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Dataset: amazon_us_reviews 🏷
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from datasets import load_dataset dataset = load_dataset("amazon_us_reviews")


Amazon Customer Reviews (a.k.a. Product Reviews) is one of Amazons iconic products. In a period of over two decades since the first review in 1995, millions of Amazon customers have contributed over a hundred million reviews to express opinions and describe their experiences regarding products on the website. This makes Amazon Customer Reviews a rich source of information for academic researchers in the fields of Natural Language Processing (NLP), Information Retrieval (IR), and Machine Learning (ML), amongst others. Accordingly, we are releasing this data to further research in multiple disciplines related to understanding customer product experiences. Specifically, this dataset was constructed to represent a sample of customer evaluations and opinions, variation in the perception of a product across geographical regions, and promotional intent or bias in reviews.

Over 130+ million customer reviews are available to researchers as part of this release. The data is available in TSV files in the amazon-reviews-pds S3 bucket in AWS US East Region. Each line in the data files corresponds to an individual review (tab delimited, with no quote and escape characters).

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