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Core ML Converted SDXL Model:

  • This model was converted to Core ML for use on Apple Silicon devices. Conversion instructions can be found here.
  • Provide the model to an app such as Mochi Diffusion Github / Discord to generate images.
  • original version is only compatible with CPU & GPU option
  • split_einsum version takes about 5-10 minutes to load the model for the first time and is available for both CPU & Neural Engine and CPU & GPU options. If your Mac has a lot of GPUs, using the CPU & GPU option will speed up image generation.
  • Resolution and bit size are as noted in the individual file names.
  • This model requires macOS 14.0 or later to run properly.
  • This model was converted with a vae-encoder for use with image2image.
  • Descriptions are posted as-is from original model source.
  • Not all features and/or results may be available in CoreML format.
  • This model does not have the unet split into chunks.
  • This model does not include a safety checker (for NSFW content).
  • This model can not be used with ControlNet.


Sources: CivitAI

  • CoreML models are converted from hkxl_v2X.safetensors

Sample images on the CivitAi source page

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