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Objaverse-XL is an open dataset of over 10 million 3D objects!

With it, we train Zero123-XL, a foundation model for 3D, observing incredible 3D generalization abilities: πŸ§΅πŸ‘‡

Scale Comparison

Objaverse 1.0 was released back in December. It was a step in the right direction, but still relatively small with 800K objects.

Objaverse-XL is over an order of magnitude larger and much more diverse!

Unlocking Generalization

Compared to the original Zero123 model, Zero123-XL improves remarkably in 0-shot generalization abilities, even being able to perform novel view synthesis on sketches, cartoons, and people!

A ton more examples in the πŸ“ paper :)

Image β†’ 3D

With the base Zero123-XL foundation model, we can perform image β†’ 3D using DreamFusion, having the model guide a NeRF to generate novel views!

Text β†’ 3D

Text-to-3D comes for free with text β†’ image models, such as with SDXL here, providing the initial image!

Scaling Trends

Beyond that, we show strong scaling trends for both Zero123-XL and PixelNeRF!


Check out the Google Colab tutorial to download Objaverse-XL.


The use of the dataset as a whole is licensed under the ODC-By v1.0 license. Individual objects in Objaverse-XL are licensed under different licenses.


To cite Objaverse-XL, please cite our πŸ“ arXiv paper with the following BibTeX entry:

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Objaverse 1.0 is available on πŸ€—Hugging Face at @allenai/objaverse. To cite it, use:

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