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Speaker embeddings extracted from CMU ARCTIC

There is one .npy file for each utterance in the dataset, 7931 files in total. The speaker embeddings are 512-element X-vectors.

The CMU ARCTIC dataset divides the utterances among the following speakers:

  • bdl (US male)
  • slt (US female)
  • jmk (Canadian male)
  • awb (Scottish male)
  • rms (US male)
  • clb (US female)
  • ksp (Indian male)

The X-vectors were extracted using this script, which uses the speechbrain/spkrec-xvect-voxceleb model.


from datasets import load_dataset
embeddings_dataset = load_dataset("Matthijs/cmu-arctic-xvectors", split="validation")

speaker_embeddings = embeddings_dataset[7306]["xvector"]
speaker_embeddings = torch.tensor(speaker_embeddings).unsqueeze(0)
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