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"some anime characters with different faces"
"the protagonists in an anime style"
"a man looking into his phone and another illustration of a robot"
"a woman in an animated scene"
"a demon standing in the dark"
"a woman wearing green clothes and red hair"
"the character in one piece"
"two anime characters in different scenes"
"some characters, the woman in pink clothes and the man in green pants, holding a black"
"the characters in the animated video"
"several anime characters with different styles"
"a cartoon, and a man in pink suit"
"some of the characters that are in this animation"
"a guy in black clothes"
"an anime head with an ironman face"
"a person in a school room"
"a prison cell in a cartoon"
"an officer talking to another"
"a woman with lipstick in her mouth"
"anime characters on the phone"
"the robot from gravity strikes back"
"a woman sitting at a table, holding a cup in her hand"
"the blonde woman looking at a gun"
"an anime character"
"an anime character looking into the camera"
"a girl with green eyes"
"a anime with green eyes"
"two drinks and a tray"
"two glasses and a paper"
"an antique clock and some dishes"
"a table with some cups"
"a group of people playing a video game"
"a woman with pink hair walking up the aisle"
"someone walking into a bar"
"the living room of an animated movie"
"people playing the piano together"
"a woman in the background"
"a woman standing in front of books"
"a girl standing in front of a man with a hat"
"a girl in uniform standing near booksheld"
"a man in a baseball uniform with an adult"
"a girl in anime form"
"an older, female and older male anime characters looking each other characters"
"a girl with long hair is dancing in a room with a light coming from the ceiling"
"a man standing next to a wall"
"two characters from the anime game dragon"
"a woman in a costume and an anime character with their instruments"
"two anime characters, one of which is looking at the other"
"two people, one woman and one man with blonde hair and no other female"
"two people talking in a room"
"a cat with a guitar, sitting in a room"
"two guys, one man and the other woman, talking"
"two baseball players on a floor"
"two girls in anime outfits with green eyes"
"someone's shoe shines png"
"two glasses with purple hair and a white one"
"an animal face with two small eyes"
"a person on the floor looking at something"
"an elephant and a black background"
"a female with long blonde hair and wearing glasses, in a green and black outfit"
"two men in an office"
"the interior of an abandoned building with a purple light"
"a cartoon character and a cat in the background"
"an apartment with the words in red"
"a diagram showing the way forward and the way backward"
"a red line on the ground"
"an electrical wire with red lines"
"an anime girl in a suit and sword"
"a anime character in the darkness"
"two anime men playing with swords"
"an anime character with big green eyes"
"two men in suits, one with a beard and the other is wearing an suit"
"the protagonist in naki no yoichi"
"a man in a green suit, standing next to the wall"
"the green lanterner"
"one punch fist"
"an animated male with blue eyes and his hands out"
"a blue lantern with a white face and blue light in his hand"
"two women standing in front of the camera"
"two anime girls with purple hair and an evil man"
"a male character with some stuff around him"
"two people on a roof, one has purple hair"
"the characters from an anime"
"two anime characters in a room with some clouds"
"the lady in a hospital with her arms open"
"a woman in purple holding guns with two others in the background"
"the human leg"
"two superheros with one holding his fist"
"some very pretty, pinks and blue colors"
"two people in a room with an area full of dirt"
"a girl pointing to another woman"
"a man in green clothes and a female with long legs in blue shorts"
"two people in a prison"
"a man in a suit with a gun"
"a person in a room, with one foot on the ground"
"two female mutants fighting on the floor"
"a woman in the city with an anime character behind her"
"the female character from the popular series"
"a guy and woman in blue uniform and an open jacket with a large beak flying out"
"the hero and one with the white hair"

Dataset Card for "jojo-stone-ocean-blip-captions-512"

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean with Blip captions.

Dataset contains 512x512 cropped images whose source is jojowiki

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