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# Agility Agility is a support skill which governs a player's movement in the world. A higher agility level allows for faster run energy replenishment, and it slows down the drain rate of running as well. There are also obstacles that a player may traverse if their agility is high enough. These obstacles usually allow a player to save some time while traveling and are known as shortcuts when they do so.
# Attack Attack is a skil which enhances the player's aim with melee attacks and allows players to wield superior weapons. To train the attack skill, a player must first select an accurate or controlled style of fighting, and then engage in combat with an enemy. Weapons. As a player's level in the Attack skill increases, he or she will be able to use more superior weapons. Following is a list of these weapons/weapon types and the required levels to wield them. 1 Also requires 50 strength 2 Dharok's greataxe and Torag's hammers also require 70 strength.
# Cooking Cooking is a skill that allows players to create and cook meals that restore the player's health. To train the cooking skill, a player must use uncooked food on a range or fire. Alternatively, they may make wine or nettle tea. Cookable Items. There are a variety of items that a player can cook. The following tables show them and the levels required to cook them.
# Crafting Crafting is a skill which governs a player's ability to create light armours, jewellry, and other miscellaneous items.
# Defence Defence is a skill that makes enemies less likely to hit a player and deal zero damage. It also allows for players to wear better armour. To train the defence skill, a player must first select a defensive or controlled style of fighting, and then engage in combat with an enemy. Equipment. As a player's defence level increases, they will be able to wear more effective armour. Below is a table showing the various basic armours a player can wear and at what levels. 1Also requires 50 strength 2Ahrim's and Karil's armours also require 70 magic and 70 ranged, respectively
# Farming Farming is a skill which allows a player to grow crops, herbs, and other useful plants.
# Firemaking Firemaking is a skill that allows players to light fires and light sources. To train firemaking, a player must obtain some logs through woodcutting or trading, and then use a tinderbox on them. If the player does not have a tinderbox, he or she may buy one at a general store. Fires. Fires, also known as cookfires, logfires, or campfires, are one of the things a player can light using the firemaking skill. As the player's firemaking level increases, he or she will be able to create campfires out of higher quality logs. Below is a table showing the various types of log fires a player can burn, and the experience gained from them: Light Sources. Other than for creating fires, firemaking is useful for igniting light sources. Below is a table of the various light sources and the firemaking level required to light them:
# Fishing Fishing is a skill that allows for players to catch fish, crustaceans, and other various sea creatures. To practice the fishing skill, a player must first obtain some fishing equipment and then attempt to fish at the correct fishing spot. Fishing spots can be found scattered throughout the world, and are marked on the minimap with a circled fish symbol that can be seen on the right.  Catches. There are a variety of creatures a player can catch. Below is a table displaying them and at which levels they can be caught at. Methods. There are several different approaches a player can take to fishing when it comes to equipment. Below is a table of equipment types and the levels required to use them.
# Fletching Fletching is a skill that allows a player to create conventional ranged weaponry and ammunition.
# Herblore Herblore is a skill that allows players to create potions which have varying effects. To do so, herbs must be gathered and mixed with other ingredients in a vial of water.
# Hitpoints Hitpoints is the skill that governs the amount of damage a player can take before they die. For each hitpoints level the player gains, the amount of damage they can take before death increases by one. This skill receives experience whenever the player gains experience in attack, strength, defence, ranged, or magic.
# Magic Magic is a skill that allows a player to cast magical spells that have varying effects ranging from damaging an enemy to turning an item into coins.
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# Mining Mining is a skill that allows a player to extract resources from deposits of rock scattered throughout the world. These resources then can be used in skills such as crafting and smithing. To practice the mining skill, players must first be wielding a pickaxe or have one in their inventory and then attempt to mine ores from the previously mentioned deposits. At level 60 mining, players may enter the mining guild in Falador. Types of Ores. There are several different types of ores and resources a player can mine. Below is a table showing them and the levels required to mine them. 1Requires completion of Rune Mysteries Quest Pickaxes. As a player's mining level increases, he or she will be able to use more effective pickaxes. Below is a table showing the different types of pickaxes and the levels required to use them. Gems. Whilst mining, a player may randomly find a gemstone. The four types of gem stones the player may find are sapphires, emeralds, rubies, and diamonds. Below is a table showing them: Prospecting. If a player does not know the type of ore a particular group of rocks possesses, he or she may right click the rocks and then choose the prospect option. Upon doing so, your character will approach the rocks and examine them for a moment. The player will then receive a message in the chat box identifying the type of ore in the rocks, if any.
# Prayer Prayer is a skill that allows a player to activate prayers that have various effects such as stat boosts and damage prevention for a limited period of time. To train the prayer skill, players must bury bones. Bones can be obtained from monster drops, through trading, or from various spawns across the world. At level 31 prayer, players can enter the Edgeville Monastery. Experience. There are various types of bones that can be buried. Below is a table showing the various types of bones and how much experience is gained by burying them. Prayers. In total, there are 18 different prayers for a player to use. Below is a table the prayers, the levels required to use them, and their effects. Prayer Points. In order to activate a prayer, a player must have at least 1 prayer point. A player's number of prayer points depends upon their prayer level. Each level gives a player 1 prayer point. When a player activates a prayer, his or her prayer points will begin to drain until they reach zero. When a player's prayer points are at zero, they will need to pray at an altar or drink a prayer potion made using the herblore skill in order to restore them. Altar Locations. Altars are found at nearly any church or temple in the world. Below is a list of altar locations:
# Ranged Ranged is a skill that governs the use of conventional ranged weaponry such as bows and arrows, throwing knives, and darts. As a player's ranged level increases, he or she will be able to use better ranged weapons and armour. To train ranged, a player must first wield a ranged weapon such as a throwing knife and then attack an enemy with it. Equipment. As a player's ranged level increases, he or she will be able to use more effective weapons and armour for the skill. The tables below show the various weapons and armour suited to the ranged that a player can use and at which levels they can use them. 1Also requires 50 agility 1Also requires 30 defence 2Also requires 70 defence
# Runecraft Runecraft is a skill that allows for players to create runestones that are needed to cast magical spells. To begin practicing the runecrafting skill, you will need a talisman that matches the type of rune you wish to craft. Talismans can be obtained in many ways, most notably through monster drops or by trading with other players. You will also need some rune or pure essence, and you must know the location of the runecrafting altar that matches the type of rune you wish to craft. To obtain rune or pure essence, you can simply trade other players for it, or if you have done the Rune Mysteries Quest, you can mine it yourself. The quest allows you to be teleported to the rune essence mine by NPCs such as Aubury at his rune shop in Varrock. Types of Runes You Can Craft. When you begin practicing the runecraft skill for the first time, you will only be able to create air runes, but as your level rises, new rune types will become available to craft. Below is a table that shows the levels needed for each variety of rune. Multiple Runes. As your runecraft level rises, you will begin to craft multiple runes per single rune essence. For example, if your runecraft level is 78 or above and you craft rune essence into earth runes, you will recieve 4 earth runes per rune essence crafted. The following table shows at which levels you will begin to receive multiple runes per essence crafted. Tiaras. Players can create runic tiarias that allow them to enter runecrafting ruins. These runic tiaras are useful because they can be worn on the head slot, which frees up an inventory space for more rune or pure essence. To create a runic tiara, players must bring a normal silver tiara that can be created using the crafting skill and a talisman of the desired rune type to the altar that matches the talisman's rune type. They can then imbue the tiara with the power of the talisman using the altar, destroying the talisman in the process.
# Skills Skills are a player's proficiencies which may be trained by participating in activites that are associated with that skill. List of Skills. There are 21 skills in total. Click the links below to learn more about each of them: Categories. Skills are associated into four categories: combat, gathering, artisan, and support skills. Combat. Combat skills involve skills utilized in combat. They are attack, strength, defence, prayer, magic, ranged, and hitpoints. Gathering. Gathering skills involve gathering resources. They are woodcutting, mining, fishing, and farming. Artisan. Artisan skills involve turning a resource into a finished product. They are smithing, cooking, herblore, fletching, crafting, firemaking, and runecraft. Support. Support skills involve supporting the player's other activites. They are agility, thieving, and slayer. Experience and Levels. Participating in an activity associated with a skill will earn you experience points. These points, while not affecting the skills themselves, will allow a player to earn levels which do affect the skills. The minimum level in a skill is 1, and the maximum is 99. Following is a list of the levels and the experience needed to attain them. If you are looking for a specific level, use the search function (default: ctrl+f) that is built into most browsers.
# Slayer Slayer is a skill that allows players to damage special monsters that tend to have exclusive drops and/or valuable drops. To train the slayer skill, players must first seek out a slayer master and receive a slayer task from them. Players must then fight and kill the monster they were assigned to gain experience. Recommended Items. It is recommended that a player brings an enchanted gem with them whilst slaying monsters, as it will allow for them to keep track of how many monsters they have yet to kill in order to complete their task. Slayer Masters. There are five different slayer masters a player may receive tasks from. Each has its own requirements and gives the player different difficulties of tasks. A slayer master with a higher combat level requirement will typically give more difficult tasks than those with a lower combat level requirement. Below is a table showing the various slayer masters, their locations, and their requirements.
# Smithing Smithing is a skill that allows for a player to create metal objects such as weapons and armour. To practice the smithing skill, players must obtain metal bars. They can do this by trading other players for them or mining ores and then smelting the ore into bars. Once the player has obtained an adequate amount of bars, they must then bring them along with a hammer to an anvil. To smith the bars into items, the player must use them with an anvil and select what item they wish to smith. Furnace Locations. Funaces are needed to smelt ores into bars that are required to smith items. Below is a list of furnace locations: Anvil Locations. Anvils are required to smith bars of metal into usable items such as swords. Below is a list of anvil locations. Items That Can Be Smithed. Below is a table showing the items that can be smithed, and what level is required to smith them. Experience. Smithing experience is based on bars used rather than items made, so it is preferable to smith whatever item is most profitable. Below is a table showing the amount of experience gained per bar smithed into an item. Players also gain Smithing experience for smelting ores into bars. Below is a table showing how much expeience gained per bar smelted.
# Strength Strength is a skill that allows for a player to hit higher amounts of damage and also wear a few miscellaneous pieces of equipment. To train the strength skill, a player must first select an aggressive or controlled style of fighting, and then engage in combat with an enemy. Equipment. There are a few pieces of equipment that require a strength level to use. Below is a table showing them and what strength level they require. 1Also requires 20 attack 2Also requires 30 attack 3Also requires 40 attack 4Also requires 60 attack 5Also requires 50 attack 6Also requires 50 defence 7Also requires 70 attack
# Thieving Thieving is a skill which governs a player's ability to steal from non-player characters, chests, and other sources of wealth.
# Woodcutting Woodcutting is a skill in that allows players to cut down trees and create canoes. To practice the woodcutting skill, a player must have an axe in their inventory or be wielding one that they have a high enough woodcutting level to use, and then attempt to chop down a tree. Tree/Log Types. As a player's woodcutting level increases, he or she will be able to cut down better grades of trees. Below is a table showing the different types of logs a player can cut, the levels required to do so, and the experience gained per log cut: Axes. As a player's woodcutting level increases, they can also use more effective axes. Below is a table showing the types of axes a player can use and at what woodcutting levels they can use them: Canoes. Other than lumbering, woodcutting is also useful for creating canoes to travel in. Below is a table of the canoes a player can make and at what levels they can make them at:
# 07-GHOST Transcript. Hakuren: Hn...today I worked until quite late and studied hard. I suppose I'll relax in my room to prepare for tomorrow and bid farewell to today. Mm, life is indeed beautiful. Oh, and I suppose I'll try the book I borrowed from Bishop Castor with Teito, the one on yoga poses that help with sleep. Since Teito doesn't seem to be getting enough sleep, what with all those nightmares...so- TEITO-?! Mikhail: Ohhhh~ So you are Hakuren Oak. An important person to my master. Hakuren: This is not Teito! The red stone on his right hand...Mikhail awakened?! Mikhail: Unlike that Zehel, you won't get on my master's nerves. Although that is not to say that your insolent acts of calling him an elementary schooler has completely slipped my mind...but fine. I suppose I'll close one eye to that on the account of your friendship with master. Hahahahaha... Hakuren: S-scary-! His eyes aren't smiling at all! This is bad... Mikhail: But well...Zehel's existence in itself irks my master. That stare from above...that height...unfavorable. He's simply brandishing that difference, isn't he? Outrageous! Simply outrageous! Hakuren: Silently...silently... Mikhail: By the way, where do you think you're going? Hakuren: !! No, I just remembered something I have to do...Bishop Frau said that he can put Teito to sleep with the collar, he'll be able to resolve this situation. The Eye of Mikhail...the mystic stone that is said to have the power to seize half of the world. If I don't play my moves correctly, I won't be able to study for my exam tomorrow- nevermind that, I might never be able to study for it again! I said I'd bid farewall to today, but now I'm faced with the risk of bidding farewell to my life- NO! I'd be troubled! Extremely troubled!! What in the world did I do to deserve this! MORE LIKE, I REALLY WANT TO SLEEP RIGHT NOW. PLEASE JUST LET ME SLEEP. Mikhail: You wear your heart on your sleeve. Hakuren: !!! Mikhail: Outrageous. But...I don't dislike your honest self. Well, sit there. Hakuren: So...why are you in the open? Mikhail: To tell the truth, master isn't getting sufficient sleep. His exhaustion is wearing him down. He may seem to be sleeping soundly on the surface, but that is no more than a facade the army trained him to put on in the event of enemy assault. The problem is...master isn't aware of that. Hakuren: Teito...ah! Great timing! I've brought this yoga book from Bishop Castor over just so we can try it! Mikhail: Ohh~ As expected from my master's friend! I shall use it then, with compliments! Hakuren: Let's see...cross your arms behind your back, stand on one foot, lift up the other while breathing out...once your head touches your foot, keep that pose for 30 seconds- AS IF I CAN DO THAT. Eh? EEEEHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH?! YOU DID IT. Mikhail: Master has a flexible body to begin with. Something like this is mere warm up for him. Hakuren: ...hehehe... Mikhail: Well then, Hakuren, why don't you talk about something? Hmm...like how you think of my master? Hakuren: ...what is with this embarrassing development. Mikhail: My master thinks highly of you...I'm interested. Go ahead and talk. Hakuren: WHY ARE HIS EYES SPARKLING IN ANTICIPATION!!! Hm...Teito is...how do I put it...a very important friend. He doesn't talk much...but I suppose that's due to the harsh life he led in the military. But despite that, he doesn't lose his compassion and is straightforward. He has his share of clumsiness and recklessness, which is quite worrisome...but I think he possess true strength, more so than anyone. When I first met him... Mikhail: *snoreyawn* No good, no good, I've fallen sleep. Now...where were you again? Hakuren: ARE YOU WITHOUT SHAME. Mikhail: Hmm...I've done you wrong. Please start over again- Hakuren: NO NO NO PROBLEM! PLEASE KINDLY KEEP SLEEPING! Mikhail: *yawn* Well, since I seem to be finally nearing sleep, I request a lullaby. Hakuren: LULLABY!? Mikhail: Hakuren, master's heart seemed to be calmed by your voice. He's opening himself up to you. You have my thanks. Hakuren: Ah- well, it's not something to be thanked for- Mikhail: SO! A song, if you will? I shall rest after hearing it. Hakuren: UAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHRGH! Mother, is this some sort of trial? Song...song? One powerful enough to put the Eye of Mikhail to sleep? Sounds good...a song that helps Teito sleep in peace! *clears throat* [Hakuren sings] Mikhail: Withholding judgment on the actual quality, your expression [of the song] is peculiar, Hakuren. But...not bad. Lab: Ah... it seems that you've had trouble but, as expected from Hakuren-kun. Mikhail-sama's Teito seemed peacefully slept. My sleeping drug could do the job too but... that is a se-cr-et. That's because what Teito really needs now is peace of the heart. (Something to do with the yoga) Make sure not to make a mistake, Hakuren-kun. Hakuren: In all days, today I met him(Mikhail) in the open... Frau: Here you go. Coffee. Just get back to your room after drinking it. Mikhail: ...what is this? You don't even know my master's preferences? He despises things of a bitter nature. Frau: What now, haven't drunk coffee before? What a kid~ Well, it just happens that I'm not in the habit of storing dairy products or sugar in my room. Is black coffee too much for a kid? HAHAHAHA!! Mikhail: ...hn. Did I just hear...'kid', or are my ears betraying me...?*kills coffee* Frau: You did NOT just destroy my love-filled drink! Mikhail: You don't store milk nor sugar? What a useless fool. Bring me a cup of tea. Now. And I'll say this beforehand...but if you try to restrain me using the collar...then it'll be your doom. Frau: ...he read ahead.*yawns* Geez...here, cup of tea. Seriously, just go back to your room after you drink this. Huh? What now? You don't need this? Mikhail: I've changed my mind. Master likes melon soda. Bring me some, Zehel. Frau: Y-you damn midget staring down at me! I'm not taking this shit anymore! Imma gonna stuff a green-colored (I cannot make out this part) into your damn mouth! Mikhail: Damn midget staring down at you...!? What insolence against my master! UNFORGIVABLE. Frau: I'm not saying this to Teito! It's for you! Mikhail: NO EXCUSES! Zehel...it seems that the time has finally come for you to part with this world. Let me guide you to the deepest pits of hell. Taste despair that surpasses even the ninth circle! Frau: Eh? AHHHHHHHH!! Lab: Mikhail-sama, did you call for me? Hakuren: Woah...Bishop Frau's room is messed up. Mikhail: Profe and...Hakuren? I am very upset right now. Damn Zehel...can't even make a cup of tea properly, and what is with him not storing any of master's favorites? Lab: That must have been greatly worrying. Hakuren: Zehel...Profe? Why are you talking about the gods? Lab: Mikhail-sama, please call us by 'Labrador' and 'Frau'. Mikhail: Ohh I see. Must be quite hard, living amongst the humans. Hakuren: B-by the way...why are you holding a bottle of vodka? Mikhail: Well, it was right here. Geez...and he dares call himself a bishop. Lab: ...that's very bad. Priming right beside the bomb. Hakuren: Bishop...I fear that the worst situation may come to pass- Mikhail: Did you say something? Lab & Hakuren: NO! Nothing at all. Lab: Mikhail-sama, if Teito is thirsty, then you shouldn't really drink wine. Mikhail: Well, it's not like I'm seriously considering drinking it. Hakuren: ...then what's with the happy face. Mikhail: Hmm...not a bad smell. Hahahaha- master is still underage. I shouldn't really be drinking wine. Lab: I will lecture Frau on his storage of wine, and I'll take care of that bottle, so please hand it over. Mikhail: It's not like you have to take care of it right away, or is it? Lab: It's dangerous, so please hand it over. Okay? Mikhail: What's so dangerous about it? Lab: Putting that aside, it seems like Hakuren just made some of Teito's favorite food. So why don't you give them a try? Hakuren: Yes yes! I've made muffin - Teito mentioned that he'd love to try some out one day. Mikhail: Favorite food? How attentive of you, Hakuren! You made these yourself? I'm sure master will be delighted. Lab: That's great! Go ahead and try them with this cup of special herb tea. Mikhail: Mmm...great smell, as expected of you, Labrador.*sips* Splendid taste as well. You guys are quite competent, much better than Frau. Hakuren, master likes the taste of it. What did you put in? Hakuren: Well, nuts in this one... Mikhail: Oh~ Hakuren: And here, some eyefish to bring out a more mature taste- Mikhail: I don't need this one. Hakuren: And dry fruits in this one. Mikhail: Ohh~ I like this one. Hakuren: And here... Lab: ...have to get the wine right now... Mikhail: Mmm~ Master will be delighted with this! Hahahaha- *snores* Hakuren: !!...he's sleeping. Lab: Great! Seems like the instant-sleep drug I put in the tea is working. Frau: Geez...so my wine got confiscated, my door blown off and it's pretty damn cold. But more importantly! Why the hell is that damn Mikhail so open with Lab and Hakuren?! Not sitting well with me! And what the hell was that? Staring down at me when he actually has to look up at my face? Lab: Hehe...the trick is just reaching out to the other. Frau, just get along with him. Hakuren: Maybe...Bishop Labrador is the hardest to deal with.
# 07-GHOST Drama CD - 7th District
07-GHOST Drama CD - 7th District
# 07-Ghost  and for the chapter, see Seven Ghosts (chapter). For the drama CD, see 07-GHOST. 07-Ghost is a fantasy manga written and illustrated by Yuki Amemiya and Yukino Ichihara respectively. It is currently serialized in the monthly shōjo manga magazine Monthly Comic Zero Sum published by Ichijinsha. Sixteen bound volumes have been released as of May 2013. The manga has been licensed by Go! Comi for release in North America, but they stopped publishing in October 2009 and Viz Media has since picked up the license for the series. The series has been adapted into several drama CDs and a 25-episode television anime series from Studio Deen, which debuted in April 2009. As of August 2013, the manga has concluded with the 99th chapter. Whether there will be a continuation of the anime adaptation is currently still unknown. Development and Pilot chapters. There have been two side chapters that were released as an early idea of the storyline and would later serve as blueprints for the story. The earliest one is named "Seven Ghosts" which appears to be a prototype of the first chapter as well as being the source where the personalities of the three Bishops; Castor, Frau, and Labrador, and Teito were derived from as well as several incidents which would later become canon e.g. Teito being a slave. Several of the features in the pilot chapter were removed altogether: Professor Lloyd's appearance in the Church, or changed slightly: Teito's brand on his forehead was later replaced with handcuffs, designs for the senior Military uniforms were also changed, and several incidents would later be added to the story. The second prototype side chapter is named "Begleiter" and revolves around the two major antagonists of the series: Ayanami and Hyuuga. The chapter also introduces characters Yukinami and Suzunami, twin brothers who appear as students at the Military academy - the former being Ayanami's begleiter, and also introduces Ayanami's deceased previous begleiter, Yukikaze. In the finished series, the idea of Yukinami and Suzunami's role as students is dropped entirely, but they make an appearance later in the manga as combat slaves from Antwort. Yukikaze's connection with Ayanami remains the same, though his appearance changes. Story. Teito Klein is a former slave sent to attend the Barsburg Empire's military academy due to his ability to use Zaiphon, the ability to turn life energy into various forms of energy, the ability being rare, and thus highly prized. Teito is an amnesiac and doesn't remember anything of his origins - what he does learn of his past comes from his recurring and often traumatizing dreams. After a year at the academy, Teito takes the graduation exam; it is notoriously difficult, with a pass rate of one in twenty-five. Teito and his best friend, Mikage, pass. That night, in their shared dorm room, they each promise to help the other at any cost. The next day, Teito is delivering his application to his professor when he hears the strange jingling noise that he hears in his dreams. He stops to listen and realizes that one of the officers, Chief of Staff Ayanami, is the man who killed his father in his dreams. Teito is found eavesdropping and tries to attack him, but is quickly brought down by Hyuuga, one of Ayanami's subordinates, and sent to prison. Mikage comes to help him escape, only to find that Teito has managed to fight past the guards by himself. The two flee the building, but are cornered on a balcony. Teito pretends to hold Mikage hostage, threatening to kill him; and tries to escape when Ayanami sends a Zaiphon attack after him, which Teito manages to partly deflect. A Bishop in the nearby 7th District brings the injured Teito to the church to recuperate. Characters. The 07 ghost series has an extensive cast of characters. Throughout the series, several new characters have been introduced, including a few filler characters that appear exclusively in the anime. Style. The overall style for 07 Ghost fits into the fantasy manga genre. Although the plot is serious, there is a lot of comic relief, giving the story a more lighthearted tone. The characters are all complex, varied and entertaining, and the story is extremely emotional. It is often disputed as to whether it is a shōnen or shōjo manga, since it has qualities that appeal to both demographics. Media. Manga. 07 Ghost is currently serialized in the magazine Monthly Comic Zero Sum published by Ichijinsha. Ten compilation volumes were released as of August 25, 2010, and the manga was completed as of August 2013. It has been licensed in North America by Go! Comi. Anime. 07-Ghost has been adapted into an anime by Studio DEEN. Directed by , the anime premiered on Chiba TV on April 6, 2009 and season one concluded on September 21, 2009. Audio. Music. The 07 ghost anime series uses two pieces of theme music over the duration of twenty-five episodes. The opening piece is called Aka no Kakera ("Red Shard", 赤の破片) and is performed by . The second piece is called Hitomi no Kotae and is performed by , and is used at the ending credits of each episode. Another piece by Noria is also used as an inset song between episodes 20-25 called 'Raggs no Chinkonka' Raggs Requiem. Drama CDs. The first drama CD, "Kamisama ni Todoku Koibumi", was released in 2007. It features many of the same voice actors that will be reprising their roles for the anime. A second drama CD was released in February 2009 entitled "The Day of Retribution". The second drama CD features the same voice cast for the previous CD and the anime, and a bonus track of the cast's comments and a specially drawn cover by the manga artist. In October the same year, another drama CD was released, titled "The Top News Headlines". Another drama CD was released in 2009. Limited edition DVDs have been released since autumn 2009. Thirteen mini-dramas are included in these DVDs. Reception. The seventh volume of '07 Ghost was ranked 23rd on the Tohan charts between 26 November and 2 December 2008. Sakura Eries from Mania.com comments that the manga contains "supernatural shōnen action title with a complex plot" and "emotional moments between Teito and Mikage" for shōjo readers. The 9th Volume was ranked 13th on Oricon Manga Ranking charts between 23 and 29 November. The 10th Volume debuted at number 10 on Oricon Manga Ranking charts. The manga had also won a double first prize in the third Zero Sum Comics grand-prix, which means it was chosen for first place by both readers and editors, which is very rare.
# Aegis Aegis (also known as the Airborne Aegis in SPEEDSTER ) is a large warship that belonged to Guido. It was seen in SPEEDSTER, Kapitel 95 and Kapitel 96. After it came out of the scythe and Frau came to terms with his past, the Aegis no longer exists. Etymology. In English, 'aegis' can mean 'protection', 'sponsorship', or 'guidance'. To be under the aegis of someone or something means to have the protection or support of a person or an organization. This may allude to the Aegis' role and the Sky Pirates' involvement in the Raggs War. In Greek mythology, 'aegis' refers to the goatskin shield or breastplate of Zeus or Athena.  Appearance. The appearance of the Aegis is a lot different in the special chapter SPEEDSTER and in the original manga. In SPEEDSTER, a creature, similar to a Ribidzile Dragon is seen to have flown Guido's air pirate ship and was then labelled as the 'Airborne Aegis'. However, in the original manga, the Aegis resembled more of a flying warship. Manga Synopsis. SPEEDSTER. The Airborne Aegis (as it was called then) is first approaching the Floating Island F-31. The air pirate ship landed after it has been confirmed entry to F-31. Many of the Sky Pirates recognised the Airborne Aegis and were excited at Guido's return after 5 years. Hundreds of cargo were taken out of the Aegis most likely for business transactions. The ship, along with Guido's subordinates, was once again seen at the background when Guido was about to leave until Frau stopped him. It was shown one last time as Frau joined Guido's crew and then flew off towards their next destination. Raggs War. It was indicated that the Aegis was targeted during the Raggs War by the Barsburg Military Air Force in order to control the skies and most likely to eliminate Guido, who is the Leader of the Sky Pirates, so that no threats remained against the Barsburg Empire. This was the Air Force utmost priority that they let the Raggs Refugee ship cross over the National Border and focused solely on destroying the Aegis.Because of Frau's desire to not let Aegis fall, and due to Landkarte's manipulation, he managed to annihilate the Aegis' pursuers using Verloren's Scythe but at the cost of his life. Due to the fact that the Empire did not find the decommissioned warship, there were various anecdotes about the Aegis. Some said that ship turned into dust after bombarded, or the subjugation was a lie, and that the ship was still flying somewhere across the skies.Frau revealed that Verloren's Scythe, having a 'bottomless appetite', had swallowed Aegis during the Sky Pirate Subjugation. This was because he couldn't accept the fact that Guido died and the Aegis was his place of memory with Guido. According to Teito, Frau felt lonely by saying goodbye to it. However, in the end, Frau acknowledged Guido's death and subsequently the Aegis vanished.
# Agas SPOILERS AHEAD! READ AT YOUR OWN RISK! Agas is a minor protagonist in the 07-Ghost series. He was one of the three bodyguards of King Krom of Raggs, who convoyed Fea Kreuz and Wahrheit Tiashe Raggs in the Raggs War. He died in manga chapter 65 when the Eye of Raphael attacked Wahrheit Tiashe Raggs on the edge of a cliff. Etymology. Agasu is the name of a leopard in African mythology. Appearance. Physical appearance. Agas was a fairly tall man, estimated to stand at 6 foot, with a muscular, broad shouldered build. He had a long face, an angular jaw, a long pointy nose and thin lips. His skin is fair. His hair is short, a very dark brown colour, spiked up, with a long fringe that sweeps to the side of his face. Agas has narrowed, red eyes. Clothing. He wore the standard armour of the Black Beast Squadron. It consisted of a grey upper armour plate, with a neck guard that is open at the front, which covered his entire torso as well as bulky paddings at his shoulders. At the centre of the armour plate is the Raggs Kingdoms' insignia. Underneath the armour plate is a black shirt with gray linings which corresponds to the sleeves. The upper arms were covered with black sleeves with gray linings at the edge, which was linked to the paddings at the shoulders, and ended at the wrist. Attached to the lower part of the armour plate is a black cape-like clothing with gray linings. The outfit was finished with gray gloves, black trousers, which was tucked in the boots covered with leg braces and paddings. Personality. Agas appeared to be kind, respectful and courageous. He was presumably also good with children, as he often played and got along well with Teito when the latter was a child. Despite his kind nature, he was aggressive in battle, as shown during the Raggs War. Agas was generally calm, but like Mark, sometimes panicked easily around Fea Kreuz and even tackled Kreuz to the ground, along with Mark, to prevent him from eating the poisonous mushroom given by Tiashe. Relationships. Fea Kreuz. Agas and Fea Kreuz appeared to spend a fairly large amount of time with each other, both of them being attendants of Weldeschtein Krom Raggs, and both of them looking after and playing with Teito. Agas and Kreuz seemed to get along very well as Kreuz was once shown confiding in Agas about his concerns not only regarding Millea and Krom's relationship but also the Raggs Kingdom's future. When Kreuz let out his contrasting feelings of happiness on Krom's falling in love with Millea but being unable to give his blessings to his brother, Agas comforted Kreuz. When Raphael was used to attack Tiashe, the ground Agas and Kreuz were standing collapsed. Agas prioritised Kreuz, and Teito's, safety first by throwing his sword at Kreuz, which caught his clothes, and by catching Teito in order to prevent them both from falling. Despite this close relationship, Kreuz won't hesitate in attacking those who endager Teito's safety as he once violently elbowed Agas as the latter was playing with Teito by throwing Teito in the air. Agas addressed Fea Kreuz as 'Kreuz-dono', or literally 'Lord/Master Kreuz', and Kreuz also addressed Agas as 'Agas-dono', showing respect to each other. Teito Klein. Agas was caring towards and protective of Teito. Agas often played with Teito by throwing him into the air, in which he received Kreuz's elbow and wrath on one occasion. Agas, along with Karan, played in the water with Teito and made a rainbow using a hose pipe, much to Teito's awe and amusement, in which afterwards, he asked Teito to make three wishes before the rainbow would vanish. When Teito was still a child, he affectionately called Agas as 'Akkun' and admired him to the point that he wanted to be big like Agas. This may be the reason why Agas plays toss-me-up with Teito as he (Teito) surpasses him by height. Agas was extremely worried about Teito when it was revealed by Krom that Teito was serving as Pandora's Box. After Eye of Raphael's attack, he caught Teito first and prioritised his safety. When the ground fully collapsed, he fell to his death and was also hit by Raphael's attack a second time but not before passing Teito to Kreuz and ensuring that he was safe. Karan and Mark. Agas was often seen with Karan and Mark. The three appeared to be friends, and were colleagues, as all three were members of the Black Beast Squadron. All three shared the duty of playing and protecting Teito alongside Fea Kreuz and all of them seemed to get along very well with each other. Also, they were the personal bodyguards of the Weldeschtein Krom Raggs so they spend most of the time together.  When Fea Kreuz was planning on bringing along Teito around the Seven Houses of God, Agas and Mark were the ones who most notably insisted in escorting Teito with Kreuz, saying that it was unfair for him (Kreuz) to go alone, with Karan sustaining his composure by the sidelines. Weldeschtein Krom Raggs. As a bodyguard of the late king of Raggs, Agas accompanied the latter almost everywhere. Agas apparently cared for Weldeschtein, as he and Kreuz were once shown sharing concerns about Weldeschtein's relationship with Millea Klein. Agas had a good relationship with Krom as he addressed Krom respectfully, calling him 'Your majesty'. He was also worried about Krom implanting the Eye of Mikhail into Teito and seemed to be surprised at his decision. When Agas was not on guard duty, Krom sent him, along with Karan and Mark, to take care of Teito. This shows that Krom put a lot of faith not only in Agas but the other members as well on leaving Teito in their hands with Fea Kreuz. Abilities and Attributes. Agas was part of the Black Beast Squadron which consisted of very strong humans. He was able to defend against Hyuuga's attacking zaiphon, which enabled him to split the attack into two. However, it took him great pains to stop it due to Hyuuga being a Warsfeil. Despite this, he managed to stand against him for a short duration. In Kapitel 65, he was seen attacking the Barsburg soldiers, who were pursuing Teito and Kreuz in the forest, with two swords. This displayed his capabilities of dual-wielding of which he was able to defeat the enemies with one strike, demonstrating his immense strength. History. Early childhood Little is known about Agas's early years. He was presumably born and raised in the kingdom of Raggs. Adulthood. At some point in his life, Agas began working as a bodyguard for King Weldeschtein Krom Raggs and became a member of the Black Beast Squadron alongside Karan and Mark. Manga Synopsis. Teito's disappearance. The night Teito Klein went missing, Agas had been in palace garden with him, Fea Kreuz, and the rest of the Black Beast Squadron, where Teito had prepared 'food' for them all that consisted of poisonous mushrooms. While the guards panic at the sight, Kreuz attempts to eat his as it will please Teito, leading to Agas and Mark overpowering him and forcibly taking the plate from him before he can poison himself. The ambassador from the Barsburg Empire then arrives as informed by the Royal Attendant, leading Fea Kreuz and the Black Beast Squadron to leave in order to meet him. Afterwards, Teito is left in the company of a Royal Attendant, whereupon he is kidnapped by Vanessa Antwort. In Kapitel 41, he is seen in a flashback as Teito enters Raggs Castle. He was playing with a young Teito in the water, along with Karan, as he makes a rainbow for Teito's amusement and tells him to make three wishes. Pandora's Box. After Fea Kreuz rescued Teito from The Pope, Teito rested on the table in which afterwards, Krom revealed that he was acting as Pandora's Box successfully as Teito accepted the 'body'. He was visibly shocked at this revelation along with the Karan and Mark. When Krom wanted implant the Eye of Mikhail to Teito in order to stop his soul from being devoured by Verloren, Agas seemed worried and tried to protest but nevertheless, listened to his King's orders. As Kreuz planned to go with Teito to the Houses of God, Agas and Mark volunteered without hesitation to escort Teito and Kreuz, with Karan maintaining his composure by the sidelines. However, Kreuz indicated that they needed to wait for the reply from the Barsburg Empire so they had to remain with Krom. Agas was also present when a messenger told Krom that the Empire was using the Eye of Raphael to attack the Raggs Kingdom. Krat Family House. When Teito was knocked unconscious by the Krat Family's incense, Agas appears in another one of Teito's flashback. Agas is affectionately called by Teito whereupon he is asked by him to throw him into the air, due to Teito's admiration of him, and was violently elbowed by Kreuz afterwards. However, when Kreuz was holding Teito up in the air, Agas called out Kreuz's name out of worry. In Kapitel 44, he was seen briefly along with Karan as one of many of Teito's precious people when Teito wonders how much time he has left as he realizes that without the Eye of Mikhail, Verloren is breaking free from his cage and is waiting to devour his soul. Escort Mission. As Fea Kreuz and Teito were about to get attacked by the Barsburg soldiers, Agas arrives to rescue and guard them to the Seven Houses of God, together with Karan and Mark, as ordered by Krom. As the number of pursuers were increasing, Karan and Agas stayed with Kreuz and Teito as Mark volunteers himself to stop the enemy forces from closing in on them. Agas, Karan and Kreuz were surprised by the tremor caused by Mark's last attack and looks back. After Mark's demise in Hyuuga's hands, Agas and Karan continue running to the route Karan gave in which afterwards, Karan was the second to go while Agas continued to guard Kreuz and Teito. As Karan wraps his muffler around Teito's neck, Agas and Kreuz could only look in return. When the battle intensifies between Hyuuga and Karan, Agas and Kreuz continue running and were briefly halted in their tracks as Teito wanted to activate the Eye of Mikhail due to his desire to save Karan. Hyuuga uses Karan's technique after he dies and Agas stops the attack but with the use of all his strength. When the Eye of Mikhail took over to relay a message that the Eye of Raphael is targeting Teito, Agas and Kreuz try to run away from their location as fast as they can. However, the radius of the attack was too large and all of them got caught in it. When Kreuz accidentally lets go of Teito during the chaos, Agas catches him smoothly and throws his sword to Kreuz to catch his clothes so he does not drop down from the cliff. Agas plays toss-me-up with Teito for the last time by throwing him to Fea Kreuz before falling to his death. He was attacked by the Eye of Raphael once more but not before Teito calls out his nickname one last time. In Kapitel 67, as all three members of the Black Beast Squadron passes away, Teito is shown to have cried and desperately kept on pleading on getting them to come back and to not leave him as they wave goodbye to Teito. Kreuz's Confession. When the King of Raggs visited the Barsburg Empire for the International Peace Summit, Wolfram Eifeler Barsburg sees Fea Kreuz and Agas talking to each other on the balcony. Kreuz told Agas that he told Millea Klein about everything earlier and asked her to withdraw (most likely from the relationship between her and Krom) and Agas asked about Krom's response. Kreuz replied that his brother was planning to talk about everything from here on as Kreuz indicates the Council of Elders decision was correct because they couldn't allow any damages done to the Raggs Kindom's future. Kreuz then talks about how if Krom is set in a difficult situation because of Millea, he can't help but feel anxious about it. Despite this, Kreuz was happy to the point he could jump around about it and he was seen with tears nearly falling. He continues to recall that after his early ascension to the throne 5 years ago, Krom threw away his selfishness and worked himself to the bone for the sake of the Raggs country that it made his retainers around him worried. But for the first time ever, he fell deeply in love with Millea Klein and Fea Kreuz could still not give his brother his blessings. In Kapitel 87, the Black Beast Squadron and Weldeschtein Krom Raggs is seen in a dream flashback by Millea Klein when she awakens. Krom and Millea held hands and the Squadron had greeted and informed her that her son was still among the living and is continuing to survive despite hardship. By then, Teito need not have told his mother about their deaths.
# Aka no Kakera Aka no Kakera is one of the two pieces of theme music used for the 07-Ghost series since its anime adaption by Studio DEEN. It is used for all 25 episodes of season 1, and is sung by artist Yuki Suzuki, being used as the opening piece. Its ending counterpart is Hitomi no Kotae by Noria. Lyrics. English. I heard a dry scream,  "Untangle the darkness inside my memory!" Whenever you chose  your final answer,  You'd ended up hurting someone,  Without knowing what the truth was,  But in order to regain your brilliance,  You will go on, crossing thousands of years. Clenching in my hands  these never to return,  Fragments of scarlet  I will continue to wander about,  Until I find that eye which can give me a reflection of you. I even came to harbor some empty idle thoughts,  Not even finding in me the power to simply redeem my sins. Forever losing my way around  I've been fearing,  Something  invisible,  Though the chains binding me are yet to be torn off,  I struggled in my search,  To crawl my way out of this unending cruel age. The crumbling  memory of the snow,  Seems like it's about to melt away  as I pull it close,  But I will go on until I've become strong enough  not to hurt anyone. We get hurt  and we hurt others  in this world full of deceits,  If allowed to  I will open the door where you wait for me. Holding close my memory,  I will set forth on a never-ending journey. The fragments of blue  I've been searching for,  Are welling up in my chest,  Holding close my memory, I will set forth on a never-ending journey. Until I find the seven souls and that eye. Romaji Kawaita sakebigoe ga kikoeta,  "Kioku no naka no yami o hodoite!" Itsumo saigo no kotae erande wa,  Dareka o kizutsuketeta,  Sou nani ga shinjitsu ka wakaranai mama ni,  Kagayaki modosu tame,  Kimi wa ikusen no toki o koeteiku. Modoranai aka no kakera,  Nigirishimete sa mayoitsuzuketeku,  Kimi o utsushideseru sono hitomi o sagashidasu made. Utsuro na zatsunen sae umareta,  Tsugunau dake no tsuyosa mo nakute. Itsumo arika ni mayoi sugata naki,  Nanika ni obieteita,  Mada karamu kusari sura chigirenai mama de,  Agaite sagashiteta,  Tsuzuku zankoku na toki o haiagaru. Kuzureteku yuki no kioku,  Taguriyosete toketeshimau sou de,  Dare mo kizutsukenai sono tsuyosa o te ni ireru made. Kizutsuki kizutsuketeta itsuwari dake no sekai,  Yurusareru no nara kimi no matsu tobira o hiraku. Kioku o dakishimete  Owaru koto no nai tabi e to Sagashiteta ao no kakera  Mune ni afureteiku  Kioku o dakishimete  Owaru koto no nai tabi e to Nanatsu no tamashii to sono hitomi o sagashidasu made. Kanji. 渇いた叫び声が聞こえた "記憶の中の闇をほどいて" いつも最後の答え 選んでは 誰かを傷つけてた そう何が真実かわからないままに 輝き戻すため 君は幾千の時を越えていく 戻らない 緋色のカケラ 握りしめてさ迷い続けてく 君を映し出せる その瞳を探し出すまで 探してた碧のカケラ 胸に溢れていく 記憶を抱きしめて 終わることのない旅へと
Aka no Kakera
# Aldo Aldo is a minor character who appears in the 07 Ghost anime and manga series. He was a murderer, killing many people, who came to the 7th District seeking sanctuary as a way of repenting for his sins. Aldo was shown to be in charge of the Barsburg Church grounds (opening the gates and making sure they were locked at night), as well as being the one who oversaw the practice for the Bishop's Apprentice Exam. He was eventually murdered by Bastien in his goal to cleanse the Church of criminals, and his corpse was later used as a host by a Wars. Etymology. 'Aldo' is a name of German origin, meaning 'the old and wise'. Aldo is also the name of an 8th-century Saint, who devoted her life to helping the poor. Appearance. Physical appearance. Aldo appeared as a very tall, intimidating, muscular person. His features were very pronounced, with a strong jaw, a pronounced chin, large cheekbones, a large nose, and prominent eyebrow ridges. His lips were grotesquely large with a metal ring through the bottom lip. His skin was quite dark and slightly gray, and his head was shaven. Aldo's race is unknown. It is possible that he is human, but he does possess some of the physical characteristics that Trolls bear, hinting that he may be of mixed race. Clothing. He wore a plain, ankle-length, monk-like robe, beige in color with a hood. As he is a criminal, he wears Criminal Cuffs. Personality. Aldo appeared to be a quiet person who spoke little. Despite him often remaining silent, he appears quite sinister. Aldo appeared to like unnerving people, as during his first meeting with Hakuren and Teito, he smiles in a sinister way and comments that they are "new meat". However, it is possible that Aldo actually felt remorse for his crimes. On the night of his death, Aldo heard someone calling for help outside the gate, and rushed to open it to let them in. However this act of kindness proves Aldo's last, as it allowed his murderer to take him by surprise and kill him. History. Very little is known about Aldo, other than he is a murderer, who is implied to have killed many people, as an inhabitant of the Church says he has "taken so many lives". He arrived at District 7 seeking sanctuary sometime prior to the series beginning. In order to pay his debt to the Church for keeping him safe, he carried out odd jobs around the Church. He was eventually killed by Assistant Archbishop Bastien,  who was angry that criminals could be kept safe while there was no safety for their victims and other innocents. Manga Synopsis. Introduction. Aldo was first seen when he was overseeing the candidates as they practiced for the exam. He greeted Teito Klein and Hakuren Oak and gave them a board to sign. As they walked away he collapsed, and was carried to the infirmary to recover. Death. Not long after his collapse, he recovered and was well enough to return to his job as gate-keeper. Working the night shift, he was guarding the main gate to the Church when he heard someone crying for help. Opening the gates to let them in, he was confronted by a hooded figure whom he led inside. When Aldo turned his back, the visitor ambushed him from behind, and killed him. His post-mortem indicated he was killed from a single blow to the back of the head. The words: 'There is no divine protection of God' were engraved onto the chest of Aldo's corpse. As a Wars. His body is later stolen from the Church catacombs and hijacked by a Wars, controlled by Warsfeil Kuroyuri. This went unnoticed for a while as the mortician did not report that a body had gone missing. As a Wars he attacks Teito and Hakuren, successfully knocking Hakuren out the window when he (Hakuren) takes an attack meant for Teito. As he pursues the pair, he is destroyed by Frau. With the Wars now destroyed, Aldo is presumably given a proper burial in the Church cemetery. Differences in the manga and anime. Introduction. Aldo is introduced much earlier in the anime than the manga. In the anime, he is seen briefly closing the main gate to the Church as Teito makes his first escape attempt.
# Almarz Family The Almarz Family is a noble family native to District 4, led by the current Head of the family, Rena. Apart from the main branch (Rena's branch), there are three other branches of the family, led by Rena's mother's siblings. Wealth. They are wealthy. Rena has three servants (four before Nyx's betrayal).
Almarz Family
# Almarz Residence The Almarz Residence (also known as the Almarz Mansion) is the home of a wealthy family that is located in District 4. Rutia, Capella, Elikt and Rena live there, and Rutia and Elikt also work there as servants. Nyx also lived and worked there before his betrayal and subsequent arrest by the Imperial Guard. Rena is the current head of the household, and her mother and grandmother held that position before her.
Almarz Residence
# Angels Angels in the 07-Ghost universe are heavenly subordinates of the Chief of Heaven. Mikhail and Raphael are the only angels, or at least the only angels who play prominent roles, in the series. Appearance. Physical appearance. Going by Mikhail's true appearance, angels in the 07-Ghost universe somewhat resemble humans, but are much larger than humans, and have large, feathered white wings. As they are gods, it is presumed that angels in the 07-Ghost universe physically appear young regardless of their true ages. Clothing. Mikhail's true appearance may indicate that male angels wear long, loose robes around their hips that expose their upper bodies. A statue of a female angel in Bastien's room may indicate that female angels also wear robes. However, the appearance of the statue suggests that female angels' robes have sleeves that end above the elbows, and do not expose any part of their upper bodies, unlike male angels' robes. Going by the appearance of Mikhail's true form, angels in the 07-Ghost universe wear visors, necklaces and bracelets with the symbol of the Barsburg cross engraved on them. Characteristics. They are presumably immortal (Mikhail and Raphael are immortal). If Mikhail's and Raphael's attitudes towards humankind are anything to go by, angels in the 07-Ghost universe dislike and feel contempt towards humankind in general, but are affectionate towards humans with pure and beautiful souls. Mikhail and Raphael have demonstrated that archangels are skilled fighters and can be highly aggressive. It seems that if angels in the 07-Ghost universe descend to the human world, they need to bind themselves to human vessels, as Mikhail and Raphael are bound to protect the Raggs andBarsburg royal families through the Eyes of Mikhail and Raphael. This further proves the fact that in the 07-Ghost universe, all living things need a body and a soul to live in the human world. Angels in the 07-Ghost universe presumably speak the language of the gods, and are also able to speak human languages if necessary.
# Anime 07-Ghost Drama CD 2 - The Top News Headlines
Anime 07-Ghost Drama CD 2 - The Top News Headlines
# Antwort Antwort (pronounced ANT-vort; sometimes alternatively spelled as Antewort) is a relatively small country located to the North-east of District 6, and furthest from the reach of the Barsburg Empire. It was described as a: "snow and ice covered, strongly fortified country". Antwort had been at war with the Barsburg Empire for some time prior to the series's start, sparked by fears that the lost Eye of Mikhail had been taken to Antwort. Although seemingly holding its own against Barsburg forces successfully for many years, the Black Hawks ensured a quick victory as the country was unprepared to defend itself from Warsfeil. Once Wasfeil became involved in Antwort, the kingdom fell within 5 hours of fighting: ending with the death of its ruler King Antwort. Antwort is the latest of Barsburg's conquests. However, neither the Eye of Mikhail nor Pandora's Box was found in Antwort. National emblem. Original. The original national emblem of Antwort is pentagonal in shape and rather simple in design. There is an unknown image in the centre of the pentagon that looks somewhat like a crown. Joint emblem. Following the marriage of Weldeschtein Krom Raggs and Vanessa Antwort and the alliance between the two countries, the nation emblem of Antwort was merged with that of Raggs to create a joint emblem. The joint emblem featured two galloping bulls facing away from each other and the Antwort pentagon in the very centre. The whole emblem is shield shaped with two pairs of angel wings at the very top. Antwort returned to using their original emblem following their withdrawal from their alliance with Raggs. History. Pre-Raggs War. Weldeschtein Krom Raggs, King of Raggs, married Princess Vanessa Antwort to ally the kingdoms of Raggs and Antwort. Just before the Raggs War began, Antwort seceded from the alliance between the two countries. Raggs War. The Raggs War prompted the Kingdom of Antwort to arm themselves. The original container for Pandora's Box was stolen and taken to Antwort. Antwort War. Raggs' fall, and the military's subsequent failure to find the Eye of Mikhail within the Raggs Kingdom, caused the Barsburg Empire to search for the Eye in the neighbouring countries that had once allied themselves with Raggs- with Emperor Wolfram Eifeler Barsburg taxing a large amount to continue to search. A war with Antwort began. Barsburg forces were positioned on the Southernmost Island, but resistance meant they were unable to continue through the country.
# Antwort/Denizens Being a tiny country, Antwort has a small population.  Physical appearance. The men of Antwort have square jaws and wear their hair short. Young men are clean shaven, though older men sport moustaches. Fair-coloured hair appears common. Considering Princess Vanessa's appearance, women of Antwort may tend to keep their hair long and elaborately styled on one side. Since Antwort gets little exposure to sunlight, it is plausible that the denizens of Antwort generally have pale skin. Fashion. Military uniforms. Standard military uniforms. Due to the cold weather, soldiers from Antwort typically wear a light-coloured, ankle-length overcoat made from a thick fabric, trimmed with fur around the neck and sleeve cuffs. The overcoat is fastened with buttons positioned to the right side of the torso, and they wear belts and shoulder straps that go across the body. Aviator hats: hats with ear-flaps and a chin strap, are lined with fur and worn to protect the head from the cold. The emblem of Antwort is stitched onto the rim of the cap. They wear thick gloves. Fighters wear goggles. Battle sklaves. Along with the standard uniform, battle sklaves wear the standard sklave identification collars. 
# Antwort/Government and Military Government. Antwort is a monarchy, and the Antwort King holds all of the power in the country. During the War with Barsburg he was slain by Ayanami. It remains a monarchy, only now being controlled by the Barsburg King. Weaponry. Despite having a small size, or possibly because of it, Antwort boasts weapons that are far larger and more advanced than weapons used by the other Districts for protection. Anti-battleship shield. The "crowning glory of the country". Antwort is protected by a large, anti-battleship shield that encloses the entire country. Rumoured to be the strongest shield in Barsburg, it is able to withstand the fire power of a fleet of thirty Ribidzile ships, but it was easily dismantled by Ayanami's power. Cannons. Antwort appears to be armed with a huge array of artillery surrounding the main buildings, such as the Royal Palace, as well as the country's borders. Smaller cannons are made of metal, and stand on two metal legs, while larger ones appear to be large spherical dome turrets with a large cluster of guns in a gatling-like fashion. Around the edge of the muzzle similar writing to that in a Zaiphon is engraved into the metal, which suggests that the cannons fire artificial Zaiphon, that they siphon from the earth. (Page 09).
Antwort/Government and Military
# Antwort Family The Antwort Family is the royal family of the fallen kingdom of Antwort. Physical Appearance. They tend to be fair-haired with a light skin tone and medium build (considering King Antwort and Princess Vanessa's height). Personality. Considering the Antwort members who have appeared so far, they seem to be arrogant. A person's birth or social status is also important to them, as Vanessa does not respect Millea because of her social status/birth (a commoner, a concubine; referring to her as "that concubine" instead of calling her "Millea"), and King Antwort scorns Ayanami when he sees him, saying he is a low-born Warsfeil. Antworts also seem to be short-tempered and prone to angry outbursts. Family Tree. King Antwort──┬──Vanessa's Mother Vanessa Antwort
Antwort Family
# Antwort Palace Antwort Palace was the residence of the King of Antwort and possibly his queen, as well as his daughter Vanessa Antwort before she married Weldeschtein Krom Raggs. Description. The palace is dome-shaped. It is defended by cannons from four sides. History. Little is known about the palace's history. It may have been built for the first Antwort royals in the early days of the kingdom. The palace has probably been standing for at least ten years.
Antwort Palace
# Antwort War SPOILERS AHEAD! READ AT YOUR OWN RISK! The Antwort War was a large-scale hostile take over of the kingdom of Antwort waged by the Barsburg Empire. It began some time before the series start and was sparked by fears that the lost Eye of Mikhail had been taken to Antwort, and the Empire's desire to find it.  The forces of Antwort held their own against Barsburg forces successfully for many years, but The Black Hawks ensured a quick victory as the country was unprepared to defend itself from Warsfeil. Once Wasfeil became involved in Antwort, the kingdom fell within 5 hours of fighting: ending with the death of its King. Antwort is the latest of Barsburg's conquests. However, neither the Eye of Mikhail or Pandora's Box was found in Antwort. Background. Pre-Raggs War. Weldeschtein Krom Raggs, King of Raggs, married Princess Vanessa Antwort to ally the kingdoms of Raggs and Antwort. Just before the Raggs War began, Antwort seceded from the alliance between the two countries. Raggs War. The Raggs War prompted the Kingdom of Antwort to arm themselves. The original container for Pandora's Box was stolen and taken to Antwort. War with Antwort. Raggs' fall, and the military's subsequent failure to find the Eye of Mikhail within the Raggs Kingdom, caused the Barsburg Empire to search for the Eye in the neighbouring countries that had once allied themselves with Raggs- with Emperor Wolfram Eifeler Barsburg taxing a large amount to continue to search. A war with Antwort began. Barsburg forces were positioned on the Southernmost Island, but resistance meant they were unable to continue through the country. History leading up to conflict. Decision to send the Black Hawks to Antwort. Following resistance from Antwort forces, leader of the Black Hawks and military strategist, Ayanami, meets with other high-ranking officers about the Antwort War. He disagrees with the generals' war tactics, which offends them, and they suggest he personally see to the matter. The generals agree to send the Black Hawks to Antwort with an army of 1000 soldiers. To spite them, Ayanami agrees, and remarks that he will only need 500 men. Discovery and capture of the Eye of Mikhail. Contrary to military belief, the Eye of Mikhail was not in Antwort. It was discovered by accident in the Barsburg Church in District 7, in the body of the son of the King of Raggs who had remained undiscovered by the military. This was discovered by Ayanami, who had the Black Hawks steal it from its vessel whilst they travelled to Antwort. The subsequent explosion caused by the Eye's removal, destroyed a large portion of the land below, and created an Eye of God. Military intervention in District 7. The, very public, removal of the Eye of Mikhail was seen by the Barsburg Armed Forces, who quickly realised that the Eye was not in Antwort as they had originally thought. Unaware that the Black Hawks had already stolen the Eye, they focus their military strength on District 7- fearing revival of the Raggs Kingdom. Not willing to risk further loss of military personnel in a fruitless battle, some generals tell Ayanami not to attack Antwort and to instead go after the Eye. Ayanami ignores them, as he already has the Eye, and his reason for going to Antwort is because he wants Pandora's Box. The conflict. The breaking of the shield. Ayanami, leading a fleet of seven ships, is spotted by Antwort soldiers approaching the country. The soldiers do nothing, confident that their anti-battleship shield will block any attack and deter them. Ayanami then conjures up an enormous Zaiphon, and fires it at the shield- destroying it in a single blow. Despite the country having advanced defences, they have no means to defend themselves against a Warsfeil. Antwort forces begin to panic- quickly realising they are no longer fighting normal humans, and they fire their cannons at the approaching ships. The attacks do not make contact, as they are blocked by a Zaiphon shield surrounding the enemy Ribidziles. Barsburg soldiers present in Antwort (the southern most island) notice the commotion and recognise it as being caused by the Black Hawks. The platoon leader orders his men to retreat out of fear of the Black Hawks, and states they will not fight alongside "monsters". Fighting on the front lines. Ayanami tells Shuri Oak that his begleiters are expected to fight on the front line. Hyuuga then throws Shuri overboard, where he (Shuri) lands in the centre of the countries Eastern camp. He survives the fall, but is mistaken by Antwort's men as the fleet's only front-liner, and they fire at him in panic. Shuri almost meets his death via Antwort's arsenal, but Konatsu Warren leaps after him and saves him, stating that he was only doing so not to save the other's life but so as to avoid getting his lieutenant Hyuuga's reputation damaged. Konatsu then proceeds to slash at the incoming enemies and cuts them down into bloody heaps that stun Shuri speechless. Konatsu warns him not to look away, saying that this is the true face of war. Storming the castle. Ayanami's fleet lands on the plaza in front of Antwort's Royal Palace- meaning reinforcements from the coast will be unable to travel to and defend the palace in time. The country's men scramble, revealing that Antwort doesn't actually have the capacity to fend off Warsfeil, as their weapons have no effect against their Zaiphon. Kuroyuri uses his/her Wars to kill the remaining guards. Hyuuga then enters the battle and single-handedly destroys the fort defending the palace. He quickly kills the guards inside but is then confronted by two combat slaves, Yukinami and Suzunami, guarding the entrance further into the palace. The duo's combination makes it difficult for the Barsburg lieutenant to progress, and he is caught between their crossing swords. However, he somehow manages to get free and causes the twins to cut down more of their own men. King Antwort's death. While the other Black Hawks take out the guards inside and outside the palace. Ayanami advances on his intended destination: the room where Pandora's Box was kept. He blows the door with his Zaiphon and encounters King Antwort standing in front of Pandora's box. Ayanami reveals he (King Antwort) to be the one who originally stole Pandora's box from the Raggs Kingdom. Ayanami says he can sympathise with the Antwort King's wishes- but the Antwort King is furious with him. He begins to insult Ayanami: calling him a "Barsburg dog" and a "low-born Warsfeil", leading Ayanami to quickly deal him a bloody death. Ayanami then opens Pandora's Box only to discover that the body of Verloren is no longer there, instead, there is a rose which, when he'd uses his powers on it, reveals one of the Seven Ghosts protecting what looked to be a younger Teito Klein. Aftermath. Within five hours after Ayanami's ships landed, the Barsburg Empire was able to seize total control of Antwort. Capture of the Antwort twins. Hyuuga brings to Ayanami the combat slaves he had encountered, after catching, handcuffing and removing the sklave collars, as souvenirs. The latter, indifferent, removes their handcuffs- saying as their king (King Antwort) is dead they are free. Hyuuga is shocked as he considers it a loss, stating that they both must at least be as strong as Teito Klein. Suzunami, in the native Raggs language, excitedly speaks to Hyuuga, despite his twin protesting- complementing his (Hyuuga's) strength and requests to see the Barsburg king- as he(Suzunami) wants to be strong too. Hyuuga smiles and pats Suzunami on the head, being unable to understand him and mistakenly thinking him hungry, but Ayanami, a speaker of Raggs language, tells the slave that he can meet the King if he wants to. Yukinami then asks Ayanami if he is the king. Ayanami recalls someone who had told him that he was his only king- but tells Yuki he is not a King. The falling snow makes Ayanami recall his birthplace, a thing Hyuuga seems to know about.
Antwort War
# Arcady Arcady is a minor character that only appeared in manga chapter 53. It was Eve's horse.  Etymology. A place called 'Arcady' is mentoned in line 7 of John Keats's poem 'Ode On A Grecian Urn'. 'Arcady' is also mentioned in line 9 of the poem 'The Garden of Proserpina' by A.S. Byatt (writing as Randolph Henry Ash). Relationships. Eve. Arcady seems to trust Eve, as she was able to calm it down, and it did not mind Verloren's presence once Eve felt at ease around him. Manga synopsis. When Eve first met Verloren, she was riding Arcady through a forest in Heaven. Halfway through Eve's conversation with Verloren, she dismounted from Arcady to get a closer look at some falling Flower of Eden petals, and Arcady was not shown in further panels after she dismounted, suggesting that the horse left on its own. Arcady was also briefly seen standing on top of the cliff Eve was hanging from while returning a chick to its nest. What became of the horse after Eve's death is unknown. 
# Around the Wiki
Around the Wiki
# Aspiration Extra: Aspiration is a side chapter in the 07-Ghost manga series. It was released alongside Kapitel 34 and is the first chapter that is not a Supreme Sugar. Summary. Konatsu reflects that he was a very ordinary child: born a human in the Warren Family, a family consisting of many Warsfeil. He is shunned by his family as an "ill omen", but his grandfather advised him to aspire to join The Black Hawks so he could use his skill with a sword to protect the reincarnation of Verloren. Konatsu applied to join the Black Hawks, but was rejected due to him being human, causing him to despair. A short while later, he comes across Hyuuga practising with a katana, with Konatsu assuming that Hyuuga is an Academy instructor. Hyuuga offers to give Konatsu his katana if Konatsu could land one hit on him, and the two proceeded to duel while Haruse, Kuroyuri and Katsuragi watch. While duelling, Konatsu repeatedly strikes out at Hyuuga, but is unable to land a blow on him. Hyuuga, however, is able to cut Konatsu's arm and break a few ribs- leaving Konatsu on the floor. Hyuuga announces that the fight is over, but Konatsu refuses to allow this and shouts for Hyuuga to continue. The fight continues, with Konatsu still refusing to allow Hyuuga to end the fight until he (Konatsu) faints. When Hyuuga checks to see if Konatsu is all right, Konatsu unconsciously grabs Hyuuga by the throat: scoring the 'hit'.  Konatsu wakes up in hospital a while later and is greeted by Hyuuga. Still thinking that Hyuuga is an instructor, Konatsu thanks him but Hyuuga then reveals he is actually a member of the Black Hawks, and hands Konatsu his (Hyuuga's) katana and an acceptance form from the Black Hawks. Touched, Konatsu watches Hyuuga leave and prepares for the start of a new life as a Black Hawk.
# Athena Sister Athena is a minor character in the 07 ghost universe. She is one of three recurring nuns who work in the Barsburg Church doing odd jobs, such as cooking, cleaning, and manual labour. Out of the three, Athena is the shortest but seems to be older than Rosalie and younger than Libelle. She is also seen in the manga once or twice, but remained unnamed. Etymology. "Athena" is the Greek Goddess of wisdom, so this could imply that Athena is a smart and/or wise person. Appearance. Physical appearance. Athena has large, round purple eyes and light blue hair that is mostly covered.   Clothing. She is always shown in her nun's garment.  Personality. As her name suggests, Athena is a wise individual. She was very helpful to Teito during his stay at the church. Her job as a nun requires her to be kind, patient and devoted to God.  History. She has been in the Church long enough to remember when Frau and Castor took their apprentice exam.  Relationships. Libelle. She looks up to Libelle, who is the oldest of the trio, and defers to her. Rosalie. She has taken Rosalie under her wing, and looks after the younger nun.  Teito Klein. Alongside the other nuns, she greeted Teito when he woke up after escaping from the military. She then continued helping him for the remainder of his stay. 
# Attack at the Hausen House The Attack at the Hausen House was an ambush by the servants of the Hausen House and the current head of the House Xingfa Hausen, on guest Teito Klein. Following the Raggs War and death of Xing-lu Hausen, his mother, Lady Hausen made a deal with a Kor and evolved into a Wars. The head of the house, Xingfa Hausen was unwilling to lose his wife- so instead of calling a Bishop, he kept the Wars in the house and was feeding it with those who sought Seele. Background. The Hausen House appears to have had strong links to the Raggs Family as the purpose of the 6th District Hausen House was to protect the Raggs royal family from assassination. Xing-lu, the son of head of the house, was often deployed on these missions. During one of these missions; which was to prevent an assassination attempt on the King of Raggs's life, Castor and others arrived at the home of an enemy clansmen and the ringleader was killed. As the building was being searched, Castor heard someone singing and he followed the noise till he reached a Noel Mermaid chained up in a small tank singing sadly. After the mermaid had been freed, and her injuries tended to, Seilan noted how she had become very attached to Castor. Raggs War. During the Raggs War, each of the Seven Houses of God chose sides, and battles were fought between houses who chose Barsburg, and houses who chose Raggs. The Hausen House sided with Raggs. Death of Xing-lu. Following Raggs' defeat, Raggs' allied houses faced mass executions for opposing the Barsburg Empire during the war. To prevent the extinction of their bloodlines, the Houses that sided with Raggs said that they would kill the leader of their respective houses, and present their heads as a peace offering. Xing-lu, being the heir to the Hausen Family was no exception. Xingfa Hausen, however, had other plans. Xingfa organised a plan to save his son; proposing that the Noel Mermaid (a type of mermaid that can shape shift) Razette, that Xing-lu had saved a few months prior, change her face to look like Xing-lu's- and they decapitate her and give her head to the Barsburg houses instead. Razette, willing to die in Xing-lu's place, shapeshifted to look like him. However, as Xingfa drew his sword and lunged at her to kill her, Xing-lu threw himself in the way and the blow impaled him through the chest. Xing-lu was mortally injured, and as he took his final breath, he looked up to see the God of the Hausen House, Fest, standing before him. Xing-lu died of his injuries that night, but was chosen as the new vessel for the Ghost Fest. He changed his name to Castor and moved to the Barsburg Church with Razette. His family would take Xing-lu's head to the Barsburg families, and Xingfa became head of the House once again, a position he has held ever since. Corruption of Lady Hausen. After Xing-lu's death Lady Hausen was stricken with grief and became depressed. She locked herself in her son's room and would not leave. A Kor found her, and she bargained with it in return for her son. After having all three wishes granted, she became a Wars, and her tainted soul inhabited one of her son's dolls of her. Her husband, Xingfa Hausen was unable to have her destroyed, as he did not want to lose a son and a wife, so he had the Wars trapped in Xing-lu's room. He fed her on those who came to the God House to find the Cursed Tickets. The story told to the authorities and the outside world was that the Lady Hausen 'disappeared' after a bout of grief-induced madness. History leading up to conflict. Teito's journey to Seele. Upon discovering he is Mikhail's host, Teito Klein vows to find Pandora's Box and destroy Verloren's body within, and intends to do this by travelling to The Land of Seele and wishing to recover his memories of the Raggs War and Pandora's box. After evading Barsburg guards and bandits alike, Frau, Teito, and Capella arrive at the 6th District, where Teito opts to go in alone. The conflict. The residents of the house immediately plan to feed Teito to the Wars they keep in Xing-lu's room. First ambush on Teito. Seilan escorts Teito Klein to a room. He (Seilan) finds Xing-lu's clothes, on Xingfa Hausen's request, and puts them in the room- hoping the clothes will lure the Wars into the room. Teito later runs himself a bath to relax. As he bathes, the Wars enters his room: finding the clothes but no sign of Xing-lu, and it then notices Teito in the bathroom, and attempts to attack him while he is distracted. However, Teito senses the presence and defends himself- knocking his attacker back. As Teito pulls away the shower curtain to discover his attacker's identity, he sees that there is nothing there. The Wars escaped, leaving nothing behind but a ransacked room and a small piece of rubble that Burupya notices. Teito collects it as evidence. A poisoned meal. Seeing the last attempt on Teito's life failed, Xingfa Hausen invites Teito to dine with him, but his servants poison Teito's food, possibly with the intention of leaving a drugged Teito to the Wars. Teito realises the food is poisoned, and does not eat it all. Xingfa admonishes his servants, telling them Teito's death would be suspicious to the Bishop that came with him, but says they must try to stop Teito finding the cursed ticket. The trap in Xing-lu's room. On Xingfa Hausen's orders, Seilan leads Teito to Xing-lu's room, under the assumption that Xing-lu's room was significant as the Wars that attacked Teito had been interested in Xing-lu's clothes. Xing-lu's room is where they had been keeping the Wars. Upon entry, Teito is appalled when he sees a photo of Castor on the wall, prompting Seilan to tell Teito how the former head of the Hausen House, Xing-lu Hausen, died. After hearing the story, Teito shouts that Castor and Razette are still alive, but Seilan is furious- thinking Teito is making a cruel joke. Teito then realises that Seilan does not know of Castor and Razette's new lives, and he encourages Seilan to mourn his former master's death. Whilst thinking of his former master, Seilan suddenly has a change of heart. Remembering the trap, he demands Teito to leave the room. Teito is at first confused, but the servants of the Hausen House let down the protective barrier surrounding the room- allowing the Wars to get out of its enclosure. Sensing food, the Wars appears before Teito and Seilan, and Seilan attempts to save Teito by pushing him out of the way, but he (Seilan) is unable to help Teito further as the Wars separates them and advances on Teito. Teito draws his Baculus, and Seilan is dragged to safety by the other Hausen House Servants. Distracted, Teito is dragged towards the Wars by the porcelain dolls the lady is controlling. With Seilan now safe, the room is again sealed off to prevent the Wars from getting out, but Teito is trapped in the room with it. He fights off the dolls and is confronted with Lady Hausen- whose tainted soul had been fused with doll parts, who begs for her child to return to her. Sensing the 'food'(Seilan and the other servants) outside the room, parts of the Wars begin to attack the barrier to get at those outside. The servants begin to panic and frantically try to repair it, but the dolls break it, and the Wars gets out. It immediately attacks the nearest servant, but Teito uses his Zaiphon to defend them. With Teito distracted, the lady grabs Teito and begins to devour him. Moved by her love for her child, Teito holds her face and begins to speak for Xing-lu: telling her that her son is alive and well and still loves her. Hearing this, parts of the Wars's humanity begin to return; the lady begins to cry for her son, apologise for her actions and she begs Teito to save her. The Wars begins to melt away, and the lady's soul is exposed. Teito uses his Baculus to purify the her soul and her body dissolves into doves and lights as her soul is sent to heaven. The room is then filled with light as the Ghost Fest appears before Teito, and asks him if he will accept the Cursed Ticket. Aftermath. Bidding Castor goodbye. Before going to heaven, her soul is carried by the wind to District 7 and the Barsburg Church where her son, Castor, is blessing someone. The wind brushes by Castor, blowing his hat off, but he recognises his mother's soul, and as the wind moves upwards to heaven, Castor bids his mother farewell. Realising his mother's soul has been freed by Teito who seeks the Cursed Ticket, Castor assumes his Ghost form and appears before Teito as Fest. The Cursed Ticket. Teito first mistakes the Ghost before him as Zehel, but upon realising it is Castor, he asks him of his reincarnation. When Castor explains, Teito excitedly shouts that Castor can now return to his family, but Castor replies that rules prohibit him from making contact with the family that thinks him dead. Castor thanks Teito for releasing his mother from the Wars, but Teito questions Castor on The Land of Seele: asking him if to go there is to die is true. Castor explains to Teito that in Seele, the Chief of Heaven takes your life and gives you a new life with one wish. Upon hearing this, Teito asks if he could exchange his life for Mikage's. When Castor replies he could, Teito demands the Cursed Ticket. Castor explains that only once Teito has acquired all seven tickets will he be able to go to Seele, and he touches Teito's forearm; the seal of Fest instantly being burned into his flesh. Castor blesses Teito, and disappears to return to his human body back in District 7. Military intervention. When Fest leaves, an image of Fea Kreuz with the cursed ticket of Fest is left behind. When the image disappears, Teito looks back to see Xingfa Hausen looking at him. Xingfa asks which family Teito belongs to, and he, and the other servants are horrified when Teito tells him his father was Weldeschtein Krom Raggs. The residents of the House are shocked but ultimately believe him. Xing-fa bids Teito farewell and Seilan leads Teito to the door, but when they enter the main room they find the Imperial Guard has entered the house. Though Seilan objects, they threaten to arrest Teito for what they perceive as an attempt to expose the crimes of the Hausen House. They are stopped from doing so by Frau, who suddenly arrives and beats the guards into submission. As Teito is dragged away by Frau, Seilan tosses Teito Xing-lu's coat and the servants all bow their heads to him and tell him to "come home soon".
Attack at the Hausen House
# Ayanami SPOILERS AHEAD! READ AT YOUR OWN RISK! Ayanami, born Krowell Raggs, is the primary antagonist in the anime and manga series" 07-Ghost". He is the leader of the infamous Black Hawks, a Warsfeil and a military strategist. He has held the post of the Barsburg Army's Chief of Staff for several years after the Raggs War, and after he drowned Marshal Oak, rose to become Field Marshal. It appears that he is widely known and respected throughout the Barsburg Empire for his accomplishments, despite his relatively young age, usually being greeted with salutes by his inferiors when they see him, but because he is a Wasfeil, many soldiers talk about him negatively behind his back or are afraid of him. He is directly or indirectly responsible for many of the turmoils thatTeito has suffered in his life including the death of Mikage and Weldeschtein Krom Raggs, Teito's father. Ayanami seeks the Eye of Mikhail and has been shown to be targeting the Seven Ghosts, particularly Zehel as the scythe that Zehel is wielding actually belongs to Verloren, Ayanami's soul. He is revealed to be the reincarnation of Verloren later in the story, and is trying to regain his original ageless and powerful body (Verloren's Body) by unlocking Pandora's Box. In chapter 90 of the manga, he revealed to Teito that he is in fact Teito's paternal uncle, being the youngest of Teito's paternal grandparents' three sons. Appearance. Physical Appearance. Ayanami is a youthful-looking man who is 34 years old. He stands at 183 cm in the manga, but is said to be shorter in the anime's fanbook. He weighs 69 kg and has a slender build with broad shoulders.  He has sharp facial features with a pointy nose, narrowed eyes and full lips. Out of all the Black Hawks, Ayanami has the palest skin tone, almost white when compared to others. His hair is neck length, wavy and colored white. His eye color is violet but the rims of his irises flash red whenever he uses his Zaiphon. In the manga, Ayanami's eyes are either drawn as having no pupils, or slitted pupils like that of a snake, this not occurring in the anime, as Ayanami is drawn as having normal eyes in the anime. Ayanami is considered very handsome in the series universe, with Eve and Katsuragi commenting on his beauty. The Imperial Army has been shown to take advantage of Ayanami's attractiveness, using pictures of him to attract more females into the military. Many women in the Barsburg military have a crush on him. Clothing. Ayanami is nearly always seen in his Military uniform, which consists of a black, or possibly dark blue, ankle-length overcoat with gold trimmings on the chest, sleeve cuffs and neck-guard. Like his subordinates, Ayanami wears black trousers, knee-length black, buckled boots and white gloves. His uniform has a small half mantle hanging off his left shoulder emblazoned with the Barsburg Military insignia, and on his right he has a golden epaulet and shoulder boards as an indication of his high rank. It is unknown what is worn under the overcoat but it is possible it is a plain white shirt (as Mikage was shown wearing one when attired in the Military uniform). Ayanami's uniform is more decorated than those of his subordinates, a major difference being that Ayanami wears a peaked cap which is trimmed with gold and has the Barsburg Military insignia in the centre. Ayanami is very fond of his military cap (to the extent that Hyuuga teasingly said that Ayanami's cap grows on his head), and does not like to take it off, except around Yukikaze. The reason for this is unknown. When the Black Hawks went to Antwort, Ayanami wore a winter version of the military uniform. It looked very similar to the standard uniform, but was made of a thicker material, with a higher neck-guard and silver decoration instead of gold. In Kapitel 45, Ayanami infiltrated the Barsburg Church in order to attack the Ghost Profe, and while doing so, wore the traditional Bishop's clothing. He wore a cassock with white trimming on the collar, under a long white outer cassock that hid his arms. The cassock was held together with a loose belt and a large, silver, rectangular brooch emblazoned with the carving of a cross. He also wore the standard Church mitre with a cross in the centre and a veil that extended from the mitre to fall over his face. In Kapitel 80, Ayanami attended Princess Roseamanelle's masquerade, and wore the appropriate noble clothing. On the cover page of Kapitel 91, he is shown wearing a plain white bathrobe that exposes his bare chest, as well as an ornament that resembles a necklace. The pendants on the necklace bear a resemblance to military ID tags, a form of identification for military personnel. Therefore, the writing shown on the pendants is presumably information on Ayanami himself. As Verloren, Ayanami wore a black cloak with a hood, and always wore the hood up. Personality. As Ayanami (not Verloren), he is very dedicated to his profession as a soldier and to his country, willing to kill and die for what he believes in. Nationalism is his main motive in his actions, and Ayanami holds a lot of respect for those who are willing to make sacrifices for their country. He originally shared Marshal Oak's view that the best way to protect Barsburg from losing its present territories is to exterminate all the wielders of the Eye of Mikhail, so that no one can make use of the powerful Eye to threaten Barsburg. However, over the course of the series, as Teito proves that he is what Ayanami needs but the Empire hinders him, Ayanami has lost all loyalty to the Barsburg empire, and all of his priority over nationalism has vanished and he begins using his position as Chief of Staff and later Field Marshal to search for Verloren's body so he can find Eve. He shows full willingness to commit acts of treason. He does not change his behaviour or go out of his way in order to impress or please his superiors, and the opinions and comments of other people has no affect on him. The only thing Ayanami is shown to be rather sensitive to is when someone mocks his family, as he was shown to be very offended when the Antwort King mockingly referred to him as 'low-born', Ayanami being quite willing to sympathize with his situation until he had said that. Despite how ruthlessly he killed his family, Ayanami seems to hold them at a high regard, as he never called Krom by his name despite being his brother and thus able to do so and always referred to him as the King of Raggs and also acknowledged that Kreuz, being as clever as he is, would certainly leave something behind to Teito. He is quiet and always polite when speaking to colleagues and superiors, rarely showing any facial expressions and always speaking in a monotone. However, when involved with individuals he strongly dislikes, such as Frau or Teito, he is not above speaking to them rudely and always shows sadistic humor. He occasionally displays a dark sense of humour even around his subordinates. Ayanami is very tidy, meticulous and organized, as seen by his tendency to sort his garbage before disposal, and likes to complete his work quickly and to a high standard. He often prefers to work quietly and alone, and dislikes it when anyone distracts him. If someone does distract him during work, or if his subordinates do stupid things (e.g. joking that Ayanami's cap grows on his head) to annoy him, Ayanami is quick to lose his temper and isn't above using violence to discipline them. He values hard work and diligence, both in his subordinates; he commends Teito and Konatsu for their hard work and is displeased at Hyuuga's laziness. He also values loyalty, and expects it in his subordinates. He dislikes defiance, and denial in subordinates. Ayanami doesn't hesitate to kill people who offend him but is more merciful to those who show humility. Despite his cold demeanor, Ayanami is aware of his subordinates' feelings and well-being. Despite trying to keep relationships professional (possibly as a result of Yukikaze's death) Ayanami does show kindness towards his fellow Black Hawks. He will also try his best to protect them from harm, and will risk his own safety to help them if he feels the situation has become too dangerous for them. Ayanami occasionally shows a gentle side to his subordinates, especially Yukikaze in the past, and Kuroyuri and Teito in the present. He is also fair to his subordinates, and does not practice favouritism. Ayanami is an exceptional tactician, and as the Chief of Staff, he has planned many of the military's attacks. He is rarely caught off-guard and shows surprise only when his opponent is stronger than he has thought. He is also very patient, waiting more than ten years until it is the right time to carry out his plan to remove Major-General Ogi. Ayanami can be very cunning and manipulative. Ayanami has great respect for power, as his motto is "Justice without power is vain". He also strongly respects the darkness within people and believes that everyone is strongest when they tap into the darkness within them and openly mocks Teito for not depending on his dark emotions, clearly considering him inferior because of that. Ayanami also has no intrest in women and it is implied that he does not like or agrees to having pictures of him being gentle made to recruit female soldiers, as Hyugga and Katsurugi believes that Ayanami most likely did not let himself be pictured in such a manner and someone who made this modified the picture. This is due to the fact that Eve is the only woman who he loves as Verloren. Due to not needing to sleep or eat, Ayanami never sleeps and instead prefers thinking on his future actions at night and he also rarely eats food, always thinking on the next step to his goals, showing that he values success in his goals foremost. As Verloren. The fact that Ayanami is Verloren's reincarnation has had a considerable impact on his personality. Despite Ayanami being calm and composed, when Verloren is in control of him he appears uncharacteristically eccentric, his behaviour is irrational and he grins maniacally. When ruling Ayanami, Verloren is impulsive in his actions, a trait which is not normally associated with Ayanami. Verloren's crippling insanity also seems to have had an effect on Ayanami, with Hyuuga remarking that Ayanami is often unable to sleep at night because of the nightmares he experiences. Abilities and Attributes. Healing. Being a warsfeil, Ayanami can recover from injuries at an inhuman speed, at the expense of shortening his overall lifespan. An example of his quick healing was shown when he was able to heal a wound on his cheek in a matter of seconds. Zaiphon. Quite possibly the most powerful user of a zaiphon, Ayanami is one of the only two characters who can wield dual Zaiphon. Attacking zaiphon: Ayanami holds exceptional levels of immense power and profiency at using an Attacking Zaiphon, able to perform extremely powerful offensive attacks such as rings that explode upon impact. He is universally acknowledged as the strongest of the Black Hawks and can easily overpower his subordinates, as shown in the Drama CD. He is quite possibly the strongest user of Zaiphon through the whole series. He is shown in all their altercations in the anime to be far superior to Teito, as when he attacked him in Mikage's body, Ayanami's attack quickly overwhelmed Teito's shield and later on in their fight in the Center of the Earth, despite Teito wielding a Baculus to amplify the strength of his Zaiphon and his improvements, Ayanami still proved able to easily dominate him, easily blocking and countering Teito's rage Baculus powered Zaiphon attacks and going as far as to mock him for his inferior power and skill. Even after Teito, empowered by Mikage's words, he still proved unable to defeat Ayanami. He can also put up vastly powerful shields capable of easily blocking attacks from Teito and even managing to block an attack from Mikhail himself as well as turn his zaiphon into several bindings powerful enough to knock off Mikhail from Teito. Ayanami was shown to be strong enough to destroy the barrier that was protecting the city of Antwort with a single attack from his Zaiphon. Forbidden Arts. As a Warsfeil, Ayanami is capable of using black magic and as he is the strongest out of all the Black Hawks, he is also the strongest user of Black Magic. His ability to manipulate Wars is so strong that even while in the Church, his power remains unhampered, as Labrador was shocked at how much power over Wars Ayanami exerted while in the proximity of the Church's barrier. Ayanami is also able to use Wars to protect objects, as shown when he has the Eye of Mikhail protected by Wars. In the anime, he seems to be able to use black magic to teleport himself and others to other realms, as shown when he apported himself and Teito to the Center of the Earth to begin their battle, as well as somehow warp reality and teleport, as he was able to make the exit of the second part of the Bishop Exam to instead send Teito back to the beginning rather than take him out and then teleport himself to him. Verloren's abilities. As Ayanami is the reincarnation of Verloren he has also inherited some of Verloren's abilities too, however he cannot use them at their full strength because he is in a human body. Verloren's Scythe: Ayanami is able to command Verloren's scythe. Control over Kors: As Verloren was the master of the Kors, Ayanami has authority over them and can send them to do his bidding. Mind Manipulation: Ayanami has the power to read the minds of others, as shown when he could tell that Teito thought he was an illusion in the anime. He can also force someone to remember lost memories, which is an extremely painful process, as shown when he attempted to probe Teito's mind to gain knowledge on the Pandora Box, which caused Teito to feel excruciating pain. Power absorption. As the powers of the Seven Ghosts originally belonged to Verloren, Ayanami is able to absorb their powers. After devouring the soul of Vertrag, Ayanami gains the ability to possess souls by making a contract, as seen in Mikage's case. However, in a human body, Verloren can only use the power imperfectly, hence possessing only half of Mikage's soul. But this is enough to allow Ayanami to control a person's movements and what they say. It is currently unknown for how long he can possess a person's soul and if this works on everyone. The Black Hawks, his loyal subordinates, have given half of their souls to Ayanami (07-Ghost official character book), with the sole exception of Konatsu. Ayanami can communicate telepathically with the owner of the soul he holds. He will also receive the same injury if these owners are injured, as seen in episode 19 (when blood comes out from Kuroyuri's mouth, blood also comes out from Ayanami's mouth). However, while Ayanami is injured when one of his subordinates is hurt, his subordinates do not appear to be injured whenever Ayanami himself receives damage. Hand-to-hand combat. While Ayanami is rarely shown to fight without Zaiphon, he is shown to be extremely skilled in hand-to-hand combat and possesses extreme strength, speed, agility, reflexes and acrobatic prowess, capable of effortlessly performing feats that can be considered to be at superhuman levels. While possessing Mikage, Ayanami was able to effortlessly move so fast that he seemed to instantly teleport behind Teito and then instantly pummel him, kicking and then lifting and throwing Teito with a single hand with so much force that he was effectively incatipated and powerless to prevent Ayanami from putting on the collar and later easily dodging an attack from Teito and again appearing in Teito's back and attacking him before he could react, with Teito being awed at how fast Ayanami was, saying that he didin't even see Ayanami move. He later easily fended off Frau in his Zehel form while apparently not fighting seriously considering as he was shown to be smiling while Frau was completely serious. When he fought Teito in the Center of the Earth in his main body in the anime, despite Teito's improvements, he was still shown to be physically no match for Ayanami, who was able to effortlessly jump high through the air to dodge an attack from Teito and then proceeded to calmly and casually dodge all of Teito's rage powered Baculus attacks in mid-air, all the while remaining completely composed and able to not only casually mock Teito but was able to calmly hit Mikage with a blast of his Zaiphon. After grounding Teito, Ayanami was able to fall through several feet while landing without any issue and easily restrain Teito's hand with a single leg, leaving him powerless to do anything to prevent Ayanami from trying to probe his sealed memories. He also could easily restrain and beat Hyugga to a pulp. As the leader and strongest of the Black Hawk, all of whom are shown to be highly capable swordsman, Ayanami is clearly an extremely skillful swordsman, with him being left-handed and able to wield his rapier with masterful ease. The illusion of Ayanami that Teito fought in Episode 23 confidently drew his sword and effortlessly countered all of Teito's attacks and managed to slice his cheek and then stab him almost fatally in the stomach both before he could even attempt to defend himself. Although it is just an illusion, it is safe to assume that Ayanami would be capable of fighting that well, if not even better. The real Ayanami himself has been seen to be able to easily take out many of Raggs soldiers during the war with his sword, although in the manga that was the only display of his sword-fighting skills, until Ayanami managed to use his sword to cut his hand off while leaving Teito completely unharmed to get off his grip. In the end of the anime, Ayanami drew his sword confidently and while using it mostly to power his Zaiphon attacks, he also used it to easily cleanly cut and end the Zaiphon battle between his subordinates and the Bishops. He was also confident that he could defeat Katsurugi despite his own incredible swordsmanship skills and teletransportation granting him speed exceeding Hyugga's. Ayanami also carries a whip at his belt at all times, this often being his weapon of choice, and has been shown to be highly skilled at using it; being able to hit moving targets, and targets at a distance with ease. Ayanami also sometimes hits Hyuuga with his whip when the latter annoys him. Intelligence. One of Ayanami's most notable traits is his incredible intelligence, earning him the nickname 'the Barsburg Empire's number 1 genius'. This, along with how quickly he rose through the ranks of the military reflect his shrewdness and cunning. Ayanami is an exceptional strategist, able to create extremely complex plans and always having a backup plan if things go wrong. He is a master of manipulation, able to use several advantages to effectively force his target to do what he wants. and is able to find and exploit weaknesses in the enemy's defence or attack style, and his plans are well thought out, always having a fall-back plan if things go wrong. Multilingual. After awakening as Verloren, Ayanami can speak at least three languages (the Language of the Gods, the Language of Barsburg and the Language of Raggs).
# Ayanami's Black Panthers Ayanami's black panthers are his favorite pets. There are two of them. They appear in the manga, Supreme Sugar dojinshi, and the anime. Appearance. Being black panthers, they appear as large felines with black fur and long tails. Personality. They are very brave and rather than being afraid of Ayanami, show him affection and respect, calling him "honorable master", and are always happy to see him, standing up, putting their paws on Ayanami's shoulders and licking him affectionately whenever they see him. They are also obedient to him and when with him, sit quietly beside him (anime). History. At some point in time, they became Ayanami's pets and developed a good relationship with him. What will become of them after Ayanami's death is unknown, though it is likely that the remaining Black Hawks will take care of them for Ayanami's sake. Synopsis. Throughout the series, they appear briefly a few times, and are always seen with Ayanami.
Ayanami's Black Panthers
# Ayanami/History Ayanami, born Krowell Raggs, is the primary antagonist in the anime and manga series" 07-Ghost". He is the leader of the infamous Black Hawks, a Warsfeil and a military strategist. He has held the post of the Barsburg Army's Chief of Staff for several years after the Raggs War, and after he drowned Marshal Oak, rose to become Field Marshal. It appears that he is widely known and respected throughout the Barsburg Empire for his accomplishments, despite his relatively young age, usually being greeted with salutes by his inferiors when they see him, but because he is a Wasfeil, many soldiers talk about him negatively behind his back or are afraid of him. He is directly or indirectly responsible for many of the turmoils that Teito has suffered in his life including the death of Mikage and Weldeschtein Krom Raggs, Teito's father. Ayanami seeks the Eye of Mikhail and has been shown to be targeting the Seven Ghosts, particularly Zehel as the scythe that Zehel is wielding actually belongs to Verloren, Ayanami's soul. He is revealed to be the reincarnation of Verloren later in the story, and is trying to regain his original ageless and powerful body (Verloren's Body) by unlocking Pandora's Box. In chapter 90 of the manga, he revealed to Teito that he is in fact Teito's paternal uncle, being the youngest of Teito's paternal grandparents' three sons. Childhood. Early childhood. Ayanami (born as Krowell Raggs) was the youngest of three sons born to Teito's paternal grandparents, the Kingand Queen of the Raggs kingdom, making him the younger brother of Weldeschtein Krom Raggs and Fea Kreuz. Millea Klein told Teito that Krowell was deeply loved by his family, but died due to unknown causes during childhood. However, in Kapitel 98, it is revealed that at the age of fourteen, Ayanami (or Krowell, as he was known at the time) attended Dalia Barsburg's coronation ceremony. When Dalia unsealed the Eye of Raphael, Krowell gained the memories of Verloren and became a Warsfeil. He then killed his mother. Unable to bear the scandal but also unwilling to kill his own son, the King fabricated his execution and exiled him to Barsburg with an aide named Yukikaze. In Barsburg, Krowell changed his name to Ayanami. In Barsburg. Little is known about Ayanami's past in Barsburg. It is possible that during this stage of his life, he acquired various animals, including two black panthers, and began keeping them as pets. Schooling. The pilot chapter Begleiter, created before the series was published, reveals that Ayanami has attended Barsburg Military Academy and Hyuuga was one of his classmates. It is unknown if this has remained the same in the officially published series. It is possible that The Black Hawks were founded during this period of Ayanami's life. As Verloren. Ayanami contains the soul of Verloren, and at some point he recovered his memories of being Verloren. Manga chapter 98 revealed that this occurred when he was fourteen. Raggs War. Ayanami held the rank of Major-General during the Raggs War. Most of Ayanami's actions during the war are currently a mystery, as he did not appear to immediately pursue the escaping Kreuz and Teito like Hyuuga did. It is known that he was the officer who stabbed the King of Raggs, Teito's father, to death and took his necklace. It is also shown that Ayanami killed Fea Kreuz and absorbed his powers, though the circumstances surrounding this have not been shown in detail.  Manga chapter 98 revealed that Ayanami lost his begleiter, Yukikaze, during the Raggs war. Post-Raggs War. It is likely that Ayanami was present at Yukikaze's funeral and burial. It is unknown whether Ayanami was under Miroku's orders before or during the Raggs War, but he appeared to be under Miroku's command after the war. It is possible that Ayanami was promoted to Chief of Staff after the Raggs War. Sometime after the war with Raggs ended, Teito Klein was taken into the care of Miroku Barsburg. Fea Kreuz's Clergy Pass had been recovered from Teito's person, convincing Miroku that Teito was hiding something. Ayanami searched Teito's memories for evidence of the Eye of Mikhail and Pandora's Box, but was unable to find anything as Kreuz had used his powers as Vertrag to seal Teito's memories, something unknown to Ayanami at the time. Ayanami was still wary of Teito's Raggs blood, and proposed Teito be killed before he reaches adulthood, as he "will someday become a menace" to the Barsburg Empire. Miroku disagreed, giving Ayanami Kreuz's pass, which he believed to be connected to the location of Pandora's Box. He and Ayanami plotted to recover Pandora's Box and return it to the Barsburg Church in order to bolster the military's reputation. Barsburg Church Arc. Barsburg military academy. At the series start, Ayanami arrives at the Military Academy by Ribidzile during the Begleiter exam, and enters the observation room along with the other members of the Black Hawks, his subordinates. He had been sent there by Chairman Miroku, who had asked him to observe the future soldiers. When a panicking Shuri begins to bang on the glass, begging someone to help them from the criminal whom they were ordered to kill as a part of the exam, Ayanami was disgusted to the point he says 'how unsightly'. When Teito manages to suppress the criminal but states that he has no need to kill him, Ayanami, clearly unamused and finding Teito's softness to be irritating, intervenes and easily uses his zaiphon to finish the criminal, while calling Teito soft. An assassination attempt. Ayanami later appears in a meeting room with several of the examiners discussing the Eye of Mikhail. He holds the Raggs King's necklace and senses Teito's presence long before Teito bursts into the room with his zaihon ready as the jingling necklace triggered a memory of Ayanami killing his father in the war against Raggs. Before Ayanami reacts, as he has sensed Teito's attack and prepares to counter it, Teito is stopped by Major Hyuuga, who defends Ayanami. Hyuuga points out that Teito is the sklave they found in Raggs, and Ayanami orders him to be locked up for questioning. Upon learning Teito has broken free, Ayanami goes to the balcony, a spots him leaving on a Hawkzile. When Teito takes off, Ayanami casts his zaiphon and attacks Teito, but Teito manages to put up a barrier in time. However Teito's barrier was not strong enough to protect the Hawkzile, and Ayanami's attack sends the object hurtling towards the ground. A meeting with Miroku. Ayanami next appears in a meeting with the other high-ranking officers and admirals. During the course of the meeting the three officers, who dislike Ayanami, attack Ayanami for Teito's escape, saying that he was a candidate for the Eye of Mikhail, and demand he (Ayanami) be punished severely. Miroku defends Ayanami, reassuring the officers that there are many more candidates for the Eye, and that he needs to discuss something important with Ayanami later. Miroku also reveals he considered making Teito Ayanami's begleiter. He is later seen walking out of the meeting room when Miroku approaches him and asks him how the preparations are going, Ayanami replying that he promises that he will retrieve Teito. When Hyuuga asks him what he will do next, Ayanami says he has already made his move. Controlling Mikage's soul. It is revealed that Ayanami had Mikage incarcerated as he believes Mikage was not the hostage he claimed to be. He and Hyuuga demand answers from Mikage on Teito's whereabouts and when that doesn't work, Ayanami then tells Mikage to chose his family or Teito, choose the one he liked and bring it to the military. He also puts the mark of a Kor on him so he is unable to escape. Mikage expresses that he will not abandon Teito, and as a result Ayanami possesses half of Mikage's soul (using the ghost Vertrag's power) and releases him so he can infiltrate the Church. After a short amount of time he spent in the Church, Ayanami possesses Mikage (now a one-winged Kor) and fights and easily dominates Teito. After pinning him down, he puts a promise collar on Teito in order to control him and force him to return to the military. When Teito attempts to cut the Kor wing, but Ayanami tells him that this will result in Mikage's death. Ayanami comments on Teito mentioning that he was the heir to the Raggs kingdom, and says it may be worth to investigate, and Teito tries to comit suicide, but the collar prevents him. Mikahil is released, but he is stopped when Ayanami uses the collar again, and he (Ayanami) is shocked at the sight of Mikhail. The death of Mikage. Before a fight between Mikage and Mikhail can break out, Frau arrives (in his ghost form). Ayanami shows knowledge of the Seven Ghosts, as he recognises Frau as the ghost Zehel, and asks if he will call the others. Ayanami goads Teito into taking revenge against the military by releasing Mikage's soul, and using Frau's scythe to cut the Kor wing himself, killing Mikage's body. As Ayanami loses contact with the Ghosts, his final words to Zehel are to take care of the sythe, as it is fated to return to its true master one day. A plan to recover the Eye. Ayanami is later seen doing paperwork, and is being watched by Hyuuga. Hyuuga comments that Ayanami looks stressed, and offers him the candy apple he had been eating. Ayanami, however, is unimpressed by the gesture, and hits him, telling his subordinate that Teito possesses the Eye of Mikhail. Ayanami is worried that if the Pope got a hold of the Eye of Mikhail, there would be a repeat of the Raggs War, and he tells Hyuuga that they must try to stop this from happening by ensuring the Barsburg Empire is in control of both eyes. He sends a Kor, and Haruse and Kuroyuri to watch over Teito. Bishop's Apprentice Exam Arc. Wars Attacks. After Frau has been arrested, Ayanami is in a meeting with other high-ranking officers about the Antwort War. He disagrees with the generals' war tactics, offending them, and they suggest he take over. Kuroyuri contacts him using telepathy and informs him the mission was a success. Kuroyuri cries to Ayanami about Frau using Verloren's scythe and Ayanami comforts him/her. Admirals, Nabiki and Shiroki, who dislikes Ayanami, take advantage of his distraction and accuses him of not caring and berate him for not paying attention. They taunt Ayanami about Antwort, suggesting he personally fight, and telling him the snow is "just right for a youngster". They expect him to fight with an army of only 1000 soldiers. To spite them, Ayanami agrees, and snidely remarks that he will only need 500 men, which silences them. Infiltration by the Black Hawks. The Black Hawks prepare to travel to Antwort, which Ayanami intended to use as a cover for taking the Eye of Mikhail, and it's revealed that Bastien is a spy sent by Ayanami. Kuroyuri is attacked by Castor and captured using his Ghost strings to ensnare him/her. Castor uses Ayanami's ability to hold half a soul to contact Ayanami. Castor demands answers from Ayanami, and tortures Kuroyuri and Ayanami (as if Kuroyuri receives injury, Ayanami receives it as well). Kuroyuri begs Ayanami to let go of his/her soul so that Ayanami won't be injured by Castor, but Ayanami refuses to leave Kuroyuri and snaps the strings that hold him/her allowing Kuroyuri to escape with Haruse. Capture of the Eye of Mikhail. Ayanami in in one of the Ribidziles when they begin to enter District 7. When one of the pilots reminds Ayanami of the charter preventing military aircraft from entering District 7 territory, Ayanami says to fly straight ahead where they will recover Kuroyuri and Haruse. As the battle takes to the skies, Frau and Teito fly close enough to the Ribidizile for the scythe to react to Ayanami's presence. He then sends Hyuuga after Frau. Haruse restrains Mikhail and gives his soul to recover the Eye, and Ayanami shouts for him to change places so Ayanami would take the blow, but Haruse refuses. Ayanami then orders all personnel to evacuate, anticipating an explosion. However they are unable to flee quickly enough, and the resulting blast destroys two ships. Hyuuga then returns with the Eye, and following an intervention by Labrador, Ayanami leaves with his soldiers. Antwort War Arc. Following the discovery of the Eye in District 7, some generals tell Ayanami not to attack Antwort and to instead go after the Eye, not willing to risk further loss of military personnel in a fruitless battle. Ayanami ignores them, as he already has the Eye, and his reason for going to Antwort is because he wants Pandora's Box. The Black Hawks prepare to enter Antwort's airspace. Ayanami is devising battle tactics, and he asks Konatsu about Haruse's condition, to which Konatsu replies that Haruse appears to be sleeping. Just then, Shuri Oak appears, having been brought aboard by Hyuuga, and loudly complains that the ship is "smaller than Papa's" but "suitable". Shuri introduces himself as Ayanami's begleiter, and when Hyuuga questions Shuri, Shuri says Wakaba Oak, Shuri's father and Ayanami's superior, had told him he had been made Ayanami's begleiter, much to the annoyance and shock of Ayanami who had not been informed of this by Wakaba. Ayanami demands to know who brought the "garbage" on board, something Shuri also demands to know- not realising the 'garbage' is him. Hyuuga raises his hand, and Ayanami responds by immediately pummeling Hyugga as punishment. Start of conflict. Ayanami's ships approach Antwort, where they are spotted by lookouts. The soldiers do nothing, confident that their anti-battleship shield will block any attack and deter them. Ayanami then conjures up an enormous Zaiphon, and fires it at the shield- destroying it in a single blow. Despite the country having advanced defences, they have no means to defend themselves against a Warsfeil. Antwort forces begin to panic- quickly realising they are no longer fighting normal humans, and they fire their cannons at the approaching ships. The attacks do not make contact, as they are blocked by a Zaiphon shield surrounding Ayanami's Ribidziles. Ayanami tells Shuri Oak that his begleiters are expected to fight on the front line. Hyuuga then throws Shuri overboard. He is saved by Konatsu Warren. Storming the castle. Ayanami's fleet lands on the plaza in front of Antwort's Royal Palace- meaning reinforcements from the coast will be unable to travel to and defend the palace in time. The country's men scramble, revealing that Antwort doesn't actually have the capacity to fend off Warsfeil, as their weapons have no effect against their Zaiphon. Kuroyuri uses his/her Wars to kill the remaining guards, and Hyuuga kills the infantry inside the palace. King Antwort's death. While the other Black Hawks take out the guards inside and outside the palace, Ayanami advances on his intended destination: the room where Pandora's Box was kept. He blows the door with his Zaiphon and encounters King Antwort standing in front of Pandora's box. Ayanami reveals he (King Antwort) to be the one who originally stole Pandora's box from the Raggs Kingdom. Ayanami says he can sympathise with the Antwort King's wishes- but the Antwort King is furious with him. He begins to insult Ayanami: calling him a "Barsburg dog" and a "low-born Warsfeil", leading Ayanami to quickly deal him a bloody death. Ayanami then opens Pandora's Box only to discover that the body of Verloren is no longer there, instead, there is a rose which, when he uses his powers on it, reveals one of the Seven Ghosts protecting what looks to be a younger Teito Klein. Aftermath. After Antwort has been conquered, Hyuuga approaches Ayanami with the battle sklaves he caught and handcuffed, and presents them to him as souvenirs. Ayanami unlocks the handcuffs and informs them (Yukinami and Suzunami) that since King Antwort is dead, they are now free- much to Hyuuga's shock. Once released, Suzu excitedly speaks to Hyuuga, praising his ability as a Black Hawk and asking to meet their King. Hyuuga is unable to understand them, but Ayanami, a fluent speaker of the Raggs language tells them that they can join the Black Hawks if they want. Suzunami agrees, and Yukinami turns to Ayanami and asks him if he (Ayanami) is the King. Ayanami remembers a man who told him he was his King, but tells Yukinami he is not a King. Ayanami then reflects that the snow makes him remember his home. Hausen House Arc. Return from Antwort. Ayanami returns from Antwort one week after originally departing and he is called into a meeting by Field Marshal Wakaba Oak. Ayanami informs the officers that Antwort is now under Barburg control and receives high praise from Wakaba. Just then, admiral Ogi interrupts the Field Marshal to attack Ayanami for earlier losing two airships and breaking the charter by entering the 7th District, but Miroku Barsburg speaks up and defends Ayanami. Ayanami, angry that Haruse's soul had been stolen by the Eye of Mikhail, asks for Wakaba's permission to leave Hohburg Fortress and pursue Mikhail's vessel. Wakaba is reluctant at first, on account of Ayanami being a Warsfeil and thus unable to leave Hohburg without permission, but Ayanami then presents him with the Eye of Mikhail he had earlier claimed. Wakaba is very impressed by this, and agrees to Ayanami's request. Ayanami later accompanies the Field Marshal to reunite with his son, Shuri Oak, who has returned from Antwort with the rest of The Black Hawks. Wakaba expresses disappointment that Shuri cannot be Ayanami's begleiter, as he mistakenly believes Yukinami and Suzunami are already his begleiters after seeing them follow him closely. Before leaving, Wakaba places Shuri under the care of Konatsu Warren. As his subordinates are busy doing paperwork back in the Black Hawks' office, Ayanami speaks with Miroku Barsburg in private. Miroku shows faith in Ayanami's ability to awaken Teito's lost memories, and Ayanami asks Miroku why he gave him Fea Kreuz's Clergy Pass. Miroku replies that he thought Kreuz had hidden something in the pass that would awaken Teito, but is disappointed to see it didn't work. Miroku compliments Ayanami's ability in getting the Eye off Teito, something which makes Ayanami smile. Raggs Castle Arc. Now able to pursue the wielder of the Eye, Ayanami has all the ports leading from the Hausen House closed and inspected. However, the officers entrusted with the task failed to seal off the Mountain Road, and Frau and Teito were able to escape through there. One of the officers profusely apologises for their mistake, but the other, older one insists he'd done no wrong and confidently tells Ayanami Teito and Frau would not have gone through there. Ayanami accepts the first officer's apology, and kills the other one, and then sends Yukinami and Suzunami to go and capture Teito. The one-winged Kor. Once he receives news of Teito Klein's whereabouts from Yukinami and Suzunami, Ayanami possesses a soldier from the District, turning him into a One-winged Kor. He confronts Teito and Capella who were wandering the city of Baltos, and Teito attacks him: punching the possessed man in the face and breaking his neck. As the surrounding civilians rush to the man's help, the soldier snaps his neck back into place, and sprouts a single Kor wing. The civilians quickly scatter, and Teito engages his pursuer: attempting to purify him using his Baculus. However, the soldier launches an attack at Capella, and Teito just manages to save him, but is hurt in the process. With his arm now injured, Teito barely escapes as the soldier then destroys a large portion of the bridge they stand on. Teito prepares to attack, but the soldier apprehends him and Ayanami tries to read Teito's sealed memories, hoping to find the location of Pandora's Box. The symbol of Vertrag and a warning: "no person whatsoever is allowed to touch these memories" appears. Ayanami tries to open the seal, but doing this triggers a 'defence mechanism', and the soldier's arm is destroyed by the seal. Ayanami is furious that Vertrag is preventing him from seeing Teito's past, but before the soldier can react, Frau appears behind him and stabs him through the abdomen with his scythe. As the one-winged Kor dies, he bids Teito and Frau a final warning: that the only one who will obtain Pandora's Box is Ayanami. Ayanami stands with Hyuuga, overlooking the Barsburg Church, and expresses his frustration at why Teito is uncorrupted, as normal humans would have "fallen into darkness" under the same cicumstances. Hyuuga asks whether Teito is the real Raggs Prince, and Ayanami tells Hyuuga of the 'black history of the Raggs Kingdom': the birth and death of Wahrheit Tiashe Raggs, who was the child of Krom and a concubine. Hyuuga questions which one, Teito or the dead infant, is the imposter, and Ayanami assures him that the possessor of the Eye of Mikhail is the real Prince. He then informs Hyuuga that Fea Kreuz had sealed Teito's memories to protect the Eye of Mikhail and Pandora's Box, and reveals the he (Ayanami) and Miroku Barsburg had hoped to return Pandora's Box to the Church in order to bolster the military's reputation. As Konatsu Warren arrives to inform them that preparations to enter the church have been made, Hyuuga asks Ayanami what he prays for, and Ayanami answers: "God's demise". Manga Synopsis. Later in the manga, Ayanami seeks to devour Profe, reincarnated in the form of Labrador, in order to gain one of his fragments. However, Verloren's personality takes over when Ayanami becomes angry at Profe's prophecy, and his (Ayanami's) erractic movements allow Castor time to intervene and take the blow meant for Labrador, severing one of his arms and allowing Ayanami to absorb half of Fest's power. However, the attack leaves Ayanami with the same injuries as Castor, and he retreats to heal. Once Ayanami has been fully regenerated, he makes use of Fest's power to tie Haruse's soul to Kuroyuri, keeping Haruse conscious and able to move around. Much later, he engages Teito while Frau and the latter are taking part in the Hawkzile Race, and manages to capture him when he is distracted. Frau attempts to save Teito but is no match for Ayanami, especially with the scythe that follows only Verloren, and Frau is knocked unconscious, falling down a chasm. Ayanami makes Teito his beglieter and brainwashes him with the intention of trying to open the gate to get his fragments back, and in the meantime instructs Teito to become the princess's bodyguard during her birthday ball. The ball is interrupted by the Ghosts, and Ayanami is confronted by Castor. Ayanami destroys Castor's doll arm and wants to devour him, in order to use Fest's power to connect Kuroyuri and Haruse together completely. He stabs Castor in the chest and the scene is cut. It is later revealed that Ayanami tried to devour Castor and Labrador, but was unable to, due to Verloren's powers being limited by his human vessel. Ayanami appears behind Teito after Teito releases the Lv.10 Mikhail's power onto Frau. He denies Teito's request to search for Frau and tells him to report to the laboratory. He muses upon the fact that the only person that can teleport without a trace is Landkarte. In manga chapter 91, Ayanami fights against and easily defeats Ouka. He leaves her lying unconscious on the floor. After a brief absence, Ayanami reappears in Kapitel 96, where he is seen talking to Hyuuga via telepathy, and facing the headless, incompletely revived true body of Verloren at the end of the chapter. In manga chapter 97, Ayanami fights with Teito, who eventually vanishes along with Verloren's scythe. Ayanami then sits in the throne within Verloren's core, indicating that Verloren is about to be fully revived. In Kapitel 98, Ayanami remembers his past and how he became a Warsfeil, how he came to Barsburg Empire, and how Yukikaze died. Ayanami forcefully separates himself from Teito so that Teito won't be devoured by the darkness, and dies because he was impaled by Verloren's Scythe, despite Teito's efforts to save him. After he dies, his soul is finally able to reunite with Eve's spirit. He appears in Kapitel 100 to send Teito off to his new life, after the death of his reincarnation. The two talk about Teito's decision to use his wish to free Ayanami of his duty as Verloren, and are on good terms, as they both seem to respect each other. Ayanami concludes his visit thanking Teito for everything he has done. A reincarnation of Ayanami reappears in the mangakas' second series, "Battle Rabbits", where he is the Emperor of the Moon. He has a group of Battle Rabbits named Genou (玄鷹, which can mean "Black Hawk") and is on very good terms with Teito's reincarnation, even risking his life for his protection. He has a son named Seigetsu, also known as Hijiri, who watches over Kaguya, the son of Teito's reincarnation.
# Ayanami/Relationships Ayanami, born Krowell Raggs, is the primary antagonist in the anime and manga series" 07-Ghost". He is the leader of the infamous Black Hawks, a Warsfeil and a military strategist. He has held the post of the Barsburg Army's Chief of Staff for several years after the Raggs War, and after he drowned Marshal Oak, rose to become Field Marshal. It appears that he is widely known and respected throughout the Barsburg Empire for his accomplishments, despite his relatively young age, usually being greeted with salutes by his inferiors when they see him, but because he is a Wasfeil, many soldiers talk about him negatively behind his back or are afraid of him. He is directly or indirectly responsible for many of the turmoils that Teito has suffered in his life including the death of Mikage and Weldeschtein Krom Raggs, Teito's father. Ayanami seeks the Eye of Mikhail and has been shown to be targeting the Seven Ghosts, particularly Zehel as the scythe that Zehel is wielding actually belongs to Verloren, Ayanami's soul. He is revealed to be the reincarnation of Verloren later in the story, and is trying to regain his original ageless and powerful body (Verloren's Body) by unlocking Pandora's Box. In chapter 90 of the manga, he revealed to Teito that he is in fact Teito's paternal uncle, being the youngest of Teito's paternal grandparents' three sons. Subordinates. Despite his cold demeanor, Ayanami has shown kindness towards his fellow Black Hawks, despite trying to keep relationships professional (possibly as a result of Yukikaze's death). Ayanami was shown to appreciate his subordinates and he brings treats for his subordinates in his own luggage, but brings nothing but work for himself. He will also try his best to protect them from harm, and will risk his own safety to help them if he feels the situation has become too dangerous for them. Hyuuga. Out of all the present Black Hawk members Ayanami interacts with Hyuuga the most. They are both two of the earliest members of the Black Hawks, and they both fought in the Raggs War. This, along with the fact that Hyuuga and Ayanami were classmates at a military school, means they have known each other for around two decades. However, because of their conflicting personalities, Ayanami and Hyuuga are often at odds with each other. Ayanami has been shown to dislike Hyuuga's laziness and familiarity with him, but despite Hyuuga's rebellious side, Ayanami trusts Hyuuga in the sense that he will give Hyuuga an answer when asked why he does something. Hyuuga is the Black Hawk that seems most involved in Ayanami's plans, and Hyuuga is usually the first, or in some cases the only Black Hawk Ayanami reveals certain details to, such as Teito's royal blood, and the death of Marshal Oak. Ayanami also has complete faith that Hyuuga will defend him. He relies on Hyuuga to a certain extent, since sometimes he is not afraid to show weakness to him as he is the other Black Hawks, for example, after he has lost a part of his body in a fight with Castor, he let Hyuuga hold him and carry him to the regeneration tank. In the drama CD, Ayanami somehow softens and lets his guard down when Hyuuga mentions Yukikaze and tries to cheer Ayanami up. Ayanami tries to establish emotional boundaries between himself and Hyuuga, and tries to remind his subordinate that he is his boss. However, Ayanami has addressed Hyuuga as an equal on one occasion. Although Ayanami largely behaves indifferent towards Hyuuga, he has been shown to care for Hyuuga. When Hyuuga has recovered from a serious blow to the chest, Ayanami strikes him with his sword, which Hyuuga dodges, and Ayanami points out that Hyuuga's reactions are slow. Hyuuga then teases Ayanami, saying that he is worried about him, to which an annoyed Ayanami tells Hyuuga to die. Hyuuga is able to get away without punishment for offenses that would have cost other soldiers their lives - using 'tan' to address Ayanami. (However, the pilot chapter Begleiter reveals that actually Ayanami does not like it when Hyuuga addresses him in such a way, so it is possible that Ayanami has tried to punish Hyuuga in the beginning, just that he has given up later, because punishment won't stop Hyuuga from calling him "Aya-tan".) As for why Hyuuga is not killed for that, possible reasons are that Ayanami doesn't want to lose a strong and loyal subordinate or a good friend. Later in the series, Ayanami takes over Hyuuga's body, in order to fight the traitor Katsuragi and spare Hyuuga from having to fight him (Katsuragi). However, eventually, Hyuuga himself fights Katsuragi, and lets himself be devoured by a darkness-eating flower seed Labrador gave him, sacrificing himself to protect Ayanami. Kuroyuri. Ayanami's attitude towards Kuroyuri may be considered pampering. Kuroyuri is able to get away with many things that others would have been punished for, as they can blatantly sleep in meetings without being punished by Ayanami at all, a possible reason being that Ayanami understands that Kuroyuri is tired since they have given half of their soul to Ayanami (in the manga, Haruse has mentioned that after Ayanami has used Kuroyuri's body, they will feel very tired). Ayanami can be seen as a father figure to Kuroyuri, as he has comforted them when they get upset over things, e.g. when they sees Frau using Verloren's scythe and cries. Another example is when Haruse's soul is taken, Kuroyuri contemplates suicide till Ayanami berated them, telling them to live, if not for him then for Haruse. Kuroyuri is devoted and loyal to Ayanami, and also imagines Ayanami to be something of a Prince to them, as seen in a side story in the manga that when Haruse talks about a prince, Kuroyuri asks him "How can I kiss Ayanami-sama?". Konatsu. Ayanami and Konatsu interact very little as Konatsu follows Ayanami's orders without question, giving Ayanami no reason to address him further. However it's shown in the Drama CD that Ayanami approves of Konatsu's hard-working attitude, saying to Hyuuga that Konatsu is 'such an excellent and cherishable Begleiter'. As Konatsu was born without the powers of Warsfeil, he may be the only Black Hawk who has not given half of his soul to Ayanami. Ayanami has also defended Konatsu from Hyuuga's 'abuse' in one instance, when Hyuuga says that Konatsu should comply with his wishes simply because he's his begleiter. Ayanami refutes this, stating that only a superior who treats his subordinates with respect is worthy of such a privilege, and that Hyuuga isn't worthy of asking such a thing. Haruse. Ayanami and Haruse talk little as Haruse follows Ayanami's orders without question. However, it is likely that Ayanami approves of Haruse, as seen in a chapter in the manga that Ayanami refers to Haruse as "my important subordinate". Ayanami was shown to value his subordinate's life, as during Haruse's battle against Mikhail, Ayanami demanded he (Haruse) switch places with him (Ayanami), which would endanger Ayanami. Even after Haruse has become a vegetable and cannot fight in battles, he is still found in Ayanami's aircraft when they go to Antwort for mission, and Ayanami asks an officer about Haruse's state, and restoring Haruse's soul was Ayanami's main motivation for attacking Castor. In the official doujinshi "Supreme Sugar", Ayanami is reading all his subordinates' Christmas wishes, and he approves of only Haruse's wish. Shuri Oak. Wakaba Oak forced Shuri onto Ayanami before they went to Antwort for war, possibly hoping Ayanami might be able to turn Shuri into a better soldier. Ayanami strongly dislikes Shuri, and was very annoyed upon hearing that Shuri was his new Begleiter, as Shuri is loud, arrogant and causes trouble when he begins to panic meaning Ayanami is forced to 'baby-sit' him rather than treat him like a subordinate. Another reason why Ayanami does not want Shuri in his care is that he distrusts his father, Marshal Oak. Suzunami. Ayanami was one of the reasons why Suzunami wanted to join the Black Hawks, because he had heard about the Black Hawks and their leader, liked how powerful Ayanami was, and wanted to know the secret of his strength. In the omake Begleiter, Suzunami also appears to be jealous of Ayanami, as he feels Yukinami admires Ayanami more than him, going far enough to sabotage Yukinami's notebook, replacing the photos his brother has of Ayanami with photos of himself. Katsuragi. At first it appears that Ayanami distrusts Katsuragi, as he brings all the Black Hawks with him except Katsuragi for a secret mission, and Katsuragi works for Ogi as a spy, but later it is revealed that "Katsuragi" is a loyal subordinate to Ayanami (to the extent that he did a facial surgery in order to take the place of the real Katsuragi who has died) and for more than ten years he has pretended to work for Ogi to wait for an appropriate time to remove him. Katsuragi was revealed to be Landkarte, and is thus a traitor to Ayanami and the other Black Hawks. Ayanami no longer likes or trusts Katsuragi as a result. Begleiters. Ayanami appears to have high expectations of his Begleiters, having them perform to a high degree and work hard. Ayanami also mentions to Shuri Oak that he expects his Begleiter to fight on the front line, hinting that his Begleiters must be skilled fighters. Ayanami tends to treat his begleiters with the same aloofness that he treats his other subordinates with. However, for all his distant behavior with them, Ayanami is also kind towards his Begleiters and compliments them when he feels they deserve it. Ayanami also believes in treating his begleiters with respect, if he feels they have earned it for complying with his wishes. Yukinami. In the pilot chapter "Begleiter" , Yukinami appears as a cadet in the military that was selected to be Ayanami's Begleiter . At first Yukinami is shy and fearful when around Ayanami due to his reputation of sacking cadet Begleiters . Ayanami ( being evil as usual ) is cold towards him and strict when dealing with him , thinking him a nuisance and said to Hyuuga that Yukinami was useless. However, at the end of the omake , Ayanami expresses that he actually approves of Yukinami's performance, and they become closer, Hyuuga saying Ayanami 'found another marriage partner'. Another four-panel omake from Supreme Sugar 1 shows that Ayanami is Yukinami's role model, as he has Ayanami's photos in his notebook. Yukinami is shown to like and admire his superior, even going even as far as risking his own life to protect him when the inmate (Prisoner D-431) takes out a bomb and attempts to kill Ayanami . He idolises Ayanami so much that Suzunami get jealous and gets rid of the photos of Ayanami in Yukinami's notebook, and replaces them with photos of himself.   In the finalized series, Yukinami's loyalty to Ayanami remains, but he appears to be somewhat less willing to attack Teito on Ayanami's orders than his twin brother Suzunami. Yukikaze. Yukikaze was Ayanami's original (and presumably the first) Begleiter. According to the pilot chapter "Begleiter", Yukikaze died defending Ayanami.  In the "Begleiter" chapter, Hyuuga said that Ayanami and Yukikaze were very close, bordering on marriage, and that Yukikaze cared a great deal for Ayanami, as he "served Aya-tan without a second thought for his own life". In the first 07-Ghost drama CD "The Love Letter which God Receives", Ayanami visits Yikikaze's grave and shows a gentle side that he doesn't show to other Black Hawks. It's possible that Ayanami may not have been so expressionless before Yukikaze's death. Hyuuga said in the drama "Yukikaze is smiling, saying Aya-tan is a superior who is so stubborn that it's slightly embarrassing". So, it appears that Yukikaze was indulgent of Ayanami. It seems that Ayanami still cannot forgive himself for failing to protect Yukikaze, as even though Yukikaze has been dead for more than ten years, Ayanami has been rejecting anyone who applies for that position. He still doesn't want to develop a close relationship with another Begleiter until Yukinami become his Begleiter. Ayanami has said that "I have asked my heart countless times but the answer never come ... is it really a bliss for you to have met me?"  So, it seems that Ayanami somehow wishes that Yukikaze had never met him (as Yukikaze may still be alive if he hadn't met him, and he wouldn't have left his family and motherland to follow Ayanami to Barsburg when the latter was exiled). Presumably, Ayanami might have harbored romantic feelings for Yukikaze, judging from the way he phrases his meetings with Yukikaze. Ayanami has also said that Yukikaze is "the only Begleiter I have loved", and that he loved when it was just the two of them. Yukikaze's death took its toll on Ayanami emotionally and physically (as Ayanami said in the drama that he felt his time had stopped since Yukikaze left him and Ayanami's desire to keep the Black Hawks close to him). When Hyuuga said "He (Yukikaze) isn't the only one who cares about you," Ayanami warned Hyuuga by pointing his sword at him. In Kapitel 98 , it is revealed that Yukikaze was Ayanami's servant and friend even during the latter's childhood, when Ayanami was still a Raggs prince. It's unknown if Yukikaze knows that Ayanami is Verloren's reincarnation . Superiors. Miroku Barsburg. Ayanami was shown with Miroku during the Raggs War, suggesting that he has been Ayanami's superior for at least 10 years. The two of them share a common goal, and Miroku initially entrusts Ayanami with several highly clandestine missions. Ayanami is always polite and respectful when speaking to Miroku; always using honorific language ("Miroku-sama") to address him. This respect is genuine, as Ayanami still uses respectful language even when thinking to himself or otherwise not in Miroku's presence. He is grateful towards Miroku. Ayanami initially thought very highly of Miroku, as when Miroku complimented him it was enough to make Ayanami smile brightly- something he does very rarely. As they both operate outside military regulations, there is a mutual comradeship between the two; where both parties are aware the other is breaking rules- yet do not inform higher authorities and have them arrested, or use it against them. Ayanami did have a deep trust of Miroku, as he followed his orders without questioning his motives. After Ayanami discovered Miroku had been withholding information from him, his thoughts on Miroku changed. Ayanami was annoyed that Miroku did not trust him. He grew suspicious of Miroku's motives, and did not trust him completely. He has seemingly abandoned any loyalty to him, as he said that the only reason he continues to work for Miroku is because he still has uses for him. Following Wakaba's death, Miroku was convinced he was Ayanami's next target, but as of manga chapter 98, Ayanami has died, and it remains unknown if he truly intended to kill Miroku. Wolfram Eifeler Barsburg. Ayanami and the Barsburg emperor have not been shown directly interacting. At first, Ayanami was loyal to the Barsburg empire and therefore Wolfram as he is Ayanami's highest superior and ruler of the Empire, but over time, lost all loyalty to him. Wakaba Oak. On the surface, Ayanami appeared to respect the field marshal, as he talked with him politely. However, when Ayanami is with his close subordinates, he shows complete lack of respect, as he had no qualms referring to Wakaba as "Oak" with absolutely no respect for his status. He regarded the field marshal as an obstacle due to how he would likely just simply kill Teito, who was unknown to him Ayanami's nephew and the Pandora Box, which he needs to regain his immortal body, and ruthlessly used the half of Fest's powers he had managed to devour earlier in the series to kill Wakaba. Later, he made use of Wakaba's death to enter the Oak House, a God House, and find Relikt. Enemies. Mikhail. So far, Mikhail and Verloren have had little direct interaction, but it is probable that Mikhail knows Verloren, as Mikhail is a heavenly being who has lived for very long, and obviously knows about Verloren's scythe and the existence of the Seven Ghosts. In Kapitel 68 , it is proved that Mikhail knows Verloren, as the angel spoke with the previous generation of Seven Ghosts about Verloren and Pandora's Box. It is probable that Mikhail hates Verloren for causing Mikhail's beloved master , Teito physically and emotionally suffer in his (Verloren's) current reincarnation, Ayanami, and it is equally likely that Verloren hates the angel in return, as Mikhail seals Pandora's Box, Verloren's true body, through the Eye of Mikhail, and is allied with the Seven Ghosts, whom Verloren resents as they are 'just his replicas'. Ayanami refers to Mikhail as 'an unmanageable person' and 'that angel'.  During the military's attempts to brainwash the archangel in Kapitel 79 , Ayanami successfully managed to brainwash after Ayanami reveals that Teito is wired to a machine that releases brainwaves that making Teito freaks out and feels uncomfortable . However, both Mikhail and Teito eventually managed to overcome the brainwashing when the sight of Frau resulted in the return of Teito's memories.  Mikhail may have been one of the inhabitants of Heaven whom the Chief of Heaven spoke to about Verloren's defect in Kapitel 89. It is likely that Mikhail has known Verloren for a very long time, both of them being gods.  Raphael. As Raphael seals Verloren's memories through the Eye of Raphael and, like Mikhail, is allied with the Seven Ghosts, it is likely that Ayanami hates Raphael as much as he hates the Ghosts, and Ayanami has injured Raphael's beloved master, Ouka. As Verloren, Ayanami has probably known Raphael for a very long time, both of them being gods. Roseamanelle Ouka Barsburg (OR-0007). Ayanami does not care about Ouka nor does he respect her despite Ouka technically being his superior, as he coldly told her that she cannot win against him because she is a replica and ruthlessly threw her into a wall with such force that several cracks formed in the wall from the impact, but left her alive still, implying that he did not dislike her enough to kill her, although this was likely out of some remnants of his loyalty to the Empire, as Ouka is the future Empress, but would not hesitate to use violence against her. King Antwort. King Antwort resents Ayanami, insulting him by the names of a "Barsburg dog" and "low-born Warsfeil". Ayanami seems to not return the resentment, as he tried to get him to hand over Pandora Box willingly, implying that he would spare him if he did. However, when King Antwort insulted Ayanami's family, it was the last straw and Ayanami brutally and ruthlessly killed him. With people from Verloren's past. Verloren himself. Despite the fact that Ayanami is the current reincarnation of Verloren, Verloren does not seem to be very concerned about Ayanami's wishes and well-being. When Verloren is controlling Ayanami, Ayanami behaves more impulsively than usual, such as when he attacked Profe/Labrador in a fit of rage, something Ayanami would never have done in his right mind. Hyuuga has also mentioned that Ayanami is unable to sleep at night due to the effect of Verloren's insanity on Ayanami's mind. Eve. Ayanami, as the current reincarnation of Verloren, retains his love for her and wants to find Eve above all else after regaining his memories as Verloren, and shows no interest in any other woman. He is far more than willing to commit treason towards his empire despite his initial nationalism, showing his attachment to her far exceeds his loyalty to Barsburg Empire. Eventually, it was his final meeting with Eve that allowed Ayanami to finally ascend to Heaven. Frau. Ayanami hates Frau for being a "replica", being an obstacle towards his ultimate goal of regaining his body, and wielding Verloren's scythe.  Frau was aware Ayanami was Verloren before the series begun, as he hoped that ""he" hadn't awoken". Frau is in possession of Verloren's scythe which annoys Ayanami and the Black Hawks. Ayanami, in turn tells Frau to use it wisely as it is destined to return to him one day.  In one drama CD, set after the final episode of the anime, Ayanami scathingly calls Frau a "fool" and a "peasant," and steals one of Frau's lines which he was scripted to say, much to Frau's irritation. It is worth noting that both Frau and Ayanami are possessive and protective of Teito (though for rather different reasons). This could be another reason for their rivalry and mutual hatred. Chief of Heaven. Ayanami retains the hatred Verloren gained for the Chief when the latter accused him of killing Eve and sent the Seven Ghosts to punish him. In episode 19, Ayanami smiled at Castor mockingly, saying "There is no God in this world". Ayanami has also said that he prays for the "death of God". Despite this, however, he was grateful when the Chief pardoned him and let him ascend to Heaven and seems to have lost his hatred after such an uncharacteristically forgiving act. Profe. As compared to his attitude towards Frau/Zehel and Castor/Fest, Ayanami/Verloren seems to like Labrador/Profe somewhat more, calling him 'beautiful Profe', and retreating after an attack in an attempt to capture Teito and bring him back to the military instead of harming Labrador/Profe (episode 20). In Kapitel 46 , it is shown that Ayanami/Verloren did not hesitate to attack Labrador/Profe when the latter prophesied that he (Verloren) would not be able to hold Eve in his arms again, suggesting that though Verloren may be biased in favour of Profe, this bias is still limited. As with the other Ghosts, Ayanami/Verloren wants to devour Profe so that he (Ayanami/Verloren) can regain all of his original powers. Raggs Family. Ayanami makes very little, if any, mention of his affiliation with the Raggs family until Kapitel 90. Despite the fact that he doesn't mention his Raggs bloodline to anyone and his ruthlessness towards them, Ayanami nevertheless does seem to harbor some care for them, becoming offended when others insult them. When King Antwort calls Ayanami a "Barsburg dog," Ayanami barely reacts to the insult. However, when King Antwort calls Ayanami a 'low-born Warsfeil', Ayanami was angered enough that he attacks and decapitates him. He is the younger sibling of Weldeschtein Krom Raggs and Fea Kreuz, making him Teito's biological uncle. According to Millea Klein, one of his sisters-in-law and Teito's mother, Ayanami was deeply loved by his family, but died of unknown causes during childhood (though it turns out that Millea was mistaken or given the wrong information, and Ayanami actually fled to Barsburg to escape execution for being a Warsfeil). Teito Klein. Teito and Ayanami have a rather complicated relationship, having a strong mutual dislike, yet also occasionally demonstrating mutual respect and genuine concern for each other's well-being. In Kapitel 90 , it's revealed that Ayanami is Teito's uncle by blood . A brief flashback show Krom and Tiashe with the portrait of the deceased Raggs king (top left) with his wife and sons ( Krom , Kruez , Krowell ) . Millea Klein confirmed that Krom had at least two sbilings ( Kreuz and Krowell ) . Krowell was deeply loved by his siblings , but died when he was young . Teito don't believed that there is a ridiculous story for Ayanami to be within his precious family . Ayanami initially considered Teito an obstacle to obtaining Pandora's Box. After Teito's perceived theft of the Eye of Mikhail, Ayanami saw it as a challenge to the Barsburg Empire, and sought to kill him himself. Ayanami is always the superior out of the two of them whenever they fight and true to being Teito's nemesis, has done many things to make him suffer. In all those altercations, he seems to reveal a desire to have Teito give in to the darkness, as he always mocks his lack of dependence on his dark emotions. He is frustrated by his lack of success in corrupting Teito. However, during Teito's time in the Black Hawks, Ayanami shows kindness to Teito several times, and demonstrates concern for his (Teito's) health. Ayanami also openly considers him to be the his most hard-working subordinate and it should be noted that rather than simply subtly returning the Eye to Teito and having him open Pandora's Box and then have him killed, Ayanami instead chose to keep Teito alive longer by killing Wakaba Oak, an act that was uncharacteristic enough that even Kal noted the potential of Ayanami being strongly attached to his nephew and willing to kill anyone who tries to harms him. Near the end of the series, Ayanami uncharacteristically refused Teito's desperate offer of help and sacrificed himself to keep Teito safe, and Teito said that although he still found it hard to forgive Ayanami, he didn't want Ayanami to die because they are family. As Verloren , he appears to like Teito or at least doesn't dislike him enough to want to hurt him . In Kapitel 94 , Teito notes that even though Pandora's Box was opened and Verloren has captured him , Verloren wasn't targeting or attack him . Teito remembered that it was the same way when he first became the Pandora's Box : Verloren hadn't tried to attacked or tried to hurt him either In the anime, Ayanami seems to have little to no personal resentment towards Teito but resents his softness and Teito hates Ayanami much more than in the manga. However, in their final battle, Ayanami has shown that he wishes to corrupt and recruit Teito, as when he confronted him, he said that he had a far more suitable job than a Bishop for him. He also taunts him to give in to his darkness, implying that not only does Ayanami want the information on Pandora's Box, he also desires to have him at his side, likely as he acknowledged that while Teito is no match for him, he is nevertheless very formidable and should he give in to the darkness, he will be even more fierce. It has been implied that Ayanami kept tabs on Teito to see his improvement and value whether he is worth of being his soldier or not, as he himself openly said that he knew how much Teito had changed and orchestrated their whole fight to see whether he is worthy of being his soldier or not. Interestingly, despite their mutual animosity in the series, they seem to be somewhat friendlier towards each other in bonus material e.g. omakes and some of the drama CDs. Ayanami even once claimed that they cannot live without each other in the drama CD track "Escape". Weldeschtein Krom Raggs. According to Millea Klein , Krowell was deeply loved by his siblings, but died during childhood. It is as yet unknown why Krowell/Ayanami betrayed his family and killed his brothers. Despite his ruthlessness towards Krom, Ayanami seems to respect his brother , as he constantly refers to him as the King of Raggs , and never once called him by his name until his final battle with Teito. However, Ayanami also resents his brother's immediate fondness for strangers, as shown in Kapitel 97, where Ayanami calls him a hypocrite for such a trait. Fea Kreuz. Fea Kreuz was Ayanami's second older brother. However, while Kreuz was said to be loving towards him, Ayanami had no qualms killing and devouring him to gain his power. However, Ayanami nevertheless holds his brother's intelligence and way of dealing with things in a high regard, as he knew that Kreuz would not die without leaving something behind, implying he knows his brother well enough. He grew to resent him due to his protection of Teito as he was enraged when he realized Kreuz protected Teito's memories about Pandora's Box, making it so that no one could view them. Vanessa Antwort. Ayanami knows of Vanessa, as he once talked to her father, and has mentioned her to Hyuuga. Although it was never outright revealed, it was quite likely that Ayanami, who values loyalty above all else, held nothing but disgust and spite for her actions of betraying his brother, along with having killed her father. Others. Pets. Ayanami appears to have a great affinity for animals, as he has many pets. Despite the fact that he hasn't been shown harming any of his pets, most of them are afraid of him: his fish become startled and catatonic with fear and float belly-up at the top of their tank; his rabbits huddle together in fear instead of eating; his iguana hides from him; his flamingo hides in a corner of its cage; and his python hides up on top of a large tree branch to keep away from him. Black Panthers. Ayanami's black panthers appear in the Supreme Sugar dojinshi and the official manga, as well as the anime, as Ayanami's pets. Ayanami and his panthers have a mutual affection for each other. Unlike all his other pets, who cower with fear at Ayanami's presence, Ayanami's black panthers are very affectionate towards him whenever he comes to feed them, jumping up at him and licking his face. In return, Ayanami enjoys bringing his panthers with him on missions, and they are also seen once on his Ribidzile in the manga and anime. Kor. Ayanami, as Verloren's reincarnation, is able to control the Kor to do his bidding. It's implied that he uses the Kor to spy on the happenings in the church, showing that he can use them to gather information. The Kor often appear disguised in the form of hawks with sharp talons and beaks to make them more inconspicuous. Before his fall from grace, Verloren was often shown spending time with the Kor in Heaven. The Kor have been shown to respect him, referring to him as 'Verloren-sama'. Warsfeil. The Warsfeil know that Ayanami is the reincarnation of their master, Verloren. Thus, like the Kor, they respect him, and also call him 'Verloren-sama'.
# Ayanami/Trivia Ayanami, born Krowell Raggs, is the primary antagonist in the anime and manga series" 07-Ghost". He is the leader of the infamous Black Hawks, a Warsfeil and a military strategist. He has held the post of the Barsburg Army's Chief of Staff for several years after the Raggs War, and after he drowned Marshal Oak, rose to become Field Marshal. It appears that he is widely known and respected throughout the Barsburg Empire for his accomplishments, despite his relatively young age, usually being greeted with salutes by his inferiors when they see him, but because he is a Wasfeil, many soldiers talk about him negatively behind his back or are afraid of him. He is directly or indirectly responsible for many of the turmoils that Teito has suffered in his life including the deaths of Mikage Celestine, Teito's best friend, and Weldeschtein Krom Raggs, Teito's father. Ayanami seeks the Eye of Mikhail and has been shown to be targeting the Seven Ghosts, particularly Zehel as the scythe that Zehel is wielding actually belongs to Verloren, Ayanami's soul. He is revealed to be the reincarnation of Verloren later in the story, and is trying to regain his original ageless and powerful body (Verloren's Body) by unlocking Pandora's Box. In chapter 90 of the manga, he revealed to Teito that he is in fact Teito's paternal uncle, being the youngest of Teito's paternal grandparents' three sons. Etymology. In Japanese, "aya nami" means "twilled/cross wave". It is also the name of a famous Japanese destroyer, a battleship that was one of the most powerful destroyers in the world when introduced. In German, "verloren" means "lost", "forsaken", "irrecoverable" or "goner". His former name, "kuroveru" (katakana) may be derived from Japanese and other languages. In Japanese, "kuro" means "black", "guilty"; "beru" ("v" is pronounced as "b" in Japanese) means "bell", but if German pronunciation is considered (in German, "w" is pronounced as "v"), then "veru" can also be "weru", which means "well", "hole" in Japanese. "Veru" is also a declension form of "vera", and its associated meaning in Latin are "being", "stay", "spring" and "true". Early 07-Ghost. Ayanami's first appearance was in the pilot chapter Seven Ghosts. The earliest version of Ayanami had a sharper face, shorter hair and the shape of his peaked-cap was different, though this could be due to the art style evolving between the creation of Seven Ghosts and Begleiter, and not a change in his design. His uniform was also different. It looked like the modern cadet uniform: there was no half mantle; the decoration was less elaborate; and the trenchcoat did not reach the floor. Ayanami's past of killing the Raggs king, as seen in Seven Ghosts, is incorporated into the finished storyline. However, his involvement with Mikage is added later as in Seven Ghosts, Ayanami did not possess him, and wasn't the one who killed him. Ayanami appears in the Begleiter chapter, this time much closer in appearance to the one in the finalised series, his appearance his almost identical to the final design (his hair was made wavier) and it uses the final design for the Basrburg uniform. The story involves Ayanami taking a Begleiter named Yukinami, but being reluctant to accept him because of his past with Yukikaze, his begleiter who died protecting him. Ayanami later accepts Yukinami after the later risks his life for Ayanami despite Ayanami not wishing him to do so. The idea of Yukinami being Ayanami's begleiter is dropped from the final storyline, but his connection with Yukikaze is later included in the finish series. Differences in the manga and anime. Ayanami's rank during the Raggs War. As the field marshal and the chief of staff are the highest-ranking officers in a fleet, some special military insignia are worn by them alone, such as the epaulet. During the Raggs War, Ayanami was wearing an epaulet (a flashback of Tiashe in the anime). So, he should have been holding the position of chief of staff at the time according to the anime. However, in manga chapter 76, he was not seen wearing an epaulet, so, according to the manga, he should not be the chief of staff during the Raggs War. In the same chapter, Landkarte refers to Ayanami as "major general", showing he held this rank during the Raggs War.
# Baculus A Baculus (also known as a Bascule) is a staff that can convert dark beings. It is one of the many objects that a person can use to manipulate, enhance and channel their Zaiphon, thereby allowing for more powerful and complex attacks. There are many types of baculus, starting from the novice and leading up to the baculuses used by experienced Bishops. Unlike military weapons, which are mass-produced, baculuses are made by a craftsman specialising in them, who comes to the Church once a year. Appearance. Generally, a baculus appears as a large, metal cross, decorated with crescents and other ornaments such as rings and metal spikes. The baculus has the words of an ancient language (the same writing that appears when a Zaiphon is used) carved into the metal on the hilt, and grip. Despite its size, it is light enough for a young boy to wield with ease. They come in many different sizes, with larger baculuses usually being for more experienced wielders. Acquiring a Baculus. Most people acquire their first Baculus when they train for the Bishop's Apprentice Exam at the Barsburg Church. It is unknown if there are other places where Baculuses can be obtained. Using a Baculus. Many of the Bishops in the Church use a baculus to channel their Zaiphon, which makes the attack more potent and accurate. It is a requirement to be able to use a baculus properly to pass the Bishop exam. Due to the fact that each baculus is unique, it can be difficult to use and requires the wielder to become accustomed to their weapon. In order to properly channel their Zaiphon for the attack, the user needs to match their Zaiphon to the wavelength of the Baculus. If the wavelength is not matched then the attack will fail. Each baculus has a Zaiphon limit. Different baculus have different limits. Exceeding the limit will break the baculus (like blowing a fuse in a light bulb). It requires a calm mind and strong, consistent willpower, so endurance and stamina are key to mastering it. Being skilled with a Zaiphon does not necessarily mean the person will be skilled with a baculus. The Baculus allows those with an attacking or manipulation Zaiphon to use their Zaiphon to catch and nulify a Kor, which they could not do normally. Those who have a healing Zaiphon cannot directly attack a Kor but can use it to limit the movement of a Kor, which will make it easier to remove from a person's body. However, even with a Baculus, a person is still incapable of undoing wishes of a Kor that have already been granted. Forbidden arts. The Baculus was originally designed to be an instrument that could manipulate light and dark alike. There is a forbidden form of art that had been passed down the generations from ancient times of the Church, and at some point this was forbidden and made punishable by death. When the scriptures used for incantation are uttered backwards the Baculus is able to evoke a Wars using the souls of others. However, due to humans being the natural prey of Wars, this form of magic is extremely dangerous. Usage carries the risk of the Wars turning on the user, and the human may become contaminated and devoured themselves. When a Baculus has been touched by a Warsfeil or a Wars it turns jet black.
# Baltos Baltos is a small city on the relay to the 6th District's port. It is located to the far north-west of District 6, and can be accessed travelling through the Mountain Road. Culture. It appears to make most of its money through tourists as seen by its involvement in dancing and shows, as well as having a large market place selling a variety of items. The city appears to be quite shady, having many taverns and is a favourite haunt of ladies of the night. The city appears to be very poor, as seen with the many beggars there as well as the poor state many of the buildings are in. Description. Baltos is a relatively small city. Particularly near the outskirts of the city, the buildings mostly consist of plain, large yet tightly packed flats housing many people- with many thin alleyways and small bridges connecting the buildings. The houses there are made of large blocks of stone, with small windows and small, Victorian balconies. Washing lines also hang between buildings in the alleyways. In the centre is a large open area that is commonly used for dancing when the town has festivals or parades. Plaza: The plaza is a large open area fenced with large trees and old-fashioned street lights, where couples go to dance on festival nights. Flags are strung from the trees and posts to decorate the area and in the centre of the plaza is some sort of large, stone tower protected with a small wall running round it. Market place: The market place takes up a considerable section of Baltos. The walls of narrow alleyways are lined with stalls and portable marquees where people display and sell their goods.
# Baptism Ceremony The Baptism ceremony is made up of a select group of seven bishops, and Archbishop Jio. It is a ceremony where the willing receive the sacred sign on their forehead. It only happens within the Barsburg Church once every year, and is mainly performed on children who are younger than 15 years old so they will not be violated by the Kor. The ceremony is considered a very important event as all selected Bishops are expected to attend, with those absent having to have very good reasons. Purpose. The purpose of the Baptism is to help those who have received it fight against the temptation of a Kor by purifying their souls, and, as with a normal baptism, it is done with holy water being applied to the person's forehead. However, a strange claw-like device is used to do so. It appears that those who have been baptised are completely protected against Kor, as in the manga a man said the One-winged Kor Soldier became a Kor because he had not received God's protection. However, those whose souls are already tainted, by actions like murder, will still be unprotected even after baptism, though this rule may not apply to those with beautiful souls, such as Teito and Ouka. Relation to real-world Christianity. The method and technique of baptism used, pouring as opposed to submersion or immersion, are most closely related to Lutheranism, a branch of western Christianity. The beliefs shown in-universe, that the baptism will help protect against temptation are also shared by Lutherans.
Baptism Ceremony
# Barenhalt Teito Klein
Barenhalt Teito Klein
# Barm Barm is a minor character who first appeared in Kapitel 71. Etymology. There is a type of cake called barm cake.  His name could also be an ironic reference to the British slang term 'barmy' which is used to refer to a crazy person; Barm is the calmest and most level-headed member of his group. Appearance. Physical appearance. He appears as a middle-aged man with a lean and muscular build, who is missing a few teeth. His hair is short, spiky and light-coloured. Clothing. Barm wears bandages over one of his eyes, presumably due to injury. He also wears a dark, sleeveless top with a fur collar, as well as long pants. Personality. Despite his rough-looking appearance, he has been shown to be friendly and understanding, as he did not pressure Frau to say who he (Frau) is, and made an effort to make Frau feel welcome. He also seems to be the most composed member of his group-he was able to retain his composure when Frau suddenly sat up, whereas Ryuu and Moz panicked. He copes well under pressure and sometimes acts as a mediator for his more unstable companions. Manga synopsis. Barm and three other District 24 residents found Frau's body after Frau barely escaped with his life after the events of the previous chapter. They discovered that Frau does not have a pulse, and assuming that Frau is dead, attempted to give him a burial. However, Frau awakened just then, and after recovering from their initial fright, they get some water for Frau and tell Frau where he is. Barm introduces himself and the other three. Later, Ryuu attempts to attack Frau when he (Ryuu) mistakenly thinks that Frau intends to harm Ryuu's sister Nene. Barm restrains Ryuu and apologises to Frau, explaining that Nene is Ryuu's only family. Barm briefly reappears in Kapitel 93, where he is seen staring in shock at the destruction of Hohburg Fortress caused by Verloren's revival.
# Barsburg Armed Forces The Barsburg Armed Forces encompasses the army, the navy and the air force of the Barsburg Empire. Its base is located at Hohburg Fortress. Members of the Barsburg Armed Forces have been seen acting as soldiers, as well as everyday law enforcers such as police officers, in every continent of the Empire. They play a crucial role in the storyline of the 07-Ghost series, being responsible for many of the events that have damaged the main characters emotionally (e.g. the case of Teito Klein, Ouka) or physically (e.g. the case of Weldeschtein Krom Raggs, Mikage). Barsburg's military force is seen as the strongest and most advanced one in 07-Ghost, as it was able to conquer more than half the world in the series. Despite its intended purpose, (or its purpose on the surface) to defend and act in the best interests of the Empire, many of those in the higher positions have been shown to be corrupt (e.g. using the military's finances to pay for their dinner, manga chapter 8), taking advantage of their positions in the army to get the Eyes for their personal wish (e.g. Ayanami), or giving the masses false information so as to conceal the military's real actions (e.g. Wakaba Oak), as well as violent (e.g. Ayanami killed a soldier for disobeying him). Many of the characters serving in the army also serve as the antagonists in the 07-Ghost series, such as the case of Ayanami (used to be the Chief of Staff of the Army), Chairman Miroku (the former field marshal and the current Chairman of the Army) and Wakaba Oak (the field marshal since the Raggs War until his death in manga chapter 74), who have all participated in the Raggs War. History. Origin. It is virtually unknown what date the Imperial Army was founded and by whom, but it is definite it was many decades before the Raggs War, as by then the military already boasted advanced equipment and trained soldiers. During the War with Raggs. The Imperial Army of Barsburg played an enormous role in the Raggs War, being their opponents, and the ones responsible for Raggs's destruction and the cleansing of the Raggs bloodline. The Imperial Army were deployed by the King of Barsburg soon after the War was declared; their heavily armed ground troops attacking the Black Beast Squadron from the ground, and their Ribidziles levelling buildings from the skies. Due to the far more advanced equipment and weaponry (including the use of the Ribidzile), greater numbers and the element of surprise, Raggs proved an easy target for the Imperial Army. Post Raggs War. After Raggs, the Imperial Armed Forces continued to expand its Empire over the course of 10 years and was powerful enough to conquer more continents before the series began. The Sky Pirate Subjugation. During this 10 year gap the Imperial Amy waged War on the Sky Pirates in their bid to control the skies, and this resulted in the number of Sky Pirates dwindling. Recent History. Antwort War. After Barsburg conquered Raggs, she started to search for the other Eye not only in the territories that had belonged to Raggs, but also the allies of Raggs (hence invading them). Antwort was one of the allies of Raggs. The daughter of King Antwort, Princess Vanessa Antwort, married King Weldeschtein Krom Raggs, and she became the queen of Raggs (manga chapter 68). When war broke out between Barsburg and Raggs more than ten years ago, Antwort seceded from the alliance (manga chapter 26). The earliest mention of the conflict with Antwort was during one of the military meetings, where the Barsburg officers discussed how Antwort was amassing its army. Eventually, the then Chief of Staff Ayanami was sent to Antwort, and Barsburg took Antwort within a week, thereafter taking it as part of the Barsburg Empire. Structure. Army (陸軍" Rikugun"). The Barsburg Army is comprised mostly of foot soldiers, this army being undoubtedly the most powerful in the 07-Ghost universe. Air force (空軍 "Kungun"). Named characters from the air force have not appeared so far, but it is presumed that Barsburg must have an air force, as in Tiashe's memories (manga) it is shown that large aircrafts have been used to bombard Raggs during the Raggs War. Navy (海軍 Kaigun). Information unknown, but because Barsburg has a long marine border, it is presumed that she must have a navy. Duties. Border control. The border control are the guards stationed at each border of the Districts. Their job is to monitor who enters and exits the Districts, possibly to prevent wanted criminals escaping the Empire (as the first Drama CD suggests). If faced with someone trying to cross the border illegally, they have no qualms about open firing. Uniform. The standard uniform consists of a black, or dark blue, ankle-length overcoat with golden trimmings on the chest, sleeve cuffs and neck guard. They wear black trousers, knee-length, black, buckled boots, and white gloves. They also wear plain white shirts under their overcoats, and have a small half mantle hanging off the left shoulder emblazoned with the Barsburg military insignia and a golden shoulder board on the right. Ability and Weaponry. Admission. Trained since teenagers, the Imperial Army's impressive war record has been due to the combination of effective soldiers and advanced equipment. The army makes use of military boarding schools such as the Barsburg Military Academy to train potential soldiers to a notably high standard, where students are required to pass a final test in combat in order to graduate from student to cadet begleiter. Those with a Zaiphon are trained to release sudden bursts of energy so they can eliminate opponents in the shortest time possible. Criteria. Soldiers-to-be are required to keep a cool head during all situations and are required to work well in groups seen during the final exam as those who panic and/or abandon their comrades are (normally) disqualified and refused entry into the army until improvement. The exam is notably difficult to ensure only the best succeed, with a pass rate of 1 in 25. Once the candidate has proven themselves to be an effective combatant, they begin the cadet Begleiter stage where they must prove themselves responsible, punctual and good at following orders, with those who fail the criteria being forced to repeat the exam. Weaponry. The Military displays advanced equipment such as holograms, radars, regeneration tanks, large containment chambers, etc. A research team is responsible for providing most of the information or technology related to the Eye of Raphael. It is yet unknown whether only some parts of the research department (e.g. where the regeneration tanks are placed) need security access or the whole department is restricted to only some people (e.g. the researchers, Miroku). But it seems that even the army's field marshal cannot enter (at least) a part of the area if he has no pass (manga chapter 62). This research team also seems to be responsible for supporting Barsburg's nation-wide campaign of replacing the traditional fuel, like oil and gas, with zaiphon.
Barsburg Armed Forces
# Barsburg Bible The Barsburg Bible is the holy book of the religion of the 07-Ghost series. There are 77 volumes of the Barsburg Bible, and the volumes contain 7700 scriptures. Candidates for the Bishop's Apprentice Exam are required to memorise the scriptures, 100 of which will appear in the written portion of the exam. These are some of the known verses recited by some of the characters in the universe. This is the scripture Bastien used as a reverse incantation to perform a forbidden form of Arts thereby evoking Black Magic. Teito most likely uses the verses from the Bible with his Baculus in his battle against Wars.
Barsburg Bible

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Fandom23K is a dataset composed of 15,616,749 articles scraped from approximately 23,665 Fandom.com wikis between March 14 and March 18, 2023. It is a subset of the upcoming BigKnow2022 dataset.

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This dataset is primarily intended for unsupervised training of text generation models; however, it may be useful for other purposes.

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Fandom23K provides an up-to-date corpus containing pop culture and media information spanning a variety of interests and hobbies. Previous datasets containing such information are either part of a large and harder-to-handle whole, such as Common Crawl, do not provide enough variety, or are simply outdated.

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First, a list of active Fandom wikis was gathered into a text file. Active is defined as "having at least 250 images on the wiki." This list was gathered in early January 2023, despite the actual wiki content being more recent.

Second, the scrape_fandom.py script was used to generate and download an up to date dump for each of the wikis.

Third, wikiextractor was used to process these dumps into single XML files containing each article stripped of all formatting besides links.

Fourth, dump2jsonl was used to convert the XML files into JSONL files with an article per line. Light markdown formatting was applied, converting the HTML links to markdown-formatted links, and automatically making the article's title a header.

Finally, the JSONL files were concatenated into the Fandom23K dataset. The version uploaded to this repository, however, is split into multiple files, numbered 00 through 04 inclusive.

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The contributors of each wiki.


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Wiki names and article titles were collected alongside the article text. Other than that automated process, no annotation was performed.

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This dataset is intended to be useful for anyone who wishes to train a model to generate "more entertaining" content requiring knowledge of popular culture or a particular niche.

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This dataset contains text from random Internet users and generally should not be used as an authoritative source of information. Additionally, this dataset was not filtered at all. We recommmend its usage for research purposes only.

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This dataset is based on a list of active wikis from January 2023, even though the actual wiki content may be more recent. Additionally, smaller yet still active wikis may have been excluded.

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Ronsor Labs

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CC-BY-SA 3.0, except for any portions which state otherwise.

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  title         = {BigKnow2022: Bringing Language Models Up to Speed},
  author        = {Ronsor},
  year          = {2023},
  howpublished  = {\url{https://github.com/RyokoAI/BigKnow2022}},


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