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text (string)image (image)
"person supervillain high contrast default"
"o button (blood type) color"
"megaphone color"
"relieved face flat"
"woman with headscarf color "
"woman blonde hair flat dark"
"judge flat light"
"no smoking color"
"princess color light"
"blue square color"
"princess flat light"
"2nd place medal color"
"rightwards hand color dark"
"man frowning high contrast default"
"level slider flat"
"vulcan salute flat light"
"mountain railway color"
"handshake high contrast"
"man walking color light"
"game die color"
"open hands color default"
"crying face color"
"person in tuxedo flat dark"
"grinning face with big eyes color"
"yarn flat"
"man tipping hand color light"
"nest with eggs color"
"person wrestling color dark"
"water buffalo high contrast"
"bus stop high contrast"
"woman getting haircut flat dark"
"cityscape at dusk high contrast"
"field hockey high contrast"
"hospital color"
"curly loop high contrast"
"woman police officer color dark"
"man playing handball color dark"
"woman pouting color default"
"person getting massage color light"
"cigarette flat"
"person getting massage color dark"
"flag in hole color"
"person surfing high contrast default"
"peanuts flat"
"person in bed flat dark"
"red triangle flat"
"twelve thirty color"
"person swimming flat "
"green apple color"
"man superhero color light"
"mans shoe flat"
"umbrella high contrast"
"frowning face high contrast"
"sun behind small cloud high contrast"
"judge flat dark"
"japanese bargain button high contrast"
"woman walking flat light"
"no one under eighteen color"
"woman running color default"
"person cartwheeling high contrast default"
"automobile flat"
"mirror ball high contrast"
"aries flat"
"people hugging high contrast"
"person bowing high contrast default"
"woman getting haircut high contrast default"
"man blonde hair flat default"
"left arrow curving right color"
"cinema color"
"man wrestling flat light"
"rabbit flat"
"school flat"
"woman raising hand color default"
"eggplant flat"
"gemini color"
"mango flat"
"face vomiting color"
"package flat"
"small airplane high contrast"
"abacus flat"
"rescue workers helmet color"
"telephone high contrast"
"woman gesturing ok flat light"
"woman with veil flat default"
"white flower color"
"low battery high contrast"
"man getting haircut flat dark"
"middle finger color dark"
"triangular ruler flat"
"tanabata tree color"
"woman artist flat dark"
"yellow heart flat"
"right facing fist flat light"
"man climbing flat light"
"person merpeople color dark"
"shield color"
"man police officer color dark"
"woman teacher flat dark"
"horse racing color dark"
"old man flat light"
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