Greg/Phillip, Attached is the Grande Communications Service Agreement. The business points can be found in Exhibit C. I Can get the Non-Disturbance agreement after it has been executed by you and Grande. I will fill in the Legal description of the property one I have received it. Please execute and send to: Grande Communications, 401 Carlson Circle, San Marcos Texas, 78666 Attention Hunter Williams. <<Bishopscontract.doc>>
Service Agreement
Phillip & Keith Attached is the first draw request, I will need some of these funds immediately. I think checks out of Bishops Corner, L.P. may be the easiest, or you can wire money to me and I can write the checks when needed. Please let me know how you wish to handle this and I will proceed. Additionally, it is getting close to closing. I will need to get contracts signed at this point as soon as possible. We can handle this in two ways. I prefer that you elect me as a Vice - President of the General Partner and then I will sign all documents, or I can Federal Express contracts (this is more difficult). I have a funeral at 10:00 and I will be back about 1:00. I look forward to hearing from you. Greg - Draw # 1 - 10.25.01.xls
Bishops Corner
Your Internet Banking accounts are now setup again for accessing. The login id is still your main acct. # with the password being reset to the last six (6) digits of your ssn# (this is the ssn# or tin# of the primary account holder). You will then be directed to a screen that asks for information such as: Name Address City, State Zip+4 Phone # E-Mail Address After entering this information and clicking submit, you will then be instructed to change your password to anything that you desire. Always remember that your password is case sensitive. One major change is the wording of your accounts names (they have changed to product types and not descriptions). You can change your account descriptions by clicking on the Nicknames button and entering your own account description. We are still working on getting the information to post again correctly (your old account information has been removed, and we hope to have this information converted shortly and back on-line), so you will notice that credits and debits do not show up in the appropriate columns. Transaction descriptions are correct and the balances information is correct as of our last day of processing (11/16/01). We appreciate your patience and continued support. Our goal is to be fully operational and all information corrected before the holiday season. Please make sure to record any suggestions (or problems) that you might have concerning our web site. Again, thanks for banking with State Bank & Trust and happy surfing. Sincerely,
Internet Banking
To our IBS Customers that are still hanging in there: We understand your continued frustration and express our sincerest apologies for our inability to give complete and accurate answers to your questions. The problems that we are seeing are one of three (3) possibilities: 1) You have entered your password incorrectly (or what you thought was the correct password) and been given the error message that you have exceeded your opportunities for today, and you receive the message "You have failed to correctly login three times today; please try again tomorrow, or contact the bank at 830-379-5236 to have your password reset." This is the easiest problem to correct and we can fix this one quickly with you online (on the phone). Should you receive this message, please call our Computer Department and ask for either myself (Howard Gordon) @ 830-401-1185, Christina Kirby @ 830-401-1189, or Lora Robles @ 830-401-1182. If you reach our voice mail (or another employee), please leave your Name, Account # and call back #. 2) You are not using the last six (6) digits of your ssn# (this is the ssn# or tin# of the primary account holder). Please try again using the last six (6) digits, or call us to determine who we have recorded as the primary account holder. 3) If you see this error message "Invalid login; please try again" (after three [3] or more tries), then you possibly fall into this last category. Your account is one of the few that did not convert correctly (we will not release any information about these accounts until we verify that all information is correct and accurate). We are finalizing these accounts today and should have them available for access this afternoon (late) or this evening. Once we release these accounts for IBS access, you will have to again use the last six (6) digits of your ssn# (this is the ssn# or tin# of the primary account holder), then you will be directed to a screen that asks for information such as: Name Address City, State Zip+4 Phone # E-Mail Address After entering this information and clicking submit, you will then be instructed to change your password to anything that you desire (you can at this point change your password back to what it was before). Always remember that your password is case sensitive. Should you get into IBS (before early evening [6:00pm]), the balance and transactional information displayed is as of 11/16/01 (Friday night). We will have this information updated by 6:00pm (hopefully), and then information will be as of Monday (11/19/01). Again we want to thank you for your patience through this (trying) ordeal, and we look forward to continuing to service your IBS needs in the future. Sincerely,
Internet Banking
Phillip Good Morning! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and safe travels. As per our meeting on Tuesday, please identify people you think will be good for the expert story roles. You can provide me a list and either contact them first or provide me with an introduction to get their commitment. Thanks a million in advance for your continued support of this project.
SMEs for expert stories
Phillip, Ina scheduled the conference room for tomorrow, so she's probably already got it on your schedule, but FYI - our meeting will be in the new Enron building, Room 6104. See you at 10:00. Mery This message is for the designated recipient only and may contain privileged, proprietary, or otherwise private information. If you have received it in error, please notify the sender immediately and delete the original. Any other use of the email by you is prohibited.
Room for Tomorrow's Meeting
Phillip, Thank you for meeting with us today. I want to take a few minutes to summarize the decisions that came out of our meeting. 1. Feedback Approach: We will incorporate the ideas and suggestions you gave us and move forward with this approach. 2. SME Review of Knowledge System Topics: When the time comes for Topics reviews, we will send you the name of the SME who is responsible for sign-off on each topic. 3. Conversion and Arbitrage Problems: We will brainstorm ways to incorporate more problems without going over our 4-6 hour target. We will meet with you next Tuesday at 10:00 to review the problems as we've designed them so far and arrive at a solution. (I will send an e-mail Monday with the room number.) Have a good weekend. Mery This message is for the designated recipient only and may contain privileged, proprietary, or otherwise private information. If you have received it in error, please notify the sender immediately and delete the original. Any other use of the email by you is prohibited.
Summary of Today's Meeting
Phillip, I will get a room for our Wednesday 10:00 meeting and e-mail you with the room number. FYI, our goal is to discuss the expert path (best answers) for the storage problem and to ask you some specific questions regarding storage. Also, if you have time, could you send me a definition of Intra-Month Risk? Thank you for your help.
Wednesday Meeting
To all of our esteemed & prized Internet Banking (IBS) Clients: You probably have begun to wonder does anyone ever return phone calls (or e-mails). We really do but have been holed up trying to complete this project ASAP. We knew that this might upset some clients, but we found that this is the quickest way to fix this problem and get our users back on-line. We have finalized the movement of your customer account #s and re-linked your additional accounts back to your primary Login ID (Acct #). This process was more daunting than we anticipated and having to verify 1100 IBS users and account #s (to insure your data integrity and confidentiality) was even more grueling than expected. After verifying data and Login IDs, we believe that we are on the right track. Some of you (our IBS clients) might notice your accounts displayed more than once or additional accounts displayed that you may (or may not) want displayed on your IBS screen. Should this be the case, please e-mail (or phone) the information to us and we will remove this information right away. To our IBS Billpayer clients: During this process, we seem to have misplaced (blown away) your bill payment information (particularly anyone that has [had] reoccurring payments scheduled to process on particular days). This has become our highest priority to retrieve this information, thus alleviating the process of having to request that our IBS Billpayers re-enter this information. We are going to waive all bill payment charges for the months of November & December, 2001 to try and regain your confidence (and support). Again, we deeply express our regrets and hope that we (yourselves and ourselves) do not have to go through this process again. Should you be one of our IBS clients that still has not gained access to your account information, please refer to the following information:
How do I eat crow and still make it tasty???????
Wade, I understood your number one priority was to deal with your vehicle situation. You need to take care of it this week. Lucy can't hold the tenants to a standard (vehicles must be in running order with valid stickers) if the staff doesn't live up to it. If you decide to buy a small truck and you want to list me as an employer for credit purposes, I will vouch for your income. Phillip
For Wade
Will, Here is a list of the top items we need to work on to improve the position and p&l reporting for the west desk. My underlying goal is to create position managers and p&l reports that represent all the risk held by the desk and estimate p&l with great accuracy. Let's try and schedule a meeting for this Wednesday to go over the items above. Phillip
Priority List
Christy, I read these points and they definitely need some touch up. I don't understand why we need to give our commentary on why prices are so high in California. This subject has already gotten so much press. Phillip
Talking points about California Gas market
Jed, I understand you have been contacted regarding a telephone interview to discuss trading opportunities at Enron. I am sending you this message to schedule the interview. Please call or email me with a time that would be convenient for you. I look forward to speaking with you.
Griff, Can you accomodate Dexter as we have in the past. This has been very helpful in establishing a fair index at Socal Border. Phillip Please cc me on the email with a guest password. The sooner the better as bidweek is underway.
NGI access to eol
Lucy, The apartments that have new tenants since December 15th are: 1,2,8,12,13,16,20a,20b,25,32,38,39. Are we running an apartment complex or a motel? Please update all lease information on the 1/12 rentroll and email it to me this afternoon. Phillip
updated lease information
Liane, As we discussed yesterday, I am concerned there has been an attempt to manipulate the El Paso San Juan monthly index. A single buyer entered the marketplace on both September 26 and 27 and paid above market prices ($4.70-$4.80) for San Juan gas with the intent to distort the index. At the time of these trades, offers for physical gas at significantly (10 to 15 cents) lower prices were bypassed in order to establish higher trades to report into the index calculation. Additionally, these trades are out of line with the associated financial swaps for San Juan. We have compiled a list of financial and physical trades executed from September 25 to September 27. These are the complete list of trades from Enron Online (EOL), Enron's direct phone conversations, and three brokerage firms (Amerex, APB, and Prebon). Please see the attached spreadsheet for a trade by trade list and a summary. We have also included a summary of gas daily prices to illustrate the value of San Juan based on several spread relationships. The two key points from this data are as follows: 1. The high physical prices on the 26th & 27th (4.75,4,80) are much greater than the high financial trades (4.6375,4.665) on those days. 2. The spread relationship between San Juan and other points (Socal & Northwest) is consistent between the end of September and October gas daily. It doesn't make sense to have monthly indeces that are dramatically different. I understand you review the trades submitted for outliers. Hopefully, the trades submitted will reveal counterparty names and you will be able to determine that there was only one buyer in the 4.70's and these trades are outliers. I wanted to give you some additional points of reference to aid in establishing a reasonable index. It is Enron's belief that the trades at $4.70 and higher were above market trades that should be excluded from the calculation of index. It is our desire to have reliable and accurate indeces against which to conduct our physical and financial business. Please contact me anytime I can assist you towards this goal. Sincerely,
San Juan Index
All - In preparation for another round of Trading Track interviews for the ENA group, please be aware of the following dates... October 10 - October 16 : Initial phone interviews by two traders for External candidates. October 24, 3:00 - 6:00pm : Final interviews for internal and external candidates. Please send either Karen Buckley or me the names of internal individuals who you feel would be a great candidate for the ENA Trading Track. We look forward to your active participation. Kind regards,
ENA Trading Track Interviews
Gentlemen I wanted to provide you an update on the status of the Refco private label platform deal. We have had several meetings since I first presented the idea to you all. Unfortunately, Refco's headquarters was in One World Financial Center which was severely damaged by debris from the World Trade Center collapse. They suffered no human losses from the disaster, but their offices are off limits and all their computers and paper files are inaccessible for the time being. They are up and running out of a Jersey City location with some back up capability. To briefly summarize the discussion so far, ENW would build a Refco branded platform similar to EOL that would be accessed by Refco's customers. Enron would provide transactable prices to the site with wider spreads and potentially smaller minimum volumes. Refco customers would transact on the site with Refco as their counterparty and Refco would sleeve the transactions to Enron allowing us to consolidate our credit risk to a singular credit, Refco. The products contemplated include various Nymex look-a-like products and other liquid swaps in oil, natural gas, and electricity. Revenue would come to Enron in the form of license fees for the platform, transaction fees, and origination from the additional volume create by the wider margin products. Revenue would come to Refco in the form of transaction fees. Refco has a similar arrangement in place for FX with Dresner bank and have announced a similar platform for bonds and securities with Cantor Fitzgerald/E-speed. All that being said, they are anxious to move the discussion forward and we have planned a visit for them to come to Houston in 2 weeks. Attending will be Gary Weiss, SVP Refco Group Ltd. LLC and President & CEO of Refco F/X Ltd LLC, and Joe Murphy, CEO Refco Futures Ltd. LLC. The purpose of this visit is for them to give us a presentation on the Refco Group of companies, discuss the products and estimations of revenue streams based on their current futures business, and discuss the possible structure of the deal. The meeting is scheduled to begin at 2:30pm Thursday Oct 4 and expected to last the balance of the day and possibly into the next morning. I will approach you all individually to get your feedback on how you would like to interact with them and when. I realize there are significant issues to be addressed. Refco currently has some 175,000 collateralized customer accounts ranging from Institutional Investors & locals down to individuals. We have put these into 2 buckets which have different profiles. Phase 1 would include the Top 2000 accounts which are largely substantial institutional investors, locals, and high net worth individuals. If this proves successful, phase 2 would be rolled out with products designed to attract activity from the smaller investors. The idea would be to automate the products as much as is practical. Mark Tayor in Legal has already spoken with their counsel and is comfortable that they have reviewed all the legal angles thoroughly. Refco advises that if the have accounts back up by collateral guaranteed by them, they become Eligible Contract Participants (ECPs) able to execute derivatives. So, they believe that the majority of the 175,000 accounts they have could be ECPs for the purposes of this deal. Credit is reviewing the Refco financials and we plan to discuss this thoroughly during their visit. Please do not hesitate to contact me at x36413 if you have any questions or comments and I will be getting in touch with you early next week to get your feedback. Regards
REFCO Project Update
i hpe thingsa re ok for you.obviously a shit load of rumours circulating . we both know youll be ok personally but cant be fun. if i can help you know where im at. be cool
Front to backs are huge Is the delivered basis market holding value or is it getting crushed?. Heard about el paso oct feb roll, from where I'm at, thinking selling Oct and going long Feb phys is better than feb merc, rather stack length in winter front and bet on hording of existing storage given forecast At these levels I like owning winter physical against NYMEX short?Is the bias that the EFP's blow out further? Frank
Trade idea
John, As discussed, the AIG exposure is $57MM, and it is distributed among the price, option, and exotic books. The attached spreadsheet details the dollar value and volume by month by book. Please call if you have questions. Tanya
AIG positions
The following reports have been waiting for your approval for more than 4 days. Please review. Owner: Justin K Rostant Report Name: Rostant 112001 Days In Mgr. Queue: 5
Expense Reports Awaiting Your Approval
John, I am performing code updates to the stand-alone EOL workstation WNAEOL-48101 this evening and wanted to check with you to see at which point it would be convenient for you. I assume after the business day would be acceptable and my intent is to start near 6:00 p.m. or, at any time you decide is convenient for you. I called a short while ago and will do so again before proceeding, but if you receive this email and need to contact me, you may reach me at extension 5-7004. Thanks. Chris Jeska Terminal Server Operations.
EOL Code Update
The following reports have been waiting for your approval for more than 4 days. Please review. Owner: Justin K Rostant Report Name: Rostant 112001 Days In Mgr. Queue: 6
Expense Reports Awaiting Your Approval
The following reports have been waiting for your approval for more than 4 days. Please review. Owner: Henry H Quigley Report Name: Quigley 100301 Days In Mgr. Queue: 4
Expense Reports Awaiting Your Approval
The World Wide RibFest "celebration of the Rib" is coming up. This will be the 5th annual ribfest, and John Mee has his work cut out for him to defend the title he won last year (for the second time). I believe he will have a tough time, as the competition looks increasingly focused on unseating the former Bostonian from his Throne. For those of you who haven't been to a ribfest in the past, it's a barbeque competition where 5 to 7 cooks compete to see who can produce the best Baby Back Ribs (if you want those Fred Flintstone beef ribs, you ain't getting them here). A blind-judging takes place to determine the winner, but often the crowd gets up in arms and nominates a "peoples choice" (though this is not officially recognized by the sanctioning body). Every year, my wife asks the following: "So, besides Ribs, beer and margaritas, what else will be served?" I reply: "Nothing comes to mind." She replies: "No." As you might expect, she wins this discussion year in, year out. So, appetizers, sides, desserts and food & drink for the kids are also served. The competition around the grills gets a little rough, so I recommend that the young and faint-of-heart maintain a safe distance while the cooking and competition is taking place. The appropriate College football games will be broadcast, so you don't have to worry about missing any games. There are a couple of changes to this year's competition: The competition will be held at the John Mee/Laura Benjamins compound in Bellaire Mike Paradise (who won the very first ribfest) has stepped out of the competition this year citing "personal reasons" Date & Time Saturday November 3rd. We fire the grills up around 12:00, and the judging takes place between 3:00 and 3:30. Where 4807 Elm Street in Bellaire Directions (from John Mee himself) From downtown, take 59s to 610s. The first exit is the Bissonette//Fournace exit. Take this exit and go through the light, noting the gouging in the lamppost from that freak cherry-picker accident from last April. Before the Bisonette light, there is a big Chase Bank Building. Right before that building is Elm Street. Take a right on Elm Street exactly 236 yards to 4807 Elm Street. Go inside and ask for directions there, cause I really don't have a clue... KIDS Bring 'em! We'll have the Moonwalk set up for them again this year, and we'll have hot dogs, burgers, popcorn and drinks for them. The more kids the better. What you need to bring Nothing, except maybe some attitude to heckle the cooks while they try to concentrate.
RIBFEST -5- (Nov. 3rd)
I would like to set up a brief meeting in the afternoon this week or next, to discuss increasing the liquidity in west basis on EOL. It would be helpful for our desk to sit down with John Arnold and John Lavorato to openly discuss the importance of continuing to increase liquidity on EOL. I would also like to put to rest the notion that increasing liquidity leads to negative P&L and that a Trader's support of EOL liquidity will go unrecognized at year end PRC. Please email me with a response of when we could set up such a meeting. Sincerely,
Increasing EOL liquidity in West Basis
These were the messages in your voicemail: 1. 10/18/01 - Margaret Allen ....needed your advice on whether her sister should take job with Cal-Pine or Kinder Morgan 2. 10/19/01 - Adrianne Engler ....regarding candidantes that you were suppose to phone interview. (you have sent her an email since this) 3. 10/23/01 - Bob Shults(X3-0397)....they met with Nymex last week and are getting ready send the proposal ont eh document you saw last week. He wants to make sure that you are okay with this and dont have any issues.
Confidential - Voicemail Messages
Hey there. We are going to be at Front Porch today if you aren't busy later. You are invited to stop by and wear my necklace if you want. Has your week been better than last week? Talk to you soon. Kim
John, Would you have 45 minutes later this week for Eric and myself? We'd like to give you a quick update on whats happening in the Atlantic basin in LNG, and also get an update from you on where the US Natgas market is heading. Thanks,
LNG Update
My email system has recently developed a glitch. It has come to my attention that some emails have been sent to me, but I never received them. When this happens, the system does not return a 'mail not delivered' message to the sender. If you have sent an email to me in the last couple weeks expecting a response, but did not hear back from me or my office, please call us. I apologize for any misunderstanding or inconvenience. Of course, issues requiring a timely response are always best handled over the phone, and until my email system is fixed it is best to either call me or email Rafael ( Thank you for your understanding. > Michael Gapinski > Account Vice President > UBS PaineWebber, Inc. > Corporate Employee Financial Services > 713-654-0365 > 800-553-3119 x365 > Fax: 713-427-7539 > Cell: 281-435-0295 ****************************************************** Notice Regarding Entry of Orders and Instructions: Please do not transmit orders and/or instructions regarding your UBSPaineWebber account(s) by e-mail. Orders and/or instructions transmitted by e-mail will
Email Problems
John: The Enron deal at Elba Island amounts to a sendoout capacity of 160mmcf/d for 17 years. This will be tough to fill as the majority of existing supply exceeds the max heat rate-I would look for Enron to get out of this in some way. Enron is currently having discussions with El Paso as to whether this contract goes into effect Oct 1st 2001 or Jan 1st 2002. Elba Island has recently said that they will be running in Q4 although many still doubt it. Attached is a file that lists the terminals, their capacity owners, facility owners, expansion plans, and supply situation. Let me know if you have any more questions.
Our group has been selling NOV to hedge our short basis position. Our phys fixed priced liquidity this morning put us in a longer nov nymex position. We have sold 872 since 11:00 am. Grigsby
nov nymex
The following reports have been waiting for your approval for more than 4 days. Please review. Owner: Justin K Rostant Report Name: JRostant 10/24/01 Days In Mgr. Queue: 5
Expense Reports Awaiting Your Approval
Hey John! How are you?? I've been following the Enron story closely, which means I've thought of you a lot recently. I hope things are going well, despite the uncertainty. I ran into someone from our Enron days today, which made me think of a funny story. Do you remember when John Mee tried to eat 8 Big Macs and hurled instead? John was talking to my boss, Chuck Clough, today, who he's known since childhood and is a mentor of sorts. When he got off the phone, Chuck told me who he was talking to and the name John Mee struck me as familiar. I asked Chuck if he was a big kid who'd gone to Harvard and he said yes. So I tell him the Big Mac story and Chuck picks up the phone and calls John to ask him if that was him because if so, I knew him. Poor thing says "yeah, that was me, but not one of my finer moments..." I could tell he was embarrassed. I guess there are some things in life you just never live down. I also ran into some friends of yours in Bermuda last month. We shared a cab to the airport and realized we had all been at Enron, though not at the same time. I mentioned that I really loved the company, especially how young it was and that I had a friend who joined right out of undergrad and is now doing really well. They immediately said "John Arnold!" Shocked the hell out of me, honestly. They were very funny in saying that I had made a "bad trade" by marrying my husband instead of you. I told them I would keep that in mind.... ;-} I would tell you their names, but I can't remember off the top of my head. They both work for a weather trading firm in the Northeast now, with Lynda Clemmons. Well, gotta run to the gym - been putting it off as long as I could today. I really do hope you're doing well. Please drop me a line when you aren't trading up a storm... Warm regards,
Small world!
John and Dutch - This email is sent to discuss what is needed with respect to NYMEX quotes from the broker market. Simply put, we need quotes on every forward term for which we currently have positions. It seems that the best way to obtain relevant information would be to ask for the following: 1. Annual quotes (a quote for 2003, a quote for 2004, etc.) 2. Seasonal quotes (winter '03, summer '04, etc.) In short, try to obtain pricing to match any positions which we currently have in the books. I know that this will be difficult to accomplish, but please do what you can. We need these quotes for every day starting with Nov 28 through today. We will continue to need daily updates for the immediate future. Also, I am aware that our current position doesn't give us much stroke to ask for a lot of pricing data. However, this information is critical as it will be needed for calculation of termination values. Please do whatever you can to obtain as much data as possible. Additionally, we need to get quotes from as many different brokers as possible to help verify pricing. Please let me know if the brokers are not accomodating your requests; we may need to ask John or Louise to place calls into the brokers to move this process along. If you have any questions or comments, you can normally find me in the "war room" next to Louise's office. If I'm not there, please call me at (713) 927-3003 or at ext 53923. Thanks,
Broker Quotes - PLEASE READ
I left a message earlier with your assistant. My contact information is below, please touch base with me as soon as possible. I am working on a project that is very pressing.
8214 Colonial Oaks Lane Spring, Texas 77379 December 13, 2001 Regarding: energy trading positions To Kevin Presto, Harry Arora, and John Arnold: I am writing to you to express my desire to be apart of the Wholesale Power and Gas Trading operation that will potentially be created with an entity that has a high credit rating. I have been working for Rogers Herndon in Enron Wholesale Services on the Options Desk. In this role I have modeled the power options that are embedded in the various deals done through Enron Energy Services with large industrial and commercial clients. In addition, I profitably managed the positions and priced deals for structurers and originators. I realize that now is a difficult time but am confident that I would make an excellent addition to your team for several key reasons: ? Proven experience in the financial markets and direct trading experience in various markets, including electricity and natural gas, mortgage backed securities, U.S. Treasury securities, foreign exchange, EuroCurrency and EuroDollar deposits ? Team player and high work ethic, successfully balancing trading opportunities with managing risk ? Solid portfolio management and risk management experience in electricity and mortgage banking ? Five years direct experience in trading, risk management, structured products and marketing of electricity for the United States ? Actively involved in the physical markets and strong understanding of the western grid ? Experience trading OTC forwards and options at major hubs in other NERC regions such as Cinergy, Entergy, ERCOT, NEPOOL and PJM ? Worked for both unregulated power marketers and regulated utility ? Extensive experience in derivatives and structured products ? Ability to effectively work with marketers pricing and structuring deals for industrial and commercial end users of energy ? Strength in mentoring junior traders Thank you,
Wholesale Power and Gas Trading operation
John, I will have my cell with me until Saturday the 22nd. 713-569-4684. From the 22-29th please reach me at 781-830-9199. I will be out of the country but checking in at that number. I will call you tonight to make sure that this information has made it to you. Thanks-Jeb
John - I want to confirm that you received the literature on the UBS PaineWebber Private Equity Fund III and the Tamarack Fund. The Private Equity III literature refers to a December 17 closing date; however, we have extended that closing, so you may still be able to participate. Have you reviewed the material, yet? Thanks,
Private Equity Fund
Friends: The NYMEX will be open for a normal trading day today, closing at 2:30 p.m. EST. The market will remain closed Monday December 24 and Tuesday December 25. NYMEX ACCESS will reopen the evening of the 25th at 7:00 p.m. The Exchange will reopen Wednesday morning the 26th at 10:00 a.m. EST. Happy Holidays!! BNP PARIBAS Commodity Futures
NYMEX Holiday Hours
Brian, As we discussed earlier today, Enron North America Corp. (ENA) desires to re-establish its account with Paribas. The purpose of this account would be to sell no more than 2,500 NYMEX natural gas futures contracts to hedge natural gas storage inventory for the months of February, March and April, 2002. Please advise me as soon as possible regarding what ENA will need to do to re-establish its account. Please call me with questions at (w) 713-853-7657 or (m) 713-582-8379. Regards,
Re-establish ENA's account
You got a notice from Hollywood Video saying you owe $64.99 for a DVD you borrowed on 11/30/01 entitled "15 minutes". You are to enclose the letter when paying your bill so I am mailing it to you. Be sure to look for it in the mail. Also, we need to talk about the weekend of 01/12. My doctor's appointment has been changed. Let's talk about it. Sorry I forgot you went to Belize. Hope you had a wonderful time. Hope there weren't any bugs in that thatched roof! Love you, Mom
Hollywood video
Ina: 1. Vacation is fine. 2. Please put meeting below on calendar. 3. I am going to analyst presentation at Vanderbilt. Find out when it is and put on calendar. 4. Can you find out who is on the ENA management committee meeting I went to along with their title and responsibilities. 5. Can you schedule a meeting for Tuesday or Wednesday late afternoon with Phillip, Hunter, and Fletch about EOL Thanks.
Bi-weekly Meeting
I am changing the way the curve is generated starting in Jan 2004 to better replicate seasonal fundamentals. There are convincing arguments as to why the summer/winter spreads should tighten over time. However, in the previous methodology they blew out. For instance summer/winter in Cal 3 was .232 while Cal 10 was .256. I have added a seasonality dampening function that both contracts the summer/winter spread and applies a premium to the electric load demand months of July and August over time. The formula for the curve remains the same except for a premium lookup for the month as well as for the year. These premiums are as follows: Jan -.008 Feb -.004 Mar -.001 Apr .002 May .003 Jun .004 Jul .004 Aug .004 Sep .003 Oct .002 Nov -.003 Dec -.006 These premiums start in Jan 2004 On Wednesday Jan 2003 settled 2.959, the 3/4 spread was marked at .0375, the 4/5 spread was marked at .0475. In the old methodology Jan 2003 = 2.959 Jan 2004 = 2.959 + .0375 = 2.9965 Jan 2005 = 2.9965 + .0475 = 3.044 In the new methodology Jan 2003 = 2.959 Jan 2004 = 2.959 + .0375 - .008 =2.9885 Jan 2005 = 2.9885 + .0475 -.008 = 3.028 The only change in the formula is from: Month x = Month (x- 1 year) + lookup on year on year table to Month x = Month (x- 1 year) + lookup on year on year table + lookup on month premium table The seasonality premiums will change over time and I will let you know when I change them
New curve generation methodology
Files are bigger than the limit, so I am trying one by one. Harry, I don't have access to M:\power2\options. I'll request the setup, and here are the spreadsheets for vol book.
vol book spreadsheets
========================================================= PURE NRG's UPCOMING CALENDAR OF EVENTS * December 31 (Monday) - Westin Hotel - Bibi Magazine's New Year's Eve Party [SAVE $15 with Pure NRG] * February 2 (Saturday) - Valentine's Speed-Dating Mixer via Pure NRG & ========================================================= Mention PURE ENERGY whenever you buy your New Year's Eve tickets to Bibi Magazine's Party at the Westin Galleria Hotel, and get a $15 DISCOUNT off of the Regular Rates. No matter who you buy them from, you must ask for the "Pure Energy" discount in order to get the CHEAPEST TICKETS AVAILABLE. To purchase your tickets or for any questions, send email to PURENRG123@AOL.COM or call Chander @ 713-253-4300. There is a LIMITED SUPPLY OF DISCOUNTED TICKETS available and they are SELLING VERY FAST, so call SOON and save $15 per person! Please FORWARD this email to others and SPREAD THE WORD about the "Pure Energy" discount to your friends so that they can enjoy this SPECIAL SAVINGS also!!!! ========================================================= 12. 31. 2001 PURE FANTASY ~ PURE GLAMOUR ~ PURE FUN ~ PURE NRG Get Ready Texas, New Year's Eve Never Looked SO Good! PURE NRG PRODUCTIONS in conjunction with BIBI MAGAZINE presents ON THE RUNWAY 2002 DECEMBER 31, 2001 8:00pm onwards The Westin Galleria Hotel (located on West Alabama in Houston, Texas) ========================================================= New Year's Eve Never Looked So Good! Bibi International Fashion Show featuring the Urban Indian Beat Dancers Gourmet Buffet Dinner Midnight Champagne Toast Party Favors & Special Treats Hottest DJ's Spinning Coolest Tunes American, Arabic, Bhangra and Latin Music Dancing with DJ Nitro Roaming Photographers Other Surprises ========================================================= Ticket Prices: Pure NRG Discounted Rate $110 per person [SAVE $15 by mentioning "PURE ENERGY"] Regular Price $125 per person Reserved Tables $150 per person
SAVE $15 on Bibi Magazine's New Year's Eve Party.....Just mention "PURE ENERGY"!
Roland and David I am attaching the Enron response to your RFP of October 4, 2001. This proposal is indicative and confidential. We would be most pleased to discuss this proposal or other approaches/modifications with you. thank you
Indicative Enron Proposal for Wallingford
Dear Rajan, Sat sri akal. It was a pleasure to talk to you yesterday.I had discussed with you our programme for the return journey.Though our return journey is fixed on 18th of Nov. but due to circumstances as discussed with you yesterday ,we may have to extend our stay for a couple of months if we could get clearance from INS for which AP has applied. In the meantime ,if we could have an understanding with Dimpy/Ap we may move earlier as planned. Any case we must keep more medicines so that at that time we may not have any problem. I therefore will greatly appreciate if you can arrange to get the following medicines from India with Raj's mother who is coming in the next month and then later on these can be sent to us. STAMLO BETA 15x10 =150 Tab (15 strips of 10 each) AMLOPRES- AT 15x10 = 150 " " Semi Daonil or Daonil 15x10 = 150 " " Glyciphage 500 15x10 = 150 " " Premelle' 2.5 2x28 = 56 "( 2 pkts. of 28 each) ( Conjugated Estrogens and Medroxyprogesterone acetate USP) I am sure you must be sending your authority to MSDANG at Delhi . I will talk with u on phone in the evening. Rest is OK.Winter has started here. With our lot of love to you and hope to have a tea -te-te in the evening.
general welfare
Dear Harpreet This final follow-up letter is being sent to you as a reminder that you are eligible for PricewaterhouseCoopers' 2000 tax preparation services. Our records indicate that we have not received your completed tax data organizer. As a result, we are unable to begin preparing your tax returns, and consequently there is a risk that you may incur interest and/or late payment penalties. We urge you to complete the necessary details in the organizer and submit it to us as soon as possible. Should you have any questions or need your user name/password resent, please email If you have any questions, please do not reply to this e-mail directly. Please contact your PwC representative whose details are listed below:---
Important Information from PricewaterhouseCoopers IAS-Harpreet Arora
Dear PIRA Client, PIRA has created a new presentation on the world economy. You can access this presentation via PIRA Online ( by logging in and, from the Client Home page, choosing "World Economy" from the "Macro Data"* drop-down menu at the top of the screen. We have also updated the existing slideshow accessible from the "US Economy" link. The presentation consists of a table and charts that encapsulate GDP and IP performance, by country/region, for 2000-2002. It is a useful comparative recap for the existing slideshows on the U.S., European, and Japanese economies. Given the overall importance of economic trends and their impact on regional and global energy markets, PIRA maintains databases of key economic indicators to support our analyses of energy fundamentals and the associated market forecasts. These presentations ? which are updated as new data become available ? are being made available complimentarily to all PIRA Online users. If you need a user name and password for PIRA Online, or if you need help logging in, please contact Dyana Rothman at (212) 686-6808, email: (*If you are having trouble finding the "Macro Data" link, go to the FAQ page on PIRA Online and click on question number 4.) Gary N. Ross Chief Executive Officer PIRA Energy Group
PIRA Presentations on the US and World Economy
Hi All: Just got off the phone with the folks @ Dominion regarding some indicative pricing I gave them last week for (i) a 7000 Heat Rate Call in TVA; and, (ii) a 7000 Heat Rate Call in SERC. FYI, I had quoted the TVA Call @ $3.97/KW-mo ($1 over our mid) for a 4yr call beginning 1/1/03 with $2 VOM and 5x16 avail with 16hr mins. I also quoted the SERC 7000 call at $1 over our mid, at $3.98/KW-mo for 1 yr and $4.12/KW-mo for 4 yrs, again with 5x16 and 16 hour mins. The good news is --- this pricing generated some interest.
Indicative Pricing for Dominion Resources
Harry, Iris and Brandon: Just finished up another call with my counterparty at Dominion. Here are the opportunities: 1. GridSouth - (They really want to dump in "CP&L East" - anything we can do to facilitate this will better meet customer requirements. Capacity: 2003 - 100MW 2004 - 250MW 2005 - 570MW for five years Will accept day-ahead dispatch. Really want 8 hour minimum runs w/ 5x16 availability. Heat Rate: 7200 VOM $2/MWh 2. Entergy - They want a straight 7x24, 365-day power purchase @ fixed price. Capacity: 65MW Start Date: July 2002 Term: 5 Years Price: $x/MWh 3. TVA - Peaker Really want intra-day call w/4hr notice for 4hr minimum run time. Capacity: Tell me what, if any, we can do. Start Date: June 2004 Availability: 5x16 June-Aug; Dec-Mar Heat Rate: 10,900 VOM: $2/MWh Let's really try to see if we can do the intra-day. If absolutely not available for 4hr min run time, see if we can do 8hr min. If this is absolutely not possible, let's try to quote day-ahead 8hr min at the very least. 4. TVA - Combined Cycle This one we already quoted at $3.97/KW-mo for 4-year, 5x16 call, beginning 1/1/03 for 7,000 Heat Rate; $2 VOM. This was for day-ahead, 16hr min run time. Tell me how much the price changes if we reduce min run time from 16hrs to 8hrs. Please call me in NY @ 212-715-5953 to discuss, if you have any questions. Thanks for all your work. I think we have a real opportunity here, if we can respond positively on a few fronts. Regards, Greg
Dominion Opportunities
Harry, Iris and Brandon: I asked ConEd if they were prepared to hear our OFFER to buy peaking capacity from the Lakewood expansion. They are "in the midst of preparing a draft term sheet for purchasing the output/tolling" so we'll have to wait to see the parameters of sale. I also asked if they would like to see PJM WEST synthetic toll offer from us. Unfortunately, NO. To the extent it matters, the on-line date is now set for late 2002, so they would like to see our offer for a Jan '03 start date. Given that these guys are doing a real comparison against bricks and mortar, we would be looking at a $63 million option premium for 500MW @ 3.50/KW-mo over a three-year term; $84 million for a four-year term, I would hope we could be able to find a way to hedge the risk of too many $500 hours killing us. Is there any cap we could buy to protect our downside risk here and still make this deal attractive? The heat rate call is struck at 10,900!
ConEd Lakewood Deal (PJM East)
Harry and Brandon: Just to memorialize what I just communicated to Harry over the phone. My interface at TVA emailed yesterday requesting a phone dialogue to discuss where our Synthetic Peaker offer needs to be for TVA to execute. Holding all assumptions constant, we would need to come in between $2.25-$2.30/KW-month in order for TVA to execute. Our indicative quote was $3.90/KW-month. I will attempt to find out if they have other offers in the sub-$2.50 range or if they are just setting their own bid at the requested price.
TVA Synthetic Peaker
8214 Colonial Oaks Lane Spring, Texas 77379 December 20, 2001 Mr. Harry Arora Regarding: energy trading positions I am writing to you to express my desire to be apart of the Wholesale Power and Gas Trading operation that will potentially be created with an entity that has a high credit rating. I have been working for Rogers Herndon in Enron Wholesale Services on the Options Desk. In this role I have modeled the power options that are embedded in the various deals done through Enron Energy Services with large industrial and commercial clients. In addition, I profitably managed the positions and priced deals for structurers and originators. I realize that now is a difficult time but am confident that I would make an excellent addition to your team for several key reasons: ? Proven experience in the financial markets and direct trading experience in various markets, including electricity and natural gas, mortgage backed securities, U.S. Treasury securities, foreign exchange, EuroCurrency and EuroDollar deposits ? Team player and high work ethic, successfully balancing trading opportunities with managing risk ? Solid portfolio management and risk management experience in electricity and mortgage banking ? Five years direct experience in trading, risk management, structured products and marketing of electricity for the United States ? Actively involved in the physical markets and strong understanding of the western grid ? Experience trading OTC forwards and options at major hubs in other NERC regions such as Cinergy, Entergy, ERCOT, NEPOOL and PJM ? Worked for both unregulated power marketers and regulated utility ? Extensive experience in derivatives and structured products ? Ability to effectively work with marketers pricing and structuring deals for industrial and commercial end users of energy ? Strength in mentoring junior traders Thank you,
Wholesale Power and Gas Trading operation with new entity
Harry, I spoke with Greg Manako with Exelon last week when you were on vacation. He had the following comments regarding the HR options you were hearing about in the market place: 1. They are not sure of their long term perspective. Thus, they are focusing on structures that are three years and less. 2. They are interested in June-September only 3. They are flexible on the size of the transaction (100-500 MW?) 4. They want to buy a 10-11 HR and sell a 6-7 HR. 5. They would like a financially settled transaction. 6. They would love hourly (virtual peaker) but would settle for daily. Please let me know your level of interest. I would like to get something back to them just to start discussions. In addition, I am ready to give MidAmerican Energy some indicative numbers whenever you get them. Thanks,
Comed Heat Rate Options
Harry: Do you think you'll have a chance to work on the various offers today (i.e. Dominion, TVA & ConEd)? If not, could you give me an idea of when this week you think you'll have some time. Thanks, Greg
Various Offers
Hi Harry, The Chemist in Delhi (Kuber Chemist ) has requested for the phone number for New Jersey address. I presume that is required by the courier service in India. He also mentions that the medicines will take about a week to arrive from the date of departure. Regards,
Chemist Request in Delhi
We are ready to start using Swaption Volatility Curves in our calcs I have identified the following regions and terms that need swaption volatilities posted and the values I have currently entered into curve manager. These values were based on the latest deals or my best guess, as not all the volatilities are consistent across similar deals: Cinergy, Cal '02, .25 Entergy, Cal '02, .27 Ercot South, Cal '02, .25 Nepool, Cal '02, .3 Nepool, Cal '02, .24 West Hub, Cal '02, .24 West Hub, Cal '03, .28 NY East (zone G), Cal'02-'03, .16 (position in LT-NEMGMT book) Options Desk: for today only, besides final posting swaption vols for today 11/15 please also final post yesterday 11/14. Please call if you have any questions. Michael Mattox x34317
Swaption Vols
The next options session will be held on Monday, Dec. 3 1:00-2:00 in ECS 05990. The topic will be "Options Session 2: Spread Options", covering crack, heat and spark spreads and will include case studies. Dave
Next Options Session & Notes
Harry, we are working on a data project and I have a question for you. Could you give me a call when you get back from Vacation?-Regards! Kim
follow up on important issue
Subject: TYZ/TYH ROLL SHOULD NARROW/Roll longs now Date sent: Mon, 26 Nov 2001 15:24:12 +0000 Recommendation: Roll long TYZs now at 39/32 or roll short TYZ later in week 2 to 3/32 lower. Rationale: The TYZ/TYH roll will be impacted by a number of factors. Most important, we believe, will be changes in the contract's cheapest-to-deliver caused by market movements. Changes in CTD will change the amount of net positive carry that is the primary determinant of the TYZ/TYH roll's value. For example, The TYZ/TYH roll priced using the 6.5% 2/10 has 35.75/32 of net carry, while the roll priced with the 4.7% 11/08 has only 28.5/32 of net carry. |------------+--------+--------+--------|
fyi: TYZ/TYH ROLL SHOULD NARROW/Roll longs now
***************************************************************** As a registered Multex Investor member, we will occasionally contact you with special opportunities provided by our partners. To unsubscribe to this or any other exclusive offers, please see the bottom of this message. *****************************************************************
Compelling small cap investment opportunity
The Fourth Quarter and Year 2001 Performance: The model portfolio has gained 12.78% during the fourth quarter versus a 10.42% gain for the S&P500. While the market has not delivered positive returns for the year, we are happy to point out that the Industry Selector is in positive territory as the year comes to an end. The year to date gain of 1.12% is leading the benchmark by 1407 basis points. Looking forward to the first quarter of 2002, our Industry Selector favors: Aerospace/Defense, Auto Parts & Equipment, Communication-Equip/Mfrs., Distributors, Electronics (Semiconductors), Electric Companies, Electrical Equipment, Equipment (Semiconductors), Financial (Diversified), Foods, Footwear, Health Care (Drugs), Insurance Brokers, Insurance (Life/Health), Publishing (Newspapers), Retail Stores (Dept. ), Retail Stores (Drug). (full article attached) LJE
The Industry Selector*
Suresh For the next two weeks, I'd like you to focus on the following. 1. Development frame-work and getting Zach upto speed Specs for Syndication report & testing & production date Finalize questionnaire and production date Modifications to Invitee and User stats 2. EnronOnline auctions - structure, and hash out details to enable kick off 3. Legal frame-work , shorten contracts for both deal-rooms and auctions 4. Marketing materials for procurement - and leasing, mail to top 100 list. 5.Complete transfer of operations to Networks group (Sherri Thomas's group) 6. Budget changes 7. Finalize hiring needs for Q1 and Q2 8. Focus each of the marketing leads on revenue, client lists, outreach, marketing and sales strategy Ross - procurement Don - Banks Toby - Data rooms Miguel - leases, legal and other data rooms 9. Dataroom development frame-work Harry
Attached is an announcement about The Periwinkle Foundation Board Retreat. We will have dinner and the first meeting Friday, June 7, 2002 at 6:30 p.m. at The Houstonian Hotel. The Houstonian is at 111 N. Post Oak Lane, 77024. We will have the second meeting Saturday, June 8, 2002 from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at the Ronald McDonald House. The Ronald McDonald House is at 1907 Holcombe Blvd, 77030. Your attendance is very, very important as we will be planning our road map for the next several years. Please reply to this email and let us know if you will attend one or both meetings. Thank you for all you do! Kelley
Board Retreat
Hi. This is the qmail-send program at I'm afraid I wasn't able to deliver your message to the following addresses. This is a permanent error; I've given up. Sorry it didn't work out. <>: does not like recipient. Remote host said: 550 Invalid recipient: <> Giving up on
failure notice
Since Mr. Bass didn't follow through on our social engagement, I thought I would do so. Is anyone interested in lunch? Is tomorrow too early for you all or should we shoot for next week? Mr. Hull and I are both available tomorrow. You guys let me know. We'll have to go dutch (no more expense report) or one of you UBS people with your big bonuses will have to pick it up! Let me know.
UBS have organized an important meeting will be held tomorrow for all employees who : 1) have accepted offers or 2) intend to accept offers ( to the best of their knowledge) but who have issues that are being resolved All employees in these categories should attend Buses will be provided for those who do not have their own transport and will pick up from the south side of the north building - please assemble in the Java plaza area from 8.30am to 9.30am ( last bus leaves @ 9.30 am ) The meeting will last until approximately 1pm and will be presented by senior managers from UBS on the firm and it's strategy. There will be breakfast available at the Hotel from 9am to 10am and there will be sandwiches afterwards. If traveling independently please make sure you leave sufficient time to park (it will be very busy) and get to the Grand ballroom Employees need to bring their id's or drivers license with them to gain access to the meeting I'm sorry for the short notice on this - please call out to anyone who should be attending who will not get this message in time Tammie Schoppe on behalf of UBS HR
URGENT REQUIRES IMMEDIATE ACTION : Welcome to UBS meeting tomorrow 10.15 am @ the Houstonian
We know you have questions about recent events impacting Enron and our plans for the future. Ongoing investigations and pending litigation have made it difficult, if not impossible, to share information in a timely manner. While we can't address certain issues, we can tell you about our initial plans to move Enron forward and emerge from bankruptcy, and we are eager to do that. We had planned to hold an all-employee meeting tomorrow, January 23, at the Hyatt Regency. However, we don't want to subject you to the media frenzy that would certainly surround such a meeting, so we've decided to postpone it. We are currently making arrangements to hold a series of employee meetings within the building to protect your privacy. We will provide the date and times to you as soon as the logistics for those meetings are finalized. Prior to the employee meetings, we will provide an overview of Enron's new organizational structure. You can expect that memo shortly.
Employee Meeting Postponed
You have received this message because someone has attempted to send you an e-mail from outside of Enron with an attachment type that Enron does not allow into our messaging environment. Your e-mail has been quarantined and is being held at the MailSweeper server. Sender:
An Inbound Message For You Has Been Quarantined
You have received this message because someone has attempted to send you an e-mail from outside of Enron with an attachment type that Enron does not allow into our messaging environment. Your e-mail has been quarantined and is being held at the MailSweeper server. Sender:
An Inbound Message For You Has Been Quarantined
LAST CALL for signing up for Fundamentals of Electricity. As a result of several calls, we have extended the registration deadline until this Wednesday, January 23rd, 2002. To register for this informative class, fill out the registration form and fax it to (713) 856-6199 to my attention by this Wednesday! Thanks, Lana Moore NESA <<521_Electricity.pdf>>
Fundamentals of Electricity - Extended registration deadline
See dear, sometimes you get what you ask for. Love you-L A bum, who obviously has seen more than his share of hard times, approaches a well dressed gentleman on the street. "Hey, Buddy, can you spare two dollars?" The well-dressed gentleman responds, "You are not going to spend in on liquor are you?" "No, sir, I don't drink," retorts the bum. "You are not going to throw it away in some crap game, are you?" asks the gentleman. "No way, I don't gamble," answers the bum. "You wouldn't waste the money at a golf course for greens fees, would you?" asks the man. "Never," says the bum, "I don't play golf." The man asks the bum if he would like to come home with him for a home cooked meal. The bum accepts eagerly. While they are heading for the man's house, the bum's curiosity gets the better of him. "Isn't your wife going to be angry when she sees a guy like me at your table?" "Probably," says the man, "but it will be worth it. I want her to see what happens to a guy who doesn't drink, gamble or play golf."
Hey can I bum a Golf Ball
Hi Eric, It looks like Enron employees have an enterprising spirit according to the H. Chronicle. Ebay is saturated with Enron goodies. This is quite amusing. Sorry about tonight and we will miss you on your birthday. We will celebrate whenever you wish, just let us know. If you change your mind about tomorrow, email me. Donnita and Jason are coming over for dinner. We would love for you to come. Have a wonderful day. LU-M
Good Morning
A simple friend has never seen you cry. A real friend has shoulders soggy from your tears. A simple friend doesn't know your parents' first names. A real friend has their phone numbers in his address book. A simple friend brings a bottle of wine to your party. A real friend comes early to help you cook and stays late to help you clean. A simple friend hates it when you call after he has gone to bed. A real friend asks you why you took so long to call. A simple friend seeks to talk with you about your problems. A real friend seeks to help you with your problems. A simple friend wonders about your romantic history. A real friend could blackmail you with it. A simple friend, when visiting, acts like a guest. A real friend opens your refrigerator and helps himself. A simple friend thinks the friendship is over when you HAVE an argument. A real friend knows that it's not a friendship until after you've had a fight. A simple friend expects you to always be there for them. A real friend expects to always be there for you!
A friend
Hi Eric, Sorry but Dad can't make it Thursday night. Would dinner here on Friday be o.k. with you? Dad suggested games, etc., and I wanted to bake a birthday cake. We can either order in or I would love to cook anything you would like. It's up to you. Let me know. Have a great day. Love, Mom
Hi Eric, I know this weekend will be a busy one for you but I just wanted to wish you an early Happy Birthday. Hope all is well with you and Shanna. I hope to see you in a few months. Love Aunt Bonnie
Happy Birthday
Attached is the path to the honeymoon package we chose. Let me know if you need anything else. Thanks again for doing means a great deal to us both. Jason
Honeymoon Itinerary
Though many of you already know, today is my last day here at Enron. I am leaving to pursue my culinary interests full time and have accepted a baking/pastry apprenticeship with the Deer Valley Resort in Park City, Utah for the winter season. I am happy to have spent the past 3 years working with such a fun and intelligent group of people. I sincerely wish all of you the best in your future endeavors. Please don't hesitate to look me up if you are in the Park City area, vacation planning, or considering some radical career change like this...ha. It would be great to see old friends up there. Forwarding info is below:
Park City Bound
Eric - it was good to see you again after all this time. Sounds like you are well on your way to making things happen for yourself. Anyway - I am definitely new in this town as far as I am concerned. So - I don't want to burden you with spending any time with my sorry ass - but to the extent that you want to grab your girlfriend and a friend of hers - I would always be willing to venture out. I definitely need to meet some new people. In any event, I'm sure that we will run into each other plenty at the gym, etc. Talk to you soon Eric.
Hello Eric, It was great to speak with you this afternoon. Thank you for taking my phone call. As mentioned, Intercontinental Staffing Group is primarily focused on serving the energy trading industry, bringing together top energy trading talent with the worlds leading energy trading companies. Our search consultants have past experience in either trading or brokering energy commodities. This gives us a distinct advantage with respect to our knowledge of and exposure to the energy trading industry. We are currently working on filling several trading and marketing/origination positions throughout the US. If you know of someone who is looking for a new career opportunity, please contact me at the phone number listed below or feel free to email me at Also, please refer to our website - - for a complete listing of the open positions. We do offer a referral fee if we are successful in placing one of your recommendations. Any information provided will be completely confidential. Thank you for your time. I look forward to speaking with you.
Hi Eric, Would you and Shanna please do me a huge favor on the way over on Saturday? Please stop at Kroger or Randall's and buy 5 or 6 balloons for Dad's birthday. I sure would appreciate that and I am sure he will too. LU-M
Dad's Birthday
Hey, I missed your wonderful response on Monday. Tim filled me in. I was on a plane to Notre Dame on Monday when I heard the wonderful news of my termination. Oh well, life's a bitch! No bets for the LSU game, but I feel that LSU should give the Vols. a run for their money. Texas finally wised up and gave Major the start...Mack must need to win this bowl game? Oh well, have fun at work. I have to go back to sleep.
Subject: Bumper Sticker As seen on a bumper sticker: IT'S GOD'S RESPONSIBILITY TO FORGIVE BIN LADEN. IT'S OUR RESPONSIBILITY TO ARRANGE THE MEETING. * United States Marine Corps *
Bumper Sticker
Dear eBill Customer: We're upgrading our eBill program to help serve you better. Your eBill account will be available to view on our new Web site - - beginning with your February bill. We've changed our bill to make it easier for our customers to understand. To introduce you to our new bill format, you will receive a paper copy of your February bill, in addition to receiving it online. You can continue to pay your eBill as you normally would by logging on to our new Web site, There is no need for you to respond to the paper bill, or to take any other action except to make a note of your new Reliant Energy Residential Services account number for your records. If you pay your eBill using an online bill payment service, such as one offered by your bank, Yahoo, or Quicken Direct Pay, you will need to update your account number information with them to ensure correct processing of your online payment. You will be able to continue to view your eBill information for January 2002 and prior months by logging on to We thank you for your continued use of Reliant Energy eBill. If you have any questions, please contact us toll free at 1-866-222-7100. Sincerely,
Reliant Energy eBill Update
Eric: I trust everything is going well as Enron. I am actively pursuing a job out here at Mcdonalds. "Would you like fries with that"...I practice on a regular basis. In any case, I would like to pick up the Patriots Defense and the Steelers Defense as free agent pick ups, if still possible. I would like to drop Engram and the Titans defense. Please let me know. Thanks
Free agents
Eric, Your W-2 is correct. Did you add in your imputed income and subtract the pre-tax? Gross, less pre-tax, plus imputed = Box 1 taxable income. Please call if you still have questions. Valley 57925
I wanted to try to set a day where we can all get fitted for our Tuxedos for the wedding. I would like to get it done sometime in the very near future. It should not take mor than a couple of hours. Would you all be available Saturday December 29? Please let me know if this date does not work. Jason
Tuxedos for the wedding
"I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people. Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is Christ the Lord." Luke 2:10, 11 Dear Americans, As we prepare to celebrate the birthday of Jesus Christ, let me take this opportunity to wish you a joyous Christmas celebration and peace in the New Year. May the true meaning of Christmas, God's gift of His own son as our savior, be yours in this holiday season and throughout the New Year. May God continue to bless our nation and its leaders, especially President George Bush, as we confront an enemy who hates everything this nation stands for -- peace,
A Christmas message from Bruce Eberle
Dear Eric, If you have last minute shopping to do, Omaha Steaks can still get your gift there in time for Christmas! But hurry, you must order by 9 a.m. (CST) Saturday, December 22nd and select Overnight Delivery to ensure your package arrives before Christmas Day! Since you'll need to select Overnight Shipping to ensure Christmas Delivery, we are also taking an additional $24.00 discount off the price of each of these e-mail specials! If you don't need it there by December 24th, you'll still save the extra $24.00! Simply select your shipping service when completing your order.
We can still get it there!
Thank you is nice. But cash is even better. Happy Holidays from SBC! We wanted to do more than just say thanks to our customers who view
Thank you is nice. But cash is even better.
Hi Folks, Here's the lates from our friend Bob Harris of the on Washington RB Stephen Davis. Joe ///////////////////////////////////// SKINS WILL ASK DAVIS TO PULL THE LOAD AGAINST CHICAGO... Posted Friday December 21, 2001 @ 03:55 PT Washington running back Stephen Davis has been remarkably durable this season. He heads into his 14th game of the season and hasn't missed a game so far, the first time in the past two seasons he has been able to do that. However, Davis -- listed as questionable this week with a bruised knee -- is
[Footballguys] Update - Bob Harris on Stephen Davis
You have received this message because someone has attempted to send you an e-mail from outside of Enron with an attachment type that Enron does not allow into our messaging environment. Your e-mail has been quarantined and is being held at the MailSweeper server. Sender:
An Inbound Message For You Has Been Quarantined
This is a notice to inform you that the server where your Outlook mailbox resides is scheduled for an outage tonight. Your mailbox will be temporarily unavailable starting anytime after 11pm and may continue to be unavailable until 1 a.m., when all server maintenance work have been completed. Outlook Web Access (OWA) will also be unavailable during this time. Blackberry users: Message delivery may be delayed for a few minutes. If you have any questions, please call the Resolution Center at x31411.
CORRECTION: Outlook Outage - Friday, December 28, 2001
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Dataset Card for "aeslc"

Dataset Summary

A collection of email messages of employees in the Enron Corporation.

There are two features:

  • email_body: email body text.
  • subject_line: email subject text.

Supported Tasks and Leaderboards

More Information Needed


Monolingual English (mainly en-US) with some exceptions.

Dataset Structure

Data Instances


  • Size of downloaded dataset files: 11.64 MB
  • Size of the generated dataset: 14.95 MB
  • Total amount of disk used: 26.59 MB

An example of 'train' looks as follows.

    "email_body": "B/C\n<<some doc>>\n",
    "subject_line": "Service Agreement"

Data Fields

The data fields are the same among all splits.


  • email_body: a string feature.
  • subject_line: a string feature.

Data Splits

name train validation test
default 14436 1960 1906

Dataset Creation

Curation Rationale

More Information Needed

Source Data

Initial Data Collection and Normalization

More Information Needed

Who are the source language producers?

More Information Needed


Annotation process

More Information Needed

Who are the annotators?

More Information Needed

Personal and Sensitive Information

More Information Needed

Considerations for Using the Data

Social Impact of Dataset

More Information Needed

Discussion of Biases

More Information Needed

Other Known Limitations

More Information Needed

Additional Information

Dataset Curators

More Information Needed

Licensing Information

More Information Needed

Citation Information

    title = "This Email Could Save Your Life: Introducing the Task of Email Subject Line Generation",
    author = "Zhang, Rui  and
      Tetreault, Joel",
    booktitle = "Proceedings of the 57th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics",
    month = jul,
    year = "2019",
    address = "Florence, Italy",
    publisher = "Association for Computational Linguistics",
    url = "",
    doi = "10.18653/v1/P19-1043",
    pages = "446--456",


Thanks to @patrickvonplaten, @thomwolf, @lewtun for adding this dataset.

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