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Dardania Lex Dataset


The "Dardania Lex" dataset is a rich collection of Kosovo's laws, gathered directly from the official gazette, which you can find at This dataset was created to assist individuals in easily finding and using Kosovo's laws for various purposes, such as studying law, developing new technology for the legal industry, or training artificial intelligence systems to understand legal texts. To prepare this dataset, all the laws were downloaded as PDFs from the official gazette and then transformed into plain text, making them more accessible for computer processing.

Dataset Structure

  • url: The URL where the law document can be accessed.
  • law: The title of the law.
  • law_text: The full text of the law.
  • law_nr: The law's unique number or identifier.
  • date: The date when the law was published or enacted.
  • nr_gz: The official gazette number in which the law was published.
  • renamed_filename: The new file name given to the law document, possibly for standardization or organization purposes.


For official and authoritative use of these laws, please refer directly to the official gazette page. Note that due to the complexity of the PDF-to-text conversion process, the dataset may still contain typos and other errors. As a result, the dataset is provided "as is".


from datasets import load_dataset

dataset = load_dataset('Kushtrim/dardania-lex')


If you use this dataset in your research, please consider citing this repository.

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