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Indic Sentiment Analysis


The Indic Sentiment Analysis dataset contains reviews from various categories and sub-categories in multiple Indic languages. Each review is labeled with sentiment polarity (positive, negative, or neutral).

Dataset Structure

Data Fields

  • CATEGORY: The broad category to which the review belongs.
  • SUB-CATEGORY: The sub-category within the main category.
  • PRODUCT: The specific product or service being reviewed.
  • BRAND: The brand associated with the product or service.
  • ASPECTS: Different aspects or features of the product or service being reviewed.
  • ASPECT COMBO: Combinations of aspects that are discussed in the review.
  • ENGLISH REVIEW: The review text in English.
  • LABEL: The sentiment label assigned to the review (positive, negative, or neutral).
  • INDIC REVIEW: The review text translated into various Indic languages.
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