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language: - en license: other tags: - stable-diffusion - stable-diffusion-diffusers - text-to-image - photorealistic - photoreal - diffusers inference: true

Make people look like they have Juggalo Face Makeup

🧨 Diffusers

This model can be used just like any other Stable Diffusion model. For more information, please have a look at the Stable Diffusion Pipeline.

from diffusers import StableDiffusionPipeline
import torch
model_id = "cledoux42/JUGGALO"
pipe = StableDiffusionPipeline.from_pretrained(model_id, torch_dtype=torch.float16)
pipe = pipe.to("cuda")
prompt = "A JUGGALO"
image = pipe(prompt).images[0]


This model is licesed under a CreativeML OpenRAIL-M license.

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