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"War as appropriate. Private Alfred James_Smurthwaite Sample. 26614. 2nd Battalion Yorkshire Regiment. Son of Edward James Sample, of North_Ormesby , Yorks. Died 2 April 1917. Aged 29. Born Ormesby, Enlisted Middlesbrough. Buried BUCQUOY ROAD CEMETERY, FICHEUX. Not listed on the Middlesbrough War Memorial Private Frederick Scott. 46449. 4th Battalion Yorkshire Regiment. Son of William and Maria Scott, of 25, Aspinall St., Heywood, Lancs. Born at West Hartlepool. Died 27 May 1918. Aged 24."
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"announced he had closed shop. Mary_D._Crisp Coyle opened in 1951. Stoffey, a Maricopa_County_/_Phoenix_city resident and longtime customer, bought the business in 2011, when then owners were facing closure. He renovated the diner is interior, increased training for staff and expanded the menu."
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"Ted_Grouya (31 July 1910 - 14 April 2000) born Theodor Grouya in Bucharest , Romania, was a composer who studied composition with Nadia Boulanger. He wrote the jazz standard ``Flamingo'' (1941), first recorded by Herb Jeffries and Duke Ellington, and later recorded by Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass for their album S.R.O. (1966)."
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"of JANET ROBERTSON and JOHN Donald_Ferguson are: 3. JAMES MPC2 ROBERTSON JAMES1 was born Abt 1770 in Blair Athol Perthshire Scotland, and died 1842 in Vernon River PEI. He married JEAN MPC ROBERTSON MILLER May 29, 1795 in Perth Scotland. She was born Abt 1775 in Blair Athol Perthshire Scotland, and died 1837 in Marshfield PEI."
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"Ernest_Cimon March 30, 1848 - July 17, 1917 was a Quebec_City lawyer, judge and political figure. He represented Chicoutimi-Saguenay in the Canadian House of Commons as a Conservative member from 1874 to 1882. His name also appears as Marie Honorius Ernest Cimon."
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"Biographies here are William_DeWitt_Alexander Colonists surnames beginning O-Z and residents Bachelor_of_Arts the region prior to statehood in 1846. The listing includes biographies of 1828 Residents, The Battle of Gonzales-Old 18, Gonzales Alamo Relief Force, Gonzales Town Residents and Citizens-Free State of Lavaca."
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"William_Cowper Macquarie Cowper known in his youth as Macquarie; 3 July 1810 - 14 June 1902 was an Australian Anglican archdeacon and Dean University_of_Oxford Sydney."
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"Stephen_Campbell-Moore Campbell Moore was educated at Berkhamsted_School in Hertfordshire appearing locally in the Pendley Open Air Shakespeare Festival and trained at Guildhall School of Music and Drama, alongside Orlando Bloom, where he was awarded the prestigious Gold Medal in his final year. He made his screen debut in Stephen Fry is Bright Young Things. He is primarily a screen actor. On stage he has performed with the RSC and the Royal National Theatre."
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"Jonathan_Schanzer holds a BA from Emory University and a masters degree from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Middle Eastern studies. He studied Arabic at the American University in Cairo in 2001. He earned his PhD at King's College London. He is a graduate of Lower_Merion_High_School ."
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"the difference between a rabid Robert_Alway Earl Keen crowd at Texas legendary Gruene Hall and those at New York City joints like Tramps and the Bowery Ballroom. Little wonder, then, that when the songwriter-revering Americana style was officially recognized by the industry 1998, Keen was the genre is first artist to be featured on the cover of the radio trade magazine Gavin."
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"Oliver_Letwin is the son of William Letwin, Emeritus Professor at the London School of Economics, and conservative academic Shirley Letwin. Letwin was educated at Hall_School_ in Hampstead and Eton College. He went on to study at Trinity College, Cambridge. Whilst a student at Cambridge, he was an active member of the Cambridge University Liberal Club. When asked about his membership of the Liberal club he explained:"
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"Melvyn_Goldstein C. Goldstein (* 8 February 1938 in New_York_City,_New_York York) is a US-American anthropologist and Tibet scholar. His research focuses on Tibetan society, history and contemporary politics, population studies, polyandry, studies in cultural and development ecology, economic change and cross-cultural gerontology."
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"Even while dealing with the Hansa states, Valdemar_IV_Atterdag_of_Denmark was trying to suppress rebellious nobles who tried to assert the rights they had forced Valdemar's father to concede, and fight the Swedes and Norgwegians. He was in the process of taking gradual control of southern Jutland when he fell ill. Valdemar enlisted the help of Pope Gregory XI who agreed to excommunicate rebellious Danes. But before anything along those lines was done, Valdemar died at Gurre_Castle in north Zealand on 24 October 1375. Valdemar was buried at Soro Abbey in 1375. When Podebusk died, he was buried next to Valdemar at Soro Abbey."
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"Maarten_Fontein (born 22 February 1952, Leiden ) is the former Marketing and Commercial Director for Alkmaar Zaanstreek (AZ), and is currently a member of the Executive Board of the European Club Association (ECA)."
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"for 12 years, Dr. Gregory Samuel_S s joined the ranks of colleagues in the Department of Teaching, Leadership, and Technology in the College of Education at Montevallo in fall 2014. Gregory Samuels received his Bachelor_of_Science degree from Clarion University of Pennsylvania and his M.Ed. and Ph.D. in Curriculum & Instruction from the University of South Florida."
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"The Kavalam village, was also home to people like, K. M. Panikkar, historian and administrator, and playwright and poet, Kavalam_Narayana_Panicker , his cousin . He published his first poem at the age of 16, published in the Mathrubhoomi Weekly. He did his Intermediate at Malabar_Christian_College,_main_campus Christian College, Kozhikode, and B.A. Honours in English Literature from the University College, Thiruvananthapuram in 1951, thereafter he received his Master's degree from the University of Kerala."
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"1914 Ilam was bought by Edgar_Stead who rebuilt the house. It was said to have a similar appearance to the original homestead, except that it was built in brick. The house is now used as the Staff Club for the University of Canterbury, and is not open to the public. Ornithology Stead is first interest"
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"Siddharth_Dhanvant_Shanghvi born 1977 is an Indian author in English-language whose notable books include, The Last Song University_of_Westminster Dusk 2004 and The Lost Flamingoes of Bombay 2009. He lives in Bombay and is a contributor to Time and other publications."
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"Mike_Smith was born in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, and grew up in Thorburn, Nova Scotia. He earned a degree in English from St . Francis Xavier University in Antigonish, Nova Scotia. He played hockey for the Pictou County Weeks of the Nova Scotia Midget AAA Hockey League when he was in high school. For a short time in 2006, he was engaged to actress Nichole Hiltz. Smith is now married to Lisa Melanson with whom he has two children, daughter Vella and son Vox."
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"Abram_Joseph_Ryan was born on February 5, 1839 in Hagerstown, Maryland, to Irish immigrants Matthew Abraham Ryan and Mary Coughlan Ryan of Clogheen, County Tipperary. He moved with his family briefly to Norfolk, Virginia, and then to St. Louis, Missouri, where he was educated first at the Academy_ of Christian Brothers. Later Ryan studied for the priesthood at St. Mary's of the Barrens Seminary near Perryville, Missouri, with a year serving as prefect at Niagara University in New York State. On September 12, 1860, he was ordained a priest in the Vincentian order."
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"two children, Audrey and Colin. Basil_Thompson died November 2, 2004 in Lynchburg , Virginia of sudden cardiac arrest. He was on sabbatical from teaching at the University of Iowa. He was 67."
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"John_Dolphin was educated at Eton_College and Trinity College, Cambridge. As a cricketer he was mainly associated with Cambridge University and made 6 known appearances in first-class matches. In later life he was a clergyman."
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"Zoran_Abadi A was born in Belgrade. He graduated from the Department of Architecture at the University_of_Belgrade,_main_campus of Belgrade in 1997, and attended postgraduate studies at the same university, focusing on the architectural organization of space. At the same time, he also began work as an architect at the Traffic Institute - CIP of Belgrade. In 2000, he attended Master's studies of in the field of Architectural and City Planning Design."
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"* Haki_R._Madhubuti was born on this date in 1942. He is an African American poet, essayist, and editor. Born Donald Luther Lee Don L. Lee in Little Rock, Arkansas, he attended the University of Illinois and received an M.F.A. from the University of Iowa_Writers'_Workshop ."
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"Howard_Lincoln_Hodgkins served George Washington University is Columbian College for more than forty-eight years. Over the course of this time he served the University as a tutor in 1883, an assistant professor in 1884, a professor of physics beginning in 1887, Dean of the Scientific School from 1898 until 1903, Dean of the University in 1901 and 1903, Dean of the College of Engineering beginning in 1905 and President in 1921."
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"Jack_Smooth , real name Ron Wells, born in London 1970."
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"Chris_Onstad was born June 14, 1975 in California and grew up in a small town near Sonora, in the Sierra foothills. Onstad attended Stanford_University , where he edited the Stanford Chaparral humor magazine. Onstad has published several books: nine anthologies of Achewood comics; a humorous cookbook featuring recipes purportedly invented by the strip's characters; A Wonderful Tale, a book written from the perspective of a character from the strip; and that same character's second novel A Hilarious Comedy. He has also published six editions of Man Why You Even Got to Do a Thing, an Achewood-centric zine."
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"In 1934, as a lawyer in the office of the public prosecutor in Mlnchen-Gladbach, Martin_Gauger refused to take the required oath of allegiance to Hitler and resigned from the civil service. In a subsequent post as legal advisor to the Bekenntniskirche (confessing church) he devoted himself to the resistance movement. In May 1940 he fled to the Netherlands by swimming across the Rhine River. Unfortunately he arrived just as the German Wehrmacht invaded the neutral country. Captured, he was taken to Buchenwald concentration camp, and then to Sonnenstein_Euthanasia_Clinic Euthanasia Centre, where he died."
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"One of Emmet de Glenn's brothers, William LeRoy Emmet, was an accomplished engineer employed by General Electric. A graduate of the United_States_Military_Academy,_main_campus States Naval Academy at Annapolis, he was a pioneer in the areas of current electricity and power generation, best known for his work with steam turbines, mercury vapor, and electric ship propulsion. Another of her brothers was Robert_Temple_Emmet , a West Point graduate, and Medal of Honor recipient."
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"Sir John_Ontario_Miller , KCSI (7 August 1857 -- 19 January 1943) was a British civil servant in India. He was born in Toronto, Canada, the eldest son of Robert Schaw Miller and Eliza Miller. He died at Lavant , Sussex."
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"William_Samuel_Stratford (May 22, 1789 -- March 29, 1853) was an English astronomer born in Eltham,_London Surrey."
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"Martin_Conway was the son of Reverend William Conway, afterwards canon of Westminster. He was educated at Repton and Trinity_College , Cambridge, where he studied mathematics and became a close friend of Karl Pearson. He became interested in woodcuts, engraving and early printed books, an interest encouraged by the Cambridge University librarian, Henry Bradshaw. From 1880 Bradshaw financed Conway's tours of the principal libraries of Europe, on which Conway collected material for History of the Woodcutters of the Netherlands in the Fifteenth Century (1884), the most learned of his thirty books."
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"Andrea_Zittel was born in Escondido, California, in 1965. She received a BFA in painting and sculpture in 1988 from San Diego State University, and an MFA in sculpture in 1990 from the Rhode Island School Bachelor_of_Fine_Arts Design. Zittel is sculptures and installations transform everything necessary for life-such as eating, sleeping, bathing, and socializing-into artful experiments in living."
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"development of the country. HAJI Mohammad_Aslam_ & SONS HMA is Lahore based Organization established in 1978 and has branches in Karachi , Islamabad, Faisalabad and Sialkot. HAJI MOHAMMAD ASLAM & SONS is now incorporated since July 2006 with the name HAJI MOHAMMAD ASLAM & SONS CRANAGE Pvt. Ltd. HMA are the pioneers in Cranage, Heavy Lift & Rigging specialists, Containers handling, & haulage thereof."
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"In the early 1990s Addi_Somekh 's balloon twisting began merely as a means to ``pay his car insurance'' and make extra money when he was 19 years old. While attending graduate school at The_New_School for Social Research where he majored in Human Resource Management, he continued developing his talents and made a living twisting balloons at bar mitzvahs, elementary schools and corporate parties. Somekh said he enjoyed balloon twisting as a profession because he didn't have a boss and could make cash improvising balloon hats and keeping the job interesting without having someone looking over his shoulder."
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"Antoni_Piotrowski returned to Bulgaria in 1889: he visited Batak and painted his epic canvas The Batak Massacre. This painting of his won an award at the Plovdiv Fair in 1892. In 1900 Piotrowski returned to Poland and settled in Warsaw . In 1905, he was a war correspondent in Manchuria. He died in 1924 in Warsaw."
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"Born in Emanuel County, Georgia, Newell_Edenfield received an ((NAM: LL.B.)) from the University Bachelor_of_Laws Georgia in 1938. He was a Legal editor, Edward Thomson & Co., Brooklyn, New York from 1938 to 1941. He was in private practice in Atlanta, Georgia from 1941 to 1942. He was a Lieutenant in the United States Navy during World War II, from 1942 to 1945. He was in private practice in Atlanta, Georgia from 1945 to 1967."
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"Gil_Ripley studied English and psychology at York University_of_Arizona,_main_campus , where he also honed his skills as a playwright and graphic designer. He transferred to University of Arizona in 1995 and graduated in 1997 with a BA, English (minor in Psychology). He spent several years post-graduation as a free agent among various advertising firms, designing and producing book covers, corporate logos, and dot-commabilia. He worked within the world of Public-access television cable TV, honing his skills at technical direction and writing. During this time, Gil's work with an experimental multi-media theatre group allowed him to blossom as a writer and director of farcical stage material."
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"Nose Joseph_W orthy was born in Lewisporte, Newfoundland and grew up working on fishing boats and getting his education when he could. As a teenager he worked as a lumberman before obtaining his teaching certificate at the age of 18. In 1910, he entered Albert College in Belleville , Ontario and paid his tuition by working with Frontier College going into the bush and teaching lumberjacks how to read and continued working for Frontier College when he attended Victoria College in Toronto."
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"Henry_Tozer then went to Holland, and became minister to the English merchants at Rotterdam , where he died on 11 September 1650; he was buried in the English church there. He was author of the following works published at Oxford:"
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"Drake_Levin is survived by his wife of 37 years, San_Francisco dra; sons David and Darby; his mother, Charle; his brother Jeff and his sister Lori. A memorial service is planned for July 18, but details have not been settled. When finalized, arrangements will be posted on Volk is website,"
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"During her reign, Debbie_Shelton travelled across the United States and internationally, including visits to Japan, Spain, Portugal, Brazil and Puerto Rico. For winning Miss USA, she received $5,000 in cash, a $5,000 mink coat and made another $5,000 from personal appearances. Shelton was born in Washington, D.C. and grew up in Norfolk, Virginia. She graduated from Norview_High_School and attended Old Dominion University. She was a junior studying art at the time she won the Miss USA title."
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"Born in Tift County, Georgia, Abraham_Benjamin_Conger received an A.B. from Mercer_University,_main_campus University in 1911 and an LL.B. from the same institution in 1912. He was in private practice in Bainbridge, Georgia from 1912 to 1949, also serving as a member of the Georgia House of Representatives from 1915 to 1916, and as mayor of Bainbridge from 1922 to 1923."
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"In 1973, the Country Party member for Armidale, Davis Hughes, resigned to accept the post Electoral_district_of_Armidale Agent-General in London. David_Leitch_ was one of two Country Party candidates for the by-election, in which he narrowly defeated the Labor candidate. He held the seat at the 1973 and 1976 elections, but he was defeated in 1978 by Labor candidate Bill McCarthy. Leitch died in 1988 in Armidale."
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"For nearly six decades, Yosihiko_H Sinoto, senior anthropologist at the Bishop Museum, has conducted field research on island groups across the Pacific. His work has fundamentally changed what was known about early Polynesian migration, ancient ocean voyaging and navigation, sacred places, and the everyday life University_of_Hawaii the Pacific is indigenous people."
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"Mizan_Rahman was born and grew up in Bangladesh. He studied at Dhaka University, where he obtained his B.Sc degree in mathematics and physics in 1953. and his M.Sc in applied Mathematics in 1954. He received a ((NAM: B.A)) in mathematics from Cambridge University in 1958, and an M.A. in mathematics from Cambridge University in 1963. He was a senior lecturer at the University Bachelor_of_Arts Dhaka from 1958 until 1962. Rahman went to the University of New Brunswick of Canada in 1962 and received his Ph.D in 1965 with a thesis on the kinetic theory of plasma using singular integral equation techniques. After his Ph.D, Rahman became an assistant professor at Carleton University, where he has spent the rest of his career. He is currently a distinguished Professor Emeritus at the same university."
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"Williamson died at Cobham , Kent, on 3 October 1701. He had become very rich by taking advantage of the many opportunities of making money which his official position gave him. He left 6,000 and his library to Queen's College, Oxford; 5,000 to found a school at Rochester, Sir Joseph_Williamson_ Williamson's Mathematical School; and 2,000 to Thetford. A great number of Williamson's letters, dispatches, memoranda, etc., are among the English state papers. He has been described as one of the great English civil servants of his time and credited with building up an intelligence service which rivaled that of John Thurloe under Cromwell."
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"From law school, Mr. Glen_Morgan_Williams went to work for Attorney Larry Garrett degree_in_law Bentonville. He also opened a legal office with Garrett in..."
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"After the war Wilson married Myra Hester Smith in 1920. Resuming his studies, he gained a BSc in 1920 and a MSc in 1925. This was followed by a career of lecturing on biological science, and especially botany. He was a member of the Royal Australasian Ornithologists Union, the Bird Observers Club, the Microscopical Society and the Field Naturalists Club of Victoria, from the latter of which he was a Herbert_Ward_Wilson ed the Australian Natural History Medallion in 1943. He died at his home in Caulfield , being survived by a son."
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"West_ London collapsed. Last year Brian_May complained that the corner of the plush borough Kensington and Chelsea where he has an Pound11m-home had been turned into a hellhole during extensive renovations to neighbours homes, including the addition of a two-storey basement to house a gym and a garage for five cars."
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"Jacquelyn_Ford_Morie was formally trained as an artist and medical illustrator but ultimately decided to pursue fine art. Her Bachelors degree in Fine Art was awarded cum laude by Florida Atlantic University in 1981. She next received a Masters degree in Fine Art from the University Fisher_School_of_Accounting Florida in 1984, studying with noted photographer Jerry Uelsman."
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"Phaedra_Nicolaidis is an Australian actress, who has appeared in television, film and theatre roles. Phaedra graduated from Australia's National_Institute_of_Dramatic_Art (NIDA) with a degree in Performing Arts (Acting) in 2004."
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"Robert James_Dodsley , born 1703, near Mansfield , Nottinghamshire, Eng.-died Sept. 23, 1764, Durham, Durham, British author, London bookseller, publisher, playwright, and editor who was influential in mid-18th-century literary England and is associated with the publication of works by Samuel Johnson, Alexander Pope, Thomas Gray, and Oliver Goldsmith."
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"Born in New_York_City,_New_York York City, he made his film debut as Yousayef in The Sheik (1921). He later went on to appearances in Western films. The first film he directed was Western Trails (1938) and his most well-known directorial effort arguably remains The Wolf Man (1941). In the 1960s, he directed episodes of the television series Maverick, Batman, The Green Hornet, and The Man from U.N.C.L.E.. He also directed John Wayne and Oliver Hardy wearing coonskin caps in The Fighting Kentuckian (1949), in which his daughter, Shy Waggner, appeared in a cameo. Waggner's career in film declined in the 1950s, due to the popularity of television, and he eventually moved to television late in the decade. Many of his television credits, such as Maverick and Batman, have his name spelled as `` George_Waggner .'' He also directed Red Nightmare, a Cold War propaganda film produced by the Department of Defense and narrated by Jack Webb."
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"Los Angeles-based Sam_Durant is a multimedia artist whose work engages a variety Bachelor_of_Fine_Arts social, political, and cultural issues. Often referencing American history, his work explores the varying relationships between culture and politics, engaging subjects as diverse as the civil rights movement, southern rock music, and modernism."
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"George_R Milner grew up in northern Virginia and attended Beloit College in Wisconsin, graduating with a BA in 1975. He received his MA in 1976 from Northwestern_University,_Chicago University, and PhD in 1982 (dissertation entitled Measuring Prehistoric Levels of Health: A Study of Mississippian Period Skeletal Remains from the American Bottom, Illinois)."
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"Sandor_Zambo , born 10 October 1944 in Ujpest , Hungary is a former Hungarian footballer. He spent all of his professional career at Ujpesti Dozsa from 1963 to 1980. He played 33 games and scored 3 goals for the Hungary national football team and he is most famous for his participation in Hungarian UEFA Euro 1972 team. Zambo won 9 Hungarian championship titles with Ujpest and played in the Inter-Cities Fairs Cup Final in 1969."
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"Hougen, A. L., Wisconsin Houkom, Alf_Hjort , Minnesota Houkom, John A., Washington Houkom, S. Marius, North Dakota Houm, Carl A., Wisconsin Horde, Brynjolf, Pennsylvania Hoverstad, Helge, Minnesota * Hoverstad, Torger A., Minnesota * Hummeland, Andrew, Illinois Hustvedt, S. B., California Ingvoldstad, Orlando, Illinois * Ingvoldstad, W. B., Iowa Isolany, G. N., North Dakota Iversen, Iver, New_York_City,_New_York York Iverson, Iver O., Minnesota"
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"Dorothy_Maclean (b. 1920 in Guelph,_Canada Ontario, Canada) is a writer and educator on spiritual subjects who was one of the original three adults at what is now the Findhorn Foundation in northeast Scotland."
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"Yvonne_Jacquette is an American painter and printmaker born in 1934. She is known Parsons_The_New_School_for_Design her stunning depictions of aerial landscapes, especially her low-altitude and oblique aerial views of cities or towns, often printed using a distinctive, pointillistic technique."
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"Luis_Mu noz is a poet born in Granada , Spain, in 1966. He has a degree in Spanish Philology and also in Romanic Philology. He has published five collections of poetry, Septiembre (1991), Manzanas amarillas (1995), El apetito (1998), Correspondencias (2001), which won the Generacion del 27 and Ojo Critico awards, and Querido silencio (2006). His poetic work up to 2005 is also gathered in the book Limpiar pescado. Poesia reunida 1991-2005 (2005)."
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"Zackquill_Morgan was born on 08 Sep 1735 in Berkeley_County , West Virginia, USA. He died on 01 Jan 1795 in Morgantown, Monongalia, West Virginia, USA. He married (1) DRUSILLA SPRINGER on 15 Sep 1765 in Augusta, Virginia, USA, daughter of Dennis Springer and Ann Prickett. She was born on 9 May 1746 in Burlington, New Jersey, USA. She died in Aug 1796 in Morgantown, Monongalia, West Virginia, USA. He married (2) NANCY PAXTON in 1755 in Berkeley, West Virginia, USA. She was born in 1735 in Fayette City, Fayette, Pennsylvania, USA. She died in 1762 in Augusta, Virginia, USA. He married on 18 Apr 1794."
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"William_J._Fitzgerald was elected to the Seventy-seventh Congress (January 3, 1941-January 3, 1943). He was an unsuccessful candidate for reelection in 1942 to the Seventy-eighth Congress. He was appointed on March 1, 1943, as area director and later as State director of the War Manpower Commission of Connecticut and served until October 1, 1945. He was appointed State director of the United States Employment Service and served until his resignation in January 1947. He died at Norwich , Connecticut, May 6, 1947. He was interred in St. Joseph's Cemetery."
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"George_Fox_ born March 23, 1960 in Calgary, Alberta is a country/western music singer/songwriter raised in Cochrane , Alberta, the son of cattle ranchers Bert and Gert Fox."
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"The artist married Ella Crump in 1896, and they had two children, Maurice (who was killed in World War I) and Dorothy (who also studied art). Herbert_Dicksee died in 1942 in Hampstead . His daughter Dorothy was the executor of his will, which directed her to destroy most of the plates for Dicksee's etchings."
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"John_Gillies , M.D. (1792 -- 1834) was a Scottish naval surgeon who later became an explorer and botanist, travelling extensively in South America. Educated at the University of Edinburgh , he served in the Royal Navy during the Napoleonic Wars. Afflicted by tuberculosis, Gillies left the UK aged 28 for South America in the hope that the climate would improve his fragile health. He spent eight years there, mostly in Argentina, surviving wars, civil unrest, and chronic ill health, sending numerous plants to Hooker at the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew before returning in 1828. He died aged 42 at Edinburgh on 24 November 1834, his remains interred at Calton"
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"Pete_Gillen was two sport athlete in baseball and basketball at Fairfield_University where he received his bachelor's degree in English Literature in 1968."
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"Tony_Sarchet studied chemistry at University_College,_Oxford College Oxford, where he was a member of the University College Players and wrote a review called Gargoyles at the Oxford Playhouse with John Albery and Graham Wall in 1978."
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"Born in Sussex Court House (now Newton), in Sussex_County,_New_Jersey , Anderson was the son of Colonel Thomas_Oakley_Anderson Anderson, Esq. (1743--1805), an attorney and quartermaster in the Continental Army during the American Revolution."
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"Samira_Bellil , 31, a prominent campaigner for the rights of French Muslim women who gained fame with a book recounting gang rapes she suffered as a teenager, died of stomach cancer Sept. 3, her publisher, Editions Denoel, said yesterday in Paris ."
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"son of Joseph and Lydia Horace_Wheaton . 19. Solomon; was an Episcopal minister at New_Milford,_Connecticut port, R. I."
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"He died in 1989 in Los_Angeles_County_/_Los_Angeles_city Angeles, California, leaving a widow, Judy Kessler Harold_Hayes ."
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"old. It is reported that Eliza_Moore had been living on the Gilchrist Place for about 65 or 70 years at the time of her death in 1948. Eliza Moore died at the age of 105 on January 21, 1948, at a home on the Gilchrist Place in Montgomery_County ."
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"Henry_Russell_Sanders Russell Red Sanders May 7, 1905 - August 14, 1958 was an American football player and coach. He was head coach at Vanderbilt_University 1940-1942, 1946-1948 and the University of California at Los Angeles 1949-1957, compiling a career college football record of 102-41-3 .709. Sanders 1954 UCLA team was named national champions by the Coaches Poll and the Football Writers Association of America. Sanders was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame as a coach in 1996."
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"In June 1999 Desmond_Tutu was elected an Honorary Fellow of Sidney Sussex College in the University_of_Cambridge , from which he has been awarded the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Divinity."
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"Her last years were marred by depression, alcoholism and illness and she died in Paris of a malignant influenza (pneumonia), at the age of thirty-eight. Sibyl_Sanderson was responsible for helping launch the career of another soprano made famous in the French repertoire, Mary Garden."
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"Artistic Director, San Francisco Ballet Judy_Kohn Woodruff, CNN Andrew R. Ammerman Josephine F. Ammerman Campus Ministry, Georgetown_Day_School University"
1 (/people/person/education./education/education/institution)
"Clarke received his ((NAM: B.A.)) from Princeton University in 1977, M.S Donald_C._Clarke from University Bachelor_of_Arts London in 1983, and J.D. from Harvard Law School in 1987."
2 (/people/person/education./education/education/degree)
"After graduating from Brown University in 1930, Otto_Kerner attended Trinity_College at Cambridge University in England from 1930 to 1931. In 1934, he received a law degree from Northwestern University in Chicago and was admitted to the Illinois bar. On October 20, 1934, he married Helena Cermak, daughter of the late Anton Cermak, who had been mayor of Chicago before he was shot and mortally wounded in Miami, Florida, in 1933 by Giuseppe Zangara in what may have been an attempt on the life of president-elect Franklin D. Roosevelt."
0 (NA)
"Prof. dr. Yijin Ren is currently Head of the Department of Orthodontics at the University Medical Center Groningen UMCG and Director of the W.J. Kolff Institute for BioMedical Engineering and Biomaterials."
3 (/people/person/place_of_birth)
"Born in Lexington, Tennessee, Stanley_Thomas_Anderson received a ((NAM: B.S.)) from the University Bachelor_of_Science Tennessee in 1976 and a J.D. from the University of Memphis School of Law in 1980. He was then in private practice in Tennessee until 1983, and again from 1987 to 2003, serving in the interim as an assistant commissioner of the Tennessee Department of Transportation from 1983 to 1985, and as a claims commissioner for the Tennessee Department of Treasury from 1985 to 1987."
2 (/people/person/education./education/education/degree)
"Mark_McGurl received his ((NAM: B.A.)) from Harvard University and Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from Johns Hopkins University. He has also worked as a journalist for The New York Times and The New York Review Bachelor_of_Arts Books. In 2011, McGurl received the Truman Capote Award for Literary Criticism for The Program Era: Postwar Fiction and the Rise of Creative Writing."
2 (/people/person/education./education/education/degree)
"Jonathan_Mann was president of the National Honor Society in the Newton South High School class of 1965. He earned his B.A. magna cum laude from Harvard_College , his M.D. from Washington University in St. Louis 1974, and the degree of M.P.H. from the Harvard School of Public Health in 1980. Mann joined the Centers for Disease Control in 1975, staying there until 1977. He then became the State Epidemiologist for New Mexico, until 1984."
1 (/people/person/education./education/education/institution)
"D. J. Williams David_John_Williams 26 June 1885 - 4 January 1970 was one of the foremost Welsh-language writers of the twentieth century and a prominent Welsh nationalist. Williams was born in Rhydcymerau , Carmarthenshire. He studied English at the University College of Wales, Aberystwyth and Jesus College, Oxford. For most of his life he taught English at the grammar school in Fishguard, Pembrokeshire."
4 (/people/deceased_person/place_of_death)
"in 45.41 with Auburn_University is Pascal_Wollach finished fourth in 45.43. Auburn is monster 1-4-6 finish cut the team gap to eight points with Texas in the lead with 305 points. Auburn sat second with 297 points, while Stanford held third with 265 points. California 225 and Florida 207 owned the other top-five spots."
1 (/people/person/education./education/education/institution)
"Tomas_Guido died on December 14, 1866 in Buenos_Aires , leaving his wife and four children."
4 (/people/deceased_person/place_of_death)
"What Italians Do Best by Louise_Fili and Lise Apat Bachelor_of_Science f had me in tears of laughter. The book covers the prerequisite fabulous wine, olive oil and vegetables and also touches on other important culinary strengths like making coffee. Some of the funnier pages highlight Italian idiosyncrasies like the inability to stand in line and the adoration of Italian men of their mothers. --The San Francisco Examiner"
2 (/people/person/education./education/education/degree)
"Frieda_Hempel was born in Leipzig, Germany, and studied first at the Leipzig Conservatory and afterwards at the Stern Conservatory, Berlin , where she was a pupil of Selma Nicklass-Kempner. Her earliest appearances were in Breslau, singing Violetta, the Queen of the Night and Rosina. She made a debut in Schwerin in 1905, and was engaged there for the next two years, singing also Gilda, Leonora Il trovatore and Woglinde."
4 (/people/deceased_person/place_of_death)
"Neale's earliest works were drawings of insects. While in search of specimens in Hornsey Wood in the spring of 1796, Neale met John_Preston_Neale Varley the water-colour painter. Together they projected a work to be entitled The Picturesque Cabinet of Nature, for which Varley was to make the landscape drawings, and Neale was to etch and colour the plates. No. 1 was published on 1 September 1796, but no more appeared. He was a clerk in the General Post Office, but eventually resigned his appointment to devote his time to art. Neale died at Tattingstone, near Ipswich,_England aged 67, on 14 November 1847."
0 (NA)
"Frank_Thornton_Ball (he would later drop his surname professionally) was born in Dulwich, London, the son of Rosina Mary (nee Thornton) and William Ernest Ball. He wanted to act from an early age, but his father, who worked in a bank, wanted him to get a 'proper' job and so he got a job working in insurance after leaving Alleyn's School. He soon enrolled at a small acting school, the London_School_of_Dramatic_Art , and did evening classes. After two years working at the insurance company, Frank Thornton was invited to become a day student at the acting school and persuaded his father to finance his studies."
1 (/people/person/education./education/education/institution)
"By 1722 Laurent_Belissen settled in Marseille , where he succeeded Antoine Blanchard as maitre de musique of the Abbey of St. Victor, which was then rapidly declining in importance--but he also secured a position directing the city's Academie de Concerts. Belissen remained in Marseilles until his death."
4 (/people/deceased_person/place_of_death)
"Bachelor_of_Arts he... View Attorney Profile Edward_Malloy graduated from N.U.I. Galway with a Bachelor of Arts and furthered his studies with a Postgraduate in Law at D.I.T. followed by... View Attorney Profile"
2 (/people/person/education./education/education/degree)
"George_Grossmith died 100 years ago on Thursday; the Diary still lives. Waugh, again, as a young man, called it the funniest book in the world. I would not go that far, but it is still very funny and also charming. Quite Royal_Gallery_of_Illustration ten it is more charming than funny, and so it still pleases readers, like me, who return to it time and again."
0 (NA)
"Bj Kenneth_O rk graduated from St._Olaf_College,_main_campus Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota in 1930, with history majors. He continued his studies at University of Wisconsin in Madison, Wisconsin. His took study tours in Europe from 1934 to 1935. In 1935 he obtained his PhD degree on a thesis on Anglo-German diplomatic relations in the Bismarck era."
1 (/people/person/education./education/education/institution)
"at the University_of_Wisconsin , Dr. Evan_Alfred_Evans s conducted studies confirming that mononucleosis was transmitted mainly through kissing. He popularized the term the kissing disease for the illness, which is caused by the Epstein-Barr virus and primarily strikes people from ages 10 to 35."
1 (/people/person/education./education/education/institution)
"Tuesday evening practices. St_Andrews . Andrew_Bell is Bell Ringers We practice each Tuesday evening in the ringing chamber of St. Andrew is Church tower from 7.00 - 9.00 p.m."
3 (/people/person/place_of_birth)
"Ambassador Howar_Ziad studied at Baghdad_College,_main_campus College and has a BSc in Economics from the London School of Economics."
1 (/people/person/education./education/education/institution)
"Ramiz_Tafilaj (born May 6, 1949 in Lumnishta, Decani, Kosovo), is an Albanian-American businessman, activist, visionary and publisher. He acquired his higher education at the University_of_Zagreb,_main_campus of Zagreb and University of Houston, before becoming involved with hightech in oil and gas industries. Currently, he serves as president of Chemical Recovery Technology LLC and president and chairman of the board of Progressive Chemical Technology LLC. He is also head of Superior Computer Services in Houston, owns a publishing company Jalifat Group, and is the founder of Tafilaj Group LLC."
1 (/people/person/education./education/education/institution)
"Nicolas_Roope (born in Singapore, Singapore, on February 26 1972) is a British/ Danish industrial and digital media designer and entrepreneur. Nicolas received ((NAM: Bachelors Bachelor's_degree )) in Fine Arts, Sculpture from Liverpool John Moores University. Nicolas' career focuses on unique combination of product design, digital media and business development. He is a winner of D&AD Black Pencil, Brit Insurance Design Awards and Webby Award. His designs have been included in MOMA permanent collection and he was The Wired 100 and Adage Creative 50 lists."
2 (/people/person/education./education/education/degree)
"Shaheed Zulfikar Ali_Sajid Bhutto Institute Bachelor_of_Science Science and Technology SZABIST, is a private chartered institute located, with multiple campuses, in the residential and commercial areas of Pakistan as well as the UAE. Its main campus, however, is located in the residential town of Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan."
2 (/people/person/education./education/education/degree)

Dataset Card for "gids"

Dataset Summary

The Google-IISc Distant Supervision (GIDS) is a new dataset for distantly-supervised relation extraction. GIDS is seeded from the human-judged Google relation extraction corpus. See the paper for full details: Improving Distantly Supervised Relation Extraction using Word and Entity Based Attention


  • There is a formatted version that you can load with datasets.load_dataset('gids', name='gids_formatted'). This version is tokenized with spaCy, removes the underscores in the entities and provides entity offsets.

Supported Tasks and Leaderboards


The language in the dataset is English.

Dataset Structure

Data Instances


  • Size of downloaded dataset files: 8.94 MB
  • Size of the generated dataset: 8.5 MB An example of 'train' looks as follows:
  "sentence": "War as appropriate. Private Alfred James_Smurthwaite Sample. 26614. 2nd Battalion Yorkshire Regiment. Son of Edward James Sample, of North_Ormesby , Yorks. Died 2 April 1917. Aged 29. Born Ormesby, Enlisted Middlesbrough. Buried BUCQUOY ROAD CEMETERY, FICHEUX. Not listed on the Middlesbrough War Memorial Private Frederick Scott. 46449. 4th Battalion Yorkshire Regiment. Son of William and Maria Scott, of 25, Aspinall St., Heywood, Lancs. Born at West Hartlepool. Died 27 May 1918. Aged 24.", 
  "subj_id": "/m/02qt0sv", 
  "obj_id": "/m/0fnhl9", 
  "subj_text": "James_Smurthwaite", 
  "obj_text": "North_Ormesby", 
  "relation": 4


  • Size of downloaded dataset files: 8.94 MB
  • Size of the generated dataset: 11.82 MB An example of 'train' looks as follows:
  "token": ["announced", "he", "had", "closed", "shop", ".", "Mary", "D.", "Crisp", "Coyle", "opened", "in", "1951", ".", "Stoffey", ",", "a", "Maricopa", "County", "/", "Phoenix", "city", "resident", "and", "longtime", "customer", ",", "bought", "the", "business", "in", "2011", ",", "when", "then", "owners", "were", "facing", "closure", ".", "He", "renovated", "the", "diner", "is", "interior", ",", "increased", "training", "for", "staff", "and", "expanded", "the", "menu", "."], 
  "subj_start": 6, 
  "subj_end": 9, 
  "obj_start": 17, 
  "obj_end": 22, 
  "relation": 4

Data Fields

The data fields are the same among all splits.


  • sentence: the sentence, a string feature.
  • subj_id: the id of the relation subject mention, a string feature.
  • obj_id: the id of the relation object mention, a string feature.
  • subj_text: the text of the relation subject mention, a string feature.
  • obj_text: the text of the relation object mention, a string feature.
  • relation: the relation label of this instance, an int classification label.
{"NA": 0, "/people/person/education./education/education/institution": 1, "/people/person/education./education/education/degree": 2, "/people/person/place_of_birth": 3, "/people/deceased_person/place_of_death": 4}


  • token: the list of tokens of this sentence, obtained with spaCy, a list of string features.
  • subj_start: the 0-based index of the start token of the relation subject mention, an ìnt feature.
  • subj_end: the 0-based index of the end token of the relation subject mention, exclusive, an ìnt feature.
  • obj_start: the 0-based index of the start token of the relation object mention, an ìnt feature.
  • obj_end: the 0-based index of the end token of the relation object mention, exclusive, an ìnt feature.
  • relation: the relation label of this instance, an int classification label.
{"NA": 0, "/people/person/education./education/education/institution": 1, "/people/person/education./education/education/degree": 2, "/people/person/place_of_birth": 3, "/people/deceased_person/place_of_death": 4}

Data Splits

Train Dev Test
GIDS 11297 1864 5663

Dataset Creation

Curation Rationale

More Information Needed

Source Data

Initial Data Collection and Normalization

More Information Needed

Who are the source language producers?

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Annotation process

More Information Needed

Who are the annotators?

More Information Needed

Personal and Sensitive Information

More Information Needed

Considerations for Using the Data

Social Impact of Dataset

More Information Needed

Discussion of Biases

More Information Needed

Other Known Limitations

More Information Needed

Additional Information

Dataset Curators

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Licensing Information

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Citation Information

  author    = {Sharmistha Jat and
               Siddhesh Khandelwal and
               Partha P. Talukdar},
  title     = {Improving Distantly Supervised Relation Extraction using Word and
               Entity Based Attention},
  journal   = {CoRR},
  volume    = {abs/1804.06987},
  year      = {2018},
  url       = {},
  eprinttype = {arXiv},
  eprint    = {1804.06987},
  timestamp = {Fri, 15 Nov 2019 17:16:02 +0100},
  biburl    = {},
  bibsource = {dblp computer science bibliography,}


Thanks to @phucdev for adding this dataset.

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