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Rachel G Ultimate Pleasure Erotic Victoria It’s Saturday night in the busy city of New York and it’s time for my hunting game again. It’s 10 o clocks and I’m ready to start the hunt. I’m a 22-year young woman. I’m 5'6 with light brown skin. I have green eyes and no they are not contacts and I have long black hair that goes to the middle of my back and no it’s not weave. I’m a curvy woman with big breasts and an even bigger butt to match I’m roughly 130 lbs., but I have toned muscles because I go to the gym four times a week. But let me explain my situation okay. So, every day I go out to find my own personal sex god. Yeah, I know that sounds weird, but I just want to find that one dude who meets my expectations. I have been doing this for about a mouth now and I’m starting to lose hope I’ve found three guys but no luck. well you might be wondering what am I going to do after I find him well I’m not going to do anything he's going to be the guy I call on when I want some good dick and that’s it, I don’t believe in marriage or love because people are always getting there hurt broken and people are always getting divorced so what’s the point in trying to find love? But yesterday I thought I found my sex god... until he fucked it all up. Okay so here’s what happened, okay so I go into the club and I see this fine light skinned man with a fresh clean cut and an eight pack and over all a fine ass body, so I go up to him and whisper in his ear while I touch his upper thigh and say my favorite line that I always say "Hey there sexy do u want me as much as I want you right now?" I lean away bite my bottom lip and raise and eye brow waiting for a response. He flashes a mouth full of pearly white teeth and says, “You want to find out?" and with that I take his hand and lead him out the club "where's your car?" I ask. "Right over there." he says as he points to a Mercedes Benz. I never bring my car when I’m hunting because I always find someone to drive me home whether it be a possible contender or a taxi cab. "Ok let’s go back to my place." I always go to my place because I got the home game advantage my house is made for sex. Which is why it’s called the sex lair I have a big house thanks to my mom and dad who own a major car company. I have a big red room with a huge bed and a stripper pole set up and a cupboard with all the porno’s you could want. I have a bathroom in my room that has a Jacuzzi tub and I have a shower section with shower heads the size of your head. So basically, my place is the perfect sex room. So, we get into the car and he starts the car and I tell him how to get there and he starts to pull off and while he’s driving, I get an idea, I begin to undo his pants and zipper, he looks down and says, "What are you doing?" I say, "trying to see if you can stay focused now drive me home and don’t you dare crash this pretty car." I giggle and take his dick out ooh it is as big as I thought it was it’s a 10 incher. mm. I begin to lick his head very slowly until his dick stands at full attention. I slowly lick his head and he let out a soft moan. That turns me on. Then I open my mouth and engulf his whole dick that makes him moan even loader. I began to move my head slowly up and down and he puts his head on the back of my head and guides me at the pace he would like it. He begins to moan loader and thrust his hips toward my mouth. But in that process, he swerves a little and I remove my mouth from his throbbing dick and say, “focus baby." Then get back to work. We continue that for the next 10 or so minutes until I get home. He does pretty good on staying focused a little swerve or two but overall very good. We get out the car and before we make it to the door, we already have our tongue down each other’s throat. He’s grinding up against me and I feel his hard lump rubbing up against my wet pussy. I take a second to get the door open and we don’t even make it to the prepared bed upstairs we head to the couch and begin to tear each other’s clothes off. He climbed on top of me and began to make a trail starting with my lips and down to my jaw and making supple kisses down my neck and licking and suckling each breast and making a trail of kisses down my stomach. I look down at him and see he’s looking at me I smile, and he flashes me with his oh so white smile and continues to make his trail. He then hitches my leg on his shoulder, and he makes a trail down my leg when he gets to my inner thigh I moan in anticipation. He likes that, I know he does because he looks up at me and flashes me that smile. Then I think to myself I don’t even know his name. "So, what’s your name sexy?" he looks up and flashes me that sexy smile and says in the sexiest way possible “Trey”. Then to tease me even more he hitches up the other leg and begins his trail down my other leg. When he gets to my inner thigh which is my sensitive spot he pauses and looks up and says, “What’s yours?". "You can call me Vivi." I don’t give him my real name because I want to save my real name for my sex god. My real name is Victoria. He whispers Vivi then plunges his tongue into my wet pussy I moan load from the sudden impact. He begins to lick and suck my pussy like it’s the best meal he’s ever had. I put my hand lightly on the back of his head and rub his head encouraging his not to stop. He begins to suck my clit and I can feel myself coming to that orgasmic peak. I start to arch my back and moan his name and tell him not to stop. “I’m about to come." I say” come for me baby I want every drop of your sweet nectar." I moan and say his name one last time then come. Hard. He licks faster wanting to get every drop. Then he removes his head from my warm honey pot, and he licks his lips. Then I say, "My turn." We switch places and I make my way down to his shaft and lick his head in little circles. He moans softly. I grab his balls and massage them in my hand while I lick up and down his shaft like a Popsicle. He moans again a little loader and that gets me wet all over again. I moan softly and take his entire length into my mouth. And rapidly move up and down from his head to his balls. Deep throat. Mm. He begins to thrust faster and more urgently rushing for his orgasmic release. He moans loud. "Baby I’m about to come." I started to pull away so I could stroke his shaft. I didn’t want to swallow until I was sure he was the right one. Everything was going so great. When I just removed my mouth from his dick. He came. And you'll never guess where. He fucking shot his loud in my god damn eye. My beautiful green eye. And did it burn like hell. I let out a small shrill of pain and yelled “shit. Damn. You shot me in my god damn eye. Shit" He rushes toward because by this point, I had stood up and was walking toward the bathroom to get this shit out my eye. “Oh shit. Babe I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to." “I’m fine just go I’ll call you later." like hell I would. “I’m sorry babe I’ll leave my number on the table and I’ll..." before he could finish, I slammed the bathroom door shut tight behind me and went to rinse his come out my eye. O.K. so back to the now. I’m a college student at NYU in my senior year studying business I get straight A’s and am here on a full scholarship. I go to the club for about an hour or so everyday well except Sunday and Mondays. But today is Saturday and I’m looking hot in this sexy red strapless dress that clings nicely to my every curve and rocking my new Coach purse and new pumps. I walk in the club and immediately I get looks of want and winks and smiles from different guys and even some girls. I walked toward the bar and ordered an apple martini. I was there about 2 minutes when Mr. eye shooter aka trey walked in and began to scope out the crowd no doubt looking for me. But I leaped from my chair and head into the crowd trying to blend in as much as possible. I didn’t realize I wasn’t paying attention to where I was going until I ran into something that felt like a big wall. I stagger backwards but a hard hand grabs my elbow and straightens me. I look up and look into the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen by far, they were a shade of gray and blue mix. "Oh my." is all I manage to say as my eyes drifted from his eyes to the rest of him, he was at least 6 foot and looked to be mixed and had nice full lips he’s voice wrapped around me as he said in my ear "Are you okay?". "Huh?" was all I managed to say, "Are you okay?" he repeated. "Oh, I’m alright I’m sorry I bumped into you." God, he was so close I could feel the heat radiating off his body. His body was smoking I glanced down and saw he was built not steroid protein drinks built but like and I go to the gym regularly kind of built. "Well I’m not." He says I look back up to him in confusion. Then I’m aware he still has my elbow and we're standing awfully close. "What I mean is I’m not sorry you bumped into me." I look up to him and put on my best flirtatious smile and raise one eye brow and say, "Why is that?" He looked at me then looked around and said, "Do you mind if we go somewhere a little quieter and talk?" "Sure." With that he pulls me by my elbow that he was holding the whole time. We head toward the back where they have little secluded areas where people can sit and chat in their own little booths. We took one that wasn’t occupied and sat down. When we were settled, and we were sitting across from each other I put on my best flirty face on and looked at him and gave a flirtatious smile and said. "You were saying?" He looked at me for a second and flashed me a very white smile and said, “What I was saying is I’m not sorry you bumped into me because I’m glad to have meet such a beautiful woman." that made me smile harder. I add "I’m I glad to have met such a..." fine? Sexy? Beautiful? “Handsome man." I finished. “well thank you but I’m just going to ask if you have a boyfriend because there’s no way in hell a beautiful woman like you doesn’t have a man." he says. I laugh and say, "Nope I’m completely single, but I should be asking you the same question because there’s no way such a handsome man like yourself is single." He chuckles and says, "Yep I'm single and as you can see ready to mingle." Then I take a good look at him and see he has a nice low clean cut and I scan over him with my eyes and look at his rock her body and stop just below his waist line and I immediately I get wet because I notice a bulge coming out the front of his jeans. I gasp and lookup at him and notice he's doing the same thing I was just doing. He’s roving my body with his eyes and he stops his gaze at my clear to see big breasts. Then I decide to use my line and say, "Do you want me as much as I want you right now?" He then locks eyes with me and says, "More than you'll ever know." I get up to leave when I see Trey again and sit back down quickly and try to cover my face with my hair. Then he surprises me by saying "Is that a friend of yours?" I look up at him and see him jerk his thumb in Trey's direction. "No, he’s actually the reason I bumped into you I was trying to make sure he didn’t see me." I look back up at his face and see him thinking, then he abruptly says, "I’ll be right back." and he gets up quickly and walks into the crowd, gladly he doesn’t go to Trey like I thought he was going to do. A minute later I peek at the direction Trey is in to make sure he hasn’t seen me yet and I see he’s talking to some big guy who looks to be the bouncer of the club. Trey looks angry and then the next thing I know I see the bouncer dude shoving him toward the exit and Trey smack his hands off him and storm out. Right then Mr. Gorgeous comes back. Dang I need to figure out his name. But first I ask. "Did you do that?" he looks at me and says, "Yeah I hope you’re not mad or anything it just looked to me like he was getting on your nerves so I asked my buy Jeremy if he could do me a favor and escort him out." I look at him and we lock eyes and I lean over and sweetly kiss him on the lips and with much difficulty pull away after a second and say, "Thank you." That kiss even though it was short it sent a giant heat wave through my body and gets me even more wet. Damn. "My pleasure." He says in a deep husky voice. Obviously, I’m not alone with my feelings. “What’s your name?" I ask him. "Erik. Erik Knight and what may I ask is your name?" He says. "You can call me Vivi." I say as I flash him another flirtatious smile. "Well Vivi it’s very nice to meet you." he extends his hand toward me and I grasp his hand and feel a surge of desire swim through me and land right on my clit. Shit at this rate I’m going to soak my whole dress. "Nice to meet you too." I say. I can’t help but look down to see if he felt the same thing as me and sure enough there it is at full attention again. Damn. Big one. He still has my hand as he gets up and I rise too. Then he says, "About the whole me wanting you think, is that still on the table?" I look him in the eye, smile and get close and whisper in his ear "Hell yeah." With that he puts me in front of him and grabs me around my waist and I can feel his erection on my back. I moan very softly as he leans and whispers in my ear "Tonight this is all yours." Then he gives me a light push and I begin to walk toward the exit ready to get this night really started. The whole time I feel his erection on my back as we head threw the crowd. We finally make it to the exit, and he says. “You drove?" I say, "No but I was hoping to get a ride with you back to my house." "Only if I can come inside." He says I can hear the double meaning in his tone. "Wouldn’t have it any other way." I say. He leads me toward a nice black shiny and clean SUV. He heads to my side unlocks the door and opens the door for me. That’s a first. When I get safely inside, he closes the door and gets in and walks to his side and cranks up the car and starts to pull out the lot I give him directions and we're on our way. “So, tell me about yourself." I’m surprised to hear him speak, usually who ever I’m with we have a quiet drive to my house and barely get past first names. “What do you want to know?" I ask puzzled at his difference compared to the others. He looks me up and down then locks his eyes on mine and says “Everything Vivi." I look at him puzzled not sure what to say when he says, “So where are you from?" I’m still looking at him perplexed. Wondering what’s his angle when I decided to tell him and say "California." He smiles at me a nod his head and says "Me too. When did you move here?" I look at him and before I could even think about it, I blurt out "Why are you asking these questions it’s not like you really care any way." He looks at me and says with a smirk on his face "Are you going to answer the question or not because I truly want to know more about you." That takes me for a loop I take a deep breath and decide I’m not being fair to him and say, "When I was 17." He nods his head again as if I asked him a question and says, "I moved here last year." I’m about to ask him why but I’m too slow before he asks me another question “How old are you now?" "22." I say "Oh very nice age. I’m 26." He says then I say once again without thinking. “You aren’t some stalker or creep, are you?" He bursts out laughing. God I could listen to his laugh all day. Then he says, “god no I’ve had stalkers before, and trust me baby I’m not one of em." once again I feel like a jackass for being so rude to him for no reason. "I’m sorry I shouldn’t have said that." I say. "He grabs my hand keeping the other hand on the steering wheel and says, "Don’t be sorry you were just speaking your mind, and I love a girl who will speak her mind I think it’s very sexy." He looks at me for a moment and lightly squeezes my hand. This sends another jolt to my clit. He lets my hand drop back into my lap and puts both his hand back on the wheel. I look down suddenly overcome by shyness which is another first and smile. Then he says, "Well were almost to your house so I want to know what’s my best route to go if I want to hear you scream my name." I softly gasp and look up. This is the first time a guy has asked me what I wanted. I look up to see him smiling and then I honestly say, "Just about anything you do to me right about now would make me scream your name Erik." his smile grew wider and he says, "Well that’s good because I’m going to pleasure you in every possible way that I can." I bite my lip and moan softly imagining all the things he's going to do to me when I see that we're pulling in my drive way. Let the fun begin. He turns off the car and turns toward me and gives me a heart stopping smile and leans over and lightly gives me a peck on the lips and says, "Wait right there." Then gets out the car and eagerly strides over to my side opens the door grabs my hand and helps me out of the car. Another first. "Thank you" I say as I’m completely out the car and he hold me tight to him and gives me a breath-taking kiss and to soon pulls away and says, "My pleasure." Then he smiles down at me and I can’t help but smile up at him then he chuckles and says, "You going to unlock the door?" I look around totally dazed and say "Oh." and start scrambling threw my purse and get out my keys and unlock the door and we both step in. I lock the door and turn around and find him so close to me that I can feel the heat radiating off his well-muscled body. I look up to him and see he's looking down at me with pure lust in his eyes. He lightly pushed me up against the door and shaped his body against mine. I gasp as he then lifts me off the floor by my ass, so my face is even with his and then he crushes his mouth against mine and I wrap my legs around his waist so now the rising lump in his pants is directly on my wet pussy. He slides his tongue in my mouth and groans when I start to rock my pussy against his dick. This is hard since I’m still pinned up against the door, but I manage. He grips my ass harder causing me to moan and starts to rock his dick against me too. He groans and pulls away from the kiss and I open my eyes and see in his eyes wild lust burning in him he then says, “Where’s your bedroom?" "I have to have you now Vivi." I lick my slightly swollen lips and tell him the direction of the room. He then picks me up bride style and takes me to my master bedroom and puts me on the bed but doesn’t get on the bed himself. I sit up curious to what he’s doing and see him studying me, looking me all over, eating me up with just his gaze. "Vivi I want to have my way with you and do everything to you, but you will have to do as I say ok?" I nod my head and bite my lip I’ve never had a guy control me like that before, but I’ll play along for sure with him. “Ok lie down in the middle of the bed and stretch your arms to the top of the bed and put your hands together and put them above your head." I removed my shoes and I did as he said, and he climbed on to the bed right beside me after he too removed his shoes and started undoing his belt. Even though I should have seen it coming I was too busy focusing on what was behind the belt to see what he was doing with it. By the time I realized it he was strapping both of my hands up against the head post. "What are you doing?" I said pulling against the restraints but it's only making it tighter. "I’m tying you up so I can pleasure you in every way I can." I stopped focusing on the restraints and looked into his eyes and immediately calmed. I only freaked because this one guy I was with tied me up for the first time and I did not enjoy it because by the end of it I was covered in his spit because every time he tried to lick or suck on me, he just spilled a bunch of spit out of his mouth. But anyway, the look in Erik’s eyes showed me he was going to do nothing but pleasure me. So, I then said to him "I want you so much in the worst way Erik." Erik then said, "Roll over on your side." I did the best I could to roll on my side and I felt him slide my zipper down. I then rolled back on my back and he kneeled in front of me on the bed and he grabbed the end up my dress and tugged on the end then I arched my back off the bed and allowed him to slip the dress off me. When the dress was completely off, he roved over my body with his eyes with me in only a black bra and panties and I couldn’t take it anymore I needed him right now. "Please Erik I need you now." I said, "Your wish is my command baby." He then slid his body between my legs and hovered over me and kissed me softly at first then began to kiss me more feverishly he slipped his tongue into my mouth and I sucked his tongue into my mouth. Erik cupped my breasts into his hand and removed one breast from the bra and began to roll his thumb over the nipple. I moaned and arched my back off the bed he was sending jolt throw my body right to my clit. Erik began to kiss my neck and collarbone and made a trail down to my breast. He reached beneath me causing me to arch into him so he could remove my strapless bra. when he removed my bra, he tossed it to the floor and cupped both breasts in his hands and looked at them and looked up at me and said "Beautiful." He then lowered his mouth to my right nipple and began to suck on it a flick his tongue across it causing me to moan aloud I could feel myself climbing that mountain and he hasn’t even fucked me yet. I began to rub myself up against him trying to get some type of relief, when he removed his mouth from my breast and smiled at me and said, "Be patient baby I’m going to make you come very soon." Then he moved his hands to my hips and held them still so I wouldn’t move up against him, but he continued to suck on my nipples. “God Erik, I need you I want you to make me come hard, please." I groaned. obviously he heard the real need in my voice because he began to make a trail down my stomach with his tongue and made circles around my navel and dipped in it for a second before moving on and he made it to my lace panties then sat up and reached for my very damp black lace panties and slowly removed them. "I’m going to taste your sweet honey pot Vivi." He said, as he began to rub my smooth pussy "Please." Was all I managed to say. Then he lowered his head to my pussy and spread my lips and flicked my clit with his tongue causing me moan loudly. Then he sucked my clit into his mouth and continued to flick it with his tongue and nibbled on it. I could feel it I was climbing that mountain top and fast. Erik licked feverishly at my pussy as if he couldn’t get enough "Vivi, baby you taste so sweet." He said as he plunged his tongue into my honey pot and licked all my walls. Erik began to roll my clit with his thumb as he continued to plunge his tongue in me. God I was toppling over the edge. “Shit Erik I’m about to come." I said as I began to rock against his mouth so I could just leap off the edge. "Come for me baby I want it all." He said as he secured his lips around my pussy ready to drink all of me. "Oh, shit here it comes." I came and I came hard. He began to fiercely lick me determine to get every drop. I was trembling from the power of my orgasm. Erik planted a soft kiss on the top of my pussy and began to crawl back up to me and then he kissed me letting me taste myself. Then he moved to the side of me and began untying me "Don’t think that just because I untied you means I’m done with you because I’m far from it." He said with a mock serious look on his face, but his mouth began to twitch at the end showing that he was trying to fight a grin. I sat up and looked him straight in the eyes and said "And what makes you think I’m done with you? It’s my turn to get revenge.” He couldn’t help but smile now. "And what may I ask are you going to do to get me back?" Erik said, "lay back and I’ll show you." He laid back and I climbed on top of him and straddled the erection in his pants. Then I leaned forward and took his tongue into my mouth and sucked his tongue and nibbled his bottom lip. Tasting myself in his mouth. I broke away and started to unbutton his shirt while he rocked me against his erection. Damn. His body is banging. He got an eight pack a full-fledged eight pack and I couldn’t resist but rub my hands over them and bend down to kiss every pack. "Lord Jesus." I couldn’t help but say. He just laughed and put his hands behind his head. I unzipped his pants and pulled down his pants, and through his boxers I saw a HUGE erection. I cannot wait to see what's underneath. I pulled down his boxers and underwear and lord it was just what I thought, the biggest erections I have ever seen in person. Maybe a foot long. What a lucky bitch right? I looked at it I couldn’t help but stare all I could think about was the many ways I could devour that beautiful dick. "See anything you like?" He said breaking my trance. "Oh god yes too many to count." I grabbed his dick with both hands and began to stroke it slowly. Feeling his pulsating dick in my hands. He moaned. "Please baby, take me in your mouth." I looked at him and saw his dark eyes connect with mine and smiled my devilish smile and said, "My pleasure." I flicked my tongue out and began to make slow circles around his hot head. Teasing him. God, he tasted so good I tasted the precum in my mouth. I began to slowly take him in as far as I could go and began to thrust my hand along his pulsing dick and massage the rest of the dick I couldn’t fit in my mouth with my hands. I felt him place his hand on the back of my head and threw my hair lightly pushing my head down directing the pace at how fast or slow I go. He began to thrust his hips faster pushing his dick deeper into my mouth making me gag slightly but not enough to make me stop him. He moaned loudly and slowed his pace. But I didn’t. "God baby slow down or I’m going to come all in your mouth. "But I didn’t slow down it was like I was possessed. I wanted to taste him. I had to taste him. I needed to taste him. "Shit." He said through clenched teeth. I could feel his grip on my hair tighten and his dick swell in my mouth. "Shit Vivi I’m about to cum." and he came. I sucked up as much come as I could swallow as much as I could and licked his head clean. Mm god this man already had me hooked on his cum. I licked my lips and crawled up to him. “God Vivi I’ve never had a woman take me like you just did." Erik said as I reached him. “And I can say that I have never had a man take me like that either." I said and kissed him on the lips softly at first then more ferociously. He slipped his tongue into my mouth and rolled on top of me balancing on his elbows. He broke the kiss first to my disappointment and looked down at me and said “Vivi get ready for a long night." "God I can’t wait." I said. He brought his mouth down back to mine and began to suck my tongue and bottom lip. Then made a light trail down my body to my pussy and plunged a finger into it and massage my pussy making me arch my back and moan. He groaned and said, "Damn baby you’re so tight." He inserted another finger into my pussy and began to massage my walls. “Erik make me cum please." I moaned softly. He inserted a third finger. “Shit." The things this man can do to me are amazing. "Tell me what you feel." Erik whispered into my ear. "Pure ecstasy." I moaned. I could feel it again, me climbing that high mountain top. I grabbed the sheets and balled them up in my hands. “Talk to me Vivi tells me what’s happening to you." He said in my ear. I moaned. "God Erik I’m about to come." I said. He smiled and said, "Cum for me baby." and I came hard. Soaking his fingers in my juices. He removed his fingers from my pussy and sucked each finger clean of my juices like it was a gourmet meal. He smiled at me, raised one eye brow and said, "Ready to give up yet?" I smiled back at him and said, "Not even close Erik Knight." and pushed him down on the bed and climbed on top of him. I grabbed a condom from my top drawer and slipped it on him. I grabbed his newly hard dick and sank my pussy on top of his pulsing dick. He moaned as I sank my way all the way down. He reached up and grabbed one breast in each hand and plucked and tugged at my nipples. "Ride me Vivi." He groaned. I began to rock my hips at a steady pace against his stiff dick. "So tight." Erik whispered. God it felt so good and I just needed a little more to be pushed off that edge. I leaned forward moving my hips faster and laid my hands on either sides of his head and as if he read my mind, he began to suck my puckered nipples into his mouth. “Oh my god." I said grabbing the sheets and biting my bottom lip. "God Erik I’m about to come" I said. "Cum with me baby I’m right with you." He said and he smacked me on the ass, and I exploded with him feeling every wave of my orgasm passes threw me, making me involuntarily shaking me. I collapsed on top of him trying to catch my breathing. He slowly petted my damp hair and made little circles on my back. I look up and into those beautiful blue gray eyes that are looking right back at me. I sit up and finally slide off him and lay beside him. Never breaking our stare. He takes a hand and begins to touch and play with stray ends of my hair and says, "Shall we take this to the shower now and get cleaned up?" I look at his and smile and say "Sure." We climb off the bed and head toward the bathroom to clean up. When we get into the bathroom I go over by the sink and grab the lighter and lean over and light a few candles which illuminate the bathroom with a dark red color against the white walls. I look back and see Erik staring at me. "What?" I say. He smiles and says, "Nothing just enjoying the view." I turn around and grab his hand and lead him into the shower and turn on the warm water. We both step in and I get a wash cloth and lather it in soap and begin to slowly wash down his body I went over his hard shoulders his eight packs and slowly over his dick stroking it slowly with the soapy cloth. Then I got on my knees and washed the bottom of his feet and turned him away from me and washed over his back and rubbed his nice sized hard ass and gave it a little smack and he spun around and looked down at me with a brow raised. I looked up at him and smiled at him and said, "Sorry I couldn’t help it it’s just so shakable." He smiled and reached behind me and grabbed my ass and pulled me up against him so there was no space between us and said, "I could say the same thing about your ass." He smiled at me and removed his hand from my ass and took the wash cloth out of my hand and put more soap on it and washed me down with the same patience and seduction as I did. He turned me around and was washing my back when he stepped closer to me and I felt his erection against my lower back and gasped. “You see what you do to me Vivi?" He whispered in my ear "Now put your hands up against the wall and spread your legs." I did as he said, and he grabbed my hips and guided me on his dick. We moaned in unison as I slipped onto his dick. I began to back onto his dick. "Shit Vivi if you keep doing that I’m not going to last long." he groaned. I moaned as he hit my g-spot I reached down and began to rub my clit. I pushed back on him faster needing to come. "Oh god Erik I’m cuming." I screamed. My vision began to blur, and my knees were giving out. I came. "Get on your knees I’m so close." Erik groaned. I got on my knees and began to suck on his dick until he came in my mouth and I swallowed every bit. I got back up still on wobbly legs and turned off the water and got two towels. We dried each other off and went back into the bedroom after blowing out the candles. I looked at the clock and saw that it was 2 in the morning. Wow time flies when you’re having sex. I sank into the warm sheets and lay down next to Erik. he kissed me lightly on the mouth and said, "good night Vivi you need your sleep until a later time where we can have" I closed my eyes and truly being exhausted said "good night" and drifted off to sleep.   Erik I open my eyes and see by the sun’s rays it’s still early. I look at the clock and it says 8:15am. I look down at the sleeping woman on my chest and softly kissed her forehead. God this woman was beautiful. Body of a goddess, great personality, and she’s banging in bed. I slipped from under her and decide to go make ourselves some breakfast. I slip on my boxers and as I turn the door knob to leave Vivi shifts in her sleep. I turn quickly to see if I woke her, but she turns on her back and moans. “Oh, shit Erik.” She arches her back and then lays back on the bed clutching a pillow in hand, but eyes still closed. She’s dreaming about me. Just the thought of having sex with her again makes my dick stand to attention. Well the hell with it, I’ll just have her for breakfast. I slip my boxers back off and sit softly on the bed careful not to wake her. I slowly peel the covers off her body exposing her naked, vulnerable, sleeping body. “Erik.” She moans again, but she’s still not awake. I noticed her legs are already opened for me, so I slowly crawl between her legs, so my face is even with her glistening wet pussy. I gently part her lips with my fingers and licking her clit and sucking it in my mouth. I hear her take a sharp intake of breath and tense. Then it seems that she registers what’s going on and puts her hand in the back of my hand. She giggles and says, “Well good morning to you too I was just having this same dream.” I look up at her and see she’s propped up on one elbow looking at me and I say, “Good morning to you too but lay back while I finish my breakfast.” I lower my eyes back so her pussy and suck her clit back into my mouth. “Shit.” Vivi moaned. “Hold it open for me.” I tell her. She reached down and opened her lips for me. I suck and lick at her clit and insert one finger then two fingers into her pussy. “Oh, shit Erik I’m getting close.” She moans. I pump my fingers into her pussy faster and lick and suck her clit faster. “Yes, Erik I’m about to cum, oh shit.” She begins to buck under my lips, and I hold her hips in place as I drink her juices. Then she collapses back on the bed trying to catch her breath. “Whoa I need to have more mornings like that.” She says between breaths. I kiss her pussy and said, “stick with me and you most definitely will.” Then I crawl up between her legs and hover over her and kiss her tenderly on the lips. “Well since you gave me suck an amazing orgasm, I’ll go make us some real breakfast and later return the orgasmic favor.” She says while biting her lip. “I’m all up for that.” I say rolling off her onto my back and then off the bed. “Here you go.” I said as I handed her my shirt to put on. She takes the shirt and climbs off the bed and puts on my shirt that stops mid- thigh on her. “Very sexy.” I say as I do a look over at her with nothing but my shirt on. “Hell, you look just as sexy with only them boxers on.” She says eyeing my bulge from my previous hard on. “Let’s go to the kitchen before I have to take you again and make you miss breakfast.” I say as I give her a teasing smack on her perfect ass. “Mm don’t tempt me.” She says giving me a flirty smile as she started to head to the kitchen. As we got to the kitchen, she got out bacon, eggs, and biscuits. It took her about fifteen minutes to finish and while she was cooking, we had small talk about her favorite color which is red also mine, her favorite type of music which was R&B also mine, and all sorts of thing. As we sat down to eat, I look at her and smile and thought this could be a girl I could be with for hours just talking to a never get bored. We ate in silence for a minute playing footsy under the table when she puts her fork down and looks me in the eye. “What?” I say wondering what’s on her mind. “Do you have plans today?” she asks. I think for a second about my schedule today. I was going to go play ball with Jermaine, but he’ll be ok if I cancel and I was going to wash my car but that’s not even close to having sex with a beautiful woman. “No, I’m free, why got any plans?” I say, “Nope besides having sex with you again I’m free.” I smile and begin to say “Vivi-” “You can call me Victoria.” She says "Victoria hmm…. I like it." Victoria smiles her beautiful smile and says "Thank you. And with that she takes my hand and tugs me away from the table and wraps her arms around my neck and says "I thought you were going to be nothing but sex in my life but I can see now that I need you and I want you Erik I just can’t imagine my life without you right now and I know this is really soon and I don’t usually do anything like this and you’re not like any other guy I’ve ever met and...." "Shhh." I say putting an index finger lightly on her lips. "I really like you to Victoria and I would love to see where this goes but right now, I have to make love to you again." I truly did. Hearing her say how she truly feels about me turned me on so much I just have to have her, or I felt all of a sudden, I might burst. I grabbed her hand and led her to the bedroom to give her the ultimate pleasure. Afterwards Victoria and I are wrapped around each other and she has her head on my chest and my arms are around her. I can feel the tension in her shoulders though. Confused I kiss her forehead and ask her "What’s wrong baby?".  She sits up pulling her knees to her chest covering herself. "You said you wanted to see where things go with us." she says.  "Yes, I did." I said looking at her contently still confused. "There's not supposed to be a legitimate future for us Erik this is supposed to be strictly sexual and that’s it." I sit up quick "What? You just want to use me for sex?" "Yes." She says quickly not even thinking about it. "But why Victoria? We could be so much more than just sex." She looks down at the mattress no longer looking at me. "Well that's how it has to be." She says quietly. "But why baby I could take such good care of you." I say anxiously. I have no ideas why I'm really saying this I don't even know this girl but it’s like I feel a very strong connection to her already. "Erik I can't." She says even quieter still not looking at me. "Tell me why please?" I say pleading with her to tell me why this beautiful woman can't be mine. "Don't lie and act like you really want to be in a relationship with me Erik you can drop the act and stop trying to be the nice guy." She says, her voice suddenly very defensive. She gets up from the bed quickly and starts to grab her clothes off the floor. I hop up as well trying to stop her exit "Wait Victoria please don’t leave it's not an act I swear it's not." She looks me in the eye, and I try to show her all my sincerity through my eyes. "Please Victoria talk to me." I say pleading with her to stay. I look at her face seeing the confusion and apprehension in her eyes. I walk up to her and place my hand on her cheeks causing her to look up to my tall height and meet my eyes. "Please." I say one more time. Her face is torn "Erik." she says it as though my name pains her "It wasn't supposed to be like this you’re supposed to be like every other guy and just want sex and move on... It's so much easier that way... I can't deal with the outcome of relationships." Victoria says sounding so torn and upset. "What's the outcome?" I ask "Erik you're an attractive man who can have any girl he wants at the end of the day your either going to cheat on me or get bored and dump me so might as well not go through all that and just keep it simple." She says matter of fact like it was nothing to debate. "What the hell?" I say in shock "Victoria I could never get bored with such a bright beautiful woman and why would I even think twice about other women when I have a beautiful, sexy, amazing, woman right in front of me." I say planting a soft kiss on her lips. She moans softly "Erik I ca.." "Yes, you can, and you will Victoria." I say interrupting her. "I won't break your heart baby I swear it; your heart is safe with me just please give me a chance." I get on my knees and put my hands together. "Please baby just give me a chance I know we don't really know each other yet but I want to get to know her from her favorite color to your shoe size, to your deepest dreams I want to know everything if you'll still give me a chance to." She cracks a smile and then laughs softly " Fine Erik I'll try, you can get up now." I get up off my knees and grab her in my arms and swing her around as she laughs harder. I set her back down on her feet and kiss her softly. "I promise you won't regret this Victoria." "She kisses me again and says, "You better not or I’m going to kick your ass." I burst out laughing at the image of this small beautiful woman trying to beat my ass. "What? don’t underestimate me because I’m little." she says laughing along with me. "Yes, ma’am I find you completely terrifying." "Good." She says. I kiss her and pick her up carrying her back to bed and say, "I can already tell we're going to have a lot of fun together." And I make sweet sweet love to her again.    Epilogue 5 years later... I wake up and see my beautiful wife of now 2 years right beside me. Breathing evenly in deep sleep. I bet if a truck crashed through the window she wouldn’t even stir. I smiled and pushed a stray hair out of her face. I place my hand on her swollen stomach which holds my future son. Our first child which we should be seeing any day now. I don’t even care what her intentions were when we first met its right now that matters most to me. I feel our son kicking inside Victoria. Then with a stir Victoria’s eyes flutter open. "Good morning beautiful." I say and place a light kiss on her lips. "Morning babe in the mood for pancakes this morning?" I laugh and kiss her nose and get up to make her pancakes. She’s always craving something new every morning. I go over to her side of the bed to help her out of it and almost instantly when she gets up, I hear the sound of water hitting the floor. "Oh, crap my water just broke the baby wasn’t supposed to be due for another three days." Victoria says "Well it looks like he’s coming now I’ll get the bags and we can..." I’m cut off by the moan of pain from Victoria. "Oh god those contractions came fast." She says. "Hold on babe let me just get those bags and we can head out." I get to the closet and grab both bags and start to help her get down stair when I hear another moan from Victoria. "Babe those contractions were barely 5 minutes apart we've got to hurry maybe if we just leave now and I get the bags later then..." Victoria grabs my arm very tightly and says between clenched teeth "I will not have my baby born in a car call the doctor and tell him we're having the baby here these contractions are coming fast." another moan as she clenches my arm tighter. "Ouch babe I can’t call the doctor if you rip my arm off." I helped her get settled back in to bed reminding her to do her breathing exercises and I grab my cell phone off the bed room dresser and call the doctor and explain the situation and they tell me they will arrive in about 10-15 minutes and relay the message to Victoria. "Damn it this baby is not waiting 10 or 15 minutes its coming now." she says with another moan. I put my cell phone back on the dresser and grab her hand trying to comfort her. "Ok babe looks like I’m going to have to deliver our son so I’m going to need u to bend your knees and open your legs so I can see what’s going on." I climb on the bed and push up her night dress and remove her panties. "Oh, crap I have to wash my hands." I get up and run to the bathroom and quickly wash my hands. Then from what I learned in the birthing classes and books I read I put my fingers in her to see how dilated she was. Hell, yeah, she was definitely about to have this baby now. "Oh god Erik I feel like I need to push." Victoria says threw short pants. "Hold on one sec babe." I ran down stairs and got the suction cup we got originally for the babies nose and I grab some towels. "Erik!" Victoria screams as I’m hurrying up the stairs. I run up the last few stairs and say, "ok baby I’m here." I set the towels down on the bed then climb back up to see what’s going on. "Babe I need to push." She says through clenched teeth. “Okay when I tell you to push, I need you to give it all you got okay?" She nods her head and I say " 1...2...3... Push!" and I count in my head to 5 and say, “Ok stop pushing and breathe ok good job nothing yet but were getting somewhere." "Erik I’m sorry I think I started really having contractions a few hours ago I didn’t know I’m sorry I just thought it was little labor pains." says Victoria. " I kiss her forehead and say, "it’s okay babe I’m not mad just try to stay calm and try to push again okay 1...2...3... Push!" I slowly start to see the top of the baby's head. "Okay stop breathe...." "Good job I can see the head a few more pushes and it should be over okay 1...2...3... Push!" the baby's head slides right out and I quickly grab the suction and clear its air way. "The heads out one more push babe and you’re done." Victoria does one last push and the baby starts to cry and everything looks good and well. I cut the cord and pin it and wipe the baby clean with the towel. "Let me see our son." Victoria says as she reaches for the baby. I hand her the baby and climb over and lay next to her looking at my beautiful son. Tears start to run down my cheeks as I look at my son and my beautiful wife. "I am the luckiest man on the world." I say. A few minutes later the doctor arrives and takes Victoria and our son Corey to the hospital. Now my new family begins.     The end   Publication Date: February 7th 2019
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