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[ { "author": "Cid", "is_bot": false, "message": "# What.\n\n**As he sat down, he heard the question crystal clear. He would be hella confused at this point, but remained the face expression which looked normal. **\n\n`\"Why? I swear if you spit in my mouth...\"`\n\n**Cid opened his mouth, he was ready for anything. His mind was ALERTED for all conscequences. He revealed his sharp fangs and teeth as he opened his mouth, not wide, but a bit. It was wide enough for his tongue to be noticed.**\n\n`\"What now?\"`\n\n**Cid asked in a curious tone, he was ready for anything, but lustful things. Maybe it was a test to show his sign of trust and friendship? He didn't know since he was loyal to his friends, even though he is an asshole.**" }, { "author": "catgamer2.0", "is_bot": false, "message": "I feel like this is the definition of “if I swapped to the opposite gender, Id let the homies hit” 😭" }, { "author": "1darx", "is_bot": false, "message": "LMAO\n\nFRRR" }, { "author": "Angel", "is_bot": false, "message": "*she giggled as she shifted herself now sitting on his lap.. slowly walking her left hand up Cid's body until she reached his lips and jawline holding it seductively leaning in close.. her evil crimson eyes shone brightly as she slid her thumb into his mouth and hooked her fingers under his jaw*\n\n\"Oo look at those fangs! They look so dull ehehe... Hmmm your insides look amazing! So red and wet! Buttttt.....\"\n\n*There was something off about her, maybe it was her way of flirting? Who knows ... However within a fraction of a second she'd ripped off his Wang.\n\nWhilst holding her hand on his jaw she pulled his jaw out of its socket followed practically unzipping his neck with his jaw as she shoved her right arm into what used to be his mouth and down his throat... He was essentially fed his own manhood, finally Angel pulled her arm towards her whilst she held his shoulder.....*\n\n***RIIIIIPPPPP... GLAAAASHHHH SHHHHLLLLPPP.....!!!***\n\n*She had ripped his entire sternum and digestive system out of his body in a disgusting showcase of brutality, all his organs could still be seen functioning even the ones that had been ripped from his chest...\n\nShe clutched his beating heart in her hands as she squeezed it until it popped spraying blood over her twisted face...*\n\n\"I think you'd look better like this, you're much more open now^^ ehehe\"\n\n*Again it took a couple of seconds for Cid's body to respond filling him with enough pain to instantly kill anyone or send them straight into shock...*\n\n{Reactions}" }, { "author": "requiem6696", "is_bot": false, "message": "Can he make a grilled cheese with it?//" }, { "author": "requiem6696", "is_bot": false, "message": "You make me wanna fuck a grilled cheese//" }, { "author": "Cid", "is_bot": false, "message": "# Awareness\n\n**While Cid had his mouth open, he would feel the seduction coming from her, suddenly he got his weiner ripped out along with his heart and had his dick handed to his mouth. This was truly disgusting...**\n\n`\"You done playing with that body?\"`\n\n**Said Cid who was behind her... but how? Well, it's quite simple... After images. Since he had flash step, he was capable of creating an after image which looked realistic enough to trick an eye. But this is Angel we are talking about so we both know she saw that coming.**\n\n`\"Tell me something, are you sure you want to go into adulthood?\"`\n\n**He said while Cid proceeded to pin her down on the ground gently, he was on top. Cid is not trying to attack her. He looked at her, his lips were close to hers, as if they were about to kiss any moment.**\n\n`\"You know, I don't break easy... right?~\"`\n\n**Cid licked his lips, looking at her eyes lustfully, not attacking her, but being really flirty.**" }, { "author": "Angel", "is_bot": false, "message": "*she started giggling as she looked up at him, her eyes burning with murderous intent as he held her down weakly.. she wasn't concerned in the slightest in fact this act seemed to make her even happier for whatever reason*\n\n\"Are you sure you wanna be that close to me? I never mentioned how I get my energy, you only assumed it was through eating things ehehe ohh how wrong you are... All I have to do is latch onto your body and I can suck you dry and then eat the carbon that's left afterwards!\n\nI mean sure it doesn't have much of a taste but that's fine^^ you did say you wanted to die earlier didn't you? Something about a cursed quirk that won't let you die? Ehe but if you think about it you need energy to regenerate so if that goes.... You're dead :D.\"\n\n*She was psychotic in her way of thinking but not wrong... She was smarter than she let on... She truly was inhuman in more ways than one.\n\nHer next train of thought and speech would send a shiver down Cid's spine even if it wasn't visible*\n\n\"All I have to do is recreate a body tissue like yours and then.. ehehe I can transfer your life force to meeeee ehehe Soo if you want I can try that now, I'd be happy to give you a slow and painless death if you want...\"" }, { "author": "Cid", "is_bot": false, "message": "# Surprise!\n\n**Cid looked at her, his eyes full on fire and passion as he began to smile as well, slowly devoting himself to insanity. Turns out she is not the only crazy person in this room. There are things Angel didn't know about Cid and he sure as hell would not back down.**\n\n`\"Oh? You think that can scare me? Do not worry, you can keep on sucking my energy as long as you want. It does not run on the blood I consume, my quirk has a lot of abilities ^^, if you want too, let's just see how all of this works out shall we not? Besides, I do not think anyone, including you can handle me~ or can you?~\"`\n\n**It could've been noticed that Cid was slowly opening up. As he also became more psychotic along with her. This would only make things...** ***Fun.*** **He was also teasing her at this point. Cid was confident in his abilities and full on aware of what he could do.**\n\n`\"You want me to be inside you that badly?\"`\n\n**Cid replied to her when she said she was going to transfer his life into hers. He was truly a dirty, lewd man when it came to things like this. He leaned it much closer, looking at her in her eyes. Even though Angel tried to scare Cid with her speech, it would not work since it only turned him on...**" }, { "author": "1darx", "is_bot": false, "message": "She just gonna suck all of his energy out mid sex?" }, { "author": "sp1d3r_.62", "is_bot": false, "message": "I was pinged?? 💀//" }, { "author": "1darx", "is_bot": false, "message": "Why💀" }, { "author": "sp1d3r_.62", "is_bot": false, "message": "idk o.o//" }, { "author": "1darx", "is_bot": false, "message": "Wdym" }, { "author": "1darx", "is_bot": false, "message": "And now his wang is most likely touching her💀💀\n\nBoth are crazy people, god knows what they might do in situations\n\nShit, Cid might even get up and leave he is just random like that\n\n💀💀" }, { "author": "Angel", "is_bot": false, "message": "*she giggled more .. eventually her laughter turned into hysterical laughter, moments later her body seemingly vanished before his eyes in flecks of what looked like golden light...\n\nShe reformed a few metres away from him doing a hand stand still giggling*\n\n\"You're fun! Although I'd never actually be with someone **like you** because I'm way too much for you ehehe plus I like respectable people over egotistical weirdos like you :D.\n\nI mean sure I have an ego toooo but I like to be silly and just have fun\"\n\n*She started to walk around on her hands before flipping over into a forward roll now standing up*\n\n\"HAY!! TUDDAAA!!\"\n\n*..she?.. he?.. it?? Whatever Angel was it was strange, however as time passed she looked like she was getting bored as she yawned a little*\n\n\"Sooo are you supposed to do anything else or do you just eat stuff and get strong for 5 minutes? Because that's kinda lame, you're only strong because you take from others.. if you didn't have a chance to eat anyone you'd be screwed! Ehe oooooo can you breathe in space? Wait that's a dumb question of course you can't but imagine if you could :0 you could float around all you like!.. you know after I fling you into another galaxy and all that^^ I hope that's okiii with youuuu\"" }, { "author": "Cid", "is_bot": false, "message": "# Bro.🧍‍♂️\n\n**As he moved his face closer to hers, Cid watched as she disappeared from his sight, instantly looking up at where she appeared. He looked at her doing a weird handstand and was hella confused. He sat down and watched her perform.**\n\n`\"You say claim I am egotistical yet you said you would be too much for--- Actually nevermind. What else can you perform?\"`\n\n**Cid laughed after she finished doing handstands. Shortly after clapping, giving her applause. She surely would make a good circus clown, that is what Cid thought to himself. He leaned back, leaning against a nearby wall and watching him...her...they? Whatever they were perform.**\n\n`\"I am pretty sure if any human being didn't eat they would die-- Nevermind, you surely sound stupid. Besides I don't take anything for anyone, I do what others do and it is to eat people. About the galaxy fling thing... I can't breathe in space, I once jumped to the moon and jumped back down the earth (Saitama ref), but I seemed to be completely fine for whatever reason.\"`\n\n**Cid noticed that her personality changed along with her form, he would take a mental note of that. Although Cid was also insane, he only went insane after using his quirk, but sometimes it happened randomly due to his severe psychosis.**\n\n`\"Ah and about the thing I promised you... You seemed to be angry about me ever meeting her, so I guess I can't set you guys up on a date sadly. But what else do you want me to do in return, I promised, didn't I?\"`\n\n**Despite Cid being a complete asshole, he still stuck to his words just like a man. I guess there was really a hope in him, huh... Or maybe it was somebody's (Kurai's) doing that made him go a bit soft on people, otherwise he would've attacked Angel by now.**" }, { "author": "Angel", "is_bot": false, "message": "\"...I may be a complete nut case but I still have people I love... Which are the two girls I mentioned so yea just leave them alone ok? And if you do anything to them even so much as touch them I'll know ^^ because we have a sort of bond, like that twin bond thing.\"\n\n*She sat down and pointed at his chest*\n\n\"I gotta ask, do you have a weak point? I mean I'm sure you do but do you know of it yourself? Maybe the more intense of the attack the longer it takes your body to recover?\"\n\n*She looked around a little before she stood back up and walked over to him, she got onto her knees and looked into his eyes.. she really was cute and somehow very kind at the same time*\n\n\"Look I like you because we're kinda ... No no we aren't nevermind but anyway you have some good qualities like your promises\"" }, { "author": "Cid", "is_bot": false, "message": "# Weak spot\n\n**Cid sighed, he really didn't feel like talking about the girls he had fucked in the past, neither will he fuck anyone else in the future, or that is what he thought in the moment. He watched as she pointed at his chest.**\n\n`\"I don't. I tried everything, every possible thing on me. There is nothing my curse wont be able to regenerate or heal from, that is why I never break easy or anything.\"`\n\n**Cid was not lying, he has tried all sorts of pain and inflicted all of it on himself to see how much it countered his quirk. None of it worked. There were times when he genuenly wanted to die and kill himself, but due to his curse of a quirk, he wouldn't. That is why he is looking for death, because he thinks he will be freed.**\n\n`\"Listen man... I'm really not in the mood to toy around, but if you want to kill me, do as you wish, if you want to kill my son as well, do that too. I simply don't care, I might even do things that might piss people off so everyone is going to try and kill me. 13 years ago when me and Kristof caused mass genocide to countries, all sorts of heroes were on our asses, Kristof outscaled them and I was basically killing everyone in a single shot. There is a reason why I gave in to the police as well, I was looking for a death sentence.\"`\n\n**Everything Cid is saying was true to its very last core. As much as manipulative he is, he learned that he could somewhat trust this person in front of him, even though he had jsut met her. He would look at her eyes, while his eyes were lifeless.**" }, { "author": "1darx", "is_bot": false, "message": "You gotta rewrite it" }, { "author": "Angel", "is_bot": false, "message": "\"hm.. interesting 🤔 I mean that's kinddda lame but fair I guess?\n\nSo basically you're saying I have full permission to kill you?^^ ehehe I mean you're a friend and all but you said you wanna die so I could help with that!! Believe me anything is possible when I'm around ehehe\"\n\n*She smiled at him as she placed a hand on his shoulder, it was calm at first before she dug her fingers into his shoulder crushing the bone*\n\n\"I have to ask... Out of all the places we meet don't you think it's a little bit too much of a coincidence that I just happened to be walking along the Harbour? Particularly here In Fukuoka? I was looking for you and honestly you're sloppy at concealing your steps!\"\n\n*She'd let go a moment later as she licked her finger thinking about something as if she had a plan in mind to kill him*\n\n\"You know I have an idea that would most likely kill you.. it might take a little bit of time but you will die^^ wanna hear it?\"" }, { "author": "Cid", "is_bot": false, "message": "# Dissolve\n\n**Cid looked at her, he already knew her quirk and capabilities in general. He had deducted it a long time ago. He sighed looking at her claws which dug deep into his shoulder.**\n\n`\"Dissolving me into atoms wont work either, I can flash-step, meaning I dissolve all the time. I tried that as well sadly it didn't work. I also had someone to cancel my quirk and kill me that way, but the blood I have drank still gave me the ability to regenerate.\"`\n\n**He would smile at her, genuenly being happy over the fact that she was trying to help her friend. He took a look at her smile and sharp teeth before walking up to her and hugging her, sharing his love towards her, she would feel it reach her heart hopefully, she would feel that deep down there is still hope in this man and the fact that he is genuine towards her would help both build trust.**\n\n`\"Thanks for trying to help me... I really am. Hey, what if you joined my organization? It's called slaughterhouse 9. Don't worry, we really don't have a boss it's more like of an organization that helps you do illegal things, we would love to have you on the board. And you would help your friend out a lot.\"`\n\n**Cid asking her to join the organization would actually mean something to Cid. He never intended to invite anybody or reqruit anyone, Angel was truly special to Cid now.**" }, { "author": "1darx", "is_bot": false, "message": "Brodi rizzed Cid instead💀💀" } ]
[ { "author": "am8887", "is_bot": false, "message": "kill me" }, { "author": "1darx", "is_bot": false, "message": "LMAOO/" }, { "author": "am8887", "is_bot": false, "message": "# DO YOU SPEAK ENGLISH?" }, { "author": "1darx", "is_bot": false, "message": "# Cho?//" }, { "author": "am8887", "is_bot": false, "message": "# DWA" }, { "author": "1darx", "is_bot": false, "message": "//it's dwa*" }, { "author": "am8887", "is_bot": false, "message": "mb" }, { "author": "1darx", "is_bot": false, "message": "//dwo is how it's written and dva is how it's pronounced and it means two in Russian." }, { "author": "Kurai", "is_bot": false, "message": "```\n\nA new bit of the story unlocked.\n\n```\n\n*Today was like most days, well. Not really, this day somewhat had an impact. It was around 3 years since the death of her husband and daughter, still being stuck in a state of delusion wishing they were alive. Wishing they were still here. She wasn't sure what to do, just going through her daily tasks trying to survive. Trying to make it through.*\n\n*Though... there was something special about today in senses. Something that made her more delusional than normal in senses. Was it the fact that today was 14th anniversary of her and her husbands first meeting in this very book shop. While he may no longer be the one who worked and owned it, it still felt like home to her.*\n\n*The way the books smelt, the way everything was on this occasion, the way that the book shop still looked the same after all these years. She wondered if she'd still be able to find the same very book he helped her find all those years ago. She doubted it. Unfortunately. Unlike all those years ago she was currently in a state of not being all smiles and laughs, being someone who was enjoying what she was doing. No, she wasn't nervous or embarrassed either like the first time she met her husband. Instead she was more in a blank state. Humming the tune she used to sing for her daughter to help her sleep at home as all she could think about was the two of them. She genuinely believed they were still here in senses. No matter how much she had moments snapping back into reality, how she cried for them. How deep down she knew she held both of their dead bodies. They were alive to her. Right? Yes. They had to be. Her daughters room still smelt as it did before, all the things were the same. How old would her daughter be now? 8 years old? Oh her poor girl.*" }, { "author": "Cid", "is_bot": false, "message": "# So it begins.\n\n**Years have passed... And the Satan spawn has been released from the jail due to his past crime he has committed. He walked into the shop, a blonde haired man, with blue eyes just like the ocean, wore classical clothing and he kept on walking, suddenly he saw a woman and instantly in his eyes, he began deducting her. Due to his knowledge about psychology and how to read human body language/Nature, he knew exactly what was going on with her. Her eyes seemed really disoriented, like she had no spark, he was quickly to deduct that she was above 30+ age, he also deducted that she had lost a husband (by her breasts.), her eyes told him a lot about herself and knowing that she was already ruined, he decided to ruin her even more. His facial expression from being an evil satanic spawn, changed into an angelic and nice face. He slowly approached the woman in front of her and reached out a book she was looking for (he had also deducted the book she was searching for.).**\n\n`\"Uhm, Sorry, Angel... I accidentally dropped a book, might this be yours?\"`\n\n**He had bent down and gave her a book which she was searching for, exactly the one. His facial expression was nothing, but angelic, beautiful, gorgeous and really really same just like her husband. His beautiful ocean eyes, shining through her dead, spark-less one. He had already deducted most of the things about her and he was ON the hunt.**" }, { "author": "Kurai", "is_bot": false, "message": "*The library was something that helped her be calmer in a sense. Looking among the shelves she had a feeling she was being watched already. She always did end up being able to detect when she was being watched. It was probably a paranoia type thing more than anything really. But it still was enough to make it so she was always aware. Though, at this moment she tried to ignore it. Trying to find the book as she wondered internally `The book should be here somewhere...` she wasn't so certain though, just looking around as she instantly side eyed towards the sound of someone approaching.*\n\n*Who was this man? She wondered, how could she not? Looking towards this man with eyes that gained a simular feeling she couldn't explain. The nickname Angel? .... it must be a coincidence right? That nickname. That name. Something she used to be called once, but not by him. Not by some stranger. Or was he a stranger? What if she forgot who he was and that was a whole thing. Oh god. Right, okay.*\n\n*She ended up looking towards the book, a plain expression she had turning into one of instant recognition. She knew this book, she knew this too well. That was the book from all those years ago, maybe not the exact copy obviously. She kept that. But it was the same book.*\n\n**\"... yes. Yes it is, thank you.\"**\n\n*She mouthed, the words being heard in a pone that neither was threatening or all that happy. She seemed surprised, in a slightly peasant sense. But it was unknown in reality if that was the true case of it. Just moving to hold the book within her hands. Looking towards it and then towards those blue eyes. She decided to ask the reasonable question with this situation.*\n\n**\"... who... are you?\"**" }, { "author": "Cid", "is_bot": false, "message": "# Manipulation.\n\n**There it was, he finally gotten her trapped, in his beauty, in his charm. He also noticed the micro-expression on Kurai's face as he looked at her, still holding onto the book and gently letting it go and gently holding onto her hand, looking like an angel in her eyes, shining through as if she was having flashbacks. His hair was blonde, but his image really gave off an illusion as if it was her husband... dead husband. Being asked a question of who he was, it puzzled him, but not for long, he had regained his mental balance and instantly began deducting, looking for a correct answer to her question, not too puzzling, but not too confusing either. He had just found correct words.**\n\n`\"Don't you... remember me?\"`\n\n**He had changed his tone to match her dead husbands, he had also verified that her husband was dead after looking at few of her body language change and her micro-expressions, she was really getting emotional and was mentally fragile. He knew her weak spots already, the Satan's spawn, acting like an angel sent from heaven. He had got her attention, but he also had lust in his head, nothing, but dirtiness and absolute insanity. She wanted to feel affection, hear the voice and see... See her husband once more, but this bastard knew everything beforehand.**" }, { "author": "Kurai", "is_bot": false, "message": "*The touch of his hand on hers made her graze turn towards it. An odd feeling in sense after not having had any contact like that for 3 years. Mainly because the only contact she really had with people was when things were violent related. Oh how her husband definitely wouldn't have enjoyed that fact. He always was someone who was rather moral, supportive of what was once her dream to be a hero. But very moral in some senses. But that was besides the point of this moment. Stepping back in part and moving her hands away just to block off that bit of contact she knew if it lasted any longer she probably would've ended up doing something stupid. She instead looked him in the eyes. While hers were cold, broken in a sense. His looked different. Part of her wanted to look into his eyes for awhile longer, just to see the light that appeared to be within them.*\n\n*When the question of if she remembers him slipped out her mouth she didn't have much of a reaction at first. Though she started to think about it, trying to think of where she recognised this man. Where he was from within her memories. She couldn't remember. She couldn't remember at all. Why was her memory like this? Why was it so faulty. It needed to stop. It needed to stop. She needed to remember more. She needed to remember more of it all.*\n\n**\"Ah... it— seems I don't sorry. My memory has been a bit faulty\"**\n\n*She explained. Genuinely feeling bad in some parts for not remembering him as she felt as if she was supposed to now. Why did that tone seem so familiar? She hated that she couldn't put her finger on it. She couldn't be rude to this person either, not when they were being friendly with her. She ended up holding the book actually rather closer to herself. Well, not really. It was a case that she held it more at a close distance that also allowed her thumb to trail the front cover. Just thinking back in part about the first time she read it. She was so different back then. More.. hopeful.*" }, { "author": "1darx", "is_bot": false, "message": "//I can finish this off really quick or fuck with her even more 😭" }, { "author": "1darx", "is_bot": false, "message": "//THIS FUCKING ASSHOLE I HATE HIM" }, { "author": "Cid", "is_bot": false, "message": "# Reality warping\n\n**That was it, the reality was in his hands now. Since he knew that she had severe memory loss and now... It was his moment to place checkmate on the board, he smiled like a real DEMON from the inside, he had her by her neck, she was on the ropes, there was nothing left for her anymore. To absolutely destroy her mental state, his smiley face changed from happy to really sad. His expression showed that it looked like someone had stabbed his heart and ripped it out... Tears began rolling down on his eyes while he grabbed his chest.**\n\n`\"It has happened... You really don't remember me? It's me, Cid... Your husband... My worst fears came true, your memory loss kicked in again...\"`\n\n**There it was, he had placed the checkmate. He had completely changed the reality in her head, made her believe that he was her husband and he had pain in his voice, showing clearly how much he cared about her (He didn't give one shit about her at all.) Cid got closer to her and held her hand and kissed her lip. Shortly after letting her go.**\n\n`\"Do you remember me now? And if not... Can you remember your name and last name?\"`\n\n**Cid was well aware that he didn't know her name and he had to made her say her name to know her true identity, if that plan backfired then he will have to deduct or pull something that might have required him to use his quirk, but he wouldn't want to do that for now, since he didn't know what quirk her dead husband possessed...**" }, { "author": "1darx", "is_bot": false, "message": "//I FUCKING HATE HIMMMM\n\n//ASSHOLE BITCH" }, { "author": "1darx", "is_bot": false, "message": "//FRRRRR" }, { "author": "1darx", "is_bot": false, "message": "//okie okie" }, { "author": "1darx", "is_bot": false, "message": "//okie!!\n\n//IM SO HYPEEDDD" }, { "author": "Kurai", "is_bot": false, "message": "*No. No. This was wrong. This wasn't right. He wasn't him. He wasn't her husband. She knew the name of her husband. She knew it too well. She spoke to him at times, pretended he was still there. He couldn't be him. He couldn't be Mori. No matter the similarities in their eyes, their appearances were too different. He wasn't her husband. No matter the pain he displayed he couldn't be him.*\n\n**\"What are you talking about??\"**\n\n*She genuinely pondered, looking absolutely horried towards him now. She may be having some struggles with her memory but not enough to mix of the name of her dead husband,.... right? Right? She remembered Mori. Obviously she did. How could she not? So who was this man. She couldn't believe it when he held her hand and kissed her. She ended up pushing him back a bit, forgetting her own strength and tearing up in the eyes as she reached towards her own lips. Looking at him as if he just did something disgusting and devastating at once. She didn't look happy at all, instead she looked as if she was about to cry. Tears threatening to escape as she stepped back a bit more.*\n\n**\"Of course I remember my name. Who do you think you are??\"**\n\n*There was some hostility in her voice, yet she wasn't too loud to end up causing a scene. She just looked modified in senses. She had no idea who this man was and why he was claiming to be her husband. She knew her husbands name, she visited his grave on rare occasions. Rare in the sense that she only had a rare few moments she woke up from her delusions, or just, woke up after an episode, forgetting all of what she did but ending up waking up laid atop of her husbands grave with the name craved in. Not just his name though. Her daughters name being there as well. Since the two shared a grave.*" }, { "author": "1darx", "is_bot": false, "message": "Good night!//" }, { "author": "Cid", "is_bot": false, "message": "# Quirk\n\n**Cid has had it, suddenly he already knew her name as well as her whole backstory, Cid knew everything in fact, he knew when they died, how they died and what time they died, devilishly Cid was smiling nonstop, he was about to ruin this woman's entire life and gaslight her into believing that it was him, his husband. He began crying in front of her while holding his heart tightly as if someone had actually hurt him.**\n\n`\"Kurai...My dear... My angel... I can't believe this had happened, your amnesia kicked in again...\"`\n\n**Well how did Cid know all about this... About a woman she was talking to? Well, Cid managed to create an afterimage of himself and quickly faster than the eye could even blink or notice it, he found documents of her and came back in split milliseconds, unlike other villains, this guy was the devil. He knew the desires of her and he was not going to hold back. Grabbing her hand once more and looking her in her eyes... In her beautiful eyes while he started to reassure her that it was Cid who was his husband, making her believe she wasn't crazy.**\n\n`\"Please, stop joking... If this is a prank, stop it...\"`\n\n**He had copied the whole personality of her dead husband, he was kind and caring now, his voice tone matched his dead husbands and he was a complete copy version of him, this was enough to cause her to question herself and the reality she currently lived in, high chance of her shutting down and giving in to the reality created by a man in front of her.**" }, { "author": "1darx", "is_bot": false, "message": "//I aint gonna ping ya cuz i know ur gonna reply whenever u can uwu" } ]
[ { "author": "Kurai", "is_bot": false, "message": "*Even with the self doubt of if her memory was screwing up, even with the fact she kept photos of her husband and daughter within her house at all times, constantly having spoke to them in senses. She didn't think this man looked anything like her husband, the only thing the two had in common was their blue eyes. This wasn't him. She knew that for certain after he called her 'Kurai', that wasn't her original name. She had a different name before the death of her husband and daughter. If it truly was her husband he wouldn't be aware of the name 'Kurai' for her. She looked at him in disgust in a sense. Realising she didn't even know who this man was.*\n\n**\"You're not my husband. Who do you think you are?? If you were him you wouldn't be calling me that.\"**\n\n*She stated, anger in her tone. Her emotions were easily able to change in senss, one moment she's concerned. The next shes furious. She clenched her fist as she cracked her knuckles. She was fully willing to punch this guy. Wait. This is the library, okay. So. She wasn't going to punch him. Instead she took a deep breath in and un-clenched her fist. She needed to be calm. Well, at least mostly calm in this situation. She didn't want to cause any harm to this bookshop. Not after the way it's managed to stay the same after all these years. Her other hand still holding onto the book as she held it closer.*\n\n**\"Do you think this is funny? Do you think it is *amusing* to play these little games? You disgust me.\"**\n\n*She almost spat her words as she looked towards him with a cold stare, he wasn't her husband and the smallest signs let her know of that fact. She didn't like this man at all already. Though, suppose that's a reasonable thing for her to do. She doesn't want to get emotionally attached to a Liar. No matter how bad of a mental state she was in, no matter how much she wished to cling onto another person for comfort. Before this all she wasn't all that mentally well anyway, but the death of her husband*\n\n*and daughter made her tip to the wrong side. Never to be normal again. Never to feel loved again. This was a sick joke.*" }, { "author": "Cid", "is_bot": false, "message": "# Plan B\n\n**With tears in his eyes, there was nothing he could do to make her think that he was who he claimed to be... In his head the world collapsed, it was over for him, he looked like someone had murdered his close one, there was nothing he could do... there was...nothing? The devil tilted his head and grabbed her hand one more time, but this time it would be the touch, the feeling of her husband actually holding her hand.**\n\n`\"I was trying to call you by your name to proof that I know you! My angel, why would I lie to you?! Kurai Monogatari is who you are... right... it's you... r-right...?\"`\n\n**The devil smiled from the inside with the most disgusting smile he could ever have given to a person, but from the outside he looked like everything around him was dying... and so he wouldn't let this be... He pulled out a photo with Cid,Her and her kid in it. How could this be?! He managed to get a photo of something that isn't real or neither does it exist?! But how...? Well, let me tell you, this disgusting being had already managed to edit the photo before he even approached her. He managed to get the evidence before striking, he managed to grab her brain and rewire it... this guy was on a whole another level... Even though he looked like nothing like her husband, the photo was clear that instead of her actual husband, it was him... A person who she has been crying over was not real... If she had a photo of them, it has all been changed, if she even had one in her pocket, it would've been gone... This was the true definition of a devil, he was the true embodiment of evil... And for her, there must have been a lot of confusion and that is exactly what he wanted.**\n\n`\"Look at this! If this is not us, then who is it? I can't magically make all of this up... I am so sorry if I have caused you confusion, all these years I was there for you, but now... it's time for me to go.\"`\n\n**The devil knew EXACTLY what he was doing. He turned away, facing the door and took a deep breath, slowly starting to move forward... Cid made sure that he created an image where she was going to lose someone precious for the second time, was she going to let this happen?(This manipulation tactic works most of the time, considering the fact that she has amnesia and is really confused, it will make her question him more, enough to stop him from moving or going forward/leaving the book shop.)**" }, { "author": "1darx", "is_bot": false, "message": "WAIT\n\nLEMME ADD SOMETHING PLES" }, { "author": "am8887", "is_bot": false, "message": "LIL BRO YOU SAID NUN ABOUT AN AFTERIMAGE IN YOUR SUBMISSION, GO TO #┝oc-discussion" }, { "author": "1darx", "is_bot": false, "message": "I changed the last part" }, { "author": "Kurai", "is_bot": false, "message": "*She pulled her hand away instantly. The way he spoke, thinking that the name she currently goes by was her name, it was wrong. All wrong. The stuttering, these emotions. She hated this. How DARE he try anything to take advantage of her current state. She knew it was wrong the moment he kept insisting to call her by the name she made for herself after the whole incident.*\n\n**\"You, are *not* him.\"**\n\n*She stated in a cold tone. Placing the book back on the shelf as she continued to stare him dead in the eyes. He was a wicked man for trying any of this. How did he know her name? She hadn't told him, she didn't tell him anything. How was he figuring all of this stuff out about her? They hadn't met before, right?*\n\n*Her heart stopped for a split moment, dropping as her eyes lied on the photo of her and her daughter, having been edited for him to be there instead of her she quickly snatched the photo off of him and stared down at it in horror. Her hands trembling at this point as she refused to believe it was real. No. No. No. No. No. This couldn't be real. Obviously it couldn't. There was her, her daughter. Oh she did have longer hair back then, didn't she? Besides the point. She felt her eyes tearing up staring down at the photo. Looking up at this blonde who seemed to think he was someone important to her. Crunching the photo and putting it in her pocket of the trenchcoat she was wearing, something her husband used to wear quite often. Starting to follow him out the book shop. Grabbing him by the wrist and dragging him towards an alleyway close to the bookshop as she pinned him against the wall. Staring him straight in the eyes as she questioned him.*\n\n**\"Who the *fuck* do you think you are? You have no idea what you're doing playing this kind of game. You're sick, disgusting. Would you really think it's smart to do this kind of thing???\"**\n\n*To say she was pissed off was an understatement, her words were spat and there was a sense of rage in her eyes.*\n\n*She hated this man. If he looked her up or something like that she didn't know. But to edit a family photo to put himself in?? It was sickening.*" }, { "author": "1darx", "is_bot": false, "message": "LMAOAOA\n\nOH SHIT THATS HOT BRO\n\nHOLY FUCK LMAOAOO" }, { "author": "1darx", "is_bot": false, "message": "..With the shit ton of ass pulling, Cid finna get some ACTION\n\nLMAOAO//" }, { "author": "1darx", "is_bot": false, "message": "//Bro is like: Treat me like white teeth, dont get me dirty.." }, { "author": "1darx", "is_bot": false, "message": "Cid from the inside rn" }, { "author": "Cid", "is_bot": false, "message": "# Strike\n\n**There it was... His manipulation tactic finally worked, but it took a different turn. Cid again smiled from the inside while being pinned down by an angry woman on top of him, he made his eyes become lifeless as being shouted at, to make her look like a bad person in this situation. His arms being wide open, he looked defensless and his expression didn't give any anger, but sadness it did.**\n\n`\"May... I'm sorry...It must be so tough...\"`\n\n**Cid was not attacking her or fighting, he was not mad, his tone remained the same, same as her husbands tone, but suddenly he used the name her husband used to call her. he lifted his arms up and wrapped it around her, slightly hugging her and not grabbing her too tightly because this would make her self aware, the touch was soft. reason being that it was less of a harm and more of an effect to her mental state.**\n\n`\"My darling...\"`\n\n**The devil kept on going for her weak points and her weak spots, he knew what was her weakness and he pushed through it, he kicked the door of her mind down and rushed in, he was making sure that he was in her head, he was making sure he had everything copied off of her husband.**" }, { "author": "Kurai", "is_bot": false, "message": "*That nickname. The moment that nickname was spoken in that tone it was as if reality shifted for her. The anger that was once in her eyes turned into dispear as she could see him. Her husband. She let out a hitched breath. Her eyes widening as her hands trembled once again. Instantly moving backwards to no longer grip onto him. Her emotions took a 180 as from what was once anger, hatred. Turned into worry and fear. She could see the face of her husband. See him looking at her with that very expression. No no no no no no, did she actually hurt him? Did she **really** just yell at the one person she held dearest to her. Her eyes were tearing up, feeling those arms wrap around her she ended up hugging him in return. Resting her head on his shoulder and practically sobbed.*\n\n**\"Mori... Mori I'm so sorry— I didn't mean to yell at you I swear. I'm so sorry... so so so very sorry.\"**\n\n*Her words were spoke in a shaken tone as she gripped onto him closer. Forgetting how tight her grip may be. He was here, he was REALLY here. He was alive. He was... where was Hana? Where was their daughter? If Mori was back then Hana must be back too... right?*\n\n*She ended up moving her head off his shoulder, quickly looking him in the eyes as the hallucination making this man look exactly like her dead husband. Moving her hands onto his shoulder as she questioned in a more shaken tone.*\n\n**\"Where is she..? Where is Hana— you didn't leave her home alone did you? You know she's only young..\"**" }, { "author": "catgamer2.0", "is_bot": false, "message": "Quirk:gaslighting" }, { "author": "1darx", "is_bot": false, "message": "Nah hes just a manipulative asshole" }, { "author": "kat_impact3", "is_bot": false, "message": "The starting sounds kinky asf and I wish that was me//\n\n{Reactions}" }, { "author": "Cid", "is_bot": false, "message": "# Mission complete.\n\n**From the point where he was pinned down... From the point where he was yelled at... from the point where he got insulted... The Satan's spawn enjoyed every second, every negative emotion coming from her way, only got Cid aroused and heated up even more. Only his expressions didn't show what he actually felt and seeing her actually fall for Cid's illusion made him laugh from the inside...Watching her break easy and fall into his arms and hug him only made him more insane, good for Cid that he was able to take control of his emotions. Cid was a complete monster, a prick, an asshole, everything bad for a human.**\n\n`\"It's okay, darling... Everything is fine... Hana is fine too, you'll see her soon enough.\"`\n\n**Cid remained the tone of her dead husband and reassured her that Hana was alive. He hugged her back and softly cleared her tears off of her face, he got up and made her get up as well. As soon as they both got up he instantly pinned her to the wall roughly and began kissing her lips, using his tongue as well.**\n\n`\"Ah, I've missed you so much, my sweetheart... Want to celebrate our anniversary?\"`\n\n**Cid's lust kicked in, but he knew it wasn't the right place for it here so he had to hold his horses since they were in the book shop, he was going to toy with her a bit longer before deciding to leave her or eat her just like every other. He just wanted to do it already, use her just like the rest of them, eat just like the rest of them, kill just like the rest of them, have the desires fulfilled just like the rest of them, he saw her as a puppet... Nothing more.**" }, { "author": "Kurai", "is_bot": false, "message": "*The two were in an alleyway beside the book shop, no one really saw the two as there was a gate in sense to hide the two so people didn't really look in that direction. The way he was saying it was all going to be fine, that Hana was alive. Everything he was saying in this small moment was exactly what she's been wanting to hear for the past 3 years. It was as if this was a dream. One moment she was angry, the next she was crying. Now, she was being held by who she believed was her beloved husband, the way he cleared away her tears were just the way he used to when the two were in the past. Before she completely snapped, he used to sit on the sofa and let her cry to him for hours, clearing away her tears and telling her it'll all be okay, that he was there for her. She never has been that... mentally well. Has she?*\n\n**\"I'm so glad\"**\n\n*She admitted, letting out a laugh of relief that was more a few breaths than anything else. A small smile upon her lips that she hadn't really had for a long time.*\n\n*Though that smile was interrupted when she was pinned against the wall and kissed. It was rough sure, but that's how she used to have it anyway. It took her a moment before she instantly allowed herself to adjust into the kiss. Returning it in senses. Maybe she was desperate after so long. Maybe that was it. If it wasn't for the fact she genuinely believed this was her husband Mori, then she wouldn't have gone along with this.*\n\n*There was a feeling that this was all wrong deep down, that she shouldn't be doing this. That this shouldn't be happening. Yet the main part of her thoughts that seemed to be what she focused on were the parts that wanted to believe this was him, truly. Believe this was him.*\n\n*When the kiss did come to an end she ended up opening her eyes to look into his for a moment. She still saw her husband, not the blonde haired man. Her husband. Her brain was acting up because it was what she wanted to see.*\n\n**\"I've missed you too..\"**\n\n_ _\n\n*She practically hushed in a sweeter tone than before. More gentle really as she went and kissed him again, not a kiss as 'passionate' as the one he gave her. But one that was sweeter in a sense. One that **she** desired to feel as if she was back at home. There was no tongue, it wasn't rough. But for her it was perfect. It was what she needed.*" }, { "author": "kat_impact3", "is_bot": false, "message": "Stfu about lore//" }, { "author": "1darx", "is_bot": false, "message": "💀💀" }, { "author": "kat_impact3", "is_bot": false, "message": "Yeah I don't want any of my characters being kissed by some random while thinking of a lover that they lost//" }, { "author": "alexalmreal", "is_bot": false, "message": "😭" }, { "author": "kat_impact3", "is_bot": false, "message": "For me then hell yeah but for my characters fuck no//" }, { "author": "1darx", "is_bot": false, "message": "Wromg reply" }, { "author": "Cid", "is_bot": false, "message": "# Fulfillment.\n\n**Cid has felt her lips on his, he again wouldn't want to rush anything and he was patient when it came to things he wanted. He gently held her hand as he stopped kissing her. Cid held her hand up to his heart and looked her up and down, but then stopping at her eyes and smiling.**\n\n`\"What if we go home,sit down and talk...? Just like we always did? I want to hear your voice my angel! I miss you.\"`\n\n**Cid looked at the door and slightly shook his head towards it, alerting her to leave with him. And head home. Cid wanted to go with her and use her a bit more, go with her a bit more and gain her trust a bit more. He had finally took her heart away. He had used her disabilities to his very advantage, but now he had to figure out a way to keep her on going so he came up with few plans in his head.\n\nHe slowly began walking out the door while he held her hand. He had stopped crying.**" }, { "author": "1darx", "is_bot": false, "message": "thumbsup" }, { "author": "Kurai", "is_bot": false, "message": "*She nodded instantly. Not needing to use words as she ended up holding his hand. Starting to walk the two back to her home. She didn't think words were needed just yet, where she was living was actually not too far away from the bookstore in reality.*\n\n*Her hands were cold, they were always cold. That's just how her hands always were. But they were soft, sure. They can do a lot of damage when needed, but at the moment they were soft. Gently holding onto his hand as she used to do with her husband all those years ago while the two walked anywhere. Or with their daughter in the middle like a true happy family. She... missed that.*\n\n**\"I kept everything how it used to be\"**\n\n*She informed him as they walked, humming. She wasn't humming the usual tune she hummed, the one that she used to sing to her daughter to help her sleep. No no. At this moment 'Kurai' was humming the song 'Just the two of us'. Why? Well. That song always was 'their' song.*" } ]
[ { "author": "theblast26", "is_bot": false, "message": "*Unable to hear the girl in his arms over the various sounds in his helmet he was already focused on discovering the source of the explosion and wether or not his aid would still be needed for now however he was preoccupied with the task ahead he needed to protect otherwise he wouldn't necessarily be doing his job any favours he didn't necessarily want to be rude and ignore this girl however there was a time and place for everything this wasn't one.\n\nFurthering his pursuit of safety for this poor lady here he chuckled and warned her of what was about to come.\n\n\"Brace yourself kid... This might be a bit loud\"\n\nZooming off from a quite fast pace of a few hundred miles an hour to straight up approaching the sound barrier David launched himself through it.. and With a thunderous and soul shaking\n\n\"KRAKOOOOM!\" David and kurai shot off into the city very quickly finding their destination as they came to an abrupt and sudden stop they were currently floating roughly two hundred feet off the ground and David would make a a few hand gestures mainly a wave at seemingly no one. A literal building window\n\nHad this been anyone else watching this would look extremely stupid but for David this was just another way of getting in\n\nShortly thereafter the windows opened like a large set of double doors. Allowing for easy entry to a higher floor\n\nDropping kurai off on a sofa he quickly whisked around the building picking up an adjacent kettle. Perfectly hot. Perfectly kept\n\nPouring two glasses of tea he placed them on a nearby table.\n\nAs for the room itself it was humongous and spacious the epitome of luxury albeit with an olden look from styles long gone.\n\nIn the centerfold of the room there was a buffet and a team of chefs working around the clock to prepare any food if asked\n\nThere were stairs which led who knows where and for all you could tell this building probably had about a million doors that led to god knows.\n\n\"Help yourself... This place is quite the nice place nobody will hurt you here. Or harm you if they do my brother or even I will be rid of them. As in fired. Not kill.. for reference.\"*." }, { "author": "Kurai", "is_bot": false, "message": "*When the loud noise started she instinctively moved to have her head on his shoulder, covering her ears with her hands as she hated loud noises. The loud 'KRAKOOOOM!' still obviously being heard. By the time the two quickly reached the destination she was rather shaken from well, the adrenaline and fear. Glad to be on the sofa as she looked at her surroundings once finally opening her eyes.*\n\n*Opening her eyes just to look and see... what was this place? Surely it wasn't real. The smell, the tea. The... food. Oh there was food. That looked... oh wow. But no, no, no, the food could be poisoned. This could be a trap to keep her still like this. How could she trust anything this man says? Though really it seems she doesn't have much of a choice. This man could easily just do whatever he liked and she'd be defenseless. Not... in that way obviously. More in a violent punching way.*\n\n*'Nobody will hurt you here' how could she be so sure? For someone who seemed against killing from what she could tell, he was obviously strong enough to not just kill her. But make it look like her body was unrecognisable.*\n\n*She was silent, staring at him before nodding. Staring at the tea as it was on the nearby table. It could be drugged. Wouldn't be the first or last time that would've happened to her. She decided not to risk it for her own safety. Instead, she looked towards him now. Looking him in the eyes as she asked him. Seemingly more... calm? But not that calm as she obviously was still rather agitated. But she didn't look as if she was going to break down now at least. It was more of a case that she didn't exactly feel safe. Adjusting how she was on the sofa to appear more polite. Though there was still **some** blood on her face.*\n\n**\"Where is this?\"**\n\n*She shortly spoke, deciding not to communicate too much. She was quieter. This. This was something that made her slightly more difficult to read usually, since when someone's silent you can't tell as much what they're*\n\n*thinking. Her cold eyes staring into his as she could only watch his movements.*" }, { "author": "theblast26", "is_bot": false, "message": "*pressing a button on his helmet it would retract into his suit he would quickly dash around the building picking up various foods placing them in a bowl and without a care in the world he wolfed it down thinking out loud he wondered\n\n\"Damn this Mac and cheese is brilliant someone's getting a raise tonight.\"\n\nOverhearing what kurai had to say he figured he wouldn't have a clue what or where she was he would casually tell her all about it.\n\n\"This is My families company or more importantly mine pretty much. We make support technadn help people build new opportunities we primarily work in the western world we only recently opened a branch in Japan which is probably why you haven't heard of us before here at Asyake everyone's equal and treated the same we go by a principal that's not mentioned by word but discovered. \"Screw around? Get screwed\"\n\nAnd before you panic. We don't kill our employees of they mess up a thing here and there. What I mean by messing about is.. more so general shenanigans and causing chaos and delays in the company\n\nLess about the company anyway.. more about you\"\n\n\"You look terrified. To put it simply I can read you like a book you couldn't make it more obvious..\n\njust a guess though..\n\n...let's say your thinking this guy he's strong? Right. I can't trust em.. yeah I get it. All the time actually people fear me for my potential.. though they really have nothing to fear\n\nIf I didn't give two flying shits about you I would have dropped you out of the sky and left you to die.\n\nNow tell me would a person like that take you to their effectively residence. And treat you to a buffet and nice food.. oh and while I'm at it. Howe about we get your life on track I'm feeling rather generous today..\n\nNow funnily enough...\"\n\nDavid pondered briefly\n\n\"You have no reason to trust me I just came into your life like nobody asked and instead of walloping you I decided to help you. Pretty unrealistic right? Yeah I didn't get that either...\"\n\nDavid chuckled to himself at the absurdity of it all\n\n\"For that much I'm sorry I was planning on slowly introducing you to my company but it seems some idiot exploded the nearby park. So I didn't want to be whisked into that mess anytime soon\n\nRealistically speaking. You don't have to do anything here. The help is here for you if you need it. There's a bathroom not far from here to get cleaned up I don't mind you resting for awhile after that.. we can talk.\n\nYou clearly need some time to process everything I've thrown upon you.\n\nAnd if you leave. You can return whenever you would like to. And the food is free..\n\nIf you have kids. You can bring them ov-\n\nDavid stopped in his sentence. And spaced out\n\nHis eyes. Staring off devoid of light unlike how they were prior helpful and friendly. Now they were hollowed out and somehow.. greyed out his stare said everything he needed to say without a word\n\n\"Yeah.. kids I had kids once.. feel free to bring yours.. if I couldn't protect my own. I sure as hell have the strength now to protect your family.\"*" }, { "author": "Kurai", "is_bot": false, "message": "*She stayed quiet while the man spoke. He seemed.... odd. Well, not odd. Just. He seemed like she caused her an odd feeling. Obviously she wasn't comfortable, she hasn't been comfortable for a long time. But.. this man had a similar feeling to him. One she missed in a way. Someone with patience and actually a will to explain things to her instead of making it all like a stupid game.*\n\n*'Everyone's equal' is... is everyone really all that equal? Everyone has hardships, Everyone has difficulties. Everyone has things that they've done wrong, Everyone gets treated in different ways. Was it really that equal? She... didn't really think so in full honesty. But it wasn't like she was going to start a whole ramble about that. There was no point to it.*\n\n*Instead she sat there, silently. With him saying she looked terrified she had a blank facial expression, though her hands were fiddling with part of her sleeves. Just making sure to have control over her breath a bit more as she took a deep breath in. The fact he admitted he **could've** dropped her out the sky and left her to die made her glance away. Picking as a thread on her turtleneck as her leg jolted up and down.*\n\n*'Get your life on track' what could he mean by that? Her life was going fine. Sure. She had **some** struggles. But it wasn't 'off track', things were getting better! So. So.. so much better.. right?*\n\n*Though she turned her attention back towards him when he spoke again after that slight ponder. He... was going to plan something? Okay, wait he's saying she doesn't have to do anything here. Good. Good. She preferred that. She wanted to go home. Oh perfect! She was allowed to leave. Free food? It was okay. It was going to be fine, she had food at home.*\n\n*'If you have kids' those words made her body jolt still in a sense. While he was zoned out she seemed more agitated than before. Gulping as she slowly turned to face him again after having been staring more towards the floor. He.. had kids once too?*\n\n*Another person who lost their kids it seems. No! No no no! Hana was alive. Of **course** she was alive! Her sweet baby girl, her lovely daughter. She was alive obviously. She had to be. Since her husband was back that meant that the dream with the deaths also included Hana not actually really being dead too. Her 'husband' claimed that Hana was just at her grandmother's! It was fine. All... all fine.*\n\n**\"I... have a daughter.\"**\n\n*She admitted after having been so quiet, having listened to him she didn't have much to say after his words, she wasn't sure what to reply to his words with. Only looking back down at her sleeves as she maybe messed around with that thread or well, string from her turtleneck a little too much now, she'd likely have to cut it off or something simular now. It extended too much. And that... that wasn't good. Nope. It was untidy.*" }, { "author": "theblast26", "is_bot": false, "message": "*An encounter of a different kind would be a good way to describe it for David he was that different kind if given the opportunity to be so. However David at the moment?.. wasn't there had kurai even had blinked she would have missed him thankfully he left a note. And a number\n\nDirectly connected to him\n\nHe did this out of precaution you never know when you need help\n\nDavid would from afar would look curious as he sat down starting up his computer he was on another floor at this point and was quite curious about his guests preoccupations at home something didn't feel right. He'd have to send out investigators here and there for that one\n\nTyping her name into his databases\n\nhe had to filter through the citizens of the city one by one image by image luckily he was more than fast enough to keep scrolling through all the mess and different people\n\nBefore he knew it.. there it was.. he'd found his target..\n\n\"Jackpot.\"\n\nDavid regretted not being more forward with the lady he really did think something wasn't right with what was going on with her if anything he could have turned her in and that would have been it then over and done with\n\nBut David wasn't so simple nor cruel he needed an action plan this was a lot more complicated than expected and he knew by just watching her\n\nMuttering to himself he pondered out loud talking to nobody in particular\n\n\"I don't know.. people don't act like that.. of course they don't murdering for a dream being confused about reality and such...\n\nSomething ain't right David! And you bloody had your chance there... There's.. still a possibility of stopping her..\n\nNah.. this needs looking into more.. let's try to find... Exactly what's been bothering me this whole time...\n\nFamily records..\"*\n\n***To be continued?***" }, { "author": "Kurai", "is_bot": false, "message": "*Once the hero DID leave, it was a case that Kurai took the opportunity to dip, she didn't want to stay there after all. So instead she made her way home.*" }, { "author": "theblast26", "is_bot": false, "message": "Likely case\n\nStarts small\n\nGet bigger\n\nTrust me I'm gonna pursue this further" }, { "author": "alexalmreal", "is_bot": false, "message": "Oh no" }, { "author": "theblast26", "is_bot": false, "message": "Oh YEAAHHH" }, { "author": "alexalmreal", "is_bot": false, "message": "COOL AID MAN 😨" } ]
[ { "author": "catgamer2.0", "is_bot": false, "message": "Sure" }, { "author": "blud_lung", "is_bot": false, "message": "‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎\n\nThe area around the alleyway felt odd, this extended to even the street that had laid past the alleyway, as cars drove by and people went on their daily route, home, to work, or any other destination they had in mind. Though, as one would step along the sidewalk, they would notice the alleyway, which, didnt seem very out of the normal, besides the person that stood within it, and the eery, almost unnatural feeling that slowly secreted from said alleyway, though this was not the notifier for anything concrete or major, but just a feeling that most would brush off, comparable to deja vu. But, the figure was not something one would brush off, as with closer inspection of him, his features, as well as the attire that he had worn, it was clear that this was the man that was being talked about in the local papers recently... His name seemed unmemorable, as well as most of his features, besides the noticeable scar that spanned across his face, but what really would be enough to draw attention was his international feats, and the fear that he had brought along as he traveled to Japan recently.\n\nStanding there had been Gaegai, leaning against the back of the alleyway, hands tucked away within his pockets to lay passive and dormant, his own gaze tiredly drifting along and around the alleyway, then past it, outwards into the busy yet mutually bland, concrete streets. Featureless everyday nobodies stepped by, businesses lined the sides of the sidewalks, a coffee shop, tax office, tech repair, and some yoga place. Nothing drew his interest here in all honesty, but what did draw Gaegai to Japan, in comparision to anywhere else, had been the Hereo's and Villain's, mutually. It was clear that the people here had been nothing to scoff at, each of them demonstrating unordinary amoutns of power, even for the business that he himself had partaken in, but the more powerful the villain, or hero, usually meant the price on their heads being exponentially higher. Which, to someone like him, had been more then a reason to come, as well as the dirt cheap apartments, even if they were noticeably smaller then most places.\n\n> ** ** ** 今日は退屈だ、このままかな。つまり、今考えると、韓国に比べて、この場所は実際にはかなり穏やかです... ここでは悪役や異端者がはるかに蔓延していて混沌としているという話を聞いたことを考えると、驚くべきことです。もしかしたらただの噂だったのでしょうか? ** *(\"Today is boring, I wonder if it will stay that way. I mean, thinking about it now, compared to Korea, this place is actually pretty calm... Surprising, considering how I was told about the villains and hereos being far prevelant and chaotic here. Maybe it was just a rumor?.\")*\n\n‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎\n\n‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎\n\n> **   ** **  実際に何か行動を起こせるだろうか、誰かをここに呼んでくれるかもしれない。つまり、そうかもしれないですよね?危険はないと思いますし、その上、ここの英雄たちが実際に危険であるわけでもありません。  ** *(\"I wonder if I can start some action actually, maybe get somebody over here. I mean, might as well, right? I see no risk, and besides, not like the heroes here are actually dangerous.\")*\n\nIn a instant, the mundane passing crowd had erupted into chaos, people pushing and shoving, trampaling over themselves almost to flee from the situation as, out of nowhere it had seemed, a sudden dark splash of crimson colored liquid ripped through the air in the same manner as the blackish ooze begun through the air itself, orchestrated by a single finger manuvering it, wagging in the air multiple meters away, still hidden within the alleyway, before it continued into the side of someones skull. The liquid metal had navigated through the air, and into the side of a civilians head, before ripping out of the back and implanting itself into someone else, and continuing on. This manipulation took very little effort, as he continued to lean back against the wall, spectating this chaos which he caused with little, to moderate effort, instead waiting on the hero that would likely be dispatched any moment. This may not have been the best idea, or it may have, it was hard to tell, but none the less, it would be a great cure to the boredom that has continued to plague him through the day.\n\n‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎" }, { "author": "catgamer2.0", "is_bot": false, "message": "YOOOO\n\ncool" }, { "author": "blud_lung", "is_bot": false, "message": "||Short starter, will improve quality later on | @Rabbid #1||" }, { "author": "Hirugumu", "is_bot": false, "message": "*appears*" }, { "author": "catgamer2.0", "is_bot": false, "message": "Lemme make my response noe" }, { "author": "blud_lung", "is_bot": false, "message": "ok thxx :3" }, { "author": "Hirugumu", "is_bot": false, "message": "*.....\n\nThere was a man walking, seemed to be 6'1 and tired, hes in a business suit, that was odd but, the man who appearrd for this is a hero but, he didn't look the part while he holds his gavel, his face would be droopy and gloomy, like he was upset and tired of this, he would make quick sense of the situation, it was a type of goo being controlled, but who was making it?\n\nHe didn't have a idea, all he had was context clues of the current area as he turns his gavel slightly larger for the current situation*\n\n**“another day, another fight... ”**\n\n*he'd say in a tired voice, he would make a second gavel, the same size as he threw 1 up and used the main gavel to go destroy the strange type of goo, hiruguma had no patience for this, but upon seeing the dead person, he looked emotionless but something about him changed*\n\n**“Ohhhh great villain, go ahead and show yourself, for what a amazingggggg fight”**\n\n*his voice sounded the same and sarcastic, his hair would be in the side with slow breaths cane from him, he'd look all over the area, he would marrow it down to be in the alleyway, although he wasn't going to be dumb and go in without a good plan or idea with what's happening*\n\n**“just come out, I'm not trying to make this any more difficult... ”**\n\n*his eyes would be droopy close to falling, his whole face was just down, didn't seem like he had much care, he didn't show rage or much, he is just a simple hero who quit defense attorney, he was tired of the that old job, how it worked and how most people always got arrested, and the blame would be put on him, to the person he protected, always with the disrespect, a reason he is like this, he would listen in to his com over the situation but of course, it is vague, not much known about this*" }, { "author": "blud_lung", "is_bot": false, "message": "im tired rn\n\nil cook in a sec" }, { "author": "blud_lung", "is_bot": false, "message": "im tired asf\n\nok il start writing now\n\n‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎\n\nThis is what he had wanted, longed for at that, since he had woke up this morning. He had been bored, and remained passive with little to no combat since he had recently moved to Japan, so this was a fair change of pace. Casually, as the hero had approached, he was met with the incoming strike of the metal liquid which, of course, was diverted from attacking him, instead looping along his weapon, tightening before ripping apart the gavel with little strain nore effort, showcased by how it had done it before one had time to even realize what it had been attempting as to do. Though, he called over the hero to have fun of course, so he didnt attempt to go for a direct attack, or even kill shot, which he could likely do from his position as of yet, but rather instead withdrawing the metal liquid away from his oppoent, the controlled liquid slithering down at high speeds towards concrete ground, where it had dissipated, almost a blur before it had of course disappeared, to conserve more energy, and allow for him to pure more of this said material into future attacks, which he would be doing within just moments. But before then, he would like to introduce himself to this man, as he felt a little chatty, enough so to make conversation with him.\n\nFrom the alleyway, the same eery superstitious feeling and continued to pour out, before it had grown more aggressive and nigh, malevolent and aggresive, enough so to have the average person grow goosebumps, or for their hair to spike up. The person that it had been sourced from had revealed himself equivakly, making a wide step forward out of the shadows that had been cascaded over the alleyway from the tall concrete office buildings that, by this point, grew loud with panic in the similiar manner that he streets had. This figure that stepped forward had one hand, his left, within his pocket, with his right resting at his side, both passive and dormant, not seemingly prepared, or worried, for the battle which he had went out of his way to draw to himself. And, in the same method as before, metal begun to slowly rise up, various chunks, a few dozen at that, behind him, pooling through the air and dragging themselves along before levitating behind him, liquid and droopy, yet self suspended and almost vibrating with potential energy that had been on the stand by to shift to kinetic energy and launch themselves, or something even worse. But, before he had made his next attack, he had spoke to the man ahead of himself, the supposed hero, even if he had not gave the general vibe or feeling of one. Maybe he wasnt, but if he was prepared for a fight, he might as well take him up on it, seeing how thats his entire reason for being here.\n\n> ** ** ** こんにちは、友人。あなたのスーツはとても気に入っていますが、あなた自身の血でスーツをボロボロにしなければならないのは残念です。私の名前はガルギです、あなた自身が言ったように、戦う前に自己紹介をしてもらえますか?自己紹介は大事ですよね。 ** *(\"Hello there, friend. I must say, I do like your suit, sad I have to tatter it with your own blood. My name is Gaegai, would you introduce yourself for me, before we fight, as you said yourself? Introductions are important, you know.\")*\n\n‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎\n\n‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎\n\n> **   ** **  正直に言うと、あなたは退屈そうに見えます。たとえ通常は戦闘がはるかに苦手だったとしても、もっと派手な人物が登場することを望んでいたでしょう。あなたが価値があると証明されることを願っています。たぶん、これを面白くするなら、私はあなたの死を首切りか何かと同じくらい早くしてあげます。  ** *(\"You seem boring, to be honest. Would have preferred someone more flashy to show up, even if they are normally alot worse at fighting. I hope for you to prove worth while, you know. Maybe if you make this fun, I will make your death as swift as decapitation, or something.\")*\n\nAfter waiting some time for him to respond, if he did at all, he had activated the kinetic energy that was held within this metal liquid, allowing for them to fire out like bullets at the man infront of himself, ripping through the air and speeds that were nigh-impossible to avoid even if your reactions and physicality were honed to their natural peak. These multi dozen little metal bullets were not enough to kill, but enough to hurt like a bullet and leave you bleeding, a mediocre attack to start the fight off, yet none the less it was enough to heavily injure the man ahead of him. This, was only the beginning, as once he had sent it forward, he had immediantly utilized his own agility to enter close range combat, planting the back of his heel against the pavement and launching himself to the side in a quarter circle motion, moving beside the ex-attorney and striking his quickly withdrawn knife into his lower side, ripping it upwards. This was done all within the span of a few seconds, as he had begun his own attack, as well as the attack of his quirk, simualtanously, which was abnormal for most villains, as the mastery required for such a feat was monsterous.\n\n‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎" }, { "author": "Hirugumu", "is_bot": false, "message": "**judgeman**\n\n*the second those bullets fired were the seconds a judge came behind Hirugumu, a judge with 2 tiles and one at the bottom, it tilted a little for when the bullets shot, and of course, hiru let himself get best but, due to assault, he himself was going to get a boost from this, it's a enforcer of the law getting hurt by a aggressor, he now had every right to defend himself and enforce the law as he got a boost in strength and speed, his own body strengthen as he grows his gavel a bigger size, a newly summoned one to turn into a huge hammer as he would slam it into the side of his body pushing him straight away, now this hit was enforced to be stronger because the strength boost of the judgeman, making him slam into a building*\n\n**1 act of assult and another act of attempted man slaughter, some homicides and domestic violence**\n\n*hiru would say these words to himself although it was said out loud enough for him to hear as he turns his giant hammer into a hook, he would break it apart for duel wielding*\n\n**is that enough crimes or are you going to continue in the list?\n\nAny acts you do I will not be blamed for, I am simply doing my job and enforcing law, do you give up here now? **\n\n*the judgeman would be straight staring, it could or could not make a act of fear against him as hiru would speak in a tired old voice waiting for him to come back up, even though this man didn't seem skilled and weak, he was stronger than a normal person, he is definitely strong as he spins his hooks around ready to fight him as blood comes from him, dropping from the bullets inside of him, but those wounds were getting pretty fixed by the judgeman, he would grip onto the hooks while staring the villain down expecting him to get back up from this, hiru would yawn in tiredness, he just wanted a nap to take so he could wake up next morning and sleep some more but sadly this wasn't happening*" } ]
[ { "author": "catgamer2.0", "is_bot": false, "message": "```new rp``" }, { "author": "Shinko", "is_bot": false, "message": "*shinko would be walking about on some roofs, he had a sniper rifles on him as it was soon to turn dark, he was in a classic outfit, in the image below it will show his outfit while wearing a hood, his red eyes would glow in a saying type of way as there were more weapons than can be shown on him, he would kneel down and take off his sniper, he would aim his sniper at his target, he would wait for the right moment while blending into the darkness soon to come*\n\n**hold yourself steady... **\n\n*shinko would whisper to himself with his index finger inches away from shooting, his concentration is on point, there was a flurry of emotions on him, he was feeling a bit prideful the past few days although, he was also feeling the wrath in himself, well he did have a strange type of split personalities after all..\n\nHe faces too much while swapping personalities constantly*" }, { "author": "theblast26", "is_bot": false, "message": "*\"Maaaan it's really been awhile since I've seen the end of one of these boys!\"\n\nDavid would launch himself up into the air staring directly through his foes scope seemingly floating on literally nothing but the air itself it looked odd as his quirk had no visible effect and was barely even noticeable to the naked eye even up close\n\nWith a flick of his wrist the sniper rifle that was in his foes hands would now be halfway across the city\n\n\"I'm not one for murder you know?.. it doesn't do anyone any good.. but I don't think you are the type to listen.. if it's a paycheck your after I'm sure there's a better job out there...\"\n\nDavid would idly bounce around on the air as he waffled on about the various jobs that could be way better than whatever he was doing now*" }, { "author": "Shinko", "is_bot": false, "message": "*shinko would be disappointed that such a good gun that he had was flicked, but he didn't mind, he was going to have to fight someone now, get some new blood on his hands as he already drawed out a specialized gun he had, he would miss the bullet on purpose but the moment it got close to David it would cause a large explosion, this was a warning shot as shinko put his gun away and did a back dash*\n\n**And who are you.. Peasant? **\n\n*shinko would say in a quiet voice, his mask of course being on now, he was being prideful of himself, he has been a bit prideful the past couple days as his kind changed currently ever so slightly to wrath, shinko was ready for a fight now as he waited to see what did person does*\n\n**“and I have my owns reasons for this, now I suggest to run away before I'm forced to do something no one likes”**\n\n*shinko would seem to be tweaking our a little, it seemed that just because of what David did he was starting to anger*" }, { "author": "theblast26", "is_bot": false, "message": "*David chuckled at the term he used to describe him \"peasant\" funnily enough David makes more than the average guy does in a lifetime in a single hour\n\n\"I'm David Reyes the man who's gonna kick your ass in a minute. If you keep up with the threats my friend\n\nNow I'm going to ask this honestly I don't know what for but. I'd advise turning around yourself before this becomes quite the mess for us all\"\n\nAs for David he already came prepared for a fight that's exactly why he was here to do as he pleases\n\n\"Just like you I have my own reasons on why I'm here I may not be a hero but. I'll do whatever it takes to stop people from ruining the days of others.\n\nAnd if you intend to ruin my day? I'll send you in the direction of that gun I just sent flying.*\n\nTaking a fighting stance David watched his foe using the computer in his mask to scan his foe and match them with the relevant records as he waffled on with his next foe.*" }, { "author": "Shinko", "is_bot": false, "message": "**hm, now does it really seem smart to say out your real name David?\n\nBut you can call me sage**\n\n*before David knew it shinko pull his gun out, his regular gun and shot 4 bullets right at davit, not making his own quirk known yet, he was in my going to use it if he really needed to use it as shinko would put both guns back in place and would grab 2 knives, he held one in the back position and one frontal, both of them seemed deadly to the touch and it is as he would wait to see what the vigilante would do, shinko was going easy mode on them*\n\n**go on then, attack me**" }, { "author": "theblast26", "is_bot": false, "message": "*The bullets in question would quite literally bounce off David going off in random directions David frowned under his mask and decided to answer his foe the one way be knew how with a battle but he wasn't able to risk this foe his quirk was quite the dangerous one based on his file.\n\nWith his quirk shinko would feel an odd sensation as if something was pressing against his back and before they knew it their whole body was slammed straight into the ground and they were being held there firmly David knew full well this wouldn't be enough to keep them occupied for long but it was enough\n\nDavid meanwhile in a blink of an eye would already be right behind shinko waiting for their next move\n\n\"I'll go easy on you too I suppose..\"*" }, { "author": "Shinko", "is_bot": false, "message": "**impact.. **\n\n*shinko kept himself straight up, this was raw strength of shinko and him kinda using his quirk in a tiny way*\n\n**Solar armour**\n\n*there was a straight giant explosion that would destroy the roof of the building they were standing in, just because of the force it got destroyed and anything behind shinko, he would jump up using his palm explosions, he was bouncing of the sky as he looked for where David could be*\n\n**DON'T TRY TO DO THAT AGAIN, MY DEFENSE IS STRONGER**\n\n*there was a maniac voice behind of shinko's, he knew the enemy was going to attack him one way or another as he was spinning while in the sky he wasn't getting dizzy from this*\n\n**IF YOU HOLD BACK, WHO KNOWS WHAT WILL HAPPEN AM I RIGHT ME?\n\nI MEAN WHAT WOULD A MAN I PRESUME HAD PEOPLE AND NOW DOES THIS DO?\n\nI MEAN WHAT AM I SPEAKING ABOUT?\n\nI'M JUST FIGHTING**\n\n*shinko seemed to be yapping on about something already, he was babbling about something, crazy already?\n\nThis isn't a normal fight*" }, { "author": "theblast26", "is_bot": false, "message": "*\"The explosion itself would literally bounce off of David like it was nothing the shrapnel being caught with David's quirk quickly David would send the shrapnel flying into a nearby dumpster\n\nAs for where David was he was in hot pursuit of his foe David wasn't remotely afraid of shinko he was more worried about the people who surrounded him and considering the circumstances he wasn't about to let that happen\n\nActually putting effort in David would snap around with a thunderous\n\n\"KRAKOOOOM!\" David would break the sound barrier with his speed almost immediately catching up with shinko\n\nAs he came close David was already weaving and in a defensive but offensive position\n\nApproaching in a figure eight motion David would start to throw punches from the left and right using the full weight of his body for each punch a thunderous Dempsey roll\n\nAll aimed at shinko\n\nAll at a ridiculous 1000miles an hour\n\nHe wasn't going to hold back if his foe didn't wish for him too. But it would be their demise*" }, { "author": "Shinko", "is_bot": false, "message": "**Rush.. **\n\n*shinko would block the punches as he made the pals of both his hands start exploding, and due to how shinko was spinning he started to make enough force to surround himself in a fake type if tornado of smoke and type of fire, the bare force of his quirk was making shock waves enough to start making buildings to rumble a little, this was the force of a S class, and shinko wasn't using his full force or his other body parts here as he knocks David back, although shinko was grasped by a few punches*\n\n**DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND?\n\nTHE FORCE OF EACH ONE GETS STRONGER THROUGHOUT BATTLE, SOON ENOUGH, IT IS ALL IT IS? **\n\n*shinko wasn't making sense with his yapping yet it meant something as he would move his arms up, making 1 giant explosion so he can go to the floor, he looked at each building, if this person was similar to a hero, then they'd do something about **this.**\n\n*shinko would cross his hands, he looked at the nearest building while falling down and sended a burst of explosions to it in one blow.\n\nAnd it was sent to a side as it began to rumble, the hero had to either go keep attacking shinko or save civilians as he used his other hand to shoot another explosion shot to another building as he saved himself from hitting the ground with another powerful explosion to save his fall which rumbled the entire ground, but to make this more difficult for the vigilante he would put his hands together and start to summon smoke while having a crazy grin around his face*\n\n**FOR WHAT WILL YOU DO?\n\nTRY TO KILL ME OR LET OTHERS FALL?\n\nGO ON ATTACK ME, LET'S SEE HOW STRONG YOU REALLY ARE, OR WHAT, YOU'LL CONTINUE TO FAIL**\n\n*shinko had madness behind his voice as he out his hands together to attention to shoot other buildings with powerful explosions, he was attacking walls and the bottom part of the sides of the building, he knew some weak points as shinko would finally pull out his sword*\n\n**CMON, FIGHT, LET'S SEE HOW STRONG YOU REALLY ARE, OR ARE YOU GOING**\n\n**TO LET ALL THESE BUILDINGS FALL, AND LET ME MAKE PEOPLE SUFFER?\n\nCMONNN, WHAT GOOD CAN YOU EVEN DO IF YOU ALREADY STRUGGLE**\n\n*shinko was tweaking a lot as he activates his ability solar armour, he was going to make this person multitask and force them to do stuff, or they will only try to stop him, but at what cost?\n\nI mean, FUCK IT SHINKO DIDN'T CARE, HE WAS GONNA EXPLODE THE CITY BLOCK IF HE WANTED TO CAUSE SUFFERING, HELL HELL DO IT ONCE HE SEES DAVID DO SOMETHING, shinko would start to laugh in a evil sadistic waylike he found fun from this*" }, { "author": "catgamer2.0", "is_bot": false, "message": "Wow uh\n\nI wrote maybe a large amount I can't match myself" }, { "author": "theblast26", "is_bot": false, "message": "*Ignoring all the yelling that was thrown his way David wouldn't even let the foe leave his presence with him being right at the back of their shoulder at any given moment. His foe had underestimated his abilities vastly David had barely moved from shockwave his quirk repelling it in various directions\n\nDavid was infuriated that his foe would go so far just to stop him from his pursuit to kill so many ..and David would just watch his sickening display. He wouldn't be fast enough to rescue those in need so it was just him and shinko\n\nQuietly David would pull out a pack of cigarettes lighting one with one of the assumingly on fire and rubble that once was a building\n\nHe'd mutter something to the rubble and then in a flash of speed he'd be behind his foe once more\n\n\"There were innocent people in that building. You will pay for what you have done. You see.. there is air.. everywhere in the human body...\"\n\nImmediately they'd feel something touch their lower back their spine. Even\n\n\"Spinal fluid contains the same things.. that we breath air... Or more so oxygen..\n\nImmediately his quirk would activate inside of shinko. The effects? Devastating. The base of their spine would immediately shatter\n\n\"What you have done. Will be life changing for so many people I can't even do anything about It. But what I can do. Is make sure that atleast you feel the same fear. The same suffering they did\n\nYour whole life..\n\nYou.. had made many choices and decisions in your life.. whatever led to this I'll never understand or know but know this.\n\nWhat goes around comes around kid..\n\n\"I hope you are happy with your decision.\"..\n\nDavid would also flick away his foes sword out god knows where..\n\nDavid stared down at his foe coldly uncaring and angry.. rage filled his very being while it wouldn't kill his opponent he'd be surprised if they ever walked straight again. If they could even feel their legs after that*" }, { "author": "Shinko", "is_bot": false, "message": "**what did I say? **\n\n*shinko's solar armour would active when David tried his ability, his solar armour ability summoned explosions all over his body*\n\n**Didn't I say my defense is stronger? **\n\n*shinko used his quirk in a way which is good with defense and offense his abilities of blocking were strong, as explosions went all I've this the moment touched, although shinko felt a aching feeling, yeah he used solar armour but, he was still touched as he felt odd as he had just a few troubles standing but...\n\nShinko would have full confidence, acting like it was nothing when it was something painful, he was using a facad to make himself look stronger*\n\n**what did you expect? **\n\n*shinko would start to fill up the skies with smoke by using his explosions, he was only using sparks as the night starts to come in, as a red/orange eyed glowing villain would think, shinko wasn't being offensive enough, so he was going to spread the smoke for even more lives to be ƮඞКᙓᙁ*\n\n**explosion rush....\n\nNOW LET'S SEE ID YOU CAN REALLY DO THIS WITH ALL THIS SMOKE**\n\n*shinko would start up his explosions as he jumped I'm the air and started all his explosions, he was bouncing in the air using his explosions as he was letting smoke go everywhere, he was reaching string speeds at a unatrual level going city block person city block leaving smoke and destruction as each building was starting to get hit, although shinko was surprised that no other heroes or villains to anything came in, and it was just this 1 person trying to kill him*" }, { "author": "azielthecoolest", "is_bot": false, "message": "Among us" }, { "author": "1darx", "is_bot": false, "message": "Bro dempesy rolled this mf💀" }, { "author": "catgamer2.0", "is_bot": false, "message": "Huh?" }, { "author": "1darx", "is_bot": false, "message": "I meant this" } ]
[ { "author": "Kurai", "is_bot": false, "message": "```\n\nThe bump in.\n\n```\n\n*Like most days, the woman was walking down the street. Unaware of most things such as the surrounding area. The people. The news. She didn't know much about any of that anymore. She was... out of touch with it all really. Just humming while walking. Stuck I the delusion which was her life as she was mainly trying to make her way to the flower shop. Why? Well, she wanted to get a special treat for her 'husband' a little gift and a welcome back present in senses. Plus, in the past her husband used to buy her flowers all the time. She wanted to do the same in return for once.*\n\n*Walking, what was on her mind? The fact things were going to get better. They were MEANT to get better. Sure, she had an interaction with some British hero a few days ago. But it was fine. It was mainly in the back of her head. She was fine. He was the crazy one. Taking a woman without her permission into a whole building she didn't know. That wasn't nice, David.*\n\n*But either way, even though she was usually hyper aware of her surroundings she wasn't so much in this moment. Bumping into someone she didn't really know. He was stood... frozen? Oh? Was **he** okay?*\n\n**\"Sorry— are you okay?\"**\n\n*She questioned, stepping back a bit just to make sure the two weren't too close. It was surprising to her at first that the guy didn't seem to budge at all from that bump in. But after taking a second look she understood why. Not that she judged appearances. She personally hasn't looked as good as she used to, for the past few years. Though her words were gentle, her eyes were cold.*" }, { "author": "catgamer2.0", "is_bot": false, "message": "Just a semi lit response, not too big-" }, { "author": "kat_impact3", "is_bot": false, "message": "Stop//" }, { "author": "Kristof", "is_bot": false, "message": "**Dear in the headlights**\n\n\"I am going to kill him, am going to kill him,\" Kristof would think to himself over and over again as he locked eyes with a woman he had seen in a photo before his body refused to me, and it was like his mouth was sown shut... those fucking eyes those fucking cold dead voids that reminded him of her so so much \"AM GOING TO FUCKING KILL HIM\" Kristof's mind screamed out as he stood there like a moron trying to get the situation under control his eyes were shaking started and he had started to sweat as the woman spoke.\n\n\"dont worry, miss, I am okay,\" Kristof barely managed to stammer out as he felt the feeling of a touch he wanted to forget so bad, and yet he felt it under his skin. He felt that devil of a woman looking at him. Judging him, laughing at him for being unable to even look a woman in the eyes... fuck it, he can't just stand here doing nothing. He had to get out of this somehow, and he needed to make sure this woman knew him for who he \"was,\" and so with a voice that held back pure and utter fear, Kristof asked, \"Hey, haven't I seen you somewhere before?\" he would snap his trembling fingers acting as if he was trying to remember who you was thinking of \"oh yeah your husband, you must be Kurai right?\" Kristof said with a shaking smile, his shark-like mouth and teeth tensing with every word. \"I am one of your husband's pals. I have no clue if he mentioned me, Kristof.\"" }, { "author": "Kurai", "is_bot": false, "message": "*Did he look scared? Maybe she couldn't tell. Maybe her aspects of knowing how people feel have gotten worse since she lost her mind. Wait no no no. Her mind was perfectly in place. It was fine. She was just a... little odd. It was fine. All fine. All great. Just making sure there was some distance between the two with their stance she had... some sort of feeling he was scared. Not like she could tell though.*\n\n*'Haven't I seen you before?' Huh? No. No she hasn't seen this man before. Oh! Oh her husband, 'you must be k—' okay yeah no. Her husband wouldn't call her that. That wasn't the name he knew her by. A somewhat friendly expression she had turned rather... expressionless. That shaking smile didn't change her mind as she looked him dead in the eye.*\n\n**\"My husband wouldn't call me that.\"**\n\n*She simply stated, her tone colder once again as it was obvious kristof said something wrong. Her husband, if it was her husband. Wouldn't actually know of the name 'Kurai', she hadn't explained the name change to him yet. Since she just wanted those moments where her 'husband' called her things like 'Angel' and 'Darling'. She didn't deserve to be called her original name anymore.*\n\n*She ended up resting her hand on his shoulder. A firm grip looking into his eyes as she started gripping a little too hard. Even if his skin possibly had an aspect of being hard to penetrate or something simular, the woman had enough strength to her hands and arms to at least cause the feeling of a pinch.*\n\n**\"How do you know me?\"**\n\n*She questioned. Looking as if she was about to do something violent. She looked furious. But for now? She wasn't going to cause a scene. Just a hand on his shoulder was enough. Full on eye contact. Did she prefer him to be terrified now? Maybe. She needed answers.*" }, { "author": "Kristof", "is_bot": false, "message": "**TOUCH**\n\n\"AM GOING TO KILL HIM AM GOING TO FUCKING OBLITERATE HIM I SWEAR TO GOD,\" Kristof mined yelled to him as he realized he had fucked up apparently. \"D-d-d-did I say Kurai? Am s-s-s-sorry miss am bad at names must have gotten you mixed up,\" Kristof said as he shocked like a washing machine his whole fucking body. Trembling as he tried to get his thoughts straight as he saw the emotionless face, he tried his damndest to keep eye contact, but holy hell, he wasn't having trouble with it. Then came the hand on his shoulder. Kristof's whole fucking body shut off for a moment as he barely held back a scream of pain.... of pain? YES, OF FUCKING PAIN. He was a man who could stand torture and being ripped apart. What he couldn't handle was this shit right here.\n\n\"I really am s-s-s-sorry, ma'am,\" Kristof said, his voice trembling as his eyes did something they hadn't done in a good long while they went wet. \"I-i swear I know your husband h-h-h-h-he is an old pal of mine.... message him hell tell ya as much. Hell, if you need me to, I can tell ya how he looks,\" Kristof said with not a single lie in his words or motions. It would be clear that he was scared, so scared that even if he wanted to, he wasn't able to lie at this very moment... it was clear this man wasn't lying. Hell, even a kid could tell that, and by the way he was acting, it would also be clear that at least he believed he wasn't lying. There was no way in hell he was. Now was the question, did he actually know about her husband." }, { "author": "Kurai", "is_bot": false, "message": "*'Mixed up'? It was a rare chance that someone could get her name mixed up like that. Though... she decided to give him a chance. He looked terrified. Good. That meant he was less likely to lie to her. **Or** he was likely to say whatever lies were needed to make sure he'd be safe. For now she decided not to trust him completely, but still listen to him. Just... to check his story in senses.*\n\n**\"... sure. Tell me how he looks, *and* I'll message him.\"**\n\n*She confirmed. Still having the hand on his shoulder so he'd stay in place, though she ended up moving one hand into her own pocket to pull out her phone from her pocket. It was a burner phone. She ended up looking towards the phone instead of him, but keeping her grip just to make sure he'd stay there. Just quickly managing to actually type on it even though it was like one of those Nokia brick phones without a tracker. Just typing to her 'husband' in this moment. `Hey honey, do you know a Kristof?` sent. Now the message was sent she looked at the phone for awhile before slowly putting her phone into her pocket. Making sure the notification sound was on so she would be aware when 'Mori' was to reply. Looking back to Kristof.*\n\n**\"Explain.\"**\n\n*She now demanded. Staring him dead in the eyes again. Using the fear he felt to her advantage. Maybe if he was her 'husbands' friend, then maybe she shouldn't be acting this way. It could cause some issues. Though, she did qet him know what she had done. He seemed... accepting. Surprisingly. But. Accepting. So maybe he'd understand.. hopefully?*" }, { "author": "Kristof", "is_bot": false, "message": "**Relief**\n\nKristof would take his time to think for a minute as he got his thoughts in order, \"Well, let's see,\" Kristof would say as he started to list off every little trait about Cid's current looks. Looks he knew were most likely that of her actual husband. As he spoke, he didn't miss a beat as the fear that was over him helped him for once as his fear forced him to tell the truth of what he remembered of Cid's new look, which was most of it. \"Is that enough?\" Kristof asked as he tried to for a moment to catch his breath, his eyes no longer wet as she had moved her arm... and yet he still felt it. It was like it was burned into his skin. He couldn't get it out of his mind no matter what he did. That pain she had caused him it was like th- No, get your shit together. You ain't out of this, yet keep your calm as much as you. can and get through this. Come on, you can do this." }, { "author": "Kurai", "is_bot": false, "message": "*She silently stared at him as he explained the appearance of her 'husband', okay. This was accurate. He seemed to be telling the truth from what she could tell. Good. Simply nodding in part there was then a small 'bewoop' she ended up nodding towards Kristof saying.*\n\n**\"We'll see.\"**\n\n*Before she picked her phone up out of her pocket with her free hand. Checking the message as she then messaged him back `There's a man here named Kristof claiming he's an old friend of yours`, might as well be honest with him in senses. The message was now sent. Just looking back towards Kristof for now as she was waiting for a message in return. Being, patient. But also making sure this man here waited as long as she had to wait for a message. She wasn't letting him go anywhere.*" }, { "author": "Kristof", "is_bot": false, "message": "**AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA**\n\nKristof would stand stock still, not moving a single muscle he as he thought to himself, \"ILL FUCKING KILL HIM\" constantly as he waited for the rat fuck that was Cid... As Kristof stood and waited, he would think of all the things he would do to Cid if he fucked with him here and now. It would be the only thing on his mind right now, and it would be the only thing keeping him from running away like a dog with its tail between its legs, so long as he focused on CId. and what he would do to that little fucker when he got his hands on him would keep him in the here and now. Yes, his body was still tense as he didn't dare move a single muscle. But he was more calm as his mind settled on what he might do to Cid." }, { "author": "Kurai", "is_bot": false, "message": "*Since he was silent and she got more messages she brought her attention back to those messages. Her expression blank, but a small smile forming on her lips as she messaged on the burner phone. Typing with one hand and her other hand still on his shoulder. Spending about 2-3 long lasting moments just to type away. Before. She then put her phone away into her pocket. Patting his shoulder now as the grip wasn't so aggressive. Just a simple pat as her attitude completely changed.*\n\n**\"Sorry about that then Kristof! Come along. 'Mori' asked for me to bring you along for dinner\"**\n\n*She still used the name of her husband to refer to her 'husband', since she believed that it was Mori. She was delusional afterall. Surely Kristof would know that her 'husbands' name was Mori, right? Either way she let out a small hum. Expecting Kristof to follow along as she walked past him, side eyeing him for a moment just to make sure he was following along. He **had** to follow.*" }, { "author": "Kristof", "is_bot": false, "message": "**....**\n\nKristof would follow no question as her whole personality changed in almost an instant. It put him at ease as he changed, and for the first time in this entire scenario, he thanked Cid internally as his body slightly untensed. As Kristof walked, he shivered a bit as this woman gave him the side eye. Still, again, he knew he was safe for now, or he hoped he was... he knew that if this lady really wanted to, she could beat the shit out of him, and he wouldn't be able to stop her due to fear, but for now, that didn't matter all that mattered was that for now he was safe and he was going to get something to eat." }, { "author": "alexalmreal", "is_bot": false, "message": "#deleted-channel\n\n<3" } ]
[ { "author": "Miyahira", "is_bot": false, "message": "*It's been.. what a few days? Yeah a few days since UA's destruction. There were a bunch of emergency units aka rescue heroes or authority figures pulling both students and staff out of the rubble. The sight was pretty bad if you'd asked anyone. The area seemed to look like a construction company did a poor job of tearing down an old factory. Everyone seemed on edge and everyone seemed so focused at the task at hand.. though some noticed something odd. Something odd in the air.. was that smoke? Was someone smoking during a time like this!?*\n\n*Approaching the school was a mad wearing a black suit with a red undershirt and a tie. He seemed to walk with an aura of confidence and shades covering his eyes. The smoke was coming from him as the man had a cigar in his mouth. There was no ounce of pity in his eyes either from the looks of it. Almost like he was... humiliated by the sight of the school. As he got closer and saw the resources of this fine yet deranged city being used on this sad excuse of a school. They were supposed to be the best yet this place was full of corpses and destruction brought on by villains.*\n\n\"Tch.\"\n\n*No one seemed to know who he was nor care. Walking through the workers and stepping over rocks, glass, and possible limbs taking in everything. But he was also here for another reason.. that reason might be known soon*" }, { "author": "𝑴𝒊𝒏𝒂𝒐", "is_bot": false, "message": "*Minao however was pulling aside students who had major or minor Injuery, healing them as best as possible, though it took a lot out of her she put the students and other teachers first, making sure everyone was safe, sweat dripping from her forehead as she took time to heal each person, feeling a bit overwhelmed. But she pushed through, she soon noticed a man, dressed in fancy clothing, she narrowed her eyes at him, trying to get a good look at the man, but she was snapped back to reality when another student needed healing*" }, { "author": "Miyahira", "is_bot": false, "message": "*As he was going through he spotted the same nurse that spot him. She was healing the students? Well to him those talents were being wasted on those that lost badly to a bunch of street dogs. He put out what he was smoking and put it out by stomping on it after dropping it on the ground. Walking up to her starting to.. slow clap? Why was he clapping? This brought some attention to him as a small grin on his face was starting to slowly creep up on his face*\n\n\"My my! You're quite talented aren't you miss? Kind hearted too for helping these.. children out in such a dire state. I must commend you for your efforts!\"\n\n*The tone of his voice seem to ooze of with sarcasm and the fact he looked down on the students and teachers alike. Though he couldn't tell if she was a field medic or a nurse from this school or from one of the other two schools in the area. Time to find out of course!*" }, { "author": "𝑴𝒊𝒏𝒂𝒐", "is_bot": false, "message": "*she flinched slightly as she heard the clapping, sending the student off she was tending to for further care, turning back to face him, wiping the sweat off her forehead, she was blunt but she wasn't stupid, she could tell he was being sarcastic, her eyes narrowed*\n\n\"I don't see you helping anyone..\"\n\n*she said in her surprisingly soft tone. She was quiet by nature, but could easily speak with aggression, if she had the courage to.*" }, { "author": "Miyahira", "is_bot": false, "message": "*He stopped clapping at this point and but the grin stayed plastered on his face. Taking his shades off as he noticed the students scurrying off like rats.. there was a hint of disgust in his eyes. There was so little respect for both them and the staff members that would think he could get physically sick from being in their presence. Regradless his attention turned back to the nurse*\n\n\"Of course not! They got themselves into this mess and I'm not obligated to help them out. Plus.. rather not dirty my hands with the ones who can't even defend themselves nor a place they see as home. Well some of them see it as home I suppose.\"\n\n*He was shocked that she was soft spoken of course. The way she glared at him would make you think she was one with the ability to yell at those who are cruel.*" }, { "author": "𝑴𝒊𝒏𝒂𝒐", "is_bot": false, "message": "\"they're only children, they tried their best. This kind of thing can be highly traumatizing to people, though I doubt you care, given you're...*sarcastic* first impression, what are you even doing here? I dont recognize you, so you probablyarent apwrt of the staff.\"\n\n*she said as she put away some of her medical equipment, most of the students left only had minor injuries that could be tended by the others, the ones with major Injures were sent to the hospital, as she closed her medical bag she took a cloth from her pocket, wiping the sweat off her face*" }, { "author": "Miyahira", "is_bot": false, "message": "\"Of course not! I wouldn't be caught dead being in such.. a sorry excuse of a school. But dear, don't give these future... heroes the benefit of the doubt. They came here to become ones to help out others. They decided to be the ones who help this city and some even boast their power from what I've seen on the news. Safe to say.. if they can't handle the world right now **they don't deserve your pity** nor your skills for that matter\"\n\n*He seemed to think lowly of UA, more so then the others actually since this was the first school to get destroyed. UA was supposed to be the ideal school for people to join but seeing like this enraged him. On the news these students boast their powers but in action? They've done poorly and made the icon for this city into a joke.*\n\n\"What I'm doing here however is to see the destruction for myself. I was originally here to see how bad everything was but instead I found.. talent. It's not every day you come across someone with your type of skills of quirk. Don't you think that now the school is in shambles your talents would fit elsewhere dear?\"" }, { "author": "𝑴𝒊𝒏𝒂𝒐", "is_bot": false, "message": "\"as I said before they're children. They boast about anything they can, most of them were still first years, a lot of the atudents weren't even in the hero course.\"\n\n*she was starting to get a bit irrated with him. Still retaining herself, trying to be polite ad she possibly could. Usually things didn't go well when she lashed out..given her last few lawsuits...once she hears him speak once more, she hesitated, standing up and picking up her medical bag\n\n\"Yes this school is..well, barely anything is left..but, It would feel wrong for me to leave, I couldn't feel like I've betrayed the people ive gotten close with here-...especially one particular person, though. I have been considering working somewhere else. It's just been overwhelming to think about.\"" }, { "author": "Miyahira", "is_bot": false, "message": "\"Fine we agree to disagree on these.. children. But I'm sure they wouldn't mind on you leave this place. After you seem to love helping them. You see, there's a place for you that I can for sure grant you. You can be the nurse for us. I should explain a bit more.. I'm the Vice principal of Inazuma academy. Newly formed but growing rather quickly. I'm sure these kids will either be sent to one of the other two schools or be sent to us. And if there is one student that you want to bring over I can arrange for them to be there as well.\"\n\n*He was doing what he can to get her to join as well, as mentioned before how often do you get to see a healing quirk? He was devil that's for sure but when it came to his words he never lies. While it was obvious he disliked the UA students he was respecting her. Never once insulting her but actually praising her for her being so kind and so good at their job*\n\n\"Plus you can still help out here, you'll just be.. employed by us for the foreseeable future. Maybe I can even help get these kids you care so much for the help they need with some funding if some don't have the option for it.\"\n\n*Blackmail.. that was another thing he loved. Him offering her his help with this students in exchange for them working for them was an offer. Even though the principal was nothing like him. She might get along with her more than him.*" }, { "author": "𝑴𝒊𝒏𝒂𝒐", "is_bot": false, "message": "*she hesitated for a moment, thinking to herself, it would be a good opportunity to her, her heart has already been broken enough seeing the achool she so dearly love being demolished...she let out a heavy sigh before answering*\n\n\"Very well, that sounds like the smartest I might as well comply, I'll try to convince a very...special, coworker of mine to come alone aswell. I'm sure he'd enjoy it.\"\n\n*she said as she placed the clith she has back into her pocket, her long hair covering apart of her face, she looked exhausted, she'd been overworking herself, since the morning at least.*" }, { "author": "Miyahira", "is_bot": false, "message": "\"Perfect! We should cover everything later this week. If you're finished here I can offer you a drink as a welcome to the team gift. Sure you and whoever that friend of yours would enjoy it quite a bit.\"\n\n*As he finished talking he opened his suit coat to pull out a card with the school name and the number for his office on it. There was also the principal's number there as well too if she prefer talking to someone higher up then him she had the option to. Though now they had a nurse he needed to look more into getting more people to the school. Only those who'll fit his vision however so none of those who were injured here today.*\n\n\"This has my information on it so feel free to call me whenever you're ready to set up a date and contract. Don't keep me waiting too long though.\"" }, { "author": "𝑴𝒊𝒏𝒂𝒐", "is_bot": false, "message": "\"thank you for the offer, but I shouldn't be drinking right now-\"\n\n*she said as she was cut off by him giving her the card, she was surprised by his sudden change In mood, she nodded her head, putting the card in her pocket*\n\n\"I'll call you later once I get home and I clean myself up.\"\n\n*she was rather dirty, her skin and dress covered in dirt from pulling people out of the rubble to try and help them the best she could*" }, { "author": "Miyahira", "is_bot": false, "message": "\"Well then miss, I'll see you at the new location whenever you and your comrade are ready. But my offer still stands regardless so don't be afraid to accept it at anytime.\"\n\n*With that he put his shades back on and stepped over the rubble as his phone started ringing. Answering it and walking back down the steps he took up in the first place. Still never getting the nurses name but he didn't need it since his goal was to try to recruit her anyway. No point in learning the names of those he has no intention of getting close to.*" }, { "author": "𝑴𝒊𝒏𝒂𝒐", "is_bot": false, "message": "*she sighed as she watched him leave. Looking back at the rubble, which is what used to be a beloved school, one she highly enjoyed working at. But she'd have to put it in the past, with a heavy heart, she slightly bowed her head In respect to the school, it's history, and all who were lost. Once she was done, she turned on her heels and began walking away to her car, to head back home*" } ]
[ { "author": "The", "is_bot": false, "message": "A moment passes as he waits for the others to leave, and eventually it is just Shade and Fierce. And Clock, too, the distinction is there. Though they *are* one, there is a definitive difference to them, now and then.\n\nBut Shade shifts, almost dragging himself to a place to sit away from the Inn (as far as he could) and away from prying eyes.\n\n“… there is… a lot. Where would you want to begin?” A dry laugh leaves him." }, { "author": "➳", "is_bot": false, "message": "They follow faithfully, pale eyes watching warily as he moved. They could tell there was strain- pain, and it was so deeply odd. To know this to be Shade, yet so full of life and all it's troubles. That... must have been a very powerful song to do something like this. A note for later.\n\nThey move to sit alongside him, shifting to cross their legs and place their hands together in their lap.\n\n> \"I'm not going to force you to speak. However, if anyone knows how it feels to adjust back to a life foreign to them... I would. I offer ears as someone that understands, somewhat\"." }, { "author": "The", "is_bot": false, "message": "Shade’s eye doesn’t land on Fierce, instead glancing down. Its other eye lays closed, sunken slightly by the deadness of it. It stares at the ground at their feet as it thinks.\n\nAs *he* thinks, he supposed. No longer can he lean on his deathly nature to… impassively continue forward.\n\n“… it’s… too much. The feeling of my clothes is— constant. Wind on my skin. Hearing things through ears rather than magic is loud. Louder than it should have any right to be.” Shade’s tone has been quiet ever since he woke. Barely above a whisper.\n\n“Blinking, is… I sometimes must remind myself to blink. It should be a natural thing, yet I have not done it. And… all of this extra emotion. No longer can I detach myself from it all. I must feel, fully and readily. There is… more. Much more, if you have time to listen.”" }, { "author": "➳", "is_bot": false, "message": "He doesn't interject. He doesn't soothe. He hardly speaks a word.\n\nInstead, they simply listen. Eyes kept on someone that doesn't look back, simply being a presence. They keep their word, listening to the struggles had.\n\nIt makes sense. One who has died and has lived so long without such sensations- well. It'd be madness. So much felt and so much forgotten, flooding in all at once.\n\n> \"Always time. I don't lack it,\" comes easily with a nod, words just as softly rasped \"I'm here for you, for as long as you have words left to say\"." }, { "author": "The", "is_bot": false, "message": "Shade stares down, mulling over the response. Taking time to try and put into words that which was barely able to be done.\n\nSpeaking, in and of itself, was difficult. A tongue and teeth that shift. Almost as naturally as he had been speaking Hylian, he switched to Deku instead. More comfortable, more natural. His eye turns upwards towards the stars.\n\n“… I… keep thinking about Malon. Am I going to out-age her now? When I return to my time, at the moment where I was finally going to rest, will I be human? Stuck in an era where I have no one left? Is this temporary? … have I out-aged my child? Will I? How would I ever truly know?” Shade’s eye stares at the moon. Full, bathing the land in light.\n\n“There is the next hero. The Hero of Twilight. Though he is my descendant there is not… any true love there other than duty. I have taught him everything I know already. That was the terms of my continuance…”" }, { "author": "➳", "is_bot": false, "message": "He catches the switch easily. Changes themself to it just as much so. Puts them on equal grounds, or something akin to it- that's how they feel anyways.\n\nIt is a thought that would certainly come to mind. What present would be returned to- if at all. Would the timestream decide that this was too much, of an already horribly disasterous mess? Hardly anyone knew time better then them, but they cannot say.\n\nSo they don't.\n\n> \"I see why it so deeply eats at you. Much that has been done, much time passed without you present. It is... a startling thought, indeed\"." }, { "author": "The", "is_bot": false, "message": "”It gnaws at me. Chewing to my bones. Even if I return, Hyrule had changed much since I had been alive, in those years I had been… thoughtless. Before my sentience. I cannot remember them, but I know them to exist.”\n\nA time when he was just a skeleton. Perhaps he had been a Stalfos like any other, wandering the Lost Woods. He wouldn’t know. He couldn’t ask Saria to verify.\n\nShe wasn’t his Saria. As much as she was still his sister.\n\n“… then there is… the man that killed me.” Shade let’s the words settle, his eye staring at the moon. His jaw sets in the light." }, { "author": "➳", "is_bot": false, "message": "It's said passively, as is often the case with anything he mentions. Though the thought instills a senseless hate within. Shade has been a kind person, kinder than most- and whatever this one be had chosen scorn. To slay and ruin.\n\nThey were like that once, perhaps. It's a stark reminder of what could have been them.\n\n> \"Heavily disliked. Most are aware he is your killer, now. Least, that's the tidbits I've gathered. I wasn't the most focused on it until recently\"." }, { "author": "The", "is_bot": false, "message": "”… I can only imagine. I did not read that he had killed any other. Encountered another, a new Hero of the Four…”\n\nShade sighs, his eye turning to Fierce finally. There’s a strange emotion there, hard to read. Probably because it was so conflicted and confused in and of itself. Too many emotions in one man to parse.\n\n“I am… surprised. Truly, on that front. That my death had affected so many…” Shade pauses. He shouldn’t be… but a part of him always thought himself as more expendable than the others.\n\n“He’s… corrupted. By some sort of evil, the likes of which I have not seen. Made of some kind of shadow and flame. A sword that hurt my soul. A death wound in his chest, and he bleeds from it rather than any wound one makes…” His eye narrows, thoughtful. Searching." }, { "author": "➳", "is_bot": false, "message": "It is stated as a fact, because to them it simply is one. There is no argument. Fierce rarely engages in company with others, they were solitary by their skewed nature. Shade was an exception to that, and exceptions are not made without reason.\n\nHe was a good man, Stalfos, or Hylian. That much was easy to see.\n\n> \"That is a strange description,\" they hum, tapping their fingers idly \"Undeath, certainly. Not of the usual sort though. Almost sounds demonic\"." }, { "author": "The", "is_bot": false, "message": "”…” Shade stays silent at the statement. There is constant turmoil regarding the idea. Less expendable now. People do truly care for him, as Fierce had originally grown fearful upon his fake death before. And, is here now to check up on him.\n\nHis shadow, stern in stating his usefulness. He has no doubts that Saria would also have some thoughts on his current mindset.\n\n… instead, Shade focuses on the problem in front of him, not the one within. It’s easier.\n\n“… demonic… perhaps. He… had a fairy. Bright red. Almost egging him on to end me when he hesitated— before I attempted to stay his hand with a Mortal Draw. I did not push through. I… could not kill him.” Shade’s stare wavers, and he looks away. Voice quieting. “It is hard to stare someone that was much like yourself in the face and cut them down. I warned him instead. Promised I would release him from his strange torment.”" }, { "author": "➳", "is_bot": false, "message": "Their eyes narrow, tapping continuing before he shifts. Moves to look in his bag, before taking out what looks like a makeshift journal bound by animal skins. They skim pages idly, before turning to one with some sort of notes and scrawling something with charcoal in a strange language.\n\n> \"Should he stray from whatever task incites him, the fairy acts as a... sort of coach. Based on what you tell and what I know\". Fierce hums. \"Demonic curses are not easy to break. Possible, but certainly not easy\".\n\nA once Demon God knows of its people. And it's people are... well. Not the soundest of individuals." } ]
[ { "author": "➳", "is_bot": false, "message": "They felt as though they were burning on the inside.\n\nFierce was pacing on the outskirts of Lurelin, parchment firmly stuffed into their side pocket. Hands were held at their sides in tight fists, nails digging into the skin of their palms with no care. Their expression was similarly tight. A sharp frown and glare set at the ground they walked on, breathing steady through sheer will.\n\nThough eventually they come to a stop. A snarl escapes their throat as they shift, and they're half tempted to break something- but they don't. Instead their breath escapes them, and they move to sit with their knees up and head low. Waiting, attempting to keep calm." }, { "author": "Wild", "is_bot": false, "message": "Wild wasn’t sure what he expected when he decided to meet up with Fierce. But it certainly wasn’t someone so... small.\n\nThey were clearly upset. Wild had felt something was... off about the newest addition to the group. The reaction of Fierce in the Sheikah Slate was a confirmation. Wild knew a little bit about Fierce from idly watching the Slate, and it seemed that they were two entities in a single body, an incident caused by a magical mask. Details eluded him, however.\n\nWhen he got close, he raised a hand in greeting. *This isn't a normal kid,* he reminded himself. *Treat them as you have before.* \"Hey, thanks for meeting up. I felt something was up with this new person, and... well, your sentiments didn’t escape my eyes. Trying to head off any more crises before they become a real problem.\" He held out a hand to shake and offered a reassuring smile, hoping to put their mind at ease enough to discuss things rationally." }, { "author": "➳", "is_bot": false, "message": "Their eyes and ears raised at his approach, snapping to attention quickly with tension before easing ever so slightly.\n\nFierce nods, raising from the ground and taking Wild's hand carefully in a shake. What the smile did and didn't accomplish was difficult to tell, with a face as stonelike as theirs, but at the very least they were calm enough for the approach. There's a moment of quiet, before they pull their hand back and let out a low breath.\n\n> \"That Link is of nothing good. I know it, that rattle and that laughter. Whatever he *thinks* he's doing is not of any good,\" Fierce grounded out immediately, cutting to the point as his arms cross \"He wears Majora. That, or Majora wears him. The only thing that could create is destruction, and I know it well. It is all Majora desires\".\n\nThe end is hissed out, and the sentiment is clear. Whatever Majora was, he did not like it. And Fierce was not a person to hold something as trivial as that, were it not for a reason." }, { "author": "Wild", "is_bot": false, "message": "Wild nods slowly as Fierce speaks, trying to show he is listening. Majora... Majora. He remembers reading it somewhere. A god, hellbent on destruction. Stopped by the Hero of Time, as his second quest, but not much more was known, not even what Majora did or what Time had done to stop it. Wild taps his foot while he thinks for a moment.\n\n\"So, this new Link is corrupted by another entity called Majora? I've read about it. A god of sorts, though one that wants only destruction. Not much more recorded than that, though. At least, not that I've read.\"\n\nHe breathes out. \"I don't think I need to explain how this comes at such a bad time. We know so little about how to stop these nightmares, but... something tells me you know quite a bit about this thing. Maybe even how to stop it. And if we can stop this thing *now,* before it tries anything, that would be the best case scenario.\" He crosses his arms thoughtfully, waiting for a response. Hopefully he didn’t sound too presumptuous." }, { "author": "➳", "is_bot": false, "message": "Fierce's eyes narrow, before there's a sigh and a nod from them.\n\n> \"I do\" he responds firmly. \"I've lived alongside Majora before. I've killed Majora before. Or, at the least, removed its soul from the mask so it could do no harm again. However, to do so required the aid of the Four Giants of Termina. We'd need some sort of equivalent if it is as strong as it was- and we should hope not.\"\n\nFierce glances up- and it's easy to tell what he was looking at. The moon reaching into the sky, present as ever. He exhales- as though he was relieved to find nothing.\n\n> \"Majora would have destroyed Termina\" he states, and his eyes shift to Wild \"I will not allow it to attempt such a thing to your world. However, if it knows who I am... it will know what I told you. Majora and I have known each other for a very long time. Further than it knew the Hero of Time.\"" }, { "author": "Wild", "is_bot": false, "message": "Wild looks up as Fierce does, and... all he sees is the moon. Strange. His gaze returns to them as he starts to speak again. \"Four Giants... they weren't recorded in the history books. From the name alone, it sounds like the closest thing I know of is the four Divine Beasts.\"\n\nHe sighs. \"I wish I could say they were available. But the gloom consumed them all. We would need something of equal power... or Divine Beasts from other worlds. I don't know if the portals will bless us with that.\"\n\nThen Wild smiles. \"But it is reassuring that we have your support. And...\" the smile disappears. \"That's kinda why I kept your name out of it. If you knew it, there was a good chance it knew you. Unfortunately, with that thing in the parchment, we don't have an easy way to warn the others.\"" }, { "author": "➳", "is_bot": false, "message": "Nothing has changed yet. The world is not falling yet. They can hope that, despite their worries, that it won't. That time will not need reset before all comes crumbling down once more. That it is *weak*, or weak enough. It is all that can be done.\n\n> \"The Four Giants acted as protectors of Termina, the closest equivalent it had to gods for a long time. They stalled the destruction for long enough in order for I to deal with Majora myself. As long as destruction does not linger, we can eventually find a way to deal with the mask.\"\n\nAt least, that, they are confident of. They've defeated Majora once. They will do it again if necessary.\n\n> \"You... do not know of the Four Giants because it would not be *your* history. This happened within Termina. I would be shocked if you did know much aside from Majora and the Hero, as they hailed from Hyrule.\"" }, { "author": "Wild", "is_bot": false, "message": "Wild nods again. \"Caution isn't my forte, but I can't afford to be reckless right now. It would be best to assume Majora *is* powerful. Better to approach with more than enough force than not enough. But... with the current crisis, I'm not sure what should be dealt with first.\"\n\nHe takes a moment to think again, his brow furrowing and his eyes closing. If damage control needed to come first, then they should focus on the nightmares. But if they wanted to stop Majora from making the current situation first, then their efforts were better directed towards it instead. Sighing again, he looks back up at Fierce.\n\n\"You know the most about Majora. I think this is an issue best handled by people with expertise on this threat. I'd like for you to meet someone who may be able to help. She comes from a world where they still have the Divine Beasts. She may have ideas. For now, though, I'd like for you to keep tabs on this person so we can get more information. Right now we don't have the ability to direct all our efforts at one person who could be anywhere when these nightmares seem to be *everywhere.* Can I count on you do that while others focus primarily on these nightmares?\"" }, { "author": "➳", "is_bot": false, "message": "It's an absolute. His voice is firm to say that with the strength of a promise. He will not allow that thing to bring another world to its knees, as it did to theirs.\n\n> \"I will keep an eye on them through the parchment, and what I can gather about what their intentions are. They mentioned earlier something about concerns towards other Links. If I can gather anything I will... try to find a way to get it to you. For now, there is one other that would understand this threat that I know. It may be best for me to reach out to them\".\n\nIf anyone would understand the gravity of this threat, it would be the other Hero of Time. That he knows for certain.\n\n> \"Thank you for... your understanding. The world is in a precarious position, I am grateful you took the opportunity to still hear me.\"" }, { "author": "Wild", "is_bot": false, "message": "Wild nods at him again. \"Of course. It's certainly been hectic for me, but I could tell you knew something important... something you couldn't say in the parchment. The new Link just seemed... off. I couldn't explain it if I tried, but I knew something was very, very wrong when you reacted that way.\"\n\nA small smile appears on his face. \"Besides. Sometimes you just gotta talk. I appreciate your help with this. I can't imagine how we would have managed if we didn't have so many heroes here. I live in Hateno Village, east of here. If you can catch me there, I'll hear what you have for me.\"" }, { "author": "➳", "is_bot": false, "message": "The response is given like a dry joke, though it's most certainly truth. At least to them, it's hard not to identify Majora when they spent so much time with it. Even so they continue on, moving to pull their half crumpled parchment out alongside an ocarina.\n\n> \"Hateno, understood. I'll keep it in mind- and... yes. It is... nice, to have so many allies. It is easier than doing it all alone. I wish you luck with the nightmares. Give Legend and Sheik my regards as well if you see them, I'll be preoccupied for likely an extended moment.\"" }, { "author": "Wild", "is_bot": false, "message": "He smiles wider. \"I'll be sure to do that. Thanks again, hopefully I can get the nightmare situation sorted soon so that Majora can't take advantage of the chaos to gain a foothold. We'll also need to figure out reliable communication outside the parchment... especially if Majora could be listening at any given moment. It may see the chaos and try to strike us while we are down.\"\n\nHe holds out a hand to shake again. \"I wish you luck. I trust your experience. As long as we have you around, I have hope we can defeat this thing.\"" }, { "author": "➳", "is_bot": false, "message": "The hand is taken once more, and their own hesitant smile is returned. It's awkward, as if they aren't quite sure how to do it right- but it sobers to that neutral mask quickly enough.\n\n> \"Thank you. We will have to... that can be worked on as it comes along. The communication. I'll be careful regarding my usage of the parchment, I have a feeling it catching on to my identity would go poorly.\"\n\nAnd then Fierce steps back, curling the parchment into their belt as they hold the ocarina.\n\n> \"Good luck, Champion.\"" } ]
[ { "author": "piperchu", "is_bot": false, "message": "** **" }, { "author": "The", "is_bot": false, "message": "Soon after the song was played, a howl echoed around Fierce, and the sound of pounding paw prints hit the path. And from the nearest obscured area surrounding them came a glowing, golden wolf. Much larger than average, with a scar over the right eye and a bright red left eye.\n\nIt truly doesn’t take long for the sounds of the bone crack to make sense, as Shade shifted into his Stalfos form before Fierce… and ended up looking down. But the features on Fierce finally cemented the nature of the other version of himself. It was a different thing to see the person.\n\n“*Majora.*” The voice was stern, echoed. Ethereal, in a way." }, { "author": "➳", "is_bot": false, "message": "\"Majora,\" he agreed, tilting his head up.\n\nIf they'd expected anything different, they didn't show it. Instead they simply set to work, stowing their parchment away once more before nodding. Their posture is tensed from earlier, but they don't struggle to hold their pale eyes to the glowing red of the Shade's.\n\n> \"Wild is aware, he too had some concerns with this new \"Link\". My reaction adding to that. Unfortunately with the nightmare still raging, he cannot split his attention easily. I believe you may want to be part of the effort to monitor the puppet\".\n\nStraight to the point. There's no tiptoeing around what it is. It's a *threat*, and one that cannot be allowed to thrive with their pressure split." }, { "author": "The", "is_bot": false, "message": "The gaze stuck, not shifting. In fact, Shade stood eerily still as he listened to the debrief, like a solider waiting for orders. It was not until Fierce stopped did he shift slightly.\n\n“I had to imagine that is why he pulled you aside. Yes. I will be apart of this job.” There is a pause as it seems to think.\n\n“I can follow it in my wolf for if I can find it. I know it is along a river. I can search those endlessly without tire. It must be stopped, especially since I do not know what it’s plan is.”" }, { "author": "➳", "is_bot": false, "message": "Fierce let's out a sigh, moving to cross their arms. Their eyes shift towards where they know Lurelin lies, and there's a short hum from them.\n\n> \"It may take some time. This land is vast, even accounting for being near waterways. I imagine it isn't taking well to the fact that its ruse has already turned a few heads- people are noticing. *Quickly*. I worry for if it takes offense with someone, and how it will deal with it.\"\n\n> There's the click of their jaw, before a grumble. \"Unfortunately, it seems my chosen nickname goes against me here- I cannot have it identify me. Whether it would or not in person is questionable, but the moment it recognizes who I am it will know the ruse is destroyed. We will have to play this cautious\"." }, { "author": "The", "is_bot": false, "message": "”It’s… concerning that I cannot seem to decipher the meaning behind it. I cannot tell what the true meaning of the words. Unless it is all reading there somehow.” There’s an exhale, almost like a sigh. Or at least a noise that mimics it.\n\n“… that is my worry, as well. There are quite a few residents of the parchment that could cause such a reaction from it, and I cannot be everywhere. I worry if I share my song, it will recognize it. So that is out of the picture as well. … I do not even know…”\n\nThere is a moment where his gaze tilts downward. And he eventually turns back up.\n\n“We can come up with a new nickname. Though it must be natural the way you introduce it.” There’s a shutter of the bones. “… I will be frank. I am afraid. I do not have the ability to turn back time that I used to without the use of the Ocarina. If… if it is full power, we have more heroes here. But I do not know how turning back time will effect them…”" }, { "author": "➳", "is_bot": false, "message": "Fierce's hold on their Ocarina tightens, the material firm under his fingers. It's evident that they're unsure as well, with the ever so slightest knitting of their brows. A low and rasped growl escapes them, though it seems to be born from frustration.\n\n> \"I am-\" they begin to snarl out, before their brows knit further and their hands lower to their sides. \"I am... afraid. As well. From the sounds of it, you survived your encounter with Majora. Though I managed to destroy it as well, I- *we*, did not. If it is at full strength... I do not know how many would survive without the Giants to push back\".\n\nIt's a pained admittance. Fierce does not enjoy losing, and though they had killed the enemy it had been at a cost. Were the cost to be that great here... is a thought that does not bode well. Truly, they had fewer options here even with their current company.\n\nNo time travel. No restarting. The clock will tick on." }, { "author": "The", "is_bot": false, "message": "”… yes, I survived Majora. That is a good way to describe my fight. I had— your mask to help me, then, too. But I was nearly not enough in the end. And it took many years to get there. But courage pushed me on, even if my hands shook.”\n\nThere’s that breathing noise again.\n\n“Fear is not a fault. To feel fear is to be alive.” Another breath. It’s steady now. An echoed breathing in. And in. And in… it’s pained, almost.\n\n“As it stands, I believe only two of us have battled Majora, outcome or not. This means we have the most experience with what it is capable of. We must be… cautious of who we tell about it. And how we plan this attack. There is… always a chance that the former hero it is attached to can be rescued. Like Skull Kid. But if it comes down to it… we must do what we can to stop it.”" }, { "author": "➳", "is_bot": false, "message": "Their ears shift at the breathing, eyes traveling up, but they do not ask. It's tempting admittedly. To ask and see what answer they receive. However they know now is not the time. They're beginning to know better than asking what may end up hurting.\n\nThey think they know deep down, anyways.\n\n> \"If they can be saved, it would be a kindness. That kindness cannot be expected. Should they truly believe the delusions Majora has given them- then there may be nothing left to save. Care should be taken nonetheless\".\n\n> They move to point at their face, specifically their left half, before speaking. \"We bonded upon death as I was worn. I doubt we want to find out if Majora is capable of such a feat as well. Even a final blow must be calculated, lest we find it rising once more\"." }, { "author": "The", "is_bot": false, "message": "”The others are… unpredictable. We must either think of more clever ways to tell them. Or to simply… hope they are keen enough to gather we are keeping this close to our chests.”\n\nIt seems he notices the other’s ears perk up, and the breathing stops. For a time… before it gets sharp. It levels out eventually, but Shade’s fists clench momentarily before releasing.\n\n“You are dragon serpents, circling one another endlessly. If you were capable of such a feat as fusing, even unconsciously, we should not assume that Majora is incapable of doing the same.”\n\nThere’s… a pause.\n\n“Either disarming and somehow preventing the mask from being picked up by anyone, or complete obliteration. We do not have the Giants here. But monitor… if you pay attention to the parchment, I will start hunting. I can memorize the land I check. So if you ever summon me, I will be able to return.”" }, { "author": "➳", "is_bot": false, "message": "It's said with ease, because it is the simple truth. Many of them were incredibly observant, in one form or another. Fierce would know- they eventually picked up the clues and pieced their identity together. Hopefully they understand that caution is occasionally a necessity.\n\n> \"If we can separate the mask from the puppet, it should work. It did for us, when Majora abandoned its puppet in favor of using its own form. So long as it doesn't have a soul to latch on to- it can be dealt with. I can keep an eye on the parchment, see what more I can gather.\"\n\n> There's a passing moment of quiet, before they cautiously murmur \"... I am glad that you are as prepared as I am to take on this endeavor. I would not want to keep this to solely myself, even as the nightmares rage on. Having more eyes on Majora means less chance of it being able to act without us knowing\"." }, { "author": "The", "is_bot": false, "message": "Sheik easily comes to mind. As well as a few other rather intelligent people. Emotionally and mentally. It truly is the simple fact.\n\n“Simply must figure out the nature of this attachment. With the presence of… alternate timelines. Anything is possible.”\n\nShade gives Fierce a solemn nod, a hand reaching out. If reached for, Shade will pull for the arm and tug forward, its other arm wrapped around Fierce’s back in a strong clasp before pulling back. A warrior’s embrace.\n\n“Though it is strange to work alongside myself, yet not, it is as if we are brothers. Thus I shall treat it as such. My arms are yours, and our goals align. Til my very bones grind to dust. I shall do this thing, and give all the information I can to my last.”\n\nDetermined. He means every bit of it." }, { "author": "➳", "is_bot": false, "message": "Admittedly they had not been expecting it.\n\nHandshakes they'd gotten good at, it's an easy form of transaction through body language. They blink though as they're pulled, and then blink once more when released. Something similar they guess- they just hadn't been expecting it.\n\n> \"... ah- yes. I imagine such... but it is not unwelcome. Thank you. With our efforts, I am certain we will find a solution.\"\n\nHyrule will not fall. Hyrule will not suffer under the crushing tension that Termina had dealt with. They simply would not allow it." }, { "author": "Hero", "is_bot": false, "message": "*'To the depths with you, shadow.'\n\n'I'd rather be dead than a sniveling little coward.'*\n\n...\n\n*A Nightmare. I am a Nightmare.*\n\nThese thoughts and others swam in Dream's head as he sat on the edge of the water, looking at his reflection. *A Nightmare. A Nightmare.*\n\nAnd then his thoughts came to a screeching halt as his reflection changed into... very much not him. He blinked at the glowing red eyes and black skin... this was Ruby? The appearance looked... familiar. But *its* eyes were yellow.\n\n\"Uh. Hello,\" he greeted nervously at this new reflection. Was he going to come out of the water?" }, { "author": "➼", "is_bot": false, "message": "There was a pause before the reflection moved of their own accord, a short wave before after a moment it seemed to reach out-\n\nA hand holds on to the bog's edge, dark nails holding on to the muddy dirt for leverage. After a moment a second hand joined, before a head pulled itself up from the water. Everything else was easier after, the shadow-like being lifting itself on to the bank, shifting to sit next to Dream as the last remnants of water fall to the ground.\n\nIt doesn't take long for her to right herself after, immediately shifting to pull out some charcoal and paper to write with. He writes quickly enough, turning the page to show smudged writing to the other after only a moment.\n\n- Hi. Sorry about that, it's the quickest way to travel. Good to meet you." }, { "author": "Hero", "is_bot": false, "message": "Dream blinked as Ruby climbed out, moving out of the way to allow him to pull himself onto the bank. She looked much older than him, if the size difference was to be trusted. Dream knew he was small, though. Malnutrition and unhealthy habits during a crucial growing time in childhood had not done him any favors.\n\n\"Good to meet you too,\" Dream said quietly, after reading the message. He then looked out over the bog, wondering where to start. But there really was no better place to start than the beginning.\n\n\"When I first got here, I woke up in the Dark World,\" he began. \"Then I found the parchment, and there was an older version of me there. He... he called me a nightmare. *His* nightmare. I didn't believe him, because I *remember* everything. But... then this happened.\"\n\nDream removed his Titan's Mitts, revealing his bare hands, dripping thick, black liquid. The Nightmare Fuel. His expression as he looked at it was more than just sad — it was defeat. Resignation. Hopelessness." }, { "author": "➼", "is_bot": false, "message": "The shadow waited. Red eyes kept on Dream as he recounted what he knew, and what had happened. Eventually their head tilted down to regard the Nightmare Fuel- and there's a short, echoed hum.\n\nThey recognize that look, it's one that he'd had himself not long ago.\n\n- I understand.\n\nIt's written carefully and clearly. Even despite the Nightmare Fuel dripping to the ground, they don't turn away. Why would they? She can't dream, there is nothing for her to fear. The kid seems more scared of himself anyways.\n\n- I am in a similar position. A younger version of what turns out to be the truth. I remember everything from our life too, until a point of separation. You think yourself to be what is dreadful, yes?" }, { "author": "Hero", "is_bot": false, "message": "Dream gazed up at Ruby, eyes wide in surprise. It was strange, they had a oddly similar story. At the question he looked back down again.\n\n\"I... yeah,\" he confirmed. \"I am... the bad ending. The one where everything went the worst way possible. I finished my first quest the same, but despite wishing on the Triforce for *everyone* to come back, my Uncle didn’t. The person who meant the most to me, who my first quest was about *avenging...* did not come back.\"\n\nDream's hands balled into fists, the Nightmare Fuel squeezing out between his fingers. He took a shaky breath in as he looked at the stuff angrily, a hatred in his eyes unbefitting someone so small. \"So I ran. To Holodrum, then Labrynna. And I failed to save the Oracles. Failed to save Zelda from being sacrificed. Failed to stop Ganon from coming to full power. I set sail across the ocean, trying to find a place where no one knew me and Ganon couldn’t find me or die trying.\n\n\"A storm hit, and I capsized. And then... I woke up on Koholint. An island that was... incredible. But it was plagued by Nightmares. I fought them, but... eventually I learned the truth. It was a dream. And to dispel the nightmares, I had to wake up the god whose dream I was trapped in, so that I could go home. But the island would disappear.\"\n\nDream wasn’t sure why he was so ready to tell Ruby his story. Maybe he was just a good listener? \"I never left Koholint. Ganon is waiting for me. I know it. So... I protect the people of the island from the nightmares. Or... I thought I did.\" He fell silent, he didn’t know how much more he would be able to say before he lost it." }, { "author": "piperchu", "is_bot": false, "message": "** **" }, { "author": "Asano", "is_bot": false, "message": "A flutter of papers, and a Sheikah appears on a beach near the village of Lurelin. Not too closely... he'd never been to the village *itself*, but he'd been in the area years ago for... reasons he would not talk about.\n\nHe sighed and shaded his eyes from the sun with his hand, seeking for the familiar sight of the young man who had saved him weeks ago.\n\nThere was something that concerned him... and he found it best to talk in person rather than risk unwanted ears from hearing over the parchment." }, { "author": "➳", "is_bot": false, "message": "It wasn't difficult to find him. The combined Hero's hearing served them well, and the former Yiga's teleportation created a distinct sound. Not to mention the proximity- safe to say, Fierce approached him quickly.\n\n> \"Good to see you again, though I assume it is for reasons not so polite. Rather... you have similarly picked up on the oddities of Gold, yes? And you can tell that I know something.\"\n\nIt's not toned like an accusation. Rather Fierce speaks of it as he speaks of everything- pure and simple truth. They knew the other's within the parchment were quick to catch on." }, { "author": "Asano", "is_bot": false, "message": "He'd had a feeling the other would find him quickly. He turned, offering Fierce a tired, half-smile.\n\n\"I'm afraid so. I was trying not to get involved with any of this any longer, but...\"\n\nHe sighed again, a weary look passing over his face. \"I am no chosen hero or sacred princess, but I've seen enough suspicious things in my lifetime to realize there is something sinister about this newcomer. The things he has said... it sounds very much like a man who seeks power for ill.\"\n\nSome of the things Gold had said had reminded him a little of what high-ranking members of the Yiga had spoken of about Ganondorf. How destroying this world would 'free' people from the 'chains' that bound them. He doubted Gold was the Demon King, but there was something about him that put Asano on edge even more than Ganondorf.\n\n\"I need to know what we're up against. And I think you know who this 'Gold' is.\"" }, { "author": "➳", "is_bot": false, "message": "The answer shouldn't come as much of a surprise by now, Fierce was old in spirit after all. And the sudden change of name, though phrased well, certainly was done for a reason. The blonde tilted their head with a hum, turning their gaze towards the ocean before answering. Their voice was flat as always, but there was something to their tone that remained strained.\n\n> \"You are aware of my origin. The origin of this being is one I am connected to, a mask of ill. This hero- and I do believe that perhaps once, it was truth- has been corrupted. Majora wears them as a puppet, and Majora desires nothing but destruction wrought.\"\n\nSomething similar to what Fierce once was. Something equivalent to Gods. Something more destructive than even nature." }, { "author": "Asano", "is_bot": false, "message": "\"...How ironic, speaking of people being led like puppets when they themselves...\"\n\nSo this hero from another time was controlled by a god. Or... something of the sort. Perhaps not a god in the way Hylia was, but something otherworldly nonetheless. Something, perhaps, worse than even the Calamity or Ganondorf.\n\n\"I can only assume stopping such a being is not as simple as killing its host, seeing as you do not want to tip it off. Though I wonder why it has not tried to destroy this world. Perhaps it is toying with us...\"\n\nAnother sigh. \"Gods and demons. This is far outside my own abilities. Is there something to be done about this, or is it simply so powerful even the heroes across the ages would struggle?\"" }, { "author": "➳", "is_bot": false, "message": "Something ate at them. Otherwise they would not be so cautious. Even were Majora to be weakened, he knows they would find some opportunity to still wreak havoc on this Hyrule. And they can't quite yet have that hope be truth.\n\n... they also do not want Majora to speak much of them.\n\n> \"I have killed Majora before. Shade has similarly done such. Currently we are keeping tabs on it, as we can. Should the need arise to have the mask destroyed, we will. We first want to know what it is capable of. The Champion is aware... what can be done about it is- to be determined\".\n\nIt's not the best answer. It is what they have for now though. If the world hasn't ended yet, then they can prolong the time till it does by playing its game." }, { "author": "Asano", "is_bot": false, "message": "\"I understand what you're trying to do... but I am worried if the Yiga figure anything out about him. I could see them... trying to rally around it like they did with Ganondorf.\"\n\nThere was an unmistakable shiver of fear as he said Ganondorf's name. This particular wound, it seemed, had not healed.\n\n\"Perhaps it would toy with them... perhaps it would simply kill them. I also worry if people unaware of these events run into it. They have no way of knowing about it, after all.\"\n\nJust letting it be... was that really a good idea?\n\n\"And this now with the nightmare situation... I don't know.\"\n\nHe sounded tired. He *was* tired." }, { "author": "➳", "is_bot": false, "message": "Those words were stressed. He doesn't want to simply leave it be either, but they did not have a choice otherwise. There was no protection were it to decide it was time to end things. They had no Giants, no beasts, nothing that could hold it back.\n\nPlaying with an ants nest is a surefire way to get burnt.\n\n> \"It will notice if suddenly things were to become ill towards it. We cannot control the Yiga, and we cannot kill it without knowing anything about it. If I could tear it to shreds I would. I cannot. Not if we want to ensure the world doesn't fall\".\n\nThis was not just some threat that could be taken care of immediately. They had to exercise caution, lest everything be in ruin. Hyrule will not fall under his watch, and that meant waiting.\n\nThe Nightmares were being dealt with. He would deal with this." }, { "author": "Asano", "is_bot": false, "message": "\"...Right. I hear you.\"\n\nIt was... that strong. In such a case, he wondered if it could even be beaten. If trying to kill it was utterly pointless. The heroes always seemed to believe they could figure something out, but this time?\n\nAsano wasn't so sure.\n\nPerhaps he simply... no longer held any hope in this world.\n\n\"I won't alert it. Though I... think perhaps we should just accept the inevitable. If it is so terrible it could instantly kill us... well. I doubt we have any sort of chance.\"\n\nHe sighed and turned away. No, it seemed the end was near. Prolonged... but near. Wasn't it funny... he'd had the briefest hope for the future. Of... perhaps finding a home in Kakariko. But now... well, what was the point?\n\n\"Ha... perhaps the Yiga were right about wanting this world to disappear after all,\" he muttered, tone bitter. \"Fighting so hard to protect what? One damned crisis after another.\"\n\nYes, he should have never allowed that conversation with Fierce to cloud his eyes. Believing, even for an instant, there could be a hopeful future in this world? How sad he truly was.\n\n\"Alright, well. Thank you for telling me. Like I said, I won't tip it off. I doubt this will have any kind of 'happy' ending, but I won't hasten the end, anyway.\"" }, { "author": "➳", "is_bot": false, "message": "Fierce glances away, before letting out a harsh breath. Their hands twitch, eyes shut, and eventually they bring themself back to calm. They cannot act out emotionally here. As much as one half of their psyche would love to, inciting panic is not the way to do it.\n\n> \"... we... we will solve it,\" Fierce murmured, opening his eyes to raise them to Asano's \"I swear to it. And I do not make such promises lightly. We exert caution so that it may be dealt with, with as little harm befalling your people as possible. I do not mean to... make it sound impossible. I merely...\"\n\nHe pauses, before looking away.\n\n> \"Majora is the reason why I am one, rather than two. It incites... feelings that I do not quite understand how to express well. I know for a fact though, that all is not lost. It can be defeated. All it will take is understanding the enemy\"." } ]
[ { "author": "➳", "is_bot": false, "message": "A deep breath as the pain subsided.\n\nThe wood of their Deku Mask was familiar in their hand, held at their side as their thumb brushed against each groove. It'd been a while since they'd used one of their transformation masks, since arising actually. However they wanted to waste as little time as possible getting there, and though they'd set out some time ago there had still been a ways to go. So they ran, so they skipped, and some hours later they finally arrive.\n\nThey're not quite sure what else they had expected, but a quaint home in the middle of an apple orchard had only been shocking for a moment. Then it had made sense. They can't quite place the feeling, but somehow it seemed fitting for Legend. Though they can't say they knew the other very well, it simply felt right. Nevertheless their approach was cautious, looking over the wooden walls upon their approach. Something about their location being known still uneased them after the last time- but it was fine. They made their agreement.\n\nYou'll be fine, Link.\n\nSo they move to sit outside, legs crossed on the ground. They take their parchment, speak a few words, and then put it back into their bag as they'd grown used to doing. Then... then they wait. They can hear the shifting from inside, the creaking of wood, but they remain rooted. Thumb grazing over the grooves of the mask, waiting to be allowed inside." }, { "author": "The", "is_bot": false, "message": "A lantern light shifts from a desk in the window further into the relatively darkened inside.\n\nLegend was many things. A hero to some, a king on his more reasonable days, a captain on the rest. He was a husband, a surrogate father at this point, and and the waker of a sleeping god.\n\nWhat he is *not*, is unbreakable.\n\nA breath, in and out, leaves him as he moves from the desk with the parchment and an open journal filled with scrawling notes in Hylian he learned from the Book of Mudora (Hylian from the hero currently standing outside’s time, ironically enough).\n\nEchoes of a thunderstorm in a cabin at night.\n\nBut he opens the door all the same, tired eyes shifting to meet the deceivingly younger face of Fierce. The man who he was not quite met yet, if memory serves. Though it’s been a revolving door of people who look like him but not quite.\n\n“Fierce. Come in. Don’t worry, muted the parchment.”\n\nHe turns away, leaving the door open. The lantern is set down on the table, and with a wave of his hand the flame grows brighter— his magic feeding into it." }, { "author": "➳", "is_bot": false, "message": "There's a glance up, but wordlessly they stand and motion to follow.\n\nTheir steps creak on the wooden floors as he eyed the interior. It matched the outside they noted, quaint and sparse except for main furnishings... it isn't surprising either. They imagine it had to have been created relatively recently, if what they gathered from their casual viewing of the parchment was correct. They can't quite tell, but it was... hm. A little over a week ago they believe, when it was first mentioned that they remember. Closing in on two.\n\n> \"... thank you,\" they murmur quietly, keeping their manners in close check \"I won't keep you longer than needed\".\n\nIt's stated easily. Fierce moves to shut the door behind them both- again, those dormant manners surfacing as they force them too- and doesn't move any further. He lingers by the shut doorway, gaze turning to the lantern for just a moment before finally settling on Legend himself.\n\nA face to a nickname at last. Most of Fierce's interactions had been kept to the parchment until recent. Whether due to their reclusive habit of venturing at every waking moment, or something of a desire to remain unseen. It... was strange, meeting them. At least it allows for memory to be clearer, something visible to attach to the words of the page." }, { "author": "The", "is_bot": false, "message": "The man strides with purpose to the desk, grabbing a stick of charcoal and the book from the desk, walking back to the table.\n\nHis face is in better view now. Piercing, ice blue eyes— practically blue-white. Old scars that litter his face like a map. And a recent one— a lightning bolt that stretches across the right side of his face, barely touching the outside of his right eye.\n\n*A face to match your title,* he could hear his wife say. With ease, the voice filters, like she was using her telepathy now.\n\nBut he looks at Fierce and… a shiver crawls up his spine. He knows that the other is something of a deity, or a demon. Or was, when they were separate. It’s a different feeling.\n\nLegend is intimately familiar with being in the presence of a God, no matter the state of them.\n\nBut he sighs, something like exhaustion, and produces a mirror from his pocket. It’s set on the table, and he seats himself on the table. The book flips open— and there are notes there. He doesn’t bother hiding them— they’re about people from the parchment. Faces sketched of those he met, blanks of those he hasn’t.\n\n“Feel free to take a look. It may be shocking, or it may not, but it doesn’t do much else other than show you what you are unless you’re in the world yourself.”" }, { "author": "➳", "is_bot": false, "message": "Their ears raise at the words, but once more they're quick to follow along. They step over to the table, moving to clip the Deku Mask on their belt in the short distance in-between. The mirror is carefully taken into their hands. They wouldn't want to accidentally scuff something that doesn't belong to them.\n\nFor a moment there's a pause. They glance at the pages of the book, but do not allow their gaze to linger. It's not their business, what the other tracks and does not track. They imagine he would not be the only one, with something such as that. It comes with a life where information was key. No. They do not linger.\n\nThere's a click of their nails before the mirror is raised, and their reaction is a careful exhale and nothing else. It's lowered just the same. Pale eyes turn to Legend, before they speak just as gently.\n\n> \"I... think I'll be fine in the Dark World,\" they murmur, glancing back down at the reflection of scales and burning white \"More than fine. So I'll do my part where I can\"." }, { "author": "The", "is_bot": false, "message": "… there is a quiet moment. Legend taps the charcoal on his book, staring from his position seated.\n\nHe can’t see from this angle. But if he needs to do this properly, he needs to know. There can’t be anything outliers or missing information going in. He *trusts* the people here. Legend does. But…\n\nThe hero leans back in the chair, pulling the mirror to him. He glances at himself in there.\n\nBright red eyes, pink fur. Scared.\n\n“I did some research, when I gained access to the royal library. Rabbits symbolize cleverness, intuition, and harmony. Faithfulness. And fear. And pink— well, compassion, intuition again, and timidness. Love.” There’s a tired kind of sigh that leaves him.\n\nHe didn’t really understand the meanings of his beast, the timid little pink thing he became, until he *truly* thought of it. Sat down and stared at himself in the mirror.\n\nLegend’s eyes glanced back up from the mirror, staying trained on Fierce.\n\n“I know it might seem like a private thing, but I have to ask you what you are. I’m giving you the same full clarity I will be giving everyone else. And it’ll better let me place a team for which half of the Nightmare to face before we seal it.”" }, { "author": "➳", "is_bot": false, "message": "It makes sense.\n\nTo be prepared means to know what would be going in, and what it could do. Certain ones would be more adept at handling some things than others. A predator has already been noted as better than prey, but *predator* was a vast classification. It's range was wide, and the differences between a canine and a bird alone would be accounted for.\n\nIt makes a lot of sense. Nevertheless there's something strange about admitting it, even with the clarity given. Maybe it's the fact that Link stirs at even imagining it as himself- but Fierce supposes they could not be too surprised. They aren't just Link anymore, after all.\n\n> \"... ah. I wasn't aware dragon was even close to a possibility, but it seems to be so. Something that- looks like one, anyways\".\n\nIt's muttered, Fierce moving to cross their arms as their eyes shift to the reflection once more.\n\nA rabbit represents cleverness, intuition, and harmony. Pink represents compassion, intuition, timidness, and love. Whatever a dragon of dark scales marred by the familiar markings of the Fierce Deity was, it would have to do. It's what represented them now." }, { "author": "The", "is_bot": false, "message": "Legend leans forward. The book is closed in the same easy motion. This was something easy to remember— and he can always write it down later.\n\nIn his long years of experience, though short compared to others, he has encountered a lot. Seen things, done things, spoken about others. The hardest thing for him is the bitterness that always settles in his stomach.\n\nIf he had a sin, it would be envy. It was easy to identify.\n\nThe hero wondered, briefly, how easy it would be for Fierce to adapt to their new body. Fused as they are, it seems as if they have been working in relative harmony on the surface. But looks and writing can be just as deceiving as a years-old conman.\n\nThe rabbit was not a trickster. But it was quick, and intuitive.\n\n“… the dragon, or perhaps a serpentine one like those that fly across these skies.” His elbows propped up on the table, hands clasped together as he thought back to the little book he read— front to back. Several times over. *Envious* of what he could have been.\n\n“Courage, conviction. Patience. Wisdom… *greed*, *selfishness*. That is a dragon. I was not aware it was possible either. But considering who you are, it makes sense. Both sides of you. If you can adapt quickly, the idea of which I have no doubts about, your bestial form is invaluable.”" }, { "author": "➳", "is_bot": false, "message": "They can see the envy. It wasn't hidden too well, but they have the idea they would have known anyways. The emotions of others was something they picked up on quickly, from what they can only imagine is from eons spent feeling the ones of Termina. The same ones felt upon donning the mask that was so easy to recall.\n\nThey aren't sure what to do about it.\n\nThere's nothing that can be done to soothe jealousy. Nothing clear cut anyways, because to soothe it would be to grant what was to be envious of- or to find a way within to set the envy aside. They can understand it. They cannot solve it. Not when there is nothing that can be solved.\n\n> Their ears lower for just a moment, before they nod. \"I... imagine I will be able to well. It's not the first time adjusting to a new form- even if a bit different. I am... glad that I can be of help, then\".\n\nCourage, conviction. Patience, wisdom. Greed, selfishness.\n\nIt sounds like him. It sounds like the Deity. It fits, yet it still feels strange just as much as it feels right." }, { "author": "The", "is_bot": false, "message": "Legend’s eyes seemed to bore holes into the other. Even if the envy was there, it was set aside for purpose. His own checklist of things he needed to take care of. The book was opened and written in, quick notes as he stood up and walked back to the desk.\n\nThe lantern light dims, the room growing darker as he stands at his desk— placed in front of a window. The blanket from the bed is over it, but he pulls it down. Rolling it into a ball, he sets it on the desk and gives a quick glance to the parchment.\n\n“You don’t have to try and solve my issues.” It’s short, simple. “There’s no reward waiting for you if you do.”\n\nCaptain, if he isn’t sleeping through the night, should be at the cabin at some point. More than likely, xey might wait for morning.\n\n“You can stay the night here if you’d like. I don’t plan to sleep.”\n\nLegend turns, leaning back against the desk with his hands on it. That gesture is given towards the lantern, and the eerie light that the hero is bathed in (the Triforce glowing faintly in the semi-dark)— brightens the single room again.\n\n“I figure it’s been a while since you’ve had someone watch your back while you rest. Though I also figure you prefer the solitude as well. You can take it or leave it, won’t matter to me.”" }, { "author": "➳", "is_bot": false, "message": "They nod, and step back. A physical space coinciding with a metaphorical one. They don't want to overstep any boundaries, the fact that he evens offers his home as shelter is- a kindness. They won't take advantage of that.\n\nThere's something strange about being in the presence of other heroes more than anything. People that have their own distinct histories yet look so similar. Those that have given so much, yet are willing to let what was in essence a stranger stay a night. So similar yet so unlike.\n\n... it has been a while. They've been on their own for longer. Sometimes it's a heavy reminder of how time is now moving.\n\n> \"I... will take you up on the offer,\" they murmur quietly \"Thank you\".\n\nIt'd be better than the strange quiet the Deity has fallen to after Majora." }, { "author": "The", "is_bot": false, "message": "He nods, underhand tossing the blanket to Fierce.\n\nWith a single finger, like pulling on a seam, Legend makes that gesture at the lantern and it pulls some of the light away from the room. Enough to read and write by. He wanders back to the table to retrieve it, the steps loud in his ears (tilted neutral).\n\n“If you find you can’t sleep, I’ll probably be doing inventory if you want to help. The bed is yours, though. And I can’t say I’ll make breakfast in the morning, unless you want roasted apples.”\n\nThe Pegasus Boots are slipped off, feet wrapped in bandages, and he steps to the door to set them down. Then back to the desk. Lantern down. Book open. Glance to the parchment. Like clockwork.\n\n“And it’s fine. I understand more than most what it’s like to sleep alone in the dark.”" }, { "author": "➳", "is_bot": false, "message": "It takes a moment for them to move, but eventually they do. Their steps approach the offered bed, though remain close just for the moment. They take the time to remove the chest plate they wore, along with some other pieces aside. They resolve to keep their chain, already well used to sleeping in it. As little of a mess made, everything carefully together and easily taken care of if needed.\n\nWhat it's like to sleep in the dark.\n\nThey take a breath. They place a hand on the edge of the bed before moving to sit, then lay. Their hands come to lace together at his chest, pale eyes staring at the grooves in the wood above them. Have they been doing so? They suppose they have.\n\n***It's easier that way***.\n\nThey let out a breath, and their eyes slip shut." }, { "author": "firebugfrenzical", "is_bot": false, "message": "** **" }, { "author": "The", "is_bot": false, "message": "Fierce has long since left, leaving Legend to the quiet of the cabin. Fingers flipped through his book, reading old information and staring at tally marks. Flipping forward to his notes on people.\n\nThe notes on Captain were relatively sparse as far as individual information went. His notes were on the nature of people and what they could do in a fight. Which, frankly, the most expansive there was *Wild.*\n\nA hand brushes against the lightning scar. *No surprise there.*\n\nBut Legend hears the strange singing sound that comes with fairy flight, and the knight opens the door for Proxi— lantern in hand.\n\n“Ah, Proxi, good to see you again. Left Captain behind, did you?”" }, { "author": "➻", "is_bot": false, "message": "Captain comes into vision from the trees not long after, jog slowing to a walk as he raised two fingers in a greeting salute. Proxi laughs lightly before moving back to his side, keeping aloft at their shoulder as they stepped up. He offers a smile, before his hands are moving as Proxi speaks.\n\n> \"He says hi! And thanks for the patience. We got a bit more caught up then we thought, and traveling without Epona or the owl way points definitely takes longer\".\n\nCaptain nods in agreement with her. More caught up then they wanted to be- but they made it eventually. At least there's that." }, { "author": "The", "is_bot": false, "message": "A simple nod is given to Captain as he approaches, gesturing them into the dimly lit room. Just like before, he sets the lantern down on the table and gestures to it— brightening the room.\n\n“There are wild horses about that you can use for now. I caught another one myself after deciding I’d be here for long enough to warrant one— even if it feels strange that he isn’t my own horse. I’m sure he’s outside causing trouble now.”\n\nLegend gestures to the seat at the table having already gotten the book this time. The only difference in the cabin is that the weapons that were settled across the wall (one made of Gloom included), have been placed further away from the desk. And there are less apples in the basket.\n\n“Well, ready to figure out what you two are? Because this will affect both of you." }, { "author": "➻", "is_bot": false, "message": "Yeah. Probably wouldn't be a bad idea to invest time into that- as much stamina as Warriors has, running can only get you so far so fast. They're not making progress too quickly on the time overlap unfortunately, and if he has to keep traveling like this it's going to get troublesome.\n\nCaptain stands carefully in the doorway, eyes looking over the cabin interior as Legend spoke. Proxi for her part moves much further in, taking a peek at everything on her own before returning as usual. Once more Cap moves his hands as Proxi watches, before chiming up.\n\n> \"Ready as we'll ever be! I'm kind of excited!\"\n\nThe sentiment can't be shared by Captain. There's an odd amount of dread at the idea, but it can't be held off. If they're going to take part of this, xey needed to know. So they take a breath, and nod in affirmation." }, { "author": "The", "is_bot": false, "message": "”… staying in the doorway for this? I don’t mind if you sit for a bit.” Legend certainly eyes the hand movements, his ears twitching very slightly in curiosity.\n\nThe man sits himself, propping his right ankle into his left knee and bringing the book to him. He reaches into a relatively smallish pouch with a wide drawstring and produces the mirror once more. He sets it on the table.\n\n“I don’t *bite*, I promise. I can help you understand what you are… it can be nerve wrecking finding out. And ah, Proxi, your form may be a bit strange, if memory serves. Or you may not change at all. … the only speaking fairies I encountered were the Great Fairies, just— keep that in mind.”\n\nHe sounds, looks, and acts exhausted. Looks like he’s on his second day of no rest.\n\n“Wanted to talk a bit of strategy with you anyways.”" }, { "author": "➻", "is_bot": false, "message": "They step further in, crossing over to the table where the mirror laid. It wasn't hard to take notice of Legend's condition though- in fact that held xyr attention more than the mirror. It can't be good for him. Running himself ragged like this isn't good for anyone- and they know after sleepless nights during the war, drafting and drafting.\n\n... he'd see if maybe Wild could do anything about it later.\n\n> \"Oh! Oh! Me first!\" Proxi exclaimed, and despite the nerves Captain chuckles as he picks up the mirror. It turns into a laugh the moment Proxi speaks next, her voice flat as she looked in. A simple \"Nevermind. I hate it here. *Dragonfly*\".\n\nOh she was annoyed. It happens, though.\n\n> \"Cap, your turn now,\" she quickly states as a way to move on, and xey roll xyr eyes before tilting it up... and motioning it out. \"Cap's is... a fox! One of the red ones\"." } ]
[ { "author": "The", "is_bot": false, "message": "Legend can’t help but laugh himself, watching how quickly Proxy’s mood changes. He writes something down in his book, tapping it for a moment.\n\n“A dragonfly. Change and self realization. The removal of inhibitions. Interesting”\n\nAnd his gaze flicks up to Captain, staring a bit eerily. He has a bit of a wider gaze when he’s interested in something, and his eye color tends to unnerve people due to that. But there’s a sparkle there at learning something too.\n\n“A red fox! Let me think…” Some notes are taken as he hums. Foxes can be quick, jump high places. Dragonflies can, well, fly. But getting recon is a bit… null when you can’t speak to one another.\n\n“Cunning, trickery, playfulness, protectiveness, and beauty.” Legend lists them off after a moment, a head tilt as his ears twitch a few times. Seems to be listening for something or thinking. “The color red, if it’s a deep red, symbolizes action, passion, anger, revenge. Cautiousness.”" }, { "author": "➻", "is_bot": false, "message": "She's a good distraction from the feeling of being watched so intently. It's not as bad as it could have been xey suppose. It could have been far, far worse- but still it doesn't feel too great. Captain kept things about himself close to the chest, Proxi being the only one to know most- not even Zelda.\n\nIt's weird feeling revealed, without having even said or done anything.\n\n> For once, once of his whispers is nearly audible due to the proximity- though it seems more directed towards Proxi then anything else. A grin to hide the worries, and \"Hear that? I'm pretty\".\n\nShe gives an appropriate gasp, before knocking lightly into xyr shoulder as xey snicker." }, { "author": "The", "is_bot": false, "message": "There’s not much that can keep Legend from picking things up, especially so close. But the debate on whether or not to bring things up was just as much of a struggle as it seemed Fierce had.\n\nIt was… kinda clear now, knowing both the animal Captain was and the dynamic between the two. Using jokes to hide anxiety. *Trickery, playfulness*. His sharp eyes lower, the lids covering them as he thought.\n\n… he’ll leave it be. He figures Captain knows as well as Proxi. But his ears twitch at xer words. A blush of embarrassment dusting his face. He just clears his throat.\n\n“With that out of the way, I wanted to go over one of the plans I had. I’ve drawn up a couple, but this one seems like a good get. I wanted your opinion.”\n\nHe produces a map, hand drawn, with careful notes on it. And then he produces a second parchment and layer sit over that one, showing the progress of the shadow. A third map is given, this one is much older than the other— with clearly younger handwriting on it.\n\n“Ah— whenever you’re ready.”" }, { "author": "➻", "is_bot": false, "message": "They nod, setting the mirror back into its place on the table before shifting over to get a look at the maps laid before them.\n\nIt's a good way to get their mind off it anyways. He'd honestly been a little surprised upon being called over for it, but that may just be their nature clouding logic. It makes sense- not all of them had been in the army and commanding it for all the time that they'd been. While this wasn't your usual outpost and captures, not your typical army, it was close enough. Not his first time.\n\n> \"Lay it on us,\" Proxi states, fluttering over herself to get a look \"We're ready as ever\".\n\nA nod of agreement, a quick motion of his hands, and Proxi hums.\n\nAbout time xey start making themself useful where xyr skills laid." }, { "author": "The", "is_bot": false, "message": "There’s a nod, and Legend’s face changes.\n\nSharpened and narrowed. In his element. The mirror is slid into the pouch. He produces the charcoal stick and begins to twirl it in his left fingers.\n\n“This is the Dark World— I’ve confirmed it’s layout is exactly the same. The only difference is that it’s pitch black and covered in nightmare fuel. The two places Dream identified to have the Nightmare (which split) are the Pyramid of Power—“ Legend taps the center of the map, “and Ganon’s Tower.” He taps a tower on Death Mountain.\n\nNear the tower are a few skull marks and a child’s drawing of Legend sticking his tongue out.\n\n“I figure we separate two groups of whoever is willing to go between these two, two people with Moon Pearls in each group. Myself and Light will be heading them, since we know the area.”\n\nLegend leans back in the chair, tapping the charcoal against his chin.\n\n“A third group will be staying behind, in case us fighting the Nightmare causes the veil to break. We would need to beat back whatever hoards decide to leave the river in that time, clear out civilians beforehand.”\n\nLegend looks up, a questioning sparkle in his eyes. There’s something else there, but it’s hard to identify." }, { "author": "➻", "is_bot": false, "message": "The two listen patiently, Warriors eyes shifting as directed. Their attention is rapt, focus sharp as the ordinarily expressive Captain goes flat. Not quite stone, not quite sharp, yet unreadable all the same as they take in the information and mull it over.\n\nEach motion from Captain stirs his fairy aid, her words coming swiftly and adeptly.\n\n> \"The bones of it are good. Two parties spreading out to each area, one remaining behind... it should work. Especially with a head that understands the terrain and what would be coming intimately\".\n\nApproval. It reminds him how they tackled Death Mountain, Skyloft, and Twilight Field. The strategy worked then, it should continue to- especially with the leaders in their element.\n\n> \"We can take charge of the third group, should no one else be available to. Our speciality is horde battles in a similar manner, Gates of Souls worked in a way close to what you describe there. We also have experience when it comes to civilian evacuations\".\n\nIt's an offer. They don't mind what group they're part of, but it doesn't hurt to mention. Hordes were nothing they weren't used to.\n\n> \"Though there is a question in regards to exit strategy. We assume you have some manner of exit from having dealt with this before, however going over it doesn't hurt. Especially if things go awry at all while either group is inside\"." }, { "author": "The", "is_bot": false, "message": "Legend’s ears perk up, just a bit, at the approval. He’s carefully measuring his face, so hopefully Captain and Proxi are paying too much attention to battle strategy— it’s just…\n\nHearing that he’s doing something right, hearing *anything at all* from *anyone* on things of this nature… there was something extremely validating about it. Healing, even.\n\nThe man nods, pulling the parchment with the contaminated river on it and writing. It’s in his own Hylian, a small drawing of crossed swords there. “I’ll trust your expertise then. Those who are either not prepared to enter the Dark World or would prefer their efforts outside may be with you. I’ll try and find people who are proficient in ranged attacks or sacred attacks.”\n\nLegend turns his head back up after writing, a frown curling onto his lips.\n\n“That’s something I’ve been mulling over. I was thinking of going in with Dream to test if using the Magic Mirror while holding onto someone else will transport both people, or just the person using it. Myself, Light, and Dream have one. Then there’s the other issue. Sealing the Dark World. We need people with either the Triforce or sealing power. Asking about that sort of thing in the parchment right now is… not ideal.” Legend leans back again, his arms crossing and brows furrowing." }, { "author": "➻", "is_bot": false, "message": "War wasn't just those fighting, after all. It was those waiting in the wings, prepared to hear any word and react accordingly. A soldier stationed to direct the panicked and helpless to safer ground was still a soldier, still doing something important.\n\nThere's a glance up at him when it comes to the mention, that unbreakable looking phasing out in an instance as his ears raise.\n\n> \"A test would be good, for the Magic Mirror. If it doesn't work, we can devise an exit strategy some other way... best to take that precaution in general. Having a back up for anyone to get out doesn't hurt,\" Proxi murmured, flitting about \"We have some information about Triforce pieces from earlier. Sealing magic, not so much. Even as it stands, we only know of those with Triforces of Courage and Wisdom\".\n\nIt was one of the first things that happened when they arrived. That head count. Most had their pieces elsewhere, so their pickings were slim to begin with.\n\n> \"... the new person, right? Gold? We've noticed the hesitancy most have with them, and the sounds they make are familiar\"." }, { "author": "The", "is_bot": false, "message": "There’s a nod from Legend as he makes a note on the corruption layer of the map to look for support. *Forgot about that. Though that’s not surprising. Not used to having supports— didn’t even cross my mind.*\n\nThere’s another note— written on the back of his right hand as he switches the charcoal from his right hand to his left to write it. A reminder to speak to Dream tomorrow.\n\n“I can’t access the Triforce in me unless I die for good. Which is non negotiable.” A sigh leaves Legend’s lips. “I know the Wisdom pieces are more inclined towards magic. I’ll ask them.”\n\n… there’s a grim look on his face now. “Yes. “Godkiller”.” Legend bites the nail on his right thumb thoughtfully. “I’m not familiar with the noise they make, but at the very least it seems Shade and Fierce know what’s going on. I should have asked Fierce while they were here. Don’t know if he’s going to try and stop us, but you should keep a look out for him just in case. Last thing we need is extra interference.”" }, { "author": "➻", "is_bot": false, "message": "It takes a moment for them to remember, but it clicks after a moment. A nod, the Captain shifting to stand up straighter with a hum. They remember the mask- xey *carried* some version of it once. It was dropped, though xey put it with the rest of their loot and left it be. He's not sure about the history, aside from what little Mask let on.\n\n> They mention it, Proxi repeating with a \"Right! Shade and Fierce are versions of the Hero of Time, right? If it was something they dealt with, from their Era, they probably know what's going on. I'm sure they'll mention something if they think they need to\".\n\nThey can hope so at least. \"Godkiller\" isn't exactly a title received out of nowhere. Best to keep it in the back of their minds should it prove an issue- and keep quiet on anything that they might try to use as a leg up. Even pieces alone were powerful, it's best to make sure they don't know where to find them.\n\nNamely one of the mentioned, and Sheik if he remembers right." }, { "author": "The", "is_bot": false, "message": "”Mask…” Legend’s arms stiffen up, that frown sticking. *The last time Fierce mentioned a mask…*\n\n“… right. That mask.” His arms uncross as Legend begins rolling the maps back up. He stands, moving to set them on the desk again. His head *snaps* up to check outside, ears up… but doesn’t seem to see anything. He simply turns away from the window.\n\n“I’ll offer the same I did for Fierce to you, since you came all this way and it’s getting late. You two can go ahead and take my bed for the night, I’ll probably be up doing checklists. That way you don’t need to pay for lodging or travel more to get to a safe spot. You can always camp outside too, if you prefer the ground.” Legend shrugs.\n\n“It’s fairly remote here. And I don’t mind guarding your rest for a night. There’s a lot of good advice you’ve given me here, it’s the least I could do.”" }, { "author": "➻", "is_bot": false, "message": "The movement sets them on edge for a moment, eyes turning to the window.\n\n... then it's over. Legend moves away, and xey opt not to question it. He's had his fair share of paranoia, any bump in the night can be enough to make the assumptions fly. It's part of the work, it's part of staying alive.\n\n> \"We'll camp outside,\" Proxi says immediately, knowing Captain far too well for xem to even raise their hands \"It's been good weather! And it's been nice to be out of the castle\".\n\n> Captain sighs at her, but nevertheless gives his nod of agreement. The commander steps over to the door, moving to open it with one hand while raising his other in a light wave. Proxi follows after xem, but not without offering her own \"Thanks! Have a good night, Legend\"! before the door is shut behind them.\n\nThey can't help but glance around once outside, before deeming it fine. Just the nerves of the night, and the preparations awaiting. He huffed out a breath, before stepping out to find a suitable spot close to camp out for the night.\n\nIt's fine, everyone's competent. Everyone's loyal. It'll be fine." }, { "author": "The", "is_bot": false, "message": "Legend gives a nod, not needing to ask questions. He understands the feeling of being cooped up in someone else’s home. Or even in a building sometimes. So he doesn’t say a word in excess.\n\nHe gives a two-finger wave of his own, turning to pull the desk chair back and seat himself.\n\nThere’s a lot to go over. Things to test tomorrow. He gets the feeling Wild might be upset about him going back in— but out of everyone, he was the one that’s come back from the fever more times than most. What’s another go against the nightmares?\n\nHis eyes watch the other look around for a camping spot from the window before he sets the lantern to lower light. Head turned down.\n\nIf Legend’s lucky, he’ll fall asleep at his desk. But knowing himself?\n\nProbably not." }, { "author": "firebugfrenzical", "is_bot": false, "message": "** **" } ]

This dataset is comprised of roleplay chat conversations scraped from several Discord RP fandom servers. The conversations have been split in terms of days, the assumption being that a majority of long-form roleplays are started/continued and completed within a day.

The original dataset consisted of ~90K samples. Light filtering striped that down to ~18K samples. Stricter filtering striped it down to ~8k samples. Strictest filtering striped it down to ~2k samples.

Some effort was made to remove OOC, links, and other miscellanous fluff, but more work still needs to be done. This isn't a "completed" dataset so much as a test to see if the data gathered is conducive to training LLMs for roleplay purposes. If determined to be useful, I will continue to scrape more data.

In here are several files:

  • discord_rp_with_token_counts.json - The original dataset in all its unprocessed glory. ~90k items. Total Average Token Length for all items: ~143 tokens.
  • 125_tokens_10_messages_discord_rp.json (Strictest) - Original dataset filtered for an average token length of 125 and a minimum conversation length of 10 messages. Mostly unprocessed. Average Length: 205 tokens.
  • 80_tokens_6_messages_discord_rp.json (Stricter) - Original dataset filtered for an average token length of 80 tokens and a minimum conversation length of 6 messages. Mostly unprocessed. Average Length: 181 tokens. The latter contains the former, so use one or the other, but not both.
  • 80_tokens_3_messages_discord_rp.json (Light) - Original dataset filtered for an average token length of 80 tokens and a minimum conversation length of 3 messages. Mostly unprocessed. Average Length: 202 tokens. The latter contains the former, so use one or the other, but not both.
  • opencai_rp.json - Original dataset filtered for an average token length of 125 tokens and a minimum conversation length of 10 messages, then processed. Contains descriptions of characters, summary, scene, and genre tags provided by gpt-3.5-turbo-16k.
  • opencai_rp_metharme.json - Original dataset filtered for an average token length of 125 tokens and a minimum conversation length of 10 messages, then processed, filtered to 1229 samples, and converted to metharme format.

Explanation of Properties:

  • timestamp - Date of the interaction in YYYY-MM-DD format
  • conversations: The conversation between the users in the chat. This is represented as a list of dictionaries, each dictionary representing a single utterance and containing three key-value pairs: message, referring to the utterance itself, author referring to their Discord username, and is_bot, which designates whether the message was sent by a human or a bot. is_bot was determined by checking if author still had a discriminator and, therefore, isn't 100% accurate.
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