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Update of PIAF

by lbourdois - opened

Hi 👋

It turns out that the dataset offered here is PIAF v1.0 released in February 2020.
A version 1.1 was released afterwards and then finally a version 1.2, which is the final one, is available since March 2021.
These last two versions are available on
So I think it would be relevant to propose these updates of PIAF.

I didn't open a PR because I don't know what is prefered :

  1. two new repos (one for version 1.1, the other for 1.2)?
  2. put everything in this repo with the addition of an option to choose between the 3 datasets to download the version of user's choice?
  3. just update the download link pointing to version 1.2 instead of 1.0? (+ a small update of the card indicating that it is no longer 3835 but 9225 question/answer pairs that are available)

Would be cool if the authors could add all the different PIAF versions on the Hub (is there an org for etalab already ?). It's maybe worth pinging them

Otherwise you could open a PR to add two new datasets configurations in the dataset script (docs)

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There is which exists.
I hope one of the members is still working at etalab. Let's try a cc @Guillim , @pac , @KimMontalibet , @Rob192 , @Abdenour , @pedevineau

I have sent an email to the Piaf authors and Etalab Lab IA members.
I will keep you informed.

After the reply of the authors, I have transferred this dataset to their organization:

Now, let's see what they prefer in relation with the update of the dataset...

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