The viewer is disabled because this dataset repo requires arbitrary Python code execution. Please consider removing the loading script and relying on automated data support (you can use convert_to_parquet from the datasets library). If this is not possible, please open a discussion for direct help.

Dataset Card for the-reddit-nft-dataset

Dataset Summary

A comprehensive dataset of Reddit's NFT discussion.


Mainly English.

Dataset Structure

Data Instances

A data point is a post or a comment. Due to the separate nature of the two, those exist in two different files - even though many fields are shared.

Data Fields

  • 'type': the type of the data point. Can be 'post' or 'comment'.

  • 'id': the base-36 Reddit ID of the data point. Unique when combined with type.

  • '': the base-36 Reddit ID of the data point's host subreddit. Unique.

  • '': the human-readable name of the data point's host subreddit.

  • 'subreddit.nsfw': a boolean marking the data point's host subreddit as NSFW or not.

  • 'created_utc': a UTC timestamp for the data point.

  • 'permalink': a reference link to the data point on Reddit.

  • 'score': score of the data point on Reddit.

  • 'domain': (Post only) the domain of the data point's link.

  • 'url': (Post only) the destination of the data point's link, if any.

  • 'selftext': (Post only) the self-text of the data point, if any.

  • 'title': (Post only) the title of the post data point.

  • 'body': (Comment only) the body of the comment data point.

  • 'sentiment': (Comment only) the result of an in-house sentiment analysis pipeline. Used for exploratory analysis.

Additional Information

Licensing Information

CC-BY v4.0

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