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Dataset Summary

CIRAL is a collection for cross-lingual information retrieval research across four (4) African languages. The collection comprises English queries and query-passage relevance judgements manually annotated by native speakers.

This dataset stores passages which have been culled from news websites for CIRAL.

Dataset Structure

This dataset is configured by language. An example of a passage data entry is

    'docid': 'DOCID#0#0',
    'title': 'This is the title of a sample passage',
    'text': 'This is the content of a sample passage',
    'url': 'https:/\/\'

Load Dataset

An example to load the dataset

language = "hausa"

dataset = load_dataset("ciral/ciral-corpus", language)

Translated Dataset

We also include a translated version of the dataset in English for all the languages. Translation was done using NLLB 1.3B.

language = "hausa"

dataset = load_dataset("ciral/ciral-corpus", language, translated=True)



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