger: ...Yes. IK Stranger: long delay what is making him so special? IK You: Hes handsome, intelligent. Fantastic in bed. NS Stranger: ...Stop it. IK You: What? NS Stranger: Hes not so good, showed him. IK Stranger: Saw him. IK You: What is your problem? NS Stranger: Youre risking it all for someone who is so small, he doesnt matter. IK You: Dont talk about him that way. NS. Stranger: Why not me? IK You: What? NS Stranger: Most people want me. IK You: How wonderful for you. NS. Stranger: Why not you? IK You: Because you seem to think insulting someone that care about is a way to get me to want you. NS Stranger: No, didnt mean... IK Stranger: had drinks. IK You: dont care. NS Stranger: He matters, not what meant. mean... you do not stay here, what does he do when you can not talk for months and month. IK You: Hes not from here, lllya. He travels to see me. NS Stranger: When on missions? IK Stranger: That is... dangerous. IK You: Occasionally, yes. NS You: What else can they do to me? NS Stranger: am sorry. IK Stranger: No more words for this. IK You: Good. dont wish to discuss this either. NS Stranger: Have a good night. IK You: Good night, Peril. NS Stranger: no response Stranger: next moming You are late. Meeting over brunch. IK
napollya, hartlin, merwin, sherstrade, mormor, mystrade, hartwin, Sherlock
You: yo Stranger: hey You: someone just asked me if i like rimjobs You: j hate this Stranger: people are weird You: not to mention all the sad dudes tryna hook up Stranger: literally,, they keep asking for my bra size Stranger: like You: BRUH Stranger: tf You: remember one time went undercover on here and one dude asked me to say penis a lot Stranger: Imao You: That was the strangest thing Stranger: did you do it tho You: nah Stranger: as you should You: ye You: you got a twitter? you seem pog Stranger: nah i dont sorry You: good for you Stranger: yeah i tried it once, wasnt for me You: thats fair Yo s only gotten worse You: we got dream stans we got among us memes You: its all hell Stranger: i got attacked by dream stans :) You: oh no Stranger: thats when i realised it was better to just delete the app Stranger: theres no winning You: yeah You: there really isnt You: so Stranger: so You: gaming Stranger: gayming You: my favorite type of gaming. gayming Stranger: are you a gaymer You: damn right im a gaymer Stranger: as you should be You: true Stranger: sorry bestie, i gotta go You: aight You: see ya Stranger: was nice talking to you tho You: ye you too Stranger: byee You: bye
Stranger: what u lookin for Stranger: im 16 boy lookin for some fun;) Stranger: dnt gotta be gay for fun Yo Stranger: ill show u whatever u want if u show me what i want;) Stranger: what u wanna see Stranger: ? You: face Stranger: lol i dnt show face srry You: dick Stranger: i got 9inches ill show if u show ass:)
You: Hi Stranger: Sasuke fan!! You: Yee Stranger: Ohh Stranger: Cool Stranger: Bro You: What
Stranger: picked up a job for tonight. To cover some costs. SM Stranger: You might not like it, but can bring in easily (euro symbol)500 You: What sort of job, Sebastian? JM Stranger: At some bar. SM You: You are charming, Tiger, but no one tips their bartender that well. JM Stranger: Ive got a different job. SM Stranger: Not a bartender. SM You: Yes, figured. JM Stranger: Youve probably already figured it out. SM Stranger: The genius you are. SM You: And if you think Im going to let you take your clothes off for money you can forget it. JM Stranger: It will be fine. made sure that customers arent allowed to touch the entertainment. SM You: The entertainment. JM You: We arent that desperate for money. JM Stranger: Youve offered to sell yourself before. Stop acting like we have extra funds. SM You: Thats different. JM Stranger: Its not different. Stop making me more important than you. My shift starts in an hour. If you wish, you could come. SM You: Youre not doing this, Sebastian. JM Stranger: am. Stop making this into such a big deal. SM Stranger: Id like you to come, if youre free. SM You: No. JM Stranger: Very well. will be home in the morning. Im not going to cheat on you. cant be touched by anyone. SM You: Theyre still going to look at you. JM Stranger: No pictures allowed, either. SM Stranger: will be fine. SM Stranger: Please let me do this. SM You: We can figure something else out. JM Stranger: Like what? Ive got only half an hour. SM Stranger: get a straight pay before, and then tips during. SM Stranger: Ill be alright. SM You: delay Maybe you should get a real job again. JM Stranger: Five minutes. Real job like what? From you? Theres no business. SM Stranger: Ill see you in the morning. SM Stranger: ((timeskip to when he comes home?)) You: A legit job, Sebastian. Not working for me. JM Stranger: In the morning, Sebastian staggered into their flat. He slipped off his boots and jacket, groaning before he walked in, setting down a pile of cash on the table. You up, Jim? Stranger: He texted Jim. Where are you? SM Stranger: ((hello?))
mormor, Sherlock
Stranger: Hey You: hey Stranger: F 14 You: you like rape too? Stranger: Jesus Imao Stranger: Rap yes You: Whos your fav rapist? You: canr decide between x and 69 Stranger: Oml hahahhhaha Stranger: Id say trippie You: He raped too? You: Sounds like my old joke got an update Stranger: Lmao not from what know Stranger: dont think he did You: Btw god doesnt exist Stranger: If u say so You: obviously do Stranger: Mhmm You: you with me? Stranger: Nah, u rolling alone on this one Imao You: nah stephen hawking was rolling with me Stranger: True true You: imagine him going up the stairs to heaven Stranger: But he cant walk Imao Stranger: Bet they have elevators You: Thats the joke Stranger: He good Stranger: know You: Nah god hates hijm for proving that he doesnt exist Stranger: Eh prolly You: you canadian Stranger: Nah Stranger: Cali You: ok bye Stranger: Why You: gotta go to bed Stranger: Huh? You: its 3am Stranger: Ok.. You: at my place Stranger: But u looking for Canadian girls ? Stranger: In You: nah im not looking for girls at all was just tryna make some terrible jokes Stranger: They were terrible Stranger: Where u from You: but good too Stranger: Sure You: my humor is darker than my slaves Stranger: Lmaoo, my dads in the kkk You: He is? Stranger: Yea Stranger: Black ppl can go back to afrika Stranger: dont like them You: Well youre the son of a bitch then Stranger: Damn You: Im german btw Stranger: Noice Stranger: U white? You: hate you and your racist family more than anything else You: How can you be such a bad human Stranger: Hey if u support them so much u can go back to afrika and get ebola Stranger: Live with those monkeys we dont want them here You: Hey if you support your KKK so much go and die Stranger: Nah we still alive You: At first i thoght you were a tolerant person Stranger: Wow Stranger: Tolerant as in? You: How can you say that a whole grop of people is shit if you dont know them? Stranger: only like the black rap because get to say they are niggers Stranger: know them Stranger: Black ppl oh ik You: You said it was my opinion when i saud god doesnt exist Stranger: Yea its urs now this is my opinion on black ppl Stranger: They can rot in hell, after all theyre already burnt You: You cant judge a grop of people when you dont know them Stranger: know them Stranger: They are stealers You: you dont know all Stranger: They stole our land Stranger: And come around talking abt we shoot them You: and as long as yo dont know them all you cant judge them all Stranger: know them You: wtf the white stole the land from the native americans Stranger: We gave it back tho Stranger: Ur in German what do u know of this You: you dont fucking know each african person personally Stranger: We havent stole shit Stranger: No You: Who discovered america and who lived ther before? Stranger: But i know we went to afrika ta get some slaves and they decided to back stab us and steal the land You: back stab? You: dude Stranger: We wanted niggers to work the land You: yore the most hateable person ever met in my whole life Stranger: Oh stop it u know true You: i know the Truth Stranger: Black ppl are a curse on this planet You: The trth is every human is equal Stranger: Thats what u think You: Thats teh truth Stranger: Equality Stranger: Equality isnt shit Stranger: Everybody should just g back home You: If we would ever meet real life... You: wold chase yo with a brning cross Stranger: Fuck is that Imaooo Strange think u can scare me lol Stranger: know how to fight You: dont want to scare you You: just need a way to show how much hate your Opinion You: Not you as a person tho Stranger: Mexicans can take their illegal asses back to who knows where Stranger: Theyre aliens in this country You: evryone derserves to be loved and thats something religion shold transmit Stranger: No Stranger: Kkk will rise You: Buddhism is great Stranger: White supremacists will rise Stranger: We will rise You: No white supremacists are just a minority that will, once they realise how great cultral exchange is just not exist anymore Stranger: Thats what u think You: You probably hate gay people too right? You: ? Stranger: Indeed You: Why? Stranger: Ur gay? You: Im bisexual Stranger: Oof You: Does god love me? Stranger: Thats a sin Stranger: Ura sinner You: Does he love me? Stranger: No You: Thats sad Stranger: Ur sad You: love you tho Stranger: No You: do as much as love every hman on this planet Stranger: No You: do You: And this really makes me a ahappy person Stranger: Nobodys ever loved me You: Youre loved Stranger: You know why, because Im in clan Your: i love you Stranger: Why does what represent have to effect who am Stranger: Just because dont support black doesnt mean Im gonna kill one when i see him Stranger: Id respect them You: Because you show that youre intolerant as fuck so why should they tolerate your opinion? Stranger: Im not loved You: love you Stranger: By no man Stranger: By no woman Stranger: By no child teen You: And every other open minded person does too Stranger: Anything : Im not loved and thats all there is to Stranger: Thanks for trying You: love everybody and everything. Thats the key to fullfillment
Stranger: Hi You: hey You: whats up Stranger: Nothing u? You: um orf Stranger: F wbu ? You: m Stranger: Age? You: 19 You: u? Stranger: 16 You: favorite tv show? Stranger: Spongebob duh You: bruhhhhh Imaooooo Stranger: Spongebob is my homie You: are u actually binging anything tho Stranger: ??? You: tv Stranger: Oh no You: u in the US? Stranger: Yup u? You: yeah You: what state Stranger: Illinois You: im in oregon Stranger: Cool what u look like ? You: im asain lol You: u? Stranger: Lol Stranger: Mixed Stranger: Mexican and black You: which side u like better? Imaooooco Stranger: Tbh Mexican Imao Stranger: Our parties be lit af You: was thinking u were gonna pick tht lol Stranger: Lmao You: dont u have school at 8? rip Stranger: What time is it over there
Stranger: m You: this wave is waterslide take it father from every dar! You: say it aint so Yo y love is a heart breaker Yo ay it aint so You: my love is a life a taker Stranger: look im jus down to exchange nudes so its up to you You: ew Stranger: if your a female You: im 12 Stranger: well could be your first time You: what the fuck man Stranger: im only 13 You: you a fucking nonce more like it Stranger: nonce? You: search it up mate Yo omeone who pretends to be underage You: to get underage pussy, freak Stranger: im srry i dont live in like england Stranger:
You: Gay idol? Stranger: park jimin You: Omg You: Yes Stranger: his boochie smells like shit and candy You: As a Stay must say Minho is pretty Gay🤸‍♀️ You: Dang Stranger: Fuck stays your group is awful You: Lmao not true Stranger: Racist ass bitches You: Ur funny shbxhs

~10k conversations from Omegle. Scraped using:*&fl=timestamp,original,statuscode&output=json. For these logs to have ended up on the cdx, it means the url was posted publicly at some point.

  • PII removed by searching for conversations with these words: forbidden_words = ["kik", "telegram", "skype", "wickr", "discord", "dropbox", "insta ", "insta?", "instagram", "snap ", "snapchat"].
  • Conversations with racial slurs removed.
  • English only.
  • Obviously, the dataset still contains a lot of (sometimes extreme) NSFW content. Do not view or use this dataset if you are under 18.

General process for scraping (There are probably other datasets that can be scraped using this method):

  1. Go to page in cdx
  2. Check if the page contains a log
  3. Download the log image
  4. Use OCR to read it
  5. Save it to a json file.

This dataset could be useful for training casual conversational AI's but it likely still requires more filtering. Use at your own risk.

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