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"AutoTrain generated dataset"
{ "text": { "dtype": "string", "id": null, "_type": "Value" }, "target": { "num_classes": 2, "names": [ "Goblin", "Mundane" ], "id": null, "_type": "ClassLabel" } }
{ "train": { "name": "train", "num_bytes": 18643, "num_examples": 965, "dataset_name": null } }
[ { "filename": "dataset.arrow" } ]
[ "target", "text" ]

AutoTrain Dataset for project: dontknowwhatImdoing

Dataset Descritpion

This dataset has been automatically processed by AutoTrain for project dontknowwhatImdoing.


The BCP-47 code for the dataset's language is en.

Dataset Structure

Data Instances

A sample from this dataset looks as follows:

    "text": "Gaston",
    "target": 1
    "text": "Churchundyr",
    "target": 0

Note that, sadly, it flipped the boolean, using 1 for mundane and 0 for goblin.

Dataset Fields

The dataset has the following fields (also called "features"):

  "text": "Value(dtype='string', id=None)",
  "target": "ClassLabel(num_classes=2, names=['Goblin', 'Mundane'], id=None)"

Dataset Splits

This dataset is split into a train and validation split. The split sizes are as follow:

Split name Num samples
train 965
valid 242
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