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Dataset Card for Swedish Citesum Dataset

The Swedish citesum dataset has only been machine-translated to improve downstream fine-tuning on Swedish summarization tasks.

Dataset Summary

Read about the full details at original English version:



Yuning Mao, Ming Zhong, Jiawei Han University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign {yuningm2, mingz5, hanj}

Data details

  • src (string): source text. long description of paper
  • tgt (string): target text. tldr of paper
  • paper_id (string): unique id for the paper
  • title (string): title of the paper
  • discipline (dict):
    • venue (string): Where the paper was published (conference)
    • journal (string): Journal in which the paper was published
    • mag_field_of_study (list[str]): scientific fields that the paper falls under.

Data Splits

The Swedish xsum dataset follows the same splits as the original English version and has 3 splits: train, validation, and test.

Dataset Split Number of Instances in Split
Train 83,304
Validation 4,721
Test 4,921
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Models trained or fine-tuned on Gabriel/citesum_swe